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Another Stirring Chapter in
the SpanishCuban
4 Cialleries Crowded with Most
Anxious People t
XTulc of Maine Makes the Speech ol
v the Day but in Opposition to tin
F fleoIu HonSpirit of JIIJurlnl
Ahrond in the Land and it In
volves War with All Its Dread
ful Consequences A Dramutic In
cident The Dtipont Cae
T WASHINGTON March 0 Another stir
ring chapter in the SpanishCuban con
troversy was aOded by the senate Klay <
Many senators indicated a desire to be
heard on the subject and the conference
report accepting iho house Cul an resolu
tions wont ove until tomorro
In anticipation that the stage of the
Cuban question would he reached the sen
ate galleries were besieged by the great
est crowd seen since the session opened
1 of the public and reservod galleries
were filled to overflowing with long line
of anxious jeople standing in the outer II
Thr diplomatic gallery was occupied by I
Ambassador Patenotre of France Min
isters Mendonca of Brazil Hatch of
l c il t
Hawaii Par n Von Ketteler of the i
German embassy lr Ho and Chung of
the Chinese legation and many of the I
secretaries attaches and members of the
legation households The bright cos i
tumes of the ladies of the diplomatic cir
cle and the rich silken robes of the i
Chinese diplomatists gave a touch ol
bright colo to the animated scene
The speech of the day was made by
Senator Hale of Maine in vigorous op
position to this resolution and to tH
offensive Interference of the United
States in foreign i cstlons The senator
declared the spirit of militarism was
abroad in the land that our course in
volved the possibilities of war with all its
dreadful consequences Mr Hale brought t
out the kindly action of Spain at the
time of our civil war when British built
privateers were prevented from remain
ing for any length of time in Spanish
ports and when American prisoners were
aboard orders they wore released by Spanish I i
occurred when Mr Hale offered to read
the statement pf Minister de Lome of
Spain callthg in question the accuracy o I
nome of the statements made by Senators
Sherman Korean and Lodge concerning
Sparush atrocities
Mr Davis of Minnesota quickly oh
1cted to the reception of a document
from a foreign minister not formally
transmittel I
j Messrs Mitchell Oregon ICan and
I Teller direction added their protest in the same
For a time there was some confusion I I
nr = nfvt < vf I < fior conflict but
the serenity of the debate was restored
by Mr Davis withdrawing his obje ton
I is expected the debate tomorrow will
continue to have I I
Mr Hoar offered a resolution today
postponing all action on the Cuban
postponlnl al acton ques
tion until April S This resolution will
come up under the rules tomorrow and
may form the basis of opposition to an
adoption of the house conference report
f Another resolution by Mr Hoar was
adopted calling on the president for all
available iformation on the Cuban subject
Thp latter part of the dav was given to
the Dupont contest Mr Turpie of Indi
ana Dupont arguing against the claim of Mr
The Procced I n
At 115 Sherman moved the adoption
0 of the conference report accepting the
House Cuban resolutions The public sal
aries were packed
Mr Hale Rep Maine spoke energeti
cally against the resolutions In 1S70 the
same conditions existed and a effort
was made to involve the United States
Into the controversy The House com
mittee on foreign affairs presided over
by General Banks reported a resolution
similar to this one But fortunately for
the cause of peace and progres there
vas said Hale a man in the presidents
cnair whose love of liberty and patriot
Ism was certainly equal to that of any
member of the committee on foreign re
lations The message of Grant sent to
congress vas pertinent today as at
that time and was an unanswerable plea
against the present resolutions
Mr Gray interrupted to ask what re
sult came from Grants message
It had continued Mr Hale brought
the congressional resolutions to nothing
That message was so distinct s unan
fiverable that in the presence of that
great calm man all excitement disap
peared and the resolutions came to
Portions of President Grants message
were read from the desk Mr Hale said
the insurgents now fighting In Cuba had
no legislature no courts no organization
such as General Grant had set forth as
absolutely requisite to the recognition of
a state of war Their power he said is
seated in straggling bands occupying
straggling camps and to ths day not
only have the insurgents not won a
battle but they have not fought in any
thing worthy of the name of a battle
Mr Hale compared the condition in
Cuba with that in the south when the
confederacy was recognized He said the
confederacy was completely organized
with lull legislative and executive
branches established courts a
able anrv and navy Andyet at that
time our state department presided over
by Mr Seward protested to European
powers against
of the confederacy and always after in
It sisted on the rescinding of that recogni
tionDid Spain ever rescind Interjected
Mr Mitchell of Oregon
Mr Hale said he was glad to hear this
inquiry as it lowed an answer to those
who seemed to think Spain was less
friendlv to us than other powers at the
time of the civil war No nation de
clared Mr Halo had showed the friendly
disposition that Spain had shown at
that time Never did se allow a British
built privateer to stay in a Spanish port
more than an hour When suh a priva
tr entered with American prisoners
Spain demanded and secured their re
leaselr Hale said the only reason for the
public and press clamor again Spain was
that the country had been falsely and
mendaciously led with condition which
did not exist
Mr Hale referred to the statements
made by Mr Sherman a to the atroci
ties corrmStted by General Weyler I
had sJnce been shown that there was
an Ingenious effort to fasten on the
SpanishCuban situation of today events
of fifteen years ago But these alleged
events were
fiction from beginning to cad set up by
someoody to distort public feeling
At this point a sensational event oc
curred which no one had anticipated and
which for a time threw the senate into
great excitement
Mr Hale said the Spanish minister
Scnor Dupuy de Lome ha made a state
ment a to the Inaccurate representa
tions against Spain I was not surpris
that In view of the attacks on Spain
that the minister had done this fittingly
and diplomatically
Mr Hale sent the Spanish ministers
statement to the clerks desk to he
read ltv had hardly been begun when
Senator DaVis of Minnesota arose and
I object said Mr Davis t the
reading of any communication coming
from the representative of a foreign
country on any matter transmitted to
congress through such channels and re
flecting upon members of this body
Immediately there was a stir on the
floor and galleries Mr Hale protested
against such an objection There was
to senators in the Spanish ministers
statement I was not an attack on the
senate but was couched with a nicety
of deference t senators
Mr Mitchell of Oregon asked if it was j
not an invariable rUle that foreign min
isters credited to this country should not
publicly discuss political questions relat
ing to the affairs of the United States I
There were points ol order from var
ious quarters and many senators were on I
their feet seeking to gain recognition
The vicepresident announced the rule
that in case of objection to reading a
communication the senate must decide
by vote as to receiving it
Mr Teller of Colorado said the objec
tion to the ministers statement was not
based on Its offensiveness to the senate
but to the established rule that any com
munication from a foreign minister must
be submitted through the channels ot the
state department
Mr Morgan made a point of order
against proceeding vith the ministers
Mr Hale had stood calmly during the
storm of protests He said it was a
that senators would not hear this state
ment of facts
Mr Frye suggested that Mr Davis
withdraw his pomtliof order and allow
the paper to be read and that in reply
the communication in the Washington
Post of a prominent Cuban sec
retary of legation In Washington
bs read This suggestion to
give the Cuban side a hearing was
received with a demonstration by the
galleries so pronounced that VicePrebi
dent Stevenson warned the specdtor
At 2 oclock the unfinished business
the Dupont election case was temporarily
laid aside Mr Sherman chairman of the
foreign relations committee gave notice
that he would Insist on action
When the Spanish ministers communi
cation had been read Morgan asked that
the reply of the Cuban secretary of the
legation be read but Mr Hale ilTlined
saying it could be read in the time ot
some other senator Continuing Mr Hale
sent to the desk and had read a com
munication to the New York Woild
from Di William Shaw Bowen atScim
munlcation not concocted in the organs
of the insurrection but written ly a
man compelled to tell the truth in a
newspaper compeled sympathies vere with
nspa1e insurgents but which was road
The extract referred to General ey
ler as a erreatlv traduced man who
i had been systematically Attacked by
the enemies the Spanish cause This
communication extracted from an un
willing witness Mr Hale said he would
wiing place against anything written by Cu
ban in thLs tty
He also rearonl current news dis
patches of the burning by the insurgents
of thirteen towns and the destruction of
tobacco and of the inhabitants wandering
helpless and starving through the coun
tryThese sad he are the methods
adopted to defeat Spain
Here he continued arc the exalting
details in newspapers which sympathize
with the insurgents Liberty dOE not
light its battles in that way Freedom
often springs from prison bars from
burning lips aye from its own ashes
but not such horror and conflagration and
devils work The heart stirred by the
story of Bunker Hill turns with loathing
from such tales aG these I is not war
I hut incendiarism destruction by the
II torch murder and outrage I is the
I will never vote to give aid and com
i fort to leaders whose exploits are thus
I There is another side Mr Hale was
proceeding to say when Senator Sherman
I interrupted him and asked how long we
were to allow this state of affairs to con
I tinue
That replied Mr Hale is the same
I question which was put to the diplomats
of Europe during the war of the rebellion
I Whenever our arms sustained a reverse
they were asked whether that did not
I disclose a state of war That was the
great burden which rested most heavily
I on those then at the head of our affairs
I That question gave a stoop to the tall
shoulders of Lincoln it weighed most
anxiously upon the able Seward and
i broke down the lionhearted Stanton The
answer to it is to be found in the
I Instructions of Secretary Seward
But interposed Mr Sherman Spain
I England and France had acknowledged
the belligerency of the confederacy be
fore a single battle was fought in lan
I guage identical with that in the first of
these resolutions
I am not speaking of belligerency re
I plied Mr Hale but of independence
I was that the United States was engaged
in one of the most herculean tasks in the
t annals of the world Charles F Adams
at the court of St James and our min
I ister to France were Instructed to say
that the United States would suppress
I the rebellion but in a way to be selected
I by us and that no foreign power would
be allowed to interfere
I Mr Hale said he depored the aggres
I sive spiiit of the past year the desire to
incite troube the buiding up of instru
I ments of war instead of those of peace
the turning aside from the pough and
the taking up of the swordthis was
militarism There WPS but one result
I when militarism took possession of a
great people Thz arts of peace disap
peared and in their place come vast ar
I mament and the dominion of somd great
military chieftain This was the growing
f spirit of the day In ths country
Out cf it all however Mr Hale said
he felt that the good sense of the Ameri
I can people would assert Itself bringing
pence rather than wart
t Mr Hale closed at 3 oclock
I Mr Mills urged Mr Sherman not t
I I endeavor t reach a vote today as sev
oral senators desired to be heard Mr
I Sherman yielded to the suggestion and
the Cuban resolutions went over
I Mr Turple DeirO Ind was then re I
cognized for an argument against the
claim of Mr Dupont to a seat in the I
I senate from Delaware I
The senator had not concluded when at
4S5 oclock the senate held a brief executive
I 43
ecutive session and soon thereafter ad
I journed
District of Columbia Bill the ninTh
WASHINGTON March District of
I Columbia business consumed the major
portion of the day in the house
Among the bills passed was one to
decrease the cost of gas from S150 to
n a thousand This was the outcome
of a long fight against the gas com
pany The consideration of the post
I office appropriation bill was continued
but no Important amendments were
I adopted The speaker announced the
appointment of Mr Hendricks Dem
of Kentucky to the banking and cur
rency committee
A bill was passed on motion of Mr
Doolittle Rep of Washington to au
thorize the secretary of the treasury to
pay S W Peel of Arkansas 5000 for
his services to the old settlers against
Cherokee Indians A bill was passed
I to change the times < for holding court
In the northern district of California
The hoUse then took up the District of
Columbia matters
At 515 oclock the house adjourned
until tomorrow
c j
b p
A Striking Example Given in
the Theodore Dur
rant Case
Yet Does the riurilerer Encumber
the Earth
I Reading Law as a Means of Passing
the Time A Maniac Alights from
a Train at Broolcvllle Ont ami
Shoots Eight Men Two of Whom
Will Die Crocker Lodged in the
Iarnmie County Jail Pending a
New Trial
April 6 next a year will have passed
since the murder of Blanche Lamont
and yet Theodore Durrant who was
convicted of her murder last Novem
ber is still in the county jail awaiting
the final action of the state supreme
court in the case
Immediately after Durrants convic
tion an appeal was taken but the case
has not been presented to the supreme
court owing to requests for additional
time made by both sides
The last postponement took place a
week ago when the prosecution was
granted twenty days in which to file a
bill of exceptions At the end of this
time it is believed that the case will
be presented to the supreme court but
I a decision is not expected for several
months Durrant was sentenced to be
hanged on February 21 but the slow
I manner in which justice is meted out
to murderers in this state makes It
probable that he will not meet his
death much before the close of this
year Meanwhile the prisoner is spend
ing his time at the county jail much
the same as the rest of the inmates
He has few visitors and devotes much
I of his time to reading and writing He
has written a history of his life and
I lately he is said to have begun the
study of law
Awfnl Work of a Lunatic at Broclc I
ville Out
maniac who alighted from the 1145
c 145
train today shot eight men On9 man
Peter Moore is dead Chief of Police
Rose is fatally wounded The maniac
himself was shot through the body and
is now in jail His name is said to be
La Pointe Policeman Linsey is shot in
the an I
At noon La Pointe came on the street
carrying a shot gun The first person
he met was Peter Moore an old nan
L Pointe deliberately shot Moore dead
Chief of Police Rose ran in the direc
tion of the report and La Pointe shot
him in the breast and head
anc I
An old man named Dickson standing
near received a charge in the neck
from the other barrel La Pointe had a
pocket full of cartridges and began t
shoot right and left at random
Policeman Linsey got behind the door
in a grocery store and partly opening
I had just taken aim when La Pointe
fired the bullet taking effect In LIn I
seys head and neck A young man i
fired at La Pointe from a window 1
wounding him He fired into the win
dow after which he fell exhausted He
was then captured
LInsey is badly wounded but may
Others wounded but not seriously
Robert Boyle
Fred Stagg
George Stagg
Robert McCormack
Thomas Devereaux
Crockers New Triali
Special to The Herald
Crocker convicted in Uinta county of
the murder elf his partner Harvey
Booth was granted a new trial on a
change of venue and was brought here
today by Sheriff Ward of Evanston and
lodged in i the Laramie county jail
Crocker will be tried in May and his
acquittal is predicted by many
Holmes isReady
death warrant was read to H H
Holmes the murderer of B F Pitzel
today by Sheriff Clement Holmes
Clement Holme re
mained pe fecetly cool during the read
ing and appeared less concerned than
did the sheriff Holmes expressed him
self as willing to die
That Negro Riot
special to the CourierJournal from Paducah I
ducah Ky says
Mayor D A Yeiser tonight shipped
to the city marshal at Fulton Ky in
response to a private telegram 200
Winchester rifles that were used here
during the negro riot three years ago
There are fears of an uprising in Ful
ton tonight if one has not already ta
ken place The trouble was caused by
Ia policeman attempting to arrest a
negro and having to cliib him btlore
he could do it The feeling in Fulton
between the whites and blacks Is very
bitter The authorities are trying to
keep everything quiet and refuse to
answer telegrams I was rumored here
tonight that a serious encounter had
already taken place but this could not
be confirmed
Stole Sparklers
DENVER March 9This evening an
unknown man snatched a tray of jew
elry In whIch were forty diamonds val
ue at 5000 from a show case In Got
teslebens jewelry store
jewery on Sixteenth
I street and made his escape He was
followed and tired upon by a clerk and
several bystanders The thief
severl returned
the fire slightly wounded George Jam
sen robber The police are searching for the
Not a Murderer
CHICAGO March 9Late this af
ternoon Mrs Cummings of 313 Four
teenth street Identified the dead body
of the man found in a barrel yesterday
with the corpse of an infant as that
of her husband He hid been an in
mate of the poor house for two years
The police foava abandoned the theory
of murder it being known that the
mutilating was done by medical stu
The police tonight found the man
who gave the infants body to the hos
pital I His name is John McDonald
and after he proved that the child was
his legitimate son and had died from
natural causes he was released
Sensational Trial in Which Figure
People of Prominence
PARIS March 9The trial of Ar
mand Rosenthal Jacques St Cere
Count Lionel Wertherde Cesti M Be
lensi a banker Ulric de Civil formerly
editor of the Echo de LArmee 11
Poidebar de la Bruyere and M Szyd
lowsky charged with blackmailing Max
Lebaudy the young millionaire who
died recently in the military hospital at
AmelielesBalns out of large sums of
money and by the mQst cruel frauds
was commenced here today Rosenthal
was formerly connected with the Paris
Figaro and was correspondept in this
city for a New York newspaper Dur
ing his latter days Lebaudy was de
fended against his enemies by Mile
known Parisian actress
Marsy the well aCress
to whom he wished to leave his fO
tune but who refused to accept i
Each charge will be examined sepa
rately and the case promises to be in
teresting although it is believed nearly
all the facts In the case have already
been made public and they show that
Ulric de Cevery alone must have de
frauded the young conscript out of
over a million francs
The brothers de Civri were the first
to be examined Mile Marsy the ac
tress to whom Lebaudy left his for
tune was attired In deep mourning
She testified that M Lebaudy told her
that de Civri attacked him because he
refused to give 5000 france for the pa
per General Boersermel testified that
Joseph de Civris attitude betokened his
having asked a favor of Lebaudy and
that he had been refused
Senator Resel WelsInKer the Victim
This Time Looks us Though the
Selection of a United States Sen
ator was WellNigh Impossible
the second time death has added to
the complexity of a senatorial contest
that has engrossed the public interest
in thIs state for two months and at
tracted wide attention throughout the
I country The death of Senator eel
Weissinger today removes besides a
distinguished member of the Louisville
bar one of the most active and ener
getic figures in the senatorial light
a man who had within the cast few
weeks defeated Dr Hunter the Repub
lican nominee and successfully baf
fled every attempt ojf the followers of I
Sepator Blackburn to seoura the re
election of that leader The
of the event of today cannot be deter
mined but tonight an election seems
more remote than ever The Republi
cans now have 68 members of the legis
lature and the Democrats 67 with a
probability of the support of the two
Populist members as long as Black
burn is their nominee Taking into con
sideration the annpunced determina
tion of the Republicans to force a vote
In the house tomorrow upon the Dun
lapKaufman contest case for th pur
pose dZ unseating Kauffman Dem the
key to the situation seems to be the
attitude of LieutenantGovernor Wor
thington who presides at the joint ses
sions will take upon the question of a
quorum I he holds to the decision he
is said to have announced when a va
cancy was caused by the death of Rep
resentative Wilson that seventy shall
constitute a quorum of the joint ses
sion the Republicans even by seating
Dunlap can count upon only 69 votes
and the Democrats with the two Pop
ulists will have the same number so
that either party
and prevent an election I he takes
the position that since the death of
Senator Weissinger 69 members con
stitute a quorum the election of St
John Boyle of Louisville can be ac
complished by the Republicans if they
seat Dunlap and give the caucus nomi
nee the whole party strength This
session will expire before a successor to
Mr Weissinger can be elected
I is almost certain that tomorrow a
vote will be taken in the Dunlap
Kauffman case and that Kauffman I
the Democratic member will be un
seated Whether the Democratic
Democratc sen
ators retaliate or not the Republicans
assert the election of Mr Boyle is a
The Democrats say they will go into
the joint session until an attempt to
unseat Kauffman is made Beyond
that the politics of the situation can
not be foretold At todays joint ses
sion there was no attempt made to
having been announced before 12
oclock it was agreed between the
leaders that the proceedings be con
fined to a formal ballot to fill the re I
quirements of the law but one vote I
being cast for the nominee of each
party after which no quorum was an
nounced and the session adjourned
Afterward both houses reconvened
and appointed committees to take ap
propriate action upon the death of Mr
Weissinger The adoption of the so
lutions drawn up by these committees
journment was followed in both branches by ad
His LIt Words
CINCINNATI March 9A Commer
cial Gazette special from Frankfort
Ky says The last words of Senator
Weissinger as spoken to his colleague
Senator Violett and reported by tha
senator were Violett stand firm
stand firm never vote for Blackburn
and free silver
Richard W Knott editor of the
Louisville Post said in substance
Senator Weissingers friends who
r stood out with him along with those
I who thought as he did but deserted
him owe it to themselves to the coun
try and to the cause to take good heed
that those who maligned him and wor
ried him to the grave shall not profit
by his untimely death
Brief funeral services were held over
his body late this afternoon at the
I home of Mrs W T Scott At 950 a
I m tomorrow the body will be escorted
by committees on a special tram t
One striking incident in the joint
session followed the proposition of
Speaker Blanford to exclude from the
session all but members and journal
ists In order he said to prevent
a repetition of last Saturdays Intim
idation of sound money Democrats
Before the echo of his last words 1
died away Senator Violett was on his I
feet He said with emphasis No
sir Mr Speaker they do not Intimi
date us they only tried I but did
not succeed
r =
A Rousing Meeting of Those
Interested Held in
To Obtain Relief the Toiling
Masses Must Organize
He Who Wonld Be Free Ulnst Him
self First Strike the BlowAn
Appeal to the Heart and Brain of
the Whole People for a Public
Sentiment Powerful Enough to
Lead from Bondage the White
Slaves of the Sweat Shops As i
Scattered the Fetters of the Black
Slaves of the Southern Cotton
CHICAGO March 9The sweat shop
and the system that supports it were
under consideration in Central Music
hal last evening Nine speakers rep
resenting the pulpit the bar the state
government and the trade that is most
closely Identified with the sweat shop
explained Its history its operation the
evils of its existence and its tenacity
of life andsuggested methods of re
form A lane audience was present
A glance showed that it was com
posed of the people in all stations of
life > From men and women with toil
hardened hands to practical working
philanthropists professional men and
women thinkers and lastly men and
women from whose hearts all sympa
thy is not shut out by garments of
silk and sealskin
In the speeches made was criticism
both implied and expressed for the
manufacturing wholesaler for fattening
an the misery of the sweated excuse
in small degree excuse of circum
stances beyond his control for the mid
dlemen or contracting sweater un
measured city for the tolling victim
for a pittance and appeal to the heart
and brain of the whole people for a
public sentiment powerful enough to
lead frombondage the white slaves of
tie sweat shops as it scattered the
fetters f the black slave in the south
ern cotton field
I Finally a resolution was adopted
endorsing a bill intended to give the
national government power to wipe
out an evil in the presence of which
state governments have been impo
Jane Adams who has found a life
work in the noisy district where the
sweat shops most flourish presided In
I a brief address she explained the ob
jects of the meeting
I John Fr ney who has given nearly
twenty years of his life to factory in
snection in New York and who after
ten years of toil has finally framed
and had introduced in congress a meas
ure to drive out the sweat shop by
national legislation gave a history of
the system and the inefficiency of even
stringent laws against It
I Mrs Mitchell spoke as a sweat shop
Dr Thomas Hall Dr Joseph Stolz
11 M Mangasarian and Rabbi Levl
offered appeals based on practical and
ethical grounds
Mrs Florence Kelley told how and
why ed the state law in Illinois had fail
Secure in the consciousness of his
own position as a lawyer and judge
not devoid of sarcasm Judge M E
Tuley of Chicago advised workingmen
and women that legislatures and courts
would give them little Tel l until they
should manifest their power by organ
Judge Toileys speech in part is as
i an men ana women were what
they ought to be if they could treat I
human there I
each other a beings
would be no need of legislation to get I
rid of the sweat shop I recommend to II
our preachers that they make mission
aries of themselves go to the manu
facturers and sweat bosses and con i
vert them to a Christian life I admit
they would have a hard job The only
other way is to appeal to the law That
has been tried
But when I remember the fate of
every law ever passed in this state to
ameliorate the condition of the com
mon people I hang my head in shame
I passed by tIe legislature it has gone
to the supreme court and has been de
clared unconstitutional I
We now talk of appeal to federal
law and federal courts I have not
made a critical review df this bill but
I know our federal courts
are more
progressive than our state courts The I
court that could not find warrant In
the constitution for
could find warrant for a tax on
oleomargarine A court tbat could find
warrant in the constitution to suppress I
a Debs ought to be able t find a war
rant for a bill to suppress sweat shops I
The oleomargarine bill became a law
because it benefited the farmers and
farmers have votes I say to you that
the power to suppress the sweat shops
lies In organization In your unions
When you have your unions organized
and your votes under your control
then you will get legislation
The resolution which
resoluton was adopted by
the meeting is a follows
Resolved That this mass meeting
of citizens assembled in Central Music
hall Chicago declares its approval
the proposal now before congress in the
Sulzer bill for the federal regulation of
tenement house manufacturers re
quests the senators and representatives
in congress from Illinois to vote fo i
and instructs the secretary of this
meeting to send a copy of this resolu
I tion to each of them
Intcrcnt In the Great Tournament at
San Francisco Increasing
est in the great Indoor cycle racing
tournament is unabated the building
being crowded every night and stand >
ing room is at a premium The first
event on the programme tonight was
an exhibition quarter mile by J E
S i J >
Edwards who rode to bet Oscar
Osens record made last week Ed I
wards succeeded in lowering the record
to 29 15 The first quarter was ridden
in 14 45 I
Charles S Wells of the Bay City
wheelmen lowered the indoor record
for one mine in the first heat of the
mile handicap to 212 25 His frac
tional times were Quarter 33 half
114 15 threequarters 138 35 and
mile212 25 The big record breaker
was enthusiastically applauded by the
spectators with whom the champion
California rider is a great favorite
Julius Jaegling and John Egan on
a tandem rode a quarter on a tandem
in 29 seconds flat
The one mile handicap had four
starters Tantau Ackerman Lange
tin and Metcalf On the seventh lap
Metcalf fouled Languetln both fall
Ing and Tantau who was riding be
hind them also came down The race
was a walkover for Ackerman who
escaped the collision and won from the
65yard mark in 217 Metcalf re
mounted his wheel and rode the race I
out Languetin did not protest him
Noted Men Visit the Battlefield of
MANAGUA Nicaragua via Galves
ton March Copyright 1896 by the
Associated presspresident Zelaya
minister Ramirez and the military
staff Mr John P Bailer secretary of
the agent
the United States legation
here of the Maritime Canal company
of Nicaragua Mr Werzer the corres
pondent of the Associated Press and
other newspaper men visited the bat
tle field of Nagarote today and were
present at a review of the troops Five
thousand men were inspected by Presi
dent Zelaya who made a speech to the
soldiers which was enthusiastically received
soldier wa enthuslatcaly r
ceived The president afterwards con
ferred high honors on the officers who I
distinguished themselves in the recent
battle and inspected the camp and
lines of defense for the next battle
with the Leonists I is possible that
nO further advance will be made until
the troops from Honduras are in a
position to assist the itroops of Nicara
gua Acting President Baca of the
rebel army has sent a protest to all
the Central American republics against
the action of Honduras in aiding the
government of Nicaragua to suppress
the rebellion of the Leonists
They Will Form a Syndicate and
Loan China 10OOOOOO Pounds
Victory Over the French
LONDON March 9The Times
financial article says Arrangements
point to the completion of an Anglo
German syndicate to obtain a Chinese
loan of 16000000 which will possibly
be issued in two installments We sin
cerely hope that there will be nO hitch
in the arrangements because the influ
ence which Russia ha already acquired
much other nations
in China concerns natons
The financial article also says From
what we hear the Baltimore Ohio re
construction plan will require nearly
20000000 pounds
The Berlin correspondent of the Stan
dard says The Chinese loan has been
concluded at 5 per cent repayable in
thirtysix years and secured on cus
toms receipts This is a brilliant vic
tory for the AngloGerman over the
French syndicate
General Booth Unexpectedly Arrives
in London SemlAnnnal Division
al Congress American Church
LONDON March General Booth of
I the Salvation army arrived here unex
pectedly today He came overland from
Prindisie in response to urgent appeals
from headquarters for his advice regard
ing the American situation The general
did not go to headquarters but has been
closeted with Bramwell Booth ever since
his return
ScmiAnnnal Congress
I PEORIA Ill March 9The Salvation
army semiannual divisional congress
will be held here Tuesday and Wednes
I I day next and officers from all over the
1 state are expected to attend The bust
i i ness Is most Important and the captains
I and lieutenants will be appointed to SU
tions for the next six months Chief
among the business topics to be consider
ed is the recent trouble between the
Booths Major 7 C Eddy who has
charge of the armys Interest throughout
Illinois will be present He will be assisted
sisted In the congress by Brigadier E
Fielding chief divisional officer of the
Chicago northwestern division and his
Captain Alfred Sturgeon of Springfield
and Captain Ida Andrews of Streator
will be united in marriage according to
be the original rites of the army I will
In full form and ceremony A year ago
Ensign and Mrs Fellers were united on
the same platform by Mrs Ballington
Booth I
The congress promises to be the largest I
Salvation army demonstration ever seen
in central Illinois Miss Eva Booth now
in charge of the American forces and
stationed at New York Colonel Nicol or
Colonel Eddy will be present to explain
the recent army trouble
American Church Army
NEW YORK March 9For a long time I
men prominent In the affairs of the Epis
copal church especially those interested
in missionary work have been watching
closely the operations of the Salvation
army with a view of forming another
I organization on similar lines to be
I known as the American Church army
I Such an organization in England has
I proved wonderfully successful As a
I possible result more or less direct from
i trouble In the Salvation army the form
I ing of the church army may be hastened
but there
I that Ballington Booth will b identified
I with the new organization Twice within
the recent history of the church begin
I nings have been made in the direction of
reorganizing an American church army
One of these movements was started sev
eral years ago in Detroit Mich by Rev
J H Johnson now bishopelect of Los
Angeles I had its band of music and
all the accompaniments of army work
but was abandoned after a time
The second movement of the kind Is
row In successful operation In Pittsburg
Pa having been founded by James H
Kakewell a lawyer and member of the
Brotherhood of St Andrew In that city
The organization is called the Church
army and maintains the brotherhood mis
sion for men while on account of its
influence a branch of the mission has
been opened for women
Are at Work
NEW YORK March Ballington
Booth and his wife commenced active
work today in their new religious
movement formally launched Sunday
night at the big meeting at Cooper
Union Their headquarters were opened
in Bible house
i i4ip S h
Representative Allen Will
Soon Have to Appoint
point One i
Utahs Sons Will Have a Chance
to Compete
Petition from Citizens of Utah Ask j
ing Favorable Action on the Loud
Bill Amending the Pontal Laws In 1
Relation to Second Class Blotter 4
Senator Hoar Recommend a
Substitute for Cannons Bill
Special to The erd
WASHINGTON March Represen
tative Allen was today notified t > y the
navy department that he would have
the appointment of a naval cadet for
Utah Mr Allen intends to select an
examining board of citizens of Utah
and will reward the one making the
best average with the appointment
Representative Allen today presented
the petition of W M White publisher j
and others of Murray Utah asking for
favorable action on the Loud bill
amending costal laws in relation to
second class matter t
By direction of the secretary of war
leave of absence is granted Captain i
Henry D Snyder assistant surgeon of
Fort Duchesne Utah
Substitute for Cannons J
WASHINGTON March 9 Senatoc
Hoar from the committee on judiciary
today renorted a substitute for Sena
tor Cannons joint resolution regard
ing the property of the Mormon church
in Utah which was seized under the
Edmunds act The substitute merely
grants and conveys the church proper i
ty held by receiver to the church after
the payment of the expenses of the re o
WASHINGTON March 9The senate
committee on public lands today
decided mot to recommend the
passage of the Arizona land bill over
the veto of the president but to rec
ommend a new bill to meet the objec
tions of the president and the
tons secre
I tary of the interior
WASHINGTON March 9The presi
dent held his first triweekly reception
to the public at the White house today
after a suspension of nearly two years
About 200 people took advantage of the
opportunity president to shake hands with the
PAGE 1Another stirring chapter In
the SpanishCuban controversy added
by the senate Startling example of
the laws delay in the Durrant case
Big meeting in Chicago to oppose the
sweatshop system all classes attend
Representative Allen soon to have
the appointment of a naval cadet from
Utah Grim death again intervenes in
the Kentucky senatorial election case
Salvationists troubles still occupy
a great deal of attention BLIef tele
PAGE AntiAmerican riot at Bilboa
in which 120CO people take part Slug
ger Sullivan reads a lecture on moral
rightsA lively racket in the Newi
York mining exchange Brief tele
PAGE Business mining and stocks
The Rover consolidationAt the
Golden Gate Duhi day on change
New companies formed Latest news
from all the campsIn railway circles
Organization of a UtahColorado as
sedation Latest by wire Local notes
Brief telegrams
PAGE 4EditorIals Editorial notes
Notables of the dayPress comments
PAGE 5A very busy day in the house of
representatives Vigorous debate over
the hill for free public librariesIt
passed together with six others provid
ing for court stenographers to prevent
disease In sheep the senates dog
bill for a state board of labor concilia
tion to allow cities to bond and for
contingent expensesHouse adopts a
resolution for morning sessions County
commissioners meet to decide the
elevator question but again does
Christopherson refuse to vote and the
case Is postponed for one week Rou
tine business transacted by the commis
sioners Amusements
PAGE 6Wall street only moderately ac
tiveThe markets of the worldSpec
ial senate committee reports a bill fix
ing the salaries of all state and county
omcers aim providing ior tnelr payment
Governor signs the measure provid
ing the issue of polygamous marriages
with certain rights of heritance and
declares his warm approval of the
same Booth introduces a measure
which wH provide for new elections
in cities of the first and second classes
this fall Senate passes a bill making
an appropriation of 15000 for contin
gent expenses of the legislature Of
fer to sell the state table declined with
thanks the commonwealth being too
poor to accept Cannorr introduces a
resolution concerning Uncompahgra
lands which passes Anticlgarette bill
rejected by the senate Educatlonat
hill by Allison is trembling in the bal
ance and will doubtless be rejected
Candland presents a resolution forbid
ding the introduction of bills after the
75th day without the copsent of two
thirds of the members Servico of sum
mons and subpoenas will be made by
mall instead of by officer wherever the
same can be doneA right busy day in 4
the upper branch of the legislature
PAGE 1News from nearby towns s
Carlos Young gets five years for steal
ing sheep FlfteenyearGid boy acci
dentally killed at Gunnison Ogden oc
currences mistake correctedBrief
PAGE 3The supreme court grants old
Daniel Kessler convicted of the mur
der of Private NIebergall a new trial
Judgment for the plaintiff in the suit
of Stoutt vs Brigham Professor Ma
lone sues the Southern Pacific railway
company for 51999 damages Verdlet
for the defendant in case of Bennlon
vs LippmanGaboon against Brigham
and Labrum against Stargrove ct al on
trial United States circuit court holds
a short session General legal news
The hearing on the charges against
Fire Chief Devlne County Finances
Comparative statement of receipts and
disbursements Town talk and brief 4

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