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N o THE sMiI ELAKT BEa4aLDiw JIiNiix SOYllil1USlt io
I 3 silence of the Bryanites confirm the belief
2 they have sustained n crushing defeat
Republican Seem To Be in a Fair
Way to Secure n Majority
r NEW YORK Nov LAlong with the
presidency and a large majority in
house of representatives the Republicans
seem to b in a fair way to secure a
majority of the senate in the Fiftyfifth
congress Certainly there will be a ma
jority for sound money and incidentally
a majority in favor of a revenue measure
Intended to enable the government to
make its expenditures The 59 hold over
senators are classified as follows Re
publicans on the St Louis platform 27
sound money
Silver Republicans o
Democrats 7 Silver Democrats 16 Popu
lists 2 unclassified Democrats 2
Successors to retiring senators are
already elected in five states Four of
these Allison of Iowa Merrill of Ver
mont Foraker of Ohio and Wellington
mont Forer
of Maryland are sound money Re
publicans The others Mclnerny of
Louisiana was elected as a free sver
Democrat Georgia and Alabama will
send free silver Democrats
The Arkansas legislature will return
Senator Jones a free silver Democrat
The legislature in Florida will prob
ably send a sound money successor to
Senator Call
Ths Oregon legislature is in the hands
of the Republcans and Senator Mitchell
believes he will be returned He is now
on the Chicago platform
The Kentucky legislature at its ses
sion last winter failed to elect a suc
cessor to Senator Blackburn I is under
stood to be the intention of the governor
to call an extra session on January 1
when the Republicans will elect 3 man
According to dispatches to the United
Associaterd Presses the following states
will elect Republican senators
Connecticut Indiana Illinois New
Hampshire New fork North Dakota
Pennsylvania South Dakota and Wis
consln blowIng will choose free silver
Republican senators I
Republc Idaho Nevada and Utah I
Democrat South Carolina will choose a free silver
The following states are in doubt at
this hour but the general trend of the J
returns makes the probabilities favor Republicans
publicans California Kansas Missouri
publcns Calfornia Knsas
North Carolina and Washington
Delaware which is now represented by I
but one senator will probably elect a
Republican Upon the basis of these
changes assuming that the doubts are
resolved in favor of the Republicans in
the states named the next senate will I
stand as follows Republicans on the St
tad folows
Louis platform 48 Silver Republicans 9
sound money Democrats 8 Silver
Democrats 21 Democrats unclassed 2
Populists 2 The Republicans could lose
two of the states and still have a ma
jority of the senate
The Xtxt House
NEW YORK Nov 4Up to 6 oclock I
this morning dispatches by the United
Associated Presses indicate that the
house of representatives in the Fifty
230 Republicans
fifth would comprise
ffh congress cmprise
publicans 3 sound money Democrats
104 Democrats and 20 Silver Republicans
and Populists divided among the sev
eral states as follows
Alabama Sound money Democrats
2 Democrats 5 Silver Republicans and
populists 2
Arkansas Democrats 6
California Republicans 6 Demo
crats 1
Colorado Silver Republicans and
Populists 2
Connecticut Republicans 4 o
Delaware Democrats L
Florida Democrats 2 I
Georgia Democrats 1 W
Ida i Democrats 1 I
Illinois Republicans 22
Iowa Republicans 1 I
Indiana Republicans 1 Democrats I
Kansas Republicans 5 Silver Republicans
publicans and Populists
Kentucky Republicans S Democrats
Louisiana Democrats 6
Maine Republicans 4
Maryland Republicans 6
Massachusetts Reputjlicans12 JDem I
ourats 1
Michigan Republicans 12
Minnesota Republicans 7
Mississippi Democrats i
Missouri Republicans 4 Democrats
Montana Silver Republicans and
Populists 1
Nebraska Silver Republicans and
Populists 3 3
Nevada Silver Republicans and Pop
ulists 1
New Hampshire Republicans 11
New Jersey Republicans 8
New York Republicans 2 Demo
crats 5
North Carolina Republicans 4 Dem
ocrats 1 Silver Republican and Popu
lism 4
North Dakota Republicans 1
Ohio Republicans 19 Democrats 2
Oregon Republicans 2
Penn3yrvania Republicans 25 Demo
crats 5
Rhode Island Republicans 2
South Carolina Democrats 7
South Dakota Republicans 2
Tennessee Republicans 3 Sound
Money 1 Democrats 6
Texas Republicans 2 Democrats
Utah Silver Republicans and Demo
crats 1
Vermont Republicans 1
Republicans 3 Democrats I
VirginiaRepublicans Demtcrats I
Washington Democrats 2
West Virginia Republicans 4 I I
Wisconsin Republicans 9 Demo
crats 1 I
WyomingDemocrats 1
Totals Republicans 230 Sound I
Money Democrats 3 Democrats 104
Silver Republicans and Populists 20
Ct eland Plain Dealer No Mr
Pumperley we cant stand your milk any I
Whats the trouble wit it maam I
Well it is like this Mr Pumperley
Your milk is too weak for blueing and too
wet for milk I
Truth Mr Badun admit that I did I
all the yelling when the picnic party was
I comIng home
lelD Miss Goouun Didnt you have any
lelDMr Badun Oh yes I had a little flask
0 in my pocket
I you would make the best use of your
time look after the minutes Keep a
strict account of every hour of your time I
for a single week setting down the exact
manner in which every hour is spent find
FCC whether when you come to review the j
record you do not find it full of admoni
tion and instruction In this simple way a I
lon V mn can readily understand the secret i
ence and to inconsiderable trifles which
han yielded her neither profit nor pleas
i ure What is the remedy Arrange your I
work in the order of comparative import
ance Attend frt to the things which I
I are essential to be done and let the non
esseiitials take their turn afterward The
V difference in the amount of work accom
pushed will be astonishing I
I f =
I Highest Honors Worlds Fair
r Aj > urs Grape Cream of Tartar Powder Free I
4 Ammonia Alum or anf other aSulterani I
U V Jr > i ft
1 C L <
A Majority Forty Thousand
Is Assured for Silvers
King Leads Holbrook by Twenty
I The Next Legislature Democratic by I
l Good Working Majority Re
turns Are Slow in Getting in But
the Result Can Xow Be Correctly I
Predicted Utah Salt Lake and
AVclier Counties Lead in the Legis
lative Battle R O Chambers Has
Badly Defeated Ahram Hatch in
AVasatch and Summit Counties
Utah yesterday experienced a com
plete change of heart politically the
silver tide carrying the state into the
Democratic column with a grand rush
Returns have been coming in very
slowly The Australian ballot has
made the count tedious and i will be
some hours before the exact figures
even in Salt Lake county are known
From the returns at hand i is evi
dent that Bryan carried the state by
40000 or more and that Kings ma
jority will approximate 20000
At this writing several counties have
not been heard from at all and in no
case has the full vote of a county been
reported Cache county for instance
has reported only one precinct but the
county is claimed by the Democrats
by 1000 majority The Democrats
majoriy also
claim Weber and Utah by large
jorities and the nrecinct returns
ceived bear out the claims
The accompanying table gives the
partial returns that have been received
in The Herald office
< t
I P I I I j F
1 I I I
Beaver J S1211Bll 552J 4f3
Box Elder 1 91 201 61 44 il I
Cache I 236 11 101 35
Carbon 1 124 3 GS 811 1
Davis I 1585 336
155 12S01 G01 0
Emery j 24 36112 ij I
Grand 1 43 1 20 I
Iron I 15 17 51 21 I
Juab I 5751 312i 451 42SJ l I
Kane 1 GS 311 61 1011
1 Millard J 3111 31 2011 131
Morgan 47 3 Hi 21 4
Salt Lake 63341 SS6I 4014 24201 16
Sanpete 3126 i 1752 2570 2322 I
Sevier 10371 2791 755 5601
Summit 2M8 74 13571 544 93
Tooele 244 91 i 1 21 I 136 3
Utah 1 15591 3W LG73 915
Washington 7021 S2 I Gt3 IIS
Wayne j 732 I 351 G 207 I
I Weber i lS43632 31 775
Totals 121554 5325116732 9959i 348 I
Plurality jlG229i G773J 1
Italis Next Ire rislsture Will Us Al
most Timnliiioiisly Demnoriitit
Of Utahs 27 counties it is possible j
at this hour S a m that only one
county in the state Kane county will
return a Republican legislative ma I
jority By the silver landslide the here
tofore Republican counties of SeVier I
Sanpete Beaver Weber Utah and Salt
Lake have been carried into the Demo
I 1
A summary of the senatorial situation
shows that W G Nebeker has seen
elected senator in the First district
Joseph Monson in the Second district
Aquilla Nebeker in the Third district
L W Shurtliff and Daniel Hamer In
the Fourth district R C Chambers an
the Fifth district B A Harbour
Martha H Cannon D O Ride ut jr
George A Whittaker and John T Caine
in the Sixth district A O Smoot and
A J Evans in the Seventh district
James E Allred in the Ninth district
and MI E H Snow in the Eleventh dis
i The returns of the Tenth district
comprising Sevier Wayne Piute and
Garfield counties are so meager that
the election of Isaac K Wright Darn
over James K Bolitho Rep is as yet
problematical with every indication
however that Iron Piute and Garfield I
will add to the majority of 104 whfch
the returns from Sevier up to this I
time give Wright over Bolitno
The result in the Twelfth district II
comprising Emery Carbon Uintah
Grand and San Juan counties and in I
which M Johnson i the Democratic
candidate and R I Collett the Republican
publican candidate can only in the
absence of returns be conjectured but
i is safe to presume that the district
has also joined the procession ot tri I
ump > hant Democracy7
The returns from the representative
districts are more meager than th6se
from the senatorial districts but the I
indications are that W L H DoUon
of Beaver Joseph Kimball IC Thore
son and Moroni Price of Cache Hy
rum Stewart of Davis John Hopkinsof
Morgan the entire Salt Lake county
andWeber county tickets Adam Hardy
and N C Sorensonof Sanpete a t H
Greenwood bf Sevier Charles A Callis
of Summit the entire Utah county
ticket and J G Duffin of Washington
are elected giving 23 menibBrs
menr as
sured No returns have been received
from Box Elder Eniery Garfield
Grand Iron Kane Piute Rich Tooele
Q f c
J 4
Uintah and Wayne but Box Elder
f Rich and Tooele can be depended upon
to return in the prder named S N
I Cook D S Cook and N D Dresser
l all Democrats In Juato county the In
I i dications are that C B Wheler Demo
i crat will defeat CH Blanchard Re
publican i I i
j In Carbon county Oliver G Kimball
I Rep leads W F Lamp Dem and
II in Millard the returns indicate the elec
i I ton of Daniel Thompson Rep over i
I William A Ray e i
Of the eighteen senators the indica
I tion are that sixteen will be Demo J
j crats Of the 45 representatives at I
j least twothirds will be of the dominant J
j party i i
The precinct votes received up to the I i i
time of going to press are party < as j I
follows j
Roy Bryan 33 McKinley 9 King 3
Holbrook 6 Foster 1 State senateI
HJiraer D 3 Patton R 6 ShurtllnT D
34 Stephens R S Thomas P 2 Repre j
sentatives Anderson D 30 Cardon R G
Kiv R 1 McKay D 31 James Mc I
Forlare P 2 Robert McFarlane P 10 I
Olson P 3 OBrien D 3 Perkins D S
Tnlock P 4 Stewart R 1 I
Ogden First Precinct Bryan 9 Mc
Kinley 7 King 6 Holbrook 24 Foster
5 State SenateHamer D 42 Patton R I
2S Shurtliff D 58 Stephens R 19 Thomas I
P 2 Representatives Anderson D 41 I
Cordon R 27 Kay R 31 McKay D CO j I
James McFarland P 15 Robert McFar1 I
land P 13 OBrien D 3 Perkins D 42 I
Trlock P 3 Stewart R 23
Ogden Tenth PrecinctBryan 116 Mc I
Kinley 0 King 91 Holbrook 18 Foster
8 State Senate Hamer D 78 Patton R I
3 Shurtliff D 92 Stephens R 16 Rep
resentatives Anderson D 76 Cardon R
2 ntftvesAnderon D 0 Robert Mc
Fiarland P 15 OBrien D 76j Perkins D
78 Stewart R 3
Ogden Precinct 20 Bryan 45 McKinley
19 King 26 Holbrook 3 State Senate
Hasrer D 16 Patton R 48 Shurtliff Do
25 Stephens R 31 Thomas P 10 Representatives
sentatives Anderson D 2 Corden R 35
Krv R 41 IcKay D 36 James Mc
Farland P 1 Robert McFarland R 2
Olsen P 10 OBrien D 21 Perkins D
2 Tinlock P 5 Stewart R 30
Derch CreekBryan 69 McKinley 3
King 61 Holbrook 8 Foster 2 State
senateHamer D 4 Patton R 10
Shurtliff D 47 Stephens R 1 Thomas
I P 18 RepresentativesAnderson D 26
Cordon D 13 Kay R 2 McKay D 5
I James McFarland P 5 Robert McFar
land R S Olsen P 1 OBrien D 29
Perkins D 42 Tintock P 15 Stewart
Mariott Bryan 6 McKinley King
50 Holbrook 32 Foster 0 State senate
Hamer D 3 Patton R 2S Shurtliff D
48 Stephens R 41 Thomas P IL Repre
sentatives Anderson D 3 Cordon D
3 Kay R 3 McKay D 51 James Mc
Farland P 6 Robert McFarland R 40
Olsen P 3 OBrien D 40 Perkins D 43
Tintock P 1 Stewart R 41
Twentythird Precinct Ogden Bryan
178 McKinley 51 King 13 Holbrook 82
I Foster 3 State senate Hamer D 105
Patton R 10 Shurtliff D 133 Stephens
R 78 Thomas P 2 Representatives
Anderson D 8 Cordon D 72 Kay R
132 McKay D 127 James McFarland P
30 Robert McFarland R 86 Olsen Pi 13
OBrien D 118 Perkins D 108 Tintock
Toquerville Precinct Bryan G Mc
Kinley 3 King 62 Holbrook 41State
Senate Prout R 42 Snow D 61 Representatives
sentatives Duffln D 61 OrIon R 41
county Democratic ticket elected
Rockville Bryan 33 McKinley 2
King 3 Holbrook 2 State Senate
Snow D 3 Prout R 2 Representative
Dufiin D 3 Orton R 2
Planes vllle
Bryan 115 McKinley 0 King 93 Hol
brook 21 Fester 7 State senate Hamer
D 87 Patton R 18 Shurtllff
Paton Shurtf D 91
Stephens R 15 Thomas F 15 Represen
tatives Anderson D S5 Cordon D 2
Kay R 19 McKay D 95 James McFar
land P 17 Robert McFarland P 15 Ol
sen P 13 OBrien D 80 Perkins D 81
Tintock P 2 Stewart R 17
Eighteenth Precinct Ogden
Bryan 160 McKinley 44 King 117 Hol
brook 86 Foster 16 State senate Hamer
D 99 Patton R 81 Shurtliff D 118 Steph
ens R 6 Thomas P 36 Representatives
I Anderson D 87 Cordon D 7 Kay R
96 McKay D 121 James McFarland P
2 Robert McFarland P 6 Olsen r9
OBrien D 8 Perkins D 90 Tintock P
39 Stewart R 6
ST GEORGE Nov 4Vote for Bry
an 505 McKinley 39 King 4GS Hol
brook 60 Fester 2 state senator Snpv
DemO 467 Proat Rep 62 represen
tative Duffln Dem 452 Orton Rep
HEBRON Utah Nov 3Vote for
Bryan 34 King 34 state senator
I Snow 34 representative Duffln 34
MANTI Utah Nov 3Mantl gives
total vote as follows McKinley 318
Bryan 553 Holbrook 426
King 441 I
state senator Johnson 426 Allred 440 j i
rooresentatives1 Nielson Republican
412 Christiansen Republican 438 I
Hardy Democrat 450 Sorenson Dem
ocrat 434 Sanpete county will elect a i I
divided ticket i i
Fourth precinct Bryan 101 McKin1 j I
ley 25 congressman King 87 uol1 I
brook 37 Foster 2 senator MIred
Democrat S4 Johnson Republican 41 I
representatives Hardy Democrat JO j
Sorenson Democrat 85 Nielson Re1
41 publican 36 Christiansen Republican i 1
The indications at 4 oclock showed
almost to a certainty that every nomi
nee on the Democratic ticket for county i
office is elected with the possible ex j
ception of the treasurer The latest ro
turns showed Chambers Republican I
leading West Democrat by 213 votes i
Onethird of the county yet to hear i
froui Democratic precincts yet to i
hear from and West may be ale to i i
wipe out Chambers majority
Farr Democrat is elected county
clerk over Kinvball Republican and
Hammond and Armstrong are elected
commissioners The majority of the1 i
county ticket will range from 300 to 1 I i
500Seven I
Seven county precincts outside of j i
Ogden give Bryan 633 McKinley 87 i j
Same precincts give King 520 Holbrook i
147 Twelve city precincts at 315 give j
Bryan 1750 McKinley 394 Same pre I
cincts give King1174 Holbrook 72 j
Terrace precinctVote for Bryan 35 i
McKinley 17 King 21 HolbrooK 2G
Foster 1 State senators Sharp 2t I
Nebeker 24
3 Bryan 56 Holbrook IS l ing 41
I HOLDEN via Fillmore Utah Nov
3Vote for Bryan 102 McKinley 10
King 7S Holbrook 32 stae senators
Robison Democrat 7 Callister R
publican 40 representatives Ray Dem
I ocrat 58 Thompson Republican 42
KANOSH Nov 4Vote Bryan 209
McKinley 21 King 126 Holbrook 59
state senators Callister 144 Robinson
86 representatives Ray 92
representatves Thomp
son 135
j West Bountiful Bryan 120 McKin
I ley 3 King 95 Holbrook 23 JFos
j I ter 4 State senate Nebeker 101
Clark 7 Representatives SteWart
915 Haight 15 Kendall 1
I Clearfield = Bryan 35t McKinley 3
King 34 Holbrook 3 Clark RepS
Nebeker Dem 35 Haightw Rep y
Trumbull Pop 0 Stewart Dem 31 I
Steed PrecinctBryan 39 McKin II
ley 5 Foster 4 King 32 Holbrook 5 j i I
Clark Rep 7 Nebeker Dem 31r
Haight Rep 6 Trumbull Pop 29
Stewart Dem 6 I
South Weber Bryan 59 McKinley
1 King 21 Holbrook 20 Foster 44 I I
Clark Rep 20 Nebeker Dem 29
Haight Rep 20 Trumbull Pop 34 I
Stewart Dem 16
Syracuse McKinley 8 Bryan 65
King 48 Holbrook 23 Foster 0 Clark
Rep 23 Nebeker Dem 48 Haight
Rep 23 Trumbull Pop 2 Stewart
Dem 45
LaytonMcKinley 101 Bryan 176
Foster 2 King 142 Holbrook 136
Olark R 129 Nebeker D 142 Haight
121 R 144 Turnbull P 8 Stewart D
Sot Hooper McKinley 13 Bryan
53 King 34 Holbrook 24 Clark R
20 Nebeker D 33 Haight R 22
Turnbull P 9 Stewart D 34
Kaysville No 1 Bryan 1122 McKin
ley 44 King 99 Holbrook 57 Foster
Clark R 50 Nebeker D 102
Haight R 57 Turnbull P 4 Stew
art D 1
South Precinct McKinley 36 Bryan 160
King 111 Holbrook 7 Foster 6 Nebeker l
1 116 Clark 4 Haight 40 Trumbull 7
i Stewart lO
I I Bountiful McKinlei 3 Bryan 345 I King
3fo Holbrook r Foster 1 Clark 43
i ebeker 313 Haight 53 Trumbull 16
i Stewart 287 ff
Kaysvllle Poll McKinley 43
Bryan 186 Foster 2 Holbrook 58
I King 165 Neb k r 167 Clark 49
Haight 59 Trumbull 5 Stewart 154
Farmington > McKinley 91 Bryan
235 Foster P 4 > King D 204 Hol
brook R ijo Clark R 113 Nebe
ker D 202 Haight R 124 Turnbull
P 3 Stewart D 187
Bryan 15 McKinley 17 King 5
Holbrook 26 SriOw Dem for senator
6 Prout Rep 25 Parry Dem for
representative 8 Heyborne Rep 24
SPRING LAKE Nov 3Vote for
Bryan 46 McKinley 10 King 43 Hol
brook 1 State senators Smoot 43
Evans 43 BoUihal 13 Snell 1 Rep
resentatives Creer 43 Lund 43
Lemon 4 Roylance 43 Page McNeil
Holladay Stewart 14 each
American Fork Bryan 662 McKin
ley 149 Foster 8 Holbrook 259 King
544 state senate Brimhall 26S A J
Eans 549 A O Smoot 537 George
Snell 266 House W O Creer 531
Holliday 270 L P Lund 536 H
Lemon 541 J McNiel 266 Page 264
W 11 Roylance 539 Stewart 259
P V Junccion Precinct McKinley
6 Bryan 21 Holbrook 1 King 15
Brimhall 12 Snell 12 Evans 1
Smcot 1
THISTLE Nov 3Vote for Bryan
44 McKinley 6 King 37 Holbrook
16 state senator John Evans 36 East
moor 35 George P Brimhall 18 Geo
Asnell 17 representatives O W
Croer 32 Lund 1 Mrs Stewart 19
John M Holladay 20 John McNeil 16
J S Page 18 W 11 Roylance 37
Pydrum Lemon 35
Provo First precinct King 223 Hol
brook 144
Second precinct McKinley 80
Bryan 133
Third precinct King 114 Holbrook
162Fourth precinct King 123 Holbrook
ProvoUtah county has gone Demo
cratic by 1000 majority American
Fork a Republican town gives 227 ma
jority over all Soringville is Demo
cratic by 100 majority Benjamin by
20 Sprirg Lake by 30 Lehi by 62
Bryan has 1800 votes in the county
out of a total of 20GS The First pre
cinct of Pleasant Grove gives a ma
jority of 43 over all for the Democrats
PAYSON Nov 4Vote from two
precincts For Bryan 376 McKinley
79f King 331 Holbrook 169 Foster 8
state senators Smoot 332 Evans 330
Brimhall 174 Snell 168 representa
tives Creer 329 Lund 330 Lemon
336 Roylance 328 Page 175 McNeil
166 Holladay 168 Stewart 168
Samarium McKinley 30 Bryan 277
King 213 Holbrook 5 Foster G State
I senate Smoot 241 Evans 246 Brimhall 62
SnaIl 58 Representatives A Ceer I
247 L B Lund 245 H Lemon 244 W M
Roylance 245 John M Holliday 3 John
McNiel 6 Mor S Page 60 Thomas G
Stewart 67BEAVER
GREENVILLE Nov 3Vote for
Bryan 67 McKinley 14 King 34
Holbrook 47 State senators Snow
I 33 Prout Representatives Dot
son 33r BarratV4S
BEAVER oTftah Nov 3Vote for
Bryan 514 McKinly < 148 King 387
Holbrook 2S1 Foster Otate senators
Dem 467 Prout Rep 62 represen
I Dotspn 379 Barratt 288
MILFORD Nov 3 Milford precinct
1 Bryan 117 McKinley 1 Holbrook
48 King = 3
One precinct Milford Frout Inde
pendent Republican for state senattor
7 Snow Democrat for state senator
42 BarreJie Independent Republican
representative 52 Dotson Democratic J
renreseritative 5L
Frisco precinct Beaver county Mc
Kinley 18 Bryan 141 Holbrook SO
I King 171 state Dilator Prout R 92
Snw D 67 legiSature Barrett R
101 Dot D 58 2
J pia
Lewiston Bryan 236 McKinley 1
Holbrook 35 King 196 State senate
Hughes 4 Mensem 186 I
Silver City Vote for Bryan 173 I
i McKinley 0 King 137 Holbrook 26
Foster 8 State senator T C Cal
I lister 26 J V Robinson 139 Repre
sentatives C V Wheeler 139 C H I
Blanchard 28 j
NEPHI Nov McKinley 312
Bryan 575 Holbrook 426 King I
451 stafe > r enStors Callister R I
175 RoblrisonY D 408 house of I
representatives Blanchard R 477 C
Ifl438 t Indications Ito I
V Wheeler > 408 Indicatons point
to a close election probably in favor of
the Democrats
Lower Crossing Vote for Bryan 24
McKinley 0 King 15 Holbrook 7
Foster 2 State senators Johnson I
19 R Representatives Ovesan 19
Heber Bryan 517 McKinley 27 i
King 393 Holbrook 148 Chambers i
252 Hatch JlsC
Charleston Chambers 109 Hatch j f I
36 King 112 Holbrook 33 Bryan 131 I
McKinley 2
CenterChambers 54 Hatch So
Kin 63 Holbrook 26 Bryan 84 Mc
Kinley 6 I
Elkborn Chambers 58 Hatch 1 1
Hettr City McHtaiisy 35 Bryan I
732 Foster 6 King 480 Holbrook
207 Chambers 578 Hatch 272
RICHFIELD Nov 4 lCount not
u Tleted > King is nearly up to Hol I
brook McDaniel l Democratic candi
date for county attorney has snowed i
Jennings his opponent under Demo I
crats will elect attorney assessor two
commissioners and Wright for state
senator is running well against Jim I i
1 n1lnn
Sail i na Bryan 232 McKinley 50
King 172 Holbrook 115 Senator
Wright 174 Bolitho 107 Representa
tive Greenwood 165 Christensen 120
RICHFIELD Utah Nov 4he count
has just cosed in Richfield and the sober
looking Republicans have gone to their
homes They concede the eection for
state senator to J K Wright the Demo
cratic candidate E W McDaniol prose
I cuting attorney Joseph A Smith as
I < essor Willard Robinson and H H Bell
comnlissiqners The Democrats elect their
I constable In Rchfield Monroe has gone
hoipelessly Democratic The vote stands
in Richficcl McKinley ICC it was a Mc
Kinley stronghold Bryan 410 Holbrook
I 255 King 207 Bolitho 319 Wright 2C3 for
representative Simon Chrstensen Re
I publican 323 B II Greenwood Demo j
I crat IPO Commissioners Abbott Repub
lican 241 Nielson Republican 342 Hans
Rasmussen Republcan COJ Herbert Bell
I Democrat 231 Wilard Robinson Demo
crat 214 J A Ross Democrat 1SS Clerk
I Clark Republican 352 Sorenson Demo
I cat 16 Recorder Jacob M Saurizen
1 Republican 3SS Mrs Layton Democrat
I 13L Treasurer V E Bean Democrat 170
H Hanson Republican 345 Assessor I
John Johnson Republican 312 J A
Smith Democrat 19D Attorney J B
Jennings Republican 2Go E W Mc
epublcan <
Daniel Democrat 247 Sheriff J VI
Coons Republican 373 Dorrity 144
In Monroe the vote 5s Wright 248 Bo
litho 123 Greenwood 12S Christensen 129
Abbott 125 Bell 226 Nielson 175 Rasmus
sea 112 Robinson 218 Boss 1 Clark 139
Sorenson 214 Sauritzen 225 Bean 210 Han
sen 140 Johnson 92 Smith 274 Jennings
137 McDaniel 247 Coons 163 Dorrity 245 1
Few straight tickets were voted and the
stralght tckets
vote was the heaviest ever polled in the
count I
MONROE Nov McKinley 99
Bryan 275 King 254 Holbrook 119
senator Bolitho 125 Wright 248 rep I
resentative Christiansen 129 Green
wood 228 Democrats are ahead on
all county officers
Glenwbod Nov 4 Bryan 13Q Mc
Kihley 24 Holbrook GO King 92 Fos
ter 2 Bolitho 61 Wright 91r Chris
tensen 61 Greenwodd 90
Crovden Precinct Vote for Bryan
47 McKinley 33 King 44 Holbrook
34 Foster 4 State senator Nebeker
40 L Clark 42 Representative Hop
kins Dem 4 Porter Rep 37
PRICE Nov 4In Carbon county
Price gives following votes for electors
Bennett 36 Page 3 Smith 35 Daly
123 Lawrence 124 Lund iSo Repre
sentative to congress Foster 5 Hol
brook 81 King 68 Senator for Twelfth
district Collett 96 Johnson 55 Rep
resentative to legislature Kimball 95
Lamph 60
MERCUR Nov 3The count here is
nor8 finished but the Democrats lead
by from 40 to 120 Indications are that
the full Democratic ticket is elected
by a majorit of about a hundred Mc
Kinley has 8 votes out of 250 King 200
Advices from Tooele City show a sim
I ilar condition Mercur polled 563 votes
Tooele 425 Stockton gives a small Re
publican majority but the Democrats
are ahead in Ophir St Johns and
Grantsville The legislative ticket is
safely Democratic I
Grantsville Bryan 244 McKinley 90 I
Foster 3 Holebrook 136 King 192
Cherry 194 Norrell 192 Ritchie 138
I Street 143 Nebeker 190 Sharp 142
Dresser 192 Hal 141
I Smithfield Straight Democrats 248
mixed 232
I Lewiston Democrats 176 Repub
i licans 3 mixed 78
Benson Democrats 42 mixed 12
Hyrum Democrats 290 mixed 248
Millville Democrats 132 mixed 53
Providence Democrats 130 mixed
122 Wellsville Democrats 135 mixed 80
LoganThird ward Democrats 150
Fourth ward Democrats 105 mixed
The county chairman claims 1000 ma
jority for the Democrats
PARK CITY Nov 3First ward
Park City Summit county gives Bry I
an 180 McKinley 6 Holbrook 6 King
120 Foster 6 State senator Chambers
130 Hatch 5
PARK OITY Nov 3Ninth pre
cinct Silver King mine Park City
I Summit county gives McKinley 0 Bry
an 76 Holbrook 32 King 19 Foster
19 State senator Chambers Dem
10 Hatch Rep 63
Parleys Park Summit county Bry
I an 62 McKinley 1 Foster 5 Holbrook
20 King 38 Chambers 44 Hatch 17
I Cal 32 Welch 28
Kamas McKinley 6 Bryan 204 Fos
I ter 1 Holbrook 55 King 154 Cherry
1150 i Norrell 159 Street 61 Ritchie 60
I Chambers 154 Hatch 56 Callis 151
Welch HO
I Daly Precinct S Bryan 103 McKinley I
1 Chambers 92 Hatch 16 King S >
Holbrook 17 Foster 3 Callis 73 Welch
3 Cherry 78 Norrell 7 Street 3
sRlohie 29
Silver King Precinct 9 Bryan 76 Mc
I Kinley 0 Chamoers 10 Hatch 6
King 1 Holbrook 32 Foster 1 Cams
7 Welch 6 Cherry 18 Norrell lt
Street 4S Ritchie 49
Park City Precinct 7 Bran 12 Mc
Kinley 3 Chambers 115 Hatch 12
I n0 Holbrook 1 Foster 7 Callis
96 Welsh 25 Cherry 94 Norrell 94
Street 30 Ritchie 2 I
CASTLE ROCK Nov Precinct
No 2 goes as follows Burnett 4
Page 3 Smith 4 Daly 16 Lawrence
16 Lund 17 Holbrook 3 King 17
Cherry 8 Norrell 6 Ritchie 13 Street
13 Chambers 6 Hatch 13 Collis 12
ECHO Nov 3Bryan 49 McKinley
23 King 42 Holbrook 28 Foster 1
Chambers 42
Precinct No 3 Park City Bryan 319
i McKinley 12 Chambers 236 Hatch 99 I
King 210 Holbrook 9i Foster 21 I
Callis 200 Welch 126 Cherry 184
I Norrell 185 Ritchie 142 Street 144
Poll No 2 Bryan 304 McKinley 1 I
Chambers 227 Hatch SO Foster 16
j King 195 Holbrook 98 CalHs 183 i
Welch 117 Cherry 159 Norrell 156
Street 155 Rltehie 144
Eight precincts in Park City Cham
bers majority 800 one to hear from
From Wasatch 700 majority making
total 1500 majority I
Park City Precinct No 4 Bryan
3G9 McKinley9 Chambers 268 Hatch
95 Foster 21 King 241 Holbrook I
106 Cols 204 Welch 156 Cherry
2SG Norrell 200 Ritchie 165 Street
Park City Fifth Precinct Bryan
213 McKinley 2 Chambers 132 Hatch
79 King 132 Holbrook 63 Foster 1
Cols 106 Welch 99 Cherry US Nor I
r l 114 Ritchie 90 Street 93 I
MANTI Nov 3Two precincts give
Holbrook 224 King 196 Bryan carries
in both precincts
WALES Sanpete county Nov 3
Wales precinct gives McKinley 63 Bry
an 55 represntative Holbrook GS
King 51 state senators Johnson Re
publican 6S Allred Democrat 50 state
representatives Christiansen and Niel
son Republicans GS Hardy and Soren j j
son Democrats 51 county ticket Re
publican majority 17
HESTER Sanpete County Nov I I
3 Chester precinct gives McKinley 47
Bryan 47 representatives Holbrook I
IS King 46 state
senator Johnson i
Republican 49 MIred Democrat 49 I
representatives Chritcensen and Niel j I
son 47 each Hardy and Sorenson
Democrats 47 each county ticket a I
tip I
MORONI Utah Nov 3Vote for I j
Bryan 303 McKinley 127 King 270
Holbrook 160 state j II
brook senator Allred I
Democrat 271 Johnson Republican I
159 representatives Sorenson Demo I
crat 272 Hardy Democrat 269 Chris I
tiansen Republican 163 Neilson Re
publican 153 county Democratic majority I
STERLING Utah via Manti Nov
4 Bryan 89 McKinley 8 King 90
Holbrook 39 state senators Allred I
Democrat 68 Johnson Republican 39 I I
representatives Hardy Democrat 98
Sorenson Democrat 68 Neilson Re I
0D publican 39 Christiansen Republican i
CHESTER Utah Nov 1Vote for
Bryan 47 McKinley 47 King 16 I
HoKorook 48 sLate senators Allred
Democrat 45 Johnson Republican 49 I
represerhatiives E3inocratic i 47 Re
publican 47 I
GUNNISON Sanpete County Nov
I 4Vote for Bryan 311 McKinley 153
I King 252 Holbrook 241 state senators
Allred 253 Johnson 203
Alred 03 representa
II tives Hardy 252 Sorenson 251Chris
tiansen 205 Neilson 203
SPRING CITY Utah Nov 4Vote
for Bryan 310 McKinley 81 King 244
Holbrook 145 state senators MIred
j I Democrat 253 Johnson Republican 139
representatives Christiansen Repub
lican 156 Hardy Democrat 245
EPHRAIM Utah Nov 4Vote for
Bryan 462 McKinley 285 King 390
Holbrook 349 Foster 2 state senator
I AUred Democrat 337 Johnson Repub
lican 352 representatives Hardy Dem
ocrat 336 Sorenson Democrat 389
Christiansen Republican 362 Neilson
Republican 333 County Democratic ma
jority 35
FAIRVIEW Utah JNov 4State
ticket Republican 167 Democrats 325
representative to congreLf Foster 4
Holbrook 210 King 280 senators Dem
ocratic 282 Republican 209 represen
tatives to legislature Republican 215
Domacratic 27S County ticket Demo
cratic et 5 majority S
LEEDS Nov 3Bryan 65 McKin
ley 3 King 51 Holbrook 15 Snow
D for senator 49 Prout R for sen
ator 17 Duffin D for representative
42 Orton R representative 22
KANAB Nov 3Bryan 66 McKin
ley 98 King 63 Holbrook 101 Snow
66 Prout SS Stewart 78 Robinson 84
THOMPSON Nov 3Thompson pre
cinct No 3 Bryai and Sewall 4 Mc
Kinley 0 Holbrook 2 King 2
WOODSIDE Nov 3Precinct No 2 I
Bryan 24 McKinley 0 King 15 Hol
brook 7 Foster 2
SISCO Nov 3 Fourth precinct Mc
Kinley 0 Bryan 15 Holbrook 1
King 2
A Tremendous Vote Given the Bemo
crittic Candidates
PARK CIr Nov 3The vote hereon j
on preliminary count i as follows
First ward total 227 Straight
Democratic 130 straight Republican
In the Second and Third precincts
two Democratic votes were cast to one
The Ontario and Daly precincts voted
the Democratic ticket almost solidly
H S Townsend Republican candi
date for county attorney concedes the
election of the Democratic ticket by a
good majority
t Heber City
HEBER Nov Although the vote
is not all counted the Democrats have
a good majority
At Mill Creek
I MILL CREEK Nov Precinct 56
gives McKinley j 39 Independent Re
I publicans 45 Democrats 91 Popu
I lists 7 scratched 22
CRESCENT Nov 3The vqte here
is Bryan S3 McKinley 15 King 6S
Holbrook 27 Democratic legislative
candidates candidates 27 68 Republican legislative
Draper S
DRAPER Nov 3 The vote here is
Straight Democratic 15S McKinley
50 Independent Republican 32 Popu
list 2 scattering 39
Democrats Sweep IVepui
NEPHI Nov 3JamEs Latimer was
the first one to vote this morning Mrs
Latimer was the first lady to vote she
having voted at 740 am
On account of sickness our judge of
election precinct No2 John Kirgan
resigned and we claced W J Orhim
min in his place as the judge There
were 891 votes cast in this city out of
a registration list of 1018 The straight
votes in precinct No1 give 76 to Mc
Kinley 144 to the Independent Repub
licans and 206 to the Democrats Pre
cinct 2 giveS 12 McKinley 66 to the
Independent Republicans and 135 to the
Democrats giving a plurality of 13
votes on the straight tickets
At Echo
ECHO Nov 3The vote is For
Bryan 49 McKinley 23 King 42 Hol
brook 2S Foster 1 State senators
Chambers 42 Abram Hatch 29 Rep
Welsh resentatives 26 Charles Cols 13 Henry
Parleys Park
PARK CITY Nov 3Parleys Park
precinct Summit county vote For
Bryan 61 McKinley 1 King 38 Hol
brook 20 Foster 5 State senator R
C Chambers 4 Abram Hatch 17
Welsh Representatives 28 C A Callis 32 Henry
A IHjr Vote for QuInn
BINGHAM Nov 4One hundred
and eightyeight straight Democratic
tickets were polled in Binghams three
precincts 101 straight Independent Re
publican 4 straight Populist and 13
straight McKinley There were 243
scratched Democratic tickets In pre
cinct 82 Quinn for county commissioner
received 117 votes King for congress
114 Holbrook 61 Foster 4 Count
will not be finished until 10 a m
ELGIN Ills Nov 3Irs Annie
Schrieber aged 2 and Bruno Mike
aged 1 her nephew who left their
home in Chicago yesterday saying they
would kill themselves were found dead
on the street here this mornin
BATH N Y Nov 3In a wrestling
match here last night for 450 between L I
J Ward of this place and Edward
Atherton of Cuba N Y the latter won I
throwing Ward four times in 40 minutes
ROANOKE Va Nov 3 Mayor Rob
ert McClelland was knocked down and
fatally injured by a trolley car on
Campbell avenue last night His skull
was fractured
sale clothing house of Res Coone Co
has assigned Liabilities 90000
LONDON Nov 3Dr Car Glynn
vicar of Kensington has been appointed
bishop of Peterbrough
LONDON Nov SBoth the Castes
have been indicted shoplifting I
From The Eastern Ogre or St
George to the Rescue by W T
Stead in November Review of Reviews
In the course of the agJtarion I re
gret very much to have seen many ex
pressions of irritation and of indigna
tion at the conduct of Russia Mr
Gladstone himself not being alto
gether guiMess in this respect I
is i a case in which we should do well
to take the beam out of our own eye
before raving at the mote in the eye
of the Russian In view of the evi
dence now patent to all men a to
the real essential nature of Turkish
rule Englands attitude toward Russia
ought certainly not to b that of re
sentment or of indignation Grant
ing that for the moment the policy
of reserve and of inaction adopted by
Russia is most deplorable in the in
terests of humanity it is but a pass
ing episode of a few months at the
most But Englands attitude for
50 years has been just that which
Russia ha adopted within the last
12 months Let us grant i you please
the worst that can be said against
Russian policy the effect of which has
been to secure the 12 months longer lease
of immunity to the assassin of Slam
boul What is that compared with the
guilt which we have incurred by our
persistent surport of the Turkish mis I
rule a support persisted in for genera
tion after generation and that not
merely by the adoption of a passive I
policy of nonintervention on behalf of
the assasUn and his predecessors
New York Letter Mr Morrison re
counted two anecdotes in his exper
iences in playing Faust At one place j
the trap door through which he disap
pears in the fifth act refused to work
and to Uoe his expression his plume j I
stood erect
Cant you open it he asked in an
excited tone
There was an awful pause for a mo
ment when away in the gallery some
I body sung out
Holy Moses hells full
At another time while breakfasting
at a hotel he noticed that the colored
waiter who brought him his meal kept
staring at him HP told the waiter
that he might go When I need you
he added I will send for you
Need mel exclaimed the waiter in
evident recollection of Mephiato Say
Mr Morrison I went to your show
last night
And how did you like it
Like it Say Mr lorrison that
last scene was awful but one thing
consoled me I couldnt see any nigser
in hell
San Francisco Examiner The early
visitors to the park Friday morning
j I witnessed a strange phenomenon
Thousands of little shrimps covered the
j walks on the site of the Midwinter fair
grounds The fish so Superintendent
McLaren believes were carried there
from the ocean by the high wind which
blew last Thursday night The dis
tance from the ocean to where the
shrimps lay is fully three miles Th <
little fish were evidently lifted out of
the water and carried through the air
by thewind until they reached a milder
current of air and fell to the earth
Such occurrences are rot uncommon
off the coast of Scotland Larger fish
are lifted out of the water during
heavy gales and carried many miles
Inland This is the first tune so Mr
McLaren says that It has happened
In mists and darkness grew that won
drous plan
The rockribbed frame the blue of dome
and deep
The shining spheres that patient vigils
And gorgeous bloomer and growing things
that span
This whilring ball When qulckning life
began S
To thrill the myraid forms that blindly
Through moistened depths or poise
awing or leap
Or walk then in his image made he man
Now silence reigned oer all the virgin
Hushed were the newmade voices
S hushed the breeze
Aw d nature stilled the whispring of
the trees
And harkened Then he spake At his
Lo from the sleeping Image at his feet
A woman rose Creation was complete
Httlda T Hollands Detroit Tribune
This old lady can give Mrs Partlngton a
points on the use of English She walked
into the office of the judge of probate and
asked Are you the judge of repro
bates I am the judge of probate
was the reply Well thats It I expect
quoth the old lady You see my hus
band died detested and left me several
little Infidels and I want to be appointed
their executioner Chicago Dispatch
Bachelor Visitor Well Henry how do
you like married life
Henry Pk Shh My wife is in the
next room
He a despairing sultorIf you will
not marry me Ill shoot myself
She a literary journalist Splendid
Ill write it up for the Daily Bawler
Pull HER IX BED f jj
A great cry Is going up all over the
country and an exchange despairingly
asks Cannot something be done to pre
vent our young ladies from being insulted
on the street at night Yes we think
something can be done and it cannot be
done too soon either Just have the girls
mother tuck her into her little bed about
S oclock p m and lock the door on her
Harlem Life Reformer Mr Grabbe 1
we can count on you to vote in favor of
this bill to prevent bribery in the council 1
cant we
Alderman Well er what is the Induce
London Punch Visitor Well Tommy
how are you getting on at school 4
Tommy aged 8First rate I aint do
ing as well as some of the other boys
though I can stand on my head but I
have to put my feet against the wall I
want to do it without being near the wall
at all
Detroit Tribune Sweetheart S
She hid her face in his bosom He sus I
pected nothing and went home I
That face he gasped when he re
moved his coat
Philadelphia North American When
youve a minute to spare said the in
surance agent Id like to talk to you
All right replied the busy man come
in In about a year
New York Town Tonics Will So our
friend Smithson has gone Into Wall street
as a stock broker
Sam Yes and hell soon make himself
a laughing stock broker
Boston Herald Harr > She has jilted
me and I know I shall die The disap
pointment win kill me
Aunt Hannah know how disappoint
ment affects one Harry But you will
get over It I felt just as you do now
when I sat that yeller hen on 13 egc
and just got one poor chick out of the
Somerville Journal Why is It that the
boy who has plenty of grapes at home
that he might pick always prefers to
climb the fence and rob his neighbors
vines r
Life Helen Are you sure God will
forgIve me for slapping sister if I ask
him mamma
Mamma Certainly dear
Helen reflectively Then I wish I had
slanoed her harder
I Sor
Stomach sometimes called waterbrasb
and burning pain distress nausea
I dyspepsia arc cured by Hoods > arsa
parilla This it accomplishes because
I with its wonderful power as a blood
purifier Hoods Sarsaparilla gently
I tones and strengthens the stomach and
digestive organs invigorates the liver
I creates an appetite gives refreshing
I sleep am1 raises the health tone En
cases of dyspepsia and indigestion it
I seems to have a magic touch
I For over 12 years I suffered from sour
I Stomach
I with severe pains across my shoulders
and great distress I had violent nausea
j I which would leave me very weak and
1 faint difficult to get my breath These
i spells came oftener and more severe I
I did not receive any lasting benefit from
physicians but found such happy effects
from a trial of Hoods Sarsaparilla that I
took several bottles and mean to always
i keep it in the house I am now able to
do all my own work which for six years
I have been unable to do My husband
and son have also been greatly bene
fited by Hoods Sarsaparilla for pains in
the back and after the grip I gladly
recommend this grand blood medicine
Mus PETEB BTJBBY Leominster Mas
H 0 f
Is the One True Blood Purifier All druggists 1
3TT7t cure all Liver Ills and
Hood PlllS Sick Headache Sacents
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