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c No matter what it may be you Therefore it la to the interest of
f can get it by Advertising In The the Business Man tq Advertise la
Herald 3 The Herald
How Abram Hatch Republic
an Candidate For the Sen
ate Does Business
Gold Coin Note He Required
the Rasbands to Sign
A Dollar a Day Enough For a La
boring Man Hutch Believed to
Be a Silver Man From Policy Xot
Principle Forecast of the Re
suit In Summit ana Wasatch
PARK CITY Nov 1 Politics are at
the sizzing point in Utahs greatest
mining camp and the heat radiating
from the center fire has permeated
every village and settlement in Sum
mit and Wasatch counties The great
est fight is being waged on the legisla
tive tickets and Republican and Dem
ocratic champions are stumping the
district from end to end lauding their
S respective candidates All are either
pledged to silver or are outspoken
champions pf the white metal and the
campaign is one in which personal pop
ularity and worth will count more than
party principles Wasatch is a Demo
cratic county and Summit county is a
Republican county under normal con
ditions but the nomination of Bryan
as elsewhere has almost obliterated
party lines and the result will
be a goasyoupleace policy on elec
tion dav The silver sentiment of
course is very strong in this section
and because of it wellposted politicians
believe that King will receive a ma
jority over Holbrook for congress and
that the Democratic legislative tickets
In both counties will be elected Wa
satch and Summit counties comprise
the Fifth senatorial distnft Wasatch
as a representative district and Sum
mit a representative district
The candidates for the senatorship
are R C Chambers Democrat of Park
City and Abram Hatch Republican
of Heber City Chambers is popular i
and last year defeated Tom Kearns for
the same position he is now aspiring
to his majority being 192 He is recog
nized the country over as being fore
most among the champions of the
white metal and his work in and finan
cial contributions to the cause have
been at least equal to that of any one
N man now interested in the great politi
5 5 cal battle for humanitys sake His op
ponent Abram Hatch is the wealthiest
and most prominent citizen of Wasatch
county He is president of the Wa
S satch county stake and Is interested in
almost every enterprise that his county
can boast of For about twenty years
p he represented his county in the terri j
torial legislature but in his race for
membership in the constitutional con
vention he was defeated by William J
Buys a fellowtownsman the victors
majority being 67
I visited Heber City and while there
enjoyed a pleasant interview with him
Being now in the public eye he is of
course being subjected to more or less
abuse and criticism from personal ene
mies and political opponents To me
he has been described as a skinflint as
a usurer and as an oppressor His
critics assert that the sobriquet of
TwoPer cent which has been be
stowed upon him fits him to a nicety
while his immediate friends declare that
his worst offense is being a shrewd
business man They say that he is of
a sympathetic nature and a man pre
disposed to be the friend and adviser of
all humanity During my conversation
with him I could discover no clue
either in his conduct or language that
would in the least corroborate the
charges made by his enemies I asked
the usual questions and he answered
them readily
What electors do you intend to vote
for was my first question
I indorse Brvan and will vote for
his electors was the reply
What do you consider the para
mount issue silver or protection
I hold slIver to be the paramount is
sue S
Do you indorse Senator Browns
I do not
S If elected will you vote for him to
succeed himself as United States sen
If elected I will vote for no man
who is not a thorough silver man I
am opposed to Brown
If he is the caucus nominee of your
party what then
I think I have answered that ques
What is your position on the eight
hour law
I am an advocate of the eight hour
law and endorse iL
The political interview was termin
ated by Mr Hatch saying I vote for
Bryan because of silver but with that
exception I am still a Republican
In the interview Mr Hatch comes out
squarely on the silver issue and reiter
ates what he has often of late said
from the platform But it is said of I
him that after reading McKinleys let
ter accepting the presidential nomina
tion he declared that the position taken
I by McKinley on the financial question
was unanswerable Suppose he is
I quoted as saying silver was remone
tized If a man had money loaned out
I and silver was made a legal tender he
would be paid only 50 cents for the 100
cents he loaned It is also asserted in
I his own town that he has goldbug pro
clivities that he has never given a
i dollar towards the silver cause and
that the financial position he has taken
I is due more to political policy than to
individual principle It is claimed that
all the notes he holds contain a gold
I clause and in support of this claim a j
note given by the Rasband Bros of
this city as principals and by Will i
Rasband and Orson Hicken of Heber
City as securities is cited as evidence I
I have seen the original and have se I
cured a photographic copy to be repro I
duced with this letter In it is a
gold clause and the note itself imposes
conditions which people who have read I I
it do not approve They say that the
conditions are the earmarks of a shy
lock his apologists say that they evi
dence that he is a careful and shrewd
business man who does not propose to
get the worst end of a financial trans
action S
When in Heber City I asked Mr
Hatch if it was true that he was ad
dicted to the gold clause habit and
particularly mentioned the Rasband
note His reply was
Yes said he I know that they
are accusing me of being a goldbug
because I made that note payable in
gold Silver was then not the ques
I tion it is today In the regular In
terview a portion of which precedes
this in answer to a query on the same I
lines he said Some three years ago
I loaned Rasband Bros of Park City
1000 and took their note with personal
security I do not remember the de
tails now but I never pushed them
When it was long over due I asked
for another note with good men as
endorsers and it was given Three
months later it wastaken up and the
Rasbands and I parted friendly
The Rasband Bros tell a different
story In substance they both Fred
and Jim allege that they were the
victims of misplaced confidence I had
a talk with Fred yesterday I had
heard so much about the alleged gold
bug note that my curiosity was ex
cited It was this way said Fred
We owed James Murdock 1000 for
which we were paying him 1 per cent
a month interest Hatch knew of this
note We were doing consideraole
business with him He ame to If
several times and asked Us to borrow
the money of him We were to pay
Murdock with his money He said he
had money lying idle and would be glad
to let us have the money at the same
rate of interest we were paying Mur
dock He was president of the
Wasatch stake we did business with
him right along he was friendly so we
at last consented We gave hIm our
I note and paid Murdock The note be
came past due Then the Park City
bank failed and times got harder He
telephoned to us three times that he
wanted to see us that he wanted ad I
ditional and better security and for us ito i
to come to him and arrange matters I
I went to him and he demanded thai
another note be givcS tch i 0 rotner
Will Rasband and Orson Hicken as
securities or his money I was willing
and so were they We agreed upon this
> t
at nightabout 9 oclock I thinkand I
he insisted on haying them sign the
note at once although I told him the
hour was late and that possibly they
might be in bed So I sot them and
they signed with me Hatch wrote
the note himself and he put in the I
payable in gold coin clause I said
to himWont I
Wont United States currency do
as well I asked when I saw it was
made payable in gold coin
No said he I want it made out
payable in gold coin Furthermore I
must have 11 per cent interest I can
said he get 2 per cent for money from
I other people and from you I must
have 13 per cent
W iJO 1 t R c ju b7 p Q < l c
r ll
I I J 0 1 I
v I A LtV AeA LfZ L Iflift S i
th 4q
cfd 7f Yvr A J 7ty J 2 J eJ v S
C 4 22 ttVJ uJ
I i4z r f CL4 vuc T 1 LaX I AI r V
< < S c7 4
aX lL cdi il ftf3J
> I = r Zf
Z L L 1 2 + VlL Y 7Yli f
r A t tJ
v c C UA k a Ata
k 2 vu U2 i 5 >
41 t7u 7 rccr A Y i JfaycttJir
7Z c7 0
4 J t 27 au c IU tfccICI4
d j 1
11 IW a
L f rd Xj
J X J L = y
4vnnL uJ1 o c 0 4 t h V S
I 2 2
f M 171 p 2z fiL A c L Z57
i tzog L fL d l c dJ cJt cJ J i3S 5
OZ4 p 74 fe < v a ii3 tV cuvuv cJi
u 7 U
2 = J
r7 4 q4t JA f CtrUJ r 4t < A7 CL
c f I j 1
7J lJAtclfj I
S > r 7 i eI 4ra1
S fJ U r c7 4i P 7
i ft j C tif a i aUC
I 4
S qzJ 7l c 21C e1g S
I objected but it was no use We
had to do something He had us in a
tisht place so I agreed I gave him
the note and then paid 45 three
months interest in advance At the
Pond of three months we paid the note
I forgot to state that after Jje had
demanded and got Will Rasband and
Oryon Hicken who are each worth
I at least 5000 or 6000 as sureties he
also demanded that I give him a mort
gage on a residence I have in Heber
I city and which I then valued at 1200
as additional security I told him that
I would not as I was going to give
it as security to my brother and Orson
Hicken to secure them against any
possible loss
I When I paid the note continued
Rasband I told Harry Deming the
I caynler of the First National bank here
that Hatch demanded the money in
United States gold coin and I wrote
across the face of my check Pay in
gold coin
Have you been using this note
proposition against Hatch I asked
Yes I have replied Rasband
Hatch heard of what I was doing
and last TuesdaYI think it was last
Tuesdayhe called at the store and
saidI understand that you are = using
that note asainyr me
Yes I replied I am
I thought said he that you were
too good a Latterday Saint to let any
thing like that come out against your
president If you keep this up the
Republican party will damn you as a
HI said VWe owe the Republican
to f
party north in c and do not care what
it will do
I talked with Jim Rasband also
What do you know about that note
transaction wfth Hatch I asked
Then he told me 1ts history sub
stantially the same as his brother had
related It
He asked me said Jim if I had
1 turned against him too If you have
I will put you down as a traitor to the
I dont care a dn said I what
you call me
Then he asked me if we had been
keeping tvat note three years in order
to get even with him and I said Yes
and I would have kex > t It three years
1 lontrer in order to do so
1 So now the readers of The Herald
have the history of the socalled gold
S bug note f
I ifc
i Hatch is also accused of being a
hard taskmaster ajS as having a pre
deliction to oppres his employees In
the interview referred to I asked him
this Question v
I Is it true that you pay men in your
employ only 1 a day when you board
them and 125 a day when they board
themselves S
I His answer was I I have many men
in my employ whom I pay from 125
a day to 100 per month according to
their abilIty and usefulness I am in
i terested in ttfo mines the Lucky Bill i
i and the Dutch canyon property and
I to the men employed there we pay the
S same rate as is paid to the men em
ployed in the Silver King mine Our
farm hands we pay125a day BO mill
hands 60 a month tnd in the store the
rajres are satisfactory to all
Will Sessions a farm hand who at
one time worked for Hatch lold me
that he was a very hard taskmaster
and that he had heard him say than
1 a day was enough for a laboring
man and 2 a da would be proper
recompense for miners I have also
heard that in the Dutch canyon pros
pects the ruling wages are 150 a day
At Heber city I aiso met Thomas S
Watson the Republican candidate for
representative for Wasatch county
I am for silver said he Silver
is my mottoL I
Do you endorse Senator Brown I
No sir I do not If I had 1000 I
votes he would not get one of them
He could not get my vote under any
Will you go into the Republican
If Brown should be its nomInee for
senaror what then
I would bolt the caucus and go it
What Is your position on the eight
hour law
I am In favor of ii Eight hours
are enough for men who are engaged
in hazardous employment Labor or
ganizations aVe all right too I be
lieve in the protection of labor Capital
organizes why should not labor They
should go handinhand I believe in
Watson claims to be the first man to
announce himself a Republican in
WasatCh county He is a cattleman
I and for many years was probate judge
His Democratic opponent is Joseph R
Murdock of Charleston Murdock is
a solid man of affairs is sound on all
vital issues and is going to be elected
The total registration of Wasatch
county is 1543 Last year the vote was
746 This year Heber cKty has a regis
tration of 587 Midway 303 Charleston
159 Wallsburg 167 Daniels 94 Center
101 Elkhorn 74 Woodland 53 Wasatch
Is a Democratic county Last year it
gave Roberts a majority of 135 over
Continued on Page 5V3
Attention Called to Statements
of Republican Leaders
Jn New York
Other Disloyal Utterances by
Prominent Goldites
Pay Xo Attention to Sensational Re
S ports Whether They Affect the
Candidate Public Speakers or
Others The One Great Duty of
Patriots Is to Be Sure That Their
Votes Are Deposited and Honestly
Counted To This End Every Man
or Woman Who Loves Our Coun
try Should Lend a Willing Hand
CHICAGO Nov 1The following
warning addressed To the Voters of
the United States was issued today
by Hon J F Washburn chairman of
the Chicago branch of the Peoples
party national executive committee
The startling statements of Re
publican leaders such as Lau er
bach of New York that they may
not abide by the results and of ex
Senator Henderson threatening
armed resistance if Bryan wins
and of Theodore Roosevelt that he
S may lead a regiment to war if
Bryan wins and the open boasts
of the Republican leaders that If
tine election Is close it will be con
tested backed by Grover Cleveland
and the federal government in their
effort to repeat what was accom
plished when Tilden wa elected to
gether with the wellknown face
that the Republican corruption
fund of millions of dollars is to be
used on election day in purchasing
election boards falsifying returns
and buying up voters in a whole
isale manner and thai coerckwiwHl
be resorted to by merchants manu
facturers and either employers who
will intimidate their employees to
vote for McKinley render it neces
sary that we put the people on
S In consideration of these un
American unpatriotic and revolu
tionary tactics and aatempts of
scheming men to debauch and steal
th nation we feel justified in is
suing this warning to the American
FirstPay no attention what
ever to sensational reports whether
they affect the candidate public
speakers or others Whatever their
character brand them as lies vote
early mark one ticket only work
hard and bring out your friends
Avoid controversies at the polls
and see that watchers at every
voting place are on the lookout for
fraud Watch the ballot boxes until
the votes are all counted and the
tally sheets made up and signed
Remember that it Is in the mid
night hours that the frauds are per
SecondThe New York Journal
offers 1000 reward and the Na
tional Democratic committee 500
additional to any person furnishing
evidence necessary for the convic
tion of any one attempting to bribe
coerce or intimdate any voter in
any state The ballot is secret
and under no possible circum
stances can it be known how you
vote Insist on your rights and be
protected in them Eternal vigil
ance is the price of liberty Be
steady alert and true and Bryan
silver and viotory will be yours to
enjoy and by the eternal no power
oh earth shall take it from you
Watch and pray on election day
and if victory crowns our efforts
assemble in every village town and
city > to proclaim the good news and
celebrate the advent of a new era
S Chairman Chicago Branch
Peoples Party National
Executive Committee
Forecasting the result of the election
In its bearing on the probable strength
of the Peoples party in both houses
of congress Chairman Washburn said
to a reporter of the United Associated
One of the interesting results of the
election Is the number of congressmen
which the Populists will have in the
next house and senate In order CD se
cure fusion in the different states on
the electoral tickets and consequently
harmonize the silver forces fusion was
not only arranged upon congresmen
but also upon many tickets and as a
result of this work if Bryan is elected
the Populists will have between 60
and 70 electoral votes between 20 and 30
congressmen several United States
senators governors and other mem
bers of the state tickets in several
states as well as members of the legis
lature and county officials by the hun
dreds This will more thoroughly entrench
trench and establish our party than all
that has been accomplished during the
last three years We now have the bal
ance of power in the senate and should 1
the Democrats secure the next legis
Jature it Is to be expected that there I
will be a gold defection cf Democratic
congressmen who will unite with the
Republicans in fighting silver Should
his occur the faithful allies will be the
Populists who may hold the balance
of power in the lower house just as
we do In the senate Witih Mr Bryan
as president he will be greatly em
barrassed in the next session or con
gress by the gold Democrats in their
effort to obstruct silver legislation We
shall therefore need to begin at once
to prepare for the fight two years
hence in order that he may be sup
ported by a congress in full sympathy
with his views
man Apsley of the Republican congress
ional committee left Washington today
for his home at Hudson Mass to cast
his vote
You may say for me said Mr Aps
hey on taking the train that I stand by
my former prediction that the Republican
ticket will be triumphant by more than
325 votes in the electoral college that in
fact McKinleys election will be marked
by a landslide and that I have not modi
iod my estimate of the election of 224
sound money Republicans to the house
I Republican parade was crossing the Lo
gan street bridge into Dennison yesterday
the bridge collapsed carrying twentyfive
horsemen with it All were injured but
none fatally One horse was killed out
risrht A German woman whose name is
no known is the most seriously Jnjured
The presence of mind of the marshals
prevented a panic
CINCINNATI 0 Nov 1 During the
Sound Money parade here yesterday
Henry Loewensteln a prominent capital
ist and director of the Cincinnati Abbat
toir company dropped dead while march
ing with his employees
De Haan of the Venezuelan boundary
commission arrived this afternoon per
steamer Spaarndam from Rotterdam
The Campaign In Summit jmd Va
antcli Counties
Vnihlmrni4 Address
Bryans Nebraska Tour
Xelirailcn Not In Doubt
Laborers Advised
Floods In France
Aisionpr Our Mining Camps
Our Berlin Cable
The Churches Yesterday
James Bell Struck by a U P Train
McKinley Is Confldent
The Second South Street Paving
Outlook In Aeiv York
News From Nearby Towns
Address to Weber Voters
IV H Bickson Will Address the
Democrats Today
Local Chairmen Review the Polit
ical Outlook
Young Sidney Baum Drowned
While Hunting
A Dungeon of Death
Fighting CHolerai on the Ganges
Bryan Admirers and McKinley Ad
S herents Have a Great Time
CHICAGO Nov 1The police were
called upon tonight to quell a political
riot on the west side Fifteen or 20
people were battered and bruisad The
fight took place in front of a Repub
lican meeting place at the corner of
Union and Madison streets From a
nearby Bryan hall came a crowd of
silver men who were marching When
they arrived in front of the McKinley
hall it is alleged they stopped and
commenced shouting for Bryan there
by interrupting the speakers inside
I wtho were arguing for a gold standard I
There was a general exit from the hall
and the two crowds came together and
the fight became so mixed that it is
said the combatants could not tell their
friends from their enemies but were
striking at random A riot call was
sent in to the nearest police station
and 25 7 > olicemen were sent to the
scene The police soon restored order
No one was seriously injured
OneAVoinan Meets Death and Nine I
Other Persons Injured
BUFFALO Nov 1The Car J
hans hotel at 112 Main street was de
stroyed by fire at an early hour this
morning There were 22 persons in the
building when tie fire started All but
nine of them escaped uninjured Three
were women one of whom an un
known was burned to death The in
jured are
Matt Speak
Michael Weidger
Henry Miller
Mrs Henry Miller
Charles Miller
Henry Miller Jr
Lottie Smith
An unknown b
All are expected to recover I
II e
An Unknown Man Run Over and
Killed a Boy Bleeds to Death One
Man Fatally Stabbed and Another
Shot In the Neck
DENVER Nov 1An unknown man
run over and killed a boy bled to death
oneman fatally stabbed and another I
shot is the Sunday record in Denver j I
At 8 oclock this evening an un I
known man walking over the Larimer
street viaduct in stepping out of the
way of one car was struck by another I
and cut in two dying instantly Every
bone in his body was broken I
Max Wind a 12yearold boy with
others was releasing cars in the B
M yards to ride down a slight grade
The youngster was run over and his
leg cut off at the knee He bled to
death in the presence of his compan
Gerard Bethune1 and Earl Morgan
were standing in front of the Santa
Fe hotel talking to Theresa Sauer
when Clarence Whitlock Frank Hecke
and Frank Richards approached Re
marks were made to the young lady
the former claim but the latter named
deny it A general fight followed in
which knives and revolvers were used
Bethune was stabbed and gashed in
the back and Whitlock was shot in the
czar and czarina arrived yesterday at
Gatschina 30 miles southwest of this
city They paid a visit to the dowager
czarina who Is sojourning at Gats
china and in the evening proceeded to
TsarskoaSelo 17 miles south of St
Petersburg where they will reside for
a time They appear to have fully re
covered from the fatigue of their vlslta
to Germany Scotland and France
LEXINGTON Nov 1A desperate
fight took place yesterday on a train
near Beattyville between John Hargis t
and Jerry Caldwell in which the for
mer was instantly killed and the latter
fatally wounded Pistols were the
weapons used An old grudge was the
cause Hargis was a cousin of Judge
Hargis a prominent Louisville lawyer
and exjudge of the Kentucky court of
5 J
It Will Take Him Into Four of
the Six Congressional
A Resume of the Great Vork
by the Democratic Candidate
Since His domination JJyan Has
Traveled Seventeen Thousand
Miles Visiting Twciitj seven of
the States of the Union John P
Irish Delegated to Follow Bryan
Through Nebraska and Endeavor J
to Ward Off the Force of the
SlcdgeIInnmicr Blows of the Boy
Orator of the Ilatte
LINCOLN Neb Nov 1A long
sleep this afternoon and a longer one
tonight was William J Bryans way of
preparing for his flying trip through
Nebraska tonorrow
The unprecedented campaign tour of
the Democratic candidate practically
ended this morning when he stepped
from his private car Idler furnished
by the Democratic national committee
in the Burlington Nation here
He and Mrs Bryan spent last night
in Council Bluffs and rode over to
Omaha this morning on an electric
car to take the 830 train for Lincoln
to which the Idler had been attached
About 200 people were waiting for
Mr Bryan here They gave him at
suppressed Sunday morning cheer and
many shook hands with him as he
walked smilingly to the carriage in
There was a joyous scene of course
at the Bryan residence when the three
children of the candidate welcomed
their father and mother
Mr Bryan was tired and went to 4
bed soon after reaching home He 1
tuept until supper time and retired
again early tonight to secure a good
rest for tomorrows journey
His own state of Nebraska was se
lected by Mr Bryan for the final rally
of the free silver forces The confidence
he has felt that > he would carry the
state was his reason for not making
a tour within its boundaries earlier in
the campaign It was the same with
regard to Kansas but that state and
his own are the only two previously in
the Republican column with the ex
ception of those west of here wh > ra
the free silver sentiment is considerel
the strongest that he has neglected i I I
his fight for Democratic victory
The long and hardworking campaig i
that Mr Bryan has pursued began wit i
his departure from Chicago on July 1 T
the Monday following his nominacfo1
From that time to this he has been
on the go barring three weeKS pent in
Lincoln prior to his departure for Ne V
York City to be formally notified of h a
selection as the Democratic standar i
bearer and a week in the quiet sur
roundings of Upper Red Hook
His hardest day of the campaign wot
that during which he made the journey
from Chicago to Pittsburg en route to
the notification meeting He left Chi
cago half an hour before midnight and
made speeches almost continuously
from that time until tie concluded his
last address to a Pittsburg audience 24
hours later That recordbreaking trip
was made during the terrible heated
spell of last summer and left the candi
date pretty well exhausted The sec
ond hardest day included southern Illi
nois Indiana and Kentucky Starting
from St Louis early in the morning
he talked to many gatherings along his
route and was obliged to deliver four
more speeches on his arrival at Louis
ville at nisCit Twentyseven was the
number of speeches made on his jour
ney from Chicago to Pittsburg and he
came within one of equalling that re
markable record one day in Michigan
last month He went as far north as
Duluth linn and as far south as
Memphis Tenn while the Atlantic
coast vas covered from North Caro
lina to Maine
I How many miles Mr Bryan will have
traveled Tnen he returns to Lincoln
again Tuesday morning after his Ne
I I braska roundup has not been accur
ately computed but some of those who
I accompanied him pretend to give out
i the correct figure by a careful study of
I the ra road maps and tables of dis
tance Seventeen thousand miles is an
approximate estimate The Demo
cratic candidate visited 27 states
Connecticut Delaware Illinois Indi
ana Iowa Kansat passing through in
the night from Lincoln to Kansas City
Kentucky Maine Maryland Massa
chusetts Michigan Minnesota Mis
I souri Nebraska New Hahpsiiire New
Jersey North Carolina North Dakota J
Ohio Pennsylvania Rhode Island
South Dakota Tennessee Virginia
West Virginia Wisconsin 1
He also made a speech in the Dis j
trict of Columoia
James T Dahlman of Omaha chair
man of the Democratic state central
committee will have charge of the I
Nebraska campaign tomorrow James i
OShea of the state committee and a j
number of campaign orators including I
several former Republicans will ac 1
I company Mr Bryan to make speeches 11
along the route One or more will re
I main at prominent places to follow up
the arguments advanced by the na
I tional candidate The trip will take
1 Mr Bryan into four of the six con
I gressional districts in the state
Speeches are scheduled for sixteen
places but it is probable more stopa =
l will be made Mr Bryan will leave
Lincoln on the Idler by a special train a

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