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1Pi 5AJLT Jz kro H3SBATT > E 1TI b Tj uv lm R 4 1596
d Briggs Repi for governor leads in
Fargo and Cass county
T NEW ORLEANS Nov Impossible
to compare figures with former elec
t tions owing to new Australian ballot
law which changes precincts Returns
from om hal of the precincts in First
0 district indicate majority of 1000 for
silver candidate for congress Bryans
majority about same Dispatch from
Senator Blanchard at Shreveport says
0 north Louisiana will give Bryan 30000
tfona point to Bryan carrying state by
c 20000 to 40000
NEW ORLEANS Nov Returns re
ceived indicate that Bryans majority in
Louisiana will exceed 20000
Returns at 10 p m indicate that
BroussanI is elected in this district mak
ing c solid Democratic delegation in the
Si t I
PORTLAND Me Nov Thirteen I
towns give McKinley 36459 Bryan 11
357 scattering 1287
iicjsaiueys plurality 22102 against
Harrisons 6393 Bryan 15109
BALTIMORE Nov Scattering
precincts out of 302 in Baltimore ciy
give SIcKJutey 5005 Bryan 351S The
Republican congressional and muni
cipal ticket will not be far behind Mc
BALTIMORE Nov Baltimore
city complete gives McKinley 21518
plurality over Bryan The city council
stands 17 Republicans to 7 Democrats
Indications now point to the election
of Republican congressmen in all six
BALTIMORE Nov 3At 10 oclock
tonight the indications point to the
election of five Republican congress
r men in Maryland But fragmentary
returns from many of the counties
have been received The three dis
trict made up in part of Baltimore
City viz the Second Third and
Fourth have given Baker Boose and
McIntyre handsome majorities Ex
Congressman Sidney E Mudds majority
jority in the Seventeenth ward of this
city will probably suffice to overcome
majorities In the country districts Lit
tle has been heard from the eastern
shore but the present congressman
a Democrat has probably been re
elected in the First district
CANTON 0 Nov 3Senator
George L Wellington of Maryland
wires McKinley that the state will I
give him 30000 majority
ST PAUL Minn Nov 3Seven pre
cincts from scattering points in five of
seven congressional districts give Mc
Kinley 923 Bryan 482
DETROIT Mich Nov 3Returns
2 from the city and state are coming in
elowly The delay in Detroit is caused
by the counting of the city ticket first
Bryan is running ahead of thcwticket in
Detroit Pingree Republican candi
date for governor i running away
ahead of McKinley in this city but is
runuing behind in the state The indi
cate is are that McKinley will carry
Detrjt and Wayne county by a tmail
plurality The few returns from the
Btate show large Democratic gains
The Republicans claim 10 of 1 con
gressmen and say they have a fighting
chance to capture the Third and Tenth
districts which would give them a
solid delegation They claim the state
by 100000 The Democrats daim that
the Republicans have no figures on
which to base their claims and say
that the returns from the county com
mittees how large Democratic gains
MICHIGAN Chairman Ferry of the
Republican state central committee
gives following 1174 precincts out of
1706 gives McKinley 3647 majority over i
Bryan Same in 189 gave Democratic I
majority ot 1113 This ratio main
tained will give Michigan to McKinley
by 100000 I
DETROIT Nov 3The Republican
state central committee claims that
130 precincts in Michigan outside of
Detroit show a Republican gain of S
064 over the Republican vote of 1892
DETROIT Nov 3The Democratic I
state committee at 11 oclock claimed I
that their figures show that Michigan
will go for Bryan by 5000 to 10000 I
plurality I
DETROIT Nov 3Incomplete re
turns on congressmen give Corliss Re
publican a lead of lOa over Henderson
Democrat in the First district They
show that the Republicans are leading
in the Second Sixth Seventh Ninth
Twelfth and Thirteenth districts and
that the Democrats are leading in the
Third Eighth and Tenth districts
Smith Republican is elected in the
Fifth district
DETROii Mich Nov 3At mid
night the returns trom the state indi
cated that McKinley will have a plural
ity of 20000 The Republican state cen
tral committee claim that this may b
swelled to 40000 The Republicans now I
claim all but the Third congressional i
district The entire Republican state
ticket headed by Mayor Pingree for
governor is elected The legislature I
will be twothirus Republican In De
troit and Wayne county the Republic
ans have elected their county ticket
with the exception of sheriff and will
gain one or two aldermen in Detroit
DETROIT Nov Returns from
this city and state are coming in slow
ly Hudson Lenawe county shows a j
Republican gain of 53 Towns in Os
coda county casting threefourths the
votes show a Republican gain of ilL
The town of Stanton and four town
ships in Montcalm county show a
Democratic gain The count in Detroit I
will be slow owing to the number of
split ballots cast
William Aldon Smith ReD reelected
to congress from the Fifth district
carried this city by 2000
Kinley carries town by 150
DETROIT Nov 3Hudson an
nounces first complete returns Mc
Kinley plurality of 129 against 50
DETROIT Nov 3The Republican
state central committee claims the state
by between 50000 and 100000 plurality
BUTTE Nov Returns from the
state are very meagre but indicate a
smaller majority for Bryan than was
expected Bryan will carry the state
by 15000 Charles D Hartman is re
elected to congress over O F Goddard
Rep by 10000 Robert Smith fusion
candidate for governor is elected by
10000 and indications are that nearly
the entire fusion ticket is elected by
majorities of 2000 to 10000 The Pop
ulists contributed fully twothirds of
t the Bryan vote and have one of the
t three electors The next legislature
I H be Democrat and Populist
BUTTE Nov 3Twelve precincts in
Butte give Bryan 2095 McKinley 312 I
gve I
BOSTON Nov SSAOISEr Fiftyfive towns in i
Massachusetts give Bryan 405S Mc
Kinley 16481 Palmer 661 McKinleys
majority 12173 Same towns in 1892
gave Cleveland 9715 Harrison 12899
Harrisons majority 3184 Per
cent of
Republican gain 282 I this per cent
should hold out throughout the state
McKinleys majority would be 99324
Same towns give for governor
Prnce 673 Wiliams 4648 Wolcott
o 14964 Wolcotts plurality 10326
1 plurly Same
t towns in 1895 gave Greenhalge 11010
l Williams 5863 Percentage of Repub
lican gain 79 I this percentage
f of gain holds throughout the state
Wolcotts plurality will be 115779
z BOSTON Mass Nov 3 204 of the
j r 334 towns and cities of Masachus
i give Bryan 20303 McKinley 73152
< Palmer3174 McKinleys plurality 52
L S49 Same in 1892 gave Cleveland 43 I
oon 66288 Harrisons plu
1 c
rality 12975 Percentage of Republican
gain 30713 showing a probable plu
rality for McKinley ofJ05911j
4 aiissouiu
ST LOUIS Mo Nov 3wing to
the requirement that the constitutional
amendment voted on at this election
shall be counted first the returns from
city and state balloting are retarded
and the total precinct vote on presi
dential electors state and municipal
officers will not be completed until
morning Enough returns have been
I received at midnight to indicate that
Bryans majority in Missouri would be
about 30000 while Stevens Dem
majority for governor would be as low
as 15000 At midnight Chairman Cook
of the Democratic state committee
claimed to have assurances that the
following Democratic congressmen had
been elected congssmen
First district Giles Second Bodine
Third Dockery Fourth Cochran
Sixth Dearmond Seventh Cooney
Eighth Bland Ninth Clark Eleventh
Hunt Thirteenth Robb Fourteenth
vandivar Fifteenth Benton
Chairman Clark concedes the election
of Republican Congressman Neff in the
Fifth district Bartholdt in the Tenth
and Peary in the Twelfth districts re
spectively The Republicans have car
ried the municipal election in St Louis
by at least 1000 majority and it is
believed that McKinleys majority is
in excess of these figures The Demo
crats make charges of gross treachery
by Democratic election commissioners
ST LOUIS Nov 3 Meager returns
have been received at Democratic state
headquarters up to 9 oclock Eighteen
precincts in the state outside of St
Louis give Bryan 2218 McKinley
1543 Stevens Dem governor 1778
Lewis Rep governor 1268
Chairman Cook of the Democratic
state committee claims Bryan carries
Missouri by 40000 and concedes that
Stevens will not have more than 25000
majority On account of the compli
cated count of ballots it will be late
before a calculation can be made with
certainty on the result of the election
in the city Conservative estimates
however give St Louis to the Repub
licans by at least 25000 majority Hunt
Dem wins over Joy in the Eleventh
congressional district Pearce Rep is
elected in the Ninth congressional dis
trict and Barthhold is elected in the
Tenth district In the Eighth congres
sional district Richard P Bland is
elected by nearly 40000 majority
Jefferson City gives McKinley 200
majority a gain of 300 Republican
votes Republcan
ST LOUIS Nov 3At least 40000
enthusiatlc the streets at Republicans midnight are parading
celebrating the
election of McKinley celebratng
JACKSON Miss Nov Mississippi
gives Bryan majority of 50000 Vote
for Watson will not exceed jO 000
MEMPHIS Tenn Nov s Missis
sippi estimated 50000 Democratic ma
jority Democratc
JACKSON Miss Nov 3Fifty thou
sand is the estimated majority for
Bryan and Sewall electors in Missis
sippi The election passed off without
off wihout
a disturbing incident Populists gen
erally voting with Democrats Tom
Watson polled less than 10000 in the
All seven congressmen are Demo
cratic all pledged to silver John M
Allen John lf
Alen Sharp Williams and T C
Catchings are returned from the First
Fifth and Third districts while W V
Sullivan A F Fox Pat Henry and w
I F Love are new members
from the
I Second Fourth Seventh and Sixth dis
tricts No
I state officers were voted for
RENO Ncr Nov 3The election in
this state passed off very quietly A
large vote was cast
cst At this hour re
port are very meager as most towns
are isolated
I Reports show that Bryan wm carry i
the wi i
by 5000 majority In the con
gressional fight the Republicans
fght Republcans voted
almost solidly for Douglas the Populist
candidate so as to defeat Newlands i 1
At last accounts the race was very i i
close i i
Republican managers claim to have
amajority on joint > ballot in the legis i
lature which will defeat the present
senator J P Jones I i
The Silver party and the Democratic
elected fusion state ticket will probably be i I i
ST PAUL Minn Nov 3Four hun
dred precincts of 1
precnct Minnesota have re
ported enough to indicate that the state i i
has gone overwhelmingly for McKm I i
ley St Paul has given him a majority i
a majort
or at least 6000
leat 600 Minneapolis has i
at least done as well The state ha
apparently given the Buckeye state
man about 50000 plurality
5000 pluralt Every l
county so fa reported
rEore gives a big Me
Kinley majority The only man on the i
state ticket who has a chance of dee I I
tipn is Lind fro whom the Scandina i
vians have voted Lind however seems j
to be buried under the McKinley ava
lanche I te i a clean Republican sweep i
on congressmen except the Seventh
district The First district goes for I
McKinley by 4000 the Second for Me
Cleary by 7000 the Third for Heatwole
by 2000 the Fourth for Stevens by 10 i 1
000 the Fifth for Fletcher by 6000 the
Sixth for Morris by 3000 The Seventh i
district is in doubt but has probably
gone for Eddy Republican by a few ji
hundred The legislature is Republic
an by twothirds on joint ballot
ST PAUL Minn Nov 3Late fig
ures continue to show uniform gains
for McKinley and there is no doubt
but that he has carried Minnesota by I
at least 38000 Lind the Populist can I
didate for governor has made
a sur
prising run and i may be found that I
he is elected The Republicans have
certainly elected their congressmen in
the first six districts The Seventh dis
trict is in doubt The legislature is
overwhelmingly Republican
COLUMBUS 0 Nov 30hio eleCt
ed today besides presidential electors
a secretary of state food commissioner
supreme judge and public works comI
mitSioner The Populists and Demo
crats fused on the state and electoral
tickets Each got two candidates on I i i
the state ticket the Populists 1
tcket te Populsts getting
five out of the 13 electors These five i I
electors were to vote for Watson Tine I I i
others were to vote for Sewall for vice I
president All were of couri3 to vote i i
for Bryan for president There were I I
950299 votes cast in 192 Today the I I
total vote was about 425000 While the I
returns from Ohio at this hour 930 p i
m are meager and Indefinite they all i t i
point to a Republican plurality In no
case do they show Democratic gains j 1
The cities show large gains and the 1 i
I rural precincts s far as heard from
shoW a net Republican gain of 26 par i
cent This would indicate a Re j j
publican plurality in the state of at I
least 50000 The following congressmen
have been elected
First precinct W B Shattuck R < pub I
Ic Second J H Brownwell Re
publican Fourth George Marshall
Democrat Sixth S W Brown Repub
lican Seventh W L Weaver Repub
lican Eighth Archibald Lybrand Re
publican Ninth J I Southard Re i
publican Tenth If J Fenton Repub
lican Eleventh C H Grosvenor Re
publican Fourteenth W S Kerr Re
publican Fifteenth N B Van Voor
his Republican Sixteench L Danj
ford Republican Seventeenth A Me
Doweli Democrat Eighteenth Rr W j
Taylor Republican Nineteenth S R i
Northway Republican Twentieth C i i
B Beach Republican The hiN j
Fifth Twelfth Thirteenth and Twenty
flrttare still in doubt
COLUMBUS 0 Nov 3The returns
s far received indicate that the Re
publican plurality in Ohio will be
slightly in I excess of that given for
Bushnell was 91000 for governor last year That
Watson Republican for congress haa
been elected in thlv dleMct defeating1 j
Lentz free silver fusionist I was a i
close district It Is i now believed that
there have been but two free river conI j
gressmen elected Marshall In the i
Fourth and McDawell in the Seven
teenth I
I Chairman Kurtz at 1 p m claimed
the state On returns so far secured for
McKinley by 102000
CINCINNATI Nov 3 Returns up I
to 930 oclock show heavy Republican I
gains in this state Hamilton county I
shows RepublIcan gain of about 50 I
to the precinct This indicates a ma
I jority in the county of over 17000 Re I
turns from the state indicate that McKinley
majority of 65000
I Kinley will have a majoriy
Bryan showing remarkable strength
I in agricultural districts
CANTON Nov 3McKinley has car
ried his precinct and his ward making
a gain in the ward over Clevelands
vote and a gain of 108 in the precinct
CANTON Nov 3Mr and Mrs
Hobart have wired Major McKinley
congratulating him on the glorious
victory of the party under his leader
I CANTON Nov 3Major McKinley
received this telegram
Paterson N J Nov 3
I Congratulations with all my heart on
the glorious achievement under your
magnificent leadership I The manhood
of the republic has asserted itself and
the nations honor and integrity will
never again be assailed by the same
forces Mrs Hobart joins me in con
A telegram to Major McKinley says
the Tippecanoe club a thousand
strong will leave for Canton on a
special train at 9 oclock to congratu
late the president
CANTON 0 Nov 3At midnight
and not a second before Major McKinley
Kinley admitted publicly that he felt
assured of his election He made no
announcement of the fact that he be
lieved he had been chosen by the Amer
ican people to the highest office within
their gift but he allowed his friends to
congratulate him when they pressed
about him They offered him con
gratulations early in the evening but
he gently put aside the pleasant words
and insisted that he could not accept
congratulations till the news seemed
I decisive MajOr McKinley made no
declaration of any sort he merely re
I ceived the congratulations and thanked
his friends for their good wishes He
did not discuss the victory or its sig
When the clubs
of Canton marched
up to Major McKinleys house he came
out on the porch and reviewed the
parade The cheering was deafening
CANTON 0 Nov 4The first out
of town delegation to reach the Mc
Ivinley residence was one of 300 from
Massillon which arrived shortly after
midnight i this Wednesday morning
Jeiegrams of congratulation are pour
ing from all parts of fJbts I country
The Massillon delegation continued
their shouting for half an hour and
were continually reinforced At 1
oclock it was estimated that there
were > 000 people in the vicinity of the
McKinley home
CANTON 0 Nov 3 Governor LevI
P Morton wires At 9 oclock from
returns received I feel warranted in
extending my heartiest congratulations
on your triumphant election to the
presidency of the United States New
York state ratifies the verdict
rtfes by giv
ing you a plurality of at least a Quarter
of a million
Every bulletin announcing the defeat
I of Altgeld was heartily applauded i
The town of Poland where Major Mc
I Kinley spent much of his boyhood
I gives McKinley 142 Bryan 29 3 gain of
j 14 over the highest gin I
t 1 t vote ever cast for a
j presidential candidate
j CANTON 0 Nov 3At midnight
all of the marching clubs of Canton
I headed by a firing squad from one of
r the militia companies and followed by
5000 yelling citizens with tin horns
drums and pistols descended like an
invading army on Major McKinleys I
j residence Several volleys were fired
and the noise from the shouting enthu
i slasts almost drowned the report of the
CANTON Nov Chairman Hanna
i wire the following from Cleveland I
The feeling here beggars description
The boys at Union club send love and
hearty congratulations I will not at I
I tempt bulletins You are elected to the
highest office of the land by a people
who have always loyed and trusted I
youC W Fairbanks of Irdianapols wires I
Major McKinley as follows Returns
thus far indicate you have carried In II
diana by 35000
CANTON 0 Nov 3H C Payne
wired McKinley that the national com
mittee claims the following states by
the majorities appended Ohio 50000 I
Indiana 40000 Michigan 40000 Wis
consin SOCOOj Illinois 100000 Iowa I
75000 Nebraska 13000 Minnesota
35000 Kentucky 20000 I
CINCINNATI 0 Nov 3 Chair
man HyniUia of the Republican coun
ty committee claims Hamilton county
for the Republican ticket by majorities I
ranging from 15000 to 250CP
Chairman Reemeli of the Democratic I
commitUe would make no estimate
CANTON 0 Nov 3The announce I
ment that the New York Journal had
conceded the election of McKinley is I
being received with cheers and ap I
plause in the McKinley house Major
McKinleys friends are gathering about I
him and showering him with congrat I
ulations j
CANTON 0 Nov 4Major McKin
ley has a telegram from San Francisco
stating that that state will gve a sub
stantial Republican majority
CLEVELAND 9 Nov Chairman
Hanna claims the country by lOOOCOO I
CLEVELAND 0 Nov 3 Indica
tions how point to a Republican plu
rality in Cuyahoga county of 225 < I
CANTON Nov 3The weather in
Canton was beautiful today and a very
heavy vote was polled Major McKin
leys own precinct ward city county
as well as the state it is l believed will
I give him unprecedented pluralities
Major McKinley voted at 9 oclock
He was accomvanied to the polling
place by his brother Abner They
walked from the majors home to pre
cinct B in the First ward and the can
didate registered his vote as No 230
Quite a number of voters were around
the polling place when Major McKinley
entered the booth There was no
demonstration of any character and
the candidate after casting his vote i
walked immediately to the home of his
mother Major McKinley und his
t brother then drove back to the candi
dates Market street residence Major
McKinley spent the day quietly re
f ceiving callers He was in excellent
healt and spirits He expressed him
much pleased that
self as being very i
the weather is so generally fair
throughout the country and declared I I
that he expected a very large vote j
would be polled everywhere The can
didate is confident of success I
Telegrams of the most encouraging I
nature poured into the McKinley resi
dence over the special wires during the I
day and there were repeated calls for
Major McKinley over the long dis I
tance telephones The candidate him
self made no predictions and claimed
nothing The arrangements for the re
ception of election returns at the Mc
Kinley residence have 2n completed
Half d dozen telegraph operators have
been provided for and the candidate
will receive the news in his library sur
rounded by a large number of ms vr
sonal friends Mrs McKinley was
very much improved this morning and I
she will probably be able to sit up
while the news of the election Is being
received this evening I I
The Young Mens Sound Money I
club started out at 6 oclock this morn
ing headed by the Grand Army band
to make a tour of all the precincts of i
the city They escorted their members I
to their respective voting places and
er joined by large numbers of Re
publicans everywhere until the parade
assumed large proportions After all
ihe members had voted the club
marched up to the candidates home
r J hJ
and serenaded him No speeches were
i t made
i OINCINNAIT Nov Twentyone
city precincts give McKinley 3743
I Bryan 3403 a Republican gain of 40
i In each precinct indications are that
Hamilton county will go Republican
I by 16000
COLUMBUS Nov Republicans
claim unprecedented pluralities for Mc
I Kinley Democrats make no claims on
the state but say rural vote will
greatly reduce early claims based on
I eaty
estimates from cities
CANTON 0 Nov 3The Republic
an state chairman of California wires
I Major McKinley that the state is
sauy RtpubHcan
The Noith Carolina chairman assures
Major McKinley that the state will give
him a plurality of 15000
Hovr tlie Xevrs IVns Received by the
Major nncl His Friends
CANTON 0 Nov 3Major McKinley
received the returns in various parts of i
the house Early in the evening he sat
in his study where he heard the news of
his nomination After dinner he moved
into the dining room and sat in an armchair
chair near the head of the table which
had been converted into a desk for the
tiling of returns Majbr McKinley heard
the news with hs usual calmness He be
came Interested as the news became more
copious and definite and kept up a run
ning comment on the significance of the
repjrrs Major AJcKnley is uncommonly
ellinformed In practical politics and
carr 3 in his mind the salient results for I
several years back in all important
states Major McKinleys study was I
given over to newspaper correspondents
and the returns were read aloud to them
after they had been scanned by Mc
Kinley At the end of the long table at
which Major MoKilney sat were Judge
Day and Judge Baldwin Charles Miller
Major Manchester Major McKinleys
pasor and the correspondents of the
mess associations When the United
Associated Presses bulletins announced
that the New York Journal had con
ceded the election of McKinley a cheer
swept tliroujrh the house and Major Mc
Kinlejs face was slightly flushed His
fnenaa crowded about him and pressed
upon him their congratulations but
Alaior McKinley refused to take any
thing fbI smuited and said he would not
assume he was elected until the actual
returns and figures warranted i He de
clned to let telegrams of congratulaton
bo sent out by the newspapers till he felt
aosolutel certain of His election for
the reason that he did not want the send
ers of the messages to feel embarrassed
in case he happened not to b elected
At mtdnlarht bails sounded and bands
hastened to the pubic square and in ten
minutes there was assembled thousands
of jubilant people who united in singing
Flow Praise God from whom all Blessings
Mrs McKinley who has been con
fined to her bed fo a week sat up to
night fo the first tie She Had a
dozen ladies with her Mother Mc
Kinley Miss Helen McKinley Mini
Mabel McKinley Mrs Henry O Heis
land Mrs W R Day Mrs George B
Frease Miss Eva Phillips were among
the ladies who heard the news with
Mrs McKinley Little Mary Colby a
child of unusual talent as an enter
tamer and 3 niece of Mrs Helslands
Mrs McKirleys nearest friend sang
played recited and danced at various
times during the evening for Mrs Mc
I Kinley and her guests Major McKin
ley wentfrom time to tune indeed
I with a great Heal of frequency into the
drawingroom to chat for a moment
with his wife and mother and the other
ladies He w 3 in excellent spirits
throughout the evening and occasion
ally hummed t himself There i a
Land That is Fairer Than Day When
Major McKinley is feeling in excellent
spirits he often hums a few lines of a
hymn to hiihself I do not get un
duly excited said Major McKinley
when some one said to him Major
you seem t pave a tranquil look on
your face Major McKinley did not
seem to take very much pleasure in
the premature congratulations
Very gcod very < good said Major
McKineyjyJien the declaration of the
Republicapi rtnte central committee
was read announcing a sweeping vic
tory in the state andthe defeat of Alt
geld r i 5V
SANTA FE N I Nov 3 Returns
are coming in very slow Out of 418
precincts in the territory only 13 have
been heard from For congressman
Catron Reir has G57 Ferguson
Dem 675 Weather good and vote
PORTLAND Ore Nov 3 Democratic
cratic and Populist leaders claim the
state for Bryan by 4500 Portland city
and county giver McKinley about 6000 I
plurality T
PORTLAND Ore Nov 3First
seven precincts reported outside of
Portland give McKinley 654 Bryan
335 Palmer 40 At this ratio McKin
ityASTORIA ley will carry the state by 8000 plural I
ASTORIA Ore Nov 3Complete
returns from all the oreclncts in this I
city give McKinley a majority of 491
and the indications are that the Re I
publican majority in the county will
be not lessthan SOO Wii
were many charges of illegal voting I j j
and a number of arrests during the I i
day The only violence reported in the i
city was a shooting affray which is i
said to have been accidental and which I
occurred in the Fifth ward During I
a dispute Charles Johnson colore I
displayed a reyolyer and the weapon
was discharged The bullet went I
through Johnsons fingers and lodged
in the groin of Sylvester Glasgow also I
colored Glasgow is seriously hurt
Johnson bail was arrested and held without I
i PbOflD ISfcAXD I
I PROVIDENCE Nov 3The state
i i from present indications will give Mc I
l Kinley 20000 plurality 1 towns give
McKinley 3054 Bryan 185
1 figures shown in first six districts in
i i Rhode Island continue McKinley will
I carry state by 150000
1 NEW YORK Nov 3 Journal spec
I ial says Rhode Island for McKinley
j over 150000
I I HURON SiD Nov 3South Da
kota today threw its vote for Major
McKinley by at least 5000 and later
II figures may increase his majority to
10000 But four counties of the state i
I have gone for the fusion ticket Both I
I I Republican congressmen are elected j I
I The legislature is overwhelmingly Re
j publican Insuring a gold successor to
Senator > Kyle
i YANKTON S D Nov 3Returns
are slow About all that can be learned I
tonight will be the result on presi
dental electors The ballots are so I
badly scratched that the count cannot
be completed in one of the large pre 1
cincts by morning
YANKTON S D Nov 3The towns
of Yankton Sioux Falls Watertown
Brocfklyn Centerville Voelin Huron
Pierre Irene give majorities for Mc
Kinley Codington county gives 350
majority for McKinley Returns from
county precincts are coming in slow
but all indicate the state is for Mc
Kinley by 8000
vcce in Charleston was light The
weather was bad light rains falling
throughout the day Ballots were cast
for all offices from the electoral ticket
down Elliott Democrat has a plu
rality of about 1500 yotes over his two
Republican opponents Murray colored
and Cohen white
Murray leads Cohen oy two tO one
here and almost everywhere else in
the district The Palmer and Buckneg
vote was confined almost exclusively
to the downtqwn wards Bryans plu
rality in i the city may reach 2000
I were minor brawls today inSussex dis
tricts and in two districts no ejection
was held the Union Republicans Ad
dicks refusing to permit the antiAd
I dicks people or regular Republicans
I to have voters assistants In one district
trict election
L of Kent county there was no
t tion for the same reason The only fa
I tal affray reported was from Baltimore
I Hundred Sussex county where one
I man was killed
McKinley is supposed to have carried
the state but the Democrats get the
legislature and congressmen
I TRENTON Nov 3At 1215 a m
Miv Hobart called Major McKinley on
the telephone and said New Jersey
would give 70000 majority
New Jersey has reelected a scud
congressional delegation as follows
First district H C Loudenslager I
Second J J Gardner Third B F
Howell Fourth Mahlon Pitney Fifth
J F Stewart Sixth P W Parker
Seventh Thomas McEwan Ighth
Charles l Fowler I I
NEWARK N J Nov 3The Dem 1
ocratic state committee concedes state
to McKinley by 10000 plurality The
Republicans claim victory by 40000
Large Republican increases are report
ed in many counties
NEWARK N J Nov 3Newark
city is Republican by 10000 Essex
county by 20000
CANTON 0 Nov 3Garrett A
Hobart wired Major McKinley Ma
jority in New Jersey 60000 more
At 1 pm the state legislature was
assured to the Republicans by a large
majority on joint ballot Every county
ha gone Republican on the national
ticket but Warren
CAMDEN N J Nov 3Camden
county estimated gives McKinley for
president 7000 plurality Louden
slager for congress 7000 plurality
CONCORD N H Nov 3Returns I
are coming in very slow but enough
have been received to show tat enoug I
RepublicanL have a sweeping majority I
in this state Everything seems to I
portend a veritable landslide I
PORTLAND Ore Nov 3The heav I
iest vote ever polled in the history of
the state was polled today At 930
oclock tonight the chairman of the Re
publican state central committee said
he was satisfied McKinleys majority
would be between 7000 and 8000 Port I
land and Multnomah county are de
pended upon for a McKinley majority
as i was estimated Bryan would carry
the state outside of Portland I is es
timated that Biyan will come to the
city with 2000 majority
Fiftyfive precincts in this county
including all but six city precincts
give McKinley 9819 Bryan 5886 with
29 more to hear from Only meagre
scattering returns up to this hour have
been heard from The Populist vote
for Bryan shows slight gain in outside
districts heard from in the state over
the vote for Populist congressman last
June On the result depends Senator
Mitchells return to the
lItchEls senate next
I spring and it now seems safe The
Republicans wU have in the next legis
lature a majority of 24 in joint assem
bly On joint ballot there will be 57
Republicans 13 Populists 5 Mitchell
Republicans Democrats 3 Union Bimetallic and 7
NEW YORK Nov 3The Journal
concedes Tennessee to McKinley by
MEMPHIS Nov 3Tennessee has
gone Democratic by 25000 plurality so
I far as the national ticket is concerned
The gubernatorial contest is close
with chances favoring Robert Taylor
Dem as against George A Tillman
Rep and A L Alms Pop Repub
licans claim Bryan and Tillman have
carried the state E W Carmack Sli
ver Democrat is probably elected to
congress from the Tenth district over
Josiah Patterson gold Dem T W
I Simms Dem defeats McCall Rep in
the Eighth by 1000 rice PriccLDem
I is elected in the Ninth over John H
McDowell by a handsome majority J
W Gaines silver Dem defeats Mc
Reynolds gold Dem in the Sixth dis
NASHVILLE Tenn Nov 3Brvan will
carry Tennessee by 350CO Taylor Demo
000 crat for sovernor will b elected by 20
tremendous vote is being polled The
total will break all records in national i
elections in Tennessee The indications
are that the city of Chattanooga has
I gone Republican McKinley leading the
I ticket in the county and district i is
thought McKinley may carry the Third
district but the state at large is con
sidered safe for Bryan perhaps by 20 I
000 He H lead Taylor Democrat
candidate for governor by several thou I
sand votes The Fourth Fifth Seventh i
an Ninth congressional districts are
predicted certain to return Democratic j
congressmen the Eighth and Ninth are
claimed by both parties while the gold II
Democrats make boasis of carrying the
Sixth Nashville district and the
Tenth Josiah Patterson gold Demo I
crat will be reelected from the Tenth
The First and Second districts will go
Republican a usual by a large ma
ioritv I
iortyEst Tennessee is expected to roll up
avery large vote Close to 300000 votes I
will be cast over the state This the i
Third district will be in doubt up to
the lat moment In Chattanooga the i
Democrats charge the Republicans with
importing negroes to vote for Chft for
congress I
cC1re I
AUSTIN Tex Nov 3The election
passed off quietly with a very f l vote I
Local tickets were so mixed that the
count is received slowly and in the city I
it wU not be completed until morning i
and complete returns from the Third
ward give Bryan a majority of tw I
over McKinley vicepresident not be
ing voted for Indications are that
McKinley will carry the city and county
by a small plurality Sayers Demo
crat for congress wll have a large j
majority in the city and county
At 9 p m meager and scattering re
turns only have been received The I
counting of the vote on constitutional i
amendments keeps back the report on
electors and congressmen State Chair I
man Blake Democrat at this hour estimates
mates Bryans plurality at 100000 Cul
bertson for governor 75000 plurality
He says a solid Democratic congres
sional delegation 6f 13 members have
been returned No definite returns can I
be exected before tomorrow
AUSTIN Tex Nov 3Returns from
over the state come in slowly Those
received up to 1 oclock show an in
crease in the opposition to the Demo
cratic ticket of at least 40000 and should j
it be kept up McKinley wH carry the I
state Private telegrams indicate the
state wH be close bill the Democrats I
claim that Bryan and Sewall will carry 1
it by 25000 majority They also claim I
that Culbertson Democrat for gov
ernor will be elected by 40000 but re
turns thus far do not sustain the esti i
mate Partial returns from congres I
sional district indicate the election of j I
Gross Republican in the Eleventh and j
in the Thirteenth
Noonan Hawley I
Republican candidate in the Eighth
district claims he is elected Indica I
tions are good for the return of Sayers
in the Ninth He wU carry this city
and county by a large majority
CHEYENNE Wyo Nov Returns
from two wards in this city show Dem
ocratic gains of 25 percent Chairman
of the Democratic committee claims
state for Bryan by 2500
CHEYENNE Wyo Nov Returns
of two wards of Cheyenne show Demo
cratic gains of 25 per cent The chair
New thought to you per
haps that tea is inspiring
Schillings Best tea is
new to you then
At grocers in packages
A Scl > ilHn < > Company
San Francisco
man of the Democratic state committee
I claims the state for Bryan by 2500
CHEYENNE Wyo Nov 325 Wyo
I ming precincts give McKinley 931 Bryan
an 863 a Democratic gain of 1i The
same percentage throughout the state
I I will make Bryans plurality 1200 Os
borne Democrat for congress is malt
j I ing same gains as electoral ticket
I CHEYENNE Nov 3Thirtythree
Wyoming precincts give McKinley 1
178 Bryan 1174 Democratic gain of
275 The chairman of tEe Republican
state committee says Returns too
I meagre to giye figures but I claim the
state for the Republican electors and
Nov Beautiful weather today helped
to bring out a large vote Returns
come in more promptly than in pre
vious years The net Republican gains
in the towns heard from as compared
with 1892 Is 85 per cent McKInley
plurality in the state will be 40000 The
previous high water mark i plural
ities for president was 30555 given to
Grant in 1872 The state will have a
solid Republican delegation in congress
MILWAUKEE Nov 3The indica
tions at 10 oclock are that McKinley
wH carry Wisconsin by at least 50000
majority The returns from 300 pre
cincts show a net Republican gain of
2160 The city of Milwaukee will prob
ably give McKinley a small ma
jority I will be a close race between
Otjen Republican for congress and
Schilling Fusion with the chances in
favor of the latter The fusion county
ticket will be elected in Dart The
fusion state ticket is running about 2
per cent ahead of Bryan but there
seems to be no chance for its success
SEATTLE Nov 3At 9 p m the
indications that McKinley has car
ried Washington by a small plurality
and that Sullivan Republican is
elected governor The count proceeds
SEATTLE Nov 3While the count
of the vote progresses slowly indica
tions are that Bryan has carried this
state and that James Hamilton Lewis
and W Jones congressional candi
dates have been elected The contest
between gubernatorial candidates John
R Rogers fusion and Potter Charles
Sullivan is close Democrats Populists
and free silver Republicans fused
siver Republcans on
the basis of two electors for Populists
and two Democrats I is estimated
I the Democrats and Populists polled
each threeeighths and free silver Re
I publicans twoeighths Fusions in this
city have probably been carried by Mc
Kinley and Sullivan and probably
I King county Republicans claim Sul
livan has carried Tacoma and Pierce
county by 1500 majority Bryan ap
pears to have carried Spokane City and
county by a good majority and a num
ber of other eastern Washington
counties In proportion to registration
the largest vote in the history of the
state has been cast In some portions
rain prevailed but in this section the
weather conditions were favorable
SEATTL Wash Nov 3Th Re
publican leaders concede that Bryan has
carried the state and that Lewis and
Jones fusion congressional candidates
have been elected Incomplete returns
I also indicate the election of Rogers free
silver candidate for governor z
WHEELING Nov Chairman lf
O Dawson of Republican state com
mittee claims the state for McKinley
by 15000 Reports from all sections of
the state show large Republican gains
says Bryan carried North Carolina
The Times and Tribune say McKinley
carries Oregon by a small jnajoritv
RALEIGH NC Nov Populist
Chairman Ayer says the fusion ticket
has swept the state
CoufrreKjioiial Contests
I NEW YORK Nov 3Up to mid
night no returns had been received
from which the result of the congres
sional contests in Alabama California
Delaware Georgia Kansas Kentucky
Minnesota Missouri Texas and Wash
ington could be determined The other
states have probably elected represen
tatives as follows
Arkansas Democrats 6
Colorado Silver Republicans and
Populists 2
Connecticut Republicans 4
Florida Democrats 2
Idaho Silver Republicans and Popu I I
lists 1
Illinois Republicans 20
Indiana Republicans 10 Demo f
crats 3 I
Iowa Republicans 11
Louisiana Democrats 6
Maine Republicans 4
Maryland Republicans 5 Demo I
erats 1
Massachusetts Republicans 12
Democrats 1 l
Michigan Republicans 11 Demo
crats 1
Mississippi Democrats 7
Montana Silver Republicans and
Populists 1
Nebraska Republicans 5 Silver Re
publicans and Populists 1
New Hampshire Republicans 1 I
New Jersey Republicans 8
New York Republicans 28 Demo
crats 6
North Carolina The silver party and I
the Democratic fusion state ticket will
probably be elected
TJIInmn Talks
CHICAGO Nov 3 Senator Tillman
said late tonight that while he did not
concede McKinleys election the re
turns certainly pointed that way
If McKinley wins said the sena
tor the political agitation will still
go on It can no more be stopped than
the agitation which resulted in the
emancipation of the slaves
Joy In the Capital
WASHINGTON Nov 3There was
no concealment of the gratification
caused by the election result among
the exclusive party that read the re
turns at the White House upon the
presidents invitation Secretaries
Olney Carlisle Morton Lament and
Wilson the two latter having voted
respectively in New York and West
Virginia and hastened back to the city
shared with the president the full en
joyment of the United Associated
Presses bulletins which from the first
as one of the cabinet officers declared
were all our way
The president took an unusually deep
interest in the returns and was glad
to find his confidence in the outcome
fully confirmed
The emperor Austria has for the first
time given an honorary decoration to a
woman in the person of Elizabeth Queen
of Roumanla known in the world of let
ters as Carmen Sylva
war Editor Please inform your readers tkst
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letter the plan pursued oy which I was per
manently restored health nd nssnly rigor
af ter years of suffering from Nervous Weakness
Elslitlo 52Sai < I weak shrunken parts
i liaie eq scilenas tQ extorrnioneyfrom an
one IwasrobbcdandtnlndIeZ byquacksuctit
nesrlylostfallliin niankind but thaoic beaVtU
latnnotrwellvtsuraas and Stronsrnnd anxious
to make this certain mean of cure known to all
flaying cothing togellorseailC O D I wan
linoueY ddressJA4ES A BAflRI
ox 21 DdrY
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est circulation of any pa
per in the State of Utah or
the InterMountain Country
The SemiWeekly is the
ever printed Subscribers
get more for their money
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tion in reading it than they
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The Heralds ° ° < = >
Own Leased Wire
Interested nt Last
Yes sirree exclaimed the nvm who
Is subject to longrange enthusiawi Ill
do it every time Id stick to principles
and let party go to smash if the occasion
came up
Would you asked his wife lan
Thats what I would Am I a free
born American citizen to give my un
questioning allegiance to a mere name
a word an intangible collection of vow
els and consonants Better bow down
to some dynasty than follow a hollow
I suppose it is better she assented
Rather than do it Id bolt
Her face brightened and he re
Humph Im glad to see you Inter
esfed at last
Yes John dear that reminded me oC
What is it
Did you bolt the basement door when
you came into the house as I told you
to Washington Star
Gave Up the Sent
In a Powell street car the other day a
wellknovn clerk in a San Francisco
bank gave up his seat to an elderly lady
who said
I am very much obliged to you sir
you are extremely kind
Dont mention it said he
But said she it was really very
good of you and l thank you very
i much
It is nothing my dear madam he
But said the lady dc not attempt to
put aside my thanks Your act is so
unusual young sir that It is my duty
to acknowledge a courtesy so sincere
I But said the bank clerk somewhat
annoyed It is nothing Never mind
I madam
But I do mind said the lady We
I are living in a time when the people
vho should show the lesser courtesies of
life frequently fail to do so
But said the hapless man
Do not interrupt me she said Age
I nowadays Is not habituated to receive
from young people the courtesies to which
it Is entitled Besides the marked
courtesy which you have shown me In
giving up your seat so promptly shows r
at once that you must have been brought
I up with the utmost care
I The embarrassed clerk by this time
l was scarlet
Yes said the old lady continuing
and your mother should be proud of
you Ah a mothers love and the bene
fits of the higher education are easily
apparent I do not wish sir to flatter
you and I do not wish to reciprocate
your courtesy by fulsome acknowledge
ments but it Is sufficient merely to look
at you to know that you are a gentleman
jby birth and breeding I appeal to any
body in the car
I The passengers giggled In chorus while
the unfortunate bank clerk fledOii City
If it Is desirable to have our money
come from abroad then it is evident wa
have not enough money here now and if
we have not enough money here now it
is better to let our monesy come out ot
our own mountains and ba our own money
than coir w rro abroad an have to
pay it back with Interest sometime Wil
liam J Bryan I
Brooklyn Life Appreciated Wasnt
that dinner we just had great
Elegant I dont Know when I have
felt so uncomfortable

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