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T newspaper
i sl f SAD RITE
funeral of the Beloved
Apostle Abraham H
Addresses By Presidents Wood
t ruff Smith and Snow
The Most Prominent Citizens of the
t Stale Present Sparsest Gathering
Ever Witnessed on Any Similar
Occasion Except at the Funerals
of President Youiif and Presi
dent Taylor Striking evidence of
the AffeeiioJi of the People For
the Decensed The Procession to
the Cemetery
Were death denied even fools
would wish to die
The services at the funeral of the
late Apostle Abraham H Cannon
I non was a director lit was made by
I the Reading Floral company from a
design brought from Denver and rep
resented a broken tree or column made
of a solid mass of white roses and
other pale pink blossoms It wasabout
five feet high and rested on an ample
base of roses and mooS On the top of
the stem was a white dove emblem
atic of purity with outstretched wings
ant lower down the stem were two
oUher white doves also witfn wings
extended The other most striking floral
extended were from the Jevenlle In
structor employees representing a bro
ken wheel from Senator and Mrs
Brown the German club Lew and
Mamie F H Auerbach Mr and Mrs
Theodore Meyer Mrs William Jen
nings Hon P H Lannan with inscrip
tion Honest Abe George and Ad
die Mrs M M Barratt Mr and Mrs
James Devine Susie Young Gates and
The remains were on view at the
residence at Eighth West and Ninth
South streets from 11 a m to 12 noon
for the family andl intimate friends
only At 1 p m the body escorted by
the council of the apostles as pall bear
ers and followed by the family was
removed to the tabernacle arriving
there at 2 oclock
The casket was carried in by the pall
bearers Apostles Teasdtale John Hen
ry Smith Brigham Young M W Mer
ri3 Heber J Grant F W Lyman F
D Richards and John W Taylor and
President Joseph F Smith and placed
on tile sacrament table It was a very
massive and handsome receptacle of
pure white resembling carved marble
I Immediately following the bier were
President George Q Cannon Mrs Sa
rah Cannon first wife of the deceased
Angus M Cannon John Q Cannon
I Horn Frank J Cannon Charles M Can
i J non the other two wives of the deceas
j ed and his children and other near rel
I atives The wives were dressed in
deep black while the children ranging
I from little tots to a girl of 17 were
clad in pure white
i tw
k ik i cf fi t
L I IIrfrI
f I j
Ics I t
i H I l
cs P ii
ft i t
li > 4d j i
v S 1
Ii 1 1
5 l1I I
S hlj I r
rmr I
I J Jj
I It
ffliWflril11l i 1I1
1 J
p T1 S S
ELn I 1 >
I f INTERIOR OF TUB TABERNACLE From Photo By the Johnson Compo ny
were such as to impress on those who
I heard them that death is not the
hideous awfullytobedreaded monster
which it is generally portrayed and
which it is usually conceived to tie by
the human mind What we call death
4was j made to appear the greatest
Blessing and the greatest friendi of
mankind so that the listener was
brought to think the sage who wrote
the sentence with which this article
opens was eminently correct
Among the audience were the close
elatives those bound to Abraham H
Cannon by the nearest and dearest
I ties there were his close associates
in church work socially and in busi
ness Over his relatives there was a
sober subdued air born of faith as
became the solemnity of tbe occasion
but there was an absence of that utter
despair and sorrowing as of those who
have no hope which is often beheld
at funerals and the truth sought to be
impressed by the speakers was that
there was nothing to mourn for in re
A lation to the deceased apostle because
he was worthy to b2 numbered among
the good who have dwelt on this earth
and who have gone to their reward
S J The respect in which Apostle Cannon
was held by the people generally both
Mormons and Gentiles was well at
4 tested by the numbers of the most
e prominent citizens of all creeds and
conditions who attended his funeral
Many came from distant parts of the
state at great expense and personal
inconvenience and still greater num
bers from the city were present so
that the immense tabernacle was
filled in every part to its utmost ca
The services were exceedingly beau
tiful and yet simple in their sim
plicity lay in great measure their
t S beauty The speakers were all high
dignitaries in the church and their
remarks were deservedly eulogistic of
the departed brother The musical
part was touching and thoroughly in
keeping with the solemnity of the oc
casion The members of the first pres
idency except President Cannon the
father of the deceased who was seated
with the other members of the family
occupied their customary places on the
stand Next below them sat tha
apostles with the seat usually occu
pied by the deceased left vacant Then
Aame the stake presidency the first
r vcn presidents of the seventies and
ii high councilors The stand oc
cupied by the authorities and
F partly by the choir was pro
fusely draped in white inter
6p < rsed with evergreens and flowers
the whole producing a lovely effect
1 During the services the casket con
taining the remains of the beloved
dead rested on the sacrament table on
t the platform slightly raised from te
floor of the hall and directly im the
center of the stand occupied by the
church officers
The floral tributes heaped upon > and
wound the casket were numerous and
passing beautiful Four large pieces
j were sent by the family the gates
ajar an anchor a pillar and other
appropriate devices one marked
1 papa By far the largest and most
f costly piece was from the BullionBeck
Mining company of which Mr Can
I j In the center of the building in front
of the stand was a reserved space for I
the Deseret News employer Juvenile
I Instructor employes directors of the I
i chamber of commerce members of the
city council and other civic bodies and I
organizations with which the deceased
was intimately associated The im I
I mense buildvng was crowded in every I
part even to the doors inside which
and in the aisles many remained stand I
I ing during the entire services
I Apostle Heber J Grant presided and I
called on Apostle Franklin D Rich
ards who offered the invocation in sub
j stance as follows I
I Almighty God the Creator of all
I things the author and finisher of our
I faith look upon us thy erring crea I
tures let thy blessing be upon us to
i i comfort our hearts for thou hast taken
from among us one whom we loved
It is not like the gathering of the ripe
sheaves of wheat but it came like a
1 thunderbolt from heaven and struck I
I down one whom we least expected to
go We beseech thee to bless the presi
dent give him joy and gladness and I
multiply his years We ask thee to
bless his counselors especially Presi
j dent Cannon in his bereavement
i lengthen his days and increase his J
I power for good Bless 0 Lord the
i apostles that they may be filled with j
1 love for the human family Bless I
them all each and every one and im I
i bue them with thy spirit We praise
I i thee holy Father that thou hast com I
I menced the gathering together of thy
people roll on thy purposes and grant I
i that the blood of none be found on I 1
our garments Grant 0 Lord that he i
j who shall succeed to the apostleship of
j him who is gone may be a man like I 1
unto him who is taken away full of
faith and good deeds Grant that unity
I may dwell among the twelve and that I
i they may see eye to eye in all things I
j for the good of the church We beseech i
j thee to bless all who are near and dear i 1
j to him who has gone from among us j
I Bless them all abundantly and com i
j fort them and grant that the happy i
I family circle now broken be reunited j I
1 Grant that all of us so live that we j
may be prepared for the coming of the i
I Lord Jesus Bless those who are j I
about to speak to us and drive sad i i
I nsss from our hearts and teach us to
j say thy will be done so that we live i I
j I and glorify thee to the end i
I The soprano soio from Messiah i
I I Know That My Redeemer Liveth
was sung by Mrs Nellie Druce Pugs
ley to the organ accompaniment
Apostle Lorenzo Snow was the first
speaker He delivered an address eulo
gistic of the deceased based on an in i
timajte acquaintance of ten years as
i I follows
j I have been Intimately acquainted
1 with Brother Abraham H Cannon
I whose body lies in this casket before
us for over ten years and since he
I was ordained to the apostleship that
acquaintance has become more and
more intimate I can speak with
I pleasure the course he has taken as
an apostle of God I cannot point in
i his record to a single blot or blemish
I that appears there or ever will appear
I am fully satisfied that every motive
that inspired him throughout his
I career was praiseworthy and good
and I believe that Brother Abraham
r ti > w1fMJr
H Cannon during the many years
that he has been bearing the testi
mony to the truthboth while on mis
j sions to other lands and during his
i apostleshipmIght appropriately have
1 repeated that immortal prayer of the
Psalmist David Know me under
i stand my ways
i David in those days it would seem
j was right in his mind and heart toward
I ward God and he was not afraid to
be searched by him who knoweth all
things I am told by the father of
him who lies before us that there was
not a single word or a single deed that
he ever uttered or performed that cre
ated the least disturbance or occa
sioned the least unpleasantness with
his father That was because of his
strict obedience to the counsel of his
parents and there was nothing at any
j time that he would not do for his
father It is not every father that
can say this in reference to his son
There Is more or less I think of neg
lect among the young men of this day I
1 in showing that respect to their par <
ents which filial duty demands Abra
ham H Cannon was the embodiment
of this principle
I In the beginning we are toldl God
sent a man into the world in order to
prove him and see whether he would
obey the Lord in all things what
soever he saw fit to command him
i We have reason now to believe that
there have been many great and good
i men God has sent into the world who
have justified themselves before the
i Lord in keeping his commandments
ito I that extent that they were entitled
i to receive all the blessings and glory
and happiness that were prepared be
fore the foundations of the world were
laid for those who should be faithful
to God in their second estate
I I Brother Cannon has observed all
i I these principles He has studied them i
l and practiced them from the begin i
ning We therefore feelthose who
I were acquainted with Brother Can i I
I non that he is entitled to all the bless
I ings that God has promised to those
who would remain faithful unto the
I end This in Itself is a mighty con I
solation The Apostle Paul after he
had finished his work and the time
I had come for him to suffer martyrdom I
as had been appointed said I have
fought a good fight The battle he
fought was for the principles of
heaven He fought for the principles
which will glorify men He bore pa
tiently insults and persecutions Never
in all his experience did he allow
himself to feel a spirit of anger or bit
terness against those who oppressed
him I have fought he said a
good fight I have finished my course
and I have kept the faith Brother
Abraham H Cannon before he left
this existence could have said the
same In this there is a source of
Brother Cannon is not dead
His body lies there but his I
spirit has passed into another
times I
world of action Many
Ms voice has pierced every heart and
every ear in this great hall He has
filled us many times with hope and
satisfaction by his wise instructions I
andthe testimony he has borne We
have been charmed and instructed and
delighted But is Brother Cannon
dead No he lives today more fully
than he ever Jived before There is a
bright place that he occupies a place
that he lived in perhaps before he left
the spirit world and we feel l that he
has accomplished a mighty work
When a person feels that he is en
titled to receive this great blessing
there is something before hima pros
pect that is beautiful and glorious I
Who is to mourn for one of these
There is no loss there is a gain When
he left the spirit world to come into j
this there was no doubt much more
mourning than there would be any oc
casion for here under these circum I
Then a young man is called on a
mission and has to leave his family to
sojourn for several years among j I
strangers there are feelings of uneasi
ness and sorrow among those whom he
leaves How many difficulties will he
meet How will he meet the tempta I
tions the dangers to which he will be
exposed mil he lose all those glor
ious prospects now before him These
are things unpleasant to contemplate I
when this side of the subject is brought
into view But he goes upon his mis I
skm He stays two or three years and l
passes through suffering and trials
But he returns a better a wiser a i
more godly man Brother Cannon has i
gone Into the other world and there is i
rejoicing there He has secured a vic
tory and all the glory and exaltation
attendant upon a victory He has gone j
into a glorious enterprise and has i
achieved splendid results When a i
man who has accomplished all that j 1
God gave him to do leaves us there
can be no disappointment He gains
more glory than the human mind can
conceive it is eternal evelasting con
tinuous This is the condition of our
friend Apostle Cannon I
We are told that when we pass suc
I cessfully through our second estate
glory will be added unto us forever and
forever Brother Cannon has kept the
faith and kept it well I
Men are sent into the world some
of them at least to accomplish certain I
purposes For instance God said of j I
Jeremiah Before I formed thee in the j i I
body I sanctified thee and ordained
thee a prophet to the nations Jere
miah replied to the Lord that he could I
not speak well but God laid his hand
upon him and gave him power to ac I
complish great things among the na
tions Brother Cannon likewise had a
mission and he fulfilled it even as did
1 >
iFA > 6 r i o th h
Jeremiah of old He was aood man
and a great man He was a wonder
ful man and his power came in conse
quence ofr the gifts of GCK jand the
blessings < of heaven that were upon
him S4
So with Apostle Cannon ± Te always
acknowledged that the wisdom we so
much admiredwhen we heard his voice
in this hall came from God as did the
other great gifts he possessed He was
one of the noblemen of God1 He was a
nobleman because he did that which
the Lord required at his hands and
made himself ready t6 receive all the
choice blessings that were promised
I before the stars sang together
There is no need to mourn Grief
on an occasion like this may after all
I arise a little from a selfish feeling I
look around and see the vacancy he has
I lefi and I say where are fie going to
find an individual who can represent
fully Abraham H Cannon We will
I never find a man who will in all re
j i spects fill the place of Brother Cannon
I mourn over this and because in an
I earthly sense he is lost tous But I
wish we would all pursue a course in
i life that would elevate us to the place
where Brother Cannon is today
I say to you that the God of heaven
has spoken The God of heaven in
spired Abraham H Cannon and many
of you perhaps most of you could tes
tify to the same thing when you heard
his voice You know that he spoke by
the spirit and power of God when his
words came to us like the speech of an
angel from the eternal worlds
I rejoice in Brother Cannon because
he was a good man He was also a
great man Many rrun are good with
out being great
May Gods blessing rest upon you
God bless you that you may emulate
This glorious example that has been
given us by Brother Cannon God bless
his children and wife We will all re
member them and in doing so do honor
to the name ot Abraham H Cannon
The veneraKe President Woodruff
who notwithstanding his weight of
nearly 90 years looked hale and vigor
ous gave a short address eminently
suited to the occasion
He began with aquotation from the
New Testament And their works do
follow them
The works of Brother Abraham H
Cannon will follow him He labored
for the welfare of Israel and certainly
his departure from us is a heavy b ow
riot only to his wife and children and
relatives but to us all
I wish to say a few words to his fam
ily those upon whom the shock has
come with particular force Brother
George Q Cannon has borne this with
all the patience and humility that be
long to his character All through the
ordeal he has shown great composure
and reconciliation to the will of God
This blow came suddenly upon all and
it 5s a heavy trial to bear But there
are two ways to look upon the loss we
have sustained
In speaking to his family I have to
talk on the plurality of wives a sub
ject which for a long time I have left
alone in accordance with my pubCic ob
servations I refer to this because I
want to refer to his character and the
course he pursued
The course we have taken in the past
In relation to the plurality of wives
has been in a measure out of har
mony with that of the rest of the
world That doctrine was introduced
by God through Joseph Smith It was
carried out by only a small percentage
of the Latterday Saints until the time
came when the law of the land forbade
our carrying out that principle and we
submitted to that law But I want to
say this and I want you to hear it
There is not one particle of law on any
ci the statute books of the United
States or any authority in any judge
of the United States or in the president
himself that can make a man who has
wives and children end them Into the
streets and make vagabonds of them
Such a law would be a very cruel law
Inasmuch as these women have been
taken under the law and given them
selves into our care we are not justi
fied in sending them homeless into the
streets Any man in this church who
has a plurality of wives given to him
who will not take care of his children
is under condemnation before God No
man is justified in that Why Be
cause they belong to him and to no one
eise They belong to him for time and
eternity if he keeps the law of God
I hope there is not a man in this
church who will throw off his wives
and children and leave them unsup
ported Brother Cannon has manifest
ed this principle and has carried it out
He has provided for his wives he has
done all in his power to lay a founda
tion to make It comfortable for them
after his departure He has been
blessed in this principle Therefore I
consider him justified when he has
finished his work here suddenly and
gone into the spirit world
Brother Cannon has been a very pe
cUlar man He has never complained
He has lived to take a great load upon
himself he has attempted to do every
thing for the church and kingdom of
God wherever he has been It is true
his labor was cut short suddenly but
he awaits the morning of the resur
rection to come forth with his wives
and children and family and friends
and be united with them I want to
say to his children Brother Cannon
will be with you In his Immortal glory
and Immortal body Death cannot
destroy such men When I look upon
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O i f
Ten Thousand Idle Men Will
Again Carry Their Din
ner Pails
Great Success of the Amalgamat
ed Association
Men Employed ini Nonunion Mills
Will Also Receive Most Substan
tial Benefits List of the DIg
Firms Signing the Agreement
For Which the WngcEariiers
Have Contended
I PITTSBURG Pa July 26 Tomor
row will occur the beginning of the
I resumption of the iron mills which
I will soon put to work at least ten
thousand idle men It is estimated that
I i
at least that number are interested in
the settlement cz the wage scale with
the Ohio manufacturers of Youngs
town Saturday night
The success of the amalgamated as
sociation in making the wage settle
ment it has effected means too that
the men employed in nonunion mills
will get an advance in their wages and
that their employers will sign agree
ments to pay them the union prices I
This comes as near a recognition of
the union as the men are contending
for at present The conference was i
with the Ohio association but plants
in several other states will be started
under the agreement The firms who
signed the scale are as follows An
drews Bros Oo Hazeiton O
Brown Bonnell Co four plants at
Youngstown 0 Union Iron and Steel
company two plants at Youngstown
one at Warren and one at Girard Ma
honing Valley Iron company two
plants at Youngstown Falcon Iron and
Nail company Niles 0 Coleman
Shields Co Niles 0 Eagle Iron and
Steel company Ironton 0 Union
I Rolling Mill company Cleveland
Cherry Valley Iron company Leetonia
0 Etna Standard Iron and Steel com
pany Bridgeport 0 Central Iron and
Steel company Brazil Ind Wetheral
Rolling Mill company Birmingham
Rolling Mill company Birmingham
Ala Sharon Iron company Sharon
Pa Struthers Iron company Struthers
0 Pomeroy Iron company Pomsroy
p Cairnes Son Massillon O j
It Would Take Much Less Space to
Tell What He Actually Knows
KANSAS CITY July 25L C Kroth
off who went to Chicago to attend the
I conference of gold standard Democrats
returned to this city It is said in connection
nection with his return that as soon as
possible probably Monday a conference
I of gold standard Democrats will be held
to call a mass meeting for some night
this week Attorney J MeD Trimble a
local Democrat yesterday mailed copies
of the following letter to 200 prominent
gold standard Democrats of this city
I do not believe in the unlimited coin
age of gold and silver at the ratio of 16
I to 1 when their market value is about 32
to 1 I do not believe that the unlimited
coinage of both metals will double the
market value of silver so as to make 16
i ounces of silver worth one ounce of gold
I do not believe the government can
make 16 ounces of silver worth as much
as 32 ounces of silver by simply saying
so any more than it can make six
indies as long as one foot by saying so
I do not believe that the interests of
good government can be promoted by
I denouncing the course of President
Cleveland and approving the course of
I Altgeld and Debs in relation to the Chi
cago riots I believe that the princi
ples of the Chicago platform if
I made the law of the land would
I give us an unsound currency with
I all its attending evils and would
be subversive of many of the essential
principles of a good and safe govern
I ment For the first time in my life I
find I cannot vote for the doctrines an
i nounced In a socalled Democratic
I platform without doing violence to my
patriotism I am led to believe that
I many other lifelong Democrats hold
views similar to my own as above ex
I pressed and it occurs to me that all such
I persons should get together and confer
upon the situation and take some steps
to promote their own views and resist
the errors of the Chicago platform by
some open positive and manly action
I write this to ask you to inform me
in confidence whether your are in favor
of a conference of the sound money
I Democrats of Missouri to consult and
agree upon the best course for us to pur
sue Please answer soon and oblige
At the mass meeting to be held next
week there will be speeches by promi
nent Democrats Fred W Lehmann the
I St Louis attorney will probably be one
of the speakers Mr Lehmann stumped
the state for the Democratic party in
the campaign four years ago Mr
Lehmann was one of the delegates from
Missouri to the conference of gold Demo
crats in Chicago Thursday
A Brute in Kansas Who Care Very
Nearly Being Lynched
McPHERSON Kan July 26The
sheriff of this county has gone to Can
ton four miles north on telegraph
summons to prevent the lynching of a
tramp whom 100 enraged citizens
I threatened to hang up for assaulting
Oldfield farmers wife
Mrs Frank Odfield a farers
While Mrs Oldfield was working in her
I garden the man demanded that she
get him some breakfast She did not
comply immediately whereat the
I tramp threw her violently to the
ground tore her clothes and choked
I grou I took a mob to finally capture
the brute when he Was promptly
I identified by Mrs Oldfield At last
I reports much excitement still prevailed
and there was talk of lynching hIm
Bryans Nomination By tie Popu
lists Causes a Alleged Scare in
LONDON July 26The action of the
bankers iro checking gold exports to
gether with the unceasing issues of
new companies and the coming Russian
loan combine to keep money rates fair
ly steady On the stock exchange busi
ness was very moderate greatest de
mand being good industrial ventures as
s <
investments Gas and water com
panies breweries and hotels all showed
an upward movement Mines were
very inactive and dropping The nomin
ation by the Populist convention of
Mr Bryan came too late to affect the
market but will probably cause a fur
ther fall next week Gold bonds main
tain their nrices well Otherwise no
confidence exists in the market in the
face of the growing strength of the sil
ver interest Lake Shore was one point
better on the week The decreases were
as follows Chicago Milwaukee St
Paul and Erie mortgage 2 Central Pa
I cific Denver Rio Grande preferred
Louisville Nashville and Northern
I Pacific 1 Pennsylvania and Wabash I
1 others fractional
The Ultimatum Issued By the Strik
ing Tailors in New York
NEW YORK July 26An old day
meeting was held by the striking
tailors of this city in Walhalla hall
Addresses were made by a number
leaders and the situation was generally
discussed The substance of the re
marks made by the various speakers
was that no compromise with the con
tractors should be made that the strik
ers must stand firm and accept no
thing but victory The Tact that some
of the contractors in the past who
combatted the tailors have now joined
hands with them Is regarded by the
leaders as significant and is taken as
an omen of success for the tailors in
the total abolition of the sweatbox
system an increase of the wage scale
and for a fixed weekly toil standard of
59 hours I is estimated that fully
20000 hands are now idle on account of
the strike in this city and vicinity
Commissioner Charles L Phipps chair
man of the state board of arbitration
has visited the leaders on both sides of
the controversy and an effort is now
being made to induce all to arbitrate
Funeral of Apostle Cannon
Bryanv Dispatch to Jones
Iron Mills Will Resume
Watson ViI Xot Withrfruvr
Colorado Floods
In the Mining World
Populist State Central Committee
Repuhlieaji Heuduuurters
Imi rtaaice of Congressional Elec
The Live Stock Market
Funeral of Dr Benedict
Fraternal Societies
Foods in the South
Cache County Summer School
Ogden News Xoles
The Citys Water Supply
Thiede Mny He Respited
I At the Resorts
Tallced So Much That the Old Man
Lost His Position and the Rever
I end Asks to He Freed
KANSAS CITY July 26Rev Joshua I
A Smith has filed a petition in the cir
cuit court at Independence a suburb II
asking a divorce from his wife Nannie
Smith whom he married at Stillwater
1 T in April 1893 The plaintiff al
leges that his wife spread the report 1
among his congregation at Stillwater
that she was his common law wife By I
this act he lost his position At Oswego I
he atteges she spread similar reports
with a like result In addition she he I
alleges one day smashed the window
in their house and threw his theological
logical library into the street When
he tried to pick up the volumes she
threatened to shoot him and the plain
tiff was obliged to call in a policeman
LONDON July 26The weather has
been warm with occasional showers
Harvesting is in progress in all the
I southern countries The crop promises
to be unusualty large and of fine
quality The market for wheat during
the wheat followed American Hot
weather made the trade stow but
prices are a little better Offers are
light Californian afloat 265 Parcels
quiet and steady Hard Duluth wheat
prompt delivery 2s 4d Flour steady
Maize quiet and steady Mixed Amer
ican gulf ports 14s 6d
Parcels slow
Barley fn active
Oats slow and firmer American
clipped August and September 12s 6d
GUTHRIE O T July 26About two
weeks ago the commissioners appointed
to investigate Osage citizenship recom
mended that over 100 halfbreeds should
be stricken from the rolls but they sub
mitted separate reports not being able
to agree upon the lists Secretary Smith
has not yet passed upon any of these re
ports but the council of the Osage nation
controlled by the full bloods has In spe
cial session passed a act disfranchising
all of the halfbreeds so reported The
halfbreeds declare their intention of vot
ing at the national election August 3 and
trouble will likely occur
nounced that the porte has decided to
maintain a defensive attitude In Crete
leaving to the powers the task of inducing
the Insurgent Cretans to accept the con
cessions already promised them by the
Turkish government
According to news received from Canea
in the island of Crete two vessels have
landed arms and ammunition at Candla
near the center of the north coast for
the Insurgents showing that the rebellion
I is extending toward the eastern portion
j of the island which has hitherto remained
The Mussulman deputies in Crete have
I presented a note to the foreign consuls
in the Island declining to agree to any
of the demands made by the Christian
I deputies j
He Holds the Deputies at Bay With
a Shotgun
ST JOSEPH Mo July 26John
Toms a youthful desperado of this cIty
is at large in the vicinity of Dearborn
He has caused the officers of that town
no small amount of trouble a num
ber of deputy sheriffs having put In a
solId week hunting for him At one
time one of them corralled him in a
cornflefld but Toms held the officers at
bay with a shotgun < and has since sue
cessfully resisted arrest He i wanted
for higlrwayj robbery
I is Given Out By One Who
Alleges He Read the
Free Silver Overshadows Every
Other Issue Now Presented
There is Ko Better Friend ol Bi
metallism Than Arthur SeTFoll
and He Has Defended the Great
Cause in a Section Where Such
Acton Required Far More Cour
age and Ability Than in the West
and < the SouthA Manly Declara
CHICAGO July 26 Among those who
returned from St Louis today was a
gentleman who saw and read the sup
pressed dispatch from Mr Bryan to Sen
ator Jones chairman of the national com
mittee He possesses a fair memory and
gives the following a the substance of the
document about which there was so much
talk and excitement during the last day
of the Populist convention What is sub
joined may be relied upon a being sub
stantially correct
Considering all the circumstances and
conditions wired Mr Bryan I have
concluded that the Populist convention
should not consider my name for the pres
idency but if it determines to nominate
me notwithstanding this declaration that
there may be no misunderstanding I de
sire in advance to say that I shall not
during the campaign discuss any other
issues than those outlined In the Chicago
platform I desire above everything else
to b instrumental in having enacted into
the law of the United States the free
and unlimited coinage of gold and slyer
at the present ratio of 16 to 1 without
awaiting the consent of any other
The Republican platform adopted at
St Louis asserts that the bimetallic sys
tem should be restored bur that the
American people are helpless to bring
about bimetallism for themselves until
foreign nations are willing to assist The
American people cannot afford to sur
render the right to legislate for them
selves on all questions and so long as
the right Is disputed I surpasses all
others In Importance The Populist plat
form presents several new issues to dis
cuss which during this campaign will
in my judgment endanger the success of
our cause I am not willing to 0 a party
to anything which will divert attention
from the msney question Nor am I will
ing to be placed in the attitude of secur
ing help from other political organizations
by sacrificing my associate upon the
ticket He is as squarely upon the Chi
cago platform a I a myself and he has
defended the cause of bimetallism against
much greater opposition than have the
men of the west and the south I desire
to be left free to support Sewall during
the campaign
I is due myself and the Populist con
vention that there should be most out
spoken frankness between us
To this dispatch said the gentleman
there was attached a postscript request
Ing that the statement be read to the
convention before the ballot was com
Why the dispatch was not read the
reasons for the objections of Senator Al
len chairman of the convention to Its
reading have been given in the Associated
I Press dispatches from St Louis
Enlivened By a Fight
CINCINNATI July 26 Cleveland
could not hit Foreman and by some very
questionable fielding allowed the Reds to
score enough runs to win a dozen such
games There was a fight between Burke
and Childs in the eighth inning A blow
apiece was struck and no damage done
The police prevented the crowd front
taking a hand
In the last Inning three hits scored
Clevelands only run Attendance 17000
Score Cincinnati runs 10 hits 16 er
I rors 0 Cleveland runs 1 his 7 er
rors 3 Batteries Foreman and Pletz
Young and Zimmer
Wax SuuBHndcd
CHICAGO July 26A hit by Daly In
the last Inning that should have been
an out was turned into triple because of
I the burning sun blinding Decker and was
all that saved Brooklyn from a shut out
Both teams played a share and brilliant
I fielding game one of the prettiest seen
here this season Attendance 8000
Score Chicago runs 4 hits 10 errors
0 Brooklyn runs 1 hits 11 errors 3
Batteries Griffith and Klttredge
Harper and Grim
Orioles Touched Him
ST LOUIS July 26 Quinn and Jennings
carried off the honors in todays game
accepting every chance BreIt went up
In the air in the fifth and the Orioles
I touched him up for five runs Attend
ance 15000 Score St Louis runs 6
j hits 12 errors 1 Baltimore runs 9
j hits 1 errors 1 Batteries Breiten
Clark stein and McFarland Henning and
Unable to Bunch
LOUISVILLE Ky July 26The Senators
ators were unable to bunch their hits on
Hill today and a little stupid base run
ning in the first inning lost them the
I game Mercer was hit hard and often
the Colonels winning with ease A J
triple play by Louisville In the first In
ning was the feature Attendance 4500 j
Score Louisville runs 8 hits 13 errors
2 Washington runs 6 hits 9 errors 1
McGuire Batteries Hill and Dexter Mercer and i
I LONDON July 26The correspond j
ent of the Times at Cape Town
TIme at Cap Towl says
that a crowded and enthusiastic meet 1
ing has been held in favor of the reinstatement
instatement o Cecil Rhodes as man
aging director of the British Chartered
South African company but that most
of the leading and Influential people of
the lag colony were absent from the meet
J S 1

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