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Statistics From the Health De
partment for February
Building Permit Issued During thc
AVcelc Tvro Communication on
the Elevator Question V Trent
Discusses the Statement Made By
Mr Geddes
The health department yesterday is
sued its statement of statistics for the
month of February
The number of deaths as shown were
33 as compared with 6i for the corres
ponding period last year The death I
rate per 1000 was only 565 while 1110 i
were the figures for February last
The causes of death are classified
and numbered as follows
ZymoticScarlet fever 1 influen
r za L
ConstitutionalCancer 1 marasmus
1 phthisis pulmonalis 1 rheumatism
y 3 tubercular meningitis 1 II
Nervous Meningitis 1 paralysis 1
CirculatoryHeart disease 1 valvu
lar disease of heart 1
Respiratory Asthma 1 bronchitis
capillary 1 croup 1 pneumonia 6
broncho pneumonia 1 I
DigestiveGastroenteritis 1 gas
tritis 1 enterocolitis 1
Genito Urinary Brights disease 1
uranic Doisoning l
Other CausesOld age 4 surgical
operation 1
Of the vitalities fifteen were males
and eighteen were females thirtytwo
were white and one Mongolian six
were married two were widowers two
WEre widows and twenty wee single
Fifteen cases of scarlet iver were
r reported during the month divided j I
emong the different wards as follows I
Fifth Sixth Ninth Sixteenth Nine
teenth and TwentySecond one each
seven in the Fifteenth and two in the
The total number of births reported
juring the month were 97 of which 51
were males and 46 females Th + pre
mature or stillborn numbered 7
Fruit 18110 I pounds game 2520
pound mutton 150 pounds vegeta
bles 8500 pounds eggs 120 dozen milk
analyzed 57 samples
Garbage 114 loads cabbages 61
pounds onions 2 too pounds fruit 1800
pounds eggs 4 cases dead cows 6
dead cats 4 dead dogs 75 dead horses 1
17 dead sheep 1 dead rabbits 630
Total estimated cubic yards 414 I
The total number of deaths for the
week just closed was 8 of whic i 3
were males and 5 females The births
numbered 29 17 males and 12 females I
I One body was received from other place
for burial The report indicates that I
there are at present 8 scarlet fever
flags outstanding a decided decrease i
over the preceding week I
Building1 Permits
Building Inspector Folsom issued
eight permits during the week aggre
gating 2430 as follows
Margaret James tworoomed frame
addition at 220 J street 75
H Sconberg brick addition at 196 I
Wall street 200 I
r J A Car son frame addition 25S
Iowa avenue 540 I j
I I Fred Myers frame addition at 929
I East Second South 75
James Shore frame addition at 625
Fifth East 40
William Rigby fiveroom brick house
at 144 West Fourth South 1000
S T Levy alteration on residence
corner Fourth South and itate 500
William Langton threeroom brick
between Eighth and Ninth West and
Second and Third North 5uO
Two Interesting Questions on This
Important Subject
To the Editor of The Herald
Salt Lake City March 6 1896
I was much interested to read in
your issue of Tuesday the 3rd inst
what appears like the first official or
authentic statement of the views of
our county commissioners on the ele
vator muddle as you call it
I have little to say concerning the
view that Mr Roberts takes of this
matter as it seems to me a fair and
unbiased one and considerably in the
line of common sense He evidently
takes a business view of this matter
and does not wish to be a party to too
much experimenting especially where
no saving in first cost or cost of opera
tion is to be expected
Mr Geddes report however is to
put it mildly a very legitimate object
of criticism He professes to have be
come violently enamored of a certain
electric elevator known as the Sprague
Pratt and to justify this sudden and
peculiar attachment he cites six differ
ent excuses
I say excuses advisedly for by no
reasonable straining of meaning could
they be called arguments In fact
to be frank about the matter they
have not even the merit of being true
in any particular
FIrstHe says the expense of run
ning is small 36 a month probably
He does not however offer to pro
duce a tender for furnishing the re
quisite amount of power for a term of
five years say on such a basis from
either of the power companies A
schedule of one of the local companies
that I have before me quotes a rate
of 600 per month for a 10horse power I
electric passenger elevator so it may
be reasonably assumed that the charge I
I for a 15horse power would not be
less than 800 per month for power
If said power were paid for on the
same pro rata atwhich the current for
electric lighting is furnished to con
sumers the cost would be about 162
per month instead of 36
This is on the basis of an average
of 375 horse power used for twelve
hours per day
SecondThe plan to use the ex
j haust steam for heating in case a hy
I draulic machine is put in would be ex
pensive and ineffectual
Seeing that the majority of the com
mercial buildings in this city are and
have been for a long time utilizing the
exhaust steam from their elevators in
such a manner and have found it a
I heavy economy it is evident that Mr
Geddes has learned so much in the
east that he has not had time to post
himself upon what is going on at home
Is it also possible that Mr Geddes
is not aware that the steam plant in
the city and county building was so
designed and has so been installed that
the exhaust steam from the elevator
machinery can be turned into a heat
ing system and there be utilized with
out making a single change upon the
work already done there oi > > incurring
the cost of as much as 1 to carry out
such an arrangement
ThirdFrom Mr Geddes stating that
no special engineer is required to look
after the Sprague elevator it is evi
dent that he has never had to do in
any shape or form with machinery
for if he had he would know that
whether steam power or electric ma
chinery is in question it will need
some attention and the more intelli
gent and skilled that attention is the
more satisfactory and economical will
be the working results
FourthThe statement that the
Sprague elevator is so constructed that
accidents are impossible is so palpably
only the echoed bombast of the sales
man or maker as to be beneath no
FifthAs to the superior smoothness
of the electric machine and especially
its better control I can only attribute
this statement to the same cause as
his statement concerning the cost of
utilizing the exhaust steam viz that
he has not taken the trouble to make
comparisons from what he can find at
SixthThe Sprague elevator sys
tem obviates noise and dirt and en
tails no expensive extras for auxiliary
The only interpretation that I can
put upon this is that Salt Lake dust
will refuse to settle upnrv the Sprague
machine and that it will run without
oil and therefore be always entirely
As regards the auxiliary connections
Mr Geddes will find out more about I
these after he has paid for the con
nections from the four electric com
panies upon whom no doubt he will
rely for his current and especially af
ter providing some additional electric
motors to suit the various voltages of
said four companies
Seventh The depreciation is very
This is certainly too funny for ser
ious attention seeing that the first ma
chine was made about three or four
years ago It would have looked bet
ter had Mr Geddes said that the ap
preciation is very great for he could
then have advanced his own lively im
agination of the Sprague machine in
evidence as well as the fancy price
placed upon the machine I
From JIr Trent
To the Editor of The Herald
Having just had my attention drawn
to the design and general arrangement
of the machinery of a certain much
aunted electric elevator I was great
ly astonished to find the elaborate con
tradiction involved in it
The motive Dover qf the machine is
an electric motor running naturally at
a high rate of speed as > most all elec
tric motors and generators do Con
I nected direct with the shaft of said i
motor is a screw or worm gear a de i
I vice in mechanics that Is never used
I except where an extremely low rate
of speed is desired or where it is
I necessary to reduce from a high speed
to an excessively low speed I say
never used except in the above condi
tions because it is universally recog
nized among mechanics that any form
of worm gear is necessarily the most
wasteful method of transmitting power
on account of the extreme ratio of fric
tion and also on account of an ex I
cessively rapid wear
The next stage in the conversion of
power in this machine is through an
elaborate system of multiple sheaves
or rope wheels involving a high ratio
or proportion of gears and never used
except as a means of raising an ex
cessively slow speed or power to a high
rate of speed Itwill therefore be at once I
seen why I refer to this machine as a
contradiction You first use the power
< at a high rate of speed then reduce
it to an excessively low rate of speed
and next you raise to a high Fate of
Any ordinary individualand he need
not be a mechanicwould naturally
inquire why should not the high l rate
of speed on the motor be applied di
rectly in producing the high rate of
speed required upon the elevator car
or the car ropes without resorting to
such roundabout and impractical
means of reaching the same result
It is surely not a multiplication of
machinery and parts that is desired
in passenger elevator machinery any
more than in any other kind of ma
chinery The common sense tendency
of the times or of any good designer i
is to the utmost possible simplicity
and fewness of parts and especially
to a minimizing of the cost of the
machine for experience has always
been decidedly in favor of simplicity
and maximum directness in mechan
ics or machinery as in most other
The multiple sheave system above
referred to is the same as is used upon
all of the horizontal hydraulic elevator
machines in this city for the reason
that the horizontal hydraulic machine
represents great power but very slow
speed which has to be increased or
multiplied by means of such sheaves
in order to produce the desired speed
upon the car or rope
The greatest objection in theory as
well as in practice which has ever been
found to the horizontal hydraulic ele
vator cylinder has been first the con
sumption of power where multiple
sheaves are used and secondly the I
great destruction of ropes as such I
form of gearing ordinarily involves a I
proportion of from 8 to 16 to 1
It is precisely the use of this multiple
sheave system which it is desirable to
avoid in any kind of elevator and
the idea of applying electric power for I
elevator purposes through the medium
of multiple sheaves shows that the de
signer of said machine could have had
no practical experience whatever with
electric machinery or he would have
made some effort to accomplish his
object without the use of such a de
vice Ordinarily the recommendation
with the horizontal hydraulic machine
and the multiple sheaves is the econ
omy of space thereby affected but in
this celebrated electric elevator under
consideration common sense is again
further outraged by an extraordinary
length of machine Thus while every
possible disadvantage of the horizon
tal construction with multiple sheaves
is surely secured the one little merit
of it viz economy in space is not
attained in fact this machine runs
to a still greater extreme in the op
posite direction
In applying electric power for pas
senger elevator purposes it is difficult
to do without the use of worm gearing
in some shape or another For this
reason the common sense builders of
such machinery use it with only one
reduction of speed and in such pro
portion as to give by that one reduc
tion the speed of the car desired
With the foregoing in mind it Is
easy to appreciate at their true value
the oftrepeated claims of efficiency
and superiority made for the machine
in question It also throws a still
more interesting light upon the
claimed superiority of electric power
in this particular instance as com
pared with hydraulic power The best
way to appreciate these points is to
consider for a moment the numbers
of reconversions of power involved in
both cases I will therefore endeavor
to state them fairly and squarely as
they will naturally present themselves
to any mechanic
I will first say before making this
comparison that the question is not
affected by the use of electricity pro
duced by water ppwer unless said wa
ter power is owned and controlled bv
the party whose machinery it is used J
to operate because people having wa
ter power especially those who have
perfected the transmission of fame
from the source of the power to the
point of employment do not do so
without a proper margin of profit and
usually establish their prices for same
as closely as possible on the basis of
the cost of power produced by steam
therefore whether the electric current
used under this comparison comes
from a water power station or from
a steam power station it cuts no fig
ure as far as the use is concerned
The comparison will therefore be as
follows beginning with the power em
ployed at its source in both cases
which we will therefore trace back to
the steam boiler
FirstConversion of steam power
into engine power
SecondConversion of engine or me
chanical power into electric power loss
10per cent
ThirdTransmission over wires or
circuitsloss 10 per cent
FourthConversion of electric into
mechanical power at electric motor
loss 10 per cent
FifthConversion of high speed me
chanical power of motor into low speed
mechanical power by worm gearsloss
20 per cent
SixthConversion of slow speed me
chanical power from worm gears into
high speed mechanical power from
multiple sheavesloss 10 per cent
FirstConversion of steam power
from boiler into hydraulic power in
Second Conversion of hydraulic pow
er into mechanical power at the hy
draulc cylinderloss 10 per cent
Thus we have a comparison losses
in transmission that is altogether in
tfavor of the hydraulic machine
As regards the claimed additional
safety of this form of machinery over
I any other undoubtedly it has none
whatever In this instance as in the
case of the horizontal hydraulic ma
I chine the total reliance against the
dropping of the elevator car which is
the main contingency to be provided
I against must be insured by devices at
tached to the ropes or to the car itself
and in proportion as such devices are
I well designed and especially carefully
and regularly looked after and kept In
condition the elevator will be safe but
there is absolutely nothing about the
general features of the SpraguePratt
any more than any other form of
electric or hydraulic elevator which can
justify the claim of an impossibility of
accident In fact such a claim can
only be made for the purpose of deceiv
ing as amy mechanic of common sense
will admit that no machinerv ever has
been and probably never will be con
structed without liability to accident
A Dir in the Ribs
Lightly and jocosely given is no for
midable matter but when a constant
uneasiness beneath your ribs on the
right side intimates that your liver is
out of order you are not to be envied
This sensation Is alSO accompanied by
yellowness of the skin and eyeballs a
mousecolored fur upon the tongue
sickheadache nausea and other un
comfortable indications Hostetters
Stqmach Bitters is the remedy of all
others and should be resorted to with
out delay Constipation and dyspepsia
concomitant of liver trouble are also
remedied by this unequalled regulating
medicine which the records of nearly
half a century the commendation of
eminent members of the medical pro
fession and the daily experience of
the invalid world stamps as the first
of its class In rheumatism kidney
and bladder trouble it is incompar
able It remedies nervousness and de
bility restores appetite and sleep has
tens convalescence after exhausting
maladies and greatly mitigates infir
I mities incident to old age
Two Lives Saved
Mrs Phoebe Thomas of Junction
City Ill was told by her doctors she
Consumption and that
had there was
no hope for her but two bottles Dr
Kings New Discovery completely
cured her and she says It saved her
life Mr Thos Eggers 139 Florida
st San Francisco suffered from a
dreadful cold approaching Consump
tion tried without result everything
else then bought one bottle of Dr
Kings New Discovery and in two I
weeks was cured He is naturally 1
thankful It is such results of which
these are samples that prove the
I wonderful efficacy of this medicine in
Coughs and Colds Free trial bottles
at Z C M I Drug dept Regular
I price 25c and 50c
Gives the Governor the Power of
Appointing Registration Officers
in All the Counties of the State 4
A Bill Giving Him Power to At J
tend to All Business Public and 1
Private Would Undoubtedly Past
Both Houses
The Republicans have a new flchema
by which they hope to control the elec j
tions It is embodied in the follow
ing which will be reported to the sen i
ate Monday and incorporated In tha
bill providing for the manner of regis
I tering voters It will be remembered
that the bill mentioned favors the ap
I pointment of registry agents for each 4
county and precinct by the board of
county commissioners f
The governor shall appoint a board
of three commissioners from the legal
voters of each county whoserxluty it
shall be to appoint registry agents for
their respective counties such board
I to serve without compensation not
more than two members of which shall
belong to one political party
The members of the board shall hold
their offices for the term of four years
and until their successors are appoint
ed and qualified
The adoption of this plan will give
the Republicans the control of all tho
election machinery in the state There
I are several counties which arc Demo
cratic and the county boards there
would have the selection of the regis
tration officers under the bill now penn
ing But this proposes to take away
from them all authority and delegate
to the opposition all the power
Senator Allison said yesterday ho
was heartily in favor of the plan Of
course he is So is every Republican
Senator Snow denounces it is a scheme
and such it appears to be The major
ity in the legislature will iloubtlesss
light the measure to a successful fin
ish It will carry of course
It was suggested yesterday by a
member of the minority that a hill be
introduced having for a title the fol
lowing An act to place all matters
foreign and domestic in the hands of
the governor of the state of Utah
and include everything which could be
I thought of in its sections It would
pass < there is no doubt of that
Dear Editor Please inform your read
ers that If written to confidentially I
will mail In a sealed letter the plan
pursued by which I was permanently
restored to health and manly vigor after
years of suffering from Nervous Weak
ness night losses and weak shrunken
1 have no scheme to extort money from
anyone whomsoever I was roobed amt
swindled by the quacks until I nearly
lost faith In mankind but thank heaven
1 am now well vigorous and strong and
anxious to make this certain means ot
cure known to all
Having nothing to sell or send C O D
I want no money Address James A
Harris Box 372 Detray Mich B
Hgyg H ja
r c t ti
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r R
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