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I D > > o
Z D 1
Fine Racing and Large Crowd at
Calders Park
Penrose Wins the Bicycle Road Race
Fortythree Started Some Fell
by the Wayside and Thirtytwo
Trailed Under the Wire After
Penrose Other Amusements
At the Lagoon
Nearly 2000 people were at Calders
park yorterday the principal attrac
tion being the horse races though there
were other forms ot amusement in the
way of a football game high diving
rope walking and a theatrical perform
ance In the evening Long before it
was time for the races to commence the
grand stand began to fill and by 2
oclock there was hardly a seat unoc
4c p j
1 I I
1 I
1I 1 I I
cunled There was also a long line
of carriages on one side of the grand
stand and a large number of peoale
clung to the fences on the other side
and across the trck and even over
flowed on the track itself so that It
was with some difficulty that the
crowds were kept back sufficiently to
give the horses a free passage In front
of the judges stand
The races were very satisfactory ex
cept that five heats had to be run oft
in one race and It took four heats to
decide the quarter mile dash so that it
was 720 p m before the races were
over and there were not many spec
tators left to witness the last two heats
Ther was one pool box on the grounds
or the sale of mutuals and the betting
vas Quite brisk on some of the races
Fhere were four events on the card
Pierces Gamer driven by McCoy
won the three minute trotting race
Biscos Bobby B won the 235 pacing i
and trotting race Jensens Billle D
won the 225 trotting race and Moses
Nimbus won the quarter mile dash
Those who officiated in the judges
stand were a follows Presiding judge
and starter Jacob Moritz judges J W
Cahoon and B F Redman timers L J
Starbuck and A Pendleton I J
Starbuck acted a starter in the run
ning race l aS
The first race on the card was the
three minute class best two in three
in which there were four starters Gasn
per Minnie B Nixie and Billle Bryan
Gape had no difficulty in taking both
heats and the second money was divided I
vided between Minnie B and Billie
Bryan Camper led all the way in both
heats and won without a break His
time was 244H for the first heat and
240 for the second Bile Bryan was
second in the first heat but In the second
ond heat he broke and fell back badly
and Minnie B finished second
The next rage was the 235 class for
pacers and trotters and three of the
winners of heats
four starters proved winner heat
The starters were Birds Boy Bird
driven by the owner Haynes Lady An
gus driven by McCoy BIscos Bobby
Bdriven by Scott and Winders Emma
D driven by the owner This was the
most Interesting a the harness races
from the fact that the winner could
not be determined until after five heats
had been trotted when Bobby B won
with three heats to his credit the best
time being 234 Lady Angus got the
second money and Boy Bird third The
first real was won by Boy BIrd In
2i36 Bobby B led all the way fol
lowed by Boy Bird until the horses
entered the stretch when Bobby broke
badly and fell back Lady Angus came
with a great rush from the rear in the
last 200 yards and was only beaten by
a head by Boy Bird In the second heat
Boy Bird led to the head of the stretch
closely followed by Bobby B when the
Bird broke badly and Bobby B won
by several lengths in 235 Lady Angus
ran a poor race in this heat and fin
ovri last Lady Angus won the third
heat however She took the lead after
the first turn and led all the way
though Emma D came very fast in the
last 200 yards and there was 3 royal
battle dpwn the stretch between the
two flllies the Lady winning by a nose
Her time was 238 The other two
I orses acted badly and finished far b
lore hind Tn the fourth heat Lady Angus
kept a good lead for the first half mile
but she set too fast a pace and it told
on her and she went off her feet while
Bobby B went far In the lead and held
It for the remainder of the journey
winning easily from Emma D in 234y
Bobby B also won the fifth and decid
ing heat easily Soon after the start
Lady Angus went in the lead and held
it for nearly a half mile when she
broke badly but she made up consider I
able ground afterwards and finished
second to Bobby with the other two I
far behind Lady Angus received sec
ond money and Boy Bird third
Billie D had no trouble at all in win
ning the 225 cam in three straight
heat and Scotts Rex Mambrino wa
second in all the heats The time was
226 22Th and 224Y The third
mon went to Emma D A but none
of the horses except Billle D and Mam
brino made much of a showIng
The last race on the card was thej I
I quarter mile and repeat dash and it required
quired four heats one of them a dead
one to determine the winner The
starters were Nimbus Squirrel Nancy
and Grayhound but the only horses in
the bunch at all were Nimbus and
Squirrel Nimbus won the first heat in
2 and in the second heat the heavy
boy who had ridden Squirrel was taken
down and a 60pound Jockey substituted
tuted The result wa that Squirrel
won it In2 In the third heat there
was the closest kind of a finish between
Nimbus and Squirrel but the former
led under the wire by a short noe
Squirrels Jockey claimed a foul and
declared that Nimbus rider struck
Squirrel on the nose coming down the
stretch There was no mark on the
horse to substantiate the charge but
anyhow the Judge declared the heat a
dead one and ordered it run over be I
tween the two horses leaving the other
two out The result was chat Nimbus
won by a couple of lengths I in 26
The summaries of the races follow
Threeminute class purse 50 I
Heats 1 2
Camper 1 i
Billie Bryan 3 s 2 3
Minnie B
1Hnnie 3 2
Nixie 4 4
235 in pace and trot purse 30
Heats 12345
Bobby 3 1311
Lady Ags2 4132
Boy Bird 1 2 444
Emma D 4 3223
Time 236 235 238 234y 235y
4 jj
I 225 class purse 100
Heats 1 2 3
Billie D J1 1 1
Rex Mambrino 2 2 2
ErmaDA 5 3 3
Freddie 3 4 6
Jo Jo 4 5 4
Gayetin 6 6 5
Tme 226 227 ½ 224y
Running quarter mile and repeat
purse 30
Heats JL 2 3 4
I Nimbus ii 2i 1 I
Squirel i2 1 2 2
Nancy 4 3 3
I Greyhound 3 4 4 I
Time25 25K 26 I
Penrose Wins the Bicycle RoadRace
Entertainment at the Lagoon
Amid a cloud of Davis county dust
and close to the obseryation traIn which
carried over 200 Sat Lake enthusiasts
to Farmington H L Penrose of the
630 class yesterdaydashed alone over
the chalk line a winner by 200 yards of
the great annual road race Almost in
the dust of the amateurs gallant ride
V E Emery one of the scratch men
closely bunched with Arthur Liday and
f Heman went with a beautiful spurt
past the athletes who were hugging his I I I
wheel and captured the time prize In
5016 prze
The result caused wild enthusiasm 1 i
leavened with surprise Emery was the
favorite among the talent over Hassard I
the other scratch manbut everyone had I
underestimated the wondrous loco I
motive powers of young Penrose The i
old reputation of road races for bringing j
out new blood wa kept up at yester I i
days celebration aa the victory won by
Penrose effort was the result o his maiden I
cforLTe weather was as full of balm as a
sultans garden The sun sent down
his yellow javelins from a sky that was
not all azure and when the miniature
train lurched forward at 1030 on the
way to the lagoon soft winds were
carousing with fleecy clouds and i
crouslng wih fey occasionally
sionally raising blurred outlines of dust I
on the broad road
At the corner of SecondWest and
Third North the observation train
ceased its lurching and slowed and on
the road facing westward a brilliant
assortment of multicolored wheels
with orienttinted costumes maroon
pink and orange In the midst of them
glinted gloriously In the sun These
were the starters
Dick Conley the official starter de
scended from the train with a prodigi
ous sun and at the signal from his
barker first the 730 class and finally
the scratch men went spinning along
the road and disappeared around the
corner on the road which leads to
distant Farmington
Two of the impetuous amateurs Sam
uel Gallagher and A Anakin started
up the road at a one lap clip and when
they collided a few paces from where
Conleys gun was pouring signals into
the air they went to the ground to
gether with one badly dilaaidated
Wheel and two highly ornamented faces
Anakin mounted his wheel again and
started on but Gallagher who had
knocked several spokes out of his
charger concluded to retire Neither
o the boys was injured seriously
The train again lurched northward
and the athletes were soon out of visual
range of the people on tb2 car
In front of the Elevators works the
lithe forms of Hassard and Emery were
seen on the road Both were apparently
saving their sinews for future use
Only fleetIng visions of the riders
were seen until Bountiful was reached
Then two dark forms went swinging
through the dust close to where the
observation train was in waiting
The first was Penrose who was
pressing forward at a steady hard
pace 200 yards ahead of Lawver The
train again lurched forard and for
almost a mile the rigid forms ofthe
plodding racers were seen on the road
still with the relative space between
them unchanged Then the lurching of
the dummy elongated Into a brisk
swift series of lunges and the two
riders were soon lost in the dus and
distancePENROSE I
The tape which indicated the finish
of the race was only a few yards from 1
the car and soon the I
cr ad spaces on > either
side of the
road were black with spec
tators There was only a few minutes
to wait A sable form swung over the
brow of the hill and came towards the
crowd at a hard vigorous pace I
3 Penrose and when he finished
over 200 yards to the fore of Lawver
there was tumult of cheers
The other riders came straggling
slowly usualy with long lapses of terra I
firma between them The prettiest fin I
ish was between Emery Liday and
Herman who had a small race alJ to
themselves They came down the grade i
I from the hill so closely that a Mexican I
lariat would have covered all three but j I
the sturdy Emery with a wonderful I
spurt sped beyond his competitors and i
I won with several yards to snare I
A solltay figure turned the corner by
the hill and came forward with a look
of angelic resignation and contentment I
upon his dustcovered features I was I
Cutting and because the chain of his i
wheel was broken he was coasting in i
stead of racing There were cries of
Go on and Carry your wheel over
from all sides and Cutting finally suc
cumbed to persuasion and carried his
disabled charger beyond the tape He I
looked as if the expostulations of his
admirers bored him very much Indeed
His wheel had become hors de combat
while downward climbing stretch the last hill before the
Of the 43 who were originally en
tered for the race only 32 came in at
the finish Seven whose names were on i
the bills did not appear at all They
were H S Tucker Bert Nelson Good i
sell John Sindar F O Miller O
I Thomassen and R A Irvine H O
Jensen entered the race but did not
appear at the finish On account of aj I I
mishap to his wheel l > t
j Maurice Delovage fell from his wheel I
near BountifuL p natuialcorollary
of the incident of getting into a rut The i
I episode caused his handkerchief and
hat and several other minor items to I
be spilled on the road but Delovage
cared more for prizes than such trivi
alities and so he remounted with
great dispatch leaving his new
chapeau on the road a prey to the on
rushing cyclists
I The officials of the race were Start
ers Dick Conley Scorers N A Spen
cer N W Hewett W E Lake J W
Langley C N Butler J N Sharp
I Judges J C Jensen L C Van VorhIs
A E Beveridge F H Clifton Clerk
of course and assistant Lake and
I Stein Timekeepers Langley Sharp
and Butler Referee A W Caine
Twentysix prizes were awarded to
I the victorious racers The first time
I prize which was secured by Emery
j I wa a 100 Spencer bicycle and Pen I j I
roses award for place was a 75 West i
I j field bicycle A Whitney hammerless I
j shotgun a camera and a number of I I
I bicycles were among the other prizes i
When the Farmington wheel celebra i
I tion was over the observation was i I
again entered and a trip taken to the I j
Lagoon where a pleasing musical pro
gramme and dancing entertained the
Row at the Road House
Early this morning a man named Mayne
came up from Fairchllds roadhouse on
State street and called at the police sta
tion He claimed that Angus Cannon jr
Fairchilds and others were holding some
property belonging to him and wanted
assistance in protecting him In his rights
He was referred to the sherIffs office and I
later left for the roadhouse accompanied I
by Mr Lewis There had been rue a
row at the nlace but the merits of the
controversy tamed could not be definitely ascer I
Tender Crops Destroyed I
Cedar Rapids la May UThls section
of Iowa was visited by a heavy frost last I I
night At some points corn and potatoes
were badly damaged while more tender
crops were destroyed Much fear is en I
rloei f
I tertained for fruits I
= I
United Brethren Conference I
Richmond Ind May 31 Bishop Dillon
of Dayton 0 presided over todays se I
sion of the United Brethren cuadrennlal
conference at Dublin Ind The publish
ing house report showd assets of 19660
in excess of those of four years ago The
committee on education recommended a
new college at Huntington Ind to be
called the Central College and that a
department be opened soon
This college is worth 0 all gifts soon I
I n
Snow in Wisconsin
Milwaukee WIs May 31 Heavy frosts
occurred this morning over the entire
state of Wisconsin and considerable dam
age was probably done to vegetation and
fruit Strawberries in many sections are
thought to be almost a total loss by
reason of the recent frosts
At Hurley snow fell all night and this
morning the ground was covered co the
depth of several inches
I all the world there is no other treatment
so pare so sweet so safe so speedy for pro
IcrnJ JnfinS and beautifying the skin
scalp and hair and eradicating every hu
mor as warm baths with CUTICUHA SOAP
and gentle anointings with CUTICUEA oint
I ment the great skin cure
1 oM urhoctJthj world Persia
Dices CnasCoaoI Ie PI Dotton
I All About Ifcgfaklo Scalp and llalrTree I
EVERY ii U JLIO > FremFImplHloFeielW cartd fcj Cuncrn
Made by Reason of the Ogden
Gateway Opening
W H Paul Receives a Similar Ap
pointment at Portland How the
Opening is Viewed in Omaha
Dickinson Cannot Say WhatWil
be the Effect of It Short Line
Policy Will Open the Silver Bow
Gateway General lUiilway News
The first official appointments made by
the Rio Grande Western by reason of the
Ogden gateway opening were those
emanating yesterday from the freight de
partment Only two promotions fell from
General Manager Dodges hands One
was the naming of W C McBride as
general agent of the freight department
with headquarters at Butte the other
was an appointment of emial rank at
Portland W H Paul receiving the honor
1 V C MviBrlde has been In the service
of the Western for some years occupy
ing at the time of his last promotion the
position of traveling freight agent W H
Paul has been the freight claim agent of
the road Both appointments take effect
today and others are likely to follow I
It Is thought the business of the road
demands the presence of other agents In
the northwestern territory
As a matter of course two similar ap
pointments will be made from the pas
senger department but any possibilities
for these positions have not yet been
I mentioned General Papsenger Agent
Wadlelgh began his campaign In the new
I I territory yesterday morning when by
I telegraphic arrangement there appeared
I In the newspapers of Portland Butte I
I Helena I Anaconda and Boise of even
date a half page advertisement ofe the
I fact that the Ogden gateway was open
and the Rio Grande Western was out for
business The Inquiries I already received
by the passenger department from In
tending travelers at Logan Pocatello and
other points to the north gave good Indi
cations that there are many teachers in
catons man3
those sections who want to use the West
ern for their eastern visits Attention Is
also being directed to the change In the
time schedule made necessary by West
ern and Short Line connections at Ogden
The operating department will find
plenty of work incident to the change
General Superintendent Welby bf the
Western Is getting ready to place I large
order for new freight cars as an addi
tion to the rolling stock made necessary
by the Increased traffic
Dickinson Cannot Predict the Effect
of the S L Action
Omaha May Speaking of the open
ing of the Ogden gateway and the effect
on traffic arrangements General Manager
Dickinson of the Union Pacific said I
cannot predict what the effect will be and
I do not think any one can at this time
There will probably be a conference at an
early date between Union Pacific and
Short Line officials to make such traffic
arrangements as are necessary by the
change >
This will be no Increase of course and
the opening of the Ogden gateway will
simply mean that business will be divided
upGeneral Passenger Agent Lomax of
the Union Pacific said that whatever
changes would be brought about by the
opening of the gateway he was as yet
unable to state The change would be
more Important to the freight than the
passenger department
General Passenger Agent Francis of the
Burlington said v
Its rather goo news for the Burling
ton The effect will beHcS lefus Into the
t J hl
territory Oeff the Short Line from which
we have been excluded the pagt In
stead of having but one route through to
Portland and other northwestern points
the Burlington will now have two We
can now route passengers either via BI1 I
lings or via Denver and Salt Lake The
ls flaoPi latter route will not be i
at the expense of the former We can
simply give the travelers their chpice of I
routes thats all
Short Line Policy Will Throw it
Wide Open
Denver May nA special to the Re
publican from Butte Mont says
f ef1lg iSregon
I One of the results of the recent Oregon
I Short Line arrangements with the Rio
1 Grande Western by which the Ogden
I i gateway is opened to the latter road
I equally with the Union i cft the Men
I tana Union railway will on and after to
i morrow road Is owned be 08 rldb separately the Union The and
Northern Pacific but will hereafter run
as an independent road It Is also an
nounced that the Silver Bow gateway
x vill eventually be opened to the Northern
Pacific and Great Northern roads thus
giving them a southern outlet to Ogden
A Remarkable Row
Topeka I an May 310n Saturday a
special tram consisting of baggage car
and two private cars containing Presi
dent Ripley and a party of Santa Fe of
ficials covered the distance Florence to
EmporIa 417 miles in the remarkably II
fast time of 4 minutes an average of C05
mlles norhour The special attained a
speed of 735 miles per hour from Cedar
Grove fo Clements a distance of 49 miles I
while from Clements to Elmdale 73
miles the run was made at the rate of
73 miles an hour The lowest average
was 465 miles per hour made between
Florence and Cedar Grove and was due
to the necessity of slowing down at two I
different places
The Grain Cases
I Chicago May 31 W A Day special
counsel for the Interstate commerce com
mission In the grain cases to be heard at
the session scheduled to begin in Chicago
on Tuesday arrived yesterday after the I
vanguard of the body The members are
expected to reach town today or tomorrow
tln tl 1IaYc i
row The Investigation will euvsr com
plaints against a large number of rail
roads and railroad officials charging
them with discrimination paying rebates
giving passes to shippers disobeying
mandates of the commission and other
violations of the interstate act The
principal traffic officials of all the Chicago I
terminal lines and of lines interested in
traffic going via Chicago have been
subpoenaed to appear at the hearing In
the United States court room to tell all
the know about these alleged offenses
Mr Day said In an Interview that the
commission would undoubtedly be in ses
sion during the week and would consider
some cases of special importance I
Cheap Rate to San Francisco
The Western has made an ones rate of
37 from Salt Lake and Intermediate
points to San Francisco and return The
rate from all other points will be 1 single
fare for the round trio to Salt Lake
added to the rate of J These tickets
will be sold for the morning trains of
June 10 except from Sanpeto and Sevier
points where tickets will be sold June 9
Tte final limit Is Sept 5
The Rio Grande Western passenger de
partment announces a rate of a fare and
a third on the certificate plan for the
following meetings Saratoga Springs
N Y June 13 Congregational Home
Missionary society Detroit Mich Juno
2 Military Order Loyal Legion of the
United States Chicago I June 5 an
nual field meet Western lntercolleelate
Amateur Athletic association New York
City June 153 annual convention Asso
ciation of Master Plumbers Toledo 0
July 510 annual congress American
Whist League i
Company Organized to Build That
Special to The Herald
Dakota City N D May 31Thls after
noon the Missouri river Los Angeles
Railway company was organized with
42000000 capital Judge A Larimea of
this city was chosen president Other in
corporators are Hon Francis McNulty
Donald McLean Robert Buchanan Sioux
City Henry Woods Dakota City E B
Reynplds jr Wymorc Neb The com
nany proposes to build v road from the
fv b
Missouri river presumably at Sioux City
to Los Angeles From here to ONeil
Neb i will be distinct from the Pacific
> t < >
Short Line The rest qf the way It will
be over the right of way McLean has
recentlysecure I was proposed use
the Short Line but the best terms for
It were 1SCQ000 and 1000000 for the Short
Line bridge The company expedts to
build a bridge for 400000 and a line to
ONell for 1200000
Cincinnati 0 May 31 There were 5
entries from Ohio Indiana and Kentuck
In the bicycle road race today from Lin
eerwald near Hamilton to Chester Park
near this city a distance of IS miles F
B Farnsworth of Avondale won Harry
Storms of Dayton second Jacob Hansen
of Dayton third B H Wilberfng ot
Cincinnati was fourth
Grand Rapids Mich May aLThe
GImmSchinner 4hour bicycle race for a
purse of JEOO started at 1225 this morning
The weather was cold and but few spec
tators witnessed the start The frt
hundred miles were made by Schinncr In
40323 breaking the record The score
at noon was GImm 232 miles 1 lap
Schlnner 212 miles 1 lap
Chicago May iLThe Cook county
cycling association held their first annual
road race today The wheeling course
was used as far as Norwood From there
the course lay over Elston and Irving
park avenues to the finish at the Beltoi
avenue entrance to Electric park a dis
tance of about IS miles About 100 of the
2CO accepted entries lined up for the start
John Hudson won Otto Christensen sec
ond A L Wolfgram third J Hudson
the winner also took the time prize cov
ering the distance of 1S4 miles in 47 minutes
IS74 mies
utes and 1 second He came in with a
puncture tire Ho belongs to the Lake
View club
Tho finish was decIde exciting Hud
son winning by only I few feet with five
other men closely bunched behind him
The absorbing Interest in the associated
clubs race detracted from the Interest
but the crowd was so large as to block
the route at vantage points
The time winner was not announced
Levy was looked on as the winner has
protested several riders for alleged foul
riding and a repetition of last years cqn
Toversy seems probable The official
time of W Smedley the distance winner
is 174 5
The finish which was rather tame was
witnessed by an immense throng both
sides of the course from Logans square
through the parks to the finish being al
most a solid mass of people I Is estimated
mated that 200000 people witnessed the
Boston May31 Rain prevented Bicycle
racing at Charles River pars today but
there was racing by electrc light to
night H R Steenson of Dayton 0
won a onethird mile event In 42 sec
onds Major Taylor coming In second
Jimmy Michael rode a pacd mile In
146 35 and Frank Starbuck defeated Nat
Butler in the five mile pursuing race by
175 yards Starbucks time was 1201 15
Butlers 1217 15
Detroit May 31The Detroit Cycle as
ociations new track at Highland park
was initiated today There were no acc
dents and the 4000 people present saw exceptional
eptional sport on a fine track Percy
Patterson of Detroit lowered his half
mile record from 103 25 to 101 The
weather was cool and a strong wind blow
Ing down the back stretch
One mile professional Owen S KImball
Louisville won John Lawson Chicago
second W L Becker Indianapolis third
One mile handicap professIonal John
Lawson Chicago 70 wards won J F
Esperon Port Huron 0 yards second
A S Lyndon Plymouth Mich 100 yards
third Time 21115
Kansas City May 31The biggest
crowd that had assembled In Kansas City
for several months lined the avenues this
afternoon to witness the fifth annual
road race over the Waldo Park course
ten miles One hundred and fourteen
men started and though all the big towns
of Missouri and Kansas were represent
ed local riders carried off the heavy
honor The first time prize was taken
by J A Conover of Kansas City
scratch in 2729 John Folz Kansas
City was second in 2735 L G Reppell
Kansas City was third In 2756 and J E
Weidner of St Louis also a scratch man
was fourth in 2757 Alex Lalnjr the St
I Luis crack who was also one of the five
scratch men did not finish
J H White Kansas City who was allowed
owed four and a half minutes by the
handicappers won the first place prize
Ed Latiner Kansas City 430 was sec
ond and Emi Llchtln Kansas City 300
was third in place
New York May 31The annual Decor
ation IrvingtonMllburn day 25mlo course road race took place over the to I
day under unfavorable conditions the
course being In a wretched state which r
made good time impossible and riding
positively dangerous There were 123 en
I tries and all but 14 started The winner I
danudp olrtee i
turned UD in George A Sodcn an un I
attached wheelman of Newark who had
a handicap of six and a half minutes His
I time was 1 hour and 2 minutes 42 25 sec
onds F R Warren unattached of Kear
nek 630 was second and F R Good
man Logan wheelman of Brooklyn 530
third R M Alexander Hartford Conn
scratch won the first time prize in 11709
F A Clark Y M C A Union City
Conn 5 seconds second in 11831
I Thomas Firth unattached of Harrison
j 230 third in 119C9
Cincinnati May 31The Senators were
I defeated by the Reds this mornlnjr In an
exciting game Both teams played snap I
py ball Weygley played third base for
I the Senators Rellly being HI Attend I
ance 2000 Score Cincinnati 4 Wash
ington 3
Waltham Mass May 3lEight I
thousand persons attended the fifth an
nual meeting of the Associated Cycling I
clubs at the Waltham bicycle track to
day The track was In fair condition j
The great Interest was in the professional
fch b
sional race in which lJ Cooper and
Kiser took part In the one mile pro
fessional Bald and Cooper were brought II
together for the first time and Bald
won After the regular races Bald rode fan I I I
an exhibition mile in 151 33 Cooper a
i half mile exhibition in 55 15 and Por I
Summaries ter twothirds of a mile in 115 35
One mile open First trial heat won I
106 35
Second trial heat won by E C Bald
Buflnlo second Earl Klser Dayton
third W E Becker Minneapolis Time
lOS 35
Final heat won by Kiser second
Bald Time 112
One mil professionalFirst trial
heat won by Earl Kiser second Tom
Cooper third Major Taylor Time
Second trial heat on by Bald Time
214 15
Final heat on by Bald second Ki
ser third Taylor Time 215
One mile handicap professional
First trial heat won by Frank A But
ler Cambridge 60 yards second Earl I
Kiser Dayton scratch Time 215
Second trial heat won by H R I
Steenson Dayton 40 yards TIme
203 35
Fina heat won by Steenson sec
ond Butler third F E Goodman I
fourth Klser scratch Time 213 45
Howard Man Wins
New York May 11It was a light
weight this time In the mud and how the
crowd cheered when Howard Mann gal I
loped home almost alone In the Brooklyn
handicap at Gravesend this afternoon
One remarkable thing was Tarals ab
sence from the race It being many years i
since he has been without a mount In the
big handicap Results I
First race six furlongs Mstral won
Arabian second Yemen third Time
Scond race mile and sixteenth selling
Declare won Bromo second Parmesan
third Time 151
Third race half mile Handball won I
LAlloutto second Coma Quick third
Time 191A
Fourth race Brooklyn handicap mile I
and quarterHoward Mann 106 Martin
10 artn
6 to 1 and even won Lake Share lOI I
Sherrer 10 to 1 and 4 to 1 second Vol
ley 95 Jsrmley 15 to 1 and G to 1 third
Tlme20 Loki Handspring Sir
Walter King Arthur I Belmar Ben
Eder Jefferson and The Swain also ran
Fifth race five furlongs felllnn Sly
Fox won Blue Away second Demagogue I
third Time l03Vi i
Sixth race seven hurdles mile and
three fourthsSIr Vassar won Flushing
second McKee third Time 324 I
Desertions Are Numerous
Port Townsend Wash May 31 Af
ter three days stay here the United
States battleship Oregon left today for
the target field down the straits ot
Foes There have been desertions
from the Oregon since her arrival on
Puget Sound two months ago Q
Generally Observed at the Na
tions Capital
t t
Unveiling of a Memorial Structure
on Boston Commons Erected i
Honor of Colonel John Robert
Gould Shaw and the Brave Hen
Who Followed and Fell With Him
Several Very Striking Lessons
in Patriotism
Washington May 31 Memorial Day
wa generally observed in Washington
The senate adjourned over the day
The house held only a 15 minutes session
sion l departments and business
houses were closed and the day given
up to patriotic observance and tributes
to heoric dead
The most imposing ceremonies were
at the national cemetery Arlington on
the Virginia side of the Potomac The
exercises were made particularly mem
orable by the presence of President Mc
Kinley They began at 12 oclock with
a national salute of 21
natonal guns
from the battery of the Fortyeighth
artillery U S A Led by the
marine band the G A R and
other organizations marched to the
unknown dead where was played a
dir while the the massive monument
was being decorated The graves of all
the vast army beneath the trees re
ceived their tribute of flowers The or
ganizations afterwards gathered in the
amphitheatre Representative Dol
liver Iowa deleivered the oration of
the day A poem was read by Dr I
Thomas Calver Hon Webster Davis
assistant secretary of the interior followed
lowed with an oration The exercises
concluded with Beethovens funeral
march Dead Hero played by the
marine band
At the Soldiers Home cemetery the
services were conducted by Henry Wil
son Post No 1 G A R Several serv
ices were held at the tomb of General
John A Logan under the direction of
a subcommittee composed of the Lo =
gan guard of honor and a committee
of the Loyal Legion of Loyal Women
The exercises at the Congressional mom
tery were conducted by Farragut Post
No 10 G A R Similar services were
sImultaneously held at St Elizabeths
Oak Hill Holy Rood and all of the
other cemetaries In and about Wash
Ington where the Union dead found
resting places
A large majority of the members of
the Union Veterans union left for Win
chester Va early this morning to par
ticipate in the exercises of Memorial
Day there
A notable feature of the exercises
here today was the great inroads the
past few years have made in the ranks
of the veterans In several Instances
the bands outnumbered the posts they
were escorting
Of Political Significance
Boston Mav 31 Decoration
31Decoraton Day of
this year was of peculiar significance
on account of the unveiling and dedi
atlon of the elaborate memorial struc
ture on Boston Commons erected in
honor ot Colonel John Robert Gould
Shaw of the Fourteenth Massachusetts
regiment and the brave men who com
posed his followers and who fell with
their colonel In the assault unon Fort
Wagner S C July IS 1S63 The parade
Included the Massachusetts militiamen I
with the famous Seventh New York
j I regiment as well as the marines from
j I the government vessels New York
I Massachusetts and Texas which had
I been ordered to Boston for the occa
I A Feature at Kansas City
Kansas City May ILA feature of
the memorial services in this city to
day was the interment of the remains
of the late exConfederate General J O
Shelby The body had reposed in a re
ceiving vault at repose
Hi cameter
since the generals death last Inter
The bearers of the casket today were
from the ranks of General Shelbys i
command and they were attended by I
an imposing procession of members of I
the exConfederate association Thir
teen young women gor repre i
sent the original colonies and 4S little
girls representative of the states and
territories of the Union led the proces
sion to the grave An oration was de
livered by Colonel John C Moore
Greatest on Record
Cincinnati May 31 Perfect weather
clear atmosphere and cloudless sky II
blessed the createst Memorial Day
parade that has cased through the I
streets of Cincinnati i It was in I six i
divisions and included the Grand Amiy I I
posts the Union Veterans union the I
Sons of Veterans and th < i otrc nf i Vi
public schools I took an hour In pass
ing On both sides of Fourth street the
girls of the schools were ranged to wit
ness the parade They were all
al 110
vided with small flags The passing of
I the grayhaired and tottering veterans
bearing with stern pride their her
ished battle flags was to the children a
lesson in patriotism not soon to te lor
gotten Following them came the bat
talion of boys with
talon wih boys drums and
flags without number In no other
country could there be found a rageant
so full of significance
General William Warner
Vilam Warer of Kansas
City and Hon E S Lyboyer of Ohio <
speak tonight at the Music hal The I II
decoration of graves was observed at I
Spring Grove cemetery In the usual I
In the Good Old Way
VIcksburg Miss May 31An im
mense assembly joined in the cere
monies of Decoration Day at the a
tonal cemetery today In accordance
with a custom of years a delegation of
Confederate veterans took flowers and
scattered them over the graves
Fourteen Thousand Remembered
Chattanooga Tenn May 31The
graves of the 14000 Union soldiers
buried in the National cemetery at this II I
I place were decorated today with
i elaborate ceremonies Captain J H
McGowan of Washington delivered the
annual was present oration An immense throng
I New York
New York May 1A rainy forenoon
interferred greatly with the observance I
of memorial day in New York and I
vicinity There were however com
mittees of veterans of the unfon army I
at all the cemeteries in and about New I
York to decorate the graves of those 1 I
of their comrades who have found I
burial there I
The tomb of General Grant in River
side Dark was well remembered for
there besides the tributes from local
posts of the G A R there was re
ceived a box inscribed r I
Flowers for the tomb of General
Grant Riverside prk New York City
from the conservatory executive man
sion Washington D C1
The box contained a large number of
choice flowers ThE Dare was re
viewed at the Worth monument in
> r Y
or all colleges and public schools who
will send In their name and street num
ber at once will stand an equal chanco
to obtain one of the two scholarships In
bookkeeping and penmanship which will
be given away absolutely free of cost
ve art doing this to Introduce Mowers
new short method of bookkeeping and
Penmanship here more fully and to
demonstrate to our school pupils that It
i at once the most practical In every
way that has yet appeared In making a
great saving In the time and expense of
learning and reducing the labor of keep
ing acounts over half The course can
be completed during the summer vacation J
by attending morning sessions only thus
avoiding the heat I you are attending f
any gd1001 send in your name today It
ccl nothing and may secure a scholar
t > tee Address maj T Mower room 5 1
Commercial building city
Madison square by Mayor Strong city
officials and prominent citizens The
national guard did not participate this
year The various arms of the national
service were however well repre
sented Infantry cavalry and artillery
detachments from the various forts
near the city and sailors and marines
from the navy yard being in line The
I route of the parade was shortened
materially from that followed in previ
ous years in deference to the growing
Infirmities of the veterans In Brook
lyn 1000 men took part in the grand 1
army parade I was reviewed by
Mayor Wurster General Meteor and
the Judges of the supreme court 1
The weather was intensely hot at
General Grants tomb this afternoon
but 3000 persons assembled there to
take Dart In the exercises Flowers J t
were deposited in the crypt on the I
sarphag To the left was a magni
ficent floral contribution from the Chi
nese minster and to the right a Im
mense wreath presented by the con
federate camp of this city
Mrs Newman the wife of Bishop
Newman descended into the crypt ac
companied by Dr H A Per of the
Northwestern University of Chicago
and deposited a bunch of roses
When the marching veterans ap
peared a national salute of twentyone
guns was fired by the United States
battleship Indiana which was an
chored in the river Then a large flag
was raised on the flagstaff erected by
the daughters of the American revolu
I tion An address wa made by Mayor 1
i Strong and Bishop John P Newman
delivered an oration
Kid Gets It
Philadelphia May 31Kid McCoy
was given the decision over Jack Bon
ner middleweight champion of Penn
sylvania in a sixround bout before
the Quaker City Athletic club tonight
Bonner wa wholly outclassed
Out Upon a Foul
I London May 31At the National
Sporting club this evening the 20round
match for J800 between Dick Burge
and Tom Causer was brought off before
a large crowd Burge was a warm favorite
vorite He made some cleer points
during the first five rounds but in the
sixth he was cautioned twice for hitting
low disqualified
too and in the seventh was
qualified for a foul
Knocked Out by Smith
Elmira N L May 31C C Smith
the Black Thunderbolt knocked out I
Jim Delaney of Portland Ore In 30
seconds of the second round at the Ma
ple Avenue Atheletic club tonight
Slavin i Easily Beaten
San Francisco May 31 Frank Slavin
lasted just two minutes in his fight
with Joe Butler of Philadelphia be
fore the California Athletic club to
When time was called Slavin rushed
at the colored man and punched him
with his right over the heart Butler
squared himself for the next rush and
met Slavin with his left in the face
SlaIn forced the colored man about
I the ring swinging his right and left
I after the fashion of the sweeps of a
I windmill Butler caught the Austral
Ian on the jaw with a right swing and
the latter fell forward clasping his
opponent about the waist and both
fell to the floor and rolled over with
Butler on top
Referee Billy Madden pulled the men
apart and Slavin arose in a dazed con
dition Butler went after him and
swung his left on the Jaw the big
Australian falling full length on his
back striking his head on the floor
with a resoundging thump He pulled
himself up by the ropes after the
referee had counted seven but was
clearly unable to continue the fight
Jimmy Carroll jumped Into the ring
and threw up the sponge for his prin
The fight was a poor exhibition from
a scientific standpoint neither man
showing the least bit of cleverness
both depending on a wild swing to end
the fight which Butler was fortunate
in landing first Slavin may now b t
permanently classed a a has been
of the prize ring He appeared to be I
f lrd f ai
in condition and
good was 1 to 2 in
the betting
Frank Rafael of San Francisco
Francisc de
feated Sammy Maxwell of Scotland a
lightweight in ten rounds after
lghtweight afer a
splendid exhibtion
Ike Rubenstein of Sacramento
knocked out Mike Sullivan In four
rounds Attendance about 4000
Principal Features of the Memorial
I Day Carnival
New York May Notwithstanding
Ia3 3 otwlbstadIDg
the heavy rain the track and infield at
I the grounds of the New Jersey Athletic
club dt Bergen Point N J were In good
condition today for the clubs Memorial
day carnival The principal features of
the games were the first public appear
ance in this country of John Flanagan
the hummerthrowlnir champion of Ire
land and England and the promise of an
other meeting between Colfelt of Prince
ton and Wefers of Georgetown in the
special race at 300 yards Colfelt having
beaten Wefers In the 220 yards dash In
the Intercollegiate championship games
last Saturday The 4000 people on the
grounds were disappointed when It be
came known that Wefers had to go back
to Georgetown on crutches this morning
Wafers strained his right leg badly In his
last race and it is doubtful if he will bo
seen or the track again this year
There were two hammerthrowing con
tests one under the English and Irish
rules from a ninefoot circle and the
other under the American rules from a
sevenfoot circle
I Jim Mitchell the worlds champion was
among those who contested but showed
poorly against Flanagan who made a
I new worlds record with a throw of 150
i feet S Inches The previous record was
l > o feet and of an inch made by Mitch
ell In Till Today Mitchell could do no
better than 12S feet 4 Inches and Mc
Cracken of Pennsylvania beat him for
second place by ten Inches
When the result was announced Flan
rican was cheered to the echo and ono
of the first to congratulate the Irishman
was Mitchell who yielded up the cham
pionship with good grace In the contest
° tntk < LIl1e 05 > t circle Flanagan threw
the hammer 145 feet 6 inches which fits
lance Is 17li inches less than his owIt
worlds record which he made in Lop
don over a year ago In this event Chad
wick of Yale and McCracken of Penn
sylvanla both beat Mitchell who threw
20 feet less than the winner icew
In the second trial of the 100 yards dash
T R Fisher of Yale broke a tendon in Ws
right leg as he crossed the tape and fell
heavily on the cinder path He
will not
months be able to run again for a couple ot
Arrested For Murder
Atlanta Ga May 31Mrs Za God
frey 40 years old the handsome and
wealthy daughter of Hon Benjamin
Dugger waa arrested today for murder
She was indicted OB the testimony
her children who swore that six yean
ago she strangled and buried her
daughters illegitimate child

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