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Herald can No get matter it by what Advertising It may be in The you I THE SALT LAKE HERALDTHE Business it Man is to to the Advertise interest ot la
l I The Herald
Rumor Caused a Great Deal
of Excitement in
fir Bryan Gives Out a General
Dow the Two Leaders In the Great
Political futile Spent the Day
Great Interest Alironil In the Out
come Cou nltnlutoo for MclClii
ley Foreign nol Domestic Yews
Jiajier Comments Jones Gives SliM
Views as to Success General
Election News
CHICAGO Nov 4 Reports circu
lated shortly after 6 oclock tonight
that I Bryan had been elected
caused considerable excitement in Chi
cago and in many places large crowds
gathered At the Auditorium 300 or
400 people assembled early and prepar
ations were made to parade the down
town streets A verbal permit was
given the silver men to march by
Chief of Police Badenoch before he
went home to dinner and on this the
parade was organized Just about the I
time the start was to have been made
someone telephoned a message to the I
central police station the purport o
which cannot be learned from the
sergeant who received It nor is the
senders name known In about an
hour Chief of Police Badenoch came
in hastily and in a short time Mayor
Swift came to the city hall in response
to a telegram I developed later that
the chief had called out the entire po
lice force of the city and a few min
utes after his arrival at the city hal I
he dispatched three wagonloads of de
tectives to the Auditorium Here the j
men were placed outside the doors of
the hotel and its annex to prevent any
trouble that might arise Two or I
three hundred men were held in readi
ness at the central station to answer
any cal that might be made but their I
services were not required On orders
S two officers tore down some poster in
front ot the ofllce of the Dispatch the 1
free silver afternoon paper and dis
persed a large crowd collected there
The police refused to say who sent in
the request for extra officers I
DJia flEDtPtRTEflS
Sonic Exciting Scenes Enacted In
Chicago Yesterday Jones Asser
CHICAGO Nov Anxiety and de
termination and a hostile feeling to
ward their political opponents per
J vaded the campaign headquarters of
the Democratic party all day and es
pecially tonight when the rank and
file in Chicago were aroused to make a
strt t demonstration
Chairman Jones his fellow members
of th < national committee and every
subordinate remaining on duty at the
Auditorium annex not only cried fraud
all lay but toward evening when
fuller returns from the western states
were waited for In vain they united
in seriously claiming the election of
William J Bryan In the absence of
official news from county chairmen
Senator Jones had to rely on informa
tion from private sources
Tonight he claimed as certain for
Bryan 210 electoral votes and said only
one state Michigan or Indiana was
S needed to make the silver Democracy i
triumphant The Republican claim of I
40000 majority in Indiana had been re I
duced by Executive Ccmmitteeman II
Durbin to SOOOO and the Democratic
claim fiS that Indiana would show a I
majority of uOOO for Bryan On the I
Michigan question I Senator Alward of
the Republican i state committee I wired I i I
that McKInleys majority would reach
50000 and 10 out of 12 Republican con
gressmen were elected Linton and I
Mills being defeated Against this I
claim Chairman Campau of the Demo I
cratlc national committee made this
assertion Gross frauds have been I
perpetrated in the upper peninsula of
I lichigan Take Houghton county as i
an example I gave 715 majority for j
Harrison The Republicans claim a j
majority there of 4100 I is absurd I i
With a fair count we will show Mich j I
igan has gone for Bryan by a small I
majority The returns are being held j I
back for ome reason and It seems to j i
me for purposes of manipulation We j I I
suspect an attempt to repeat the crime I I
of 1S7C but we are on guard now and
I nptrated the people will not alo gard to be per I I
I Senator Jones considered the situ
ation serious enough to call the imme
7 diate attendance of absent national
n committeemen with whom he has ad
vised during the campaign He sent a
i telegram to Governor Stone at Jeffer
son City Mo asking him to come at
once to Chicago The senator was
closeted with Governor Altgeld tonight
for ome time The governor denounced
the alleged manipulation of returns as
received and said i should be protested
against Mr Jones said to a rcnorter
S of the United Associated Presses I i
Claimed before the election every one i
of the southern states which give 156
v otes I also claimed all the states west j I
S of the Missouri river which jrfve Cl I
electoral votes making a total of 217 i
I have honed that Michigan Indiana
and Minnesota would go for Mr Bryan I i
I believe we have carried every south i
cm and every western state heretofore j
counted on not including Delaware
and probably all three which leaves us
1 votes to eject Mr Bryan Either
i Michigan or Indiana will give us these I
s votes Reports from each of these I
i states show that we have probably I
carried Indiana and have the best
S chance to win both We cannot tell
t yet whether no will win either I
W e are perfectly justified in clam
S ing the ejection of Mr Bryan and I be
lieve the temper of the people Is such
that they will not submit to be be ten
by tricks and fraud The statements
made in the papers that I have given
up the fight and conceded McKInleys
election show a deliberate attempt to
create a false public sentiment to
make the people believe McKinleys
election Is accomplished and acquiesced
in I have not for a moment acquiesced
In his election and will not until ma
terial returns change the present situ
ation On the present showing I claim
Mr Bryans election as I believe Indi
ana and probably Michigan have been
I carried for Bryan and if either has
I Mr Bryan is elected
Receives JJaiiy Icsrnms of Assur
CHICAGO Nov 4Among the en
couraging reports received at Demo
cratic national committee headquarters
today were the following
Indianapolis The chainran of the
I state committee of Indiana notifies me I
I that the reports are coming in slowly
but every report shows large Demo
cratic gains I am convinced we have I
carried Indiana MARTIN
C P Johnson chairman of the state j i
committee of Kentucky wires uJvery j
county yet to hear from is a certain j
Democratic county We are sure to i
have carried the state for Bryan by at
least 4000
To this Chairman Jones replied tell I i
iSJ i
ing Mr Johnson af instruct his force
I to watch the count carefully as he had I I
positive information that the Republic
ans were trying t steal the state
Wilmington DelDelaware gives
I Bryan one electoral vote I am elected
to Congress
Salt Lake Utah Do not surrender
I you must insist upon an honest count
if Bryan Is elected The people must
prevail The west is solid
Wheeling W YaVe have not lost
West heard Virginia from Only goldbug counties
Campaign Committeeman
Duluth MinnI am unquestionably
elected by a good majority The other
side is sending out telegrams that I
am defeated They have a conspiracy
to count me out They are holding
back returns and making preparations
for extensive frauds Every scheme is
being worked to count me out
CHICAGO Nov 4At 6 p m
Chairman Jones of the Democratic
national committee says i
We cannot lose The Republicans I
are perpetrating fraud Indiana is tor j I j
Bryan Iowas later returns are our I I i
way Our people say Kentucky Is all
right California and Oregon have gone
for Bryan I have no fear for West I I
Virginia and I do not concede McKin I
leys election I
Mr Jones statement is not borne
out by the returns received up to this
Chnirmnn Payne CJnljiis r Yotes
encouraging to the Democrats
CHICAGO Nov Telegrams re
ceived this afternoon by Acting Chair
man Payne of the Republican national
I committee from the disputed states
give the committee assurance to claim
I 277 electoral votes sure for McKinley
The estimates sent by state chairmen
I were a follows
South Dakota 3500 Kentucky 5000
West Virginia 14000 Oregon 3500
California CCOO to 9000 Mr Payne
j characterized as bucombe the claim of
Indiana Democrats that the state had
given 5000 majority for Bryan Mr
I Payne admitted the Republicans would
lose a United States senator in Washington
At the Democratic national head
quarters the messages received from
state chairmen and others during the
I afternoon were more encouraging than
at any time since the returns began to
come in A telegram from Parkers
I burg W Va read I have no fear
I about West Virginia
State Chairman Martin of Indiana
wired that returns from the rural dis
I tricts of that state show a net Demo
cratic gain over 1S92
I North Dakota sent word that the
I j j state had gone for Bryan by 2000
National Committeeman Powers of
I I Utah telegraphed that the Democratic
i j majority in Utah had increased to
Word came from the Pacific coast
that 1553 precincts in California in
eluding San Francisco gave McKin
ley 1112S8 Bran 10929
Our people say Kentucky is all
right was the answer of Chairman
Jones to repeated Inquiries as to the
foundation for the t lcan claim
that the state had gone for McKinley
The Independent Gold Standard
Democracy the official title of the
Palmer and Buckner party In this
state has failed to poll its 2 per cent
of the total vote In Illinois In conse
quence it fails below the limit fixed
by law and can never under IL pres
ent organization take part In any
state or municipal election This was
one of the main objects of the leaders
in this city and state in making such
an aggressive fight and putting up
local congressional and state tickets
It Is believed in political circles that
the gold Democrats will fuse with Re
publicans in future elections
Colonel Perry S Heath of the Re
publican national headquarters staff j
commenting on the result of the legis
lative elections In the states where
new senators would probably be lie
publicans said to a reporter for the
United Associated Presses
We will have a sound money majority
jority in the lower house of congress
beyond cavil or doubt to support Mc
Kinley There will be a good clean
j majority of sound money senators
Including sound money Democrats
who will support the Republicans in
stopping and fiat money or similar legislation
islation There will only be a few silver
ver Republican senators who will be 1
against the administration of tariff I
legislation We will also have a ma I
jority for a McKinley tariff bill al
though I may be probable that we will I i i
I not have a Republican sound money i i
majority in the senate There will i I
probably be no attempt to reenact the I
McKinley tariff bill of 1S90 I doubt
If uch senators a Pettigrew Teller
and Dubois would vote against the I
Republican party on a tariff measure
Senator Wilson of Washington told
me when here recently that the Re
publicans might lose the state for gold I
but would elect enough silver men of
the legislature to guarantee a successor
sor to Senator Squire who would be a I
McKinley tariff supporter although for
vote cast in the state from the present I
outlook will be much leas than In Aug
ust this year or In November 1S92 The
ticket Is s long that but few boxes
I I nave been received I and thecounting is
I slow and tedious Bryan will have the
state but by greatly reduced major
ity Clark sound money candidate
I for congress In theSecond district and
Comer in the Third are mailing strong
runs with even chances of success
I committee of Indiana telephoned 65
Indiana polling precincts heard from
show an average Republican gain of 1
to a precinct Fifteen country precincts
i i heard from show a Democratic gain
I of about 40 to each precinct I believe
the Democrats have carrUd the state
I do not expect returns from our dis
tricts until late I
Governor Matthews concurred In this
view j I
The Democratic national committee I
also claims California by 25000 plural
I Uy Nebraska Michigan Kentucky and
I I Oregon The early reports it was i 1 I
staged were expected to show adverse i I
From Ohio thecommittee reports the i i 0
receipt of singularly favorable reports
I from Toledo and Cleveland but not so I
encouraging from Cincinnati The com
mittee does not expect full reports from I I i
the doubtful states for two or three
rt = is
MONTGOMERY Ala Nov 4In the
Fifth district there is little doubt that I
Brewer SilverDemocrat has beaten j
Godwyn PopulistRepublican fusion I
candidate In the Seventh district the I
indications are that Howard Populst i
has a plurality over all opponents I
LITTLE ROCK Nov 4Late re
I turns Indicate that Bryans majority
will not exceed 35000 Congressman
I Terry ran 3000 ahead of Bryan in this
city All the Democratic candidates for
congress are elected by increased ma
I jorities They are as follows First
district P D McCuIlough Second J
S Little Third T C McRae Fourth
W L Terry Fifth H A Dinsmore
Sixth S Brundrldge jr
DENVER Nov 4There is no change
in the figures given out last night from
i I Colorado except that the election of
governor is in doubt I will be close
I i and an official count necessary
SAN FRANCISCO Nov California is
safe for McKinley This statement Is
warranted by the latest returns Chair
man McLaughlin of the Republican state
commltt positively states that Califor
nia has gone for the Republican candidate
by SMO Republican papers in this city i
give the majority as ranging from 5000 to i
10COO and the San Francisco Examiner
Democrat concedes the state to McKIn
lev by 3CCO Up to a late hour tonight
i returns had been received from 1S7G out
j of 2377 precincts These place McKinley
In the lead by s3 eP figures stand
ing McKinley 128795 Bryan 121438 The
count of the vote on the national ticket
was completed In San Francisco earty I
this afternoon McKinley received 31143
and Bryan 31005 This result created con
siderable surprise as the Republican man
agers had expected McKinley to carry
the city by at least 5000
I Alameda county Is the banner Repub
lican county of the state this year glv
In < McKinley 13378 Bryan IH6 Jear ma
jority of 5032 for the head of the ticket
Humboldt county generally Democratic
which gave a majority for the Populist
candidate for governor two years azo
has evidently gone Republican by from
0 to O gne
San Joaquin county which cast its vole
overwhelmingly for Budd Democrat for
governor in lEt Is carried by Bryan by
oaly Ci votes McKinley carries Santa
Clara county by about 1000 the Demo
cratic strongholds in the county han
gone Republican or given greatly reduced
Five Republicans and two Democrats
will probably be sent to congress Ma
guiro Democrat In the Fourth district
and De Vrles fusion In the Second are
certain of election Barham CR In the
Fifth Hllborn C In the Third and Loud
R in the Fifth are safe beyond a doubt
I Mclaughlin R in the Sixth and ISox
I ers R in the Seventh arc leading by a
I narrow manr and the result will be
i The legislature will be controlled in
i both branches by the Republicans who
have 17 of the 20 holdover senators In
I San Francisco the Democrats elect four
our of five senators and 1 out of 18 as
semblymen In the outside counties the
Republicans made numerous gains the
I fusion vote having had but little appar
ent effect
Following are returns from congres
J sional district First f precincts out of
140 give l cI Rep 16010 Cutler
I 339 out of 161 I precincts give Johnson
I Rep 16020 Devrey Dem 20424
2H out of 2fi7 precincts give Wbarne
I Rep 19U7 English Dem USES
Ix > s Angeles Cal Bryan has cred
o thIs county by at least 3000 majority a
gain of 7000 and California Uv a large
malority AVM n BRUSKE
HARTFORD Conn Nov 4 McKin
ley has swept the state by about 50000
j plurality in a total vote of 170000 Lor
Ine A Cook of Winstead Republican
is elected governor by a plurality of
i perhaps 35000 The four Republican
congressmen are all elected by majori
ties ranging from 6000 to 15000 The
legislature will have a Republican ma
jority of 192 on joint ballot insuring the
election of United States Senator Or
vIe H Platt to succeed himself
NE WHAVEN Conn Nov 4The
states plurality for McKinley Is estimated I
mated at 40000 All towns show great
Republican gains In some of the
smaller towns Bryan Is running behind
the Prohibition vote From reports
thus far received Bryan hat only car1
ried one town In Connecticut Naugu i
tuck All four Republican congress
men are elected The vote of Connecticut
cut Is estimated as follows McKinley
105000 Bryan 50000 Palmer 10000
McKinleys plurality 53000
G Shaw one of the McKinley candl
dates for elector was on both the Re
publican and Union Republican tickets j
On the Union Republican ticket in I
Newcast county Sr was added to I j
his name I
1 m I
S v L evu vune bLU
James G Shaw the votes keeping
I tally only on the head of the Repub
lican ticket Others kept a tally for
both names and so made returns To
I what extent thin has been done will
not be known until Thursday Then
much will depend on the action of the
11 oI i f
I I board of canvass If the intent of the
j voters is to be taken Shaw will be
j I given tIe entire vote but If an attempt
Is made to show that two men were
really voted for it may result In los
ing one vote for McKinley
outlook tonight s that t ilis McKinley
electors will have t plurality of 2000
Some rural districts are stil missing
but the indications are that the Demo
crats will have a majority on joint
ballot In the legislature which will
elect a United States senator
Tunnell Democrat for governor and
Handy Free Silver Democrat for Con
gress are elected
ATLANTA Ga Nov 4There is i no
doubt about the election of each of the
1 Democratic nominees for congress In i i
Georgia The aggregate Democratic i 1
majority of the state is abut 00000 for i I
congressmen and approximately the
same for Bryan and Sewall
SAVANNAH Ga Nov Chatham i
county gives Lester Democrat for con
gress 2835 Doyle Republican 1377
Miller Populist 253 Bryan 2507 Mc
Kne 1703 Palmer 521 Populist 92
> h
I j Prohibition 43 Bryans majority In
Chatham 14S Atkinson Democrat for
governor had a majority about a month
ago of 4700
MACON Ga Nov 4 Ever county
i In the Sixth congressional district gives
i a majority for Bartlet
majoriy Bartet congressman
and Bryan Bryans majority In the
district probably 5830 Bartletts ma
1 jority 5000 5
i DES MOINES Ia Nov 3Iowa re
turns to 930 p mare chiefly from
rural precincts They indicate uniform
Republican gains The Republican
state committee now claims the state
by 100000 and the Democrats still re
fuse to make a statement declaring
their returns are not sufficiently complete
sufclentJ cm
plete They admit however that the
situation is against them Indications
are that the Republicans elect all of
the 1 Iowa congressmen
DES MOINES la Nov 3The vote
In Iowa will be far the largest ever
known probably reachins 475000 I
was cast very early Reports to the
state committees to 6 oclock indicate
that the Republican party workers are
claiming great gains all over the state
while the Democrats insist that the
count will give them the state The
Republican state committee now confidently
dently predicts the state will go 100000
for McKinley This is Secretary Tey
nors statement
DES MOINES Nov 3The heavy
vote in Iowa counts very slowly Scat
tering returns chiefly from rural pre
cincts where the Republican expected
to be weakest Indicate that the state
Republican committees claim of 75000
plurality for McKinley will be bettered
I and 100000 seems likely to be reached
Palmer and Buckner will poll a very
light vote probably not over 6000
I Secretary Rainer of the Republican
committee at S oclock claims the state
by 85000 The Democratic committee
j refuses to make a statement claiming
the returns are too meagre The Re
I publican committee claims to have
elected all the 1 congressmen In Iowa
but no returns have been received as
I yet from the Second and Seventh dis
I tricts
I DES MOINES Nov 4The returns
I from Iowa are not yet complete but
Indicate that the national Republican
ticket has carried the state by not less
than 70000 and probably 80000 plural
ity over the fusion Democrats and
Populists Palmer and Buckner will
receive not over 4000 votes The sound
money Democratic committee claims
that from 40000 to 50000 Democrats
voted for McKinley About onefourth
I of the fusion vote is cast by the Popu
The Republican state ticket headed
by secretary of state and Including
I auditor treasurer supreme judge at
torneygeneral and railroad commis I
i I slener I is elected by about the same I
figures as the national ticket The fu I I
sion extended to state and con
gressional tickets The Republicans
have elected the entire 1 congressmen
by the following pluralities First dls
trict S M Clark 4500 Second George
M Curtis 3500 Third D B Hender j j
son 9000 Thomas Updegfaff 8000 I I
Fifth R G Cousins 9000 Sixth John
F Lacey 200 Seventh J W Hull I
8000 Eighth W P Hepburn 1500 i i
Ninth A L Hagar 4000 Tenth J P i
Dolliver 14000 Eleventh George G
Perkins 12000
been a day of uncertainty and anxiety i
In Indiana There was in the late re j i I
I turns last night and in those up to i
noon today a steady decline in the per j I I
I centage of Republican gains as the I I
country precincts in
countrJ cams causing the
I Democrats to claim the state The bul I I
letin boards have been surrounded all
I day with vast crowds of people making 1
I the streets impassable They stood in
the rain and cheered the slightest in
I dlc ton of anything favorable to their
side of the case in Indiana but they I
had no patience for returns from other
states apparently being convinced that
i all depended upon Indiana The re
turns to the Democratic state commit I
tee are very meagre but do not differ
materially from the Republican returns
I from the same counties There are 92 I
I counties in the I
countes state Complete returns I
I from 62 of these with the others estimated
mated from very nearly complete r I
turnes favor McKinley by 21908 Re i I i
I turns entire cannot change these figures I
more than a thousand at most These
returns for the most part come In the I
shape of pluralities by counties and I
the vote cannot be given until the
official count is made tomorrow
The Republicans have carried both I
branches of the legislature
They have elected nine congressmen
and the fusionists I
have elected one sli
ver Republican and three Democrats onE
The following have been elected
James A Hemenway Rep W R
l1yers Dem W T Zener Dem
W S Holman Dem
George W Faris
Rep Henry W Johnson Rep
Jesse Overstreet Rep Charles L I
Henry Rep Joseph E Cheadle Sil
ver Rep E D Crumpacker S11
George AV Steele
Rep W F Robin I
son Dem W A Rose Rep
oclock tonight Chairman Martin of the
Democratic state committee conceded
the state to McKinley by 23000 but
claimed the election of 5 congressmen
Mlers in the Second district conrssmen Senior In I
the Third Holman In the Fourth
Cheadle in the Ninth and Robinson In
the Twelfth The Republicans concede
all these but Cheadle
al b1t claiming the
election of Landis by 500
county complete election returns give I
Bryan 1394 plurality I gave CleVe
land 4580 in 1892
Sixty counties including Marion
show net Republican gains 26518
A1NCENNES Ind Nov 4Bryan
carried Knox county by 500 majorIty
slight gain over 1892 majcrlr >
elected to congress In Second district
CINCINNATI 0 Nov 4 district
special n1 1 from Indianapolis U Ind at 91
I v uv aLa ruiy counties in Indiana
I give McKinley 27000 plurality State
will give McKinley 20000
CHICAGO Nov 4 Returns from the
state are coming in very slowly but
j I bear out early estimates of a majority
exceeding 100000 for McKinley In Chi
j cago Tanner polled 30000 votes less than
the head of the ticket buthe ran ahead
In many country districts and I Is be
lieved he wU not be far behind ilc
Kinley when the returns
KinleJ are all in
j The entire Cook county Republican
ticket is elected
The tidal wave assures a Republican
I majority In both branches
The Democrats have elected three
I and possibly four pongressmea Those
elected are Hlnrlchsen In the Sixteenth
teenth Hunter In the Tenth and Jehu
Baker in the Twentyfirst congressional i
district In the Seventeenth Caldwell
Democrat claims his election and In
the Third after a close race Belknap
Republican defeated Darrow Demo
The gold Democrats polled less than
the 2 per cent required by law to give
It standing as a national party and so
have actually oassed out of existence
Both state and national headquarters
were closed today
TOPEKA Nov 4Fusion headquar
tore now claim Bryan electors by I
12COO state ticket by 13000 seven out
Ofeight congressmen five out of six I
judges of the appellate court and a ma
jority of 26 on joint ballot
S nOISE CJT1 Nov Notwithstand
ing recent stormy weather a large vote
YaS polled In Idaho today The estimated I
mated total vote will reach 28000 It is
mfted w1
j I now certain that Bryan electors have I
carried the state by a large majority
i and Democrat for
Steunenburg gov I
ernor is elected Indications also point
i to the election of a majority of the
S legislative ticket favorable to Dubois
i electors 690 McKinley 250 Peoples
i Democratic legislative and county
S ticket top to bottom elected
PARIS Ida Nov 4Paris Ovid
I Liberty Bloomington and Dingle pro
S Cincts give the following votes Kepub
I Jicans Legislature Senator Spence
70 representatives Hokansen 51
i I Wright 31 Silver Republicans senator I
Clark 92 representatives Shepherd
1 224 Patton 118 DemoPopulists sen
ator Rich 264 representatives Pug
mire 241 Wallantlne 219 The Demo
I Populists will carry the 3 member of
the legislature In this county and they I
are all pronounced antlDubois
i I FRANKLIN Ida Nov 4The vote I
for Bryan 5s 140 McKinley 20 Gunn
II Democrat 100 for congress Morrison
RpntlllHofln 97 fortns n I
I cratlc party is ahead in this precinct 3
I to 1
I BOISE Ida Nov 4As yet only in
I complete returns are received and
i I those from only few counties Bryan
j will carry the state by
wi cry tr a large majority
i The total goldbug vote will not exceed
I Indications now are that it vll be
less than 4000 The legislative ticket
j is much mixed and at present all est
mates are mere guesses In Elaine
county the Peoples party legislators
I are chosen The same Is true of Can
yon county Dubois wires he Is confident
I dent he has a sufficient number in the
legislature to elect him to the United
j States senate At any rate no gold i I
j bug will be returned from Idaho The
i McKInleyites will not elect a single
j man on the state ticket The congresr
atonal figSit i hctiveen Borah and
S Gunn with indications now pointing to i
S the election of Borah Morrison the
McKinley candidate Is defeated in his
county So far only small precinct re I
turns have been received
S BOISE Ida Nov Thirtynine pre
S cincts in Idaho out of 281 civs Bryan
I 3995 McKInley Sa9 Bryan majority
I will probably reach 13000 j
j I seems certain that Gunn Populst i
S who ran on DemocraticPopulist fusion
S ticket Is elected to congress over Bor I
I ah Silver Republican and Morrison j
I McKinley Republican I looks as
I though the entire DemocraticPopulist
state ticket is elected The legislature
4s overwhelmingly DemocraticPopulist I
Dubol is badly beaten In ten coun
ties heard from he has carried but I
two So far as can be heard from Du
bols loses Bear Lake Washington Fra
mont Bannock Latah and Elmore car
ryng Owyhee and Boise Out of 13
countlss heard from Idaho Nez Perce
and Shoshone in addition to the 10
before given Dubois has three Owyhee
Boise and Idaho with nine votes in the
legislature S I
n =
j the Courier Journal returns indicate
that McKinley has carried Kentucky
bY atlcast 2000 The Democratic vote
from the Tenth and Eleventh the
mountain districts Is now coming In
and shows Republican gains
ccJigresscnen elected First didtrCct j
Wheeler silver Democrat Second Ca
I rey stiver Democrat Thrd Rhea sil
ver DemocracPopuHst may be con
tested Fourto Smith silver Demo
crat Fifth Evans Republican Sixth
BCl sliver Democrat Seventh Set
tie silver Democrat Eighth Davlson
Republican Ninth Pugh Repubcan
I Tenth Frtzpatrick silver Democrat
Eleventh Colson Republican
LOUISVILLE Nov 4The Courier
Journal says In the first ten districts
Bryan leads McKinley by 11813 The
Eleventh district is expected to give
McKinley 14000 plurality Returns from
the Eleventh district with Leslie county
missing and also three precincts In
Bell two in Clay one In Letcher and
three in Perry give McKinley 1923
plurality I
Evan Settles majority over Colonel
W C P Brecklnridge for congress in
the Seventh district is about 1400 I
plurajlty in Kentucky at midnight is 1031
one Remibllcan county unreported
The Democrats tonight sent out from
Lexington 20 men to Investigate the vote
in the mountain counties which are all
Chairman Somers will make no state
ment but privately claims the state for
Bryan by a small majority
publlcats Secrerary Lcibeii c 5f ns I
Kentucky fcc McKinley by 2500 D < nio
cra > tlc Chairman JcCinston claims it for
Bryan by 2000 The Courier Journals
returns with 29 precincts mting sve
McKinley a plurality of 1231 1
NEW ORLEANS Nov Impossible
to compare figures with former elec I
tions owing to new Australian bajit
law which changes precincts Returny
from onehalf of the precincts In First
district indicate majority of 1000 for
silver candidate fdr congress Bryans I
majority about same Dispatch from
Senator Blanchard at Shreveport says
north Louisiana will give Bryan 30000
NEW ORLEANS Nov 3 Indica
tions point to Bryan carrying state by
20000 to 40000
NEW ORLEANS Nov Returns re
ceived indicate tInt Bras majority in
exceed 3000
Louisiana will exce 0
Returns at 10 p m Indicate that
Broussard Is elected In this district rank
In ll nmntl elefttn In tht
I 0
NEW ORLEANS Nov 4A special
to the Dally States dated San Antonio
Tex says Election in Twelfth con
gressional district doubtful slight
chance for Noonan Republican
DETROIT Nov 4The late returns
from the state continue to show Re
publican gains over the vote of 18D2
The leaders of the Republican party
in the upper peninsula claim that Mc
Kinleys plurality in that section will
reach 20000 and If the official figures
bear out their claim the Republicans
have carried the state by nearly 50000
Mayor Pingree of Detroit Republican
candidate for governor has carried the
state by fully GO GOO and runs more
than 10000 ahead of his ticket
The legislature is overwhelmingly
I Republican although the fusionists
have elected 22 representatives and 5
senators Two years ago John Dono
van was the only antiRepublican who
was elected In either branch
The Republicans hav carried 10 out
of the 12 congressional districts A M
Todd silver Democrat Is elected In the
Third district by a small plurality and
F A Brucker silver Democrat has de
feated W S Linton Republican by
about 1000 plurality
The Republicans have elected the al
lowing congressmen First district
John E Corliss Second George Spald
0 <
i ing Fourth N L Hamilton Fifth
William Aldersmith Sixth S W
SmIth Seventh Horace G Snover
Ninth Roswell P Bishop Tenth R O
Crump Eleventh W S Mesick
Twelfth T C Sheldon
The Republican pluralities for con
gressmen range from 1000 for Crump
tQ 12000 for Sheldon
JACKSON Miss Nov Congress j
men elected are j 1
R J Allen A W Fox T C Cath
ings W V Sullivan J S Williams W i
A Love Patt Henry j l
ocrats These are all Bryan and Sewall Dem
ST PAUL Nov Returns are suf
ficiently complete for Minnesota this
evening to indicate clearly how the
state has gone McKinley has a plural i
ity of perhaps a little more than 30000
having carried St Paul by 4400 and
Minneapolis by 6500 The Republicans i
also elect all of their state ticket I
was thought for awhlle this afternoon
that Clough Rep was defeated for
governor but returns received up to
S 1 p m show that he has defeated Lind
by a plurality of from 5000 to 10000 All
the rest of the ticket is elected by
20000 The Republicans also get all 1 of i
the seven congressmen Towne the sil
ver leader who made the race in the
< I
auiiu uisiriui is apparently ueieuieu uy
less that 500 The legislature is over
whelmingly Republican that party
having carried at least S of the 115 dis
I ST LOUIS Nov Chairman Cook
of the Democratic committee at 940
I advanced the figures of the majority
for Bryan from 40000 to 55000 Nearly
I all the cities are complete The few
I countrJ precinct returns received show
small gains for the Democrats Steph
I ens for governor against whom the
Republicans worked hardest suffered
I but in many places led his ticket
I There will be almost a reversal In the
political character of the congressional
delegation Late reports indicate the
I I election of the following First district
I S P Giles Second h N Bodine
Third A 3 r Docker Fourth George
I Crowther Rep Fifth W S Cow
herd Sixth D A Dearmond Seventh
John P Tracey Rep Eighth R P
I Bland Ninth Champ Clark Tenth
Richard Bartholdt Rep Eleventh
Charles F Joy Rep Twelfth C E I
Pearce Rep Thirteenth Edward
Rabbi Fourteenth W R Vandiver
tio t I
Fifteenth M E Benton
But five of these Crowther Tracey
Bartloldt Joy and Pearce are repub I
licans The Democrats have a major
ity of over 30 on joint ballot in the
state legislature and will elect a suc
cessor to Senator Vest
KANSAS CITY Nov 4 Returns
from this the Fifth congressional dis
trict except a few precincts which are
heavily Igrec give Cowherd
Dem for congress 3S79 majority
Three Democrats have been elected to I
congress from Missouri Fourth dis
trict C F Cochran Eighth Richard
P Bland Ninth Champ Clark I
BUTTE Nov 4Full returns in
Montana are not yet received but the
cities rind counties are all In and bear
I estimates previously sent out Bryans
majority will beabout 18000 Hart
man for congressman ran behind Bry
an but his majority Is large The en
tire state fusion ticket is elected and
the Democrats will have a majority in
both branches of the legislature
LINCOLN Nov 4 G a mThe State
Journal Rep says on the face of far
from comnlete returns the indications
are that Nebraska has been carried
by Bryan that Holcomb fusion for
governor and obably the entire fu
sion state ticket is elected but contends
that returns from strictly agricultural
districts where the middle of the road
Populist element Is strong may turn
the tide Every congressional district
Is in doubt
OMAHA Nov 4Six hundred and
seventyfive precincts outside of Doug
las and Lancaster counties Bryan
71235 McKinley 04601
Two hundred and seventy precincts
outside of Douglas and Lancaster
Holcomb for governor 25641 Maccoll
LINCOLN Nov 4Mr Bryans im
mediate friends reported this morning
that he did not consider the cause as
definitely lost but on the contrary he
considered that there was still ground
for hope of his success He had ex
pected that the first returns being
from the large cities would disappoint
OMAHA Neb Nov 4 Returns at
I this hour 6a m indicate Democrats
I and Populists have Nebraska by 12000 I
and elected four out of six congress
LINCOLN Neb Nov 4The indica
tions now are that Bryans plurality In
the state will be small
LINCOLN Neb Nov Wniiam J
Bryan has nci given up hops
PLo nerve cf the man under the
strata of last nigfot and today te won
detftil Ho s > pt like a top between
midnight and breakfast time His face
exLlbsd some signs of fatigue this
morning but his eye was dear Not
a sign of nervousness did ho show
vvftdlj talking to a few of tie news
I paper men who have been with him
in his tour through the status Occa
sionally a Folcal supporter who did
not know of Use under > andCng among
Mr aryans friends and neighbors net
to dLrturb him alt this time called at
the house and was cordially but quiet
ly received Mr Bryan did not appear
very despondent as he lay on a lounge
in his parlor He read bulletins and
private messages and commenied upon
them In an interesting way A re
assuring message from the chairman
of the national Democratic commlJjce
was received at 11 oclock but Mr
Bryun did not care to make it public
Kentucky athices too were f a com
rceuaile character Up to 1130 Mr
Bryan had no rErtemesC to give the
pitsa Like her husband Mrs Bryan
looked cheerful She atlended to her
household duties as though nothing
unusual was happening and superin
tended the opening cf bundles of souv
enirs of the campaign that came by
mall and express A number of pri
vate messages were delivered eo Mr
Bryan during the morning Chairman
Dahlman of the Nebraska Democratic
rfraCe central committee telephoned
from Omaha that the Democratic and
Peoples Independent or Bryan ticket
had carried the state by from 12000 to
15000 and that all the congressmen
with the possible exception of Duffy
In the Omaha district had been elected
One supporter sent congratulations on
Your magnificent fight and added
It was only four years from Bull Run
to Appomattox causing Mr Bryan a
good laugh
LINCOLN Neb Nov 4A small
election riot occurred this aiternoon In
froni of the Democratic headquarters
in Ninth street A large crowd of
Bryan supporters were receiving bul
letins wOmen a crowd of several hun
dred Republicans headed by a Unl
versfity Glee club attempted no force
a way through the crowd Fisticuffs
were Indulged In the windows of the
headquarters building smashed but
their wereno fatal or serious Injuries
The riot was soon queUed for sheer
lark of prmre In which to figti
LINCOLN Nov 4 Returns by coun
ties which began coming in today
merely serve to emphasise what was
I apparent early this morning that
j Bryan and the entire fusion state
ticket have carried in Nebraska The
plurality will not be sweeping but
each belated precinct which comes in
i seems to make more decisive the vIe
tory The Republicans have not yet
j ceased hoping and Chairman Post will
not concede defeat but It will take a
landslide in all the remote quarters of
the state to change the tide The Rc
publican defection seems to have been
largest in the cities and towns where
I heretofore has been their strength
Best estimates place the majority for
Bryan In the state at 7000 and it may
be slightly larger Holcomb fusion
for governor seems to be running
slightly ahead of the electoral ticket
Of the six congressional districts the
First is undoubtedly Republican by
i a narrow margin the Second Rcpub
Hcan the Fourth and Fifth in doubt
and the Third and Sixth fusion Few
figures have been received on the legis
lature but prospects for the Silver
Democrats and Populists controlling
both branches are the best
OMAHA Nov 4 Official returns
from Nebraska Including Lancaster
and Douglas counties the heavy Republican
lican strongholds up to Sp m give
Bryan 566S5McKInley 50605
I Holcomb fusion for governor 37151
Maccoll Republican 2S565
LINCOLN Neb Nov 4The scene
at the Bryan residence tonight was
much the same ay it was last evening
Mr Bryan who left the house only once
during the day and then to attend the
funeral of a neighbor did not remain
upstairs as he did last night but came
I dowiuinto tile library to receive the re
I turns Some of the bulletins that came
j In were of a reassuring character and
the Democratic candidate plainly
i showed by his manner that he felt
i more encouraged A number of friends
i who had held aloof yesterday and to
day dropped in and chatted pleasantly
with him Mrs Bryan also helped en
tertain the visitors Like her husband
I svie seemed In good spirits Many of
j the telephone messages from friends
I and supporters concernnjj the result
j were answerd by Mr Bryan personally
I He talked very conservatively Indlcat
j log in his replies to these inquiries that
official counts In some cases might be
necessary to determine the retilt The
fictitious bulletins were read to a large
I crowd of Bryanites In the busIness pert
of Lincoln giving the election to he
Democrats They caused much excite
ment and a parade with Bryans pic
ture at the head was organized It
marched a few blocks those making
part in It cheering like mud
LINCOLN Nov 4air ryan has
received a number of telegrams asking
far definite information in regard to
I the election and has given ou > i tie fat
lowCsicr general answer
The Democratic ncittonal ccmniitee
cans enough ECOites to give a majorjy
in the electoral college but the vote 3
very close in several of ths twites and
the result cannot be known positively
until the en > lre vote Is couced In
all close contests It is wise for beth
sides to vateh the returns to guar
against the passiblety cf a mistake in
tentional or unif ictjDnaJ
Mr Ejyan went to bed sCicrtly be
fore 10 oclock He gold he would have
no statpjnert to make tonight
Journal Rep concedes that Bryin
has carried Nebraska by probably 5000
RALEIGH N C Nov National
Democratic committeeman Josephus
says Bryans majority in the state ap
proximates 15000 and he is absolutely
safe that the contest for governor Is
not yet certain but indications favor
the election of Russell 11 may take
an official count to determine The
Populists have elect1 congressmen In
I the First Third Fourth Sixth and
S Seventh districts the Democrats In the
I Fifth and Eighth Ileoubliana Jn the
Second are certain and the Ntnn p > oo
i able but the latter is in ioubt Sortie
i Republican in the Fifth Is dsrVatet
I j by 500 The legislature will hav < 70
Republicans 50 Democrats and 50 or
j j ullsts The Demotiati state chairman
I i predicts the elction of Con litun l > em
tcrat for Congress in the Eighth ilja
j i trict and has strong hops of the dee
I I tion of Adams in the Ninth The Re
j j publican state chairman says at 11
I i oclock the latest electoral
upon returns
turns that it will take the official count
to determine between Bryan and Mc
tvAidJIGH N C Nov 4At Demo
cratic fceadauarters Chairman Motley
says Returns from the state come in
slowly but Indicate Democratic rrans n
every county save two so far as hearth
from pains which if maintained are
ante to give Watson Dem a clear ma
jority for governor I think it pafe to say
he is clotted Bryans majority it now
seems will be not leas oman SJliOO It
think Kitchen and Doughton Dems
I are elected to > congress rtttm the Frtn ana
I Eighth districts respectvely Kltcisn
has made great gains In the Fiftii on
Settles vote in 1S31 I find that the Re
publican state chairman is basins ail hIs
estimates on the state on the vote cf 11n2 >
when we had 400CD niratr
Republican State Onairmau Holton said
at 1130 oclock I have IK information i
as to the Fifth district save as to Gml I
ford and Stokes counties both of which j I
Co Republican Settles election is douoti i
ful As to other congressmen Person
of the Ninth telegraphed that he Is safe i
I think he Is beyond doubt I think we
elect Linney In the Eighth There la no
definite news as to Fowler In the TMd
I fee sure ot Skinner In the fitit
Strcud in the Fourth Martin In
the Sixth and Shuacrm In tie
Seventh are elected I have no fltures
on the vote for governor Twemane
counties heard from give a Republican
gain of 20000 over the vote of 1832 arid
lose only SO McKinley will carry the
state bv 25000 If the ratio keeps up within
50 per cent of my reports
oTIr rvimrVT vetrne frfm KTtMI1 n
show that the rtate has gone for Bryan
by afeccC 9000 In the First coaces
siohal cCsrlrict S M Sparkman silver
Democrat Is reelected by ttbOirjuuO
pluraCtty In the Second cu jct Eta
ert WEavis silver Democrat is elected
by a plurality of aiout 4000
BISMARCK Nov Enough Is
known to show that the state has gone
for McKinley by at least 3000 The
northern Populist counties have not
come up with the esnected Populist
majorities The Republicans have
elected their state ticket by cafe ma
jorities and Johnson Repis reelected
to congress by 3000 legislature is
Republican by 15 on joint ballot
NORTH DAKOTA Nov 4 Special
to the Argus from Bismarck says Re
turns from Missouri slope counties
show unusual Republican majorities
All legislative districts Republican
CARSON Nev Nov 4The total
vote cast In Nevada was about 12000
of which McKinley will receive about
2500 and Bryan the balance according
to the returns which have thus far
been received The returns Indicate
the election of Newlands SIlver Dem
for congress and every other candidate
on the silver Democratic ticket
CARSON Nov 4 = Returr3 from
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Pay No Attention to the Wild
Claims of Repub
Samples of Republican Enter
Tick Now Resorted to hut n Ripc
tltion of the Scnndulou Work ot
1SS4 ami 1S7 YVnjihbnrn Ule
pmtlon of Posltlve Ellen ot
Attempt ut Fmuil AVhy the Re
turn Are Being Hold Rack
CHICAGO Nov 4The following
statement of the presidential situation
was issued tonight by Chairman Wash
burn of the Chicago headquarters Peo
ples party conrmittep
To the voters of the United States
Our facilities for receiving the elec
tion returns are equal to any We know
from private advices and the returns
up to date that McKinley is not elected
On the other hand the latest returns
justify our claim that Mr Bryan is
elected I I one of the peculiarities
of Rfuhlca enterprise that they al
ways claim everything in sight d few
hours after election
In 1S76 as well a in 1SS4 I was not
known for three or four days which
candidate had won Although the
early returns indicated Republican suc
cess Democratic success followed
Again four years ago the early returns
favored Harrisons election while the
subsequent returns elected Cleveland
This year the early returns favored
McKinley because they came from th
eastern and middle states and from tre
cities of other states while the returns
from the south and west were with
held so as to stampede public sent
ment that McKinley was elected
whether he was or not and thus create
I c sentiment In advance which would
operate to hlsylvantaie in case the
election was contestHir wJille on the
t other hand had the first returns an
nounced Bryans cess and a contest
resulted there would be an uprising of
the people through fear of a repetition
t of the Tllden episode
We have positive evidence that the
I Republican national committee have
wired their state committees to claim
certain states which ae in doubt fear
I I ing that the subsequent returns might
i indicate Bryans election We shall
i soon vigorously press the question viz
r I it Is not for the purpo of manipu
lating them why are they held back
I We want the Amercan people to be
j patient and wait for the official returns
and pay no attention to these reports
1 < ° nt onz bv mrmimlatinsr committees
We also feel justified In assuring the
j people that if Bryan is elected he will
I be seated The will of the people wilt
1 never again b defeated through the
manipulation of returning boards 0 >
capture the presidency The political
I j peated crme of SI will ba resisted if r
The returns this evening indicate
that Mr Bryan will carry all of th
states wet of the Missouri river and
south of the Ohio and Potomac which
without Maryland and Delaware make
I 203 votes Delaware is stIll in doubt
but we are sure of one electoral vote
which makes 210 Add to ths Michigan
14 votes or Indiana 15 votes ani K Ii
sures Bryans election The returns
from both of these states now sh w
positive galnr for Bryan in all of the
suburban districts The claims of the
Republicans were based upon the re
ports of the cUes Now that w > are
hearing from the country the sltua
tion is rapidly changing The Repub
Means are becoming alarmed and the
silverites triumphant In the belief that
Bryan will be our nest president
Chairman Chicago Branch Peoples
Party National Executive Committee
Result One IH Dying and Other
Undly Injured I
WINCHESTER Ky Nov 4A fight
occurred in Pointersville this evening
in which Henry Young colored was
shot through the right breast Canly
I east
UU1T < Ulunu uv Lue b
and had one c his legs
broken Harry Haggard colored
wounded in the leg Tucker An
i derson and John T Jones jr whitE
I I each shot in the leg Young cannot re
cover The others are not seriously
hurt The trouble arose over an at
I tempted arrest of Billy and Bob Hag
gard colored for misdemeanor A
number of men are patrolling the
streets with shotguns and further
I trouble i expected
Said to lon Cnrrietl Kansas by I
Small Majority
TOPEKA Kan Nov 4Bryan
and Sewall have carried Kansas by
a small plurality but the state
ticket is in doubt The Populists
have elected RIdgPley to congress
in the Third olstrict Vincent in the
Fourth McCormick In the Sixth
and Simpson in the Seventh They
claim the congressman at large
The Republicans have elected Brad
erick to congress in the First district
trict Harris in the Second and
Curtis in the Fourth They also
claim the congressman at large
The legislature Is in doubt Both
th Republicans and Populists
claim It
1 1

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