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j ti I iii
h < f
S o S F S
I r > S l r
Statement Given Out Cold By
cS Senator Marion
Action of the Convention De
S manded By the People
Butler of the Opinion That Sewall
1 Kovr the One Man In the Coun
S try Vlio Has i in His Power to
Completely Unify the Silver Fore
en and Make the Rout of the Gold
hues Certain
ST LOUIS July 26Almost all the
delegates to the national Populist and
silver conventions which met in this
conventons iI
city last eelt have left for their
homes and nobody remains except a
few of the leaders of both parties
A majority of the delegates went
out In last nights trains and others
i at various times today
S Among those who are still here are
exChairman Taubeneck and exSec
retary Turner of the Populist national
exccutivrt committee who will remain
S long enough to close up the headquar
ters and transact whatever business
they may have in regard to conven
tion matters with the Business Mens
league Chairman Butler and Secre
tary Edgerton the new officers of the
S Populist national committee appointed
last week and a majority of the
members of the committee are still
at the Lindell hotel They held > a
meeting today but little else than to
aalK over the situation was done
S Of the silver national committee
Chairman Lane and ViceChairman
i Stevens are still in the city as is also
S G W Thompson a member of the
S notification committee
I has not yet been decided when
or where
of their nomination as standardbear
ers by the new Silver party Messrs
Lane Stevens and Thompson will meet
S tomorrow to confer in regard to this
matter and some action will probably
be taken then as to the time and
place An executive committee of the
silver party has not yet been appoint
E ed and until the headquarters have
been established this will not be done
S Organizer Kenney of California has
been recommended for a position on
t the Democratic executive committee
k and will probably be appointed
I A rumor got out today to the effect
r5 that the Populists
their candidate for vicepresident i
Sewall did not himself withdraw
A representative of the Associated
Press called upon Senator Marion
Butler and ask him why if his party
desired a union of the silver forces
t did they nominate another candidate
for vicepresident Because he
said we found that by so doing our
i party organization could be better pre
Y served in support of Mr Bryan than
by the nomination of Mr Sewall
Does not this selection lead to much
Oh yes but it was our only alter
Will the Democratic and Populist
committees make some arrangements
to unite their vote
The two party organizations will
S be kept entirely separate and distinct
ana the two campaigns will be con
S ducted separately on parallel lines bu
we hope TO vote and be united
I is hoped that Mr Watson will b
withdrawn 1
This will not be done The selec
r tion of Mr Watson was a deliberate
z action by the overwhelming vote and
voiced the sentiment of
who themselves had deliberated upon
S the situation since the Chicago con
S vention The Peoples party in its
desire to unify the reform forces so as
to make victory possible met the
Democratic party more than half way
iy taking their candidate for presi
dent We could not unite upon Mr
f Sewall and i we had attempted to do
8 it would have disorganized our
t own forces and endangered the elec
f lion of Mr Bryan It is in no wisp
S a reflection upon Mr Sewall and we
S do not believe that he or his friends
i will so consider it On the contrary
we hope that he is patriotic enough to
put the success of the cause and the
j welfare of the country above personal
interests or Inspirations In short Mr
Sewall is the one man in the United
States who has i in his power to com
pletely unify the silver forces and
make victory over the gold combine
absolutely certain This Is the unani
mous opinion of our executive com
In an Interview tonight Senator But
ler further said General James B
j Weaver James R vereign master
t r workman of the Knights of Labor
s Cyclone Davis of Texas Hon Thos
5 Watson vicepresddential candidate on
the Populist ticket and other speakers
f have gone to Alabama to
f They will reach there Tuesday and will
speak in the different cities each day
until the election which comes off on
b August 3 when members of the state
legislature will be elected Senator
l Pushs term expires soon and the next I
legislature will elect his successor I
Is to elect a majority of free silver j i
t legislators and ensure the selection of
L a United States senator favorable to I
the white metal that thee speakers I
will work I
Governor Oates is the Democratic
i candidate for ttoe United States senate
A large number of candidates for tee
L f legislature are gold men and wi vote
e S for his election but we hope to defeat
5 tha a well as elect free silver con
gressmen from Alabama in November
55 No one party has a majority in
S North Carolina but we feel assured
tiTat Bryan will roll up a majority
there In the fall The selection of
Si has been left to me by the notional
committee which met today but I will
no be able to make known my de
cision for several weeks I shall have
t carefully canvass the situation and
look Into the claims of th various j
S cities mentioned for the place Those
S mentioned In the committee were St
Louis Chicago Omaha New York and
S Washington The opinion seems to
prevairamonff members of the commit
S tee thai the selection of some western
S city would be the best policy I will
probably not make public my selec
S tion until another meeting of the executive
ecutive committee which may be In a
few iveeks at some city convenient to
all the members
George V Washbum of Massachu
set member of the Populist national
committee stated tonight when asked
if Massachusetts would be carried by
the free silverites
The free silver movement In my
state has always been underestimated
but I think a majority of Its citizens
are for the white metal I cannot
however estimate what the vote for
Bryan at the coming election will aggregate
gregate S
When G F Williams returned from
the Chicago convention where he was
the only Massachusetts delegate to ad
vocate free silver there was a demon
stration in his honor that the Boston
Globe declared to have been the
This is a indication of the feeling
there Williams will be the candidate
for governor on the free silver ticket
and while Massachusetts has never
been carried by the Democrats in a
presidential year we think he stands
a good show for ejection
Candidates for congress will also
be put up in each district but the
greatest fight will be for Bryan
A meeting of the Populist national
executive committee will be held to
morrow H E Taubeneck and W H
Turner the retiring chairman and sec
retary respectively will alsi be pres
ent to close up whatever business re
mains unfinished and turn the affadrs
over to the new committee The mat
ter of notifying the nominees of the
convention will come up at the meeting
of the committee which will probably
decide as to the time and place
GIvcM His Reasons
NEW YORK July 26The World
j I this morning publishes the following
j j signed dispatch from Thomson Ga
I i signed Thomas E Watson
j I To the questions asked me I reply
as follows
1 1 will run the race to the end
2 I will make the fight even if Sew
all does not withdraw
3 My opinion of the Fiftysecond
congress which was arraigned in my
book has undergone no change
4 I a not a political trader and
will nOt resign in Sewalls favor even
if offered a cabinet position
Having answered your questions
please allow me to state briefly my
reasons for the replies to questions
Nos 1 and 2
I allowed the use of my name to
save my party from extinction
In my opinion the continued exist
ence of the Peoples party is indispen
sible to the success of free silver For
me to withdraw would be for me to
sign the death warrant of my party I
Ours is the party for free silver and
I we maintained that principle while the
Democratic party in 18U2 and 1893 was j
making war upon it We do not think
our party should now close up and qult
business simply because the Democrats
have partially duplicated our sign
I the Democrats are so unreason
able a to refuse us Populists of the
south any recognition at all that fact
would show that the real purpose of the
apparent adoption of our principles is
t kill our party and not to enact those
principles Into law
I Democrats are sincere they will
not try tt put upon us such terms that
VCr man in our party at the south
will feel insulted and humiliated
If Mr Bryan di not want our sup
port Senator Jones had no business at
SL Louis at all I Mr Bryan does
want our support he ought to be will
Ing to adopt the policy which will most
certainly assure him that support and
that policy is to accept a a running
mate a southern Populist named by the
unanimous voice of the Populist na
tional convention Our party has gone
t the extreme limit of generosity in
the effort to procure a union of the
silver forces We did not claim first
the national ticket We
place on na1iona tcket are
content with the second I
Daniel Sliroyer a WcllKnovrii Res
ident of Chicago Shot and Killed
By His SoninLaw
CHICAGO July 26Daniel Shroyer
a wellknown resident of Park Ridge
I was shot and killed early this morn
ing by his soninlaw George E Pot
tinger a prominent Chicago real es
I tate dealer who mistook him for a
burglar The shooting took place in
Pottingers home in Ingleside avenue j I
I Mr Shroyer had been a guest at I
the Pottinger homestead for several
weeks Mr Pottinger was aroused at j I
3 oclock this morning and thinking j
i burglars were abroad took his re i i
volver and started to Investigate He j
j I was about to enter the kitchen when I
I he saw the form of a man approaching j i
j i and raising his revolver fired one shot j
j I The man gave vent to a startled ex
i 1 clamation and Mr Pottinger recog
i nized his fatherinlaws voice The
i bullet struck Mr Shroyer in the groin
and he dded in an hour The greatest
excitement followed the shooting Mr
I Pottinger Is almost distracted and his
wife is prostrated
A JInn Who h Now Released From
Ills Vow Not to Vote For n Prc lT j
I dentinl Candidate
WICHITA Kan July 26 Thirty
I years ago Arthur Smith now one of i
I the best and most highly respected i
farmers in Cowley county registered I
a vow never to cast a vote for a pres
j I idential candidate until a man west
j I of the Mississippi river was nominated t I
I He alleged discrimination against the
west Mr Smith is now an old man I
past 62 He has kept his strange vow
religiously but now says he can hon I
orably cast his ballot for W J Bryan I
and that he intends to do so I
MEMPHIS Tenn July 26The heat i 1 i I
for the last two days has been intense
the mercury ranging near the 10 mark
One fatality was reported to the police
today John A Cooper was overcome bjj
tile excessive heat and died
NEW YORK July j 26 Edward A
Eckert superintendent of exchanges of
the Metropolitan Telegraph and Tele
i phone company died today at Asbury
park N J aged 54 Ho was a brother
i of Thomas T Eckert president of the I
Western Union Telegraph company
Jury in the Hcarne Libel Case
Brings in a Verdict For the Plain
t1 S
SAN DIEGO CaL July 26The jury I
in the Hearne libel case which has
been on trfcsl for several days past j J
came into court today shortly after
noon after being locked up all night
I announced a verdict for the plaintiff
assessing his damages at 10000 The I
action had been tried Once before the i
jury tthen fain to agree I
The plaintiff in the case I Dr C
Hearne O this city The defendants I
are M H DP Young proprietor of the
San Francisco Chronicle and J F I
Blunt formerly that papers San Diego
correspondent The article which form I
ed the basis of the suit was sent Irom I I I
this city in August 1894 I was con
strued Dr Hearne
stred by rnc and some of his
friends a Implicating the dsXitor in the
1 4 < iJ < 1f 1
I murder of Amos J SUllwell at Hanni
i bal Mo in December 1888 Subse
quent to the publication of the article
Ii Hearne tried and was acquitted indicted for the murder
I WHEELING W Va July 26Early
I this morning traffic on the fourth di
j I vision of the Baltimore Ohio road
i was resumed The train for tine east
i at 1025 a m was the first to go
i through Tihs damage inflicted to the
i railroad by the floods is v r heavy
At the town of Mannington the damage
I is estimated at 150000 the South Penn
sylvania Oil company being the heavi
I est loser The Ohio Valley road over the
I bridge weeks will be ready for traffic in three
I CAIRO July 26Cholera is decreas
ing and there were only 130 new cases
I and 100 deaths throughout Egypt on
I Saturday The deaths include those
of Captain Fenwick at Firket and
i SurgeonCaptain Trask at Kosheh
I who were members of the Nile ex
i I pedition
River Above High Water Mark and
Yet Slowly Reaching Upwards
CINCINNATI July 26Though the
sky is clear here tonight the change
I of temperature rushing the mercury up
I high in the eighties causes apprehen
sion of more rain and a accession t
I the flood in the Ohio Reports from
I all points above here in the Ohio river
I as far as Wheeling show that stream
I rising At Cincinnati at 10 oclock this
morning the river s ood 3 feet 1 inch
j l above low water mark having risen
i I three inches in an hour There seems
to be no dubt that the Ohio River
I Valley railway in the vicinity of Park
I ersburg and the Baltimore Ohio
j i from Parkersburg east have about re
I i i sumed traffic Great forces have been
j employed repairing washouts in Ohio
j and it is fair to presume that all the
I i roads embarrassed by the floods will
resume tomorrow except those among
I I valley the bad washouts in the Muskingum
NEW York July 26The Brooklyn
I Jockey club announces the following
stakes to close August 10 1896
Fall meeting 1896 For threeyears
olds and upwards The Oriental handi
cap O 3000 one mile and r quarter
The first special of 2500 one mile
and a quarter
I The Woodlawn handicap of 2000 one
I The Speculation stakes of 1500 one
I The Bay Shore stakes of 1500 six
For 3yearolds the Brookwood
I stakes 3000 one mile and a furlong
The Fulton stakes of 2000 one mile
The Ocean View handicap of 2000
one mile and a sixteenth
The Parkville stakes of 2000 one
I The Sea Breeze stakes of 1500 one
I The Greenfields stakes of 1500 six
I furlongs
I For 2yearolds The Prospect stakes
3000 six furlongs
The Seashore stakes 2000 five fur
The Willow stakes 2000 for fillies
five furlongs
The Algeria stakes 2000 for maid
I ens five furlongs
The Holly handicap 2000 five fur
The Billow stakes 2000 five fur
The Flat Lands stakes 1500 for i
maidens five furlongs
The Youthful stakes of 1500 selling
five and a half furlongs
The Neptune stakes 1500 six fur
For alf ages The Culver handicap
2000 six furlongs
The Atlantic stakes 2000 a heavy
weight handicap five furlongs
Guaranteed stakes for spring meet
ing 1S97 for 2yearolds now year
The Great American stakes of 12500
five furlongs
The Tremont stakes of 10000 six
The Expectation stakes of 5000 half
The Hudson stakes of 3500 five fur
Guaranteed stakes for spring meet
ing iSIS for 3yearolds now year
The Brooklyn Derby of 10000 one
ml e and a half
The Carlton stakes of 5000 one
The Gazette stakes of 3000 for fillies
lies mile and a furlong
BOMBAY India July 26A railway
collision has occurred at Delhi by which I
fifty persons were killed and injured
LONDON July 26A Canea dispatch
to the Tmes says that the Cretan assem
bly has voted a moratium delay in pay
ment of three months and that the gov
ernment has sanctioned the vote
I PARIS July 26H Mcline the premier
and nearly all of the ministers today at I
tended and delivered orations at the un
veiling of a statue to the late Jules Ferry
at Saint Die tho birth place C 1 i I
Ferry President Faure sent a telegram i
of regret at his inability to be present
and expressing his appreciation of M
Ferrys patriotism I
has as yet been received by the state de I
partment from Edward P Hammond i I
United States consul at Budapest who i
has been asked to resign State depart l
ment officials decline to discuss the pub
lished statements that charges have i I
been filed against the consul but merely
say that his resignation has been asked
for because he was not acceptable to II
the Austrian government
Friends have intervened In Mr Hum
mends behalf but the department re I
cognizes th right of foreign govern
meats to insist on the withdrawal of of
ficials who may be obnoxious to them
A keyless bicycle lock
An improved sanitary corset
that cannot be refilled
A bottle tha r refled
A pipe for blowing soap bubbles
A combination sideboard and extension
sian table
A new alternating electric motor by
Nicola Tesla
A machine for ornamenting glass
dishes by which the dish is both scal
loped and crimped by one mot or
A machine for ths manufacture of
wire glass by which a network of
wire is i imbedded in the glass adding
to its strength and flexibility
A selfoiler for journals on the prin
ciple of capillary attraction A wick
lays alongside the journal and extends
down below into an oil receptable
A pineapple knife with a tubular i
quillpenshaped point adapted to
g < uge out the eyes of the apple a
thumbpiece guide which can be set
so as to gauge the depth of the cut
An amusing toy in which the whale
swallowing Jonah is depicted A m > 3
talMc whale rents in n tank of water in
which Jonah has been cast A pow
erful magnet inside the whale attracts
th metal Jonah and draiws him into
its open mouth
Racing is abut the hardest teat t J
which a wheel can be put
< J ti
Continued from page L
this church arid kingdom and the rev
eCations of God and the salvation of
I God I consider that we are a blessed
people and can most sincerely rejoice
He goes and another comes and Gods
work still goes on
God is peiUorming his work well A
great host have now left this church
and kingdom and gone to the spirit
world to prepare for the return of
Jesus when he will come in the clouds
of heaven to reward every man ac
I cording to his deeds in the body
God bless the father and brothers
and sisters of Abraham Cannon They
I are a great family Gods blessings
have been oyer them
The hymn O My Father was
I sung by R C Easton
President Joseph F Smith delivered
I the closing sermon I feel he said
more than ordinarily touched in my
heart with the loss we have sustained
in the death of one of our number who
has been so active so energetic so
full of wisdom and intelligence
We have nothing to mourn for in
the death of Brother Cannon because
as it has been remarked all is well
with him I would be impossible for
me to give a history of his life and
character and it would be unnecessary
for me to attempt i for his life has
been an open book before the people
to be read by them for many years
to come I believe that his course has
been acceptable to all who have known
him and to all who have been inter
ested in his life and that it has been
especially acceptable to God He has
truly fought the good fight and kept
the faith and there is assuredly laid
up for him a crown of glory He is
worthy to be numbered among the
great and good ones who have dwelt
in the flesh and whose lives have been
sacrificed not only for his ow ad
S vancement but for the advancement
and good and exaltation of the people
S for he has labored for the good of all
I men
I His writings the fruits of his labors
j which may be seen in the Juvenile In
S structor and in the publication of the
various works of the church will live
ever after him andi bye and bye we
will realize more and more the worth
of the labor and the sacrifice of this
young man and we will see bye and
bye the fruits of his labor where to
j day they are but partially apparent
We will feel strongly the loss of his
cooperation and his presence and
assistance in the great labor in which
he was engaged from an early period
of his life He was but a young man
only 27 years of age and has been
associated in the ministry for a long
time in comparison to the length of
his life For some eight years he was
associated with the first seven presi
dents of the seventies and since he
was chosen from that quorum to be as
sociated with the quorum of the
twelve apostles he has devoted every
capacity both in writing and preach
ing to the people to the fulfilment
of the mission whereunto he was
The Lord says to the peopl in Tils
revelations Behold mine house Is
a house of order saith the Lord God
and not a house of confusion Will I
accept of an offering saith the Lord
which is not made in my name or
will I receive at your hands that
which I have not appointed and will
I I appoint unto you saith the Lord
except I be by law even as I am by
I my Father ordained unto you before
the world was I am the Lord thy
God and I give unto you this com
mandment that no man shall come
unto the Father except by me or by
my word which is my law saith the
Lord And everything that is in the
world whether it be ordained of men
by thrones or principalities or powers
whatsoever they may be if they are
not 5 > y me or by my word saith the
I Lord shall be thrown down and shall
j not remain 1 f < for whatsoever
things remain are by me and what
j soever things are not by me shall be
I shaken and destroyed
I I read these few words in order that
j the ground upon which we stand may
be seen by those who are assembled
here this afternoon We acknowledge
i nothing that is I not ordained of God
and that is not commanded of him
We do not acknowledge the right
and the power of men to administer in i
the ordinances of the house of God or
in the gospel of Jesus Christ except as
they are ordaitied of God end appointed
by him through his voice or through
the voice of his angels or ministering
spirits to administer in the ordinances
of the house of God and to proclaim
the gospel of life and salvation to the
gos lfe
children of men
This is the testimony which was borne s
in his lifetime by Elder Abraham H
Cannon He has received that which
he ha obtained and the authority by
which he acted here was not his but
it was Gods authority delegated unto
him He acted in the name of God
and through the authority of the holy
priesthood I want to bear this testi
ninny to you because I know it to be
the truth and that is the principle 11
which will make men
Therefore what Brother Cannon has
received is of God and i will not have
an end now that he is dead He shall
keep it throughuut all the countless
ages of eternity The priesthood hej
possessed was given him for time as
pssese weB a eternity fo that which God
gives is an eternal gift The priesthood
was given to him to magnify an he
did not bury it i in the earth burt PUt
it to usury and gained other talents
thereby He has gained the reward of
Brother Cannbns family was receiv
ed by him at the hands 01 God When
they were joined to him it was for time
ard eternity The holy ties that binds
fathers to their children and children
to their fathers and wives to their
husbands are eternal ties They are
ties which man was created to enjoy
He was ordained by the voice of God
God has spoken in the clay in which we
live and there is no man or woman of
Intelligence who may not come tt > a
knowledge of the faithfulness of this
saying so that they can say a I say
I know that my Redeemer lives and I
know that he shall stand upon the
earth in the latter day and that he has
spoken from the heavens and restored
the everlasting gospel
Brother Cannon was faithful in that
glorious work He was united with his
brethren and united with God You
found him always full of intelligence
full of counsel full of wisdom and full
of love and charity and long suffering
And yet his heart was as the heart of
a little child in the presence of God
and in the presence of his brethren He
never attempted to wield force or to
bring up contention by argument His
weapons were kindliness and persua
sion He spoke the truth as it welled
it beamed from
up In his soul and as beame
him like rays of intelligence from the
eternal world He sought to prevail up
on others in this spirit of kindness and
But he did
of reason to see the truth
not contend with them He was con
tent to set forth the truth as i1 was
inspired wihin him and leave the rest
In the hands of God
I have never known him to be In the
wrong I have been associated with
him for many years both in the quo
rum o apostles and in a business way
and he has always sought to gain his
ends by pure intelligence and wisdom
with which he y as endowed to a mar
velous extent for a man of his years
I feel therefore in his death n loss
to myself I feel that the community
ha lost a great and wise counsellor a
man of God a man of truth a man
fearless when duty called him a man
who was not afraid to meet the conse
quences of hisown acts
I feel that we have done him wrong
I feel that I have contributed to doing
him wrong in that he was willing and
capable and because he was s we
I have put upon bins burdens we our
selves should have borne We have
weighed him down with these labors I
and responsibilities that have been j I
heaped upon him and we have come I
to a realization of this too late
While I believe in the providence of
God first yet I believe this too that I
men may be crowded beyond their I
strength and endurance Men may I I
I have responsibilities placed upon them I I I
I calculated to crush them down and i
bring j them t premature death
I believe this and yet I am willing I I i
to acknowledge the hand o God in
this providence and I say thy will
0 Lord be done in this as in all other j
things for he as well all of
things wel al us are
I in his hands
I rejoice in my acquaintance with
him I am proud of my associations
I with him Although I am twenty
years his senior yet I deferred to his
wisdom and the strength of his mind
and the strength of his character and
I have often drawn encouragement
and energy to myself from his example
and from his labors and they have
been a tower of strength to me
I thank God that we have had
Brother Abraham Cannon I thank God
that he was called to the ministry I
thank God that he has always main
tained his integrity and that he has I
gone home to the father of light un i
sullied and undefiled He went there
with the testimony of the truth rooted
and grounded in his soul
I would to God that all the young
men of ZIon would emulate his Exam
ple and show as he has done the fruits
O industry in which he excelled all i i
God bless his kindred Bless them I
that they may live a he did and fin
ally meet him again in the eternal man
sions prepared for the faithful There
are purer hopes purer joys and pleas
ures there than here for in that other
sphere men will see as they are seen
and know a they are known
The anthem When the soul is sad
and weary seek relief in prayer was
rendered by H S Ensign and the choir
and the services closed by Apostle
Brigha Young pronouncing the bene
At the conclusion o the services in
the tabernacle the procession formed
in the following order and proceeded
to the city cemetery
Helds band
Hearse First presidency and pall bearers
Family of deceased
Immediate relatives
Presidents of Seventies quorums
Presidents of stakes and high coun
Presidents of high priests quorums
Presidents of elders quorums
Presiding bishopric
Bishops and counselors
Presidents of teachers quorums
Presidents of deacons quorums
Presidents of relief primary and im
provement associations and superin
tendents of Sunday schools
Deseret News employes
Juvenile Instructor employes
Civic and other bodies and organiza
The procession started at 430
oclock and slowly wended its way to
the city cemetery by way of Brigham
street I was with probably two ex
ceptions the funerals of the late Pres
idents Young and Taylorthe longest
procession of the kind ever seen in
I Salt Lake There were nearly two hun
i i dred vehicles in line and a vast multi
tude followed on foot and on the street
cars All the way along Brigham
street from the Templeton corner to N
street where the cortege turned north
to the cemetery the street on either
side w lined with people small and
1 i great young and old all assembled to
j i do honor to the illustrious dead Slowly
j the procession moved to the funereal
I strains of the band and arrived at the
grave ait 530 The space around the
toomb was reserved by General R W
l Young who rode a black charger and
i acted a marshal of the day with sev
i oral assistants for the family and r
I i latives of the deceased They gathered
j around the last resting place of their
I i beloved while the public in thousands
stood around sympathizing with them
I F in their bereavement The casket was
j i lovingly lowered into the grave by the
j i pal bearers the council of the apostles
j and a quartette composed of Miss
Lizzie Thomas Edward soprano Miss
Ethel Pike alto H G Whitney tenor
I and Andrew Peterson bass under the
leadership of Professor Stephens sang
j the hymn Rest m a very feeling
I manner
I Apostle Lyman then offered the
dedicatory prayer In substance it
was 0 Lords we have come to pay
the last mark of respect to our brother
Abraham Hoagland Cannon we have
come to lay away that tabernacle
which he received from thee and
which he has kept pure We thank
thee that we have known our brother
Abraham Cannon and labored with
him in thy vineyard We thank thee
that he has been honored as an apostle
true and successful and we thank
i thee that he has been honored by
1 thee Now 0 Lord we present to
thee the earthly tabernacle which he
received from thee carefully laid away
I in the earth until the resurrection
i 0 Lord bless his posterity bless
his wives bless his children bless his
father bless all his relatives and all
i who were near and dear to him in the
ministry He goes into thy presence
I > and to the companionship of the
brethren who have gone before laden
with information of the needs of thy
I people on earth and mill make his
I report to thee and to them We bless
the sacred spot of earth where he is
I laid and desire that i may remain
forever sacred and undesecrated We
bless the casket and we bless his body
I i As he fought the good fight may we
also fight and return to the spotless
and pure as he has done We dedicate
j his body to the and ask thee to ac
I CEpt the offering
I Apostle Heber J Grant then on I
j I behalf of President Cannon thanked
I all those who had assisted at the ob I
sequles and dismissed the multitude I
I i i with the presidents blessing I
I i Press day at Castllla Springs was
I more than was at first indicated
i That beautiful and sequestered spot
j I I contributed in more than four hundred
j ways to give up simon pure and un
adulterated enjoyment to the good
I natured and merry throngs that fell in
there on Utah Press day
The pencil pushers were all In their
element and buried any tired feelings
they may have known in a special
I and praiseworthy endeavor to whoop II
things upaway up I is whispered
I of them that they succeeded
I And how they spread themselves
when that elegant spread was laId out
I for them Not one declined to partake
or fell by the wayside Every man
Jack of em did his whole duty
and some of the other fellows duty
as well Yes and you should have
seen with what zest and energy that I
Chicago and that San Francisco man
entered into the spirit of everything
George TJ Alexander and Fred H
Boynton are the gentlemen The for I
mer is a lengthy blonde of good ap
pearance and suave demeanor He Is I
a goldbug but one can forgive him
even that his arguments are so child
like and Wand on all concerning the
precious metals The latter Is a pro
nounced brunette of shorter build and
Is a diplomat in every legitimate ave
nue of trade and socIetyany other
avenue he knows not of He isnt a
goldbug He believes that if the gov
ernment should put Us stamp on the
I south side of a Utah pumpkin it shoulS
go for money and the traders made to
3 i l
I haul It off Both of these disciples
of Chesterfield graced the press board
on an equal footing with the gang
for they both sell type and presses to
the innumerable newspaper men who
have become wealthy In the business
Let it be added that all whom they
met their lI warm that friends neck of to woods are
Where did they come from all the
young ladies that were at Camilla I
must have been from divers places
And they werent at all distributed
fairly J So saith that observant man
Moore who so recently quit Idaho for
a greater and growing state
Oh say Do you know that every
merchant who contributed a prize big
o little did a nice thing on that occasion
casion Well they did and i will not
be forgotten Those tokens saved the
gang a great many dollars and
those dollars so saved to them can now
be Invested in stocks and bonds things
they are always desirous of investing
i Such generous list of presents as
was donated has been already pub
lished In full by this paper together
with the names of the doners
Joel Shoemaker was the happIest
mortal on the grounds He worked
walked and talked the live long day
and all to good purpose He set out
early with that silk tile anchored 0
the back of his head and kept It up till
the last prize was disposed of And
all the time he was as red S a lobster
and puffing like a porpoise yet he
never once let up or hesitated in his
good offices So bedraggled was his
locks that he early in the day became
hair known 1 as the man with the scrambled
Traveling Passenger Agent Billy
Ridd of thfc Rio Grande Western
fairly beamed through all the day and
his smile of pleased contentment
lit the when it It
lt up gloom whe i came on J
may also be stated that the Rio Grande
Western handled its equipment in a
manner that did the greatest possible
god The service was superb Sid
SouMiworth a a resort manager is
all there when it comes to doing the
proper thing by a big crowd of pa
trons Long may he wave
Editor Brunell of the Flute Pioneer
is taking on airs since he ha gleaned
that the Rio Grande Western is going
Into the town of Marysvale and well
he may
Virgil Pate of Manti was best man
in throwing the 80pound shot and also
in climbing the greased pole How
ever Frank Yeager of Salt Lake broke
it even with him on climbing the pole
though the judges couldnt see it
Time 814 seconds
The miners of TSntic and the Castle
Gate had a tug of war The prize was
a case of beer and a box of cigars I
the Castle Gate men had held on to
the rope the Tintic miners would have
pulled them over into that great mining
camp i short order
The Provo choir sixty members sang
2 worth and got i in cash They are
Dave Felt was in it all around
E l West got six months subscrip
tion to the Daily Herald for making
tie best silver speech
Fred Nelson dragged off the prize for
being the best silver editor The Tin
tic Miner is all right
The press gang and all the people
who participated on that occasion at
Castilla are well pleased over the out
come and thanks must be extended
to all who contributed in any way to
the pleasure of the occasion
Bob Thompson and Tom Carter have
completed their training for their glove
contest at the Athletic club tomorrow
Regular services are once more being
held at the Scandinavian I E church
where Rev Hermans slaughtered Miss
The preliminary hearing of J H Bacon
and the officers of the Bank of Salt
Lake is set to commence at 10 oclock
this morning in Justice Harveys curt
The charge against the defendants is
that they received deposits at a time
when they knew the bank was insolvent
which the law of the state makes a
Pedestrian You say you need work
eYes and food we havent anything
in the house but a dog and a bicycle
Minneapolis Journal
Very few Atchison girls will gO out of
town this summer They have to stay at
home to keep the rest of the family from
riding their wheels Atchison Globe
He was once called to push the old swing
with a will
For the girl he had chosen to woo
But now hes expected to push her up hill
On a bicycle constructed for two
Washington Star
Miss Prim says that bicycle girls ke
all feminine softness
Guess she wouldnt say so if shed ever
fallen off on a brick pavement Cleve
land Plain Dealer
Whats all the racket in there asked
th ° passing policeman
Oh that is only the twoheaded girl
quarreling with herself about what sort
of wheel she shall buy the musuem man
ager explained Indianapolis Journal
I always feel sO brave she said
When I the cycle pedals tread
Like some world conquering cavalier
I ride unconscious all of fear
A field mouse crossed our winding way
A grasp a scream a swerve a sway
Ana roadsde gully did reveal
A potpourri of maid and wheel
Richmond Dispatch
The Sunday School TeacherWhat is
meant by the seeds of dissension
Mar Jane Griggs Please maam they
puts em in a fruit jar an seals em up
an you guesses on em maam an If you
guesses right you gus a bedroom set or
a tandem blsickle Cleveland Plain
I Is seldom one finds a leader of fash
ion among the royal women of Europe
Not a few of them are notable for a dis
regard of fashions decrees and many
others are content to follow th lead of
others Some of them have fads in gar
met as for instance Queen Sophia o
Sweden who is a member of the Salva
tion Army and affects th style of r
meat peculiar to that organization
Quean Emma o the Netherlands makes
no pretensions whatever about dress and
the most familiar portraits of her daugh
ter Queen Wilhelmina show us a simple
figure in the native dress of HoUandi
The dress of Queen Hfenriette of BeJsium
has always been simple The emprtss o
Germany to is another instance of a
royal lady who has little or nO influence
on the fashions of her country
In England the princess o Wales and
her daughters are striking instances of
women o royal blood who have not only
not led the raton but they have not
even followed I the most striking proof
being afforded in the fact that they have
never adopted the enormous developments
of the puffed sleeves which have
o pufed sleeve whi been in
vogue for some tlms In fact a exami
nation of the portraits of the prince of
Wales ciiarmdng consort will show that
during the Jas fifteen years at any rate
the cut of her dresses ha scarcely va
red at all For carriage dresses and
gonms t be worn a any daylight func
tions the shape known a the Princess
has always been adhered to the toilet
being invariably s off by those dainty
little bonnets which bear no name no
one having ever mao her royal highness
coiffed by what are known a picture
bar Her evening dresses although
the texture and trimmings may vary
display the same constancy a regards
cart while the favorite attire of the prin
cess and her daughters on ordinary occasions
casions has been the sImples of tailor
made frocks and jackets without e
brcidaries or garniture
Identically the same thing may be said
of Vhs widowed czarina of Russia whose
tastes in all matters concerning dress iru
nowise differs from those of her sister
th princess of Wales Indeed it would
b Impossible to conceive anything more
simple in the shape of toilet than the
entirely plain black or dark blue tailor
made gown which the empress has been
wearing for nearly two decades past
Her daughterinlaw the young czarina
shares the same ideas and having been
partly brought up either in England or
among English surroundings her Ideas
with regard to dress are thoroughly British
First Cannlral That new missionarys a
very fresh individual
Second ditto Thats all right well just
throw a extra pinch of salt in the pot
Philadelphia North American
X < = >
> I m f
Result of the Recent Flood in
For About Seven Miles the Road
Must Be Rebuilt as the Bed i
Either IVnftlied Out or Buried
Under Great Masses of Rock rut
Dirt Severn Days Must Elapse
lire Travel Is Resumed
DENVER Colo July 26A special t
to the News from Golden Colo says I
I A large gang of workmen began the
repairing of the Gulf road up Clear
j Creek canyon today Frank Trumbull A
receiver and general manager and
I other officials of the road came up this I
morning They said they could not I
give even an approximate estimate of
I the damage but that they will proba i
bly be abe to get trains through to
I Georgetown in two weeks One hun I
dred and seventyfive men are now at
work repairing One hundred more
will be put on very soon
The road for about seven miles must
be almost wholly rebuilt as the bed is
i washed out or buried under great
l masses of rock and dirt People at b
i Central City and Blackhawk express
fears of food becoming scarce before
the road is repaired Specials from
southern Colorado say that the Den
ver Rio Grande will be running
trains on its lines by Monday and ad
vices from Florence say the Florence
Cripple Creek road will be open for
traffic by the end of the week
At CaJsMll Cob the Gulf depot was
washed away during Saturdays storm
the agent and his wife narrowly es
It Was Terrible
DENVER CoJo July 26The terri
ble effects of the cloud burst in Clear
Creek canyon above Golden Cob last t
Friday are still coming to light To
nigiht four more bodies were found
among the debris several miles below
Golden They are of two old men amJk
two young women none of whom have
been Identified There is also a report
of eight men employees of Denver
breweries who passed through Golden
a few hours before the storm en route
to Idaho Springs for an outing They
have not since been heard from and
parts of what is believed to be their
wagon have been found Colonel H
C Merriam commandant of the Uni
ted States troops at Fort Logan has
detailed 100 of his men to assist in
searching the wreckage for bodies
Thy sweet clear notes are heard no mora
And hushed the strains I loved so well
Companion of my lonely hours
Thy silvery chords have bid farewell
Still fond remembrance clings to thee
And thought flies back to happier days
When near to thee were those dear friends
Who loved to list to thy sweet lays
A valued relic of the past
I oft times sit and view thee still N
And think of those who taught me first A
Thy soft melodious notes to fill w
A grateful messenger of love
Friendships ofTring ever dear
Thou still recallest that glad hour
That I remember with a tear
A gentle hand too joined my own
To rob thee of some merry strain
Alas that gentle hand no more
Will strike those joyous chords again
Far far away my native home
Where dwelt the cherished of my heart
Sweet lyre thou bringst them back to me
From thee affections neer can part
j Methinks at night when all things sleep
Tiv rnnsc wafts my dreams on high
S Entrancing every sense with joy
j n tame aeonan melody
S But sient now thy soothing tone
I And snapped the strings 1 loved so well
Thy requiem floats upon the breeze
I Thy silvery chords hath bid farewell
C A Carval
There are two kinds of people on earth
I Just two kinds of people no more I say
j Not the humble and proud for In lifes
little span
Who puts on vain airs is not counted a S
Not the happy and sad for the swift fly
ing years S
Bring each man his laughter and each
man his tears
No the two kinds of people on earth I
Are the people who lift and the people
who lean
Wherever you go you will find the worlds
Are always divided in just these two
And oddly enough you will find too I
There is only one lifter to twenty who
In which class are you Are you easing
the load
Of overtaxed lifters who toil down the
Or are you a leaner who lets others bear
Your portion of labor and worry and care
Ella Wheeler Wilcox l
Lone dweller by the lonely lake
Remote among our northern hills
Round wooded shores thy loud cries wake
The sleeping echoes rudely break
The singing of the rills
Thou host the storm a welcome guest
At thy home by the waters edge
j The waves may plash about thy breast
I May playful lift and rock thy nest
Built on the reedy sedge
Thou art a ruler in good right
Strong master of ail inds that blow
Thy wings outstrip the stormclouds
Thy swimming is the swallows flight
I Seen In the depths below
Thou sitteoi with a sovereign grace
S The broken waters of the pond
I And quicker than the eye can trace
Hast shifted to another since
A good half mile beyond
Ah said those loud demoniac cries
Borne on the startled listening air
As if from nether world did rise
j In agony to earth and skies
An > outburst of despair
Proud Is thy mate as side by side
Ye cleave the air with whizzing wing
Your brood that patiently abide
At home repolce your forms descried
Those wCld notes heard to ring
Isaac Bassett Choate In New York
Home Journal
I thought myself indeed secure
So fat the door so firm the lock
But lo he toddling comes to lure
My parent ear with timorous knock
My heart were stone could it withstand
The nweetness of my babys plea
That timorous baby knocking and
fiease let me inas only me
I threw aside the unfinished book
Regardless of its tempting charms
And opening wide the door 1 took
My laugaing darling In my arms
Who knows but In eternity
I like a truant child shall wait
The glories at a life to be
Beyond the Heavenly fathers gate
And will that Heavenly Father heed
The truants supplicating cry
As at the outer door I plead
Tie I O Father only I
Eugene Field

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