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1 of a man for the presidency is the of people of this country demand
i same as an indorsement of a newspaper SAL LAKE HERALD a change the same as a business
J paper as an adverts g medium THE man changes his anlvertisemeiiit
I Look at The Herald and you will Read todays Heralds advertise
I see it is indorsed 0 ments
General Weavers Great Trib
itcf ute to William Jen
I nings Bryan
He Has No Right to Refuse the
Honor Bestowed
Wlie Question Presents the Mightiest
e Civic Question That Ever Con
vulsed si Civilized Xnttion Tlie
t Conflict Cnn > eitber lie Postponed
Stor Avoided Supreme Hour For
Action HIS Arrii ed The People
Have u Gallant Champion in the
Field Ilryan Nominated By the
Populists on the First Ballot
ST LOUIS July William Jen
flings Bryan of Nebraska who was
nominated by the Democratic national
convention at Chicago a fortnight ago
was today made the standardbearer
of the Populist party by a vote of
LU = iU
r Tne Democratic candidate was nom
inated in the face of his own protest
in the shape of a telegram directing
the withdrawal of his name sent to
j Senator Jones after Sewall had been I
ditched for the vicepresidential nom
ination last night and Thomas Watson
of Georgia had been named for second
place on the ticket
It was also made in the face of an
1 opposition so bitter that after the
convention adjourned some of the rad
i icals
i The last session of the convention
which lasted from 930 this morning
sjlio almost 5 oclock this afternoon was I
Marked by scenes of noisy excitement
whicn several times bordered on actual
rict and which almost precipitated
r personal collisions
j One fist fight did occur A dele
I bate was ejected and a West Vir
ginia delegate inflamed by the ac
tion of the convention walked sullenly
out of the hall
The storm center as on the previous
i day was in the Teas delegation
But the really dramatic features of I
this wild session were enacted behind
the scenes Rumors of what was going I I
an in the wings reached the delegates
but they knew nothing definitely and
to the very end a message from Mr
Bryan which
was kept from their ears
To add to the other features of the
day the convention was without music
and the hall was littered and bestrewn
with the grime and dirt of yesterdays I
twelvehour sitting It was not ex
pected that the convention would last
mcro thrfci three days and the contract
mt1e vAhUhe local committee expired
la = t night
1 I The Populist Bryan managers de
A ded at the outset today to disregard
tTr Bryans telegram of last night
and to nominate him and straighten
out the tangle afterwards They
started out to rush his nomination
through before any other candidate
could be put in the field as a football
team by means of a brilliant flying
wedge sometimes forces a goal But
the interference was too much for them
ard their line was broken
dtneral Weaver of Iowa the Popu
list candidate in 1892 placed Bryan
In nomination and General Field of
Virginia who was his running mate
after a brief speech moved to mako
the nomination unanimous
Ciiarman Allen held the motion was
Jn < dtr and that until that motion was
aceaea the call of states for noonina
tkn which was the
t COil d not prevail Some cheered some
ctrsxl and some fought and there
voall probably have been serious
trouble had not the Bryan leaders
vsaly concluded to abandon this so
regarded highhanded programme
Put in doing so they opened the
lioodgales and for six hours the con
1 vention was deluged with oratory
Alnist every state and territory had
its inning
S < mc of the speakers had seconded
Bryans nomlnntion About fifty sec
onding speeches were made and some
of them were both eloquent and bril
The middle of the road contingent
insisted upon knowing at every oppor
tunity in view of his telegram wheth
er Bryan would stand on the pCatform
Y and accept the nomination
But all these pointed questions were
neatly parried
Judge Green of Nebraska and others
vouhed for Bryans sympathy with
Popullstlc principles but that was all
the satisfaction the radicals could get
The Texas delegation then sent a
message to Bryan at Lincoln putting
the direct question tg him
To this no answer was received but
the Democratic candidate had been In
constant communIcation with Senator
JotS chairman of the Democratic
JDmHte and word come to the con
4 p l ttion haIl that
whh he wanted the convention to
It was then that upon the suggestion
of Fnator Allen a motion was carried
in tho confusion just before the ballot
1r was takrn that may prove the key by
ivl > Vi the complication attending the
des pd union of all the silver forces
may be unlod ed
It was a motion conferring upon the
aatl nal committee plenary powers
all tli powers as the motion stated
of th convention Itself
l S jme of the radicate pricked up their
ears nron the motion was put and
ther was a vague protest but it Is
certain that the rank and file of the
convention did not realize its full im
As the roll call was proceeding Gov
ernor Stone of Missouri appeared on
l Aj r
d <
the platform with the Bryan message
but Senator Allen would
to the convention and Stone retired
very much disconcerted
The Populist leaders had decided to
go ahead with Bryans nomination ir
respective of the wishes of the Demo
cratic managers
Rumors that such a message was in
the convention aroused Lone Star del
egates to frenzy and Stump Ashby
demanded to know if there was a mes
sage from Bryan on the secretarys
Chairman Allen promptly responded
that there was not but that there was
some talk of a fictitious message
somewhere he had not seen it
Literally of course Senator Allen was
correct He said afterwards in expla
nation of his action that Bryan was
the overwhelming choice oti the con
vention and that the telegram what
ever it was was not addressed to tho
convention or to a Populist delegate
that it was purely
and something with which a Populist
convention had nothing to do
When the call was completed it was
found Bryan had 1042 out of the 1400
votes in the convention
Frank S Norton of Chicago was the
only other candidate
Ignatius Donnelly of Minnesota and
General CQxey of Ohio were nominat
ed but their names were withdrawn
Norton received 321 votes and Eugene
V Debs 10 and Donnelly 1
I Norton got the majority or the solid
vote of Texas Michigan Missouri
Rhode Island and Wisconsin and a
I respectable portion of the votes of Ala
bama California Kentucky Illinois
and Ohio
The convention was hastily adjourn
ed after Bryan had been declared the
nominee and the radicals in the Texas
Arkansas California Illinois and
Maine delegations proceeded to organ
ize their rump convention
After the adjournment Senator Jones
refused to give out Mr Bryans mes
I sage and he immediately posted off to
I Lincoln to confer with the silver
j I knight of the west regarding the situ
i i ation
As to the future all is problematical
I None of the wiseacres pretend to pre
dict with certainty what the result will
I be
Whether a fusion can be arranged or I
upon what basis of course is specu
lated upon
Whether Mr Bryan will decline the
nomination is canvassed
The shrewdest of the political ob
servers and those who are most anxi
ous for a unwm of the silver forces
can see this result only in the with
drawal of one of the vicepresidential
There is and there has been for some
days talk of Sewalls voluntary with
drawal but after the stand Mr Bryan
and Senator Jones have taken this is
not considered probable
It is strongly intimated tonight that
Watson iway be induced to withdraw in
the interest of such a union
It should be said however that this
is intimated by those who wish it
By conferring upon the national Pop
ulist commttee plenary powers those
who are so earnestly striving for an
actual consolidation of tine strength of i
the silver forces created the machin I
ery by which any sort of terms can
be arranged
But what will happen the future
alone can disclose
Some of the Details
Senator Allen called the convention
to order at 930 a m
After the invocation a Connecticut
delegate arose to protest against the
further display of lung power that
characterized the first three days of
the convention He thought it was
about time the convention exercised a
little horse sense His statement
was given a round of applause
Chairman Allen announced that the
first thing in order was the selection
of members of the national committee
and committees to notify the candi
dates for president and vicepresident
SergeantatArms McDowell in ex
I planation of the absence of the band
said the contract with the Business
Mens league expired last night and
I the musicians had been instructed by
the league not to play today
11 Good good feebly shouted the
I weary delegates we are glad of it
I Ignatius Donnelly announced that
I did not appear in the printed platform
i He wanted the convention to under
stand that it had been adopted
I The chairman then called for nomi
nations of president
I Judge Green of Nebraska took the
stand to place Bryan in nomination
I He said the convention was here to
t name the president of the republic
The convention had already he said
selected for vicepresident that noble
I son of the south Thomas E Watson
j Green had not named the candidate
i i before a Texas delegate interrupted
vith thf nnint nf ito fnnt + Vi ctatfx
I must be called in alphabetical order for I
the nominations
I On motion of an Arkansas delegate
the rules were suspended and Judge
j I Green recalled He did not place
j Bryan in nomination however
Alabama was called Governor Kolb
I yielded to General Weaver of Iowa but
Colonel Gaither of Alabama got to the
I platform first and injected a speech
about joining the cotton fieldS of the
south with the wheat fields of the
I west At the conclusion of his remarks
General Weaver formally placed Bryan
in nomination
I General Weaver was greets with ap
plause and said Mr Chairman I
arise before you this morning in my
judgment feeling that this 150 the most
j critical period that has ever occurred
in the Populist party I know I have
I in my heart but one aspiration or lin
gering intentionto do nothing in this
j convention or say one word in this I
j I presence that would militate against
the growth and strength and security
and purposes of the Populist party
I I may say that I have but two as
pirations In connection with that party
I The first is incorporated with my life
work It is to preserve untarnished
I and unbroken the principles we hava
contended for the last twenty years
1 Applause Gentlemen I do not want
anyone to charge that my second pur
i pose is not to preserve the organization
j i for the present and future usefulness in
I every part of this Union You have
i all read the papers this morning You
i t have read mainly the dispatch from
I the Democratic nominee for president
Hon W J Bryan Applause No
I man could have done less and be a
i man His manly attitude concerning
I the action of this convention we must
j all respect and every member of it
I roes and every person who reads the
proceedings of this convention must do
i I the same But my fellow citizens
this question has reached a point
where neither Mr Bryan nor his per
I sonal frOnds have any right whatever
I to say what the action of this conven
tion shall be This is a greater ques
I tion than the personality of its candi
dates and I as an individual tell you
It is the fact
Last night after I read the tele
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National Committee of the Silver Party Addresses
the Friends of the White Metal f
ST LoUIS 3Eo July 2gThe National committee of tlie silver party
has issued nn address to the public It is signed by the committee
and reads as follows
Inasmuch as it has been charged upon the national silver party
assembled in St Louis that We are a convention of repmliators
revolutionists and anarchists vre submit the following to the can
did judgment of the people
In our delgationg are four veterans of our Mexican war forty
nine exConfederates and one Hundred and ninetysix Union army
veterans of the late war Of tIle seven hundred and thirtyone del
egates attending nine are Prohibitionists fortynine Populists
one hundred and fortysix are Democrats and live hundred and
twentysix are Republicans
Under this composition of the convention appeal to all iruci <
patriots without regard to previous party uliiliation to vote for Hon
Win J Br j am for President and Hon Arthur Sewnll for Vice Pres
ident of the United States As a result of their election will be
the restoration of free coinage for silver on equal terms with
gold providing thereby a growing volume of money which will
wenJth vchich will
tend to disseminate nather than to aggregate
relieve the present profound depression and replace it with a wide
We urge you to unite upon this ticket a your sole hope of es
cape from the rigors of a grinding gold monopoly
campaign We therefore call for contribu
Onrs is a poor mens
tions toward legitimate expenses the same to be sent to William
street New
at No 121 East
P St John treasurer
York City Contributions of one dollar or more will be regularly
I acl uolcll ell
Free and Unlimited Coinage
Without the Aid of Any
Other Nation
Holds Nothing Back From the
People I
Whether He Will or Will Not Accept
the domination at the Hamds of
the Populists Depends Entirely
on the Character of the Strings
Attached to It Will Do Nothing
Unfair to Mr Sewnll Neither
Will He Endanger the Sacred
Cmise of lUmetalliMiii
LINCOLN Neb July 25While the
public here in Lincoln have been heart
ily discussing the likelihood of the ac
ceptance or rejection of Mr Bryan of
the Populist nomination or the rejec
tion of Mr Sewall Mr Bryan Put in The
day in absolute silence as to his inten
tions although the pressure was strong
to secure an expression from him
During the forenoon he received
many telegrams from St Louis friends
in relation to the perplexing conditions I
there arising and quite a number of I
friends in other parts of the country I
urging him to stand by his previous I
telegrams 1 >
unless it carried with it that of Mr
Shortly after noon Mr Bryan entered
a carriage with his law partner Mr
Talbot and drove away from the
Bryan residence From that time on
until nearly 6 pm his whereabouts
were shrouded in mystery
All knowledge thereof was denied at
his home and inquiry at Democratic
headquarters and Mr Bryans office
was fruitless
When asked later where he had con
cealed himself Mr Bryan replied that
he had not suspected that anyone
might wish to see him
In reference to the action of the St
Louis convention he said
When the Populists decided to nomi
nate the vicepresident Senator Jones
chairman of the national Democratic
committee wired me as follows I
Populists nominate vicepresident
first If not Sewall what shall I do
Answer quick I favor your declina I
tion in that case
I wired immediately as follows
Hon James K Jones St Louis I I
entirely agree with you Withdraw my
name if Sewall is not nominated
These dispatches were published In I
this mornings papers and the conven
tion understood my position I
In spite of this they have seen fit I
to nominate me I
Whether I shall accept the nomina
tion or not will depend entirely upon i
what conditions are attached to it I
My first desire is to aid in securing
the immediate restoration by the
I United States of the free and unlimited
coinage of gold and silver at the pres
ent legal ratio of 16 to 1 without wait
ing for the aid or consent of any other
I The Republican platform declares
that the bimetallic system should be
restored but asserts that we as a peo I
I ple are helpless to secure bimetallism I
I for ourselves until foreign nations
come to our assistance I
We cannot afford to surrender our
right to legislate for our people upon I
every question and so long as that I i
right is disputed no other question can
approach it in importance
I appreciate the desire manifested
at St Louis to consolidate all the free
silver forces and regret that they did
not nominate Mr Sewall also
He stands squarely upon the Chi
cago platform and
I against greater opposition than we I
have had to meet in the west and
south I
The Populist platform is on many
questions substantially identical with
the Chicago platform It goes beyond
the Chicago platform however and I
endorses some policies which I dont
approve of
All that I can say now is that my
action will depend entirely upon the
conditions attached to the nomina
tion I shall do nothing which will en
danger the success of bimetallism nor
shall I do anything unfair to Mr
Mr Bryan was seemingly as cheer
ful over the situation as he was when
he received information of his nom
ination at Chicago
Action of the St IJouis Gonvention
lias Not Changed Hi Attitude
NEW YORK July SS Xdispatch to
the World from Bath ifisayserr
In reply to a question as to his at
titude and plans in the new situation
caused by the Populists noniination
of Bryan and Watson Mr Sewall said
after a pause
Well the only statement I have to
make in regard to that is that the
action of the St Louis convention
does not change by attitude or plans
the least particle
You have not then the slightest
thought of resigning I supposeImay
say you have no such thought
Well my answer to your first ques
tion covers that equally well said
Mr Sewall
And you have no further statements
of any nature to make was asked
None whatever and Mr Sewall
smiled a good humored good night
Alleged Fate of Fililmsterers Re
cently Landed in Cuba
KEY WEST Fla July 25 Twelve
of the filibusiterers recently landed in
Cuba by the steamer Three Friends
have been killed by the Spaniard ac
cording to letters received here They
were landed near Havana A small
band of Insurgents was in waiting and
took the arms t ohe < mountains While
waiting they were discovered by a
Spanish column The filibusterers fled
into the forest and for four days were
without food On the fifth day after
some had died of heat and exhaustion
they met some insurgent scowl who
I undertook to guide them to a safe
place Soon after meeting the scouts
j I they ran into a Spanish column and
I I were forced to scatter Gabriel Offal
I I and Louis Payroll of Key Wes James
Floyd Of Columbus Ga and PegTf
Atkins wiho is related t a Jacksonville I
family were among those kilted The
names of the othermen killed have not
been heard The other members of the I
expedition finally reached an insurgent I
An Insurgent Defeat
NEW YORK July 25A special to
the Herald from Havana says
Lleuitenarat Alberotto officially reports
having defeated the combined insur
gent forces under Aguirre and Arau
guren near Cardenas Alberotto states
there were more than 1000 men on an
EnglS plamtTution near there Thurs
day The Spanish captured the rebel
munitions arms and horses
In PinaT Del Rio the insurgents re
newed their aitock upon th trocha at
the southern station between L Gala
and Santa Aa being again repulsed
with 10GB
BOSTON July 25At a meeting of
the Massachusetts Democratic com
mittee here today held for th2 purpose
of naming a date for the convention
to nominate state officers the question
of endorsing the national platform was
introduced This caused considerable
discussion and after a sharp debate
it was votedi 24 to 12to refer the
matter to the coming convention the
date of which was set for Sepitem
ber 24
PARIS July 25The American art
ist Mr Edward W Weeks has been
appointed a chevalier of the Legion
of Honor
IS A TERn on
NEW YORK July 25 Joseph Dwy
er who he is a Catholic
says clergy
man and lives in Denver Colo Is in
the insane ward at Bellevue hospital
al He was discharged today in a
police court where he was charged
with creating a disturbance while in
toxicated He pleaded that he took
a glass of brandy too much to cure
him of seasickness he having just re
turned from Ireland After his dis
charge he created a disturbance and
fought overpowered three policemen before being
Republican Party is the Gold
bug Party
International Bimetallism a
BaldHeaded Fraud
Had the Colorado Patriot Had Even
the Shadow of n Belief That
There Was Any Hope For Silver
in the Republican Party He
Would Never Have Left It Some
Words That Burn
Special to The Herald
CHEYENNE Wyo July 25The
most successful political gathering ever
held in Wyoming was the meeting held
here tonight to ratify the nomination
of Bryan and Sewall
Turner hal the largest audience
room in Cheyenne was crowded aTmost
to suffocation during the meeting and
many were turned away unable to en
ter On the platform were a number
of prominent citizens frO all parts cf
the state
The meeting was presided over by
General John Charles Thompson who
opened the meeting with a eloquent
review of the political situation as it
exists with all parties having placed
their candidates in the field and an
nounced their nlatforms
Hon C P Arnold was introduced
and paid a glowing tribute to the can
didate of the Democratic party He
alluded ki a witty manner to the di
lemma of the Republican managers of
the state who on the financial ques
tion stood first on one foot and then
on the other
The guest of the evening
was then introduced and the immense
audience applauded him enthusiastic
ally for nearly five minutes
Senator Teller for nearly two hours
discussed the great question of the
day in the clear forcible and convinc
ing manner which has made him the
idol cf the west and won from the
audience constant attention and un
limited applause He said that the
silver question should need no advo
cacy in Wyoming where both great
parties had at their last state conven
tions declared for free coinage The
Republican voters of the state he believed
lieved Were for free coinage but the
party r managers still held out the hope
that there was some hope for silver in
the Repubican party He read the
financial plank of the St Louis con
vention and said that it offered
I it had he would not have left the
Republican party of which he had
been a member from the day of its
i birth
i birthThe Republican leaders he said
are trying to divert attention from
silver the paramount issue to the
hackneyed subject oE the tariff but as
a believer in the tariff idea I a sure
that no legislation affecting the tariff
I will afford relief to this country at
this time
Senator Teller then reviewed the
financial history of the country and of
England from 1816 when the latter
country adopted the gold standard He
pictured the distress that has been
the lot of thIs country since in 1873 the
conditions which had existed since the
foundation of government were med
dled with and said the American peo
ple are now brought face to face with
I the question is the gold system a good
thing for us to have He challenged
any advocate of the system to deny
his aston that there was not a sil
I verusinj country u i the world n but
what had improved aurm TUC JKISU
ten or twenty years The t Louis I
i I convention was the first time that a I
great body of American people had
i declared the American people incapable
of selfgovernment
I 1 want to impress upon yoti that
this is no ordinary question of politics
I is the greatest question presented to
American people in 100 years I is as
important a question as that which
took iO three million of men under
arms in 1861
In 1861
Mr Teller paid a high tribute to the
I Democratic candidate for president
He had known him for years and de
clared that no purer or a better had
been nominated for the presidency bY
either party for many years than Mr
In closing Senator Teller said if his
Republican friends expected any help
from McKinley for silver they were
I building on false hopes Mr McKinley
had accepted the platform of his
party and if elected and found doing
anything but what that platform de
manded would be despised by every
one I you want t support McKinley
you should come out openly for the gold
standard if you are for silver you
cannot be for McKinley and be honest
or true to yourselves The people of
Wyoming know where their interests
lie and know that in November their
ballots should be for Bryan and sil
ExGovernor Osborne made the closing
ing speech of the evening He showed
in a clear manner the inconsistency of
the Republican leaders of the state
who had been on all sides of the finan
oialquestion in the last few years and
now do not know where they stand1
The Bryan men are greatly encour
aged at the success o the ratification
meeting which has been an auspicious
opening of the campaign I
Wren the exchampion defeated the
tennis champion E H Hovey today
for the Longwood cup in one of the
most excittng games ever seen at
Longwood Wrens famous nerve was
the sole cause of Hoveys defeat for
te champion won by the easy sets
i and lost the three hard ones Wrens
I lobbing was the feature of the match
Hovey being unable to do anything
with the slow bells almost invariably
driving into the net
Young Leo Ware beat in the finals
in the national handicap Ths day
was slippery fine but the courts were a trifle
Special to The Herald
BUTTE Mont July 25rorn Sharkey
arrived here today on his way to New
York where on August 2 he expects the
time and place of meeting with Jim Cor
bett will be decided on Sharkey thinks
the fight will come off in Nevada He
hopes it will not be necessary to go to
Special to The Herald
BUTTE Mont July 25T11e Hope mine
at Basin was sold by the sheriff today un
der a attachment by the First National
bank at Helena representing an overdraft
of 70000 The Hope is a big gold property
and i is said it will resume operations
next week under a new management
He Says China Will Adopt Silver I
NEW YORK July 25A dispatch to
te World from London says
Li Hung Chang being seen in Paris
Teller at Cheyenne
THe Colorado Flooils
Relief of Millions it Stake
Bryan on the Nomination i
Business Mining nUll Stocks
In Railway Circles
TIiiedeH Catie
Death of James J Olleilly
Bryaai and the Populists
Result of the Convention
Armenian Blassaorcs
The Worlds 3IarUetn
News From Nearby ToTsm
Yesterdays s Court Tleeord I
The Citys Finances
Hume Wins His disc
In the Political Arena
Funeral of Dr Benedict
After Prof Stoddard
Funeral of Apostle Cannon Today
Smuprsrlers tnt Their Canning
On the Broadwny Cuxlile Can
Dramatic anti Lyric
American History ill Song
Next the Aluminum Age
In the Social Realm
Wagner Festival
Dos Days at tlie Pole
For Feminine Eyes
YOices of the Night
I said You know that we have no coin
age in China Well I am going t intro
I duce it immediately I will be all silver
We shall be silver mtmometallists I
I monometalsts
shall remain here a short time longer
I then I shall g over to England for sev
eral weeks and then to America I shall
visit New York Washington and Chi
I couver cago and go home by way of Van
CANTON 0 July 25Five hundred
delegates to the national convention of
Window Glass Workers of America at
i Pittsburgr came to Canton by special
train today and visited Major McKinley
One thousand Canton people helped to
swell the crowd and quite a demonstra
tion resulted Henry Bostwick of
Pendleton Indiana acted a spokesman
for the delegation and addressed the
presidential nominee assuring him of
their support at the polls The greatest
enthusiasm prevailed as Governor Mc
Kinley stepped forward to respond to
the address He spoke at considerable
length thanking them for their ex
pressed confidence and discussing the
I questions of the day
Yule Crew However Has No Apol I
ogies to Offer
NEW YORK July 25Among the
passengers on the steamer New York
I were Bob Cook and several of the II
members of the YaleHenley crew Mr
Cook said
We have no excuse to make for jour
our defeat by the fastest crew in the j
world Leander did not have the speed J
we made during the first half of the
I course but they knew how to take I
advantage of their skilful points We I
I I have learned a great deal during our
experience in England and I am
I obliged to confess that English oars I
are better than ours I
Was Formerly a Prominent Citizen II I
of Salt Italic j I
James M Kennelly yesterday received
the following telegram from Shrevesport
Louisiana i
Your uncle E H Barren died here
I this morning Remains will go to Birmingham
ingham Alabama tomorrow
Mr Barren was known in this city in
what are known a early days He was
a member of the firm of Bryant Barren
which ran the Truckee lumber yard on the
site of the present Sierra Nevada Lumber J
companys yard He was a pioneer and
located Walla Walla ere he came to Zion
He l f this city in 1876 for Deadwood
leaving there some time after for Missis
sippi where he engaged in the railroad
business for some time Later he went to
Birmingham where he made his home
He was 7 years of age was a intimate
friend of R C Chambers T R Jones
Bishop Scanlan Father Kiley and others
of this iy
Fridays Wall of Water Fol
lowed By a Larger
All Previous Local Records Are
Raging Torrent Washes Away Ev
erytliinsr in Its Path Currying
Along Houses Barns Trees and
Debris of All Kinds Morrison is
Indeed I Stricken City and i in
Feared the End is Xot Yet Resi
dents AfraId to Return to Their
DENVER Colo July 25The cloud
burst in the foothills west of Denver
I last night resulting in floods in which
twentynine persons are known to
I have been killed was followed this
afternoon by another terrible storm
which has seldom been equalled in this
About 130 p m dark clouds gathered
I in the p northwest and rapidly rolled
v U LUo J
A little before 2 oclock rain and hail
began to fall furiously
According to Weather Observer
Brandenburg seventyhundredths of
an inch of water fell in ten minutes
beating all local records The down
pour continued with somewhat dimin
ished severity for half an hour and it
rained at intervals ail the afternoon
The storm was accompanied by fre
but so far as yet known there was no
loss of life in this city and the damage
was confined principally to the break
ing of window lights and the destruc
tion of growing crops The storm
played havoc with flowers and shrub
bery at the city park and various
greenhouses throughout the city suf
fered severely
At Morrison seventeen miles from
Denver in the foothills where twenty
two persons were drowned in the flood
last night people were terrorstricken
when they saw the second storm ap
proaching this afternoon
Hail began tj > fall soon after 1
oclock The storm continued with
steadily increasing force until nearly
4 oclock when a black cloud of un
usual density began to gather in the
vicinity of Mount Vernon a few miles
from Morrison There the cloud burst
and In an instant
came down the gulch fully six feet
higher than was ever seen before
Everything in its path was washed
away The raging torrent carried
along with i houses barns trees and
debris of all kinds l The flood in this
gulch last evening was but light com
pared to this I is hoped but it Is
by no means certain that the resi
dents and campers in the gulch re
alizing their danger had all escaped
to places of safety before the flood
came Every house in Morrison Is
flooded water having spread out al
lover the place Rain is still falling1
furiously and the elements are making
I such an uproar that i is Impossible
to move around to judge just what
damage has been done Below the
I town there has been searching parties
along the creek seeking for the u
recovered bodies of the dead in last
i nights disastr and there are fears
i that members of these parties have
been caught in this last tidal wave
I Morrison is indeed
and fear is expressed that the end Is
not yet Families are afraid to oc
cupy their homes not knowing at
I what time they may be overwhelmed
in a flood Happily the rumors of
greater loss of life than that already
reported in the floods last night at
Morrison Golden and Mount Vernon
have not been confirmed The dead
niirnhpr ttvpntvninp thAI helm nn
changes in the lists telegraphed last
night and today
I Numerous parties from Denver
camping out at Evergreen Idlewild
Idledale and other places in the moun I
tains near Morrison are safe Many
i hairbreadth escapes and thrilling
I i rescues are reported Of the
at Morrison only thirteen bodies have
been recovered Some may never be
found having been carried away many
miles down the stream nd burled
under debris Mrs A S Proctor and
her four children Mrs T F Casey
and five children Mrs Anthony Herres
and four children Annie Hansen ser
vant arid Thomas McGough a cousin
of Mrs Casey eighteen in all were
living in a large cottage on the banks
o Bear creek A great bank of water
struck the house before the occupants
realized their danger and carried it
bodily away All the inmates perished
except Irene Proctor aged 10 whose
long hair caughiti in the driftwood hold t
ing heIr until aid came
J C Longneckers house was washed
away and dashed to pieces against a
rock Mr and Mrs Longnecker and
three of their children were thrown
high and dry on a hillside One child 1
was drowned One of those saved was
badly injured but will recover The
at places rise almost perpendicularly
800 feet and nearly every summer it is
the scene of a flood but in spite of
the danger It has been a favorite re
sort for Denver people
The damage to the Denver Rio
Grande and the Santa Fe and the
main line of the Gulf railroad will be
quickly repaired but there are ex
tensive washouts on the Gulfs branch
in Clear Creek canyon and > on the
Florence Cripple Creek road
DENVER July 26As far as can be
asortain up to S oclock this morn
in the following is the list of persons
whose lives were lost In the great
floods that swept dbwn upon the towns
of Morrison and Golden In the foot
hills near Denver la night
The dead a Morrison Mrs M

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