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New York Democrats Who See
Success in Bryan and Sewall
The MitNk Has ICU Stripped Prom
lioi Who For Purely Selfish
M th < x at One Time Claimed
Memherwhlp With the Dempvratie
1jirtj Free 3Iei Must Jot UP n e
lerrcil fly the Emptj Boattts of
l the I5iiem >
Democratic convention held a session
of just one hour and eighteen minutes
today and djourned until tomorrow
mornmg without effecting a permanent
I vas free silver from the moment i
Sr en tot Thomas F Grady todk the j
gavel as teniiorary chairman His first 1
iterances in fcaxo of Bryan and Sew 1
all and the restoration o silver was I
greeted with tumultums applause
f r vhithi showed plainly wirere the con
vention will stand
Late on a resolution endorsing Bry
an and Sewall and the Chicago plat
m offered by J W Ridgeway of
J Kings wa greeted with cheers but
tinder the rules wa referred without i
action to the committee on resolutions
The latter body put In several hours
work and agreed to present a plat
form tomorrow which endorse the
Chicago platform and pledges the sup
I port of the Democracy of the state to
the Bryan and Bewail ticket I will
be adopted with a whoop Just how j
DuN this action may aid the Demo
cratic national ticket Is a question
There are men here with good powers I
g Dwers
of observation wiro say that this is
I i but I
and that it offers Mr Bran only
t empty honors a the sound money
Democrats predominate In this state
end the men who openly endorse the
regular ticket for the sake of regular
ity will knifo it or trade It or dump it
at the polls In November
There are many men here also who
are sincere in thpir sliver views and
they ore loudly protesting against the
manner in which the oriranization is
J running the convention In the first
f place they object to the slaved nomi
nee John Boyd Thacher of Albany
nho is a sound money man and
nade a strong gold speccii at the June
i convention In Saratoga Next they ob
I ject to Frank Campbell excomptrol
ler of the rte who Is slated for na
tional committeeman Mr CompL is
t associated with banking in this state
and Is said to be a sound money man at
heart The silver men ore not entirely
satlsled as to the conversion of Elliot
Sanfroht who has always been a sound
money man and who is Elate to suc
ceed Mac Tames W Hinckley a
chairman of the state committee There
have been conferences of silver men
who ore opposed to the machine pro
sramme but the ants have not been
alf to find a way to block the heels
Dvid B Hill has run things up to
date as he pleased by aid of long dis
tance telephone and the telegraph The
lat Is unbroken except that Catlin
Glut and Rldgeway of Kings are not
In second place Thomas Ryan ex
mayor of Syracuse seems to b the
jnoat prominent running mate for Tha
ehcr In stght
Tlie ProceeiUnw
NY Sept 16 James W Hinckley
chairman of the state committee called
the Democratic state convention to
ordei at 1230 this afternoon
Chairman Hinckley announced that
the itate commiu e had selected Tom
as F Grady of New York for tempo
rary chairman
Mr Grady was greeted with faint
3iandcJapplng He started in at once
1 with hs address and soon roused hear
I ty applause from the delegates and
fj < om spectators hr e glees He
said in part
A loyal representatives of Demo
cratic constituencies you have assem
bled to again declare your faith In
Democratic principles your respect for
Democratic authority and your confi
dome In Democratic success In this
respect you differ from some who for
many years were associated with you
un their profession of Democracy yu
w as a mask under which to conceal the
purely selfish character of their polit I
i leal actions and who a now leagued
I wit yur political opponents denounc
ing Democratic principles denying
Democratic authority and aiding in so
leer a they may to defeat the Demo
cratic candidates You are not how
ever to be discouraged
I because of the desertion of those whose
j adherence to or dependence upon tin
I money power controls their political
C action
I The question of silver money stan
f d r may be of some importance
p among the issues to be determined In
the coming presidential election but
in my opinion It is fa from beIng the
only one of great Importance to be de
ddwl by the votes of free men who
cannot be deterred by Intimidation nor i
Influenced by bribes I offends no
me sense of polUical propriety that
today the nominee who was the can
didate of the Republican party ha b
come the candidate of the money pow
er He would never have been selected i
at St Louis to lead the Republican
hosts but fo the friendship and gen I
erosity of syndicates unfairly favored
by legislation with which his name ha
0 been conspicuously coupled Their
r money had been used to corrupt
primarier and influence delegates In his
favor Their money had been promised
I in enormous sums to secure his elec
tion to the presidency Thel expected
c rP ompenEo for the money given and
premised Is the restoration to them of
tb >
t which for years they have exercised
A at the expense of the toiling millions
It required but a slight change In the
original mortgage o the candidate to
Include within the charmed circles
t incude cbee circe of
r go ornmental protection and favor
such devotees of the gold standard a
were willing to attempt the betrayal I
of their party associates rather than
that decreased the profits o gold coin should b II j
During Chairman Gradys speech I
t there were shouts and yells of approval
from delegates and lots of noise from
the Tammany warriors in the
amay WWTio1 te galleries
1 When Mr Grady finished he was given
t tree cheers and a tiger gven
James W Ridgeway of Kings of
Terrd the following resolution i
I Resolved That the Democracy of I
t the state of New York in convention 1
ass mblpd at the city of Buffalo do
hereby most hearth endorse and ap
j t the platform adopted by the Na j
tional Democracy at the Chicago con
vpnxion and we hereby unreservedly I
and unequivocally ratify and approve
of the nominees of sold convention I
William Jennings Bryan and Arthur
Strail and pledge them our earnest
and cordial support to their gallant I
ad Crial supp r j t l gUant
I fight for the maintenance of Democ
racy and Democratic principles
A number o other resolutions were
I Introduced and referred among them
being one on government control ofj
The committee on platform was not I i
fled to meet at 5
fe met pm
The convention at 14S adjourned
until tomorrow morning at 10 oclock
The committee on permanent organ
ization met at 4 pm and selected
Hosea I Rockwell of Chemung for
permanent chairman
The committee on credentials met at
130 pm Charles M Bulger o Oswego
was elected chairman
The committee on resolutions met
shortly after 5 pm B J Yorke of
Kings was mae chairman
The committee was confronted t
a stack of resolutions and proposed
planks a foot high and th indications
are that their session will be a pro i I
longed one
James W Hinckley declined reelec
tion to the state committee from his
the Eighteenth district though urged
to do FO by the members of the delega
ton A H Greene was elected in his
I place
There was 9 lively time at the meet
ing of the Kings county delegation
Senator McCarren offered a resolution I
Sentor fcCaen lered rsuton
that the delegates vote as a unit on I
all questions before the convention It I
f eo
was lost by a vote of 17 to 41
The friends > f Coffey and RUlgeway I
claim t have captured the delegation J
by eleotirig the committeemen in oil I i
I but the Third Sixth and Seventh dis j
I tr conference of antiThacher dele j
I gates was held this afternoon and <
I James W Rldgeway was urged to
I stand in opposition to the Albany man I
declared himself out
i He declined and declar himsel
of the contest I
I Chairman Hinckley wired to Senator I
Murphy this morning asking him to accept
cept the place on the national commit
tee which wouM be vacant by the res I
Sheehan He
ignaUon of William F I
received the following reply I would
cehe te
not accept under any conditions I fa
vor Frank Campbell for the place
The committee on electors met at the
Te hotel this afternoon The following
Iroquois > atlmon
Iruol lowing electoreatlarge were chosen 1
Robert P Bush of Horsehead Benja t
mln Wood of Erie District electors I i
were also selected I
of the committee on resolutions met at j
and were in consultation for
10 p m ad consultaton I
that iwtion of
hour and
an prepared tat poron 0
the platform relating to state issues I
and drafted that on national issues I
There were plunks i touching every
conceivable question presented but all
of one
tabled with the exception
were table excepton o
or two
Taie plank I relating t national issues
which the sub committee presented to
the full committee at 1 oclock was as
foloL and I
e hereby unreservedly ratify
approve the platform adopted by the
Democratic national convention at Chi
cago We endorse the nomination of
William J Bryan of Nebraska for
president and of Arthur Sewall of
Maine for vicepresident and pledge
them our hearty support
The platform will be an unusually
short one
held a meeting tonight at the Geneses
and devoted several hours to diccuss
i I ing the advisability of supporting
j Thacher or Sulzer for the governor
I ship nomination A vote was taken
upon the question and resulted in Tha
titers favor The unit rule after some
discussion was adopted by a vote of
38 tp L TMIs choked off Mr Sulzers
eleven Tammany supporters when it
comes to balloting in the convention
Republican 1lnrnllty Will Ke Near
I jn O Yott
PORTLAND Me Sept 16The
I Portland Daily Press has received re
turns frothS all but pixtyone of the
I towns and plantations In Maine These
i returns give fo governor Powers
Rep S022IT Frank Dem 32663
1 Tem Peo 3253 Ladd Pro
2096 Clifford National Dem 623
I Powers plurality is 47558 in these
i I towns The same towns in 1S94 the
landslide ea gave Cleaves Rep
C6S31 Johnson Dem 2S96S Bateman
j I P6o 5462 Hersey pro 24H 1
Cleaves plurality for these towns
1 37803
i In the remaining sixtyone towns
I and plantations Cleaves had a plurality
j I of 1054 These figures confirm the I
I Press previous estimate that the Re
I publican plurality would b very near
49000 votes i i
j The lamest
j i I LEWISTON e Sept 16The Jour
I 1 nol hn received returns from every
city town and that voted
ct plantation trt voted I
1 In Maine on Monday They give Powers I
S2749 Frank 342SS Bateman 3172
Ladd 2367 Clifford 567
I The Republican plurality of the whole
state is 48461 The full corrected vote
fo congressman in the Second district
is DIngley Rep 22240 Levensaler
Dem S400 Allen Pop 1A07 Ogier j I
Pro 387 Dingleys plurality ile
The latest returns confirm the previ
ous estimate that only five Democrats
have been elected to the legislature
Official returns from all but three
small plantations in the Second district i
congressional give Dingley Rep 24
673 Levensaler Dem 10066 Allen r 1
Pop 1426 Ogier Pro 422 Ding j
leys plurality 14605 I
Robberts and William Davidson of
Des Moines la who came here on a
hunting expedition met with singular I
and serious misfortunes Davidson
was accidently shot in the back by one
of his companions and Roberts was at I
tacked by hornets and stung so in the
back of the neck that paralysis se in i
and he is utterly helpless I
Forelcn 1nixTH Ciiteli on to the
United AKsoelntod Pressei Report
LONDON Sept Contracts have
been entered Into by the United Asso
ciated Presses with a number of lead
ing Provincial journals including such
influential newspapers as the Man
chester Guardian the Edinburgh Scots
man the Glasgow Herald the Aberdeen
Free Press and the Dundee Advertiser
whereby these papers are served with
an extensive service of American news
covering the important events occur
ring in the United States and Canada
In an article announcing the acquisi
tion of this important service the Dun
dee Advertiser the leading organ of
northern Scotland gives prominence to
the following statement
We supplement
have arranged to
our news supplies by the publication
of special cable dispatches daily giving
ing complete reports of the latest devel
opments in America These dispatches
will be obtained through the United
Associated Presses an organization
possessing the most thorough and com
plete resources for the collection and
distribution of news ofany news pur
veying organization in the world hav
ing an exclusive system of leased wires
which connect every important city in
America from Boston In the east to I
Portland Ore in the west and from I
New Orleans in the south to Winnipeg
in the north The London office of the
United Associated Presses is In direct
communication with the American sys
tem its cablegrams being forwarded
from New York almost a quickly as
they could reach us from any point in
Scotland The cream of the news col
lected by this agency H be cabled
each night to the Advertiser whose
readers will thus be able every morn
J Ing to peruse the very latest news
j available in New York
I A similar announce Cln equally
i complimentary terms of the American
service i Is receiving through the
j United Associated Presses is made by
i the Edinburgh Scotsman
s =
He Pays n Great Tribute to Urjan
nncl In Chrereil
LINCOLN Neb September IGThe
Lansing theatre was crowded to the
doors this afternoon the attraction
being Hon Thomas E Watsons
dress on the Issues of the campaign
Mr Watson was introduced by State
Chairman Edmiston and spoke for an
hour and a half Mr Watsons speech
was a defense of the Populist national
platform and in no sense did the vice
presidential candidate refer to Mr
Sewall or to the recent election inane
Coming to the silver question Mr
Watson showed the manner of put
ting a nation in bondage be dwel
ling upon the situation in Egypt and
the recent absorption of the Fiji Is
lands by Great Britain
Quoting from a recent speech of
Major McKinleys he showed the in
consistency of protection and gold
standard finance contending that
whereas a high tariff would raise I
prices of commodities the apprecia
tion in the value of money under gold
monometallism would depress them
Mr Watson warmly eulogized Mr
Bryan and when he said I sincerely
hope and trust he will b elected he
brought out tremendous and long con
tinued applause
He was particularly emphatic in de
claring that under no circumstances
would ing he withdraw from the race say
They put me on sentinel duty t
hold the party In the national campaign
paign to hold a place on the national
ticket They selected the post of duty
and without solicitude effort 01 desire
on my part they selected me to fill
that post of duty and no matter what
any Republican newspaper or Demo
cratic newspaper may say upon that
subject I shall hold that post of duty
until the last gun in this campaign
is fired Applause and l cries of Good
for Wntson5 zz z
Mr Watsons address was surpris I
ingly free from personal references or i
abuse though he was press by his I I
partisan auditors t venture that line
o attack A reference t Major Mc I
Kinley brought a remark from one in I
tlt crowd He dont pay his debts
followed by hissing and a response
fro Watson that he would not des
cend to personal reflections on any
candidate no matter how he differed
politically He was cheered
Mr Watson left tonight for Alma
eb wh > r he speaks tomorrow and
will go from there to Colorado
AlIfKcA Atrocities Almost on n Par
allel With the Work of Bloody
Butcher Wey her
NEW YORK September 16A Her
ald special from Orlando Flit says
Private advices received here from
Havana Cuba confirm the report that
the Lavag sugar refineries and plan
tations situated within a mile of the
Spanish garrison at Mariquite in 1
tanzas province one of the largest
estates In Cuba had been destroyed
by the insurgents
The plantation was invaded QU i the
I 3rd instant by thirty rebels under the
leadership of Juan Diaz The man
ager of the property whom the rebels
intended to hang was not to be found
having escaped The refinery and
sugar house owners residence man
agers house foremans quarters and
more than forty huts occupied by em
ployes with their families were
burned Women were driven out in
scant attire and children in their night
gowns and compelled to lies to Ma i
riquite for refuge Most o these I
houses were looted
Ablebodied men about the place
were given their choice of joining the
insurgents ranks or being hanged to
th nearest tree Those who hesti
tated were mercilessly put to the ma
chetes The wives of those Spanish
volunteers living upon the plantation
were subjected t gross Indignities
Their husbands formed part of a
small Spanish garrison near the scene
of pillage and the rebel chief by hold
ing the women a hostages hoped to
influence the surrender of this fort
but the plan failed and he finally re
leased them The
damage is estimated
to exceed 5500000
A correspondent writing from Jo
vinalles in Matanzas province tells of
the destruction of the San Vicente
tructon te sugar
estate by rebels Don Jose Gomes a
superintendent of the refineries and
Leopolde Almida were shot
A corespondent in Matanzas reports
that the village of Hal Nuevo was
raided on the Sth instant by irregular
rebel forces who killed the wife of a
Spanish volunteer looted various
business houses and shot and hanged
by the roadside seven pacificos residing
near by Women were abused and mal
treated The majority of the raiders I
were negroes I
JleUscil Election llctiiriis ltepnr < c < l
Li to Bate
WASHINGTON Sept 16The revised
election returns from Arkansas are af
fordlnar the Republican managers consid
erable satisfaction Chairman Babcock
was In a cheerful humor as he discussed
a disussed
the subJect this nftovnrw r >
7nihe election of iisald he Clarke
In the election of 1S94 said he Clarke
I the Democratic
thl Del0cratc nomnee for governor
carried the state by 48724 plurality
crre 4872 by
I a majority of 24273 Remmel Republi
j I can received 25000 votes and Barker
Populist 24541 According to the returns
I so far received from 61 out of 6 counties
Jones Democrat received 71645 countes
3331 less than Clarke received two years
I ag Remmel the Republican candidate
received 2G410 a gin of nearly 400 votes
I I while thePotiulists lost 13000 votes from i
I the vote they polled J two years ago
tTh significance of all this lies in the I
tumble of the heavy plurality or over SO
I 000 to a plurality o 33000 or 15000 less
than two years ag which has taken
I place since the first reports of the recent
election were given to the
I electon gven public by the
I Democratic managers with a view to off
setting the Vermont tidal wave Press
i dispatches say the four counties yet to
j hear from will not materially change the
1 = lro This Is probably too optimistic l a
view of the manner In which election re
turns a sometimes manipulated in Ar
kansas I would not surprise me If the
returns of these four counties were held
back to round out Jones magnificent vic
I tory
a I
I in IIciiiK Wheeled Into Line In
Favor of William Tcniiln Bryan
CHICAGO SepUB Chief McBride o the
Democratic national labor bureau se
I cured quarters today on the first floor of
the Auditorium annex where he will be
near to the Democratic Committee Illi
nois and Cook count bureaus agked Mr
McBride to have them work together in
the place and the proposition Is under
consideration I is the policy of the na I
tional committee now to devote all the
time money men and literature possible
to getting organized labor In line for
C E Forces secretary of the Omaha
Bimetallic union Nol wrote to head
quarters We have over 1000 silver Re
publicans on our rolls who have never
te the Democratic ticket but who will
support our ticket this fallfrom Bryan
down to constable
Chairman Jones returned Trom the east
to r ran sl1 1
ViceChairman Apsley Hakes His
Returns to His Chief
Today the Employees of the Edgr
TUonis > n Stiil Worlis Head oil By
the Superintendent of the Rail
nil Will Call Upon the Aupoleoit
Who Vow Seen St Helena Loom
ing Up in the Dim Distance
CANTON 0 Sept 16Vice Chair
man L D Apsley of the congressional
committee who ha been malting
speeches on the Pacific slope called on
Major McKinley today and brought him
cheering news from the far west
Mr Apsley says the situation on the
Pacific slope is improving daily from
the Republican pont of view and that
he believes California Oregon and
Washington will give substantial plu
ralities for McKinley and Hobart
The people in hose states want a i
fair measure of protection for their in
dustries said Mr Apsley and they
have outgrown their free silver tenden
Major McKinley had b i quiet day so
far a the coming of delegations Is
concerned but his callers were numer
ous He has prepared some of the
speeches which he expects to deliver
later Inthe week
Arrangements for the big meeting to
be held here on Friday are going rap
idly forward As the meeting is to be
the formal opening of the campaign in
the candidates own county and as i
is to be addressed by Senators Thurs on
and Cullom Governor Hastings of I
Pennsylvania and Congressman Mc
Cleary of Minnesota uncommon inter
est is being manested in I There wU
be delegations nere on Friday from
Pennsylvania Veal Virginia Kentucky
Indiana and Michigan Ten thousand
people are expected from Pittsburg and
vicinity and an equally large number Is
coming from Cleveland and eastern
The Blkins cadets will come on a spe
cial train from Wheeling and a dele
gation of 2000 bicyclists is scheduled to
arrive lair from Toledo for the Friday meet
Major McKinley will probably make a
short speech at both the afternoon and
evening meetings
Governor A S Eushnell of Ohio will
b president the day I Is estimated
that there will be upwards of 40000
visitors in Canton on that day The
ea Estate Mens Republican club of
Buffalo have written Major McKinley
that they would like to call on him
either September 23 or 24
Mr McKinley this evening attended a
dinner party at the residence of Hon
Robert S Shields Mr Shields was Uni
ted States district attorney for the
northern district of Ohio during Presi
dent Clevelands first administration
Tomorrow a large delegation of the
employees of the Edgar Thomson Steel
Works of Braddock Pa is expected to
call upon Major McKinley The dele
I gation will be in charge of John Lit
tle superintendent of the rail mill and
II John the party L Jones will act a spokesman of
They 1iaten Patiently But When He
Mention tin > nmc of Itrjuii the
Peoyle Cause l Urintinttiatiuii
That Almost Causes Force to He
BeetS to Subdue I It
MEMPHIS Tenn Sept 16 General f
Simon Buckner vicepresidential candi1 I
date for the national Democratic party I I
and Colonel John R Fellows campaigner I
of the Sound Jloner league tonight ad I
dressed an audience of 2500 at the Audi I
General Buckner was the first speaker
and at once took up the financial ques I
tion He contended that if the stamp of j
the government by being placed upon a j
piec of silver or of gold can give I a I
different value from that in a commercial I
dIferent vaue
sense that stamp can give any value it
gud i
f sag
pleases even to a thousand times so that I I
the proposition is reduced to an absurdity
He said in support of his proposition that I
wherever a country had undertaken to
ht ft I
f en
infuse ISa value into the metal by coin I
ing it the result had been commercial I
convulsion consternation and strife
among the people and rebellion against
the governments Touching the
and its power to bind the Demqcracy
General Buckner sail
Last summer urder the regular or
ganization of Democratic party meet
ings were called In every county in every 1
state in the union Delegates were ap
pointed to state conventions and stato
conxentions appointed delegates to the
Chicago convention What were those
delegates instructed to do In nearly
every county in the United States the
first resolution passed by the county con
ventions was to reattlrm the principles of
Democracy When the delegates thus
instructed to discharge their duties a
Democrats went to the state conventions
those state conventions almost without
an exception reattirmed the principles of
Democracy and the delegates that they
sent to the Chicago convention were ob
liged to support Democratic principles
Ever sentiment of personal honor of
partisan duty compelled them to arrange
their platform on Democratic lines and
discard from It everything that Was not
Applause What did they do They
went to Chicago sad they arranged a
ulatform from which the
had vanished I defy any man to at
tempt to point to a single article or a
single line of that platform which enun
ciates Democratic doctrine It announces
as principles of the Democratic party
principles which he have combatted for a
hundred years during the time of Jeffer
son to this good hour And yet fellow
citizens they have placed upon that plat
form a man for candidate who has de
clared that he Is no Democrat And yet
fellow citizens they say that we must
support their candidate and their platform
because It was done regularly That re
minds me of an Illustration which my
distinguished friend made a short time
ago He said under the claim of regularity
ity Benedict Arnold had the right to
claim the support of the patriots of the
revolution He was regularly commis
sioned under the principals of West Point
and the Highlands by General Washing
ton He Issued orders through his staff
regularly and in an entirely regular sta
He issued orders which disposed the
Issue disposd army
under his command and placed It In such
a position that the enemy could come
upon It and
It was all done i11 perfect regularity
The only thing wanting was a little mat
I ter of principle Applause Nor did it
seem to be In the minds of those gentle
men assembled in Chicago professing to
represent Democracy They said what
we have done was done regularly
Under that theory General Washing
ton and the continental army were bolt
er because they would not follow
Arnold In his treason Because we will
not follow these genlemen of Chicago in
their defection from Democratic princi
ples we are to be culled boIlers I
In the course of hla speech General i
Buckner mentioned the name of the
Democratic presidential nominee and no1 I
sooner had the wo d Bryan left his I r
mouth than the houe was the scene of I
the wildest demonstration of the even
Ing The cheering continued until the
chairman of the meeting was compelled
tp ask the audience to give the general a
respectful hearing
At the concusion of General Buckners
speech Colonel John R Fellows was In
That silver dollars and paper dollars of
this government today were equal to gold
he said was due to the method of the
government by which they were ex
changeable for gold and that the govern
ment kept enough reserve to make Its
credit good before all the world for the
redemption of Its promise that it will pay
its debts In gold What if that function
should be destroyed Oh says Mr I
Bryan I believe If you would give us
Tree and unlimited coinage at the ratio of
16 to 1the demand for silver by this new
Issue you have given It would raise It at
that ratio to a level with gold I would
be worth 2 an ounce Well we
simply say but suppose It should not Mr
Bryan what then Suppose the com
mercial world refuse to accept i at that
valued Have you ever stopped to think
what an awful calamity would be pre
cipitated upon this country If that single
ftef Mr Bryan ul in behalf ft which
he challenges the votes of his countrymen
should not be realized a a fact not one
hour would your gold remain as a circu
lating medium in this country
General Buckner and Colonel Fellows
left at 1110 p m for Louisville i
Believes That the Recent Letter
Will Make Thousands of Silver
the most astounding proposition I
have yet heard advanced by any
man and it will make us thousands
of votes
Such was the exclamation of
Chairman Faulkner of the Demo
cratic congressional committee this
morning ter after reading Carlisles let
The sting to this letter l is con
cealed in the midst of a lot of ver
biage but It comes boldly to the
front on careful reading contin
ued Senator Faulkner In view of
the secretarys letter to me and his
previous statements I can only
look upjn his recent attitude a
something remarkable I would
force another issue of bonds In
this letter Mr Carlisle says that
under such conditions free coin
age the government would be com
pelled from the beginning to ex
change gold for silver dollars and
their paper representatives when
ever demanded just a it now ex
changes gold for its own notes when
Such an announcement contem
plates an entire reversal of the es
tablished policy of this government
and would be a violation of the law
itself The silver certificate on its
face is redeemable in silver dollars
and now the secretary comes along
with an advocacy of its redemption
in gold and not only the silver cer
tificates but the silver dollars them
Not more than two weeks age I
received a letter from the secre
tary which I gave publicity through
the press in which he said that gold
had never been demanded in ex
change for silver during his admin
istration and the records of the de
partment failed to show that such
demands had ever been made
The letter of the secretary pub
lished this morning is notice to tha >
bondholders and syndicates that if
the treasury deems it necessary they
wlll redeem silver with gold I is
the proposed establishment of a con
dition that will compel another is
sue of bonds When the policy of
redeeming the greenback in gold
was inaugurated greenbacks were
cornered and became the subject
of speculation When treasury notes
were held to be redeemable in gold
they likewise became the object
of solicitude on the part of the men
engaged in the business of cornering
money Now we have the astound
ing proposition to pay gold for sil
ver certificates and induce another
money corner that will contract our
currency to the point of retirement
of the only money that now does the
business of the people
Such propositions as this or their
mere agitation are sufficient to
alarm the people and Mr Carl
isles letter is bound to be of ines
timable benefit to those who are
fighting the battles of the Demo
cratic party
Veterans En Route to the Antictam
WASHINGTON Sept 16 Veterans
of th Blue and Gray en route to the
field of the battle of Antietam held a
reunion in Washington today under the
auspices of the Philadelphia brigade
officially known as the Second brigade
Second division of the army of the
Potomac They go t Antietam tomor
row to dedicate the monument erected
in memory of their comrades who fell
in that battle The monument is an
Imposing structure erected at a cat
of 15000 The members of the brig
ade to the number of several hundred
under the command of General John I
W Frazier reached the city at 1230
I p m in a special train over the B
i I j O road Many were accompanied by
i their wives and daughters and in the J
party r Governor Hastings and
staff exGovernor Beaver and Arch
bishop Ryan Mayor Warwick came
over later l In the day The visitors were
met at me station by Mrs Pickett wid
ow of the general who led the famous
charge at Gettysburg Mrs Picker
was aprominent figure on the platform
at the afternoon meeting i Central
hall where the following programme
was carried out
A Reunited People Archbishop
Ryan of Philadelphia
Army of the Potomac General
James A Beaver Pennsylvania
Army of Northern Virginia Gen
eral William R Avlett Virginia
This evening more addresses were
made at Music hall
I Turkish official circles have issued a
I circular in which they say they cannot
understand either the blind rageof the
English press against the Turkish
government or the sympathy expressed
for the Armenian anarchists whose I
plans are merely a repetition of the
bombthrowing of the Irish Fenians
and the menacing of English buildings I
for the purpose of compelling the Brit
ish government to come to terms The
Armenian revolutionists the statement
declared have formed an infamous
coalition with nihilists and anarchists
and demolishers of society
Milliner Opening
Friday and Saturday September 1819 I
The Wonder Millinery Co 4 Main
I Is to Dc Ilelil on October 4 1 nml
Gunl n Large At tendance Is E
The Union Pacific has put out a
schedule of rates for the church con
ference which is booked for October
4th 5th and 6th The rates are for
round trip tickets as follows
WyomingFrom Laromie 2375 Car
bon 1960 Rawlins 1550 Rook
Springs 975 Green River 395
Granger 775
UtoU Wahsatch 410 Park City
250 Wanship 250 Coalvile 250
Echo 250 Morgan 225 Peterson
S175 UintQh 150 Ogden 150 Hoper
120 Syracuse Junction 110 Dayton
75 cents Kaysville 60 cents Farming
to 50 cents Centreville 35 cents
Woods Cross 25 cents Tenimnus 150
Tooee 120 Erda 110 Halfway
House 95 cents Lake Point SO cents
Garfield 75 cents Saltair Junction 60
cents Chambers 50 cents Jordan 35
cents Buena Vista 20 cents
I Idaho From Moncpelier 850 Soda
Springs 7 American Falls 8 MiniI
I doka 850 Shoshone 1240 Bellevue
1505 Halley 1525 Ketehum 1590
Glenns Ferry 15 Mountain Home
1650 Nampa 1925 Boise City 2025
Caldwell 1970 Ontario 2125 Payette
2145 Weiser 2215 Huntington
2330 Beaver Canyon 12 Du
bois 1 Market Lake 9
Idaho Fails 850 Blaekfoot 740
Pocaitello 7 McCammon 575 Ox
ford 425
State Line From Cannon 4
Idaho From Preston 425 Franklin
45t From Richmond 425 Smith
field 410 Logan 380 Mendon 355
Caohe Junction 325 Collinston 275
Dewey 250 Honeyvilte 225 Brig
ham 2 Willard 175 Hot Springs
150 Harrisville 150 Frisco 670 I
Milford 6 Black Rock 575 Clear
Lake 525 Oasis 450 Lemmington
390 Juab 325 Nephi 3 Mono 250 I
Santaquin 233 Payson 235 Benja
min 225 Spanish Fork 225 SprIng
vie 210 Provo 190 Lake View
170 Pleasant Grove 150 American
Fork 133 Lehi 125 Lehi Junction I
120 Draper 70c Sandy 50c June i
tion 35c Murray 25c Eureka 323
Ironton 325 Silver City 325 Mam
moth 325 Doremus 3 Rush Valley
250 Fairtteld 225 Cedar Fort 195
Selling Dates From Ogden Santa
quin and intermediate points and sta
tions on Utah Nevada and Salt Lake
Western branches October 3rd to
6th limited to October 12th and from
all other points October 2nd to 6th
inclusive limited to October 15 1896
The rates of the Rio Grande Western
will be the same on common points
and relatively the same for other
points I
Hnllronrt Selection I
WASHINGTON Sept 16The secre
tary of the interior has approved the
following railroad selections Southern
Pacific railroad 5381 acres In the VIa
ala California land district Central
Pacific railroad successor to the California
fornia Oregon railroad 3676 acres in
the Reading California land district
and another list of 160 acres to the
same company in tine some district
ViniiiR May Resign
Is stated that E P Vining general
manager of the Market street railway
L about on the point of resigning He
was appointed by the Huntington ele
I ment ait a salary of12000 per year
and it is reported refused to listen t
the Stanford wing of the directory resulting
in clash between Huntington
suiting a cash betwe Huntngon
and Stanfords representatives Vining
who is now in the east was at one
time general freight agent of the Union
Pafc having retired from that p
sition because o similar quarrels
CHICAGO Sept 16The invitation
tennis tournament opened today at the
Wyandotte courts The following is
the result of the days play
A Learned beat Everts Wrenn Cl
E T Fischer beat C Chase 62 61
Carr Neel beat George Wrenn 61
W A Learned beat Sam Chase 75
Repnlillciin Primaries A High
School to Be ENtahliihcil
PAYSON Utah Sept 16The Republican
can primary met at the city hall Septem
ber 15
Grant Simons was chairman and Jos
E Page secretary
A permanent organization was deferred
for the present
Election of delegates was a follows
Delegates to Republican convention at
Provo September 21John H Dixon W
A Miles Henry Fairbanks Armon Cravens
vens A L Simons O P Halgh Ora I
Simons jr Amman Nobeker T G Wim I
mer sr Mrs Lee Simons Wm T Cra <
vens Mrs Martha Kappel Ir T G
Wimmer jr Frank Fairbanks Thomas
G Wimmer jr lr Frank Fairbanks
Mrs T G Wimmer sr George Williams
R S Wimmer Mrs John Dixon I
Alternates Mrs Artie White F I Wil
Altei nates Mrs Artie White F I Wil 1
son Horace Curtis r Ellen Senior J i
Frank Tervort i
Five delegates were elected to the judi
cial district No4 to be held at Provo
September 23 viz Harry Tipton John I
H Dixon Frank D Huish C F Dixon
jr F F Flnlayson with two alternates I
E H Bates Henry Tervort i
Two members to the county committee
Frank D Huish Mrs Ellen Senior
The nomination of justice of the peace
and constable was deferred until the fu
The resignation of Chairman G Simons I
was accepted
A division In the Republican ranks will
cause the silver Republicans to join with
cs1i JPobf
the Democrats JP vote for Bryan I
Notices were posted today calling for a
meetins of the Independent Republican
primary on Thursday evening at the city
hall It is signed by S W J Douglass
G G Simons F D Huish the silver
faction of the Payson Republican cub I
who have drawn out from the gold stand
ard Wimmer faction
A public meeting of the property own
ers of Payson school district was held last
night and the high school problem dis
cussed and the board received the sanc I
tion to the movement of establishing a
high school in this district embracing the i
eighth and ninth grades i
The city hall has been leased for the
school room I
She Wilt Be Followeil Soon Bj tie
NEW YORK Sep 16A Sun spe
cial from Washington says The assignment I
signment of two additional warships
to the Mediterranean fleet is accepted
as evidence o a decisive move on the
part of the European powers in dealIng
with the Turkish situation
ing t Trkish uaton and
while It Is not admitted even yet that
the Bancroft which sailed yesterday
Bancrot sie yeerday 1 I
Is under orders to proceed to the Bos
phorus there Is no longer the slight
est question as to her mission The I
administration proposes she shall be
the United States guardsMp a Con
stantinople whether the porte grants I
the necessary permission o refuses It
In case of refusal this government will
hold that it has never accepted the
Berlin agreement a excluding it from I
naval representation in Turkish waters
and that not being a party to that I
agreement this country cannot be ex
cluded under the law o nations
from due naval representation there
The departure of the Bancroft to be
followed In three days by the Cincin
nati bound for the same station Is
looked upon in official circles a indi
cating some
by this government in Turkish affairs
That Turkey has not given this govern
ment permission to send the Bancrof
or any o Its war vessels through the
Bosphorus is not denied and the ob
ject In dispatching them with the pos
sibility of the pones making a firm
protest against their presence Is not
I explained at the department
Especially In view of the circum
stances that Turkey in response to our
I request to permit a vessel to pass the
forts last January expressly forbade
I her to do so gives additional interest
to the attitude that may be maintained
by the administration with reference to
I Turkey The fact tat both vessels
have been supplied with charts of leI
Bosphorus and the waters near Con
I stantinople emphasize the strong im
pression that eventually Minister Ter
I rell will have at Ms Immediate call
I two vessels of war capable of landing
a fairly large force for the preservation
I of American lives and Interests around
the United States legation
I To force the Bosphorus and anchor
there two ships off the Turkish capital
i would not be equivalent to an unfriend
ly act toward Turkey in the opinion
of the state department officials al
though they prefer the permission be
j I given
il I The general opinion is that when
both vessels have
veses reached the Levant
I the porte will yield to the
prte 11 urgent so
licitation of Mr Terrill and the permit
will be Issued
i I i The departure of the Bancroft Is
said to have been hastened ac the in
i stance of Secretary Olney and If the
> Cincinnati can coal in time she will
sail before the close of the week The
practice vessels will go first to Fayal
for coal and thence will proceed to
Gibraltar and on to the Levant where
I she Is under orders to announce her
arrival to Minister Terrell The Cln
oinnaitl being three times the size of
the Bancroft and much faster will pro
ceed directly to the Mediterranean and
join the Bancroft at Gibraltar
Anniversary of the Declaration of
Independence CoHKreis Opens
new law enforcing the use of the met
ric system of weights and measures in
Mexico came into force todav
The anniversary of the declaration
of Mexican Independence was celebrat
ed here with great splendor Ten thou
sand troops took part in the celebra
Congress opened tonight President
Diaz in his message sal the boundary
commission as to the iiio Grande had
already solved two grave questions as
to the disputed territory The presi
dent referred to the agreement between
the two countries allowing the pas
sage of troops in pursuit of Kids In
dians which will remain In force until
the band is either exterminated or re
duced to obedience Regarding the as
sault on Nogales on August 12 by rob
bers he said the United States troops
had rendered valuable assistance in tne
pursuit of the band and that instruc
tions had been given to the Washington
legation to request the extradition or
punishment of the guilty parties The
agreement as to the Guatemalan boun
dary President Diaz said had been duly
ratified and the exchange was made
on May 9 The boundary commisaljn
was engaged in its work and numerous
work was in course of erection With
regard to the PanAmerican congress
held here in August the president said
it had for its main object the discus
sion of the Monroe doctrine The con
gress was promoted with best inten
tions by Ecuador but the subject was
a delicate and difficult one Only dele
gates or the Central American govern
ments and Ecuador and Mexico attend
ed but the noble efforts of Ecuador
were not entirely lost although the
carrying out of the ideas of the congress
had been abandoned for the present
and the congress had been dissolved
A new extradition law will shortly be
presented The general elections passed
off with perfect equanimity The In
crease in the import duties for the last
fiscal year over those of the previous
year which ended June 30 is 3500000
and notwithstanding the rise in the rate
of exchange the amount received was
i the largest received up to date from
I this source The whole receipts amount
1 ing to over 50000000 and surplus of
6000000 is now deposited in national
banks The national bank concession j
has been modified and a contract has I
I been made at the bank of London and 1
Mexico for on increase of its capital of
10000000 and extending the time of
the concession fifty years
LONDON Sept 16Lord Hugh
Richard Heathecote Cecil fifth son of
I the Marquis of Salisbury and member
of the house of commons for Green
I wich has written a letter expressing
regret at his inability to attend the
i antisultan meeting in London adding
I I It would be dangerous and mislead
I i Ing to the Armenians If we made them
I believe that England alone can save
them We cannot hope to save them
i until the feeling abroad approaches the
excitement here
Sir Charles Dllke has written a long
reasoning letter In which he says that
If Great Britain shall go to war she
will also plunge India Canada and Aus
tralia into war possibly without their
consent Sir Charles adds
The forcible passage of the Darda
nelles might lead to a general war for
which we are wholly unprepared and In
which our very existence as a power
would be at stake
In conclusion Sir Charles says Our
virtual protectorate over Egypt has
destroyed in the minds of the powers
our credit for clean hands in relation
to the Ottoman empire
LONDON Sept 16It Is announced
tonight that the Prince of Wales will
pay a visit to Lord Rosebery at the
expremiers county seat remaining
there until the arrival of the czar
whom he will join at Lelth It is un
derstood that during the visit of his
royal highness Lord Rosebery will en
deavor to Induce the prince to urge the
czar to adopt an antisultan policy
NEWPORT R I Sept 16The
United States steamer Texas arrived
here early this evening and went
aground in the mud outside the tor
pedo station At 110 am the battle
ship was released by the assistance of
four tugs which set up a steady strain
at two bells and got her off after
Ffcrhtly over half an hours pulling
There was no rock under her and she
Is uninjured Her going ashore was
due to a misunderstanding of orders
in the engine room The Texas was
aground about seven hours
Ground squirrels are very destructive
to crops when numerous a correspondent
In Arizona asks for a remedy as they are
so numerous as to threaten his entire
crop of grain Bisulphide of carbon has
been extensively used in California and
Oregon with very satisfactory results
Its method of application is simply to
saturate a wad of cotton with the bisui
phid and Insert the same in the squirrels
burrow as far as possible and then cover
over with earth making it air tight The
fumes will destroy every species of ani
mal life and as a remedy for gophers
squirrels etc It Is unsurpassed Handle
the drug carefully as It Is a deadly poi
In a suit for damages at San Fran
csco because a dress did not fit Jus
tice Carroll cleared the courtroom and
also went outside to give the plaintiff
a chance to put on the gown and show I
Its bad points
> r
= 1
Suppose we gave f
you a package of Schillings
I Best tea and said I You
neednt pay for this unless
l j
you like it
Youd say Thank you
nnd try it
Your grocer will give you
a package of Schillings Best t
you give him fifty cents You 4
try it and dont like it and
tell him
tel so
I He gives you fifty cents t
back we give him fifty cents
I Schilling Best is going to
winon its merits
Schillings Best coffee soda baking
powder spices and Savoring extracts
are also good in their wayand money 1
4 Schilling Company u Suit Francisco
Culinary Cunnlnsr The Greatest lo
bible oiiriilillielit itt the Miiallest
JIuIU and Under a Stimulating
As warm weather wears on to its IL
olose there comes a trying time for SI
the housekeeper She catches herself
wishing that the butcher might dis
cover a new cut or the garden produce
something never before tasted in the
I way of vegetable or fruit When this
I exigency arises and there seems no
I pleasing the familys flagging appetite
I a savory will fit in exactly
There are many delicious prepara
tions of cooked cheese that may be
eaten without fear of the ind g = ston
which Is by many people Invariably as y
sociated with It If a box of bicar
I bonate of potash which ay be bought
by the ounce at the druggists is kept
In the kitchen closet and used as mucn
as a matter of course as salt all will
be well For an ordinary dish of
cheese as much of the potash as will
cover a 10cent piece will remove all
suspicion of indigestibility and not in
terfere in the least with the flavor
I One of the most popular cheese
preparations Is a fondu cooked in small
earthenware dishes It is made as fol f
I lows v
i To quarter of a pound about a large Jj
I teacupful of grated cheese add half a
small teacupful of milk in which is
dissolved as much powdered bicarbon
ate of potash as will cover a 10cent
piece with mustard pepper and salt
to taste and if liked a sprinkling of
thyme Heat this until the cheese is
evenly melted then stir In three eggs
yolks well blended and bake in a
moderate oven until nearly solid it
should look like a smooth soft baked
I custard This dish may be varied by
adding a teacupful of the crumbs of
stale loaf if the bread used is free
the fondu will be a failure but the dry
crumbs add lightness Many p oplo
who have found cheese like poison to
them will find this recipe digestible as j
well as appetizing
I It is a curious fact that the bicar
bonate of potash restores to milk the
elements that are lost by standing
therefore whereas rarely happens
new milk Is obtainable the potash may
be dispensed with It is also well worth
calling to mind that in this very pot
ash are the necessary constituents ot
human food and that all knds of
wholesome fruits and vegetables and
the juices of fresh meats contain It
and > as it Is the very essence of the
muchtalkedabout brain food the wise
housekeeper will ba glad to have her
attention drawn to It
Egg plant may be converted Into a
delicious and digestible savory if
grated cheese in which bicarbonate of
potash has been mixed has been ad
ded Wash the egg plant and boil
until tender about half an hour
handle carefully cut in half and sc oo
out the interior leaving the skin
whole Mash the scooped out part with
butter salt and pepper to taste and f
hf a small cupful of grated cheese
Mix well return to the skin sprinkle
the top with the other half cupful of
cheese mixed with bread crumbs and
brown In a quick oven The egg plant
may also he cut in circular slices
quarter of an inch thick sprinkled
with pepper and salt plentifully
dredged with flour grated cheese
sprinkled over all and baked on a
greased pan which has been made
very hot on the top shelf of a quick
Remains of any white fish make a
delicious scallop with the addition of
chris and by the way it Is satisfic
trry to know that good American
cheese if not too fresh Is pronounced
bv th proper authorities as excellent
for cooking purposes Mash the fish
with bread crumbs grated chees and
anchovy sauce or any ketchup liked
bake in shells with a layer of brad W
crumbs gratedi cheese and wee dabs
rf butter on top
Pare a cucumber remove the seeds J
cut in round slices an nch thick eU
stand in very cold salted water for a A
few moments drain then dry by pat
ting between a cloth dip in bread
crumbs and egg cook in deep boiling
fat until brown put a bak ° d or
broiled mushroom on top of each slice
ar < l serve
To bake mushrooms allow five or six
rniutf in a he oven halting often
with gravy which must be heated
first or with sweet oil or butter they
mst be krned with a damp clHh
and the stalks trimmed
1 Mate square boxes with note paper
or they may be bought at the confec
tioners put a small lumn of butter
and > a little chopped parsley in each
place them on a hot tin plate break
an ess in each sprinkle over the top
grated cheese and bread crumbs with
pepper and salt to taste bake in a
rt ovn for three minute or until the
eggs are set Grated cheese alone
cooked and served in this manner is a
very popular and sightly savory
If you can find the nest of the ants
says a writer In Farm and Fireside you
can destroy or drive them away by mak
ing a hole with a stick in the center of it
and pouring Into it a little bisuiphid of
carbon and then covering It over with a
pece of cloth to keep in the fume which
are destructive to animal life isisulrhul
of carbon resemWes goso ne in being
very explosive and volatile If you can
not get Ujla material using a plentiful
supply of gasolene or kerosene will ac
complsh the same purpose though not
so effectually It will not do to use saso
Ine or krosono around plum trees hence
if the ants make their nests around the
hot I of then trS as is very likely the
case you will find kerosene emulsion a
safe awl < l effective material to use provid
ing the ground Is soaked with it cose to
the trees The ants are most likely to
cause Injury around the base of th ° tree
and not to the branches trunk or leaves
but they can easily be kept out of the
trees by surrounding It with a band of
cotton or oakum kept smeared with tar
or thick kerosense emulsion

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