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f = I TKFrSAIT LA1E 1 tuaua 1fEDESDAY isTOYEMBEIl 4 1895
Everything Quiet and Inactive
active in Mining Cir
It cles in the City
f Discussing the Project of Sink
ing Below the 1600 leyel
2 A Great Enterprise
p Companies fore Careful Now
r t Than Ever When Buying
William Orr at Grnnservllle Collecting
Strike in
lecting Ore Sample Bis Strlce
Alton District Ida Ricli Ship
from the William J
ment or Ore froD lViUnD
Trade Dollar Ore Electricity
flrnnPrade Dolar OrcEce
tricity for Fovrer Talk About
SUovrius Aromitl
City Irta Mining Notes ami Per
There wa nothing doing in the min
ing line yesterday in fact it was an
anxious day in mining circles and
nothing was talked of but the election
and the probable results and in nearly
every mining office in the city there
were gathered a score or more of men
anxiously awaiting the returns
As a general thing the miners in
nearly all of the camps took time to
vote and in nearly every instance they
rolled up a great majority for Bryan
and for the Democratic nominees
In this city there was no activity
whatever as far as mining talk was
concerned and in the hotel lobbies and
on the streets the sole theme of con
versation was the election and al
though dispatches during the day were
not as encouraging as hoped for Bryan
supporters kept up heart until the very
endThere was no call at the mining ex
change and th transactions on the
floor today will be watched with inter
est and it is doubtful i the business
wi amount to much if anything at all
is done
i The latest news from the different
camps is of the most encouraging na
ture cmps and especially so in the silver
lead camps where a number of good
strikes have been made of late but
at thib writing it is hard to tell whether
or not from a political point of view
good silver properties are worth hay
ing or whether they are virtually
worthless In the gold camps
situation is different as come what
may such camps are always staple as
one might saVe
I will take a few days to get down
to regular business again as far a
activity in mining is concerned but it
is believed that whatever may be the
beleved the election that the min
ing camps of the state and of the west
will keen to the front and that the
industry will still prove to be the main
stay and support of this intermountain
Discussing the Proposition of Sink
ing Below the 1GOO
The 110 stamps of the Drum Lummon
mine at Marysville will be silenced
after next Saturday says the Inter
Mountain of Butte Mont The 50
stamp mill closed down yesterday
the other 60 stamps will close down
Saturday A force of about 75 men will
be retained at the mines to thoroughly
prospect them The following extract
from the Mining World and Engineer
ing Record of London dated Oct 17
in this connection will be found of in
Somewhat painful interest was given
to the Montana meeting on Wednesday
by the sudden indisposition of Mr
Rawlinson T Bayliss who was present
Ralnson as to address i He has spent
a the greater part of the last 10 or 12
years of his life at the extreme alti
tude at which the Montana companys
property is placed and it is to be
feared that his health has suffered in
consequence Mr Bayliss has never
referred to this himself but the sug
gestion is not incompatible with such
geston and faint
a sudden attack of giddiness
ness as that which for about half an
hour completely prostrated him on
Wednesday last Mr Bayliss will be
the last to make a point of what he
may have suffered in discharging his
duty to the company but his friends
may do it for h i We hope we may
rank ourselves amongst the number of
them seeing that we have consistently
I supported his policy from the time he
first took charge of the mines Look
ing back upon those 12 years the
shareholders have had substantial
of the prosperity the
proof manage
ment of Mr Bayliss has brought them
and i at the moment the mine is under
a cloud it bids fair to emerge from it
for reasons given not merely by Mr
Bayliss but by Mr Crowther and Mr
Phillpotts who presided The meeting
was protracted and reminded one
somewhat of those long discussions
that used to take place about the time
when the present board brought the
company out of the state of collapse i
in which their predecessors left it But
the point at issue as Mr Crowther
very aptly put i was < his shall we
sink below the 1600 foot level or shall
we not Dr Wigglesworth a medical I
gentleman residing in the north is of I
opinion that this should be done whilst I
those who think otherwise are experts
like Mr John Darlington Professor I
Mr Molson Dr Rossiter
Clayton M Ray
mond Mr Bayliss and a number of
other gentlemen of scarcely lesser I
reputation Now upon a question of
medicine as Mr Crowther said the I
superior knowledge of Dr Wiggles
worth would be freely accepted and
acted upon but on a question of min
ing he is to say the least not entitled
to speak with so much weight Indeed
while the meeting was progressing the
thought occurred to us how much more
useful Dr Wigglesworth would have I
been in ministering to the wants of
1 Bayliss prostrated as he was in I
the anteroom than in criticising min I
ing development in the presence of
I gentlemen whose lives have been de
voted to its study The fact of the I
matter is that from the 600 level to the
1600 the Montana company has passed
through a barren zone and now In i
130 Main Street
4t Stocks bought and sold for cash or on
commission Weekly market letter and
quotations upon application E G Wool
ey ir Member Salt Lake Stock Exchange J I
fP i t
order that the ore body i it exists at
all should not escape him Mr Bayliss
is driving a long level at the 1600 in
that southerly direction in which the
Montana ore bodies are known to dip
Instead of continuing this work Dr
Wigglesworth proposes that the shaft
at the 1600 foot level should be reso
lutely deepened at a cost of 20 per
foot The board who are advised by
the best experts of the day think
otherwise and the shareholders having
to choose between the views of Dr
Wigglesworth and the phalanx of ex
pert talent on the other side had very
little hesitation in coming to a decision
the result being that the policy of the
board will be followed and not that
of the learned doctor At the same
time the latter was perfectly fair and
courteous in his criticism and this
recognition we are glad to make
though we differ from him in his con
clusions I was pleasing however to
hear him say that information he has
direct from the spot is to the effect
that a better managed mine than the
Montana scarcely exists This is the
impression we have always had and it
is pleasing to have it confirmed by an
energetic though courteous critic of
the board like Dr Wigglesworth
Companies More Careful Now Tan
Ever Before Wit en Buying
hUe the goldmining Industry of the
United States Is in a more active and
prosperous condition at present than
ever before says an old mining man
it cannot be said that the mining machinery
chinery business Is keeping a propor
tionate pace Of course much larger
amounts of mining and milling machinery
are being made than formerly since
there are so many more producing mines
but there is not a increase of machinery
in proportion to the number of mines
being worked There i5 a very good
reason for this however Formerly al
most as soon as a ledge was struck or
at least as soon a i was uurchased by
men with money a stamp mill with full
equipment was ordered with the expecta
tion that it would shortly repay the in
vestment The proper development of the
mine was an after consideration In
these days all this has changed Men
start In with a hand windlass for hoist
ing When they get water they start
with a common Douglas pump Then
horsepower Is used for a while followed
by a small gasoline engine for hoisting
and pumping I Is i only when necessity
requires that a steam engine hoist and
pumps are put in But all this is done
before any attempt Is made to get ore
reduction machinery Even then a Rem
ington or Bryan prospecting mill is used
for a while Then when It Is finally
proved that they have a mine the owners
get a null concentrator etc but usually
want the mine to pay for i There is
very seldom any attempt to start out
the oldfashioned way with a fully
equipped milling plant The old system
was the ruination of many a mining com
pany and one of the reasons that many
hundred mines in the state were aban
doned The companies ran hopelessly In
debt before they had any oro reserves to
keep a mill running steadily It Is found
that a good many mines will not warrant
a specia mill and custom mills are re
sorted to for crushing the ore There are
now so many custom mills in the moun
tains that hundreds oi mines depend
upon them entirely and a mine may be
worked for years before it is decided to
give it a mill of its own For these
reasons less milling machinery Is manu
factured than would be supposed consid
ering the rapid development of the min
ing regions of the state The new plan
is the best one for all except the mill
Electricity for Power
San Francisco Examiner In many of
the mining sections of this state the cost
of wood for fuel is increasing to an ex
tent which very materially increases the
expenses of milling operations much
so in fact as to prevent the working of
low grade ores out of which a profit is
made when fuel is cheaper Of course
there is plenty of wood in the mountain
ranges but around many of the camps
the fuel has been exhausted for a radius
of many miles Hauling it a long dis
tance naturally makes the cost at the
mill much higher than where It is ob
tained close at hand In Mariposa county
for instance where the price of wood
has been advanced the Merced Whitlock
and other mines find it impossible to mill
their ores at a profit and are anxiously
waiting for electric power to be fur
nished In most of the camps this will
doubtless be the power used eventually
as the mountain streams will furnish a
source to generate it In several Instances
lately however where companies have
started to furnish electric power for
camps or districts i has been found that
their water supply Is insufficient to do the
the work and much less electric power
is derived than was expected This Is due
doubtless to faulty calculations in the
first instance Installations of this kind
need experts to plan and execute Be
cause a man has the ability to oranlze
a company and obtain money to inaugur
ate an eiectric plant it by no means
follows that he is the one to try the ma
chinery and put it in There are all
I sorts of conditions to be considered and
only skilled and experienced electrical
engineers should be employed on this
part of the work Reading a few dozen
catalogues or books is not apt to give
anyone the requisite knowledge in this
direction Mistakes of all kinds are apt
to be made and primarily the great
one of overestimating the ultimate
amount of electric power to be derived
from any given amount and fall of water
Several instances might be cited In this
state where considerable expense has
been entailed in increasng the water
supply entaied the plant has been put In
operation People buying stock under
such conditions ought to be sure that a
competent electrical engineer Is to be em
nloyed or else refuse to make the in
vestment It Is all very well to talk
I al
of practical being better than scientific
I knowledge but on electrical work it
needs a combination of both Because
a man can wire a building or run a
dynamo it does not follow that he can
properly plan and Install an electric
power plant I takes an educated elec
trical engineer to do it in a satisfactory
Talk About Mills
When one hears of so many mills to
be built every season i is a wonder that
ng more of them are found at the end
of the year But it IP a common thing
as soon as a mine strikes any ore to
a rn announced that a mill is to be
built at once and designs are being
drawn for it An exchange says that
drwn it
nine out of ten never get further than the
said designs Men who know anything
about mines do not build mills just be
cause they strike a little ore They
usually want some considerable develop
ment to prove its extent before spending
the money prve on a mill and this extent
cannot be proven in a few weeks or
months b a a general thing It is for this
reason that much fewer mills a built
than are planned or spoken of In al
most any camp that can be mentioned
there are fewer mills or reduction works
than would b supposed if the stories of
ore in sight are to b believed A camp
w th 5 well developed mines is in
luck I it has as many as ten mills In
operation though there are generally
about 5 spoken of or planned These reports
orts of mills to be erected do more
harm than good i they are not built for
people going to the camp after hearing
such reports are apt to be disappointed
Tnsy wonder why after all the talk
there are no more mills and are inclined
to think that the miners have not Much
strong belief in their properties as they
had been led to suppose says the San
Francisco Examiner I is1 idle to make I
so much talk about intended reduction
works for a mine unless the owners have I
once really made up their minds to build at
Mining Notes and Personals
Free Press Grangeville Ida Luther
1 Johnson and Henry Sommercamp
have struck a big thing In Alton dis
trict onehalf mile below the Cleveland
and Anchor Their ledge is on the
Mountain View lode carries high values
in cold and silver and Is ten feet wide at
the point of discovery
Free Press Grangeville Ida William I
Orr representing the Gold Silver Ex
tracting company of Denver was here
last week having come through from
Boise county for the purpose of gather
ing samples of oro from our mineral
zones to be tested by his company which
owns the cyanide process cm1anj
Probably the richest carload of ore
ever received in Denver Colo by the
State Ore Sampling works w the ore
from the Trade Dollar mine Silver City
Ida mining district The ore was
sampled and ran 4L43 ounces gold and
o 1v T
5u93632 ounces silver t the ton The car
weighed 22846 pounds or a little less than
1 tons and the ne value was 3043887
a average of 4483 per ton
A small shipment of ore from the
Wiia J Bryan mine In Big Cotton
wood which was received ana sold on
the open market yesterday netted the
company 2016 which more than pays
eJ lg
for the development of the mine from the
first stroke of the pick up to the present
tm The William J Is embraced in the
Wautunka group and from every indi
cation It will develop Into a rich and
heavy producer With this shipment
work on the property will b discontinued
for the winter
The Silver State of Silver City Ida
h the following to say regarding the
mines In that locality Flint A carload
of new machinery is being set up in the
I Flint mill by Mr Bonnell In the opinion
i of many i will not be started before last
years obligations are liquidated Owyhee
has had enough of penny speculators
I Placers Quite a number of men are
employed along the banks of Snake
river near Grand View mining for
placer gold Improved amalgamators are
used and the operations are generally
successful Bconvllle Steam has been
raised in the new mill and steady grind
ing will soon begin Owyhees output
will b Increased about onethird when
this property gets fully under way
During the past week a discovery of
more than ordinary Importance has been
made within the limits of the King
i Solomon ground a discovery which if it
proves as good as the present showing
now seems to indicate will be the mOSt
important of anything unearthed ln the
famouslv rich district for some years
says the Clancy Montana Miner The
discovery was mae by E Redding who
accidently found some rich float while
walking along the ground toward his
home from the present workings of the
King Solomon Naturally he concluded
that the float came from a vein in the
vicinity and as it did not exactly tally
with the outcrop on th King Solomon
lode he procured a pick and shovel and
commenced digging around among the
rocks and in about half an hour was
fortunate enough to strike the vein dis
closlner about IS inches of between 200
and 400 ounce ore The vein is an en
tirely distinct and separate one from the
King Salomon proper and Is about 40
feet south of the Solomon shaft Several
sacks of the rich ore have already been
taken out of the discovery at a depth of
less than two feet and the vein a ex
posed is bromide chloride and black sul
ohuret in character In the old work
ing on the King Solomon ground there
is now a fine showing of ore In the face
of the drift The mine Is being operated
at present by the Redding Bros and the
Latsc Bros under lease At the bot
tom of the shaft which is now 300 feet
deep a crosscut was started some time
ago in the direction of this new dis
covery but was abandoned after being
run about 2 feet This crosscut will
now b driven in until i cuts the new
lode and the mine worked through
the King Solomon shaft Mr Reddlngs
discovery created considerable comment
and a good many miners and prospectors
visited the strike in order to satisfy
themselves as to its importance
Editor J L Montgomery of Marshall
Il Democrat states that for many
years he suffered untold agony from
dyspepsia At last he began to tak
Ayers Sarsaparilla and by the time
he used six bottles he was as well as
ever Cures others H cure you
Kansas City Live Stock
ceipts 1800 Market strong Light
and pigs 330350 heavy 320335
Cattle Receipts 1200 Strong na
tive steers 420440 fair to good 162
2SO bulls 175225 stockers and
feeders 250365 Texas and westerns
230265 calves 460510
Chicago Live Stock I
Very few cattle were received today
and the markets were merely nominal
Offerings of hogs were light There
was a fair demand and prices were
firm at an advance of 10 cents Sheep
were firm and 10 cents higher I
Cattle Receipts 800 Fancy beeves
510525 choice to prime steers 475
500 good to choice steers 440470
medium steers 410435 fair beef
steers 380400 common beef steers
340375 good to choice stockers and
feeders 330370 fair to good stockers
and feeders 250325 cows and heif
ers choice to prime 350390 cows
common to fair canners 1SO210
calves common to good 300325
Texas steers 265325
Other prices unchanged
HogsReceipts 6000 Heavy pack
ing and shipping lots 330360 com
I mon to choice mixed 325380 choice
assorted 350365 light 330360
pigs 25035o
SheepReceipts 6000 Inferior to
choice 175325 lambs 300450
Continental Wheat Markets
LONDON Nov Following are the
reports of the continental wheat itar
contnental Iar
kets received in London todpy I
AmsterdamWheat opened firm and
the market improving later advanced
3 i florins I I
Antwerp Wheat opened firmer but I
the market was lifeless holders refus
ing to entertain buyers offers Corn
was dull
Paris Wheat and for opened
strong and advanced steadily
steadiy closing
very firm
HamburgThe market opened quiet
but the business was small
Berlin The market onened firmer
with a good business at fully a mark I
advance Later the market became in
active but closed 1 marks higher
After the officiaUclose wheat advanced
another quarter mark on disturbing
London markets
MADRID Nov Premier Canovas
del Castillo is suffering from a
catarrhal affection which confines him
to his house
and cabinet councils are
suspended pending his recovery
LONDON Nov 3A dispatch from
Madrid to the United Associated
Presses says that Queen Regent Chris
tina has signed a decree authorizing
the contraction of a loan of four mil
lion pesatas secured by treasury bonds
and has also authorized the purchase
London of 5000 kilograms of silver bullion in I
ST LOUIS Nov SIn an election row
at Tenth and Cass avenue John Ker
ley aged 30 years and living at 1109
North Ninth stret was shot and fatally
wounded by John Eagan a Republican
ward politician at 2 oolock this after
noon After the shoting Eagan tried to
escape but was pursued and nearly
lynched before the police e rescued him
ColdBlooded Work of White Fiends
in Monroe County Ala
special to the Advertiser from Ever
green Ala brings the intelligence
of the assassination
assasinaton of four negroes
in Monroe county in this state Some
white people in the neighborhood ob
jected to the negrqes coming to that
settlement Last Friday nfght the ne
groes were sitting by a pineknot fire
on the premises of their employer
when the assassins crept under cover
of darkness and fired a volley from
shotguns Two of the negroes are dead
another mortally wounded and the
fourth will lose an arm
In Rio Granite Western Railway
On November 6 and November 9 the
Rio Grande Western railway will sell
I round trip tickets to Old Mexico at the I
unprecedentedly low rate of 7540 Di I
verse routes 8115 The personally i
conducted tcurslon under manage
ment of M E Winter will leave
wi via Rio I
Grande Western on November 9 For i
particulars call on I A Benton ticket
agent No 15 West Second South I
I Blank Book to Order I
The F W Gardiner company Tele I
I phone 557 127 West First South I
I Is Growing Worse and Worse
Hour by Hour
The Government Does Not Know
Who Leads the Insurrection But
I I Evident That There Is n Head
Are Not
to I for the Spaniards
Fighting Informal Bands
NEW YORK Nov 3The Sun cor
respondent in Madrid writing under
date of Oct 19 says
The situation in the Philippine Is
lands is growing worse and worse
General Blanco telegraphs
The rebels attacked our detachment
onel Blanco
I at Talysa LieutenantColonel
started to assist the government
I troops but could not force his way
through the enemys line He had two
I officers and 16 privates killed and one
officer and 21 privates wounded When
I learned this I sent two battalions
under Colonel Poso and Lieutenant
I Colonel Oritz The Talysa detachment
i tried to break through the enemy but
I failed t I am trying to prevent the
I enemy from invading Batangas
Blanco must have failed in this for
he telegraphed later
I The occupation of Talysa by the
rebels compels me to move to the left
j and prevent the enemys advance to
I ward Lipa For Batangas alone I
I need two regiments at least
This news spread like wildfire Con
I fusing thought it was the public real
ized that a disaster had occurred Tn
I an interview with the occurre El
Imparcial the minister of war said that
the people here were responsible for
I Spanish reverses in the Philippine Is
lands Impatient clamor had precipi
I tated military operations before the
arrival of the peninsula reinforcements
I The government he added dQes not
knX > w yet who leads the insurrection
but from what is going on we must
infer that there is a head to direct all
this for we are not fighting informal
The people here believed that the
mere presence of Spanish troops in the
Philippine Islands would cause the in
surgents to surrender The energetic
and determined resistance of the is
landers was therefore a surprise to all
and passing from one extreme to the
other everybody is now convinced that
Spain has to face in this faroff quar
ter a war as serious as thatin Cuba
The insurgents are masters in the
province of Cavite outside of the
I inner city They still hold the con
vent All that has beerocald of the
losses inflicted upon them by the gov
ernment troops the correspondent
adds is false
The Whole Story
Of the great gales attained and great
cures accomplished by Hoods Sarsa
parilla is quickly told It purifies and
enriches the blood tones the stomach
and gives strength and vigor Dis
ease cannot enter the system fortified
by the rich red blood which comes by
taking Hoods Sarsaparilla
Hoods1 Pills cure nausea sick head
ache gists indigestion 25c biUqusness l drug
States Consul General Burke at Tan
glers Morocco reports to the state department
partment in his dispatch of the
ult that another act of piracy was
committed by the Moors off the Riffin
coast on the 8th of October last A
French sailing vessel was attacked by
about 100 Riffians in small boats about
20 miles off Cape Couch Cape Baba
zunAs soon as the attack became kno n
on shore the Spanish governor of All
hucamas and some of the Spanish
colony at once set out in the little
steamer Savilla to render aid to the
French vessel They arrived in time
to capture the crew of pirates in boats
which were on the point of pushing off
for the shore with the prisoners and
plunder The Spaniards boarded the
French vessel which was in possession
of the pirates and after a severe strug
gle succeeded in rescuing the captain
and a number of the crew The Span
iards are reported to have had one
man killed and four or five seriously
wounded Some of the wounded have
since been reported as having died
I is also reported that some of the
crew of the French vessel have died
from their wounds
A Very Earnest Discussion About
Them in the Chamber of Deputies
PARIS Nov 3In the chamber of
deputies M Denys deputy for Cochin
China interpellated the government
demanding to know the action France
was taking in defense of Armenians
Continuing his remarks he asked what
the powers had done since 1880 in de
fense of a race whose sufferings arc
without a parallel in history M Denys
then recapitulated the horrors of the
massacres in Asia Minor and Constan
tinople during the recital of which the
chamber was greatly agitated The
deputy for Cochin China dedarej that
it was the duty of France to intorfen
in the name of humanity to prevent the
occurrence of further massacre Jn
order to effect this he said it would
be necessary to make a clean sweep of
this corner of Europe and to guarantee
protection not only to Christians but to
Turks a well The whole of civilized
Europe was interested in the purifica
tion of Turkey and France had a right
to convoke her allies and all Europe to
undertake the task
Count Albert de Mun followed 11
Denys in a speech in which he de
clared that sadder even than the Ar
menian atrocities was the inertia with
which Europe tolerated such outrages
FranceU he said ought to do for
Armenia as well as for Crete and take
the initiative in a concert to assure
the security of the Armenians
M De La Foss and 11 Hubbard ap
proved and emphasized the remarks of
Count De Mun and M Hanotaux min
ister of foreign affairs followed M
Hanotaux said that Armenian events
would not have given rise to such I I
solicitude if contact with Europe had
not imbued certain Armenians with a
desire for independence I
The excesses of the Ottoman govern
irent he said had furnished legitimate
motives for complaint and when the
question assumed an aspect of grave
importance England understood the
danger of acting alone
The Dowers he said were convinced
of the necessity of their solid union
but there must be no isolated action
and no interference with the integrity
of the empire
Among the fertile results of the re
cent visit of the emperor of Russia to
Paris M Hanotaux said may be men
tioned a precise exchange of views in
regard to Armenia and the perfect
community of ideas which exist in
united Europe who gives the sultan to
understand the necessity of his assur
ing the safety of all his subjects of
whatever rce Byt violence will not
aid the difficult task of Europe
M Jaurez the socialist leader reply
ing to 11 HanotauxT said that the sul
tan had been frequently admonished
The Medal Medicine
Model Medicine
Is to Meicinal
The only medal awarded t <
sarsaparilla at the Worlds Fair
1893 Chicago was awe t <
I Sarsaparilla
but without result The remarks of M
Hanotaux he said left the whole ques
tion open He reproached the foreign
minister for endeavoring to render the
Armenians solely answerable for their
troubles in the responsibility for which
Europe and the sultan were involved
Eighteen months ago he said Europe
undertook to defend the Armenians
but the atrocities continue to this day
M Develle moved the order of the
day approving the declarations of the I
I government and the motion was I
adopted by the chamber i
T ey Include Pulling of Teeth and
Catting of Hair and Whiskers
LONDON Nov 3It is estimated
that 500tOOO in bets ha been plaQed in
London on the result of the election in
the United States Colonel Wilson of
Chicago made a wager of 1000 even
today that McKinley would be elected
The bet was taken by F W Fullon a
Chicago Bryanite Besides the ordin
ary election bets there has been considerable
ar electon
siderable freak betting General Mor
gan a Brooklyn silverite made a bet
on which he engaged in the event of
Bryans defeat to have all his feeth
drawn In the event of McKinleys de
feat his opponents four in number
agree to have their beards and mous
taches shaved off The parties to the
bet are under a penalty of 5500 each in
case of failure to fulfil the terms of the
bet Articles have been signed and
witnessed to that effect 0
Results of I Great Tidal Wave at
lucla t
LONDON Nov 3A dispatch from
Madrid to the Central News cancels the
dispatch received this morning re
porting the occurrence of a disastrous
tidal the folowing wave at Huelva and substitutes
A number of corpses are being
washed up by the sea along the coast
of the province of Huelva and it is
feared that the violent gales which have
swept the Atlantic off the Spanish
coast within the last few days have
caused a great many shipwrecks A
sailing vessel foundered off Cartagena
during the tempest and several of the
crew were drowned
Many Lives Lost
LONDON Nov 3A dispatch to the
Globe from Ponta Del Gada Azores
says that a waterspout has destroyed
the greater part of the town of Povo
acoa lost and that many lives have been
e I
Neatly Outwitted by an Engineer
Who Hud More Nerve Than Is Una
ally Carried in n Cab
FORT WORTH Tex Nov 3From
those on the northbound Katy train
due at 915 p m but which arrived one
hour late last night the details of a
holdup at Alvarado were learned I
was a comedy of errors Nothing was
secured by the wouldbe robbers either
from the mail express or passengers
The robbers three in number flagged
the train about a mile south of Alvar
ado When i stopped they made the
train porter cut the baggage mail and
express cars from the rest of the iiin
These were moved forward a little and
then the robbers tried to force the ex
press messenger to open his car He
refused Then the engineer was or I
dered to run his train forward far
enough to get a good start back into
the standing cars at full speed and thus
smash in the express car so it could be
All right said the engineer But
a me and my fireman will jump as
soon as we get her under good speed
backing you had better go back to the
coaches and wait until the smash
comes I you dont you stand a good
chance of being killed
They did not want to be killed They
wanted to get the money in the express
car They took the engineers advice
and waited The engineer pulled ahead
to get his distance forgot to stop and
went on ahead until he got to Gran
Telegrams were sent out for aid in
capturing the robers but these worthies
had become alarmed and taken to the
brush Afterwards the engine was
Jacked down and the train proceeded
on delay its journey with about one hours
He Says Neither He Nor His Conjcre
gallon Can Honestly Sniryort tn
Constitution of tie United States
BOSTON Nov 3In a public ad
dress in his church last night Rev J
1 Foster of the Second Reformed
Presbyterian church declared that he
and all loyal members in his denomin
ation were disfranchised because both
Republican and Democratic platforms
stand on the constitution of the United
States and that instrument represents
repudiation of the royal claims of Je
sus Christ the king of kings
Reformed Presbyterians deny them
selves political privileges not from mo
tives of unpatriotic disloyalty to the
country but from sentiments of patri
otic loyalty to Christ We cannot swear
to support the constitution because it
does not acknowledge Almighty God as
the source of authority the Lord Jesus
Christ a king of nations and the bible
as the foundation of all law
The presidents oath omits the
omis name
of God and an appeal to God is the
very essence of the oath Refusing to
swear to support the constitution Is the
only way Christian citizens can free
themselves from a responsibility of
their evils Refusing responsibUty sup
port the constitution is the best and
only remedy for this evil
NEW YORK Nov 3 Sammy Kelly
the local bantam has been matched to
box BUy Plimmer
Plmmer Arrangements were
made yesterday at the Police Gazette
office and if nothing interferes to
vent the affair coming off the boys will
have it out before the Olympic club of
Birmingham England which Is Bum
mars home According to the condi
tions of the match Kelly will receive
200 for expenses The lads are to meet
in a 20round bout at 115 pounds for
a 2000 purse The go will be de
cided some time next month
o Q I
For Good Work Go To
the F W Gardiner company blank
books West First and printing South Telephone 557 127
Some men pay too much for their clothes some men
dont pay enough and some men dont pay anything The
man that dont pay anything is usually well dressed for he
gets trusted and its just as well to pay for an EXPENSIVE
suit IN PROMISES as to pay for a cheap one Two kinds
of men dont pay enough for clothes the ones who buy
shoddy and the ones who patronize cheap tailors The ones
who buy good clothes of a II ready made t store without look
ing at our clothes PAY TOO MUCH every time I you can
AFFORD TO PAY a firstclass tailor for a firstclass suit
and are willing to pay for the satisfaction of to order suits at
50 to 100 youre all right I you pay a cheap tailor ANY
price for a poorly made to order suit just to say II got em
made YOU DONT PAY ENOUGH for youd better pay
more and get it of a good tailor I you buy a shoddy suit
just because its cheap YOU DONT PAY ENOUGH for
you might better pay TWICE WHAT ITS WORTH for a I
good suit than to buyshoddy at any price
To buy a good suit cheap buy it of us and get a good one
BLACK CHEVIOT in Single or Doublebreasted at 1000
I you want something Very Nobby and Stylish take a
look at the 1200 and 1500 ones Do not get these suits
mixed in your mind with the 1200 and 1500 suits you see
at other stores but think of the 1800 and 2000 ones
C e
136138 Main Street
tate of Charles William Brown Notice I
4s hereby given pursuant to R S 0 I
chapter n and amending acts that all
persons having claims against the estate
of Charles William Brown late of the
city of Salt Lake in the state of Utah
one of the United States of America
restaurant keeper who died on or about I
the 8th day of June 1S96 at Salt Lake
city are required on or before the 2Sth
day of November 13G to deliver to the
undersigned solicitor for the adminis
tratrix of the said estate at his office
IS and 20 King street West Toronto
Canada their claims and full particulars
thereof and the nature of the security
If any held by them and that after
the 10th day of December 1893 the ad
ministratrix will proceed to distribute thfe
assets of the deceased among the parties I
entitled thereto having regard lha to
those claims of which she shall then have I
notice and the said administratrix shall
not be liable for said assets so distributed
to any person or persons of whose claims I
notice shall not have been received at
the time of said distribution I
Dated at Toronto the 9th day of Oc
tober 1S96 W J WALLACE I
Solicitor for Administratrix Lillie Brown i
of Frederick H Auerbach deceased No
tice i < hereby given by the undersigned i
executors of Frederick H Auerbach de I
ceasEd to the creditors of and all persons
having claims against the said deceased
to exhibit them with the necessary vouch i
ers within ten months after the first
publication of this notice to the said exe
cutors at the store of F Auerbach
Bro on Main street in the city of Salt
Lake county of Salt Lake state of Utah
October 13 18
Execqtors of the Estate of Frederick H
Auerbach deceased
Marshall Royle Attorneys
the Colorado Office of Chief Quarter
master Denver Colorado Oct = 1E36 I
Sealed proposals In triplicate will be re
ceived at this office until H oclock am
on the 20th day of November 1S95 at
which time and place they will be opened
In tho presence of attending bidders for
furnishing all the material and labor
requisite for connecting the sewer sys
tem at Ft Douglas Utah with the Salt
Lake City sewer system according to
plans and specifications on file in this
office and the office of the quartermas
ter Ft Douglas Utah which will be
shown and blank proposals and circu
lars giving full instructions as to man
ner of bidding and terms of contract I
furnished on application The govern i
ment reserves the right to accept or re i
ject any or all proposals Envelopes con
taining proposals should be marked
Proposals for sewer construction and
addressed to the undersigned
Major Chief QM
aahood estored0
i3 3EBBfl juiajs 1 1575315 8 to a
vVGns ciffil Hoznin
Ucnitdyiaeold with a
written gaarsn
tee to euro ell Kcrr
out Discuses cccli as
train Powf Bcad
ache VTdllv IZl < lC53
Lost Hanhcod Nerr
ocsncse Atrophy
a Emissions Vfiricooele
ii LasIrnde all drains
C5iSta5S ei
hAt35ThpheAtn1ffi and loss of power t
the Generitlvc Organs oaosod by oTcr < sertiou
jontWurindlscretlonsor tae ezces1To ate Of tcbac 1
cc oplan or Vixnntan which utthiictety lead to
insanity ut u in ceo
yenlait form to crrl in the yert pocket 1ricc it a
packaze > ore for 65 With everY to order tro giro a
written cnaranfco to core OP refund the
raocey gent by wait to any addressClrcular tree
in plain envelope A4dre 3 UorAI CHEMIjpAf CO
Rruth OBte far 6 3 A U3 JDeaHMra St CHltlCO UI
Or you can bay it of druggist below
NcldewJulson UraaCo1Qri C1TLUT1
I <
tice Lucky Bill Mining aomoany Notice
The arc delinquent upon the following
described stock on account of assessment
No 21 of 2 cents per share levied on the
8th day of September isas tho several
amounts set opposite the names of the
respective shareholders as follows
p 3
o 0 g
0c i
g 02 rni
Names rnrmiij
1jfrr g
J r r r L
Dowden Edwin1134a100200
Hasson John i 3 6
Johnson Clara I 3Sa 21001 4 0
Snedden James A 140al 5CO 100
And in accordance with law and an
order of the board of directors made on
the Sth day of September 1S95 s many
shares of each parcel of such stock as
may be necessary will be sold at the office
of the company on the 7th day of No
vember at 1 a m 1SS6 at No 5 South
> id crc eat u < k Lit > Ltuh to pay
the delinquent assessment together with
cost of advertising and expense of sale
Secretary of Lucky Bill Mining Co
Dated Salt Lake City Utah Oct 1 J
1S3C f
by given that pursuant to an order of
sale and decree of foreclosure to me di
rected from the Third Judicial district
court of the state of Utah county of
Salt Lake in a cause therein pending
wherein Thomas Marshall Is plaintiff and
Ledyard M Bailey administrator of the
estate of James B Botjgs deceased and
Sarah G Boggs are defendants to which
said decree and order of sale reference
is hereby made I shall expose for sale
at public auction to the highest bidder foi
cash at the west front door of the
county court house in the city of Salt
I Lake county of Salt Lake state of Utah
on tho 7th day of November A D 1S96
I at 1 oclock noon l the r htB title
claim and interest of Ledyard II Bailey
administrator of the estate of James B
I Boggs deceased and Sarah G Boggs in
and to the following described real estate
I situate lying and being in the county of
Salt Lake state of Utah and particularly
described as follows towit 1 that certain
tain portion of lot five 15 in block
twentyeight 2S plat F Salt Lake
City survey situated in tho city and
county of Salt Lake state of Utah and
more particularly described as follows
I towit Commencing at the northwest
I I corner of said lot five 5 and running
thence south five 5 rods thence east
ten 10 rods thence north five 5 rods
thence west ten 10 rods to the place of
beginning To be sold as the property of
Ledyard M Bailey administrator ofthe
estate of James B Boggs deceased and
Sarah G Boggs under saidorder of sale
and decree in the above cause
Dated at Salt Lake City Utah October
14th A D 1S95
1th HAVE HARDY Sheriff
By G S CLARK Deputy Sheriff
Marhal Royle Attorneys for Plaintiff
Cte tr8 Ela DledEti
rtiY1YAL PillS
rnaad Genaie
CAr ays rt5ie JeBW sit
Lirglin for 1eha +
1 iezirraii f = od CoLd Setnilia
1 14 h bbe rn Tae
no othcr etrndangernoi aititUrn
Doolr Eft7gmlu1iJf
i tamprn tK panlccl us sad
V Relief fernS ladle in letter by
I C MalL 1O60O T llmontiJi Yrn up
chc ter
BoUfcr l LOl DrulstS c i r

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