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I can No get matter It by what Advertising It may be In The you THE SALT LAKE HERALD the Therefore Business It Man Is to to the Advertise Interest in of
I The Herald
I v
Washurns Statement to the
United Associated Presses
Conditions That Confronted the
Free Silver Champions
I Bryan 3Iade the Greatest Campaign
Recorded In Political History
antI the Young ClizimjiUm of tIle
Rights of the People Stands Vn
J rivalled as a Leader Revolutions
Aevcr Go Baelcward Silver Strug
gle Only Begun
I CHICAGO Nov 5Chairman Wash
burn closed the Chicago headquarters
t of the Peoples party national commit
tee tonight and will depart for his home
in Boston tomorrow morning In about
i ten days he will go to Washington to
confer with Senators Jones and Butler
I in regard to the future policy of the al
f lied silver forces In this connection
Mr Washburn said to a reporter of
the United Associated Presses
As a result of the political campaign
we find victory in defeat The fact that
so much was accomplished in so short
t a time with the limited means in
spires the belief that we can win four
years hence We were confronted with
a united army and an unparalleled
campaign fund while our own forces
were divided with secret foes in our
midst as well as fusion difficulties
and the amalgamation of opposing
forces to contend with
Mr Bryan made the greatest cam I
paign recorded in political history and
stands unrivalled as a leader Revolu
tions never go backward and the mo
mentum of this campaign will be con I
tinued by the allied silver forces I
I believe this election will result in
separating the golci l chaff from the sil
ver wheat and force the traitors in
the silver ranks to unite with the Re
publicans where they belong It is
worth all our efforts to shake off these I
barnacles and start afresh with re I
newed hope In order that all the ele
ments constituting the movement the I
silver Republicans the silver Demo I
crats and the Populists may be sat
t isfied it may become necessary to
merge all these forces info one great j
army under a new name It is rarely
that a new great issue succeeds under
an old party name
We begin the congressional fight of
1898 and the presidential fight of 1900 I
tomorrow We shall have a confer
ence of our national leaders within a
short time when the plans of the con I
test and the policy of the future may
be determined upon Let no one be
lieve that silver is defeated The move
ment is simply purified and regener
a + pd In a new form with new nope
and new vigor and with the goldbug
traitors eliminated from the movement
A e emerge from this contest stronger
than ever to march forward to the vic
tory which awaits us I
Present Indications Given Out by the
United Press
NEW YORK Nov 5The status of
the Urltjsd States senate after the
4th of Iarch next is still a matter of
I doubt Present indications however
are that the Republicans will be com
pelled to seek recruits from those of
theIr number who joined the free sil
ver forces last spring or an alliance
with the sound money Democrats to
accomplish legislation affecting either
the financial or tariff subjeco The
senate in the Fifthfifth congress prob
aby will be composed of the fol w
ing members the blanks being in states
where senators are yet to be elected
and tr result not certainly known
Alabama James L Pugh S D John
T Morgan S D
Arkansas James K Jones S D I
James H Berry S D
California Stephen M White S D I
blank S R
ColoradoH M Teller Pop Edward
O Wolcott S R
t Connecticut S Platt G R J R
Hawley G R
Delaware George Gray G D blank
FloridaBlank S D Samuel Pas
coco S D
GeorgiaBlank S D A O Bacon
S D i
IdahoBlank Pop George L Shoup
IllinoisBlank G R S M Cullom
Indiana Blank G R David Tur
pie S D
Iowa W B Allison G R J H
r n r 5 t 1
KansasBlank Pop Lucien Baker
Kentucky Blank G R William
Lindsay G D
Louisiana C Mclnery S D D
Caffery G D
Maine Eugene Hale G R William
P Frye G R
Marj land George R Wellington G
B A P Gorman S D
Massachusjtts Henry Cabot Lodge
G R George F Hoar G R
Michigan C Burrows G R
James McMillan G R
Minnesota K Davis G R Knute
Nelson G R
Mississippi D Money S D E
C Walthall S D
Missouri F M Cockrell S D blank
Montana Lee Mantle Pop T H
Carter S R I
t Nebraska William V Allen Pop J I
M Thurston G R
Nevada P Jones Pop William I
M Stewart Pop I
j New Hampshire H Gallinger G I
t R William E Chandler G R
New Jersey James Smith jr G D 1
William J Sewell G R
New York Blank G R Edward
Murphy jr G D
S North CarolinaBlank S B Marion I
Butler Pop
ifji 2
S N rthD kotaBl k G R William
Roach S D
Ohio J B Foraker G R John
Sherman G R
OregonBlank G R George W Mc
Bride G R
PennsylvaniaBlank G R M S
Quay G R
Rhode Island N W Aldrich G R
G P Wetmore G R
South CarolinaBlank S D B R
Tillman S D
South Dakota R F Pettigrew Pop
blank S R
TennesseeW Br Bate S D I G
Harris S D
Texas R Q Mills G D Horace
Chilton G D
Utah Blank S D F J Cannon S
Vermont S Morrill G R Redfiel
Proctor G R
Virginia W Daniel S D T S
Martin G D
Washington Blank S D J L WIl
son G R
West VirginiaC J Faulkner S D
S B Elkins G R
Wisconsin Blank G R J L Mitch
ell S D
Wyoming D Clark G R F E
Warren G R
I RecapitulationGold Republicans 38
gold Democrat 8 silver Republicans
10 silver Democrats 25 Populists 9
Total 90
Political Complexion From Re
turns Secured Up to Date
NEW YORK Nov 5Latest returns
received by the United Associated
Presses make the complexion of the
FiftyFifth Congress as follows
o 0 JtI1 00
I c u I u 0 j Duu t
i g i i s g
C P I n
I p
States n I I I =
I I =
Alabama 8 1
Arkansas 6
I California I 5 1 1
I Colorado 2
Connecticut 51
Delaware 1 1 I
I 10 IOlIC1 I 21
GeorgIa 11
i Idaho 1
lllinois 18 3 1 I
lndiana 3 4 1 I
I Iowa 11
Kansas 3 6
I Kentucky 4 7
Louisiana 6
Maine 4
Maryland 6
Massachusetts 12 1 I
Michigan io 1 1
Minnesota 1011
Mississippi 7
Missouri 5 10
Montana 1
Nebraska 2 4
Nevada 1
r < i Hampshire 2
New Jersey 1 31
New Jersey 81
North Carolina 3 1 6
North D k ta 1
Ohio o 16 5
Pennsylvania 27 2
Rhode Island 1 2
South Carolin 21 6 I
South Dakota 2
Tennessee 2 81
Texas 1 12
Utah 121
Vermont 1 21 I
VIrginia 1 21 81
Washington I I 21
West Virginia 41 I
Wisconsin 101 I
Wyoming 1 I
Totals 214 1201 24
Pennsylvania and South Carolina
each has one sound money Democrat
the only two elected
This May Be Increased When the
Returns From Other States
Classed as Doubtful Come In
NEW YORK Nov 5An unassail
able column of 264 electoral votes has
been secured for McKinley and Ho
bart This column may be increased
by the votes from Kentucky outh Da
kota and Warning which are still in
doubt and claimed for both McKinley
and Bryan
The popular majority for McKinley
will be about 1000000 votes It now ex
ceeds 900000 and can scarcely be re
duced more than 30000 by the aggre
gated pluralities for Bryan from all
the states in doubt
In the senate the Republicans are as
sured of 46 members or a majorlty of
two The majority may be increased
to four by the electionOf a Republican
from Kentucky
According to the latest returns the
Republicans wan aave in the house of
representatives 210 members sound
money Democrats 1 Democrats 120
Popullsts 25 giving a Republican ma
jority of 65
The power of the Republicans may I
be somewhat affected in the senate by I
the future course of the several sena
tors who were elected as Republicans I
hut have bolted the nartv and acted
durfas the comraiqn just ended with
I the Chicago platform Democrats
Mantle cof Montana P ttigrew of
South Dakota and Cannon of Utah
have all openiy affiliated with tne Dem
ocrats If atl these senators vote polit
ically with the Populiils or the Demo
crats they may be in the way of a Re
publican majority as to prevent a re
organization AU told however it is
I doubtful whether the silver men fa the
sezare would be able to muster a ma
Putting all 1 toe bolting Republican
senators in the salver column and add
ing to them all the continuing silver I
senators and Senators Faulkrer Gor
man and Mitchell crZ Wisconsin who
accepted the Chicago platform and ad
vocated its principles the silver pause
wiLl = not apparently be able to mucer
more than 42 votes after March 3 1S97
I This assures a goid aaidard major
ity in the senate of at least six votes
WINDSOR Ont Nov 5The dif
ferent banks of this city which had
pending the result of the United States
election refused to accept United
I States currency for deposit are now
satisfied that no loss can accrue to
them through its acceptance and today
the boycott has been raised and all
money will continue to be taken at par
as heretofore
Republican Candidate Con
veys His Thanks to Mar
cus Aureiius
People Ignored Party Lines and
Detested Repudiation
Victory Attained Is Not of Party or
of Section but of and For the < <
Whole American People Oblitera
tion of Sectional Lines One of the
Most Gratifying Features of the
Eectiou rIle Insidious Doc
trine of Hate
CANTON 0 Nov 5Ir McKicDey
tonight sent the following telegram to
Mr Hanna in New York
Caciton 0 Nov 5
Hon M A Hanna Waldorf Hotel
New York
I Your telegraphic message announc
ing the result of the election has been
received I beg you to accept my
hearty thanks for your great services
in the cause of sound mcaey and pro
tection throughout the campaign now
closed and gloriously won
They were most generous and ef
fective and will receive the warm ap
I probation of your countrymen every
where I will be pleased to have you
convey to your associates of the na
ticmal committee my high appreciation
of their efficient services
The people in their majesty ignor
ing party lines have declared their
detestaition of repudiaition and dishonor
in wihatever specious guise they may be
presented They have with the same
mighty power affirmed their devotion
to law and orderand their undying re
spect for justice and the courts Tlhey
have maniine their unfaltering de
termination to support and uphold the
constituted authorities o the country
and have thereby given new vigor and
strength to our free institutions They
have indeed again consecrated them
selves to country and baptized the i i
cherished ordinances of free govern
ment with a new and holy patriotism
The victory is nor to party or section I
but of and for the whoe American pel
pIe Not the least of the triumphs of I
the election Is the obliteration of sec
tonal lines of > the republic We have
demonstrated t the wOrd that we
ar a reunited people in purpose a in I I
name We have manifested in the
great cause the spirit of fraternity and
rothexlhood that shall always charac I
terize our common and equal citizen I
ship and have proven conclusively that I
in a CIt of equal privJIeges and
equal opportunities the insidious doctrine
trine of hate or of class or sectional
distinctions cannot prevail Let us as
Americans straightaway devote our
selves to the upbuilding of America to
the peace honor and glory of our com
mon country
Panty dissensions should no longer
divide or rack the public mind nor
the zeal or temper of either side deter
any citizen from a patriotic devotion to
the good of ailWILLIAM
BUFFALO Nov 5While attempt
ing to make the harbor this afternoon
the barge Young of Marine City Mich
in tow of the tug Storm King parted
her towline and went on Horseshoe
reef The crew was rescued by the
lIfesaving station men A heavy gale
is blowing and it is feared other ves
sels known to be on the lakes will suf
fer much damage
NEW YORK Nov 5The National
Park bank of New York received yesterday
terday on deposit from different depos
itors over 80000 in gold coin Today
it received from the New York clear
ing house on Its credit of 6J3000
50000 in sold coin
NEW YORK Nov 5The Journal
prints a dispatch from Heightstown
N J tating that Garret A Van
Doren a cousin of VicePresidentelect
Hobart died this morning from injuries
he received during the explosion of a
mon which he was firing to cele
brate the Republican victory A large
piece of the cannon struck him in the
stomach tearing it in a terrible man
ner lie was a veteran of the civil
war and had resided here all his life
n I
That Amount of Money Will Soon I
Be Invested Near Baltimore
BALTIMORE Md Nov 5Alexan
der Brown head of the banking house
of Alexander Brown Sons who a
few days ago was credited with hay
Ing said that not less than 16000000
was simply waiting McKinleys elec
tion for its investment in industrial enterprises
terprIses in Maryland said today
Sometime ago I stated that 16000
000 was ready to invest in this state in
the event of McKinleys election While
I cannot give the details regarding the
transactions involving the money I
an say that it is available and that
it will be immediately invested in pulp
mills iron mills various other manu
factories and in the promotion and development
velopment of the industrial interests of
I Baltimore and the state and that thou
i sands of men will be benefited thereby
Capital has confidence and its influence
I toward the return of general prosper I
I ity will soon be felt
eo I
WASHINGTON Nov 5Attorney
General Harmon has removed James H
Couch assistant United States attorney
for West Virginia Mr Couch was an
unsuccessful candidate for office in the
recent election in that state on the
Democratic ticket and declined to re
sign his official position or relinquish
his candidacy
CHICAGO Nov 5Kate Thornton
aged 23 was shot and instantly killed
this morning in her room at a boarding
house at 1330 Michigan avenue by
Charles Carlson Carlson and Miss
Thornton occupied adjoining rooms
They quarrelled and this morning Carl I
son went to the young womans room
and a few minuteslater Carlson fired
the fatal shot Miss Thornton was a
Rebels Scors Another Victory
Against Their Rapidly Weaken
ing Adversaries
HAVANA Nov Information has
been received here of the capture of the
town of Quaimaro in the province of
Puerto Principe by the rebels who
haye besieged the place since Oct 1C1
making a number of attacks upon the
town and its stronghold Fort Reus
in the meantime The Spanish in the I
course of the fighting in defense of the
place had eight men killed and four I
officers including a major and 13 pri
< uu L n
yates wounaea ane jtort anu uie IWWH
were captured by the Insurgents on
I Oct 23 and i is said that the garrison
was obliged to surrender owing to
I their lack of officers
NEW YORK Nov 5A special dispatch
patch to the Herald from Havana says
The evening dailies editorially com
I mend McKinleys election In relation
I to the new presidents future policy La
Lucha says Major McKinley of the
I state of Ohio is a superior man and
too Intelligent to launch himself in ad
ventures of any sort which might com
I promiL3 himself although indirectly
for the nations interests nor is it con
I ceivable or probable that not heeding
political questions at home McKinley
will embrace the political ideas of other
I people
The correspondent of the Heraldo of
Madrid interviewed the secretary of
I the local treasury That official stated
that the army was paid up to date He
believed that the tariff reforms would
I I be enforced at once increasing the du
I ties on Spanish products which would
I raise the taxes 10 per cent more stamp
i paper would be 50 per cent He said
I the insurgents had bbtained great re
I t sources by levying a tax of 2 per cent
I i on sugar estates 50 cents on a bag
i I of sugar 4 for each head of cattle in
troduced into the towns and 50 cents
I for every four pounds of tobacco car
ried from the field
I HAVANA Nov 5General Gonzales
Munoz reports that his comand has had
an engagement with the rebels under
Perico Del Gado and Gomez at Mone
lito near Cabanas province of Pinar
Del Rio The rebels held strong po
sitions in the hills but were dislodged
after several combats in which General
Inclan assisted General Munoz The
troops captured a number of cattle
The losses of the rebels are not given
but are believed to have been heavy
The Spaniards lost two killed and a
captain lieutenant and 22 privates
In the case of Luis Someillan an
American citizen who is charged with
rebellion the attorneygeneral today
asked that he be sentenced to life im
prisonment in chains The representa
tives of the American overnmeril will
appeal against such sentence I is
rumored that Maceo was serio sly in
jured in his last engagement with the
Spanish troops but the rumor finds no
credence amons the Cubans here i
Yellow Metal Steadily Pouring I
Into the SubTreasuries I
3Iorsran Issues a Circular Letter to
the Xiiie Assistant Treasurers
I Payment of Express Charges on
Gold Has Ileeu Discontinued Uut
I Little Heard Prom Western
WASHINGTON Nov 5Iore gold i
pouring into several of the subtreasury
offices than the offices have storage
capacity for or have legal tender cur
rency to give in exchange This is
notably the case in Boston This gold
has been brought out of safe deport
vaults by the owners who have been
paying storage charges upon It Bal
timore and New York also had large
deposits of gold but how much was
deposited at New York could not be
st ted at the treasury as the usual
daily telegram had not been received
when the department closed Nothing
has been heard from western points I
I In respect to the gold deports the treas
ury sent out this letter today to the
nine assistant treasurers
Treasury Department Office of the
Treasurer Washingron Nov 5
Assistant Treasurer of the United
SirReferrIng to the Instructions
communicated to you by my letter
of November 23 1895 authorizing
you to receive gold coin in exchange
for paper currency I have to say
that the department desires to be
informed of any lanre transactions
in order that steps may be taken to
accommodate the depositors of
the sfock of notes and silver cer
tificates available if the cash of this
office will admit of the
ofce wi exchange
being made The payment of express
charges by the
press e the government
on remittances of gold to the of
fices of the treasury and on the cur
rency returned therefor will be dis
continued Gold coin below least
current weight will be received as
heretofore in exchange for paper I
under regulations now in force Re
spectfully D N MORGAN
Tea rer United States I
I and A Knitter mills this city started
up yesterday with a full force of hands
A large number of orders were on
hand awaiting the result of the elec
I McKinleys tion They were election given conditionally on
Comptroller Coffin says i will be neces
sary to appoint a receiver for the Ma
I rine National bank of Duluth Minn
The assets of the bank from the ex
I aminers report are 47000 and liabili
ties 5270000
I Is Officially Lowered by
National Chairman Jones
Bryan Has One Hundred and
Ninety Votes
umber May Be Increased l > y Re
turns From the States Yet Claimed
to Be In Doubt Evidences of
Fraud and Corruption Charged
Democratic Party Aided uy Its
Present Allies Will Still Uplift
the Bimetallic Standard and Bear
It on to Victor
CHICAGO Nov 5Chairman Jones
formally conceded the defeat of Will
J I iam J Bryan tonight and made his
last presidential campaign statement
to the public
I The free silver standard was really
lowered last night so far as the elec
j tion of 1S96 is concerned when advices
j were received at headquarters from
I i West Virginia conceding the electoral
vote of that state to McKinley but it
i was decided not to make announcement
I of the fact until today
I In the meantime Governor Stone ar
rived in Chicago from Missouri in re
I sponse to Senator Jones telegram The
I national committee chairman the gov
ernor and Campaign Chairman Campau
I were in conference this evening in the
senators room and at its conclusion
I the following statement was given to
the ress
The result of the presidential elec
tion is apparently no longer in doubt
I I has been one of the closest contests
that the people have been called t n to
determine in recent years We have
claimed the election on our advices
from states that were admittedly in
j doubt in which we knew there had
I I been many frauds and from which
I there were evidences of tampering
with the returns I seems now to be
apparent that Mr Bryan after
making the most brilliant campaign in
the history of our country has carried
most of the states claimed to be doubt
ful but has not carried enough to se
cure his success in the electoral col
j I lege Bryan electors have been chosen
i 1 in all the states south of the Potomac
1 and Ohio except West Virginia and
all those west of the Missouri except
i California and Oregon He has 190
electoral votes and this number may I
be increased by final returns from j
states yet in question j
Thus the remarkable campaign i
closes with the election of William Mc
Kinley The result was brought about
by every kind of coercion and intimi
dation the part of the
on money power I
including threats of lockouts and dis i
missals and impending starvation by
the employment of by far the largest i
campaign fund ever used in this coun
try and by the subordination of a
large per cent of the American press
The presidentelect and his party are
under pledge to the American neoole I
to continue the gold standard and by I
its operation to restore prosperity toS
the country As chief executive Mr j i
McKinley will have the cordial sun Ii
port of the millions of patriotic Amer
icans who have cast their votes for 1
William Jennings Bryan They bow to S
the majesty of the office and abide by
the result with none of the mutterings I
that would have come from the money i i
power had i been unsuccessful They i
are confident the gold standard cannot j
give the promised prosperity but will
gladly welcome it if it comes Thev
will continue the great struggle for the i p
uplifting of humanity and to the main I
tenance of the dignity of our countrv
in the establishment of an American
monetary system And the Democratic I
party aided by its present allies will i
still uplift the bimetallic standard and I
bear i on to victory
Chairman of the Democratic National
Committee I
Sepator Jones and his family ex
cepting his son Kimbrough will leave I
for their Arkansas home tomorrow
morning his son remaining to wind I
up the affairs of headquarters Nation
al Committeemen Johnson Walsh and I
Campau will depart for their homes
by the end of the week when there I
will be nothing left but a memory of
both Republican and Democratic head
Foreigners Were Greatly Interested
In Our Late Election
NEW YORK Nov 5A special cable
dispatch to the Sun from London says
The interest in the election news In the
United States was greater than Jt was
over the last home election 15 months
ago Londoners did not lose sleep all
night to get the returns because the
difference in time made that useless but i
they got up early In the morning Nearly I
all the morning papers Issued a series of
special editions which was an extraordin
ary display of enterprise for London I
Even the slow and dignified Times pre
sented several times during the forenoon I
but the final news of McKinleys election
was known as early as 5 a m The re
joicing over the result is general in Eng I
land and Europe Even the bimetallists
join in i quoting the bimetalllsi plank I
in the St Louis platform a expressing
their genuine sentiments A note of dis
content comes only from Germany Ber
lin dispatches Indicate some regret that
America is not goipar to try a financial
experiment which Germany dares not
try and suggests that the Increased tariff
which McKinleys election threatens will
Injure the German trade more than the
It was of course on the stock exchange
that the effect of the Republican success
was mot marked Business men of all
classes fait that a heavy incubus has
been removed by the action of the
American people and the effect promises
and to he commercial stimulating world to the entire financial
McKinleys Election Menus u Re
vival lu Business
TORONTO Ont Nov Commenting
on the result of the election in the United
States the World says
Mr McKinleys election means a great j
and almost Immediate revival In business
In the republic but McKInleylsm will di
rectly or indirectly antagonize Canada in
many ways In the matter of the bond
Ing privileges In the matter of fisheries
in the matter of canals and the like
Cleveland was hostile on occasions but
McKinley will be hostile on principle But
this very hostility will make us more self
reliant more determined to be sufficient
for ourselves to work out our own salva
tion to meet fire with fire We cannot
play lamb to the American wolf
The Globe says the dissatisfied classes
both rural and urban have made a mis
take In their first concerted efforts They
adopted a policy that would not accom
plish the end In view That will not pre
vent them seeking an effectual policy at
the next opportunity perhaps a policy
more dangerous than currency debase
ment Whatever arise the
Whateve Issues may they
must be faced and settled by the Ameri
can people for their social discontent
does not find a safety valve in emigration
Wonderful Patriotism v
MONTREAL Nov 5The Herald says
The result of the Tuesdays voting is a
sounding testimony to the existence of
that wonderful patriotism to which the
good sense of the peope of the United
States has never appealed in ain
The Gazette says Europe a well as
America will think better of the republic
for the way in which its people have
acted tests in this most critical of election con
Bryan Admits Defeat
Free Silver Standard Lowered
Washlinms Latest
McKinley to Manna
Gold Let Loose
Cuban Affairs
Wyoming Republican
Mine Mining and Milliner
Stewart on the Election
Hatfieldt Late Murders
I Xo Bimetallism
The Opening of the Uintali Reser
Meeting of the Hoard of Education
John Afflecks Damage Suit
Stock Market Tame
Chairman Lloyd on the Great VIc
tory In Salt Lake
Hanna Is Happy
Result of the Election In Utah
News From Nearby Towns
Ogden News Xotcs
Who Will He Utahs Next Senator
Douglas Held For llar lary
Present IIIprH Action Has Rarely
Bceii exceeded
I HONOLULU Oct 29 via San Fran
I cisco Nov Correspondence of the I
i United Associated PressesOn the I
I ICth Kilauea volcano broke out into
i I violent action which continued with I
great splendor for several days The
lava rose in the pit of Halemaumau 75
feet in one day and continues to rise
A central fountain of fire was play
I ing to a great height The present
i high action has rarely been exceeded I
Opening of the Government Locks
I Around thc Cascades
government locks around the cascades
in the Columbia river were opened at
2 oclock today The Dalles put on
holiday colors and excursion trains and
boats from Portland and other points
brought many visitors and various gov
ernment marine county and railroad
officials to the city The locks have
been under construction for about three
years and cost over 3SOO000
Louisville chair works employing 125 I
men have increased wages 10 per cent
owing to McKinleys election
Ohio Falls car works of Jeffersonville
Ind employing 2500 men have a con
tract for 2000 cars contingent on Mc
Kinleys election and the plant will
start up in a few days
final session of the executive commit
tee of the Womans Foreign Missionary
society was held today The most im
portant item of business was the pre
sentation of the amounts of which
each branch of the society will collect
and disburse during the coming year
The sums aggregate 32730945
Parting addresses were made by Dr
J Tracy and W D Plat after which
the society adjourned to meet at Den
ver next year
NEW YORK Nov 5 Captain David
H Miller of the Seventh regiment was
reported to be dying at Roosevelt hos
pital tonight He was taken to the
hospital from a riding academy on
Wednesday night after being thrown
from his horse there while participat
ing in a game of polo Mr Miller is 32
years of age and a cotton broker
WASHINGTON Nov 5The war de
partment has been informed of the
death today at Presidio Cal of Cap
tain Francis E Pierce First infantry
He was a native of New York and
commanded the One Hundred and
Eighth New York infantry in 1862
FALL RIVER Mass Nov 5 Secre i
tary Howard of the Spinner union
received a letter from President Gem
of the Federation of Labor
pers tre yes
terday instructing him to begin the
middle of next month the work of
organizing the textile workers in the
south a task to which he was assigned
at the meeting of the National Sin
ners association held in Boston
Howard will work in conjunction with
a Columbus Ga member whom Mr
Gonrpers has appointed
LOS ANGELES Cal Nov 5Carlo
Martyn the son of Rev Carlos Martyn 1 I
of Chicago pleaded guilty today of
swindling and was sentenced to five
years Imprisonment in the state peni
ATLANTA Ga Nov 5 William
Mann white and Abe Goss colored
were killed today by the explosion of
a locomotive boiler in the Southern
railway yards here Jim Rogers col
ored was seriously Injured
RALEIGH N C Nov Adjutant
General Cameron this afternoon re
ceived an application for the use of
troops1 at Oxford to prevent a threat
ened riot A company of Infantry was
at once ordered on duty I
NEW HAVEN Conn Nov 5The
hardware manufactory of the Sargents
In this city has started up on full time
and with a full force The factory
which employs about 2000 hands is the j
largest in the city if not in the state
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< q
Takes I Like the Sturdy
Young American That He
Has Proved Himself
American People Have Spoken
and Their Will Is Law
There Was Nothing at all Pathetic
In the Scenes Following the Ile
ccipt ot the News From Senator
Jones Announcing That He Hail
I Given Up tie Fight Bryan Will
Issue n Statement ttt the Bimetal
lists Today The lilt Has Just
LINCOLN Neb Nov 5The first
information that Senator Jones had
conceded the election of McKinley was 1
given to Mr Bryan at 8 oclock this j
evening through the medium of a
United Associated Presses bulletin
Mr and Mrs Bryan were out walk
ing when the bulletin was received
They had been indoors all day and
after supper decided to take a little
needed exercise Just as the clock In
the library of the Democratic candi
dates cosy little home was striking
the hour husband and wife returned
Mr Talbot Mr Bryans law partner
who has just been elected to the Ne
braska legislature on the Republican
ticket and several newspaper men
were in the library at the time Mr
Bryan read the bulletin without show
I ing any signs of feeling and remarked
I as he finished
Ill wait to hear from Senator Jones
before saying anything
Then he put on a velvet house jacket
and began chatting pleasantly with
some personal friends whowere with r
him in the parlor There was nothing
of the pathetic in the scene Mr
Bryan had not clung to the hopes held
out to him by some of his enthusiastic
followers and was prepared for the
news His wife too knew that noth
ing encouraging was to be expected
Her natural good nature came to the
fore when she realized that the strain
was over and she laughed and joked
with those about her while Mr Bryan
also chaffed the newspaper men during
the wait for the official message from
Senator Jones Half an hour later a
telegraph messenger handed a dispatcu
to the defeated candidate You may
say said he turning to the news
paper men after reading the telegram
that the election of McKinley is con
ceded and I will issue a statement to
Then he sat down at the big oak
desk at which he writes and began
rHine a mpssncrft of ponerrLtTilation tii
I his victorious opponent Mrs Bryan =
leaning over his shoulder as his pencil
went over the paper
This was the message
Hon William McKinley Canton
Senator Jones has just informed
me that the returns indicate your
election and I hasten to extend
my congratulations We han sub
mitted the issues to the American
people and their will is law
Mr Bryan paused once during the
writing to tell a humorous story
apropos of a remark made by one of
those about him When he had finished
he handed the dispatch to a messen
ger Mr Bryan then told another
story There appeared to be nothing
forced about the pleasant manner of
the young political leader He seemed
actually happy that the strain was
over He told the representative of
the United Associated Presses in the
conversation that ensued that tonight
he would prepare a statement to be
issued to the bimetallists of the coun
try and would make it public by noon
tomorrow and not this evening as he
had previously said
Mr Bryan said he did not care to
say anything about the result of the
election tonight but in response to a
question as to whether he thought Ml
Kinleys election was a blow to the
cause of bimetallism he responded
The fight has just commenced
United Associated Presses Sends
Greeting to Its Employees In the
The following dispatch was sent out
last evening
All Employees in the West
The United Associated Presses extends
tends its hearty thanks for the very
creditable work which you have l
done during the present week The s
wires never carried so much report X
before in the same time and it is our
opinion that a better set of operators
cannot be found in the United States
or elsewhere A L SUESMAN
General Western Manager
AnteElection Promises Fail to PaR
CHICAGO Nov 5All the pork
butchers at the packing houses in this
city are on strike caused by the fail
ure to advance their wages as is cus
tomary for the winter season Durin
the summer wages are 1 a day less
than in winter the change taking place o
usually in October On the plea of hard
times and the approaching election
the date of change was postponed until
Nov 4 Yesterday the men were noti
fed that only 75 cents additional would
be allowed and they struck c
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