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i L r gh
f r I
J T SAT LAKE flE R LD SU Y Jy 26 1895
Miiler and two children and a child of
J C Lronsnecker of Morrison
From Denver Mrs A S Proctor
Robert Jam s Proctor 5 yea Grace
Proctor Edith Proctor 2 years Mrs
T F Casey James Casey 10 years old
EdDiJh Casey 8 years Mamie Casey 5
years AnnJe Casey 7 years Mrs
Anthony Herres Eugene Herres
jrfaibel Herres 2 Caroline Her 4
1 Thomas McGough 25 years old Day
ton Ohio a cousin of IT Casey
Annie Hansen 20 years oSd servant
of the Proctors
Fatally injured A child of J C
Lon neke
Dead at Golden A A Johnson Mrs
A A Johnson and Mrs J F Edwards
The Dsnver people who perished
> were our camping There were many
more cps in that vicinity Some
reports say that when Bear Creek
canyon is uliy explored it will probably
be found thait no less than fifty perished
I ished in the flood Great anxiety is
fet by many families in this city
members of which were camping in
She mountains
The Proctors drowned were the wife
Ptor drwno we te
and children of A A Proctor presi
dent of the Denver Tent and Camping
company Mrs Casey and Mrs
H > rrres were widows The 10year
k old Irene Proctor was caught in a mass
of driifit wood and rescued wit difficulty
culty by Earl McGill and J E Lowe i
The torrente which rushed down
the canyon upon Morrison and Golden
and other mountain towns were caused
by a terrific mountain storm which
extended a hundred miles or more
from Boulder where the damage was
J slight All down the range west ofI I
Denver almost to Pueblo the storm
swept destruction before i I
decon beore
i At Morrison and Golden the torrents I
f r away buildings uprooted trees I
waefhed out long stretches of railroad
tracks swept brIdge and spread anni
1 hilation ruSh the tots Their
c work was brief as the warnings were
inadequate and almost before the citi
l zens knew what had happened the I
t floods had passed leaving only a deadly 1
I wreck of devastation everywhere All I
i that could be done in the darkness and I
I confusion was done by rescuers Men I
t women and children were released I
from dangerous predicaments I
1o roofs of floating houses and help i
ed out of trees
It is feared that lives may have been
lost at Central City and perhaps other
1 4 points in the mountains There is
i great difficulty in oibtaining accurate
information of the extent O devasta
l tion because of the wires being torn
down the railroad tracks swept away
and all communication with Denver
i ct off or interfered with The Gulf
and South Park railroads suffered most
severely in loss of track and bridges
There are also washouts on the Santa
Fe Denver Rio Grande and Florence
ence and Cripple Creek railways
Will Tlnke I Weelc
I DENVER July 25 Reports from
Central City and other points on
Clear Creek canyon indicate that a
week or two must elapse before the
railroad can be repaired and communi
cation restored No lives were lost at
Central City No tidings have been
received from Idaho Springs the wires
being down The damage to railroadis
townships and individuals in this state
i roughly estimated a 50000
Horace M Warren of the firm of
Acheson Warren was driving in
Mount Vernon canyon midway b
It twtn Monison and Golden last night
j in company with his wife Miss Jose
phine Holme a daughter of Richard
p Hoime president O the Denver Union
t Water companj and Misses Delia and
Mary Honner daughters of Judge J
W Homer men tine cloudburst occurred
curred The stream quickly became a
torrent There was no way t stop
the carriage which was swept away by
the flood and the four women drowned
Mr Warren bruised
1Ir 1al br bteedtng
lodged in > a tree and was rescued sev
eral hours later He is in a critical
condition The party were camping
at Judge Homers ranch in Mt Ver
non gulch
Eleven bodies recovered from the
1 flood at Morrison were brought to
Denvtr tonight They Include the
Proctor and Herres famiNes and three
of the Casey children
1J 1
J NEW YORK July 25 Results at
Brighton Beach
t First race one mile and a sixteenth I
selling Hornpipe won The Dragon second
ond Septour third Time 14S I
1 Third race half mile hurdles Flush
ing won Marcus second Uncle Luke f
third Time 256V I
t CINCINNATI July 25 Laionia I
Frst race one mile selling Miss
Maxim won Martin second Whiteside
third Time 147 I
t Second race mile and a sixteenth
I selling Howard Mann won Aimee
second Front Ia third Time 151 I
r Third race six furlongs Joe Clark
won Letcher second Ben Amela third I
Time 1171A I
Fourth race nine furontrs Nimrod 1
won Loki second Ben Holiday third I
Time jiQWi
Fifth race five and a half furlongs 1
True Light won Lady Keith second
Imp third Time 111
Sixth race six furlongs selling El
sie D won Richfield second Chagrin I
third Time 118 4 j
ST LOUIS July 25 Summary I
First race six furlongs selling Fred I
Foster won Albert S second Gold
Brltk third Tim 117 I
Second race mite selling Sauterne
won Barbarossa second Helen H
Gardner third Time 1454
Third race six furlongs selling Don
Fulano won Ferris Hartman second
Charles P third Time Ili4
Fourth race mile Nick won May
Thompson second Ace third Time
J 434 1
Fifth rae seven furlongs Leader
Ban won Sligo second Don Carlo
third Time 129
Sixth race five and a half furlongs
JunSata won Bob Clancy second Inca
third Time 1 1
CHICAGO Juy 25 Racing on the
Indiana tracks Is ended for a week
and It may be forever The horses are
all ted up in their stalls and the Jock
eys have gone home After two months
effort on the part of the erovernoi oK
Indiana to put a stop to racing and
pool selling at the Lake County fair I
temporary Injunction was granted
against the operators at the track this
afternoon by Judge Gillette of the Lake
circuit court
county ur I
Delightful music K of P band af
ternoon and evening concerts today
A Sunday entertainment embracisss
a refined programme All free
In George IVs time the area of Lon
don was onetwelfth of what it Is now
Moses Brown of Boston has the
credit of making the first deposit of
gold bullion to he coined In 1795 he
deposited 227672
The general fineness of our silver coin
is from S9 to 90 per cent except the
Bcent piece which contains 25 per
cent of alloy
The oldfashioned copper cent was
authorized by act of congress April
22 1792 and its coinage was begun the
following year
A horse which takes the end of a
hose pipe In his mouth and holds It
there until his thirst is quenched is
owned by F S Brown of Ansonla
In unfolding his wings the goose
shows a TOW of white feathers and this
action signifies his intention of flying
unfi thus the thought of cowardice ha
D associated with the expression
i d
Continued from Page 1
grams from Mr Bryan I utterly re
i fused and I here now utterly refuse to
confer either with Mr Bryan or Mr
I Jones as to who shall be the nominee
of this convention Loud applause
I That is a matter we have the right to
determine for ourselves It is the relief
I of millions of people that is at stake
I Now therefore I am here to do but
I I one thing and ask the consideration
i i and attention of this convention to that
i I one thing I know i I know anything
that I am proceeding on the right lines
I You know how long I fought in that
behalf Listen now to what I have to
j say I have been your standardbear
e and I know I was undeserving
1 first sixteen years ago in 1880 and
twelve years afterwards Unsolicited
you made me your standardbeersr in
1892 I did my best I did all I could
do with the means at my command to
support your principles among the peo
ple Now I stand here at this juncture
of our partys history and I shall pro
ceed to deliver my convictions deliber
ately upon the condition of affairs and
I ask that you will pardon me although
though a intemporaneous speaker for
more than forty years and permit me
to read from manuscript what I have
t say
General Weaver said In that mid
night discussion between Brutus and
Cassius concerning the contemplated
battle at Phillipi Brutus urged that
their cause was rife their legions brim
ful at the height and ready to decline
Said he
There is a tide in the affairs of men
Which tune taken at the flood leads on to for
Omitted all the voyage of their life
Is bound in shallows and In miseries
exclaimed And then in dramatic climax he
On such a full sea are we now afloat
And we must take the current when i
Or lose our ventures
For twenty years we have been
pleading with the people to espouse
the sacred cause which is at stake in
I this campaign We have constantly
I urged through good and through evil
i I report that our principles are more im
i portant than party associations were
above all considerations of private for
tune or the petty and feverish ambi
I tions of men We have thus far suit
1 ed our action to our words made
through five presidential campaigns
stretching from 1876 to 1892 You cor
rectly estimated the purpose of old par
ty managers and events have sus
tained every specification in your in
dictment against them Millions of
honest men within old party ranks
were deceived
But not a single one of your pickets
has ever been caught napping or ta
ken by surprise To your devoted ef
forts is largely due the revival of eco
nomic learning in this country which
has enabled the Democratic party to
I assume the present admirable attitude
1 Your work now promises much to
mankind and is about to break forth
I into complete victory for the industrial
masses Though oft repulsed by the
I multitude whom we would have liber
ated though crucified in return for our
1 kindness yet through it all we have
steadily confided in the righteousness
I of our cause and the final good sense
I of the people We still believe that
I this nation has a mission to perform
i which bad men will not be permitted to
destroy and recent events indicate
that the nineteenth century is not af
ter all to close with the friends of free
dom despondent in the western hemi
This country has recently witnessed
a new pentecost and received another
baptism of fire The recent conven
tion at Chicago sounded a bugle call
for union which can neither be mis
understood nor eo unheeded In its
patriotic utterances and action i swept
away all middle ground and opened
the way to a formidable organic al
llance They not only made union
i possible thank heaven they have
From the beginning our organization
made party feeling subordinate to prin
ciple We will not here reverse our
selves and refuse to accept victory now
so easily within our reach We will
not refuse the proffered assistance of I
at least three million free silver Repub
blicans simply because they have
shown the good sense to come with
an organized army fully equipped and
manned for battle Let them have I
their own divisions and army corps
The field of glory Is open to all com
petitors who are fighting for the same
The Populists have already shown
their prowess in many engagements
during twenty years of struggle I
our allies can strike sturdier bows at
plutocracy than we can if they can I I
scale the battlements of the gold pow I
er more gallantly than our old veter
ans and are able to plant their colors
one foot nearer the citadel of the en
emy than we can ourselves let every
Populist cheer and support them in
their heroic work We will all march
under the same flag keep step to the
I same music face the same foe share
in and shout over the same triumph
I We cannot be mistaken concerning
I the real issue involved in the struggle
I of the present year I is between the I
gold stanadard gold bonds and bank
II currency on the one hand and the bi
metallic standard no bonds and gov
ernment currency on the other
between enforced idleness destitution
debt bankruptcy and despair on the
1 one side and an open door of oppor
tunity under just laws and normal
conditions on the other The situation
presents the mightiest civic question
that ever convulsed a civilized nation
The conflict can neither be postponed
nor avoided In the name of the suf
I fering people I affirm that this is no
time for dissension nor party divisions
The supreme hour for action has ar
rived I we would be victorious we
must mace common cause with the
heroic men who dominated the Chi
cago convention No other course is
either prudent or desirable We are
not asked to abandon our party nor
I would I be wise to do1 so I it is i to
be preserved we will In judgment be
i compelled to take the course which I
am about to indicate The silver Demo
crats have lined up an organization
Now let the Populists free sliver Re
publicans and the American Silver
party do likewise From an embattled
square Impenetrable t the assaults
of the confederated gold power After
due consideration in Which I have fully
canvassed every possible phase of the
canvne have failed to find a single
good reason t justify us In placing
The exigencies of the hour imperatively
tively demand that there shall be but
one I would not endorse the distin
guished gentlemen nailed at Chicago
I would nominate them outright and
make them our own and then share
Justly and rightfully in their election
The situation is a striking verifica
tion of the old adage that The path
of duty is the path of satety Take
this course and all opposition will prac
tically disappear in the southern and
western slate and we can then turn
our attention to other parts of the
field Take any other and you en
danger the entire situation and
strengthen the arm of our
common ad
I you allow the present happy junc
ture to pass all the heroic work of
twenty years will be thrawn to the
winds Our guiding hand will
wi disap
pear In the momentous conflict just
when It should be stretched forth to
steady the ark of our covenant We
u 1 M
< 1
would prove to the world that we are
devoid of capacity to grasp great op
portunities and lacking in strength to
grapple with prodigious emergencies
The people have a gallant champion
in the field who Is leading a revolt
Every oppressor every plutocrat in
two hemispheres has turned his guns
upon him The subsidized organs have
openly proclaimed that he must be
crushed by any means at what ever
cost The confederated monopolies
have lain aside their parties and their I
politics and are marching in hot haste
against him Let us signal to him to
hold the fort that we are comingand
then hasten to his relief Gentlemen
I want to say to you in all earnestness
that assailed as is this gallant knight
by the sleuth hounds of the money
power of the world you may deliberate
here as long as you please but you
cannot prevent the people from rush
ing to the support of their recognized
defender and leader I you will not
say the word they will break over all
restraints and go themselves leaders
or no leaders and may God bless them
for so doing
Therefore in obedience of my high
est conceptions to duty with a solemn
conviction that I am right I place in
nomination for the presidency of the
United States a distinguished gentle
man who Ie I be remembered has al
ready been three times endorsed by
the Populist party of hiS own state
once for representative in congress
once for United States senator and
only last week for the presidency I
name that matchless champion of the
people that intrepid foe of the corpor
ate greed that splendid young states
man William J Bryan of Nebraska
When General Weaver concluded by
naming that splendid young states
man William J Bryan the conven
tion broke loose and cheer followed
cheer Delegates jumped to the chairs
and flags handkerchiefs hats and
state guidons were
Through a side entrance four men ca
ried a big yellow cross four by eight
feet surmounted by a crown of thorns
On I were inscribed the eloquent words
with which Bryan closed his brilliant
speech a Chicago A big crayon por
trait of the Nebraska statesman was
also carried into the hall Cross ban
ners and state guidons were carried
frantically about the pit and then
with the cross In the lead they were
carried to the stand where for five
minutes they danced in confusion while
the delegates howled delight
Mr Kepler of Nevada who bore the
cross finally planted it at the edge of
the stage The crowd descended to the
pit and continued the demonstration
there As the procession passed the
Texas delegation a free fight almost
occurred Men struggled and fought
for passage but a way was finally
cleared Several men fought like mad
men over the Missouri standard It was
broken into bits but a Bryan man car
ried a piece in triumph to the plat
form while the struggling disputants
were separated by the police
Mrs Minerva Roberts a beautiful
lady led the cheering in the Colorado
While the demonstration was at its
height a thousand copies of the
Bryan Silver March were flung high
in the air and fell In clouds on frantic
delegates I concluded with the fol
lowing words
Clink clink clink
No crown of thorns on labors brow
Clink clnk clink
No cross of gold for mankind now
Clink dink clink
Well no to a single standard bow
Clink clink clink
We vote for Freedom
W quiet was restored after flCOsen
minutes of bd w Field v Virginia
Weavers running mate in 1892 hobbled
forward on crutches and after a brief
speech moved t suspend the rules and
make Bryans nomination unanimous
The convention almost en masse rose
and cheered but above the chorus
came the sharp cries of Texas men
No no they yelled
Chairman Allen declared the motion
carried but yielded to protests and de
cided to allow a call of states on the
motion The Texas men wildly pro
Chairman Allen at last recognized
Stump Ashby of the Lone Star state
for a personal explanation Ashby
announced that Texas was ready to en
dorse Bryan if Bryan would endorse
the platform adopted
His speech was not well received
George Schilling of Wisconsin at
tempted to secure a recess until Bryan
could be heard from but was howled
Chairman Allen said that in voting
for the motion to suspend the rules
the delegation may vote for any candi
date they pleased
llUa1U aUU U U a Y <
i ready
prevailed Colorado voted 45 for the
motion to suspend the rules and the I
nomination of Bryan Men stood on i
chairs and howled for recognition I j
Congressman Howard of Alabama
j demanded to know whether any other I j
names could be placed in nomination j i
The confusion grew so great that it i
was Impossible to proceed The Texas
delegation charged the platform In I i
mass One shouted t I
We will never be quiet I you try to
I continue that roll call I
Sit down Sit down cried the ser
geantatarms while the assistants I
I ploughe through the dense crowd
about the platform and pleaded with
I I the delegates to take their seats When I
a semblance of quiet was restored Con j I
gressman Howard from the stage pro I
tested against gag law
Allen said a motion had been made
to suspend tie rules and to nominate
Bryan by acclamation
I By God we wont stand it yelled
B H Noles Dont It require a two
thirds vote to carry that motion
shouted an irate Arkansas delegate
The chair replied it did not
A California delegate screamed that
j such proceeding was unprecedented
j He thought the delegations should have
a chance to place in nomination
chance nominaton whom
I they choose The quintessence of Pop
ulism he said wac fair play
The chair held that when roll was
called the delegation could vote for
Bryan or any one else
This ruling provoked another storm
of protests and confusion Some one
got on the ulatform and read a tele
gram to Henry D Lloyd of Chicago
from Eugene V Debs declining to per
I mit the USP of his name At last to re
I store order General Field withdrew his
motion and the call of states fo nomi
nations was continued
Calor of California was the first
speaker of a series seconding Bryans
nomination Calor said he always stood
against fusion but
The Populist party was a young
party and could not afford to hold Its
place In the middle of the road while
an express train was bearing down
upon it Calor was heard with mani
fest interest He added that the fact
that Bryan was opposed to That den
of Infamy Wall street was sufficient
to him that he was acceptable to the
Tracy of Texas sought an opportun
ity to ask a question but Color de
clined to respond and there were cries
of Gag law
Delegate Waybright of California
rose t protest against Colors inter
pretation of the sentiment of Califor
nia which state he said was opposed
to the crucifixion of Populism on the
crosp of Democracy
J K HInes of Georgia expressed
k j
the opinion In his speech that Bryan
would accept the nomination on the
acept te nominaton te
Populist platform and predicted a glo
rious victory for the party with Bryan
and Watson as joint standard bearers
W H Claggett of Idaho also sec
onded Bryans nomination
I was not he said a question of
standing in the middle of the road but
of collecting together all the friends of
humanity in a common cause
Claggett asserted that the election of
McKinley would mean a continuance
of the rule of shylocks He also pre
dicted in the event of McKinleys suc
cess that an effort to enact the force
bill would be revived I means the
increase of the standing army and
he said
Time was called and Claggett retired
to give place toTaubeneck of Illinois
chairman of tle national committee
Taubeneck said in case of Bryans nom
ination he felt he could pledge him
every Populist vote of Illinois at the
election next November
The chairman ot the Indiana delega
ton also seconded Bryans nomination
I When Iowa was called her time was
yielded to Governor Kolb of Alabama
who appealed to the convention to sink
prejudice and passion In the cause of
silver and nominate that peerless
statesman William J Bryan
Jerry Simpson responded for Kansas
He paid a high tribute to Tom Watson
also to Bryan
While Simpson was talking the Texas
delegation withdrew in a body and ab
solute quiet prevailed for the first time
J Miller of Tennessee occupied Ken
tuckys time with a speech in Bryans
Louisiana yielded to Colorado Mrs
Minerva Roberts a slender lady with
her face aglow and her great dark eyes
flashing came forward to the stage
Her first sentence delivered hi a clear
musical sympathetic voice
Mrs Roberts spoke as follows
Hailing from a state lying beneath
the shadow of the Rocky Mountains
wihere men have had the courage and
chivalry t granft women the rights
they demand for themselves I
have been accorded the distinguished
honor by the southern state of
Louisa to take their time Gentle
men I thank you in the name of the
women of the United States Ap
plause For the first time In the history
tory of political conventions woman
has had an opportunity of raising her
voice to second the nomination of a
man who sad for the people who
made America what she Is today
where parasites of oppression shall not
live Oh I thank you By ou city
flows the PHaifote river from where the
boy orator of Nebraska his and we
of Colorado second his nomination On
one side is are McKinley and on
the other Bryan there Is no middle of
the road Tremendous applause Our
factories are idle our lands unworked
and our people in poverty and you can
do nothing at this convention but ac
cept this ticket i the interest O th
people of this great nation in the inter
est of wives and mothers and children
that we may preserve America a an
independent nation
I will take no more of your time
surfeit of oratory
You have already a sreit ort
to much ofit indeed so I will
simply add I have the extreme honor
of seconding the nomination of William
lam Jennings Bryan of Nebraska
1 When Mrs Roberts built finished
the convention rose and cheered
Governor Kolto of Alabama stepped
forward as she came dOn the steps
and escorted her to her seat
Call of New York spoke against
Bryan He asked whether the gen
eral desire to endorse Bryan was due
to a desire to promote the interests of
silver or to get into the Democratic
band wagon I =
of Call and his sentiments There w
however encouraging handclaps when I
he asserted that l should be definitely I
ascertained before action was taken
where Bryan Sod Call closed by plac j
ing Colonel Norton o Illinois in nomi
nation I
E Gerry Brown of Massachusetts de
I clared the issue of the coming cam
I paign was a vote for Bryan and silver
I ver or McKinley and hell and damna
Edward S Greece I of Detroit also sec
onde Bryan I
When Minnesota was called Ignatius I
Donnelly took the rostrum amid much
applause He said
He said
I Gentlemen of the Convention On
i behalf of the state of Minnesota by
unanimous request I rise here to
I rse sec
ond the nomination of William J
Bryan Applause I
I is well known my friends that
I I have been acting with those who i
thought that we could best serve the
I e
interest anu me perpetuity 01 me
Peoples party by making our own
independent nomination
The voice of the people is in the
last analysis the voice of God and the
voice of the people demands the nom
inati > n of William J Bryan by this
conventi Applause I yield to
that demand There Is some talk here
that we must force Mr Bryan to the
distinct declination or acceptance of
our nomination We can readily
OUi nominaton readiy see
that It will place him in a
wI very em
barrassing position to be forced to
choose between Mr Sewall and Mr
Watson I think ff we are going to
nominate Mr Bryan and seek to elect
him that we ought to 0 generous to
him Applause and cries of Thats
right We ought not to force him
into such an embarrassing dilemma
Cheers and applause Neither do I
think that we ought to call upon him
to endorse our platform Great ap
plause Our principles do not exist
by tHe sufferances of William J Bryan
or any other man on earth Applause
This is not a merging of the Peoples
party of the United States Into the
Democratic party and therefore there
Is no necessity for afeolute Identity of
opinion Applause and cries of Not
at all
We stand upon the Peoples party
platform We stand upon our own
principles but we are ready for the
cause of suffering humanity to trans
fer our millions of votes to the stand
ardbearer of another party lost the
gold power of the world may trample
our liberty In the dust My friends
we stand on our own basis Let us
make our own nominations let the
bugle sound along the whole line and
let us always remember that Svhile
we have been willing to go thus far
we have not abandoned our party
Here It stands like an entrenched
camp with all our guns blazing I
Democracy fails in the confidence we
have given we will here reassemble
and lift up the banner of mankind
and fight the battle My friends it
looks to me as i this Is a solution of
this question We bow to no man to
no power We do this great and mag
nanimous act to unify the people of the
United States and we propose to take
this course for the good of the world
Great applause
Mrs Mary Ellen Lease1 of Kansas
made a strong speech In the same
cause She was dressed In a suit of
silver gray She talked fluently and
gesticulated much Her body swayed
vioijfcnitly and her arms were thrown
abut paeeionaitely as she appealed for
a union of the silver forces The
spirit of 76 is abroad in the land she
concluded We will unite w will
elect William J Bryan president of
the United Spates
Delegate Livingston chairman of the
Missouri delegation nominated Ignar
tlus Donnelly Donnelly declined to al
low the use of h5 name Then
of Ohio
Delegate Smith of M tn said if
the Peoples party would join their al
1tee the Republican Napoleont would
get his Waterloo At this critical junc
ture the Peoples pay could b Wel
lingtons Bluchersi and turn the tide
of the battle
o batt
Delegate J Wells Long of Nevada
Coxey protested that Missouri did not want
Judge Green of Nebraska said the
choice was between McKIniey and Bry
an and the Peoples party should not
A Texas delegate insisted upon put
ting a question
We came here under Instructions
he cried and I want you to tell me
whether Bryan will stand on the plat
form we have adopted
I know Bryan replied Judge Green
he is my frIend and I say to you he
is as true a Populist a you o 1
Will he accept the nomination fur
ther persisted the Texan
Sit down a4 dbwn cried
qon s cre many
Judge Green motioned for order
Mr Bryan would be a fool he
shouted fiercely t accept the nomina
tion before it va offered He has not
yet accepted the Democratic nomina
tion But I say to you I konw his
heart beats in sympathy with every
principle of our party
Captain L L Hutchings of North
Carolina urged Bryans endorsement
R Buchanan New Jersey Charles B
Matthews New York and John Seiitz
Ohio seconded the nomination in turn
r Helen Johnson of Pennsylvania
spoke briefly and introduced Miss Julia
Caldwell of Colorado who entertained
the convention with a song the refrain
of which was Shouting the Battle Cry
of Silver Miss Caldwell left the
amid 11s CadweH lef te stage
Judge Plowman of South Dakota and
Mr McDowell of Tennessee endorsed
Bryans nomination McDowell is ser
geantaitarms of the national Populist
convention He was asked by the Ar
kansas delegation whether he woud say
Bryan would accept the Populist nomination
I dOt care replied McDowell
whether he ever accepts it or not he
cannot prevent you or me or any one
casting our blots for him
Thla 1 sentiment was received with
loud applause
Cyclone Davis of Texas made a
strong DIP for a midaie of the road
course but said the etemenit he
cour elerer repre
sented would only ask in case Bryan
should refuse to accept the nomination
that a man who should receive the next
in number O votes be accepted as the
SbW11h hplJr n M r +
> jk JV 10 L J Urm2U VIlC
nomination of Norton
Helen 1 Mitchell of Kansas recited I
a original poem entitled Whitneys
I represented exSecretary Whitney
recounting his dream to Chauncey M
Depew In the vision Whitney was rep 11
resented a seeing the silver hosts with
Bryan at their head
Bran and
thei storming car
rying the goldbug citadel
D H Reynolds of Michigan ten read
a production written in the rea
Hoods Bridge of Sighs
J Brad Beverly of Virginia H L
Maguire oT Washington William B
Brown of Wyoming and Alexander
Kent of the District of Columbia
Disrct o COlrmbia sec
onded Bryan
West Virginia
VIrinia seconded Norton
R E Bray an Oklahoma delegate
created some amusement by telling his
Judge John Crosby of Missouri in
said I did not make any difference
whether Bryan would accept the plat
form or not His record was sufficient
for him sfcient
Just before the nominations closed
Delegate Vallette of Rhode Island who
created a disturbance on the platform
yesterday and was ejected suffered a
repetition of that experience
The nominations were then declared
George H Abbott of Nebraska moved
that the national committee be given
penary power in all things connected
with the party There was some dis
sent but Chairman Allen quickly de
clared the motion carried
The nominating speeches ha Occu
pied exactly six hours
As Alabama was called she divided
her vote between Bryan and Norton
Arkansas gave twentyfive votes for
Colorado Connecticut and Delaware
voted solidly for Bryan
Georgia gave five of her sixtyone
votes for Norton
voes NOTtn
As the roll call proceeded it became
apparent that Bryan would be
appaent th3t nom
mated before it was completed
A row occurred in the Missouri dele
gation and it was passed
Pennsylvanias thirtyfive votes fo
Bryan gave him 730 thirty more than
a majority but the roll of states w
ccmtnre While Wisconsin was be
ing called Governor Stone of Missouri
appeared on the potform in company
with Mr Patterson of Colorado
wih Pateron o Colaado They
had just come from Senator Jones
I Governor Stone held several telegrams
in his hand Immediately there were
rumors that he w
He spoke to Chairman Allen but the
senator refused to permit the roll call
to be Interrupted Mr Patterson im
plored Cyclone Davis to
that Governor Stone ha an important
telegram which Mr Bryan desired read
to the convention
Dont you do i Cyoone said
Smith of Illinois
The roll call went on to the end
Chairman Allen still declining to per
mit an announcement
On Allens refusal Governor Stone re
tired from the platform followed by
Mr Patterson and several others
While Washington was being polled
Ignatius Donnelly mounted a chair and
announced that he understood Bryan
had sent a telegram to the convention
declining to accept the nomination
The chair has for a few minutes un
derstood that a fictitious telegram of
that character was in existence
charcter re I
plied Chairman Allen No attention
will be paid to it
Rumors of Governor Stones presence
with a telegram flew about the hal
and Chairman Allens statement
Charma Alens did
not entirely allay the apprehension
Stump Ashby of Texas got onto a
chair and demanded t know if there
was a telegram on the secretarys ta
ble from Bryan There is not replied
plied Chairman Allen firmly
And has not been persisted Mr
There has not been repeated the
chairman in answer
This did not seem to satisfy Ashby
but he got down from his chair and
with uplifted gavel Chairman Alden
asked if any states had not voted Two
tally clerks had been at work figuring
the totals I
Without further delay he then announced
nounced the official vote a follows
nelly Bryan 1 1042 Norton 32 Don
I was then 122 oclock BedCam was
of course loosened and pandemonium
reigned for fifteen or twenty minutes
The Texas Arkansas and Maine mid
dle of the road men with their guidons
together took no part In the demon
stration The middle of the road men
about 300 In number finally massed
about their standards on the left of the
hall and made a counter demonstra
tion They cheered and yelled and
pushed and fought for ten minutes
The sergeantatarnis were powerless
and after rapping for five minutes
Chairman Allen declared Mr Bryan
the nominee of the convention
Some made a motion to
one mae motO adjourn
The chairman put the motion and de
clared the convention adjourned sine
die As he did so Stump Ashby
shouted Texas cast 103 votes for Norton
first lost and all the time
May Never Know I
ST LOUIS July 25It is stated to
night that Senator Allen who Is c
< f
officio chairman of the presidential noti
fication committee may not call the
committee together and therefore that
Mr Bryan may not b formally notified
I I of his nomination by the Populist convention I
utler of Xortli Carolina i Elected
I ST LOUIS July 23 The Populist notional
I tional committee met tonight
After quite a spirited contest Senator
Butler o North Carolina was elected
chairman sixtyfive votes I
chaIrma receiving sixtfve on
the second ballot
The other men who were placed In
nomination were Senator Allen of Ne I
braska and General Weaver of Iowa
Senator Allen said he did not see how I
it was possible for him to give the neces
sary time to the campaign necesI
There was a fight over the secretaryship
Senator Allen suggested that Hon J A
Edgerton of Nebraska be elected and I
several others including Robert Schilling
of Wisconsin were nominated I
The speeches made for Edgerton sold the
chairman came from the south and I
and it would b well to have some ono i
from the home of the presidential candidate i
I was stated Hdgerton was the personal
choice of Mr Bryan This aroused re i
sentment on the part of those who op I
posed Bryan In the convention I w
declared that nothing should be done to
betray the Interests of tt peoples party
and one man said that as Bryan was the
nominee of the two other parties ho
had enough people to look after his in
terest ater
Shilling said he did not care to be placed
In nomination and did
nominaton and not think i was
I fitting that he should be in vew of his
opposition to the nomination of Bryan
He said he did not oppose Bryan person I
ally bpt objected to the arbitrary and
bulldozing been manner in which Bryan had
of the convention An attempt to elect
Edgerton by a suspension of the rules w
objected to by Mr Tracy of Texas
The address of the middle of the road
men asking the national committee to
Inform them what it proposed to do In
case Mr Bryan decided not to accept the
nomination also a communication asking
whether it was the Intention of the com
mittee to take Watson off the ticket was
handed in by one committee from that
body The national had not acted upon
it at a late hour and it was the general
understanding that such matters would
be referred to the executive committee
executve commitee
Senator Allen said General Weaver and
Captain Kolb
I ought to be on the execu
tive committee but did not stay to press
thIs as he had tO attend a conference of
the friends of the presidential nominee
I J F Edgerton of Nebraska was elect
ed SfMrfitnrv nnrl r rt T > 1 tr T
uu UUJ cwm i i iviinKiij OL in
diana treasurer The following with the I
chairman secretary and treasurer were
elected members of the executive commit I
tee J R Sovereign Arkansas commi
Washburn Massachusetts E F Taylor
Pennsylvania W H Reed Georgia J w
Breldenthal Kansas John S Dore Call
A Few More WildEyed Ideas From
the Representatives of the Lone
StiLt State
ST LOUIS July Immediately after
the adjournment of the convention
the Texas delegation got together to
take action a t their course Stump
Asuby got upon a chair and acted as
chairman of the convention He said
tnere was n disposition on the part of
Texas to have trouble with anybody He
advised the delegation to meet at the
Southern hotel and to Invite all the mid I
dle of the road men I was proposed at
once to appoint a committee to wait on
cmtee wat
Governor Stone and get the telegram he
was said to have from Bryan This
committee consisted of Sam Evans
Texas Ulrlch of Wisconsin and Howard
of Alabama although Campion of Maine
was subsequently substituted for him
Paul Vandervoort of Nebraska got a
hearing from Washburn of Massachus
I etts who returned to tell the Texans that
Bryan was all right but he could give
them little information Washburn was
bombarded with questions They want
ed a direct answer t the question
whether or not Bryan would accept
Washburn said he would give no infor
mation as tO that point Then it was
suggested that the further proceedings
be conducted at the speakers stand and
l th crowd swarmed over there I then
appeared that there not
were very many
I delegates among the kickers They wm
men who had no been admitted to seats
in the convention The prominent men
I in the Texas delegation did not remain
Then the meeting proceeded with the
appointment of its committee tO draft an
address An important point of the
meeting was the fact that Frank
Burkett of Mississippi would not serve
on any of the committees and although
Schilling of Wisconsin was appointed
several times he gave notice that being
sevr tmes gve ntc tat
on the national committee he could not
serve Some questions were raised a t
what the convention meant when It gave
the national committee plenary powers
I was feared they might take Watson
off the ticket The few that remained In
the hal then at 520 adjoudned the a
dress committee to meet a once and the
conference to meet at 7SO p m at the
The middle of the road men met at the
Southern hotel after leaving the conven
tion hall today and sent the messageto
the national committee referred to In
the report O the meeting of that byTe
The malcontents spent a large portion of
the time in secret conference preparing
an address stating their position giving
their reasons for opposing the selection
of Mr Bryan and insisting that Norton
shall be declared the nominee of the
Peoples party if Byrne declines
Brief Glances at the Actions of Oui
German Cousins
BERLIN July Copyrighted
1896 by the Associated Press Em
peror William does not often exercise
his prerogative a a Prussian Summus
Episcopus but when he does do s he
shows the parsons with unerring cer
tainty that there Is a limit to their
power Recently Superintendent
low of Ammin in Pomerana refused
the right of Christian burial to the wife
of a respectable citizen who had
drowned herself The unfortunate wo
man had been previously adjudged in
sane Dr Scipio a preacher of Stet
tin offered to officiate at the funeral
but Zeitlow forbade him to do so
Thereupon the widower sent a tele
gram to the emperor stating the facts
il the case His majesty immediately
instructed the provincial authorities to
forbid Zeitlow under penalty of dis
missal to interfere with Dr Scipio
to raise his uncle Frederick William
Duke of Baden to
Louis Grand a
rk of king upon the occasion of the
grand dukes seventieth birthday
which occurs on September 9 of this
year i not received with much en
thusiasm by the people of Baden who
are afraid that the new title will mean
an increased civil list and heavier tax
ation and his plan to annex Alsace
and Lorraine to the grand duchy of
I Baden will not it Is generally thought
be carried into effect owing to the ob
jections of Bavaria
Prince Max nephew of the king of
Saxony will be admitted to the priest
hood of the Roman Catholic church to
morrow He is In his 26th year
Dr Storker the preacher oliticlan
and Jewbaiter has founded a new
party which he calls the Kirchlichs
vzll ChrlsiLUchsvzll
vzi Instead of the Chitchsvzl
which latter name the emperor said
title Though under a
wa an Idiotic tte unde a
different name Dr Storkers party will
continue to operate on the lines of his
original party In opposing all liberal
measures and backing up the Jew
Storker has rallied quite
baiters Dr ha raIe quie
a number of respectable men to his
party and announced that he Intends
to prosecute a vigorous campaign at
the approaching session of the reich
stagThe Berlin city synod which has the
patronage of the imperial family and
especially that of the empress has pub
lished a report in which it is asserted
that Berlin is In need of thirty more
churches In the face of this Is the
fact that the existing churches are
never more than onethird filled and
besides two of the most beautiful
churches in Berlin are used for storage
purposes one for the royal theatre and
one fora bookseller The synod asty
for a credit of 15000000 marks withi
which to build the proposed new
churches The city of Berlin has re
fused to give a single mark
The Sociaffisrts are losing one strikrf
after another The hat makers spen
100000 marks for the pleasure of fight
ing their employers and in the end 1
were obliged to give up and returnS td
work on the old terms
A like result followed the strike oa
the musical Instrument makers aitj
Kottbusi The textile workers the metal
workers and the weavers of Mulenge
bhge have now been on strike for seven
weeks and begin to see that there iss
no hope of winning These strikers
have wasted 750000 marks
The law against undignified competi
tion in trade has cleared the windows
of Berlin shop keepers of the once fa
miliar placards which told of selling off
stock below cost of damaged goods
sates etc which if they were untrue
laid those displaying them liable ta
punishment under the law
There has been considerable gossip
in connection with the meeting between
Prince Hohenlbhe chancellor of the
German empire and Count Badenfi
president of the council and minister OJ
the interior In the Austrian cabinet
In spite of long specials to the news
papers dwelling upon the important re
suits of the meeting It is semlofficiaHy
understood that nothing of the first
impontance was settled at the meeting
Special to Tho Herald
WASHINGTON July 21A postofflca
was today established at Otter Flute
county Utah Isaac Wagstaff was ap
I pointed postmaster
James W Bailey of Salt Lake Is vis
iting friends In Washington
Come and hear Utahs finest military I
band K of P in two concerts today
Just one snort y ar ago ha came
Our little son God bless him
A heavensent treasure he Is ours
To care for and caress him
No matter if the days be drear
Our hearts he never fails to cheer
I When to my work I go away
I stoop and softly kiss him
I I And through the long long hours of day
I sadly sadly miss him
Until at last at set of sun
I go to him when work is done
With outstretched arms and winning smila
He coos a loving greeting
Ts hard to tell which one of us
Is happiest at our meeting
Uhis joyous frolicsome young elf
His loving mamma or myself
His dimpled arms around my neck
Cling close in soft caresses
While ganst my bronzed and beardee
His dewy lips he presses
Oh little love Oh baby mine
You closely round my heartstrings twine
God grant that in the years to come
ne n cr may know a sorrow
May peace and happiness be his
With every coming morrow
And may Thine everlasting arm
Protect and keep him safe from harm
Oh baby mine when years have flown
And I am old and hoary
When you to mans estate have grown
And strong in manhoods glory
Oh never may our hearts grow cold
Dear baby boy just one year old
Leisure Hours
Two chIldren sat in the window low
Where graceiul vines ever loved to creep4
A cradle swinging now fast now slow
Rocking a doll to sleep
His chubby faco and his ringlets brown
Her laughing eyes and her dimples fair
A sunbeam lost in the vines looked downJB
Glinting her yellow hair
I said Goodby happy ones goodby
Eer I come back little girl and boy
Your laugh will fade to a common sigh v i
Mocking this childish joy i A I
Their eyes looked grave for a momentS
But could not take In the meaning cola
She shook her head till his brown crown
Showers of curling gold
When you come back me will be so tall
He said and proud Yes me will
said she
The doll will grow and the cradle all
Lovely as they can be
And far away In the world of tide
In dreams and fancies that picture fair
The girls sweet faith and the boys glad
Follow me everywhere
Ah could it stay could It always be
But each joy falls with a broken wing
Then night comes on and it cannot see
Moaning it cannot sing
With years of winter upon my head
With years of summer upon my face
I came by haunting desire led
Back to the self same place
The same sun struggled and wandered
And glinted ringlets of brown and gold
The doll had grown and the cradle too
Lovelier than of old
The two still sat In the window low
Their hearts so full of a love so deep
A cradle swinging so soft and slow
Rocking their child to sleep
Edward D Oldham in Youths Com
The dromedary parcel post service in
the German territories of southwestern
Africa has given better results than
were expected The dromedaries are
adapted to the climate are not affected
by the prevalent cattle diseases are not
made footsore in stony regions and do
not suffer extreme thirst when deprived
of water for a week
Marriages by proxy are contracted
to this day in Holland and are mostly
practiced by Dutchmen who having
gone abroad prefer to marry the girls
they left behind them in this convenii
eat manner than go to the expense and
probable inconvenience of returning to
Holland for the purpose of the ordi
nary marriage solemnization
correct styles and bargain prices en
title us to your consideration McKin
ley and Hobart or Bryan and Sewall
are as certain to be elected as fit is that
youll choose your next suit from our
sJock if you only examine what we have
to offer you Whether its free silver
or gold basis1 our wool basis Is solid
Everybody takes tb it as kindly as a
hungry man does to a feast Its cloth
ing and prices like ours tihaJt make
dollars fiat
136138 Main St
tc v 0

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