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i o iI
Paris Temps Says ItIs Status
Quo or a Revolution
r 1 I
igaro Believes That the Triumph
of Silver Means That All American I
Obligations VII Me Paid in 50 j
Cent Dollars Other Vise Coucln
HioiiH of Great Men Over the Occaa
PARIS Nov 3The Temps in it is
sue this morning devOted a leading
editorial to the presidential election in I
the United States in which I says
When the sun sets today the great I
republic will have decided one of the
republc wi decIde te
gravest controversies that has agitated
that country since the formation of the
government and the electors will have I
pronounced between two radically op
posed tendencies one continuing the
normal development of the states and
the other impelling the country towards
unknown horizons Briefly as between
McKinley and Bryan the solution is
simply d status quo or a revolution
It is the first time in America and per
haps the frt time in the world thata
like contest has been engaged in upon
questions lying upon the foundations of
social order with the issue depending J
upon a single throw of the dice I
The Matin says Europeans expect
nothing from the triumph of one candIdate
didate or the other With Bryan we
are exposed to the consequences of
free trade and from McKinley we are
confronted with the tariff restrictions
The Figaro says The triumph of I
the silverites will mean that European
holders of American securities will receive
ceive for the coupons paper based upon
I silver worth in money only 50 per cent
of what they should receive and Amer
ica wlH appropriate from all of her
creditors onehalf of their holdings
As Seen by Smaller
LONDON Nov aMr Smalley the
American correspondent of the Times
cables to that paper that he had a long
interview with Mr McKinley on Fri
day Summarized the interview shows
that Mr McKinley takes a high view
of the electoral contest in which he
believes that the real issue is between
those who would preserve the republic
and those who would destroy it re
placing it by a different form of gov
ernment and adifferent form of society
He is and will remain a convinced pro
tectionist but Mr Smalley does not
think that a new tariff any longer
seems to him the only view necessary
of American industry I is Mr Mc
Kinleys conviction that every obliga
tion of the United States ought to be
paid wther it matures in the best
money existing at the time He is ap
parently not affected by the dislike of
Graat Britain which is supposed to
exist in the middle states and has no
faith in jealousy or hostility as the
mainspring of national policy He con
siders the extent and force of the al
leged western animosity toward Great
Britain to be much overrated
Mr Smalley remarks that all doubt
concerning the result of the election in
New York has vanisned
Au exXev simper 3Iaii Who Should
Have Known Better
CHICAGO Nov 3HarlT Leach an
exnewspaper reporter was arrested
here last night for forgery and secur
ing railroad passes from the national
Republican headquarters under false
pretenses I is alleged that Leach
has been securing passes on orders
from congressmen and others for
mythical persons whom he claimed
wanted 10 come home from distant
points for the purpose of voting for Mc
Kinley I is said that he thus secured
considerable transportation which he
immediately sold to ticket brokers
Sunday Leach presented an order on
the transportation committee purport
ing to be signed by John M Smythe
requesting passes for six men from
points in Nebraska The order was sus
pected and not honored Upon investi
gation Mr Srnythe denied he had
signed any such order and the arrest of
Leach followed last night
Hal Cremated Remains of a Weal
thy Itunohcr Found in His Half
Burned Home in Usal California
CAHTO Cal Nov 3The halfcre
mated body of John Mudgett a
wealthy rancher of Usal was found
yesterday in the embers of his half
burned home at that place by W H
Davis a neighbor Mudgett lived alone
on an immense tract of land He was a
reputed hoarder of wealth and it was
rumored that he had money stored
about the house His body bore unmis
takable evidence of death by violence
before the flames reached him Both I
lower limbs are missing
Tho house had been fired and the con
flagration had been extinguished by
lack of a draft Kerosene oil had been
used to start the fire as two cans hur
riedly picked open with a hatchet
were among the partial ruins
That Mudget met foul play seems an
assured fact since the discovery that
all of his winter supplies are gone I
is well known that he recently received
a large supply of four and other pro
visions necessary to tide him over the
winter months Persons suspected of
the crime are under surveillance The
sherIf and coroner are expected to ar
rive on the scene at daylight The de
ceased was unmarried 46 years of age I
a native of Belfast Me and had a
cousin of the same name In Fortuna I
Humboldt county
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chitis La Grippe Cold in the Head and
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pleasant ad all
al a
sure cure I is always well to take
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Kings Pis connec
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Ja size 50 cents and 51 Reg
o I i
Only 7o4O
Via the Union Pacific Nov 6 and 9
Tickets good returning until Dec 31
A beautiful winter
beutIful excursion For
particulars call at city ticket office 201
Main street
The Herald will print jour Briefs
with promptness and accuracy We
elicit your patronage Telephone
BB Xo 357 and we 1 send fop
eK MlUISCrpt
BBHlaens and Editorial Office 510
Utah Loan Trust Building
Telephone 29S
Ogden Nov 3
Election passed off very quietly in
deed In Ogden The vote early In the I
day was very light but increased1 in I
the afternoon Returns from the east
were anxiously awaited for Betting
early in the day favored McKinley 4 I
to but Bryan loomed up in the after
noon and betting practically ceased
The Corinne Extravaganza company
plays tonight at the Grand The piece
will be Hendrik Hudson jr and will
be well put on
Mrs G H Durfrow has returned
from Salt Lake I
The Fast Mail drew a good house
last night and Manager Clarks facili
ties for getting election returns were I
thoroughly appreciated
100 Shrpshire 100 threequarter
Cotswold and quarter French also 100
pure bred French rams for sale All
in fine condition Apply to under
Ogden Utah
WALLACE Ida Nov 3At Burke
in a cabin near the lower end of the
town a dynamite explosion occurred
Saturday afternoon resulting in one of
the most sickening tragedies that ever
took place in the Coeur DAlenes
Thomas Corlett being blown into small
fragments The cau te of the explosion
remains a complete mystery No reason
for suicide being known it is supposed
to have been accidental a he was
known to keep giant powder in the
Fine Day for the Election Heavy
Loss to a StocUmau
LOGAN Nov 3A light covering of
the beautiful was on the ground this
morning but the war rays of the
sun soon chased it away and made the
walking comparatively good for those I
who did not choose to ride to the polls
Everything is moving along smothly
and we expect to round up a handsome
majority for Democracy
President Joseph F Smith addressed
our conference
Hon John T Caine from Salt Lake
has been doing some fine campaign
work in our county
Mr Thomas Smart one of the candi
dates on the Citizens ticket met with
a heavy loss by having 93 head of cattle
killed on the railroad just east of Mc
Cammon He expects the railroad to
make the loss good I is an ill wind
that blows no good to any one The
Indians on the reservation are having
a great feat on his loss
Mr A G Bower of Lewiston and Miss
Maud Whittle of Richmond were grant
ed licenses to marry neXt Saturday
Frank Thatcher ha gone to Salt
Lake for election day
One of our townsmen William Mc
Alister with his family has gone to
Rexburg to reside
Mrs A Giveny an old and respected
citizen of Logan departed this life Sun
day evening of general debility
Mrs Smith of Ogden is visVting her
IbtrolhieJ Professor NichOls who is
teaching dancing here this winter
It Was Knocked Out in Park City
PARK CIT Nov 3The Morby
circular received a black eye today when
a telegram was received from W W
duff and George Beard of Coalvillc
which proves the statements made to be
malicious falsehoods The following is a
portion of the crcular
The same week Mr Chambers in an
address in Coalville advistd his hearers
to withhold their ballots on election day
unti after the hour of noon I is a mat
ter of history that his advice was com
plied with Kiter happened to be a resi
dent of Coalville at the time and knows
this to be a fact About noon or a lit
tle before that hour on election day I
was approached by Bishop Henry duff
in Coalville and told that a dispatch had
been received from Mr Charmbers in
Park City saying if the people of Coal
vie would throw their vote to Chambers
the county seat removal project would
be defeated in Park City
The same information was imparted
by Hon George Beard to verify the re
port of Operator Perry at the Union
Pacific depot and he told me that such a
dispatch had been received and thereby
hangs a tale The miserable hand of
treacherv did its work in the Third ward
of this city as the election returns plain
ly show The deal was made and made
in the interest of R C Chambers That
much I know and others in Coaiville also
received Yesterday the following telegram was
CoalVlIc Nov 3 1S9C 1050 a m
To the Charman of the Democratic
County Committee Park City
The Morby circular is a malicious false
hood and we deny that any such inform
ation was given to Morby or any other
man Chambers never advised to our
knowledge the voters to hold their votes
knowledg telegram was received from
Chambers Parry was not the operator
nor was he in Coalville at this time
I hereby certify that no such message
was received as stated
C J WHEELER Operator
= 1
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I =
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A Valuable Prescription
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Utah L l Becroft Mgr Ogen
< > r t
Originality n Scarcity The Ameri
can Association of l > Professors
Have Hail Their Convention anti
Have Added Many Tributes to
NEW YORK Oct 30 Every year a
I number of asile and graceful gentle
men composing the American associa
tion of professors of dancing come to
getlher and after deep thought and
considerable wrangling of course in a
most polite way decide what the fash
ionable dances will be for the ensuing
year Each one of these gentlemen is
an inventor of the terpsichorcan order
and he attends the conclave equipped
with elaborately drawn diagrams of the
dance with which he expects to convulse
society later on
In nine cases out of ten this dance
is never heard of again although I
may receive the richest
reeive cst possiole en
dorsement of the American Association
of the Professors of Dancing Tne fault
is not with the aeeociattion The mem
bers certainly recognize a graceful
dance when they see i the trouble lies
wit the Dublic
The association has just held its an
nual meeting for IbJti and SOl uipsi
chorean wonders are ready to be thrust
upon the dancing public rhe omc ai
titles of these wonders are The Har
vard Caprice the XRay Lankier
the Hanovr Quadrille the Espivt
dAmerique the Vraltz TwoStep
and JLa Czarina I will be a matter
of interest for those who pay attention
to such things to memorize thtst titles
and then observe how popular they be
come during the approaching winter
One of the members of the associa
tion was asked by the writer tb explain
the failure of so many of the dances to
become popular and he answered
Lack of originality This was frank
bu it mutt nOt be supposed that the
dancing masters are devoid of ingenu
ity When it is rememberd tflian dane
4 r1 Tha
1 L
= 55Tii rNoaNeo OPP54
Honpen kY
u L
= = = = = n E
i4oaPtPf = =
ing is as old as the world itself tind is
indulged in toy every nation and race
savage and civilized oil the face of
the globe itcan be seen that it is some
thing of a task to create absolutely new
fashions in the art
So the dancing master goes back a I
few hundred years and resurrecu some
fancy steps which were danced by the
great grandfathers of our great grand
mothers In this he is like the fash
ionafbla milliners who have revived tine
feminine head gear of a century and a
half ago for the maIds and matrons
of this autumn or the dressmakers who i
have brought to lignt the gowns of the
empire j
Some of the new dances have in their
composition a dash of the fandango of
Spain a sprinkling of the saltarella of
Rome a hint of tarantelli of Naples
and something of the liveliness ofi he
mazurka of Roland But aJl of these
have had to be modified to please the
conventionalities of tKe drawing loom J
otherwise they would be more success
ful from a spectacular standpoint than
they are
Apt oddities on the history of the
dance say that its origin antedates that
of music which makes it very old in
deed It hI i said thac the first dancer
created the art by trying to reproduce
with his body the graceful motions of
the trees swaying in the winds Others
contend thatlmltIe I man was led
Into the art by imitating the antics of
the wild animals around him Thus
the savages of Kamschotka have a
bear dance the native Antipodeans
have a kangaroo dance the aboriginals
of New South Wales have a dog dance
and various animals figure in the
dances of our own Indians
In the ancient dances and the dances
of savages it was the custom to signify
something usually success in the
chase love or prowess in war It is
claimed that the modification of the
dance progresses with a nations ad
vance incivilization thus in the
French minuet the chief characteristic
is polished and cultured gallantry
America can hardly claim a national
dance unless it be the Virginia reel
England is not much better off but it
claims the sailors hornpipe as Its own
This is a solemn affair and when danced
by a conventional jack tar is about as
tame as the spectacle of a mooley cow
grazing in a field Ireland has its jig
and it is seen at its best at wakes and
The principal dance of Scotland is
the reel This is danced on the toes to
obtain complete cqntrol of the fqot and
ankle allowing the dancer to raise and
lower himself according to the expres
sion of the music The ancient method
of performing the reel was to the music
of bagpipes and the clashing of the
broadswords The dancers gave ex
citing cries and yells and if the per
formance did not possess the true
poetry of Terpsichore it was certainly
an aweinspiring thing to see
Italy is a nation of dancers and each
province has a distinct dance of its
own handed down from the fifteenth
1 or sixteenth centuries The Saltarella
is the peculiar dance of Rome It is a
skipping dance written in threequar
ter time The man and woman move
about in a semicircle the woman
flirting her apron about gracefully
The dancers move faster and faster
I until the limit of speed is reached and
I then another couple takes their place
Sicily has the Siciliana a rather
wearisome affair and Florence has her
Trescona which is unique because the
lady selects her partner by flicking her
handkerchief in the face of the man
she fancies Neapolitans have the Tar
antella which is not unlike the Salt
I arella
Of course the great dance of Spain is
i the Fandango This word means Go
1and 1 dance It Is said that the Fan
dango Is at least 1000 years old It SH
usually danced by two people the mu
sic being in threequarter time and be
ginning in a minor key Castanets
ire the invariable accompaniments of
the Fandango and the clicking of
I these combined with the harmonious
swayings of the body and the fairylike
steps convey the idea of a passionate
love song
Many centuries ago it is related that
the Roman consistory decided that the
Fandango must be abolished There
were some friends of the dance in the
council however who urged that be
fore it be condemned it would be mere
ly an act of justice for the members
to witness it and then express their
C <
opinion This was agreed to and the
finest set of Fandango dancers the
Owuntry over were produced and the
performance they gave was so alluring
that alt of the religious gentlemen
wejo soon smiling and beating time
with their hands and feet their bodies
swaying in perfect rythm with those
of the dancers It is needless to add
that the Fandango was not condemned
Germany claims the honor of having
inventedthe waits but Americans and
English ladies have not an exalted
opinion of the German gentleman as
a partner in a waltz France has more
dances than Italy the Gavotte being
a general favorite Hollands national
dance is a species of hornpipe and is
mainly remarkable for its stolidity
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Gr8a A lBrG nport Toa Go o
245 MAIN ST Sal Lak
alO 25tli Street Ogden Utah
fH fer
division Third Judicial district in and for
Ilal I Lake county state of Utah iu ifto I
matter of the estate of James Mantripp
deceased Notice Notice is hereby
given that Orson A Wooley adminis
trator with the will annexed of the
estate of James Mantripp deceased has
rendered for settlement and filed in sid
court his final account of his adminis
tration of said estate and petition for
final distribution of the residue of said
estate among the persons entitled
thereto and that Saturday the
7th day of November A D 1S96
at 10 oclock a m at the court room of
said court in the county court house
Salt Lake city and county Utah has been
duly appointed by thcjudge of said court
i for the settlement of said account ana
hearing said petition for distribution at
which time and place any person inter
ested in said estate may appear and show
cause if any there be why said account
should not be settled and approved and
final distribution made as prayed for
Dated October 3 1S95
By Fred W DENNIS Deputy Clerk
Mining and Milling company Location
of mines Ohio district Piute county
Utah Location of principal place of
business Salt Lake city Utah Notice
There aro delinquent upon the following
described stock en account tolcving
ment levied on June 15 iSIS the several
amounts set opposite the ames of the
respective shareholder as follows
I >
11 c
Nx a I f of n
t I
I w CtiSntj I 27 btrviSl n <
A W Caine 5 f000 6 C
A W Cane 127 rOI I 0
Lizzie V Parker 57 5000 IB 67
J H Hughes 35 CCO 1 67
I A E Lyons SI 1500 5 W
l A E Lyons 13 100 34
Annlo M Ames 9710000 33 34
William C Turner 134 3J 1 00
Elmer E Merrtt IS 200 1 0
M K Allies 13S 5000 16 C
Elizabeth M Overatreet i74 10 34
L W Ames 177110000 8 S4
L W Ames 178iOOGOj 33 33
Chester W Ames 179 15WD 50 3
HarroM U Ames ISO 01 15 07
Harrolii B Ames 18120000 G
rr l Pmest f 7 65 GS
w M Ames trustee1s24oc1ci 57
W S Brigham 194 5001 i G
Emma Brigham 193 KOj 1 CS
David L Gregg 1M 200 s Ci
David L Gregg JlSo nOOOi lij 67
David L Gregg TlSS 12 t f 411
David L Gregg 1S7 l2Tn 4 17
David L Gragg 18 50001 1C GS
David L Gregg 189 5000 16 I
David L Gregg IITOJIOOOO 33 34
David L Gregg 191 7 > 0 233
David L Gregg 192 633 213
David L Gregg 1S3 340 1 14
W H DannoJ 81100 33 34
W H Donnell 176 1C23 542
D A Sties 94 1 oOGO ll 1C C7
D A Giles 162J 4000 1 3
W F Colton 5010000 33 at
J A Chute 1910000 33 3J
J A Chute 4510000 3334
J A Chute 128 511 2 01
J A Chute 167 2500 S 33
V M Hicks 20ioooo 3333
W M Hicks ep 1000W 33 Z I I
W M Hicks ICS 5ol 3 Xt i
And In accordance with 3W and tho
order of the board of directors made on i 1
the 15th day of June 1S3G so many i
of each parcel of
shares stock as may
be necessary will be sold on the 10th day
of August JS9fi at 1 oclock a m at I
the office of the secretary ico South
Main street Salt Late city Utah to I i
pay the delintiient assessment thereon
together with the cost of advertising aid i
expenses of sale I
W M HICKS S retary I i
Bait Lake City Utah July is rttat
1 I Tha above sale is hereby postponed
until September 10 1895 at 12 Oclock
M at sara place By order of the board
of directors i I i
W M HICKS Secretary I i
I The above sale hereby postponed un I i
t October 10th 1S95 at 1 oclock m at
I same place By order of the board of di
rectors TV M HICKS Secretary
Secetar I i I
I Theabove sale is hereby postponed until
November 10 1S9C at 12 oclock m unti
same place By order of the board of di I
I rectors W f HICKS Secretary i j I
10 itIt
OC r
I Third judicial district of tne tate or
Utah county of Salt Lake
Frank Knox and C H Jacobs as re
ceivers plamtlfts vs Damon G Tunne
I cliff Salt Lake Hot Springs Sanitarium i I
company James H Bacon Harvey AL 1
Bacon Frank L HoUnnd WlUaxn B
I Holland A M Grant E H Hackstt Fer i 1
dinand Roys Louis Hoberman W E
Hubbard L E Clark Frank UT Ross as
trustee and St Anthony Union Canal
company defendants summons
Tho state of Utah sends greeting to Da i
mon G Tunneclifr Salt Lake Hot Springs i
Sanitarium company James H Bacon i
Harvey 1 Bacon Frank L Holland Wil
lam 13 Holland A I Grant E H I
Hackett Ferdinand Roys Louis Hober
man W E Hubbard L E Clark Frank
W Ross as trustee and St Anthony
Union Canal company defendants You are
hereby required to appear in an action j
brought against you by the above named
Plaintiffs in the district court of the Third
Judicial district of the state of Utah and
to answer the complaint filed therein
wIthin ten days exclusive of the day of
service after the service on you of this
summonsif served within this county I
I or if served out of this county but in
this district within tWenty days other
wise within forty days or judgment by
default will be taken against you ac
cording to the prayer of said complaint
The said acton is brought to have a de
cree of this court adjudging that defend
ants Tunnecliff Bacon ana Holland and
each of them be required to account for
and turn over under order of this court
all and singular the assets and property
of the Bank of Salt Lake and of James
H Bacon which haye come Into their
possession or control since the sale of the
assets of the American National bank to
said James H Bacon decreeing that the
WOOOOO capital represented by defendants
Bacon arid Holland as owners or ameers
t the n1O of Salt l Lake was ff fact
the money of defendant Tunneclin and so
held and represented with the full knowl
edge and consent of said Tunnecliff and
that to the extent of said sum of 100000 j
c t
I and interest thereon said Tunnecllff has
no claim whatsoever upun the asset of
said Bank of Salt Lake and said James
H Bacon until each and all depositors
In said bank are first paid in full with interest
terest adjudging further that the tia
I c data for M snares or the capital stock
I iii defendant 3 L Hot Springs San Co
issued to said sp be cancelled
i and said SCO shares be depreed the prop
erty of these plaintiffs as receivers ad
i judging further that the certificates for
1 S2J shares of stock in the St Anthony
Union Canal Co claimed to be held by
Frank L Holland as trustee for said
I Tunnecllff to be the property of plain
tiffs and that said Holland be required to
deliver to plaintiffs the key to the box
containing said certificates adjudging all
other security given or transfe red a
said James H Bacon to said Tunnecliff
or by any other person at instance of
said James H Bacon to be fraudulent
and void as to tne depositors of said
Bank of Salt Lake and to be the prop
erty of plaintiffs to have all transfers
of real estate to said Tunnecliff of prop
erty of James H Bacon ascertained and
adjudged fraudulent and void as to said
deposito s and decreed to be the property
of plaintiffs pending this action to have
defendant Tunnecllff his agents servants
and attorneys enjoined and restrained
from selling assigning transferring or
pledging or in any manner Incumbering
the stock held or claimed by him In S L
Hot Springs San Co and St Anthony
Union Canal Co and to have their re
spective officers and agents restrained
from transferring any stock upon the
books of said company standing in name
of defendants Bacon Tunnecliff Holland
Grant Hackett Roys Hoberman and
that foregoing officers and stockholders
of said Sanitarium Co be enjoined from
voting any stock held by them or either
of them in said company and
upon hearing to have sucH Injunction made
perpetual to have a receiver appointed
of said Sanitarium Co to have plain
tiffs ordered to take possession of said
property and for other relief And you
are hereby notified that i you fail to ap
pear and answer the said complaint as
above required the said plaintiff will
apply to the court for the relief demanded
therein relef
Witness the honorable judges and
the seal of the district court of the
Third judicial district in and for
Seal the state of Utah this 2Sth day of
August In the year of our Lord one
thousand eight hundred and ninety
By J H SPRAGUE Deputy Clerk
C S Varian and C C Dey attorneys
for plaintiffs atome
Co Pincipal place of business Salt Lake
City L Lab Notice Is hereby given that at
a meeting of the trustees held on the 19th
day of September 1SDS an assessment of
seventyfive cents per share was levied on
the capital stock of the corporation pay
able to the secretary at the general office I
of the company room No 67 Amussen
building 56 S Main street Salt Lake City
Utah before the 14th day of November
1SP5 Any stock upon which this
whch assess
ment may remain unpaid on the 14th day
I of November 1895 will be delinquent and
advertised for sale at public auction and
i unless payment is made before will be
h iagt
nP 1 l
ls on the 5th day of December tb 2 I
p m 1S9G to pay the delinquent assess
ment together with the cost of advertis
ing and expense of sale Respectfully
Salt Lake Canal Company Principal
place of business Salt Lake City
Utah Notice is hereby given that at
a meeting of the trustees held on the 19th
day of September 1S9C an assessment of
seventyfive cents per share was levied on
the capital stol of the corporation pay
able to the treasurer at the general office
of the company room No 67 Amussen
building 26 S Main street Salt Lake City
Utah before the 14th day of November I
1S9C Any stock upon whi h this assessment
ment may remain unpaid on the 14th day
of November IMG will be delinquent and
advertised for sale at public auction and
unless payment Is made before will be
sold on the 12th day of December at 1
a m 1S96 to pay the delinquent assess
ment together with the cost of advertis
ing and expense of sale Respectfully
Trust Notice Is h rAby given by the un
dersigned James T Little trustee
named in a certain deed of trust wherein
John Glenn and Olive Glenn his wife
and Nancy Haws of Vernal Uintah
county Utah are first parties James T
Little of Salt Lake city Salt Lake
county Utah is second party and The
Deseret Savings bank a corporation of
Utah Is third party or beneficiary made
executed and delivered on the 21st day
of May 1W2 whereby the said first
parties conveyed to said James T Little
trustee said second party all the real
estate hereinafter described in trust to
secure the payment of two certain
promissory notes of the same date one
I for the sum of 100000 payable on January
1 1S93 to the order of The Deseret Say
ings bank and the other for the sum of
200000 payable to the order of said The
Deseret Savings bank one year after
I date with interest on each of said princi
pal sums at the rate of 1 per cent per
month from date until paid payablE
I quarterly which said notes were made
executed and delivered by said first par
ties for value received to the said The
Dessret Savings bank said third party
I and by said deed I Was provided that if
I default be made in the payment of the
principal sums mentioned in said notes
i or either of tnem or any part thereof
or the interest that might accrue thereon
or any part thereof as the same became
due ana payable as aforesaid that the
undersigned might proceed to sell said
I described property at public vendue to
tho highest bidder for cash after giving
j I due public notice thereof as In said deed
required and whereas said deed of trust
I was duly recorded on the list day of
i i May ISP in the office of the county re
corder of Uintah county territory now
I state of Utah in book 1 of mortgages
> mortgages
1 pages 152 153 and 15 reference to which
I is hereby made and whereas no part of
i the principal sums due on said notes or
i either of them has been paid and no part
of the interest due thereon after the 21st
day of August 1S93 has been paid and
whereas said principal sums and the in
i i terest due thereon frOm the 21st day of
I August 1S93 have been long since
due and payable and now remain un
paid and the said The Dsseret Savings
bank the legal owner and holder of said
iratPi has naufiedj ma of said nonpay
ment of said principal sums and of said
i nonpayment of said Interest due and
payable as aforesaid and has requested
me to sell said real estate In accordance
with the pro visions ot all deed o trust
to pay said principal um due on said
notes and each of them as aforesaid
and the interest accrued thereon and
I the costs of this sale including compen i
tation to said trustee and a reasonable i
attorneys fee Now therefore on Fri
day the 13th day of November A D I i
I ISCtf at the hour of 12 oclock noon of
said day at the banking house of the
said The Deseret Savings bank corner
of First South and Main streets in Salt
Lake city Utah for the purposes afore
said and at public vendue I shall sell
to the highest bidder for cash all of the
right title and Interest that said John
Glenn and Olive Glenn his wife and
Nancy Haws or either of them had on
the 21st day of May 1892 or nave since
acquired of in and tothat certain tract
of real estatesituate in Vernal county of
described Uintah state as follows of Utah towit bounded All of and lot
one 1 in blodk fourteen In Vernal sur J
vey the same being a part of the north i I
east tiaarci ut 1 he bciiihwest quarter 01 I
section twentythree 23 township four
4 south range twentyone H > east I
Salt Lake meridian containing one acre i
and nine square rods of ground Also j I
commencing at a point twelve and three I
fourths 12i rods south from the north I
west corner of block ten ao Vernal sur j
vey the same being fifteen and three
fojrths Wii rods south and three 3
rods east from the northwest corner of I
the southeast quarter of section twenty I
three 2 township four 4 south II I
range twentyone 21 east Salt Lake 1
meridian and running thence south lour I
and onefourth ifc rods thence east
nine and sevenseventeenths 9 717 rods i
thence north four and onefourth 414
rods thence west nine and
teenths 9 717 rods to the place of be
ginning I
Dated Oct 2 1S95
Moyle Zane Costigan Attorneys for I
unmarried by his certain deed of trust
bearing date November iSth 1S93 and J
duly recorded In the recorders office InI I
the county of Salt Lake then territory I
now state of Utah in book terrior of
mortgages pate 8 did grant bargain i
convey and confirm to JOn W Donnel
Ian party of the second part in said deed 1
of trust a certain lot or parcel of ground I
situate in the city of Salt Lake state
of Utah and being part of lot eight 8 I t 1
in block thirteen 3J plat B Salt Lake i
City survey beginning three 3 Lake 1
north of the southeast corner of said lot I
and running thence north seven 7 tods I I
thence west ten 10 rods thence south I
seven ei rods and thence east ten 10 i
rods to the place oC beginning together I I
with all tenements hereditaments and
ard i
appurtenances thereunto belonging and I I
all water rights thereunto pertaining
Which said conveyance was in trust to I i
secure the payment of a certain roms J I
I I sory tovt not in words and figures followlij
1 Salt Lake City Utah Oct 12
Lke Cl 1895
1 18
J300000 Gold
I one year after date without grace
1 for value received I promise to ga i
i j the order of the Commercial Nations
Bank I of Salt Lake City three thousan
I I and no100 dollars i U S sol
coin negotiable and payaole at the COM
I mercial National Bank of Salt Lake Cit
without defalcation or discount with lr
terest at 10 per cent per annum fret
I date until paid both before and aitc
with at
judgment reasonable attorneys fe
u this noteis collected by attorney wit
II or without suit or sale of security wi
I No 5717 Due Oct 1 IbSu CPE
I And Whereas I is provided In sal
deed of trust among other things KB
default be made 0
j should In the paymen
1 of said note or any part thereof or an
Interest which may accrue thereon the
this deed shall remain in force and t
said party of the second part or in t
I event of his death disability or absenc
trn the county of Salt Lake refusal t
act or other disqualification of the part
of the second part then the sheriff o
1 Salt Lake county or any of his deputfe
i then acting may as successor of th
party of the second part
proceed to sel
I said described premists or any par
thereof at public vendue to the hl par
I bidder for cash either of the parUe
hereto being at liberty to become pui
I chaser at such sale at the west fron
I I door of the joint city and county build
1 inb Salt Lake city Utah count frt givinj
i i twenty days notice of the time term
and place of said sale and the propert
to bo sold by advertisement proper
newspaper printed In the English Ian
guage published in Salt Lake city
Utah ciy
And Whereas Said promissory note to
I gether with all the Interest thereon trot
said October 12th 1S95 until this date
remains wholly due and unpaid
I Now therefore I the undersigned
trustee as aforesaid at the request a
the payee and holder of said note ant
I by virtue of the authority given me I
said deed of trust and In accordanc
with the provisions thereof will on Sat
urday the 7th day of November lS9f
between the hours of 12 oclock am an
i oclock pm of that day at th
west front door of the joint city an
cty a
county building in the city of Sal Lake
state i5f Utah proceed to sell and sel
I the above described lot or parcel of Ian
at public auction to the highest biddc
for cash in hand in order to pay sal
note and interest or so much thereof a
u may pay and
upon such sale beini
made being thereunto duly authorize
by said deed of trust I shall make e
ecute ana deliver to the purchaser 0
purchasers of sid Property a good an
sufficient deed or deeds conveying a
the Interest which thp said Benner 3
Smith had of In and to the aforesai
lot or parcel of ground on th > said 1t
day of October 1S05 and which I hav
and hold therein as trusee as aforesaid
Salt Lake City Utah October 151S9
Marshall Royle Attorneys
Trust Notice Is hereby g ven by me un
dersigned James T Little trustee name
I in a certain deed of trust wherein Josep
E Wilson and Lerona A W son hi
wife of Lcgan city aud county of Cache
state of Utah are iirst pJr its James T
Little of Salt Lake city Salt Lake count
and state of Utah is second part
and The Deseret Savings Bank a corpora
tion of Utah Is third parks or neficlarj
dated Sept 2 1S93 and executed and de
livered on the 29th day of September
1S93 hereby the said lirst parties con
veyed to said James T Little trustee
said second party all the real estat
hereinafter described in trust to secar
the payment of a certain promissory not
of the same date for the sum of OO
payable to the order of The Deseret Say
ings Bank one year after date with inter
est on said sum at Oe per cent pe
month from date until paid payabl
quarterly which said note was made exe
cuted and delivered by said first partie
for value received to the said The Desere
Savings Bank said third party and b3
said deed i wa provided that if defaul
bo made in the payment of the principa
of said note or any part frincipa
interest that might accrue thereon or an
nart thereof as the same became due an
payable that then the undersigned migh
proceed to sell said described property
at public vendue to the hghest bidder
for cash after giving due public notic
thereof as in said deed required ant
whereas said deed of trust was duly re
corded on the 6th day of October 1893 ir I
the office of the county recorder of Cache
county territory now state of Utah Ir
book J of mortgages pagES 311313 ref
erence to which is hereby made anc
whereas no part of the principal sum dUI
on said note has been paid and no part
I of th interest due thereon has been paic
except the sum of 23605 and whereas
ail principal sum ant the interest due
thereon has been long since due and pay
able and now remam unpaid and the
I said The Deseret Savings Bank the legal
I owner and holder of said note has noticed
me of said nonpayment of said principal
sum and of said nonpayment of said
Interest due and payable as aforesaid
and has requested me to sell said real es
tate in accordance with the provisions ol
said deed of trust to pay sad principal
sum due on said note as aforesaid and
the interest o accrued tit r on and the
costs of this sale including compensation
to said trustee and attorneys fee
Now therefore on Friday he 2th day
I or November A D ISPI at the hour or 1
oclock noon of said day at the banking
I house of the sId The Deseret Saving
I Bank corner of First South and Main
I streets in Salt Lake city ltah for the
aforesaid and ot yu 1 vendue
I purpeses I shan sell to the hIghest bforr for cash
nifnr el that said
all or the right title and
Joseph E Wilson and L rca A Wilson
I hIs wife or ether of th < m had on the
ith day of September icY cr have since
I acquired of In and to tInt rprtain tract
of real estate in the ccuny or Cache
I state ot Utah bounded and described as
follows towit Te northas quarter of
I dIe southwest towi quarter of the northwes
j quarter of sectioii twentyfive C5 town
1 east
ship twelve 12 norh range one
Also the south
Salt Lake meridian
of the
J half < SaI the n0rtneast quarttr of the
I tbwest quarter of said ctjon twenty
I o fUart
five 25 township teive 112 nlrh range
fve Salt Lake mPT1olan excepting
i one 1 est txcept
I ing that tract heretofore conveyed t
I Alfred nmon by Lou A Isman and
I wife by deed of date March 14 1SS5 and
j recorded In book nJ o u ius f ae KTl
j I records of cache county Also part of lot
nine 9 block twelve U t > lat D
i i I Logan City survey as follow Begin
fling at a point forty and onehalf 40j <
rods north from the so uhcat corner ot
said bock thence runnng west eighteen
CIS rods thence north six and onequarter
i Gl rods to the north branch of Logan
n bank of said
river thence up the sou i sad
river to a point north of the place of be
I ginning thence south to tht > iace or be
ginnIng containing one aCP and thIrty
mae square rods of lard more or less
situate In section thirtyfour O4 town
I I ship twelve 1 north rarge one 1 est
Salt Lake meridian Also beginning a a
point four and seventjfhe hundredths
i a TU100 chains south of a point three and
sixteen hundredths 3 161 O chains west
of block 1
of the northeast corner at one
in plat A Logan City survey and run
ning thence south sixt three r degrees
and thirtyfive 3 minutes west one and
seventeen hundredths a 17lfio chains
thence south fiftyseven 57 degrees and
thirty ISO minutes west nin tone 91
links thence south to the north bank of
the north branch of Logan river eighty
SO links thence following said north
branch of Logan river to a point two and
tlftyhundredths 2 50100 chains south 61
the place of beginning thence following
the bend of the old bed o the river to a
point one chain south of the place of
beginning thence north one < 1 chain to
the place of beginning ontalcng sixty
five 6 rods of ground more or less
Except the following ptioa of the
above described real es a e which was
heretofore towlt Apr 26th 1S94 re
leased at the request of said first parties
from the operation of ald trust deed to
wit Bfginning at a point eleven 11 rods
west of a point forty and onehalf < O
roe north of the southeast corner of
bock twelve 1 plat D Logan Island
city survey and running thence west
seven 7 rods thence north six and one
fourth 6i rods more or less to the
south bank of the north branch of Logan
river thence up the south bank of salc
rte to a point north of the place ot
beginning1 thence south four and one
half 4 4 rods more or less to the place
of beginning and contalnng thirtyfive
25 square rods more or less
ated November 3rd 1S35
Movie Zane Costigan Attorneys tQ
iTravr Office of chief quartermaster
Denver Colo November 2 1S3G Seated
proposals in triplicate will be receive
here and at office of auartermaster at
each post below named until 11 oclock
a m t meridian time December
1S5C and then opened for furnishing for
age and straw at Forts Grant Huachuca
subpost of San Carlos and Whipple B < tr 4
racks A T Forts Bayard and Wingatd
N M Forts Dcuglas and DuChesi
Utah and Fort Logan Colo during t
fiscal year ending June 3 1S97 Propo
for quantities less than the whole
quired or for deliver at points oth
than those named will be entertalz
The right is reserved to reject any or all 1
proposals or any part thereof Inform
ton furnished on application here ott
offices of respective post quartermasters
Envelopes to be marked Pxopsals tot
Forage and Straw
E B ATWOOD Major Chief Q M

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