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vcr coinage of the constitution
y avd lead fa thi restoration of lii
f g Mtctwlllsm throughout tlieworld
Mr and Mrs Bryan will spend the
night at the Paxton hotel and at 830
0 in the morning will leave over the Bur
r 0 lington for Lincoln where the candi
date will cast his vote and await the
t returns
t Iii Other Places
LINCOLN Neb Nov 2A keen
east wind blew fiercely through the
r rdnks of those who gathered to hear
jIr Bryan at Hastings It was there
that the Democratic candidate crossed
the path of John P Irish his old op
ponent in joint debate who is camp
ing on the trail of the Democratic
candidate through Nebraska Colone
Irish Ieached Hastings on his special
train just before Mr Bryan left that
place and the Republican meeting be
gan when the silver meeting was over
People had gathered from far and near
to hear the nominee Ten thousand of
them mostly farmers made up the as
semblage that greeted with wild
cheers his appearance on a temporary
stand The audience was plainly in
sympathy with his views and showed
it6 intensity Qf partisan feeling in
shrill shouts Gold badges were few
and far between White ribbons bear
ing the word Bryan in twoinch let
ters were pinned on the hats and
breasts of men women and children
It was truly an enthusiastic throng
and it heard one of the principal
speeches of the day Mr Bryan spoke
as follows
Mr Chairman Ladies and Gentle
men I i have been absent from the
state some two months and I have
been reading in Republican papers
that there were certain Republicans in
Nebraska who thought this state was
too far west for a president Laugh
ter r have heard it stated that some
Republicans out here thought a man
dId not know anything about the
money question unless he lived in New
York where he was surrounded by a
London fog all the time Cheers I
heard that there were some Republican
farmers out there who thought prices
were not low enough and they were
going to try to continue the gold stand
ard so that oats would go down to 5
cents a bushel Cheers Well I am
glad to find that these Republicans
did not tell the truth in their dis
patches Laughter and applause I
am very much gratified to find so many
p ople testifying to their faith in bi
metallism by coming out today and
doing what they have been doing all
over this countryusing their voices
until their voices are hoarse Ap
plause Since I left Nebraska I have
been as far east as the Kennebec
river and I want to tell you that no
matter what the papers may say
there is a silver sentiment in Massa
chusetts and Maine that is as intense
as it is in Nebraska Cheers When
I have found a man who lived upon
money and whose money was increas
ing in value under a gold standard I
have generally found an advocate of
the gold standard whether he was in
Nebraska or Massachusetts but when
found a man who worked for his liv
ing I generally found a man who
sympathized with YQU in your strug
gle Cheers
My Mends we started out to fight
this campaign on a great issue and
our opponents pretended that they
were perfectly willing to meet us in
the fight But they had not gone very
far until they tried to get away from
the n ey question and get on the
tariff question but when they tried
to talk tariff they found that the peo
ple wanted to put a prohibitory tariff
on foreign financial policies before they
discussed the tariff schedule Laugh
ter When they wanted to talk tariff
they found that the farmers thought if
l the money question could be settled by
international agreement they might set
tle the tariff question in the same way
Cne ° rs They found that they could
nut bring the tariff question into this
campaign until after they had settled
whether or not this country has a right
to ntttjid to ita own business and have
a financial policy suited to its own
peuple Cheers The Republicans have
in their platform endorsed the finan
cial ohey of the present administra
tion and that means mont bonds and
less money while our policy means
more money and less bonds Alter our
opponents had found themselves driven
from every battleheld upon which they
dared to fight then in the closing days
of the campaign tivej have attempted
to resort to fraud and to forgery and
you have found in this community let
ters purporting to have been written by
the chairman of the Populist committee
of this state asking you to save the
state ticket and sacrifice the national
ticket I am authorized to denounce
the inter as a fraud and a forgery by I
Mr Emiston whose name is signed to
n Great applause But the fact that i
they resorted to these things shows the I
desperation of their cause If they had
a cause which appealed to the people of
this country it would not be necessary
for them to resort to fraud out here
I S and to intimidation and force wherever
they Dlause can resort to that anywhere Ap
Mr Bryan then reverted to state is
I sues amd spoke in advocacy of Governor
Silas A Holcombs candidacy for re
I I election Continuing he said
We are not yeeking votes under
I I false pretenses So far as I am con
I cerned I have tried to present before
I the people from the Missouri river to
t the Atlantic coast the issue of this
k camP gn I have tried to defend bi
metaMism as best I could and show
to the people that it is to the interest
of 9u out of every 1UO to restore the
money of tJhecons titution Great cheer
ingj And now on thw last day of the
campaign yhen I come back among
the people of my own state I want to
be frank with them I want to say to
them if there is a man in Nebraska who
thinks this nation is not big enough to
attend to its own business I do not
i want his vote cheers because I stand
for an American financial policy for
the American people and if I can help
it we will not consult any nation on
eartSi as to what our financial policy
t f shall be Cheers If there is anybody
in this state who believes that the
honor of the nation is safer in the
hands of syndicates than it is in the
E hands of the people themselves I dont
want that persons vote because I can
not carry out his ideas Cheers 1 If
there Is anybody in the state who be
lieves with that eminent divine that the
l trouble tiiii country is overeducation
i < among the farmers sons I do not want
l V his vote because that is not my idea
my friends of the trouble Applause
L Instead of trying to stop education for
I fear people will find out their condi
tion I believe in giving them more
ii education and remedying the condition
itself Aivplause and cheers
In dosinyr Mr Bryan said
I Now my friends I want to say
when they talk about wearing the yel
low ribbon I have wondered why our
V farmers cut here if they want to
V V show that they are for gold do not
wear a bunch of yellow straw I illus
t trates the condition of this gold stand
V V ard Laughter and cheers The gold
standard has been mere machinery
and i has done it work well I has
separated he wheat from the > straw
c ncTit ha < given the wheat to the Wall
E A street syndicates and left the straw
for tte farmer Great laughter and
Stopsof emfn five and six minutes only
wore V made by tfaa candidates train at <
t UJ 1
L t k 1
i r
L f i
c t
I yJ I cww
t y
1 I i
1 F t
I Z J l
= I t
towns and villages between Hastings
and Lincoln with the exception of
Crete where ten minutes were spent
Harvard Saxonville Sutton and Graf
ton turned out goodsized crowds
About 1000 people with a sprinkling
of the orange among them were at
each of the two lastnamed places and
hearty shouts were V given for Mr
I Bryan As the train drew out of Sut
ton a number of small boys ran after
it shouting for McKinley at the top
of their voices
Mr Bryan started to speak from the
rear platform of the Idler at Fair
mont where a crowd of about 2000
awaited him but one of the local re
ception committee persuaded him to
make his address from the more pre
ferrable temporary stand about which
most of the throng had gathered Its
the worst Republican stronghold in
the county you must no said the
committeeman and Mr Bryan went
A brief speech that was almost fiery
in its delivery was made by the can
didate at Exeter The line of tie
I maikation between his supporters and
his opponents there was well defined
To his left were the people wearing
I white badges inscribed Bryan to his
right a strong display of orange color
Mr Bryan talked a minute or two
to those whose ribbons showed their
interest in his cause and then turned
quickly to the people whose breasts
bore evidence of sympathy in another
direction To these he said that in
voting for a gold standard they forgot
the feeling of pride that must come to
every American in reading the pages
of history devoted to the revolutionary
war Emphasizing his words with
vigorous gestures he told them in a
voice almost fierce in passionate feel
ing that unless they wanted their
I children to feel the blush of shame for
the action of their fathers they should
I not vote for a policy that allowed
American finances to be dominated by
foreign influences Mr Bryans re
marks worked his followers up to a
high state of enthusiasm and they
yelled with might and main The 16
young men on white horses and their
I companion on a yellow animal became
so tilled with the spirit of the speech
I that they deserted the I young ladles
who composed the female exemplifica
tion of the salver rallying cry and
dashed after the train shouting like
mad for the Democratic candidate
Young men in coats of old gold and
young women in goldenhued capes
were scattered through the crowd of
1200 people at Friend The 16 to 1
girls were also there and assisted in
the cheering remarks that punctuated Mr
Three hundred composed the crowd
at Dorchester which also prvided 17
of its buds for the race tableau
Crete was familiar ground for the
candidate He had held a joint debate
o the money question at the Chautau
qua there with Colonel Irish just be
fore the Chicago convention and on
that occasion and on other visits had
become acquainted wit the people
About 50 small boys wearing broad
ribbons of yellow ran down the track
to meet the train giving shrill pro
nunciation to Major McKinleys name
More of them gathered around I the
train when it haled A number of
men and women wore the Republican
color bUtt they were in the minority
with those who displayed the white
With Mr Bryan playing counterrush
in the flying wedge formed by those
wfco accompanied him a way was
made through the crowd to the ad
jacent baseball grounds where the I
greater number of his supporters were
gathered His tenminute speech was
received with every mark of favor At
5 oclock the candidates special pulled
out for Lincoln 15 minutes late
His home city of Lincoln gave its
final hearty ratification of William J
Bryans candidacy during the brief
half hour he spent there this evening
on his passage through this place to
Omaha from his Nebraska campaign
trip Just before 6 oclock when the
sun was disappearing beyond the
prairie horizon line his special train
reached the Burlington station The
Traveling Mens silver club the
Bryan home guards the Mary Bryan
club composed of Women and men on
horseback and sever other organiza
tions composed the procession that
escorted the candidate and Mrs
Bryan t the Lincoln hotel As the
procession passed along the short dis
tance between station and hotel an
artillery salute was fired from the
potofc square Ninth street run
ning betwMn I he Lincoln and the
square was packed with people and
as Mi and Mrs Bryan stepped on the
hotel balcony a great cheer went up
There was nothing to mar the demon
stration given Lincolns most note
citizen I was hearty and sincere
and the candidate showed his appre
ciation in his speech
Mr Bryan needed no introduction In
the course of his remarks he reiterated
the statement made just after his
nomination that if elected he would
not be a candidate for a second term
I was his principal closing speech of
t e campaign and was delivered in a
clear strong voice that reached every
person i the audience
Ladies and Gentlemen This Is the
laat opportunity that J shall have to
address the people of Lincoln before
< r I
they sit in judgment upon the issues
presented in this campaign Tomorrow
will decide the financial policy of this
II nation for the next four years at least
Three national parties placed in my
hands the standard upon which was
II written Free and Unlimited Coinage
of Silver at 16 to 1 Without Waiting
for the Aid or Consent of Any Other
I Nation Great applause
For three months I have done what
I could to present this question to the
I American people and have traveled
from Nebraska to the Atlantic and
everywhere i have preached the same
doctrine and advocated the same prin
ciples Applause and cheers Every
where I have found those who believe
with us and the zeal of bimetallists
who live along the eastern coast is as
great as the zeal of the bimetallists
of Nebraska Applause and che r
ing They called it a sectional ques
tion when they began but they have
found out that it is not a sectional
question it is a great controversy be
tween the money power and the com
mon people of all this country Ap
plause The Republican party started
out to make the tariff question an Issue
in this campaign but if will
i you wi go
among any group of persons where
politics is discussed you will find what
a failure they have made in getting
the tariff question in the campaign
Applause V
The Republican party attempted a
fraud upon the American people in its
financial plank Under the hope of in
ternational bimetallism it started out
to fasten the gold standard upon the
American people I has been aided in
this work by a few former Democrats I
who have been advocating the gold
standard but in order to keep up the
fraud they have pretended to favor
Palmer and Buckner when they have
worked for the Republican ticket Ap
plause and cheers You can see how
the campaign has been conducted The
Republicans have not dared to advo
cate the gold standard as a good I
thing because their platform pledges
the Republican party to get rid of it I
as soon as other nations will help but j I
as they are not able to openly advocate I
the gold standard they help the I
bolting Democrats who can preach
what the Republicans do V upt dare to
preach and they answer Sr same pur
pose Great applause and cheers
I want you to understand the cam
paign which we have had to fight
They have told us that the great in
terests of society were against us Yes
certain great interests have been The
trusts have been against us but the
trusts are no more against me than I
am against the trusts Long and
continued applause and cheers The I
syndicates that have been selling bonds
for the government are against me
but my friends they have reason to
be for if I am elected they will no
longer bleed the American people Ap
plause They say that the corpora
tions are against us Yes many of
them are and they have reason to be
because we believe that the corpora
tion is a creature of law and that the
government which created i is still
greater than the corporation and
should compel it to obey the law
ing Great applause and continued cheer
We have felt the influence of some
of these corporations We know what
it is to have them say to men who
are with us that if they vote our ticket
they must be discharged and lose their
bread and butter Continued ap
My friends they know that if we
succeed in this campaign there will be
legislation which will punish the man
who attempts to deprive another of
the right of citizenship Applause
They tell us that the national banks
are against us Yes some of them
are because my friends we believe j
that the greenback as we have i to
day is better than to retire the green i i
backs and issue bonds and give the
banks the benefit of the interest My i i
friends we have found friends advo
cating honest money who were so i
afraid of paying their debts in dollars J
that were not honest that in order to i
avoid all possibility of mistake they j I
have refused to pay their debts at all j i
Laughter and great applause We
stand in this campaign for a reversal
of the financial policy which has cursed
this country for 20 years We are in
favor of restoring the gold and silver i
coinage of the constitution We are in j
favor of having an American financial
policy for the American people Ap i
plause and cheers i
We do not expect the support of I
those who doubt the ability of the
American people to attend to their own j
business Applause and cheer We
dont expect the support of those who j
have core faith in foreign financiers i
than they have in our own people We V
dont expect the support of those who i
would rather trust the destinies of our
people in their own hands Great
cheering But my friends while we
have against us many of these influ I
ences which are considered great and
potent we have on our side those who i
believed in the oldfashioned idea of I
government that it should give equal
rights to all and special privileges l
io none Applause
My friends tomorrow is the day f
upon which you register your will to
morrow is the day when by your bal
lot you describe the government under
which you desire to live I you desire
a government of syndicates by syndi
cates and for syndicates you have a
right to i and you can cast your in
fluence with those who are against us
I Applause I you still believe In the
government that Jefferson advocated
the government that Lincoln desired
a government of the people by the
people and for the people you must
join with those who believe in a gov
ernment by the people Applause
So far as I am personally concerned
this election will simply determine
whether I shall remain a private citi
I zen or occupy the most exalted posi
I tion within the power of man to con
fer upon a fellow man I will deter
mine whether I shall remain with you
to uphold as Best I can the hand of
the one who is elected until his policy
can be reversed at the polls whether
I shall depart from y6u to be gone four
years and thenreturn to live with you
the rest of my days Great applause
and cheering
I have stated that if elected I shall
not be absent from you more than four
years When I stated it I meant i
and I want you to believe In my sin
cerity when I say so Applause and
cries of We dojVj believe that the
office is attendedT rt th duties so great
with responsibilities heavy that the
man who occupies ought to have no
personal ambition beyond proving him
self worthy of the confidence of those
who elected him Great cheering and
continued applause I elected I shall
consecrate four years of my life to the
service of my country feeling that
when that is done all ha been done in
the way of honor that can be done and
then I shall rejoice again to be a priv
ate citizen in this nation where to be j
a citizen is greaterthan to be a king
Great applause
My friends I remember that when
a little less than wo years ago I re
turned to this city after completing
four years in congress you met me and
extended to me I a welcome which
touched my heart and I want to say to
you that nothii g you can do in the
future can withdraw from me what I
you have done in the past You may
turn against me If you like but my I
friends you can never undo what you
have already done nor can you take
from me the feeling of gratitude which I
I entertain towards those whose kind
ness and confidence first gave me an
opportunity to become interested in
public questions the kindness and the
confidence of those who enabled me to
begin the great fight in which I am
now engaged Applause
My friends I want you to believe
me when I say that I have enjoyed the
opportunity of defending bimetallism
because I believe it is a righteous
cause and I want you to believe that
I would rather stay among you as a
private citizen and be permitted still
to raise my voice against what I con
ceive to be a crime against the human
I race than to enjoy all the honors in
I Christendom i I had to join in the con
I spiracy Great applause and cheer
I ing And now let he ask you who
are interested In the result of this cam
paign to lose no effort to have the vote
recorded tomorrow exactly as the j eo
pIe desire to vote I am seeking no involuntary
voluntary support I have said and I
repeat that I do not want a Vote un
less there is behind the vote the heart
I of the person who casts the vote
I Great applause The work which lies
before a president who goes into office
I with the desire to reform a financial
I policy and to drive the trusts and syn
I dicates from this land will be hard
I enough if he is supported by the people
V his work would be impossible if he
were not supported by them Great
I cheering and applause I want you I
if you are in earnest to give us a
I senate and a congress as well as an I
electoral vote Cries of We will and
applause I you are in earnest I
i want your earnestness to be manifted I
I in a clear sweep and then my friends
i i by the suffrage of my countrymen I
am made their chief executive I will
promise you that no power in this
country or in any foreign land will pre
vent the restoration of the money of
the constitution among our people
Tremendous cheering and great ap I
plause V
OMAHA Nov 2Three stops were
made by Mr Bryans speclai on the I
run from Lincoln to Omaha They I
were at Greenwood Ashland and Gret I
na and at each the candidate was
enthusiastically greeted His remarks
at Gretna were rather interesting This I
is what he said 1
Ladies and Gentlemen When I be
gan my first canvass for congress in
1890 I came to Gietna being the young
est Democratic precinct in the only
certain county of the district and
when I came here I remember that
you raised the first pole ever raised
in my honor and put upon it a banner
bearing the inscription W J Bryan
M Co Six years have passed since
then and I now come among you on
the last day and in the evening of that
day when instead of being a candi
date for congress I am the candidate
congess I
of three V part s for the presidency I
remember with grateful appreciation
the handsome vote that I received in
this precinct six years ago and I am
going to watch the returns tomorrow
night and V see if Gretna does as well
this year Cheers
Troubles Ovcrtoolc III in on Every
LINCOLN Neb Nov 2The tour of
the John P Irish party which followed
candidate Bryan today was marred by
one distressing and fatal accident and
a series of unpleasant incidents The
special train bearing the California cold
I standard advocate was partially wrecked
at Malcolm the first stopping place alter
j leaving Lincoln and John M Dialing a
i well known traveling man of this citr
I was killed The special ha been given
I the right of way but by some misunder
I standing an accommodation freight was
i I allowed to remain on the main track a
the special thundered in Mr Tiplingr was
I the caboose of the freight and in at
tempting to jump was caught between
the caboose and tho freight car ahead and
fatally crushed The body was brought
to Lincoln Mr Irish and party were
badly shaken up but seriously injured
At Sutton where the crowd whch
greeted Mr Bryan yet remained Mr
Irish vas given a shower of eggs and
nthor missies one i of which broke a car
window and injured 3 lady
At Grafton hoots and jeers greeted him
and at Harvard the same reception was
accorded not however without cheers
from Republicans Ip other towns he was
given a respectful hearing at times
amounting to an V r ovation
LONDON Nov 2Mr George W
Smalley the American correspondent
of the Times who was in Cincinnati
Saturday cables to that paper as fol
Mr C lI Depew and I visited Mr
McKinley at Canton on Friday and
found him buoyant His confidence
I and elation were evident during the
whole visit and he talked freely We
both brought away the same impres
sion that I any Republican depression
existed it was not in Canton and
least of all in Mr McKinley himself
Mr Smalley pays an enthusiastic
tribute to Mr Depews speeches and
dwells on the cordiality of his recep
In a cable dispatch sent from Co
lumbus 0 on Sunday Mr Smalley
cables that the present is the most
strenuous contest in the political his
tory o America adding that Mr De
pew declares that he never saw any
thing like it
CHICAGO Nov 2Eighty thousand
dollars were today withdrawn from
the subtreasury on legal tenders of the
1S90 issue and later and on gold cer
tificates The withdrawals were in
amounts ranging from 50 to 1000 and
were solely for hoarding People stood
in line throughout the day but many
had currency of issues not redeemable
at this branch Within the past three I i
months about 1500000 have been with
drawn from the Chicago subtreasury
but the daily withdrawals were small
until taken Saturday when 29000 were
Riotous Days of the Sawdust War
Lived Over Again
riotous days of the sawdust war in I
this city many years ago were revived I
between midnight and 130 oclock Sun I
day morning At midnight Court street
was packed full of Republicans and j
Democrats who ho participated in the 1
big political demonstrations and rev
I eirj was rampant Shortly before this
Chief of Police Wise had backed his
horse into a crowd on Pine street and
wa greeted with oaths and catcalls
The chief then rode into Court street I
amid a great crowd assembled about
him Eight policemen were with him
and they arrested men until the cells I
j at the station houte were full As the
i courthouse clock struck 12 the chief
rose in V his saddle and addressed the
crowd commanding them to disperse
but he a greeted with a stonrw of I
jeers and curses Instead of charging
I through he retreated and was followed
by the mob who continued their im
I precations Mayor Mansell was informed
ed and decided to usnd a hose cart to
I the scene V and deluge the mob with
water but reconsidered and had a fire
engine sent out as aruse I worked
and the crowd followed but quickly re
turned Then Police Captain Worrall
and 24 squad charged the crowd and
by dint ofclub persuasion dispersed
f them but only after numerous arrests
MADRID Nov 2The Havana cor
respondent of El Liberal cables what
purports to be an interview had by him
with Consul General Lee prior to the
departure of the latter yesterday from I
Havana for New York According to
the dispatch General Lee said that he I
was going to make a private visit to I
New York He added the correspon
dent says that he was confident that
the heroism of Captain General Wey
lers troops would speedily terminate
the rebellion He also eulogized the
spirit Spain displayed V
V A doctor has given out that cycling a
cure for some forms of Insanity and that
a proper track ought to be laid out In
asylum grounds and the right persona
engaged to give instructions V
c V
He Says it to a Delegation of His
Own Townsmen
Sage of Canton Reported as Busy
Cheerful und ConUdent Vast In
terests of thc American People
> oiv In the Hands of the People
Themselves For Proper Settle
ment nail Determination
CANTON 0 Nov 2Two delegations
called on Major McKinley today The
first was composed of 350 ladies of Akron
0 and the other came from Massillon
Neither of these delegations were expect
ed The candidate feeling that the work
I of the campaign had been practically
closed did not speak at length but only
thanked the visitors for the call He sad
I a very greatly obliged to the wo
men of Akron for this neighborly and gra I
co2 call I always Is a good omen to
I have the women interested in a public
cause and one of the sources of strength I
I in this now memorable campaign has been
thi we have felt all the tie that we I
have had supporting us the American
home over which woman presides I
Three cheers were given for McKinley
Aside from these delegations Major Mc
Kinley was kept busy greeting callers
from early morning until long after dark
Te campaign in Canon closed with a
parade or all the Republican marching I
cbs of the city and an uncommonly
large mass meeting in the tabernacle
which was addressed by Republicans of
local repjtation Major McKinley was
not present at ths demonstration I
llslor McKinley Is cheerful and confi
dent tonight He declined to make any
ttenienL other than to say that his advices i
vices from every quarter were of a reassuring
suring nature
After the meetings In the various wards
tonight the marching clubs again formed
In parade and marched to the residence
of Major McKinley where they tendered
I the candidate an ovation ref huge
proportions Major McKinley stepped
lout to the front of his yard I
and in response to loud calls for a
speech the candidate addressed his neigh
bors as follows
rr appreciate very greatly the call of
mv neighbors and fellow townsmen at
this the closing hour of one of the mcst
memorable and Important political cam
paigns in American history The hour for
discussion has passed by each argument
is closed The vast interests of the Amer
ican people are now In the hands of the
themselves for settlement
people themsc proper settement
and determination and there is no safer
detertnaton a
jury in the world to sit upon American in
terests and American honor than tho
American people themselves Cries of
Thats right and applause
T1ts you must remember my fellow
townsmen that the battle is not won un
til the ballots are in A voice It will
be and applause The great jury of
the American people can be confidently
tru tvd to establish by its verdict that
the credit of the country is to continue
credi its unquestioned Its
unimpaired is currency unquestoned is
honor unstained and the glory of the re
public undimmed Cheers 1 thank you
a thousand times for the courtesies and
kindnesses you have shown me the past
three months and bid you all good nint
tree those who called on Major Mc
Kinley during the day were T V Pow
derly of Scranton Pa and A W Wright
of Niagara Thes gentlemn have been
NIagr speeches for the Republican ticket
in the west and are o the way to their
respective homes to vote Col A L
Congor of Akron exchairman of the I
Ohio state central Republican committee
was also a visitor at the McKinley resi I
dence today
Editor J L Montgomery of Marshall
Iii Democrat states that for many
years Il he suffered untold agony from
dyspepsia At last he began to take I i
Ayers Sarsaparilla and by the time I
he used sIx bottles he was as well as
ever Cures others will cure you
BOSTON Npv 2The annual Har
vard varsity fall handicap track games
were held this afternoon on Holmes
field The weather conditions were rot
of the best and the track was pretty
heavy No specially good records were I
made except in the 120 yards high hur i
die which was won by G G Hubbard I I
1200 who beat out E H Chark by ai
yard Hubbard also won the 220 yards I I
hurdle race handicap
The halfmile run was a close race
between T C Ledyard 60 yards and
E D Fullerton 51 yards the former
winning by a yard
In the mile run G G Grand who had
previouly run in the half mile was not
up to his usual form and failed to
overhaul his field Patterson the big
Cornwall hammerthrower won a place i
In thfr hammerthrow He is in the I j
first year at the law school and though i
not eligible to compete for Harvard this I
year will be a valuableaccession to
Harvards trade and field team
Skies Are Scanned by the
V Ambitious Political
Hanna and His Gang Are Indif
Have Got the Election Down to So
Fine a Point Tlmf I Matters Xot
to Them Whether It llamA or
bnovrs Chairman Jones Sounds n
V Xote of AVarnlag Anent Antici
pated Republican Frauds
CHICAGO Nov Weather conditions
and predictions made by the government
experts took precedence over politics at
national campaign headquarters V today
There were only a few of the Democratic
and Republican leaders at their desks
The day was not without its liveliness
however Telegrams passed to and from
Democratic headQuarters relating 1o al
leged discoveries of plots to commit elec
tion frauds with marked ballots and cor
rupt voters with money Chairman Hanna
did not get any telegrams of that char
Republicans usually hope and sray for
fme weather In order to get out their full
vote but according the prognostications of
Professor Garriott of the local weather
bureau there will b rain hi this city and J
state Indiana and Wisconsin to b fol
lowed bY cooler and fair weather but he I
does not whether the I
say vhethe imitroement
will come before or after the coin of
the polls Professor Moore the head of
the weather bureau at Washington takes
a more hopeful view of the conditions
which may prevail in thE middlewestern
states during the hours that the polls are
o > en He believes there will b n se I
rious interference with the travel of voters
by wind rain or snow storms
Chairman Hanna and his associates who
who remained at headquarters today ex
pressed their indifference as to what the
weather would b saying that McKinLey
would b elected by such an overwhelming
vote that they could afford to lost some
stavathomes o account of any bad
weather that might come Mr Hanna re
ceved a few final telegrams of a cheer
ful tenor from the Pacific coast The
chairman of th Oregon state committee
wired that the poll of the state Just com
pleted showed 45CO majority for McKinley
and that the state is absolutely sure The
California state chairman telegraphed
that the state could be surely depended
upon to cast its t for McKinley From
ta chairman of the Washington state
committee came a message that tho state
meht go for Bryan being very much in
doubt but that the Republicans would
elect their state and congressional tickets
and carry the legislature
Executive committeeman Leland who
has been In Kansas for some time wirtd
Mr Hanna guaranteeing the electoral vote
of that state for 11 McKinley j
Mr Hanna received congratulations
from prominent Chicago and other citl
acne as to his managemnt of the campaign
paign and all wno called at headquarters
to say goqdbye to Major McKInlej right
hand man were positive In their belief
that victory ha practically been won Mr
Hanna had nothing new to add to his pre
dictions when he took the night train for
his home in Cleveland After voting he
will KO to Canton tomorrow and return in
time to receive the election returns In
Extra precautions have been taKen by the
police deportment of this city t secure a
fair election and equal rights to all vot
ers who come to the polls Persons not
having business will be kept 10 feet away
by the police and the passage way will
be cleared for that dIstance at every
booth The department Is determined to
close every saloon in the city and every
entrance will b guarded t prevent se
cret violation of the election law In this
regard The police have been especially
instructed to b neutral toward all voters
and preserve the peace at all hazards
Senator Jones sent the following tele
gram to the chairman of each state com
mittee today
J Richie deputy United States mar
shal wires me from Lawrenceville Ills
The plan of the Republicans to carry
Illinois is to have official tickets in tie
hands of the judge and a the voter pre
sents his ballot to be deposited in the
ballot box the judge is to put in a
straight Republican ticket In its stead
We have captured a man here with 100
tickets and 0 in cash He has weak
ened and given the whole plan away r
This plan wU probably b attempted
throughout your state I Is absolutely
necessary that honest men organize vigi
lance committees In all our counties and
townships if possible for the purpose c
preventing the consummation of this villainy
lainy Please take immediate and vigor
ous steps to call the attention of the
public to this plan I seems that the
Republicans will hesitate at no villainy
to steal the election Let this be known
Republican State Chairman Hitch and
National Committeeman Jemieson denied
any knowledge of a plot to steal Illinois
or any part thereof and they place no
credence In the report from Lawrence
vie The scheme of passing a marked
ballot Is old they said and no smart
man would try i Chairman Hitch tele
graphed for a report from Lawrencev
on the alleged case
Senator Jones received 3 telegram from
Indianapolis claiming that Indiana wouid
Another tele
give Bryan 15000 plurality V
gram came to him from S W Bedford ot
L Crosse Wis alleging that the super
intendents of Wisconsin railroads were
changing the runs of their employees so
that Bryan men could not get time to
voteTe silver forces in this city have ar
ranged an election day surprise for their
opponents The law gives to each can
didate on the ballot the right to have a
representative In each polling place when
the count of the ballots begin but it has
been customary for a few representatives
of each party only to be present to watch
the count and take cognizance of any
dispute over ballots between the judges
The silver people however have made
secret arrangements for 30 men to be at
each polling place when the count begins
one for each candidate which means
an army of 27COO men there being over
900 voting precincts In the city The Re
publicans have arranged for only the
usual number of watchers These 27000
silverltes are expected by the Republicans
to have a disturbing eftect on the count
and jeopardize the peace of the polling
jeoprdize other hand the Repub
licans who have control of the municipal
government have arranged with the tire
department to have streams of water
turned on any obstreperous mob which
may threaten any polling place
riage of Miss Louisiette Bonaparte and
the Count De Moltke Huitzfelt of Den
mark will take place on Dec 10 in St
Pauls Roman Catholic church
The ceremony is to be followed by a V
breakfast to a limited number of V
friends at the Bonaparte residance on
K street
The arrangements for the event are
upon a most elaborate scale and
Cardinal Gibbons will officiate
Already many elegant wedding gifts
have been received by Miss Bonaparte
who is 1 general favorite on both sides
of the water
The Empress Eugenie Is godmother 1t
to the brideelect and has always taken
a warm interest in her I is under
stood abroad the couple wi make their hom

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