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You Know a Good Thing
I find that he advertises Is all ritfht and You you take wIU when see it You know The
f HERALDYou yni
a man that dont advertise and THE SALT LAKE HERALD Herald Is chock full oi news
just why watch he his store and see every day You know the busi
complains of hard 1 ness men patronize It If you
times are not do ins the some you
ought to
Unfortunate Victims of This Host Revolting Disease
Living Together Only Seventy Miles
from Salt Lake City
Authorities Are Fully
Awake to the Serious
Committee Has Been Selected
to Investigate
A Herald Man VinKa the Settlement
anil Dheoer There Are Six Pro
nounced Canes and DouMlefcs
Many More of Which the People
There Know > othlnpr Bessie Pe
ters the IVorst One af the Lot
With the Possible Exception of
John Makulvoa Mother nnd
Dnnjfhter Who Are Reported ns
llclns1 Very Bad But at They
Could 7 > ot Be Found 2o Absolute
Statement nil to Them It 3Indc
Description of the Mnlndy and Its
rrojref < 9 Some 3IedIcaI Opinions
an to Its Beinp His
Ii I tory of Lepro in HaMitll
r Some days ago this paper contained I
11 e announcement that several cases
I A leprosv existed in the vicinity of
the place called Josepha in Skull val
ley or as It Is more commonly desig
nated The Kanaka Ranch
t This declaration was based on in
formation arising out of the fact that
a complaint had bfen made to the
r board of county commissioners of
I Tooele county that the disease existed
there and a request that an investigation
tion be set on foot by the members of
that body The board appointed a com
mittee of three to visit the place and
ascertain the real facts of the matter
t but up to date its members have not
acted and nothing has been made pub
lic since the case was first mentioned
The Herald has carefully watched
the trend of matters connected with
the complaint made and last Monday
detailed me to go to the Kanaka ranch
and make a thorough and impartial
Investigation The instructions given
me were to the effect that there was
to be no attempt at a scare neither
was any hyperbole to be indulged in I
simply a plan statement of the abso
lute and unvarnished facts
Acting strictly upon that advice I
have carefully and painstakingly
probed into the case and am prepared
to state that at Josepha there are a
half dozen cases of leprosy existing
which are unquestioned and perhaps
B many more of which the neighbor
b hood knows nothing of
A great deal was told me during my
three days of inquiry some of which I
have ignored as tending to exaggerate I
the real situation but when the bishop
of the ward admits the existence of I
the malady without reserve and other
reputable eye witnesses corroborate
him when I have personally talked
with lepers and have taken their pic
tures some of which appear In this
issue of The Herald I am warranted
in stating tilt the situation is a grave i
one and one which warrants imme
diate action I
The Kanaka ranch is strictly speak
ing a number of ranches situated in i t
Skull valley almost due south of I
Stansbury island in Great Salt lake
thirty miles from Grantsvllle It is I
presided over by Bishop H H Cluff
formerly of Provo and its inhabitants
number perhaps seventy souls of
which some sixty are natives of the
Sandwich islands and their children
born in this country The people have
resided there during the last eight I
years From what information could
be gathered it does not appear that
any cases existed when they were
transferred to the place although ru
mors prevail to the effect that one
had appeared ere they were settled on
the lands composing the small settle
ment However this last is a rumor
pure and simple and Is given as such
Personal opinions formed from listen
ing to the conversation of those who
are familiar with ail the circumstances
connected with the advent of the Ka
nakas Into that portion of Utah how
ever lead to the belief that the disease
must have existed In one or two cases
and that it as spread since and will
continue to spread unless prompt and
vigorous measures are taken to check
Prom conversation with leading citi
zens of Grantsvllle among them
Bishop Wrathall I was made iamillar
with the conditions existing at Josepha
I long before I reached the settlement
It is common knowledge all over the
western portion of Tooele county that
leprosy exists at ths Kanaka ranch
and all with whom I talked did not
hesitate to express their Indignation
that such a condition was permitted to
continue The situation was denounced
I as a crying shame and a disgrace to
the authorities of the county of Tooete
Although there are those who contend
I that leprosy Is not contagious except
under certain conditions which shall
be left nameless the most intelligent
S ifi
Jf t v
Ifl tIt U
N3 1
4 r
I b
Resale Peters the Worst CHse in the
of the people both in Grantsville and
at the settlement are a unit in agree
ing that it is and base their observa
tions in that respect upon the personal
knowledge they have acquired from
long contact with the people who are i
South of the Kanaka settlement pro
per about three miles distant is the
horns of a ranchman named William
Matthews who with his wife and three
children the youngest two and the
eldest seven are endeavoring to estab
lish a home in that arid portion of
Utah with good success Both Mr
Mathews and his wife are Intelligent
people people who are devout in their
religion with a high regard for truth
and love for their fellow beings and
actuated in this matter by nothing but
pity for the poor unfortunates who
far from their home in the sunny
islands of the Pacific are toiling day
by day with the dread malady sapping
the life which gives them motion
Both made statements to me con
cerning the case and those statements
were apparently frank and unbiased
There was no passion displayed in any
remark made and indeed the burden of
the theme seemed to be How can the
condition of these poor creatures be
I A half mile south of the Mathews
I ranch Is another ranch occupied by a
Kanaka who rejoices in the English
title of George Peters What his
Hawaiian sobriquet Is I did not take
the trouble to ascertain
Peters has a stepdaughter named <
Bessie a girl about sixteen years of
age and a very comely girl she is too
I although poor creature her beauty
I will be but short lived from this on
t t
J t
ti ii r
t Ir
I k
House Where Besile Peter Liven
With the Family of Five Who
Eat Sleep and Mingle Together
With Little or No Restraint
Bessie is by far the worst case in the I
lot The leprosy has made startling
ravages with her and It Is but a ques
tion of time ere she will die as do all
those affected
The girl has a beautiful voice can
sing like a bird She has been unusu
ally vivacious and sparkling and had
an inordinate fondness for enliven
She was never so happy as when at
the Mathews ranch playing with the
little ones and that she loved every
one of them equal to the passion
which is felt for brothers or sisters
is admitted by both parents
As a result sho was at the house a
great deal of the time and mingling
freely with the members of the family
especially the children whom she
would fondle by the hour
While there had been rumors to the
effect that leprosy existed In tire set
tlement neither Mathews nor lila wife
dreamed that Bessie was affected al
though last winter her face bore un
mistakable signs of having something
the matter with it There were white
scabs in certain portions especially
around the eyes but this was ac
counted for as the result of the suns
reflection from the snow In cold
weather which causes the face tu peel
off When warm weather came these
scabs disappeared partially for a
time although now they are reappear
Kanaka women do not dress as ex
tensively as do their white sisters
Petticoats and other articles of under
wear are eschewed
and the only
ment worn is a loose wrapper akin
to the Mother Hubbard costume
This wrapper is not as lengthy as the
similar dress worn by our own people
and as a result the feet and lower
limbs of the wearer are visible most I
of the time
t wi I
But with Bessies case there was a
I departure from the usual custom She
wore a garment slightly more extend
ed than her sisters and in addition us
ually encased her feet in shoes It was
noted that she had a shuffle In her
j walk but this waS accounted for by
I the explanation that the shoes which
i were large and clumsy and worn to
I protect the tender heels were so loose
j I as to forbid lifting the foot without
having them continually coming off
I In her visits to the Mathews ranch
1 Bessie was times given employment
in doing the family washing and with
Mrs Mathews used to work quite hard
evincing a willingness to assist which
few of her race are noted for
One day Bessie was at the pump
drawing some water The pump has
a wonderful reach and Bessie is not
very tall so In order to get plenty of
water she was compelled to reach up
a considerable distance during the up
ward movements of the handle and
her lower limbs which were not en
cased with stockings were exposed as
high as the knee
A shocking sight met Mrs Mathews
gaze The limbs were shriveled beyond
description and covered with the ma
cuiosa or white blotches which mark
the eruptive form of the malady
Bessie when questioned claimed she
did not know what was the matter
with her and the poor child was un
doubtedly right But she has not been
at the ranch since Mr Maihews when
called in by his wife was satisfied
from his readings as to the dread dis
ease that the girl was infected badly 1
and advised her not to come any more
as there was danger of the children
becoming tainted and he did not want
anything of that sort to happen
Some weeks ago he discovered the
Kanakas who are fond of bathing and
Bessie among them were using the
stream from which he gets his water
for culinary purposes to bathe in This
fact created consternation and alarm
among the members of the household
Later when Peters who has a waiter
right In the ditch and holding such
has to devote an equal share with co
owners in keeping it in repair put Bes
and secludes herself as much as possi
ble Had we not caught her outof
doors a picture would not have been
obtained at all as when she returned
she crept into the house and remained
there until we had taken our depart
ure when on looking back at some
distance from the house I saw her
again appear and go about the work
we had interrupted her in doing viz
feeding hogs
The accompanying picture shows the
Peters cabin where all the family
sleep together Kanaka fashion I Eon e E
on the floor side by side young and
old male and female In this house
with the children seen in another pic
I ture on the horse with her stepfather
and the balance lives Bessie eating at
I the same table and enjoying all the
comforts which are accorded the bal
ance although I am credibly informed
she does her washing separate and
apart from the rest which leads me
to believe that the Kanakas do not
take much stock > in the opinion of the
bishop tnat the malady is not catch
ing except under certain conditions
Old man Peters is a suspicious old
fellow He is about 5 ft 10 in with a
grey moustache speaks English very
poorly but he is alert when a stranger
is around With the kodak under my
arm I edged around the old fellow
until I had a good view of him In the
finder and pushed the lever The
click of the machine startled him and
he asked Waat you got darD I
told him it was a box and he inquired
Waat kinda box
Judd came to my relief by telling
him that I was connected with the
railroad and that was the cash box
whereat I was dunned on behalf of
some Kanakas who had worked for the
Utah Midland and are waiting for their
money Explaining that I was with
the other company he wanted to know
what I had been doing in the field
t where Bessie was overtaken and again
I did Judds happy faculty of getting
over a difficulty come in handy for he
quickly spoke up Hes been looking
for a corner Afterwards Judd told
me he meant a corner on Bessies pho
tographs and I apprehend that the
i recording angel blotted out an entry
i right then and there
Up to date there has nothing de
veloped to indicate that any of t1 J
Peters family are infected except this
girl and having completed my Invest
gatlons there I next drove to the
Kanaka ranch proper
The bishop was down in the field
when I arived and pending his arrival I
I took a photograph of the house which
picture includes his daughter a very
pretty girl by the way who was up to
her arm pits In a washtub assisted by
a Kanaka girl while a small Kanaka
urchin was engaged In a dispute with
a white baby over the proprietorship of
i 7
I i
c h
Home of Bishop ClnfT Who Says Tills Leprosy is Not Contagious
sle up there t do some of the work I
Mathews indignation knew no bounds
and he appealed to the county court of I
Tooele county for relief i
S W Woolley of Grantsvilie Dr Da
vis of Tooele and Bishop Cluff of the
ranch were appointed a committee io
look up the matter
When I left the committee had not
made any investigation and a the
bishop came In on the same train I
presume returns there will be none until he
I arrived at the Mathews ranch at
midnight My guide and companion
John Rydalch of Grantsville being an
old friend of the family we were
greeted with a hearty welcome and
although it was a late hour Mrs
Mathews turned out and got us a meal
and during the time we were taking
advantage of this unlocked for hos
pitality the story as related was told
Next morning accompanied by Mr
Mathews and David Judd of Grants
cHIc we visited the ranch where the
Peters girl lives and of which a pic
ture appears with this narrative As
we entered the yard which surrounds
the house Bessie made her escape
through the corral and out at the
southern exit of the stables I was told
that she was trying to evade strangers
and that I would have to follow her
Leaving Mathews and Rydalch t en
tertain the old man Judd and I gave
chase and a the quarry was not very
fleet of foot we overtook her about
one hundred yards from the place
where Judd engaged her in conversa
tion while I managed without her
knowing f to secure a very fair pic
ture of her After some commonplace
talk about a horse which was In the
One of Bessie Peters oer Limbs
Showing the Infection
vicinity we returned t the house sh6
following us at a little distance
I had been warned that she would
not talk wit strangers about any
thing much less the subject of leprosy
and so I did not undertake t get any
Information from her In fact she will
Inforaton fac
make no repay to anyone on the subject
I a piece of bread There is nothing pe
culiar in this saving as i is used as I
an illustration of how freely the races I
mingle together
While waiting for the bishop we ap
proached a tall lank Kanaka and
asked him where John Mackakoa
lived John is a man who is reported
a having the leprosy very badly and I
I believe he has although of course
not being a physician I am not a com
petent judge The Kanaka pointed out
Johns residence and I went up and in
forming him that I was an Itinerant
photographer ahd wanted to take his
picture for nothing he was hlgWy
j I pleased He did not have clot
I enough on t wad a shot gun when he
came to the door and I could see that
I I his person was blotched and spotted
but the old rascal wouldnt keep still i
long enough for me to get a picture
I but kept bowing and scraping and
jumping sideways in a effort to be
polite As a ruse I asked him t stand
I In front of the house while I took a
picture of it Whereupon the old man
insisted on having his wife with him
I But she declined in words which
sounded to me like the running dow
of a wooden dock runnn
woode clockemphatic and con
elusive for John came round and told
me that she did not want her face on
paper but that he had put on his best
suit in order to appear all right The
app al rIght
best suit was not as fihe as I have
seen being made of blue jeans but
John appeared happy excepting one
thing he was barefooted and didnt
want his pedals to appear in the pic
ure > He was promised that the fPt
should be cut off and was satisfied John I
has a hand from which the first joints
of the fingers have fallen a a proba
ble result of the disease He keeps i I
tied uip and when I asked him to see it
he positively declined t permit me to
do sOi
Returning to the ranch I met Bishop
Cluff and without disclosing ident
dIscosing my
ity I asked him several unimportant
questions sever new railroad
leryBISHOP finally leading up to the matter of
4 < TAKS
Bishop I asked what Is there In
this story of the leprosy prevailing here
In the
settlement is there
settmet any truth in
the rumor
Oh yes There Is leprosy here
several cases In fact I has prevailed
here for some time
Well isnt It dangerous I
I dangrus contagious I
and are you not afraid that the
that mem
hers talnated o your family will become con
I have lived with lepers
led lepe fourtp mc
years here and on the islands and I
have never caught it was the ad replv
But surely you have heard of white
people contracting It and have seen
cast where white
caS men had it
Oh yes but they were a loos class
o menmen who contracted leprosy
in the gratification of passion And I
will say right here that mpn who are
free from the ar
disease which are so
common among the loose imse of
such people cannot contract It in my I
I opinion and I have heard doctors say
the same thing
You know this matter has ben i
brought t the attention of the county
Yes and a committee was appointed
consisting of Mr Woolley Dr Davis
and myself which will Investigate at
some time In the future I cannot say
when They were to be here very soon
About the 20th told
2Oh they me
Then you do not believe the leprosy
is contagious
No You see this is not the regu
lar leprosy as the Kanakas understand
It They do not fear it I was never
knotn In the Islands until the Chinese
came there and they brought it The
native name for the disease Is mapa
ki or Chinese sickness I is not known
as the regular leprosy at all but Is in
a sort of modified form
I notice that you keep the lepers
quite a distance from you Do you al
low l them to mingle with the members
of your family
The bishop answered the first part
of the question by admitting the lepers I
live quite a distance from his house
butqualified the assertion by saying1
they had always lived there the sec
ond portion rained unanswered
The authorities say that leprosy Is
an incurable constitutional disease
marked by discolored patches and nod
uleij on the skin and deeply implicat
ing fhe structure and function of the
peripheral nervous system Like the
infections It has a prodromal stage
which is uncertain in its character and
is Treasured by months and years
rather than by days or weeks the
chief premonitry systems are unac
countaible lassitude and mental depression
sion pains in the lambs and joints fe
brile periods cold and hot fits loss of
app tie and nausea That stage Is
followed by the periodically eruptive
stags during which bloches on the
skin come and go sooner or later these
Children of AVIIllnm Mnthevo Who
For Months Were Exposed to Lep
erythematous congestions and exuda
tions leave either permanent spots
brown or blanched which are often
without feeling or they leave nodules
The disease diverges into two main va
rieties the spotted lepra maculosa
I and the nodular lepra tubercolosa
The two kinds are often found side by
side in the same population and some
times 1n the same person Leprosy ha
been Claimed as one of the diseases
caiiislr by jparasltes by several old
writtrs in the gross sense and recently
by observers who have found Innum
erable minute basclllusrods within the I
cells of the leprous new growth
To a layman I would appear that
Bessie Peters is afflicted with the first
form of the disease a mentioned in
the above Her face is covered with
small whIte ish spots about the big
ness of the nail on ones forefinger
some more pronounced than others but
all of the same character The lower
eyelashes are missing and from a close
observation the writer was led to be
lipve that the malady ha attacked k
eye there being evidences of small L
scales on the lower lid I would be a
interesting sight a picture of her en
tire form which must be well attacked
by this time as from what can be
gathered she has been afflicted with
leprosy for five years at least the pro
nounced signs having been visible now
for some months
Makakoa is similarly afflicted from
the appearance of thing but will have
to suffer for some time ere he reaches
the advanced stage which characterizes
the cse of the Peters girl
Whether his wife has leprosy or no
will not be known until a medical examination
amination Is made although it is asserted
serted that she is free from I
The two cases mentioned were all L
that could be examined into although
I am confident there are at least l ten
I am informed by authority absolutely
Mnknkona Leprous Hand
reliable that there are four others
afflicted who are In a very bad condi
tion Mrs Hanna Nihia and daughter
Lucy are alleged to be suffering great
ly I could not find them to either ask
them questions or to procure their pho
They are secluded from the balance
of the people there and while at times
they mingle with them their presence
i is not especially desirable When
strangers appear they are kept out of
sight as is the case with the Peters
I ffirtAn
An old man named late there may
be a mistake in the spelling of the
name is also an interesting case So
is J K N Mahoe but I could not see
them one of the Kanakas whom I ap
proached for information as to their
whereabouts assuring me they were
no a the settlement but off at work
somewhere with the cattle
That they are lepers Is certain In
fac their names ate common property
all mer the settlement and even at
Grantsville i one asks who are the
lepers at the Kanaka ranch these
plyI names mentioned will b given in r
I do not know why the matter has
been kept away from the authorities
so lone as if has Certain it is I am
not attempting a scare If white
people do no contract the disease and
there are no white cases there of that
I am certain the Kanakas certainly
do and it is In the Interest of hu
manity that they be removed to some
place where the other Kanakas will
not Say there are ten lepers and six
ty who are no Why should the un
tainted be permitted to eaten leprosy
when by caring fox the afflicted they
might b saved Kanakas are human
the same as other people
Lucy Nihia the girl alluded t has
been described to me as a very posi
tive case the malady being similar to
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Republicans Actions Fill Them
With a Great
Londn News throws Light on
the Platform
Says Such I Tiling Can Jfever Hap
pen Therefore the Republicans
Were Quite Safe in the Reference
I Made to It Pnll JIll Gazette
References to The Hollovnicus of
the Sliver Fraud Jingoism and
the Tariff
LONDON June Commenting on
the S1 Louis convention the Daily
News says
The important fact is not McKin
lays nomination which was generally
conceded but that he was compelled
to stand on a gold platform I shows
that the great party which is now be
lieved to control the political destinies
of the United State has repudiated all
designs of tampering with the curren
cy I also forces Mr McKinley to
fight rather as a monometallist than
as a protectionist
President Cleveland has done his best
to relieve the Democrats from the sus
picion of financial unsoundness But
they are not all orthodox economists
like Mr Cleveland and Mr McKinley
will have to uphold the flag of com
mercial honesty I is true that the
Republican convention accepted bimet
I allism as a practical policy if carried
lout by International agreement But
as no such agreement Is possible this
pious opinion may be neglected The
Republicans must be congratulated if
not upon their candidate at least upon
their refusal to have anything to do
with mischievous delusions
The Graphic says
i Mr McKinley will have his hands
j l > full if he conscientiously tries to real
Tlze the platform adopted The em
i i phatic declaration in favor of gold
i i i side by side with the solemn progres
j sion of ultraprotectionism is proof
I i that economic heresy is not hidebound
I I against the more obvious truths of the
crthodox schools
I The St James Gazette discussing the
effect of the possible presidency of
j Major McKinley and the relations be
I tween Great Britain and the Unite
States says
I I cannot be said that the Demo
crats under Messrs Cleveland and Ol
I ney have shown a too friendly O
but we fear we must not hope for bet
mus no
I ter things from the Republicans Jin
goism is not a monopoly of one party
j i I and we shall be In luck if we escape
I further causes of difference
I We shall be lucky If we secure the
I I I permanent arbitration of which the
Marquis of Salisbury spoke yesterday
In conclusion the St James Gazette
i i COI nG tStB
congratulates Great Britain on the
fact that i McKinley Is elected the
I United States will continue to pay its
obligations in honest money
The Globe remarks that the outside
I world would prefer the installation of
a government pledged to both a gold
standard and a moderate taiff and
suggests that President Cleveland
might consolidate under gold the Dem
ocrats of the nonmanufacturing states
by proposing to continue the existing
tariff with slight modification
The Westminster Gazette says
The protection policy which the
party adopts will doubtless be as in I
jurious to our trade as before but for
t moment there will be
at the fact that the Republicans are
not again tampering with the cur
The Pall Mall Gazette says
The hollowness of the silver fraud j i
was ton shown at the St Louis conven
Complete Lit as Furnished From
RepublIcan Headquarter
ST LOUIS June 19The Republi
can national committee was called to
order by Joseph Manley of Maine I
i Powell Clayton Arkansas was made
I I Clayon
temporary chairman On motion of I
N B Scott West Virginia the com
I mittee proceeded to fill the vacancies
i f caused by the silver bolters a fol J I I
1 I I lows New Mexico Solomon Luna 1
j Colorado J F Sanders Nevada C S
I i Nevada
i Sproule Idaho George F Shoup Utah
10 J Salisbury Arizona William Grif
I The cases of District Columbia and F
Alaska were referred to the executive
I On motion of H C Payne Wiscon
son l A Hanna was unanimously
I elected permanent chairman and Jo
seph H Manley temporary secretary I
i On motion of Powell Clayton James I i
Francis Burke Plttsburg was made I I
temporary assistant secretary Colonel
I H L Swords Iow was sergeantat
arms Senator Thurston offered the
following resolution which was unan I
Imously adopted I
Resolved That the chairman of
the committee is hereby authorized and
empowered after consultation with the
I candidates for president and vice pres
ident to executive
appoint an execwtve commit
tee of nine who may or may not be
members of the commitfe and the
chairman of this committee shall be
exoffielo chairman of the executive
committee I
The matter of treasurer was left to
the chairman The committee adjourn I
ed subject to the call of the chair
Nothing was done with relation to the
proposals for a change of headquar
ters Hanna expressed his desire to have
the entire national committee meet
him at Cleveland at an early day and
0 j4
go with him In a body to call on Major
McKinley at Canton I
Following is a complete lit of the i
national committee
Alabama William Youngblood Ar
kansas Powell Clayton California J
D Spreckles Colorado J F Sanders
Connetcut Samuel Fessenden Del
I aWare J H Wilson Florida J C
Long Georgia Judson W Lyon Ida
ho George F Shoup Illinois T N
I Jameson Indiana W T Durbin IoTa
A B Cummings Kansas Cyrus Le
land Kentucky 0 T Yerkes Louis
iana A T Wlmberty Maine J T
Manley Maryland George L Welllrg
ton Massachusetts George H Ly
man MichiganGeorge L Malts Min
nesota L F Hubbard Mississippi
James J Hill Missouri R C Kerens
Montana Charles R Leonard Nebraska
braska John M Thurston Nevada C
H Sproule New Hampshire I C
Cheney New Jersey G A Hobart
New York Frederick Gibbs North
Carolina J E Boyd Nsrth Dakota
W H Hopkins Ohior rhartes L KTz
Oregon George A Steele Pennsl
vania M S Quay Rhode Island C
R Braytonr South Carolina E A
Webster South Daot A R K < > t
ridge Tennessee W P Brownlow
Texas John Grant Utah O J Salis
bury Vermont George B Child Vir
ginia George E Bowden Wxshinstm
P C Sullivan West Virginia N B
Scott Wisconsin H C Payne Wvo
mJnsr Willis Vaidewnnder Arizona
William Griffith NPW Mexico Soirtiron
Lnne Oklahoma Henry E Easp In
dian territory Leo E Bennett
Leprosy Near Salt Lake City
View of English Fnprrx
Much Taffy For McKlnlcj
Dole Having a Boom
Bn Inpii lining nnd Stock
McKlnlcyK Defeat Predicted
The Teller Room
Silver Mens Addrcs
Business on the Mend
Midsummer Carnival
The Teacher Association
Froos City Schools
The Dead Man nt AVlIInrd
O till en Sewn States
htnleliooil Enabling Expenses
Militia Affairs
In Railway Circle
Affairs of State
Dravrncd in the Co iimilo
I Prominent Republicans Wire
Teller and Others
Morrison Has Come to the Belle
That the Indiana Democrats Fa
vor the Free Coinage of Silver
and Ashes Aid Leadvllle herald
Democrat Repudiates the Ticket
Will Support a Free Silver Demo
I SPOKANE Wash June 19Twenty
five prominent Republicans have sent
the following telegram to St Louis
I Hon H 1 Teller or Fred Dubois
and their associates We the under
signed Republicans admire your course
I and approve your action and stand
I ready to follow your leadership and
we pledge you the state of Washing
ton We state further that the Re
puWicans of this state are misrepre
sented In the national convention on
the financial question
EnthusIastic Democrat
DENVER June 19 Charles S
Toma the Colorado member of the
Democratic national committee saida
a meeting of citizens to arrange fot the
reception of Senator Teller on his re
turn to Colorado I am a Democrat
and as it now looks I may remain one
but I would like to see Senator Telle
go back to the senate by the unanl
mous vote of every elector and every
member of the legislature anything
else would be base Ingratitude
Getting Anxious
WASHINGTON June 10 Michael
Doran Minnesotas member to the
Democratic national committee ha
received the following telegram from
I exSecretary Whitney
When will you be in New York I
want to see you You must not C
at this tjne
The telegram had reference to Do
rans intention to soil for Europe in a
I few days for his health He says
I while he cannot decide certainly until C
after he meets Whitney it is likely
that he will postpone his foreign trip
and attend the Chicago convention
stiver and make tide an effort to stop the free
Afraid of I I
CHICAGO June 19Th r
aid has the following under Washing
ton date William R Morrison chair
I man of the interstate commerce com
I m slon sent the following telegram to
I Mr Koerner Springfield I
Illinois Democracy evidently favors
unconditional free coinage of silver I
do not The majority of the national
convention will be for free coinage of
silver and should no b expected to I
nominate other than outspoken advo
cates of that policy
Under these circumstances my en
dorsement by the state convention
though It would be a great compliment
I cannot b Insisted upon by my
I frends n
Heartily Endomed
LEADVILLE Colo June 19The
HeraldDemocrat Rep heartily en
dos the action of Senator Teller and
the other delegates who bolted the con
vention I also repudiates the nomin
ation of McKlnley and calls upon Re
publicans to support the Democratic
nominee If he be a free coinage roan
and If not then 1 support the nom
inee of the silver party at the St Lout
convention of July 2
IcKinleys Admirers Flood
His Home With Con
Henry Clewes is Among the Most
Stephen A DOBslns Son Believes
McKlnler to Be the Trust Expon
ent of American Intercut Clark
lon and Allison Gracefully Sarah
q the nil end Say They Like It
Russell Harrison Has an Idea
Thurston Believe This io Be D
Year of the People
CANTON 0 June 19Governor Mc
Kinley made two more addresses at
his home tonight The day has been
an eventful one The wild enthusiasm
of yesterday has Increased each in
coming delegation Is greeted by steam
calliopes and shrieking whistles of
every kind while the trumpets tin
horns hand and drum corps give music
to the merry marchers
Delegte called tonight In rapid suc
cession but the governor shows no
sign of wear or relapse after the strain
of convention week
o conventon
After shaking hands with several
hundred visitors from neighboring
towns he took his customary drive a
short time before luncheon
During the day the neW spread
rapidly that the New York McKinley
league would stop at Canton on Its
way home from St Louis and that the
special convention party from Canton
would come home this evening I
was shortly after I oclock just before
the governors dinner hour when
shrieking whistles of locomotives her
alded the approach of the New York
ers and returning Cantonlcns as well
a a special tralnload O five hundred
people from the Motioning valley
where Governor McKinley spent his
boyhood days
An escort committee with bands and
drum corps Including fifty horsemen
met the delegation at the station The
streets were densely crowded for blccks
in every direction leading to the gov
ernors home The crowds rushed
through the fences and crowded Into
the doorways of the house In their
excitement I was necessary for the
governor to go to the side door to
meet his returning fellow citizens as
it was impossible for him t reach the
i w reac
front where he had been speaking
Congressman R W Taylor of the
Eighteenth the old McKinley district
mounted a box when Governor McKin
ley appeared and said
Governor McKinley While we have
not the good fortune to be the first to
congratulate you In person upon the
honor which the Republican party has
bestowed upon you we rejoice t know
we are from the van car of
that witnessed that splendid reception
whereby you were nominate for the
presidency There we saw the Repub
In nomination
Scan party place you
and lYIP honored you it honored
Itself and gave permanent expression
to the wish and desire that have been
in the hearts of the American people
for many months Prolongd cheers
Twenty years ago Stark county
gave you to the congressional district
which you have made famous Five
years ago this splendid district gave
you to the state of Ohio and now our
glorious state has given you t the
are and
nation whose true son you are
whose interests have been your con
stant care Loud applause
Congressman Taylor was followed by
Judge George E Baldwin o behalf
of Stark county and Judge William I
Governor McKinley responded t h
Canton friends a foJlows
Cnton feUow citizens How can r
make fitting response to this splendid
tribute which has been paid by three
of my old and earliest fends I think
I might r excused by merely saying
that I am Inadequate t the task and
can only express my gratitude from a
full and overflowing heart I have had
a good many touching incidents In my
life Yesterday immediately after the
nomination I was surrounded by
neighborS and fellow citizens who did
not go to St Louis and by friends from
Alliance and MaslUoa and then came
4000 more of them from the city of
Akron last night With all these tokens
I was deeply and profoundly Impressed
but somehow the words spoken b
these three gentlemen surrounded a
I am by their associates who jour
neyed together to St Louis somehow
they have toed me more deeply
and sounded
more profoundly than anything that
has gone before In this audience to
day are representatives of all the
counties which for years constituted
my congressional district and with
which I have been associated all my
life A large body rl my fellow citizens
are here from Trumbull county the
place of my birth A large number
pace here from Mahonlns county the
place where I spent all my boyhood
days the county where I received my
education and from which I enlisted In
the war for the preservation
to Irervaton of the
union way back in 1861 Loud cheer
ing I will only thank you and every
one of you from the bottom of my
heart for these manifestations of your
friendship your devotion and a you
to have brought
seem back
sem bac you
went for those whom you left behind
want me t say that they are glad to
se you home again
The crowd then united
uie In three
rousing cheers for the next presi
dent ne pesl
By this time the New York
tme Ne Yok part
had succeeded In forcing its way to pat tie
front piazza led by Hon John E
Mflholland I took some time for Gov
ernor McKinley to
cinley get through the
house and through the crowd in the
hall to greet his eastern visitor te
Mr MHhoIland mounted a chair and
presented Senator Warner wh made

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