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Rains Do Much Good and Also
> Much Damage
A Boy Blown Up by a Powder
1 Can I
Calc County Summer School Salt
J LuUcri C Celebration of
J tlto Ti entyFourth Struck By
Lightning Wyoming Delegate
n tnm > IOn Cwmaity Road
7 c Along the AVcber A Pious Frmul
14 Beyond He 1jilc of Decency
RICHFIELD July 26The frequent
recurrence of floods in the early settle
ment of Richfield proved to be a great
drawback to the settlers But for many
years past the people have rested se
curely with no banks of dirt as a pro
tection They have filled up the small
It hollows that were once running
through the townsite and now it re
quires much questioning to find where
these gulleys formerly were During
the two weeks now past the floods have
ΒΌ come as in the early times For a time
i seemed that the hard rains and accompanying
companying freshets had passed but
I last Wednesday another small one
I came from the canyons on the north
I west of town running down Center
street thence down Main street being I
F nearly two feet deep
Yesterday another rain storm visit
ed the valley I was quite a general
storm and seemed so moderate that no
one thought of it flooding any part of
7 r town The Sevier Valley canal which
I 4 follows around the foothills to the
north and northwest of Richfield col
t L lected the small streams and again
J the streets were running kneedeep
I1 o with water
I The rains are doing a great deal of
I good to the ranges and the sheep men
are rejoicing yet the flooded districts
J are far from being jubilant a in many
places the crops are covered with mud
other patches of grain look yellow and
sickly from too much wet I
Pioneer day was not celebrated in
zcc Richfield except by the boys who
q have a mania for boxing This play
ful habit has grown a the expense of
face and fist until flattened noses bat
tered cheeks and displaced thumbs are
common Elsinore held by far the
Ii largest and most brilliant celebration
in tills part of Utah The neighboring
town of Monroe and of the
t lonre many people
pIe of Richfield joined in making the
day one not soon to be forgotten
At Thurber few da of
it a fe days ago a son
M W Mansfield a member of the last
legislature obtained a powder can
with a little powder still in the bottom
it good fun to have
Thinking i god an ex
< 1 plosion he lighted a match and
j droppe it in a the top I didnt ex
plode a quickly as expected so he
returned to see if the match had gone
out when the explosion occurred burn
4 ing his face badly His sight will be
recovered and bu few marks b left
from the burns on the face <
f Miss Ella Peterson who was hurt
i In a wagon race at Thurber some ten
t days since has entirely recovered Miss
Huntsman is improving and so is out
of danger but she may suffer internal
injuries for lfe
The little town of Annabella is a live
ly little place at most any time I
a especially so on the 24th Fred
Barnett and Ike Dalton were riding
together in a buggy to and fro through
r the crowd on the streets when Justice
Keyes sent County Commissioner Ab
bott J W Fairbanks and Hyrum
Barney to arrest them A general fight
ensued and yesterday Fred Barnett
Ike Dalton Ed Dalton Eb Dalton and
John W Gardner were arrested
Hyde Webb of Salina is serving a
four months sentence in the county I
> 4 jail The case is said to be most dis
t gusting Webbs wife had gone to i
Manti and during her absence he I
sought to seduce her sister The girl i
1 resisted his every attempt Last Sun
I day a week ago today the girl at
tended church at the Mormon meeting
f house When she came home Webb
r caught her and gave her a beating I
t making her attendance at church an
excuse Several such actions as these
have occurred at Aurora and Salina
lately and the people have become
P tired of them
fo iui LIIION
LOGAN July 26The county sum
mer school which has been in session
during the past six weeks in the
Brigham Young college was brought
t to a close on Friday in a very pleasant
o y manner Upon invitation of President
f Paul the seventy teachers and pro
fessors who constituted the school
fy went to the Agricultural college where
J the closing lectures were delivered
Afterward the ladies and gentlemen
I repaired to the ballroom and to the
x 41 music of a portion of the Harris or
chestra some hours were pleasantly
spent in the enchanting mazes of the
dance The educators parted with
4 nidfiy expressions of good will and with
improved equipment for performing
good work in the various schools next
I winter
Logan canyon seems to be the Mecca
of the pleasure seekers at present
The beautifully wooded road is lined
with camps numerous parties from
Logan Salt Lake and other places I
having pitched their tents near the I
banks of the sparkling river Lieu
tenant Styer has instituted a perma
nent camp near the Red Banks and
b L President Paul and Secretary Hyde of
1 the Agricultural college are among
r late pilgrims
r The Ogden and Wellsville baseball
teams crossed bats at the last named I
place Friday for the state champion
V ship The Wellsville boys were vic
torious the score standing 13 to 1 in
their favor at the close of the game
Misses Millie and Bertha Halvorson
of Ogden are the guests of Miss M A
Torgsson Mr James Burton a popu
c lar bank teller of the Junction City
is also in this city visiting friends
Will Coates Frank Nebeker and V
it I centlo Rapp a trio hard to beat put
on their bloomers bestraddled their
fi bikes and broke for Blacksmith Fork
canyon Thursday Their intention was
to spin through the hills to Laketown
spend the 24th celebrating with the
people of that burg and thence
1 through the canyon back again
Bishop Preston was in town Sat
Mrs George D Pyper and Mrs John
D Owen are two Salt Lake ladies
enjoying the fresh climate of Cache
w Attorney George Q Rich has almost
completed a beautiful and substantial
residence on his premises in the
Fourth ward
Late arrivals in this sphere of action
are a new boy at the residence of
Mr and Mrs Hal Furr and also a
boy at the home of Mr and Mrs Will
iam Fereday both of tms city
The xcursion that came up from
Salt Lake Thursday brought a large
number of people from the capital and
intervening towns to spend a few days
in the beautiful capital of Cache
Luther Foster the new director of
the Agricultural Experiment station
has arrived In Logan and taken up
the duties of his position Mr Foster
is a very pleasant gentleman and will
doubtless make many friends in Lo
gan The attaches of the station
swear by him already and are not
disappointed that Mr J W Heston
of South Dakota who was originally
engaged for the place without the
slightest notificatio went back on his
written agreement to take the direc
A new blacksmith shop is about to
be erected on the grounds at the Agri
cultural college the old one In the
main building having become too lim
ited for the constantly increasing
number of students who take this
branch of industrial education
Professor Dryden the college sten
ograpler and wife are entertaining a
numb canyon r of Salt Lake friends in Logan
In Davis County
KAYSVILLE July 2GTe celebra
tion of Pioneer day was a very credit
able and very successful affair The
I attendance was large practically the
entire population of Kaysville and the
two Layton wards being present on the
The celebration was held at Web
sters and in the center of a grove of
stately poplars a grand stand had been
buKt and tastefully and elaborately
decorated On the stand a throne en
veloped in beautiful laces and canopied
with the stars and stripes was erected
and it was occupied by Miss Mary Ann
Hyde representing Utah while twenty
seven young girls one for each county
In the state were ranged on either side
of the queen each bearing a shield
across which the name of the county
she represented was inscribed Above
the steps to the throne hung Utahs
silver stat number 45 The arrange
ment on the platform was excellent
and one of the pleasing features of the
programme was the singing by the
queen and the young girls of Utah
the Star of the West
Bishop Peter Barton conducted the
programme of exercises which a a
published in Mondays Herald with a
few unimportant changes Those who
were on the programme rendered their
respective parts in a creditable manner
The singing was beautiful some of
the best talent of Kaysville being rep
resented Miss Martha E Barnes de
livered a brief address on The Pi
oneers which embodied all the main
points of interest connected with the
trip of that immortal band and which
was eloquent as well as interesting
The same may be said of the speech
on Utahs Present by Hubert C
Burton and Utahs Future by H J I
Sheffield jr Frank 1 Layton and Er
nest Marston spoke on Utahs Past
and the Mormon Battalion respec
tively and were accorded dose atten
President Christopher Layton of
Thatcher Arizona though not dow
for a speech was called and delivered
n characteristic address in which he
congratulated those assembled upon
the acquisition of statehood and its at
tendant privileges His remarke were
much appreciated and applause was I
The programme throughout may be
said to have been very successfully car
ried out
The afternoon of the day was given
entirely into the hands of the amuse
ments committee Bicycle races foot I
races baseball dancing and swinging
were the chief means employed to I
while the hours away and occasionally
during the day the brass band en
livened the occasion with music
Mr Harry Aldous of Salt Lake had
his graphophone on the grounds and
everyone had the privilege of hearing
1 render songs and instrumental selec
No accidents occurred and nothing
occurred 4o mar the pleasure of those
who participated Many persons were
noticed in the crowd from Salt Lake
Ogden and nearby towns
In the evening dances were given in
Williams hall and at Websters pa
vilion and both were well attended
Joseph Egbert the honored pioneer of
1847 was given a hearty round of ap
plause as be was escorted to a seat on
the grand stand He has the distinc
tion of being the man who drove the
first vehicle into Sal Lake valley
President Christopher Layton one of
the speakers on Pioneer day was a
member of the Mormon Battalion
He related some interesting facts con
cerning the trip
The KaysviKe Post printed 500 copies
cG the days programme and distributed
tributed them on the grounds free of
charge I
care Martha Burton and Miss Lottie
Folger of Ogden are spending a few I
days here as guests of their friend and
school companion Miss Martha E
11 and Mrs Charles Cottrell jr of
in Kaysville
Salt Lake celebrated KaYSlle
Mr Charles H Barton and wife were
down from Ogden participating in cele
bration on Friday
braton and Mrs John Sears were up
Salt Lake visiting friends and
fro Sal Lae visitng
enjoying he Pioneer day exercises
Quite a number of KaysviKe people I
went down to attend Apostle Cannons I
funeral today j i
Air and Mrs James McLaren were I
tailed to Park City Thursday last to
attend the ifuneral of their sons wife I
Mnnti Matters
MANTI July 25Rain rain rain We I
have had more rain in Manti the last
twelve days than any previous July 1
montii say the old I scatters and it is
still mining But with all this rain 1 I
have had no floods In City creek A
we 1a ha fovs i Ciy I
has been spoiled by I
great deal of hay spoie
the rain and some grain by the 1111 j
sJorni which struck a pat of our fed I
s Last Wednesday in the Sanpete j
branch of the Seventh judicial court
Mrs Lungreen of Mayfield was suing
for a divorce Her husband had just re
turned from a mission and while away
he had been notified that his presence I
home was no wanted but he return
ed anyway and found his wifes affec
tions had been bestowed upon another
The fact of the trial being heard at
Msuntt nearly depopulated Mayficld that I
da They expected such evidence a
usually draws a crowd and they were
not disappointed
As Mr Lungreen was witting t for
give and forget Judge Johnson did
not see fit t grant Mrs Lungreen1 the
divorce prayed for
Along the Wl er
KAMAS uy 25The 24th of July
was celebrated in > Kamas In fair style
in fact firstclass considering the many
disadvantages the committee were com
pelled t labor under The following
programme was enactedi and carried
out I
Firing of twelve guns1 at daybreak
firing of twelve guns at sunrise pro
cession was formed at 10 a m led by
th band then came fortyfive young
ladies dressed1 In white each represent
ing one part dar state they carried
banners withi mottos thus Kamas Re
lief society 16 to 1 Utahs best
le siet t Us crop
one large banner with a large star and
the word Utah and several either ban
ners After parading the streets for a
short time they marched to the Carpenter
pTtel opera house where the follow
ing exercises were rendered
Singing1 by the choir America
prayer by Chaplain Bishop S F At
wood singing1 by coir song Utah
iJD m
the Queen of the West oration by
Hon W E Pack S duet by the two
Misses Woodward speech by Mr Ju
lia Pack one of the pioneers wife of
the late John Pack recitation b Master
ter D E Pack entitled Mad An
thony speech by Sister Ruth Pack
reading of toasts by toastmaster S F
Atwood singing by choir Our Own
Mountain Home prayer by chaplain
At 2 oclock a dance was given to the
children After the dance the follow
ing exercises were given
Foot race by boys under 10 years oL
I JTO Foot race by girls under 10 years of
Foot race by boys under 18 and over
10 years
Foot race by girls under 18 and over
10 years
Suitable prizes wera given to the win
Tugofwar between the north and
south side of the creek boys for a
bOTs small purse Won by the south side
A dance in the evening for the adults
closed the events of the day
Marshal of the day Jbhn Jones cap
tain of aril Julian Carpenter com
mitotiee of arrangements John Jones
May Lambert and the Relief society
A few of the boys got a overload
of bu juice which resulted in 3 little
scramble but norhing serious happen
dtv ed to mar the peace and quiet 0 the
dtvThe people are all looking for the
results of the two conventions now in
session and all a praying that they
will unite on the Democratic tickeit
and that that ticket will make a vic
torious sweep of the country in No
Struck By Lightning
Thomas Lemon one of Wacgeles
sheepherders has just passed through
a strange and awful experience At 10
a m yesterday he was in his tent at
the carnn on Canyon creek He was
seated on hds bunk near a stove when
a bolt of lightning struck the stove
and the man as well The lightning
made a hoe in Lemons hat and tore
off one boot The ower half of the
mans body was temporarily paralyzed
and he was unconscious for a time but
he has already we are glad to say recovered
covered from the dose of lightning
Buffalo Wyo Bulletin
The Canyon Comity Rend
We are in receipt of a communication
from a Logan gentleman who wants to
know why the Logan canyon road is
not kept in better repair We think
his question very opportune and perti
The Logan canyon road is a county
highway and a such the county is
bound to keep it in a passable con
dition I lacks a great deal of being
s at present And a very iittle work
would answer every purpose A verj
small outlay of time and money might
save ten times the amount in horse
flesh broken wagons and other dam
agesI is not the demand of the well to
do that we are voicIngIt is the peti
tion cL the poor who earn a precarious
living by hauling logs and lumber from
the mountains who gather their win
ter fuel and wood for barter and ex
change for the necessaries of life
We repeat our correspondents request
quest that the commissioners and su
pervisors examine and repair the can
yon road at the earliest convenience
I is a public need Logan Journal
Our Delegate Returns
Mr John W Sammon returned home
on Monday night from Chicago where
he was a delegate in the greatest pout
can convention ever held in America
Mr Saminon has earned the respect j
and gratitude of the people of Wyo I
ming as being the man who has fear j
lessly and firmly represented the sentiments
ments and wishes of the constituents
who sent him there The Wyoming
delegation to the Chicago convention
stood where i belonged in line with
our surrounding states and though a i
small delegation it stood fn and l
heped to fire big guns into the camp
of organized plutocracy until the ene
my was routed and its aristocratic her
esies driven from the party organiza
tion Honor and fame from no con
ditions rise act well your part tis
there ald the honor lies Evanston Her
A Pious Vmnrt
PROVO July 251n lost Saturdays
Issua of the Enquirer and in todays is
sue of the nonpartisan religwus week i
ly appears an editorial headed Boys I
of Influential Parents The intent of I
the article seems to be to call arbten
tion to a well known fact viz that j I
chiddiren of influential parents can com I
mit wrongs and even crimes without
receiving the punishment that is meted i
out to children who have no influsntlal 1
parents or friends It is refreshing to
see in these times of political differ I
ences which often lead to cowardly I
and unjust inuendoes and insinuations I
a writer in the public press enter the i 1
domain o morals and with no ulterior
motIve caCl attention to a wrong In I
the article referred to an illustration is
given of a young man who obtained I
money under false pretenses from a
merchant The merchant refrained
from having the culprit arrested out of i
respect for the father of the young
man who refunded the money when
he was Informed of the wrong doing of i j
his son This course the writer of the
article holds t be wrong and rather
advocates a more vigorous policy say j I
ing Now if he had been a boy with I
out a father he would have been made I
to suffer the penalty and It would
likely have made a man of him Still
there was a great deal of human na
ture exhibited by the merchant He i i
naturally felt indignant to think he I
had been Imposed upon but knowing I
the boy had a father who was pre I
sumably a good man and the merchant
prcpably having boys of his own he I
conferred wilt the father and when he
offered to return the money the mer i
chant concluded to do nothing more
about il Most men would have done
that for there is I great amount of
sympaitlhy in the human heart and it I
often expresses itself in acts of kind
ness especially when it is not prevent
ed by selfinterest and in this case the
selflnfterest was overcome by the re i
turn of the money rj 1
Ag t whether the merchant did i
right some will say that he did and
that he would have done wrong by i
not treating a poor boy a leniently I
as he did the young man in questions j
Of course these different opinions will i
depend upon the view a person takes
of the duty of individual members of i
society to their fellow man Om the
eye for a eye and tooth for a tooth
theory it a plainly the duty o the
merchant to have caused the
merca cause young
mans arrest and to have prosecuted the
case to the utmost As to whether the I
imprisonment would have made a
man of the youth of course that ques I
titan does not enter at all into the con 1
sideration of the in this
sltJton ie case connec
tion But under the merciful teach
ings of the man of sorrows which the
merchant seems to have inclined to
follbwit mal properly be considered I
and there are not a few who hold that
it is possible for a young man who has
been disgraced by imprisonment to
regain to a certain degree the respect
and confidence of his fellows in spite
of such disgrace but none will
Sc disg wl say
that he will retrieve his lost position in
society because of the disgrace he has
suffered The tendency is to look upon
a man with the prison smell upon him
witfn the eyes of the old lady In one of
E P Roes Stores who said of a man
who was trying t recover lost ground
after having been made a man of u
der the system advocated He may
get to heaven bUt he can never expect
to be received in good society again
The merchant did right and may he
ad others treat poor and friendless
< C
The beautiful
is as useful as the useful
IP there were no variety
of color or form in nature
if trees and grass were white
and clouds one shade of black
or graywe might all exist
but the charm of lifeyes
life itself would be
itelfwould gone
The charm of life is beauty
and loveliness It appears in
your picture galleries in
nature in religion in dress
and at your table
The charm of the teatable
is teaand the most charm
ing of tea is Schilling s Best
at your grocers
Also pure and moneybacked Schil
lings Best coffee bakingpowder soda
spices and flavoring extracts
A Schilling Company 73 San Francisco
young men as kindly whenever they
g wrong and so long a there 16 a
chance for their reformation There will
then be no grounds for saying that
leniency is shown to the rich and in
fluential and denied to the poor and I
obscure I
Wyoming IVhittlings I
The commissioners who were ap
I pointed to organize Big Horn county
met at Bonanza on July 6 They selected
looted W E Taylor a clerk of the
I board and appointed registers of elec
tion in the four districts established
The counties from which Big Horn is
carved did not appoint registers in that
district The next meeting will be
held at Hayatville
I Indian Guide Within onehalf mile
of the school we have a mineral hot
spring The waiter boiling up in the
center forms a very pretty little lake
to which there is an outlet which
after a circuitous route of a mile or
more empties into Little Wind river
The water of this has
tis spring many
I mineral properties and is especially
effective in cases of rheumatism For
bathing and swimming purposes it is
unsurpassed There are several bath
houses built around the edges of the
lake where the water is cool enough
The bathing is enjoyed by all within
reach of It but none so much as the
school children to whom it is a weekly
Rawlins Republican E A Lock
wood a taxidermist at Casper has been
arrested and held for trial on a charge
of rape and attempted criminal abor
tion upon a 16yearold adopted daugh
ter of that town
A Chicago man who owns the Bur
ton electric pro ss for treating ores
containing precious metal has made a
proposition to the people of Cheyenne
to erect a plant there
The Cheyenne Tribune says that a
meetng of the directors and capitalists
I interested in theDenver and Gulf rail
roads have held a meeting and taken
I steps to the extension of that road
north from OrinJunction to a connec
tion with the Burlington
I Mr August Kendall is a very sick
nan For better care and treatment
I he was taken last evening from his
rooms in the First National Bank block
I to the hospital His many friends are
anxious but we hope favorable reports
I as to his condition will soon allay all
i fears Rock Springs Independent
Last Thursday the lifeless body of
I William Bell was found suspended from I
I a tree near his cabin on Sand Creek
I The old gentleman had been despond
I ent for a nunfber of years and had
made several attempts at selfdestruc
Non A little over a year ago he tried
to blow himself into eternity with giant
powder but escaped with his life and
a severe burn Crook County Monitor
The city council has bought twenty
acres of lard across the river a little
east of the charcoal kilns for a public
park I is well covered with trees
and only needs the underbrush cleared
away to make a fine pleasure resort
I will be improved later from year to
year as the city can afford Evanston
Some mischievous person or persons
cut the locks o the headgate of the
Cody canal a few days ago raised the
headgates and let a flood of water jnto I
the new ditch which waT not well eet
tied The result was a big break oppo
site William Barnes house the country
was flooded and the ditches and dams
washed out Much damage will result
to the grangers in the bottom below the
ditch and the colony up on the bench
will be without water it Is feared for
a week or more Mr Beck has offered
a reward of 100 for the apprehension
of the guilty party Otto Rustler
Beyond the Pale of Decency
Naturally the newspaper fraternity
unite in sympathy when one of its I
members ha been subjected to the an
noyance of a libel suit for these are for
the most part the result of unpleasant
circumstances But this general rule
cannot apply to the Provo Enquirer in
its recent suit The Enquirer ha
stooped below the standard of honest
journalism and has lost a great deal
of the esteem which bind the fraternity
and for one the Pyramid cannot ex I
press any sympathy for that paper
Even partisan zeal cannot excuse the
Enquirer for its recent attack on public I
officials Mount Pleasant Pyramid
For Salt LuUe
W J Caverly representing the pas
senger department of the Rio Grande
Western railway was in the city yes
terday in the interest of the San Juan
excursion to Salt Lake which leaves
Durango o the morning of the 7th
There are some fifteen or twenty Du
rangoites who have announced their in
tention of taking it in and Mr Ca
verly says there will be a large num
ber go from Silverton Rico Telluride
and Ouray at least three hundred hav
ing signified their intention of improv
ing the opportunity of visiting the Mor
mon caottal The fare for the trip is
only 2050 and Salt Lake is at Its best
at this season of the year Durango
Col Herald
The U S Govt Reports
show Royal Baking Powder
superior to all others
Trains between Salt Lake and Gar
field each run as follows
Leave Arrive Leave Arrive
Salt Lake Garfield Garfield Salt Lake
745 nr 845 am 1220 pm 100 pm
1000 am 1040 am 305 pr 400 pm
215 pm 255 pm 400 pm 540 pm
315 pm 355 pr 540 pm 620 pm
500 pm 540 pm 730 pm 810 pm
715 pm 755 pm 1015 pm 1055 pm
Daily except Sunday Jm
Fare for round trin 50 cents
Olsons orchestra In attendance ev
ery afternoon and evening Bathing
boating dancing
Depot corner First South and Fourth
General Manager
FncUlen Armlcn Salve
The best salve In the world for Cuts
Bruise Sores Ulcers Salt Rheum
Fever Sores Tetter Chapped Hands
Chilblains Corns and all Skin erup
tions and positively cures Piles or no
Pay required It is guaranteed to give
perfect satisfaction or money refunded
Price 25 cents per box Fore sale by
S C M L drug department sae
f k Y 3
Bunlucna and Editorial Ofllce 519
TJtaU Loin Trust Building
Telephone 1I 5
Ogden July 27
Ail Asiatic aiercliiuit Stops an Hour
In Osden Talks of War Bicycles
auel uGclin
Saturday evening there came in from
the west a distinguishedlooking pas
senger In appearance he was abOut
40 years of age with black straight
hair a sparse but somewhat lengthy
moustache nicelooking eyes and line
teeth that showed to advantage when
he smiled a he did quite frequently
His hat was a broad bellshapea affair
such as Chinese gardeners wear only
the material was much finer His
shoes stockings and bloomers were
also of fine material and also resem
bled those of a welldressed Chinaman
His most conspicuous garment was a
long togalike robe of pale blue silk
I fitted the upper part of his body
rather snugly but the lower or skirt
part was quite loose His grip was of
American make but bore evidence of
having been inspected by Japanese
Hawaiian and American revenue officials
cials Who is he was the general
inquiry He is a Korean warrior come
to study our military system said
some He is an envoy from the Chi
nese emperor sent to deliver a message
to Li Hung Chang volunteered an
He is a Persian prince
No a mountebank
Hes the man that broke the bank
of Monte Carlo chimed in a newsboy
who had seen him pay Manager Wash
burne fO his supper One party in
quired from the personage concerning
his identity home and business and
received the reply Kolea New Yo
leak beesness The report spread that
he was a studenti bound for New
York to take business college course
and a large part of the crowd of oo
sere departed satisfied with this
explanation A good many however
were not satisfied wth this interpre
tation and more interviewing
was done He understood English
much better than he spoke i but was
very ingenious at making signs and
making his meaning clear
A Herald reporter gathered from him
that he was a Korean merchant bound
for New York to establish agencies for
the sale of his commodity gensing
root His name was Quong Tui Yun
Korea he called Kolea and was not
understood until he said Much fight
at the same time putting his hands on
the back of his neck and sweeping it
downward to indicate a queque Then
he turned his back and mimicked a
hasty retreat His words and actions
meant in the language of history that
he came from the land where the Ja
panese and Chinese had a struggle for
supremacy and that the gentlemen
wearing queques retreated
A Li conversation waxed ani
mated tine crowd grew larger and nu
merous suggestions from outsiders
were offered the interviewer
Ask him will he vote for McKinley
Is he for Watson and Sewall were
among the bits of advice offered by
men fresh from watching the Populist
convention bulletin board
See gensing said the merchant
and going to his grip he took out a
box uniquely made and wrapped in
several folds of fine paper Some clean
ambercolored roots were contained
therein which the Korean said was
gensing and good medicine
You a doctor inquired one
The question was a puzzler but was
made clear when the questioner of
fered his pulse to be felt and his tongue
to be looked at The Korean laughed
and shook his head explaining by mo
nosyllables and gestures that he was
engaged simply and solely in exchang
ing gensing for cask ten pounds of
gensing for 35 was the usual whole
sale rate
The root grows extensively in Korea
and so says Quong Tub Yuin is a
preventative of the opium habit also
a kind of substitute for ODium as
chewing it checks the appetite for the
more harmful drug It also reduces cor
pulency which fact the merchant en
planed with very expressive gestures
To thoroughly prove the legitimacy
of his trade Mr Yuin showed the re
porter a letter from the Chinese consul
of San Francisco When unfolded the
document was about the size of the
Herald and was covered on one side
with large Chinese characters On the
other side was an English version
signed and sealed by the Chinese con
sul It explained that the bearer Quong
Tub Yuin was from Korea and was en
gaged in the laudable occupation of
selling gensing to the Chinese and
should be treated with all respect and
courtesy The communication was ad
dressed to the Chinese of Los Angeles
The scribes bicycle roused a train of
rcminescences in the mind of the gen
tleman from Korea and as the re
porter was leaving the foreigner stated
that in all Korea there were fewer
bicycles than he had fingers and
thumbs and that these all belonged to
Americans They were so unusual that
big crowds would block the streets
when the riders appeared The first
vehicle of the kind he had ever seen
had been when a year or so ago two
Americans had come through his city
He illustrated by a circling sweep of
the arm that the two were going
around the world awheel Doubtless
they were the two who thus made the
trip writing up their experiences for
the Century Magazine All in all
though he was net a great warrior or
foreign diplomat he was a rather in
teresting character that shrewd Ko
rean merchant in the fantastic Asiatic
dress engaged in selling gensing
What awful idling has Pickeitt Peyton
done to the Standard that he should be I
classed in the editorial columns of that
paper as on a par with Rev J Wesley
Hill The Standard af yesterday quotes
with approval the scathing arraign
ment of Hill by the Deseret News the
concluding sentence of which is as fol
lows Hoping that he has reformed
but fearing that he has not the News
feels called upon to say that John Wes
ley Hill the pulpiteer as we know him
is a character with whom no reputable
man can for a moment afford to become
entangled in a mouthing controversy
Then comes this comment from the
If Rev Hill is aching for a silver
debate we will send PickeDt Peyton
east to meet this champion of McKin
Isnt that pretty hard on Peyton The
versatile young Democratic orator
could demolish Hills egotistical soph
isltries in short order but if he con
sents to do so let him go into the contest i
with the assurance of every one of his I
Ogden neighbors that they do not con
sider him as in the same category
with the blaflherskite preacher
Speaking of Hill nail his noisy Re
publicanism reminds the writer that
but a Kiitle while before the reverend
genitlemans departure from the Meth
odist church of Ogden the writer heard
him preach a sermon wherein he re
nounced all political principles except
those of the Prohibition party and de
nounced President Harrison as a con
firmed winebibber He also told haw
he had been mobbed and persecuted for
his opinions sake in a Massachusetts
townv It is stated on good authority
that in the east he recounted the per
secutions against Mm here and T > os d
as the man who forced President Wood
ruff to issue the manifesto
As to his achievements1 in business
the expansive mortgage on the Metli
odist church andf tins dilapidated foun
dation of the Utah university are me
mentoes of his work as a financier His
learned discussions of finance and his
defiant challenge to William Jennings
Bryan are simply amusing in this com
Sidney Badcon the druggist is en
joying a visit from his parents who
reside in McCook Neb
The S O O B club will tonight give
a bail In Lester park for the benefit of
the public library fund
The newsboys of Ogden Salt Lake
and adjacent towns will on Friday
next be at Saltair in excursion assem
bled It will be a lively day
The lawn fete tomorrow night at
Lester park is for the benefit of and
under the auspices of the Free Kin
dergarten association as is also the
The board of education holds a spe
cial meeting tonight to consider bids
for remodeling Gordon academy and
making of it a building suitable for
the high school
Thursday is the day of the circus
Sells and Forepaugh combined cannot
fail to be the largest best regulated
and most enjoyable show in the west
if not in the entire country this year
the famous mountain resort to the de
light of many will be opened for this
season Friday next July 10 Those
desiring to escape the heat of summer
and the care of business can get i by
spending a few weeks at this beauti
ful resort bordering on the Silver lake
at the head of Big Cottonwood enjoy
ing the cool mountain breeze and cor
dial treatment that will be given at
the hotel BRIGHTON BROS Prop
Stage will leava the Cullen hotel
every morning at S
Utahs famous medicinal water
JptBIGctjT I
Grocke L Chillar aliT sware
i Conic anti Get Posted
I rBat Amariaan ImportT T8a GO o
245 MAIN ST Salt Lake
correct styles and bargain prices en
title us to your consideration McKin
ley and Hobart or Bryan and Seal I
are as certain to be elected as it is that
youll choose your next suit from our
stock if you only examine what we have I
to offer you Whether its free silver
or gold basis our wool basis is solid I
Everybody takes to i as kindly a a
hungry man does to a feast Its cloth
ing and prices like ours that make
dollars fiat
136138 Main St
anhood Restoreda
Wonilenul UontE
u Remedy 13 sold T UU a
written scavan
X teo t cur all Jcrv
i ous Diseases cucli ts
l 1 WcofeMccoryLoei
Brain Powt Head
ache WalTL ulncJS I
s t Lost Ilanlioctl Nery
onsness Atrophy
rD U G Emls iQnt Vnricoef
< 1t1 Lauitidc all dracs
rhlntieiiirc LD aU dr
lh h l1e amt jOt or poCl
the Generative Organs caused by ovcr ircrtion
youthful indiscretions or tho excessive ccp of tobacco
co opium or stimulants Trhicli ultimttcly lead to
tV J nr nrl
InhrmityConsumption and Insanity PuS rm in can
Tenicnt form to carry In tliovest poctct Price tl a
paciKico orCforJj With every t5 order TTOKIVO a
wrItten enarnnico to cam or refund l UC
money Sens I by mail to any aildrcss Circular free
in plaih OUTdone Address n TALriirWIOATOO
BraMhCHeaforll 8 A iSIS liezrberc St CIIlUGa I
Or you can buy it of drugstist below
NcloV Judson Drug Co S 1 LAKE CITY UTAH I
I employ none but the most experienced
mechanics who are at
mehanic experts repairing
typewriters and bicsces safe combina
tions etc Call on or write S J Grffin
avenue corner Twentyfourth street and Grant
stockholders of the Chapman Canal com
pany will be held In their office In Salt
Lake City Utah on Thursday August 6
at 1 p m G F CHAPMAN
Secretary j
division Third Judicial district in and for
Salt Lake county state of Utah Guard
ianship of the persons and in the matter
of the estate of Johanna P Moray James
M Moray and Thomas H Moray minors
Order to show cause why order of sale of
real estate should not be made Petronala
Moray guardian of the persons of all
persons and the estate of Johanna P
Moray James M Moray and Thomas H
Moray minors having filed her petition
herein duly verified praying for an or
der of sale of all of the real estate of said
minors and it appearing to the court from L
the petition that it will be necessary and
would be beneficial to said wards that
all said real estate should be sold for the
purposes therein set forth I Is therefore
ordered that all persons interested In the i
estate of said minors and the next of
kin of said minors appear before the said
court on the 22nd day of August A D
1S96 at 10 oclock a m at the court room i
of said court at the county court house
In the city and county of Salt Lake Utah
to show cause why an order should not
be granted to the said guardian to sell so i
much of the real estate of said wards at LI
private sale a shall be necessary and I
that a copy of this order be published at j
least four successive weeks In the Salt
Lake Herald a dally newspaper printed
and published In said city and county I
Witness my hand this 20th day of July
A D 1S06
By the court M L RITCHIE Judge
Third Judicial district at the state of
Utah iiounty of Salt Lake Robert Inn
roe plaintiff vs Sarah G Boggs defendant
et ge
ant Summons The state r Utah sends
greeting to Sarah G Boggs defendant
You are hereby required to appear In an
I acton brought against you by the above
named plaintiff In the district court of the
Third Judicial district of the state tlE
I Utah and to answer tne complaint fllea
therein within ten days exclusive of the
I uay ot service after the service on you of
this summons If served within this coun
I ty or I served out of this county but in
this district within twenty days other
I wise within forty days or judgment by
i default will be taken against you ac
cording to the prayer of said complaint
The said action is brought to have JUdg
I ment against defendant in sum of 51209lo
vuh interest from January 8 1S96 at 6 per
cent per annum and for costs of suit
alleged to be due en a certain judgment
duly rendered by the court ot common
I pleas No 2 in and for county of Al 10
ghany state of Pennsylvania January g
USG in favor of one S L Bogjrs ana
I against defendant herein for tho sum of
1 0010 with interest at I per cent per
annum from date said judgment havine
been February 2 1S3G duly assigned to
plaintiff who is now the owner and holder
thereof and being wholly unpaid and In
I full force and effect And you are hereby
notified that I you fall to appear ana
I answer the said complaint a above re
quired the said plaintiff will take judg
ment against you for the sum of Jl2001
with interest a above and costs of suit
I Witness the nonorable Judges
and the seal of the district court of
the Third Judicial district in and
Seal for the state of Utah this 13th
day of April In the year of our Lord
one thousand eight hundred and
ninetysix C E STANTON
By J H SPRAGUE Deputy Clerk
Cable Mining and Milling Company
Principal place of business Salt
Lake city Utah Notice Is hereby
given that at a meeting of tho
board of directors of said corporation
held at the corporations principal placE
of business No 315 Progress building
Salt Lake city Utah on the 10th day of
July luG an assessment of one cent
per share being assessment no six was
levied upon the capital stock of the corporation
poration payable immediately to the
undersigned secretary at the office oC
the corporation No 315 Progress at
I ing Salt Lake city Utah Any stock
upon which this assessment
assesment may remain
unpaid on the 17th day of reman
I will be delinquent and advertised for
sale at public auction and unless pay
ment be made before will be sold on
I Thursday the 17th day of September
1S05 at 2 oclock at the aforesaid office
of the corporation to pay the delinquent
I assessment together with the costs of
advertising and expenses of sale Loca
tion of the works of said corporation
Eureka Utah
Secretary of the said corporation
Fred Smith Lottie J Smith E E
Kuchio and J B Blazer one the Ibtb
day of May 1SD3 executed and delivered
to the Sal Lake Building < fc Loan Asso
ciation of Utah a bond conditioned for tho
payment of nine hundred dollars and in
I terest according to its terms and to
secure the payment of the sums of money
specified In said bond the said Fred
Smith and Lottie J Smith on the same
day executed and delivered to Frank L
Holland trustee a trust deed conveying
to him in trust the foliovving described
real estate situate in Salt Lake county
and territory o f Utah towit Lot thirty
three and the south five feet of lot thirty
two in block ten City Park subdivision of
blocks twenty twentyone twentyeight
and twentynine plat C Salt Lake
City survey together with 9 shares of
stock of said association which said trust
deed was recorded in the office of the
county recorder of said county In book 3
Q of mortgages on pages 124Jo of the rec
ords of said office and whereas said
trust deed provided that should default
be made in the payment of said bond or
any part thereof or of the Interest fines
and dues that may accrue thereon a the
same became due and payable for more
than six months the said trustee at the
request of the legal holder of said bond
may proceed to sell said real estate according
cording to the terms o f said trust deed
And whereas default has been made In
the payment of dues interest and fines
required by said bond for more than
six months prior to this date whereby
the condition of said trust deed has been
broken now therefore notice is hereby
given that I Frank L Holland trustee
or In the event of my death disability or
absence from the city or state or other
disqualification then Harvey Hardy sher
iff of Salt Lake county state of Utah aa
successor of the said Frank L Holland
trustee by virtue of the power vested
by said trust deed and at the request ot
the Sal Lake Building Loan Associa
tion of Utah the owner and legal holder
of said bond will offer at public salo
to the highest bidder for cash at the
west front door of the county court
house joint city and county building
facing on State street in the city and
county of Salt Lake state of Utah on
Thursday the 30th day of July ItIS at 9
oclock a m the above described real
estate or so much as may be necessary
and nine shares of the stock of said association
sociation duly assigned to the said association
sociation upon the trust above recited a
collateral security for the loan described
herein to satisfy the obligation herein
recited and the expense of PXPouKnpr this
Dated June 7th 1806
Mining and Milling company Location
of mines Ohio district Pluto county
Utah Location of princinal place of
business Salt Lake city Utalu Notice
There a dellnquest upon the fullowingr
described stock o account of assess
ment levied on June 15 lHJ the several
amounts set opposite the names of th
respective shareholders a fOMiws
Iz Z I >
P I 3
I 0
p o 0 I
NAME O o W ii f
I t3
0 i
A W Caine 2750001515
A W Caine 53 onoo 1565
Ii 6
A W Caine 127i 3 0 100
Lizzie V Parker 157 5JGOi 16 67
J H Hughes 1 35i MO 16T
IS O Snyder 163 1000 334
S O Synder IU 30 10
I A E Lyon I 84 1500 5 00
I A E Lyons I1331 leo 0
Anale M Ames 97110000 3 34
William C Turner i34l 300 10
Elmer E Merritt 1131 3001 100
I K Ames 1136 5CW 15 63
M K Ames 113725001 8 3
M K Ames I1401 2500 8 34
lI K Ames 11411 lCCO 333
M K Ames 142 1000 3 34
1 K Ames 143i lOOl 33
M K Ames I1441 1 CO < > 3 M
Elizabeth M Overstreet 1174 1001 34
L W Ames I17T 100001 3 34
L W Ames 178100003333
Chester W Ames 17911500015000
Harrold B Ames ilSOi 50TO 16 67
Harrold B Ames 18120COO so 6
W M Ames trusteelS24O0o0i1s 67
W S Brihain I194i 500 167
Emma Brigham UK 1 500 1 6
David L Gregg 184 2500 83
David L Greg J1S5 5000 16 67
David L Greg 1181 L2COI 415
David L Cress 1871 12501 4 17
David L Gregg 188 500011565
David L Gregg ilSSI 50001 16 67
David L Gregg 11901000013334
David L Gregg 1191 700 Z 3
David L Gregg 192I 639f 213
David L Gregg 1S3 340f 1 U
W H Donnell 81100001 3 3
W H Donned 176I 16261 543
D A Giles I9i I 50001 16 67
D A Giles 161 4CCO > 1 3
C A Ames 1651 100 34
W M Ames 42 1000 3 34
W F Colton 50110000 3334
J A Chute 1910000 3
J A Chute 14310000 I 3334
J A Chute lltil0 350 1 IS
J A Chute p2 6U 2 M
JAChute 11671 2500f 833
W M Hicks I 2XllOCOOi 3 3
W M Hicks I 46100001 33 3
W M Hicks 11101 3501 HIT
W M Hicks 1163125001 S 3X
And in accordance with law and the
order of the board of directors made Ol
th 15th day of June 1S36 s many
shares of each parcel of stock a may
be necessary will b sold o the 10th day
of August 1S96 at 11 oclock a m 1
the office o the secretary ISO South
Main street Salt Lake city Utah to
pIty the delinquent assessment thereon
together wjth the cost of advertising and
expenses of sale
I sae M HICKS Secretary
Salt Lake City Blair July Z l J
= = >

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