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o the Tile Newsiest and Cheapest
18 01 DailyandSe the Teater dally than and semIweekly the combined eeklYHeald of ctrculatlon any other TH E SALT L4KE X IIERALII 0 n 1 y
tt newspaper In Utah 1 8 5 c a M on t xl
Plainly Defined by Apostle
4 Joseph F Smith at
1 Hanifesto Rcad at the Late Con
ference Produced at Provo
At Is Submitted to the People for
Their Approval or Their Disap
proval But with the Reminder
That AH Who Voted Asainixt It
He Marked UH Not Having the Spir
it of the Gospel at Heart The
RoNUlt Is That While Many Rc
fain ed from Voting One Hand Was
Raised in Opposition to It and Sev
4 eral People Left the Building
Special to The Herald
PROVO April 19The second day
of the Utah stake quarterly conference
was opened this morning in the stake
tabernacle with a very large attend
ance The speakers this morning were
Reed Smoot of the stake presidency
1 t and Angus M Cannon
At the afternoon session Seymour
f B Young and President Joseph F
Smith were the speakeis
President Smith spoke for about one
y hour onThe discipline and order of the
churchthe duty of each and every
member to the church He said if an
apostle should refuse to abide or ac
knowledge the authority of his bishop
I the bishop had a perfect right to with
draw the hand of fellowship from that
apostle The speaker said that the I
church authorities had
both spiritually and temporally The
f J two were inseparable If a man has a
million dollars qr a 160 acre farm and
should be called on a mission and by
F going would lose all he possessed it
would be his duty to go on the mis
sion President Smith dwelt at great
length on the discipline of the church
and in closing told the Saints that the
manifesto lately read and adopted at
the general conference in Salt Lake
14 4 City would be read to them for their
i approval or disapproval as they saw
proper to vote
r But the speaker said all who
I vote against it have not got the spirit
AUter Joseph F sat down the much
discussed manifesto was read by Prof
Brimhall of the B Y academy After
the reading President Partridge en
dorsed it and called for a vote the
great majority voting in favor of its I
adoption while a great many did not
vote at all and several people left the
ihall One man in the center of the build
It ing voted against it holding hishand
I as high as he could reach The choir
sang and conference adjourned
Apostle Joseph F Smith and party
returned home to Salt Lake on the
afternoon train
Friday night at about 11 oclock a
pistol shot was heard in the neighbor
hood of the First ward school house
and there are a number of people who
I I were In that vicinity claim that it
was meant for them individually Ru
mor is rife to the effect that a centain
r lady had been shot at by a wellknown
gentleman and that would not be the
last of it And there are others who
ii are positive that it was not the first
I j of it either
Consecration of the BlHhop of Sioux
Falls S D
WASHINGTON April 19With im
posing rites the Righf Rev Thomas
OGorman was today consecrated as
7f bishop of Sioux Falls fi D the cere
mony taking place at St Patricks
church which was crowded throughout
the four hours which the exercises con
sumed Cardinal Satoll officiated as
consecrator and 150 bishops and priests
occupied the chancel and chapel and
Joined in theresponses incident to the
services while hundreds of other per
sons prominently connected with Cath
olic institutions were also present In
the soft light of countless candles the
I snow white altar stood out as the su
perb background for the rich crimson
throne and the low chanting of the
priests continuing for almost an hour
without cessation and other impressive
features of the consecration made the
ecene aweinspiring A large chorus
t furnished the music for the occasion
After the rites of consecration had
been performed the bishopelect was
invested with the pectoral cross and
chain and Ting of office The cross was
the gift of Archbishop Ireland end the
ring of amethyst was presented by
Bishop Kean of the Catholic university
After the communion the
ty Afte the impres
sive ceremony of the kiss of peace tooh
plitcO When he was finally presented
I with Ills full canonicals Bishop OGor
mal was escorted down the main aisle
s by Bishops Morty and
Keane said their several chaplains The
i WSK bishop blessed the kneeling people
2 passed to the outer door and blessed
those In the streets He then returned
i to tufcmain altar Archbishop Ireland
of St Paul who will be the metropoli
G1 1 tan of the new bishop delveed etoPou1
dress In the course of which he said
The liberties the democracy the spir
it of progress which are the glories of
America are the outcome oi the deep
est principles of the teaching of the
Catholic church Liberty and progress
came into the world with her and
Tsp red always under her breathing
The most positive precepts of the Cath
olic church go to the building of Amer
ica She prescribes loyalty to the state
purity of personal life charity to fellow
men The church recognized as her
own sphere faith and morals she possesses
sesses and claims no mission in civil
and political mater I the
olmroh encroaches upon the sphere of
the suite we should bid her be away
I the state enters into the sanctuary
of conscience the proper empire of the
church the appeal is to God and the
state is ordered to hold off its hands
paraMon of church and state as it is
In America church and state revolving
freely in heir separate and distinct
snhfres Catholics fall behind none
of their fellow citizens in admiring it
and demanding its continuance The
Ca church wishes no aid from the
state in the preaching of the gospel
But libeisy from the state she wishes
and clamors for as a sacred and in
alienable right liberty In its fullest
gifts under the common law of the
land I am a Catholic I am a priest and
bishop but I am an American citizen
and I must be debarred from no rights
and privilege accorded to other citi
zens because I am a Catholic My
words betray no fear for the future
Americans are a people of sincere re
ligious convictions and of profound
common sense and they well know how I
to keep church and state separate and
yet give liberty its full sway and
guard religion and morals
After the conclusion of bhe service
at the church Bishop OGorman en
tertained the hierarchy and clergy at
dinner He will leave in a few days for
his new field of duty
Many of the priests in attendance
were from other cities and most of
them left for home later in the day
Among those in the audience were Am
bassador Patenotre of France and
Mme Patenotre Senator and Mrs
Davis of Minnesota Senators Hans
brougih Roach Murphy White and
Representative Pickler Mr John Vin
ton New Dahlrren York and John Constable l of
Eight Thousand Dollars for Two OH
PITTSBURG April 19 Andrew
Crnegie has authorized the trustees of
the Carnegie art galler to offer 8000
for the best two oil paintings by
American artists Acting under this
authorization the Aboard of trustees of
the Carnegie fine arts and museum
collection officially announces
First A prize of 5000 will be given
for the best paintings in oil produced
in the year 1S96 by an American artist
wherever resident and first shown in
the Carnegie art galleries of Pitts I
I burg at an exhibition to be held for
five weeks beginning Tuesday Novem
ber 3 1896 the successful work to be
I come the property of the board of
trustees of the Carnegie fine arts and
museum collection fund and to be
I hung permanently on the walls of the
Carnegie art galleries of Pittsburg
I The above offer is conditioned on the
exhibition of a work to be adjudged
of sufficient artistic work to
sufcient artstc properly
represent the best American art of
the year
SecondA prize of 3000 will be
given for the painting in oil adjudged
to be next in artistic value subject to
the conditions enumerated above
Further information can be obtained
by addressing John W Beatty di
rector of fine art Carnegie library
building Pittsburg
buiding Pltburg Signed
W N FREW President
They Take I for Granted That the
Present Congress Is Not Disposed
to Aid the Company Which Spaul
ding Has Formed
HONOLULU April 12 via San Fran
cisco April 19 per steamer Gaelic
Colonel Spauldings friends here are
not pleased with the report of the
senate committee on foreign relations
on the cable bill They take i for
granted that the present congress is
not disposed to aid the company of
which Spaulding is the head The Ha
waiian government allowed Spaulding
eighteen months in which to launch
his scheme The option will not expire
for nearly one year and in the mean
time the hands of this government are
practically tied No proposition can be
entertained from any other company
I congress should refuse to grant a
subsidy to the New Jersey company
this government is assured that
Spaulding will assign his contract and
option to any company that might be
able to secure the desired aid Cable
supporters here would be glad to have
the New York and New Jersey com
panies combine if such a combination
would insure the building of the cable
I has been stated that congress will
not act on the cable question unless
the Hawaiian government opens the
field to any American company having
the approval of the United States con
gress In regard to the foregoing a
cabinet minister stated this morning
that much as they would like to see
the cable built no offers from any
other company would be considered
until it was known definitely whether
or not congress would aid Spaulding
If the aid was refused then they
would consider the latters option as
ended and other companies would be
dealt with
A dispatch was received from Min
ister Cooper April 10 via the Ala
meda from R W Irwin at Toklo
Japan to the effect that a Chinese pas
senger from Hong Kong by the Gaelic
had left the steamer secretly at Yoko
hama March 30 and died of the black
plague In the Chinese hospital there
on Apri 1 The affair was not dis
covered until April 2
The same day the vessel arrived at
this port the port physician visited
the ship and reported that she had
900 steerage passengers and 700 tons
of freight for this port She left Yoko
hama on March 31 and on April 7 a
case of smallpox was discovered The
doctor of the Gaelic reported that there
was sickness between Hong Kong and
Yokohama but that upon examination
of the steerage passengers the day
after leaving Yokohama one Chinese
was found missing He got away in
some secret manner This was the
man who died of the black plague in
the hospital at Yokohama
The board allowed the Gaelic to
come in alongside the Pacific Mail
wharf but under the strictest quaran
tine The passengers twill be landed
at Quarantine island
Centennial State Will Put Sil
ver Above Every Other
How Senator Teller Will Stand
This Fall
He Will Not Support the Republican
Candidate If He Runs on a Gold
Standard Platform Teller He
sires to Be Reelected All He Has
to Do In to Mae tIle Fact Known
Other Political Pointers
CHICAGO April 19Among the ar
rivals at the Auditorium annex is W
H Griffith late chairman of the Re
publican state central committee of
Colorado He is now the manager of
two daily papers published at Lead
vie Col and is en route home from
a trip to Washington The following
interview was had with him regarding
the political situation in Colorado
How do you think Colorado will vote
this fall
For silver No candidate for presi
dent on a gold platform can carry the
state The party that declares for free
coinage be i the Republican Demo
cratic or Silver party will carry the
state by a large majority
Do you think Senators Teller and
Wolcott will be delegates to the Re
publican national convention
So far as Senator Teller is con
cerned I can state positively that he
will not be a delegate This however
is of his own choice because if he
wished to go he would have the united
and unanimous support of thU party
I make this staement about him not
being a delegate from a personal in
terview with Senator Teller As to
Senator Wolcott I can state nothing
from personal knowledge but I am I
informed by reliable authority that he
desires to be a delegate provided his
duties on the Pacific railroad committee
tee will permit of his absence from
Washington for that length of time
Do you think Senator Teller will
support the nominee of the Republican
party for president
Absolutely no i that candidate is
running upon j sold standard plat
form Will not a successor to Senator Tel
ler be chosen by the legislature this
Yes sir
As the candidate of what party will
he seek reelection if he does not sup
port the Republican ticket
If he desires reelection he will be
the candidate of the people of the state
and there will be no question of his
election The people of Colorado respect
spect and honor him both for his no
bleness of character and steadfastness
to the interests of the state and there
is no honor within their power they
would not gladly bestow upon him
Nebraska Democrats I
OMAHA April 19The Democrats of
Nebraska held their county conven
tion to elect delegates to the state convention
vention yesterday The iwo wings of
the party continue to remain quite dis
tinct Those counties in which the
silver wing controlled the regular con
vention sent delegates to the state con
vention to meet in Lincoln April 22
Where the socalled administration
the dele
forces were in the majority
ited to the convention
gates were accredited
of April 29 Th silver interests proba
bly scored the largest number of regu
lar delegates In each instance the
wing defeated in regular county con
vention will secure delegates favorable
venton w1
to their cause in a mass convention
They Will Meet in Houston Texas
HOUSTON April 19The white Re
publicans of Texas meet here tomor
row in state convention to elect four
delegates at large to the national con
vention at St Louis and to arrange
I venton plans for the future to rescue the
party from negro domination There
will be about 300 delegates in attend
ance among them half a dozen negroes
who are identified with the reform
movement The delegates at large will
be four of the most prominent Republicans
cans in the state and a hard contest
will be made for seats at St Louis for
a full delegation of thirty votes from
Texas delegat the delegates will be
Congressman Noonan of San Antonio
and H F McGregor of Houston The
executive committee held a meeting
this afternoon and agreed on Lock Mc
Daniel for temporary chairman and
A B Norton and W S Nevins as
secretaries This is the last
of Lily Whites at which delegates
convention Whies
cOIventon egates been regularly elected
lias increased materially since
The votelias materialy
and the leaders
first nomination a
the nmlnaton
are sansuine of making a good show
instructions will be given dele
gates and instructons wi be Ieftjj0p to act
I as they see fit
Cubans Confident and the Spaniards
Express No Fear as to the Ulti
mate Result S
HAVANA April 19The Spanish troops
had an engagement with the numerous
forces of the insurgents which have been
advancing westward to attempt the relict
of Maceo and the official reports show a
severe reverse for the Cubans
Lieutenant Colonel Elota with the battal
ion of Luzon engaged the Insurgents near
Clenfuegos in Santa Clara province
Insurgent band is a numerous one and
hot fighting immediately ensued The
repots show that the Spaniards took the
insurgent position by a brilliant bayonet
charge The enemy left on the field 86
killed and carried of more than 200
wounded The amount of the Spanish loss
is not stated in detail but it is reported
A o < n
< <
that Captain Laso a doctor one lieuten
ant and eight guerillas were wounded
The news from Finar del Rio Is awaited
with eager interest both by the Spanish
authorities and by the sympathizers with
the Insurgents In spite of the numerous
instances in which they have been dis
appointed the government expresses their
complete confidence that now their opera
tions against Maceo are to be crowned
with success The columns within or
west of the military line south from
Marlel have been largely reinforced and
the military authorities announce their
intention to force Maceo to fight or to
come towards tho line The line they
consider Impregnable and they believe
that they will thus entrap Maceo
Colonel Ale and tho batallion of Val
encia have fought the insurgents under
La Crete and Collazo at the great Seapas
swamp the insurgents having twelve
killed and carrying away numerous
wounded The insurgent leader Juan
Suarez and an aide de camp of La Crete
were among the killed
In both of the engagements above re
ported several prisoners were captured
as well as arms and ammunition and im
portant documents
The insurgents have concentrated large
forces in the district of Santi Espintus
Must Be Applied
MADRID April 10The Epoca says
Since the Cuban reforms have the force
of law they must be applied but the op
portune moment must be awaited
Other newspapers here discussing this
question protest that the Introduction of
reforms into Cuba cannot be admitted to
be the result of foreign intervention
LONDON April 19The Berlin cor
respondent of the Times reports that
a Vienna dispatch to the Neuste Nach
richten says After strenuous efforts
to secure his presence at the Cowes re
gatta Queen Victoria has received a
letter from Emperor William announc
ing that he will visit Cowes This re
sult is largely due to Emperor Francis
Josephs influence
LONDON April 19A Vienna dispatch I
patch to the Times describes the tre
mendous enthusiasm shown over the
election of Dr Dueger the antiSemite I
as burgomaster of Vienna Says the
Times dispatch Cries cf long live I
our Messiah were repeatedly heard
LONDON April 19A dispatch to
the Times from Newmarket says
The defeat of Montauk puts an end
to all idea of his running for the der
by though there was nothing in his
performance as a two year old t justify
fy the idea that he would stand a
I chance
HARTFORD Conn April 19 George
Pope of the Pope Manufacturing com
pany said today that the company was
in no way interested in the bicycle
syndicate which it is said is being
formed with headquarters at Toledo
Ohio He could not say whether it was
true or not that two or three of the
largest bicycle factories Jn the New
England states will enter T ihe trust
CHICAGO April 19The election
committee of the CenturyHoad t clilbTof
America met in Chicago today and
canvassed the vote for election of
officers of that organization The re
sult was the reelection of President
William Skinkle of Cleveland and Sec
retary C M Faircaild of Chicago For
the first vicepresidency D l Adee
of New York was successful succeed
ing Milton Klein of Philadelphia O
W Lawson of Louisville Ky
Loulsv1e suc
ceeds W A Brewster of Philadelphia
as treasurer The prospects for great
activity in the road club this season
are particularly good the association
being before on a better footing than ever
National Conference Will Hold a
Two Days Session Thin Wccelc
WASHINGTON April lThe na
tional arbitration conference will hold
a two days session in this city during
the week beginning Wednesday Be
tween three and four hundred written
acceptances of the invitations to at
tend the conference have been received
from governors of states judges pub
licists lawyers leading business men
ministers of religion philanthropists
educators and other eminent citizens
They represent in all thirtyeight
states I is expected that exSenator
Edmunds of Vermont will be the per
manent chairman of the conference
Among the speakers of the first day
will be Hon John W Foster of Wash
ington exsecretary of state exSena
tot Edmunds President James B An
gel of the University of Michigan Mr
Edward Atkinson of Massachusetts
and Hon Carl Schurz
ST LOUIS April 19Breitenstein
was in the box and won the game for
the Browns who gave him excellent
support Barker held the home team
down to a few runs during the early
part of the game but toward the end
they found him often and batted him
hard Attendance 17000 Score
S1 Louis 10 base hits S errors 2
Chicago 2 base hits 7 errors 5
Batteries Breitenstein and McFar
land Barker and Donahue
DENVER April 19About 350 people
witnessed the exhibition game between
the Denver and Pueblo teams of the
new Colorado state league today The
weather was too cold fo comfort but
the crowd forgot it in its appreciation
The feature of the
of the game game
was Jones splendid pitching and the
Pueblos owed their defeat to poor base
running Score I
Denver 000000020 2
Pueblo 0 0000000 1 1
Denver Hits 5 errors 2 Pueblo
hits 12 errors 3
Batteries Denver JMcMulIen and Cot
ton Pueblo Jones and Berkeley
Billy Dutch umpire
CINCINNATI April 19Four hun
dred rooters from Louisville could not
help the colonels win EwIngs men
batted Cunningham unmercifully At
tendance 16500 Score
Cincinnati 4011002 212
Base hite 13 errors 1
Louisville 0001010 13
Base hits 10 errors 5
Batteries Rhines and Vaughn Fra
zer Cunningham and Warner
police have a report from Ustyansk
Northern Siberia that npthing is
known there of Dr Nansen Ustyansk
is the point east of the Lena Delta
from which was dated the first report
> by Kushnareff contractor fr Nansen
that the explorer had reached the pole
and was returning The report which
the police have now received also says
that the natives who stayed from May
to November on the Liankhoff and
Kotelny Islands where Baron Tolls
provision stores for Nansen are placed
saw no wreckage or sign of Nansen
South African Company Ap
pears to Be Afraid of
the Facts
I Does Not However Tally with
Others Told
Official and NonOfficial Dispatches
from the Scene of the Troubles
Show Beyond AH Peradventnre
That Someone I Lying The Dread
Abroad Among the White Inhab
itants Diminishing Supplies Are
One of the Chief Dangers to Be
LONDON April 19Th officers of
the chartered South African company
here are persistently representing that
the situation in Buluwayo is not as se
rious as represented in nonofficial dis
patches and that the town is not in
any real danger
The chartered company today an
nounced that the officials in Buluwayo
are confident that they can hold the
town and that the town of Salisbury
is also safe and i organizing in de
fensive forces The tone of nonofficial
dispatches from South Africa reflects
and continues to represent the situa
tion at Buluwayo as alarming and the
condition of affairs throughout Mata
beleland as growing more and more
threatening Elaborate precautions for
defense indicating a momentary fear
of overwhelming attack are reported
from Buluwayo and grave apprehen
sions exist there that communications
with the settlements to the south will
be cut off The supply o provisions
is diminishing in Buluwayo in a con
stantly increasing ratio owing to the
large number of refugees and what is
mudh more serious doubtful natives
that are coming in
among the white inhabitants that
these natives are hostile Matabeles
coming in under the disguise of friend
liness but meditating a treacherous
outbreak iicQop raton with an attack
from without
The diminishing supplies make the
keeping open of communication to the
south doubly important as it is from
there that supplies for Buluwayo must
be looked for Fears are entertained
for the safety of the supplies now on
the way and even should these get
through t Buluwayo they are only
sufficient to temporarily relieve the
necessity of keeping these roads open
to the passage of friends of the people
of Buluwayo I
The Latest I
BULUWAYO April 19SundaySo
far as the situation is improved here
over that of yesterday it is due to the
departure of the enemy which has been
massed at the north of the town for
several days and from which an attack
has been almost hourly expected
This movement however brings lit
tle comfort to those in Buluwayo The
excited manner in which the natives
quitted their positions indicated a con
There is no evidence that they were
alarmed Friday at the demonstration of
the patrol of 42 men from Buluwayo
against their vanguard Although this
vanguard was driven back upon the
main body the patrol did not dare to
place itself within reach of the over
whelming members of the main body
The direction taken by this great
body of hostile natives after quitting
the position to the north has not been
learned but I is feared the purpose of
the movement Is to try and effect a
junction with the rebels in the Matoppo
hills and thus sever coinection to the
southward The road runs through the
Matoppo hills to the south of Buluwayo
and is a
for fifty miles from here at which
distance the road reached the Mangwe
pass This angular and precipitous de
file it is felt must be held It is of
such a character that It can be made
impregnableagainst the attacks of na
tive warriors But for the same reason
if allowed to get into the hands of the
natives it would be extremely difficult
and perhaps impossible to dislodge
them with any force at present avail
able To leave this pass to the enemy
would effectually cut off the intercourse
of Buluwayo with the outside world
To hold the pass and to patrol the road
between it and Buluwayo measures
which are felt to be imperatively nec
essary for the safety of this place re
quires a large proportion of the avail
able force less than a thousand men
in Buluwayo The threatened move
ment of the enemy upon the line of
communication perplex the authorities
with the problem of how far they can
further denude Buluwayo of its fight
ing force t guard the road The lack
of certainty as to the whereabouts and
immediate destination of the great
mass of natives moving so near the
town causes much dread and anxiety
The Daily News says that military
authorities consider that the appoint
ment of General Carrington British
commander at Gibraltar who has been
ordered to the Cape of Good Hope to
take command of the British forces in
Matabeland is a measure of precau
tion and that I will probably be fol
lowed by the dispatch of more troops
The war office is busy making ar
rangements the Daily News con
tinues and placing stores in readi
ness for being transported
Telegrams have been sent sum
moning every officer on furlough in
Great Britain from the cape to return
to duty without delay
The militant section of the Tories
are in active revolt against the policy
in Africa of Colonial Secretary Cham
berlain and Governor Sir Hercules
Robinson of Cape Colony and they
talk of adjourning the house on the
The Chronicle Liberal commenting
upon the situation in South Africa
does not assume that it is Mr Cham
berlains policy but i says If the
government deliberately intends the
subjugation of the Dutch race Inl
1 iK
South Africa in revenge for the defeat
of Dr revege is time that
Englishmen were up and doing
The Chronicle suggests the forma
ing tion men of a watching committee of lead
Dynamite Mines
CAPE TOWN April 19Advices re
ceived here from Bulurwayo are that
the numbers of the Matabeles around
Buluwayo threatening that place con
tinue to Increase so they now on a
formidable force As a measure of de
fense against the expected attack upon
the town dynamite mines have been
laid in the outskirts of town and in
the ground over which an attacking
party would necssarily approach These
mines have been wired and connected
with instruments in the central laager
which will be the point of retreat in
case of an attack From the central
laager the ground in which the mines
have been laid is in full view and the
mines can be exploded by electricity
at the moment require An explosion
at the moment an advancing horde of
natives ran over the mines would do a
tremendous execution among ithem
Native Discontent
LONDON April 20A dispatch from
Mafeking Cape Colony to the Times
says There is t native discontent
throughout Beyhuanaland and the ad
joining districts More police and military
tary are needed Earl Gray has ar
ranged for a daily coach service from
here to Buluwayo
The Daily Telegraph has a dispatch
dated Buluwayo Friday via Pretoria
whidh sa s
he enemy are maneuvering and con
structing laagers to provide for retreat
and organized attack less than six
miles out
A council of war has been held and
i has been decided that the local forces
are too weak to make further attacks
upon the Matabeles Tiie greatest anx
iety is felt for the arrival of reinforce
ments from the south wTTfch will be
the only link with the outsideworld as
the natives now hold all the country
except Buluwayo Gwelo and Bellngwe
The returns of casualties to the white
population thus far show that six have
I ing been murdered and a hundred are miss
DENVER April 19A special to the
News from La Junta Colo says
The sporting fraternity today pulled
off two glove contests near the Hol
brook reservoir eight miles northwest
of here The contests were witnessed
by two hundred spectators from the
several surrounding towns Kid Cor
bett of Denver first faced Nigger
Smith of Kansas city and was put to
sleep in the seventh round
Two unknowns were then produced
one colored and after three rounds
the bout was declared a draw
It Came to Light at Holland Mich
HOLLAND Mich April 19What
I was evidently a brutal murder came
to light here this afternoon A fisher
I man discovered
dscovered the body of a man
floating in Black river The feet were
securely bound and a sack had been
pulled over the head and arms and
tied around the waist A strap was
buckled tightly around the head
through the mouth and a heavy Iron
weight had been placed fin the sack
The skull was fractured and other
marks of violence were visible The
body was identified as that of Enos
Lawrence 4 years old who was last
seen two weeks ago and was reported
to have gone north The motive for
the crime is unknown
OMAHA April 19A special to the
Bee from Waterloo Iowa says Evan
gelist Howard is threatened by a mob
on account of his wild remarks in the
pulpit The local paper criticized the
evangelist who retaliated by calling
the author of the article a black hearted
liar A prominent lawyer who endorsed
the evangelists statement that Water
leo was a rotten as hell has been
hanged in effigy The evangelist flour
ishes a revolver and threatens to shoot
the first man who causes trouble There
is intense excitement in the town
That Is the Fix of the Sterling Steel
PITTSBURG Pa April 19The
Sterling Steel company of McKeesport
manufacturers of the
armorpiercing projectiles is in a pe
culiar financial difficulty For several
months past they have been working
on a large order of projectiles for the
United States government which has
cost them hundreds of thousands of
dollars for which they have received
no money in return They have conse
quently been compelled to pass their
I regular pay day and suspend opera
I tions The credit of the company is
first class however and i is expected
the plant will resume in a few days
An official of the company says
The government appropriation in
tended to pay us has been used for
another purpose We expected to get
half of the appropriation and the Car
penter Projectile company the other
half but a bill for one of the big steel
companies was put through which
practically wiped it out This new
appropriation bill will not be available
until congress adjourns We have de
livered to the government over 200000
worth of projectiles for which we have
approved bills but could not distrib
ute them so as to realize any money
on them
LONDON April 20The Standards cor
respondent at Madrid says Despite the
persistent official denials both from
Washington and Madrid it is now an
open freely secret discussed that their both governments attitude towards have
each other on the Cuban affair Spain is
aware that President Cleveland wishes to
I be conclator but that he cannot a
swer for the control of American opinion
1 the struggle in Cuba is prolonged to
the injury of American commerce
Spain on the other hand has in
formed President Cleveland that she is
willing to conciliate the sympathies of
sensible Americans but that she cannot
entertain a proposal for the independ
ence of Cuba or even for a suspension
of hostilities to negotiate with the rebels
as public opinion would never tolerate
such a humiliation
Spain has been silently preparing to
execute a Cuban home rule bill directly
the colonial authorities it
authotes regard advisable
visable to do so No date has yet been
fixed for this however
19Swifts comet Is getting brighter
and passed at the right hand side of
the Pleiades tonight I can be seen
with small telescopes and field glasses
I was visible with a portion of the
Pleiades In the field of the Finder to
I night north The motion Is almost exactly
fi 0
Great Deal of Sickness Among
the European Colony
Steerage Passengers Are Not Al
lowed to Land
Fatal Cattle Disease Breaks Oat nUll
Almost Ruins the Dairy Business
Plague I Also Reported at Sin
gapore XCYVS from Corca Is to the
Effect That the Corean King Is
Being Persuaded to Return to His
Old Place Outbreaks Arc Preva
steamship Gaelic arrived today from
Hong Kong and Yokohama via Hono
lulu Owing to the prevalence of the
black plague at Hong Kong the
steamer was sent to Quarantine island
The cabin passengers fifty in number
were allowed to land but the two hun
dred steerage passengers were kept
on board A case of smallpox devel
oped during the voyage from Yoko
hama to Honolulu and there was a case
of black plague just before the steamer
left Yokohama There was no sick
ness on board when the steamer ar
rived today and after the steerage
passengers and their baggage have
been fumigated they will probably be
allowed to land
The plague news from China Is not
alarming There is a great deal of
sickness among the European colony
at Hong Kong but nothing very ser
ous4 It has rained there constantly
for seven weeks and the city is in an
unhealthy state A fatal cattle disease
has broken out which has almost
ruined the dairy business Up to
March 20 there had been 264 cases of
plague in Hong Kong since January 1
Most of the South China and island
ports have declared quarantine against
Hong Kong A case of plague Is re
ported from Singapore
The German officers engaged in or
ganizing and drilling the new Chinese
army at Nanking were attacked and
badly beaten by a Chinese mob
News from Corea states that the
Corean king is still domiciled at the
Russian legation but that the Rus
sians are endeavoring to persuade him
to return to his palace
Outbreaks among the Coreans
against the Japanese are still frequent
and a number of Japanese have been
The Gaelic brings the news that Ad
miral McNear in command of the Asi
atic squadron is contemplating a naval
demonstration in Chinese waters The
fleet consisting of the Detroit Olympia
Charleston and Boston will rendezvous
at Shanghai during the summer and
will then sail north along the coast
of China and to Japan
The United States steamship Detroit
recently made a fast trip between Na
gasaki and Shanghai She made the
distance in twentysix hours which Is
thirty minutes faster than the time
I made by the Empress of India the pre
vious record holder The Detroit aver
I aged about nineteen knots an hour
The United States vessels Petrel and
I Concord have sailed for home via Hon
olulu The Petrel left Yokohama March
28 and the Concord March 30 The Pe
trel has been in Chinese waters fo
many years and this will probably be
her last sea voyage
INDIANAPOLIS April 19A brutal
crime was committed in this city
about 130 oclock this morning at 1020
Washington street Leo Hirth who
owned a grocery and saloon at that
number was shot through the heart
by burglars who had broken into the
house from the rear He died almost
instantly and the burglars succeeded
in escaping The men also tried to kill
Hirths wife The murdered man
also leaves four children
CHICAGO April 19Ezekiel Smith
the wealthy contractor who was recent
ly sued by Miss Ella Donaldson for
50000 for breach of promise has com
promised the suit by marrying the
plaintiff and has started for California
on a wedding trip
PAGE 1 Duties of the members o the
Mormon church defined by President
Joseph F Smith at ProvoTeller will
not support the Republican candidate
unless he be a silver man Situation In
Buluwayo is still serious Black Plague
prevalent at Hong Kong1The Hawa
iian cable scheme Brief telegrams
PAGE Prospective legislation during
the present weekMassachusetts fish
ing schooner Is lost in a squall and nine
lives are lost Brief local
PAGE Business mining and stocks
Latest news from the campsThe
churches yesterday
PAGE 4EditorIals Editorial notes
Press commentsNotables of the day
PAGE 5 Eusene Lewis reply to Mor
mon Democrat on the new church
manlfestoThink the American pee
ple will view it a an evidence of bad
faith on the part of the church au
thorities It gives the first presidency
the power If they choose to exercise it
The workings will be found so un
bearable that It will have to be modi
fied and the objectionable features ex
pungedStreet LightingDiscussion of
municipal ownership Brief telegrams
PAGE 6Farm a garden Fraternat
newsOdd Fellows Knights o Pyth
ias Ancient Order of United Workmen
G A R Home Forum etc
PAGE 7News from nearby towns In
sane wife murders her husband In
sane Wyoming Discoveries near Downey
IdahoOther occurrencesNotes from
PAGE 8A sensational elopementA
Nebraska husband finds his wife and
Tier paramourPeter Clark is found
guilty e of voluntary manslaughter for
th killins of Harry Nugent at Park
City last fail Meetlng of the Salt Lake
ThecsohIsts Amusements Hotel ana
corridor Town talk Brief local
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