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I < Jir 5JL r
711 F w p r
55 x j
law have not yet proclaimed to the world
thai hey are proud of their efforts in that
lt hair S
haf S
Sjrce the passage of that law there
I lias been an ever increasing demand for
repeal and the restoration to the peo
0 of the right that was taken from
I ihftn by it
4 1 > a p ben such binc < > its passage as to nl
S 1 jicnily make the efforts of those who
nl male te eors
v 5 in favor of its repeal futile
Those persons in our country who have
S H J rsiood the evil effects of that act
MO lor years supplicated and implored
me Republican and Democratic pate
alike to rettore to the people the light
u1 n was by that law taken from them
i ii 1 id U > eir backs and without their
I JuowlMlfit jn1 consent but their appeals
4 h M I llln ain They who have sought
1 i a > on ad ou of season to secure a
n > 1 oration 01 that right to he people
1 j i bcn maijn < and traduced and
t urKd wh contempt by the moneys
< > I 1 BIJd iidholdere > their arents and
rf in tho most outrageous manner
J J j u ik Go l their efforts have not been
II v n or tney are about to be crowned
1 turr < < H
j it < ri < of a distressed people for
urcJa npf for the past twentythree I
j irp have ltn 1 disr gaid d by those
v 10 nave bon called upon to make the i
Kv and administer them in this country I
Si n ir rtlnq have been ignored tueir i i
L i s liav linen in vain j i I I
Si hy hat i n afcsJied over and over
a i i that the money Question was a I
IL I of litit if any importance and I
tLjte who delipved that It was
UOL UusJfd asde their advice ignored
I ti U apjwm18 disregarded and the people 1
S > < aUtl iiiai the
t thO only sure way to
T v thru Jiimncia distress and make
tIP tfl proi Tou8 and happy was to in
I atI t hr burden or taxation by levying
11 I her duties upon imports
Jin 1 Bemcriaiic and Republican panics
lidc over and pUe
ad over again declared in
lavor of the free coinage of goid and
Silver at the latio of 1C ol but those who
ific olectod to offiie by those parties
xtiiudiuied the platforms on which they
iue 1 olocted and used every effort to de
ifat every attempt to secure legislation
upon the subject Such declarations were
S made to catch votes merely and not to be
4 alf t upon by those in authority
I nder
pretenses those parties
t jjobsponed t linal action upon the matter
S untl 1 1833 when under the mater
S tin present administration they Joinen
IPPT lorces ana repealed the only law
two remained upon the statute books that
authorized the coinage of units of money
I out eOfP silver and the rank and file of
those parties quietly 1 hesurlft without
prousi to the outrage thus perpetrated
i ujon them peretrated
UT people of tills country after years
4 of agitation an discussion of the money
S question have come to realize that that
I question is not only one
I but that It is substantially tr onl
i sUbtntaly t only ques
tion that Is before the American
I fur consideration Aerican people
J until within recent years this question
S has not been discussed queston
tL g
e l
2 cjA by a comparatively few and Y1C1
S cHely through their efforts that I has
> shape and form and the principles
underl > ns it Save been properly prnCiples system
atically ud imeiligently stated
S I 1 hue been chiefly through their efforts I
tat tit question has been forced into 1
I promuence and has been torce lead
t5k agfbt lrd
j ins political 1 issue of the day I
S of ail questions that have
dq e fgran ever been
presented to any world for consideration
o S 1 S tie money question is by fa the most I
t important because it lies mDt
S lmpotat bfI1 I at the very
S threshold of civilization
I our institutions are to be preserved
and the present civilization is to continue
it wH oily b through the right solution 1
of the money question
No person can conceive of
clJ cnce a civilization
where individual CiViiton
< rights and privileges i
are protected and made secure where
seure wher
S there i no money
It Monsy y of whatever material made is I
the blood of trade and the
1 tnn boo nd clvillzer of
J Without money there can be no com
1 merce or trade except such is
trde ecept as carried
on by barbaric 5uc I cre
labaric people there can be no
J home
except the home or the savage
there can be no famuy ties excent the TIM
T Ul iC uaqiarian mere can be no personal
i pescl
liberty except such s is secure by
brutt force
S < there can be no chilIes
tion except the civilization of savagery
< S Monty can otty be used to distribute
j jropeily and to pay debts and without
it noimer can be done without the wihout
i1 est imoivenlenee to the people of civilized gret
w cvized
F Joha onerman and others of his ilk
say they want
our money to be so
l UiPt t will circulate god
r I wii crutate everywhere where
money Is used and they declare
usf ad Te delare that no
money can do that
ii mOl cn except such as is made
out of gold and therefore they are in
faor of the Gold Standard
S ard because
gold tb the money of the world There
is no money of the world There never
was and never will be any money of the
world until all the
unt al nations of the earth
I become erlh
tcvme consolidated Into one nation
a thiiisr that is never likely to nation
Each nation happn
S Eth ntIon must have money of Us
own and it is a matter of no is
mater consequence
e t any nation what the money of another
q nation Is
1 The money of one natIon will
S seH for just M much in wi
I Vh a mUth any nation on
eath where money s used as It is worth I
I In the country where it Is made worh
1es ex
change mae C I
The Prk of St > 11 and silver bullion In
+ s1er bulon
the Unite States under free coinage de
cnage I
pends entirely upon the rate at which I I
F I it can be coined at the mint
mint i
whenever a nation permits gold i I
i pemis or sil i
I ver to be coined into money free of
I chare at a certain rate the price o
those metals In that country is fixed and
cuntI fxe tnd i
determined by I that rate and by no pos I
trbfi can either metal fall In i that na I
tint cow the price established by law i
c Silver cannot be coined into units of
d I money at all at the present unis the
I1 United States neither can I be coined
4 cine
into units of money in any country in
fi S1 Europe thy Silver therefore Is treated en 1 J i
i i
4 and the Nice of i is fixed and doter I i
1 mined by the fame laws that fix and tie I
tJ t termlne the prices of other commodities I
I the HJntted States should give back
to the people the lve
right that was taken >
from them to have silver coined into
4 I units of money a the ratio of cIne the >
price of silver bullion would instantly ti
to Jl29 an ounce because that is the rate I
at which silver under free coinage could I
be coined into units of money and that
rate would fix absolutely the price tt
silver not only in the United States ot
In the world J i
1 the volume o money in circulation
5 in a country be contracted by law Irrep
are injury will result to the people of
surh nation The volume of money in
i this country since 1SS6 has been enor
mously contracted under the laws passed
9 by congress and a 1 result the people
r have suffered ncalrulable loss
The great mass of the people have been
ruined financially and the misery and
1 suffering consequent upon such contrac
t ton is beyond the comprehension cntr man
The debts contracted by the government
haxe been enormously increased thereby
uecause I roqiares vastly more or the
t pluc1 o the country to pay the pres
ent debts than a required t pay the
t debs when originally contracted The
action of our government in destroying
the paper monev that issued
r fP tn y tht was during
the wa and which
from destruction and in taking away
S from the people the right to have slyer
SI coined into money free of charge cannot
r b too strongly condemned
l irfmguajre 18 inadequate to properly char
noteriie the acts passed by car
of der which money volume has been enor
mously contracted in this country The
S contraction o the money volume of < rfr
dilation during the past thirty years has
wrought more misery end suffering and
5 firancial loss to our people than all the
wars famine and pestilences that have i
afllleed this country fnm the beginning
Lincoln said that i the government
contracts 3 debt with a certain amount
of money in circulation and then con
tracts the money volume before the debt I
det I
was paid it I the most heinous crime
that a government could commit against
the riople The very crime that aanE 10
strongly characterizes this government
has committed against our people by con I
tracting the money volume in circulation i I
S by legislative enactment I
lone is or the most value to mankind
S in general when i Is cheap because the I
cheape it Is the more readily people can j i i
obtain ii
obtln I
The scarcer money IS the more easily
its volume can be controlled the dearer
it will be the more plentiful It is the
I more difficult it is to control it the cheap I
sj or I will b Bear money is but cea
anti the dearer It Isthe greater its pur
chasing power the harder the times and
the lower prices will be 1
g The quantity rn money In circulation I
fixes and determines prices in i general I
other things remaining the same I tsp
volume increases prices will rise and i
tt decreases prices rs fall i
The < or test in the business world is
over prifc Price is the storm center of i
very t sAnest tansactloa la which j I
money is involved
> o
Over 1 the battles of commerce and
I trade are fought
There Is but one way known amon
men to regulate the value of money and
i i that is to regulate its volume He who
i can regulate the money volume of a na
lon has within his power the nation itself
as well as every individual thereof le
cue he can increase or decrease prices
< n general to suit his pleasure
He can enrich the few and Impoverish
ad Impoersh
I themany He can exalt those who ere
ate wealth or he can enslave them at his
I Fttr thousands of years those who have
I understood the scIence and function of
money have so manipulated the volume
i i of it by legislation or otherwise a to de
stroy every civilisation that has preceded
i the present one and those persons who
now control by law or otnerwiee thv
< volume of money In circuation in the
world 1 11 not restrained by healthful
j and proper laws man the present civill
i zation Such persons have no regard i i
l what ever for those who create and dis
tribute wealth who build up nations and i
j 1 who protect them in the hour of need
Their sole purpose is to acaumulate a
much wealth a possible and 1
at the expense of the producing millions
I Is they who secured the egislatian
in this country relaung to money and
bonds that ba produced the condition of
the people at the present time I
I IB because people generally have had
no accurate conception of the science and
function of money that has enableu those
who understood the question to secure
leirislaiinn I in thts country which coat
mously decreased the quantity of money
in circulation and produced a correspond
ing fall In prices In general
It was they who secured the passage
of the law of February ure which de
stroyed the use of silver for money in
this country
By that law one of the sour es of
money supply was cut off and as a result
the value the purchasing power of the
money that has come from the other
source of money supplythe gold mnes
has doubled and prices have fallen ac
Thej who secured the passage of that
law were they who were large owners of
money and of national bonds By that
act the value of theCr money was doubled
and the value of their bonds was greatly
The acts of congress that have been
passed since ISC relating to money and
bonds with two exceptions the ta Of
1878 and the act of IfcyO are among the
most Infamous acts of leg afon that
have been enacted by any government in
modern times
moder tmes S
Sore the passage ot jthosclaws the
shrinkage in the quantity of money in
I circulation with repect to population has
I gone on without Jet or hindrance and as
a result there has been a continuous fall
i in prices In general which has bank
rupted and pauperized untold numbers of
our people and list paralyzed and to a
II I large degree has destroyed the farming
and other Industries of the country
caused by those acts has continued with
I I everincreasing fury for the past twenty
three years and the sea of commerce and
I I trade in tiii5coUntryhabeefltieWi
d n fft fT n
uuu 5 v
i 1U umt <
iery character and kind
The country during the = e years has
been and is now afflicted with financial
I aralj sis and unless relief is furnished
coon ihore is no telling what the conse
qucnces may be
This condition of things is the result
and the Jesuit only of the adoption by
this country of the British gold stand
ti It I The adoption of that standard
ineins uroitoun oondi pr il I j
1 means more than European conditions
ad prices It means ultimate Egyptian
conditions and prices
The KepuoHcan party proposes to main
tain the present gold standard and
thereforeJt in favor of pseient condi
toiis and It will not consent to a change
unti other nations can be induced to as
sist In1 matt a change
Vhen other nations consent to help
us in that behalf there will be no need of
help because we will cense to exist a a
nation unless wo assert our independence
as it is row proposed to do
I is in favor of a constant shrinkage
in the quantity of money in circulation
all therefore It is In favor of lower
prices and I proposes if I succeeds to
power to further
unless taxes they can be raised by increasing
j proposes to manufacture no more
1 iroiey Lot the people except such a
may be made out of gold
How is I possible ior a nation or a
individual to become prosperous bj con
tinually increasing the amount of taxes
i that are to be paid is a matter that is
i beyond the comprehension of the ordinary
I mnd and yet this is the very thing that
the Republican patty proposes to do if
placed in power again
1 Before taxes CU tie paid money must
i be firot manufactured and delivered to the
i people Money does not grow it is man
I ufactured and the congress alone in this
country has the power to make it
I is affirmed by those who are in
favor of the Sod standard that ail
that is necessaiy to be done to make
i the people prosperous is to open the mills
and set the idie men to work I may as
weil o A understood first and last that the
mills of this country will never be opened
1 more than they are at present until the
mills of this country owned by the gov
ernmont in v men money is manufactured
are nrst opened to the free coinage of
units of money out of gold and silver
at the rate tstabirtied by die law of 1S3T
and un 11 they are opened there can be
no prosperity individually or national in
this country
AP well attempt to run an engine with
out oil as to do business without money
The minis wherein mOl < is made are
the most important mills to be kept run
ning In this country and
lest there be more money made man the
people of this country ned in tJn con
duct of their business Those mills tor the
pas twent > iniee years have been prac
tically closed except to those who owned
and coniroed the gold mines of the
The battle of this campaign is for the
purpose of securing legislation which will I
open those nvlis and if we do not suc
succeed ceed the light wnl continue until we do
it is said that what the people want is
employment and If they had employment
there would be no hdrd times no financial
distress Give to the people good prices
for their productsand their services and
they will empoy themselves to the best
advantage there will be no idle men
no surplus of labor
There never was a financial panic In
all the world when prices in general were
using and there can be no general rise
in prIce unless the quantity of money in
cumulation increases
Financial distress bankruptcies strikes
comnidione 01 capital and of labor I
trusts and syndicates can only exist when
there is a constantly fading market when
prices in general fall Prices in general
can only tall when the quantity of money
in circulation with respect to population
decreases The volume of in circu
fCr < aIIR money circulation
lation and prices go hand in hand Vhen
the volume snrnks prices fail when it
inci < ases nrlees rise I is
that pauperizes men paralyzes industries
and ruins nations
The National Silver party was organ
I lard fo uie expiess purpose of secunng
j an ircrrase i in the quantity of money by
1 the free coinage fq sliver so as to pre
ent at least any further fall In prices
in general and if through the efforts of
that pan this can be accomplished I will
have done a greater good to a greater
number than any party that was ever
organised since ths nation was es
I T mankind tablisJied and i will have conferred upon
a greater blessing than was ever
I conferred before In the history of the
j I world
The reason and the only reason why
i I silver was excluded from themints was
I to increase the purchasing power of
money made out of gold thereby giving
i to the money owner and bondholder a
greater command over the sets ces i > r met
eco au so ir fl
I and the products of the farm mill and
We arc now entering upon the greatest
upn geatet
I straggle for the emancipation of the pea
pie from industrial bondage Industrial
I slavery that was ever engaged in by me
If we succeed as succeed we must our
i country our institutions and our civilize
tion will be s ur But if we fal cl1lz i
cur institutions will be destroyed and our
civilization will perish
The gold barons of the world have form
ed the most gigantic trust that has ever
been formed among men to control and I
regulate the volume of money in circula
ion lre interest f of themselves alone
They have set about deliberately and pre
meditatedly to enslave the American people
ple prostrate their Industries destroy
their opportunities and Impoverish the
nation and the people thereof This trust
must b brken Peope power must b de
stroyed and it will be destroyed by an
outraged and long suffering people when
they register their will at the ballot box
in November next
Thp present condition of the people Is
the result of laws relating to money and
bonds which have been enacted by the
HcDubllcan and DemocratIc parties unflor
the direction and at the instance of the
gold barcns of this country and of Europe
They have heretofore controlled both of
those parties They now dominate and
i i contra the Republican party
proposes to assist in destroying the gold
trust and we appeal to all those WhO are
interesteu in humanity wuo are interested
In good government who believe that
1 men are more important than property
I who believe that the interests of those
i who create wealth are paramount to
those who are merely consumers to as
sist in this great struggle
That we snail succeed there can b no
question because this is a light in favor
of the many against the few I is a fight
between the producers o wealth and ag
gregated capital It is I a tight between
those who do the work of the world and
those who live without work I is a
light between Democracy and Plutocracy
In such a fight in SUCH a struggle can
there be any doubt a to the issue
Men and men only have rights and i i
is In defense of those ngnu that this
contest is waged That he who creates
weath should be the servant and slave
to h ts which btct creates is a doctrine I I
that should not be tolerated a moment i
1 should be stamped out The time has
arrived in the history of this country at j I i
least when the rights of Individuals shall
be paramount to all things else and they j
shall 1 be amply and fully protected bylaw
The Republicans Insist that they are de
sirous ot protecting Amercan industries i I I
and American labor and in order to do so I
they propose to increase me taxes upon
imported products As well attempt to
i iase prices tn general or to stop falling
prices by increasing duties on imports as
to stop the ebb and tow of the tides It
never has been done
Such a thing Is absolutely impossible
I Manufacture for the American people
plenty of money American money net
I British money and they will protect
1 themselves and their Industries
I There Is no possible way of protecting
them except by an enormous increase in
the quantity of money in circulation I
i the people lave no money they are pow
erless to protect themselves except by
I brute force
The more money they have the more
easy i will be for them to protect them
selves against the aggressions of others
i The trouble in tins country is that
money Is too dear I is so dear that the
people are unable to buy it except by
making great sacrifices for that purpose i
i I lie sacnlices made by the American peo
pie for the past twentythree years for
tho purpose of sustaining the gold
standard are beyond human comprehen
sion I I
The people have resolved that they will I
make no more sacrifices for that purpose
Tney are about to reverse the conditions i
that exist in this country They are go
ing to shake off the human vampires who j I I
have fastened themselves upon this conn I
try and who for years have enriched i I I
themselves at the expense of the Ameri i
can people They to to
cn pple are going cease I i I
be slaves and they have resolved to be
not only free but Independent men I i
The Question before us in this campaign
Is not a question of taxation but I
Money is the regrulator and controller of
prices and the motive power of commerce
and trade
I there be much money everybody pros
pers except him who refuses to work I
there be little money everybody is injured
except create him who lives on that which others
Pnces in general can only be regulated
and controlled by regulating the volume
of money in circulation ana he who as
sert to the contrary either has no knowl
edge of the science and function of money
or he is dishonest to say the least
The struggle among men in civilized
communities is to secure money in order
that they may be able to swap it for
things they do not create and which they
are m need of There is a continuing and
pressing demand for i upon all hands 1
The less there is of it in circulation the
greater the struggle will b for it and t
the more there is in circulation the less i
the struggle will be to secure it i
l is asserted by eminent financiers I
that this country cannot adopt bimetal I
lism without the consent of other na
tons In other words we as a people i
are incompetent to manage our own linan
cial affairs and must cal on other na
tions to assist us in that behalf I
of because our inocmpetency to do it wouid be a admission
1 I we a a nation and a people are un
able to manage and control our finances
in our own way and in our own interest
without the interference of other nations
and without their consent then indeed
it may be said that we are not free not
independent I this be so then we had
better retire from business on our own
account close the doors of our national
edlllce and nail thereon thIS notice
This nation has retired from business
and ha gone into liquidation because of
the imbecility and Incompetency of those
who managed and controlled the estab
I lishment vvithn For further information
inqure at the office of the board of direc
< tors of the Bank of England
The first national convention that ever
declared in unequivocal language In favor
of the free and unlimited coinage of gold
and sliver at the ratio of 16 t 1 was the
convention of the Peoples party held in
Omaha on July 4 1S91 From the adoption
i of that platform by that party to tins
present tme the sentiment in favor of
the free coinage ot silver without regard i
to the action of other nations has grown
with accelerated speed The people
aware of
of a constant shrinkage in the volume of
i money reso ved that there should be <
some positive and definite action taken
by some party of sunicient importance m
this country to correct the monstrous
wrong that was perpetrated upon them
by rite act cf 1873
They had lost confidence in the Repub
lican and Democratic parties and would
trust them no longer Therefore it was
that in January last in the city of ash i
In ton a conference of leadng citizens
of this country from all ranks o life was
ha tar the i > rinse of creatins a new
party pledged to secure monetary reform
A call was issued by that conference re
questing all those who were n favor of
making the money question the para
mount issue in this campaign to meet in
convention in St Louis on the 22nd day
of July 1S93
When the call was made I was believed
that the l > Peoples party and the Svcr
party would be able to agree upon a plat
form which would command
of tho people and would agree upon can
didates for the office of president and
vice i president and thereby unite a11 per
sons in this country who were in favor of
reform in our financial system
In the meantime the Democratic con
vention which recently met in Chicago
adopted through the efforts of the free
silver people of the country and the
sturdy and rugged patriots who consti
tuted the majority of that convention a
platform which so far a the money
question is concerned is I acceptable to all
persons who arc in favor of the free
coinage or siver
I The Silver party in convention assem
bled adopted a platform which presents
the issues involved in this campaign more
clearly and definitely and cogently than
any other platform that has been pre
sented to the people
The platforms of these different parties
and the diFcussIons public and private
that are now going on in this country
upon the money question the only one
thatis involved in this campaign clearly
indicate that the people are
that question and that they propose this
year to assert their political independence
of all political organiations and political
bosses and vote In their own interest and
in the interest of good government and
stamp out the British gold standard in
this country root and branch
Hon WiUiaTi Jennings Bryan
The National Silver convention with a
unanimity unexampled in the history of
national conventions in this country nom
I inated you a the candidate of the Na
I tional Silver party for the distinguished
office of preslJent of the United States
i You are now the candidate for the great
i office of president of three great political
parties of which the Silver party Is not
i the least
i The convention selected a committee to
formally notify you of its action and that
I committee conferred upon me the distin
guished honor of advising you of your
nomination as the candidate of the Na
tional Silver party for the office of presi
dent of the United States We are met
therefore at this time and place foe the
purpose of performing the pleasant duty
imposed upon us by the convention I
therefore in obedience to the wishes of
tho committee and of the convention
hereby formally notify you that you have
been nominated by the National Silver
party a its candidate for president and
request that you accept that nomination
in the same spirit In which I has been
tendered you
tOil are now the chosen commander of
composed of three grand divisions which
Is now mobilizing for the purpose of fight
Ing in behalf of humanity on November
3 liSt the most important political battle
of this or any other age a battle which
is to determine whether this nation c
be a province of Great Britain and be
governed and controlled as that nation is
I by the money barons of Europe or
whether it shall b as the fathers in
I tended it to be a free and independent
i and sovereign nation
I The people who constitute that grand
army Inspired as they are by the noblest
sentiments of patriotism under your lead
ership will there can be no doubt on
that day lift high their banner In triumph
over the defeated allied hosts of plutocracy
I was 1020 oclock before Mr Greet i
concluded and Mr Bryan began his
speech He said j
Mr Chairman Chairman of the NotIfication j i
fication Party and to the Members of
that Committee beg to reply a tis
time without the formality at a letter I
The platform adopted by the silver
convention contains but one plank and
that plank the plank upon the money I i
question or upon the silver question j 1
is identical in substance with the sliver
plank of the Chicago platform As I
have already discussed at length that
plank and i will not be necessary t
enter into any extended discussion at
this time I beg to assure the commit
tee that I accept the nomination so i
generously tendered by them on behalf
of the Silver party in the spirit in
1 which that nomination Is presented
Cheers I can appreciate the
apprclMe feeling
which animated those who assembled
in that convention I can
In which the assembled there and
turned their backs upon the party with
which they had been associated I
know something of the strength of the
parties and because I was in a position
wliiae I looked forward to a possibility
of like action on my own part I can
appreciate the depths of a conviction
that led them to place the interests of
their country above the welfare of their
party Long cheering and shouts of
Good More than a year ag when
we were engaged in a struggle to
bring the Democratic party to an en
dorsement of free coinage the ques
tion was put to me whether in case of
j I I failure I would support the Democratic
nominee if he were on a gold standard
i platform I never believed that such
action was possible In the Democratic
party bat when those who questioned
me were not content with probabIlities
but asked again whether in the case
of that event I would support the
nominees I said as you will remember
that under no circumstances would my
vote be given to the man who would
In the executive office use his influence
to fasten the gold standard upon the
American people Great cheering
My convictions upon this subject are
not shallow convictions I may be In
error my friends none of us can claim
infallibility But we have experience
of history t guide us and our judg
j ment and our consciences and I stand
where the members of the silver
member te siver con
vention stood I would rather have the
j than the applause of the entire earth
j i I may be in error but I believe that
the gold standard is a conspiracy
against the human race Great cheer
I ing I would no sooner join the ranks
i of those whose purpose Is to fasten
that upon the people than to enlist In
I an army that was marching to attack
my home and kill my family Re
newed cheering
I can say therefore that I can ap
preciate the spirit which animated
those who have just tendered me this
second nomination and I can there
fore accept it in the spirit in which
they present it And I pledge them
that if elected they shall never have
cause to accuse me nf holnr falao tn
that trust More cheering My
j I friends when I cheerfg would
not support a gold sitandard candidate
I was standing upon the history the
Democratic party I was defend
Demoratc pary wa defending Ms
I principles as well as the interests of
the country at large And vchie these
wlieith s
Republicans who assembled In the silver
ver convention at St Louis refused to
worship the golden image which their
i party had set up they were defending
the history o the Republican party
Great applause The Republican
i platform of 1SSS denounces the Demo
j I cratic administration for having at
I at
tempted to degrade silver and in 1891
i i on the llth day of February in Hem
I orial hal at Toledo Ohio on the Liu
coin day banquet the
bnquet present candl
i date upon the Republican ticket used
the words use
Which I shall
shal now read to
you I have found these words
thce pub
lished in a Toledo paper and they have
been published so long without correc
tion that we may safely assume that
he was correctly reported I he shall
deny the correctness of this report I
shall hasten to do
shal him justice by re
tracting these words r
which he I said to have used i
During all of Grover Clevelands
years at the head of the government
he was dishonoring one of our precious
metals one of our own great products
geat pructs
discrediting silver and enhancing te
price l of gold He endeavored even be 1
fore his Inauguration to office to stop
the coinage of silver dollars and after 1
wards and to the end of his adminis
tration persistently used his power to
that end He was determined to con
tract the circulating medium and co de i I
monetize one of the coins of commerce I I
limit the volume of money among the
people make money scarce and there
fore dear He would have increased the
value of money and diminished the
1 1 value Of everything elsemoney the
mate everything else the servant 1 I
j Great cheering II
i Following these same lines the Re i
publican convention in 1S92 declared
1 at Minneapolis that the American peo
ple from tradition and interest were I
in favor o bimetallism Voice Thats
GU That IB the
5 language in 1892 that
I the American people from I
are in favor of bimetallism Rave j 1
I traditions changed in four years A I
j olceNo Have Interests changed
li I four ears A voiceNoL No
my friends and yet forgetting the
platform of 1880 forgetting the de
nunciation uttered by their distinguish
j i ed leader In 1891 forgetting the heat
i form of 1892 the Republican party In
i convention assembled declared that
I I the American people must forego tho
i i advantages of the bimetallic system to
j I which tradition and Interest endeared l
j them until foreign nations should bring are
I these advantages t them Applause
i j I Is not strange thc men who had
looked for bimetallism in the
loke blmetaUlm te Republl
I can party should have given up hope
and turned elsewhere for relief These
j I Republicans cannot b criticised fO
leaving the Republican
RepubUcn party They
i have done what every American citi
zen has a right to do They have done
better than our Democratic advocates
I of the gold standard have done be
cause theie Republicans when they
left the party Joined with those who
had a chance to succeed while our
Democratic advocates of the gold
standard sought to secure the election
of a Republican candidate by nominat
ing a Democratic candidate
a Democric cndidate Cries of
Thats so To show you that the
action of these Republicans is defended
le me carry you back to the period
I Just before the war I you will turn
to a book recently publlined entitled
John Shermans Recodleotlons
laughter you will find on page 112 of
the first volume a portion of a speech
which he delivered in congress spe
Let me read this congess
I a willing to stand by the com
promises of 1849 and 1850 but when
our Whig brethren of the south allow I
this administration to lead them off I
from their principles when they
abandon the position which Henry Cay
would have taken forget his name and
achievements and decline any longer
to carry his banner they lose all their
claims on me And I say now that un
til this wrong is righted until Kansas
I is admitted as a free state I cannot i
j I a In party association with them
There was the distinguished senator
lngished sna i
1 I from Ohio asserting to the people o I
I > this country upon the floor of Congrats I
i that he was willing to accept compro I
1 mise after compromise but that the
time had at last come when he could go
with them rib longer that until cer
tain things were accomplished he could
j i not act with them
I Is but a repetition of history Compro
mise after compromliG has been sub
mitted to bc these silver Republicans
in the hope that the party of ther
Choice and love wuld at last bring to
the people the relief which they desired
But the Republican party like that
party in 1856 has been led off by an
other administration until it has de
serted Its traditions and its platform
and these Republicans iiave a right to
say to their Republican associates
We will go with you no longer until
this nation IL redeemed Applause
We do not ask those who present
this nomination to pledge their future
services to the Democratic party The
re Intelligence which directs them I
today in the discharge of this duty
will be with them four years from now
to direct them then in the discharge of I
the duties that will then arise The
I same patriotism that leads them to
t day In what they do will be with them
I four years from now to guide and di
rect them
I We trust them now we shad trust
them then The Democratic party has
I proven Kseif worthy of their confidence
today and It receives their support
I four years from now It proves un
worthy of their confidence It should not
then have their suppon Appause and
I cries of Thats right thats the way I
to talk 1
The chairman of the notification
j j committee has told you that we have
I to meet us today a great money trust
I He is right We are confronted today
I by the most gigantic trust that has
i ever beer formed among men Talk
I about trusts In various articles which
I i we produce My friends all these trusts
j I together pale into insignificance when
compared with
I which has its hands upon our country
A voice Thats so
J Place the control of the standard
I money of the world in i the hands of a
I vn ea ih
few great financiers and times wilt be
good for them no matter what distress I
I I may overtake the rest of mankind I I
I believe that John G Carlisle did not J
i exaggerate the truth when he said i
i The consummation o this scheme I
I means more of misery to the human
race than all the wars pestilences and I
j famines that ever occurred in the his
j tory of the world Who does not stand
i appalled before misery like that Who
I among you is witling to be a partner
In a conspiracy that has for Its object
I the consnimimatlcn of this scheme so
eloquently and S forcibly described
that the silver Republicans have arisen
In protest I respect the convictions
which 0 them I thank you for the
support which they have tendered and
al that I can promise Is that I shall t I
the best of my ability pndeavor to
I p worthy of their confidence Ap
After Mr Bryan coneuded Mr Har
rirfrcin of the notification committee
I notified him of the nomination of Mr
Sewall and the presidential candidate
i made a brief response accepting I
I behalf of his running mate
Returns So Far Received ShoT ne
pnblicnii Gain
turns received at tepUDiican neon
quarters from Washington Woodruff
Carroll Lonoke Crawford Jackson
PuiaskI Ouachita Sebastian White
and Desha counties show a net Republi
can gain of 4201 over the vote of two
I years ag These figures if maintained
throughout the state will Increase the
Republican vote over 1894 by 20000 and
place the entire vote of the Republican
ticket at 46000 an Iflcrease of 26 per
cent Returns from Prairie Drew Ash
ley Washington Crawford Greene
Desha Independence Cleveland
Ouachtta Bradley Jackson and John
son received at Democratic headquar
ters show a loss to the Democracy of
3338 On this basis this will give Jones
< plurality of 52000 estimating that
140000 votes were cast Chairman
Cooper of the Republican state com
mittee made the following statement to
the press tonight
The election law plainly directs that
I the judges of election shall not all b
of the same political party and when
the Democratic election commissioners
against the protest of Republicans ap
pointed Democratic election judges ex
clusively in oer twenty counties a
this state ir violation of the law It was i
perfectly well understood that fraud
was Intended I do not hesitate to say i I i
that the appointment of these Demo j
cratic judges and the refusal to ap j
point one Republican cost the Republi I
can ticket thousands of votes and
added to the Democratic votes
Clark admits that in a number of I
counties a mmber of Democratic com
mlttees appointed none but Democratic
judges and he Is at a loss to know why I
they did this especially In his home
county of Phillips Notwithstanding i i
all these alleged frauds he estimates
the vote of Remmel the Republican i
candidate for governor has increased
50 per cent pver the vote of 1894 The I
silver question has not Increased the j I
Democratic vote or decreased the Re
public vote In this state I
A Demand For Them Develop a
Mt l > in Snrlncrflclrt Ky
demand for free turnpikes In Washing
ton county has developed a mob which
may have to be quelled by state troops
Yesterday the sheriff went out In the
country to arrest the men who shot
Toll Gate Keeper Wells on Saturday
night and riddled his house with bul
I The men who numbered over fifty
i I defied the authorities and threatened
to burn the town of Springfield If an
attempt was made to arrest them
Yesterday at dusk the sheriff arrested
I 1 Joe Settle a member of the mob and
brought him into jail at midnight In
the meantime the mans friends got
I I wind of the affair and moved on
j Springfield apparently to put the
threat to burn the town Into execution
I The mob arrived at 6 oclock and at 8
i oclock a large tobacco warehouse was
In flames The people remembering the
threat thought It would be executed
and In a few minutes the streets were
alive with men armed to ths teem
and determined to give the Incendiaries
a warm reception If they attempted
I further outrages Today business was
I practically suspended and every man
is armed The names of some fifty O
I sixty of the participants In the out
rages are known and Sheriff Craig
I them croff ha organized a posse to capture
MADRID Sept SA special dis
patch from Hong Kong to the Impar
cal says that the commander cf the
I British gunboat Red Pole has tele
graphed from Manila that the gravity
of the situation at the capital of the
Philippine Islands is such as to oblige
him to remain there with his ship
This message Indicates that the posi
tion at Manila is very serious though
no details are obtainable owing to the I
rigor of the censorship Business tele I
grams have been received at Hong i
Kong from mercantile correspondents
from Manila advising against the
shipment of further consignments of
goods t the Philippines and stating i
standstill that business there is at a complete
Enthusiastic Reception at
Every Point the Train
PJfPTl PD1ti T
How the Silver Sentiment is
Growing in the East II
Ecu In the Very Shndorr of Wall
Street There Hits Grown Up
Among the Common People as
Bitter a Hatred of Our Present
Financial System as Can De
l Anioiij the Farmers of
Kansas anti Other Sons of Toll In
the Great West Folly of Elect
ing 1n International Agreement
Golilbnga Coercing Their Em
OMAHA Neb September 8After
a night on a sleeping car William J I
Bryan rose early t greet the crowd J I
gathered o the platform at Malvem I
Iowa Spectators gathered at the sin j I I
dons where the train stopped during
the night in its progress through Iowa
but the Democratic candidate was
sleeping He went to bed just after
leaving Burlington at midnight and
was up again at 630 to meet the Mal
I vera crowd half an hour loiter The
crowd there numbered 300 Bryan shook
hands with nearly everybody in It
Not many minutes after he left Pa
cific junction the nominee crossed the
Missouri Into his own rtalte At S
oclock he was surrounded by 500 peo
ple at Plattsmouth who gave him a
welcome to Nebraska A stand had
been erected near where the train
stopped and from this Mr Bryan spoke
His train went on to Omaha leaving
him to take a local ten minuses later
When he arrived at Omaha 1500 peo
ple were at the depot waiting His re
espdion was enthusiastic He spoke
briefly in a conversational tone from
the car steps saying he felt as much
at home In other portions of the country
as In Omaha The people here think
they can shout for silver bait if he had
money he would like tt > brine back a
i few silver men from New York to teach
the peopCe here how to hurrah There
was no more enrJiueiasm here than in
New York or Pennsylvania For every
one Democrat lost to the sliver cause
I sixteen Republicans have been won
On the trip from Omaha to Lincoln
l brief stops were made at Gretna Ash
land Greenwood and Havelcck where
several hundred people gathered to
shake hands with the nominee
The Sceond HomeComing Since His
LINCOLN Net September 8In
the afternoon a mass meeting was held j
in front of the state Capitol buiWing
j i A parade composed of Bryan flambeau
clubs free silver clubs some in uni
form and some in plain dress floats
bearing tree silver devices were in at
tendance The parade formed ait City
Hail square and escorted Mr Bryan
j i to the state house He rode with Mrs
j Bryan Lawrence Humphrey chairman
i i cf the local reception committee and
j George A Greet chairman of the na
tional sheer notification committee
As thee head of the procession neared
the capital grounds a salute was fired
by a volumteer battery The stand
from which Mr Bryan spoke had been
erected on the north front of the state
house It was covered with bunting
and the walls of the building were also
decorated A large photograph of the I i
Democratic nominee above the plat i
form was rlvetted with many litte i
photographs of McKinley and Hotoart
which some of the Republican state
officeholders had placed in the windows
of their offices and then gone away
after locking the doors
Among those who had seats on the
stage was John A Creighton of Oma j I
ha John I Martin of Missouri wfco
was sergeantatarms of the Demo j
oratlc national convention Govemcr i
Holcomb of Nebraska Ignatius Don i I
nelly Chairman George A Greet and
a number of members of the silver j
party notification committee Five i
thousand peope crowded together in j
the hot sun about the stand cheered I
repeatedly as Mr Bryan appeared He 1
was Introduced by E E Brown a
former Republican and president of
the < ViliimWn aHfnnT Tvn rtlr ff TTn
coin Mr Bryan said
Ladies and Gentlemen am only
going to talk to you a little while
there are others here who are prepared
to discuss the issues of the campaign
in your presence and I am trying to
do as little work as possible I think
I have done my share so far as time
is concerned Cries of Your are
right It is now Just about one month
since I left Nebraska and turned east
ward It has been an interesting trip
I want to assure you that the senti
ment in favor of the free coinage of
silver is a growing sentiment Ap
plause It far surpasses my expecta
tions in the east and I found among
those people the producers of wealth
the farmers and the laborers who are
joining with you to free themselves
from the domination of those financial
Institutions which have controlled our
legislation and our financial politics
Applause You will find in the very
shadow of Wall street as
to the Influences from which you have
suffered as you will find among the
farmers of Nebraska applause and
all through the east I found farmers
who had been Republicans who were
openly supporting the free coinage of
silver and were asserting thai they
had as much right to attend to their
business as the New York banker had
to attend to his business Applause
As against the maintenance of a gold
standard either for one day or forever
the Democratic party has declared for
the immediate restoration of the money
of the constitution Applause Not
only the Democratic party but the
Silver party and the Populist party
both of these have Joined with the
Democratic party in making this the
paramount issue rX the campaJsa
Our opponents began the campaign by
asserting that the American people
were not able to establish bimetallism
and then when they found there was a
revolt among the American people
against such a policy they com
menced a system of coercion and ter
I rorizing Insisting that the masses of
the people even have not the right to
determine what kind of policy they
want Applause This
Is manifested In two ways In the first
place the heads of many great cor
porations are undertaking to compel
their employees to support the gold
standard My friends if the heads of
those corporations assert the right to
control the voice of those who vote for
j them we have presented to the Ameri
can people even a greater question
than the silver question Applause
If a corporation has the right to con
trail the vote of an employee on one
question it has the right to control it
on every other Question Cries of
Right you are and applause
Continuing Mr Bryan said My
friends do you think you are under I
a government of the people I want I
to ask you wha you think will be the
result if we get to be a government
by the banks Applause If we could
trust our affairs to a New York banker
we might endtre tt for a time but
when you remember that the New York
banker is under the control of the Lon
S don banker I ask you to reflect be
fore you submit the destinies of a free
people to a few financiers Applause
We had a failure in this city last win
ter a failure which in my judgment
was largely due to the sale of bonds
and to the fact that the eastern bank
was drawing In money from circulation
from business from the channels of
trade to invest in government bonds
If my friends you have a financial
policy which permits a few financiers
to close your banks at will and swal
low up youi deposits and impoverish
your people I want to ask you if it is
not time for you to consider whether
this cannot be stopped Cheers We
have been toJ that we cannot borrow
money from abroad unless we have a
financial system that is satisfactory to
the people abroad My friends you let
them control your financial system and
you will never see a time when you can
get out of the clutches of those who
are dominating your financial policy
Great cheering
Talk about arrayIng one class
against another I want to ask you why
it Is that every Democrat who Is in
terested in a syndicate or a trust or
has a salary from a railroad corpora
tion that is more than his other prop
erty I want to ask you why they are
all arrayed against the Democratic
party Cheers Why Is ft It is
because the Democratic party has de I
clared against the issue of bonds In
time of peace and the trafficking with
syndicates Thats right from the
artnrt C Tt Is heercttse the
party Is
and the prices which the trusts have
instituted It Is because the Democratic
party believes In the control the reg
ulation and the restriction of all cor
I poratlons so that they will serve the
purpose for which they were allowed to
exist Great cheering If those con
nected with trusts are flocking together
In the Republican party may we not
appeal to ail the smaller business men
who have felt the Iron heel of theI
trust and who have been driven out of
business by its unlawful competition
I Cheers If we are to lose all the at
j torneys of these great trusts a cry of
Let them go may we not appeal
with confidence to the support of the
people who have been plundered by
these trusts while their attornen have
received a part of the plunder Cheers
and shouts of yes We are not re
sponsible for the arraying of one class
against another These people have
defined the business men to be a few of
not the producers of wealth but the
exchangers of wealth or those who
try to corner our wealth and they are
trying to array them against the rest
of the people The Republican plat
form in the state of New York said
that we ought to have a business ad
ministration conducted by business
men In behalf of the business interests
of the country What do they mean
by that Do they call the farmers
business men Cheers and cries of
no Oh no simply
But if a man goes on the board of
trade and makes more in an hour bet
ting on the price of what you raise
than you make In a year he becomes a
business man These people who have
attempted to array a few of the pee
pie against the rest of the people and
who have insisted that the affairs of
this government should be put In the
hands of a few when we have com
plained what euphonious names they
have given to us They have been call
Ing up disturbers of the public peace
and they have called us anarchists my
friends Great applause My friends
these terms simply express the con
tempt which they have for the great
mass of the people of this country
Cries of Theyve been doing It for
twentyfive years
These names they call us simply
peers that they are not wining to trust
the destinies of this republic in the
hands of the people who have created j I
its wealth in times of peace and who
have fought its battles in times of wet
Applause Show me those people
who now call us anarchists and I will
show you a class of people who if we i
had a war would never go to the
front but they are the very people
who slander those who would
to save their property Applause and
Mr Bryan said that when he was
called a disturber of the public peace
it is gratifying to meet the toilers of
his own city who endorse him as one
they were willing to trust He said
he expected a majority in this Lan
caster county and a majority of not
less than 25000 in Nebraska He
thought even this majority was not
large enough Continuing he said
My friends gentlemen down In New
York called attention to the fact that
sentiment was all on our side in this
raTnnai ° n and one min said that a
man could now write a poem in favor
of syndicates running the business of
this country Applause Do you
j i know what word rhymes with syndl
I i cotta It is hate and you cannot
write a poem and you cannot sing a
l song in favor of the syndicates con
trolling the financial policies of this
nation because while their policy ap
plies to hate the man who thinks and
the heart of the man who feels the
force of the financial policy that has
j I been forced upon this country which
1 they want to continue until foreign na
tions come to our aid and assistance It j I
is a sentiment that appeals to the
pocket book and overshadows the ap I
I peal to the best feeling of man Ap
j Now I must stop or I will make a
speech Cries of Go on we havent
half enough You know that I
would hate awfully to have the New
j i York papers say that I had driven an
I audience away in my own town
Prolonged cheering followed the con
clusion of Mr Bryans speech He was
followed by Mr Greet anti the assent
bInge dispersed
Their Arrival at Kiel Enthusiasti
cally Cheered By the People
KIEL Sept 8The czar and czarina
arrived here today Their majesties were
received at the station by Prince Henry
of Prussia and his wife Princess Irene
The imperial visitors entered carriages
and were driven to the Jensen bridge
where they embarked on board a steam i
launch and were conveyed to tne Shloas
I j The czar and czarina were enthusias
tically cheered by the people The Gee
I j man fleet in the harbor was covered with
bunting and each vessel flew the Russian
flag from the main top in honor of the
1 The stay of their majesties here was a
short one The Polar Star the Russian
Imperial yacht was In the harbor await
ing their coming and at 7 oclock this
evening their majesties and their suites
went on board of her and sh shortly
afterwards started for Denmark Prince
Henry and Princess Irene went to the
wharf with their majesties and there bade
them farewell As the Imperial couple
boarded the Polar Star the warships in v
the harbor fired salutes and their crews I
cheered them
Sntr a Mock Battle
BERLIN Sept 8The emperor and the
royal guests left Goerllt at 730 oclock
this morning The party were driven In
carriages to Raineritz north of Lobau
where they mounted horses and the em
peror with Lord Bereaford on one side
of him and Lord Lonsdale on the other
witnessed the military maneuvres and
mock battle from the Klttlitz heights
The first advance was the Saxon cavalry
division which was brought to a stand
still at noon by the Prussian cavairy
supported by the Fifth army corps under t
General Count Waldersee whose head lx
quarters were located at Welssenbergv i
In Accord With Me
BERLIN Sept S The emperor in
locating the Sixth army corps at the mil
itary banquet at Goerlltz last evening re
ferrecl to the czars desire that troops bo
used only for the purpose of preserving
In this the emperor said the czar
is in complete accord with me His ma
jestys efforts are directed toward draw
ins together the peoples of Europe and
uniting them upon the grounds of com
mon interest
New System of Racing at St Joseph
ST JOSEPH Mo Sept 8The fall
carnival opened here today with a mon
ster parade in which 6000 people took
port The fall race meeting also open
ed with a large attendance and the
best of racing The new system of
racing in which every heat is a race
was Inaugurated and proved to be a
success The incidents of the race
meeting were a collision in the 235
pace in which Major Bob owned by
Carver and Cap of Hannibal was dis
abled and the death of Al Austin in
tie 223 tint Austin broke a blood ves tt
sel and fell dead as he was leading the
field ki the home stretch He was val
ued at 3000 Summaries
233 pace JGOO eleven starters Invln
won Topsy second McDavrah third
Best time 216 I
226 trotting purse 600 thirteen
starters Beile Wills won Shade Land
Norwood second Scraps third Best
time 221
213 pacing purse 600 ten starters
Nellie M won Rhinelo second Edison
third Time 210 ¼
At St 10ill
ST LOUIS Sept 8Seven furlongs
High Test won Hush second King
Michael third Time 129
Seven furlongs Pelle s won Ferris >
Hartman second Joe Hart third Time
i Six furlongs Remember Me won
Ben Amelia second Milford third j
I Time 1154 4
i One mile Sweet Favordale won
Amelia May second Leader Ban third
Time 142V
Five furlongs Fig Leaf won liSt
I zens Sisters second Juanita third
Time 1023g
One mile Kamsin won Courinne
DOr second Mamie G third Time
At Newport
NEWPORT Ky Sept 8Seen fur
longs Old Centre won Consuance sec
ond Chatterbox third Time 128
Four and a half furlongs Flexible
won Quin Wing second Oversight j
third Time 056
One and oneeighth miles Ramona
won Argentina III second Joe Clark
third Time 154 >
Six and onehalf furlongs Nance
won The Merchant second Prince
Henry third Time 122
Five furlongs Connie Lee woni
Cherry Leaf second Rheinstrom third
Time 102
Molllaon the Sew Chairman Make
a Powerful AildrcK
EDINBURGH Sept 8At todays Bit
ting of the trades union congress Mr
Malllson the new chairman of the par
liamentary committee made a powerful
address in which he said that the change
in the manner in which the communities
now dealt with labor questions was large
ly due to the socialists who had aroused
the national conscience by exposing the
misery and degradation arising from tnt
defects in the industrial system Though a
the socialists had paved the way for
remedial legislation he said their reme
dies would not in his opinion bring about
the decided results
Mr Mallison advocated the policy on
the part of trade unionists of keeping out
side the lines of the present political
parties In the fight for living wages The
payment of salaries to members of parlia
ment ought to be made a test upon the
next election The report of the parlia
mentary elections expressed doubt as to
whether henceforth it would be prudent
for the trades union congress to associate
itself with meetings like the international f
socialist congress recently held In Lon
don but declared it was desirable that
trade unionism and cooperation should
work together The congress passed a
resolution expelling from the sittings the
reporters of all newspapers employing no
union compositors The passage of this
resolution excludes from the congress the
reporters of every newspaper in Edin
A resolution was adopted declaring that
the hours should be limited to eight a
day In all trades and occupations and
Instructing the parliamentary committee
to draft a bill on these lines
phia 3 Chicago 7
First Game Washington 8 St
Louis 3 5
Second Game Washington 5 St
Louis 1
NEW YORK SeptSNew York 8j
Pitteburg 6 r
I BALTIMORE Sept 8score First
Game Baltimore 10 Louisville 9
Second Game BaMm re 3 Louis
ville 1
NEW YORK Sept 8A Herald special
from Danvers Mass says Despite the
I repeated denial by the Right Hon Joseph
Chamberlain that he was to have an offi
cial conference with Secretary Olney re
garding the Venezuelan controversy the
rumor continues to be circulated Mr
Chamberlain declared yesterday in the 4
most emphatic terms that there was not a
shred of truth In the rumor
I have no expectations he said of
meeting Mr Olney during my present visit
to this country There was never any
foundation for the story that we were to
have an official conference I have no
authority to suggest anything of the
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