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L I t
> j I
> f CITY
it Weather Today
R P1r Stationary Temperature
f SIIss Annie Hemming of California
will lecture at the Thirteenth ward meet
Ins house tonight under the auspices of
the Womans Hygiene and Physiological
society dress on science in cooking and healthful
Abstracts furnished xlues Insured
snd Interest paid on deposits by
Utah Sjjile Insurance and Trust com
pany 1Q5 Main street c
ttGh ComsiercJal anil SnTlngrw Bank
General banking business pays 5 per
cent on deposit F Armstrong pre
P W Madsen vlceprcs J 33 Jen
nings cashier 24 E 1st SouO street
j o tfjp y
L The liquor and morphine diseases are
positively cured at The Keeley Insti
tute 166 West Second North Arrange
ments have been made by which ladies
receive treatment as secluded as in
the privacy of their own homes Ad
dress in strict confluence lock box 480
pitY or W S Arnold manager
t Zions Savings Bank and Trast com
pany was established in 1S73 I has
gradually grown until i has opened
6903 savings accounts with depositors
from nearly every state in the Union
Phe policy of its directors is to pay the
f Highest interest consistent with conser
jvatiVe banking We pay 5 per cent
interest per annum compounded quar
Urly For the convenience of working
men the bank is open for deposits en
Saturdays until 8 p m Write for any
Information desired to Nos 1 3 and
5 Main street Salt Lake city Utah
The officers and directors are
Wilford Woodruff President
George Q Cannon VicePresident
3eorge M Cannon Cashier
loseph F SmithLorenzo Snow
T 1 G Webber Heber J Grant
ngus 11 Cannon Francis 1 Lyman
lames Jack c George Reynolds
B 1 ClawsonL John Nut
The Weber Coal company is prepared
to deliver any quantity of coal from
one sack to a carload Rock Springs
415 per ton Weber 450 per ton
For painless dentistry call on Dr E
M Keysor 162 Main street ScottAuer
ach building
8 0
J G 3IeDoimlrtf SiUtuir ICisics
avo already become famous for their
curatiVe properties have been endorsed
by the medical profession and are used
largely by public speakers and singers
rice 15c a package
and mining broker 15 West Second
South Telephone 670
= C
C S Martin sells all kinds of coal
No 4 West First South
Commercial Printing In AH Its
The F W Gardiner company Tele
phone 557 127 West First South
Sollts Randy Kichen 60 Main st
Telephone 415 for Hewletts Three
Croiro Raiting Powder Spices imd
favoring extracts Wholesale only
i i
no going out between acts at the Salt
Lake theatre last night A great though
tumultuous audience with emotions keyed
up to the highest pitch jammed into the
theatre and ran the box office receipts
up way beyond even the handsome figure
of the opening night The Prisoner of
Zenda and the election returns com
bined made a great drawing card The
enthusiasm over the returns from
Louisiana and Florida was of the most I
xuberant sort and when pictures of
Bryan and his wife were thrown on the
curtain the screams yells and roars
baffled description The news of Mc
Kinleys vote in New York and the
picture of the Republican candidate were
applauded but only mildly in comparison
As for the performance I was as
highly finished and thoroughly artistic
zs before Mr Gould very reminiscent
3f Richard Mansfield Mr Walcot strik
ngly like Bismarck Miss Irvine charm
ngly refined Miss Ortell vigorous and
trOng were the principal features but
the whole cast is so good that i is hard
to miKc any distinctions The last per
formance will bo given nsionTit and an
jther big audience is assured
sale for the performance of In Darkest
Russia opens at the theatre this morn
i ng REHAN Wash gtoa Nov 3Miss
Ada Rehan began an engagement in
Washington at the Lafayette Square
theatre ap > earing last night a Katherine
in Taming of the Shrew before the
most distinguished audience of the
season President Cleveland Mrs Cleve
land Sir ulan Pauncefote the British
ambassador the Australian minister
Lord Westmeath Secretary and Mrs
Carlisle occupied boxes
fc Miss Rehans reception was most en
thusiastic and she was never In better
form and spirit
Something for the Ladies
The Herald yesterday received from
Mr Mehesy the furrier of the Knuts
ford an elaborate catalogue showing
an artistic selection of uptodate de
ny in fine furs Mr Mehesy is mal
i g one to each lady customer thereby
calling attention to his stock of ex
ceptional meriT in choice skins and
furs of his own selection made in New
ork from whence he returned last
month bringing a unique assortment
of samples models etc and well worth
attention We bespeak for Mr Mehesy
successful reason I
t Friday Only
Hants Striped Outing FlannelJack
ef in Blue Pink and Cream neatly
made regular price 30c each to be
sold Thursday all day at 12c each
The Sheriff Thinks He Has the
U P Train Robber
Union Pacific OfficIals Say the Sher
iff HUM Made a Bad Mistake and
This Opinion Is Shared by Chief
Pratt Xothiiip on Which to Base
Emersons Guilt He Ha t Bad Rec
l ord However But 3Iaintalns His
l Late Monday night Deputy Sheriffs
I Gibbs an Steele acting under the in
structions of Sheriff Hardy went out to
Bingham Junction and arrested a man
who gave his name as T J Emerson
The arrest was made on suspicion that
Emerson was the party who recently
held up the Union Pacific train at
Uintah The manwas arrested without a
warrant was not informed for what he
was wanted by the officials and there
were many other peculiar circumstances
I which tend to show that the officials have
made a mistake In brief there appears
to be no reason for suspicloning Emer
son any more than many others who
have been under surveillance by the offi
cers detalod on the case
Developments yesterday so far as
could be learned were hot such as would
throw any particular credit on the officials
cials at whose instigation the ar est was
made The Union Pacific detectives felt
very much incensed at the sheriffs
action saying that Emerson will inevit
ably be released as there is no further
proof against him than that he has a
had record and with many other men of
his class has been kept guard over by
I the detectives
Emerson is a handsome man of stal
wart brld and about 3 years of age
When taken into custody he was stopping
at tee home ot Louis Cutier at Binunam
Junction The Cutler household had
missed some jewelry and suspicion fas
tened around Emerson Mrs Cutler tele
I phoned in to Sheriff Hardy and the re
I sult was the arrest followed Mr Emer
son is an exrailroader and when search
II ed some switch keys were found in his
pockets This probably gave the officials
I their clue that he was the perpetrator of
the railway holdup
Chief Pratt says there is absolutely no
reason for believing that Emerson was
connected with the robbery Emerson is
a stranger in these parts and the chef
does not deny that he has been watched
by the officers but thinks the sheriffs
move premature in fact he is censured
for disclosing the plan of the officials
who have been watching a number of
suspects in this vicinity
The captive when called upon at the
county jail last night had very little to
say except that the officers had made a
bad mistake He had no connection with
the train robbery and can see no reason
why he should have been suspicioned
OGDEN Nov 3The report in a con
temporary yesterday to the effect that
the Uintah train robber ha been ar
rested by Sheriff Hardy attarcted little
attention here The main cause of sus
picion semed to be so far as published
that the man claimed to be a miner from
Big Cottonwood up Weber canyon The
Tribune asserted that there is no Big
Cottonwood up that way and therefore
thought the man guilty But as is well
known there is such a district One of
the main branches of the Weber is called
Cottonwood It empties into the Weber
about two miles below Peterson For
many years there have been mines up
about the head waters of this branch
and the district goes by the name of
A Van Paten of Peterson is owner of
some promising prospects there as Is
Charles De LaBaume of Uintah and
Timothy ONiel of the same place
Rheumatism is caused by lactic acid
in the blood Hoods Sarsaparilla neu
tralizes the acid and cures rheuma
A New Move in the Right Direction
Arrangements have been made by
the manager of The Keely Institute of
this city by which ladies receive the
Keeley treatment for nervous diseases
unknown to their most intimate friends
if they so desire This is a new feature
of this commendable work and one that
will give many a woman the oppor
tunity to recover the health that has
been destroyed by the injudicious or
ignorant ufe of stimulants or opiates
during periods of sickness
Be lo > nl and use 0 lilprh Q srrade Three I
Crown Baiting Poivder Xo purer or
better made
c g
Editor of The Herald
I is with great surprise that I learn
from The Herald of Oct 31 that I have
become a Democrat 1 did not know be
fore that one had to identify themselves
with a party to 0 able to speak from
their platform I spoke from the plat
form of the Peoples party last night
Nov 2 and announced myself nonpar
tisan I have come to the conclusion that
the party is not yet fully fore that can
claim my entire allegiance and will vote
for the beet nun irrponeotivn of rh
Ielet Ilros have the only per
fect plant run l > y electricity for the
manufacture of Three Crown Bale
jug Powder extracts and srrinding
apices in the interior west
o P
Only 7540
Via the Union Pacific ov 6 and 9
Tickets good returnine until Dec 31
A beautiful winter excursion For
Main particulars street call at city ticket office 201
o rs > <
Hewlett Bros Three Crown spices
I are put up in quarter half one and
IRis pound cans also ten ponnd box
es Refuse all others these are
home ground and retain their full
Adulterated baking powder is dan
Kerous and mnkcs your paMry bit
ter Use Hewlett Dro pure eceam
I tartar Three Crown Uniting Powder
i vrill always be light and sweet
Some Have Them and Others Are Xot
A man likes some hot drink for
breakfast and coffee suits his taste
about as well as anything I seems
hard that so many should be denied
coffee because it upsets their liver and
disagrees with them in one way and
another Still this condition does ex
ist and when a man finds it hurts him
he is generally sensible enough to
leave i out of his b l of fare for i
is quite a bit pleasanter to feel well
all day than to enjoy a drug two or
three minutes andpay for it in aches
and ails or sickness
A new breakfast drink has come into
use difficult to tell from coffee but
made entirely of grains and which
never produces any disagreeable re
sults I has the clean pungent flavor
so much enjoyed in coffee but while
coffee hurts the system Postum Cereal
goes to work in downright good earnest
to make red blood
I is composed only of the grains in
tended by nature for mans subsistence
These are skilfully blended and pre
pared in such a way as to produce a
hot drink the facsimile of rich Mocha
or Java coffee but fattening and
healthful Stomach liver and bowel
troubles disappear when coffee and tsa
are left off and the food drink Pos
tum taken in their place
This toothsome drink goes about
three times as far as coffee and pro
dunes health and comfort where trouble
formerly existed I is made by the
Postum Cereal Co Lim of Battle
Creek Mich When a man or woman
feels mean day after day or every
few days i can quite safely be
charged to incorrect habits and coffee
and teadrinking are the real causes
of more bodily disorder than anrone
knows A habit is hard to get over
but when a delicious tasting article is
offered which produces health instead
of tearing it down the change is easy
to make Prominent grocers say it
exactly meets a want and persons who
have been kept from coffee on account
of their health are now having all the
enjoyment of coffeedrinking and get
tine fat over it
Just as good as Postum Cereal are
words used to defraud the public
Sold by George F Brooks John Mc
Donald jr J H Williams
0 325 0
The Victory in the State Was Cele
brated and the Defeat in the Na
tion Mourned
Young America in Salt Lake en
thused last evening as though the
community had been celebrating a vic
tory instead of its inhabitants being
engaged in condoling with one another
over a crushing defeat I seemed as
though every youngster in the city had
turned out a by a common impulse tS
raise Ned and they were joined by
some who were not so young and the
din they kept up from dark until well
nigh daylight was enough to wake the
most lethargic slumberer in the sleepy
city of Ogden I reminded one of the
great demonstration of 1890 which
marked the first Liberal victory in
Salt Lake The only thing lacking was
the big parade and the minor depreda
tions that occurred at that time
There was certainly nothing wanting I
In noise
The fun commenced as soon as it
began to get dark when small parties
of young people made their appear
ance on the streets with tin horns
and paraded up and down blowing
them in the ears of wayfarers and
cutting up all sorts of pranks Grad
ually their number increased till by 8
oclock all the principal streets were
thronged with the noisy juveniles
Then at the various places where
the returns were received and displayed
on canvass by stereopticon the grad
ually increased noise grew to a tumult
that could hardly have been greater I
had Bryan been declared elected by I
the first bulletin
I was a curious thing to see society
jrirls and some who have not been
known to make their appearance in so
ciety society young men and young
i i men who were very much the reverse
I all mingling tooting their horns ring I
ing cow bells and doing anything else
they could think of to make a noise
I was a little incongruous for it was
all under way long before there had
been any indication as to how things
were going and therefore there was
nothing for nyone to celebrate I
could only be explained therefore by
the fact that it was election time and
furnished an opportunity for breaking
loose which no other occasion gives a
opportunity for
They certainly improved this oppor
tunity for the things that were done
were beyond description Not that
anything was done that could strictly I
be construed as disorderly but it I
seemed as though everyone knew j I
everyone else and vied with one an
other in an effort to see who could do
the most mischievous thing or make
the most noise
I Up and down Main street they pa
raded then down the side streets and I
I then back jostling one another and I
apparently finding the acme of a good
time in it all Though some of the
participants were a little boisterous at
times no one demurred for they were
so goodnatured that one was com
pelled to join in the laugh True
some young fellows egotism got the I I
best of him once in a while and caused I j
him to overstep the bounds when a
mixup would result but such occur
rences were rare and the police were
hot called upon to make any arrests
The chief interest of the night cen
tered around the morning newsria er
ofc where bulletins were thrown on
to canvas by steriopticon There were
two other places where returns were
pCErjed I similarly one art the Y 1 C
A rooms on Second South and an
other opposite the Knuftsford on Third
South These had good crowds at
times but the greater number pre
ferred ths newspaper reports In front
of both offices the crowd was very
large from he time it get fairly dark I
I You Know of Course J
That happiness depends on contentment contentment on health health on digestion digestion
on food and food on the cooking qualities of the Kitchen Range Its cheaper in the end
f r
ril outlast two generations It i a pleasure to cook a dinner on it It never gets our of
jrder and considering its worldwide reputation and superior workmanship i is the cheapest I
Range i the market
t Call and see bur New Stock
Bait Lake Hardware Co Second 42 and South 4 West Street
t > j
B s i
and there they stayed till laite art night
watching the butts wIth an in
ters that was painful when they gave
McKinley gains and wfcdch caused a
great glad shout to go up when ever
fhs bulletins announced anything fa
vorable to Bryan
The people who made up the crows
who eagerly scanned the canvas sheets
were the people who were too much in
terested in the result to find any enjoy
ment i the noisy demonstration that
was going on around The expressions
that were t be heard when a favorable
bulletin appeared or vice versa indi
cated the intensity of the feeling in
favor of silver
Early in the evening when the news
looked a little black Im afraid we
ar loSt could be heard on every hand
Then came an encouraging report and
the spirits of the watchers rose and ex
pressions like We cried before we
were hurt were what was t be heard
Then It altered first a very discourag
ing bulletin and linen the reverse with
the feelings of the watchers rising and
falng acccirdIngly
The watchers who surrounded the
newspaper offices and stayed and hoped
on till the last were numbered by
thousands and they drifted back and
fonSi from The Herald t tne Tribune
and ten back again as a cheer went
up from one place or the other They
were in pretty low spirits up till about
1 oclock when the announcement
which had come early in the evening
that Nebraska had gone against Bryan
was revere and t1 Tstate was given
unconditionally fco its own Boy
Orator From Dhsic l Ume en the re
ports were genesally more hopeful and
when The Herald finally commenced
to get returns from around the state
the crow put on a new face and
cheered and cheered and cheered
At the Knutsford returns were received
ceived and announced in therotunda
where a large number of people were
congregated and the balcony was filled
with ladies a interested a the men
below In the crowd was a liberal
sprinkling of McKinley men who made
a feeble effort of a cheer when the
Western Unions bulletins of extrav
agant Republican claims were read
l was a lively night in Salt Lake
that wthich marked the citizens of
ttahs first participation in a presi I
rnemibereL dential election and wull long b r
A HardVorlcinsr Woman
sooner or later suffers from back
ache nervous wornout feelings or a
senseof weight in the a < omfl 3rnf
ging down sensations and dizziness
I will all come to an end ivu i ui
Pierces Favorite Prescription for its
womans special tonic and nervine i i
restores her strength regulates and
promotes all the maternal functions
and makes a new woman of her Uter
ine debility irregularity and inflamma
tion are most often the cause of the
extreme nervousness and irritability of
some womenthe medicine to cure ll
is the Prescription of Dr Pierce All
the aches pains and weaknesses of
womanhood vanish where i is faithful
ly employed Dr Pierces Favorite
Prescription is therefore just the
medicine for young girls just entering
womanhood and for women at the
critical change of life
South Omaha Lire Stock I
Receipts 1600 market steady to S
higher light and mixed 330345 heavy
320S310 i
Cattle Receipts 5000 market strong to
ilk higher steers 2j4 cows 12
3CO feeders 275360
Sheep Receipts 700 all feeders
ket nominally iO al feeder mar
Hewlett Bros Three Crown spices
are stronger and better than the
imported because they are ground
to order fresh svcry day
NEW YORK Nov 3 Arrived Mis
sissippi from London Nordland from
Sailed Havel from remen
Arrived out Werkendam at Rotter
dam No 2
SightedPersia fromHamburg for
Amsterdam passed the Lizard
It is impossible to make a purer or
stronger powder than Hewlett Bro
high grade Three Crown Puking
Powder h v
o s Z
George Fred Williams Tells an Au
dieiiee Vliy He Became a Silver
of her want of time She will discover
she has given hours to Idle talk to indol
Speech of Hon Geo Fred Williams
The whole world is coming to recog
nize that its rescue depends upon the j
courage of the American people in this1
emergency I think we have it I think
there are men in this audience who do j
not agree with our side of his question I
who will at least have a much selfre
spect as I had when I saw that I was
wrong and acknowledged my error
I was brought face to face with this
question in a most extraordinary way
I was appointed when elected to con
gress a member of the committee on
coinage weights and measures I had
not given much study to the question
before that time and J immediately
took up the study of i not wIth an
open mind but a a lawyer would
study it 1
I was my business on that committee
to represent hostility to the free coin
age of silver and I trained myself to
sxudy the arguments of the other side
only for the purposeofanswering them
not for the purpose of learning any
thing myself
I went on in that way trained on one
side as all of you have been seeing
nothing in the whole press of New
England that could come to our eyes
except upon one side of the question
until the structure of our national cred
it and our private business began to
totter and tcpple until I saw a syndi
cate of bankers go to the treasurer of
the United States and with the threat
of panic force him to sell 75000000
worth of bonds for 65000000 to
wrest out of the hard working people of
this country 10000009 in a single
week because these bankers had their
hands on the treasury of the United
I began to iMspect that something
was wrong with such a system And
it went on gold leaving the country by
tens of millions every year bonds be
ing sold and the debt of our people
accumulating every six months until it
reached the enormous amount of 262
000000 money being thereby locked up
in the treasury and taken out of circu
I saw business going down hill I
saw a I am seeing now in the city of
Boston business men coming to me in
alarm because their banks are contract
ing their credit I see now as I saw
six months ago all the indications of
financial disaster and I put to myself
only a few weeks earlier than you may
put it to yourselves the question Do
you want such a system to continue or
will you honestly investigate the merits
of a system that will give US enough
money to transact the business of the
country and not leave i at tho mercy
foreign bankers
And I have answered that question
to my satisfaction and all I ask of any
man is that he keep his mind open to
study the question fairly without prej
udice and cast his ballot as his intel
ligence and his conscience dictate
e =
Pittsburg Chronicle Telegraph A
judges little daughter who had attended
her fathers court for the first time was
very much Interested In the proceedings
After her return home she told her
mother Papa made a speech and sev
eral other men made speeches to twelve
men who sat all together and thea these
twelve men were put In a dark chamber
to be developed
Judge MotherinLaw Dont you know
that cropping your hair as tight as that
will make I fallout
SonlnLaw yes but thats the way
I prefer to lose it
The Queer Letter Received by
I SheriffHardy
Glnimes That She Learned His
Whereabouts by Occult 31 cans
Says He Ig in Oregon and Gives 11
Minute Account of His Wander
Sheriff Hardy received a letter from
a lady in Montana a few days ago
written in the Danish language The
sheriff had a translation of it made
and it proved to be a purported revela
tion of the present hiding place of the
Rev Francis Hermans The writer
professes to have discovered it by oc
cult means and gives a minute descrip
tion of the wanderings of the much
sought for pastor The sheriff has
hardly sufficient confidence in the mes
sage to warrant him in sending an
officer to the region where the fugitive
is said to be The letter reads as fol
Mr Sheriff You will pardon me for
taking the liberty of writing to you
but I am possessed of an inherited gift
and also a little apparatus and map
and by means of these I have found
out where Herman the priest is and
also the man they are searching for
from California I do not know his
name nor the city where he is from
According to this Hojman is in Wal
lowa county Oregon not far from the
river in a house as I have described
it in the little map I enclose I found
him on a farm where he had been for
three weeks he was herding cattle
stayed there for six weeks moved from
there four miles west on a farm where
he was herding horses he was there
for four months took some days of
rest on the first place he lad bought
a home for 500 seven miles a little
west from there got the daughter
along the old man gave him four cows
two horses and a colt along He went
from Butte Mont that way around
behind the lake and down to Walla
Walla where the railroad turns for
Lewiston took three times new tickets
and went to Lewiston there he put
some of his money in the bank he
must have had four names for there
are two middle names in the name he
deposited the money in He had a
trunk along this he threw into thp
river got the ferryman to pack it
down there went some miles trout
there caught a horse and rode on it
svam across the small river on it took
three other horses traveled some miles
until he at last got to the before men
tioned place he arrived there in over
alls I will watch them until after the
election day Nov 3 then you can con
sider if it will be likely for you to find
them there I am a wife and the
mother of nine children have worked
hard all my time and am always at
home so I suppose you can adge
who I am I have known this for a
long time I told my husband about i
and he said I dont go much on that
and when I have since mentioned i he
said You are about to get crazy
again My son thought you would put
me in the insane asylum and said he
thought me too smart to believe such
things but they can say what they
like I cannot keep still any longer i
as there is a girl in danger Mr please
save my name as I am vriting this
without the knowledge of my husband
I ask an invisible and receive answer
through the little simple apparatus
and I do not know where i comes
from but understand it That man
from California I found in the middle
of North Dakota I have followed him
since and now he has stopped in Ken
nedy Minn in Kittson county in the
northwest corner of the state he
worked a little more than three weeks
and is in a boarding house in the
south part of the city he is mean and
shoots at once He rode a bicycle in
the night time and rested in the day
He went from home and clear up in
Washington when he went to Dakota
he went up along the river and along
the south side of the Northern railroad
through Dakota At Warren he went
between two rivers fell into a trap
had to g back again I Herman is
found it is all right I know how he
I has behaved himself and then a new
invention is made and I will with
I pleasure render my assistance al
though I have often taken quite Gick
when I wanted to know anything about
Herman I you think and believe as
my folks do or should you seek and
find none keep this secret or I will
get trouble for what I have written
Washingtons last years as chief exe
cutive and first citizen of the new re
public are the subject of a appreciative
paper by Prof Woodrow Wilson of
Princeton in the November Harpers
magazine The paper is finely illustrated
by Howard Pyle and others
On the 30th day of April in the presence
of a great concourse of people who first
broke into wild cheers at sight of h
and then fell silent again upon the in
stant to see him so moved Washington
stood face to face with the chancellor of
the stat upon the open balcony of the
Federal hall In Wall street and took the
oath of office Do you solemnly swear
asked Livingston that you will faithfully
fully execute the office of president of
the United States and will to the best
of your ability preserve protect and de
fend the constitution of the United
I do solemnly swear replied Wash
ington that I will faithfully execute the
office of president of the United States
and will to the best of my ability pre
serve protect and defend the constitu
tion of the United States and then
bending to kiss the Bible held before him
I bowed his head and said So help me
God in tones no man could mistake so
deep was their thrill of feeling Long
live George Washington president of the
United States cried Livingston to the
people and a great shut went up with
the booming of the cannon in the narrow
Washington was profoundly moved
and with all his extraordinary mastery
of himself could hot hide his agitation
I was a company of friends the sena
tors and representatives who stood about
him within the senate chamber as he
read his address after the taking of the
oath Some very old friends were there
men who had been with him in the
frt continental congress men who had
been his intimate correspondents the long
years through men who were now his
close confidants and sworn supporters
ccse many strangers could crowd into the
narrow hal and it was not mere love
of ceremony but genuine and heartfelt
respect that made the whole company
stand while he read He visibly trembled
nevertheless as he stood in their pres
ence strong and steadfast man though
ho was and several times cud
scarce make out to read shifted
his manuscript uneasily from hand
with awkward
to hand gestured wih awlrrd
effort let his voice fall almost in
audible was every way unliko himself
except for the simple majesty and sincer
ity that shone in him through it al His
manner but gave emphasis after all to
the words he was reading The magni
tude and difficulty of the trust he de
clared could not but overwhelm with
despondence one who inheriting Inferior
endowments from nature and unpractised
in the duties of civil administration
ought to be peculiarly conscious of his
own deficiencies and no one there could
look at him and deem him insincere when
he added All I daro aver is that it has
been my faithful study to collect my I
duty from a just appreciation of every
circumstance by which I might be af
fected All I dare hope is that I in exe
cuting this task I have been too much
swayed by a grateful remembrance of
former instances or by an affectionate
sensibility to this transcendent proof of
Highest of all in Leavening Power Latest U S Goi t Report
1k oyal BaMn
H D Andrus is in from Mercur
O B Burgund of Gunnison Utah is
registered at the Cullen
H C Lee of Goshen is In the city He
is staying at the Cullen
R Macbeth of the Fort Hall
agency is a guest at the Knutsford
George C Whitmore the Nephl banker
is in the city He is staying at the
Cyrus C Babb of the United States
geological Knutsford survey yesterday was registered at the
F M Wheeling and L A Boggs are
United States geological survey are reg
istered at the Knutsford
F M Wheeling and L A Boogs are
among the Ogden people who came to
Salt Lake to get election returns
D C Jackling chemist for the DeLa
I mar properties accompanied by W A
A A 4 d 4 A A A A A
6 6 p s 6 p f r > p S
eT q 8c A DOUBLE ROLL 4 f
A A Carload of Wall Paper of Artistic Design and Choice t i
a > o ri Colorings at from 8c a Double Roll up ti
b v 1 A Large Variety of Inexpensive Stuffs for
b Where an artistic effect is desired at low cost We employ J
I eY only the most competent upholsterers
p 41
I b 11
44Ijb qq qqq 414 qq J qqq J qqq i
1 o f cf d ns p
I the confidence of ny fellowcitizens and
have thence too little consulted my incapacity
capacity as well as disinclination for the
capaciy a
weighty and untried cares before me my
error will be palliated by the motives
which misled me and its conseouences
be judged by my country with some share
of the partiality with which they originated
nated His hearers knew how near the
truth he struck when he said the
I smiles of heaven can never be exoected
smies nation that disregards the eternal
i rules of order and right which heaven
itself has ordained and the preservation
I ha ordaned
I of the sacred fire of liberty and the
destiny sacre republican model of gov
I ernment are justly considered as deeply
I perhaps cnment as finally staked on the experi
ment intrusted to the hands of the American
It was no doubt a
can people I
novelty in the history of society to see a
great people turn a calm and scrutinizing
ret itself as the people of
America eye upon had done to see I carefully
eyTre the extent of the evil into
which disunion and disorder had brought
I it patiently wait for two years until a
I patentl
remedy was discovered and at last
voluntarily adopt a new order and gOY
voluntarly having wruns a
eminent without wrng
erInent blood from
drop of blo
I ter or a drp
mankind but Washington knew
that the praise deserved for such
mastery and selfpossession would
matr lived enough if the new
should fail and be dis
government credited It was the overpowering
tSwBht I he himself would b chiefly
responsible for its success or failure that
shook his nerves as he stood there at the
of his task and no man of sensibility
audience failed to like him
in that faIed lke
slbitv trust him the more implicitly
the better and trst
for his emotion I was a very
plicitly touching scene emoton Fisher Ames of
Massachusetts I seemed to me an allegory
virtue was personified as
legory In which personifed
lE she would make her votaries Her power
never greater and the
over the heart was greate
heat her own
irltration of her doctrine by
I more perfect i
was never
example how much I shall stand in need of
feel shal
the countenance and aid of every mend
the Revolution
friend to Rev
to myself of every
lution and of every lover of good government
Washingtons words of
ernment were Edward Rutledge of South
appeal to and he Ruted seemed to his
Carolina seeme
Carolna attractive or more noble
friends nowFrom The First President of
than the United States by Woodrow Wilson
Unie November
Magazine for Novembe
I In Harpers gaine o
1C there is any Difference between
the 1 Three Crown and those coiieed
ed hy almost everybody to he the
best powders on the market the
Three Crown flaking Powder manu
factured hy Hewlett Bros has the
greatest leavening strength and pu
riy Chemist University of Clah
The King of Pills is Beechams
BAUMOctober 31 189ft Sydney only
Eon of Charles B and Daisy M Baum
aged 14 years and 9 months
Services at residence 88 R street Wed
nesday November 4 at 3 p m to which
friends are invited Private interment
1000 BATHERS daily at the Sanitarium
GIRL for general housework 5 South
Sixth East
BY A HOUSE of long standing and
established reputation 2 salesmen who
are already on the road and calling on
as aside
and store trade to carry
the drug article in great demand
side line an
lne small artce commissions large
but smal who have an established
none and are order getters need apply
trade geters
if desired Address allace II
confidential Co 2723 Broadway deired Cleveland Yaace
GIRL wanted for light housework Ap
McDonalds 268 Main street
ply J G 2G
A BRIGHT woman to travel Able to
I earn good wages Box 229 1
1I I
t f
f + SSS
Attorneys and Counselors at Law II
Rooms 7 to H Deseret National bank
building I
DICKOI Attorneysat1AW I
Rooms 512 t 513 Progress building
1 2 and 3 first floor ScottAuerbaci I
2nd So Appointments by mall solicited I
U S Dep Min Surveyor
Mining property examined and reports
made anagement and development I
63 Main street Salt Lake city ana
Eureka Utah
years experience W B Rushmer man
ufacturing optician 73 West First South I
street Eyes examined for glasses free
Special lenses ground to fit the eye I
stitution New York building Patterns directly from
Mitchell came in from Mercur last even
I Ing They are at the Templeton
Saturday Evening T to O Oclock
F Auerbach Bro will place on sale
a large line of Hair Brushes Clothes
Brushes Shoe BruShes all excellent
qualities usually sold ait 40c to 75c
Each a above time > 25c each
Quick Correct Up to Date
The F W Gardiner company print
ers and blank book makers Telephone
557 127 West First South
Improved and painless methods ot
dentistry Dr E M Keysor 162 Main
street ScottAuerbach building
D c I
Dr H Beckstrom dentist room 10
Galena block 69 East Second South or
r 176 State street Salt Lake City
IF YOU WANT a new home on the
Third street car line on the installment
plan apply to the owner F A Grant
corner of S and Third streets or Nos
217 and 218 Dooly block
with shafting cheap Brain
power wih shaftng very Brin
ard Ritter Ogden
New 120 organ t > 0
Good secondhand organ 20
Good secondhand organ 30
Glo orgn 3
I Good secondhand organ JO
1 Address room 4 Hooper block City
j street west side near First South street
I 78 to Iii feet frontage most of it 1 feet
II j deep Alleyway at rear with permanent
rlprht of way Terms reasonable L W
Richards 160 C street
I A UNDFVTDEr onehalf Interest or
the whole of my carriage business For
particulars call on or address Phil Neder
1 West First South street
ROOMS at 45 East Third South
I RESTAURANT AND 20 furnished
I rooms central location rooms all occu
pied rent O building only 50 per month
I I furniture for sale cheap Brainard 8
I I Ritter Ogden
i THREE or four rooms for housekeep
i ing ground floor range bath and closet
j 3 Second East
IF YOU WANT a new home on tho
i Third street car line on the Installment
plan apply to the owner F A Grant
I corner of S and Third streets or Nos J
217 and 218 Dooly block
MAZIE palmist and card reader 333
I Main street Full readings 50c cards or
palm 25c
i HORSES to pasture at Crismon farm
150 per month Enquire SQ5 Atlas block
or J D Muir 10 East Twelfth South
E REEVES engineer plumber sad
tiler and cabinet brass founder 175 South
Sixth West corner of Second South Salt
Lake City
45 East First South street Furniture
made to order lowest price best work
manship also rattan work repaired
The Utah Portrait Company
Charles Peterson Mnnaser
Call and see our high grade free hand 1
portraits The finest in the land We
I make them and pictures at popular
I prices 5W West First South street four
doors west of DInwoodeys
water heating and ventilating vpparatua
I No 70 West Second South
The Collection Business is no experi
ment or side issue with us We have
been in I for years and any business in
trusted to our care will receive prompt
and proper attention Accounts are not
pigeonholed and permitted to outlaw we
make a specialty of collecting accounts
and judgments that others have failed
to collect
Merchants Protective association 113
and 119 Commercial block
MARK SPENCER 61 Richards street
Tin roofing guttering and spouting iron
chimney tops and all kinds of sheet iron
work Prices to suit the times
THE DAVID JAMES co plumbing ana
cornice wGrk No G Main street
MONEY TO LOAN on real estate ete
Elmer Darling Railroad Ticket Broker o
A 1 Reguinr communications held at a
sonic hal the second Monday of each
month Members of sister lodges and
sojuornlng brethren in good standing are
cordially invited to attend I
L T HAILE mandolin guitar banjo
and violin Instruction Fine instruments
furnished free to pupils for practice
Mandolin and guitar clubs optsn to pupils
without charge Call or address studl
No 2 Gladstone building 119 Main street
hot water heating No 6 Main strM

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