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jt ll <
ij > or < > > t > S
i i 2zHE1 fA11r 71AIL na j
t I In considerable force hive been k
in Revino not far frDin Tyrnavo
northwest of Larissa which would In
dicate that the Greens hare not ad
vanced far into the Damazi Claim I
Is apde that the Turks were leimlted
at Revinb S
Austinlater dispatch from Gritzovaii I
admits that the Turks have recaptured I
that Dlace In < econJetJKa enien
I at Gritzovaii the Greens comlnande
byrGencTaiMastropaswereal > U to re
form after civlns wav A battalio
5 underthe command ot General Mine
poulos is hurryingto reinforce Genera
I JIa3lroj > a3 V
V V V Official Information
Washington April i9The Turkish
minister Moustapht Bey has com
municated with Secretary Sherman
V on the status of the GraecoTurkish
I conflict He officially informed the
American V secretary of state of the
termination of diplomatic relation
terination diplomatc relatons
between Turkey and GI ece and the
attitude of offense which Turkey has
been compelled to take by reason of the
aggressive course of Greece I was ex
pressly made known however that no
declaration of war had been issued
tntil this declaration is made the
United States government is not likely
nlUon to the exist
to give official recognition clst
ing state o f Affair
United States Minister Reviews the
Washington April 19The following
official statement is made at the state
The department of state has re
ceived a dispatch from the United
States minister to Turkey relating to
the situation between that country and
Greece and the Turkish declaration of
rj war
14 Terrell states that the minister from
Greece has been informed ho must
leave before next Wednesday He is
not permitted to communicate by tele
graph with the Greek government All
subjects of Greece are required to leave
Constantinople within 15 days The
note of the porte to the foreign powers
disclaims any desire for territorial con
quest The Turkish minister informs
Terrell that the Greek government re
quires all the subjects of Greece of
military age reserved for military duty
The Turkish government claims the
regular Greek troops seized and were
fortifying Analipsis In violation of an
agreement prohibiting It Hence the
attack there by the Turks on the 16th
The Turkish troops are scattered along
the border of Thessaly and cannot
quickly concentrate for decisive battle
This may enable the Greek army to
fight them in detail
Another belated dispatch from Mr
Terrell was given out at the state de
partment I bears date of Saturday
from Pera the diplomatic suburb of
Constantinople and in i Mr Terrell j
simply confirms the press reports of the
Initial statements of the breaking out
of hostilities The United States navy
is prepared to do all that Is necessary
for the protection of American inter
ests Admiral Selfridge the com
mander of the European squadron con
sisting at present of four ships all in
the eastern Mediterranean has been
expecting a outbreak of hostilities
and from time to time ha advised the
navy department of the outlook
He is now under general instructions
to look after American interests and
no attempt ha been made nor is I it
likely to be made in the immediate fu
ture to give him precise directions as to
his conduct
The movement of the vessels of the
h sauadron will bo left entirely to his
discretion the department believing
that as he is at the seat of war he is
better prepared than any one here to
act to the best advantage The lust
sign that the admiral has begun the
disposition of his little squadron to
meet the war epoch was the receipt
of a cablegram at the navy department
today announcing the arrival of the
United States cruiser Minneaoolis at
Syria This is an island in the Greek
Archipelago lying at the foot of the
Aegean sea and at a point almost
equally distant from Crete where war
has been actually going on for weeks
Athens and the entrance to the Darde
nelles so that It is admirably selected
In the judgment of the department as
i is a place of observation and a base
of action in either direction where an I
American warshln may be needed
The officials of both navy and state
departments have little apprehension of I
illtreatment to Americans in either
Greece or Turkey which is regarded as
about the only possible cause for fric I I
tion now Possibly at a later stage in
the war in the event that the Turks
are defeated there may be rioting at I I
Constantinople or some of the larger
Turkish cities but that is not feared I
at present I
I has been suggested that the presi I
dent probably will be called upon to
issue a proclamation of neutrality now
that war has begun between Turkey
and Greece The officials have looked
Into the precedents in SUN cases and
have concluded that the condition at
present do not require the issue of a
notice The jiurpose of a neutrality
proclamation is to guard American citi
zens against the consequences of in I
fraction of the neutrality imposed upo
nations not part to a war I does rot
directly concern either of the belligerents
pnts but Is Intendc1 to warn American
citizens that if they espouse the cause
of either conihatTant they will ii > scle
their own country from ectundins pro
tection to them V
Conditions mav rise later on it is
Said pt the stat > department warrant
ing tho issue of a prn amation bat the
Americans ta Tuikv and Greece are
so few in numlar and are of such a
character as to mak t unikelv that
they will involve rhemselves in trouble
The progress of hostilities Is being
watt bed with the keenest Interest In
military circles here Already there
has been a great demand for accurate
maps of the scene of the first outbreak
and this has been responded to bv the
military Information bureau by giving
orders for the preparation of such a
mp as was Issued during the war be
tween China and Japan a publication
of great alue to the student of war
It may be said that while the sympa
thies of ttf army officers he largely
withth Greeks they fully expect that
the Turks u ill prevail in the end If al
led to age war untrammelled b 1 >
the interference of other nowers and
thert are signs to indicate that such
an arrangement has been reached by
the principal military and naval powers
of Europe as will make this possible
The war department experts say that
Turkey on paper at least has one of
the most formidable armies in the
world and although it is generally ad
mitted that its strength may not be
anywhere near a large as thus set out
still there actually exists a military
force besides which that of Greece is
absolutely insignificant in numbers In
addition to this numerical superiority
the war department experts say that
5 the Turkish forces for some st have
V had the benefit of thorough training by
i a number of German army officers the
V best drill masters in the world At
present the Turkish commanderin
V chief Edhom Pasha has at his back
V one of the ablest strategists In all Eu
I V rope in the person of Lieutenant Gen
I oral Baron Comar von der Goltz a
j German officer loaned to Turkey by
1 Emperor William This officer Is said
J 1 unite In himself all the qualities of
I a most fitted scholar and an experi
enced soldier He participated In the
j war with DenmarkIn the FrancoPrus
I slon war and in the AustroPrussian
I war and in addition he is the author
of three military books that are regarded
garded almost as text books in the
service I Is reported here that Baron
I von der Goltz is really the author of
RI i the plan of campaign under which the
i Turkish army Is now fighting The
1 V war department is prepared to collect
all the technical information that may
i S be derived from the war Captain
il i I Scriven the military attache of the
United States embassy at Rome has
t already telegraphed the department for I
ti permission to 30 to Turkey to watch
Fl I 1
liJ I
the progress of the war and the neces
sary permission will be given him 1
he finds It desirable that some one
should act in a like capacity with the
Greek army the department probably
will send Major Dorst our military at
tache at Vienna to the scene
The president is taking an active in
I terest In the struggle between the
Greeks and Turks Secretary Sherman
I came over to the White House this
i afternoon and the president Immediate
ly shelved all other business to confer
with his premier on the subject Sec
retary Sherman previously had a long
talk with Mr Angell who being about
to start for Turkey the latter part of
May Is naturally deeply concerned In I
quarter the developments in that turbulent
None of Mr Terrells telegrams co
far received verify the assumption that
I he has undertaken the protection of
the Greek residents In Turkey On the
whole the authorities are glad that the
report is not supported for although
such a request could not well be de
clined i is remembered that our min
isters in China and Japan and the
state department a well became in
volved In a mess when they undertook
the protection of the Chinese and
Japanese through the killing of several
Japanese students and there is always
risk that trouble may follow the assumption
sumption of such responsibility
Admiral Selfridge ha cabled the sec
retary of the navy a request to hae
the cruiser Cincinnati now at Mersine
under orders to come home remain nn
the Mediterranean station for 8 time
She was to be relieved by the Raleigh
but Secretary Long has given instrud
tions that both shall remain thete
This will give Admiral Selfridge a fleet
of five shipsthe San Francisco the
Minneapolis the Marblehead the Cin
cinnati and the Raleigh number suf
ficient to insure the adequate protec
tion of all American interests in south
ern Europe in the opinion of the navy
Turks Trying Hard to Make Greece
i Error
Athens April 19M Skouscs the
Greek minister of foreign affairs has
sent a reply to the note which Assim
Bey the retiring Turkish minister
handed to him announcing that In
consequence of the aggressive attitude
of Greece diplomatic relations between I
the king of the Hellenes the sultain of
Turkey and their respective governments
ments were broken off
M Skouzes in his answer says I
In wishing to make Greece respon
sible for the rupture of the diplomatic
relations the imperial government ap I
pears to lose sight of the fact that
Greece far from proceeding to acts of
hostility against Turkey has had to
suffer during the last few days from re
peated acts of aggression on the part
of the Turkish army at several points
on the frontier Owing to the conflict
at the Prophet Ellas on March 28 the
royal government drew the attention of
the Imperial government to the attitude
tude of the Turkish troops but instead
of yielding to the spirit of moderation
dictating this step the imperial govern
ment appeared disposed to precipitate
events Thus on Friday the Turkish
army without provocation attempted
to obtain possession of Analipsis which
was mutual agreed to be neutral ter
itory I was all ovin to the persist
ence o the Greeks that this attempt
to violate neutral territory failed
The royal government cannot let
pass in silence this act before it was
officially notified of the rupture of diplomatic
omatic relations and while the kings
minister at Constantinople was only
notified at an advanced hour of the
light the forts at Prevesa opened fire
at 5 oclock in the morning on the Hel
lenic position at Actium and sunk the
Greek steamer Macedonia
In the face of this showing there is
little foundation for the assertion of
the sublime porte to the effect that
Greece committed acts of hostility the
responsibility for the consequences can
in no way rest with the kings government
ment V I
While the Incidents of the day alone I
I the eastern portion of the frontier have
not been of a notable importance the
situation at the Gulf of Arta and in the
I vicinity of the Albanian frontier have I
become more favorable for the Greeks
I The bombardment of Prevesa was re I
sumed at daybreak with but feeble re
I plies from the Turkish batteries at
Hamidieh and Pantocratores The
Pantocrtors po
sition of the Turks is untenable and it
I is believed the town will fall Into the
hands of the large Greek force in the
vicinity which is waiting for the de
molition of the remaining batteries
The Greek battleship Shelzia has taken
the lead in the bombardment
By an order received at Prevesa from
Constantinople at noon today the Gulf
of Arta was officially closed to all but
Turkish ships
Colonel ls Manos with 25000 men hay
ing crossed the Arakphos under the
protection of the Greek artillery bat
teries is now in EpiruS where it is
believed his force is considerably in ex
cess of the Turkish force I is re
ported here that a large body of Al
banians estimated at upwards of 2000
who had crossed the Greek frontier
wit the avowed intention of pushing
on to Larisa have recrossed and are
now ravaging Epirus Arta is prac
tically deserted V
The mayor is transforming the public
offices and official records to Konipote I
Minister to Greece Snowden is Not
at All Sanguine
Philadelphia April ExMinister
to Greece Snowden said today that he
had recently received the following re
ply to a message sent to King George
approving the attitude assumed by
that monarch
Hearty thanks for your approval
Precious to me Have six powers
I against us GEORGE
V Continuing Mr Snowden said
I There never was so Ill an opportun
ity as the present for Greece to have
a conflict with Turkey Up to two or
three years ago an advance of the
Greek army into Thessaly would have
meant a general uprising of Roumapia
Bulgaria Servia and Macedonia and
the overpowering of the Turks for
Roumania alone has a larger and bet
ter equipped army than the sultan V
Now however the situation is very
different Roumania has practically
established an allegiance to Germany
by having a Hohenzollern upon her
throne Bulgaria has almost become a
Russian province and Servias king is
the son of a daughter of a Russian
colonel so that unless the people of
these countries act contrary to the in
fluence of their leaders there Is not
Turkey likely to be any combination against
The Turks can and no doubt will
drive the Greeks back over the fron
tier The Tuckish army outnumbers
that of Greece two to one and is bet
ter equipped The entire army of
Greece Including reserves consists of
about 80000 troops and I do not think
I has been possible for them to have
been equipped with the most modern
munitions of war
Greece has a deplorable financial
condition and cannot stand a pro
tracted conflict I very much fear she
will be badly whipped but I do not
believe the powers will allow the sul
tan to overrun Greece or to take pos
session of Athens
Turks Beaten at Reveal
Larissa April 19G p mThe Greeks
have defeated the Turks at RevenI and
two Greek brigades have entered Turk
Ish territory in different directions and
penetrated to Delmasi northeast of
Zarkos Another division is trying to
Hank the Turks who are retreating In
Heavy fighting is in progress at Grlel
zovali I has been going on since
ture noon the The place Greeks are trying to recap
Fence Nonintervention I
Paris April 19At a cabinet meet
o <
4ng held this morning ft was decided
not to modify the policy ot noninter
vention in GraecoTurklsh affairs pre
viously adopted by France
At the request of the Greek minister
at Constantinople Prince MauvocoF
dato the French embassy there has
been authorized to take under its protection
tection the Greek Catholics in Turkey
V At he close of the cabinet meeting
l Hanotaux the minister of foreign
affairs received the Greek minister to
I France
V V I I Not Confirmed
London April 19A dispatch to the
Times from Elassona says that fight
ing began at Janina on Sunday morn
ing There is no confirmation of the
rumor that 12000 Turks have occupied
the fort at Pontopegada on the road
from Arta to J nlna V V
Greek Steamer Sunk
Salonica April 19A Turkish tor
pedo boat ha sunk the Greek steamer
Athens in the Gulf of Salonlca On
board were insurgents and members
of various secret societies A general
panic prevails here All the vessels
are prohibited from leaving the gulf
I The Turks have seized the Greek
I steamer Kophalelon
Suspense I Extreme
London April 19An Athens dis
patch to the Chronicle dated midnight
says General Smolenitz in command
of the Greeks at Reveni has pushed
Edhom Pasha toward Damasi The
suspense her Is extreme Everybody
is waiting for the list of
walng lst killed and
wounded Patriotic bankers and others
million have offered pounds the government over 3
A Massacre Feared
Athens April 19 Midnight The
Greeks have occupied several strategic
positions around Damasi including
Viglia Three thousand armed peas
ants have joined the troops I is alleged
leged that 22000 Turks attacked Re
yenI is feared that a massacre has
taken place at Prevesa during the bom
Cannot Count Upon It
St Petersburg April 19 Referring
to the formation of an alliance between
Bulgaria Servia and JJontenesro at Is
semlofficially pointed out today that
the league being formed is not only for
the protection of the governments
named against Turkey and Austria but
against PanHellenic aspirations in
the Balkan peninsula Therefore I is
added Greece is unable to count upon
any support in the present conflict from
the countries indicated and moreover
their respective ministers have posi
tively assured Russia that their gov
ernments ity will maintain strict neutral
A Fortnight to Quit
Cane April 19 Placards have been
posted here at Candia and at other
towns In the island allowing the
Greeks a fortnight to quit Crete This
is regarded as a complete annulment
of the proposed scheme of autonomy
With a view of anticipating an at
tack by Colonel Vassos Fort Ississidin
Suda Island and the entrance to Suda
bay have been placed under the pro i
tection of the powers I
Outbreak of Hostilities Causes But
Little Sensation There
London April 19The outbreak of hos
tilities on the Greek frontier has caused
but little sensation here The permanent
officials and the Turkish ambassador
have received no information beyopd the
fact that war has been declared In spite
of the fact of its being a holiday here
tnero was great activity at the foreign I
office where the full staff was at work
the whole day long The Italian Ger
man Austrian Swedish French and
Turkish ministers had a lengthy con
ference with Sir Thomas H Sanderson
the permanent secretary of the foreign
office The latter informed a representa
tlv of the Associated Press that the
powers had not yet decided to Interfere
in the war between Greece and Turkey
which he added should be sharp and
decisive as the Greeks have little chance
of ultimately winning u V
Marquis of Balboa Dead
Havana April 19A detachment of
the Armgon battalion I is announced
has captured the five remaining mem
bers of the Insurgent force commanded
by Zarrago I
I is not known whether Zarraga has
surrendered or not
The marquIs of Balboa died today I
Read Him a Note
Paris April 19In his Interview to
day with M Hanotaux the Greek min
ister read to the French minister for
foreign affairs a note from Greece to
the powers regarding the GraecoTurk
ish conflict I
Troops Leave Arta
Athens April 19A telegram re
ceived this evening from Arta says the
troops have left that point for Janina
The sea off Porvlus Is very rough I
The firing there today was desultory
Salisbury Consults Victoria
Nice April 19The marquis of Salis
bury was in conference with Queen
Victoria today fcr threequarters of an
A Generous Offer
Constantinople April lThe Im I
perial Ottoman bank has offered the
government to establish at Elassona r
and maintain at Its own expense a I I
hospital for the wounded I
Sharp Difference of Opinion Among i
V the Powers
London April 197 p mIn spite of
the fact that the hostilities on the Greek
frontier have caused but little excite J
ment here communications have been In I
progress all day longbetween the foreign
eOnj dth
I office and Rome France and Athens I
I is reported tonight that among the
other matters considered is the expediency
of ordering the International fleets to
leave Cretan waters and to go in the di
rection of Salonica and the Dardanelles
to watch the fighting with a view to
lovalizing It l necessary by naval Inter
Should this suggestion which is under
stood to emanate from the Italian for
eign office be acted upon It is probable
that only half the fleet of foreign war
ships would be withdrawn for such u
purpose the other half remaining to con
tinue the Cretan blockade V
There is said to be a sharp difference
of olnIon between the military powers
Russia AustroHunga and Germany
and the maritime powers Great Britain
France and 1tnlas to the most ex
peditous and least violent methods of
compelling a cessation of hostilities should
this result not be reached by the exer
cise of diplomatic pressure at Athens and
Constantinople The likelihood Is that
the force to be employed by Europe I
a resort to force becomes necessary
would b by sea as the contingencies of I
military intervention might be more
serious than the hostilities now in pro
gress I is reported at the foreign
office that tho communication received f
hero from the Marquis of Salisbury after
his Interview with Queen VictorIa at
Nice support the theory that the British
government is using Its utmost energy
to persuade both the combatants to make
a cessation of tho conflict at the stage
which It has reached now
f Hanotaux who received the Greek
minister to France today is understood
to have assured him that while France I
could not tolerate the indefinite prolonga
tion of war and would never consent to
any essential modification of the exist
ing territories of Greece and Turkey she
would continue for the present her policy
of noninterference except so far as inter
vention might be necessary to prevent
the spread of the contest to other com
The situation on the frontier has not
according to the latest advIce l been ma
terially modified today Both tho Turks
and the Greeks nre resting rom the
tremendous exertions of Friday Saturday
and Sunday The troops of Edhm Pasha
were half dead with fatigue and hunger
< = < o 0 1
when the firing slackened last night
Most of them flung themselves down
where they stood on the bare ground to
sleep The Turkish commanderinchie
prudently decided to allow his army to
rest today 4
As details come In It becomes more
and more apparent that the fighting In
Milouna pass was of the most stubborn
and savage character The Turks fought
llko devils and the Greeks resisted in the
spirit of their ancestors
The most Inexplicably fact In connection
with the
whole engagement is the com
paratively small number of killed Al
the special correspondents agree a t
this The Turkish appear to have fired
a wildly v ith their rifles at Milouna
pass as they dd at Arta where the I
fighting consisted of an artillery duel be
tween the rival batteries on each side
of the river lasting about four hour In
the afternoon There they fired 0 only
one out of five shots with any e et and
iueir imitenes were soon suejicea oy tne
Greeks whose marksmanship was very
much superior The Turkish yer
Arta am believed to have been very
heavy On the Greek side there was not
a man killed
Later9 p m General Smolenitz ex
minister of war Is in command of Hoe
Greeks at Reveni not far from Tyruavos
northwest of Larissa At this point i
Edhem Pasha closely pressed was nearly
taken prisoner His plan was to force
the pass of Reveni to enter the plain of
Larissa and to cut oft the retreat of the
Greek army with his cavalry and thus
take Larissa without resistance But this
plan was defeated
General Domorpoulos at the head of
one Greek division forced the Turkish
line at Rousrhaiz close to Tymavos and
General Mavromochale broke through at
Tho two generals united their troops
near Damasi The news of this success
at Reveni and of the Imminent fall of
Prevesa has changed the dismay caused
at Athens bj the loss of Milouna Into the
wildest rejoicing The latest advices to
night are that the Greek troops are ad
vancing to reoccupy their nosltlons at
Milouna and at Gritzovaii tho latter ol
which it is alleged was abandoned owing
to a mlsunderstandir by the general in
command who Interpreted as an older to
retreat what was really Intended as an
order to advance
Captain Tagardo who was wounded at
Gritzovaii shot himself in order to avoid
falling Into the hands of the Turks
d kh
The Greeks report that heT Turks lost
7000 killed and wounded at Reveni but
this estimate is probably excessive The
Greek engineers constructed a bridge at
Pachyskalos to enable their troops to
cross the river trop
I is said that the Turkish forces at
tacking Reveni numbered more than
Persistent Rumors Regarding the
Street Sprinkling Contract
Some Talk of Starting an Investiga
tion at Tonights Meeting of the
City Council
The Griffin divorce case with its sen
sational suggestion of bribery in con
nection with the awarding of the street
sprinkling contract was about the only
subject discussed In municipal circles
yesterday There was such a degree of
Interest that It Is not Improbable some
action will be taken at the meeting of the
city council this evening for the purpose
of investigating the charges of boodling I
A few developments that bOOdlngI
highly Interesting came to light yester
day I may be stated right hero that
rumors of boodling In connection with
connecton wih
the letting of the sprinkling contract
have been in circulation ever since the
contract WitS let nearly a year ago thQ
that a revival to these rumors has taken
place with the prospect of vcnUlatlqiuln
tance the courts they have assumed Impor
when Th Hel lat Sunday morning
announced that Mcs Griffin in her cross
complaint wouliUlrCiiUUnrohabiluy charge
her husband with resorting to bribery I
of certain members of the city council to
secure the street sprinkling contract the
impression seeined to have been created I
ee1 hve
that Mr Griffin jiuH for tlc l creae
of those menibera ind thus secured the I i
contract rcKardlcHiS of the amount of his
bid This I is far from being the case As j i j j
a matter offset Mr Griffins bid was by i
far the ero fcf Jr those submitted anti I
there was nothIng the council todo
but 1 P award the contract to him
The crooked work is alleged to have
taken place before the bids were turned
over and became the property of itne
council and went Into the charne or the
city recorder The custom or law Is to
allow the committees to solicit bds for
contract work Thus on April 2 last
year the council authorized the commit
tee on sprinkling to solicit bids for one
two and three year contracts On May ID
the bids were opened in open council and
Mr Griffins bid proved to be the lowest
Now the charge ts that Jlr Griffin in
some way had access to all the sealed
bids while they were in the hands of
the committee and thus was enabled to
underbid every competitor for the con
What might have been merely a colncl
dece was the fact a few moments prior
to the opening of the bids Councilman
Buckle ever watchful walked up to the
city recorders desk and closely scrutin
ized evey envelope ostensibly for the
purpose of detecting If they had been
opened Whether or not that had any
connection with a suspicion IT his mind
at the time that something was wrong
is wholly a matter of conjecture
After the bids had been opened City
Recorder Emery took charge of all the I
poe and what mY on be nnother
coincidence was the fact that he decided
to preserve the envelopes in which the
proposals were submtted Whether Mr I
Emery had Py reason for so dons he
now refuses to state but It is verr evi
dent he had suspclons that something
might turn up in the future
Bike and Bloomers
The latest form of gallantry In Paris
Is to name ones bicycle after ones lady
Yonkers Statesman She Have you got j
your bicycle yet
He Oh yes
I dont see you on the road as much
this season as I did last
wheel I
No Im on my more now I
ride better you know
London society journals say that skat
Ing on the new bicycle skates Is to be
tho fashionable craze during the coming
summer in England
Boston Transcript r Qulddle
wonder what has become of John Ho
I went out early this morning and here it
is most dark and I havent heard a word
I from him
I Mr Raddle Do you really have fears
for his safety
Mrs Qulddle Oh I guess his safetys
I all rlcht but Im afraid ho has fallen
off tho confounded thing and broken his
leg perhaps
I Spring Problem x
TIs here that embarrassing season
When difficult Us to choose
And say with reliable reason
I Which bicycle suit Is whose
Washington Star
Cleveland Leader So you think Dur
ham is madly in love with his wife do
I you
No doubt of It I saw him cleaning I
her wheel after they had got back from
their spin yesterday morning
New York Sun In explaining why bi
cycle accidents are usually serious to per
sons on foot the Evening Telegram says
A man of 150 pounds weight and mov I
Inc at the rate of ten feet per second
about seven miles an hour has a mo
mentum of 1500 pounds without counting
the weight of his wheel This is suffi
cient to have surprising effect on the or
dnarv pedestrian A collision between
two 150pound riders wheeling at the
moderate rate of seven miles an hour
would result In a smashup wIth a force
of 000 pounds No wonder bicycle accidents
cldents arc often serious
Our contemporary doesnt state what
would be the average depressing effect
If a plump and frisky wheelwoman go
Ing at the speed named should knock
down a humble unsuspecting pedestrian
and after riding over his body uncon
sciouslv sit down on him as he lies nros
trato with perhaps a dozen wrecked
spokes in his ribs
I Is said that some of the big millers
and bakers In the west have found a I
way to adulterate wheat by a mixture
or cornmeal
V <
here Were Eighteen Rounds of
I Hard Fighting
Allan N Jones the Cyclist to B e
Matched Against Flying Jib the
Great Pacei > Other Events in the
Wheeling World Turf Topics i
Various Towns
Buffalo April 19After 18 rounds of
rapid fighting Frank Erne got the de
cision over Joe Hopkins colored of
New York at the Olympic Athletic club
tonight In the eighteenth round Hop
kins started to force the fighting Erne
landed hard on the chin and the
colored boy went down with a thump
his head striking the floor very hard
The gong saved him from being
counted out but immediately after
wards his
wars seconds threw up the sponge
and Erne was declared the winner
Corbetts Big Reception
New York April 19The Academy of I
Music was filled to its utmost capacity
tonight when James J Corbett ap
peared for the first time in public since
his defeat by Fitzsimmons The ex
champion was greeted with cheers that
geetC wih cheer
lasted fully two minutes when he ap
peared in the first act ofThe Naval
At the end of the second act he made
a speech in response to repeated calls
He said he would force Fitzsimmons to
fight him again i FizsImmons
Cyclist vs Pacer
San Francisco April 19 Allan N
Jones the
cyclst who made some sen
sational rides during the indoor tour
nament in this city recently is to be
Jib matched for a mile run against Flying
the great pacer
The race will be held on the stock
farm track Pleasanton on Saturday
next and has created unusual inter
est among the horsemen Jones has
been training carefully at Livermore
during the past fortnight and is in
the best possible condition
conditoR He ha
reduced his weight eight pounds below
that at which he rode In the pavilion
and is endeavoring to get pavion
pounds stripped His
strippe mentor Richard
P Aylward looks to Jones to Richar
remarkable record on the path this sea
son He hopes to meet the cracks on
the National Circuit at the important
meets and with ordinary good fortune
expects to make a creditable showing
He Is considered by many the fastest
sprinter in the country His best per
formance recently was his victory in
the quarter mile race at Mechanics pa
ilion He reduced the worlds indoor
record to 31 25
seconds which with a
standing start Is very close to the time
made on an outdoor track In this
race Jones rode completely around
Orlande Stevens who Is himself a crack
quarter miler In his match with Fly
ing Jib Jones will probably be allowed
tandem pacing which is customary In
races of this sort 0
The Marathon Gam s
I Boston APril 9The Marathon games
under the auspices of
tlo uspleS ot the Boston
1 I Athletic association and patterned after I
pattre nier
I the games at Athens Greece In the
spring of 1S96 were held thisafternoon I I
r and were witnessed by thousands of pee
pie The games included 1 25mile road
trace from 4shland Mass to Boston and
athletic gamesat IrvIngton Oval while
the road race was Ir progress WhIe
tTh 1nof
of t
The winner of the road race was J J
McDermott of the Pastime Athletio
i club of New York who covered the dis
J I tance In two hours 5 minutes and 10 seconds
I onds lowering by ten seconds the time
made in the 25mile race at Athens tme
T J Klernan at Bartholomews
academy N Y was second and F P
Thpll of Jamacla Plains third
The games at the oval were deemed as
of secondary Importance to the road race a
Over the Ocean
I London April 19At the Skemster I I
park Easter meeting today Mr Martin
I D Rockers Bridegroom won the race I
I for the queens prize of 1000 sovereigns
Mr A F Bassetts Clorane was second
and Alf dClo de Rothschilds I
Jaquemart third I I
The Rothschild welter plate of 103
sovereigns for 3yearolds nd
Id upward
was won by P C Pattons Agnate G I
C Mosenthals Crispus second and
James Sherrys Ormac third Six
horses ran including Mr Richard
Crokers Nashville The course was I r
six furlongs
The Bikes at Memphis
Memphis April 19The southern cir
cuit bicycle races were held at the
Collsseum tonight before 2000 people
Two races were on the programme but
the mile open professional freeforall
was declared off because in the finals
the riders did not come within the
time limit which was 230
The Invitation professional race re
sulted as follows
O L Stevens of Ottumwa Ia won
Ell Winsett Memphis second C B
Jack Philadelphia third Ivison Gus
tavson Chicago fourth Bert Rapino
Nashville fifth Tom Eddy Columbus
sixth Time 219 45
Valued at 85000 It I Won by
I Buckvidere
Memphis April 19The derby value
I 5000 was won at Montgomery park
today by A Calms chestnut colt i
I Buckvidere bv Belvidere out of Elk
j horn Lass Typhoon I finished second I
with Algol third There were only
three starters I
The attendance was 8000 The derby
was the third on the programme Algol
opened at even and was backed to 4 to
5 The small betters put their faith in
Buckvidere at 5 to throughout Just I
before the race there was a plunge on I
xypnoon ana me oetuns closed with
Typhoon and Algol even money each
The start was good Passing the stand
Algol was a neck in front of Typhoon
I with Buckvidere two lengths away
At the first turn Algol showed an open
length ahead of Typhoon Algol faltered
tered on the far turn and on the
i straight away Williams let out Buck
I videre who drew away winning well
In hand by two lengths from Typhoon
I with Algol pulled up three lengths i
back hopelessly beaten
First race four furlongs pure
Verify won Oxnard second Rebel Jack
third Tlme504
Second race six furlongs Boanarges
won Gaston second Time Maker third
Time 116
Third race Tennessee derby mile and
an eighth Guaranteed 5000 Buck
vldere won 122 R Williams 5 to 1
Typhoon I 122 CA Clayton even
second Algol 122 T Murphy even
third Tme 156H No place
Fourth race one mile selling Connie
Lee won Tim Murphy second Mrs
Bradshaw third Tme 146
Fifth race V furlongs Bannock
Burn won Iabey second Argnol third
Time S51
Sixth race mile sealing Motaire
won Ferris Hartman second Royal
Choice third Time14 i I
Cincinnatis Track I
Cincinnati April 19The track at
t =
= =
Newport today was in perfect condi
tion Results
First race six furlongs Gooding
won Sierra 116 Gorda second Peggy third
Second race end mile Razondyllo
won Glitt second Calculator third
Tlme1H tf
Third race four furlongs Floraloulse
won Lillian Russell second Vlrgie
Cook third TIme50
Fourth race six finlongs FlotoT
won Winker second Abe Furst third
Time 114
Fifth race five furlongs Astor won
103 Skillman second Hume third Tme
At San Francisco
San Francisco April 19Weather at
Ingleslde fine track fast
First race seven furlongs Manches V
ter won Blue Bell second Lady Dia
mond third Time 12S
Second niCe six furlongs Tim Mur
phy won Perhaps second Mollie R
third Time 1151
Third race Corrigan stakes for 2
yearolds Value 1300 five furlongs
Michael won Rosormonde second
Front de Bouef third Time 101
Fourth race mile and a sixteenth
The Bachelor won San Marco second
Key del Tierra third Time 150
Fifth race six furlongs Caliente
won Marjorie second Refugee third
Time 115
Sixth race one mile Bernardlllo
won Lodestar second Good Times
I third Time l43y
At Bennings
Washington April 19 Results at
First race five and onehalf furlongs
Hawarden won Maudadams second
Sweet Avon third Time 110
Second race selling half mile Per
cey F won Prevus second Wild Duck
third Time 5125
Third race federal stake purse 800
3yearolds six and onehalf furlonbs
Dr Jim won Hidaddy second Miss
Lillian third Time 124 45
Fourth race selling six furlongs
Halton won Russier second Marslan
third Time 117
Fifth race one mile Buddha won
Arabian second Parmesian third Time
146 25 I
At Forsytn
Chicago April 19The Forsyth rac
ing was in cold raw alI and before a
small crowd Results
First race six furlongs Louis won
Selden second Ed Overlock third Time
Second race three and onehalf furlongs
longs 2yearolds Duchess of High
land won Miss Hoy second Little
Helen third
Third race mile Harry Shannon
won Olivia L second Doctor G third
Time 143
Fourth race seveneighths of a mile
Ben Waddell won Whirlaway second
Dorian third Time 124
Fifth race five furlongs Oldham
won Siegfried second Santa Cruz
third Time 103
I The Ships I
San Francisco Sailed steamer City
of Para Mortensen Panama domestic j
Baliard Cleared April 15 bark Cey
Ion for Honolulu foreign ports
Burrards Inlet Sailed April 12 Nor
steamer Eva for Yokohama
Yokohama Arrived April 19 British
steamer Coptic hence April 1 via Hono
lulu barkentine Kate Flickinger from
Hastings Mill sailed April 16 British
steamer Empress of China for Van
Auckland Sailed April 17 steamer
Alameda for San Francisco
Shanghai led April 17 British
ship Stronsa for Portland
Gibraltar Arrived Ems New York
for Genoa V
Boston Arrived Cephalonla Liver
New York Arrived Werkendam
Fit League Game of the Season I
Bpston April 19The Phillies came to
Boston today and played the first league I
game of the season defeating the home
team by one run In an exciting finish
The visitors played better ball than they
did last year and deserved to win About
14500 people crowded Into the cramped
grounds several hundred not being able
to obtain seats Score
Philadelphia Runs 6 hits 12 errors 1
BostonRuns 5 hits S errors 3
Battery Orth and Clements Nichols
and Ganzel
Umpire Lynch
A Double Beating
London April 19At Woodgroom today
George beat Keenan both running and
cycling a mile
In Boston the schoolboys have been
enlisted In the work of keeping the
streets clean in the north end They
have been organized Into clubs and
take a keen interest In the matter
The consumption of soap In India
only reaches the modest amount of
re moe aout one
ounce per head annually And yet
there are persons who have the nerve
to compare Buddhism with Christian
A Chicago judge refused to let a
I Spiritualist serve on a murder trial
jury there Tuesday because he said in
I court that he did not believe a man
could be killed in the common acceptation
ceptation of that term
This world Is the worse off for the
large number of people in it who are
occasionally only what they ought to I
be perpetually I and those who are per
petually what they ought only to be
A foreign count committed suicide in
New York by Jumping In the river I
developed that he couldnt raise cash
enough to have his hair cut and the
American heiress in the case wouldnt
have it long I
Boston ha a committte of censors
who visit the first nights production
of every new theatrical production I
They report back to the board of alder
men and if the play is yellow it is
at once prohibited I j
Selden an ancient author said
h I
Marriage is a desperate thing The
frogs In Aesop were extremely wise I
they had a great mind to some water
I but they would not leap into the well
because they could not get out again
I Te Paris municipal council finds f
self in a unexpected condition of
I wet Strange to say Instead of hay
ing absolutely overrun its estimates it I
finds itself with a sum of 10000 to the V
good on the street scavenging and
cleaning account The cause of this
extraordinary state of affairs for
extrlnar aair a
I municipal council is not far tt seek
The continued rainfall and general
mildness of the winter has practically
I done the councils work and instead of
having masses of snow to clear away
and miles of frozen streets to salt the
council has simply had to sit still and
A Kansas City girl who rode a bi
cycle for about a year sold in early
last summer for 50 She went away
for awhile and on her return Invested
the proceeds in game chickens She
cultivated quite a brood which has
since netted her about 100 profit She
now has a splendid specimen which
she values at 40 and it Is not the
only chicken in the coop either
Colton that rare old bird who could
read woman like a book once ob
served The women are satisfied with
less than the men and yet notwith
standing this they are less easily
satisfied In the first place preference
and precedence are indispensable ar
ticles with them if we would have our
favors graciously received They look
moreover to the mode the manner and
the address rather than to the value
of the obligation and estimate it more
by the time the cost and the trouble
wo may have expended upon it rather
than by its intrinsic worth Attention
is ever current coin with the women
add they weigh the heart much V more
scrupuously than the hand
Fine Soldiers Very Obedient and
little Thing tike That However
Will Not Prevent Her From
Fighting Will Manage Someway
to Borrow Money to Buy Arms
and Ammunition Whole Ques
tion Hinges on the Action Taken
by the Powers
New York April 19CoIonel Francis
V Greene United States army re
tired who was sent by this govern
ment to Russia during the last Turk
Ish war to represent the war depart
ment told of his observations of the
Turkish army while in battle
The Turks are individually good
fighters said Colonel Greene They
are fine soldiers very obedient fanat
ic in their religion and fatalists The
Turk fights up to a certain point and
when he thinks matters are going
against him he will run Not for any
lack of courage however but because
he thinks fate is against him The
Turkish soldiers are well armed Dur
ing the RussoTurkish war the Turks
were better armed than the Russians
They were well clothed but the com
missary and transportation systems
were fatally defective In numbers
the peace strength Is 125000 Greeks
and 150000 Turks and these can prob
ably be increased to three times as
many on each side In 1S77 the Turks
put 300000 in the field in Europe and
100000 in Asia and they made a very
much stronger resistance than the Rus
sians anticipated I think Russia put
nearly half a million men In the field
before the war was over Turkey Is
bankrupt but so was she In 1S77 and
that wont stop her from fighting
They will probably manage to borrow
enough money to buy guns and am
munition and they will get food out
of their own country
The Turks 20 years ago fought an
entirely defensive campaign There is
no reason why they should do so now
Their plan was to seize some impor
tant point and throw up fortifications
which they constructed with remark
able skill and then wait to be at
tacked behind their breastworks They
collected large amounts of ammunition
and provisions In these forts and
awaited attack Some times their po
sitions were turned They were com
pelled to retreat and then they would
abandon all their ammunitions and
stores and fall back on another line
of fortifications 20 or 50 miles in the
Colonel Greene was asked his opinion
as to the relative strength of the ar
mies of Greece and Turkey
There Is no question he said that
the Turks are more than a match for
the Greeks but the whole question Is
what stand the great powers will take
They are all extremely anxious to keep
the peace because if war is once
started among the great powers it Is
impossible to say when it will end
Paris April Madame the market
woman solved the sex question long
ago She made man at best only a
useful adjunct In his younger days
her husband may hope to take some
part in conjugal affairs As he grows
older his rights slip away from him in
direct ratio to the increase of madames
At 50 madame corsets oegiri sucn
a wealth of ethereal force that mon
sieur obeys orders without a demur
The more obscure his position at the
end of the stall the thinner he Is the
more ponderous is madame Seemingly
no stall is allowed to have two fat per
sons Some wise statesman may have
decided that the necessary space for
such a luxury was more thin the city
could afford as experience may have
proven that two fat persons in a sin
gle booth results in a Wrangling over
authority and no vegetables or legs of
mutton sold In nine cases out of ten
t Is Madame Somebodys name
which is hung over the stall When It
s monsieurs name no woman is about
and monsieur Is as fat as madame his
neighbor who lays down the law to
her thin husband If you ask madame
to explain these things she will tell you
that she takes the helm in > er hus
bands interest as well as her own
What does a man know about making jj
a tall effective
Can a man arrange cheeses so as to
make a charming picture In varying
shades of cream and yellow Can he
furnish so wide a background for them
as madames apron Are the custom
ers men Not at all They are are
women for the most part And a woman
can best deal with a woman The few
concierges and chefs who come enjoy
a little banter with a lady other than
their wives Eh monsieur On gen
eral principles a man has no business
selling market products He is too
extravagant He does not ipnreciate
he value of a sou A nretty young
cook or housewife with a few conde
cending words might wheedle mon
ieur into allowing her to name her
own price But nobody wheedles
madame The while she is bowing
and smiling so politely she keeps her
eye steadily on the main chance She
is the one who gathers In the sous and
makes them go a long way Monsieur
is valuable for lifting and carrying
things but he is no financier
It is on Wednesday and Saturday
that the markets are held in open
places in different parts of the city
springing suddenly UD in the morning
and passing away suddenly at night
At T a m the Cours de la Relne looks
as if it had been a market for cen
tunes at 7 D m It is a promenade
i The Iron supoprt and their oil cloth
I covering which the government erects
j to nrotect madame and the astute and
active cltizenesses from inclement
j weather have not only been removed
but look as sharply as you will you
will not find a single vestige of any of
the produce which madame has been
vending Madame and her belongings
came in a cart and go away in a cart
The street sweepers do thereat
Tortoiseshell combs and pins for
the hair are very much worn at pres
ent and a knowledge of how to re
store the beauty and luster of such or
naments Is of value An oldfashioned
receipt book written when such orna
ments were treasured by the grand
mothers of the present generation ad
vises rubbing the polished surface
with powdered rotten stone and oil
The rotten stone should be first sifted
through fine muslin This will remove
all scratches then a polish Is to be ap
plied by gentle rubbing with a chamois
to which a little Jewelers rouge has
been applied
Let pessimists prognosticate
All evils that they may
My heart within me Is elate
My spirit blithe and cay
Glad signs of springtime come to mo
And Jor In fullest store
For up nd down the streets I see
The shirt waist bloom once more
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