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I jl O1 F lJ1 R n < l IQ < S 1 Ui < < < I J 1 1111 it 11 > f = J b c < JNt
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tf = riTiu ci ri w TTT1 TWTTb F Th
i c
Question Brought Up By the
I riedical Board
i I <
I 7 Holds That the Professor is Amen
able to the Laiv Tlie Attorney
S 1 General Also Passes Upon u Mud
dled School Trustee Election
The attorneygeneral yesterday sent
S out the following important opinion
Office of AttorneyGeneral
Salt Lake City Utah
July 25 1S9S
To the Honorable sledical Board of
Examiners Salt Lake City Utah
GentlemenYour favor of the 21st
inst is before me nclosing tlw ad
S vertisements of Professor Stoddard and
asking to toe advised as to whether a
person who advertises to practice to
cure ills or physical ailments by clair
1 voyant aid or as a professor or by
proprietary remedies who does or does
h not exact a direct fee come within
the medical law and can he be prose
cuted for noncompliance with it
Replying thereto I would say that I
am of opinion from the advertisement
S you enclose that he would come within
the provisions of section S chapter 77
of the laws of Utah of 1894 which pro
vides as ollows Any person shall be
regarded as practicing medicine within
the meaning of this act who shall treat
operate upon or prescribe for any phy
sical ailment of another for a fee or
who shall hold him or herself out by
means of signs cards advertisements
S < or otherwise as a physician or sur
geon Section 9 of the same act pro
vides that any person practicing med
F icinj or surgery within the territory
j 4 WithOut first having obtained a certifi
cate as herein provided for or con
I trary to the provisions of this act
I shall be deemed guilty of a misde
meanor Other sections of the said
I Dill provide the method to be pursued
1k by persons desirous of being licensed
to practice medicine within the state
t I assume from your question that
Professo Stoddard has not complied
r in this lespect with ths law in ques
S < tion
i The advertisement submitted by you
among other things contains the fol I
lowing He diagnoses disease in the
i clairvoyant state free of charge tells I
T yoi every pain and how long you have
beet sick without asking any ques
i JOt tions also tells the cause of your sick
ness His remedies cure when all oth
ers fail His female regulator is safe
and sure and contains no tansy or in I
jurious ingredients His rheumatic II
remedies cure rheumatism in all its
various forms No matter how long
v TOU have suffered his remedies will
S fcure you Reading one dollar for a
sh rt time only
It will be observed that he professes
I to have remedies to cure physical ail
i ments Remedy is defined to mean
ilt i that which is used In any way for the
I cure or ralief of bodily disease or ail
I ment a medicine also remedial treat
ment to cur or heal by medicinal
treatment The word implies the use
of medicine He speaks of his rheu I I
matic remedy That is some tangible I
modUfinal property prescribed for Walt I
ailment oilso his female regulator j I
which evidently refers to the same I
thing som2 tangible property as is
indicated from the words following I
wherein he says It contains no tan
sy or injurious ingredients The sta
tute as above set out in defining who
shall be regarded as practicing medi
I cine refers to those who shall treat
op ate upon or prescribe for any phy
sical ailment of onother for a fee and j
the question arises whether or not the
r i advertisement wherein he says he I
diagnoses disease in the clairvoyant
state free of charge would bring him II
undr the provsions of this law
However it will be observed that this I
swtut is disjunctive aId fivom thnnirn i
he did not make any charge for his
services I am cU opinion that the lat
1 tr isue of the statute wCuld be suf I
iKint to
bring the case within its pur
view St says or who shall hold him j I
or hor eit out by means of signs cards I
adv erUsearents or othanl as a phy j I
I siclan or surgeon Independent of all
this the advertisement contains a pos
itive provision which shows clearly the
intention upon his part to require com
< l pensation for his services wherein it is
r said reading one dollar for a short
time only As to whether he charges
a compensation for his remedies ad
vertised does not appear however I
do not regard that a material inas
much a it appears sufficiently plain
that compensation is required for what
he is pleased to term a readng I
2 clearly of opinion from the adver
tscment enclosed that the party in
question comes squarely within the
S provisions of the law regulating the
practice of medicine in this state and
4 that he Is amenable to prosecution un
der section 9 or the laws of Utah of
1S9J supra however inasmuch as it
1 he duty of the county attorney t
conduct prosecutions of this kind I
Cduc Drosectons oc
curring in his county I would suggest
that you confer with him and be gov
erned by his advice in this matter I
I have the honor t be very respectfully
yours A C BISHOP
Attorney General
The folowing opinion vas also a
nounced yesterday
Office of the Attorney General Salt
Lake City Utah July l 25 1S9G
Hon John R Park Superintendent of
Utah Public Instruction Salt Lake City
Dear SirI have before me your fa
5 vor of the 20th Inst in which you ask
to be advised upon the following I
submit herewith a transcript o the
tally sheet of Clnton schoo > district cC
TJtan county as showing the result of
the election In that district on the 13th
inst as follows
3 2 1
Votes Cast years years year
A A Higorth 3 12 5
John W Drollinger 20 6 2
Mrs Ann S Wilson 7 13 1
H F Johnson 7 7 13
S Henry Sargent n 2
1 flb u The question has arisen who was
f JeiccixJL to the several offices of trus
n S tee for three year trustee for two
S years and trustee for one year
S Replying thereto per l me t say
that it win be observed that Mrs Ann
S Wilson received the highest number
S of vote < for the twoyear term and
also the highest number of votes for
It the 3neyeair term The question arises
ar to vhch of these two offices she is
eleted and upon the determination of
that question will depsnd the incum
bency cT the other offices Of curse
Mr Drollinser having received the
highest number of votes for the three
r year term there can 0 no question of
his election to that office
In fletcrmlnins to which office airs
s Wflra is crotel It becomes Important
IJ lnow how the question Is to be an
w and the order in which the
proach d aJ fICl te
Cuostl shrill bo disposed of
F I we shall first determine who was 1
elected to the three year term thei I
the tro year term and lastly the one I
year term we find as a result that Mr
Drollineer is elected to the three year
term and Mrs Wilson having received
the highest number of votes for the
two y ar term would be cleared to that
office and being ineligible t the one
year term on accounc of th incompati
bility of tie two offices would be taken
out of consideration of that office when
we come to determine who was elected
thereto this would result in the elec
tion of ilr Johnson t the one year
t r he having the highest number of
votes of all the candidates except Sirs
Wilson but if we reverse the order and
begin wiitii the one year term we find
that Mrs Wilson having the largest
numibsr of votes for tnan term would
be elected thereto but when we come
to consider who va elected for the to
e term we find that aim having
been declared elected lo the one year
term Quid be ineligible to the two
year term and therefore could not be
considered there this would result in
the election of Mr Higorth to the two
year term he hang received the high
eat number of votes for < that office out
side of Mrs Wilson The result a it
will be observed of the election for the
three year term would not be changed i
by tire adoption of either method It
thus becomes important to determine I
the ordter in which the vote for these
respective offices shall be carvassed and
the risult determined
Section 42 ArLicle 5 Chapter 130 of
the laws of Utah of 1S96 provides On
the second Monday in July 1S96 there
shall be elected by iSie registered voters
residing in each school district three j
stool trustees one who Sal serve for
soool tsteos sra
I the term of three years one for the I
term of two years and one for the term
of one yearThe ballots used at
I such election shall state the names of
tihe persons and tie length of the term
I voted for I will b observed that
the order of the election of dese re
speotive officers has been established j
by the legislature in which the three i
year ten is mentioned first the two
0 term next and the one year term j
iaaL I may b fair to assume that
the legislature fixed this order with
reference to the importance of the of
fice the three year term being regard j
ed as of the greatest importance of all
and the two year term of greater im
portance than the one year term
I think it fair also to assume that
in the preparation of the ballots each
o which undoubtedly contains three
names t the indication opposite
each as to the term voted for that the
firs l name on the said baftlcts would
be fo the three year term the second
name for the two year term and the
third name for the one year term fol
lowing the some order prescribed in the I
statute above set out
I these assumptIons b fair then it I
follows that in canvassing the votes
the votes for the three year term would j
always be counted in advance of those j
cast for the two year term and those j
for the two year term in advance of
those 9 for the ont year term and j
the election for these offices respectively j
would occur in point of time in the j
same order that Is t say the election
of trustee for the three year term
would occur prior to the two year term
and the two year term would occur
prior to the one year term Following
this same ore in casting up the re I
suit of the election we would naturally
ascertain who was elected for the three
year term then determine who was
electedJCoc the two ea term and
lastly who was elected for the one year
term and we have a the result the I
election of r W Droliinger for the j I
three a term Mrs Ann S Wilson
for the two year term and Mr Johnson
for the one year term
The only question remaining is as to
whether this order is one that would
be sanctioned by the courts in the de
termination of the question While the
question Is not entirely free from doubt
I asn of opinion that in the absence of
any express provision of law to the
contrary and being unable to find
any adjudications by the court on ques
tions similar to this that the order in
which these offices are mentioned in the
statute should be observed in all p
ticulars wherein important in deter
mining who were ed to them re
spective offices I have the honor to be
very respectfully yoursA
Atltorney General I
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termittent and remittent fever dumb
ague and ague cake the liver is al
ways seriously affected arid the blood
contaminated with bile One cC the chief
reasons why Hostetters Stomach Bit
ters is such a sure defense against
chills and fever and every form df ma
larial disease is that it does away
with liability to the disease by reform
ing irregularity of the biliary organ in
advance of the arrival of the season
when the disease is prevalent There
is no finer fortifying preparative for
those about visiting or emigrating to a
locality where the miasma taint exists
There is no certain immunity from dis
ease in an endemic or epidemic form
t be secured by the use of the average
tonics and antispasmodics But where
quinine fails the Bitters succeeds both
In preventing and curing Moreover it
removes every vestige rtf dyspepsia
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tism inactivity of the kidneys and
bladder and tranquilizes strength
ens the nervous system
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Star saloon Cool delicious Val Blatz I
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field Beach run as follows
S Leave Arrive Leave Arrive
Salt Lake Garlieid Garfield Salt Lake
743 am 34a am 1220 pm 1CO pm
1000 am 1040 am 303 pm 400 pm
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1 r il Jo J1 < >
Action Taken by the Chamber of
Addresses to Be Made By President
Woodruff cnil President Smith
Order of the Procession the
Cemetery The Body Will Not Lie
in State
The directors of the chamber of com
merce met yesterday afternoon and
adopted the following tribute to the
memory of the late Apostle Abraham
I H Cannon who as vicepresident of
this institution was one of the most
tireless workers for its success
The members of the board o direc
tors of the Salt Lake chamber of com
merce extend to the relatives and
friends of the late Abraham H Cannon
their sincere and heartfelt sympathy
The untimely death of Mr Cannon
removes from this community an ideal
citizen who generously and unhesi
tatingly gave to the promotion of its
every interest his best efforts and
His was a singularly broad and
partial mind and his life illustrated
by generous deeds simple methods
just estimates and noble endeavors
stands a perpetual model for the young
men of Utah of this day and gener
ation True to himself and every convic
tion of his heart he could not fall to
have what he takes with him to the
grave the esteem and affection of
every person whose good fortune it was
to be admitted to his acquaintance and
A faithful adherent to the religion
he professed he exemplified its teach
ings in every act of his life He was
inherently good All of his traits were
beneficent and his manifold virtues
were given greater splendor by
unfaltering trust in his Maker and
by his strict obedience to the rules of
his faith
In his private life he was the em
bodiment of purity simplicity and af
fectionate consideration for those
around him
In positions of trust he was faith
ful to a high degree
In all matters of public concern he
took an intense interest and by that
interest gave to them an impetus
which irresistibly led to their success
In all scholarly attainments he had
reached a high degree of excellence
which made him honored by every
bright intellect in the state
As a business man his career was
filled with activity and was character
ized by commanding ability
These and many more were the at
tributes of Mr Cannon and because
of them though dead he wH still live
in the affections of the people of Utah
For many years he was an active
member of this chamber and at the
time of his death was its first vice
president To the keen interest which
he took in its affairs to his wise coun
sel and unerring judgment is due in
great measure whatever success it has
attained in recent a His loss to
this institution is irreparable and its I
directory shares in the universal grief
at his demise
S Second VicePresident
Director and Secretary
J E CAINE S Directors I
The remains will not lie in state but
from 1 a m until 12 noon today the
relatives and intimate friends of the
deceased will be given an opportunity
residence of viewing the features at the family
At 1 p m the body escorted by the
twelve apostles as pall bearers and
I th2 family will move to the taber
nacle where the funeral will take place
at 2 p mAT
The arrangements for the obsequies
are as folows
At the tabernacle at 2 p m
Opening hymn The Resurrection S
Day choir
ayer Elder Franklin D Richards
Soprano solo from Messiah I Know
That My Redeemer Liveth Mrs Nellie
Druee Pugsley
Remarks President Lorenzo Snow
and President Wilford Woodruff
Hymn 0 My Father R C Eas
ton Remarks President Joseph F Smith
and others
Anthem When the Soul is Sa and
Wear SEek Relief in Prayer H S
Ensign and choir
Benediction Elder Brigham Young I
A limited number of seats immedi
ately in the rear of those to be occu I
pied by the family wH be reserved for
representatives of official bodies or or
ganizations with which deceased may
have been associated or for those who
in such capacity desire to attend the
At the conclusion of the services in
the tabernacle the procession will be
formed in the following order headed
by Helds band
Presidency and pall bearers
Family of deceased S
Immediate relatives j
S Patriarchs
Presidents of seventies quorums
Presidents of stakes and high coun
cilors S
presidents of high priests quo
Presidents of elders quorums
Presiding bshopric
12Bishops and counselors
Presidents of teachers quorums
Presidents of deacons quorums
Presidents of relief primary and
improvement associations and superin
tendents of Sunday schools
16 Deseret News employees
17 Juvenile Instructor employees
18Civic and other bodies and organi
19 Citizens
Hymn Rest quartette
Dedication of grave
The arranging of the procession ac
cording to the foregoing directions is
in the hands of a committee consist
ing of Richard W Young chairman
to t
l < > tJ i
222224 < JAIN STREET 222224 MAIN STET
S Best Lighted and Prettiest Salesroom in the City
We find ourselves overcrowded with the Most Reliable and Seasonable Merchandise which we
have determined MUST GO if prices can move them
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David McKenzie W S Burton E A
Smith Junius F Wells F W Jen
nings J H Moyle Robert S Camp
bell Thomas Hull and A H Woolley
In order that there may be a little de
lay and confusion as possible in the
movement of the cortege the commit
tee desire those contemplating follow
ing the remains to the cemetery to ob
serve the following directions Car
riages for the family pall bearers and
quartette only will be admitted to the
temple block Other carriages will take
places as follows Those to convey
individuals and their families included
within subdivisions 6 to 15 both in II I
clusive of the foregoing order of pro
cession will form and will be entered I
at the north gate of the temple block II
carriages to convey individuals and
their families included within subdivi
sions 16 17 and 18 will form and be
I entered a the east gate of the block
conveyances for citizens not included
in the above enumerations will form
and be entered on Richards street The
committee desires that all conveyances
having drivers will report not later
than 3 p m to the member of the
committee in charge at the proper place
as indicated above Every driver should
clearly understand whose carriage he
I is driving and those intending to g
in the procession should give instruc
tions to the driver when and where to
report The committee will provide
each driver with a number those hay
ing carriages will report at the close
of the service to the committeeman in
charge and the proper conveyances will
be called up Those not having drivers
will come to the proper place as indi
cated above a soon as possible after
the dismissal of the congregation and
will be assigned their places
The procession will move out of the
north gate around the west side of the
block to South Temple street The
citizens carriages will move out of
Richards street taking place at the
rear of the column The Salt Lake
Street Car company will run a number
of cars to the cemetery conforming
their movements as nearly a may be
to the movements of the procession
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granules a compound of refined and
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ments of the liver stomach and bowels
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manently cured too By their mild
and natural action these little Pellets
lead the system into natural ways
again Their influence lasts I
We are anxious to do a little good in
this world and can think of no pleas
anter or better way to do it than by
recommending One Minute Cough Cure
as a preventive of pneumonia con
sumption and other serious lung
troubles that follow neglected colds
NeldenJudson Drug Co
EleciJlc Bittern
Electric Bitters is a medicine suited
for any season but perhaps more
generally needed in the spring when
the languid exhausted feeling pre
vails when the liver is torpid and
sluggish and the need of a tonic a ld
alterative is felt A prompt use of i
this medicine has often averted long
and perhaps fatal bilious fevers No I
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teracting and freeing the system from
malarial poison Headache indiges
tion Constipation Dizziness yield to
Electric Bitten Only fifty cents per
bottle at Z CM I Drug dept
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Keeley institute 166 West Second
North under direct supervision of Dr
Church Notices Inserted in This Col
uiiiii Free i Handed in Before
Noon on Saturday
First Congregational Church Corner
First South and Fourth East Rev
Clarence T Brown pastor No preaching
service today oa account of absence of
pastor Sunday school at 1230 Chinese
Sunday school 330 Y P S C E 645
to which all are invited no other evening
service Junior Chrstian Endeavor Wed
nesday afternoon 4 oclock midweek
nesay aternoon ocock
meeting Wednesday evening
First German Evangelical Lutheran St
Johns ChurchService this morning at
II a m m our cnurcn on aeventn soutn
and Fifth West by Rev Otto Kuhr All
I I welcome Sunday school at 10 a m no
service will be held for the next Sunday
Minister undertakes a mission trip to
Westminster Presbyterian Church 130
South Fourth West street Rev F L
I Arnold pastor Public worship and ser
mon by the pastor at 1 a m Sabbath
school at 330 Christian Endeavor meet
ings Junior at 5 p m and Young Peo
ple at 645 No evening servce Wednesday
evening prayer meeting ait S oclock A
cordial welcome awaits you
There will be a union meeting of the
Christian Endeavor societies of the city
in the First Congregational church next
Sunday evening August 2 at 8 oclock to
hear reports from the Christian Endeavor
convention recently held at Washington
D C Rev H B Steelman R J Caskey
president State union and J B Caldweil
president Salt Lake City union are ex
pected to address the meeting Everyone
Church of Christ Scientist Ixn Jewish
temple on Fourth East between Second
and Third South Sunday schood at 10 a
I in church services at 1 a m subject
Gods Promise to Establish Davids
Throne Thursday at 745 a testimonial
meeting is held All are welcome
Services at St Marys Cathedral First
mass at 8 oclock second mass at 9
oclock Sunday school 930 third mass
at 1 oclock a m vespers and benediction
730 p m week morning mass 730 a m
mass at St Patricks church at 10 oclock
a r
The Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran
Church of Our Savior Rev E Skabo
pastor Services today at 8 p m and
Sunday school at 1230 p m in 317 South
Fourth East street No service in the
St Pauls Chapel Fourth South and
Main Services today eighth Sunday after
Trinity July 26th S a m holy com
munion 945 Sunday school 1 a m
morning prayer and sermon 730 p m
evening prayer and sermon Daily even
ing prayer 5 p m Friday 730 p m
English Lutheran Church of the Holy
Trinity 336 South Fourth East street
Rev A C Sweinsberg pastor Services
1 a m Sunday school por
Scandinavian M E Church 153 Second
East street Sunday school at 10 a m
preaching at 1 a m and 8 p m by the
presidinge elder Rev B E Mark All
are welcome
Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of
Latterday Saints Mission chapel 228
East Second South Sunday school at 10
a m preaching at 1 a m and 730 p
in by Hyrum O Smith
St Peters Chapel Warm Springs
Eighth Sunday after Trinity holy com
munion 730 a m Sunday school 3 p
m evening prayer and sermon 730 Rev
D Douglas Wallace vicar
Swedish Lutheran ZIons Church Cor
ner Second South and Fourth East Services
vices today at 1030 a m and 8 p m
Sunday school 1215 p m Wednesday
evening meeting at 8 oclock P E Aslev
St Marks Cathedral 225 East First
South Services today eighth Sunday
after Trinity July 26th 730 a m holy
> k
communion 945 a m Sunday school 1
a m morning prayer and sermon by
Canon Ohl Sp m evening prayer dally
morning prayer 0 a m Thursday 930
a m holy communion Friday 730 p m
evening prayer
First Presbyterian Church Dr R G
McNiece pastor Public worship at la
in preaching the Rev A C Brown
of Peoria Ill Sunday school at 945 En
deavor metings Junior at 515 Young
Peoples at 650 No preaching service in
the evening
East Side Baptist Church Pastor Col
lins will preach Sabbath at 1 a m and
at 8 p m Morning theme Victory Over
Evil Evening theme Sinlessness of
Believers T J Collins
First 11 E Church Third South street
between Knuteford hotel and Main street
Rev Yo K Beans pastor Morning ser
vI t hv Po I
vice cit 1 ouiuun bciinjn nev ± 1 o
iL l IUh tnII uy
I Church on the Highway Evening ser
vice at 8 oclock sermon by Rev J C
Andrews of the First Baptist church at
Provo Theme Temperance in a New
S Light Sunday school at 945 Prof L I
GluHan superintendent Epworth league
at 7 p m F E Wilkinson president
Everyone services cordially invited at all these
Y 11 C A28 West Second South
street Young mens rally today at 4 p
m addressed by Mr J L Flcmming of
Bingham Utah All young men are invit
I ed and will be cordially welcomed
The most fashionable hats among oars
women are mania with black or scar
let bands Navy blue serges are of
course being worn and their sombreness
is relieved by bands of white cloth edged
with light blue braid or piping
ousekpcping in tents s the newest
feature at Long Beach About forty of
uitse dio ea eau be put up at a moments
1 notice They have a wide veranda are
divided by curtains into two apartments
and are provided with gas and water fix
I The sash is once again basking in the
sunshine fashions favor The broad
richness that adds such a pleasant ucLa
to the gown of last season or serves so
I well to link the colorings of a blouse and
skirt for a distnct reaction has set in
against the cleftIntwain effect we have
i harbored so lohg and so fondly
An English paper in discussing the
comingout jeriod suggests that a year
or s ± x months before the formal and tri
umphal entry Into society a girl should
be brought out so to speak in her own
family attending little at homes and
i small parties as this gives her confidence
1 and manners imparts the advantage O unaffected
A writer in an English magazine claims
I to have discovered that marriage is a
mere accident and no test whatever of
sex attractiveness Beyond the fact of
marriage there is nothing to distinguish
the wedded from the unwedded Some
of both classes are pretty some plain
some are polly some are shrewish some
are Intellectual some are stupid Spin
sters are just the inevitable remnant re
sulting from monogamic Institutions
and the overplus of the sex
There is an old superstition that the
maiden who receives the garter worn by
a bride on her wedding day is certain to
become herself a bride before the year Is
out A brides garters are therefore much
in demand and as ordinarily she wears
but two the supply Is limited To obviate
i this difficulty a charming young woman
I who was recently married In Orange
I wore twenty garters on her wedding day
and after the ceremony distributed them
among her bridesmaids and unmarried
I Half a dozen young women took exami
nations for admission to the bar in New
York several weeks ago and without at
I tracting very much attention Several
of them will begin to practice law at once
Had they begn these examinations teh
years ago the incident would have ex
I cited wide discussion and many comments
that would have been unpleasant to the
candidates It Is accepted as a matter of
course now that a constantly growing
I percentage of candidates for diplomas in
law a medicine shall be women
T average age of our saleswomen
is but 22 years and it is rarely the case
that a woman finds employment to any
< 4
establishment for many years In one
New York store it was rumored that a
recently retired partner was to give
50 to all employees who had serveJ
him for ten years and by actual count
it was found that out of 2000 employees
but fortyseven had served that length
of time As a rule employees are set
dom retained fo more than five years
and length of service is often made a
reason for dismissal i being feed i
that they might acquire the idea that
they hve a claim unon the firm Those
then who enter mercantile establish
ments with the idea that they may rise
to superior positions usually meet with
disappointment One rarely finds the
same cash children employed for two
seasons in succession At the close of 1
the holiday season from onethird to
onehalf a the employees are dischars
I ed without regard to length of servic
i only the birighteat and shrewdest be
ing retained
tinder tie severe discipline enforced
only the strongest can endure this life
for any length of time Investigation
proves that few ca stand it fo more
i than two years without suffering from
invaired health The law regarding
stats has not been generally observed
and in seme establishments where seats
were provided salesAVomf n have ben
fined ff found sitting
While it is gratifying to know that
women can fill these positions satisfac
torily yet through accepting low wages
and submitting to severe discipline
they are depriving other women of employment
ployment and since their entrance into
mercantile esCafolisiiments the wages of
S salesmen have been reduced 40 pr
i cent Altogether the position o the
saleswoman is not an enviable one anl
th wise young woman will give time to
lear a trade
I i llU1LHflstor1 t PaiflnSexua1 t S
Zb l J Strsncto in Old oi
i 4 Young Iilon can be
5 i QDICKIT and ierxt
N = TLY cured by me i
I to a healthy vigorous
cf r7 state Sufferers from
Iia1h < Nervous
o iO I Debility
t Weakness
f t 11 Vaelcocela UI
f r and all wasting diseaseeO
i snId wrU to m for ahlte
e f Q
IJ1nTeb acl o
studentfornianyjeare I I
bof the subject of weak I < cl
Wf87 lit men tho fact Vt 2
jself Too bashlnl to I
seek tho aid of older I
f1nee or reputable phy
siciann I investigated 4 0 Z
oubjectdooPTand I 1 4 VI
PdiscovcroJ a sImple ji IIJ I I
i but mcst reciarkably i I
Jauccessfnl Remedy i I
that completely cured 1 II
irae and fully onlurgedmo S 5 t
rem n shrunken stunted
condition to natural size S
and stronsrth I want ere
omorod man to know
Haboatit Ittkeuptrsona I
interest in snch cases and II 1
no one need hesitate to ll
y writo mo 03 nil commtm
cations are hold strictly
BconDdcntial I send tho reclpo of thisremedji
absolutely f reo ot cost Do not put it off but
QlVrito no fully at once yon will always blew
7 the day you did so Address
x 1 TH03taB ELATEE Boca 23 = 5 A
iSilppcr ctfimonjJCalimnoo Celery JUlimaieo JlkSJ
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