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4 r
Have Killed Several Hen In
cluding Soldiers
I 11
settlers Move Their Families From
Their Banches to Miles City Mon
tana Where it is Believed the I
Women and Children Will Be
Perfectly Safe Everything Pro
pitious For a Season of Trouble
With the Cheyennes I
Denver May 3A special to the Re
publican from Helena Mont says
The Cheyenne Indians have gone on
the warpath and are said to have
killed a dozen men including five
United Status soldiers The Indians
have no reservation but make Lame
Deer agency their headquarters
Hoover a sheep herder was recently
hot by the Indians because he caught
several of them killing sheep The set
tlers armed themselves to protect their
property Two companies of colored
cavalry from Custer were ordered to
the agency on Wednesday On Satur
day a courier arrived from the agency
I with the information that George
Walters postmaster and Lou Aldor
scn stockman had been shot and
killed also that the Indians shot into
the cavalry and killed five and had 60
armed cowboys surrounded The cav
alry from Fort Keugh and company E
infantry left on Saturday for the
scene The settlers have moved their I
families from near the reservation to
Mile Citv Ranchmen and stockmen
at Cheyenne agency demand the In
dians who killed Hoover The names of
the Indians are known and they are
protected by 50 bucks
Reports of the Alleged Massacres
Not Confirmed
Helena Mon May 31Reports of
the killing of several men by Cheyenne
Ii Indians at Lame Deer agency is not
verified It is not believed that any one
I was kiled except a sheepherder named
Hoover whose murder a week ago
I caused all the excitement The set
tlers and cowboys determined to
avenge his death and give the Chey
ennes an object lesson todeter them
from similar actsin the future They
sent all the women and children to
places of safety armed themselves and
congregated near the agency and de
manded the surender of the Indians
accused of murdering Hoover The In
uians armed themselves and made
threatening demonstrations against the
whites but no battle has been fought
nor masacre begun so far as Is known
Six companies of United States troops
are at the agency The Indians declare
that they dont want io fight settlers
and cowboys There is a conflict of
authority between the Indian agent
Captain Slouch and the sheriff of Cut
ter county The sheriffs deputies were
ordered off the j rvation by the
agent They returned to Mies City and
got a warrant for th arr t of the agent
for interfering with ihc ofiiers and
started back to arrest him Lame Deer
t faot nP PhLm
is 60 miles i from a telegraph office and
the rosult of their expedition is not
known The trouble is due to the
charges of settlers that the Indians kill
and steal their cattle and counter
charges of Indians that the settlers
continually intrude on the reservation
Governor Smith wired President Mc
Kinley today protesting against the ac
tion of Captain Stouch and asking that
he be directed not to interfere with he
civil officers Stouch says he can and
will arrest the murderers as soon as the
excite nent dies out
Orders have been given to the ord
JL nance officers at Fort Koogh to have
1 10000 rounds of ammunition ready for
issue today It is suposed that more
troops are to go to the agency Deputy
Sheriffs Smith and Winters were or
dered off the reservation by the mili
tary agent Captain Stouch who did
not want arrests of Indian murderers
made at that time lest Jt cause more
trouble The deputies returned to Miles
City and have gone back with Sheriff
Gibbs with a wararnt for the arrest of
Agent Stouch for Interfering with of
ficers in the discharge of their duty
and warrants for the Indian rnurderers
Not Likely to be Serious
Washington May 31The Indian trouble
in southern Montana reported from
Helena was made known to the authori
ties of the war department last week
and In the opinion of officials Is not
likely to be followed by serious results
The first knowledge df the affair came to
the department In a telegram from
Colonel Sheridan the adjutantgeneral of
the department at St Paul At present
the department has no commander owing
to the recent retirements among the
majorgenerals and brlgarlergeneral and
the delays In assigning the new com
mands among the colonels recently pro
moted So Secretary Alger himself Is
responsible for the command and he Is
directing affairs through AdjutantGen
eral Buggies Colonel Sheridans tele
gram was received last Friday and simply
stated that a report had come to head
quarters at St Paul that two white men
Ihcrders had been killed near Lame Deer
rptervation In Fouthern Montana To
guard against trouble two troops of
cavalry were ordered by telesraoh from
Fort Custer They started last Friday
and since then no dispatch has come to
k tho war department though It Is possible
l j t Alccr who i now at West Point may
have telegraphed The absence of further
reports from the troops satisfies the war
department that the trouble has been
ciuleted for they say they would be sure
to hear i anything so serious as the
killing of troops had occurred More
over the agency where the men are re
ported to have been killed Is In charge
of an army officer Captain Stouch ivan
2 It is said has the entire confidence of
I < the Indians and Is capable of dealing with
them without friction if not interfered
with from outside sources There is a
tllsposition at the department to attribute
the affair to the encroachments of the
t whites living In the neighborhood upon
the Indians No Intimation of any trouble
thoa J
F amonr the Cheyennes has elou the
interior department and the Indian of
t ficials are at a loss to account for the
r lack of advices If any trouble has oc
curred or Is apprehended In view of the
t lack of official advices the fact that the
agency is In close telegraphic communi
cation and that the agency Is In charge
1 of an experienced army officer no alarm
< or ureasuiess as to the safety of the
people in that section is felt No incidents
have been reported to the department
f recently that would likely lead to serious
results and the fact that thereports date
the trouble several days back Is cited as
significent t
I j
Ono Person Dead and Another One
Atlanta Ga May 31Miss Annie
Hunter a young society woman of this
city while out bicycling last night with
her escort on White Hall road was run
down by a negro bicyclist Charles
Tate The negro Is dead and the young
woman is not expected to live
As Miss Hunter and her escort Leon
Evans were riding on Railroad avenue
they saw another rider coming toward
them The young man pulled to the
right and Miss Hunter did the same
expecting the person approaching to
do the same When near them the
negro turned to the left and collided
with Miss Hunter Both were thrown
to the ground with much violence and
lay In the road unconscious Assistance
came when it was found that both i
were seriously hurt i
Tate was taken to Grady hospital i
where It was found that he had sus i
tained a fracture of the base of the
brain and death speedily resulted I
Miss Hunter was taken to the home of
her father who is general cashier of
the Southern railroad where she lies I
in an unconscious = condition
How Theodore Durant Proposes to
San Quentin Cal May 31Theodore
Durrant has made the declaration that
if he must meet his fate on the gallows
i he will die like a man The mere sug
gestion of suicide Is repulsive to him
i he says He alsp declares that he will
die In the presence of his parents who
will Insist on attending the execution
as his invited guests
The elder Durrant says that his wife
is a woman determination and she
will press her legal rights tp the limit
I Under the law Warden Hale cannot
deny her admission if she presents at
the prison an Invitation of her son re
questing her presence at the hanging
The law gives him the right to invite
five relatives
The News Receive Quietly
San Francisco May 11Mr and
Mrs Durrant received the news
Governor Budds decision shortly after
10 oclock last night They expressed
themselves as greatly disappointed but
neither manifested any emotion They
took the news quietly and gave vent
to neither anger nor tears
Mr Durrant was with his son at San
Quentin for several hours vesterday af
ternoon Mrs Durrant will go over to
day to visit him She 3ecl s that if
he is executed she will be present
Eugene Deuprey Durranis attorney
last night said there was yet an ap
peal pending before the supreme court
He added
Falling in the state courts we may
file our case In the federal courts and I
ask for a writ of sunersedeas to the
warden of the state prison pending the
proceedings <
Referring to this possibility Warden I i
Hale says he will be governed by the
opinion of the attorneygeneral I
Others Injured in a Accident at
Long Island
New York May 3LFive young peo
ple were killed and a number of others
Injured in an accident which accurred I
thisafternoon at Valley Spring Long
IsIand A tallyho with a party of 21
excursionists from the Greene Avenue I
Baptist church Brooklyn which
j started out for a days outing through I
Long Island was struck by a train on
the Long Island railroad at the Mer I
I rick Boulevard crossing and these
i were instantly killed
I George F Fashley jr 824 Halsey
street Brooklyn I
William Gilchrist jr 233 Rutledge
street Brooklyn
Winsiow Lewis Dekalb avenue
Lester E Roberts Monroe street
Miss Dora Hurtsch Stuyvesant
avenue Brooklyn
The injured were
Emma Brume skull fractured
Claip Stuart skull fractured
Mrs Annie Andrews both legs
I broken M
Lawrence Barnes scalp wound
Walter Wellbrock both thighs
John Lewis bruised
Edward McCormick driver of the
coach badly Injured
Miss Fashley back broken
Tlllie Horn severe shock
Edna Bulger severe shock
Richard Bates scalp wound
Lizzie Debetts leg broken and head
Miss Ray Stillman badly injured
mangled Some of the dead were frightfully
The crash came almost without
warning and the occupants of the
coach had no time to make any effort
to escape
Before the most of them knew of the
Impending danger the train was upon
them the coach upset and the engine
pushed it along the rails the dead and
injured being cut and mangled be
neath it
Chinese Minister Actually Allows
His Wifes Figure to Appear on
the Same Plate With His
Washington May 31Wu Ting Fing
the new Chinese minister has had his
I picture taken This is no ordinary cere
mony for a Chinaman of his decree
and required the attendance of a valet
and several servants A carriage load
of bales and boxes containing the min
isters court dress was taken to the
studio Mr Wu first posed in his street
dress a jacket of terra cotta and
trousers of blue Afterwards he donned
his court dress and was protogranhed
again The garments of the court dreig
are too numerous to mention
The minister also condescended to
pose with his wife for a picture I Is
said that this is the first occasion
where the Chinese woman has been
photographed with her husband
Madame Wu wore her court robe I
was a rich black satin decorated with
a serpentine pattern on silver white
satin Emeralds adorned her ears and
a cluster of fresh white roses were
fetchingly arranged at one side on her
jet black hair t
The Chinese minister will accompany
the president to Nashville when he goes
to view the exposition i
Demands Immediate Prosecution
Athens May 31The Ephemeris to
day demands the immediate prosecu
tion of the leaders of the Ethnike He
taria for recent illegal acts I states
that M Mellas a former mayor of
Athens is president of the governing
body of the brotherhood which In
cludes also the legal adviser of the
minister of finance two professors of
the university of Athens and seven
officers of the Greek army
Vegetables and Fruits Damaged
St Paul May 31Frost was generally
reported throughout the state la i nl ht
with scattering reports of snow and a
hard frete Considerable damage to veg
etables and small fruits is feared
c M
Reports From Various Sections
SelfBecording Instrument at the
Weather Bureau Shows That the
Disturbance lasted Four Mute
the Movement Being Prom South
to Worth Various Places Heard
Washington May 31A distinct but
slight earthquake was experienced this
afternoon throughout the south At
lantic and middle southern states I Is
stated at the weather bureau that the
I direction ot the wave was from south
to north but reports received from
I various sections > are conflicting In
same localities it is stated the direc
I tion Qf the disturbancewas in a north
erly to westerly direction but the records
i ords of the instruments here probably
I are correct The shock occurred a
i nearly a has been estimated at 2
oclock I some localities the time Is
given as 158 and In others as late as
210 and Its duration was less than a
minute As far as can be learned Sa
I vannah Ga was the furthest point
south at which the tremor was felt
I The northern boundary of the wave was
I the middle of Maryland West It was
felt as far a Knoxvllle Tenn The dis
I turbance seems to have been most se
vere in the Appalachian mountain re
The selfrecording instrument at the
weather bureau shows that the disturb
ance bean at 158 and lasted four
minutes The movement was from
south to north
Lasted Twelve Seconds
Clarksburg W Va May 31A se
vere earthquake shock was felt in this
city at 2 p m today lasting 12 seconds
followed by a second shock milder than
the first and of shorter duration The
most substantial buullding in the city
rocked perceptibly and some of the oc
cupants were unable to keep their fet i
Tnis was the first earthquake reported
r k6 t
here since the memorable Charleston
quake in August 1S86
Ohio Kentucky West Virginia
Cincinnati May DIsnatches re
port the earthquake felt distinctly allover
over Ohio Kentucky and West Vir
Were Very Perceptible
Chattannoga Penn May 31A slight
earthquake shock was felt about 130 p
m through east Tennessee from Bris
tol to Chattanooga No damage is re
ported iebut the shocks were very per
ceptible j
or All Over Wheeling I I
Wheeling W Va May 31At 2
oclock today an earthquake shock was
felt all over Wheeling in the surround
ing tovns No damage was done so I
far as could be learned The quake i
lasted about 30 seconds and was violent
enough to shake brick buildings
Slight at Columbia
Columba 0 May 31A slight shock
of earthquake was felt here about 1
p m
It Was Distinct
Spartan bur S C May 31A dis
tinct earthquake shock shaking build i
ings and rattling buildings was felt i
here at 155 p m I was as severe as
that of August 1SS6
Created Excitement
Charlotte N C May 21At 145 to
day a distinct earthquake shock was
felt in this city I did no damage but
created much excitement I
A Shock at Louisville
Louisville May 31A distinct earth
quake shock was felt in this city shortly
ly after 1 oclock this afternoon No I
damage was done Theshock lasted
about five seconds The vibrations
passed from south to north
Tennessee is Shaken
KnoxvillP Tenn May 31An earth
quake shock was felt here about 1
oclock p m Several chimneys were j I
Shaken down A report from Jones
boreo states that the shock was severe I
The people ran out into the street
Also at Indianapolis I
Indianapolis Ind May 31At 1
oclock a slight earthquake shock was
felt here The shock was most notice I
II able in the fire tower and high buildings I
I I Foreign Lands
Tacoma Wash May 31The North
ern Pacific steamsip Mount Lebanon
I which arrived today from China and I
Japan brings news that prolonged I
earthouake shocks were experienced at
I Nagano Japan the night of May 6 A
professor from the imperial university I
and several assistants have gone to
Kimi TakI district where repeated selsI
I matic movements have been recently
felt The Gorman steamer Tailee has I
been wrecked on the Japanese coast NC j
lives lost
A Seoul dispatch May 9 states that I
the Russian government has refused
to permit the engagement of Russian
troops by Corea I
Official reports state that over 200
cases of black plague broke out In two
of the largest towns In Formosa dur I
int the first week in May
t has been decided that the Hong
Kong jubilee intaorms hj
jubie 1t
womans and childrens hospital and
training nurse institute I has also
been decided to commence a road I
I around the Island
They Want Neither Mark Hanna Nor
Mr John A McLean
Canton 0 May 31The state con
vention of the Socialist labor party of
Ohio held two sessions here Forty dele
gates were present Samuel M White
was chosen permanent chairman
Resolutions were adopted that the elec
tion of M A Hanna or John R Mc
I Lean as senator would not be advan
tageous to the wage earners of tho
state favorlns laws to assist the un
employed condemning government by
injunction The following state ticket
was placed in nomination
For governor William Watkins Day
ton lieutenantgovernor Dan W Wal
lace Holllster Athens county state
treasurer Edward Larrsn Cleveland
member board of public works John T
Jones Canal Dover school commis
sioner Samuel M White Canton
The places of rttorneygeneral and
supreme state committee court juge was filled by the
Big Mss Meeting Denounces Gas
I Trust and Railroad Bills
Chicago May ILAt a big mass meet
Ing In Central Music Hall last eveninzr
resolutions were passed denouncing the
gastrust andrallroad bills before the leg
islature and calling on the legislators In
the name of decency honesty justice and
thb American principle of selfsovern
I ment to defeat these measures The resolutions
lutions provide for the appointment of a
committee of 100 to visit Springfield this
week and wage war on the measures
Speeches were made by Sidney C East
t man P F Doyle president of the Chi
cago Federation of Labor Thomas B
Bryan and Alderman John M Harlan
I Mr Bran was chairman and will ap
point the committee oC0 some time today
dayAlderman Harlan the late candidate
for mayor on thelndependent Republican
ticket made the jjrinclnal speech He
was cheered agalnand again by the audi
I ence Mr Harjan called some of the of
I fleers of the gas and street railroad com
I panics by name and charged them with
the guilt of bribery at Springfield He
told how much money it took to buy a
I vote
In closing ilr Harlan expressed the
hope that Governor Tanner If called on
I to consider theses biliS would tad his
oath of office taken on a Bible remember
i that he is a coaiparaWely young man
j I and so act as deserve further honors
i from the people 0
Proposes to Force a Declaration
From Russia
It is Also Humored That When Peace
Between Greece and Turkey is
Compassed Russia Will Demand
the Exclusive Privilege of Free
Passage For Her Fleet Through
the Bcsphorts and the Darda
London May31 The correspondent
ofrftheStandafdat Constantinople tele
graphing yesterday says that the prev
alent opinion there Is that Germany is
playing a bold game in order to force
Russia to declare openly either for or
against Turkey According to a dis
patch to the Daily News from Odessa
there Is a revival of the report that
Russia Js negotiating with Turkey to
get a port in the Mediterranean I is
also rumored that when peace between
Greece and Turkey is concluded Rus
sia will demand the exclusive privi
leges of free passage for her heat
through the Bosphcrus and the Darda
correspondent of the Standard at I
Atnens says I
The Greeks are greatly encouraged
by the rumor that a navy contractor
named Kolla has received an order to
provision a feet of id menofwar to I
be concentrated at Phaiernm
The Athens correspondent of the
Times In a dispatch dated vesterdav
urges the powers to make a speedy and
firm statement as to the Cretan diffi
culty and to to insist noon Turkish
evacuation after which he says the
Cretan chiefs would be willing to ac
cept autonom I on the contrary
Turkey is allotted to send more troops
to Crete there would be a renewal of
the horrors of 1S6G1S6S
Ohio Republicans See No Permanency
in Last Years Victory A Call to
Cincinnati May 31 President 1
Woodmansee and Secretary Major
DowUng have issued 0 call for the
tenth annual convention of the Na
tional Republican league at Detroit
July 13 Each state and territorial
league is entitled to four delegates
from each congressional district and
six delegates at large
The business of the convention Includes
cludes reports from retiring officers the
election of officers the designation a
officers the time and place for the
next national convention consideration
of amendments to the constitution and
a discussion of plans for club work and
her will be an evening mass met
Ing addressed by Republican leaders on
national affairs The call says
This convention will be the tenth
anniversary of the formation of the
National Republican League and it
will be celebrated by a reception in
honor of the exaresidents of the
legueal of whom will be In attend
We cannot estimate the importance
of this convention to the Republican
party Our victory last year does not
guarantee permanency of power We
must keep our organization well
equipped for the contest in 1898 when
we will again vote for members of con
gress In many of our state elections
this year the terms of members of the
United States senate are at stake and
as our majority In that body can be
hardly seen by the close observer it
behooves us to fortify ourselves against
the enemy
Let us come together in large num
bers at Detroit for the purpose of re
viving and enlarging our political en
thusiasm so that we may return to our
homes better qualified to defend Re
publican principles and better able to
carry out the purposes of the league
Prince of Wales Levee
London May 31The United States
ambassador Colonel John Hay and all
the start of the United States embassy
attended the levee which tho Prince of
Wales held today at St James Palace
Frost at Marshalltown
Marshalltown la May 31There was
quite fi severe frost this morning Con
sidernble Ice formed Reports from the
country indicate material damage to corn
rir potatoes tender vegetables fruits
D j
McKinley Apparently Has His
Hands Full
There i Practically No Doubt
However That the Presidents
Note to Spain Will Be a Formal
Tender of the Good Offices of the
United States Will Be Polite
But at the Same Time Firm in
New York May 31A special to the
Herald from Washington says From
now on until June 10 when he will
start on his trinito attend the Nash
r ville exposltlon President McKInleys
I attention will be voted almost exclus
ively to the Cuban question
Important developments may be
looked for within that period A new
minister to Spain and probably a new
consulgeneral to Havana will be ap
pointed the report of Special Commis
sioner Calhoun considered and a formal
note to Spain drafted and placed In the
hands of the new minister for delivery
upon his arrival in Madrid Mr Cal
houn is expected In Washington on
Sunday next Bv that time the pres
ident expects to announce the new
minister to Spain and to have practically
tically formulated his instructions both
in regard to the offer of mediation
which is to be made and a demand for
reparation for the Ruiz outrage The
understanding that the report of the
consulgeneral Lee of he Ruiz in
vestigation Is now In the mails and will
be In the hands of the state department
before Mr Calhoun arrives
The president of course desires to
have a talk with Mr Calhoun but the
private communications received from
Spain have enabled him to proceed
with delay the shaping of his policy without
The instructions to the new minister
will of course be treated as confidental
until he has communicated with the
Madrid authorities and a reply from
Spain has been received There is
practically no doubt however that the
presidents note to Spain will be a
formal tender of the good offices of the
United States I will be polite but
firm In tone reviewing the whole situa
ton In such a way as to show that the
United States Is deeply interested in I
the present devastating war and that
on the ground of humanity as well a I
for commercial reasons we have the
right to use lllesitimate means of
bringing thetvarHo a close Both the
administrations officials and Spanish
government are congratulating them
selves that the recent flurry incident t
the passage of the belligerency resolu i
tion in the senate has subsided at a
time when negotiations are about to be
tme negotatons
undertaken for a peaceful solution of
the trouble I no unusual excitement
occurs both sides are hopeful that a
satisfactory settlement may yet be
reached I Is still the opinion of many
conservative men here that complete
autonomy lot Cuba on a Canadian
basis will be the final outcome i the
matter Is to be settled without a rup
ture lirour relations with Spain
The report that a special messenger
had been sent to Havana to receive re
ports from Mr Calhoun and Consul
General Lee was denied today by As
sistant Secretary Day who stated that
he did not know W W Kimball alleged
to be the messenger i
Army Being Used to Advance His
Personal Ends
New York May 31A dispatch to I
the Journal from Havana says Wey
ler has forbidden the sale of imported I
meat in Puerto Principe and is com
pelling the public to consign only beef
purchased from his own agents pro
ceeding from confiscated cattle rounded
up and driven In by his troops from ad
jacent districts throughout Santa Clara
province The situation l is the same in
onS hs i
towns garrisoned by Spanish troops
Military operations having been vir
tually suspended the army is being
used to further the cattle speculations
of the chiefs and military commanders
In one district that of SanctI Spiritus I
the entire battalion of Alfonso XIII
has been supplied with lassoes and sent
in the field as cowbovs
The fact has been openly announced
in the local Spanish newspapers and
two steam transports subject to Wey
lers orders are kept busy carrying the
confiscated cattle to Santiago de Cuba
Manzanillo and other good markets
A strong patriot force is beseiging
the port a Baracoa by land On Tues
day night the Spanish outposts were
driven in and the beselgers dashed Into I
the city but eventually they were com
pelled to withdraw under a raking ar
tillery fire from the government war
ship Vasco Nunez de Balboa at anchor
In the harbor During the fight in the
streets after the insurgents had boarded
three Spanish soldiers were killed and
1 wounded
Members of the International League
Hold Their Seventh Annual Con
New York May 31The members of
the International League of Press clubs
at their seventh annual convention
which Is to be held In this city this
week will discuss the following sub
jects The rank of journalism as a pro
Women in the nrofesslon the use
and abuse of newspaer Illustrations
the past and present of journalism
duties and relations of newspaper
workers and how can the league be
made of greater practical value to the
individual members of league clubs
This will be the largest meeting of
journalists ever held In this country
The New York Press cub has made
extensive preparatlom to entertain the I
delegates I
The programme includes t reception
by the Womatis Press clufuc Carnegie I
I tj
hall on Tuesday afternoon June 1 and
a visit to the Olympia roof garden In
the evening to be followed by a col
lation tendered by Mr Oscar Hammer
On Wednesday the visitors will be
given a ride through Central park and
up Riverside drive to Grants tomb
Where a photograph of the entire party
will be taken In the evening there
will be a literary meeting in Hardman
r r j 1
hal at which a number of distin
guished journalists will speak There
will also be musical selections by well
known artists
Thursday will be Coney Island day
The Darty will cross the Brooklyn
bridge and take a train for Brighton
beach where a breakfast has been ten
dered by William Engelman Then by
invitation o Phillip J Dwyer a visit I
to the Brooklyn Jqckey clubs race
track will be made At eil conclusion i
of the races there will be a dinner at I
West Brighton and In the evening a
visit will be made to the various at
tractions n1 West Brighton On Friday I
day a steamboat will convey the vs
itors to the upper bay thence up the
East river and into Long Island Sound
On the return the various islands will
be visited and the steamboat will go
up the Hudson river A collation will
be served on the boat and there will
be music and dancing
Cheyenne Beds on the Warpath
Gage Says the Tariff is the Issue
Trouble at San Quentin
McKinley Studying Cuba
Eartquakes in the East
At Calders and the Lagoon
Some Effects of the Gateway
OpeingPAGE f
The Silver Cloud Saot
Memorial Day in Salt Lake
Utah and California Mining Laws
News From Tow F 0
Saltair Season Opens 1
Depositions i the Griffin Case
Brigham Youngs Birthday
8120000 Bonds
May Issue
Shoot the First Man Who
Breaks Out of His Cell
Story Told of the Desperate Plan
Which the Convicts Have Agreed
OmitGovernor Budd Hay
to Carry OutGveror
Call Out the Militia
San Francisco May 31Shoot the
first man who breaks out of his cell
i That was the order to the guards at
J San Quentin prison last night The
iBriejsaersvcrejslirJeliing JIke maniacs
ana rattling and pounding on the iron
doors of their cels The ards were
doubled and each carried a shotgun
loaded with buchshot
Two men who were released yester
day their terms having expired told
what the desperate convicts are plan
ning According to this story it has
been agreed among the ringleaders
that when they are permitted to re
turn to work in the jute mill they will
make a sudden rush kill Engineer
Young if necessary overpower the
guards and completely wreck the mag
nificent plant on which an enormous
amount of money said to b nearly
1000000 has been spent The machin
ery Is of such a nature that it could
very soon be demolished and prac
tically destroyed and the convicts are
worked UP to such a pitch that they
would stop at nothing There are 13S4
prisoners within the walls at San
Quentin Over half of them are In open
revolt Many of the others sympathize
with the violent ones
During the afternoon Governor Budd
telephoned to Warden Hale requesting
advice as to the exact situation at the
prison The governor was anxious to
know if there was any danger of a Jail
break The warden replied that the
situation was improving and informed
the governor that the men were all
safely locked up In their cells and
that in his judgment there was not
the slightest chance for a single pris
oner to escape
Governor Budd did not make any
suggestions as to what course the war
den should pursue but left everything
with Hale telllns him that he would
back him to the end and would send
militia I necessary
The warden says that all the com
plaints made by the men are trivial
Director Wilkins declared that they
have no real grievance Prison Surgeon
Lawler says that the opium fiends who
have been deprived of the drug are at
the bottom of the trouble
All Guards Doubly Armed
San Francisco May 11The situa
tion regarding the recalcitrant convicts
at San Quentin prison remains un
changed the officials having taken no
steps today to test the temper of their
charges who still maintain their de
fiant attitude and maks as much noise
as possible whenever one of the guards
or Warden Hale shows himself in the
vicinity of the cells vhere the strikers
are confined
Despite the fact that he has ex
pressed the opinion that the Insubor
dluates are weakening Warden Hale
has doubled his guards and armed
every available man within the pre
cincts of the prison with shotguns
while gatling guns are trained upon
the quarteers occupied by the mu
tineers ready to be utilized the mo
ment any sign of an outbreak is made
by those within the tanks
McKinley Confers Degrees
Washington May 31 President McKin
ley conferred the degrees on about 5
graduates of the senior and post gradu
the National University
ates classes of atonal Univerltr
law school at the annual commencement
exercises held In this city this evening
The theatre was crowded and on the
stage theare many people of note General
Grant was the first head of the institu
tion and conferred the degrees on gradu
ates a custom Which was followed by
Presidents Hayes and Arthur and Cleve
land In his first term The annual address
to the graduates was delivered by Sen
ator Thurston of Nebraska and a ale
dictory in behalf of the senior class by
George N Brown of Wyoming The
Union graduates represent all sections of the
Thomas Shoots Himself
Omaha May 31When Henry
Thomas watchman for the Pacific Ex
press company at the main office In
Omaha shot himself on Saturday night
he left a note giving rise to the be
lief that he had taken a package of
bills amounting to JSOOO from the office
Nearly two years ago the robbery oc
curred The money was found today
in i the old barn Thomas referred to in
his note He had never been suspected
In connection with the robbery
< d D
r > I < i
That is the Sentiment Expressed
by Secretary Gage
Great Care Necessary i the Passage i
of a Tariff BUI That Matter Once
Out of tho Way the Solons Will
Have Time t Look t the
Mnt Proposition Some Ac
tion Necessary Begirding the
Washington May 31 Secretary Gage
has returned to this city from Cincin
nati where he was a guest at the
the Commercial
banquet given last Friday by te
mercial club of the city to the visiting
clubs from Chicago Boston and St
Mr Gage said today that a feeling of
Impatience seemed to be general among
the people at the delay In the passage
of a tariff bilL f
The In condition approaching
Te country was a condiIon I
proaching stagnation and although the
public realize that the greatest care is
necessary in the construction of a bill
of such vast importance the people
were beginnig to complain of the time
being consumed What they most
wanted was the prompt passage of a
tariff bill that would produce sufficient
revenues and with that Question out
of the way the government could take
up the question of reform In the cur
rency The business men In attendance
on the Cincinnati meeting Mr Gage
thought were agreed that a currency
commission should be authorized and
appointed at once with a view to the
reformation plan which could be pre
sented to congress on its reassembling
In December During the recess of
congress it was thought that hearings
could and should be given to those who
might desire to be heard from all parts
of the country I was a great ques
tion he added and should have the
I fullest discussion If the commission
should fail to agree upon a satisfactory
plan the administration would have a
proposition to present to congress In
any event the people with whom the
secretary conferred agreed that some
action shuld be taken
The business of the country impa
I tiently demanded i he concluded
No One Knows When the Former
May Heach the Latter
Ann Arbor Mich May 31Dr James
B Angell says Turkey is now discuss
I ing his acceptability as American min
ister He arrived at his home in this
city last night from Washington Dr
I Angell has for years been chairman
j of the American board of foreign mis
j sions whose work in Turkey has been
I carried on to the great dissatisfaction
j of the sultan His sympathy with mis
sion work and a reported Interview
i with him in which he was made to
say he hoped the Turks would meet
i I their match in the Greeks caused the
I I talk about his appointment in Constan
i tlnople
I In view of the muddle of matters
I said Dr Angell I cannot say when I
I shall leave for Turkey The presump
I tion is I may tell you candidly that
I1 I shall go but when I cannot definitely
I say Of course it may be that the
sultan may refuse to be appeased and
nao ei ra
will continue to consider me too good
I a man or too bad a man as you please
I to have about
In speaking of the possibility of his
I being appointed minister to Spain If
i i the sultan should refuse to withdraw
I his protest Dr Angell said To my
I knowledge my name has not been men
i tioned In connection with the Spanish
ministry It is my belief that Presi
dent McKinley intends to appoint a
I I man to that office whose name will be
i of the greatest political weight Af
1 fairs existing now between the United
I States and Spain are of so complicated
I a nature that unless the minister were
I I a man of known and recognized po
litical and diplomatic ability it would
be almost useless to make a appoint
ment I may say that I am told Presi
dent McKinley has already offered the
Spanish ministry to a man well
equipped for the work but that the
offer has been refused
I The doctor Is confident that the state
department will meet the sultans pro
test to the satisfaction of both parties
I and that he will leave for Constantino
ple within a short time
Democratic Members Are Formulat
ing One That They Believe Will
Be Attractive
Chicago May 31The Posts Wash
I ington special says The Democratic
j members of the house ways and means
I committee are formulating a sugar
schedule which they will offer as a sub
stitute for all pending propositions Jn
that line I will be antitrust and the
gentlemen who a engaged in Its con
struction claim that it will give quite a
I much if not more protection to home
producers than either the DIngley or
the Aldrich schedules and at the same
time enable consumers to supply their
demands cheaply They decline how
ever to go into particulars
Czar and Czarina at Mass
St Petersburg May 31The czar and
czarina attended a requiem mass yes
terday at the Imperial Church of the
Peterhoff in memory of the victims of
the terrible panic of May 30 1S96 on
the Khodlnisky plain Moscow at the
time of the festivities attending the
coronation of hia majesty when sev
I eral thousand people were crushed to
A requiem mass was also celebrated
at Moscow near the graves of the
victims This ceremony was attended
by the Grand Duke Sergius the gov
ernorgeneral of Moscow and a large
concourse of people
I Nebraskas Corn Crop Safe
Omaha May 31Only one or two points
In the Nebraska corn belt report frost for
last night and thee so light as to be of
no < lan = er whatever to the crop In the
central and northern part of the state
whei most norern corn Is raised the
temperature ranged higher than at
Omaha The lowest reported to the local
office of the weather bureau Is 43 from I
North Platte

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