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f V r r J 7 c
f i to Get Bon To Business When You See Another Man
j You have had a good time f has quit advertising 1 la a good
j seen the carnival and feel happy THE SALT LAK HERALD
i J i I Now advertise get down to business and IJ paper time for with you your to advertisement Jump Into the
f j J
I r Bryan and Sewall Are the NOl11i = I
L nees of the National
Silver Party
A Ringing Platform in I
Which There is No
It j Straddle
I r
c T Shadows of Despair flust Be
Liftca From the flasses
Honest Toilers the Men Who Are
Villing to Work Mast IJc Allowed
i J
lowed a Chance sit Leaft to Care
il Fov Those Who Are Dependent
Upon Them The TimeHonored
3Ioney of the Constitution the
Money of Washington uid Hnniil
t ton and Jefferson anil ilonroe
I k n1t1 Jaclcso11 mid Lincoln Should
Uc Just as Good Now iu in the
i Days Gone By
1 >
1 ST LOUIS July 4It was 1040 I
oclock when Chairman St John called
the Silver convention to order
l Rev Dr Covert led in prayer after
which G W Baker of California said
r ths Peoples ftaety convention had ap
pointed a conference committee and I
moved that the con ention defer action
on the platform and postpone the nominations
inations until 330
I E The motion preva ed also a motion
that when the convention adjourns it
adjurn until 330 p m
After a number of delegates had
spoken on the silver question Senator
Stewart of Nevada was called for He
said he went to Chicago wi Ci little hope
J that a free stiver pisiform would be I
j adopted or candidates appointed There i
never was a more patriotic band of
men on eartii than those who controlled
the Chicago convention The Wall
sreet cirruptioni fund was of no us
At the nentton of Bryans name dele
gates arose shouted cheered flour
I ished umbrellas and Hags Senator
SUfwart said Bryans convention speech
was > the greatest oration in history
I know Mr Bryan Senator Stewart
T went on he beiieves wha we believe
i be is as I
as the star to the pole In conclusion I
Senator Stewart said it was a case of
free silver and free men of America
against an English gold syndicate and I
i4 they must vote as a unit in spite of the I I
millions raised by the goldbugs < x > cor j I
I rupt the votersof the United States
Under the resolutions adopted yester
I day thc roll of stores was called to
find out how many old soldiers occu
pied seatS as delegates The poll show
ed 1106 Union veterans 18 Conflder
rut iefterons four Mexican war veter
ans l ss Helen Mlldhrtl read an original
pT71 entttied The Will of William t
Vt i itney
Juuge Scotc of Omaha was call d to
I the platform He said I
Oh God send the pestilence and dis i
1 ens and vermin and war and famine
4 am < mg us if you vriil but In thy good
providence deliver us from another I
lour years oppression under Grover
Cleveland < I
f He called for three cheers for Bryan
width were given
General Mclvcr exCongressman de
livered an appeal for union of tihe silver j
men and was given three cheers I j
A rcsoluitibn offered by Towne of I I
Minnesota that when the convention
has completed the memPjership of the
national comnittee as far as it can
th1 coiiimitltee sha Q have power to fIU1
vacancies was laid over until after
noon I
The convention adjournedt until 330
pm j
The delegates as usual came together
slowly for the afternoon session and i
at the hour fixed33Gnot half were I
in their seats nor were any of tile I
officsrs present It was nearly 4 oclock
before the oittfadance assumed Its us
ua appearance Spectotors were
numerous thaai at previous
1dlfihtl more
vious sessions
At 355 p in dhoirman St John rap j
DES1 for order and introduced the Rev j
Tir Hagercy who made the opening I
pr e 1
pTtt une conclusion of the < invocation
QV Bak > x was called upon for a re I
port from the conference ccmmittec He
sss 1 the time was too short to reach a i
< a tfruuJ conciAsJots There vere i
not nnre ian 100 men im the confer I
ence arid only two hours in which to
S diVFS tlc metJiodB to be pursued He II
read the resolutions which were adopt
i ed at the conference i I
fif t On motion of Mr Turner of Kansas
1 2 c the report was accerted and adopted j i
i by a tmanlmous vote The report of
j tie laiform committee was then mode
by Stnoitor Jones of Nevafin As he 1
read She platform lie was frequently j i
± TniptM by applause The platform i
reads as follows
The national silver party In conven
3 T
1 >
tion assembled hereby adopts the follow
ing declaration of principles
First The paramount issue at this time
in the United States is indisputably the
money question It is between the gold
standard gold bonds and bank currency
on the one side and the bimetallic stand
ard on the oilier
On this issue we declare ourselves to
be In favor of a distinctly American finan
cial system Ve are unalterably opposed
to the single gold standard and demand
the immediate return to the constitutional
standard of gold and silver by the resto
ration by this government independently
of any foreign power of the unrestricted
coinage of gold and silver as the standard
money at the ratio of 16 to 1 and upon
terms of exact equality as they existed
prior to 3S73 the silver coin to be a fu
legal tender equally with gold for all
debts and dues public and private and
we favor such legislation as > twill prevent
for the future the demonetization of any
kind of legal tender money by private
We hold that the power to control and
regulate a paper currency is iiEcpii = jai
from the power to coin money and hence
that all currency intended to circulate
as money shoUld be issued audits volume
controlled by the general government only
and should be legal tenaer
We are unaiterabiy opposed to the
issue by the United States of interest
bearing bonds in time of peace and vre
denounce as a blunder worse than a crime
the present treasury polcy incurred by
a Republican house of plunging into
debt by hundreds of millions in the vain
attempt to maintain the gold standard
by borrowing gold and we demand the
I payment of all coin obligations fst the
United States as provided by existing
laws in either gold or silver coin at the
opton of the government and not at the
option of the creditor The demonetiza
tion of silver in 1S73 enormously increased
the demand for gold enhancing the pur
chasing power and lowering all prices
measured by that standard and since that
unjust and indefensible act the prices
of American products have fallen upon
an average nearly 50 per cent carrying
down with them proportionately the
money value of all forms of property
such fall of process has destroyed the
profits of legitimate industry injuring the
producer for the benefit of the nonpro
ducer increasing the burden of the debtor
swelling the gains of the creditor para
lyzing the productive energes of the Amer
ican people relegating to idleness vast
numbers of willing workers sending the
shadows of despair into the home of the
honest toiler filling the land with tramps
and paupers ard building up colossal for
tunes at the money centers
In the effort to maintain the gold
standard the country has within the last
two years In a time of profound peace
and plenty been loaded down with 5 262
WOCOO of additional interest bearing debt
under such circumstances as to ailow a
syndicate of native and foreign bankers
to realize a new profit of millions on a
sinjrle deal
it stands confessed that the gold stand
ard can only be upheld by so depleting
our par currency as to force the prices
of our product below the European and
even below the Asiatic level and enable
us to sell in foreign markets thus aggra
ating the very evils of which our peo
ple so bitterly complain degrading Amer
ican labor and striking at the founda
tions of our civilization itself
The advocates of the gold standard
persistently claim that the cause of our
distress is over productionthat we have
produced so much that it has made us
poorwhich implies that the true remedy
5s to close the factory abandon the farm
and throw a multitude of people out of
employment a doctrine that leaves us un
nerved and disheartened and absolutely
without hope for the future
We affirm it to be unquestioned that
there can be no such economic paradox
as over production and at the same time
tens of thousands of our fellow citizens
remaining half clothed and half fed and
who are pitecusly clamoring for the com
mon necessties of life <
SecondThat over and above all other
questions of policy we are in faver of re
storing to the people of the United States
the timehonored money of the constitu
tion goid and silver not one but both
the money of Washington and Hamilton
and Jefferson and Monroe and Jacksosi
and LIncolnto the end that the Ameri
can people may receive honest pay for an
honest product that thp American debter
may pay his just obligations in an honest
standard and not the standard that has
appreciated 100 per cent above all the
great staples of our countrv and to the
end further that silverstandard coun
tries may be deprived cf the unjust ad
vantage they now enjoy in the difference
in exchange between gold and silver
an advantage which tariff legislation can
not overcome
We therefore confidently appeal to
the people of the United States to leave
in abeyance for the moment all other
questions however important and even
momentous they may appear to sunder if
need be all former party ties and afilla
tions and unite In one supreme effort to
free themselves and their children from
the domination of the money powera
power more destructive than any which
has ever been fastened upon the civilized
men of any race or In any age And upon
the consummation of our desires and ef
forts we invoke the gracious favor of
divine providence
Inasmuch as the patriotic majority of
the ChIcago convention embodied in the
financial plank of its platform the prin
cspcs enunciated in the platform of the
American Bimetallic party promulgated
at Washington D C January 22 1896
and herein reiterated which is not only
the paramount but the only real Issue
in the pending campaign therefore rec
ognIzing that their nominees embody
these patrotic principles we recommend
that this convention nominate WKllam J
Bryan of Nebraska for president and Ar
thur Sewall of Maine or vice president
A motion to adopt the platform was
ilr Hess of Illinois objected and a
wordy wrangle followed It ended in I
the adoption of the platform
It was decided by the chairman that I
the recommendation regarding the I
nomination was not a part of the plat
form and should be acted upon separ
Mr Page of Nebraska moved that
the convention proceed to the nomina
tion of a presidential candidate It
prevailed I
General Warner said It would be
necessary to nominate a canddate
rather than to endorse In order to I
avoid some of the peculiarities of state
ballot laws
D E Little of Kansas nominated
William J Bryan of Nebraska He
said that through a long term of years
tills country had experienced a de
pression in business that had never be
fore been seen on this earth He spoke
of the denial of trial by jury to Amen I
can citizens and of the platform > t
ed by the Republican national conven
Its proposition if carried out would I
double the debts of the poor It en
dorsed Cleveland and nominated Mc
Kinley and continuing he referred to
the Wall street barons
Christ he said forgave the thief
and pardoned the courtesan but the
1IIII t m t tr
I money changers he scourged from the
In 1860 the country looked to the west
for a president in time of trouble It
got Lincoln Today the country was
in trouble and again it
and it would get a man who like Lin
coln would lead them Ito prosperity
This man was William J Bryan of Ne
braska He would be the next presi
There was loud and vigorous ap
plause at the conclusion of Mr Littles
Colonel L C Pace of Nebraska sec
onded the nomination of Mr Bryan
When he came into the hall he said
he was met by the motto To the
polls ye sons of freedom and he
could scarcely refrain from exclaiming
All hail and when he sajy the star
of the flag he felt that the stars of
heaven were over the homes of all the
I country that needed a savior He be
lieved that the nomination was but
formal as every delegate had but one
purposethe nomination of William J
Bryan He said that In the nomination
of McKhrtey all the
while Bryan went to Chicago with no
such influence behind him
He thanked God that this people
could still think for itself and this it
was doing in behalf of William J
Bryan of Nebraska whose nomination
he seconded in behalf of the great
I west
wesA number of other speeches were
j made and then the rules were sus
I pended on motion of P V Wise of
Missouri and Mr Bryan was nomin
ated by acclamation
I The wildest enthusiasm followed
The band played Columbia Amer
lea and other stirring tunes while
the howling and screaming delegates
I marched around the hall waving hats
umbrellas and handkerchiefs This
was continued for ten minutes
Mr Baker of California moved that
the convention proceed to the nomina
tion of vice president
Mr Troup of Connecticut placed the
name of Arthur Sewall of Maine be
fore the convention He made no
Mr Niles of Ohio seconded the nom
ination He had known Mr Sewall
for years and his father before him
and there could be no fitter man than
he for the place
It was moved that Mr Sewall be
declared the vice presidential nominee
by acclamation and the motion pre
vailed The band played America
and the delegates sang it
Then they sang the DoxolOgy
When quiet was restored Mr Baker
of California moved that each delega
tion select a member of the commit
tea to notify the nominees This was
agreed to
The roll call of states was begun
but before it was half finished two
thlrds of the delegates had left the
hall and all the visitors had gone
Colonel Pace of Nebraska offered a
resolution declaring it to be the sense
of the convention that as the Demo
cratic party had arranged to notify
Bryan andSewall in New York the
silver party notify them in Bryans
home in Lincoln
The motion was agreed to
Thereupon the convention adjourned
sine die
New National Committee
ST LOUIS July 24At a meeting of
the new national committee of the sil
ver party held Immediately after the
adjournment of the convention to
night Charles D Lane of California
one of the largest gold mine owners
in the world was elected chairman
and I N Stevens of Colorado secre
tary Headquarters will probably be
established at Chicago The national
committee also selected Hon D P
Thompson president of the Oregon
Railway and Navigation company of
Portland Ore as a special envoy to
go to Japan and the Hon J M Haw
thorne of St Paul Minn to go as a
special envoy to Mexico for the pur
pose of making an official investigation
as to the effects of the free coinage of
silver in these countries
IVo Game
PITTSBURG Pa July 24No game I
on account of rain
Wnshlncrton Wins
LOUISVILLE Ky July 24 Post
poned game was played off today
Washington winning after a hard
struggle Attendance 500 Score
Washington runs 8 hits 12 errors
3 Louisville runs 7 hits 12 errors
3 Butteries McJames and McGuire
Cunningham and Miller
And Again
CINCINNATI 0 July 24No game I
on account of rain
Thirteen Inning
ST LOUIS July 24Thirteen in
nings were played by the Browns and
Orioles today The home team delayed
the game in the last inning because of
darkness ahd the umpire gave it to
Baltimore 9 to 0 The visitors batted
hard knocking Donohue all over the
field but their fielding was faulty At
tendance 1500 Score St Louis
runs 8 hits 12 errors 4 Baltimore
runs 13 hits 21 errors 6 Batteries
Donohue and McFarland Hoffer and
The Rroolclyn Won
CHICAGO July 24The Brooklyns
won today in the second inning the
Colts one error being responsible for
five runs Attendance 1800 Score
Chicago runs 2 lilts 10 errors 1
Brooklyn runs 9 aits 13 errors 2
Batteries Friend and Donohue Abbey
and Grim
NEW YORK Judy 24Hon Chaun
cey M Depew arrived on the Lucania
this afternoon from Europe having
been called home by the illness of Mr
Cornelius Vanderbilt He was taken
from the boat at quarantine and
brought to the city on a tug and went
direct to Mr Vanderbilts residence
Special to The Herald I
CHEYENNE Wyo July 24Cata
rino Saleniz the Mexican who shot and
killed Ranchman Frank Adams near i I
Rawlins last week is still at Jorge
Governor Richards today offered 500
reword for his capture
Y j ii
A Speech Made in the
Senate Replying to Till =
man Returns to Plague
the Distinguished New
York Senator
Special to The Herald
The Evening Times Created some
thing of a political sensation to
siiKlit by rehashing a speech of
Senator David B Kill delivered
iu the Senate last 3Hty
v >
It was in reply to Senator Till
Juan who hail dramatically
threatened to Jolt the Dcmocrat
ic convention if it resolved for
Senator Hill rebuked Tlllninn
for his disloyalty to Democracy
and said in hart
Sir no matter what may llc in
store lor us in the nest campaign
come victory or defeat come sun
hine or slindovr come weal or
woe there iN where I will be
found again in hchsilC whoever
may be the Democratic cuiididate
and whatever may be the nation
al Democratic platform in the
campaign I do not expect to
have my Democracy stained in so
loing I have confidence in the
wisdom of the Democratic masses
and the Democratic party
I I hope that my friend the Sen
I ator from South Carolina and I
Trill not part company at the
toor of the convention I dID
not even Icnoiv thtaB shall he
there as a deleBatepi represent
in part the Democracy of my
state I may he so honored and
Imay not be so hnt I will go
there with no threats I will be
there with no menaces I will
go there expecting to have < my
say to speak my sentiments and
to abide hy the result of the con
vention when it shah be ended
The pnhlication of this speech
today created a grent deal of
amusement among < he politicians
whojjrtipclare tJth > onI one
thing for llilItodoivpmor the
Bryan and Sewall ticket
A Cloudburst in Colorado flakes
Many Mourners
Miraculous Escape of a Little Girl
Who Floated For Half a Mile Be
fore She Wns Rescued It is Just
Possible That the Loss of Life
May Be Even Greater Than i is
Now Reported Wires All Dow
and Add to the Trouble
LEADVILLE Colo July 24A special
to the Herald Democrat from Morrison
Colo says A cloudburst in Bear Creek i
canyon just above here at 8 oclock to
night brought down a solid wall of water
ten feet high which not
only did great
damage to property but caused the loss or
from fifteen to twenty lives The known
dead are
Mrs Miller and three children
A party of campers fifteen to eighteen
in number who were living in a small
house just below town smal
Viola Foster a little Denver girl who
was with this party was saved at a point
half mile below their camp by people
who heard her cry
Tills much has been learned on this
side of the creek but all bridges are
gone and the water is still high and aie
swift nothing can be learned from the t
other sIde Searching parties are out on
both sides of the stream I
of looking for bodies
of dead and injured It IS leared boies
there has been more loss of life as there I
were scores of people camping along both
sides of the creek both above and below 1
town Wires are down in all directions I
except telephone line to Leadville and >
neavy storms between here and there i i
threaten to break that
I j
Bad at Golden
DENVER July 24A special to the I
Republican from Golden Colo
says i
The worst storm in it history broke I
upon this city at 8 oclock Three lives I
are known to have been
havC n lost and thous
ands of dqllars worth of propentv ant is f
The dead are
A A Johnson and wife I
Mrs J F Edwards
The Johnsons were carried down wLth I
their house Mrs Edwards was
Ewads wa imShin
in the barn when the miing
te ba whe te building was
swept away
James Bishop 80 years old Wa car I I
ried half a mile down the scream and I I
finally caught a tree from whichi he
was rescued some hours later His ter
rible on experience has unsettled his reas1
onThe loss of property cannot be esti
mated ait this time but will
matd 31 ts tme wi reach many
thousands The Union Pacific
thousads Pacifc Denver
Gulf railroad loses a bridge and other
property The light and waiter plants of
the city are disable
News is anxiously awaited from up
the canyon as it is believed there was
been great loss of life
i The storm broke at 8 oclock Rain
fell in sheets for twenty
fel seeJ twCtt minutes and
hn the gulches above pte their
I I floodb into Clean Creek canyon the
water came down In a wall thirty feet
high carrying everything before It All
the bridges in the city were swept away
as well as many buildings near the
banks down the creek It is said many
small farmers below this city have suffered
fered loss not only of their crops but
in many instances their land itself
The names of the dead so far as
learned are
Mrs Moses Miller and three children
Harry Lenie and an infant
Mrs A B Proctor and three children
Robert Margaret and Edith
Mrs T F Tracey
Mrs Harris and four children
Eugene Mabel Josephine and Carl
Jimmie Edith Mamie Maurice
Emma and Clara Casey
The Miller family were residents
here but the others were Denver peo
ple spending the summer here Nearly
all were small children
Prepirriiig a Call For Another Dem
ocratic Convention
CHICAGO July 24The committee
appointed by the gold standard Dem
ocrats last night to prepare and issue
B call for another convention met at
the Auditorium at 1 oclock today
Comptroller Eckles arrived this
morning I had been supposed he
would bring a message from President
Cleveland but he emphatically denied
Aft2r a hrs discussion amajori
t report was prepared calling for a
convention not later than September
2 A committee of five was selected to
arrange for state conventions The
national committee is to meet in In
dianapolis on August 2 to decide on the
place for a national convention
The majority report as adopted is a
To the conference Your committee
recommends the adoption of the fol
lowing resolutions
In view of the revolutionary actions
of the recent Chicago convention its
repudiation of all Democratic plat
forms and principles and its condem
nation of the national Democratic ad
Resolved First that it is the sense
of thIs conference composed of Demo
crats from the states of Illinois Ohio
Indiana Wisconsin Kentucky Mis
Kntuck 1Is
souri Michigan Texas Iowa Minnesota
ta and Nebraska that a thoroughly
sound and patriotic declaration of
principles be enunciated and that can
didates for president and vice presi
dent in accord therewith be nominated
Second That the Democrats in the
several states who are in sympathy
with this recommendation and unalter
ably opposed to the declarations and I
tendencies of the Chicago paltform be
requested to arrange for a member of a I
national Democratic committee
Third That the national commit
tee thus selected meet at the city of
Indianapolis 0 Friday the 7th day of
August 1896 at 2 p m for the
purpose of issuing a formal call for a
national Democratic convention to be
held not later than the second day of
September 1896 at such place and to
be constituted and convened in such
manner as such national committee
may determine
Fourth That an executive commit
tee of five be appointed by the chair
man of this conference of which he
I shall be one with authority and direc
tions to name a suitable person in each
state where to take
necessary appro
priate steps to cause state meetings to
be held with all convenient speed for
I the purpose of selecting members of
such committee in time for said com
mittee meeting to designate a member
to represent such state temporarily
Respectfully submitted
GEORGE lf DAVIS Secretary
A committee of two Henry S Rob
bins of Chicago and W D Bynum of
Indiana was appointed to open head
quarters in Chicago and begin an ag
gressive hard money campaign
The committee then adjourned
Later in the day Chairman Bragg an
nounced the names of the committee of
five provided for in the report General
a Edward S Brass Wisconsin W
D Bynum Indiana H S Rabbins Illinois
linois James O Broadheod Missouri
W B Haldeman Kentucky
Six of One eleven
te el ven states represented
at the conference
> ec nameditheir members
of the provisional committee Illinois
John l1 Pafaier Indiana J R Wilson
Wisconsin E B Usher Missouri L C
Krauithoff Minnesota F W McCutch
eon Nebraska Euclid
Eucld Martin
The other states deferred tine ap
pointment of their committeemen
I is Not Expected the Republicans
Will Have One
CLEVELAND 0 July 24 Chair
man Hanna of the Republican execu
tive committee anounced today that no
advisory committee will be appointed
It wa believed a1 along that there
would be such a committee as is cus
tomary and men close to Mr Hanna
have predicted who some of the mem
bers would be Hanna would give no
reason for his decision but it is said
to be because no satisfactory division
of the appointments to the committee
could be made in New York state
owing to the reations between the
Platt and BlissMiller factions The
absence of an advisory committee is
deemed to be not of much moment as
its duties are largely nominal For the
eastern headquarters of the executive
committee the Hotel Waldorf in New I
York has been chosen Mr Hanna will I
be there next week to confer with the
eastern committeemen and will then go I
to Chicago
The opening meeting of the campaign f
paign will be at Omaha August 5
when Hon Roswell G Horr and Sen
ator Burroughs will speak Senator
Sherman will stump the west in oppo
sition to free silver
I sion
New York Arrived Adriatic Liver
Sailed State of Nebraska Glasgow
Naples Sailed Werra New York
I Bremerhaven Sailed Bonne New
York I
SPRINGFIELD 0 July 24There
was Q cloud burst here last night and
everything was flooded The people in
the east end are moving upstairs on
account of the overflow of Buck creek
Front and North streets are partly
under water A crowd of campers at
I Redmond mill has been perched in
1 < i L h
As a Result Thomas E Watson of
Georgia is Named for Vice =
trees all night A rescuing party has
been organized The magnificent
Snyder park costing 525000 is almost
ruined The damage in the country is
I SAN FRANCISCO July 24 Albert
L Stetson general manager of the Yo
Semite Valley Railroad company and
son of James B Stetson millionaire
merchant and railioad president shot
himself ely this morning in the rooms
of his friend Frederick Webster and in
the presence of Miss Amy Head a
friend of Stetson and Webster No
n is assigned for the suicide ex
cept that Stetson had been drinking
of absinthe for several
large quantities asinre seel
days His youth wealUi social and
commercial prominence have made his
act seem doubly sensational He rut
tended a variety theater fat evening
width some friends Miss Head among
Silver Men Endorse Our Ticket
Populists c Repudiate Sev all
A Colorado Tragedy
At Farmlngton lagoon
Business Mining mend Stoclr
Mr Rciwlins Not 1 Candidate
Utah Press Association Excursion
Hankers to the Rescue
Pioneer Day in Ogden
In Railway Circles
Death of Dr J M Benedif
Raivlinti Not a GnaulidAte
At the Lake Resorts
Horse Racing at Calders
the number After supper Stetson and
Miss Head went to Websters rooms
Webster has been in England and in
his abs gsve J ke stQ his rooms
to Stetson his iEtimaite friend and to
Miss Head whose own apartments were
in the same house Stetson went into
the bedroom of the suite and while
Miss Head was in an adjoining apart
ment shot himself in the head dying
an hour liter Extraordinary pains
were taken by the Stetson family to
keep the affair secret and the physician
death certificate
was induced to sign a deah fCaIte
stating that the shooting ha been accidental
cidental but Miss Head states Stetson
had been threatening suicide all even
probable that E J Baldwin will retire
from the turf His racing string this
season has been a failure and he says
seaon that uness there is improvement he
will abandon racing and devote his al
teration to breeding Baldwin has raced
horses for twenty years and has been
one of the most successful men on the
Anita farm
American turf His Santa
has produced more derby winners than
similar establishment in the
any establshmEnt
al siiar has
country and many a stake race
countr gone to the black and maltese cross
Santa Anita horses have five times
Santa Aia
won the American Derby and finished
second twice
ST LOUIS July 2tA special to the
Republic from Terre Haute Indiana
Reub1c says Eugene V Debs said last night
he sys was not going t attend the Populfct
gLng Louis and that he
convention in Luis aO tha
accept the
would not a te nomirat
president if it wa tendered him
Special to The Herald
CHEYENNE Wyo July 24Judge
Metz has entenced E W Scott late
of Sheridan county to
county clerk count
three imprisonment in the penitentiary
thre years imprsonment
tentiary yel Scott was arrested last week
charged with issuing a false certificate
indebtedness forging an endorsement
of ind btednes forgng a
thereon for the purpose of negotiating
DL He pleaded guilty to the charge
that it was done to relieve temporary
Sting tat i done releve
porary financial difficulties
Given a RousIng Welcome
Teller is
at Cheyenne
Special to The Herald
CHEYENNE Wyo July 24Senator
Henry M Teller who is to be the prin
cipal speaker at he Bryan ratification
meeting here tomorrow night reached
here at 10 oclock this evening He was
met by nearly a thousand people
escorted to the hotel by the Cheyenne
bands Word has been received
cilty bds Wo bn
from silver men in all portions of the
state of their intention to be present
a a great meeting is expected
ThInk i is Good
LONDON July 24Lord Farrar for
merly secretary of the board of trade
Chronicle this
has a article In the
morning on the currency question in
the Unit d States in which he says he
thinks on the whole the outlook is
good for the gold standard Recent
events he says have freed the ques
tion from a haze and have proved that
the ratio is the real essence of the
A proposal for an honest ratio
says Lord Farrar of 30 to 1 would
receive no support The cause of the
gold standard has become the cause
of common honesty It is the merit of
the present struggle in the United
States and it has brought this truth
to the front
In STi
It Is Not Believed That
Bryan Will Accept the
A Conference Meld With the Sil
ver Knight
Lafe Pence of the Opinion That the
Vice President Doesnt Amount
to 3Inch Anyway Unless the
President is a Consumptive all
Billy Bryan is sot So Far as is
Known Afflicted With That Ter
rible Disease Sterraxt Howled
Dow the Middle of the Read
ers Who Apparently Lost Their
Heads For the Time Being
ST LOUIS July 24Thomas E
Watson of Georgia who was a mem
ber of the Fiftyfirst congress and who
in the Fiftysecond and Fiftythird
congresses unsuccessfully contested
Colonel Blacks seat was nominated
for vicejpresidentJiythe Populist con
vention on the first ballot shortly after
midnight There were five other candi
dates Sewall Mann Page of Virginia
A L Mimms of Tennessee Congress
man Skinner of North Carolina and
Colonel Burkett of Mississippi The
nomination was made unanimous b
fore the result of the roll call was an
Mr Bryan sent word to his suppose i
ers that he would not accept a nomina
tion at the hands of the convention
under these circumstances He will
stand loyally by his running mate
The opposition to Sewall in the Pop
ulist convention practically swamped
the Bryan forces at the day session of
the convention by making it impossi
ble to prevent a division of the Chicago
The leaders were powerless to check
the strong feeling against the Bath
shipbuilder and banker
They had carried the day in the com
mittee on resolutions in framing a com
paratively moderate platform which
they afterwards got through the con
I vention with ease Their strategy was
skillfully displayed at other points
I But the intense undercurrent of feel
I ing against Sewall was fatal to them
I was a sunken ditch unmarked upon
I the battlefield which clutching with
I its muddy fingers at the wheels of his
artillery bore down Napoleon and hs
I eagles at Waterloo
Today the ditch was in open view
From the beginning it has gaped like
I a chasm athwart the path of the Bryan
managers In vain they attempted to
bridge i Moreover today for the first
time the middle of the road element
worthy of the name Recognizing the
fact that all hope of defeating Bryans
nomination was lost they concentrated
all their efforts against Sewal concentre
did more they devised a cunning
1 scheme by which the cunnng was
i forced to nominate the vicepresident
I before the president I was an unpre
i i cedented thing but it served to mass
i the votes in favor of a Populist candi mas i
date for vicepresident and
viepresident uncover
I them in advance in the fear that if
Bryan were first nominated the enthu l
siasm might break down the
I Ihe opposi
ton to Sewall and stampede a major
ity of the votes for the Nebraskans
running mate When the proposition
was made to change the regular order
of the nominations the Bryan men 1
strained every nerve to
nere prevent It
They even pleaded Jerry Simpson on
behalf of Kansas
went so far as to
intimate that the vote of the Sunflower
state would be
fa vicepresident if the regular order
was not reversed When the roll was
I caded they rallied every vote at their j
i command Senator Butler
cmmnd Bute o North
Carolina was a powerful ally with the
r 95 votes o the old north state behind
i him and Congressman Skinner the <
i chairman of the delegation cast the
solid vote of the state against the
t change When the vote was figured up
i however and he ascertained that there
I was a majority C 26 in favor of the 4
proposition under his direction after 1
I a very pretty theatrical exhibition from j
Mr Skinner the vote of the delegation
I was cast for the proposition and the 1
antis emerged from the contest with a
I majority of 170 This > nade the defeat
I of SewaIl and the nomination a a
Populist fo vicepresident certain
I After that the conference of the joint
committee O the two conventions
could come to nothing and the silver
convention promptly nominated Bryan j
and Sewall and adjourned sine die
The antiBryan men although they
presented a minority platform de
manding an irredeemable paper currency
rency and 1
of the Democratic and Republican pa i
ties did not attempt to press It te
I their victory The majority report
i d i t

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