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Now Get Down To Business When You See Another Man
I EeeflthecarnlvalanuIeelhappy advertise Now get down to business and I 1 j IIE SA L T LtKE R ERA LD ar I I
J j 1 paper your
To Give the People a Govern
ment Our Fathers In
A Government That Knows Not
the Millionaire from the
A Campaign Now on Which Affects
Every Man Woman and Child la
lie Nation IKUCS That Ae Just
SIN Important to the Welfare of
the Iition We Love and the l > ros
Ier t of the People as Any That
Have Ever Been Submitted
Your Votes Are Your Own to Use
According to Your Own Judg
PALEM I July 13Never before I
in us history has this quiet little town I
of 2 000 people been so ablaze in glory I
a i was tonight Ordinarily the citi
zens retire for the night by 9 oclock j
At 10 oclock i is as quiet as a country I
churchyard is at midnight There is 1
nothing like with which to compare
the stillness that prevails
But tonight was different
W J Bryan leader of the Demo
cratic national campaign a native of
the place returned here The whole
town was out to meet him There were
sky rockets and Roman candles red
fir was burning all along the route by
which Mr Bryan was conducted to the
home of his sister He fill remain for
te next two days
Whcn the train pulled up to the Sa
lem depot there were many people on
hand ready to welcome Mr Bryan
from all over Marion county I
Mr and Mrs Bryan were escorted to i
a carriage by the local reception com I
mittee and taken to the home of Mr
of j
Bn ans sister Mrs James Baird
Awaiting them at the house were Mrs
Mary Van Antwerp Mrs Davenport
Mrs Zadock Jennings all relatives of
the honored guest and his sisters Miss
Nannie and Mamie Bryan
I was not the wish of Mr Bryan to
have a celebration here at this time
But two short weeks ago he was called
here to attend the death bed of his
mother She was buried here by the j
sid of Judge Bryan who passed away
sixteen years ago But the people in I
their enthusiasm and desire to honor I
the man who went away from here
scarcely a score of years ago unknown I
to fame gave vent to their feelings
When the carriage reached the home
of his sister his former feUW towns
men were there by the hundreds They
cheered and shouted while the Stands
played and anvils boomed They de
manded a speech and Mr Bryan ac
quiesced A he stepped out upon the
little vinecovered porch in front of the
home of his sister in response to the
calls of his friends he showed by the
tWitching of the muscles of his face
and the huskiness of his voice that I I
j He needed no introduction Every
one knew him as he came forward
J and the noise and hubbub ceased A
soon as he could control his voice he
spoke a follows
Fellowcitizens dont know what
to say more than to thank you There j
1 no spot I think that can ever be
come so dear to a man a the spot
about which cluster sacred memories 1
of early childhood I have come back
t Salem every few months since I
left here and no spot on earth will be
so dear as Salem Applause I as
sure you I appreciate the friendly in i
terest which you manifest and more 1 I
so because in this there is no party
and I see here my friends in all parties j i
ties persons of different political faith I I
a well as those who agree with the I
C principles which I have advocated and
I am deeply touched t this mani 1
festation of your esteem and conf j I
dencc I wish I could have with me j I
tonight the gentleman who occupies
the place with me on the national j i
ticket I wish you could see and be j
com acquainted with Mr Sewall our
candidate for vice president Al J
though my acquaintance with him is i I i
not long I think a great deal of him 1
I think he is a manly I man and I wish
he could come and greet you and be
come acquainted with the enthusiasm
4 that oas bean manifested tonight I I
elected my i
I have but one desire and that is I 1
o to bring back to our people our gov
C eminent as our fathers intended Ita j i
government which shall be conducted
on princip5eof equality before the law
which shall protect the rights of le I
t and liberty applause which shall i
know no difference between the sim j j
t pleat citizen and the greatest citizen i
4 in the land a government which shall j
be no respecter of persons but shall
like heaven treat all alike Applause i
I That is the ideal government 1c I
1 learned from my father and i I as
a man can administer government on i i
r the Democratic theory that my father
f taught me I believe that my conduct
will meet the approval of a great mass
of the people who ask no privilege but j
il i simply demand justice to all Ap
k plause
I dont believe that a candidate for
Ii i office has any right tq ask the people
t > to vote for him a a personal favor
but he 3 a right to claim the vote
of all who believe that through his 1
election they can best protect their j I
4 ij own interest and serve their country
Applause That Is the only theory
upon which a man > can obtain
obtin sup
Your vote are your own to use
according to your own judgment I I
an simply appeal to you to take the
ifcsues and study them a citfzens upon
1 rest grave responsibilities and I
when you have decided all I can ask
you is that you allow your vote to I
register your own wish Let your bal
and then no matter who is elected we
will be satisfied I can only say here
over and over again that I am deeply
gratified for this very cordial reception
at the place of my birth and you will
accept that until I can thank you
personally for your consideration
When he had ended his talk there
was loud and enthusiastic applause
Then the assemblage of citizens form
ed in a line along the walk in front of
the house and beneath the huge trees
and Mr Bryan passed along in front
of them and gave each a hearty hand
shake There were no other speeches
The people retired to their homes and
Mr Bryan and his wife went to rest
weary and worn from the excitement
of the day
The people at Rantoul were given
but three minutes in which to shake
hands with the new leader of the
Democratic party The town only
boasts of a thousand inhabitants and
at least twothirds of them men
women and children were at the depot I
to greet Mr Bryan and he was en I
thusiastically cheered As Mr Bryan i
boarded the train he turned about on
the platform in response to loud calls
for a speech He raised both hands
and instantly all was silence
I you will only vote next Novem
ber as industriously a you shout now
I will be sure to be elected The bell
on the engine began to clang the train
moved away and the assembled citi
zens I
Champaign gave the greatest demon
stration of the trip The streets were
blocked with vehicles and people in
every direction from the depot There
was a military band and nearly every I
one of thousands of people who had
come to do honor to the Democratic
nominee carried a flag A committee
representing the citizens of
repreentng cizens Champaign
county and city were at the depot to
meet the distinguished man from Ne
braska Mr and Mrs Bryan were i
escorted to a temporary platform i I
which had been erected on a flat car
which stood on a side track I was
draped with bunting and flowers i I
There was an ovation of handclapping
and cheers when Mr Bryan stepped
to the front ofthe platform He was
introduced to the throng of citizens by
Colonel J S Wolf a venerable old
gentleman bearing a strong resem i
blance to Gladstone When quiet was
restored Mr Bryan said
Fellow citizens I believe I have not
visited this city since about 1879 Cries
of Good boy Bryan and great ap
plause In that year I was a student I
at the Illinois college and we had a
contest I think an intercollegiate con I
test was held in this city at your col i
lege and it was my good fortune to be i
present and meet some of your people
and that is the las tme and I believe I
the first time that I have been
here or passed through here I am not
going to make a political speech this
afternoon I have just been talking I
some at Chicago and I am kind of be
tween speeches I am glad to have oc
casion to talk to you for a while and
I am gratified to see that so many peo I
ple by their presence here have shown
their interestin this campaign In my I
judgment it is the most important cam
paign through which this country < has
passe in time of peace during our ex
ist ncb as a nation Applause
A campaign in which great issues
are to be settled issues which
in the nation I beg of you that you
shall realize and appreciate the im I
portant part which you bear in this
cmpaig This is the greatest na I
tion on the earth I is in advance in
my humble judgment in all that makes I
I nation great in advance of all na
tions that live or have lived in those I
great things and the opportunities
which people find here have their high
est andbest development We have the
best form of government and we have j J
the most perfect form of government I
because it is a government which can
e just as good as the people desire i I J
to be No government can be better 1
than the people deserve I our gov I I
Arnmpnf ic p > nrvH if nm laws nrA incit
I have confidence in the intelligence in
the patriotism of the great common peo
ple of this country Applause The
only trouble that we have is that peo
ple are so often indifferent to their
duties a citizens Some have an idea
f that patriotism can only be manifested
I in time of war I was to young to
I show my patriotism in time of war but
I glory in this land Every year gives a
patriot an opportunity to show his love
for country and there is no year better
than this Applause You have the
right to consider and act upon every
question which arises and when you
find a person who tels yjiu that the
masses and the people are not compe
I tent to settle the greatest and most im
portant questions that concern our na
tion you find a man who does not un
derstand the conditions of our institu
tions Applause
Every political question is an economic
question and every great economic
question is at least a great moral ques
tion and when you determine what is j I
right and what is wrong when you
come to the settlement of a question in I
which justice is involved it can be I
settled only by the great common peo
pie of this nation Applause and cries I I
of Thats right I
No question can ever be settled un i
til the people sit in judgment on f i i
The politicians have tried to settle the
money question The financiers have
tried to settle the
setle money question but
it will not be settled until the great I 1 i
producing masses of this country ex i
press their opinion and from that opin
ion there is no appeal Applause
You have the right not only to hold
an election but to express your opin
ion on the money question and you
have the same right by your bal tto I
protect your own interests and watch I
over the welfare of your family as i
that of any other person in this broad
land And more than that each man i
must look after his own rights and
There is no class of persons in this 1
country into whose hands you can
trust the government believing that 1 I
they wH look out for everybody else 1
There Is toomuch selfishness in us all
and while we must each look out for
ourselves we must keep our eyes open
that others dont take care of them j
selves and ourselves too We have
suffered more in this country from the
people who have tried to care for every
interest except their own and in the
end have taken care of their own in
terests only than from any other cause
The money question is not a com
plicated question and i is presented
In this campaign in the simplest form I
it has ever taken before the people
There is just one great question in this
country and that is is this nation I
great enough to I
Applause I this nation great J
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7 c l C 0
I Is Recognized by the Globe
Democrat of St
Most Perfect Was the Organiza
Senator Jones Also Proved Himself
to Be a Most Able Chieftain
Thnrmaii and Evans En Route
Home Powers Goes to Burlington
R C Chambers Will Return in a
Day or Two All Will Be Present
at the Ratification Meeting
Specla to The Herald
CHICAGO July 13 Nearly all of the I
Utah delegates have left the Worlds
Fair city for home or elsewhere
Judge Powers has indefinitely post
poned his Michigan trip and leaves for
Burlington this evening to spend a day I
with his wifes relatives
Delegates Thurman and Evans took
the train for Utah last night
Hon R C Chambers will depart to
morrow and arrive home with the re
mainder of the Utah people in time to
attend the big ratification meeting at
the Salt Lake theater on Saturday
night next
The St Louis GlobeDemocrat today I
makes the following comment on the
preliminary organization of the silver j
men as accomplished by Judge Pow
ers I
I was given out today that Judge I
Powers delegate from Salt Lake City I j
Utah ur esterday nominated Sen j I
ator Daniel for the vice presidency I
formulated the plan under which the
I j j
free silver delegates were organized
for the convention The claim is made
that no detail was overlooked in ar
ranging for quick and concerted action I
upon the adoption of the platform Af j I
ter that it was found impossible to I
agree on a definite policy in advance
save with relation to the conduct of
the convention
In addition to the teering execu
tive and kindred dommittees there was
a body of floor managers consisting
of one delegate from each silver state
Their duty was to sound their respec
tive delegations on any question se
cretly submitted by the steering com
mittee during a session to keep their
members in line and to manage the
delegates on the floor generally Nich
olas M Bell was the floor manager se
lected from Missouri
So perfect was the organization that
it would have been possible to learn I
the attitude of the white metal dele
gates on any issue submitted within
a few minutes of the time the question
was communicated to the first floor
manager Senator Jones of Arkansas I
was given absolute control Every sil i
ver delegate was instructed to recog
I I nize him as the leader at all times
There was an express understanding
I that any motion he made or any reso
lution he offered should be carried
even if its import was not apparent to
the delegates This is considered remarkable
markable In viow of the fact that there
were wide divisions among the bimetal
j lie delegates with reference to the
i > ticket The unanimity with which Sen
j i ator Jones was intrusted with the
chieftaining led to his selection as
I i i chairman of the national committee
j No complaint was made against his
J j management of the convention by the
I I i free silver organization
A Man Who Prefers the Single Stan
i Card to Democracy
Dickson of this city who a selected
at the Democratic state convention a a
presidential elector ha sent a letter to
State Chairman Wright resigning the
office In his letter he says in part
I Is impossible for those who approved
what was sad and done at Allentown to
accept the platform or candidates at
I is impossible for any Democrat who
beiees in the principles and traditions
of his party to support a proposal to
make inconvertible shiver dollars a legal
tender for more than they are rely
Such being the condition of affairs and
as the Republican party now gives a
re < nable assurance of maintaining the
gold standard i seems to me that all
sound money Democrats in this campaign
should give it their support unless Demo
cratic candidates should hereafter b <
nominated upon a satisfactory platform
CLEVLAND 0 July 13Hon M A
Hanna today announced the national exe
cutive committee a follows I A
Hanna chairman Cleveland William I
Osborne secretary Boston General
Powell Clayton Arkansas Charles G
Dawes Illinois W T Durbin Indiana
Cyrus Leland Kansas Joseph H ta
Icy Maine Hon M S Quay Pennsyl
vania H C Payne Wisconsin N D
Scott West Virginia
lected The ninth member has not yet been se
Important Mutters Disposed of in the
Court Yesterday
Northern Pacific receivers were award
ed judgment by default today against
the Seattle Lake Shore Eastern
road for 125869063 The claim of the
Northern Pacific was based services
rendered moneys advanced and losses
incurred in running the Lake Shore
road for which I was alleged the Lake
Shore agreed to pay The Lake Shore
did not defend the suit for two reasons L
First because it was admitted that the I
> 1 = > >
I claim of the Northern Pacific was bona
fide second bacaus6 the Lake Shore
property having been sold several
weeks ago there remains no Lake
Shore property which the Northern Pa
I cific could seize to satisfy its judgment
t The Northern Pacific however has
made application that the sale of the
Lake Shore b set aside and expectr
its application to be granted because
Judge Hanford did not provide for the
Northern Pacific judgment when sign
ing the decree approving the sale of the
Lake Shore
In the Federal court today Judge
Hanford made an order dismissing
Oakes Rouse and Payne the old re
ceivers of the Northern Pacific excus
ing them and their sureties from fur
ther liability and wiping out the
charges for contempt of court which
have been pending against them
Windy City May Be Made Demo
erntie Headquarters
CHICAGO July 13 Members of the
Democratic national commitee are
unanimously in favor of establishing
subheadquarters at Chicago Many
wish the Maine headquarters removed I
from New York to Chicago The com
mittee discussed this proposition at
an informal meeting held here this
Senator Jones of Arkansas before
leaving for Washington said There
will be another meeting of the new
national committee some time during
the next three weekS at which the
subject of changing headquarters will I
be more fully considered You will be
safe in saying that in all probability
the campaign of 1S96 will be directed
from headquarters located in Chicago
I am in favor of a change from New II
York for many reasons
The Union Will BegIn Its Session
There on Thursday and It Will
Last Four Days
MILWAUKEE Wis July 13The city
of Milwaukee is the center toward which
the Baptists of the United States and
Canada are turning attention a the Bap
list Young Peoples Union of America
will hold its yearly meeting In the expo
sition building beginning Thursday next
lasting four days I is expected that not
less than 12000 delegates and visitors
from abroad will attend The enthusiasm
of the hour with the Baptists as with all
other evangelical denominations is the
young peoples movement although the
young peoples society is not modern with
them There are over 3000 Christian En
deavor societies and between four and
live thousand young peoples societies of
other names in the denomination the at
ter commonly called Young Peoples
unions The baptists
Haptsts are largely enlisted
in the Interdenominational fellowship of
Christian Endeavor but this does not
preclude their having a young peoples
denominational society of their own The
Baptist churches Qf Brooklyn N Y or
ganised in 1877 The Yams Peoples Bap
tist union of that city fraternal union
of the local young peoples organizations I
in the Baptist cfturches of Brooklyn
State conventions of Baptist Young Peo
ples societies began to be organized in I
the SOs but th great inspirational point
of the work in the denomination was
when the Baptist Young Peoples unions
of America was organized at Chicago
July 7 and 8 1891 I w a great out
pouring of people 2000 were enrolled as
delegates and visitors Nine state unions
were represented The Canadian Baptists
sent delegates and also the Baptists of
the gathering south The body wagvan international
m L L
Tfie growth of the organization has
been phenomenal Its second conven
tion at Detroit In 1892 had over 1000 as Its
enrollment The other In
dianapolis Toronto and Baltimore have
been attended by increasing thousands
The Monumental city last summer was
overrun with Baptists some 10000 visit
Ing Baltimore John H Chapman of Chi
cago Is president a position which he has
occupied since the oody was organized
i Frank L Wilkihs D D is the general
secretary The sessions of the conven
tion will be hed in the exposition build
i ing one of the largest auditoriums in
America On arrival the delegates will
be welcomed by a reception committee of
O members A chorus of 70 voices has
been organized for some weeks past un
I der Prof Protheroe and the singing
I will be one of its grandest features
Tho local committee having prepara
tions for the convention in charge num
bers over eleven hundred individuals
The convention will be called to order
on Thursday July 16 at 10 a m Ad
dresses of welcome will be made by the
mayor of the city and others Morning
afternoon and evening sessions will be
held each day up to and including Sun
I day Special conferences will be held in
several churches in Milwaukee to study
i the different questions to come up before
I the convention One question Is the cere
I ralr
mony known as the Salutation I of ce1
Flag which will occur Friday afternoon
This is a field review cf the state and
provincial unless Representatives of
each will march to the platform carrying
banners representing their several organi
zations It is expected that thirtyfour
states and provincial unions will briefly
report their work State rallies will be
occupied with a mass meeting with
i speaking by orators of national repute
I Sunday a world review of Baptist mis
sions will take place with brief ad
I dresses by representatives C different
i races Saturday afternoon there will be
j conferences by nationality meetings by
the young people of different nationalities
Swpfllrh German etc Each of these
meetings will be conducted in the particu
iat miiijuage of the nationality represented
and be in fact a series of separate con
ventions Sunday evening will occur the
service which always awakens the great
est enthusiasm of the convention a con
secration service with roll call of states
I and provnces and missionary lands This
I will be conducted by Frank L Williams
D D the general secretary
The whole Baptist ministry and laity of
the United States and Canada will be laid
under tribute to supply speakers for the
I ocaion I
I TEMPLE Tex July 13The Seventh
district congressional Populist convention
nominated W F Doughltt today and in
structed against a fusion with the Dem
DOVER Del July 13The Addicks
wing of the Republican party in this
state will hold a convention tomorrow
and nominate John H Hoffecker for gov
ernor and Jonathan S Willis for con
gross The regular party headed by
Higgins men will meet at Georgetown
j I on Thursday
i 1 PHILADFT Frank P I I
Slavin knocked out Joe Butler in one I
minute and ten seconds at the Caledonia
club tonight The bout was to have been
six rounds but a right hand jolt on the
i jaw finished Butler who was unconscious
for some minutes
CINCINNATI July 13The Enquirer
says General l Juan Drummond who was
recently here ostensibly buying machin
ery for mines In Central America bought
115000 rounds of cartridges and 15000
worth of powder from Kings mills while
here He had previously bought six hun
dred thousand cartridges from the Win
chester company at Bridgeport Conn
When he and Major Burke left here they
said they were going to New York but
it is now known they went to Mobile
whence they have already sailed with
their ammunition for Honduras
Congratulations by Wire from
Many Noted Men
Maine Appreciates the Great
As the Glad News Went Whistling
Through the Pines I Carried Joy
to the Hearts of AH Her People
There Is Xo Tai to the Demo
cratic Ticket Both Are Heads
CHICAGO July 13Among the tel
egrams of congratulations which have
been received by Arthur S wall the
Democratic vice presidential nominee
are the following
New York July 131 named you
for vice president three weeks ago
Now that you are the nominee the
solid east will break for silver and the
ticket is a winner Hurrah for Amer
ican shipping and the peoples ticket
President American Merchant Marine
Augusta Me July 13My hearti
est congratulations Bryan and Sewall
a winning ticket
Payson Tucker vice president and
general manager of the Maine Central
railroad wires
Maine appreciates the honor con
ferred upon one of her bravest and
truest sons As the glad news went
whistling through the pines of Maine
i carried joy to the hearts of all her
Hon M Penrank who ran for con
gress against Thomas B Reed wires
as follows
Hearty congratulations We will
carry Maine
From Thomas Hyde of the Bath Iron
Heartiest congratulations
From Lewis G Mulford New York
There is no tail to the Democratic
ticket Both heads
tcket hears
J W Bookwalter New York
Accept my profound and hearty
D H Moffatt the Denver banker
Congratulate you on your nomina
tion Colorado Is with you
A Cheesborough wires
San Francisco delighted to learn of
your nomination Send my heartiest
Gardiner Me July 13We heartily
congratulate you on your nomination
I is a great honor for Maine Gardi
ner fires thirty guns tonight
To Receive Sewall
BATH Maine July 13A very en
thusiastic meeting was held at the city
hall this evening and plans made for re
ceovlng Hon Arthur Sewall who will ar
rive here in a few days The Republican
and Democratic city committees have
charge of the celebration
Left for Salem
I CHICAGO July 13W J Bryan the
Democratic nominee for president accompanied
I Democratc
I companied by his wife left the Clifton
i j House at 2 oclock this afternoon for
I the Illinois Central depot There they
I took the 220 train for Salem Ill Mr
Bryans old home There was no dem
onstration either at the hotel or train
II I I beyond a liberal handshaking by ad
miring bystanders Mrs Bryan was
presented with a large bunch of Amer
I ican Beauty roses just as she was leav
ing the hotel
liynnm Wont
gressman W D Bynum said in a in
terview today
I have already said that I could not
support the Chicago platform and
ticket Personally I like Mr Bryan
but his views are so at variance with
what I believe to be for the best in
terests of the country that I would be
false to my convictions were I to sup
port his candidacy The influences
which dominated the Chicago conven
tion were not such as can safely be
i trusted with the administration of the
j affairs of this great country
Will Go I Alone
I WILMINGTON Del July 13 Sena
tor Gray said today in reference to the
i Chicago platform
I I The financial plank of the platform
is contrary to all my beliefs and to
what I consider sound currency I
shall not change these beliefs even at
the bidding of a Democratic national
convention Convictions cannot be
The Delaware Democracy is a or
ganization distinct from the national
Democracy and has a history and tra
ditions of its own I is too early to
say what its course will be The De
mocracy in this state has always had
and is likely to continue to have strong
sympathy with that of New York New
I Jersey and Maryland
OTTAWA Ont July 13The fol
low ng is the cabinet
President of the Council Hon Wil
fred Laurier
Trade and Commerce Sir Richard
Justice Sir Oliver Mowat
Finance Premier Fielding
Militia Dr Borden
Marine and Fisheries H Davis
Public WorksJ 1 Tarte
Railways and Canals C H Blair
Agriculture Sidney Fisher
PostmasterGeneral Mulock
Customs W Patterson
Inland Revenue Sir Henry Jolly
State R Westcott
SolicitorGeneral Fitzpatrick
Interior department left vacant for
the present
Without Portfolio Jeoffrion
Without Portfolio R DobelL
All but four were sworn in to office
this afternoon
The bye elections will be held at
once for ministers the writs being is
sued today
The dates of the nominations will be
July 30 and the elections occur a week
later I has also been as good as
arranged that parliament shall meet
August 19 The controllership of cus
toms and internal revenues are to be I
changed into full cabinet portfolios j i
with the Regular ministerial salary
British Columbia gets no represen I
tative in the new cabinet
ROTHESAY Firth of Clyde July 13
There was another contest today be
tween the first class yachts Meteor
Britannia Satanita and Ailsa In the
regatta of the Northern Yacht club
There was blowing when the yachts
got away a whole sail breeze from the
southwest The course was fifty miles
The Meteor crossed the line first at
1130 a m with Britannia close under
her lee Satanita followed with Ailsa
right in the wake
Saint Penitent and Niagara started
at 11 oclock to sail a thirtytwo tie
race Meteor won the race for the big
In the contest between 20raters
Niagara Penitent last won with the Saint second
CINCINNATI 0 July 13Two fa
vorites one second choice and three
outsiders won the six races at La
tonia today In the second race Nan
nie D with J Jackson up stumbled
I and fell Gertrude with A Isom o
her back fell upon them Both horses
I and jockeys were injured Isom had i I
Bryan at Salem
Illinois GoIdliu Democrats
Judge Powers Good Work
Honors Pour in on Sctrall
America and Spain
Business Mining and Stocks
Spread of Free Silver Ideas
No More Rebates Given
Fire and Police Hoard
Turkish Outrages In Crete
The Worlds Markets
Hermans Seen at Council Bluffs
Ogden News Notes
Floods in the South
Affairs of the Consty
GeyserMarion Case Nearing the
Hon J L Rawlins Returns
The City Treasurers Bond
his collar bone broken Track slow
First race mile selling Little Wal
ter won Jtforte Foinso second Elsket
third Time 17
Second race six furlongs La Wanda
Wdn Nimrod second Miss Emma third
Time 118
Third race five and onehalf fur
longs Hamza won PvObair second Al
vin W third Time 111
Fourth race mile and twenty yards
selling Hermes won Blacksilk secqnd
J Martin third Time 14H
Fifth race selling seven furlongs
Irish Lady won Allegra second Mat
tie Lee third Time 130
Sixth race five furlongs Song Bird
won Salzetta second Oversight third
Time 105
NEW YORK July 13This was the
opening day at Aqueduct Results
I First race five and a half furlongs
i Zanone won Lambent second Bal
I maghie third Time 109
Second race mile and onesixteenth
Celling Dragon won Sue Kittie sec
I i ond Hawarden third Time14S14
Third race five furlongsNay Nay
wqn Successful second Ellardie third
Time 102
Fourth race Carter handicap mile
and oneeighthDeerslayer won Cha
rade second Lehman third Time 155
I Fifth race five furlongs Tannie won
Braw 103 Lad second Calliboo third Time
103Sixth race five furlongs Brighton
won Contractor second Slowpoke
third Time 102
Seventh race mile selling Pitfall
won Pearlsong second Druid third
Time 144
ST LOUIS July 13 Summary
First race five furlongs Silver Set
won Bob Clancy second Mattie Belle I
third Time 103
Second race six furlongs selling I
Tea Set won Ferris Hartman second
Damocles third Time 115
Third race five furlongs Ceremonia
Briggs won Bill Dawdy second Gold
Tip third Time 102
Fourth race mile and twenty yards
selling Jack Bradley won Toworest
second Impt Thorn third Time 143
Fifth race selling six furlongs Don
I Fulano won Hessen second Rounde
lay third Time 116
Sixth race selling five furlongs
Linda won Jane second Harry Mc
Couch third Tlme12S
LAKE SIDE Ind July 13 Results
First race seven furlongs Image
won Corolla second Scamp third
I I Timerl03
1 Second race four and a half fur
I Ibngs Holy Terror won Lottie Wim
i mer second C H Whelan third Time
Third race one mile Onalaska won
Belvour second Judge Baker third
Time 142
I Fourth race one mile Urania won
Red Skin second St Lee third Time
lp < M
Fifth race four and a half furlongs
SiegfrIed won Chenillo second Marie C
third Tlme56
Sixth race six furlongs Walkover
won Pinchback second Canewcod
third Time 114 I
I LONDON July HThe Post announces
that Mrs John W Maclcay has been sum I
moned to Rome on account of the dan
I gerous illness of her father
I LONDON July HThe Brussels cor
respondent of the Times the
repondent Tme says papers
there state that LI Hung Chang placed i
large orders for cannon and Cockerell
I rifles at Horstat and Liege and also
asked Cocker els to establish in China a
steel foundry managed by Belgians
I stee foundr maaged Belgas I
I ST JOHNS N F July 13PremIer
Whiteway received a crushing reverse i
from his party today He moved in the j
assembly to reduce the contingencies vote
to 20000 from the present figures of 3
COO His supporters rebelled because i in
volved a reduction of their own sessional
allowance Only one member out of
twentyfour supported Whiteway
i ST PETERSBURG July 13M flit
rovo the Russian minister to Japan died
i here suddenly
0 > r
The Title Assumed by Gold
bug Democrats of
They Tell a Most Harrowing Tale
of Woe
Like Snncho Panza Tilting at the
Windmill They Will Gmlcovor to
Do Something Which Common
Sense Shonlil Long Ago Halve
Taught Them Was Impossible
Haste Lest We Perish S
CHICAGO July 13The executive com
mittee of the gold standard Democrats of
Illinois met in a protracted session
protracte sesion today
and prepared an address to the Demo
crats of other states of the Union I w
unanimous opinion of the committee
that a second national convention should
be called to nominate candidates for pres
dent and vice president The address is
as follows
To Our Fellow Democrats of Other
States Ote
A national convention convened under
the constituted authority of our party
has just closed its session in the city of
Chicago I entered upon its work by
violating all party precedents in the re
jection of a distinguished Democrat as its
temporay presiding officer
I deprived a sovereign state of a voice
in its deliberations by unseating without
cause or legal justification delegates f
elected with all the regularity known to
party organization
uI refused to endorse the honesty and
fidelity of the
fde at present Democratic na
tional administration
It adopted a platform which favors the j
free and unlimited coinage of silver by il
this country alone at the ratio of 16 to 1
and thereby I repudiated I
which demands the strictest maintenance
of sound and stable national currency
Finally to make it still plainer that
although in name it was not In fact a
Democratic convention It nominated for
president one who is not In his political
convictions and has not always been even
aways even
I his professions a Democrat
This has made such a crisis both for
the nation and the Democratic party
that sound money Democrats must at
once decide what political action they
I will take tor the protection of the honor
I of the nation the prosperity of the peo
j i pie and the life and usefulness of the l
1 usefuJreps
party The sound money Democrats of v
r Illinois have fully made up their minds
that a newDemocratic national convention
I tion should be called for the earliest
feasible day to
for president and vice president and to
I adopt a platform of Democratic principles
I and they desire to state totheir fellow
Democrats of other states their reasons i
as follows i
I First Sound money Democrats owe it
to the county to make it certain ait once
that their revoit against free silver Is
determined and will be organized I Is
I unfair to oblige the credit ot the nation
I and the business and industrial intertsts
of the neople to merely guess what the
I sound money Democrats will do in No
vember and to wait until November to 4
I tnt out
riecond The nomination of a new
ticket Is the logical course Without It
I and a sound money Democratic campaign
Lie HOle educational torce of sound
money Democratic sentiment would be
i I paralyzed from the beginning Republi
I cans cannot argue the sound money question
tion to Democratic voters
ton Demoratc Republican 5
sincerity on that question is doubted by i
the mass of Democrats
will be put to the front and insisted upon
by Republican speakers and the Republi
can press as It has persistently been by 1
Mr McKinley himself Democrats will
not listen to lessons on finance when accompanied
companied by abuse of the Democratic
party The most effective force 4at this
time for a campaign Is the force residing
In the sound money Democrats for they
are profoundly In earnest and can get a
hearing from Democrats that the Re
publicans cannot possibly get
ThirdA new convention would also
preserve for the future the opportunities I
of the Democratic party Unless a clear
cut separation is made between the
genuine Democrats and Democrats who
are drifting Into populism or are already
in populism and unless that clearcut
separation is supported by organization
and a reorganized party is the result the
party has no chance of regaining public
confidence for years to come The sound
Democrats In the different states must
either make I clear that they have no
association with the Bryan party or they
must accept accoclation and entanglement
with ir and all state organizations will
In the public mind be for i that do not
that they are against it The sound money
Democrats are all sufficiently organized In
this state to be able to meet their fellow
Democrats In a new convention and are
anxious to confer with
wih representatives of
other states whenever a representative
conference can be brought about Com
munications should be addressed
municton addresd to
Charles A Ewing chairman Palmer
House Chicago
Executive Committee of the Honesv j
Money Democracy of Illinois
NEW YORK July 13The Canadian
Yacht Glencarian representing the
Royal St Lawrence Yacht club of
Montreal came out victorious over G
H Cranes El Heine today in the first
of the series of races for the trophy
which the SeaiwanhakaCorinthian
Yacht club offers to the winner of the
best three out of five races The course
was three miles to leeward and return
twice over A stiff breeze blew at
the start but this finally died away to
a dead calm and later a thunderstorm I
came up accompanied b a severe
squal which lasted fully fifteen min
utes and during that time the minia
ture racers were tossed about like
corks I was a losing race for the El 1 I
Heirie from the start and at no time
did she gain a inch on her sturdy lit
tle rival The Glencairn won by 47
minutes and 11 seconds The
1 seonds Glencairn
required the course almost four hours t cover +

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