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No matter what It may be you O < j i Therefore it Is to the Interest of
can get It by Advertising In The j 14 the Business Man to Advertise in
Herald f The Herald
McKinleys Electoral Vote
May Go Over Three
Todays Work May Change
Some of the Figures
Gives I as His Opinion That I
flay Reach a nuiion
Sew York Bowed Low and Sleekly
AVoriiliipped the Golden Calf
Marcus Anrclius IiitervieTredi as
to tHe Result and Modestly Says
I Was Only What Might Be Ex
pected Triumphant Vindication
of Republican Principles and an
Honest Currency
t 1
Arkansas 8
CalIfornia 9
Colorado 4
Connecticut 6
Delavare 3
Florida 4
Gcorla j3
Idaho 3
Ulnois 24
thdlana 15
Iowa 13
1ansas jO
Kntuk 1
Lculsiana S
MaIne g
Maryiand St
Massachusetts 15
liassachusets 151
Ichlgn 11
lnlsota 91
Mississippi 1 9
lIsscurl 1 1 17 I
lIntana 31
Nebraska 81
Nevada 31
New Hampshire 4
New Jersey 101
New York 51
North Carolina 1 1
Norh Dakota 1
Ohio 23
Oregon 4
Pennsylvania 2 I
Thode Island 4
South Carolina 9
South Dakota 4 91
Tennessee 11
Texas loj
Vtah Vermont Vashington lrglnia 4 11 1 3 li
West VirginIa 6i 1
Wisconsin 11 I
Wyoming 31 I
Totals 1 2861 13il 24
Necessary to elect 1
I today These figures may be changed slightly
Iniina Interviewed
will carry the country by a plurality rf
1000000 was the startling statement
made by Chairman M A Hanna to a
United Associated Presses representa
tve at 1010 pm in the parlors of the
Union flub Yes the result has ex
ceeded even my most sanguine expec
tations continued Mr Hanna I had
thought we might not carry Kentucky
enrl Tennessee but those states have
fallen in + a line nobly On the Pacific
coast we have rolled UD magnificent
Republican majorities We have Ii
achieved a signal victory in Nebraska
What is the ause of this over
whelming majority triumph
Why this campaign has set the peo
ple to thinking and the result is a j I
healthy desire for a change of condi I
tions which will bring renewed
i015 wi pros
perity to the industrial classes The
the free trade and free silver planks in
the Democratic platform became hope
lessly entangled with each other
entngled wih and
this prevented clear
a cear understanding
of these issues even by their earnest
supporters The vital issues of this
campaign have been so cogently and
logically pointed out by the Republican
speakers tat the judgment of the
masses cannot go far amiss
What is the significance of the re I
My dear sir i can have but one
significance I means the triumphant
vii aication of Republican
11 cHcton Republcan principles
and an honest currency
Jones Opinion
CHICAGO Nov Chairman Jones
shortly before midnight guve out the
There Is no foundation for the claims
of the Republicans There Is at this
time no reason to think that any one of
the states claimed by me for Bryan has
failed to vote for him While mislead
ing reports are being sent in all dlrec
tions private advices assure us that
oni one of these states has gone for
Mr Bryan For two hours the most
extravagant claims as to Kentucky and
Indiana have been telegraphed all over
the country while within the last few I
minutes our committees
omitee assure us that
both 5tates are safe for us Mr Bryan I
is certainly elected I
We have received no unfavorable I
reports from any state we have claimed
except Kentucky We can afford to I
lose Kentucky and still have enough I
electoral votes t win I
To this was added by E W Barrett j
of the literary bureau We have just
received a message from the chairman
I I of rhe Sate central committee of In I
r diana to the effect that Indiana is
absolutely safe for Bryan
Allen W Clark secretary of the state I
committee of Indiana telephoned 65
Indiana polling precincts heard from
show an average Republican gain of 11
to a precinct Fifteen country precinct
heard from show a Democratic gain
of about 40 to each precinct I believe
the Democrats have carried the state
I do not expect returns from our dis
tricts until late
Governor Matthews concurred in this
The Democratic national committee
also claims California by 25000 plural
ity Nebraska Michigan Kentucky and
Oregon The early reports it was
stated were expected to show adverse
From Ohio the committee reports the
receipt of singularly favorable reports
from Toledo and Cleveland but not so
encouraging from Cincinnati The com
mittee does not expect full reports from
the doubtful states for two or three
LITTLE ROCK Ark Nov 3As far
as learned up to a late hour tonght
the election in the state passedoff
quietly Reports from the interior in
I dicate that a fair vote was polled while
a slight decrease is reported from the
cit s Three Populist electors on the
DemocraiticPopulist fusion ticket eadid
by Master Workman Sovereign of the
Knights of Labor were badly scratched
in this and other cities of the state
The National Democratic party had
no electoral ticket in the field Chair
man Pepper of the Republican central
committee concedes Lryans majority
at 45000 while the Democratic com
mittee says it will reach 60000 The
election of the entire Democratic con
gressional ticket is also conceded by
the chairman I i not known how
the three Populists will vote
LITTLE ROCK Nov 3Little Rock
gives Bryan 848 majority this county
goes 1500 for Bryan Greene Johnson
Clay Jackson Prairie and Garland
counties give Bryan average majorities
of 10000 each These are the only
counties giving figures of the vote cast
Many Republicans in Fulton county
voted the Democratic ticket
vote cast in the state from the present
outlook will be much lets than in Aug
ust this year or in November 1892 The
ticket is s long that but few boxes
have been received and the counting ia
slow and tedious Bryan will have the
stte but by greatly reduced major
ity Clark sound money candidate
for congress in the Second district and
Comer in the Third are making strong
runs with even chances of success
DENVER Col Nov Chairman
Armstrong of the Populist National
Silver party cave out the following
bulletin at midnight Bryan has car
ried Colorado by at least 100000 Bailey
Populist candidate for governor 1C
probably electedby 4000 majority
Shafroth and JBell will be returned to
conc ss
DENVER Nov 3Bryan and Sewall
have carried Colorado by a plurality
of 130000 The count is coming in I
slowly owing to the fact that there are
11 tickets in the field and the cumber
1 tckets
some manner in which the ballot is
gotten up this year Democrats Silver
Republicans National Silver and Peo
ples party fused on Bryan and Sewall
electors McKinley electors got 40000
votes and the Republican party losses
are 56000 which were cast for Bryan
and Sewall Seventysix thousand I
Populist votes were cast for Bryan
The gold Democrats are simply an in
cident to the campaign The middle
oftheroad Populists cast about 8000
and the balance scattering
This state gave Weaver 16000 plural
ity four years ago The legislature is
a mixture composed of a fusion of all
parries a unit for silver and all
pledged to the return of Senator Teller
to the United States senate
On the state ticket the indications
at 9 pm point to the election of the
Bailey ticket This ticket is composed I
< <
of Populists saver ttepumicans ana
National Democratic party men and
was caused by the straight Republican
ticket headed by Allen drawing the
number of votes it did from Adams
heading the Democratic and Silver Re
I publican ticket f
weather throughout the state brought
out a heavy vote The voting pro
gressed quietly and no disturbances of
any kind are reported Up to 930 to
night only meagre and scattering re
turns had been received from interior
points In San Francisco where the
count is progressing very slowly re
turns have been reported from only 13
out of a total of 313 precincts Even
these are incomplete but they indicate
that McKinley leads Sherman Mc
Laughlin of the Republican state com
mittee declines to give any estimate of
the vote but he believes that McKinley
will carry the state On the other
hand Chairman Alford of the Demo
cratic committee claims the state for
Bryan by a safe majority Both sides
maintain that they will elect a ma
jority of congressional candidates and
also secure the next legislature on joint
ficial count in the Fourth and Fifth
congressional districts show that Mc
Kinleys plurality in these districts will
exceed 2500
Maguire Dem for congress leads
OBrien Rep in the Fourth district
In the Fifth district Kelly Dem
leads Loud Rep bya few votes
SAN FRANCISCO Nov 3274 out of
2064 precincts outside of San Francisco
give McKinley 12408 Bryan 10782
Cleveland Same in 10190 1892 gave Harrison 11801
I SAN FRANCISCO Nov 3 930 pm
Onefourth of the count has been ac
complished up to this hour as follows
McKinley 8023 Bryan 8048
Maguire Dem for congress in the
Fourth district 5592 OBrien Rep
Fifth District Kelly Ind 1699
Kinne Fusion 1272 Loud Rep
night returns from southern California
indicated that balloting had been
strongly in favor of McKinley although
the fusion vote was quite heavy at
many points Bryan has carried sev
eral of the central and northern coun
ties of the state by small majorities I
The count in the city continues slow
but at this hour McKinley maintains
his lead
hundred and seventythree precincts in
this state outside of San Francisco
city and county give McKinley 32445
Bryan 29267
Chairman McLaughlin of the Re
publican state central committee claims
five out of the seven congressmen as
First district Barham Third district
Hilborn Fifth district Loud Sixth
r hk
district McLachlan Seventh district
Bowers The returns so far received
would indicate that Mr McLaughlin
was justified in making his claim In
the Second district Devries Fusion
I ha a strong lead over Johnson Re
j publican and his election is conceded
In the Fourth district Maguire Demo
crat will have a majority of 10000
over OBrien Republican j
SACHAJiiNnj va AOV Returns
from 5 out ot 6 precincts in this city and I
county show about an even vote between
McKinley and Bryan Grove L Johnson
for congress will have a majority of up
ward of 10W GIllls Doty Democrat and
t Populist is probably elected over Brusle I
i Republican as the county precincts to be
j t heard from are Populist The city elects
I two Republicans William Sims and Scott
I Basis to the assembly and the issue
1 between W E Lovdal Republican and
1 L M Landsborough Democrat and Pop
ullst is very close in the county One
i Democrat one Independent and one Re
publican are elected supervisors The
I superior judges will be Matt F John I
son J W Hughes Democrat and E C
I Hat Republican k I
NEW YORK Nov 3075 election
districts out of 1322 in this city give
McKinley 114124 Bryan 97654 Palmer
HARTFORD Conn Nov 3 Hart
ford probably Republican by 5000 First
thirty towns show large gains over two
years ago when state was Republican
by 17000 I
I ports from Sussex county say McKin
ley has a small plurality there In 1892
r Cleveland had 130 plurality in Sussex
Twentysix precincts out of 632 in
Florida give Bryan and Bewail 1262 I
Bryan and Watson 77 McKinley 570
I I Palmer 107 This indicates for Bran I
and Sewall a plurality of 15000
In the First congressional district S
i e
I y
u I
F l i
r > c
M Parkman SilverDem is reelected
by a plurality approximating 8000 In
the Second district Robert W Davis
SilverDem has a plurality of 10000
or more over J R Stripling Rep
Eight wards in Jacksonville give
Bryan 1264 McKinley 1086 Pal
mer 236
For congress the same city gave
Davis Dem 1178 Stripling Rep
718 Ambler Gold 356 Duval county
will give Bryan 900 majority
DES MOINES Ia Nov 3Iowa re
turns to 930 p m are chiefly from
rural precincts They indicate uniform
Republican gains The Republican
state committee now claims the state
by 100000 and the Democrats still re I
fuse to make a statement declaring
their returns are not sufficiently com
plete They admit however that the
situation is against them Indications
are that the Republicans elect all of
tie 1 Iowa congressmen
DES MOINES In Nov 3The vote
I in Iowa will be far the largest ever
known probably reaching 475000 I
was cast very eary Reports to the
state committees to 6 oclock indicate
workers are
that the Republican party worlter
claiming great gains all over the state
while the Democrats insist that the
count will give them the state The
Republican state committee now confidently
dently predicts the state will go 100000
for McKinley This is Secretary Tey
nors statement
DES MOINES Nov 3The heavy
vote in Iowa counts very slowly Scat
tering returns chiefly from rural pre
cincts where the Republican expected
to be weakest indicate that the state I I
Republican committees claim of 75000
plurality for McKinley will be bettered I
and 100000 seems likely to be reached
Palmer and Buckner will poll a very
light vote probably not over 6000 I
Secretary Rainer of the Republican
committee at S oclock claims the state
by 85000 The Democratic committee
refuses to make a statement claiming I
the returns are too meagre The Re
publican committee claims to have
elected all the 1 congressmen in Iowa
but no returns have been received as
yet from the Second and Seventh dis
BOISE CITY Ida Nov Notwith
standing recent stormy weather a large
vote was polled in Idaho today The
estimated total vote will reach 28000
I is now certain that Bryan electors
have carried the state by a large ma
jority and Steunenburg Democrat for
governor if elected Indications also
point to the election of a majority of
the legislative ticket favorable to Im
I bols I
only question about Indiana is the size
of McKinleys majority Sixteen In
dianapolis precincts show that Marion
county has been carried by not less
than 10000 and 25 county precincts re
ported to the Republican state central i
committee show an average gain of 25
to the precinct At the same time the
Western Union returns from 25 precincts
cincts show an average gain of 10
There are 3116 precincts in the ytate
From the indications at Republican
headquarters the state is claimedi for
claie 1or
McKinleyby by not less than 50000
At Democratic state headquarters but
half a dozen telegrams have been re I
ceived One of these show a gain of 35
for Bryan in one precinct in Owen
county and another shows a Democratic
loss of 145 In three precincts of Grant
county Chairman Martin said his ad
vices on the whoe lead l him to believe
that the Democrats will hold their
Democat w1 ma
jority of 1892 which was 7000 The Re
publicans claim 12 out of the 13 con i
gressmen and the legislature by a de
cisive majority in both branches mean
Ing a Republican successor to Senator
Voorhees The candidate for
Vorhes cndi elor governor
are running very close to the figure on
the national ticket
tyfour city precincts show Democratic
gain of 340 over 1892
of pollbook holders in city give In
dianapolis to Republicans by 13000
Big Republican gains areshown in the i
gas belt Vanderburg county which I
gave Harrison a majority of 18 gives
McKinley over 2000
Chairman Gowdy claims the state for
McKinley by 40000 and Ct2 of the 13
congressmen Chairman Martin of the
Democratic committee says We have I
carried Indianapolis I have had no
time to make estimates I
Since midnight the returns have had j
a distinctly Republican flavor and it
now seems clear that the Republicans
have both branches of the legislature j I
and at least two congressmenwith a I
probability of l I
CHICAGO Nov 3he indications
are based on returns from all but 100 j
precincts of Chicago arid Ironv scatter
ing returns from outside1 the city that
McKinley and Tanner ive Carried Il
linois by over 100000 Tanner is run
ning ahead of his tIcltetthuLs m what
behind McKinley The returns from
840 of the Chicago precincts give Mc
I Kinley 172701 Bryan 126737 Palmer
1490 One hundred and two precincts
in Illinois outside of Cook county give
McKinley 23480 Bryan 16050 Palmer
156 In 1892 Harrisons vote in the same
number of precincts was 17973 Cleve
land 15982 Eightyfive precincts in
I Illinois outside of Cook county give
Tanner 19477 Altgeld 12982 The vote
in 1892 was Harrison 14827 Cleve
land 12787
Chairman Hitch of the Republican
state central committee said at 9
Illinois has gone for McKinley and
Tanner by 125000 Tanner is running
far ahead of his ticket
Captain John R Tanner the gov
ernorelect arrived at the Republican
headquarters at the Great Northern
hotel from his home in Louisville and
was immediately congratulated as the
i next governor of Illinois He said
I McKinley and I have carried the
state by considerably over 100000 ma
National Committeeman Jamieson of
Illinois who was at headquarters re
ceiving the returns acknowledged that
the known votes In Cook county and
parts of the state outside made Illinois
sure for McKinley and Tanner and the
whole state ticket by over 100000 if the
ratio of gains was maintained in the
rest of the state The scattered re
turns from outside of Chicago show
large Republican gains over 1892
Chairman Hinrichsen of the Demo
cratic state committee conceded Cook
county to McKinley and Tanner and
admitted that the indications pointed
to the rest of the state going the same
way although he would not give it up
until fuller returns had been received
from the countrr
The Democrats look for large gains
and generally favorable returns from
the southern part of the state which
has hardly been heard from yet These
returns are expected by Chairman Hin
richsen to greatly offset the unfavor
able returns from Chicago and north
ern counties
Whiteside county gave McKinley a
majority of 2500 a gain of 1422 over
1892 Logan county has been carried
by 300 majority I was former Dem
ocratic by 600 This is an indication
of the ratio of the Republican gains
from the counties heard from Evans
tons vote was McKinley 3087 Bryan
608 The Republicans carried Pullman
by 400 plurality
I The total vote in Cook county with
two precincts missing gives McKinley I
I 199445 Bryan 142106 majority for Mc
I Kinley 57339 Palmer 2099 Watson
j Governor Altgeld kept himself se
I cluded in his room at the Palmer house
t while the unfavorable returns from
I Illinois were being received and did
i t not make his appearance at the Sher
i man house headquarters of the Demo
I cratic state committee where there was
a small attendance of Democrats and
no enthusiasm exhibited
CHICAGO Nov 3Five hundred
precincts McKinley 99733 Bryan 70
053 Levering 533 Palmer 782
CHICAGO Nov 3Slx hundred pre
cincts McKinley 121030 Bryan 82
969 Levering 706 Palmer 1014
CHICAGO Nov 3First 20 pre
cincts Tanner 362 Altgeld 2618
Gere 26 Foreman 32
CHICAGO Nov 3Twenty precincts
in Illinois outside Cook county Tan
ner 3376 Altgeld 2158 Foreman 50
Same precincts in 1892 gave Harrison
2686 Cleveland 2120
CHICAGO Nov 3Slx hundred and
forty precincts McKinley 128536
Bryan 90762 Levering 754 Palmer
CHICAGO Nov Indications are
McKinley carries city by 60000 or 65000
Illinois Forty precincts outside Cook
county give Tanner 6992 Altgeld
4653 Foreman 75 Same precincts in
1892 gave Harrison 5720 Cleveland
4545 Fifty precincts In Illinois outside
Cook county give McKinley 9584
Bryan 6664 Palmer 10 Same pre
cincts in 1892 Harrison 8026 Cleve
land 6192
CHICAGO Nov 3Six hundred and
eighty precincts McKinley 138929
Bryan 96873
Illinois Sixty precincts in Illinois
outside Cook county give McKinley
11335 Bryan 824S Palmer 107 Same
precincts Un 1892 gave Harrison 9402
Cleveland 7599
Returns from 20 election precincts in
Coles county on the head of the ticket
give McKinley a majority over Bran
of 650 votes a net Republican gain of
473 over the vote of 1892 Tanner will
fall a few votes behind
CHICAGO IS en 3Nlne hundred
and twenty out of 921 districts in Chi
cago give McKinley 192854 Bryan
139530 Palmer 1795
Sixty precincts outside of Cook
county Tanner 11183 Altgeld 7633
Form 102 Same in 1892 Harrison
0192 Cleveland 7619
CHICAGO Nov Substantially
complete returns from the city show a
plurality for McKinley of 51000
From advices received by the United
Asaoofated Presses up to 130 this
Wednesday morning it is believed
Major McKinleys plurality in Illinois
will reach 140000 Governor Altgeld
in his bitter contest with Tanner ran
nearly 30000 ahead of Bryan in the
state 460 precincts in Cook county give
Tanner 85705 Altgeld 75805 There
is no doubt of the election of Tanner
and the rest of the state ticket but
of their McKinley majorities will fall below those
Partial returns indicate the election
of all the Republican congressmen in
the state excepting the following Dem
ocrats who are elected Secretary of
State Hinrichsen Sixteenth district
Jehu Baker Twentyfirst district A I
J Hunter Nineteenth district
Captain Tanner retired to his rooms >
at 1 oclock with entire confidence that I
the returns from the country districts I
would not affect his majority He
claimed that the counties of southern I
Illinois would increase rather than
diminish his majority as claimed by
the Democrats
CHICAGO Nov 3Full reports from
1830 precincts out of a total of 3033 in
Illinois 278485 give McKinley 386662 Bryan I
TOPEKA Nov 3There being eight
long tickets and the Australian ballot
system the count in Kansas is slow
Returns from scattering precincts in
20 counties show Republican gains
Chairman Simpson of the Republican I
state qommittee says that McKinley I
has carried the state by 10000 that the I
state ticket is elected and that the
Republicans have elected at least five
of the eight congressmen and a major
ity in both branches of the legislature
I insuring the election of a United States
senator to succeed Peffer I is doubt
ful if the returns will be decided before
LOUISVILLE Ky Nov 3915 p
mThe returns of the CourierJournal
and Evening Times and the Republican
state committee indicate that McKin 1
ley has carried Kentucky by at least
7700 plural Republican landslides
are reported from many counties which
have heretofore been Democratic
One hundred and thirtythree out of
137 precincts in the city of Louisville I
give McKinley 23871 Bryan 1285
Louisville in 1892gave Cleveland 17686
Harrison 11870 The returns from this
state are coming In slowly 139 out of
1663 precincts in the state show a
Republican gain of 4101 over 1895
Colonel W C P Breckinridge who
is on the Republican ballot as a can
didate for congress in the Seventh dis
trict is running behind the Republican
ticket but the heavy Republican vote
through in Franklin county may pull him
In this city Mayor George D Todd
Rep is reeleCted by 3000 plurality
over Charles D Jacob Ind
There are no complete returns In
from any congressional district except
this the Fifth which reelects Walter
Evans Rep by about 6000 plurality
The congressional delegation will
probably stand
First district C K Wheeler Silver
Dem Second district J D Clary
SilverDem Third district G W
Hunter Rep Fourth district John
W Lewis Rep Fifth district Walter
Evans Rep Sixth district R P
Ernst Rep Seventh district very
doubtful Eighth district S M David
son Rep Ninth district S J Pugh
Rep Tenth district J W Langley
Rep Eleventh district D G Colson
r Rep
I No serious trouble has been reported
the election passing off very quietly I
LEXINGTON Ky Nov 3Colonel
Breckinridge and Pat Farnsworth a i
newspaper man had a row this after
noon Breckinridge spoke to a number
of gentlemen standing near the polls
and someone remarked that had not his
name been under the log cabin he I
would have voted for the colonel The i
others among whom was Farnsworth
applauded Colonel Breckinridg I
pointing to Farnsworth reminded him
of a pledge A quarrel ensued during
which Breckinridge called Farnsworth
a liar and Farnsworth retorted with
a lie Breckinridge started at Farns
worth and the latter made a lunge at
the colonel They were prevented from
doing each other personal violence I
LOUISVILLE Ky Nov 3It is e
timaited that McKinleys plurality in
Louisville and Jefferson county will be
13000 The vote here was the largest I
ever cast Nothing definite On Breck
Inridgebut Republicans are claiming I
his election
Chairman Roberts of the Republican I
state committee wired Mark Hanna
We claim the state by 25000 We
have elected seven and probably ten I
congressmen There can b no defi
nite conclusions reached on account
of the Incomplete returns received from
the interior of the state
No statement has been obtained from
Chairman Somme of the Democratic
campa Ign committee
ington and Fayette counties give Mc
Kinley 5591 Bryan 3951 Palmer 51
eckiritidge 5018 Settle 4001
Indications are chait Chief Justice
Prior Dem Is defeated for reelection
by C Bowman republican in tte
Fifth appellate dlptricit Congressman
A S Berry is probably reelected in the
Sixth dtstriot Contests In the First
Third and Foucch districts are very
close Dr J D Clarke was reelected
in the Second district Others stand assent
sent faaly in the nlghit
LOUISVILLE Nov Mumfredville
Ky the home of General Buckner has
gone Republican
LOUISVILLE Nov 3It looks a
though Breckinridge was defeated for
congress in the Seventh district
NEW YORK Nov 3The Herald
says McKinley carries Kentucky by
15000 the house with a Republican majority in
r h 1
LINCOLN Nov 30ut of the ap
parent Republican avalanche in neigh
I boring states Nebraska has seemingly
II remained true to her favored son Mr
Bryan has on the face of scattering
f returns carried the state by from 6000
to 12000 Chairman Post of the Re
I publican committee declines to con
cede defeat but the figures disprove
I his claims Unless surprising Repub
lican gains are made in back counties
the fusion electoral as well as the state
I ticket have gained the day
LINCOLN Nov Chairman Dahl
I man of the Democratic state central
committee has sent a message to Mr
Bryan saying that he has carried Ne
braska by 15000 and that the indica
tions point to the election of the entire
state ticket
LINCOLN Nov 3Lincoln City with
one precinct missing gives McKinley a
plurality of 940 a small Democratic
I OMAHA Nov 3Three hundred and
twentysix precincts outside Douglas
and Lancaster counties McKinley 36
916 Bryan 37595
0 LINCOLN Nov Chairman Dahl
man of the Democratic committee
claims the state by 15000 Chairman
Post o the Republicans will not con
cede defeat but the figures point that
OMAHA Neb Nov Returns at
midnight show Bryans majority in this
state about 7000 with the election of
Holcomb a governor
OMAHA Nov 3399 precincts out
side of Omaha and Lincoln Bryan 4
j 632 McKinley 43459 113 precincts in
the country give Holcomb 11439 Mac
I coll 9238 Douglas county which was
I expected to give McKinley 2000 ma
jority is about even up now with a
few precincts to hear from
LINCOLN Nov 3Sixtytwo Nebraska
braska precincts outside Lincoln and
I Omaha show a net gain for Bryan of
OMAHA Nov 3ne hundred and
eightyseven outside of Omaha and
Lincoln give Bryan 22084 McKinley
Fiftyfour precincts in Douglas
county give McKinley 500 plurality
OMAHA Nov 3Two hundred and
thirtysix precincts outside Douglas
and Lancaster counties Bryan 24
5S2 McKinley 24601
OMAHA Nov 3Three hundred and
twentyfive precincts including 80 in
Douglas county give Bryan 41GOS Mc
Kinley 40582 At this rate of in
crease Bryan will have probably 10000
majority in the state
LINCOLN Nov 3Seven hundred
and thirtyeight precincts outside of
Lincoln and Omaha show a net gain
for Bryan of 1066
OMAHA Nov 3Three hundred and
twentyone precincts outside of Doug
las and Lancaster counties Bryan 35
789 McKinley 54475 I
OMAHA Nov 3Later returns show
heavy Silver Democratic gains in state I
which indicate the state as safe for
Bryan One hundred and seventyfour
precincts out of 1633 give McKinley
21503 Bryan 20475
OMAHA Nov Seventythree pre
cincts outside Douglas and Lancaster
counties give Bryan 9302
countie Brya McKinley I
10008 Eight precincts In Douglas
Omaha Bryan 937 McKinley 953 1
OMAHA Nov 3Twentysix pre
cincts outside Lancaster and Douglas
counties give Bryan 2350 McKinley
2525 I this percentage holds good
throughout the state the
electoral t
vote will go to Bryan by about 3000 oci
4000 I
OMAHA Nov Fortyfive pre L
cincts outside Lancaster and Douglas
counties Bryan 5377 McKinley 5 i
836 Holcomb for governor on fusion j
ticket leads in ten precincts by 75
votes I
LINCOLN Nebr Nov Returns up
to 9 p m show that Bryan is making I
sOIsthc bains oer 1894 when fusion
conditions were the same The vote of I
the city of Beatrice gives him a net
gain of 119 I this is maintained else I
where he ha carried the state
OMAHA Neb Nov Twenty
I ejjl t precincts in Douglas tqtounty Mc
Kinley 3361 Bryan 3231 This is a
la e gain over two years ago when
the fusion ticket was the same
LINCOLN Nov Bryans home
precinct gives MeKinley 197 Bryan
102 scattering 17 Count of ward Is in
complete but at about the same ratio
Careful estimates of city of Lincoln
indicates plurality for McKinley of 1
OMAHA Nov 3121 precincts out
side Douglas and Lancaster counties
give Bryan 14503 McKinley 14984 On
state ticket Hclcomb is in lead with 1
precincts in
LINCOLN Nov 31r Bryan re
ceived the returns at his residence this
evening He had slept most of the
I afternoon and felt much refreshed
t I when the news began coming in Two
postal telegraph wires had been run
into the Bryan residence one connect
ing with national headquarters in Chi
cago and the other for regular bulle
tins Both instruments with an operj
ator at each were placed in the l j
brary while In the adjoining room a j
Western Union operator received the
bulletins furnished by that company
It had been understood the
I ha tee under od among te
friends of the Democratic candidate
that he was to be left alone on elec
tion night an as a consequence none
of the local supporters or neighbors of I
Mr Bryan gathered at the Little street j
residence After supper Mr Bryan 1
put on a velvet house jacket andwent i
upstairs to the private office he ha i
established since h s nomination Mrs
remained with him there during
i Bryan rmained wit hm durn
the evening husband and wife receiv
I ing the bulletins fresh from the wire
and reading and comparing them to
gether Mr Schwind the candidates
secretary and a dozen newspaper men
occupied the library The wire connect
ing with Democratic headquarters was i
idle nearly all the time A few dis I
pate for Mr Bryan came from j i
Chairman Jones early In the evening
Their purport was not made known by t
Mr Bryan but he said that I any 1
thing important was received from the j i
Arkansas senator he would give it to j j
the press I i
LINCOLN Nov 3Eighteen out of I
the 22 precincts in the city of Lincoln
give McKinley 3132 Bryan 2252 a I
gain for Bryan
OMAHA Nov 3154 precincts out I
side Douglas county McKinley 17796
Bryan 17759 Fiftyfour precincts out
sidle Douglas county give McKinley 6
756 Bryan 6256
NEW YORK Nov 3McKinley and
Hobart made a clean sweep of the
Empire state The Democratic plu
rality of 45000 in 1892 was reversed and
the unprecederid plu ratty of 284000
has been rolled up for the Republicans
Tammanys enormous majority in this
city has been overcome and this strong
hold of the remocrary has given a
plurality of 21000 for McKinley
In Brooklyn McKinleys plurality is
290000 In the state outside of twO
cities he has a plurality of 234000
In every county and every town
there have been Republican gains
which are equal to all that Republican
campaign managers claimed in this
state Frank S Black the Republican
candidate for governor Is elected by
about 240000 Timothy L Woodruff
Republican for lieutenantgovernor
and I G Van for judge of the court
of appeals are elected by nearly as
large pluralities The Republicans
have elected 28 Republican congress
I men to the Democrats 6 They will
have about 110 out of the 150 members
of the state assembly and the election j
of a Republican to succeed D B Hill
B Hi
in the United States senate Is assured
About the only salvage from the wreck
that the Democrats have secured is the
election of Sulzer Cummings McClel
lan Bradley and Vehslage to congress
I from this city
ALBANY N Y Nor 3Albany
gives McKinley 265 majority Indica
I tons point to the Republicans carrying
the county by at least 5000 South
wick Republican elected
I NEW YORK Nov 3 Four hundred
and seventyeight districts outside of
I New York and Brokolyn give McKinley
78895 Bryan 44681 Palmer SSS The
same districts in 1892 gave Harrison
I 64986 Cleveland 50122
NEW YORK Nov 31000 election
I districts out of 1392 in this city give
I McKinley 108193 Bryan 93022 Palmer
Broome county will give McKinley
nearly 3600 plurality A solid Republic
an vote was polled in this county and
scattering city districts show immense
Republican rains
NE YORK Nov 3 Returns re
ceived up to this hour by the United
Associated Presses indicate the election
of the following congressmen in New
York dtv
Seventh districtJ H G Vehslage
Eighth district James J Walsh
Ninth district J T Bradley Tam
I many
Tenth district Amos J Cummings
Eleventh district William Sulzer
Twelfth district George B McClel
lan Tammany
Thirteenth district R C Shannon
Fourtenth district L E Quigg Re
Fiftenth district O n Low Re i
puhlon j
This shows a gain of two Tammany j
congressmen 5
NEW YORK Nov 3The Herald a
says All returns indicate a landslide 1
for McKinley
NEW YOrK Nov 3The Herald
says McKinleys lead steadily grows In
Illinois Iowa Kentucky and Mary
land J
NEW YORK Nov 3 Returns from
all Lvates received by the United Asso
ciated Presses at this hour indicate the
election of Mr McKinley In all east
ern states large pluralities are assured
In southern and western states in com
plete returns indicate Democratic
losses In doubtful states the distrlcta
heard from show Republican gains 2
NEW YORK Nov 31100 election
districts out of 1382 in this city give j
McKinley 4462 120001 Bryan 102 680 Palmer
NEW YORK Nov Secretary Os
borne of the Republican committee
says Resorts show that we have
carried West Virginia by 25 000 major
ity and New York by 300000 In Iowa
the plurality will be SOOOO The Repub J
lican majority will be 15000 in Balti j
more and 10000 in Maryland Tennes
see has Gone Republican by 20000
Masiichuoetts by 100000 and Ohio will
give McKinley the largest plurality
ever known We expect to carry VIr j >
ginia and Illinois will give a greatiaw
Jority We are confident ofiicritucky
McKinley and Hobart will be elected
without c doubt
N B Scott of the Republican na
tional committee has sent the follow
ing dispatch to McKinley
For more than eight years I have
looked forward to the great pleasure of
being able to send you a telegram of
congratulation on your election as pres
ident of the United States I have that
pleasure now Accept West Virginias
electoral vote and my congratulations
Joseph A Maniey at 815 wired Mc
Kinley his congratulations on his cer
tain election
I Secretary Otixjrne wired M A Hanna
I at Cleveland that 263 electoral votes are
i already assured with the chances for
i 103 more that Tennessee and Maryland
are Republican and that West Virginia
I will give 25000 Republican plurality
I NEW YORK Nov 3The Journal
i says Virginia is Republican by 15000
1 NEW YORK Nov 3The constitu
tional amendment is defeated in this
city by a heavy majority
NEW YORK Nov 3At 9 oclock
this evening Mr N B Scott sent the A
i following to Garret A Hobart I
j I congratulate you upon your election cs
vicepresident of the United States I
predict that you will fill that position
I with as great ability and dignity as
any vicepresident who has ever filled
the chair From the bottom of my
heart 1 congratulate you
BROOKLYN Nov 3 Wilson Fish
er Bennett and Howe all Republic
ans are elected to congress in Kings
BROOKY Nov 3The indica
tions are that Brooklyn has elected
six Republican congressmen as she did
in 1S94
NEW YORK Nov 3There are 1392
election districts in this city fi29 in
NEW YORK Nov 4Two thousand
five hundred and fiftyeight districts
outside New York and Brooklyn give
McIinley 419096 Bryan 249180 Pal
mer 6574 The same districts in 1892
gave Harrison 335001 Cleveland
NEW YORK Nov 3Nev York
City with 1 districts missing gives
McKinley 153068 Bryan 133783 Mc
Kinleys plurality 19285 The total
vote in this city for governor was
Black Rep 144316 Porter Dem
137646 Griffin 75S9tf Blacks plurality
NEW YORK Nov 3Joseph H
Maniey has sent these telegrams
Hon William McKinley Canton O
IAccept my earnest congratulations
on your triumphant election You
have by your matchless campaign in
spired the American people who have
this day declared for honor for coun
try for honest money for protection
and for the right
To Garret A Hobart
I congratulate you with all my
heart You are triumphantly elected
It is a landslide Give to Mrs Hobart
and junior my love
To Hon Mark A Hanna Union Club
Cleveland O
I congratulate you with all my
heart You have been a great leader
in a great cause The people can
never repay you the debt they owe you
It is a landslide
NEW YORK Nov 3A Journal
special says North Dakota is very
close Both sides claim the state by
3000 to 5000
Fourteen precincts Cass Traill and
Morton counties give McKinley 1139
Bryan S48
FARGO N D Nov Returns have
been received from 204 precincts in 2S
counties showing that Major McKin
ley has carried North Dakota by at
least 1000 and probably by 4500 John
son Rep is reelected by 1000 and
all the Republican state candidates are
FARGO N D Nov Returns area
coming in slow One hundred and forty
six precincts heard from at present
give McKinley an overwhelming ma
jority Cass Traill and Morton are
solid for the Republicans Johnson
Rep for congress is in the lead

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