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I Weather Today
l Forecast
Fair stationary temiier
i tare
At 5 a m yesterday the thermometer
registered 26 at noon 30 and at 6 p m
43 tile maximum temperature being 45
and the minimum 113
Matilda Ray aged 23 years was ex
amined as to her sanity by Drs Wright
and Beer yesterday and being found of
unsound mind was ordered sent to the
Insane asylum by Judge Young
The regular monthly meeting of the
Salt Lake City Press club will be held
this afternoon at 3 oclock in the club
room All members associate and others
are particularly requested to attend
The Thirteenth Quorum of Seventies
will hold their regular meeting Monday
evening March 9 at 730 in the Twenti
eth ward meeting house A full attend
ance Is requested as matters of special
importance will be considered
Deputy Sheriff rontgomery was mar
ried on Thursday at Green Bay Michi
gan to Miss Schroeder ahvell known and
popular young lady of that city The
happy couole started for Salt Lake yes
terday and will arrive about March 12
Posloffice Inspector Nichols arrived
here yesterday and at once took the four
bids offering quarters for the postoffice
1 which were received Monday night Mr
Nichols will at cnce forward them to
his chief Mr Mac Mechen at Denver
who In turn will forward them to Wash
ington with his recommendation
On last Thursday evening the Sixteenth
ward assembly hall was packed the
event being a joint debate between the
Senate and Hamilton Debating societies
The Question for the debate Resolved I
That the government should own and op
erate the railways of the United States
the Senate talcing the affirmative was
L represented by Messrs Smith Hamer
and Riser The Hamilton taking the
negative was represented by Messrs
Lawrence Folland and Altman Five
nromlnent business men acted as judges
who by a vote of 4 to 1 decided in favor
of the negative or Hamilton society
Amid great applause a musical and lit
erary programme was also rendered
which was highly appreciated by all pre
Abstracts furnished titles insured
and 4 per cent paid on deposits by
Utah Title Insurance and Trust com
P pany 106 Main street
ttnli Commercial and Saving Bank
A General banking business pays 5 per
cent on deposits F Armstrong pres
P W Madsen vice pres J E Jen I
nings cashier 24 E 1st South street
Grams Creek Coal All denier Or
der Cullen for quick and Old
Church for low ilrc475 per ton
Coal coke and charcoal all kinds
Z J Sharp 73 Main Tel 429
Another car of fancy Crown and
Sunset rand of Washington navels I
just unloaded guaranteed free of
frost We are the exclusive agents of
this famous pack of oranges and lem
ons To arrive Monday two cars of
fancy and choice Riverside navels and
seedlings car new California cabbage
and other vegetables car Bluefield
bananas Imported figs nuts dates
i raisins prunes and fresh and salt
fish The Hughes Fruit and Produce
l Company IS and 20 West Second
South Houses Salt Lake City Ogden
and Grand Junction Colo
Xo Remedy Like JoHe For Burn
We had occasion to test its merits on
burns when my little boy a short time
ago accidentally had his clothes on
fire I acted like magic in allaying
the pain and no soreness was felt and
in a short time wa healed
I Varrick St Binghampton NY
Nelden Judson wholesale agents
f On > hundred pieces Black Silk Laces
5c per yard worth 4 to 75c per yard
Mrs C Lipe and W E Lipe of Den
i ver are at the Knutsford William
Poihnan and wife Baker City Ore
are there too
A E Bradberry a railroad contrac
tor of Red Canyon Wyo is registered
at the Knutsford
These commercial men signed at the
ICnutsford yesterday George A Al
len Rochester N Y A H Howitzer
Omaha C B Bogue and Ben Levy
Chicago and Thomas Craig New
York I
st V Le Sieur St Louis is at the
M J Kenyon of Mammoth registered I
I at the Walker yesterday I
t f C Oamptoell Chicago D A
t Boughman St Louis M Atchison
f Omaha W R Hildebrand Denver I
r are at the Cullen
i J OConnor Montreal and D Hig
I gins of the same city are at the Tem
pleton Ednvard Thomrson and wife
of New Haven and Mrs C I Aspell
i of Washington D C are there also
I Mrs W W Phelps Chicago Miss
I E Dohs Fort Dodge Ia Mr
George Dohs Neward Valley N J I
I and L Hartman Baltimore are reg
I istered at the Templeton
In our new store Nos 5 I
4 and 7 South Main street I I
four doors north of Z I
1 C M I We would like
t I to have a little of your
trade We will be satis
4 fled with a little at first
for we know you will
come again and we will
t soon have all of it We
carry everything in
4 stoves crockery lamps
and tinware our goods
I 4 are all firstclass and
prices well come and
see it will pay you y
C t
Alleged Slayers of Eveline Bon
nett Appear in Court
He Will Be Used as a Witness Kor
the Prosecution Brown Hender
sOn King For D1 Xoyes Fcr
gusOn Woods Zane For Dr
MeCpj Peter Lochrie For 3Ir
U aiassa D D Houtz For Dugpraim
and Carter leKal Quibbles Yes
terdtiy Examination Will lie
Had Thursday From Appearances
Justice Harveys court was crowded
to overflowing yesterday afternoon the
occasion being a preliminary examina
tion of the parties accused of murdering
unfortunate Eveline Bonnett the
Provo girl who died here Sunday last
as the result of a criminal operation
The hearing however did not take
place owing to legal quibbles and argu
ments for delay and not until tomor I
row will the defendants be called in
to plead
I was 230 oclock when the court an
nounced itself ready to proceed and
asked counsel to state who they re
presented Judge King of Brown
Henderson King announced that his
firm represented Dr J H Noyes D
D Houtz appeared for Frank Carter
and Sim Duggans and Houtz and the
redoubtable Peter Lochrie for Mrs
Massa while Tom Fergusson F E
Woods and John M Zane
were en
rolled as the legal champions of Dr
I When the defendants were brought
into court I was noticed that Dr
Noyes seemed greatly agitated The
young mans face appeared a though
he had been weeping and there were not
a few of the spectators who sym
pathized with the physician who was
placed in such an unfortunate position
Dr McCoy was very nervous and
fidgetted in his chair occasionally
venturing a whispered remark to his
counsel Mr Woods Carter kept his
eyes upon the floor and Trot once dur
ing the session of the court did he
venture to raise them At the conclu
sion of th proceedings he concu a
few friends Mrs Massa betrayed no
emotion neither did Duggans When
Mrs Duggans entered she affectionate
ly bestowed upon her husband a kiss 1
which was warmly returned This was
repeated at the close when the prison
ers were again taken to jail
Attorney Harrlngton asked that Hon
A D Gash assistant county attorney
of Utah county be associated with him i
in the prosecution The formalities I
having been complied with Mr Har j
rington arose and asked the court for
permission to amend the complaint
He desired to insert a few words which
would tend to make the same more
specific He wished to charge the use
of certain drugs and instruments the
nature of which was to the I
ton unknown wa prosecu
Attorney Houtz suggested that
amendments to a complaint were not
in order I the state wished to with
draw the complaint filed and enter a
new one it could do s but otherwise
the proceedings would be irregular
To this Mr Harrington replied that
the insertion of the words asked for
would not change the nature of the
complaint in the least it was merely a
formal act calculated to state an alle
gation more specifically ale
Peter Lochrle betrayed a degree of
anxiety marked in nature relating to
the particular statute under relatng they
were to plead The statutes under
punishment was
inflicted for
wa inficted a
crime of this
character are two in num
ber One provides a punishment of not
less than two nor more than ten years
the other attaches a greater penalty
Under penaly
which are we being tried
asked the attorney
No one I
vouchsafed to
answer the I
question propounded and the court
ruled upon the matter of amending
the complaint deciding against the
state Whereupon Mr Harrington and
Mr Gash retired to
retred another room with
the complaining witness Mr Bonnett
father of Bannet
the girl and
anew one < was
drawn sworn to and presented
pregented only to
be objected to by 11 Houtz who
maintained there was no law author
izing the amending of a deposition
Mr Houtzs objections counted for
naught and a Lochrie had nothing to
offer the court admitted
ofer the new com
Judge King on behalf of Dr Noyes
pleaded not guilty
Mr Houtz for Duggans and Carter
asked for time orter
timE We have had no time
for examination of the complaint tme as
originally drawn he said much less
the new one This
case is one of grave
import and as we cannot go to trial
today we shall ask for time until Mon
day In which to plead I unti to ex
amine the law upon this matter I
may attack the complaint mater
may as
sail Its legality and in asking for
Monday as a day to plead I do not
wish to be understood as
that that we day will be ready a a hearing on I
I Peter Lochrie lad the same request
I to make on behalf of his client and
made it clent
I Attorney Woods for Dr McCoy said
I he also wanted to examine the com
plaint which he had never seen until
very recently He wanted to unt
f gate Besides this Mr John invest
could not be present until next week
and it was essential
essental that he be pres
ent and also that he familiarize him
self with the matters connected with
the case He stated that Monday
would be too soon to go on with the
Judge King remarked We desire
an immediate trial for Dr Noyes It
would be is grave injustice to him I
have the hearing postponed We ask
for an immediate hearing
In the case of Dr Noyes said the
prosecuting attorney we desire to
dismiss the and
case make of him a
witness for the prosecution He could
not testify here if he was a codefen
dant We have made an Investigation
and in view of the facts we wish to
Of course this matter rests with
the prosecution returned Judge King
Last Fall
We started to talk heating stoves to you in dead earnest We
had oought heavily We have sold agreat manybut here it is
c Idarch with June skies and we find that we have more than
f we care to carry until next winter They are yours this week
1 at a good discount This is an opportunity that it will
opportuniy w1 pay you
to investigate
JSalt I bake arduare GO
I 4knd 44 BVest Second South Street
ik 9
0 B
= =
r earnestly but I think if counsel had
stated jthe case fairly had he been frank
he would have said there was noth
ing against Dr Noyes He would have
then done his duty He should have
said there was nothing against this
young man who Is a physician of
reputation Just starting out in life
and to whom this charge means a
great deal The attorney might have
done this as a secondary statement if
nothing more Dr Noyes is a man
who has lived an unblemished life
and it is due to him that he be exon
erated of this terrible accusation
I cannot answer as to Dr Noyes
pat reputation was the reply of Mr
Harrington as I know nothing of it J
I do not know anything of his corniCe j I
on with this case except as informed
I But after an investigation I find his
position such as to forbid a convic
I tion I do not think i is in our power
to make a case against him I shall
I shal
dismiss him under the statute and use
him as a witness for the prosecution
I The case against Dr Noyes will be
I dismissed sajd the court
Before the doctor leaves interrupt
ed Harrington as he and Judge King
were about to leave I ask the court
to instruct him to be here when the I
case is called
When you want him if you will in
form me I will see that he is here
J replied Judge King
I The time for the balance to plead
I was then fixed for Monday
I j Peter Lochtie wanted bail for his
j I client and spent a few moments talk I I
j ing with the assistant county attorney
about a reasonable bond but the
official referred to did not take kindly
I to the proposition of admitting a per
son charged with a capital offense to
I bail and Peter Lochrie wrung the haud
of Mrs Massa and said he would see
her later
The case will be called Monday at
10 oclock at which time the defendants
will nlead
I is understood from remarks of
counsel that the case will be set for
Thursday if the defense does not sue
ceed in knocking out the amended com
plaint An attempt will be made in
that direction by all the
the dIrecton al attorneys for
1 His Atlomcy Wanted nil Immediate
Dismissal Which rnl Refused
and the Case Postponed Until the
County Attorney Can Investigate
the Uiiilence Which Will Be
Brought Out at the Hearing Cer
tain Matters Mentioned Which
Wear an Air of JIlter
Attorney Gunter appeared for ex
Sergeant Ford In Justice Harveys
court yesterday afternoon and asked for
a dismissal of the charge of perjury
preferred by Joseph E OBrien on
the grounds that neither cir the assist
ant county attorneys had consented to
the warrant issuing
I it will please your honor said
Gunter I ask that the case be dis
missed because neither of tho attorneys
who represent the county contented to
the issuing of the warrant in fact I am
told they refused to issue the same In
that case I think we are entitled to a
During these remarks the exser
I geants face was illumined with a smile
of expectation which faded when the
court remarked Well I dont know
about this The complaint was present
I ed to me drawn in regular form and
manner The complainant swore to
the same I could do nothing else but
issue the warrant There are times
when a magistrate cannot get communi
cation with the county attorney The
court does not want to take the chances
of being accused of nonfeasance in
office or malfeasance
Mr Gunter then appealed to County
Attorney Harrington I am told you
or Mr Pratt did not authorize the is
suing of this
complaint that you re
fused to issue one Is that so
Well not exactly was the reply
Mr OBrien
came to me and wanted
to swear to a complaint I told him
the evidence he had at hand did not
warrant me in directing that a warrant
issue But he comes here now with a
list of witnesses and states they are i
competent to prove his case I do not 1
feel like dismissing this case until I I
have further light upon i I would I I
suggest that Monday at 10 oclock be
fixed as a time for the hearing
Mr Gunter thought that would suit I I
him if the case had to go to trial
But your honor I am satisfied that I
if I could explain to you certain mat I I
ters in connection with tills case it
would be dismissed We do not wish
it to come up now a it might inter
fere withother affairs which I am not
privileged to state in public
Will Monday at 10 oclock suit you
inquired Harrington of Mr OBrien
Yes sir I will be ready at that
tm was the prompt reply
Mr Gunter and Mr Harrington re
tired into the next room and held a
consultation with him and when he
returned OBrien and Harrington had
a seance Then the attorney for the
defense suggested an indefinite post
ponement of the
Harrington 1r
was given an opportunity
of examining into the merits of the
caseThat will suit me said the
his The exsergeant was then released on I
own recognizance
Judge Wenger spent a few minutes yes
terday afternoon hearing the charge of
pett larceny proven against B B
Adams Adams The particular offence for which
was arrested
was for
a pistol stealng
from Peter Hangen It was a
clear case and the culprit I
was fined 3
The burglary case against James Ham
ilton was set for tomorrow
I I Meakin and tomorrow Williams morning plead
guilty to carrying a jag The former
pct thirty days while Jane promised forme to
do better and was allowed to go
John McQuay plead guilty to solicit
lag alms on the street and went to jail
I until a 10 fine is liquidated jai
I Dr Prices Cream Baking Powder
I World fair Hichest Kcdal and Diploma
Salt Lake Stake Sleeting Began
Yesterday Mornlnir
In assembly hal yesterday at 10 a m
the quarterly conference of Salt Lake
stake of Zion convened with George Q
Cannon Apostle John W Taylor and
EldersJ G Kimball Edward Stevenson
= of the first council of seventy Patriarch
I John Smith President Angus M Cannon
and Charles W Penrose second councilor
in the stand cauncior
Prayer was offered by Elder Stevenson
after which a hymn was sung and roll
call indulged in All the wards of the
stale save Mountain Del Herrimau and
Granger were represented On recommen
dation of the respective bishops 121 were
authorized to be ordained as elders
President George Q Cannon then spoke I
and at the conclusion of his remarks
the conference took a recess until 2 p m
At the afternoon session after the
reading of reports President Angus M
Cannon delivered an instructive address
concerning the duties of members which
was attentively listened to
Todays meetings are fixed for 10 a m
2 p m and 730 p m
Parties are hereby warned that i
they do not cease their vile and ma
licious slander they will be prosecuted
Dr Charles Plnckney Hough Atlas blk
She is Charged With Poisoning
Alvin Green
I Mrs Sarah 13 Olger Granted a De
cree of Divorce and Mrs Tollmrst
Awarded Alinionj Concluding Ar
Kn in en is in the Quo Wnrrunto
Case of Lloyd TI Elliott Pcobate
Orders and General Court News
The preliminary hearing of Rose
Browning on the charge of poisoning
Alvin Green was resumed yesterday
morning before Justice Sanders at
Murray Dr Nesbitt was examined for
the prosecution and testified in effect I
that he had known the deceased for a
long time and had been in his com
pany on the day before he died He
I was a strong healthy man and al
though sometimes addicted to drink
could take a good deal of whisky with
out it producing any apparent effect
on him
Saloonkeeper Maxfield testified that
he had seen the deceased a man
named Anderson and the woman drink
ing in a saloon in this city and that
the next morning the two men came
to his saloon in Murray they were
both drunk and Green complained of
being sick They had some whisky and
Green asked to be allowed to lie down
in the back room He lay down about
9 oclock and at 12 the witness heard
him snornig apparently fast asleep
and at 4 in the afternoon he again
went to see how he was and found him
laying dead Witness at once called a
doctor but nothing could be done for
The bartender at the saloon kept
hv Mrs Paffin sairl that ahnnh S oclock
in i the morning i of the slay on which
Green died Green Andrews and the
woman came to his saloon in a wagon
They were all very drunk but ordered
and drank more whisky and the de
ceased brought out of his pocket a I
quart bottle about half full of whisky
Witness placed it on the sideboard and
it remained there untouched until
about 7 oclock Green and the woman
lay down on the billiard table and
Andrews reclined on the cot They
slept in a drunken stupor until to
wards 7 oclock when he woke them up
and then they all drank from the bot
tle Green had left with witness before
they went to sleep
I The woman went to Mrs Baffins
house and about 9 oclock the two men
drove north to Maxfi lds saloon
Andrews Greens companion was
examined but he could remember very
little of what happened He said he
was too drunk to knqvy > anything
One or two other witnesses were ex
amined butv their testimony was unim
portant I was claimed that Green
had 21 in his Docket when he left
home the day previous to his death
and that Andrews had 20 and neither
had any when their spree terminated
I The constable who arrested the wo
man said he found her at Mrs Paffins
house in Murray on March 2 where
she had been for several days He did
not search her but shq told him she
was in the habit of using morphine and
could not get along without it She
had a white powder in a bottle which
witness supposed was morphine She
I had about 250 worth of jewelry and
diamondsand 1150 in money when ar
There being no evidence to connect
the woman with the crime if crime
there was the defendants attorney
AV R Hutchinson put n no testimony
but asked for a dismissal The broth
ers of the dead manL however said
they were going to have the contents
of the stomach of the deceased ana
lyzed at their own expense and they
also expected to produce other evi
dence and in consideration of this his
honor held the defendant to await the
action bonds of the grand jury without
J M Tanner and Frank B Stephens I
conducted the case for the prosecution I
and Attorney W R Hutchinson de
fended the accused
I has been gleaned that Mrs Brown
ings true name is Beckstead and that
she was born and brought up in Brig
ham City A brotherinlaw of the
woman Hiram Hansen from Oxford
Idaho was in Salt Lake looking for
her on February 27 and 2 lookng in
terested in the estate of a deceased
person in Idaho the affairs of which
cannot be settled up without her
presence Hanson did not meet her
but she left a note for him at Kellys
saloon saying she was going to Murray
and thence to Ogden and gave an ad
dress in the latter city where she
might be found
Sirs OlRer Granted a Decree of
Sarah E Olger was granted a decree
of divorce from Georce W Olcer hv
I Judge Young by default on the
grounds of desertion Attorney H C
Edwards appearing for the plaintiff
Mrs Olger testified that the
tesbifed mar
riage took place in Wisconsin in 1877
and that for more than one year last
past her husband contributed nothing
to her support Her testimony was cor
roborated and the decree granted
Alimony Awarded
The petition of the defendant for
temporary alimony in the divorce suit
of Thomas F Tolhurst against Eliza
beth Jones Tolhurst came on before
Judge Young yesterday Judge Powers
appearing for the petitioner and At
torney F S Richards for Mr Tolhurst
His honor ordered that plaintiff pay
the defendant 50 attorneysfees and
12 a month alimony from April 1 next
and the trial of the case a set for
April 1
Lloyd vs Elliott Arsrued
The concluding arguments on the
demurrer to the Information in the quo
warrant proceedings instituted by B
T Lloyd against William M Elliott
for the office of city councilor from the
Third precinct were made yesterday
afternoon before Judge Street The
arguments were commenced a week
ago and after Attorney John M Zane
had concluded his address in support
of the demurrer a continuance was
had until 2 oclock yesterday when
Judge Baskin made an able argument
against the demurrer Attorney Zane
replied briefly and his honor took it
under auvisement
Short Orders
Pioneer NurserjfcDo vs David Day
motion to set aide order substituting
Elizabeth D Ratldon administratrix off
defendant deceased allowed
Richardson vs Ford fifteen days ad
ditional time allowed to prepare and
serve trial statement on motion for a new
trialWitcher vs Archibaldtransferred to
Summit county
Rasband I Hoyt same order
Frank Knitcel vs M F Glsborn
argued and subhiitted
sbnttd r
Ransom Mitchell vs GeorgeJTinsman
judgment and decree of foreclosure for
the plaintiff
Thomas J Quinn
vs Thomas P
OMalley appeal dismissed
New England Loan and Trust com
pany vs W H Wilkinson leave grant
ed to file complaint in intervention
DeWitt c Wolverton vs Union Pa
cific Railway company dismissed at
plaintiffs cost
C E Louder vs John Scherer et al
dismissed at defendants cost a1
W S McCornick vs O W Powers
demurrer answer argued and sub
I mitted
Harvard J Whitmore vs 0 H Dogge
et al motion to dismiss overruled
Elijah A Whifctaker vs Mary Godbe
I ot al judgment and decree of fore
closure for the plaintiff for 8800 and
50 attorneys fees
Fred W Christensen vs St Marks
St 1arks
hospital et a1 motion to strike out
part of amended complaint
and de
murrer to second amended complaint
overruled and defendant giver ten days
to answer
F C Willis vs Salt Lake Building
and Loan association judgment enter
ed for the defendant
Joseph Hattenbach vs Daniel Alex
ander et al receiver ordered to turn
over property to Gertrude Allen lessor
Nels Nordquist vs Olaf Nord
et a1
motion for anew trial argued and sub
Cahill et aI vs the American Plumb I
lation ing company et alr dismissed on stipu I
Hlojle Zane and Coi tlKan
A law partnership has been formed by
J H Moyle John 11 Zane and Geo P
Costigan jr the title of the firm be
ing Moyle Zane Costigan They
are moving into large and commodious
bank offices building rooms 7 to 1 Deseret National
Messrs Moyle and Zane are too well
known to need any introduction to the
public and Mr Costigan is a prom
ising young lawyer who has been as
sociated with Mr Zane for some time
The three form a very strong combina
tion and will without doubt add to
their already extensive
Prolinte Court Order
Estate of Morris Goldberg deceased
decree of final distribution entered
Estate of Rebecca 11 Jones de
ceased proof of posting notices ap
proved and order of final distribution
Estate of Caroline Bouford proof of
posting notices approved and order
made setting apart entire estate to the
minor heirs
Estate of John J Olson deceased
order made admitting will to probate I
Elan Olson appointed administratrix
I on filing without bonds
Estate of John Mellen deceased
hearing on petition for letters of ad
ministration continued until
contnued unti larch 14
In the matter of the estate and
guardianship of Lucille Jennings
Frank K Jennings and Catherine Jen
nings Frank W Jennings appointed
guardian on filing bond in the sum of
400 t each
Estate of Annabella Coon deceased
guardians annual account approved
Estate of Peter Ranck deceased
Carl W Capson appointed administra
tor on filing bond in the sum of 5700
Estate of Solomon Jacobson de
ceased John 11 Zane appointed ad
ministrator on filing bond in the sum
of 500
Estate of Elbridge Tufts deceased
petition for an order on Jennie Tufts
to turn over property to administrator
Court Notes
W H Drake indicted for burglary
was brought into Judge Hiles court
to plead He by his attorney John H
Murphy entered a plea of not guilty
Magnus 11 Lovendall was admitted
to citizenship by Judge Young
The State Bank of Utah is suing
Naylor Pike to recover 37530 on a
promissory note
Kolitz Randy Kitchen 60 Main St I
WELLS Infanit son of Gershom B and
I Nellie S Wells at 750 p m March 7th
1890 Born May 30th 1895 Time of fun
eral will be announced later
K13LLAND this city at 654 West
First South street March 7 1896 Anne
Kelland aged 10 years 1 months and
JU days
Notice of funeral will be given later
Undertaker Carlquist has charge of the
PAYNE On March 7th at 12 a m of
general debility Mrs Charlotte Payne
the beloved wife of James Payne the
noted boot and shoe maker of Salt
Lake city who emigrated from Wool
wich Kent England in 1SG6 She was
born on January 21th 1821
The funeral will take place at the I
Twelfth ward meeting house at 2 oclock
Monday afternoon March 9th I
care of little boy Address X 40 Herald
GltL for general house work 86 C
AGENTS Gold glass signs name
plates numbers Keadable darkest nights
Write for samples Thomas Co En
gleiwood Ills
OBFICE MANAGER Must have 600
Salary ImO Good chance for right per
son Address Manager 200 Monroe blk
MEN AND WOMEN to work at home
I pay 58 to 116 per week far making
Crayon Portraits new patented method
anyone who can read and write can do
the work at home in spare time day or
evening send for particulars and begin
work at once Address H A Gripp Ger
man artist Tyrone pa
AGENTS Greatest offer given by any
newspaper Fifty cents to agents on each
dollar The Catholic News Is endorsed
by the Catholic bishops priests and
eminent writers as the leading Catholic
family weekly Subscription price one
I year by mal one dollar Canvassers are
allowed the large commission of fifty
cents on each 51 Agents wanted in
every Catholic parish in every city and
town Experience not necessary Write
for sample copy Address The Catholic
News 13 Barclay street New York
BY INTELLIGENT young man 17
years old position in store or any kind
of employment Enquire B H Herald
FOUR OR FIVE large unfurnished
room close to business center suitable
for offices and sleeping appartments with
bath Address A B Herald
SITUATION by single man who under
I stands market gardening Apply 603 West
South Temple
GOOD GIRL for general housework
174 West First North
week 757 South West Temple
ELECTRICIAN who understands
housewirlng fixtures and bell work Call
at lil South Main Selden Snow Clawson
earn Income and ambitious Must be
healthy and able to attend to business
without interruption Address Box 22D
SPRING SUMMER teachers for Idaho
Montana Wyoming Utah Address
Teacher Salt Lake city
YEStERDAY 5 P M on North Tem
ple and Third West one sack containing
apples and pair of new pants Return to
this office and be rewarded
PARTIES SEEKING safe and profitable
business with Investment of only a few
hundred dollars Call or address Clark
Wettersbn Valley house
Highest of all in Leavening Power Latest U S Govt Report I
K DVal Powder Baking C 1
> A S B
The National Association of Stationary
Engineers held their regular meeting in
the Engineers hal at the Cullen hotel
Wednesday larch 4th The meeting was
a successful one and a large amount of
business was transacted The roll call
rol eal
showed a full attendance and also a large
increase of
members Balloting for new
members was then commenced and a
unanimous ballot was castand the ap
plicants for membership were then made
members The association is rapidly mae
greasing and the engineers are applying
engneer applying
for membership every week At the f res
ent rate of progress it will only De a
short time hence when every man that
can pass a fair examination will be en
rolled All good practical engineers are
respectfully invited to join the associa
tion which has no other object that the
instruction of its members in the prac
tical methods pertaining to the profes prc
sion and to be able to work to the best I
v > ox
J There is nothing remarkable
i I r c J in low prices for goods no one
t wants but
I r
for now handsome and JJ
attractive pat terns in 5
I Carpets Rugs Mattings Oil Cloth and Linoleum I
are the wonder of the hour X
I Korsret Xoi That the Majestic Oil Cooking Stove is I
r thoroughly efficient perfectly odorless remarkably 0
c cheap and safer than a lamD 1
R A H Dinwoodey Furniture CO1eS i < t
William P Holland to William R
Hubbard part of lot 4 block 3
plat B 53000
Utah territory to Christian Mortin
sen part of section 5 township 2
south range 1 west 412
Carl Ericson to Fredericka Erlcson
part of section 27 township 2 south
range 1 east 1
Charles Ericson et ux to Kredericka
Erlcson et al part ot section 31
township 2 south range 1 east 2
Laurltz Christiansen et ux to
Christian Petersen part of section
1 township 2 south range 1 est 3
Lauritz Christeinsen et ux to Christ
enson et ux part of section 1
township 2 south range 1 east 1
Thomas O Selfridge Jr to Emily
A Johnson part of lot 5 block IS
plat A 4500
I advantage themselves to their employer and to I
The most extraordinary stenographic
feat we ever heard of was performed
last year by Mr Reed an Englishman
In thesittings of the opium commis
sion in India he recorded accurately
and afterward read over the evidence i
of two Brahmans of whose language
he knew nothing and whom he had
never seen before He took down the
sounds as they came from their lips
I representing each sound by its phonetic
character Argonaut
Weber Coal company have reduced
the price of lump coal to 475 per ton
Clean coal and full weight guaranteed
have removed from their old stand to
their own new building 67 W First
South the new Sears block and invite
their many patrons and friends to call
and see their new home i
The Rogers Cigar Co Wholesale
Order Your New r Spring Suit
Cutler Bros Co 36 Main Salt Lake City
They Also Keep a Rtoulc of Heady Made Clothing for Boys Young
men and Men All Made from Provo 31 ill Celebrated Cnsslmeres
TWO NICE furnished rooms porch
and kitchen 248 West North Temple
BEST OFFICES In the city steam
heat electric light front rooms only
un one fight Enquire Culmer Bros 4
I Culmer block
Brigham street facing south with eight
room house 4000 51000 in cash balance
Brigham on time at street 6 per cent Address 1175 East
ELEVEN and threequarter acres frull
land close in for residence on east side
Apply Process to block J Bolton Son room 50
FIVE ROOM brick cottage pantry
closet cellar cheap must sell no reason
able offer rejected Enquire 317 East Fifth
AT A BARGAIN three lots corner of
Eighth West and Second South Address
Crawford Gordon Dallas Texas
NEW EIGHTROOM pressed brick mod
em house northeast close in corner
southeast front 5500 terms easy W E
Hubbard 43 West Second South
ONE OF the best lots in business cen II j
ter of Mercur cheap W E Hubbard 43
West Second South street I
OAKLEY PARK high dry magnifi
cent view close in is the best invest
ment on the market 100 per lot 510
per month no interest is building rap II
Idly W E Hubbard 43 West Second I
South street
BRAN NEW homemade guitar cheap
Apply at this office
15c a double roll and upward Mixed
paints brushes etc Scheel Bros 315
Main street
New 96 Hammond No 2 H N Win
ter agent Constitution building
A special stockholders meeting of The
West Side Wotel Company will be held
at the office of the company over Wells
I Fargo Cos bank up stairs at Salt
cg sM fj i96a
Lake cfy on Monday April rk 1S06 at
4 oclock p m to consider generally the
financial condition of the company and tP
r enc action upon the following proposi
tions To authorize the board Or directors
to sell all the property of the company
or to authorize them to negotiate 3 new
loan sufficient to take up the present in
debtedness and erect a building on the
present foundation walls By order of
the president C L ROOD
of Jacob Engler I will sell on March 21st
136 the entire stock of goods wares and
merchandise including furniture and
fixtures now in my possession as such
assignee and situate in the store and
basement of No 13 Vest First South
street Salt Lake city Utah Bids in
writing for said entire lot are Jjivlj5dantf
will be received By me and goods shown
until March v21st 1838 Terms cash
BIDS WANTED Bids for the excava
tion of a canal for power purposes in
Provo canyon are desired and will be
received from March 2 to March 10 in
clusive For further particulars call lupon
Holbroolr L Holbrook Hotel Roberts Provo L
Teacher ami Student Should
Take llnri fords cid Pho < i > Vfcie
I supplies just the material that is I
most wasted by brain work and ner
vous exertion the phosphates
Dr Ira Lyons has removed to Atlas
block 28 West Second South
MAZIC palmist and card reader 332
Main street Full readings lOc cards or
palm 23c
ARTISTIC AND durable portraits
Charles Peterson four doors west of
of business all seeds at cost Utah
Seed store 302 State street
G VI Female Fruit Pills positively re
store all irregularities from whatever
cause price 1 Call or address Gal
Medical company 717 Platte street Den
ver Cob lady attendant
Mme E AUSTIN trance medium and
Independent card reader Reads cards
like an open book Tells your mission on
entering Address 4 West Third South
LADIES ChfchestVs English Pennyroyal Pills
Li DUmond Bund are the Best Safe Relub
Take no other Send Jr eump lor particclaro Relief
for uUes it trms by 8um1 prlebp
Chlchester Chemical Co IlilJada La
paid in cash at rear 524 West Second
South for good scrap iron 1150 ton good
brags o pound copper 6c pound am
ber beer bottles 30 cents per dozen ru1
ber 2 < cents per pound F Roberts
THE UTAH JUNK HOUSE will pay the
highest price for scrap iron bottles rub
ber and all kinds of metal etc carload
lots a specialty 6365 East Eighth South
3 South Main street Estimates for
painting paperhanging and calsomlnlng
D L Levy Agent
SIX PER CENT money to loan on im
proved residence property close in He
ber J Grant Co general agents Home
Fire Insurance Co
R N Baskin E D Hogs
BASKIN KOGE Attorneys at Law
172 S Main over Joslin 8 Prk
5152 Hooper block
N V JONES AtlorneyatLaw
Office 606 McCornick Block
I 314315 Progress building
Rooms 312 to 515 Progress building
Rooms uOl to O Constitution Bldff
State st Appointments by mail solicited
I 2 and 3 first floor ScottAuerbach
DR D O MINER Office and realdenc
123 N W Temple Tel 6 hours 9 to 1L
2 to N y
water heating and ventilating apparatus
healnl ventatD
No 70 West Second South nrpart
L i 1 r

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