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f r TTT r
Is erod enough In Its tray but
you should keep your name and Keep moving and advertising in
bargains before the public con THE SALT LAKE HERAL I dull times as well 03 good Umea
stantly IT you want to maia
money D ont slack
Candidate Bryans Great Re
> ception at Asheville
North Carolina
He Pays a Great Compliment to
Senator Vance
IJemocratie Idea IB Tlmt the Party
is Hut the Instrument of Those
Vlio Compose It aDd it Derives
KM Power From the Will of the
People Convention at Chicago I
Never Had a Parallel in the Ilis
tory oC America Lo e of the
PavnuroUer For the Poor Sinn
ti llojnl Receptions Everywhere
t KNOXVILLE Tenn Sept 16
A Knoxville the seat of Republicanism
in Tennessee was crowded with people >
this morning to see the Democratic
The train on which Mr Bryan made
the journey from Lexington Ky
reached the Southern railway station
at 830 a m Excursion trains from all
> sunounding districts had brought In i
car loads of farmers Escorted by the
I reception committee Mr Bryan was
conveyed to a stand erected in front
of the court house He was Introduced
by exGovernor Robert L Taylor who i
1 1 is a candidate for the gubernatorial i
office this year On the stand were
Chief Justices Snodgrass and Judges
Beard Caldwell McAllister and Wilkes
of the bupreme court of Tennessee ard
Julige Clark of the United States dis i i
trict court Estimates of the size of I
pie concourse ran as high as OOOO
Mr Bryan was loudly cheered and his
speech was frequently applauded Mr
Bryan said I
I cometo you as a representative 01 I
oJ a principle paramount in this cam
paign It is the right of seventy mil
lions of people to have Iust the kind
of financial system that they want
whether any other foreign nations help
to have it or are willing for us to have
It Great applause Against the
maintenance of a gold standard for one I
year or forever the Democratic tarty
has arrayed Itself We are
We have declared an honortlile opposi
tion to It We have commenced a war
of extermination i against it a war that
F ihfl rei75 f
3 t will not cease while there is any party
or any considerably number of men who i
are attempting to fasten this foreign I
yoke upon an independent people Ap I
plause My friends when you find a
part viilch tells you what it wants
and tells you how It is going to get it I
v rnd what in the judgment of those who
advocate it the effect of Jhat policy
will be you have the right to conclude I
that they are honestly believing in the
v AI justice of the cause which they pre
PFent When you find people talking
about an honest dollar and then deal
ing dishonestly with the people with
whom they come In contact you have
a right to believe that they are not en
tirely devoted to
whom they are not willing to take Into
their confidence We assert that when
they attempt to build a financial s s I
tern upon a money which they cannot
produce that they are building up an I
terecure structure upon an invisible
foundation and are Insulting the intel I
ligence of those who mean what thei
sm and say what they mean Ap 1
11 r Bryan then explained what the I
term 16 to 1 meant and told why there
was no danger of a flood of silver He I
also explained t e ways the money is
put Into circulation and while he was I
e In the midst of the explanation some j
one yelled Mark Hanna Is I going to
put It Into circulation That is In
y reasinK the circulation answered Mr I
f Bryan just before election in older
to contract It after election Great
1 applause and cheering
Mr Bryan In conclusion asked the
p people not to crowd him ind ri > iaied
what he said yesterday about being
afraid of monopoly and fons auently I
not wanting to shale hands with a few
to the exclusion of the many
The train on which Mr Bryan left
Xnoxville for AshevJIe was a special I
engaged by the Knoxvllle committee
j and the candidate was provided with
every comfort en route I
Thp first stoi WRS at Messy Creek
i where everal hundred people cheered i
Mr Bryan I
Re1te Iorrltou
MORRISTOWX Tenn September 1C
The Bryan party arrived at 1045 a
tn Mr Bryan mounted the platform
erected beside the track and was Intro
duced to an audience of 2000 people by I i
Hon John T Shields of Monistown I
Mr Bryan spoke briefly urging all to I
make a silver speech on election day by
putting a cross in the right place on Ute
ballAt On the platform was a large
2ihosrraph of Mr Bryan frozen into a I
caice o ice Mr Bryan said he hoped
It did not Indicate he would receive I i
a chilly reception in Tennessee Mr
Shields replied that It only signified
that the Democratic candidate this
year was coolheaded The train
ed at Morristown five minutes
Met a TUg Crovrd
16 Candidate Bryan reached here at I
120 p m It was his first stop In North II
Carolina and he was met by the Ash I I
ville reception committee headed bsr
John Y Jordan who had come down
on a special car Mr Bryan made
a speech to a big crowd at Newport
the last place where the train stopped
in Tennessee
Unique Reception
ASHEVILLE 2T C September 16
William J Bryan never received a re
oeptlon more unique than that given
him today in this famous mountain re
sort Reaching Asheville at 3 clock
eastern time accompanied by a dele
gation from Knoxvllle a reception com
mittee from Ashevillee and by a num
ber of prominent North Carollnans he
was met by a great cavalcade of men
and women mounted on all kinds of
horse flesh from thoroughbreds to
hardworked mules Mr Bryan was
I conveyed to the Battery Park hotel In
I a gaily decorated carriage drawn by
four horses and with him and the mem
bers of his party galloped the mounted
escort The ladies who formed part
of it were attired In the best fitting
I riding habits and formed an agree
able feature of the procession Mr
Bryans carriage was driven rapidly
j and the horsemen rode furiously along
the dusty streets many of them shout
Ing as they went and waving their
hats In excess of enthusiasm It was a
exceedingly picturesque and the tired
candidate enjoyed it highly Luncheon
was served at the Battery Park hotel
to Mr Bryan and the more prominent
members of the Tennessee and North
Carolina contingents E P McKis
sick the manager of the noted hostelry
was the host and sat at the head of the
table with Mr Bryan at his right
Cutting short the luncheon the party
proceeded again under escort of the
horsemen and horsewomen estimated
to number more than a thousand to
a natural amphitheatre near the South
ern railway depot where the candi
date addressed an Immense audience
People from Buncombe county and in
fact from many other points In the
state largely swelled the Asheville
contingent The sides of the hill on
which the concourse were gathered
I was a solid mass of humanity number
Ing perhaps 30000 Mr Bryan was In
troduced by Hon Locke E Craig The
enthusiasm shown was of the heartiest
Mr Bryan said
I have a reason for coming to North
Carolina which s personal aside from
my interest in the electoral vote of this
sate I was the state of North Caro
I lina which at Chicago before I be
came a candidate before my own state
had taken any forma part In present
Ing my name it was the state of North
Carolina which by resolution decided
to give mp the unanimous vote of the
North Carolina delegation In that na
tional convention Cheers
which they were wlllmg to do me and
therefore it gives me great pleasure
to come among these people whom they
represented and give what assistance
I cn if any assistance be needed t
secure the electoral vote of this state
for the free coinage of silver at 16 to 1
Cheers I am glad the canvass of
this state ooens in this county which
was the home of one of the grandest
public men given to this nation not
alone by North Carolina but the entire
country Senator Vance Great ap
plause He was a man whom I delight
ed to honor and I am glad I stand
among his neighbors and friends 1 advo
cating the same cause he so eloquently
advocated and I cannot more than im
press upon your memories the words
he S often spoke Among the last of
I his public speeches was one upon the
money question Let me read a few
words from i The great fight is on
The power of money and Its allIes
throughout the world have entered
tougout ente
into this conspiracy to
of this or any other age to overthrow
onehalf of the worlds money and i
thereby double their own wealth by
enhancing the value of the other half
which is in their hands The money I
changers are polluting the temple of
our liDerties 10 your tents O Israel I
He foresaw the struggle In which i i
we are now engaged He realized its
magnitude when many others did i not
Those words came from him as words
of command To your tents 0 Is I
rael And the command was heeded J
by the Democratic party and they en
gaged first in i a warfare within the
party to rescue that party and party
name from the hands of those who
tose I
were using i to advance the Interests i
not of Democracy but of plutocracy i
Applause I wes a great contest I I
venture the assertion that never be
fore in he history of this country did
any pariy have such a contest within
Its ranks as that which ended at Chi I
cago I venture the assertion that
never before in the history of this
country have the voters themselves
had S much to do with a convention
as < did the voters of the Democratic
party with the convention at Chicago
This question was
The Democratic Idea has been that the
party is but the instrument of those
who compose It and derives its power
from the will of the voters who num
the w1 o
ber themselves as members of that
pay Yet 1 Is often the case that
the party machinery or bosses have
more to do with shaping the policy and
making the nomination than the voters
themselves I am proud to be the nom
inee of a convention which represented
no machine no bosses but the unpur
chased suffrage of the voers of this
country Great applause In trying
to do right the Democratic party won
a possibility of success which it never
could have hoped for if it had con
sulted expediency Cheers They told
us we must not disturb the harmony of
the party They called us everything
and tried to make us pledge ourselves
to abide the decision at Chicago before
we could go into convention I for one
told them whenever they would bring
a pledge that the gold standard Demo
crats would take it would be time
enough to ask free silver Democrats
to make pledges Cheers Now when
the secretary of the treasury de
nounced me as a Populist and said I
would not the nominee I
support re
plied that I did not expect him to sup
port the nominee if he was a free sil
ver man The time came when I
and the only difference between him
and me was that I was candid enough I
to tell the people I would follow my
conscience and he tried to control a
convention and then bolted when he I
failed to do It Applause I have sent 1 j
Him no letter begin his support i
Laughter The highest compliment he
ClU pay me Is to oppose me because
then the world will know the secretary
of the treasury whom I will appoint if
elected will be as different from him as
I can find Great applause They call
themselves true Democrats No true
Democrat ever nominated one ticket
for the purpose of voting for another
We have this contest t meet and we
ar prepared to meet It We have a
cause that appeals to the intellect of
those who think and to the hearts of
those who feel and we are willing to
place that cause in opposition to the
I cause which merely appeois to the
pocket bk Cheers
Mr Bra then went over some of the
on the o used
arguments money question i
by him before and continued as fol
i I denounce the Idea that some seem I
to have that the government has a
right to lessen the volume cK money
but no right t Increase it Some a
afraid if we pass a free coinage law
there will be such a enormous increase
In tine volume of our currency that we I
wont know what r do with it You
I Ii
c = ik
fh L n
4 V
l 5t
L0 Ill tb
cI t4Lt
lee t44 it
I4 itl
ALtw1 tt
cant read a speech made by our op
ponents but you will
and one proposition will answer for another
other For instance a man will say i
we had free silver it would give the
m ne owner a profit of 100 per cent
when he took his bullion worth fifty
cents and had it converted into a dol
lar and it is a terrible thing to le him
make that profit After he ha worried
about that he will tel you a a matter
of fact that the law adds nothing t
the value of the metal under the free
coinage of silver and the fifty cents of
bullion will ony be a fifty cent dollar
Both of these statements cannot be
true If you convert fifty cents worth
of bullion Into a fifty cent dollar there
is no profit to the mine owner And if
the mine owner makes a profit by con
verting fifty cents worth of bullion into
one hundred cents then there are no
fIfty cent doMars Then you will hear
that under free courage we would be
flooded with silver until money would
be so cheap we would not have any use
for It and when you have been fright
ened a badly a you can be that way
they will tell you this cheap money wi I
run the dear money out and it will take
fifteen years with our mints running at
full capacity to make money enough
to take the place of gold and lat vil
make money so scarce that a silver dol
lar will be harder to get than a gold
dollar Laughter You cant have too
little and too much 1 at once
In conclusion Mr Bryan said
Not a dollars worth of gold would
leave this country under free coinage
unless those who held It felt they were
benefited by letting It go But I do
not admit gold would go to a premium
I believe under free coinage goid would
come here Instead of going away and
the only way to stop the outflow of
gold is to adopt bimetallism and raise
the price of wheat and cotton and pay
our debts in i produce instead oC gold
Great apPause
When he had finished speaking Mr
Bryan was taken t the Southern rail
way depot and left at 5 oclock eastern
time for Charlotte oil a special train
furnished by the North Carolina state
Democratic committee >
The Ointliin Continue
HICKORY N C Sept 16After
leaving Asheville the Bryan special
was stopped at Black Mountain in or
der that the nominee might see the
home of the late Senator Zeb Vance A
couple of hundred people cheered them
Tar barrels burned brightly at Mar
Ion when the train reached that town
at S35 and lighted up the figures of
several hundred people who hurrahed
for the candidate Mr Bryan told
them something about the sHyer ques
tion in a very husky voice
There were more burning tar barrels
at Morganton the seat of all the state
asylums People were packed solidly
on both sides of the track for a hun
dred feet or more They shouted as
Mr Bryan appeared on the rear plat I
form of his car Mr Bryan made some
remarks about the money question
Hickory gave Mr Bryan a rousing
reception when he arrived at 9 oclock I
tonight Fully 5000 people numbering
many from nearby places received I
the nominee with loud shouts when he
appeared on the temporary platform
erected near the Southern railway
tracks Mr Bryan made a fairly long
talk discussing the money question In
the same general lines that he has pur
sued in previous speeches He left for
Charlotte at 945
Polk Wells Dend I
ANAMOSA Iowa September 16
Polk Wells the noted train and bank
robber at one time a member of the
Jesse James band of outlaws died In
the penitentiady here He participated
in many train robberies In Iowa Kan
sas Missouri and Colorado He was i
caught In 1S70 and sentenced to the I
pen for eighteen years Shortly after
being confined he murdered a guard
and escaped He was subsequently
captured by Dan Farrell the sheriff
of Mills county Iowa and now exten
sively engaged in mining in Colorado
and Utah being now located at Salt
Lake City or Sherman Farrell was I
shot four times by Wells and he shot I
Wells so that the latter was brought
back from Randolph Wis where he
w captured on a stretcher Wells
was tried for murder and sentenced for
life He was attacksd with consump
tion about a year ago and an effort
was made to have him pardoned but
refused to do Wells
the governor s Wels I
reformed during confinement and used I
to lead In prayer at the penitentiary I
on Sundays He daed of consumption
i Miitnlght Speech
Bryan reached Charlotte at 1145 oclock 1
Continued on Page 6
j A
Cassidy and Lay Said to Have
Been Seen in Wayne
Wanted to Read About the Bank
A Herald Correspondent Meets With
Men at Loa Who Aet Suspicious
While Sheriff Cooni of Richfield
ainlces the Positive Statement
That the Ou < larrs Were Seen in
Thnrber IIy Persons Who Know
Them Well
LOA Wayne Co Sept 1 1S96 Yes
terday Sunday two young men on
horseback rode irto La and put up
at the Blackburn house for dinner
Both men ha fine grey horses wltSi
new sadd es end each had Winchester
rifle and a revolver After caring for
their horses they asked if they could
get a late Salt Lake paper remarking
that they wanted to see the latest news
concerning the Montpelier bank rob
ber lady of the house Mrs Thomas
Blackburn not having the latest paper
a neighbor kindly volunteered the use
ct his which he hastened to get Both
men were noticed to be deeply interest
ed in looking over the telegraphic news
which caused some little anxiety among
those present When asked as to their
business they replied Cattle buyers
and said they were on their way to
Escalante but immediately after dinner
took down the Dirty Devil in the direc
tion of the Henry mountains
After finishing their dinner they were
followed into the barn where they were
saddling their horses They seemed to
b uneasy and took considerable time
taking several
n making ready to start se
eral drinks of whisky of which article
they seemed well supplied Then ta
ing from where they had them con
cealed their Winchesters jumped their
horses and rode rapidly away
Both were young men One was light
complected about 5 feet 10 inches In
height and weighed about 180 pounds
The other about ernie height but dark
nose and chin prominent Neither had
been shaven for a week or ten days
Whether they are of the robber gang
or not they acted very queerly
A Co Corroliorntloii
OGDEN Sept 16 Jaccob Evans yes
terday received a message from Rich
field in Sevier county saying that Cas
sidy and Lay were seen in that vicin
ity Monday The message was as follows
lowsTo Prosecuting Attorney Evans or
Sheriff Wright Cassidy and Lay seen
in Thurber WayiH county Monday 4
Vernal horses
p m going east riding
by parties who know them
J W COONS Sheriff
Gailiily Coufcc
fScerlal to The Herald
RICHFIELD Sept 16Joe Decker
a traveling man has arrived here from
Wayne county He says he met two
men over there who were buying cat
One said to him Mr Decker I am
Butch Casrfdy the notorious outlaw
and I havent ben near Ogden since
September 7 In a little while we will
go back to Vernal where any officer
with a warrant may arrest either of us
with no trouble I have led a reckless
life of late years and would do Matt
Warner any good I could but I had
nothing to do with the Montpelier bank
Butch then showed Decker what he
v 4
could do with his rifle and said he
would surrender to any peace officer
who came without a posse
lie Say i the California People LIe
the White Metal Hut They Must
Have Protection
Special to The Herald
Young an ardent Republican and editor
and proprietor of the San Francisco
Chronicle said to a reporter today
Our people are not losing their love
for the white metal but they must have
protection They cannot have Both from
either party at the present time so we
are forced t choose between them
Inconsequence ot their desire for apr
tective tariff Editor Dp Young classes
California among the doubtful states
Literature and Speakers in Almn
dunce IuHt Ue Had in Missouri
or the Mute Will uc Lot to Me
CHICAGO Sept 16A complaining del
egation of prominent Missouri Renubll
cans arrived
at national
natonal committee head
Quarters today and
spent several
in severa
secret conference with Chairman Han
na and others in ±
other authority
authoriy They made
no concealment of their dissatisfaction
wltli dissatsfacton
wih the conduct of the Missouri
paisn by Chairman Issour dm
ChaIran Filley and
Fiey admitted
that the admited
object of their mission was to
present the true status
of the
partC af
fairs to Mr partJ
llr lanna suggesting that Mr
Fley be Induced to suggestng turn llr
abundance leaf Without of delay and 10 over ask that a new an
sent into Missouri speakers be
Issouri or the state
lost to McKiniey I would he
cKn ey The delegation com
plained delegaton
that stacks
had been Iterarure wiuj
sent to the state 1l1
iieadquarers because the committee in St Louis was lying coIlinhittee hTU
Mi I Fiiiey eommllee which was heaIy
priMed mon3 to alstjbute llle
among the
amlt ccnt
cOlmitees and elsewore cc1
Rchard C Reruu who
by 11 Fiey at the St Louis Vhs defeated
ton headed the delegation and cnven
delegaton spent
yesterday in Canton with
hey telling hIm the wih MeKin
story In the
part were also
Frank of St Louis Major John L Nathan Bittin
ger or St Bitin
Kansas City JOS Parke of La Sctt Lib
Springsfjlr E J Iorse of Excelsior
Springs Mr Kerens said Mr Filley
I confining his 11 Fiey was
contnmg campaign work to St Louis
and St
neglecting the
neglectng rest of the state al
I j lowing no one to advise or assist him
Sarsent Nominated For Governor Dy
Aculii illation
NEW HAVEN Conn Sept 16The
Democratic state convention
conventon today nomi
nated Joseph B
Sargent of New Haven
for governor by acclamation and C A
Crandall of Norwich was nominated A
lieutenant governor The ticket was corn
of pleted Thompson as follows Treasurer wa Ross
hey of UnionvJie Comptroller EdwIn 11 Rip
The convention came to order at 1050
with nearly every delegate in his seat
Chairman Davis introduced William Ken
I nedy of Naugatuck
a chairman of the
I convention who delivered an address His
reference Hs
to the
money plank of the r >
I of oeraiic the national platform and I the names
candidate were given a slight de
gras of applause gven slght
I A committee was appointed to confer
wIth the object a conmiittee of the Peoples party
being that
the latter party
might secure representation on the elec
torah ticket and the convention adjourned
I until 1 oclock cnveton
Upon reconvening a committee on or
ganization reported making the temper
ary organlzstio Permanent The plat
form which was an unreserved endorse
ment iJL1 the Chicago platform was adopt
e with cheers and an electoral ticket was
chosen as follows
a folows Phi
lo S Bennett of New Haven and sf A
Granger of Winsted DistrictsFirst C
W Cowles of Manchester Second John
Bransfleld Portland Third A P Tanner
New London Fourth D J Walsh Dan
I bur
thousand people attended the L A W
circuit meet today Results
Half mile open professional Zeicler
won Sanger second Gardiner third Time
103 35
Mile open professional Bald won Loug
207 head second Tom Butler third Time
Two mile handicap professional WII
Time435 amson 125 won Davis 125 second
i > 4
Wall and Warner However
Convicted of Voluntary
I Causes a Rather Dramatic
Warner Congratulates Coleman on
the Verdict But IVonlil Like to
Know How i I Possible For it
3Ian to Defend Himself Claims
That He Acteil In SelfDcfenie
Wall is Also Unite Denunciatory
ins Remarks
Special to The Herald
OGDEN Sept 16The Jury In the
Vernal murder case returned a verdict
acquitting T B Coleman and finding I
Warner and Wall guilty of voluntary
At about 030 the Jurors sent out
word that they had agreed and Judge
Rolapp was sent for He arrived in a
few minutes but there was still a de
lay a the Jurors said they were not
ready to come out Finally at 1015
they came out there being about thirty
people in the court room at the time
After th Jurors were seated the sher
iff and aids
amid a stillness that was intense
r Coleman followed her husband
in and sat beside him
In reply to the usual question Fore
man John Maguire said they had agreed
upon a verdict and under the direction
of the clerk he handed it to the court
There was a painful wait while the
clerk was entering the verdict and
then came the reading This gave rise
to a dramatic incident as Clerk Myers
AVe the Jury find the defendants
guilty of voluntary manslaughter
of Colemans face but in an instant
Foreman Maguire was on his feet pro
testing that the verdict had not been
properly read I was shown that the
Jury had used the form of verdict con
victing all three but had interlined an
acquittal for Coleman A verdict was
made out in proper form and duly
signed before the Jury was discharged
Attorney Straup insisted that the jury
and after this was done Attorney
be polled ad
b poled ater
torney David Evans arose and in behalf I
of the state and Uintah county asked
E B Cole
that the indictment against B
man charging him with the killing of
Dave Melton be discharged and he be
dismissed This was done Warner
and Wall were taken back to jail while
Mr and Mrs Coleman shook hands I
with and thanked the jurors
I sems that the jury after retiring I
first voted on Coleman and acquitted
him from the charge of murder in the i
first degree The same was then done
separately with Warner and with Wall j
was successively acquitted
Coleman wa sucesively acuitted
the charges of murder in the second de
gree and cT all the degrees of manslaughter
slaughter and Manning and McFarland I
stuck for convicting Warner and Wall
of murder in the second degree while
Maguire was for involuntary man j I
slaughter the rest being for voluntary
manslaughter The majority finally I
I prevailed and the punishment must be
Imprisonment for not less than one nor
more than ten years I
were visited in the jail a few minutes
wre vsitd I
I after they had been taken back by Mr
I and Mrs Coleman and a number of
other friends Warner said to Colemaa
I Well Im glad you got out but Id
like to know how a man can defend
himself I tried to wheel l my horse and
I get away but I could not theyd got
me sure i I hadnt have fit
Wall was also quite denunciatory
saying that they had had all tha de
tectives west of the Missouri after j
them Warner wanted t know why j I
they had never been after him before If
he was such a bad man a they had
represented him
They knew where I was all the
time he said j
Juror Firth who has been seriously
ill during the trial is still critically ill I
being threatened with pneumonia His
daughter ba come in from Uintah to
b in attendance upon him
Has Later Advice
Special to The Herald
RICHFIELD Sept IS Sheriff Coons
was seen here tonight When asked re
garding Butch Cassidy and Ellsworth
Lay he said that the officers had them
located but did not care to say where
He seems to have advices later than
I those given by Decker but does not
care to say any more just now
Silver Bees Were Inactive While
the GoldbuK Stopped at Nothing
to Carry Their Point
Special to The Herald
OGDEN Sept 16The Republican
primaries were held last night for the
purpose of choosing delegates to the
county convention which meets here
at 10 a in Friday to choose fiftythree
delegates for the state convention
which meets here Sept 26 The primaries
mare went McKinley In all the
wards of the city except the Third
straight McKinley delegations were
elected and In the Third nine McKin
ley and nine Independent silver men
were chosen The result is due to the
apathy of the silver forces which were
not marshalled at all The
have perfected a thorough organization
and the railroads took a hand Sound
money clubs have recently been form
ed and the one formed here a few
nights ago among the railroad employ
ees did effective work Of this club
W J Scaly is president J I Restall
and Joseph Ludwig vicepresidents
and C S Calkins secretary and treas
The officers are known to be sincere
in their advocacy of the gold standard
but many of those on the rolls are
known to be silver men and quietly
express their intention of voting for
Bryan However the primaries were
almost entirely
and certainly by McKinley men A
few silver men were out In each ward
but they were in the minority in each
Atthe First ward there were just 120
present and the following are the dele
W A Scudder Lou Willett W P
Hart J Forrest F Kenyon James
Lloyd Joe Botts Mrs Jessup Mose
Bryan En Route
Outlaws in the Sonth
Tie Vernal Bonier Trial
Indiana For DrjnJi
Ogden and McKlnlcr
New York Democrats in Session
MeKlnleys Moi ementi
Mines Mining and MockH
With the Bulls and Henri
Wild Iliimori at Honolulu
Why Harmony Wn Impossible
Cases Argue in the Supreme Court
The Police and Fire Unuril
Acting Auditor Itu > liouid Installed
Port Douglas News
Private Stephen Janet
A Unique Cruise
The lUill at saltnlr
I A Fyler Mercantile Co Assigns
A Dirty Southern Case
Untie of County Surveyors
The Political Situation
UiOouncilior Fernandez on Ifu
vvniiuii Affairs
Todaj liiieen at Cadern
Inlge lcXUJ8 lnlK
Biles Mrs Loyal Griffin G orge W
Murphy James Cass n George Hales
Ira Thompson J A Beltzer Trusty
John Connors J H McCoy T F Row
lands J H Restall C H Furniss A
Seebring Barney McCabe O S Mc
Dowell Jule Kiesel Alvin Reynolds
William Moyes Harry Ford
In the Second ward there were 43 in
attendance The delegates are Ir A
S Burt Mrs W I Chapman Mrs C
Hoilingsworth T H Davis J E Cool
idge J E Williams D C Dora David
Monroe H Berry D M McKee W
H Bowman John M Dee W White
W A Ritchey George Draper John
Henderson C D Line Louis Allard
C D Hayes C A Nelson A B Shep
pard William Jenkins T H Tindall
Joe 1 Ludwig Ben Oppman
At the Third ward caucus there was
no slate ticket There were twenty
seven voters present the majority hp
ing McKinley Rspublicans though
there were several present who signed I
the independent call some time ago
There were twentyone who partici
pated In the business of the convention
No ladies were present and none were
elected The following were elected
delegates A W Putnam C W Cro s
R H Mallett John Farr Lee Curtis
W 1 Rymond A Stone 1 L Jones
J H Cardon 1 J StQne Robert Shaw
P DIxon C P Barrows C L Leavitt
B D Stone J 1 Preshaw L Breton
Balch B G Shuck Mrs R H Mall2tt
In the Fourth ward there were ninety
in attendance and the printed slate
ticket went through as follows J S
Boreman M A Breeden A S Condon
Charles Meighan s L Ives W p
White N C Flygare George Wheel
wright R H Whipple H E Steele
John Cheeney H C Wardleigh Mrs
William Farrell R Kramer R P
Hunter W A Lee L 1 Fenstermaker
F J Hendershot Ir James White C
E Peterson Charles Summerville Mo I
roni Skeen A D F Reynolds H A
Simms J G S Abels James McBeth
Mrs James Holmes Mrs L S Ander
son L R Rogers Thomas Kinney B
1 Short Mrs Thomas Laughney L
K Higgins W L S1 John Mrs Clara
McDonald Reese Homer
There were 159 votes presented in the
Fifth The straight ticket went through
a follows G H Corer Mrs J E Bag
ley Mrs David Kay W H Cheverse E
T Hulanlski J C Nye Mrs Adam Pat
terson George Halverson J N Kim I
ball C C Robinson J S Houtz W R
Williams L A Child Lee Gibson Mrs
Edith Ashmore J M Adams W F
Calkins G K Smith Mrs J T Hurst
E E Barton W G Childs Joseph
Drysdale Mrs Patsey Healey E R H
G Mints Mrs Eva F Corey
The county precincts are yet to hear
from but the McKinley forces will
control the Weber county convention
ST LOUIS September 16The poll i
of Missouri by the Democratic state
central committee is nearly completed
Secretary Love made an unofficial ad
vance report today He said
We find from the reports by school
districts that there Is vary little de
fection among the Democrats of the
interior and that the Republicans art
going to lose a great many vou
Nearly every report that comes to us
shows a number of wavering Repub
licans From what we have learned
since the canvass began we are
dined to believe that the stat will
7000 give Bryan a majority c o nearly
LONDON September 16The re
ceipts of cablegrams from New York I
stating that the stock exchange ru I
mors are rife in that city Boston an1
elsewhere that the British fleet hls >
made a hostile demonstration at Co1
stantinople was followed by a tin r i
ough Inquiry here on the part of the I
United Associated Presses a to t
foundation of the report No such
rumor has been circulated here n r
has any information been recfeived up I
on which such rumors could I be found
ed The British fleet was at Kavala i
eighty miles from Salonica yesterday j
when all was reported quiet
i h 5L
Democratic Leader Allen is
Confident as to the
Host of the Populists Will Vote
For the Boy Orator
Outside of IiidlannpolH the Follow
ers of Painter and Iluckncr Will
Be I Very Lonesome Band On tucr
Other Iind thC Number of Con
verts From the Republican Pat
to Bryan Is Simply Astonishing
Special to The Herald
tain D F Allen o Frankfort Ind ones
of the mot Influential and popular 0
house the Democratic leaders if at tha BJssa
I think said Mr Allen that In
diana Is certain t give Its electoral
vote t Bryan If a vote were takeni
noW ho would win b 30000 majority
and there i every reason t think he
will beat McKinley by those figures a
even more The Populists have a voting
stng 30000 and they will be near
ly solid for the Democratic ticket Ten
Prohibitionists will support it almost
unanimously I concede the socalled
sound money Democratic ticket win
get 5000 votes which Is a liberal esil <
mate Outside of Indianapolis the fol
lowers of Palmer and Buckner wU be
a very lonesome band On tc other
hand the number of converts from the
Republican party to Bryan is simply
astonishing Personal friends of mine
who never voted any but the straight
Democratic ticket have come over on
account of silver and are as enthusi
astic a any Democrats to my county
Clinton some off the most Influential
citizens are numbered aaaous the Re
publican bolters and I believe that
Bryan will gain fully 300 recruits In the
town and county I Is that way in a
great majority o d the counties
Won In I Walk
CLEVELAND Sept Cleveland won
In a walk In todays game wIth Chicago
The play was marred by continual wrang
ling on the part of Anson who took exception
ception to Ensues decisions at every
opportunity Cuppy was In splendid
form pitching superb bal allowing tho
Chicagos ony four scattering hits Grif
fith twirled a good game and kept hire
head at critical stages Despite the error
column the Spiders played a brilliant
fielding game making four double playa
when gme needed Attendance 1200
Cleveland runs 4 Chicago runs L
Batteries Griffith and Donohue Cuppy
and Zimmer Umpire Emslie
WASHINGTON Sept 16The Brook
lyns played in a halfhearted fashion to
day and were easily distanced Mercer
pitched his second game of the series and
was invincible His error was responsi
ble for Brooklyns two runs In the sec
ond inning Daly made two excusable er
rors and was unjustly removed from the
game by Manager Foutz Tho Brooklyn
player wa so humiliated by this un
called for action that he sat with the
Washington players during the remainder
of the game Score
Washington runs 11 Brooklyn runs 2
Washington rns l Brookly rns 2
Batteries Mercer and Farrell Stein and
Burrill Umpire Heldler
JIcGrawM Errors
BALTIMORE Sept McGrawa er
rors gave todays game to Boston of
Corbett pitched the last four Innings a
but one hit was made off him Score
Baltimore runs 6 Boston runs a
Batteries Pond and Robinson Stlvetta
and Bergen Umpire Lynch
Carney ttni Too Much
NEW YORK Sept 16Tho New Yorks
barring one or two men could do nothing
with Carseys pitching today while th
Philadelphias hit Meakln freely and
played superior bal The game WI
rounded in fine plays Score
New York runs 2 Philadelphia runs 6
Batteries Meekln and Wilson Caresey
and Grady Umpire Hornung
Won Until
PITTSBURG Pa Sept Cincinnati
won both games from Pittsburg today
rubbing it In on the home team todajv
I winning both games and shutting them
out both times Attendance 2500 Score
Pittsburg runs 0 Cincinnati runs U
Batteries Hastings and Merrltt IChinea
and Gray Umpire Sheridan
Second same
Pittsburg runs 0 Cincinnati runs 4
Batteries Hawley and Sugden Dwyer
and Gray
demonstration this evening upon the ap
pearance of Bourke Couckran at the Exposition
position building m the advocacy o the
election of William McKinley exceeded
the of Minneapo
any event in experience
lis of a political nature Not less than
70 ls thousand people joined in the parade
prior to the meeting The meeting wa
presided over by D W Lawler of St
Democratic national committeeman
Paul Demortc natonal
I from Minnesota Mr Lawler introduced
Air Cockran to the s audience and he
was 11 accorded a ovation by IfcttW people
when he made his appearance Mr Cock
ran made a speech on the lines of his pre
I vious addresses a during the campaign In
the meantime the crowd outside was appeased
metme by local orators It
peased by speeches b lol otor I
I was nearly midnight when the exercises
audience dispersed
wero finished and the disperd
I Seventeenth Pennsylvania District
Alphonso Walsh Dem
I Sixteenth New York B Fairchild
Pconti Michigan E Barkworth
Fourth Pennsylvania James 1
Young Rep
Kirsi Pennsylvania General H H
Blngimm Rep
Second Pennsylvania A Adams
jr ReD
Third Pennsylvania H Halter
man Rep
Fifth Pennsylvania C Harmer
Tnird Illinois C S Darrow Dew

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