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I q < I II
Huffs S
1 HuffsGflfl
I 7
j Statement Made by the Re
t publican National
1 Committee
f j J
Tw < Hundred and Sixtyfour
il T Votes Assured
Bat11 of the Claim Mnfleln tiie DIs
nntutl States Kcntncliy North
1 Carolina and Wyoming in Doubt
the Chances Aliout Even In
1 IVitli tie En
q Tliose Three States So Hope for
CHICAGO Nov 4The following
t signed statement was issued from Re
publican headquarters tonight
Considering the wild rumors which
I are being circulated throughout the
country xve deem I proper and advis
7 able to state the result of the election
asIndicated by the returns and con
firmed by telegrams to this office from
l the chairmen of the state committees
and the members of the national com
mittee in the several states JMcKinley
has carried beyond a doubt a suf
ha ficient number of states so that his
10 vote In the electoral college will not be
less than 2G4 These states are the
J les following with the electoral vote of
each state
4 California 9
Connecticut 6
Delaware 3
Illinois 2 24
Indiana 15
Iowa 13
Maine 6
Maryland °
I lIaryland
Massachusetts Jo
I Michigan 14
Minnesota 4
New Hampshire 4
I New Jersey 10
rJew York 3C
North Dakota 3
Ohio 23
Oregon 4
Pennsylvania 32
Rhode Island 4
South Dakota 4
Vermont 4
West Virginia 6
Wisconsin 1
Total 264
In addition to these the states of
Kentucky North Carolina and Wyo
ming are In doubt With the chances
about even in the three states al
though the Republicans in Kentucky
claim that the state will give its elec
j toral vote to McKinley by a majority
ofnot less than 3090
I Is proper to give the basis of the
claims in the disputed states Advices
late this evening from California from
a member of the national committee in
San Francisco place the majority in
E that state at 3000 This is confirmed
by press reports Telegrams from In
diana from the chairman of the Re
publican central committee and the
members of the national committee
j show that the state has given not less
1 than 25000 and probably over 30000
I for McKnley and that the Republic
j ans have elected all members of con
gress aud carried the legislature by a
majoiity it of 40 on joint ballot
Telegrams from North and South Da
kota which have been confirmed by
the press reports received place the
majorities in these states at a little
more than 5000 in South Dakota and
about 3500 in North Dakota In South
Dakota we have elected the entire
state ticket and carried the legislature
In North Dakota the legislatureis in
doubt The > is no possible foundation
for the report being circulated that
I Mr Bryan has carried any of the
1 states placed In the sure column for
A late telegram from Chairman
Gowdy of the Indiana Republican com
mittee stated A conservative esti
mitee est
I mate gives McKinley 20000 majority in I
Indiana Ten congressmen sure hope
e for 1 with both branches of the legis I
lature Republican A telegram to I
h headquarters stated that chances In
Wyonling were about even Two re
mote counties were unheard from also
I large precincts in other counties From
i all precincts heard from s far there I
is a small majority for McKinley
Many There Are VTio Are Loth to
Give Vn the Flslit
headquarters were quiet tonight but a
number o hopeful followers of Mr
Bryan were there and declined to give
up the figfct A statement a given
out t the effect that Brian ha cair
red every southern state except Wes
Virginia Maryland and possibly Ken
tucky but It was thought < ho latter
etete would swing in line Bran it
I vtas sad had carried every state Aveert
t of the Missouri river except California
Oregon and North Dot all of which
i is cJafaneid would probably go for
I him on later returns Indiana and Min
nesclta were in doubt and I they weni
for Bryan it would elect him
Sliver men K was claimed would
have over 150 members In tie house cf
represeuuaftives and it m aibsoIutely
< certain timed he silver ir ° n would con t
trol the next senate I was further
stated tit < the Populists had electvd
over 20 congressnvn have secured
governors in probably three stales and
I certain States Of this in w or three more
At Democraplc headquarters S
ator Faulkner by no means conceded
Bryans defeat He was still hopeful
that later returns would prove favor I I
s able to the Democratic candidate He I
1 was anxiously awaiting returns from
Kentucky which would change the
t complexion > of the situation I
Inv the News of tae Election WaN
Received I
LONDON Nov Liverpool com I
mercial and shipping circles are well
satisfied with the result of the presi I
dential election In the United States
When McKinleys alleged majority was
made known on the stock exchange I
this afternoon the speculators became
greatly excited The exchange was
crowded at an early hour and the bid
ding at the opening was very active II
resulting In advances In prfc s as hIgh
as 6 i > er cen t
In Glasgow mercantile circles it Is
believed that the result of the election
will stimulate exports to the United I
States and there is a desire to rush
export trade as much a possible be
fore McKinley takes his seat the gen
eral expectation being that a high ta
iff of at least 2 cents will be Imposed
upon sugar A leading l merehant of 1 j
Glasgow said to a reporter for the
United Associated Pcsse today that
the speculator will not be likely to Jose I
< r
anything even at the tariff mentioned
I I seeing that sugar Is selling at 3s a
hundredweight The expectation In
mercantile circles is that Americans
1 ill buy largely for December Janu
j ary and February leaving Europe
i bare No doubt is entertained that
there will We a rush In the woolens
I and soft go d markets or that the
Iron and stoel traders will be so busy
that the delivery of goods before
March 1897 wlU be virtually impossi
ble Shipowners do not expect to reap
any benefit from the election as most
steamers are already chartered for the
opening months of 1S97
The glass exchange was strong to
day in all departments
United Press Figures on How it
IWiff Be Cast
NEW YORK Nov Returns received
today and tonight by the United Asso
ciated Presses reduce the doubtful states
to tw < Kentucky and South Dakota
Washington Wyoming Kansas and Ne
braska of the states which were in doubt
last n ht are transferred to the Bryan
column and Delaware Oregon and Indi
ana are DIn ed in the McKinley column
The vote i Kentuclty is close but ad
vices Indicate that the state is probably
Republican ay a small plurality The
latest returns Indicate that the electoral
lows vote of the states will be cast as fol
States Kinley Bryan
Alabama i u
Arkansas t g
CaliTdrnia 9
Colorado 4
Connecticut c
Delaware 3
Florida 4
Georgia 13
Idaho i 3
Illinois T > 24
i i
Indiana 15
Iowa 13
Kansas 10
Louisiana 8
Maine G
Maryland s
Massachusetts 15
SUchigan 11
Minnesota 9
Miseisspui 9
Missouri 17
Montana 3
Nebraska 8
Nevada i 3
New Hampshire 4
Xew Jersey 10
New York 36
North Carolina < u
North Dakota r t
Ohio 2
Oregon 4
Pennsylvania 3
Rhode Island 4
South Carolina 9
South Dakota
Tennessee 12 i
Texas 1
Utah 3
Vermont 4
Virginia 1
Washington 4 i
West Virginia G
r 19
Wisconsin 12
Wyoming 3
Totals 2 170 i
Necessary to choice 224
TIle Sims FiJI >
Sun will say tomorrow that returns do i
not materially alter its figures here
tofore given McKinley is elected by a
large plurality in the electoral collet
having 28T votes There are several
close 1 state most of which the Sun i
gives to Bryan but it adds that if all
the close states are given to Bryan 1
McKinley will still have a safe margin
The new house of representatives will
stand 232 Republicans 105 Democrats I
3 gold Democrats und 17 Populists Xtw I
271652 York states plurality for McKinley is
PARIS Nov 4Theie is general jubila
tion In the American qyfirtervover Mc
Klnlevs election Banker and insurance
men are especially grateful Hon James
Reed United States consul general in i
Pars during the FrancoPrussian vir anl 1
later United States minister to Greece
describes the election of McKinley as a i
ct n of common sense
KEY WEST Fla Nov 4One thou
sand men from Macros camp crossed the
I Trocha abu three days past with the
intention of joining the army of the cen
tral deorments I i
NEW YORK Nov A Consul General
Fitzhush Lee was a passenger on board
the Ward line steamer Vgiiaicia viien
arrived in Quarantine tonight from
Havana Owing to the lateness of the
hour the ceneral could not b < seen
From The Eastern Ogre or St
George to the Rescue by W T
Stead in November Review of Reviews
Iii thE course of the itation I re
gret very much t have seen man ex
pressions of irritation and of indigna
tion at the conduct of Russia Mr <
Gladstone himself not being aito
Stther gullJeJS in ths iet U
h a case In which we shoaM do well
to take the beam out of our own eye
befoife raving at the mote in the eye
of the Russian In view ot the evi
dence now patent to all men a to
the real essential nature of Turkish
rule i ngkmds attitude toward liusia
ought certainly nov to b that of resentment
sentment o of indignation uranc
lag that f the moment the policy
of rtserve and of inaction adopted by
Russia Is most deplorable in the in
terests of humanny it i but a pass
ing ppkodg oi a few months at the
most But Englands attitude for
50 years has been just that wmca
Itusea h8 adopted within the Hit
12 months lt us grant i you pIta v
the worst that can be said
wor cn si a ins
Russian policy the effect 01 whcn has
been to sure the 12 months Jonger lease
of immunity to the assassin of SLam
toul What Js that compared with the
guilt which we have incurred by our
persistent support of the urkish mis
rule a suppwt persisted in for gentra
tln after gfeneravlon and that not J
merely by the adoption of a passive I
pokey of nonintervention on behalf of i
the assassin and his predecessors
New York Letter Sr Morrison re
counted two anecdotes in his exper I
iences in playing Faust At onv plac j
the trap door through which he disap
act refused to work
pears in the fifth t
and to use his expression his plume j
stood erect
stoo erect
Cant you open I lie asked In an t
excited tone I
There wsys an awful pau5e for I mo
ment when tay in the gallery some
body sung 6ut
Holy Mp ut hells full
At another time while breakfasting
at a hotel h5 noticed that the colored
waiter whci brought him his meal kept
staring atihyn He told the waiter
that he migatfeo When I need you
he added Pwlll send for you
Need meexclaimed the waiter In
evident reepllection of Mephisto Say
Mr Morrwon I went to your show
last night
And hot did you like it I
Like ill Say Mr Morrison that
last scene was awful but one thing
consoled me I couldnt see any nlg er j
in hell
Tramp You may not believe i but I
was oars pp editor
Benevolent Gentleman To what do you
attlrbute your rise In life
Lady of the House You gay you would
like me to do Uttle sewing for you
Tramp Yes mum I have a button
here and if you would Few a shirt on jt
1 would be much obliged
r <
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small outside precincts coming very
sorv AIT however gtvftJStyscn and
I Sew all large majorities ttilso gfve en
tire silver Democratic siafte ticket ma
jorities Newland3 Is sure Cft be returned
I turned to congress ac < l Jonesto inc
senate Silver Democrats 1 have a
ma lou l ti in legislature on joint bal
NEW YORK Nov 4S a mMc
Kinleys plurality in New York is estimated
mated at 303000 l
NEW YORK Nov 4Later figures
given out at police headquarters make
the vote on congressman in the Ninth
as follow Bradley Tammany Deru
I I 10835 Campbell Rep and sound
money Dem 8210 De Leon Social
I istLabor 4110 Last night with
three precincts missing Campbells
votes was 49 in excess of Bradleys
NEW YORK Nov Corrected re
turns from all counties in New York
state give McKinley a plurality of
266078 Only one county Schoharie
was carried by Bryan
NEW YORK Nov 4Careful revis
ion of the returns for assemblymen In
the 150 districts in this state make lit
tle change in the list sent out by the
United Associated Presses last night
The totals stand 114 Republicans and
I 36 Democrats
I Revision of New York citys vote for
president with four election districts
missing McKinley 152330 Bryan 134
2S7 Palmer 5615 Mitchell vSociallst
Labor 7304 McKime over Bryau
Revision of the city vote for gov
ernor with S districts missing Black
Republican 140135 Porter Democrat
130726 Griffin national Democrat
S0070 Balkan Socialist Labor
Socialst 8433
plack over Porter 6413
CONCORD N H Nov 3Returns
are coming in very slow but enough
have been received fo show nougn
Republicans have a sweeping majority
in this state Everything seems to
portend a veritable landslide
I CANTON 0 Nov 4There was not
much sleep in the McKinley household
1 last night I was nearly 1 oclock
when Major McKinley got to bed and
the noise on the streets increased rather
than diminished In volume as thedark
I ness fled Major McKinley was thor
I oughly rested aparently at 9 oclock
I this morning and seems to find victory
i a wonderful tonic He has been reedy
j Ing private telegrams from political
I managers since he got up and there is
no abatement in the flood of congratu
latory messages Chairman Dawson
of West Virginia wires that from pres
ent indications the Late will give more
than 15000 plurality for McKinley
A private dispatch from Oregon this
morning says that state will give not
less than 6000 for McKinley The fol
lowing states are certain for McKinley
and will give him 242 electoral votes
Connecucut Maine New
I Vermont New Jersey New York
I Rhode Island Delaware Wisconsin
I Pennsylvania Ohio Indiana Illinois
Iowa Maryland Michigan Minnesota
i Probable California North Dakota
South Dakota West Virginia Wyo
1 ming Watnington and Kentucky d
in 45 electoral votes
i I Edward Skinner president of the
i Sound Money club of St Louis tele
I graphs Major McKinley that St Louis
I will give the 30000 plurality promised
by him to Major McKinley when he
visited Canton a few weeks ago
One of the first and warmest tele
grams of congratulation Major McKin
r ley received after his election was as
sured came from Senatorelect J B
COLUMBUS Nov Chairman
KeeLs of the Republican state executive
I committee issued a bulletin tonight
shoA Irg that SC out of 8 counties cl
te cate give Republican gains over
tae Republican plurality o last year
I of 12450 and Democratic gains of 50632
This is a net DemocraJc gain of 3S1S7
love the vote of last year and shows a
I Republican plurality hi the state of
54440 Estimating the result in iah2 1 otoer
two counties Morrow and Stark at
1500 pluraJy the Republican electoral
jck E t phjly in Oho is 52940
CINCINNATI 0 Nov 4The great
est excitement exist in this oty over
the election situation tonight AtlO
oclock an immense crowd packed in the
streets in front of the Enquirer office
where bulletins from the Democratic
national headquarters are being dis
played The late returns have revived
hope in the breast of the disheartened
Democrats and they filled the air with
their shouts A procession auoiu a
block in length headed by t brass
bana is parading the tvreets through
the rain cheering for Bryan
CANTON 0 Nov 4ajor McKin
ley fed a good rest this afternoon and
spent the eary part of tae evening in
lus library surrounded by a group of
friends and newtpapei men He was
vslted by three delegations today
They came from Minerva Carrollton
and Cleveland in this state The Cleve
land delegation included the neatly
unifromed Republican club of the
Thirtyninth ward Major McKinley
made no speeches but uppeared for a
snort time on the porch and bowed to
his slors f
Major McKinley has received all of
his news today from the bulletins of
the United Associated Presses LMVC
some dispatches which came over is
private wire The election news ser
vice of the United Associated Presses
has been highly appreciated by Major
McKinley and his Canton friends who
asiert that for accuracy and compre
hensiveness it has not been equalled
Canton a thrown Into a state of
gloomy excitement this afternoon oy
th publication of a bulletin issued by
the Chicago Associated Press stating
mat I only alt electoral votes were cer
tain for McKinley There was a feel
ing of panic for a time and Major Mc
Kinleys telephone was kept busy an
Lwering questions of anxious Inquirers I
This same bulletin was printed in many
of the smaller Ohio cities and has
caused no end of annoyances
Telegrams of congratulation are stil2
pouring in T B Reed telegraphed
t Major McKinley from San Francisco
Congratulations on the success of the
Union California also sterns safe I
Mayor Strong of New York wired I
The citizens of New York would be
delighted to give you a reception In the I
governors room In the city hall at as
early a day as possible and I offer you
and your good wife the hospitality of I
my home during your stay In the city
Other telegrams were received
PORTLAND Nov 4Complete fig
ures from only sIX out of 32 cciirUs
have been heard from A nearly com
plete count from all bus six counties
give 31954 for McKinley and 31709 for
Bryan McKinleys majority is i 3243
Canvass of Portland and Multnomah
county was completed today The to
tal VJte for McKlnley is 11832 Bryan I
6454 The vote for Palmer and Buck
ner in this state Is running very light
and Secretary Wells of the state league I
of RepuWlsan clubs estimates that the
gold standard men will net foil over
500 votes In the srtate
The Oregonian the leading Repub I
lican organ of the northwest acknowl
edges credit is due to the gold stand
ard DemocrsD3 tor McKInleys ma I
jority for had they ntn voted vyith le
Republicans Bryan would probably
have cariad the state
PORTLAND 4 Practic
PORTLA Ore Noy 4Pxa tc
ally complete returns from 26 out of
the 32 counties in Oregon give ilcKin
i I ley 24S54 Bryaa SWCCf iMcKlnley f
majority In the state 3243
j Estimated returns from thp other
I t t six counties which are small do not
niaterially alter these figures The
j city of Portland complete gives Mc
Kinley 5354 majority
j I cent Pennsylvania house of representa
tives w composed of 115 Republicans
and 29 Democrats An entire new body
I of 204 members was chosen at this
election Of this number the Republic
I ans have so far as known elected 145
I and the Democrats IS
lOwIng to the enormous size of the
I ballot figures especially those in Phil
I adelphia are hard to get at Rough
reports received however go to show
I that McKinley will have over 110000
majority in Philadelphia and the state
J wH swell this by nearly 20000 more
j Tills is the greatest Republican major
ity ever given by the state
i i The Republicans lose two congret
men in this city Congressman Mc
i Aleer defeated Congressman Hailer
I man In the Third district and in the
I Seventeenth district Waller defeated
I Kulp The Democrats also elect their
two congressmen in the Eighth and
Ninth districts This about sums up
the Democratic success in Pennsyl
I vania
ed pluralities from every county in the
state including Philadelphia and Alle
gheny show a plurality of 259000 for
ley ha carried this city by 115650 plu
COLUMBUS S C Nov 455 a m
Only meagre returns had been received
from the various precincts In this state
Only a little over 100 out of 125 precincts
have been heard from They give the
Bryan ticket 10427 McKinley 3010 Palmer
Bran I is not thought that the total vote
will exceed 60000 votes and the same
ratio will probably be kept up The Mc
Kinley vote Is a divided one there beng
two Republican electoral tickets in the
field AU the Democratic congressional
nominees are easily elected
PIERRE S D Nov 4The returns
from South Dakota are exasperatingly
slow and the Indications are that the
I state has perhaps gone less than 100
for either Bryan or McKinley Returns
I tonight show Bryan gains Lawrence
county has just reported a majority of
fOO for Bryan The Republicans had
I been claiming that county all day A
majority of the counties seem to have
gone Populist and the legislature ap
pears at this hour to have a Populist
majority The Incomplete returns now
indicate that both Ponulist congress
men are elected and probably the Pop
ulist state officers I may take official
returns to decide South Dakota
present indications the legislature will
I be close on joint ballot and may possi
bly have a small majority for the all
I verites Thirtyfive thousand votes are
yet to be received and It may be im
I possible to know the result in this
I state tonight
PIERRE Nov 4The latest figures
I from South Dakota do not show 500
either way
ST PAUL Nov 42 a mSouth
I Dakota so close that it will take official
count McKinley now appears to lead
I by 627
MEMPHIS Nov Tennessee is
generally conceded t Bryan but the
gubsrnatcrral election at fills hour
1215 a m is exceedingly close oe
tween Taylor Democrat and Tillman
Republican Eatihr side claims iit and
the official count be
oflal cunt may necessary
Congress yniA results are certain to be
Frst district W P Brow Re
publican Second H R Gibson Re >
publican Third Q A Moore Demo
crat Fourth Benton McMillan Demo
Jnton IcIi
I crat Fifth Jf D Richardson Demo
crat Sixth J W Gaines Democrat
SeverJh N N Cox Democrat Eighth
T W Sims Democrat Ninth Rice
A Pierce Democrat I Tenth B W
Carmack In the Tenth district Car
mack sliver Democrat has a moJorMry
over Josiah Patterson gold Democrat
but the matter will 0 congested
AUSTIN Nov 4 LatQr and re
complete returns from all over the
state at 4a m show that Bryan and
Sevrall will have a plurality of from
30000 tc 40000 The state is claimed l
j by Culberson Dem for sovernor by
I 40000 I will bo a week before the
I complete returns are in
i DALLAS Nov Chairman Blake
I of the state Democratic committee
i still claims 75000 majority for the state
i ticket 100000 plurality for Bryan and
I i i Sewal and a full congresional della
j Chairman Green and his Republican
i associates do not concede this He
i claims McKlnley has 35000 to 50000
1 plurality and that Nearby Is elected
I governor He also claims the Demo
j I crats have not more than seven con
L L gressmen certain
j AUSTIN Nov 46 a mAfter a
careful count of all election returns at
I 5 a rn1 it is undoubtedly a fact that
i the Democrats will win the state na
I tional ticket and congresional delega
I lion by handsome majorities in all save
i the Tenth and Twelfth congressional
districts which are co ceded to the
I Republicans
HOUSTON Nov 4LaLsat estimates
I place Bryar3 plurality In Texas over
1 100000 and Culbersons DemocrasCc
nominee fo governor 80000 All the
j Democratic candidates for congress are
elected They are <
Firft district Ball Second Cooper
I Third De Giaffen Fourth Crawford
Fifth BaHey Sixth Burke sven l
I Henry Eighth Lanham Ninth Say
es Tenth Shelburne Eleventh Kle
Stevens burg Twelfth Slayden ThirtejnUi
The returns are coming closely
RICHMOND Nov 4130 a mThe
i majority for Bryan and Sewall in Vir
I ginia is 25000 Seven Democratic con
I gressmen are certainly elected Three
districts are In doubt
RICHMOND Nov 4 Walker Rep <
I Is elected In the Ninth district The
result between Yost Rep and Flood
Dem in the Third is close
I Both sides claim it The rest of the
delegation is Democratic
RICHMOND Nov 4The latest
I 1T1 re
turns Lidicaite a plurality c from 18000
I to 20000 for Bryan The Democrats
cCtjt their coigresmen In the F at
Second Third Fcurtft FvCth SixtCi
Seventh and Eighth districts The
I Ninth Ustric Is conceded to the Re
publicans by about 1500 majority
claiming The Tenth I is very close both sides
OLYMPIA Wash Nov 4Three
hundred and sixty precincts out of
1100 in the state give McKinley 17703
Bryan 23461 This Is about onehalf
of the vote of the state
SEATTLE Nov Secretary Ma
loney of the fusion campaign commit
tee estimates Bryans plurality In this
state at least 10000 and returns at
hand while in a measure incomplete
bear out his prediction Lewis and
Jones free silver congressional candi
dates will have about the same plural
ity On joint ballot Maloney estimates
that the legislature will stand 78 fu
sionists to 34 Republicans
WHEELING Nov 4Forty counties
give McKinley 19000 plurality indica
tive of 15000 on the state Dayton and
Dovener for congress succeed them
selves by majorities of 3000 each
Republicans now claim the state by I
15000 The Democratic state commit
tee concedes it by ten thousand The
delegation in Congress will be solidly
Republican Dorrs majority Is placed I
at 3000 There will be 44 Republican
1 members of the house of delegates I
with the Democrats claiming 27 The
i Republicans will elect 9 members of
I the state senate conceding the Demo
II crats 4 The Democrats have 10 hold
over members of the state senate and
i the Republicans 3 this giving a Re
1 I publican majority on joint ballot of 2
t Nov Beautiful weather today helped
i I to bring out a large vote Returns
come in more promptly than In pre
I vious years The ret Republican gains
I In the towns heard from as compared
j I with 1S92 is 85 per cent McKinleysJ
i plurality In the state will be 40030 The
j I previous high water mark in plural
i ities for president was 30555 given to
Grant in 1S72 The state will have a
solid Republican delegation In congress
Special to The Herald
EVANSTON Nov 4 Evanston pre
cinct No1 gives McKinley 121 Bryan
2i The same precinct in 1S92 gave
Harrison 176 Weaver 124 Mondell has
129 Osborne 270 In 1591 Mondell had
232 Coffeen 118
Aspen precinct gives Bryan 127 Mc
Klnley 3 In 1S92 the same precinct
gave Harrison 1 Weaver S
Sulphur Springs precinct gives Bryan
I 23 McKinley 29 Mondell for congress
2S Osborn 21 The same precinct in
1834 gave Mondell 32 Coffeen 6
Red Canyon precinct No 1 gives
Bryan 78 McKinley 62 Mondell 63
Osborne 74 The same precinct in
1892 gave Harrison 62 Weaver 92 and
in 1894 gave Mondell 58 Coffeen 94
Evanston precinct No2 gives Bryan
278 McKinley 116 Mondell for con
gress 10 Osbojne 276 Same precinct
in 1S92 gave Harrison 135 Weaver 134
in 1894 same precinct gave Mondell 200
Coffeen 79 The town of Evanston
gives Bryan a majority of 313 and Os
borne ilL ont of a total vote of 787
CHEYENNE Wyo Nov 4The re
turns indicate a small majority for the
Republican both electoral and congres
sional ticket
Eightysix precincts in Wyoming
representing twothfrds total give Mc
Kinley 5968 Bryan 6074
election precincts out of 295 McKinley
gets 4178 Bryan 4317 a Democratic
I gain of 614 Congressional and judicial
I tickets are keeping pace with the elect
1 oral vote No returns are In from John
I son or Crook counties but both have
Democratic Indications The entire
Democratic electoral congressional and
state ticket will have a plurality of
about 5000
CHEYENNE Wyo Nov 4 Wyo
ming 76 precincts in 297 give McKin
ley 417S Bryan 4317 Democratic gain
11 County vote coming in slowly de
creases In Democratic percentage gains
I and indicates that the plurality for
Bryan will not exceed 500 and that Re
publicans elect congressman and state
I ticket
CHEYENNE Wyo Nov 4Both
I i parties now claim the state and con
j gressional votes of Wyoming The Re
publican state committee have returns
II from 12 or 13 counties and these with
estimates in the two remaining indi
cate the election of Republican electors
and congressmen by plurality of about
100 The Democratic state committee
have returns from 1 counties showing
a Democratic majority of 504 A con
servative view of the situation is that
the state will be carried by less than
I 300 plurality and complete returns from
every county in the state willbe neces
sary to determine which party will
have this plurality State legislature
will be 40 Republicans and 16 Demo
crats on joint ballot I
GUTHRIE O K Nov 4 Returns
are coming In very slow but Indications
are thaf Dennis Flynn Republican
will be elected to congress over Calla
han free silver fusion candidate Leg
islature will be controlled by free sil I I
ver fuslonlsts I
GUTHRIE O T Nov 4 Returns
from 13 counties of the territory give
the free silver fusion ticket increased
strength over first reports and indicate
I the election of Callahan silver to Con
I gress by 1000 majority t Both branches
of the legislature will be controlled by
the Democrats and a majority of noun
i ticket ties In the territory elect n free silver
TUCSON Ariz Nov 4As Car as
heard from Mark Smith Democrat has
I a plurality of 400 for congress The leg
islature is claimed by both parties
Ferguson Wins
SANTA FE Nov 4Nint one pre
cincts out of 918 In the territory give
Catrop Republican candidate for con
gressman 6200 Ferguson Dem 7781
Ferguson will be elected by a fair ma
Smith Succeeds
A Smith Dem is elected delegate to
congress by 1000 majority
New Yorlc Tribune
NEW YORK Nov 4The Tribune this
morning comments editorially upon the
result of yesterdays election as follows
William McKinley has been elected
by an overwhelming majority and the
anxiety of all patriotic hearts gives place
to a joy too profound for expression It
is not only a victory but one so complete
and decisive as to answer the fervent
prayers of loyal men Bryan Bryanlsm
Altegeldism the free silver conslparcy I
and the plots of anarchists are all buried i
under an avalanche of ballots There j
baIots Ther
have been few trrardcr moments in the
history of selfgovernmprft than this
Today the whole nation rises by treading
on its own mistakes and Its own most
dangerous tendencies and Joins none
more hearty than many who contributed
to the error in the triumphant shouts
svtth which the majority in this greatest
of Democratic cities halls the verdict of
the people Saved again from a perl not
less great than that of the rebellion it
self the president will not fail to honor
lirst of al William McKinley hitnsef
whose statesmanship and lofty patriotism
have been not more conspicuous than his
wise leadership But above all it is the
victory of the people who have once more
shown with startling distinctness their
capacity and therefore their right to gov
ern themselves
New York rimes
NEW YORK Nov 4TThe Times says
We have had three years of silver panic
and business depression We have given i
three months to Bryan Capital has been
frightened enterprises benumbed indus
try paralyzed
Now that we have utterly annihilated
Bryan and 16 to 1 tet everybody pluck
up courage and get to work A season of
prosperity richer than any In the coun
trys history lies before us I should be
entered upon with zeal and confidence
sensible but in the people sober industrious spirit of a
I tuli is lvcntl time for crazy bcoms or
speculative kiteHying It is Ya time l for
hard work and busIness skill and judr
mont and for push and enterprise in all
legitimate fields The American people
are tired of hard times They want good
times I will go ill with anybody who
stands In the way of their enjoying
The Son
The Sun says The full dimensions
of the victory won dhlenslons
American people cannot be measured
exactly at the present time of masurel writng
that it Is an tremendous as sweeping and I
as conclusive PS the occasIon demanded I
is manifested The country has repudiated
the repudiators has warned the pro
moters of revolution to keep their hands
off of our institutions and have been or
dered to Pain ain untarnished the nations
honor by one of the moat impressive
demonstrations of honest and patriotic
sentiment ever witnessed In our history I
I Ss no mans victohy H is no partys
victory Under divine providence It Is
American peoples triumphant assertion of
I eternal principles of right and truth
C cao Tribune
CHICAGO Nov 4The Tribune in a
leader this morning sums up the situa
tion a follows uJ
The east a was expected went solidly
for McKinley The middle west has re
pudiated Altgeldism and the silver heresy
I and presents a solid front to the enemy
Illinois magnificent majority Is nearly
equalled by Iowa and Wisconsin while
Minnesota and Indiana have done nobly
Kentucky and Maryland are un
doubtedly Republican West Virginia
seems to b safe for McKinley and Ten
nessee is claimed confidently for the Re
publican ticket
Little Delaware is Republican and the
Republican fusion ticket in Texas may
I have worked the greatest wonder of all
and taken the Lone Star state from tho
Democratic column This would give
McKinlev at least ten more votes It Is
doubtful how the other five would vote
< Bryan ow state Nebraska North
and South Dakota
Daota are probably Republican
can Missouri cast a majority of Us votes
for Bryan The Rocky mountain states
go for silver of course California Is
close with the chances favoring McKln
ley Oregon is true to Republicanism
Owing to the unusually tare number
of doubtful states I is impossible to pre
dict the result with any degree of exactitude I
Icttude 1
Chicago Chronicle I
CHICAGO Nov 4The Chronicle says
William McKinley of Ohio has been
elected presdent of the United States
Garret A Hobart of New Jersey has
been elected vicepresident of the United
They have received at least 2S3 of the
< 47 electoral votes and a complete re
turn may show that the number is larger
There is no element of doubt In the r
suit The question is purely one of the
size of the majority In the electoral col
lege The confederation of Populists and
Democrats has met the most sweeping de
feat in the history of American politics
I has suffered annihilation
Analysis of the vote in the several
states shows that the victory oC McKinley
and Hobart is due directly to the votes
of honest money Democrats Palmer and
Buckner received a vote sufficiently large
to maintain the historic organization
upon a Gn foundation but the returns
from Democratic strongholds demon
strate that a large majority of Democrats
preferred to rebuke Populism by voting
for McKinley rather than to involve the
result in possible doubt by casting their
ballots for the candidates of the national
Democracy The victory has been won
I by tho Democratic party as the returns
from Democratic states like Kentucky and
Maryland demonstrate
So also will the socalled doubtful
states of the middle west Every one of
I them have repudiated repudiation and
false Democracy
The TimesHerald says William Mc
Klnley of Ohio will be the next presi
dent of the United States Ho has swept
the country A tidal wave has carried
He will have
him into the White House wi
at least 271 eectoral votes and he may
have IllS The new congress will have a
large Republican majority In the lower
house and a working majority of both
I Republican and sound money men In
the senate The triumph of the cause of
sound money good government and
I order is complete
I The Republican national ticket may
have a greater majority of the electoral
college than any presidential ticket has
I received in a quarter of a century The
Republican popular majority will un
I doubtedly exceed any ever cast exceeding
I even that of General Grant over Mr
Greeley in 1872 Mr McKinley has carried
every state in the great region lying 1 east
I of the Missouri and north ot the Ohio
and Potomac rivers There is not a
I break between the rivers and the ocean
Even Delaware Joins the victorious move
I ment
I The Examiner
i aminer Dem editorially reviews the
I result of tbe election as follow
j I The conservative instincts of the
i American people have prevailed again
and McKinley is to b the next presi
dent of the United States Americans
I are said to be a reckless and mercurial
j race but they often display a cautious
I aversion to change that is worthy I f the
Chinese This quality Is not to be quar
I reled with for it has saved us from
many threatening dangers and tak
ing our history as a whole has doubt
less worked more good than harm But
I is often a source of keen disappoint
ment to many ardent reformers who see
the right so clearly themselves and
yet find It Impossible to Induce the
country to act upon It I is the way
of the American people to endure the
Hit they have until they become absolutely
lutely unendurable rather than flee to
others that they know not of or even
to the bare possibility of others t SIt
I is manifest that something must be
done We cannot have a continuation
of the hard times of the past three
I years We cannot have a perpetuation
I of our present crazy financial system
Mr McKinley has been IntroducedMto
I advance of prosperity
us as the agent prosperl
I He has promised uS good times and an
I international agreement that will restore
intornatonal agement wi
store the free use of silver and gold
The time Is near when he must honor
i I ee drafts he has drawn upon the fu
i I lure I he can do it all will be well
I not the issues now temporarily de
I cided in his favor will have t come up
for review four years hence
1 Meanwhile we congratulate Mr Mc
j Kinley uon the opportunity that has
I come to him to make a great name
and do a great work It Is an opportu
I nity that Is not without dangers
I nly
The Cull
Republican treats the result of the
election thus
The people of the United States may
congratulate themselves this morning
Republicans and honest money Demo
crats may be proud of the success
achieved by their union A glorious
victory has been won for protection
sound money and good government
The defeat of the agitators has been
j overwhelming We shall not have a
Bryanlte campaign again in this gen
eration Once more the American peo
ple have proven themselves to be the
safest jury in the world to which to
submit questions of justice andhonor
The victory for McKinley and Ho
bart means so much to the American
people that it is hard to express it in
a few words I means protection to
American industries and good wages to
American worklngmen I means
surd money and the maintenance of
the credit of the nation and its peo
ple I means the enforcement of law
the upholding of the powers of the gen
eral government and the preservation
of the supreme court as a temple of In
violate justice
LONDON Nov 4The Times will
The people of the United States have
earned the congratulations of the
world on the proof they have given of
loyalty to national honor The whole
stock in trade of selfseeking poli
ticians and flatterers has been spurned
and swept aside by the plain honesty
and simple common sense of the coun
trymen of Washington and Lincoln
While we recognize to the fullest ex
tent the admirable temper displayed In
this severe tri3 T we are not altogether
sure that McKinleys victory can be
regarded as finally quenching this
Bryanlte movement The elements of
discontent to which Bryan appealed
will continue to exist and even in
crease and much will depend upon the
use which McKinley and his party
make of their unique opportunity A
blundering course of policy disturbing
legislation and a disposition to use the
nonparty majority for partisan pur
poses would soon produce a state of
things wiiich would encourage Bryan
Ism to raise Its head Cleveland in
1892 had a majority about as great as
that of McKinley yet the party which
was then victorious is now divided
disorganized and despairing It will oe I
to McKinleys interest not less than
his duty to abstain from pressing i
measures which may alienate from him
the gold Democrats whose support has
contributed so much to his victory
The Dally News will say
Sir Bryan committed the fatal oils
take of attacking the credit of the
United States A man who runs amuck
against the commercial stability of the
United States simply breaks his head
against a wall Mr Bryan assailed i
the foundations of commerce and the
commericial community has given him
his reward
The News article will ascribe Mc
Kluleyg enormous majority not to his i
own merits but to the demerits tf his
opponents and will contend that he I I I
was not returned for the purpose of
reviving the tariff but to maintain the
gold standard and a pure dollar
BERLIN Nov 4The leading bank
ers of the bourse operators here de S
clared today that they were very well
satisfied with the result of yesterdays
election for president of the United
States Importers say they will now
expect large orders from the American
trade The Official World of Germany
fears a high protective tarjff in the
United States is pending Ambassador
Uhl says that trade with the United
States will now be revived
The Neue Borson Zeitung says the
sound sense of the American people
recognized in time the danger to which
they would be exposed by the free coin
age ot silver
The Freissinnige Zeitung asserts that
the victory for the supporters of sound
money is a triumph of the sound sense
of the people of the United States
The Cologne Gazette says The
conditions which brought McKinley to
his present position may prevent him
from relapsing into his former sins if
the senate and house of representa
tives paralyze each others action on
the tariff and silver questions he will
be the right man The best thing for
him and for the country will be that
he play a negative roll as president as
he did when governor of Ohio
General satisfaction
election of McKinley gives general sat
isfaction here as it is believed to be the
best result of the campaign for both
countries Great excitement was mani
fested here last night over the defeat of
The Star
LONDON Nov 4The Star in an
article under the caption The United
States Repudiate Currency Juggling
It is creditable to the American De
mocracy that they fastened upon the
paramount issue disregarding ail oth
i ers
St James Gazette
The St James Gazette says Behind
the silver movement there was un
doubted feeling of popular discontent
with the established order of things
which is likely to become more des
perate through defeat Indeed it looks
more like the beginning of a great so
cial and economic struggle than the
end <
Pall Mali Gazette
The Pall Mall Gazette says The
i decision of the American electors will
be universally accepted as most credit
able and Implies that the Democracy
j when confronted with vital Issues will
rally in reality and repudiate them
The Gazette takes occasion to laud
President Clevelands patriotism
The Globe
The Globe says From an outside
j standpoint the most satisfactory thing
j Is the crushing blow which the result
strikes the causfe of confiscation the
world over
Westminister Gazette
The Westminster Gazette in a leader
headed The Great Career of a Civi
lized People says Whatever Its
grievance It will not accept repudia
I As a mater of policy the Gazette ad
vises Mr McKinley to leave the tariff
W lint 31 ny IInii > n
CANTON O Nov 4 Joseph P
1 Smith who is one of Major McKinleys
closest political friends and who has
been a member of the McKinley house
hold during the campaign has been
doing some figuring on the senate He
j says that from the best information at
I hand at 1 oclock today it appears
i that the senate of the United States
1 after March 4 next will consist of 49
i I sound money Republicans and Dem
I ocrats 41 Silver Democrats and Repub
1 licans This grouping will not apply to
the tariff and some other questions and
does not Indicate the number of Sup
porters that Major McKinleys adminls
tration will have on these issues A
number of sound money Democrats
j will oppose the Republican tariff policy
and probably three of the Silver Re
publicans will be In harmony with it
Bulletin Sent Over the Water by
the United Associated Presses
LONDON Nov 4As an Illustration
of the great interest displayed here In
the presidential election in the UnOted
States the Inca may be cited that a
large number of Americans gathered
tact evening at Efflngham house the
guests of the United Associated Presses
for the purpose of obtaining the ear
Hest pcsKe information regarding the
result The bulletins sent from New
i York giving the results as soon as
uey ixere Known there were eagerly
scanned aid commented upon accord
I lag to the political faith of chcir read
ers Motl of he guests of the United
Associated Presses have announced
their intentIon to remain all night if
nectesaey to learn definitely If pos
sible how the election Iras gene Never
before has such keen interest been dis
played in this city over the result of j i
an American election Much praise has j I
been bestowed upon the very prompt
efficient and impartial service by the
Untied Associated Presses
The Daily Chronicle and the many
provincial papers which are clients of
the United Associated Presses are dis
playing In their office utndows the bul
letins which are received at Effingham
house and immediately forwarded to
them by telegraph Elaborate prepara
tions have been made at cite various
telegraph offices in the city the West
End and PIcoadiHy co announce the j
result of tie election
May Be Premntnre hat In They Go
Just tho Same
CANTON O Nov 4 Among the
thousands of congratulatory telegrams I
received by Major McKinley were the
following Marcus Braun New York
editor Hunsarian American
In the name of the HungarianAmer
ican citizens I send three hearty cheers
to our presidentelect
John K Gowdy Indianapolis chair
man Republican state conimlttee
Indiana 30000 Republican 11 con
j gressmen 2 In doubt both branches
legislature rife I
John P Elkins Philadelphia chair I
j man of Republican state committee i
i Pennsylvania congratulates you a
thfe next president of the United States
I with SCO DluraKiy
John Russell Young Philadelphia
i Affection and proud congratulations
i upon your stupendous victory The
I city In revelry and triumph
1 Hon Charles Kinney Columbus O
secretary of stateelect
Accit congratulations on your tri
uniohant election
H Wagner Cincinnati Commander
N yes G A R post
Your comrades of this city join m
in extending congratulations
Deacon Willfam A Breed Boston
Th Clarendon ireet Baptist church
service this morning pray the peace
of God and the power of the gospel of i
Jesus Christ be your abiding strength
and everlasting portion
Joseph Brucker editor Illinois Staats
Zeitung Chicago My heartiest con
gratulations on the glorious victory
Max Burhelm editor Frele Presse
Cincinnati I heartily congratulate
you on the great victory just acuxvej
The people of the United States have
voted for honesty and protection and
for you our great leader The silver
craze national dlsaonesty and anaffihy
are burled forever Your administra
tion will be a blessing to our beloved
country May God speed you
Hon Thomas F Carter exchairman
Republican national committee Helena
Mont Accept my sincere congratula
tions upon your splendid and wellde
served victory
St Louis Star St Louis The St
Louis Star tenders you its hearty con
gratulations and unites with the coun
try at large In thanksgiving for this
splendid triumph
Eon John M Thurston senator from
Nebraska Omaha I congratulate you
on your election as president of a
nation whose patriotic people stand
for law and order honest money pin
tection and prosperity Praise God
Hallelujah Amen
Prolmhle Political Complexion of It
NEW YORK Nov 4 Returns of the
vote for congressmen are still lacking
from a number of districts and an exact
Hs of the members of the house of rep
resentatives In the Fiftyfifth congress
cannot be given Advices and reports re
ceived by the United Associated Presses
up to midnight indicate the election of the
following delegations from the several
states There are In this list 212 Republic
ans one sound money Democrat 114
Democrats and 20 Populists silver Re
oubllcans and fuslonists By states the
divlson between the parties Is
Alabama Democrats 7 Populists 2
Arkansas Democrats 6
California ReoubKcans 3 fusion 4
Colorado Fusion 1 Populist 1
Connecticut Republican f
Delaware Democrat 1
Florida Democrats 2
Georgia Democrats 11
Idaho Fusion 1
Illinois Republicans 19 Democrats 2
fusion 1
Indiana Republicans 10 Democrats
1 fusion 2
Iowa Republicans 11
Kansas Republicans 1 Democrats 3
fusion 3
Kentucky Republicans 4 Democrats
6 fusion 1
Loulstana Democrats 6
Maine Repubhcars 4
Maryland Republicans 6
Massachusetts Republcans 12 Demo
era s 1
Michigan Republicans 10 Democrats
1 fucon 1
Minnesota Republicans 7
Mississippi Democrats 7
Missouri Republicans 3 Democrats 11
fusion 1
Montana Silver Republicans 1 Hart
Nebraska Republicans 1 fusion j
Nevada Silver Republicans 1
Nevada Silver Republicans 1
New Hampshire Republicans 2
t New Jersey Republicans S
I Xw York Republicans 29 Demo
crats 3
iiKopUjjjjcaj s 4 Demo
crats 1 Populists 4
vuhlicans 2
Ohio Republicans 19 Democrats 1
Oregon Republicans 2
27 Demo
ft = > ivii i iicpmioans
crass i sound money Democrats 1
Rhcdo Island Republicans 2
South Carolina Democrats 7
South Dakota Republicans I
Tennessee Republicans 2 Democrats 8
Texas Republicans 1 Democrats 12
Utah Silver Democrats 1
Vermont Republican 2
Virginia Republicans 2 Democrats 8
Wnstiinsrton Democrats 2
West Virginia Republicans 4
Wsconsln Republicans 10
Wyoming Democrats 1
Result of the Election for Congress
WASHINGTON Nov 4The latest
advices frccn the southern states indi
cate the following result on congress
Alabama First district G W Tay
lor Second J F Stalllngs Third H
D Clayton Fourth E S Plowmen
Sixth J H Banhh ad Eight Joseph
Wheeler Nincn D W Underwood
silver Democrats The Fifth and Sev
erth are still in dout tt h chances in
favor of A T Goodwin and H W
Howard Populists
Florida Sparkman Democrat is tin
doutcedly elected in the First district
and Davis probably In the Second
both sffiver Democrats
G rK > 5hv The Democrats have ap
parently elected a solid delegation ex
rep that L eer in the First may be
defeated by Doyle Rep Lesleys
majority in Chatam courxy has been
greatly reduced and the remainder of
tOt dfcCrit may defeat him
MlssisspFi Firs J M Alien re
elected Second W V Sullivan re
elected Third T C Catehings re
el cted Fourth A M Fox Fifth J S
Wfliams reelected Sixth W F
Love Sever h Patrick Herry all
South CaLtHhia Democratic delega
tion Texas Hawtey Republican probably
elected In the Tenih dsstntC
Virginia Firs > district W A Jones
Democrat Second doubtful with
chances in favor of Young Democrat
Third Lamb Democrat Fourth
Thorpe Republican Fifth Bryan Re
nuH4t Pixth Otey Democrat Sev
enth Hay Democrat Eighth Rlxey
tmjcrat NteiA Walker Republican
Tenth Yo < Republican
Concede Nebraska
CHICAGO Nov 4Eary morning re
turns from the western states make no
change in the result as indicated in last
nights dispatches excepting in Ne
braska At S a m it appears reason
ably certain that Bryan has carried
his own iate by a handsome majority
Only meager returns have been received
from Kansas North Dakota South Da
kota California Oregon and Washing
ton leaving the result In these states in
doubt The vote is apparently very
close and it may be many hours be
fore a definite estimate can be made
The McKinley landslide which struck
the central states carried wIth it the
state and congressional tickets
In Illinois Altgeld Democrat for
governor ran 23000 ahead of his ticket
but the majority for Tanner his op
ponent will probably approach the
100000 mark The Republicans claim
10 out of the 22 congressmen Chicago
sends a solid Republican delegation to
contrr ss The new legislature will be
overwhelmingly Republican insuring
a uepuutcan accessor to John M
Palmer In the United States senate
The following sumary of the results In
other western states Is based upon re
turns received up to S a m
Indiana Republicans elect 11 out of
13 congressmen and will name a Re
publican successor to Senator Voor
bees Kentucky The Democrats elect 7 out
of 11 congressmen but Repualicans
claim legislature
Ohio Ropubllcans elect IS out of 21
Michigan Republicans elect 9 out ot
12 congressmen
Wisconsin Solid Republican delega
tlon to congress and Republican sue
cessor to Senator Vitae
Iowa Solid Republican delegation to
Minnesota Republicans elect 5 out of
7 congressmen
Missouri Republicans elect 9 out of
15 congressmen but Democrats will re
elect Senator Vest
Arkansas Solid Democratic congres
sional delegation
Colorado DemocraticPopulist Silver
Republican fuslonlsts elect two con
gressmen and will return Senator Tel J
ler to the senate
T T el r r Mfonfs elect con
gressman and capture legislature In
juring the rerun jf Senator Dubois
Montana ii < ns Democratic con
< rsman
Nevada ESecrts silver congressman

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