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ARM1 SALT Therefore It Is to the interest o
E 5221 1 K the Business Man to Advertise in
S S f S S S I The HeraldS
The Number of Votes Now Given to 1
McKinley in the Elect =
oral ColSeg e
Thirtysix Votes Still Remain
S in Doubt
The Stales For MeKialcy For Bry
S an nncl In Doubt in Dctnil Com i
ment T y the Press of New York i
The Trihune Tliiiiku the Plots of 1
Anarchists Are Bnrleil Deeply
S The Times Attlcx People to Pluck
Uj Courage The Sun of the Opin
ion Thut tin full Dimensions of
S the Victory iniiot Yet lie Appre
ciated Eiirly Morning Callers on
MclviJiIej VlKurtHt us to the Prob
able Complexion of the > ext Sen
ate Full nut Latest News of the
Great Struggle
NEW YORK Nov 4 Returns re
ceived by the United Associated Presses
up to 545 a m indicate that McKinley
will certainly have 258 electoral votes
Bryan 153 leaving 36 in doubt The I
tables follow
For McKinley
I New England 39
New York 36
New Jersey 10
Pennsylvania 32
Ohio 23
Wisconsin 12
Iowa 13
> Maryland S
Illinois 24
t I Kentucky 13
West Virginia 6
Indiana 15
Michigan 14
Minnesota 9
South Dakota 4
Total 25S
For Bryan
South Carolina 9
Georgia 13
Alabama l
Florida S 4
Mississippi I j
Louisiana I I
Ancansat S I
Montana 3 I
Idaho 2 I
Coorado 41
Utah S
Nevada 3 I
Texas 15
Tennessee 12
Virginia 12
Nebraska ij I
Missouri 17 j
S North Carolina 1 I I I
Total 153i
nnnbtfll 1531 I
Kansas 10
North Dakota 3
Wyoming 3
California 9
Oregon 4
Washington 4
Delaware 3
Total 36
4 LITTLE ROCK Ark Nov 4Big
Democratic gains have occurred over
1 S returns estimated
last September Bryans est
mated majority is 50000
S vote cast ia the state from the present
t outlook will be much leis than in Aug
S S ust this year or in November 1S92 The
f tiket is r long that but few boxes
have been received and the counting is
I slow and tedious Bryan will have the
state but by greatly reduced major
ity Clark sound money candidate
for congress in the Second district and
S Comer in the Third are making strong
runs with even chances of success
S S committee of IndIana telephoned 65
Indiana polling precincts heard from
show an average Republican gain of 1
to a precinct Fifteen country precincW
hearl from show a Democratic gain
of about 40 to eaCh precinct I believe
the Democrats have carried the state
I do not expect returns from our dis
tricts until late
Governor Matthews concurred in this
The Democratic national committee
also claims California by 25000 plural
ity Nebraska Michigan Kentucky and
Oregon The early reports it was
j tstaied were expected to show adverse
From Ohio the committee reports the
receipt of singularly favorable reports
from Toledo and Cleveland but not so
encouraging from Cincinnati The com
mittee does not expect full reports from
the doubtful states for two or three
S days
DENVER Col Nov Chairman
Armstrong of the Populist National
Silver party cave out the following
S bulletin at midnight Bryan has car
ried Colorado by at least 100000 Bailey
Populist candidate for governor is
S probably elected by 40f > j majority
Shafroth and Bell will be returned to
t DENVER Nov 3Brjan and Sewall
t have carried Colorado by a plurality
f of 130000 The count is coming in
slovly owing to the fact that there are
S 1 tickets in the field and the cumber
S some manner in which the ballot Is I
gotten up this year Democrats Silver
Republicans National Silver and Peo
4 k pies party fused on Bryan and Sewall
i electtys McKinley electors got 40000
S rotes and the Republican party losses
are 56000 which were cast for Bryan
and Sewall Seventysix thousand
Populist votes were cast for Bryan
The gold Democrats are simply an in
cident to the campaign The middle
oftheroad Populists cast about 8000
and the balance scattering
This state gave Weaver 16000 plural
ity four years ago The legislature is
a mixture composed of a fusion of all
parties a unit for silver and all
pledged to the return of Senator Teller
to the United States senate
On the state ticket the indications
at 9 pm point to the election of the
Bailey ticket This ticket is composed
of Populists Silver Republicans and I
National Democratic party men and
was caused by the straight Republican
I ticket headed by Allen drawing the
number of votes it did from Adams
I heading the Democratic and Silver Re
publican ticket
CFln A
plete vote on the general ticket in 240
precincts together with the partial vote
in 73 other precincts give the Republicans
20828 Democrats 25522 Populists 1487
National Democrats 277 Socialist Labor
407 Prohibitonists 157 Grouping the Pop
ulist and Democratic electoral vote the
Bryan electors have a plurality in this
4 city a m of 181 This vote was compiled at
HARTFORD Conn Nov 4 McKin
ley ha swept the state by about 50000
plurality in a total vote of 170000 Lor
ine A Cook of Winstead Republican
is elected governor by a plurality of
perhaps 35000 The four Republican
congressmen are all elected by majori
ties ranging from 6000 to 15000 The
legislature will have a Republican ma
jority of 192 on joint ballot insuring the
election of United States Senator Or
ville H Platt to succeed himself
NE WHAVEN Conn Nov 4The
states plurality for McKinley is estimated
mated at 40000 All towns show great
Republican gains In some of the
smaller towns Bryan is running behind
the Prohibition vote From reports
thus far received Bryan ha only car
I ried one town in Connecticut Naugu
I tuck All four Republican congress
men are elected The vote of Connecti
cut is estimated as follows McKinley 1
lOgOOO Bryan 50000 Palmer 10000
McKinleys plurality 55000
S ports from Sussex county say McKin
ley has a small plurality there In 1892
Cleveland had 130 plurality in Sussex
TimesUnion estimates that Bryan has
carried Florida by 10000 plurality For
congress Davis Democrat Second district
46Cv and Sparkman Democrat First dIs
trict 5000 plurality
JACKSONVILLE Nov 4Ralr fell at I
Intervals and a light vote was polled in
a majority of the counties Reports re
ceived from each county indicate that
Eryan has carried the state by 70CO plu
rality The election o S I Sparkman
Silver Democrat is i conceded by SOOO plu
rality In the Second district Robert W
Davis Silver Democrat seems to have
been elected though his plurality over
Joseph small N Stripling Republican will be
ATLANTA Ga Nov 4There iE no
doubt about the election of each of the
1 Democratic nominees for congress in
Georgia The aggregate Democratic
I majority of the state is about 30COO for
S congressmen and approximately the
j same for Bryan and Sewall
SAVANNAH Ga Nov Chatham
j county gives Lester Democrat for con
i 1 gress 2836 Doyle Republican 1377
Miller Populist 253 Bryan 2507 McKinley
Iler Populst Bryn
I Kinley J703 Palmer 521 Populist 92
Prohibition 43 Bryans majority in
j Chatham 148 Atkinson Democrat for
I governor had a majority about a month
ago of 4700
I MACON Ga Nov 4Every county
t in the Sixth congressional district gives
J i a majority for Bartlet congressman
I and Bryan Bryans majority in the
district probably 5830 Bartletts ma
jority 5000
PENA I Nov Christian county
has gone Democratic by a decreased
CHICAGO Nov 4The advices at
430 a m indicate that Altgeld is de
feated and Tanner has beaten him by
possibly 125000 The latters majority
in Cook county is even greater than
was expected and will run not far from
45000 to 50000 The remainder of the
state is piling up a vote something like
that which Henry Wulff had two years
ago when he got Illinois outside of
Cook county by 80000 The vote in
the country seems to be about equal to
that of 1894 although In some cases
heavy gains over that phenomenal fig
ure are reported
BOISE CITY Ida Nov 3 Notwith
standing recent stormy weather a large
vote was polled in Idaho today The
estimated total vote will reach 28000
I is now certain that Bryan electors
have carried the state by a large ma
jority and Steunenburg Democrat for
governor is elected Indications also
point to the election of a majority of
bois the legislative ticket favorable to S Du
S DES MOINES la Nov 3Iowa re
turns + o 930 p m are chiefly from
rural precincts They indicate uniform
Republican gains The Republican
state committee now claims the state
by 10000 and the Democrats still re
fuse to make a statement declaring
their returns are not sufficiently com
plete They admit however that the
situation Is against them Indications
are that the Republicans elect all of
the 1 Iowa congressmen
DES MOINES la Nov 3The vote
in Iowa will be fa the largest ever
known probably reaching 475000 I
was cast very early Reports to the
I state ccmmiuees to G oclock indicate
that the Republican party workers are
claiming great gains all over the state
while the Democrats insist that the
count will give them the state The
Republca state committee now confi
dently predicts the state will go 100000
for McKinley This is Secretar Tey
I nors statement
DES MOINES Nov 3The heavy
vote in Iowa counts very slowly Scat
tering returns chiefly from rural pre
cincts where the Republican expected
to be weakest indicate that the state
Republican committees claim of 75000
plurality for McKinley will be bettered
and 100000 seems likely to be reached
Palmer and Buckner will poll a very
light vote probably not over COOO
Secretary Rainer of the Republican
committee at 8 oclock claims the state
by 85000 The Democratic committee
refuses to make a statement Claiming
the returns are too meagre The Re
publican committee claims to have
elected all the 1 congressmen in Iowa
but no returns have been received as
yet from the Second and Seventh dis
TOPEKA Kan Nov 4At oclock
both the Republicans and combined
DemocraticPopulist managers claim
Kansas and a the returns are still
meagre it will be impossible to give
complete results for hours I is ad
mitted at Republican headquarters that
the state is close
TOPEKA Kan Nov 4At 4 oclock
Chairman Simpson of the Republican
state committee issued the following
Twentyone precincts give McKinley
the same majority that Merrill Repub
lican candidate for governor received
in the same precinct in 1894 The same
ratio will give the state to McKinley
by 4000 plurality and the Republican
state ticket by 10000 plurality
LOUISVILLE Nov 4Breckinridge
is defeated in the Seventh district by
1000 S
The chairman of the Republican com
mittee says 635 precincts show a net
Republican gain over 1895 of 63J3
publicans claim to have elected seven
I tie has been heard from the eastern
shore but the pr sent congressman
I a Democrat has probably been re
elected in the First district
CANTON 0 Nov 3Senator
I George L Wellirigton of Maryland
wires McKinley that the state will
I give him 30000 majority
JACKSON MiES Nov 4 Congress
men elected are S
R J Allen A W Fox T C Cath
ings WV Sullivan J S Williams W
A Love Patt Henry A
These are all Bryan and Sewall Dem
ocrats S
ST JOSEPH Nov 4St Joseph will
give 600 majority for McKinley Chas
F Cochran Dem is elected to con
gress for the Fourth district
310 NT ANA
BUTTE Nov Bryans majority
in the state may reach 15000 The en
tire Democratic and Populist ticket is
elected with the osible exception of
one justice of the superior court
BUTTE Mont Nov 4 Returns con
tinue slow but early estimates not
changed Fortyeight precincts in Sli
ver BOw county give 7753 for Bryan
McKinley 1101 McKinleys vote less
than onefourth of what it ha been es
BOSTON Nov 4A perfect day
brought out the Massachusetts voters
in Lwarms and a vast and unprecedent
ed vote was cast and casUearly I is
estimated that 97 per cent of the registered
I istered voters exercised the franchise
The secret ballot prevents anyt other
I than a general estimate of ffae situation
i being made nOw but it is a foregone
1 conclusion that McKinley and Wolcott
Republican candidate for governor
I have swept the state by the largest I
f t
S 1
I I f
I I S d
of the eight members of the legislature
chosen today This if true gives them
70 members enough to elect a Republic
an successor to Senator Blackburn
McKinley has carried Kentucky by a
small plurality
Returns from 1169 precincts out of a
total of 1663 including Louisville give
McKinley a net plurality of 3562 Tho
counties not yet reported include some
Republican a well as some strong sil
ver counties but the heavy Republican
gains everywhere seem to make the
state safe for McKinley though the
reiMlt may be close
LOUISVILLE Nov 4The congres
clonal delegation is now placed as follows
lows First district C A Wheeler
free silver Democrat Second J S
Clary siver silver Democrat Third
Clar Rhea Populistsilver Democrat
fusion Fourth J H Smith free sil
ver Democrat Fifth Water Evans
Republican Sixth district A S Berry
free silver Democrat Seventh district
Evan Settle free silver Democrat
Eighth district G Davidson Repub
lican Ninth district very close be
tween S J Pugh Republican and La
Rue Thomas free silver Democrat
Tenth district J W Langley Repub
I lican Republican Eleventh district D G Colson
NEW ORLEANS Nov 3Impossible
to compare figures with former elec
tions owing to new Australian ballot
law which changes precincts Returns
from onehalf of the precincts in First
district indicate majority of 1000 for
silver candidate for congress Bryans
majority about same Dispatch from
Senator Blanchard at Shreveport says
north Louisiana will give Bryan 30000
ton point to Bryan carrying state by
20000 to 40000
NEW ORLEANS Nov Returns re
ceived indicate that Bryans majority in
Louisiana will exceed 20000
Returns at 10 p m indicate that
Broussard is elected in this district mae
log a solid Democratic delegation in testate
ST PAUL Minn Nov 3Seven pre
cincts from scattering points in five of
seven congressional districts give Mc
Kinley 923 Bryan 482
BALTIMORE Nov Scattering
precinct out of 302 in Baltimore city J I
give McKinley 5005 Bryan 3518 The
Republican congressional and muni
cipal ticket will not be far behind Mc
BALTIMORE Nov Baltimore
city complete gives McKinley 21518
plurality over Bryan The city council I
stands 17 Republicans to 7 Democrats I
Indications now point to the election i
of Republican congressmen in all six i
BALTIMORE Nov 3At 10 oclock
tonight the indications point to the
election of five Republican congress
men in Maryland But fragmentary
returns from many of the counties
have been received The three dis
tricts made Up in part of Baltimore
City viz the Second Third and
Fourth have given Baker Boose and
McIntyre handsome majorities Ex
Congressman Sidney E Mudds ma
jority in the Seventeenth ward of this
city will probably suffice to overcome
majorities in the country districts Lit
e t b
I I majority on record They will get ap
proximately 200000 votes to 75000 for
I th Bryan electors and George Fred
I I Williams the Democratic nominee lor j
governor The mass of the votes were I
I cast early The indications are that
Governor Wolcott will carry every city
town and county in the state
i 1 BOSTON Nov 4300 of the 354 cities
and towns in Massachusetts give Bryan
4S333 McKinley 158839 Palmer 6464
McKinleys plurality 110056 Percent
age of Republican gain 325 45 showing
a probable plurality in the state for I
i McKinley of 110712
I S BOSTON Nov 4The Republican
i candidates for president and governor I
I carry every city and town for the frt
1 time in the history of the state Twelve
i Republicans and one Democrat are
i elected to congress and the legislature
is overwhelmingly Republican The in
i dications are that McKinley has carried
the state by over 100000 The Palmer
vote promises to equal the desired 3
I per cent of the total
PORTLAND Me Nov 40ne hun
dred and ninetyfive towns give Mc
Kinley 55151 Bryan 22164 scattering i
3319 Same towns in 1892 gave Harrison
son 45373 Cleveland 32452 scatter
I plurality now
ing 3353 Republican pluraly
23011 against 10110 a gain of 22090
This is d little over twothirds of the
total vote The towns to hear from
gave Harrison 19503 Cleveland 15596
scattering 2109 I these towns gain
ratio the total plurality
in the same rato te pluraly
will be between 47000 and 48000 against
14827 In 1S92
NEWARK N J Nov 4At the
headquarters of the state Republican
committee Chairman Franklin Murphy
rests his claim at 50000 for the Re
r publican plurality in this state The en
tire Republican congressional delegates
are in the landslide
CONCORD N H Nov 3 Returns I
are coming In very slow but enough
have been received to show that the
Republicans have a sweeping majority
in this state Everything seems to
portend a veritable landslide
RALEIGH Nov 4 3 a mThe na
tional Detmocratic committeeman says
Bryan has carried North Carolina Ev
erything else is in doubt Reports indi
cate the Democrats may elect two congressmen
gressmen but it is doubtful
Returns up to 5 oclock indicate that
Bryan caried the state by 10000
RALEIGH Nov 4Reports received
from 21 counties since midnight show
a Republican gain of 5000 over 1832
and indicate a Republican victory
Adams Dem for congress in the
Ninth district is thought to be elected
over Pearson Republican v
BISMARCK Nov 4Bryan has
probably carried North Dakota by a
small plurality
NEW YORK Nov 46 a mIc
Kinleys plurality in New York Is estimated
mated at 303000 5 5
LINCOLN Nov 4 6 a mThe State
Journal Rep says on the face of far
I from complete returns the indications
are that Nebraska has been carried
I by Bryan that Holcomb fusion for
I governor and probably the entire fu
sion state ticket is elected but contends
S that returns from strictly agricultural
districts where the middle of the road
I Populist element strong may turn
I the tide Every congressional district
is in doubt
OMAHA Nov 4Six hundred and
I seventyfive precincts outside of Doug
las and Lancaster counties Bryan
71235 McKinley 64604
Two hundred and seventy precincts
outside of Douglas and Lancaster
Holcomb for governor 25641 Maccoll
LINCOLN Nov 4Mr Bryans im
J mediate friends reported this morning
that he did not consider the cause as
definitely lost but on the contrary he
considered that there was still ground
for hODe of his success He had ex
pected that the first returns being
from the large cities would disappoint
himOMAHA Neb Nov 4 Returns at
I this hour 6a m indicate Democrats
I and Populists have Nebraska by 12000
4 and elected four out of six congress
LINCOLN Neb Nov 4The indica
tions now are that Bryans plurality i
the state will b small
PORTLAND Ore Nov 4The heav
iest vote in the history of the state was
polled yesterday The chairman of the
Republican state committee says that
he is satisfied that McKinleys majority
will be anywhere from 5000 to 8000
PORTLAND Nov 3The complex
ion of the Oregon vote has not chanod
at 1230 The state is safe for McKin
ley it is announced at midnight by
I 4000 majority No definite news has
been received at other headquarters
but McKinley leads In accordance
with his promise made two months
ago exGovernor Pennoyer mayor is
reported a saying tonight he will write
his resignation tomorrow if McKinleys
election is indicated
cent Pennsylvania house of representa
tives was composed of 115 Republicans J
and 29 Democrats An entire new body
of 204 members was chosen at this
election Of this number the Republic
ans have so far as known elected 145
and the Democrats hf
Owing to the enormous size of the
ballot figures especially those in Phil
adelphia are hard to at
har get Rough
reports received however go to show
that McKinley will have over 100000 I
majority in Philadelphia and the state
will swell this by nearly 20000 more
This is the greatest Republican major
ity ever given by the state
The Republicans lose two congress 1
men in this city Congressman Mc
Aleer defeated Congressman Haler
man in the Third district and in the i i
Seventeenth district Wailer defeated
Kulp The Democrats also elect their I
two congressmen in the Eighth and
Ninth districts This about gums up i
the Democratic success in Pennsyl i
ed pluralities from every county in the
state including Philadelphia and Alle
gheny show d plurality of 259000 for i
McKinley i
ley ha carried this city by 115650 plu j
splendid weather and unprecedented in
terest served to bring out a very large
vote In this city the total vote in
creased over the mayoralty election last
year 50 per cent The polls did not I
close in the cities until 7 oclock Mc
Kinleys plurality will be 17000 and both
Republican congressmen will be elect
Kinleys plurality seems likely to ex
ceed 20000 Returns are very late ow I
ing to the Australian ballot system
Bull and Capron Republicans for con
gress have overwhelming majorities
COLUMBUS S C Nov 4530 a m
Only meagre returns had been received
from the various precincts in this state
Only a little over 100 out of 125 precincts
have been heard from They give the
Bryan ticket 10427 McKinley 3010 Palmer
627 I is not thought that the total vote
will exceed 50000 votes and the same
ratio will probably be kept up The Mc
Kinley vote is a divided one there beng
two Republican electoral tickets In the
field All the Democratic congressional
nominees are easily elected
HURON S D Nov 3South Da
kota today threw its vote for Major
McKinley by at least 5000 and later
figures may increase his majority to
10000 But four counties of the state
have gone for the fusion ticket Both I
Republican congressmen are elected
Republcan congessmen I
The legislature is overwhelmingly Re
publican insuring a gpld successor to
Senator Kyle
YANKTON S D Nov Returns
are slow About all that can be learned
tonight will be the result on presi
dential electors The ballots are so
badly scratched that the count cannot
be completed in one of the large pre
cincts by morning I
YANKTON S D Nov 3The towns I
of Yankton Sioux Falls Watertown
Brooklyn Centerville Voelin Huron
Pierre Irene give majorities for Mc
Kinley Codington county gives 350
majority for McKinley Returns from
county precincts are coming in slow
but all indicate the state is for Mc
Kinley by 8000
AUSTIN Nov 4Later and more
complete returns from all over the
state at 4 a m show that Bryan and
Sewall will have a plurality of from
30000 to 40000 The state is claimed
by Culberson Dem for governor by
40000 I will be a week before the
complete returns are in
DALLAS Nov 4 Chairman Blake
of the state Democratic committee
still claims 75000 majority for the state
ticket 100000 plurality for Bryan and
Sewal and a full congresional delega
Chairman Green and his Republican
associates do not concede this He
claims McKinley has 35000 to 50000
Ijluralify and that Kearby is elected
governor He also claims the Demo
crats have not more than seven con
gressmen certain
AUSTIN Nov 46 a mAter a
careful count of all election returns at
5 a m it is undoubtedly a fact that
the Democrats will win the state
Democrts i na
tional ticket and congresional delega
tion by handsome majorities in all
ton hardsome al save
the Tenth and Twelfth congressional
districts which are conceded to the
NASHVILLE Tenn Nov 4Tenes
see will have 1 silver congressmen in
the next house 1 Republican W P
Brownlee in the First district
In middle and west Tennessee the
Democrats make large gains Bryans
majority will probably reach 40000
Taylor Democrat for governor is elect
ed by at least 25000 majority
I CANTON Nov 4A delegation of 1000
jubilant Republicans from Akron arrived
I here at 5 oclock and marched at once
I to Major McKinleys residence The up
roar was tremendousfor a half hour
I When the Akron delegation assembled n
Major McKinleys yard and lulled the air
with shouts Major McKinley stepped out
I on the roof of his porch and bowed his
acknowledgements 1 of the second
I story windows were filled with ladle who
waved their handerchiefs to the enthus
iastic crowd
I The Tippecanoe club of Cleveland lCOO
strong arrived at SCO oclock1 and came
I ttith nyngr banners and splendid bands to
the Mcillnley home The Cleveland
I visitors were escorted by the 6 mounted
I horsemen of the Canton troop and several
T marching clubs Every man bore a torch
I and great quantities of colored fire
I burned for a mile upand down the street
I was a spirited nocturnal scene Six bands
played patriotic airs and there was an in
I cessant dscharge of fireworks Major
McKinley did not make a speech but
stepped out on the roof of his porch and
I I bowed his acknowledgements to the ex
cited throng President AVolcott of the
I Tippecanoe club stood beside Major Mc
Kinley on the roof and witnessed the
I moving scene
I Senator Mitchell wires Mr McKinley
that Oregon will probably give him a
plurality of CCCO Chairman Hubb l of
Michigan wired that McKinleys plurality
in that state will not fall below CU10 The
following was received from Chicago
We now claim Kansas and California
but not North Carolina or Tennessee We
have Oregon by 5003 This gives you 20
electoral votes J G PAYNE
I Two hundred and fiftylive electoral
I votes are claimed as absolutely for Mc
Kinley by his friends here with 50 more
almost certan The 50 In doubt are from
II the states of Delaware Kansas Ken
tucky Nebraska Washington West Vir
ginia and Wyoming
McKinley after reading the returns
I since midnight with great care and read
ing hundreds of messages of a congratu
latory character retired at 015 to get a
few hours sleep before the delegations of
I enthusiastic Republicans come to see him
I Senator Hoar of Massachusetts wires I
God is with us as of old with our
i fathers I
Nov 3Beautiful weather t > > day helped
to bring out a large vote Returns
I come in more promptly than in pre
vious years The net Republican gains
I in the towns heard from as compared
with 1892 is 85 per cent McKinleys
plurality in the state will be 40000 The
previous high water mark in plural
ities for president was 30555 given to
Grant in 1872 The state will have a
solid Republican delegation in congress
RICHMOND Nov 430 a mThe
majority for Bryan and Sewall in Vir
ginia is 25000 Seven Democratic con
gressmen are certainly elected Three
districts are in doubt
WHEELING Nov 4Advices from
many points in the state show a heavy
vote polled Gold standard Democrats
generally voted for McKinley I will
be late before anything definite is
known about the state
licans claim the state bv an increased
plurality which is now estimated at
from 12000 to 15000
Secretary Ohley of the state Demo
cratic committee says returns so far received
ceived at Democratic headquarters in
dicate a majority of from JOOO to S000
for Bryan and an entire Democratic
state ticket Only one or two counties
are reported however and these re
ports are but estimates
Special to The Herald
EVANSTON Nov 4Evanston pre
cinct No 1 gives McKinley 121 Bryan
272 The same precinct in 1S92 gave
Harrison 176 Weaver 124 Mondell has
129 Osborne 270 In 1891 Mondell had
232 Coffeen 118
Aspen precinct gives Bryan 127 Mc
Kinley 3 In 1892 the same precinct
gave Harrison 1 Weaver 8
Sulphur Springs precinct gives Bryan
23 McKinley 29 Mondell for congress
28 Osborn 21 The same precinct in
1894 gave Mondell 32 Coffeen 6
Red Canyon precinct No 1 gives
Bryan 78 McKinley 62 Mondell 63
Osborne 74 The same precinct In
1892 gave Harrison 62 Weaver 92 and I
in 1894 gave Mondell 58 Coffeen 94 I
Evanston precinct No2 gives Bryan
278 McKinley 116 Mondell for con j
gress 10 Osborne 276 Same precinct
in 1892 gave Harrison 135 Weaver 134 i
in 1894 same precinct gave Mondell 200
Coffeen 79 The town of Evanston
gives Bryan a majority of 313 and Os
borne 311 ont of a total vote of 787
CHEYENNE Wyo Nov 4The returns
turns indicate a small majority for the
Republican both electoral and congres
sional ticket conges I
GUTHRIE O K Nov 4Returnj
are coming In very slow but indications
are that Dennis Flynn Republican
will be elected to congress over Calla
han free silver
fusion candidate Leg I
islature ver fusionists will be controlled by free slI
TUCSON Ariz Nov 4As far as I
heard from Mark Smith Democrat has
a plurality of 400 for congress The leg
islature is claimed by both parties
New York Tribune
NEV YORK Nov 4The Tribune this
morning comments editorially upon the
result of yesterdays election as follows
William McKinley has been elected
by an overwhelming majority and the
anxiety of all patriotic hearts gives place
to a Joy too profound for expression It
is not only a victory but one so complete
and decsive as to answer the fervent
prayers of loyal men Bryan Bryanism
Altegeldism the free silver consiparcy
arid the plots of anarchists are all buried
al bured
under an avalanche of ballots There
have been few grander moments in the
history of selfgovernment than this
Today the whole nation rises by treading
on its own mistakes and its own most
dangerous tendences and joins none
more hearty than many who contributed
to the error in the triumphant shouts
I with which the majority in this greatest
of Democratic cities hails the verdict of
I the people Saved again from a peril not
less great than that of the rebellion Itself
self the president will not fall to honor
first of all William McKinley himself
whose statesmanship and lofty patriotism
haVe been not more conspicuous than his
wise leadership But above all it is the
victory of the people who have once more
shown with startling distinctness their
capacity and therefore their right to
capaciy gov
ern themselves
New Yorlc Times
NEW YORK Nov 4The Times says
I We have had three years of silver panic
and business depression We have given
three months to Bryan Capital has been
frightened enterprises benumbed indus
try paralyzed
Nov that we have utterly annihilated
Bryan and 16 to 1 let everybody tuck
up courage and get to work A season of
prosperity richer than any in the coun
trys history lies before us I should be
entered upon with zeal and confidence
but in the sober industrious spirit of a
sensible people
I Is no time for crazy booms or
speculative kiteflying I Is a time for
hard work and business skill and judg
ment and for push arid enterprise In all
legitimate fields The American people
are tired of hard times They want good
times I will go ill with anybody who
stands in the way of their enjoying
them njOYint
The Sun
The Sun says The full dimensions
of the victory won yesterday by the
American people cannot be measured
exactly at the time of
ea et present tme writing
that it is an tremendous as sweeping and
as conclusive as the occasion demanded
Is manifested The country ha repudiated
the repudiators has warned the pro
moters of revolution to keep their hands
I off of our institutions and have been or
cered to maintain untarnished the nations
S honor by one of the most impressive J
demonstrations of honest and patriotic
I sentiment ever witnessed In our history 1
I is no mans victohy I is no partys
victory Under divine providence it Is >
American peoples triumphant assertion of 1
eternal principles of right and truth
Chicano ihnne
CHICAGO Nov 4The Tribune in a
leader this morning sums up the situa f
tion as follows slua
The east as was expected went solidly
for McKinley The middle west soldly
pudiated Altgeldism and the silver heresy
and presents a solid front to the enemy
Illinois magnificent majority is nearly
equalled by Iowa and Wisconsin while
Minnesota and Indiana have done nobly
Kentucky and Maryland are un i
doubtedly Republican West Virginia
seems to be safe for McKinley and TEn
nessee is claimed confidently for
clamed conldently the Re
publican ticket
Little Delaware Is Republican and the I
Republican fusion ticket in Texas may
have worked the greatest wonder of all
and taken the Lone Star state from the
Democratic column This would give
McKiney at least ten more votes I Is
doubtful how the other five would vote
Bryans own state Nebraska North
and 5 South Dakota are probably Republican
can Missouri cast a majority of its votes
for Bryan The Rocky mountain states
go for silver of course California is
close with the chances favoring McKin f
ley Oregon Is true to Republicanism
Owing to the unusual large number
of doubtful states It is impossible to pre 1
diet the result with any degree of ex
I Chicago Chronicle
CHICAGO Nov 4The Chronicje says
William McKinley of Oho has been
elected presdent of the United States
Garret A Hobart of New Jersey has
been elected vicepresident of the United
StateTey have received at least 2S5 of the
447 electoral votes and complete
elector a Iomtete re
turn may show that the number is larger
i There is no element of doubt in the re 1
i sult The question fs purely one of the
size of the majority in the electoral col
lege The confederation of Populists and
Democrats has met the most sweeping de
feat in the history of American politics
I ha s suffered annihilation f
Analysis of the vote In the several
states shows that the victory of McKInley
and Hobart is due directly to the votes
of honest money Democrats Palmer and
Buckner received a vote sufficiently large
TO maintain the historic organization
upon a firm foundation but the returns J
from Democratic strongholds dEmon
strate that a large majority of Democrats
preferred to rebuke Populism by voting
for McKinley rather than to involve the
result in possible doubt by casting their
ballots for the candidates of the national
Democracy The victory has been won
by the DemocratIc party as the returns
from Democratic states like Kentucky and
Maryland demonstrate 1
So also will the socalled doubtful i
states of the middle west Every one of
them have repudiated repudiation and
false Democracy 1
Ti Ic Ierlll
The TimesHerald says William Mc
Kinley of Ohio will be the next presi
dent of the United States He has swept
the country A tidal wave has carried j
him into the White House He will have
at least 234 eectoral votes and he may
have 9 The new congress wH have a
large RepubIcan majority in the lower j
house and a working mtrjonty of both
Republican and sound money men 5n
the senate The trumoh of the cause of
sound money good government and I
order Is complete
The Republican national ticket may
have a greater majority of the electoral
colege than any presidential ticket has
received in a quarter of a century The
Republican popular majority will un
doubtedly exceed any ever cast exceeding
even that of General Grant over Mr t
Greeley in 1872 Mr McKinley has carried
every state in the great region lying past
of the Missou and north of the Ohio i
and Potomac rivers Therp IS not a i
break between the rivers and the ocean
Even Delaware joins the victorious move A
Thc Examiner 1
aminer Dem editorially reviews the
result of tho election a follows
The conservative instincts of the
American people have prevailed again
and McKinley is to be the next presi 1
dent of the United States Americans
are said to be a reckless and mercurial I
race but they often display a cautious j
aversion to change that is worthy 4 f the
Chinese This quality is not to be quar 1
reled with for it has ioved us from
many threatening dangers and taic j
ing our history as a whole has doubt
less worked more good than harm But
it is often a source of keen disappoint
ment to many ardent reformers who see
the right so clearly themselves and
yet find i impossible to Induce the
to act it It ds the
country upon i Hos the way
of the American people to endure the
ills they have until they become abso j
lutely unendurable rather than flee t
others that they know not of or even
to the bare possibility of others
I is manifest that something must be
done We cannot have a continuation
of the hard times of the pas three
years We cannot have d perpetuation
of our present crazy financial system
Mr McKinley has been introdu ecVto
us as the advance agent of prosperity
He has promised us good times and an
international agreement that win re
store the free use of silver and gold
The time is near when he must honor
the drafts he has drawn upon the fu
ture I he can do i all will be well
I not the issues now temporarily de
cided in his favor will have to come up
for review four years hence > 1
Meanwhile we congratulate Mr Mc 3
Kinley upon the opportunity that has
I come to him to make a great name j
I and do a great work I is an opportu
nity that is not without dangers k
The Cull 4
Republican treats the result of the j
election fhus I
I The people of the United States may
congratulate themselves this morning
Republicans and honest money Demo
crats may be proud of the success
I achieved by their union A glorious
victory has been won for protection
sound money and good government
I The defeat of the agitators ha been
overwhelming We shall not have a
Bryanite campaign again in this gen
I eration Once more the American peo
ple have proven themselves to be the >
safest jury in the world to which to
submit questions of justice andhonor
The victory for McKinley and Ho
bart means so much to the American
people that it is hard to express it in
a few words It means protection to
American industries and good wages to
American workingmen It means
sound money and the maintenance ofi
the credit of the nation and its pea
pie It means the enforcement of law
the upholding of the powers of the gen
eral government and the preservation
of the supreme court as a temple of in
violate justice
A CmshInR IJefcat
LONDON Nov 4In ts Issue today the 3
Standard commenting upon the election
returns received from the United States
says Mr McKinley has doubtless
won a splendid victory The mera

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