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o 1I < <
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> < j J A z
I 1 2 i
ess I I J WlienYouSseAnitlffliii 1J >
I i pp and t TH E SiLII1 ml IiEIti1uIJ 1 J iI has paper time quit for with advertising you your to advertisement Jump It Is into a > the 041 f
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LiH 1 c t t t
> rowned While Mayor
Crystal Dies From
Heart Failure
r Bad Flood at Fill
< o
v Completely Under Water 7
110 Padbtncrged and Loss
let Be Reyoried
L > lied to Flee to Hie
Q FioodN Alle ell
lie Sheep Eating
ATeilurn Filled Uii
and in Sonic
fciioxed At Ivan
Great Damage
iura was
t flc 3d in its
d Gus John
y redes at
h CUlrreon
J3hn Mc
ossing the
i1ue sup
x on by ext
rA a cloud
F flood swept
r c Jars with
t ree to four
carried all
lacific depot
fiKpot is built
1 a little lower
the wreck was
ncceeded in get
save himself
3 boy who was
dr f Anton Castel
la in the current
D tht xs Johnsoa a
fv d er 5 I t e marrl l and vhoce
family r at GOSJ > n Had a des
I erate atKn M t to save the bo 1 and in
t dojie Ft his own life Johnson
was struck V a log and disappeared
His body > o net yet been recVP2
Marshal Gus Henroia alsotried un
iuccessfuilyt6 rescue the boy andw s
i JrrJed cne11 yards but JprtuiiatqlV
IV s < VL Mthoi4 serious Injury y
ia Jr McChrystal had been up to
he Eureka Hill mine which was
itened with water nd was on the
hiUsloe above the UniqjkPacific P depot
< wbea these scenes oasjirred The ex
F teqient doubtless produced the at
cftth art failure hich resulted in
ieoth t
A joupie of horses were found down
can flats and while it is possible
that i f1j drivers were drowned it is
< not at ati likely as diligent inquiry has
ialed show that any men are miss
lng J
Whlle he loss of lie is of course
fho most jserious result the damage to
propertY Is also heavy As before
stated nearly all the cellars are filled
Sxvritli watw and mud and the roads
hLe beep washed ou t
ff At Mammoth the damage was slight
SIthough the grades have been washed
111t in several places
1e mJX 5i the South Swansea at
wr were forn Lv 1 eave on account
tyf 111 > water pouring in the damage j
i considerable although no lives
lost t
aO John McChrJstal was one of
f best known men in Eureka A1lj
Interests were hqre and he was as
generally respected as he was widely I
I < Undertaker ODqnnell will take the I
1reint1t to San Lake tomorrow
1 Vcdnesday and the furieral will be
Liehl there uadfir the auspices of the
n at a time yet to be decided
01 r X
> I
VaW ther Grea Volume of Water
i c4nto DOTn 1
j t Specla To The Feald
t JLt3IORIii l tah July Yesterdays 1
Ifi pras fonwrd r by another one today I i
Co iso much fr1ij wood and rock came
1 r t ia the Torrent today but the vol j
t S > at water Jand mud was greater if J
> og y V I
adow sfrvcriiriHes irom here the j
1aS complelrfy submerged with wa I
t nd ntud cell rs were filled up hay I
s t is barns and in some cases houses I
WPjIfeQ1oved Oie man whose name j
K > ut not be learned lost his j
tbP1 s Barn hay die and in attempting I
i W iv some of liis possessions he got j
up with a swarm of bees and was I
diUY stung Ho deofh The last reports
r there say thetvnan js not expected j
fJ te Kanosh the floiW T were equally de
w the water i tnd mud passing di
hrou8h The Main part of town
comes thai ittaths biggest flood
Vaown bere 1 V
t S o n jnumber of
unr 1 t raJ > eoPI
grOUq to
ft t1 fl
p < J 1 J
< Iq t 4
save their lives Here in Fillmore all who
live in the lower part of town are mov
ing out and in order to do so they are
compelled to go through water and mud
from three to four feet deep The loss
throughout the county is estimated at not
less than 175000 to 100000 A vast scope
of country with growing crops Is under
water and the waler is still coming In
great torrents The people here are ex
pecting another rush this evening as it Js
still raining Three saw mills have been
washed awayone belonging to Joseph
Hanson one to John Jackson another to
Levi Warner besides all the necessary
Implements for running the same The
mills were all situated in the canyons east
of Fillmore The poor farmers and stock
raisers are as Tisual the greatest suffer
ers and the loss In some cases includes
their all These floods are becoming a
yearly menace and the people are loud
In their condemnation of the sheep which
they say 4s the principal cause They have
eaten up the grass destroyed vegetation
in the mountains leaving nothing to re
tain the moisture as It falls and the rain
runsof as fast as it would from a ducks
back f
A Terrible Storm In Botli tile Val
Special to The Herald
There was a terrible storm in the San
pet and Sevier valleys last nIgh t The
hail and rain fell in torrents injranti
Moroni and Gunnison Thohail at I
Manti killed spring chickenif and beat
the leaves off the grain fn Gunnison I
1 it went in streaks beatfifg the leaves I
1 off the grain and flattening the lucern I
to the ground yfy I
1 The grain crop imfy baa failure on 1
account of it asjitnjay be too late
to rinen
I l j
The Deseretyfelegraph line is still I
down in several places 1
I The hail Stories that fell here were
as large haselnuts and fully as
j large in Ulanti Near Gunnison several
i small fish were found on dry ground i
The fish were presumably small sal
i mon and this leads to the belief that i
lIt was a waterspout i
I j A cloudburst O2cdrred near May i
field and the stream ran down to the
i Gunnison fieltisand covered up many
acres of hay and grain filled cellars
i l and flooded barnyards A great deal
of lucern had been cut and the mud
has spoiled it in many places The
I i standing lucern is too flat to be cut
I well
I 1 The R G W passenger train had
to lay over here and the passengers
slept on the seats so Richfield had no
train last night The workmens train I
has been working since daylight and i
has not finished mending the washout I
i yetThere I
I j There was another washout near
I i Richfield but particulars are not at
hand as yet
HBiir at RhI1flelt 4
I I Special l to The Herald
I RICHFIELD July 14A heavier
flood than yesterday came down this i
afternoon from Cottonwood Willow
Creek and Cedar Ridge canyons north
ofthis city The city is again flooded I
with rivers of water running down each I
street from a smalj canyon west of
i town The floods Trqm Cottonwood I
I Cedar Ridge and Willow Creek have
I carried away large sections of the rail
I road grade north of the city It is es
timated that about three miles of grade
between this place and Salina is
c ashed out or so damaged that trains
cannot pass over it In one place a J
fifftenfoot grade is washed out for a
consid cable distance The track be I
i tween here and Elsinore recently com
pleted stjems to be comparatively un
injured The valley south of here has
I been visited by heavy floods both yes
terday and today and a large amount
I of damage has been done
Monroe is reported to be practically
i under water while the wagon rOld
I between here and there is piled with
huge boulders brought down by the
floods from Love mountain This is
the worst storm that has visited this
section for many years Heavy dam
age to growing crops is reported from
all over the valley It is expected that
travel by rail will be interrupted for
several days The storm is reported
general as far south as Coyote with
considerable damage Joseph Elsinore
and other places in the valley report
floods and damage The storm seemed
to cover the mountains on both sides
of the valley and if that is so Emory
canyon has been turned into a torrent
Track Washed Ont
Special to The Herald
trains have reached Richfield today
over a hundred yards of the railroad
has been washed away between Salina
and Richfield The
southbound pas
senger train will not come further than
ML Pleasant tonight There has been
a heavy rain most aN day with
other flood at Fairview and a washout
near Monti and Spring CIty
A Storm That Was StormSanpcte
A trailer Change tIC GuascXotes
f a v Special to The Herald
i EPHRAIM Utah July 14 1S33 This I
I county was visited by the heaviest rain
of the year last evening It Injured I
I the
grain to a considerable
extent in
some I
I places especially at Chester xvhere1 they
had a heavy hail storm Many fields of
grain were dying for want of watenand
this has just come in time to savSVt
Trains were delayed
several hours on
i account of washouts > >
The Sanpete Valley railway changed
Its gauge from narrow to standard last i
week A large force of men are at work j
surfacing the track up and before long I
we will have a through train via the
I Union Pacific to Salt alee
The news of Bryans nomination was I
hailed with delight here by everybody
1 regardless of politics many Republicans j
declaring their Intention to vote for him 1
Same fni rVI hfepmen however will
vote for
v W lrcK1JIe as they are still I 1
laboring under the delusion that a highs
tariff will all i
cure the flls oC humanity
They arc forced to admit though that
the Republicans have no chance In UtaJl
this taU
Our school election passed of quietly
yesterday a there was but one ticket in
the field tcket il
The property of the Ephraim Coop
will be sold at auction July is Every 1
th g including the stock and buildings
will be sold in on lo b4ildng
> 4 J
r I
But Little Doubt as to the At
titude of the Popu
Jis s i
There Are However a Few Ob
f jectors
tley Will From Present Indica
tions Be Swept Array Like Chaff iI I i
Before the Wind and Every
Friend of the White Metal Every I
Man Vlto Desires to See the Return
turn of Proaperltj No Matter
What His Politic Will Cast ills
Vote For William J Bryan
ST LOUIS Mo July 14Dr J J
Mott secretary of the Bimetallic
Mot Biietalc
League America returned here from
Chicago last night and secured rooms
at the Lindell hotel during the coming
conference of Senator Stewart of Ne
vada Congressman Newland William
P Sit John of New York and others
He was asked the bimetallic national
convention would endorse Bryans nom
ination and said
As one of the officers of the Bimetal
lie League I dont think it would be al
together proper for me to undertake to
forecast what it will do I know how
ever that Mr Bryan is a great favorite
with many men prominent in the
i L K Taylor of Paducah Ky mem
ber of the Populist national committee
and editor of the Paducah Herald was
here to engage quarters for the Ken
tucky delegations and 300 visitors to
the national convention When ques
tioned a to the Kentucky Populists
choice for president he said
1 cannot say further than they did
want Teller and hoped that the Chi
cago convention would nominate him
cgo cnventon
so they could have endorsed him
Will the Populists erttiorse Bryan
when they meet here next week he
was asked
They may but I doubt it because
we have got to maintain our party or
ganization We may nominate Teller
and agree to divide our electoral ticket
on the basis that the strongest man
win after the general resul is know
This is l feasible and after ail it looks
as ifit would be but the endorsement
of Bryan for he would most likely be
the beneficiary
The following announcement was
given out tonight
gven railroad associations in the
United States except the Trunk Line
association with headquarters in New
York and embracing the following
lines Baltimore Ohio Central Rail
road of New Jersey Chesapeake
Ohio Delaware Lackawanna West
ern Erie railroad Grand Trunk rail
way Lehigh Valley railroad New York
Central Hudson River New York
Ontario Western Pennsylvania rail
road Philadelphia and Reading and
West Shore and the New England as
sociation with headquarters in 5os
ton have given a one fare rate for the
round trip c commencing July 19 for all
delegates and visitors to the Peoples
party convention and the silver conven
tion both of which meets in St Louis
July 22
SergeantatArms Peoples Par j Na
tional Convention
Mr McDowell has appointed Secre
tary Resell of the national executive
committee chairman of the press com
mittee the other members of which I
will be St Louis newspapermen I
I the present arrangements are car I
ried out Chairman Resell will dis I
tribute the press tickets next Monday
at the Populist headquarters in the
Commercial building Democrats of St
Louis who favor McKInley for presi
dent have decided t come out and I
work for his election
Already plans are afoot to organize a
socalled sound money Democratic
league vhose members will pledge
themselves to vote for McKInley and
protection Among those who will it
is said be identified with it are James
L Blair 1 H Lionberger Charles H
Turner John Scullen Charles C Maflir
George A Madlll James Campbell F
N Judson Captain McCulloch W F
Boyle F J Wade Julius Walsh
Leverett Bell R Graham Frost E C
Kehr H S Prest and others I is I
their intention to perfect an organiza
tion all over the state that will result
in a victory for McKInley
Looks Like Unanimity I
OMAHA July HA special to the
Bee from Grand Island Neb says t
About the only question that seems
to Interest delegates to the Populist
state convention tonight is how vigor
ous the kick against instructions for
Bryan will be Tat wit instructions
Bryan will carry through the conven
tion by a vote of at least three to one t
there seems to be no doubt and i Is
believed by the most enthusiastic Bry I
an unanimous supporters that i will be practically I I
Almost all of the conventions held I I
Saturday says a Populism who is
high i in the councils of his party de
clared for Bryan while the delegates
of counties which held conventions be
fore the Chicago nominations seem
largely itf favor of Bryan Instructions
But few delegates arrived today 1 I
and the evening trains added but few
others In all there were not over 200
In he city this evening though the >
eastern men are expected ttafrtQrrlJK
early There Is some emphatic objec
tion to nominating Bryan Dan Burr
of South Omaha is working a mid
dle of the road delegation jznd there I
ire others These men say their num I i
ber will be considerably increased upon I
the arrival of eastern delegations I Is i
claimed that onethird at least of I i
Douglas countys delegation will beI i
against Bryan and tomorrow morning II I
a livelier scramble may be made Their i
cause is however being met by the
prompt charge of boodlers1 p I
er Republican allies A P A I I
tc The Bryan enthusiasts have no I
r I whatever oyer the outcome The
Populists xpect to have Holcomb and
their sfcaice ticket endorsed by the Dem
Oats after he St Louis convention I
S JOIICH Is SansnilneJ J I
WASHINGTON July l4tSenator
Jones of Arkansas the Tiew chairman
of the Democratic national committee
arrived Washing on tonight In an
interview he confidently predicted the
election of Bryan
We propose t get close to the peo
ple he said and we shall do this by
circulating literature and by talk on
the stump
Senator Jones favors Washington on for
headquarters but the question will not
be settled until after consultation with
the committee
Steienson it Solid
VicePresident Stevenson and wife arrived
rived this morning and art the guests
of their daughter Mrs Hardin The
vicepresident said tonght I will
support the nominees of the Chicago
convention but as to the result I am
not well enough posted atJipresent to
I give anotInioI < f l
Ever Evidence That Bryan Will
Receive the United Sapport of
the Populists Although There May
Be a Struggle
ST LOUIS July HThe rush of
politicians to attend the Populist and
j Silver national conventions has not yet
set in although a few leaders have
arrived Chairman Taubeneck and
SergeantatArms McDowell of the
Populiat national committee predict
one of the largest crowds that ever at
tended a convention
Many of the best men in the party
will be here said Chairman Taube
neck Tlere will be 1350 delegates
representing over two million voters
We have every reason to believe that
In point of numbers attending it will
far outrank the Republican conven
tion We shall meet in the same build
ing which will afford an opportunity
to observe the strong points of differ
S3rgeantatArms McDowell an
nounced today that the trunk commis
sion with headquarters in New York
had telegraphed him granting one
fare for the round trip to start on the
20th only and to start on the return
trip on the 26th and reach the final
destination not later than tha 28th
i As the Populists begin to gather it
is evident that there
made which will form the chief con
tention of the convention One is that
the Populists shall abandon any Idea
of TL separate and distinct national
ticket and endorse outright the candi
date and platform of the Chicago con
I This proposition will be supported by
the friends of Henry M Teller nearly
all the Populist membars of the United
States senate and the Peoples party
leaders in many of the western states
The west and southwest and the
I northwest
for the proposition indorse Mr
Bryan and put upiio 6th6r ticket i
From the south come delegates and
I Peoples party leaders who are not del
egates to the convention urging an
i other proposition put up a presi
dential ticket to adopt a platform to
i run presidential electors in all the
I states where the Peoples party has
an organization and then when the
time comes to cast the votes in the
electoral college let the Populists and
Democrats combine on the strongest
I man whether that be Bryan or the
I Populist nominee
I Vigorous objection is uffged against
I this on the ground that it would be
dangerous to the common cause of
free silver I would divide the
1 strength of Its adherents and in some
of the close states where one or the
i other holds the balance of power a
division of their strength might give
the state to McKinley The conven
i tion of
1 which convenes in this city on July
122 at the Exposition building will vie in
numbers with that of the Populists
I which meets the same day
The National Silver convention will
have 1200 delegates and as many alter
nates coming from every state in he
Union the representation being based
I on the estimated strength of the advo
cates of silver at the ratio of 16 to 1
irrespective of former party affiliations
The call for this convention ema
nated from a conference of the friends
I of silver held at Washington D C
January 22 and 23 last and was signed
by A J Warner president of the
I American Bimetallic league H G
Miller chairman National Silver com
I mittee R C Chambers president Ra
tional Bimetallic union J M Devlne
I American Bimetallic
secretary Bimetalc league
Dr J J Mott of North Carolina
who was elected chairman of the ex
ecutive committee has been in the
city several weeks making prepara
tions for the convention He says the
convention is going to be a representa
I tive one both in numbers and per
I is understood that William P S1
I John of New York who a few days
ago was forced to retire from the
presidency of the Mercantile bank of
New York on account of his advo
cacy of silver will be the chairman of
the convention and that either Sena
tor Stewart of Nevada or Congressman
Newlands Nevada will be the chair
man of the committee on resolutions
I Dr Mott stated he thought the con
vention would be In session at least
two days He said today that while
I there was a quasiunderstanding between
I teen his party and the Populists In
behalf of the interests of silver there
was as yet no agreement or dsflnite
movement in the direction of unity of
action as regards the presidential
ticket to be voted for next November
He declined to discuss this question
further or the probability of either the
Silver party or the Populists Indorsing
the Democratic nominees saying that
rested entirely with the two conven
tions He himself here to
hipslt vas e Ipok
after measures and noVmen < +
S J i
Sen all Believes the ny D moer t
ic Sheep Will Return to the Good
Old Fold S
SYRACUSE N Y July 14 Arthur
Sewall Maine nomi
l Sewal of the Democratic
nee for vicepresident passed through
Syracuse today He was asked
What do you think of the action of
Democratic papers in the east bolting
cairo the recently adopted platform at Chi
cagoOh said Mr Seal they will all
come back into the fold In the west
the people are enthusiastic over the
ticket Mr Bryan Is a very strong man
When he cofieA east he will endeavor
to convl r ppUvsj v I have no
doubt but tfliafwhen he presents his
views clearly before the people mthe
east hey will bat won Dyer this side
Tieconvention was etcitingv
3 1 <
miis 1
No Doubt But He Will Con
stantly Grow With the <
He Will Support Bryan < For the
Satisfied the Nebraska MUD Will
Make the Financial Question
Paramount to AH Others in the
Campaign Action of Their i > jid
er Will Doubtless Squelch Can
non DubolH and Other Silver Re
DENVER Cole July 14Senator
Teller has returned to Denver from
Manitou where he has been in con
ference with Senator DuboIs of Idaho
and Congressman Hartman of Mon
i I tana as to the course the silver Re
publicans shall pursue in the ap
proaching campaign They have post
j poned their conference until other sil
ver senators can arrive They will
probably then issue a statement of
their position Senator Teller makes
no concealment of his intention to sup
port Mr Bryan for the presidency
says he is satisfied that Mr Bryan
I will make the financial question para
I mount to all others in the campaign
and that I elected he will devote him
I self with great singleness of purpose
to securing a return to national bi
I Mr Teller believes that Mr Bryan
is a strong candidate to begin with
i and that he will constantly grow with
the people Teller will not permit the
use of his name at the St Louis Popu
I list or silver conventions
Election of McKiiiley Would Mean
a Bloody Revolution in the Near
ner secretary of the national com
mittee of the Peoples party has issued
the following statement
The result of the late national
Democratic convention is undoubtedly
the triumph of Populism A large
portion of the voters in the Populist
party in the south and west were
originally Democrats and left the old
party because it was dominated in
1 every convention by the eastern Demo
I crats who represented Wall street and
the monopolists of New York and New
I England I became quite evident to
every thinking man that as New York
was allowed to make the platform and
name the candidate of the Democratic
party the
would have no show and that their
rights and wishes would always be
I Believing this the thinking men
among the rank and file determined to
quit the old party and organize a new
I party Hence the existence of the
Populist party
I The Democratic party has purged
I itself reorganized Itself and come out
j for true democracy and to all intents
I and purposes substituted the Populist
platform for the old platforms that
I the party ha been using for years and
I which were dictated and foisted upon
the people by the goldbugs of the east
I Mr Bryan the nominee of that conven
tion is a man who fits the platform
I have personally watched his course
for a number of years and know that
his every impulse has been against the
and in behalf of the great masses For
more than two years he has acted
with the Populists of his own state
I It can not be successfully denied that
the principles advocated by the Popu
list party have captured the Democratic
I party and have driven out of its ranks
that element which has always been
opposed to true democracy and which
I from the beginning has been affihaved
with the Republican party as its nat
I ural home
All Populists In these United States
I should reQoice that their s
have taken such a hold upon the Amer
ican pople that one of the great politi
cal parties of the nation has been com
I pelled to adopt those principles and
nominate a ticket pledged to carry them
I into execution
I the Populists think more of their
I principles than they do of mere party
organization they will be
with the forces going in the same direc
I ton and thereby rescue our country
1 from all the dire calamities which we
1 have predicted would befall it should
the gold standard be permanently fast
ened upon us
I 1 I As secretary of the national com
I I niittee of the Peoples party for the last
f I four years I have labored in season
1 and out of season for the uplifting of
our party i love the associations
t which I have found In its ranks but
while these are dear to me the princi
ples of the Populist party are much
dearer I feel that I would be one
of the worst enemies of the Peoples
t party and of Its principles should I not
1 take the step at this time that I be
L lleve vwiil culminate in the complete
istriumph of every demand made by
rt I i party We have advocated
j in order that we might bring About
the necessary financial reforms Now I
I we have a chance of bringing all our
hopes and desires to a grind consum
I maiion
I 1 The truth of it is that the only
I point we new have to decide fs whether f r
f or not they will take Mr Bryan whom
I every goldbug in the country has de
nounced as a Populist for our next
president of the United States or
whether they will take Mr McKInley I l
who represents everything the Populists I
have denounced and J
denounce and just the opposite
of everything they have
or advocated
since they have been a party I
Looking at it from pHs standpoint
I fel thatin > the election of Mr Bry
an Populism has triumphed ands whl
I say Populism I mean the great com
mon people of the United States the
masses have triumphed against the
classes and should Mr McKinley be
I elected the classes have triumphed
the English gold standard has been per
manently fastened upon the lines of
industry in this country and there
will be nothing left for us but serfdom
that will undoubtedly bring on a bloody
I revolution in the near future
Colorado Utah and Wyoming Dele
DENVER Colo July 4The seven
tytwo Colorado delegates to the na
tional silver convention at St Louis
next week and a number of citizens
will leave Denver on a special train
over the Burlington route next Sunday
They will stop at Lincoln Neb two
hours Monday morning and will call
upon Mr and Mrs Bryan at thehouse
to offer congratulations
The regular Populist delegates will
leave over the Union Pacific Sunday
afternoon The Waite delegation will
start Saturday evening going over the
Santa Fe
Hon I N Stevens national com
mitteeman of the Silver party sent
the following telegram to Mr Bryan
at Salem Ill today
Colorado Utah and Wyoming dele
gates en rcute to the National Silver
convention at St Louis will
conventon L wl pass
through Lincoln at 1 p m via the
Burlington on Monday They will have
one hour and will arrange to pay
r their respects to you and Mrs Bryan
Death and Disaster at Enrelca
Bryans Pertinent Questions
Bryan a Strong Man
Populists for Brjan
Miners Are All For Bryan
WashaUie Murderers Trial
Vanderllt Quite Ill
Latest From Cuba
Sound Money Democrats
Railtray Danmgred By Storms
In Railway Circles
Carl Nordsitrom Charged With Rape
Plans For the Big Ratification
Gol bug at Work on Wall Street
Affairs of the Connry
Yesterday in the Courts
The School Elections
Provos Council in a Pickle
President Faure Shot At
The City Council
The Midsummer Carnival
I Answer youThe If it will 0 agreeable to
The reply came promptly as follows
r We shall be glad to receive your
l I delegation next Monday
I The Burlington will make a special
rate from Denver to Lincoln and re
turn so that those who wish to accom
pany the train only as far as Lincoln
may do so The rate to St Louis Is to
be the same from all Colorado points
a from Denver
I The Colorado headquarters in St
Louis is to be at the Southern hotel
Two Men VTio Fired on a Union Pa
cific Passenger Train Cinched
Special to The Herald
CHEYENNE Wyo Juiv 14In the
United States court today Ira Smith
and John Kelly of Rock Creek who
fired three shots Into a Union Pacific
passenc train on July 2 were found
II I guilty of contempt of court and sen
tenced tb six months imprisonment
Judge Riner held that as the Union
I Pacific property is In the hands of re
ceivers appointed by the United States
I courts any interference with the oper
I ation o the property is contempt of
I is Said to Be Looming Up in the
Immediate Future
CHICAGO July 14A special to the
TimesHerald from Washington D C I
facfr is useless to conceal the fact that I
should the withdrawals of
gold con
tinue at the present rate another bond
issue will be necessary to sustain the
credit of the government While the
administration has not expected to be
able to pull through until March 4th
without another sale of bonds it did
I hope to defer the issue until late in the
I l I fall or i possible to the first of next
The withdrawals on Monday were
for 675300 of which 375000 is fo
immediate exportation The balance
will probably be hoarded This dispo i
sition to hoard gold has been notably
apparent for several days On Satur
day nearly 125000 was withdrawn for
I I this purpose and on the day before
the withdrawals were nearly 1000000
I a large part of1 which was to b kept
In this country
I The gold reserve today is 98420635
I DES MOiNES July HTe free silver
ver men held a union meeting here to
day There were about thirty dele
gates in attendance besides many vis
itors S H Bashor of Waterloo pre
sided and Herbert Fairall of Iowa
City acted as secretary The meeting
wasmade up of men of all parties I I
was decided to make a vigorous state
campaign and lb place a congressional
candidate in the field in each district
An attempt will be made to fuse with
the Democrats A delegation to the
St Louis convention next week was
selected headed by c C Cole Des
Moines and S H Bashor of Waterloo
Tonight a mass meeting was held and
I was largely attended out of doors I
Receives an Ovation at the Demo
Rceives a
cratic Ratification In Fanuell Hall
BOSTON July 15 George Fred Wfl
Hams fresh from the Democratic con t
vention received an < ovaton at the
Democratic ratification meeting to
night in Faneuil hal
Harry A Jaquith the late president
of the Hancock National bank wis
tha temporary chairman The perraaa
ent chairmari was Timothy Coakley I
Mr Williams explained his conversion
L to the caufce Q t silver standard and
endorsed k the nsttlonai Oo ticket He also 1
at anoY f 1
Each is Pertinent and Calls
Forth Most Hearty
It is Plainly Put by the Patriot
From the Platte
If the Gold Standard i 3 Good
Thing Why Ought AVe Try to Get
Rid of ltAnd i i Be H Da
Thing Why Should WeKeep i
Until Some Other Nation Helps U
to Get Rid of I
SALEM I July 14It has ben
arranged for Bryan to drive this after
noon to Centralla southwest of here
where demonstrations will be given to
night It Is Bryans wish to remain
quiet today but the people of Centralia
made arrangements for a display In his
honor and he finally consented to go A
big demonstration will be held here
tomorrow and tomorrow night
The citizens of Salem have been in
a state of activity all day In prepara
tion for the grand demonstration to
be given tomorrow Every tree on
every street and in every yard Is
being whitewashed in response to a
proclamation Issued by the mayor of
the city which was pasted on all the
dead walls of the town and circulated
the residents The
among reidents proclama
tion bears the likeness of Mr Bryan
at the head and reads as follows
Whereas Hon William J Bryan
Wilam Brya a
former resident of this city has been
nominated for the presidency of the
United States and
Whereas He is about to return
here for a short visit to his relatives
and friends
Therefore I John Lakin Mayor of
the city of Salem do most respectfully
request that all business houses and
residences be suitable decorated In his
honor during his stay in our mIdst
When Mr Bryan had finished his
dinner he took his children and went
down to
and had hiT photograph taken He
then returned to the home of his aunt
where he remained until train time
The taking of his photograph caused
considerable excitement In Salem
exciement and r
men and women gathered about to
watch the proceedings When It was
over they all shook hands with Mr
Bryan and some of the old men took
occasion to tell him how they had t
watched him from his youth up and
how they always did believe he was i
bound to be great Every day one i
hears amusing stories of Judge Bryan
Mr Bryans father The judge appears t
to have been a vigorous old fellow
and in many ways rather eccentric
According to Colonel T E Merritt
who is a brother of General Wesley
Merrit United States armyJudge
Bryan was dangerously ill shortly af
ter reaching Illinois and at that time
made a vow that i the Lord would
spare his life he would 1
and thanksgiving to him three times a
day as long as he lived and the judge
kept his word 1
Said Colonel Merritt I have seen J
him many and many a time when a
case in court was being argued before i
him take out his watch at noon stop
the proceedings get down on his knees
before the bench and offer up the
prayer in silence I became so com
mon that we never thought anything <
of i but I used to be the cause of
some comment among strangers when
they would happen to be in the court
room j
The judge was twice a member of
the Illinois senate and once a member
of the state constitutional convention
He was twice nominated for congress
and could have been elected but he
would not allow the use of a single
cent for campaign purposes W J
Bryan the presidential candidate ha
many of his fathers characteristics i
from n religious point of view Every
time he comes to
he attends services at the Presbytrian
church where the Rev Dr Sprowts
has been pastor for a score of years J
or more Last Sunday his old pastor
announced to the congregation that he
had taken it upon himself to send a
telegram in the name of the congre
gation congratulating their fellow
brother in Christ upon the honor he
had received He then pronounced a
few words of praise and commenda
tion upon the character of Mr Bryan
briefly reviewing his career from the
time he left Salem until die was nom
inated for president
At Cent lln 1
CENTRALIA IlL July HFor some
reason the ovation that was to have been
given to William J Bryan tonight was
almost failure Scarcely SCO people all
told were at the station when the train
pulled In bearing Mr Bryan a his wife
A club of Democratic voters arrived from
Nashville with a band about 73Q and a
few minutes later one came in from Fair
field but they added scarcely 200 people j
to the crowd To make matters worse
the place selected for Mr Bryan to meet
the crowd was at the city pk which
had already been engaged by William E
Mason a Republican candidate for the
United States senate from this state On
this account Mr Bryan and his friends
had to vacate before 8 oclock The big
majority of the crowd that came to the
park appeared to be Republicans who had
expected to listen to Mr Masons talk
There were frequent cheers fa McKInley
and then the friends of Democracy would
shout for Bryan Altgeld and frea
silver >
It watJ originally intended by Mr Bryan
r and his wife to quietly xtolt this 1
wlfiSrd 3fr Bryan haf many relatftinst
There was to have beeit a sort at reunions
r of the Bryan family of Marion county I
It was however decided by M Bryao t
Li give the visit awl reunion UB
t The train which bAt afe Brr
L l

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