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+ fUL = f J < W
r r
friends that when he threw that silver
I doHa across the river it lt it fell
0 and remained on American soil Great
cheering They thought that it was a
cheeng though tat
good feat then but we have devel I
oped so rapidly in the last hundred
years that we have financiers now who J
yea fnancer I
can leave George Washingtons achieve
cn Vahingons i
ments far behind We have financiers
who have been able to throw gold dol
lars all the way across the Atlantic
and then bring them back by an issue
of bonds Great cheering
bnds ceerng
Would you believe my friends tat
n silver dollar which was good enough
to be handled by the Father of his
Country is now so mean a thing a t
excite the contempt of many of our so
called financiers Cries of No no
Well i fnancier i mean that they dont
like it Why our opponents tell us
that they want a dollar that will go
tat tey wa
all over the world We have had dol
r lars which have gone over the world I
so rapidly that we want a dollar that
will stay at home without a curfew
law Cheers Your opponents tell
you that they want a dollar which they
can see anywhere In the world if they
travel cn abroad I want a dollar that
wont be ashamed to look a farmer I
in the face Loud applause People
can have just as good a dollar as they
watt berause dollars are creatures of I
law and you can determine the pur
chasing power of a dollar when you
determine the number of dollars I you I
make them scarce
want dollars dear scr
and they will be dear I our dollar is
good enough now when a dollar will
buy ten bushels of oats you can make
it good enough so that i will buy
goo enough
one hundred bushels of oats A voice
We dont want that kind of a dol
lar I anybody here has been rais
ing farm products and complaining be
cause they are not cheap enough you
cuse tey
can make them cheaper if you vote the
Bepublican ticket this fall
J Bryan AIdreHFeMaMOt Enthusias
tic AnCIcncc In Wnsliinston
WASHINGTON Sept 19A violent
wind and rain storm which swept over
the city at 6 oclock broke up the
Bryan meting and the promise of its
f coming prevented i from being the
f success it would have been under more
pleasant conditions of weather
The candidate had just reached the
consideration of Washingtons farewell
rain com
address when the pelting
i pelled a cessation of his speech al
though probably 1500 enthusiastic au
ditors braved the elements and pleaded
V for him to go on After waiting a few
minutes hoping the severity of the
storm might mitigate and he be enabled
abled to proceed Mr Bryan gave up
l and left the ground The speakers
i who were expected to follow the presi
dential candidate including Hon T
f F Grady of Tammany New York of
e course found more opportunity to
r carry out their part of the programme
r i The meeting was held in the old base
i ball park north of the capitol four or
five blocks For the occasion a plat
t form eighty feet square had been con
structed which was profusely decor
I ated Around ts edge was strung a
Ii double line of electric globes but they
r were not needed At each corner of the
t speakers stand
The gates were opened at 3 oclock
and at 4 oclock the hour fixed ta
i the beginning of the meeting there
were probably 5000 people gathered in
front of the stand and in the grand
stand reserved for club members
There were at that time a few ban
ners in the field prominent among
them being that of t Bryan club of
North Carolina which asserted that
that was the first state to endorse
Bryan for the presidency
At five minutes after the hour Mr
Kalbfus chairman of the executive
committee called the meeting to order
and introduced exMajor James G
Burrctt as presiding officer Mr Bur
rett is an aged gentleman of four score
years and his remarks were inaudible
even to those next to him on the plat
W A Houtaling reading clerk of
the Fiftythird congress read Wash
ingtons farewell address in accord
ance with the general plan to read the
document on this day to all the Demo
j cratic clubs The throng listened at
tentively throughout the reading and
at its close loudly cheered The or
1 ganization of the committee was an
Among the vicepresidents named
who were on the stand were Senators
Butler of North Carolina Harris of
Tennessee and Stewart of Nevada
The resolutions agreed upon by the
executive committee were then pre
sented by John A Clark and adopted
They unqualifiedly approve the Chi
cago platform heartily and zealously
ously endorsed the nomination of Bry
an and Sewall and pledged them full
uncompromising and unyielding
uncmpromising sup
While waiting for the appearance of
lr Bryan the audience enter
11 Bran te audienc was
wine by A Lipscomb of the district
By that time the crowd had increased
to probably
who cheered every sentence and prob
ably every one presenting the name
of the presidential cuididate
He was followed by Bon Benton Mc
MHlln of Tennessee While Mr McMil
lin was speaking a dark bank of clouds
ln speklng cuds
portending a heavy storm gathered in
the northwest but the people stood
In their places waiting for him whom
J they had come to hear While they
were driving silently down over the
ct the head of the procession escort
ing Mr Bryan was sighted and the
band struck up Dixie The crowd
broke into tumultuous cheers which
were kept up at Intervals while he was
makIng his way to the front of the
platform Then the demonstration be
t came tumultuous and was kept up for
a minute or more despite the efforts of
I the official to secure quiet that the
candidate might b heard before the
i storm come When he was presented
by th chairman there was a repetition
J of the applause As Mr Bryan stepped
I t lo die front little Mabel Cosgrove
a lifted to the stand and presented
the candidate with a bunch of white
w roses which he smilingly received Mr
cc Bryans opening sentence afforded a
r opportunity for an interruption that
caused great applause He spoke of his
return to the city where four years of
official life had been spent A voice
on the outskirts shouted And four
more beginning next March The ap
nlatise and laughter following this grew
pause until i swept over the whole
Almost immediately after the > candi
date began speaking the longheralded
storm again gave indications of break
ing and the grounds were filled with
Sust The elements were so threatening
that many of the audience left but Mr
Bryan continued his remarks a the
rain began to fall He spoke twenty
five minutes and was then compelled
to stop th rain coming down in tor
rentS Mr Bryan was driven to the
hotel where he held an exceedingly
brief reception to the local committee
lie a then driven to the residence of
Mr Bride with whom he lived while a
member of Congress Here Mr Bryan
hastily changed his clothe and se
cured a overcoat Under a escort of
eight mounted pUce the journey to the
railroad station was made and at 640
I the train pulled out for Baltimore
In company with Mayor White and
the members of the Fredericksburg reception
k ception committee and the delegation
from the District of Columbia Democ
I racy that met him at Mayor Whites
house Mr Bryan was driven to the
i railway station of the old town Several
hundred people who had gathered there
cheered him a he stepped aboard the
1 the local train which left Fredericks
burg for Washington at 149 p I
The journey of the Democratic can
didate from Fredericksburg was with
out notable incident except at Alexan
dria seven miles from Washington
At Quantico a couple of hundred IJeo
pie cheered Mr Bryan The crowd at
Alexanria numbered fully 3000 per
sons and expressed enthusiasm withoUt
stint During the ten minutes the train
remained there Mr Bryan made a
speech punctured by cheersand thC
reports of a cannon
Arriving a Washington at five min
utes past four the train being twenty
five amid minutes the late Mr Bryan alighted
at the far end of the train shed of the I
Baltimore Potomac station The 150
people who were wedged in behind the I
train took up the cheers and their
echoes were heard from the throats of I
fully 3000 people congregated in the
streets outside I was only with the
utmost difficulty that the police were I
able to keeep back the enthusiastic
crowd every man of whom sought I
to reach and shake the hand
0 r
of the candidate I Surrounded by I
the local committee and the dele
gation of the congressional com
mittee Mr Bryan was conducted L
his carriage and hurriedly driven tc
the Metropolitan hotel After a brief
rest and luncheon carriages were again
taken and the party proceeded to the
old baseball park where it had bee n
preceded some two or three hours by a
crowd estimated at 10000
Mr Bryan said
Mr Chairman Lad and Gentle
men I am grateful to you for the very
cordia welcome which you have ex
tended to me a I return t the city
in which four years of official life were
5 > ent
I desire to call your attention to two
planks in the platform adopted at Chi
cago before touching on other matters
contained in the campaign I speak
of these two planks because 1
who live hi the District of Columbia
The Chicago platform contains this
We favor the admission of the ter
ritories of New Mexico Oklahoma and
Arizona into the Union as states And
we favor the early admission of all the
territories having the necessary popu
lation and resources to entitle them to
statehood and while they remain ter
ritories we hud that the official ap
pointed to administer the government
of any territory together with the Dis
trict of Columbia and Alaska should
be bona fide residents of the territory
or district in which the duties are to
be performed
Let me read another plank We
a opposed to life tenure in the public
service Applause We favor ap
pointments based on merits ap
of office and such administration
terms ofc sch a adminisr
tion dl the civil service laws as will
afford equal opportunities to all cit
of ascertained fitness except
zens eraned ftness excot
a otherwise provided by the constitu
tion1 of the United States We are in
favor of a civil service reform that
means something and not a civil service
vice reform than permits a president
to sustain a civil service until he can
get his friends into office and su an
te service just as he is going out S
a t keep his friends in Applause
We believe in appointments based on
merit and such method of appointment
a will open the offices to men of as
certained fitness
are doing a much for us in this cam
paign as wei are able to do for our
selves Laughter Of all the public
documents recently issued the most
important one is the letter just given
to the public writtem by the secretary
of the treasury from which I desire to
quote this sentence It is the duty of
the secretary o the treasury and of
all other public officials to execute In
good faith the policy declared by con
gress and mark these words and
whenever he shall be satisfied that the
silver dollar cannot b kept equal in
the purchasing power with the gold
dollar except by receiving it in ex
change for the gold dollar when ex
change is demanded it will be his duty
t adopt that course I want you to
mark these words because in those
words the secretary of the treasury
tells you that whenever the secretary is
satisfied that i is necessary he wiCl
commence redeeming silver dollars in
gold Laughter I I your attention
to it because I want to
which have been practiced by this ad
ministration on the money question
Applause When this administration
advised the repeal of the Sherman law
you were told the repeal o the Sher
man law would remove the difflouy
and yet as soon as the Sherman law
was repealed the same authority
which promised relief as soon a that
was repealed came to congress with
the demand that the greenbacks and
treasury notes notes must be retired
by a issue of gold bonds in order to
stop the drain on the treasurys gold
Proceeding with his speech after
wit speh ater a
brief intermission caused by a violent
gust of wind Mr Bryan said
The secretary of the treasury in
forms you that if the greenbacks and
treasury notes were all retired so there
would not b a dollar of paper money
to be presented for gold yet it would
be his duty to commence to redeem
silver dollars in gold and to start an
other endless chain that would drain
the treasury According to the doc
trine laid down by Mr Carlisle YOu
on the treasury until you retire all the
silver dollars and leave nothing but
gold in the treasury vaults I am glad
thac our opponents are thus compelled
to expose t the public eye their heart
less moneyless and criminal policy I
I a glad that they have told the people
we must have gold alone and thus have
confessed that we are In the hands of
two banking syndicates and must pay
them what they want Talk about
monopolies and trusts Here they
propose to establish the most
prpse estblsh te gigan
tic trust a money trust and to let the
I men who own the gold dole i outia
the other 70000000 of American citi
zens I denounce that policy a more
I cruel and heartless than would be the
domination of any foreign power
I would rather as I have said put our
army in the hands of a foreign general
I or our navy In command of a foreign ad
miral than to put the treasury In the
hands of a secretary who would barter
i away to a syndicate Cheers I would
resist such a financial policy with as
much earnestness as I would the prepress
of an invading army Cheers When
air Lincoln was a candidate for office
someone said to him I hope the Lord is
on your side and he replied that he was
more anxious to be on the Lords side
Laughter and applause I am glad that
I in this campaign we have so many evi
dences that an overruling providence is
on our side and In no one instance that
I know of is that overruling providence
s distinctly and clearly manifest as In
the recent letter of the secretary of the
treasury Let me ask you a question
Did the administration when I recom
mended the repeal of the Sherman law
believe i would cure our trouble Cries
of No and cheers If it did then the
administration was
that you have the right to disregard and
distrust the knowledge of the adminis
tration on this question If the adminis
tration knew that the repeal of the Sher
man law would not bring relief then you
have the right to distrust the honesty of
the administration which would thus
administraton re
commend one policy and pursue an
other Applause
Here the threatening clouds began to
discharge their contents upon the audi
ence and the bunting shed its colors
upon the honored spectators on the plat
form dyeing them red and blue indis
I criminately A forest of umbrellas arose
In the audience and one chivalric spec
tator emulating Sir Walter Raleigh took
elf his coat and threw It about Mr Bry I
ans shoulders himself standing in bare I
sleeves in the pelting rain This elicited
cheers from the crowd but nevertheless I
the grounds began rapidly to be divested
of spectators Shouts were raised for Mr
Bryan to go on and disregarding all the
inconveniences he continued
I the administration knew when it
recommended the retirement of the green
backs and treasury notes asmeans of
of the public treasury that after they
were retired a policy would be proposed I I
such as the secretary now recommends I I
I was dishonest in not taking the people
into its confidence at the time Cheers
I it did not know then then it confesses
its ignorance of finance and of the laws
of the country Applause Does the administration
h i
ministration trknoPI now that when it
starts to redeem the silver dollars In gold I
it will start another endless chain wnich
will drain the treasury an endess chan
which will continue until they retire all
the silver dollars and Issue bonds in their I
place Applause Now dont think my
language is harsh
Here a voice In the crowd shouted out
I is not half harsh enough and this
was greeted with applause
Air Bryan continued Ihese men are
the public servants of the American peo
ple and they have no more right to be
tray the people into the hands of the
shylocks of London than Benedict Ar
nold had to attempt to betray the Ameri
can army Great applause
The rain became sun mor Intense at
this point and notwithstanding clamors
from the audience of
a general run for shelter was started
Mr Bryan continued Thats all I have
to say about the secretarys letter at this
Here a man shouted out Aijd that
settles it whereupon there was an out
burst of laughter and cheers
Now continued Mr Bryan in the
mew moments left me let me call your at
tention to the language used by the father
of his country in the message given to
the world one hundred years ago today
Washington said in that message
There can be no greater error to expect
or calculate upon real favors from nation
to nation I is an illlusion which ex
perience must cure which a just pride
ought to discard Those who were ex
pecting foreign nations dominated by the
creditor classes who profit by a rising
dollar to join with us in stopping the rise
in the dollar are doomed to disappoint
ment and It is difficult to see how any
Person can expect silver to be restored to
its rightful place by foreign aid when
we have waited for twenty years only to
find our opponents more hostile than ever
Aye covertly threatening that they will
use the notes which they hold to control
our financial policy
to the American people it must come from
the American people themselves and on
this day when we celebrate the one hun
dredth anniversary of Washingtons fare
well address we may resolve to achieve
our financial independence without the I
aid of other nations Great applause
At this point the storm took possession
of the meeting and an indiscriminate and I
indecorous exit was begun although cries
were raised by the crowd of Go on rain
wont etc hurt you Give i to Mark Hanna
Carriages were in waiting for Mr Bryan
and other distinguished guests and they
all took their departure without giving i I
opportunity to listen to a speech of Mr
Grady which was supposed to b an ef
fective effort in answer to the address of
Mr Burke Cochran
Bryan Look Into Twenty Thousand
Bryan presented his views on the finan
cial and other questions of the cam
paign to the people of Maryland to
night The welcome he received was a
demonstration of such magnitude that
he never before witnessed Notwith
standing Mr Bryan arrived in the city I
in a downpour of rain he was greeted
by a large crowd at the station and
when he reached the stand erected I
In the center of the plaza fronting the
Mount Royal entrance to Music hall
he looked into the faces of at least
20000 persons who stood in the rain
tumultuously cheering his appearance
As he mounted the platform on the
plaza the crowd broke Into a cheer
which rose and fell for some minutes
before he could make himself heard
Mr Bryan said
My friends it is the purpose of the
Democratic party in its platform
to those who produce the wealth of
this country and when the wealthpro
ducers are prosperous then everybody
who lives upon the wealthproducer
will share i that prosperity Applause
A law which makes money dear
makes everybody try to ge hold of
money and a law which makes prop
erty cheap makes everybody try to get
rid of property A voice Thats
right The gold standard Sa bad b
cause it makes money the only thing
worth having and therefore intensifies
the struggle to get It Applause Our
opponents tell us that the gold stand
ard is good foe the laboring men My
friends I would rather have the la I
boring man say what Is good for him
than to leave it to the great monopo
lists of the country to find out what
is for the Our
good laboring man op
ponents appeal to the laboring man I
to Ftand by the money changers in
Wal street I want to ask the labor I
ing man when the moneychanging
class ever did anything to help the la
boring man from the history of crea
tion down to now Great applause and
cries of None Our opponents tell
us that we are arraying
I deny it A voice So do I We
are simply telling people that they
havea right to keep other men out of
the hands of their opponents Cheers
Our opponents are trying to array the
laboringman of this country against
the farmers of this country My
friends I want you laboringmen to in
vestigate and find out who ic i is that
1 alas stood by the laboringmen in all
their troubles to improve their cn
dition Is it the farmer or is it the
president of the railroads Great ap
plause and a voice Thats a hot one
another voice Give em hell
Mr Bryan and his escort were at
once conducted to Music hall which
was packed from pit to dome In in
troducing Mr Bryan Senator Gorman
sadI Is my pleasure to present the
next president of the United States
Mr W J Bryan
The applause and cheering were long
continued while the Nebraskan stood
bowing and smiling When he could
make himself heard he said
I come as the nominee in this cam
paign of three parties who believe in
the restoration of the money of the
constitution applause a the nom
inee of the three parties who believe
that the money of the constitution is
an honest money
The Democratic party at Chicago
adopted a platform which means some
thing my friends A voice Right you
are Our platform has alienated
some it must needs be that any
platform which covers several ques
tions will alienate some but my
friends I want to suggest this for
your consideration that the Chicago
convention composed of delegates
named by the Democratic party is the
only authority that can determine
what is Democracy in this country
Applause Some have left the Dem
ocratic party because of the action of
the Chicago convention We cannot
by any court process restrain them
from leaving the Democratic party
but we a shut the doors of that party
I when they go out and they cannot
I get back again Applause long con
When we say that the money ques
tion is the paramount issue our op
ponents keep trying to thrust the tariff
question into the operation Why not
settle the tariff question by interna
tional agreement Laughter and
tonal ap
I plause Why my friends this national
convention has occupied a kneeling
I posture for so long that the old vnrld
I hardly recognizes it now thatit statds up
I and looks them in the face Applause
I have had reason to remark that when
they thought
did not amount to anything they would
draw out the gold and issue bonds
then draw OUL the gold again and issue
I more bonds and keep up a long as
there was 3 good material for bonds
< <
p i
Gold went abroad and it was laid to
one thing and another but the Chi
cago convention met and It adopted a
platform which said what it meant an
meant what it said and then what
There was a hurried consultation and
a prompt decision that it would not
do to Issue any more bonds before the
election Laughter and applause A
voice Give it to Cleveland give it to
And my friends in order to pacify
the people in order to quiet their fears
they have just been sending th gold
over here and showing what good con
fidence in the American people and if
this election results in the maintenance
of the gold standard and the election
of those who still Insist that our treas
ury shall be run on the European plan
they can draw out every dollar Ap
Mr Bryan In closing paid his re
spects to J Pierepont Morgan going
I into the recent bond deals at length
I I 3 i 11
I tj I silver dollars d
will buy a pair of lyi
the famous Packard T <
shoes for men I
Sold exclusively by
I Good Shoes for Everybody
Mrs Richard Hapson of Detroit sui
cided by drowning
S M Farmer the inventor residing in
Milwaukee was run down and Injured
by a West Madison cable car at Ch
Senator Sherman says that Ohio i
not a doubtful state The silver senti
ment however is reported to be mak
ing much headway
Mrs Sullivan wife of Attorney Alex
ander Sullivan of Chicago Is danger
ously ill Mrs Sullivan is well known
in Chicago newspaper circles being on
the editorial staff of the TimesHerald
I Omaha capitalists who are interested
in the TransMississippi exposition to
be held at that place in 1898 have sub I
scribed 300000
Charles Boone one of th mot wide
ly known sporting men on the Pacific
coast is dead with indications that he
suicided by shooting himself in the
I The gold Democrats of Boston Mass
have openly bolted the Chicago ticket
and platform The silver Republicans
have joined with the free sliver Demo
crats and have declared they will vote
the Democratic ticket from Bryan
down to ward alderman
Profeusor Francis J Child of Harvard I
is dead He attained to a high position
in scholarship and was one of the most I
learned men of the faculty of that I
noted Institution
In a letter to the New York Tribune
Andrew Carnegie says that the trouble
with the country is not the Wilson
tariff l8w but the attempt of Ignorant
men to lower the standard of money
Scarlet fever is prevalent at Ord Ne
Miss Eva Toomey of Rochester N Y
fell from her bicycle in front of an I
electric ca and was run over and In
stantly killed
Louis Colomb the defaulting
keeper of the Union National bank
New Orleans ia dead from the effects of I
poison taken with suicidal intent I
Gold Is being mined in large quan
tities at Rat Portage Man I
I The Mississippi Valley Medical asso
ciation is in session at St Paul Minn
There is a laundry war prevailing in
Chicago The price of laundering shirts
has been reduced to 5 cents
W S Forest one of the best known
attorneys in Chicago was thrown from
his horse aId probably fatally injured
Hugh Fisher of Anderson Ind was
cured of epilepsy by transmitting the
disease tc a pet dog
At a Republican rally at Highland
park Qhicago s 200pound cannon ex
ploded Qhicgoq of the cannon fell
through the roof of Engineer McEiier i
sons house and fell on the floor close I
to a crib containing a 4yearold girl
No one was injured
Joe Leonard of Cincinnati to prove
tha Steve Brodies bridgeJumping rec
ord was nothing marvelous on a wager
of three kegs of beer jumped from the
Central bridge into the water a dis
tance of 123 feet Reaching the out
ede of he rail Leonard suspended him
self in mid air momentarily hanging by
sel hands and then releasing his hold
shot downward with awful velocity
His legs were forced apart by the at
mospheric resistance and he turned
striking the water with a
partly over water wih
resounding splash squarely on the
small of the back He disappeared be
neath the surface and anxiously the
hundreds of spectators of his hazard
ous feat watched for him to reappear
which he shortly did about ten feet
from where he had vanished from their
flew beneath the water Leonard shook
his head with as much unconcern as
one of the human wharfrats after tak
ing a dive from a coal barge and struck
out for a skiff that had put out to pick
I him up a He got aboard the skiff and
I was rowed ashore when it was dis I
covered that he had made good his
boast and had escaped physical injury
At the annual sweet pea flower show
Mass recently no
in Springfield recenly
fewer Ulan 116 Varieties of this pretty I
blossom were shown
Probably the oldest timber in the
world is found in the ancient temples of I
Egypt in connection with stone work
which is known to be at least 4000
years old This the only wood used
in the construction of the temples is
in the form of ties holding the end
of one tern to another
With the decline of the grape crop in
France increased attention has been
paid to the cultivation of apples and
the pro Suction of cider which has in
a measure superceded wine as the na
tional drink Official statistics just
pub shEI show that there were 675000
000 gallons of cider produced in France
in 1S95 being an Increase of 197000000
I gallons over the preceding year
A Paris chief of the claque who sued
I a theater manager for breach of con
tract has elicited from the civil tri
I bunal of the Seine a decision that the
I claque Is illegal and contrary to pub
lic welfare on th grounds that it hin
ders the expression of unbiased opin
ion destroys the liberty of the paying
public and is likely to give rise to dis
turbances s
Ever one is familiar with the phe I
nomenon cZ echoes In a cave in the I
Panthecn the guide by striking the
flap of his coat makes a noise equal to
a twelvepound cannons report The
I sinsuailty is noticed in a lesser de
I gree In the Mammoth cave in Ken
I tucky In the cave of Smellin near
I Viborg in Finland a cat or dog
thrown in will make a screaming II
I echo lasting some minutes
3 I 11
11 J silver dollars i
will buy a pair of Q
i I the famous Packard
shoes for men
Sold exclusively by
Good Shoes for Everybody I
r I
You come to us and tell us
that the great cities are in
favor of the gold standard I
tell you that the great cities
rest upon these broad and
fertile prairies Burn down
your cities and leave our
farms and your cities will
spring up again a if by
magic But des troy our farms
and the grass will grow in the
streets of every city in this
country William JeIng
Brysin 4
I J >
Pernicious Activity of the
McCormick Harvesting
Machine Co
J Fr J r rrElzr
Reply Alleged to Have Been
Made By One
iiy Missouri Farmer Who Uses n
McCormick Harvester Deserves to
Sell Ills Wheat For JOe a Bushel
Senator Teller In Great Demuml
Among the Farmers Alleged Gold
CHICAGO Sept 19Th Demo
cratic committee claimed today to have
received a copy of a circular letter
which had been sent by the McCormick
Harvesting Machine company of Chi
cago t its agents throughout the west
telling them to supply their travelers
with gold literature and instruct them
to use it among the farmers the same
as advertising matter of the frm
J A Wilson the agent of the com
pany at Carthage Mo who received
one of the letters is said to have replied
plied as follows
You are on a cold trail Missouri
will give Bryan 60000 majority
If these letters are written by au
thority of your company any Missouri
farmer who uses a McCormick har
vester deserves to sell his wheat for 40
cents a bushel
Senator Teller is in greater demand
than any other silver statesman He
will devote several weeks to the central
western states
F S Fletcher of Jackson Tenn was I
caller He i a Bryan supporter but
fcfl admitted the nominee would rum
flOOO behind the nominee fo governor I
exGovernor Taylor ascribing the loss
to the growth and popularity of the
gold sentiment in Tennessee In the
Memphis district he said Congressman
Josiah Patterson th regular Demo I
cratic nominee was supporting Bryan
I bw talking for gold 0 the stump
Mr Patterson he said would run I
ahead of Mr Bryan who would carry
the state by 20000
11 I
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licans to maintain the best interests
and welfare of all its citizens we there
fore ask that every Republican labor
specially for the harmony and united
efforts of the party that the victories
and grand results obtained since it
organization in the state of Utah may
be again secured
The report was adopted and a recess
of fifteen minutes to enable the dele
gates to select delegates to Ogden was
The delegates elected are as follows
Precinct lH H Van Pelt A G
Precinct 23 H Griffin A C Keel
Precinct 3A H Parsons Lewis
ler Precinct 4D Turngren E L Mil
Precinct 5L P Palmer J P Bloom
Preclncc 6N G Kine J J Greene
Precinct 7C O WThittemore W A
Precinct 8P O Perkins E S Urry
Precinct 9F C Bassett N C Lof
Precinct 10C E Offenbach Mrs J
Precinct 11 Henry Faufer George
Precinct 12E G Elmer E H Ca
Precinct 13 Willlami Morris A H
Precinct 14H B Burton J D
Precinct 15 John Zink William A
Precinct 16 George B Sanborn E
M Le Prohon
Precinct 17A S Riser Alex Wat
son sr
Precinct ISP S Condle G H Ben
Precinct 19G W Moyer W P Ap
Precinct 203 P Swenson George
Precinct 21 George H Inghain Wil
lam Nelson
Precinct 22Mrs 1 M Campbell E
J Eardley
Precinct 233 L Durgin Alma R
ser Precinct 24H A King W H
Precinct 25Ed T Ashton J R
I I Parry
Precinct 2133 B Wissing Mrs C J
Precinct 27H M Pitt E H Scott
Precinct 23Mrs R S Miller George
A Smith
Precinct 29 Sam Galleazzi A P T
sonPrecinct Cox 30Z P Thomas Ernest
CoxPrecinct 31 John G Smith Daniel
Precinct 32 Thomas E Jeremy J
D Openshaw
Precinct 33D P Emery F L Mat
Precinct 34 William McMillan N
Precinct 35 Charles N Lee 11 Ly
man jr
Precinct 363 C Sanberg Frank
Precinct 37Gill S Peyton R R An
Precinct 38A L Thomas R C
I Precinct 39 Arthur Brown and r
Arthur Brown
Precinct 40 Mrs Hattie Axton sr
John T Axton
Precinct 41I B Sorensen R N
Precinct 42 Harry Joseph John S
Precinct 433 J Stewart E G Rog
nonPrecinct 44 Jude Loofbourrow E
W Genter
Precinct 45 Peter Lochrie JF E
Houghton j
CProf Cablers EtiKOTROVlTAlJZEIl
Improvement on the Electric Belt To
Introduce them here you may take the
S20 belt for 10 the 315 for 5T50 the 10
for 5 They cure Rheumatism Kidney
troubles Loss of Manhood Female Weak
ness or any nerve trouble Goods sent
C O D Call or write Office No 77
West First South street Salt Lake City
Precinct 413Dr S Ewing Louis
Precinct 4iA B Miller F T Mc
Precinct 4S Judge C C Godwin A
E Graham
Precinct 49 George A Law I R
Wen er
Precinct 50 Mrs A S Hiller T D
Precinct 51C E Lee F G Waite
Precinct 52 John Burns Mrs Annie
Precinct 53F M Bishop Hy Sy
Precinct 54 Amos Gabott A W
Precinct 55 James D Hawker C T
PrecinciC 56 William Doxey E N
Precinct 57H T Shurtliff Mrs H
T Shurtllff
Precinct 59B S CosteUa Ed Graves
Precinct 61 James W Cahoon
Henry J Erickson
Precinct 62F J Hientze D B
Precinct 6iW T Vincent ales
Precinct 68J F Williams C Hart
Precinct 69 James Godfrey Ite
Precinct 71 James Mickelson H D
Mulvey Precinct 76H B Beckstead Albert
Precinct 77C D Han R B Gard
Precinct 79W H Haigh Henry
Precinct 84 William Lawson J J
Precinct 853 C McKay A J Hill
for Precinct 803 A Sharpe Henry Sut
Ure Precinct S13M S Tompson R iA
UrePrecinct 88L J Larsen Fred
I was noticed that sixteen precincts
outside of the city were unrepresent
e and it was proposed to elect dele
gates at large frOm which the vacan
cies might be filled but somehoW it
want done and the convention af
ter passing a motion t the effect that
delegates who found themselves un
able to attend might give proxies and
electing J R Bowdle as a delegate ac
large adjourned
A Barrel of Taffy That Made the
Boys Smile
Satisfied That the Travellers Yond
Never Be Found Bidding cm u
Gold Brick But Yet Secure in
His Belief That They Will Be
Found Rolling Up Votes For the
Golilbng Candidate
NEW YORK Sept 19There were
many callers this morning at Republi
can national headquarters Senator
Quay and Chairman J H Manley of
Maine were also early on hand
I was said that Senator Quay in
tends to have a meeting of the execu
tive committee to adopt a plan of cam
paign in regard to the southern states
and also to decide upon
in regard to all the doubtful states
It has been represented to the com
mittee that there is an excellent chance
of carrying Alabama for McKinley and
Hobart and a decided effort will be
made to carry that state Encouraging
reports are also coming in from Florida
North Carolina Tennessee and Virginia
A delegation of commercial travelers
called on VicePresidential Candidate
Hobart today at headquarters The del
egation was accompanied by his special
guest the Hon Charles E Warwick
of Philadelphia Mr Hobart thanked
them for their kindness and told them
that he knew the commercial travelers
were a set of men who would not be
buncoed by any Chicago platform Mr
Hobart said in his address
Hobar am very glad to meet you gentle
men I do na propose to make a
speech this morning but I would do an
injustice to myself and would be
if I did not thank you heartily and
generously for the beautiful words of
welcome and cheer which you have
professed I know that this enthusiasm
is born of your love and your loyalty
for the ticket which I have the honor
to represent When I think of the com
mercial travelers I think of them as a
class of men who have never been
buncoed or if any one of them ever
have been history has failed to record
it And so whenever since the nomi
nation I have thought of the commer
cial travelers as an independent class
of citizens I have regarded them as a
class of men who I know will not be
buncoed by any platform like the Chi
cago platform embracing a it does
false doctrines and policies inimical to
the honor and the Integrity of the na
tion and savoring a
Your organization has been a great
help to this committee in a great many
ways all of which we fully appreciate
and are quick to recognize
Your membership reaches all over
this wide and growing country and
there is from each o you a continual
stream of influence radiating wherever
you go And the reason why your or
ganization is so allpowerful and at the
same time so satisfactory to the com
mittee is whereas the time of the com
mittee Is taken up with instructions o
voters we realize that the commercial
travelers are accustomed to make sen
timent wherever they go and they
know as well as the national committee
where to g what to do and how to co
the important work laid out for this
There was great cheering as Mr Ho I
bart concluded Then the members of
the delegation were personally ntn
duced to Candidate Hobart Senator
Quay Chairman Manley General
Osborne and Committeeman Scott
Chairman Manley was cheered I b the
Concensus of Opinion at Berlin
Torpedo Experiments Tariff War I
Between Rusln and Austria
Czars Distribution of Russian j
Decorations General Glimp CH
BERLIN Sept 19The excited lan
guage employed by the Vienna and Ber
lin semiofficial newspapers in discussing f
the Turkish policy adopted by Lord SaIls
bury is known to be due to the rapidly
growing divergence of the lines of Lord
Salisburys proposal and that of Count
Goluchowski the Austrian minister of
foreign affairs a to how to
Prince Hohenlohe the German Imperial
chancellor who has now gone to his es
tate at Alt Aussee in Syria for a sea
son of hunting ha continued to play sec
ond fiddle to Count Goluehowski snco
that statesman took the Initiative upon
the eastern question To the Benin go
ernment the question remains vieivdas
affecting the drelbund chiefly The semi
official press here naturally follows the
lead of the Vienna semiofficial organs
but it is difficult in the extreme to as er
tain what Count Goluchowskls ideas are
peyond for the present at least uphold
ing the sultan and maintaining the status
quo in Turkey generally Amidst thp
newspaper Invectives which have been
hurled against England not
on the part of the porte ha appeared
Austria obviously fears that the a Uon
of England will drive the sultan to dam
the protection of Russia involving thE
sudden appearance of Russian troops at
Constantinople and Russian warships In
the Dardanelles
I Outside of the semiofficial press the
the concensus of opinion is that the soil
tan must be deposed before the rtcui rng
disorders in Constantinople and elsewhre
in the Turkish empire shal cease tit
the opinion in foreign official circles here
Is that time must be allowed in which to
enable the powers to arrange for tile se
lection and enthronement of his sutctb
SOl Vienna Neue Fro Presse rightly
argues that the sultan is under the pro
tection of Russia and that if England I
should seek to force n5f monarchs de
position she would very quicivly find that
she would have to face Russia for her
Todays Issue of the Neue Frie Presse
contains the report of a interview win
an Austrian statesman wherein he sayr
that European entente in regard to Tun
key no longer exists but has been re
placed by a rt
the object of which is to maintain the
status quo and maintain Sultan Abdul
Hamid in power as if a new sultan
should be placed upon the throne by the
powers ho would not have the prestige
and authority of the present occupant of
the Ottoman throne and this state of of
fairs would cause a general rebellion of t
the Turks against the new caliphs gov
The Inspection of tho Turkish forts In
the Dardanelles by the Russian general
Tchikatcheff commander of the District
of Odessa is very significant of the sul
tans reliance upon Russia
General ichikatcheftTs mission to Con
stantinople and the Dardenelles forts oc
curred early In July last but the faSft
has just leaked out It appears that a
Russian warship passed s fortnight in the
Dardenelles during which a group oC
Russian officials were engaged in inspect
ing the fort works and assisting the Turk
ish officers In
Since the return of General Tchitakat
chaff to Odessa It is believed that war
materials may be supplied to the Don
denelles forts from Russia Comment
ing upon this affair the Vienna Neue Frio
Presse says The English foreign office
must be blind if it fails to understand the
meaning of this
Within a week after the czars meeting
with the kaiser the tariff war between
Germany and Russia was actively re
sumed In response to the clamor of the
agrarians the German government raised I
ine duties upon agricultural imports
claiming that this Increase was permissi
ble under the terms of the RussoGerman
commercial treaty To this action the
Russian government has replied by with
drawing all the tariff concessions
in 1894 and 1395 The German manufac
turers who have enormous stores of pro
hibited goods thus thrown upon their
hands have vainly appealed to the
foreign office for redress but It Is ex
pected that the final reprisal of German i
will be to recur to the edict of the reicha
band forbidding the issue of German loom
upon Russian securities
The czars limited distribution of Rus
sian decorations to German officials and
German army officers upon the occasion
of his recent visit to Breslau has been
badly Interpreted here The late czar
Alexander III although by no means
friendly to Germany was lavish In his
bestowal of Russian orders upon Ger
many while it is claimed that his suc
cessor Nicholas II keeps his decorations
for the French
gave a farewell dinner on Thursday to
Captain R K Evans the retiring military
attache to the United States embassy
and Mrs Evans Twenty guests were
present including the staff of the embassy
and Mrs Lawrence Maxwell Mr and
Mrs Ulman Mr and Mrs E N Wiley
and Mrs N Moore all of Chicago The
military attaches to the various em
bassies here afterwards gave a farewell
twinquet to Captain Evans at the Guards
Lieutenant Nieblack entered upon his
duties as naval attache to the American j
embassy here today as successor tc
Lieutenant Vreeland who returns is J
3 a f
k silver dollars
will buy a pair of
the famous Packard
shoes for men
Sold exclusively by
Good Shoes for Everybody
I may be in error but in my
humble judgment he who would
rob a man ot his necessary
food or pollute the spring at
which he quenches his thirst
or steal away from him his
accustomed rest or condemn f
his mind to the gloomy night
of ignorance is no more an
enemy of his race than the
man wKo deaf to the entrea
ties of the poor and blind to
the suffering he would cause
seeks to destrAy one of the
money metals given by the i
Almighty to supply the needs
of commerce William Jen
nings Bryan
Stephen Tebbets of Harrison Me who
was 00 years old last Wednesday has been
a sailor diver cooper shoemaker song
writer musician and farmer and during 1
the present summer he has don most of
den the work in his large and beautiful gar
The new rattrap light with which
the French navy is said to be secretly
experimenting is according to the ac
counts one of the most valuable in
ventions of sea signaling made n a
long time Its rays are fIJ to be in
visibe on the right or left < of it whi >
they can only be < iscv < > I stratt
aVad under certain conditions Tbrt
value of such a light siitth a
and torpedo boats is too obvious to ciA
for comment

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