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you stantly Is bargains good should If enough before you keep In tho your want Its public name way to make con and but TIlE SALT LAKE H E RALD Keep dull Dont times moving slack as well and as advertising good times la f
money I t
1 i
Democratic Candidate Shows
Disturbers I
Who Are the Real
turbers of Society I
Just Complaint of the Toiling
The Men Who Are Opposed to the
Democratic Party and Its Plat
form Cannot Afford to Place the
Farmers and Laborers of the
Country in the Position of Enemies
of the Government Because They
Are the Only Real Friends Any
Government liver Had
A William J Bryan accompanied by
Senator Blackburn Congressman Allen
W T of Missouri General P Wat Hardin
and exCongressman Stone of Ken
tucky and others of prominence this
morning resumed his tour of the Blue
I Grass state on a special train which
r r left the depot at 745 oclock
A heavy rain set in shortly after the
candidate left Louisville and the damp
f L atmosphere had its effect on his already
j feeble voice when he made his first
speech of the day at La Grange
< I At Eminence where the train ar
rived at 912 Mr Bryan was in the
c midst of his = remarks when the clouds
i broke Mr Bryan said he would stop
talking until the rain ceased but the
t crowd would not let him and he went
V on Among other things he said
If any man in this community
would offer to buy all the eggs pro
duced at 25 cents a dozen and was able
to make good the offer nobody would
sell eggs for less 1 no matter what the
cost of production whether one cent or
five cents a dozen so with silver
Free coinage would establish the
at L29 and nobody would sell it for a
cent less During the last five years
t the production of gold has increased
more rapidly proportionately than the
production of silver and yet gold has
advanced owing to our present financial
sysu rn
A few people only braved the rain to
get a peep at the candidate at Chris
tinsburg At several small stations
crowds cheered the train as it whisked
byFrankfort was reached at 1030 and
3 l the candidate spoke to an immense
throng from a stand in front of the
capitol He said
Ladies ana entlemen I am in
i hearty accord with the declarations
contained in the Chicago platform
Cheers Sometimes people have de
scribed party platforms as Hke the
platforms of railroad coachesmade to
get in on but not to stand on after
you get in laughter but that is nbt
my idea of the party platform If I
l am elected I will take it for granted
r hat the people are in favor of the poli
cies for which I at this time stand and
the people shall never
of my desertion of the cause which I
advocate Cheers and a voice
Whats the matter with Joe Black
burn 7
r Mr BryanJoe Blackburn is where
he always is in the front of every fight
Great applause It seems to me that
this campaign demonstrates more than
any recent campaign the power of the
people to govern themselves Cheer
ing We enter upon a great contest
in which Democrats differ Some be
lieve in a gold standard A voice
and let them go The battle was
fought out it was solid at the Chicago
and in a regular way the majority of
the Democrats of this Union declared
ck for tile immediate restoration of the
free and unlimited coinage of gold and
silver applause at the present ratio
of 16 to 1 applause without waiting
r I
for the consent or aid of any other
nation Applause
All the time he was speaking the rain
f fell steadily and just as he was con
cluding his remarks it became a down
pour The train left Frankfort at 11
a m and arrived at Midway at 1130
1 in a heavy rain and no speech was
made there
Mr Bryan Senator Blackburn Na I
tional Committeeman Woodson and the
others in the presidential nominees
party were transferred to a special
train on the Southern railway in which
they proceeded to Versailles which was
reached at 1220 A band al the station
was playing
when his train came In and with that
in the lead and followed by a troop of
horsemen he was escorted to a stand
erected on the beautiful thoroughfare
Here Mr Bryan spoke to several hun
dred people and then went off to Sena
tor Blackburns residence where a ban
quet was served to a large psrty
At Other Towns
f LEXINGTON 3vy Sept 15 William
J Bryan was given a rousing recep
tion here this evening He made a
speech at the fair grounds to an im
mense audience estimated at from
I 18000 to 20000 The fair grounds grand
stand said to hold 8000 people was
used by spectators to the extent of
threefourths of its capacity in the
lower story which was packed with I
humanity nearly all the places were I
filled while in the i
by men upper story
a majority of the onlookers were wo
men On the track In front of the
Kiosklike judges stand from which
Mr Bryan made his address several
thousand > men and boys
Elsewhere about the stand were a
couple of thousand more spectators
Mr Bryan Senator Blackburn and a
big party of Democrats from Louis
ville and other places in this state
reached Lexington from Versailles over
the Southern railway at 2 p m and
were met by State Senator C J Brons
ton chairman 01 the Democratic state
central committee and a number of
local supporters of the Chicago ticket
A procession a mile long composed of
Bryan and Sewall clubs and a thous
and horsemen most of them mouni < t
on spirited Kentucky thoroughbreds
escorted Mr Bryan to the fair grounds
The appearance of the candidate was
I the signal for an ovation Men waved
their hats as they cheered and the
as they joined in the shouting Mr
Bryan was presented by State Senator i
Bronston Just after the Democratic
candidate had begun his speech a
heavy rain shower drove many of the
spectators from the field but their
places were taken by a continuous
stream of constantly arriving people
On the conclusion of the speech Mr
I Bryan was driven to his special car
at the Louisville Nashville station
followed by the cavalcade that had
I formed part of his escort to the
grounds The train left for Maysville
I at 5 p m
One of the pleasant incidents of the
I day was the parade of over 800 horse
I men which passed the stand from
which Mr Bryan was speaking In
the middle of the speech the eques
trians made their appearance carry
I ing banners and interrupted Mr Bryan
in his talk making a very impressive
I sight They cheered him time and
again and fell in line at the outskirts
of the crowd and listened to the rest
I of his speech Mr Bryan said in part
Nature smiles upon your husbandry
Your I soil gives forth in rich profusion
but according to the experience of the
American farmer with all he can dc
with his industry with all his economy
with all his patient toil he finds that
his load grows heavier every year
Great applause In olden times un
der the rule of those who waved and
swept the saber as they said
I complaint was answered with the lash
but now the just complaint of the toil
I Ing millions of the United States is
answered by charges that they are an
I archists and socalistc Great appUu e
My friends there is one unfortunate
thing in connection with the word an
archist as applied to thos who are
banded together to restore the money
of the constitutionthere is one unfor
tunate thing in it Anarchy is a thng
not to be considered in a land like this
I Anarchy can have no home among the
people who have the ballot to right
their wrongs great applause and the
unfortunate thing about this campaign
is that when
I CsiJnpnijxTi Wound TJli
MAYSVILLE Ky Sept 15 William
J Bryan ended up his Kentucky cam
paign here tonight by addressing sev
eral thousand people in a heavy rain
storm He reached Maysville by a
special train at 715 p m and left cn
It for Lexington at 830
At Lexington he will change to the
regular Queen Crescent train sched
uled to leave there at 1045 tonight
for Knoxville and Harriman Tenn
With reference to the great fatigue
from which he suffered yesterday Mr
Bryan said to the representative of
the United Associated Presses tonight
that he had had an easy day and in
leaving Kentucky he felt well and
I strong enough to keep going for the
rest of the campaign
CHICAGO Sept 15The reports as
to the condition of the crops through
out the country were today made by
the directors of the several climate and
crop sections
Continued cool and rainy weather has
retarded the maturing of late corn in
Iowa and Northern Missouri and in
North Dakota the crop was injured by
the frosts of the ninth and tenth Cut
j ting has progressed favorably during
j the week and husking and cribbing are
in progress in Nebraska and Illinois
Threshing of spring wheat continues in
j Minnesota and North Dakota and in I
j the last named states some of the late I
j sown vhat is no yet clipped The I
damage resulting from the frosts of the
i 9th 10th and 11th was principally con I I
fined to Montana and North Dakota
One of the Xoiscst Middle of the I
Road Pojmlist Conventions Ever I
CHICAGO Sept 151iddle of the
Road Populists of Illinois who repu
I diated the Springfield convention of
the fusion wing held a turbulent con
I vention today lasting until midnight
and nominated a state ticket with the
I exception of governor which was pur
posely left vacant because a majority
of the delegates did not waht to put
up a man against Governor Altgeld
I A fierce fight was made at the night
session which frequently assumed the
aspect of a physical contest the anti
f Altgeld delegates stubbornly resisting
the determination of the majority not
i to allow Henry D Lloyd who had been
I slated for governor to be put at the
head of the ticket to endanger the
1 cause of Bryan Altgeld and free silver
The ticket was nominated as follows
Lieutenantgovernor Henry D
II Lloyd Chicago secretary of state L
A Quelmaz Belleville state auditor
Grant Dunbar La Salle county at
I torneygeneral D I Durdick Chicago
J treasurer Joseph Schwergen Chicago
I trustee of the University of Illinois
I Mrs C C Kavanaugh Chicago
An Express Rohherj Takes Place at
West Point JIJ5 ssissipi i
MEMPHIS Tenn Sept 15A spe
cial from West Point Miss gives in
formation of a daring express robbery
at that lace early this morning It
states that just as the express wasron
drove up to the office door to unload
matter received from the northbound
Mobile Ohio train at 2 a m two
masked men stepped from around the
corner and covered the driver and
night clerk witn pistols ordering them
to throw up their hands They did so
and were then ordered intq the express
office and commanded to open the safe
After securing such plunder as they
could the robbers ordered the express
force to precede them into the dark
ness and down the street in their front
After getting out of danger the express
attaches were dismissed and told to
hustle back to town The amount of
booty secured has not yet been ascer
WASHINGTON D C Sept 15Consul
Barker has telegraphed the state depart
ment from Sagua La Grande Cuba that
W A and L Glean two brothers Ameri
can citizens from Massachusetts have
been released from arrest They were ar
rested April 12 last on the charge of gIv
ing shelter to an insurgent In their house
They were not given a regular trial and
the state department undertook to obtain
their release with the result shown above
after four months of continuous effort
I b
eA oF
I i =
= 44 C I
i I
o 1
t 4E I c 7 I
= c 1ti I I
4 u
I It Takes Two of Them to Keep the Load On
London Police Are Congratu
lating Themselves on
Tynan Did Not Intend to Go to
Ireat Britain
It is Said flint the Police Are Still
Searching For Someone In Glas
gow San Francisco Irishmen Who
Were Astounded to Hear of Tyn
an Being Taken In Arrests May
Lend to Important Revelations
Regarding IEk tradition Agree
LONDON Sept 15The Daily News
will tomorrow say the police believe
that they have all the leaders in the
dynamite conspiracy
It is understood that Bell intended
to remain in Great Britain after the
proposed explosions had taken place
but that the others would return to
America via Havre sailing thence on
September 26 Tynan did not intend
to come to Great Britain as by doing
so he would run the risk of falling into
the hands of the police who were
anxious to capture him for his con
nection with the Phoenix park mur
ders also for his connection with the
dynamite conspiracy of which he did
not know the police had any informa
I tion He was to stay in France di
recting the operations of his fellow
conspirators from BoulogneSurMer
The police believe that one of the
prisoners will become an informer
The morning papers all devote much
space to details rumors and theories
concerning the dynamiters and their
plot but make no mention of any
further arrests It is said that the
police are still searching for somebody
in Glasgow
It Pilules Them
I Many Irishmen in San Francisco were
astounded at the news of P J Tynans
arrest The noted prisoner has many
friends in this city who know him in
timately and they were especially as
tonished at his arrest His brother
who is an old San Franciscan is skep
tical regarding the identity of the
I prisoner
It may be like a drowning man
catching at straws he said but then
I cannot believe that my brother is in
France There have been so many pal
pable lies in the dispatches about him
that I am reasonably led to believe that
there is a great mistake somewhere
Why it is only two months now
since I got a letter from him He was
with his wife in New York then and
had no intention of going to France
On the contrary he frequently told me
that it was his intention to live out his
days in this country I
The English officials have been itch
ing to lay hands on my brother for
1 years In 1SS2 they requested his sur
render at the hands of tlie Washington
authorities but as they had no proof
I against the subject of their persecution
I the United States very properly de
clined to give him up
The story of his arrest sounds pe
I culiar to me My brother is a strictly
temperate man yet the dispatch states
that he talked too much in a barroom
I Ill warrant that is a lie He never
frequents barrooms in fact he has
not tasted a drop of liquor for many
years No sir I cannot credit the
May < je ilto Something1
NEW YORK Sept 15A Journal
special from Washington says State
department officials think that the ar
rest at Boulogne and Rotterdam of
suspected dynamiters at the instiga
tion of Scotland Yards detectives may
lead to some important revelations re
garding extradition agreements be
tween Great Britain and the continen
tal powers
Great Britain has been the most per
sistent of foreign nations In refusing to
extradite political offenders wanted on
the continent No matter how atrocious
their crinH < so long as their excuse
was political the offenders found safe
I harbor on British soil This continued
c Iotv > > J
until London became a nest of dyna
miters socialists and anarchists
Then Great Britain got a taste of
trouble herself The Phoenix Park
tragedy of 1SS2 and the dynamite scare
in London later on brought a change
of sentiment It is understood that she
now stands ready to deliver dynamit
ers and may ask for their extradition
from continental powers
The state department doubts how
I ever if Holland will extradite the sus
pects arrested in Rotterdam for merely
criminal intent that being all at pres
ent charged against them With Ty
nan the case may be different The
British authorities are so anxious to
get him that great pressure will be
brought to bear on the French govern
ment to extradite him Once on British
soil he will never escape
France has so recently been shocked
by the assassination of President Car
not that the authorities have no dispo
sition to be lenient with political of
fenders and Tynan may be given up
as a matter of courtesy even though
his case is not covered by treaty pro
Tynan Interviewed
The public prosecutor today examined
Tynan and questioned him regarding
his complicity in the murders of Lord
Frederick Cavendisl < and Mr Burke in
Phoenix Park Dublin Tynan denies
that he actually took part in the mur
ders He is aware that his associates
in Glasgow and Rotterdam are under
0 = Q
Both Will Be Withdrawn From tho
Vice Presidential Race
CHICAGO Sept 16A special from
Washington says
I Mr Sewall will be withdrawn within
I a week and will be succeeded by Chief
Justice Clark of North Carolina The
change will receive the hearty support
of Senator Marion Butler who will see
that Tom Watson will also withdraw
from the Populist ticket
Thus spoke Senator Jones and the
edict of the national chairman of the
party was given out second hand
through C S Collins of Little Rock
This climax has been brought about
by the result in Maine
WASHINGTON Sept 13 Secretary
Carlisle from his summer retreat in Bar
Harbor Maine has addressed to one of
his Kentucky correspondents the foIl ow
ing letter which is this day made public
Mr James P Helm
My Dear Sir Tour letter asking how
the silver dollars which contain a
quantity of bullion commercially worth
only about 53 cents each are maintained
at a parity with gold notwithstanding
the fact that the government does not di
rectly redeem them or the certificates is
sued upon them in gold is received and
as a great many inquiries upon this same
I subject are addressed to me daily from
difteient parts ot the country which it
I is impracticable to answer in detail I will
I take advantage of your favor to answer
them ail at once
I All the standard silver dollars issued
from the nnius since the passage of the
act of Ib73 now amounting to more than
33000100 have been coined on public ac
count from bullion purchased by the gov
I ernment and are legal tender in payment
of all debts public and private without
regard to the amount except when other
iae expresiy stipulated in the contract
i between the parties They belong to the
I government when coined and they are
paid out by the government at a parity
with gold for the property and services of
all kind and received from the people at
a parity with gold in payment of all public
I dues and demands The government has
I made no discrimination whatever between
the coins of the two metals gold having
I been paid on its coin obligations when
gold was demanded and sliver having
been paid when silver was demanded
DES MOINES Ia Sept 15 Congress
man W P Hepburn telegraphed Secretary
Treynor of the Republican state commit
tee saying he had Just received a tele
gram that his son had been shot in Arkan
sas and could not live Colonel Hepburn
cancelled all his appointments for this
week saying he must go to his son Par
I ticulars are not known but the son is
about GO years old and has been Arkan
sas some months
CHICAGO Ill Sept Ballington
Booth commander of the American Volun
teers was yesterday ordained a presbytery
of all evangelical churches in the presence
of ministers of the Presbyterian Metho
dist Congregational and Reformed Epis
copal churchps The officiating minister
was Bishop Fallows of St Pauls church
where lie ceremony was performed All
the staff officers under Commander Booth
will also be ordained members of a Pro
testant church among them Colonel Field
ing of Chicago Colonel Woolley of Buf
falo and Major Blackhurst of San Fran
tift1A r t J 1o i
Young Turks Are Placarding
the City of Constan
Armenians Nightly Drowned in
the Black Sea
British Residents Have Telegraphed
Lord Salisbury Statiiifc That
Their Lives and Property Are In
Danger ana tho French Have
Taken Similar ActionNations
Arousing Themselves Against the
LONDON Sept 15The Standard
will tomorrow publish a dispatch from
Constantinople saying that the young
Turk party is covering the city with
placards inciting the people to de
throne the sultan Serious trouble it
is added is certain to occur within a
Old Turkish troop ships are nightly
deporting Armenians to the Black sea
where it is believed they are drowned
I The British residents at the instance
of the British embassy have tele
graphed to Lord Salisbury stating that
their lives and property are in danger
The French residents have taken sim
ilar action
British and French fleets are now
near the mouth of the Dardanelles
Fuad Pasha one of the sultans aides
decamp was questioned as to how
long the forts along the Dardanelles
could check the passage of warships
and he replied that they could stop
them for almost half an hour
The Chronicle and the Daily News
will tomorrow publish many columns
claiming that the nations are rousing
themselves against the sultan though
the semiofficial journals are callous to
the sufferings of the Christians in the
II Turkish dominions
I Financial Question the One Great
Issue Hoiv is it That Iniquity In
1805 in Goodness in ISOGf Cun
non AjuiealH to His Hearers to
Stand By the Patriot Who Was
Nominated By the Spontaneous
Outburst of the People
Special to The Herald
PROVO Utah Sept 15The Republi
can silver meeting in the opera house to
night was a very successful and enthusias
tic gathering of the silver forces
The audience was about equally divided
between the two parties many prominent
I Democrats were to be seen among the I
audience The stage was decorated with
I banners inscribed with appropriate
I mottoes
Welcome to the Champion of Silver
We stand in 96 where we stood in 950
A vote for William J Bryan means I
free silver and prosperity for Utah I
Patted plants were scattered throughout I
the house I
Mayor L Holbrook presided and among
those on the stage was seen J R Bosh
ard Mrs L Holbrook Mr and Mrs Sam
Schwab Judge Hatch Jr and Mrs C E
Loose S S Jones Mrs Cummings of
Sprin ville and others
The house was well filled and at the ap
pearance on the stage of Senator Cannon
and Mr Varlan there was long and loud
Chairman Holbrook called the meeting
to order and In a short speech presented
the first speaker F J Cannon
said that in this hall In 1S34 he received
the nomination for congress and the peo
ple ratified that nomination and I come
before you today standing upon the same
platform on which my constituency
placed me A great calamity Is threaten
ed and I said then and I say now I
l d = J e
Bryans Great Tour
The Dynamite Arrests
To Dethrone the Sultan
Tammany Is Loyal
Free Silver in Sew York
Democratic Primaries
TXo Hope of Republican Harmony
Butler on Fusion
Wolcott Boosts aicICinley
State Line Mining District
At the High School
What Makes Wages
The McKinley Women
The City Council
McKinley and the Farmers
Indians in Trouble
Politics in the South
Serious Runaway Accident
Yesterdays Court Record
Wall Street Movements
The Vernal Cases
Board of Public Works
In the Political Arena
In Railway Circles
Cuba and Home Rule
would support the principle of free silver
no matter what party declared for IL
Mr Cannon read from the Enquirer
editorial of February 3 1S06 which was
very strong in favor of silver
Contrasting it with Its present stand
the speaker referred to the present ad
ministration in no complimentary terms
as a bondselling friend to the gold shy
locks and money sharks If the Demo
cratic party at Chicago had endorsed
Cleveland and his admInistration and
the convention at St Louis had endorsed
the actions of the people Utah would yet
be in the columns of the Republican
states but it did not matter which party
was for silver Utah would support that
party When the speaker referred to the
and the nominees a round of vigorous
applause went up
Instead of saying as I might have done
a year ago Vote for McKinley I say
now Vote for W J Bryan When I
arraigned the gold standard last fall
some men who are here tonight and are
the stillest were the loudest in their ap
plause then How is it that iniquity in
1S95 is goodness in 1896
The speaker directed some of his arrows
directly at John C Graham and his few
henchmen and every thrust was applaud
ed to the echo
Whenever anyone says that when you
go after bimetallism you leave protec I
tion you can dispute it Protection is i
best secured by bimetallism It is the
one great issuea protective tariff can I
The speaker dwelt at some length upon
the money of ultimate redemption and
showed where England bought silver at
the market bullion value coined it sent
it away and got double what it cost
them in just what her people had to have
Utah declared for the free and unre I
stricted unlimited coinage of silver at the
ratio of 16 to 1 with gold and if the Re I
publican party is victorious we will not
get It I believe the Republican party
will keep its promises McKinley sup I
porters would make you beliovo It wont i
The speaker said if there was anyone
who could say that if McKinley is elect
ed no more bonds would be issued I
would like to have him rise up
A voice in the audience yelled out
Graham Saxey and there were hiss
es and derisive laughter The speaker i
asked that the derision cease as John C I
Graham was his particular friend Mr I
I Cannon said he would answer any En 1
quirer article by referring that paper to
some of its past editorials The speaker
asked if Judge Saxey was in the house I I
as he wished to answer that gentlemans
Enquirer articles I I
Mr Saxey was not present I I
In closing Mr Cannon appealed to the
women of Utah to stand bv that honest
patriot who was nominated by the spon
taneous outburst of the peopleWilliam
J Bryan Loud applause
I Chairman Holbrook introduced Hon C
i S Varian who spoke about thirty min
I utes on the money question He threw
i somo hot shot at McKinley and his fol
lowers and in an indirect way accused
I them of bidding for some of Mark Han I
nas barrel to pay for newspapers The I
speaker closed by asking the voters to
I support the Democratic nominee for
presidentWilliam J Bryan Applause
MADISON Neb Sept 15Asked for
his opinion on the result of the Maine
election Senator Allen said today
The result in Maine was anticipated
as that state was believed to be under
I complete domination of the money
power It will have the effect of largely
increasing the silver vote in the west
and uniting all discordant elements
2 < o = M <
THE ram
Will Make a Splendid Fight
For the Election of Bryan
and Sewall
Very Evident That Hill Has Lost
fluch Prestige
TI l r1rjrmp J
Bitter Battles TVnsreO in Some of tho
New York Districts The Saratoga
Convention Result In Arkansas
Game as a Tremendous Shock to
the Gold Men Who Had Been
Making Merry Over the Result in
Vermont Thousands of XCTT
York Laborers Will Go for Bryan
antI SeTrall
Special to Tho Herald >
NEW YORK Sept 15No matter
what action Senator Hill may take at
the Democratic state convention In
Saratoga tomorrow he cannot regain
at once the prestige he has had in the
Empire state for the past twelve years
I He has lost it in the last few months
The Hill machine is broken It can
not dictate now The senator must
either join the bolting Democrats with
a few followers or must put himself
in harmony with a policy of the party
that will not be shaped by him and will
be carried out regardless of his per
sonal wishes
A new power is in the ascendant in
New York Democratic politics Now
it is Murphy and Sheehan who are in
the van but no one can tell what new
leader will arise and carry the banner
for the next ten years Hill is not
dead politically He may regain the
power But at present he is deposed j
It now seems a foregone conclusion
that the Democratic national ticket
and platform will be ratified by the
Buffalo convention Tammany with
its 105 votes seconded by the dele
gates from Kings county 75 in num < 1
ber making over a third of the mem
bers of the convention will be for free
Around this nucleus will gather all
the silver forces of the state Senator
Murphy has been waging a battle royal
in the interior with the Hill forces
Hills lieutenants wished that no ac
tion should be taken until the con
I I vention met but Murphys friends
I stoutly maintained that the silver
forces should elect and pledge dele
Xo more bitter battle could have been
waged in Utah among the Republicans
than that which was waged here in
I some of the districts So strong was
the feeling in Albany Hills home that
the silver men declared they would
not send the senator as a delegate to
I the convention unless he announced
himself unequivocally in favor of the
Chicago ticket The only compromise
that could be forced by the machine
was his election under positive instruc
tions to endorse Bryan and the plat
I This blow was the severest that could
have been given to Hill The mighty
I boss was repudiated in his own dis
trict He showed his anger when he
i immediately declined to serve But it
was not the only blow County after
county elected free silver delegates I
endorsed the Chicago platform and
nominees and sometimes instructed
I delegates I do not remember one that iJ
paid attention to the request of Hilt
not to take action until the conven
tion met
No one yet knows what Hill will do
He has made himself a formidable
rival to the sphinx But no matter
what his action it will be a mournful
sight when he falls He has been an
able leader in the past and his motto
I am a Democrat has won for him
the affection of Democrats throughout
the country Hip work in the machine
too in New York has made it a bul
wark against the powerful machine of
the Republican bosses
The rise of Hill succeeded the retire
ment of Samuel J Tilden from active
leadership in the state That forceful
leader had drawn about him a number
of young lieutenants whose names are
now prominent In the nation Among
them were David B Hill Daniel Man J
ning Edward Murphy jr Daniel S
Lament William C Whitney and Ed
ward S Apgar These were the men
who determined that Grover Cleveland
should be nominated for Governor of
New York in 1882 Edward Murphy jr
then mayor of Troy cast the six bal
lots that nominated Mr Cleveland
It was during the Cleveland state ad
ministration that the Hill machine first
took definite form Mr Murphy and
Mr Hill on one hand and Daniel Man
ning then leader in Albany county Mr
Lamont and Whitney on the other
found their interests clashing with the
result that when John A McCall was
appointed superintendent of Insurance
for the state Mr Hill Mr Murphy and
Mr Croker as Tammany leader be
gan the fight against Cleveland that
was carrieu > into three national con
With Hugh McLaughlin in Brooklyn
Richard Croker in New York William
C Sheehan in Buffalo Edward Mur
phy In Troy and a dozen minor lead
ers in the various counties the ma
chine was perfected to such a degree
that the Cleveland element was thrown 0
into a sad minority Hill was nominat
ed for governor and elected and Mur
phy was made head of the Democratic
state committee
Hill was the most conspicuous lead
er but it has always been a mooted
question among those acquainted with
New York politics as to which was the
most powerful in the prosperous days
of the Democracy Hill or Murphy It
be set
is a question that may never
tled Hill was governor and Murph

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