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I have not the courage to bear the odium
of being Republicans Cheers
We are engaged in a great struggle
one of the greatest struggles which
the people of this country were ever
engaged in times of peace I Is a
c struggle between Democracy on the
one side and plutocracy on the other
and thera is
for any man to stand upon Loud
4 cheering Those who are not for us are
against us We would have more re
spect aganst them if they were honest
enough to go where they belong
Cheers I believe we shall win now
But whether we win or not we have
begun a warfare against the gold
standard which shall continue until the
i gold standard is driven from our shores
back to England Cheers We have
been opposed to the importation of
criminals and paupers from abroad
and we shall oppose the importation of
which is criminal
a financial system crminal
and which makes paupers wherever i
goes The Republican platform adopted at
St Louis declares pot that the gold
standard is good but that it must be
maintained How long Until the
American people are tired of it No
thev are tired of it now Until the
people desire to get rid of it No
they desire to get rid of it now How
long Why we must maintain it until
foreign nations desire us to get rid of
foreig i will let us get rid of i Cheer
inrIn this city where Patrick Henry
delivered his famous speech whIch
aroused the nation to arms I am not
afraid that the people will permit a
financial control when more
foreign fnancal cntrol
forels ancestors
than one hundred years ago your
willing to give their lives
cestors were wiing lves
if need be to release the colonies from
foreign political control We are In
favor of the immediate restoration of
the free and unlimited coinage of both
gold and silver at the present legal
p ratio of 16 to 1 without waiting for the
rato or consent of any other nation
Cheers We are in favor of it be
r cause bimetallism is needed to give
bimetalsm of stand
s the people sufficient volume
ard money to keep pace with popula
tion and business The treasury
ports show a shrinkage of more than
150000000 in the currency of the peo
t 4 ple within the last two years The
L Republican party does not propose any
plan by which the volume of currency
shall b replenished from time to
time as
They simply desire the people to turn
over our financial system to a syndi
cate who can profit by the extremities
of the government extremities which
the syndicates have done more to cre
ate than any other cause
and demand
We apply the law of supply
mand to money We say the value of a
dollar depends upon the number of
S dollars and that you can raise the
value of a dollar by making the dol
lar scarce and we charge that our
opponents are in favor of making
money scarce because they are con
trolled by those who want money to be
dear I you own money you ought to
vote the Republican ticket I you are
in favor of making money the only
thing i is desirable to own and mak
ing property the thing that everybody
wants to get rid of you want to vote
the Reublca ticket because the Re
publican party proposes to continue the
present financial system the object of
i which is to make it more profitable to
hoard money and get the increase In
the rise of the value of the dollars
than to put that dollar to work em
ploying labor and
o this great country Applause l
you ask why it is anybody in this community
munity can favor a gold standard I
will tell you why some people in some
communities that I know have favored
a gold standard I have known mer
chants who were notified that unless
they supported the gold standard they
could not obtain any extension of
their notes at the banks and some
b = iks have been notified from New
York that unless they use their influ
ence for the gold standard they cannot
discount their notes in New York and
the New York banks are notified from
nc inination of a candidate for president
cial system run on the European plan
the English moneylenders will not let
us have money Applause Our op
r ponents tell us that we must main
tain the gold standard in order to
borow money We reply that if we
maintain the gold standard we will
never be able to do anything but bor
row money and will soon be at an end
in Lhat because our property will not
be fit to borrow on Cheers They tell
us that the election of
will drive gold from this country I
want you to remember that the mOre
London that i we do not have a finan
on a tree silver platform has been
bringing gold to this country for the
last few wesks Cheers
My friends if an American will start
this much of a flow of gold to the Uni
ted States what will be the enormous
flow when we actually have a presi
dent who is for free silver We are
notified that we cannot maintain the
parity because Mexico cannot This
nation can do what Mexico cannot
This nation can create a demand for
silver ten times as great a any de
mand that can b created by Mexico
and if there is a Republican who
doubts that this nation is greater than
Mexico let him remember that the
United States and Mexico together mav
be able to do what Mexico cannot do
alone Loud cheering
Financiers want the gold standard
1 Ivsause it is good for the people finan
ciers Walt the gold standard they say
F because it is good for the farmer they
want the gold standard because it is
good for the laborer they are for it
because it is good for the business
man Tell a gold man that these peo
ple are willing to risk bimetallism and
then what does he say Rising to the
t full height of his moral stature he
tells you that he cannot according to
f hs conscience allow other people to
hurt themselves even if they want to
hurt themselves Laughter and ap
plause When I find a man who is
always wanting to help me against my
will who is trying to do something for
me that I dont want who is always
f feeling for me I watch it that he dont
reach me when he feels for me
Cheers When these advocates of the
gold standard asserted that the free
coinage of silver would be good for
them it took a great loa off my mind
e For twenty years these people have
according to their Bayso been sacri
ficing themselves for the rest of the
people I dont believe they should be
t allowed to further wrong themselves
for our good cheers and when these
k people insisted that free coinage would
i b good for them I thought now our
f tune ha come We will pay back this
t i deb that has been accruing for twenty
< years and we will make them enjoy
t ail the rest of their natural lives and
we will bear with fortitude whatever
I evils come of It Laughter and
cheers Now my friends I must
close Cries of Go on go on
f I have been proving my loyalty to
the ratio of 16 to 1 by working sixteen
f hours in one day and I cannot go be
nd that my friends I want you to
t this question and do what you
think est and whatever is the result
I shall willingly abide by i whether i
be election or defeat conscious that
victory must at last come to all who
figh for the cause of truth Great
To a representative of the United As
l sociated Presses Mr Bryan said to
day that he had seen in the
tat te newspa
pers a copy of Senator Allens notifica
tion of his nomination by the Populists
and would probably answer it early
next wek Mr Bryan will start for
Washington at 7 oclock tomorrow
I h morning
The Democratic candidate awoke at
an early hour this morning at Golds
boro much refreshed The special train
laid all night on a siding outside the
S tw and at 9 oclock it moved into
Improvement on the Electric Belt To
introduce them here you may take the
20 belt for 510 the J15 for 5750 the 10
for So They cure Rheumatism Kidney
troubles Loss of Manhood Female Weak
ness or any nerve trouble Goods sent
C O D Call or write Office No 77
West First South street Salt Lake City
the station where Mr Bryan was met
by the local reception committee which
conducted him to the sneakers stand
in Center street C B Aycock a prom
inent attorney presented Mr Bryan
who expressed himself9n the action of
the New York Democratic convention
as follows
Sometimes they accused us of rising
One of the best evidence that the
platform adopted at Chicago does not
raise a sectional issue is found in the
language of the platform adopted yes
terday in New York There within
the shadow of Wall street against the
combined opposition of th < X5e onco lead
ing Democrats of New York who have
left the Democratic party and either
gone over entirely t the Republicans
or stopped for a moment at a halfway
house the Democracy of New York
declares the platform adopted at Chi
cago is the most Democratic plat
form ever put before the country by a
Democratic convention In the state
of Connecticut they have also endorsed
our platform and in Pennsylvania and
New Jersey In these and other eastern
states the Democracy is beginning to
realize that the Chicago platform pre
sents to the American people those
great interests around which the peo
ple must cluster if they are going to
retain a government o the people
Mr Bryan reached Rocky Mount
shortly before 1 oclock Here the spec
ial was abandoned and Colonel Julian
Carr of Durham and other members
of the state escort committee said good
bye to the candidate who expressed
himself a greatly pleased with the
manner In which he had been treated
by his North Carolina entertainers
Mr Bryan mae his first speech to a
Virginia audience at Emperor It was
reserve to Petersburg t give the can
didate his hearty Virginia welcome
Fully 6000 people were assembled a
the station Major F B Lassiter
United States district attorney introduced
duced Mr Bryan On the conclusion of
his rmak Mr Bryan was over
whelmed by the rush o people anxious
to shake hands with him By dint of
much pushing the police forced a way
to the carriage in waiting and when
the almost exhausted candidate
readied that haven of safety the horses
were whipped up and he was taken to
the Union depot to which his special
ca had been shifted
A large crowd was waiting there and
Mr Bryan w again surrounded by
3 enthusiastic tong of both sexes
and ages ail clamoring for a flower
from a boquet he held in his hand
His roses distributed Mr Bryan
mend boarded his car and started for Rich I
mond I
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that is I not at par with gold which is
the recognized money of the commercial
world Let us not run off after moon
shine theories pressed upon us by Bryan
Tillman and Altgeld and men who may
be honest but who are urging the peo
ple of this country to urgng policy or
t an experiment in defiance of the
edicts of history and in opposition to the
eOt IOo
judgment of the wisest friends of silver
in the world
The Republican party is for bimetal
lism It believes in the use of both gold
and silver a money i believes in the
admission of both to the mints of the
United States on equal terms a soon as
it can be done with safety and honor
Our party is pledged to it in the St
Louis platform
Senator CuJlom was followed by Sen
ator Thurston of Nebraska A most
enthusiastic greeting was given him
and his speech was interrupted by ap
plause at almost every period He said
My Fellow Citizens I am glad to meet I
ou here at the home of that illustrious i 1
American our nominee for president Wil
liam McKinley Brave in war eminent >
in statesmanship the best living exponent
of those American policies which ensure I
national and individual prosperity it yet I
remained for the crucible of a presidential I
candidacy to test the fine gold ot his char
a proved his soldierly qualities a
quarter of a century of legislative and po
litical contention developed strengthened
and disclosed his wisdom his countrymen
can realize and understand the sweet
simple man sublime soul and character of the i j
And fellow citizens what a contrast I I
is there between the two candidates now i
presented for your suffrage One nomi
nated amid the excitement and hysteria I
of emotional frenzya I
emotonal a triumph of pre
arranged spectacular and oratorical red i
lire a nomination not thought of an hour i
before and regretted an hour after The I
other nominated In obedience to the
ripened and deliberate demand of UH peo
ple themselves whose spontaneous up f i
rising in his benaif attested
rslng beialf and i
in the principles for which lIe stands and
their sincere confidence in the ability in i
tegrity patriotism and statesmanship of
the man One notified in accordance with
his own request in that great show gar
den of New York City designed expressly
for circuses menageries horse fairs dog
shows and chrisanthemum exhibitions
amid the blare of trumpets the glare of
electric lights and the incessant tramp of
disappearing hosts the other at his own
humble fireside in an unostentatious man
ner the simple ceremonies witnessed only
by his most Intimate friends One now
steepiechaslng through tht country in a
mad scramble for place and power fear
ful that some elector may escape the
witchery of his flute voice the other dig
filled as befits the exalted place to which
he worthily aspires trustfully and calmly
waits in his own home while the nation I
comes to horn One has selected for his
arena the sand lots his appeals are to the i
of men the forum of the other is an I
American dooryard his rostrum is the
porch of a cottage his words simple and
forceful are addressed to the intelligence
the conscience the patriotism and the
common sense of a brave thoughtful just
and hopeful people
My countrymen these comparisons are
not unjust nor are they overdrawn They
measure the infinite distance between the
party and that platform of Altgeld Till I I
man Pennoyer Llewellyn Yale Coxey i
and Bryan and the party and platform of
Harrison Allison Reed and McKinley
This is not an issue between Republic
anism and
Democracy The Chicago con
vention was not the council chamber of
the Democratic party The nominee of I
that convention I
but it was wrested from true democracy
by the populist and the commune I true
democracy lives its future historian will
trace its title through the Indianapolis
convention monument I true declare democracy assassinated dies its at
Chicago 1
My countrymen I come to you today I
inspired not only by the hope but by the
pledge of certain Republican victory
Three weeks ago I was in my native
state Vermont In every time of great
public danger Vermont has
publc Veront ha responded
to the call of duty When Sumter was i i
fired upon one of her great Democrats I
Paul Dillingham said There shall be I
no Democratic party in Vermont until the
union is saved Her people are as patri
otic in 1896 as In 1861 for with a new
menace to the integrity of the nation and I
the welfare of her people her greatest liv
g f e i1 i
I ing Democratic statesman exMInister
Phelps now says that it Is the
to place country first and to maintain
its financial honor a against any party
platform When Vermont spoke she spoke
not alone for her Republicans but for
her true Democracy as well
In Maine I found the state afire with
Republican enthusiasm ready to stand
where Elaine stood for sound money
protection and reciprocity And what a
mighty answer Maine has given to the
Chicago platform gven
Vermont and Maine are agricultural
states A majority of the people are
farmers The descendants of men who
have for generations battled with the ste
rility of the mountain sides and won a
frugal livelihood by incessant toil Ver
mont and Maine are the beginning of the I
end The same intelligent consideration
of the present issues by the people of the
country will produce the same result
Not in Arkansas and Alabama or
Georgia where the majorities are made
by those entrenched in power to suit the
necessity of the Democratic party nor
perhaps in those five silver states where
a local Interest of the time being prevents
a fair consideration of
but in every other state of the union
where the ballot box registers he con
science the judgment and the patriotism
of the electors there will be the same
glorious result
I visited Massachusetts rich in its mem
ories of Plymouth of Lexington of Bun
ker Hill Massachusetts which gave first
blood for independence and for the union
and I found Massachusetts without re
gard to party lines almost unanimous for
McKinley And then to New York which
Bryan calls the enemys country but
which is not and will not be an enemys
country to any man who stands for the
institutions the welfare and the honor of
the United Stales And In New York I
thought of grand John A Dix who said
I any man hauls down the American
Has shoot him on the spot
In times of peace we have not bullets
for the political enemies of our country
but we have ballots and New York the
reat Empire state the Gibraltar of true
JJemocracy will overwhelm the popo
cratlc aggregation by at least a quarter
of a million majority
And then through Maryland and Vir
ginia and West Virginia all sacred
ground drenched with the blood of two
great armies And then to Indiana the
state of Morton and Harrison And my
countrymen they are all for McKinley
yes even old Virginia
I understand that Mr Bryan said on his
return to Nebraska from his last starring
tour that Ohio was safe for 50000 I be
lieve i I have no doubt of it Yes for
100000 but not for that kind of a William
My friends political quacks have been
Offering curealls t the people since the
world began There is a subtle charm in
every promise of something for nothing
of property without payment nothins a
cumulation without toil of bread with
out the sweat of the brow I is im
possible to realize
in the word free when coupled with a
part policy or a political promise The
policy of a tariff for revenue only would i
not have tasted its first disastrous experi
ment and overthrow I it had not been
for the term free trade The policy of
opening our mints to and placing our
national credit under the Iron product of
the whole world would not
carry one
precinct In the country if it were left to
the spacious suggestion of free silver
something for nothing the hope held out
to those who toll that In some way not
explained or understood they are to
have a share in the vast stores oE silver
money when
Free to whom Will i b free to any
man in the state of Ohio To any man
who toils upon a farm or In a shop Will
it be free except to the owners of silver
mines and the capitalists who can pur
chase silver bullion for coinage purposes
Will It be free except to those who can
secure the cheaper money with which
to buy your grain or pay your wages
What is free coinage of silver The sil
ver advocates say it is simply placing
the stamp of the government upon the
coin to attest to its weight and fineness
If this were all would
I al we not for a mo
ment oppose their plans for the coinage
diately would deceive no one and would imme
as bullion goes at their commercial
value The bullion owners could not force
the people of this country to accept such
dollars and such coinage would not be of I
any possible value to the mine owners
but this Is not what they propose They
insist and the Chicago platform declares
that they shall have the right to bring
all the bullion of all the world of all now
coined and uncoined in other countries
of all now mined and of all the vast
stores yet undiscovered in the mount
s to our mints and have it coned at
n vclHconed I
VUL expense anu returned to Inern Wltn
a law attached compelling the people of
this country to accept all dollars thus
coined as full legal tender for all debts
public and private for all products sold
for all services rendered for all labor
done at 10 cents on the dollar The man
of the factory
cannot compel the mine owner to accept
Irs labor at a double price Why should
the mine owner be given the right to
compel the wage earners and producers
of the country to accept their silver pro
duct at double its market value Will
free silver result in a depreciated dollar
Mr Bryan at his Madison Square garden
meeting before all of the audience had
left declared that In his belief opening
our mints to the free and unlimited coin
age the worlds silver would immediately
advance the price of silver from 68 cents
per ounce its present bullion value to
JL29 per ounce its coinage value In gold
Is there anything in history or the ex
perience of mankind to justify such a be
lief Can the American people afford to
change the business the business pros
perity of this country and of Its 75000000
people to the belief of any man how
ever distinguished when that belief is
in direct opposition to the judgment of
mankind As Mr Foraker has so well
said Can we afford to make an experi
mental station of the White House
What is the free coinage of silver
There are many people In this country
who actually believe that under free coin
age our mints will be a sort of
that the mine owners will feed their bul
lion into the front end while the people
stand around the other end of the ma
chine and the dollars run out into their
pockets Such is not the case Of all
the bullion brought to our mints not one
dollar will go into the treasury of the
United States We the people will pay
all the expenses of running the machine
and the same men who feed the bullion
Into one end will hold the bag into which
the dollars fall at the other You may
open your mints to the free and unlimit
ed coinage of silver until the mine own
ers of the world with the dollars we
coin can build i pyramid whose apex
reaches to the eternal stars and when it
is builded and completed there is not
one man in the United States who can
take just one dollar from that pile unlias
he ha 100 cents worth of labor or the
product of labor to give in exchange
and whenever a man in this free country
has an opportunity to exchange his labor
or his products for money he ought to
Insist upon receiving in payment the best
dollar that the civilized world affords
tell us we have been on a gold basis slnca
1873 and we admit It Is there a mort
gage in the state which bears a date
Has not dollar that
prior to 1873 every dola
has been borrowed by an Ohio farmer I
or by any Ohio man on note and mort I I
gage been paid to him in gold or money i
equivalent to gold Is It just that he I i
should pay in any other money than that
he has borrowed But when do the mort
gages of the farmers and mechanics be
come due The ordinary term of a mort
gage on real estate is from three to bI
years very little money is borrowed for
a longer term by small borrowers Your
time to pay is coming soon Where will
you get the new cheap money in which to I
pay Is It possible that all the farmers
of Ohio will be prepared when their mort
gages come due to pay them off principal
and interest even in money worth 5
cents on the dollar The fact of it Is my
countrymen you do not expect to pay
and you cannot pay your present mort
gages when they become due You will
be prepared to pay the interest you may
be prepared to pay part of the principal
your hope Is to renew from time to time
at the same or at cheaper interest rates
ad gradually year by year pay off un
til your entire indebtedness Is cancelled
But you are now asked to vote for a pol
icy which will drive capital out of the
country When your mortgages come
due if you are not ready to pay in full
you cannot renew certainly not at as fa
vorable rates a you have now
There was another big meeting at
night at the tent The speakers were
Governor Hastings of Pennsylvania
and Representative McCleary of Min
nesota Both speakers were enthusias
tically received
Major McKinley has had an arduous
day In addition to the task of meeting
s I
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r i by the use of
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1 II
I and talking briefly with hundreds of the
people he ha had to shake hands with
thousands make a dozen speeahes enter
tain a dozen guests at dinner and listen
to the music of thirtynine brass bands
The first delegation called at 1030 this
morning I came from Unity township
Columbia county J J Brittain of East
I Palestine was the spokesman In re
sponse to his remarks Major McKinley
made a happy little speech which was
received with great cheering and ap
plause He said
I Somo of the most distinguished men
of the country will present to you the
I political questions that divide the parties I
and I am sure you will be glad to hear j I
them I only appear that 1 may thank
you a I do from the bottom of my heart
for your assurances of support and good
will Great applause
After Major McKinley had finished he
introduced Judge Howard Ferris of Cin
cinnati who made a felicitous speech I i
Judge U L Marvin of Akron also made i j
a short speech
The next delegation was also from Co I
lumbia county Major McKInleys speech
to this delegation was also greeted with
tremendous applause
When Major McKinley finished speak
ing he introduced Major Peabody of j I
Cincinnati vicepresident of the Balti
more Ohio Southwestern railroad who
made one of the
At 1230 the AmeVlcus club of Pitts
burg escorting General Hastings
marched up to the McKinley residence
Major McKinley came out on the stand
which had been erected just inside the I
fence and over topping it W 1 MUS i
tin president of the Amadeus club in
troduced Governor Hastings who made
a speech eulogizing Major McKinley In
response to the greeting Major McKin
ley said
Governor Hastings gentlemen of the
Americus club and my fellow citizens of
Pennsylvania I appreciate more than
I can find words to express the compli
ment and honor of this call of the citi
zens of a neighboring state I am glad
to give you welcome to the city of Can
ton and to my home Applause I am
glad to give welcome to the governor of
the state of Pennsylvania Mr Hastings
cheers and if he can secure for the Re
publican national ticket as large a majority
jority as he secured for himself laughter
and applause we will be entirely satis
wi b entr sats
fled here in Ohio great cheering for I I
believe he received the largest majority I
that was ever given to any candidate for I
any office In the state of Pennsylvania
Applause I do not appear my fellow i i
Applaule to marie a speech but only to
express my personal gratification that I
the famous Americus club of business
man should have turned aside from their
for usual this occupations to come y to our city 1
tktiAi UtiN1N AL
of our Republican campaign And I want
you all to feel that I regard it as a spec
ial favor and compliment to have you
with us great cheering and I trust that I
our people will give you most generous I
and hospitable welcome as I am sure
they will and I wish for all of you a
safe return to your homes after today
doings are over Cries of Hurrah for
Major McKinley had hardly finished
before the building and trades council of
Columbus came up the street behind
their band As soon as the Americus
club moved away from the vicinity of
the stand the Columbus delegation took
its place John N Marion was spokes
man In response to his remarks Major
McKinley said
I have been very deeply and profound
ly touched by the message which your
spokesman brings to me as your repre
sentative speakng of the great building
and trade occupations of the capital City
Applause I recall the tour years I
spent in your city and I cherish them
among the most dear and pleasant of
my life Cheers I cannot recall an
hour during my incumbency of the office
of governor that I did not have the sym
pathy and encouragement and friendship
of the workingmen of the city of Colum
busuur trouble today in this country is
that we have not got enough work cries
all of no mat
of Thats right and al us I
have belonged I
ter to what political party we
longed in the past are going to vote for
more employment to give the American
workingman Cheering and applause I
Ve have
In the last four years and we want to
get it back and then when we get it back I
tcries of We want to keep it Yes we
want to keep it and when we get It back
we propose that we shall be paid in the
best dollars known to the commercial
world tremendous applause We uo
not propose to vote in favor of a money
the value of which you have got to ascer I
Vaue consulting the
tain every morning by consuling
market cOlumn in the newspapers Great
cheering Ve have had no such money I
as that m the past and we do not pro
pose to enter upon such an experiment
just now ApPlaUse and cries of Our I
money is good enough 1 thank you I
my countrymen far this call I appre
ciate the good will of the men represent
ing the great building trades of the city
of Commous I know that you will be I
giau OllIUS LO hear from the state of Pennsyl
vania and we have here on this platform I
that fopivMidci Republican governor Gen I
eral Hastings 1 take pleasure in pre
senting him to you Great applause I
Before this delegation left
was escorted to the stand and he was In
troduced and made a short speech Sev i
erai delegations called at the close of the j
atternoon meeting To the Akron delega
tion one of the argest that visited the
city Mr McKinley said
I was eSpeciauy delighted to see the
from Akron in the I
great delegation pa
rade today It occurred to me as I saw
you passing that you had not left any
cody at home Applause I a sure I
your presence here ha contributed much
toward making this a most successful
meeting and personally I feel especially I
honored to see you come over in such
large numbers on this our opening day
This is one of the largest political meet 1
ings if not the largest ever held in the
state and it is only the opening of the
campaign and as I said in 1S93 at Akron
wren 1 looked over an audience of 15000
or 20000 or more people at the opening of
the campaign of my second nomination
if this is the opening what will the
close be And so I thought today as you
were passing I thank you for your call
Great applause
I was quite dark when the Elkins ca
dets and a large delegation from Salem
Ohio called Major McKinley was tired
and had gone to his room to take a short
nap The bands played six or eight
marches and he gave up the notion of
slumber and made two more speeches
Judge Ambler of Salem made a short ad
dress and Major McKinley responded in
a few appropriate remarks
Major McKinley then turned to the El
kins cadets He was heartily cheered
After the tumult had subsided he made
a speech of welcome and was greeted with
rounds of applause Major McKinley en
tertained Senators Thurston and Cullom
Governor Hastings Governor Bushnell
Congressman McCleary and a dozen Can
ton friends at dInner this evening
i f l 1 < J
Old Boreas on a Tear Last
Nearby Country Precincts Suffered
Severely All the Orchards Dam
asred Telephone mid Telegraph
Wires Down Making Communica
tion Difllcnlt
Salt Lake was a wind swept city last
Duration and velocity considered it
was one of the heaviest wind storms
experienced here in a long time al
though the damage done was compara
tively slight Several trees were up
rooted while branches were scattered
all over the sidewalks and a few panes
of class were broken
I commenced blowing hard at 7
oclock last evening and the gale grad
ually increased until by S oclock the
town had a small tornado on its hands
Clouds of dust went swelling through
th streets while signs and boards
were wafted about in a way that was
extremely trying to pedestrians many
of whom permanently parted company
with their hats Judge Powers was one
of that number but as he will soon
have to get one of those famous chap
eaus for the campaign it doesnt mat
ter much
Last nights storm blew down the
telegraph wires between Ogden and
Denver and i was feared for a time
that news from the east in this issue of
The Herald would be very meager The
United Associated Presses of which
The Herald is a member however
quickly gt around the difficulty by
sending the report from Denver and
east to Trinidad Colo thence to El
Paso Texas thence to San Francisco
via Los Angeles and back to Ogden
and Salt Lake over the wires usually I
bringing the Pacific coast news
This wa a detour of about 3500 I
miles bui the news had to be delivered
and delivered it was so that the read
ers of The Herald will be fully informed
formed of the worlds happenings as i
old Boreas hadnt come out on a tear
The telephone wires between Salt
Lake and Ogden and some of the towns
south of here were out of order as well
and it was difficult to get communication
The damage done in all of the near
by country districts however was quite
heavy the ripe and ripening fruit be
ing blown from the trees while the
orchards were all more or less injured
I a
I Before going o a sea voyage or into
r the country be sure and put a box of
Ayers Pills in your valise You may
have occasion to thank us for this hint
To relieve constipation biliousness and
nausea Ayers Pills are the best in the
world They are also easy to take
Ullllinery Opening
Friday and Saturday September 1819
The Wonder Millinery Co 4 Main I
One of the Wonders of the Age Un
covered in California
SAN DIEGO Cal Sept 18 Mining
men here are excited over Mat War I
ners discovery in Boulder Creek He
has just located a mine under the name
of the Pacific traction and brought
samples o ore to this city richer than
anything yet seen in San Diego county
Some samples went into the tens of
thousands and Warner is confident the
ledge will average over 100 its entire
width The is situated
widt The mine sItuated on
Boulder creek between Stonewall and
Julian in the heart of the mining
country and the spot where Warner
uncovered the riches has been passed
over for years by prospectors Several
parties have already left the city and
others are preaaring to leave hoping
to find other ledges in the vicinity
ATHENS Sept 18A dispatch from
Constantinople says that a number of
theological students and members of
the young Turkish party had a desper
ate fight in Galata on Wednesday
Fifteen of the combatants were killed
The dispatrh adds that many of the
archives of the British embassy have
Bosphorus been placed on the British ship in the
LONDON Sept 1SThe Russian am
bassador paid a visit to the foreign of
fice today
LONDON Sept 18Mr Stevens on be
half of the Bolingbroke club offers S000
rf Corbett and Fitzsimimons will fight at
that club He will In addition allow
each man 1000 for expenses
LONDON Sept lSThe Daily Mail will
pubish a dispatch tomorrow from Venna
saying that seven men have been killed
during the last few days while attempt
ing to reach the sultans apartments with
the object of assassinating him
LONDON Sept lSThe Times will to
morrow publish a dispatch from Berlin
saying that the recent law Increasing the
bounties on sugar for export has led to a
compulsory overproduction and E lower
ing of prices in Germany For instance
a hundred kilogrammes of sugar sold in
March at 24Vt marks the same quantity
now brings only 1735
V <
Charges are flying thick and fast to
day in connection with the failure of
the Populist committee of thirteen and
the Democratic leaders to accomplish
fusion at the conference yesterday af
Charges of bribery are openly made
The Sentinel a Democratic organ un
der the headline Rank Bribery At
tempted gives a twocolumn story of
the affair which contains interviews
with L W Hubbell of Pulaski county
Captain S I Shepard of Indianapolis
both members of the Populist commit
tee in which they say they were ap
proached and offered large sums of
money to prevent fusion
Members of the committee of thir
teen deny emphatically that the de
cision against fusion was influenced in
the least by money All declare that
Sewall must come off the ticket before
fusion is agreed to I
YOU Gvoti Tea FOR
Good Coffee
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BIG FJRfEiSIEiNrrS FIU3EJ Profita di
vided with customers who come
direct to
Grat America Import T oa Go o
245 MAIN ST Sal Lake I
J c
w Ld r H L T
Why Paines Celery Compound Is Famedt
in Washington Families
4 <
I Many persons out of health have
found an excuse in hot weather for
I doing nothing toward getting well
I will wait until fall they have
promised themselves
I is now time if ever in thousands
of cases t keep that promise
Nothing should now interfere with
building up the weakened nerves
Now is the time of year when rheu
matism and neuralgia must be cured
when debility and nervousness must be
checked when bad health must be
mendedif one hopes to get well
The natural unchecked course of dis
ease is from bad to worse a the fall
and winter wear on
l is not that rheumatism neuralgia
insomnia and kidney troubles are hard
to cure Paines celery compound has
made a host of sufferers well but peo
ple make themselves chronic invalids
by neglecting the first symptoms of
Thousands of lives that are now fast
wearing out would be prolonged if
Paines celery compound were in each
Instance used to stop these ominous
pains over the kidneys to build up
the rundown nervous strength and
cure permanently those more and
more frequently recurring attacks of
headache and indigestion
These Is absolute relief from nervous
prostration sleeplessness poor appe
Report of the Government Direc
tors of the Union Pacific
Colonel Dodge Here 1VH1 Inspect
the Proposed Hrancli to Park
Citym Free Excursion to Ilcuu
tiful Saltalr Kailvray Notes
I The government directors of the
Union Pacific railroad submitted their
annual report yesterday in which it is
said that the physical condition of the
road is excellent in all respects Judi
cious and liberal expenditure on the
road bed for ballasting ties and new
rails have been made and are being
made and the rolling stock as pertain
ing to the property has been kept in
excellent condition
Regarding the negotiations for the
settlement of the government debt the
report continues
In general terms the government di
rectors desire to repeat the suggestions
contained in their last report with the
additional suggestion that if it be
found impracticable to combine the
foreclosures of the Union and Central
Pacific in contemporaneous proceedings
which would result in the sale of both
properties on the same occasion and
render possible their purchase by a
single interest the separate lien of the
United States upon the Union Pacific
railway property should be foreclosed
and the property sold In relation t
this subject the large interests which
are represented in the committees
charged with the reorganization of the
property may somewhat later in the
year assume a more definite attitude
and define more clearly the part which
they may be willing to take in reaching
a satisfactory adjustment of the gov
ernment claim Itmay in that event
be necessary for the protection of the
government that prompt action be ta
ken In case the pending litigation
should require some action or inter
vention on the part of the government
or in case some proposition for a set
tlement or adjustment on what may
I seem to the government directors to
be reasonable terms should be made
we shall file a supplementary report
with our recommendations
Will Inspect the Proposed Branch
to Park City
Colonel D C Dodge general manager
of the Rio Grande Western arrived in
the city from Denver yesterday and In
the evening went south to view the Rich
field extension part of his companys road
He will return to Provo in a couple of
days and from thence will make a trip
over the route of the new road from
Provo to Park city
Free Excursion to SaJtnir
The Saltair Railroad company extends
its compliments to the University Field
day club
Through the courtesy of the Saltalr
management the students of the Univer
sity of Utah and their friends will enjoy
a free excursion and grand ball at Saltair
this afternoon and evening
The students appreciate exceedingly the
kindness of the company and arc making
preparation for such a jolly good time as
young people alone know how to have
Suo srowinj trii ness and loss of visor
al strength in Paines celery cr ci
This most remarkable of all known
remedies has won the sincere approval
o the most progressive part of the
community Here is a testimonial re
cently received from the wife of Uni
ted States Senator E F Warren of J
Wyoming whose distinguished ser
vices for the countrys best farming
interests are so well known
I was persuaded to try your Paine t
celery compound in the early spring
when in a very rundown condition
The duties devolving upon the wife of
an official in public life are naturally
very exhausting and I was tired out
and nervous when I commenced using
the remedy I take pleasure In testi
fying to the great benefit I received
from its use and can truthfully say
that I am in almost perfect health
again I I ever find myself running
down again I shall certainly give it
another trial and will in the meantime
recommend it to everyone needing It v J
I is a fact verified by the practice f
of the best physicians and by thou
sands of personal testimonials that
Paines celery compound makes new
pure blood builds up the nervous sys
tern and cures disease where all othei
remedies have failed
Its absolute reliability is shown by
its steady employment by trained phy
sicians and in hcmes made happy b
its unquestioned power ot making POOL
pie well
Railvrny Notes
The roads are looking for a very heav
passenger business during conference next
The passenger agent is kept busy these
days on account of the many political
Dr Bancroft the railway surgeon and
George W Cramer are in town
E Moerke agent of the Wisconsin Cen
tral at Ironwood Michigan is in town f
tt aao L
A Little Inside Information Con
cerning time Arrest of Tynnn
LONDON Sept 1SIt having be
come known here through cable dcs
patches that the New York police dis
avowed any knowledge of the dyna >
mite conspiracy having been started t
New York and denied that they had
given any information to the British
police that would have led to the ar
rest of Tynan and his fellow plotters
a representative of the United Asso
ciated Presses sought to learn from
where outside of their regular agents
the police here kept so well informed J
of the movements of the conspirators
in New York He was informed by a
gentleman who knows the inside facts
of the case that the doings in New
I York cf the alleged dynamiters were
I watched by Charts Heidelberg an ex
member of the staff of the former su
perintendent of police Byrnes He
was in Antwerp last week presumably
in company with the conspirators but
1 came to England at the end of the
week and on Sunday sailed for New
York He is a passenger on the Amen Cti
can line steamer St Louis
The authorities in Dublin are prepar
ing to attempt to secure the extradi
tion of Tynan for trial in that city fee
the part he is alleged to have take
in the Phoenix park murders
A dispatch from BoulogneSurMer
states that Tynan has refused legal V
assistance saying he relies upon the
French government for his safety
It has been learned that the vessel
upon Which Tynan left New York was
bound for Mediterranean ports She
touched at Gibraltar where Tynan ob
tained special permission to visit the
The Dally News has a dispatch from
Paris saying that the French govern
ment does not wish to extradite Tynan
to England and that it will probably =
cause him to be placed on a vessel J
bound for the United States
Is in Bad Voice suitl Refuses to Bo
DENVER Cob Sept 18Toni Wat
son arrived In Denver today and
passed the time and evening in confer
ence with both factions of the Popu
lists He talked with Waits candidatre
1 for governor on the middle of the road
ticket and with Bailey gubernatorial
candidate on the Populist silver and
fusion ticket Mr Watson is in bad
voice and almost exhausted by his work
In the east He spoke but briefly at
the Coliseum hall tonight to a small
audience owing to a heavy rain storm
and his remarks were confined to a
statement of his personal position la
the national campaign and his objec
tions to Sewall He will return to
Georgia early next week and will
make but cne more speech in Colorado
He refused to be interviewed
I VT TON Iowa f > ept 18The hank
iig h use of Watson and Sons estab
Uahel over forty years ago made i
general assignment this afternoon to
Matt Gamsch for the benefit of their
creditors Liabilities 250000 assets
150000 Depositors and creditors will
he paid in full The assignment wiil 1
not affect other banks

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