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to vertisers which our we bona shall fide expect circulation no business does SALT LAKE HERALD Co JOo AT BY THE MAIL OFFICE J WITH COUPON
f II not entitle us L1L4 J JAtJtL4 S JA tLt1LAJJ Utah Our 6Color size 12x18 Rand inches McNally Population Map of of
I every Town and County in the State
OUR CIRCULATION BOOKS ARE I 1S96 Calendar appended Locatipn < o i
towns shown by marginal references
town show margIa
I Will Be the Result of
Trouble Over Colorado
I Was That of a Resident of
Cripple Creek
Discovery of a Double Murder In
Chicago GrayHaired Man and
a NewHorn hahn the Victim The
Ghastly Contents or a Barrel
Chicago Police Believe the Al
leged Atlempt Upon the Life of P
4 D Armour Vm a Mere Trick
Wholesale Robbery of a Peniten
tiary Contract FirmOther Crimes
r and Criminals
DENVER March 8A special to the
News from Delta Cob says
I The sheep men in the western part of
Delta county were notified last night
by a party of masked cow men that
their sheep must be moved at once o
they would be killed The sheep men
have occupied their present range for
ten years and their right to I has been
generally conceded Bloodshed is ex
pected i the cattlemen attempt to
l carry out their threats
I Who He Was
EL PASO Tex March SThe dead
body of an American found six miles
below El Paso on the Mexican side of
the Rio Grande has been identified as
< that of Mr Doyle of Cripple Creek
Colo He had a bullet hole through his
head and his neck was broken His
0 murderers had evidently first lassoed
him and dragged him around until his
neck was broken and then shot him
through the head a the side of his
r head was powder burned Doyle was
said to b interested in rich mining
property in Cripple Creek II I I
The Latest Dljc One Developed In
the Windy City
CHICAGO March Carefully con
L cealed in a barrel and covered wfPha j
of old and cotton the dead
t mass Q rag 4 1
bodies of a grayhaired man and a I
t new born babe were found in an alley
In Hyde Park today In consequence
o the police are working what
polce on they
consider a double murder Only one
clew is in the possession and on the
discovery of the identity c f a woman
as yet unknown to the police depends
the possible solution of the mystery
Eai y this forenoon the office of
Ralstons Hyde Park morgue was rung
up on the telephone and a woman who I
declined to give either her name or ad
dress asked i the body of a man had I
been found in Hyde park The office
I attendant replied in the negative and
ten questioned the woman but his
best efforts failed to get any informa
tion of a decided character although
l ihe told the clerk she was looking for
a man who a missing She was
llnallj prevailed upon to give his des
I cription which she did in minute de
tails She astonished the morgue at
tendant by saying that he would cer
tainly learn more about the case later
Four hours later the barrel with its
ghastly contents was discovered in the
rear of the house of 4S29 Indiana
avenue The body of the man tallied
in alrfiost every respect with the des
cription furnished by the mysterious
woman over the telephone The police
unhesitatingly connected her with the
4 case In the barrel was also the body
of a boy not over three days old
i c J A Nourse residing in Prairie
I avenue while emptying a pan of ashes
11 in the allay at the rear of his home
discoverea barrel which aroused his
L curiosity Breaking open the head of
the barrel he was horrified upon seeing
f the hacked body of an old man inside
I It was entirely nude and was fright
S fully mutilated Covering the corpse
was a thick layer of cotton The police
were at once notified and the barrel
I was removed to the morgue The head
t I find trunk gave every evidence of foul
play the skull showing several deep
wounds There was nothing else to
give any clew to the mans identity
After the body had been lifted from the
barrel the body of the baby was found
1 was nude save for a thin flannel
shirt and there were two marks on the
t inside of the head apparently made with
a blunt instrument
The body of the elder male was that
of a rAn between 65 and 70 years of
I The police laugh at the theory that
f J iva the work of medical students
i and e positive in their statements
t that ore man and child were murdered
As a Trick
r r CHICAGO March 8 Postoffice officials
i daIs regard the alleged attempt on P
D Armours life by means of a bomb
sent through the malls yesterday as a
trick whether intended as a practical
It joke or otherwise has not yet been de
VhoIesHle Robbery
WAPUN Wis March SA whole
sale robbery of the penitentiary con
tract firm by convicts in the Wisconsin
prison has been discovered Convicts i
engaged in the robbery received money 1
J various luxuries and liquor in exchange i
for the goods For some time past
f Warden Roberts has suspected that Il
licit traffic was being carried on and
4 discoveries were made last hight which
r le to the arrest of Arthur Miller a
f farmer iiving near the prison and Fre
i mont Banks a farm hand
S C Russell 3 convict trusty em
ployed in farm work several months
t ago arranged with other convicts with
Miller It Is alleged to receive and dis
pose of jocks from the knitting de
partment of the penitentiary Money
whisky and other articles received in
I exchange fsa the goods jvwre divided
I among tjjj convlcts Miller and Fair
banks c6fueispd and told where large
i quantities of the stolen goods could be
S onnd Russell was placed in solitary
l j
confinement and Miller and Fairbanks
were held for trial
Murder Most Mysterious
NEW YORK March 8Stephen
Powell a well known merchant of
Hempstead L I was struck down and
killed within a few feet of his own door
last night The murdered man who
was 70 years of age was returning
home after closing his store shortly
before midnight He was found dying
on the road by two of his friends who
saw two men running down the road
I was found that Mr Powell was
bleeding to death He had received a
terrible cut across the eye and another
across the wrist and still another on I
the back of the head it is believed
from the blunt part of an axa or ham
mer which almost crushed his skull
He was taken to his home where he
died within half an hour Mr Powell
was in the habit of carrying s > large
sum of money and i is thought rob
bery was the object of the murder
They were interrupted in their work
however and secured no booty Today
three negroes were arrested on suspi
cion of the murder They were Van
Ronsaller Simpson J A Wayne and
Arthur Mathew
S A Denial
DENVER March SA special to the
News from Cripple Creek says The
Mr Doyle whose murder at El Paso is
reported by the Associated Press is not
the millionaire mine owner I is sup
posed he is a man who ha been here
about a year working on various
properties Little is know of him
A Railroad Iriglit
GUTHRIE O T March SA special
courier ba brought the news from
Arapahoe seventyfive miles from the
railroad of a fight between the officers
of G D and Washita counties and the
outlaws Red Buck and George Miller
I in which Red Buck was instantly killed
and Miller fatally wounded The out
laws killed W W Glover two weeks
ago and were driven into the Glass
mountains They were surprised by
the seven officers and riddled with bul
lets ofcers had a chance to get
unSer cover
LONDON March SThe Times dis I
cusses editorially the British side df
the Venezuela matter this morning
The blue book must convince all ap
proaching the subject with an open
mind that Mr Bayards description
when he was secretary of state of our
difference with Venezuela in his dis
patch to Mr Phelps United States
minister to England on December 30
1886 was and is a true description
namely that he had no idea that pol
itical or territorial expansions of au
thority Q the American continent
could influence the British government
in relation to Venezuela
I The editorial then admitting the Ven
ezuelan side of the case ha yet to be
heard deals at great length with the
arguments already adduced by the Ven
ezuela government and arrives at the
onclusion that unless the latter ha
more solid facts and arguments to
bring fprward it will find i hard to
Damage the Brftish case in the eyes of
fhfe unprejudiced
r5ss PECUtkTIONi
Visits of Emperor William to Prince
Hohenlolie Have Aronsed the
Xev paper
BERLIN March SThe long visits
of Emperor William to Chancellor Von
Hohenlohe Baron Von Blebersteln the
minister of foreign affairs and the
Austrian ambassador on Saturday
have given an impulse to speculation I
in the press and in political circles on
the subject of the visit this week of I
Count Goluchowski the Austrian min
ister for foreign affairs and the future
relation of Italy to the dreibund which
are undoubtedly the subject of Count
Goluchowskys mission The papers
generally counsel Italy to make the
utmost sacrifice to save her honor and
they hint that Germany and Austria I I
will support this policy The Boersen
Courier on the contrary contends that
Italys position would not be weakened I
if she withdrew from the African ad
The Voerwarts leads the democratic
I sections of the press with a ferocious
attack upon Italy and Signor Crispi I
dubbing the laMer the hero of the
Banco Romania scandals and the
sleuth hound of Italy who lacks the
courage to face parliament These
papers naturally welcome the collapse
of the dreibund but in face of Italys
difficulties at home and abroad and
the doubtful attitude of Russia toward
Italy it is not easy to predict the
outcome of Coun Coluchowskys con
ference here There are even rumors
now that King Humbert will abdicate
in favor of his son The fear of Eng
lands attitude since the Transvaal
affair is also a factor in the situation
Prospects Are That Money Will Con
tinue Plentiful
LONDON March 8The prospect is that
money will continue plentiful The rates
are easy The stock market was dull for
the week on the uncertainty In the political
tical situation which considerably re
stricts business and induces a general
closing of accounts by prudent specula
tors Investment stocks continue firm
Home railways were firm on profit tak
ing but traffic was good The board of
trade returns were very favorable and i
a settlement of the present troubles
would produce a smart rise Mines were
very dull with a downward tendency
account of labor troubles Foreign securities
curities especially Italian and Spanish
were weak but closed yesterday rather
firmer American securities were affected
by the Baltimore Ohio trouble The
Barings Morgans Brown Shipley Co
have formed a committee to protect the
Interest of English holders American se
curities were well sustained considering
the adverse influence B O and the
Cuban affair The weeks movements ex
cept for the B O were small The
chief declines were Erie seconds 1V
Lake Shore 1 B O 15 The bonds fell
on an averasc of 1 per cent during the
KANSAS CITY larch Cardinal
Satolli was honored and cheered by thou
sands here today the local Catholics turn
ing out on masse to greet and hear their
distinguished visitor At 2 oclock a
dinner attended by the local clergy prom
inent members of the laity and business
men in honor of the cardinal was given at
the Coates hotel
miners mass meeting today resolutions
were adopted in favor of asking i an ad
vance of lO cents a ton on dal after
April and steps were taken to bring
about a union of all miners in central
Pennsylvania to the end that the de
mand might be made general
khan Pasha former minister of for
eign affairs has been appointed gov
ernor of the Island of Crete
kt o
Assertions Made That Spain
Would Deplore a War
with Us
At Least So Far as She Consist
ently Can
I Worst Comes to the AVorst How
ever She Will Put Ui Her Little
Fists and Make n Shoeing at
Leant The Infanta Eulallc Has
Sent a Friendly Message to the
New Yorlc World General AVeylcr
Writes Some Important Messages
LONDON March 0The Madrid cor
respondent of the Standard noting the
fact that the utmost energy of the au
thorities fails to prevent demonstra
tions of hostility toward the United
States says the press everywhere dep
recates premature ebullitions but
plainly expresses the opinion that these
impulses may soon be needed for ener
getic action as Spain will sooner con
front any contingency however dan
gerous than stoop to insult
Senors Segasta Maret Castellar Can
ovas and other leading statesmen whom
I have consulted the correspondent
proceeds to say all agree that they are
entering upon a decisive stage in their
relations with America and that the
recognition of the rebels will have most
The infanta Eulalie has sent a friend
ly message to the New York World
Ten thousand persons engaged at
Valencia in a demonstration organized
and led by well known Republicans
They made a noisy display before the
French consulate and public buildings
before going to the American consul
ate when the civil guard opposed it
self Shots were heard and the guards
responded with their carbines and
charged repeatedly before they dis
persed the mob Those arrested were
ifound to be chiefly Republicans
The affair ha caused great alarm
The police also dispersed an imposing
gathering Saragossa
From the Infanta
NEW YORK March 8The World i
tSSJSOy LJS1 JjiHJiU11 tnp tPHgwttig I
copyrighted dispatch from Infanta Eu
lalle of Spain
Sweet remembrances of the affec
tionate reception given me by the peo
ple of the United States when I went
to their country representing my own
at the festivities in honor of Columbus
lives and will ever live in my heart
During these festivities I I
Durng thee festvites strong
proofs of mutual esteem were given by I I
both countries
I became convinced and still am I
persuaded that never never should J
that traditional friendship be broken j
much less should peace be disturbed
Being apart from affairs of state I
I can only pray God fervently that cor
dial relations between the two countries
may never cease EULALIE
Kov It Wa Done
NEW YORK March 9A special to
the World from Madrid says I
The World correspondent was received
ceived by the Infanta Eulalie today to I
receive from her a message of good I
will to the American people The In I
fanta made the appointment through
Prime Minister Canovas who had I
kindly obtained the queen regents
willing assent to i which assent is
indispensable for any communication
with a princess of the royal blood The I
Spanish premier Informed the corre
spondent before the visit that the In
fanta was to quote her own words
delighted to have an opportunity to
show that I cherish pleasant recol
lections of my visit to the United
At the appointed hour the World cor
respondent was received by her royal I
highness in a beautiful gallery filled
with rare plants and antique furniture
Her message was written on court
note paper in English and in her own
handwriting and in giving it to the
correspondent she remarked You
need not apologize for troubling me as
I am glad to find this opportunity to
show how much I appreciate America
The Infanta then spoke in the most
enthusiastic terms of the people of the
United States and of her visit to the
Worlds fair As the correspondent
was leaving her royal highness said
Look yonder on the wall pointing to
one o numerous photographs hanging
there that one is of Mrs Cleveland
who is so lovely and kind
Do you like the American women
the correspondent ventured to ask
The Infanta replied instantly Oh
yes they are so bright so intellectual I
so refined and were so hospitable and
kind to me
This Is Official
HAVANA March SAn important
engagement is officially reported to
have taken place in1 the central por
tion of Matanzas province Colonel
Vicunas reports he met a force of in
surgents numbering 7000 and led by
Maximo Gomez Antonio Maceo La I
Crete and others at the plantation of
Diana and Atabars in the district of
Corral Falso They were dislodged
from their position by the troops and
made a precipitate flight toward San
Miguel de IDS Banos
The insurgent loss Is reported to be
seventy killed and fortytwo wounded
left on the field as well as numerous
others carried off The insurgents also
lost 200 horses The loss of the troops
was three killed and nineteen wounded
General Pando also sends in a report
that Maximo Gomez passed by Votad
res in the Cienfuegos district
The columns of LieutenantColonel
Lolssundi fought the insurgents at
Serpents Sancti Espiritus
A coast inspector has been killed by
the insurgents
Volunteer troops at the plantation of
Ovido fought the Insurgent leader
Banderamos two privates being
wounded and two taken prisoners
The insurgents attacked plundered I
and destroyed a passenger train from
Cardenas The train was carrying
ammunition to a fort under construc
tion at Artemia The firing was done
by a band supposed to be that of
Perico del Gado The trains escort
r i rJ
was taken The insurgents sustained
a loss of men and horses
Gonzalo del Cristo mayor of 1ana
gun who joined the Insurgents has
been taken prisoner in a house in Ha
vana General Weyler has pardoned
him and also his brother who arrived
here from Mexico
In an engagement in the province of
Havana Benjamin Ajramont an insur
gent officer in the confidence of Go
mez was killed
Offered Their Services
MADRID March 8 Several military
officials including some Englishmen have
ofere their services to the Spanish min
ister of war Senor Azacarraga in the
event of war between Spain and America
The official belief however Is expressed
that no conflict will occur Patriotic
demonstrations have occurred throughout
the country since the action of the United
States congress on the Cuban question
and many wealthy Spaniards are offering
money to the government Several towns
have also sent messages offering goods
and the lives of their citizens In defense
of the country The ship owners of Seville
have offered to place fifty steamers at the
disposal of the government In the
Basque province a subscription has been
opened to present a warship to the gov
The disorders have ceased In this city
and the state of Madrid has been tranquil
since the university was closed
The queen regent was charged upon
today on leaving church by the crowds
in the streets The gen darmes dispersed
the crowd who were charging in front of
the French fn
consulate Barcelona as an
alliance expression of a hope for a FrancoSpanish
Important Dispatches ifecaoh the
Junta at New Torlc
TAMPA Fla March SI Among the
passengers arriving from Cuba to
night was an insurgent emissary with
Important dispatches ffqm Antonio
Maceo to the junta in NIV York This
gentleman gives some interesting facts
about the progress of the revolution
and of plans which General Gomez in
tends putting into effect Maceo is
now at Cano five milesrf rom Havana
with 8000 men At Ca the
wih Capo guards
had a skirmish Friday morning The
people of Havana are alarmed but
General Weyler the agent says does
nothing to disperse tile encamped
enemy who are occupying < strong po
sition all over the ishoa awaiting
General Weylers promised attacks
Among other things mentioned in
Mac eos report is that from January 15
to February 20 he captured from tn6
Spaniards 2800 Mause and Remington
rifles besides other miscellaneous arms
and ammunition by intercepting con
voy trains and the capture of small
forts Several field pieces were also
taken Maceo has now 6000 well arm
ed men and 2000 miscellaneously
equipped His losses at Paso Real
Caldenaria and Alqufzar were 200 men
and forty officers These are losses he
Since Weylers proclamation fully
8000 men have joined the insurgents in
Pureto Principe General Maqeo the
agent says will return there to raise
an army of 25000 In order that he may
by April In conjunction with Gomez
forces and others consolidate an armv
of 40000 men near Havana and be
prepared for an aggressive campaign
The insurgents say thatjf the
United Statesrecognize they will
iinhix YcarLsiot they will
ultimately layed win but the end will be de
From VVeyler
HAVANA March 8 Captain General
Weyler has issued the following circulars
I have promulgated a order that the
teachers of divinity of the provinces of
Matanzas Puerto Principe and Santiago
de Cuba who confessedly haVe taken
part in the movements of the rebels shall
be pardoned on making their submission
surrendering their arms and placing them
selves under the surveillance 6f the law
ful authority provided they have not
committed other crimes since theS issuance
of my last proclamation
that It these will be submissions commendable may circumstances be made by i
bodies of those affected I
The teachers of divinity whom without I
arms shall come in under the same cir I
cumstances will be immediately trans I
ferred to the encampments forts towns
and in general where they may be under
the immediate vigilance of the troops and
all the teachers shall be under the control
of the commandants in whatever juris
diction they may be assigned A record
of those attached
so atahed to each column en
campment or fort will be kept and their
superiors will make a report every fifteen
days concerning the conduct of the teach
ers and will determine the time at which
they will be permitted to reside irt what
ever place I may be deemed advisable to
conduct them placing them under the
supervision of the local authorities
In tho meantime they will become
permanently attached to the military
forces and will give their attention to
the dying and will be entitled to such I
rations a troops In the field
These directions will not go into effect
In the provinces of Pinar del Rio efect
Havana until these provinces have ex
tended to them the
prevailing law in the
case of those who deliver themselves up
to the authorities WEYLER I
The following proclamation ha also i
been issued Proclamation of Don Valer
lane Weyler Y Nicolau Marquis de Ten
eriffe governorgeneral captaingeneral
In chief of the army etc
I make known to our harassed troops
and to those who attempt to demoralize
them as they pursue eastwards rebel
parties more numerous than those whom
they leave m the provinces of Pinar del
RIomand Havana that the time has ar
rived to pursue with the greatest activ
ity and rigor the little bands more of
outlaws than insurgents who remained
in the said provinces and to adopt what
ever measures are necessary for the im
mediate carrying out of that intention
I is hereby ordered intenton
FirstThat the troops be divided into
column to operate in both provinces and
that the gnardig civil be established
on the lines of that now existing in Pinar
del Rio and in a part of Puerto Prin 1
cipe and that In Havana and a part of
the province of Santiago de Cuba and
that they occupy only the places remote I
from the present pacified or tranqnilizecl
districts until they are able to occupy
the positions which they held before In
the districts now in revolt
Second The commander of each zone
or the corresponding official who may be
otherwise characterized in each place
shall be the commander of the native
army and shall have municipal powers
but in a less degree than those he ex
ercised in the same position with any
garrison force of the army In this case
the command of the native armies will
devolve In accordance with seniority of
Three Each community seeking to do
so and applying to the general staff of I
the afmy may arm a section of volun
teers or guerillas of thirty men equipped
as Infantry soldiers which force will de
fend the country and operate under or
ders from the military authorities of
the locality Each section may be com
manded by retired officers o deputed officials
cials or by persons of satisfactory quail
cations and antecedents obtaining the
pay of those holding second command of
infantry the
of these sections to be approved by the
FourthThose who are in possession
of arms must be placed In a state of
complete defense and enabled to defend
a surprise
Fifth The military governors of
Havana and Pinar del Rio will present re
ports to the captain general for tho guid
ance of the commander In chief of the
third army corps and will send to the
governor general proposals for the nom
inations of mayors or magistrates In the
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Not a Word Received from the
City of Rio Janeiro
as Yet
Lives of One Hundred and Fit
Six at Stake 2
The One Theory Evolved ly the
Companys Agents and Upon
Which They Base Their Greatest
Hopes Is Thivt the Rio Reached
I Safe Qnarters May Have Had to
Use Her Canvas to Escape the
StormBeaten Path of the Sea It
Has Happened Before
cific Mal Steamship companys big I
liner the City of Rio de Janeiro which I
left this port for the Orient heavily
laden on the 6th of last month should
have arrived at Yokohama on the 23rd
of February yet not a word has been
heard from her
At the east the agents of the compa
ny declare that they have received in
formation of no sort regarding the
steamers welfare or whereabouts since
she glided out of the bay on the after
noon of February 6 The New York
office of the oompany ha been wired
incessantly by the local agents but the
reply comes regularly and monoton
ously that as yet nothing has reached
them by cable concerning the vessel
The Rio left here with 156 people on
board all told Of those four were
cabin passengers and there were in the
steerage ten Europeans ten Japanese
and twentytwo Chinese The crew
Consisted of thirty white people and
seventynine Chinese Following is a
Cabin J Fisher W T Sylvester
Lamar Lyndon Mrs Lamar Lyndon
Steerage A Bodelsen T Rosenfeld
sr T Rosenfeld jr J A Riddle A V
Garlando Mrs Anna Burge and family
of three F Gaillard i
The names of the Chinese and Japan I
e are not registered i
The list of the Rio de Jar jvg vhite
Jal l
crew IR as follows W Jl fc 4 cap
tamr J f jtamsrbnclnei bin gfrJ H
Mathews chief engineer O K Free
man purser A K Tichenor freight
clerk S 11 Tenrill surgeon J C John I
son second officer L C Newgard I
third officer J Anderson carpenter
William Bray main deck watchman
W J Palmer D C White F Smith
quartermasters H McLaughlin first
assistant engineer J E Handley sec
ond assistant engineer Charles Smith
third assistant engineer F McCabe J
S Nardie John Riley water tenders
C C Reade John Cavanagh oilers A
Burrell steward S Kidd steerage
steward S Hankin storekeeper Mrs
J G Dorman stewardess George Lancashire
cashire butcher Robert E Kelly
salon watchman J C Spencer steer
age watchman N G Yoy and seventy
nine Chinese
upon which the companys agents base
their greatest hopes is that the Rio by
force cf bad weather or other circum
stances was compelled to pass Yoko
hama without making her usual stop
there This would not be considered an
altogether unusual opourrence I has
happened several times during the past
twelve years to other steamers in the
service of the company Should this
be the case there will be a still longer
period of anxiety for nothing can possi
bly be heard from her in that event
until she reaches Hong Kong Many
shipping men feel hopeful she will
portThe shortly be reported from the Chinese
The Rio de Janeiro is one of the
handsomest and largest vessels en
gaged in the transPacific service of
the Pacific Mail She is a fourmaster
amply provided with sails in
wih sais so that incase
case of damage to her engines while
at sea there
would be nothing to pre
vent her weathering her way to some
nearby port with the
I thIs were the case however she
would doubtless be long delayed and
I might be even weeks before she
would be heard from
The Rio was built in 1878 at Chester
Pa She is of steel and Is equipped
with the most modern machinery and
appurtenances and has the reputation
of being a fairly fast and staunch ves
sel at sea
When the Rio left this port she car
ried a cargo of general merchandise
and bullion valued at nearly a million
dollars The merchandise which was
consigned to various Japanese and
Chinese ports was valued in all at
152233 The major portion of this
cargo comprised flour for China cotton
for Japan and canned goods and sugar
for both countries
General Superintendent Center of the
Pacific Mall company stated that the
company had not begun to lose hope
for the safety of the Rio
Of course said he we cannot
help feeling somewhat anxious
and have good reasons for entertain
ing that hope Many things could
have happened by which the long ab
sence of the Rio could be accounted
for to our minds even though we have
received no dispatches or anything of
a definite nature in the shape of news
from her We do know for instance
that they have been having very
heavy weather between the Hawaiian
Islands and Japan of late I is not at
all improbable that the Rio got into
the worst of this weather and that
Captain Russell decided to take plenty
of room and not antagonize the storm
even though he might lose much time
in reaching Yokohama
I is possible that he found it com
pulsory to even skip by Yokohama en
tirely That
We did become anxious when the
steamer was only overdue a week be
cause the Belgic in making her last
run down was six days late She re
ported exceedingly heavy weather
The Rio is a good stout boat and
perfectly able of taking care of herself
in any kind of weather She was only
recently overhauled and put into thor
oughly good condition She was at
that time ptonounced to be about as
good a seaboat a we had on our line
Her engines arein perfect condition
and in fact every
so far as we know lnd eveI
thing about her was in fit condition
forany kind of voyage
Successful Experiments Are JIade in
DENVER March Preliminary experiments
periments In X rays conducted jointly
by the Rocky Mountain News and the
Homeopathic college have disproved
the theory advanced that Crookes tubes
made of lead glass would not permit
the X rays to pass through the walls
of the tube The expEriments were con
ducted by Dr C E Tennant jr on b
half of the college and H H Buckwal
ter reporter for the News all practical
photographers I being impossible to
procure a genuine Crookes tube 3 sub
stitute was made of common lead
glass used in incandescent globes made
by the company Several negatives
were made in remarkable short time af
had taken
ter some unknown change
place in the glass structure directly
where the cathode and X rays impinge
on the glass opposite the aluminum
disc This supposed molecular change
took about an hour after which the
rays came forth in such quantities that
a perfect negative of the bones of a
mans hand was obtained in five min
utes The current was from an induc
tion coil giving a three inch spark Oth
er negatives were made to determine
the absorbing powers of various sub
stances and none of these negatives
were given an hours exposure De
velopment lasted less than fifteen min
utes The results thus far obtained
are merely preliminary to extended re
search which will be made both with
the lead glass tubes and also the gen
uine Crookes tubes a soon as they can
be obtained
Rear Admiral Walfce
NEW YORK March 8Rear Ad
miral Henry Walke died in his home
in Brooklyn at 305 this afternoon
Henry Walke was born in Virginia
88 years ago His father Anthony
Walke was a college student at Yale
with John C Calhoun When quite
young the deceased was taken to
Ohio receiving his education at the
Chlllicothe academy In 1827 he be
came a midshipman in the navy be
ing assigned to the frigate Alert under
the command of Lieutenant Farragut
He was present at the surrender of
Vera Cruz during the Mexican war
being executive officer of the brig
Vesuvius During the war of the re
bellion he commanded the gunboats
I Tyer and Lexington and protected
General Grants army Awhile i was
I making its Tetreat on the transports
I He was also at the battle of Fort
i Henry in charge of the gunboat Caron
i deleL He was successful in getting
the Carondelet past Island No 10 on
April 4 1862 while the enemys shots
fell on I like hail For this piece of
work the commander
worJ was honorably
I mentionedV lnlS62i for his bravery he I I
kTORS made a captain 11 1867 commo
I dore and arear admiral in 1870 One I
year later he retired having the proud
distinction of being the first officer to
do so voluntary to give the younger
men a chance
Rear Admiral Walkehas been suffer
ing since Tuesday last from a severe
attack of the grippe but the immedi I
ate cause of death was heart failure
Mr White the family physician had
very little hopes of his recovery and
the family was prepared for the worst
For some time before he passed away
he was unconscious The deceaseds
wife and family were at hisbedside I
when he expired He leaves a wife
three sons and two daughters
Richard Irvin
NEW YORK March 8 Richard Ir
vin banker died at his home in this
city today from a complication of kid
ney and heart disease Mr Irvin was I
50 years old He organized the bank
ing and brokerage firm of Richard Ir
vin Co He was well known for
philanthropic works and was a member
of the Union League Tuxedo City and
other clubs He leaves a widow
Dr David Day
ST PAUL Minn March SDr David
Day closely identified with the story of
St Paul I and the northwest died at his
home today aged 70 He was a member of
the legislature held Various state offices
for twelve years was St Pauls post
master and as such made suggestions
nearly all of which were incorporated in
the return postal card
George HUes
MILWAUKEE March S George Bibs I
a pioneer Wisconsin died today aged
70 of paralysis He owned 100000 acres
of Wisconsin pine lands and leaves an
estate of 3000000
W A Uurleipli
Burleigh one of the best known pioneer
politicians died here last night of paraly
sis at the age of 75 Dr Burleigh came to
Dakota as an appointee of President
Lincoln His ability was readily recog
nized and he was repeatedly sent to
congress the legislature of both Dakotas
and Montana and was during his time
a successful steamboat owner and gov
ernment contractor He is the father of
Andrew F Burleigh receiver of the
Northern Pacific road and the soninlaw
of exGovernor Faulk of this state
SenatorElect ForaUer Will Deliver
the Keynote Speech He Says I
Will Be the Ohio Nomination of
lican convention of Ohio meets at
Columbus Tuesday afternoon for tem
porary organization when Senator
elect Foraker as chairman will deliver
the keynote speech He says his
speech will be the Ohio nomination of
McKinley of Ohio and that he will not
discuss issues I is expected the tem
porary organization will be made regu
lar on Wednesday when delegates and
alternates at large will be selected for
the St Louis convention and a state
ticket selected I is expected that
Foraker Bushnell Grosvenor and
Mark Hanna will b the four delegates
at large and that the occasjon will be
a McKInley celebration The pro
gramme of the convention has a large
McKinley frontispiece and all the ar
rangements point to an elaborate open
Ing of the McKinley campaign
The nominations are for secretary of
state supreme judge and the usual
alternate year state officers
Question to Come Up Again in
the Senate Today
A Quick Decision May B
Reached However
Dnpont Delaware Elecllon Caact
Will Also Continue to Be n Topic
of Great Intercut Senator Butle
Given Notice That He Will Speak
in Favor of His Bill to Prevent
the Further Issuance of Govern
ment Bonds
ban question will be revived In tha
senate Monday on the proposition t
accept the report of the conference
Committee agreeing to the house reso
lutions There is a possibility of con
siderable debate upon the subject but
on the other hand the report may be J
accepted after but brief exchange of
views I is believed that under no 1
circumstances the question will be pro
longed beyond Monday and there is j
little doubt that the house resolutions
will be agreed to
The Dupont Delaware election case
will also continue to receive attention
during the week Senator Turpie will
speak on Monday in opposition to the
seating of Mr Dupont and will be fol
lowed when opportunity affords by
either Senator Pritchard or Senator
Chandler for Dupont I is not be
lieved the debate on this question will
be concluded during the present week
The bill to prevent the extermination 1
of the Alaskan seals has been made J
the special order for Thursday next
but whether it will be taken up at that
time will probably depend upon
whether an amicable arrangement can
be made concerning the Dupont case
There is no disposition on the part of 1
the of the seal bill to
managers 1 pre
vent continued consideration of the
Dupont matter The seal bill will pro
voke discussion when reached I Is j
understood to be Senator Morgans pur
pose to discuss it at length
Senator Butler has given notice of a
speech on Wednesday on his bill to
prohibit the further issuance of gov
ernment bonds
I the committee on public lands gets j
in its report on the Arizona land bill
recommending its passage over the 1
presidents veto Jt may be tikeiT up
anmSvilliprobably discussion arouse considerable 4
WASHINGTON March SThe house i
this week will continue work on ap
propriation bills and dispose of one j
possible two of the pending contested
election cases The postoffice appro
priation bill will It is thought be
passed tomorrow The naval
arow appro
priation bill is the next supply bill in
order During the week the Aldrich
Robbins case from the Fourth Ala
bama district the report of which Is
against the Democratic contestor
will be called up and if time is offered
the report of the committee in tlu
BenoitBoatner case from the 3ifth
Louisiana declaring the seat occupied
by Mr Boatner vacant will also ba
acted upon
Five Workmen Badly Burned nt <
Rayon IV r
NEW YORK March SFive workmen
employed by the Standard Oil company at
Bayonne N J were severely burned to
day by the overflow of boiling tar from
one of the big tanks at the companys
yard The injured are
Michael Doyle and Timothy Callahan
seriously burned taken to Bayonne hos
pital j
James Donohue
John St John
Ernest Ohlsen feet and ankles burned
The men were at work at stills from
which the tar oil was being pumped Into
a tank The tar boiled over the sides of
the tank in a torrent and flooded the
floor I was found impossible to close
the pipes and the men made a dash to
escape The burning fluid poured over
them before they could get away l
received very serious burns
MADRID March SThe United States
minister Mr Taylor ha refused the resignations
ifniatlons of Spaniards acting as United 1
States consuls when they were written In
Spanish on the ground that that language
Is States not the official language of the United
PAGE Bloodshed expected In Color
ado as the result of a racket about
sheepSpain said to be getting real
angry Weylers latest commands
Steamer City of Rio Ue Janeiro long
overdue and 15C lives are in peril
Cuba will be the theme in the senate to
day Much talk expected Republlcan
convention of Ohio meets todayBrief
PAGE 2An American Salvation army te
assured Electric car collision In Chi
cago causes four deaths and many In
juries Meeting of the Theosophlcal so
ciety yesterdaySeven portals to the
Golden CasitleDr Bucks paper on
materialism and spiritualism versus oc
cultismMurder of squaw at Ouray
may cause great troubleBrief tele
PAGE Business mining and stocks
Latest news from the camps Last
weeks work in the fraternal orders
The Oddfellows Knights of Pythias
Ancient Order of United Workmen
Knights of the Maccabees Foresters
G A R etc
PAGE EditorialsEditorial notes
State press comments Notables of the
day Humor
PAGE 5The churches yesterdayA
few things Brief locals
PAGE 6Farm and garden notes
PAGE 7News from nearby towns
Park City Provo Salina Logan etc
Ogden news
PAGE Forecast of the week in the
house Great amount of business de
layed last week by the orators Bill for
free public libraries the land bill and
four special orders on todays pro
grammeCrltchlows justifiable homi
cide bill and the fish and game bill to
come up tomorrowFull text of Mr
Critchlows mineral land bill The stake
conference Presldent Woodruff ad
dresses the Saints Town telkBrief

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