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THE JLAJKJi n ERALD dull times as well as good times
etantly bargains U before you the want public to make con J t r j I J Dont slack
J money j
J Democratic Candidate Re
4 ceived By the People With
t Enthusiasm
They Must Not Desert the Farm
i ers of the Union
c A Government of Syndicates By
SyndlciUes mid For Syndicates
1 Iwt Perish Irom the Face of
the Earth These Are Days
t i Vhcn If u Sinn Shows Any
f Evidence of the Spirit of 17TO He
ic Unbbcd nn Anarchist nnd n
Traitor Country flanker Take
114 Their Opinion Ready Made From
the Moneyed lIen of New York
Who Specially Import Them From
RALEIGH K C Sept 17 Xorth
Carolinas capital city had William J
Bryan for its guest for two hours to
Mr Bryan arrived at 7 oclock with
s Governor Carr and others and was met
at the Southern railway station by a
reception committee a flambeau club
and a brass band He was escorted to
Nah square a beautiful open park
near the station where 6000 people had
l gathered in defiance of the heat to
hear him The speaking stand was
glow with electric lights the name
Bryan being displayed in big electric
letters < over the Tjlace where the Demo
cratic candidate stood At each corner
of the square big bonfires burned and
he lights threw the big crowd into
pioturesaue relief
went up as the candidate ascended the
stand Clement Manley the chairman
of the Democratic state committee and
Hall Ayer the chairman of the Popul
ist state committee presided jointly
over the meeting After his speech
Mr Bryan went to the Park hotel and
held a Deception the corridors and
lobby and the streets outside being
packed with people while it lasted
Mr Bryan said
I am informed that the Republican
national committee has sent out cir
culars to various religious papers and
organizations calling attention to a
danger which they say threatens these
religious organizations if we have free
coinage of silver I want you to remember
member that the Republican party and
the Republican speakers and the Re
publican candidates most of all these
have denounced the Democrats for
f ting to array class against class I
want to say to you that the Republican
can party is doing more in this country
today to array class against cass
to the
than any others They appeal
laboring man and tell him the gold
standard gives him
for his wages without telling him that
It also makes i Impossible for a very I
larg numer of men oliO want to I
labor to get a chance to earn one of
t e highpriced dollars Cheers
Ou in our state the Republican com
mittee of one of the counties appealed
to the school teachers trying to show
them that a gold standard was a good
thing for them thereby trying to set
J the school teachers against the rest
of the people and now they have ap
pealed to the church organizations and
church papers and are now trying to
r i array them against the free coinage of
fcller Well I could stand any appeal
made by the advocates of the gold
standard t almost any class better
than an appeal made to the preachers
and teachers of religion I there is
one thing that the church people of
this Wintry could afford t array them
selves against i is the gold standard I
and It Is being advocated by the American I
can people at this time Applause j I
And yet the Republican party is j
to Hike their place upon the side of the
gold pace How things have
changed in the last LSOO years Look
at the people who are at the head of
the gold standard propaganda In the
United States Look at the bondhold
ing class and the moneychanging
classes and turn back ISo years when
the m > ek and lowly savior threw the
tine kind of people out of his temple I i
because they had made his house aden I
Enthusiastic cheer
den of thieves nthusiastc
ing > and then think that these people
come and Appeal to the mini ers of
the gospel and religious papers to save
t gosp the wrath to come
1 O aughter and applause My friends
when certain ministers of the gospel
denounce the great mass of people who
stand behind free silver when these
ministers have denounced these advo
cates of free coinage and have token
their places upon the side of these
great aggregations of wealth I remind
them that when the savior was here
it was the common people who heard
him gladly the very people whom
these ministers toJay call anarchists
and socialists Great applause My
friends when I find there are not
many of them but they are quite con
spicuous when I find these men cast
Ing their lot upon that side exhaust I
ing abusive language in their descrip
tion of the ira masses of the people
of this country I feel like saying to
them that i they would take their
chances with Dives I will risk my
chances with Lazarus Decide whether
cace to support the political
o wnt t spprt tl pltc i
J finance policy or not
L + i
The special train left for Goldsboro
a D p m
Great h Bryan I
past eight this morning was the early
hour set by Vllliam J Bryan in com
plying with the request of his Char
lotte supporters t make a speech here
The special train furnished Mr
Bryan by the North Carolina state
reception committee arrived from
Asheville at a late l hour last night and
was sidetracked while the candidate
slept At a 1 Mr Bryan left the I
train and under escort of the local I
Knights of Pythias and numerous I
horsemen proceeded to the Postoffice
park where he addressed several
thousand people at 930
Mr Bryan said among other things
The Republican party has beer
legislating to make a dollar dearer and
they deny that legislation has any
thing to do with the dollar What pro
vision does the Republican party make
for the supply of the money that you
need None whatever
that even men who have been Republicans
cans all their lives are now in favor of
the free coinage of silver Great ap
plause I am not surprised when I
find that Republicans who recognize
their principles of finance and apply
them to the money question a not
surpr that they desert the Republi
can party this year when i comes out
and attempts t defend the Democratic
administration which was repudiated
by the Democratic party itself Great
applause You remember here hi
North Carolina the Republicans have
made more capital by denouncing this
administration than in any other way
What do you think now when the
Republicans of North Carolina become
the sponsors for the Democratic administration
ministration Wild applause I am
not surprised that earnest and sincere
Republicans prefer to stand with the
Democratic party in demanding bi
metallism which even the Republican
party of four years ag said was
through tradition I am not surprised
that Republicans who eight years ag
stood upon a platform that denounced
I the Democratic party for its attempt
to demonetize silver I am not
I te f
surprised that those Republicans join
with us today in demanding bimetal
lism which has been the historic policy
of the United States and which until
1S73 received the support of all the
statesmen Republican Democratic
Whig and everything we ever ha in
applause this country Long and continuous
The special train left Charlotte for
Durham at 10 oclock
The Bryan special reached Concord
at 1035 a m and Mr Bryan delivered
a short speech from the covered stand
1 to about thousand people who
a thousnd peple were
1 very hearty in their applause 11
I Bryan said that If the mints are open
ed so every man wih an ounce of
I silver can convert it into money there
I would be no surplus to drag down the
I price Can the United States take all
the silver offered If GO we can
maintoln the parity The only way
t know absolutely Is t try but we
Remember the silver of France Eng
land and Germany nearly all coined
and used in the world Is worth more
now a compared with gold than it
would be here
At Salisbury reached at 1115 Mr
Bryan was introduced to 4000 people by
I Theodore F Kluttz chairman of the
North Carolina delegation at Chicago
who seconded Mr Bryans nomination
Considerable enthusiasm marked the
candidates speech and the cheers grew
in intensity as he proceeded Just as
Mr Bryan was boarding his train he
I gfo itS
was presented with the foot of a rab
I bit killed at midnight in a church
yard during the dark of the moon
I Those who saw the presentation man
ifested their appreciation of the inci
dent by exercising their lungs and just
I a the train moved off the candidate
called out
I the people who have given me
rabbits feet In this campaign will vote
i for me there is i no possible doubt of
I my election
This is Mr Bryans Salisbury speech
I I am informed that Andrew Jack
son was a law student in this city and
I am glad to tread the soil made sa
cred by
Applause The principles for which I
stand before the people are the princi
ples taught by Jackson when he was
the idol not of the Democracy alone
but of te peat common people whom
he at all times defended Applause
When Jackson was president his great
est fight was against the United States
national banks Those connected with
the great banking influence denounced
him and applied to him just as abu
sive epithets a the money owning and
changing class applied to Thomas Jef
ferson before him and have applied to
every one since who did not bow the
knee to Baal and worship the golden
calf Applause At that time all the
moneyed influences of this country were
combined for his overthrow just as
they have today combined to perpetu
ate a government of syndicates by
syndicates and for syndicates Ap
plause The masses are interested in
a government which guarantees equal
rights to all and confers special privi
leges upon none I a glad to note the
intense interest in this campaign I
have noticed it
Our opponents try to divide the toil
Ing masses and put the laboring men in
opposition t the farmer I warn labor
ers not to desert the farmers who have
been the friends of labor In every strug
gle to better their condition The very
people who today are attempting to
use the laboring men to defeat the far
mer in their just cause are the same
people who have oppressed labor from
the beginning of the world and will
do so again the moment they have the
opportunity Cheers
We have lost a few Democrats by de
sertion but the number is growing less
each day because the Democrats who
have not entirely agreed with us find
that if they leave the Democratic party
in its great struggle with plutocracy
they leave it to make a permanent home
with those whom Democracy ha al
ways fought since i became a party
Applause They realize they cannot
afford to separate themselves from
those with whom their interests and
sympathies lie Cheers
Another large audience was at Lexington
ington where Mr Bryan said
In this campaign where our
enemies are united against us our
friends are also united and with the
help of the Democratic party which
adopted a platform at Chicago which
i pervaded with a
and to those forces there brought to
gether has been added the forces re
presented by the Populist party and
by the fee silver principles of the
I United States against this double
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i 1 1
New York Democrats Stand
By the Proceedings at
Hill Never Lost Control of the
Attempts Made to Stampede the Con
vention to Snlzer Without Aiull
Naming of Conservative lien tic
lictctl to Be Good Polities OJiil it
Will Have a Tendency Towards
Harmons Republican Hypocrisy
Shown Up The Aouiinatloiis
BUFFALO N Y Sept 17In one
sweeping sentence the Democracy of
the state of New York today endorsed
the Chicago platform and the nomina
te Chicao platorm te
tions of William J Bryan and Arthur
The state ticket nominated is
For Governor John Boyd Thacher of
For LieutenantGovernor Wilbur F
Porter of Jefferson
For Judge of the Court of Appeals
Robert C Titus of Erie
ElectorsatLarge Robert H Bush
of Horsehead and Benjamin Wood of
New York The convention completed
its work in
which was not altogether harmonious
but which resulted in a victory for tne
regular organization and the selection
of a candidate for governor who was
repeatedly denounced a a goldbug and
a enemy of all that the Chicago plat
form stands for The ballot lor governor
ernor was
Thacher 333 Sulzer 90 Porter 20
Senator Hill and his lieutenants nev
er lost control of the convention for a
moment though several attempts were
made to stampede the delegates t
Sulzer The machine rolled over 1
opposition and though strong protests
against naming a gold man on a silver
platform were made the programme
mapped out by the conference at Wol
ferts Roost went through without a
serious hitch The
instead of extreme silverites will i is
believed prevent the placing of a sec
ond Democratic ticket in the field by
te National Democracy when their
convention is held in Brooklyn on Sep
tember 24
I this result is reached the threat
ened split of the Democratic party in
this state is averted
The platform and the pledge of sup
I port to Bryan and Sewall is expected
to overcome the objections of extreme I
silver men to th candidates named
and the endorsement of the Chicago
platform Is tempered by the naming
of Thacher for governor The middle I
course chosen by Senator Hill alter i
weeks of thought has been laid wD
for the Democrats of the Empire state
and a way is found for them to pre
serve regularity by endorsing the na
tional ticket and save the organization
by voting for candidates for state offi
ces who have always stood for sound
There were many changes made in
the state committee and Elliott Dan
forth succeeded James W Hmckley a
chairman No action was taken upon
the resignation of William F Sheehan
as member of the national committee
from this state
The convention was called to order
at 1102 The report of the committee
on credentials was adopted
The committee on permanent organ
ization selected the Hon H H Rock
well of Chemung for permanent chair
and the secretaries
man temporary secetaries
were made permanent
11 Rockwell was cordially greeted
He spoke as follows
11 Chairman and Gentlemen of the
Convention For the high honor of be
ing chosen to preside over the lurttier
deliberations of this most representa
tive convention of the great mass of
Democratic voters of New York I re
turn my heartfelt thanks After the
adjournment of the national Demo
cratic convention at Chicago a dis
tinguished exgovernor of this state
who participated in its proceedings
but who has since fled to the cave of
Adullam at Indianapolis is reported
to have said that The platform was
just suited to the candidates and the
candidates to the platform
And although the remark was made
by way of disparagement yet from
the expressions of sentiment which we
have already had here and from the
instructions which we have received
from our constituents I believe that
the platform and candidates are not
only suited to each other but are suit
ed to the needs and requirements of
the whole American people that they
meet the approval of the majority of
I the voters of the nation For many
years our people have had to struggle
I with adverse conditions rather than
with political theories
Early in 1S93 conditions which had
been slowly but surely ripening under
a false and mischevous financial sys
tem resulted as had been foreseen and
foretold In great business adversity
and a general prostration of our com
merce and industries
and many of our oldest and strongest
business institutions were forced to
te wall Factories were closed and
great armies of the unemployed look
i ed on and saw their wives and children
I suffering for the ecessities of life
Congress was convened in special
session for the purpose of devising
means to relieve the situation During
the debates which ensued the senior
senator from this state said In his
I place in the senate The permanent
remedy for all our financial evils is 3
return t the system of bimetallism
which existed prior to 1S73
Gentlemen we are Democrats and
revolutionists The finan
we are not revolutonist fnan
clal evils from which we then suffered
still exist Both still languish The
army of the unemployed still stands
with folded arms
to see the wheels of industry again In
motion Our opponents offer us no
remedy or relief I the policy of
steadfast adherence to gold mono
metallism enunciated by them for the
I i determine almost beyond I doubt that free silver vrlll
triumph and William J Bryan Tvlll be the next president of tho
Cnitca States The Kerala does not make this assertion without
authority The situation has been carefully canvassed The com
parative strength of the two can mantes at this time 1 given in
the table below Mr Bryauleadsoff with 20O votes only 24 short
of the necessary majority Mr McKinley given every state to
which he Is entitled and the benefit of the doubt has only 15G
In the doubtful column arc 01 votes Of the doubt
ful Mr Bryan needs but the vote of Illinois to
be elected Mr McKinley In order to be elected
must carry nearly all the doubtful states That he IB not
likely to carry Illinois California Minnesota Maryland
or Michigan every student of politics must ad
mit In Minnesota and Illinois especially the Democratic pros
pects are very bright A local fight In Minnesota 1 sure to split
the Scandinavian vote nhich nlll likely give the electoral vote
of that state to Bryan In Illinois silver sentiment Is so strong
that I J almost a certainty that Mr Brjan will carry that state
The same J tree of Maryland and Michigan Following J the
status nt present which makes Illinois the piiotal state and
which leaves little I any room foi d Mib as to Mr Jlryana elcc
ton Cut thi out and keep I for reference
STATES Vote Bryan McKinley Doubtful
Alabama I II
Arkansas 8 8
California 9 1 9
Colorado 4 L 4
Connecticut 6 J 6
Delaware 3 i 3
Florida 4 i 4
Georgia 13 13
Idaho 3 1 3
illinois 24 1 24
Indiana 15 15
Iowa 13 13
Kansas 10 1
Kentucky 13 13
Louisiana 8 8
Maine 6 6
Maryland 8 8
Massachusetts 15 15
Michigan I 14 I 14
Minnesota 9 9
Mississippi 9 9
Missouri 17 17
Montana 3 1 3
Nebraska 8 8
Nevada 3 3
New Hampshire 4 4
New Jersey 10 10
New York 36 36 J
North Carolina II I I II I I i
North Dakota 3 3 i
Ohio 23 23
Oregon 4 4
pennsYlvania 32 32
Rhode Island 4 4
South Carolina 9 9
South Dakota 4 4 y t
Tennessee 12 12 I s
Texas 15 l5 l c f
Utah 3 3 r
Vermont 1 4 i 4
Virginia 12 12
Washington t 4 4
Washingon Ni
West Virginia 6 6 i
Wiscnsin 12 t 12
Wyomng 3 3
Total 47 200 156 91
Necessary to a choice 224
first time in the national platform of
any political party shall be made ef
fective then we are without hope And
what is our remedy What was the
system of bimetallism which prevail
ed prior to 1S73
I was the free and unlimited coin
age of both gold and silver on equal
terms and without discrimination at
a ratio of practically 16 to 1 exactly
what Is demanded by the Chicago
platform I I
i A the bimetallic system of the
constitution which reserves to the
federal government the exclusive right
to coin money and forbids the states
from making anything other than gold F
and silver coins for the United States I I
in the payment of debts I is the sys I
tem founded by that great conserva I
tive statesman and financier Alexander
Hamilton by and with the advice
consent and cooperation of the father
of Democracy Thomas Jefferson and
the other early statesmen In June
last the Republican party assembled
in national convention at St Louis
nominated its candidate for president
and vicepresident and adopted a plat
form in favor of the single standard
and In opposition to the use of silver
a lawful money Silver is not stan
dard money now but it is measured I
u > tjoiu t Ve have the gold standard
alone and the Republican party in its I
pJatform demands ts maintenance in
violation of all the past teachings and
policy and in violation of the cons
tution Again I say we are Demo
I crats and we are not revolutionists
Revolutionists Rather apply the term
to those engaged in the attempt to
I destroy onehalf of the money of the
world thereby as Baron Rothschild
said accomplishing a destruction of
values without any compensation to
I i us who are trying to return to the
monetary system which prevailed in
moneta our country for more than eighty
years a system founded and approved
I by Hamilton Jefferson and
of the republic But it is also charged
I that we are repudiatiomsiii They say
I that we are in favo of a fiftythree
cent dollar to be used in the payment
I of debts Our answer Is that a return
I to the system of bimetallism which ex
i isted prior to 1S73 means thai gold and
silver shall be kept at a parity of
value according to the legal ratio Why
s it that the bullion value remained
i i stable before 1S73 and began to vary
after that date Not because of the
increased relative position of silver
increaed relalt
I There were much wider variations in
the relative production of the metals
before 1S73 than there have been since
At one period the production of gold
I was 75 per cent less than of silver at
any other period I was more than
oter perod At time sil
I 200 per cent greater one tme sI
geater ceased At another
I ver coinage almost ceed anOther
vel time coinage almost ceased But
gold almot ceae
1me coinag
all during this almost one hundred
al thi
years there was never a moment when
yer a melted silver dollar of the United
States would not bring more than ala
dollar in gold in the worlds markets
la use of gold and silver is almost
People for
monetary one Peple
entirely a moneta one
I ages have used both for money
I Neither silver nor gold has got in
I trinsic siver Their value is artificial
desire That de
caused by human deire That de
sire is caused by their monetary use
and that alone The value jf gold rests
tat aone
I in the confidence that men have in a
government that will recognize its
monetary use and stamp it I as mote
While mel had that
it was as valuable when melted as
< t
when coined just a gold has contin
ued to be I was because the govern
ment withdrew that recognition dis
criminated against silver and refused
to coin or recoin i that people lost
faith In silver and Its value as com
pared with gold depreciated
The value of a gold dollar rests alone
on the faith and credit of the govern
ment and under restored bimetallism
the value of a silver dollar would rest
on the same basis But say our op
ponents the production of silver has
been s great owing to new discoveries
and improved methods that its value
has been destroyed and we shall have
a flood of silver if we open our mints
to Its free coinage at the ration of 16
to 1
The ratio of 16 to 1 was established
more than sixty years ago after a
careful estimate which showed that
there was in weight just about six
teen times as much silver as gold in
the world The proportion of value has
not materially changed The director
of the mint has issued a table showing
the amount in ounces of
since that time has been a little more
than sixteen times that of gold But
for hundreds of years men have been
accumulating great stocks of gold and
silver which have become so enorm
ous that the production of any one of
five years or ten years can have but a
slight Influence on their relative value
I was not increased production of
silver but it was legislation and that
alone that caused the depreciation of
silver Demonetization by France and
Germany and the United States caused
silver to fall in value The repeal of
the Sherman law and the closure of the
Indian mints caused sO great and sud
den a decline as to clearly show the re
lation of cause and effect I was not
increased production but destruction
of demand for free silver that caused
I its fall in value Now we claim that
what legislation destroyed it can re
store We entered on the road to gold
monometallism by legislation Finding
that we make a mistake let us go back
to our starting point That is the true
meaning of our platform The conse
quences of our mistake have been
most disastrous Ever since 1873 prices
of everything have fallen proportion
I ately day with silver a dollar in gold to
common commodities a it would prior
to 1873 I win buy twice a much
land Farms have shrunk nearly one
half But the mortgages have not
shrunk nor the taxes nor the notes
nor other evidences of indebtedness
Silver has not depreciated but has re
mained stable a compared with other
property Gold has appreciated its
purchasing power has doubled Talk
of an honest dollar An appreciated
dollar is just as dishonest as a depre
ciated one Our opponents even appeal
to the laboring man engaged In other
avocations and tell him that the re
monetization of silver is a scheme to
raise values In the interest of the
farmer alone That it will result In
raising the cost of living without a cor
I responding increase in wages But let
I us consider who they are who make
i this appeal Every monopolist every
I oppressor of honor is
F in forwarding your interests by keep
ing down values and prices for your
Who Is Mark Hanna
Go ask the sailors on the great lakes
the men whom his organized thugs
Continued on Face Z j
Workingmen of Pennsylvania
Apparently Forced to Kiss
McKinleys Hand
Furnished a Special Train to
Visit Napoleon
The Sage of Canton Tells How Ills
Heart Goes Out to the Man Who
Earns His Bread By the Sweat
of Ills Brow Present Money
Standard lies Not Stood In the
AVny Fear of Democratic Action
Was the Cause of the Paralysis
of Business
CANTON 0 Sept 17A large and
enthusiastic delegation composed of
the employees of the Edgar Thomson
steel works at Braddock Pa arrived
the Pennsylvania
on three special trains over
sylvania railroad shortly after noon today
dayThe visitors were accompanied by
the Sheridan Sabre and 81 Thomas
bands There were fully 3500 persons
in the party At the depot the visitors
were met by the Canton mounted troops
and a large crowd of citizens When
the last of the three trains had pulled
Into the station the line was formed
and the delegation marched to th
residence of Major McKinley The
spokesman of the party was John L
Jones He made a brief speech to the
candidate in which he praised the
protective principles of the Republican
party and declared that his people were
Major McKinley was received with
a storm of cheering when he appeared
on the porch This applause was re
newed when the spokesman had fin
ished his Introductory remarks and th
nominee had mounted a chair to respond
Major McKinley sad
Mr Jones and my fellow citizens
Many delegations have waited upon
me in the last two months All have
been welcome and their visits have
been inspiring but somehow when an
assemblage of workingmen come to
pay me a visit it attracts my interest
and touches my heart Cheers I
bid you welcome i my city and to my
home I can well appreciate why the
workingmen of this country should
have a deep and profound interest in
the outcome of the present contest
Cries of We have We cannot fail
to remember that
which stands between your labor and
the labor of Europe the only thing
which stands between your workshops
and the workshops of the old world
is a wise patriotic American protec
tive policy Great cheering and cries I
of Right you are
I am very glad to have this large I
delegation of the employees of the
great Edgar Thomson steel works of I
Braddock Pa at my home Applause j
and cries of We are glad to be here i
You have come as your spokesman I i
has stated to bring me your good wll I
and that of your fellow citizens whom I
you represent I am glad to have you
come in the manner your spokesman I
has described representing all creeds
all colors and all classes men who be
long to the Republican party and
those who have hitherto belonged to
other parties now acting together for I
what they believe to be the common
fest I
good Applause and cries of Whats
the matter with McKinley Hes all
right This is distinctively the peo
ples year when old lines are effaced
and men who heretofore opposed m
are upon a common platform to sustain
the honor of our country Applause
of the people They are only what
the people make them and are enti
tled to their confidence only so long
a they serve their highest and best
interests Applause and cries of I
Thats right We are all concerned
no matter what may be our occupa
tions in our countrys welfare Cries
o Thats s Whatever political
we may have however we may
differ on minor questions of public
policy we are all of one mind in the
conviction that something or other is
the matter with the country We may I
differ in our diagnosis we may differ
about the treatment in detail but we I
do not disagree upon what is essential
in the first instance to the restoration
of the better conditions of the past
One thing above all else that is wanted
at this juncture Is the return of public
and private confidence Applause and
cries Q Correct Its absence is our
fundamental trouble Upon that there
cannot be two opinions and that my
fellow citizens no class of people know
better than you We know the very
day and the hour when this I
and from that hour distrust and doubt
have hung over the business of the
country I has been aggravated from
a variety of causes but none were F
greater than the assault which has
been made by the allied political organ
izations the credit and the
upon crect cur
rency of the country Applause and
cries of Thats right This new men
ace must b averted before we can I
hope to have any permanent prosper I
ity We know that the present money I
standard has not stood in the way of
our prosperity in the past Cries of
No No free trade has
You know that we were prosperous I
in 1S92 and had been for the preced I
ing years You know that we have not F
seen any real measure of prosperity
since Applause and cries of Thats F
right Business is so sensitive so
quick to scent danger that any legis F
lation or proposed legislation or change I
of policy which would derange or alter
or unsettle values is felt log before I
the apprehended blow is given SO
that from the very hour it was known
by the American people that the Re
publican party which with but a tingle
publcn par sn
gle interruption had been in control
of the government for more than thirty
years was to g out o power and another
other party with a different policy was
to come In that moment every busi
ness man of the country assumed
and of fear and anxiety Applause
While business men were waiting to
know exactly what legislation was to
be business languished from one end
to the other end and labor tvas without
work Then we commenced living from
hand to mouth and we have been living
fro hand to mouth ever since Great
applause and cries of We have As
a old cormAde said to me a few days
ago The distress seems to b getting
greater with esch succeeding year
Laughter and applause According to
a census recently taken by a news
it thai in
paper in New York appears i
July 1892 577 employers of labor in
Jul United Statas gave work to 114231
hands How was i in July 1SSG Cries
of Not s good The soTie employers
gave work to 78700 hands 35531 men
who had been employed in 1S92 r
thrown out of employment in 1896 and
trw state of idleness resulting in
a loss of more than 30 per cent to la
In July 1S32 the wages paid to the
314231 hands amounted t 3927000 In
J431 hand
July 1896 the earnings o the 78700
hands amounted to only 2469712 a lots
to labor in a single month in those establishments
tablishments of 14J70O or 40 per cent
A voite Pennsylvania knows i
Yes and Pennsylvania like ail time restS
e the country will vole this year with
knowledge Cries of Right right
In 1892 the monthly average 0 wa res
paid in these establishments was
3450 i1 1S96 only J31
My countrymen I am one of those
that the Ameri
Americans who believe te
can workshop should be protected a
far as possible from the foreign work
shop t the end that American working
men may be constantly employed and
so protected too a t be employed
at American wages Trmendls
cheering and cries of Thats rphc
major Nor do I want products
cheapened at the expense of American
manhood Applause Nor do I think
that it is economy to buy gds cheaply
abroad if thereby it enforces idleness
Such <
at home Renewed appause Sut
goods are the dearest that the Ameri
can people can buy Cries of Rlglit
Jtrjims Phenomenal Tour
New York It In Line
McKiiilejs llcccptlon
The UncompnliKre re Lands
Looking Up Majorities
Watson Eii Route t > >
Business Mining and Stocks
A errs From Nearby
Tomorrows Convention
Mrs OXelt Sues For a Divorce
Jtoaril of Education
How to Collect Mortgage Tax
The Independent Republican Primaries
The County Commissioners
StocknIhill But Strong
To St George Awheel r
News Notes from Ogden
Independents Wiiit Goodwin For
Horse Itaees at Calders
you are major James G Elaine
1SS4 applause that gifted statesman i
which seem singularly applicable t oar
present situation and t the present
hour He said A policy that would I
abandon the field oZ home trade must
prove disastrous to the mechanics and I
workingmen cf the United States
Wages are unjustly reduced when
an industrious man Is not able I
a by his earnings to live In
comfort educate his children and
save a sufficient amount for the 1
necessities of age The reduction of
wages inevitably consequent upon I
throwing ourhome market open t the
world would deprive the workingmen
of the United States of the power to
do this I would prove a great ca am
y t our country I would produce a
conflict between the poor and the rich
and in the sorrowful degradadcci of
labor would plant the seeds o public
The Republican party has steadily
aimed t maintain just relations be
tween capital andlabor guarding wit
car the rights of each A conflict be
tween the two has always led in the
past and will always lead in the fu
ture to
Applause Labor is indispensable to
the creation and profitable use of cap
ital and capital increases the efficiency
and value of labor Whoever arrays
the one against the other Is an enemy
of both Applause That policy is
wisest and best which harmonizes the
two on the basis of absolute justice
The Republican party has protected
the free labor of America so that its
compensation is larger than Js realized
in any other country Applause and
cries of Hurrah for McKinley But
my countrymen as if the business con
ditions were not bad enough and hard
enough to bear we have thrust upon
us at this most critical time in the
business affairs of the nation a prop
osition to debase the currency of the
country and to undermine the public
credit We know what partial free
trade has done for the labor of the
United States I ha diminished Its
employment and earnings We do not I
propose now to inaugurate a currency
system that will cheat labor in its pay
The laboring men of this country when
ever they give one days work to their
employer want to be I
good everywhere in the world Great
cheering and cries of McKinleys alI
cheering We want in this country good
I work good wages and good money
Applause We want to continue our
I good government with its g generous piv
ileges and matchless opportunities allover
over cheers and for the equal benefit
of al Renewed cheering
I My fellow citizens it is gratifying to
I me to be assured by your spokesman
and my old comrade will b inspir
ing to the whole countrythat the voie
of labor here today declares that ro
party which degrades the honor of the
nation no party which stands opposed
to law and order or which seeks to ar
ray the masses against the classes hl
receive its vote and support
cheering and cries of Thats right
and Hurrah for McKinley
I Golden words are these which s m
strike a chord of sympathy In every
American home where virtue dwellrf and
I truth abides Apprause We have this
year resting upon us as citizens i
I The country has never failed nor I
faltered in the past to meet rery crisis
1 Continued on Page 6J
Governor Wells and Secretary
Hammond Were Both a
Little Previous
Occupation of the Lands is Un
No Official Advices of Occupancy
Have Yet Been Received But
There 1 XV Doubt That tic Indi
an Agent Will Be Instructed to
Remove the Notices of Location
Pat Ui Bj tho Enterprising
Special to The Herald
Secretary of the Interior Francis re
turned t Washington today and was
seen by The Herald1 correspondent
concerning the status of the locations
of asphaltum mining claims OB the
Uncompahgre Indian reservations
Secretary Francis had been consulting
with Acting Secretary Sim fa ha
Have you seen the statement made
by Governor Sims on Saturday
I was given to The Herald mid
the correspondent
There is nothing more to add said
Secretary Francis as yet we are
without any official advice the tele
gram that The Herald furnished Secretary
retary Sim being the only Informa
tion this department has received a
t the mining locations posted o this
Then It is t be regarded as an
Indian reservation asked the corres
Certainly saId the secretary
And if persons have entered i a
have taken up mining claims they
have done so without authority
This matter is evidently considered
important by Secretary Francis and
his assistant secretaries for the former
only returned to his duties this morn
ing and when seem early this after
noon he had already held a consulta
tion t Governor Sim who had
shown him the Heralds telegram I
is believed that when the TJncom
pahgre Indian agent has formally noti
fed the department of the action of
Governor Wells Secretary Hammonr
and the other sooners he will ode
the agent t remove the notices r
I It Their Jurpote to Xomlnmtci an
Independent State Ticket i eT
NEW YORK Sep 11The Sum saya
tls morning
Not only Is It the purpose of the Democratic
ocratic party reform organization at Its
state convention t b held In Brook
lyn l on next Thursday t nominate a
independent state ticket but the stat
committee X the organization wilfl
recommend the nomination of sod
money Democratic candidates for con
gress and assembly in every district
where the party has an organizations
This statement is made on the author
ity of fcalf a dozen of leaders In the
movement who have generally been
looked 0 a formulating the policies
and plans of the party The state committee
mittee will meet in the assembly rooms
of the reform club o Sunday night t
discuss these matters Some Idea of
how the sound money Democrats
feel l regarding this subject may be
obtained from the following statement t
made by former Conga John1
Dewitt Warner la < nt night
We will certainly nominate cand I
dates of our own for governor he snid
A man who would accept a nomination
for governor from the Buffalo
convention merely to gain a
little cheap notoriety for him
self would be a sorry spectacle
His end of the ticket would b less re
spectable than Bryans for I believe
that is at least sIc I we could not
support Bryan we certainly coii < 3 not
support such a man There might b
some reason for a union of all Democrats
crats if there were a state Issue which
i overshadowed the currency issue That
is not the case and the Democratic reform
form organization will not stultify It
self by supporting a professed gold man
on a free silver platform Of course
the same objection hods good in the
case of men who are willing to run for
congress o the assembly on a free sil
ver platform
BALTIMORE lid Sept 17 Enoch
Pratt multimillionaire banker and
merchant died at his country residence
Tivoll Baltimore county at 9 oclock
tonight He was with perhaps one
exception the oldest active banker in
the United States ilr Pratt celebrat
ed the 88th anniversary of his birthday
last Thursday Mr Pratt was a de
scendant of Phineas Pratt who arriv
ed Plymouth In 1623
In 1882 Mr Pratts gift to the city of
Baltimore of a public library costIng
upwards of a million dollars placed
him in the front rank of the worlds
I philanthropists
A ji 1 I

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