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I I flercur Property Purchased by
r Ii Heavy Capitalists
High Grade Mineral and the Ledge
Growing Larger as Development
Work ProgressesThe Sale of the
CreoleA Cousin of Jesso Snight
One of the PurchasersDiscovery
of Rich Ore on the American
EagleThe First Arastra in the
Camp Considerable Work Being
Done Throughout the District
I The Camp of Neal Promising
District That is Tributary to Boise
1 British Columbia MinesLarge
I Amount of Work Being Done
I Around Boundary Camp The
Grand Encampment Wyoming
I 1 Gold Camp That is Slated For a
i BoomSale of the Viola Mine
It Passes Into the Possession of
i I
Pittsburg PartiesOn the Boun
dary LineImportant Discovery
Made in Washington Mining in
Idaho Mining Notes and Person
s I als
HE visit of
Messrs K 11 p a t
rick Collins and
4 c Ii Weston to Mercur
ii Ii last Saturday in
I comrany with W
C B Allen re
A sulted in the pur
Jt4tTri chase by these
gentlemen ot a
haf interest in
I ji the roperty
I Ljr owned by the Sil
ver Clmid Mining
I I company in which
I 14 Mr Allen John
Dern and E H
Aris were heavily
Interested and The Herald is informed
j that it is the intention of the company i
to begin the development of the proper
ty immediately I
I The Silver Cloud group embraces six
claims and is located on Marion hill
just above the GeyserMarion mine
and it is stated that the GeyserMarion
i vein can be traced through the prop I I
erty I
I Hudson Smith at one time owned a I I
J half interest in the Silver Cloud but a I
I year ago this interest passed into the i
hands o2 > J 4srs Dern and Aris by
f purcharf fend ever since it has re
mained idle although it is known that I i
the ledrre crops at the surface in sev
I eral places and that it carries good
milling values even at the grass roots I
The sale of an interest in this ground
means that it will be actively de
i veloped from this time on and there Is
every reason to believe that it will open I I
out into a prolific producer I
Messrs Kilnatrick and Collins are I
members of the wellknown I firm of
1 1fr1b dS as mentioned the firf
l of the week in these columns while
Mr Weston is a banker of Beatrice
I All three of thcm have long been im
I pressed with the value and splendid
r outlook for the camp and it has been
their desirer to get into some of the
properties there on the ground floor
J and they are now satisfied that they
have succeeded in so doing and that in I
the Silver Cloud they have one of the
I most promising prospective producers I
in the district I
i State Line a Camp of Merit and
I Great Promise
i John T Lynch and son and J R
I Clark are in from State Line with a
shipment of six tons of ore from the
Ophir mine that was sold on controls
I showing assay values as follows
No 1S0 ounces of silver and 8 in
gold to the ton
No 2172 ounces of silver and 4 in
From a crab sample of about fiv
pounds taken from the shipment an
I assay was made since the arrival of
these gentlemen in the city that went
7295 ounces silver and 1 in gold to
the ton and in his room at the Cullen
Mr Lynch has a 72pound chunk of ore
from the mine that carries values cor
responding to the assay last men
I tioned
This specimen was taken from the
ledge from IS inches to two feet wide
exposed in the face of a 10foot drift
t from the bottom of the 115fpot shaft
A The ore body averages about thi in
width and is one solid mass of mineral
The drift is being run to the east and
i is believed that with developmeht
and depth tne ore zone will increase in
size and as the mineral is free milling
and carries no base whatever there is
no reason to doubt but that the mine
will soon rank as one of the heavy pro
ducers of the camp
I In answer to inquiries regarding the
i reported sale of the Creole mine it was
learned that W J McBurney of Line
I City who was the owner of a onethird
Ii interest in this promising gold prop
I erty had joined in with a Mr Knight
a cousin of Jesse Knight of the Hum
I I bug and Uncle Sam mines at Eureka
and purchased the other twothirds in
I I terest owned by F M Millett and J H
I I McDonald I was also learned that
Messrs McBurney and Knight would
I develop the property in a thorough
manner and that already they had put
I on a force of men and that since resuming
suming work the first shot had dis
I closed a fine body of free milling ore
I that was well sprtnkled with the el
l w metal and that the outlook for the
property was most encouraging
At the present time there is consider
able work being done in the develop
ment of the prospects of the district
and at least 20 or 30 properties are be
ing worked the latest strike reported
being on the American Eagle claim by i
Thomas Charles who has discovered a I
threeinch vein of very high grade sil I
ver ore on the surface and I Is be
lieved that with depth this will open
out into another producer for the
PI camp A short time ago the first arastra for
p the camp was put in at Clarks springs
This little plant has a capacity for
about a ton of ore a day and is being
run on ore from the Crown Point mine
owned by Kelly and Anderson The I
ore from this property is entirely free
milling and carries values accordingto I
tests made of about 40 to the ton in
gold and silver the former metal pre
I dominating McCloud and Willis put
t In the mill and therefore have the
credit of putting in the first plant in
I the district Mr Clark has the first
button run from the product of the
plant and he prizes it highly and will
i give it a slace in his cabinet
1 There is considerable talk of the In
stallation of a tep or 20stamp mill at
Line City but it is not known as yet
I when I will be erected but from all
160 Main Street
Stocks bought and sold forcash or on
jommlfeslon Weekly merket letter and
juotations upon Upplicalion E G Wool
jar jr Member Salt Lake Stock E J
l ange
V4 lanse
l t1 l r f
accounts a custom mill In the district
would be a paying institution
I is understood that work will soon
be resumed in the operation of the
Utah Spur and Burn mines both be
ing producers of high grade silver
ver ore
I Is expected that the Ophir wilf
make regular shipments all summer
Plans For the Jubilee Float For
Tooele County
Iercur May 31The work of laying
the foundation of the mill at La Cigaie
will commence tomorrow the grading
being now completed The work in the
I I Boston shaft will also be resumed it
I having been temporarily suspended j
I I while the grading was in progress
The Boston shaft is now 300 feet deep i
I and i will be sunk 500 feet further a i
will also the Lilian Russell shaft At I I I
each iOO feet in depth drifts will be run I i i
I off and the two shafts connected the I
same a in two places above At the
I same levels drifts will be run out in a
I northerly direction along tha vein to
1 the north It is
line of the property It
I calculated that the mill will be read
I for business by the 1st of August and
as men will be added to the force in
I the mine a rapidly as room is tom J
for them a vast body of ore will be
I blocked out by that time
I At the Daisy everything is in readi
1 ness for a mill Nothing rll er done
I I until the arrival of Mr Benson from
j Omaha who is expected in a few days
j There will be no time lest in getting
to work and it is asserted that within
I I the next 60 days vork on the mill wilt
be commenced
The owners of the Sage Hen claims
I joining the Sacramento have com
meced work on the property They are
satislied the work done so far has been
I worse than wasted and think they
know where the vein lies The recent
I working on the Sacramento would sug
gest that the Sage Hen people have
been working in the wrong place and
I they now propose to sink for the Sacra
mento vein
i Messrs Gowans and McBride were in
Mercur yesterday with sketches of the
I proposed Tooele county float Arrange
ments have not yet been completed
I but the float will be such that it will
I be a good representation of the cyanide
II process On one end of the float will
t be mountain with a tunnel at the
bottom of which a miniature mill will
I be at work cyanide tanks will be rep
j resented and a model of the complete
process will fill up the balance of the
I Literature describing the mines of
the county and the cyanide process
I I will be distributed and characteristic
1 samples of ores from the various min
i ing camps of the county will be on ex
I hibition I is possible that a working
model of a cyanide mill in operation i
ree ae rOen ls eo f
j I will I be on exhibition I at some place in
i the city during the jubilee in charge of
I a competent man who can explain to
I visitors the business anything in connection with
The tunnel in the Chloride Point is
I now in good shape and the work of
crosscutting with the Gladstone shaft
is nearing completion A shipment of
highgrade ore will be made this week
ana regular shipments will b made
from now on
The return of Mr Peyton from the
east is considered as settling the matter
in relation to the mill and his arrival
in Mercur is expected in a few days
As soon as Mr Peyton can get down
the site for the mill will be chosen and
work commenced at once I is con
fidently asserted that the mill will be
running within 90 days
Some trouble is being experienced by
the actions of the class of prospectors
who make it a business to locate on
claims which are showing up well or on
which a sale is likely to occur The I
claimant does not particularly care I
he has no legal hold as he never ex I
pects to test its validity in a court of
law I He knows that possible purchas
ers will be frightened and rather than
miss a sale or commence a lawsuit
the bona flde locator will buy out
the ale claimant There is mere than
one good property lying idle in camp
just now the owners prefering toplay
the wouldbe blackmailers own game
of freezeout but it hurts the camp
C C Higgins reports that the inter
est in Beaver Lake district is rapidly
growing and quite a number of pros
pectors are cominsr in The Beaver
I Lake Confer company will have a force
of men at work on their property this
I week and Bentzi Carver are arrang
ing to incorporate their mine He has
1 control of some very valuable property
judging from samples of the ore
brought in
At the Antler mine on Lion hill the
tunnel is in about 170 feet and a new
car and enough rails for a 300foot
track has just been brought out The
appearance of the work in the face of
the tunnel is encouraging
I Promising Gold District That i
Tributary to Boise
A correspondent from the camp of
Neal to the Boise Statesman says
The Daisy mine owned by W J
Chamberlain Berdehoft and others is
I working fIve men at present Eight
hundred feet of tunnel has been run
j in crosscutting for the ledge and they
have drifted 120 feet on the ore
I They have six feet of ore in the face
of the drift This property is the west
extension of the Balbach mine The
I owners are highly pleased They are
surveying for patent but expect to keep
driving right along They are going to
ship some 0 their ore to Denver to be
treated so as to determine what kind
of mill or process to adopt for the
handling of their ore
Balbachs property is looking fine
They are working 1 men in the mine
Mr Balbach is running his 10stamp j
mill to its full capacity They turn I
out a sack of concentrates every hour I
lor j a little more from 23 to 26 every
I 24 hours These concentrates are I
j hauled to Boise and shipped to Omaha
I for treatment Mr Balbach works about
135 men
The Hidden Treasure mine under the
I management of Mr Howe is working
12 men They are driving the tong
tunnel that was started as low down
I as they can get by tunnel This will
I give them 300 to O feet of stoning
ground They are also driving a new
tunnel designated at Xo 6 and the
I indications are good They are also
I working in NoS tunnel This is a fine
property and it is expected that good
I results will be heard from It
The Sunbeam mine owned by J 0
I Corder and AI Beck is working two
men at present They have 30 t < 60
tons of ore on the dump They are
sinking a shaft to Intersect the ore
body The property is looking fine
They have one ledge on this property
in the face ol the drift that is six feet
wide There is some very rich ore on
this property assaying as high as
The Eureka Florence and Diamond
Dick mines owned by Williams Stev
ens brothers and others are promising
to be good properties While at work
on these claims a few days ago they
opened a new place where the ore
cropped to the surface I nrospected
ledge 75 per ton This is quite a large i I
E Johns i out from Boise He is
interested in several properties in
Neal He expects to do quite a good
deal of development work this year
The writer has not been able tb jro
all over the camp since his return but
from what he has seen there willSe 1
great activity in Neal this seasonV
is one o the best camps in the state j I
for its age it has the best record of
any camp we know of Possibly I
have made this statement previously
I is a good statement and a truthful
one just the same and one that can
not be successfully denied I
Neal camp has a pedigree as follows i
There ha never a man went out of
Neal without his pay and the gold to
pay with has been taken out of the I
properties in Neal In other words I
the camp has paid from the grass roots
1 1
I down and we are proud O the record
it is good for the soul
I Large Amount of Work Being Done
Around Boundary Creek
A special from Boundary Creek British
Columbia says
The new lead discovered on the Golden
Crownin Wellington camp as reported
last week is improving as i Is being
opened up I is reported to be eight feet
I in width where uncovered from lour feet
sis inches to five feet being good ore
copper and iron suipuidea with a quartz
gangue There are now 16 men employed
by the company which Intenos to at
once increase tne force to IV And to em
I ploy the latter number right along
I A nineinch quartz vein carrying galena
I was cut last week by the tunuei ioo be
ing driven by the Boundary Creek Mining
I Milling company 01 ureenwooa ou its
D A ciaim Providence camp I he face
of the tunnel now shows quarts treeiy
and is well mineralized right tnrousui = o
i s expected that the ldtre now belnc
j driven for will be cut within a few dys
I Work Is to be resumed at once on ue
Mother Lode In Deadwood camp During
the past fail and winter a tunnel 245 feet
In length was put In by the Boundary
I Mines company of New york which owns
the claim Alter passing througn a Line
formation for about 4 feet ore was met
i with and for the remaining 2 feet until
porphyry vas encountered the low grade
j ore continued varying in value At con
I tact vita the porphyry gouge matter oc
curs this being perfectly free not frozen
i to the porphyry toe actual width of the
j ore body at right angles is calculated 10
br 1S5 feet the diagonal course of the
tunnel a > ong part ot us length account
lag for the Increased distance driven A
winze is now to be sunk at about iw feet
I i in the tunnel the ore here containing a
1 rJ lia
i larger proportion ot Iron i oxides nan
I nearer to the mouth of the tunnel The
tunnel i lw feet about the base of me
hli and the highest point at which the
ore outcrops Is 1SS feet above the tunnel
so that should the company drift aiuns
tne course of the lode at the lowest level I
i at present accessible o maximum of lsC i
reef of backs would b ootained So far I
j the Mother Lode has borne out the prom
I I ise given by its extensive outcroppings i
and now Its permanence at a rrtater I
depth ib to be tested Two 10hour shifts i
will be put on at once and the wont will i I
be crried on under the direction of tho
I companys manager F Keller of Ana
conaa Boundary Creek
j Among those now engaged in making
i inquiries respecting the mineral resources
I of this district and In visiting the van
j I ous camps for the purpose of making
I i personal inspection Is Horace Donnelly
i of the Bechuanland Exploration com
pany He is also associated with another
I South African mining organization I
Is understood that Mr Donneliy will re
uort to these two companies upon the
characteristics and prospects of the
I Boundary Creek mineral claims
E n1 Bielenberg I has made a strike of
I copper ore on his Anaconda claim which
adjoins the Boundary Creek Mining
Milling companys > G A R claim Prov
idence camp Asray returns from the
ncr find are given at 163 per cent of
cooper and traces of gold and silver
I There Is a large mineralized formation
on the Anaconda but sufficient prospect
I ing work t prove Its extent or the width
of the ledce has not yet been done
Prospectors who have returned from
the main Kettle river and others from
the west fork of that river report that
at lezst 50 men are now up in those lo
calities prospecting for minerals Nu
merous locations have already been made
and samoles of the minerals discovered
have been brought down for assay
Prospectors are already about 10 mile
up the main river and nearly 5 miles up
the west fork both distances being from
tho junction of Rock creek with Kettle
river One prospector states that up the
main river a ledge has been traced for
5000 feet on the surface snd that there
is a comparatively large area of fairlY
open land which Is fast being preempted
ostensibly for agricultural and pasture
Tee west fork is by no means a new
country for prospecting in since loca
tiohs have been made from time to time
during several years past I is state
that the claim now known a the Ariing
ton on which there Is a 3 foot shaft
was known for a time as the Headlight
and earlier still as the Silver Star It
was first located In 1892 and after having
been twice abandoned Is now held by
S Bennerman of Midway B C I is
about 50 miles from Rock creek and is
the farthestup location yet made
A Beaver camp where Beaver creek
joins the west fork there are already
about 20 locations of which the High
land 2 locatons old one This camp Is
about 40 miles from Rock creek Dales
claim the Carmla Is another west fork
location made some time since This is
being developed by a tunnel Altogether
there was but little assess nent work done
on the earlier locations most of which
were abandoned most probably because
of their isolated position All and more
are now being taken up with the expec
tation that transportation facilities will
soon be within easier reach so that de
velopment may be less costly than in tho
Wyoming Gold Camp That is Slated
For a Boom
Considerable excitement pays the
Rawlins Journal was aroused here
the first of the week when the fact
became known that A Richter of Ogden
Utah a mining expert had been into the
Grand Encampment mining district and
had unsuccessfully attempted to buy the
Golden Eagle claim of Huston Culleton
One report is that Richter offered S24000
cash for a seveneighths in the Golden
Eagle and live other claims owned by
Huston Culloton and that he agreed
to expend J200000 in development work
and exploring the claims Another re
port is that Richter offered Mrs Culleton
JGOCO for seveneighths Interest in the
claims her oneeighth Interest to be non
assessable and that development work
should begin at once Another report says
that Mr Richter made no offer at all
but wanted to buy the claims but could
not get the owners to sell at any rIce
that when Mr Huston was approached
on the subject he smiled and commenced
to tell bear stories The reader can ic
lect which of these reports best suits his
Mr Richter was in the city however
and represents unlimited Utah capital and
tried to get a price place on the Golden
Eagle and the Golden Eagle group of
claims Whether he succeeded or not
affiant salth not as he does not know and
was unable to find out Mr Richter re
turned to Ogden but will be back again
In a few days
Tuesday morning next a number of
mining men from Salt Lake City who
are Interested In the Mercur mines wl
reach this city en route lor urand un
I campment gl flr These gentlemen are
I mining men nd have been impressed
with the specimens of ore taken from
some of etii claims at Encampment and
I have determined to go Into the mineral
belt and explore things for themselves
1 Mr J G Rankin will outfit the party
hero and IF now making ample prepara
I tions to bountifully provide for them
I Some time next week a party of Califor
I nia capitalists TIH reach here and be
taken ua to the mineral belt
Mr Adams the discoverer of the North
I ern Belle owned by Adams Douglas
and which Is located at the head of the
e Uitshg the t
I Sandstone was in Rawlins during the
week He stated that the tunnel 01 the
I f t1 J
Northern Belle had been driven nl In 300 feet
and then a shaft 5 feet deen had been
sunk From the bottom of the shaft the
ore vein was from three to four feet
thick In hauling out the ore he had
taken two or three shovelfuls from each
ton and threw them on a canvass and
that after about ten tons had been hauled
out on the dump he pounded up the rock
I on the canvass then sent three pounds
of It to the assayer In order to ret an
aig ne mr letT
I average assay of the entire lead 1 The
returns showed over fC00 In gold to the
ton Mr dams stated that he was put
ting up an arastra to crush the rock with
and that SS per cent of It was free milling
ore In August they will put In a stamp
mill of not less than ten stamps and that
there is ore enough on the dumn now to
run a mill for a year They intended to
put in the stamp mill this spring but
deep snow and high water make the
project impracticable until about the 1st
of August Float rock Identical with the
ore from the Northern Belle he traced
across the country southeast to the
mountain on which Doanes copper mine
is situated and In his opinion the En
campment and Sandstone muling districts
are the same Mr Adams left Thursday
fze pewiJr Colonel sif P Snow of
Laramie for his camp
It Passes Into the Possession of
Pittsburg Parties
The Viola mine ia the Black Hornet dis
trict 1 miles from Boise says the
Statesman of Boise Ida has been sold
by John D Gray to Pittsburg narties
represented by William S Browne
This deal has been In progress for a long
time W K McCormick is one of tho
interested parties He has been here for
some months Ircconnectlon with the mat
ter and has madeone or more trips back
and forth between Boise and Pittsbunr
on this busurt ss Mr Browne came out
some three weeks ago and made a thor
ough examination of the mine He was
pleased with it and Its purchase was
definitely determined upon the deal be
ing closed Friday n ht
Mr Browne left for PHtsburg yester
day He said it was the intention to
prosecute work actively on the roper
An adecuate plant of machinery Is to be
erected for prosecuting development cx
I I pedltiously and economically Details of
the plan of operations will be decided
upon after Mr Brownes return to Pltts
I burg
Asked about the consideration for the
I property Mr Browne stated i was pre
ferred to keep the terms of the purchase
i private rief currently resorted how
ever that the price was fll500 and that
the amount Is to be turned over in three
payments the first having been paid when
the deal was closed Jd
This irine adjoins the Black Hornet
I which has shown itself to be such a val
uable property There has been consid
erable work lone on the Viola and there
is a larsre quantity of good ore showing
The showing In the property taken In
connecton with the developments In the
mine just over the line justifies the belief
that the Vlole wIll become a large pro
I ducer yielding rich returns to those who
I have cone into possession of i I I i
I Important Discovery Made in Wash
A dispatch from Boundary Wash says
I A rich mineral find has been made b
the JonesGodbe party who have been
j I prospecting east of here on the Pend
dOrelile river during the past 3 days
i About ten days ago they were following
Fish creek which empties into the lend
d Oreille on ths side seven miles east
from here when some float was found
much like the Bald Eagle quartz just be
low town Tracinr an outcropping two
niiies they found the ledge which on
stripping opened up It is said to six
feet In width with a Yellmineralized
vein of 2 inches to three feet They came
here with the samples which they assert
assayed 860 In gold US ounces of silver
7 per cent lead and 4 per cent copper Re
turning to their camp thev worked for
six day following their find a located
n group of six claims naming uiem the
Gladstone group Wednesday they re
turned here with over a hundred pounds
of rich ore which assayed high
Today Boundary Creek and Waneta are
almost deserted of ablebodied men A
camp has been established at dt prop I
erties This time the line cuts no liz i i
url as the ledges are In British Columbia j
and the United States There Is I a good i
pack trail to Fish creek having been cut i
and graded last year by the Kootenai
Water Supply company to a point oppo
site their plant on the Pend dQrellle I
river Pack horses are greatly in demand
Mining in Idaho
The Avalanche published at Silver City
Ida in its review for the week gives the
following mining news from that section I
Trade Dollar Coal Is now being used I
as fuel for the aircompressor plant at i
the Blame tunnel and Is giving i satisfac
tory results re new sinking i fmstlf ex I I
pected dally for the shaft has been sunk i
i 1 i I
from the Elaine level I will have a Capacity
paclty of 6 gallons Del minute A con
siderable flow of water has been struck
I In sinking
1 Poorman Encouraging rumors fInd I
their way from this property and the
skirting of the mill would seem to be
probable in the near future
I Morning Star The north and south
drifts of the fifth level and the north
drift of the fourth level are being extended
tended Sloping is in progress In the
fourth Ore sorters will begin sacking ore I
for shipment tomorrow
Jeff Heisler Tex Fain and F J Cowles
have made a promising location east of
town which they call the Merchant of I
Venice i I
The Big I boiler has been put in good I i i I
shape once more and the usual crew of
miners will be at work again as soon as
the vater is pumped out of the shaft I
pumpe shaf
Nugget The machinery ha all arrived
for the new FleatanCleric electric mill
plant and the tanks have been set un I
Mr Blffl expects to be ready to start by j
June 1 reaJ I
Nugget Messrs Shea and McLain have
purchased Dr Plumers Interest in the i i
Quicksilver mountain mining properties
In which Alfred R Sotheren and others I
are Interested and are now developing I
and Mr Shea took a trip out there last
week The men have run a long tunnel
during the winter and are now nearing
I the point under the shaft where rich ore I
I was developed last year The prospects
I are promising for a rich find very soon I r
I Mining Notes and Personals
There was no call of the mining ex
I change day yesterday i being a legal boll
I dayA
A Murphy end E L Sheets will so
out to Iercur this morning on mining
The Ontario mill shipped 3 bars of
bullion yesterday containing 2066258
ounces fine silver 265
Colonel Nick Treweek of the Lucky
Boy at Custer City Ida has returned
from his visit to the mine which he
states is looking well
Morgan Mirror Samuel Campbell has
been up Deep creek this week working
on Ms KInG Solomon copper mine Sam
thinks he has struck i rich x
Encouraging reports continue to come
from the Black Bear gold mine near
Boulder Col In which a number of Salt
Lake and Provo people are Interested Sl
I is whispered In mining circles that
the railroad companies will soon recon
sider the recent advance In freight rates
and that the same will likely be reduced
Morgan Mirror B J Hanley went out
to Hardscrabble today Mr Hanley Is
interested in 13 claims and thinks Morgan
county will show several paying mines
vcr soon
W D Johnson of the Gold Ppint mine
near Sunshine who was in the city yes
terday states that work Is progressing
finely In the sinking of the shaft In the
development of this property
R T Rives of Salida Col who is a
son of Colonel Rives of this city will
arrive In Salt Lake within a week or two
with his family with the intention of
making this city his future home
The Salt Lake Mercur railroad Is
doing a lively business this year and
with thirmills in contemplation for the
camp this season It will make a great
record for itself before the end of 1S97
The little road is a wonderful con
vcnience to this great gold camp and Its
construction and operation has materially
assisted the district In the growth and progress of
William Louder of Rock Springs Wyo
arrived In the city Sunday on his way to
I ciY
Blnsbam for the purpose of making an
inspection of the recent Important strike
in the Giant Chief mine at that place
in 1 whIch Mr Louder and a number of
Evanston people are heavily interested
W B Outcalt of the Plymouth Ind
News is Otcat city with the Intention of
making a thorough investigation into
the merits of the resources of Utah for
his japer Mr Outcalt wH take a run
down to Mt Nebo today in company with
C E Brainard of the Utah Immigration
J A Van Pelt has just returned from
a visit to the northwestern portion of
Box Elder county where he states a
new district has been formed He is
highly pleased with this country and says
that it is the making of a great gold
camp He made a number of locations
a townslte
there including townsie
Charlie Rives returned Saturday from
hU visit to Salida Col where he made a
valuable silverlead location on which he
has a force of four men at work and he
is of the opinion that it will soon develop
into a shipping proposition While in
Colorado Mr Rives tied up a piece of
property on which there Is a strong ledge
that carries large quantities of asbestos
Mr Rives expects that the parties who
took a bond on his Salida property will
I take i up within the next few weeks
V D Wilson and his associates have
brought a suit against the Triumph Mln
Inc company of Silver City to recover
possession of the Steeple Chase claim
embraced in the Triumph group the
title of which they claim Is vested in
them H L Pickett of this city and
J W Pike of Eureka are the attorneys
I j for the plaintiffs while Dye Street are
I the attorneys for the defendant The
I Steeple Chase is the claim on which the
t I Triumph work company Is doing Us principal
I My Neighbor Told Me
i About Hoods Sarsaparilla and advised
me to try it Thia is the kind of advertising
which gives Hoods Sarsaparilla
vertising whlth Sarsapar
lila the largest sales in the world
Friend tells friend that Hoods Sar
i saparilla cures that it gives strength
I saparia heaih vitality and vigor and whole
I neighborhoods use it as a family medi
I HOODS PILLS act easily and
promptly on the liver and bowels
Cure sick headache
I Our Great I Unloading 4 Sale
Commences Tuesday 10 a m Lasts
five days
I =
Bucklens Arnica Salve
The best salve in the world for cuts
I sores tetter chapped hands chilblains
bruises sores ulcers salt rheum fever
corns and all skin eruptions and posi
I tively cures piles or no pay required
It is guaranteed to give perfect satis
I faction or money refunded Price 23
i cents per bo For sale by Z C M I
drug depot
Fifty Years Ago
Ko theory of ers to chill
Affections budding blssel
When ardent lovers took their s
No microbes on their kisses
How happy they were not to know
The germfad 50 years i
Ayers Cherry Pectoral
Is the standard family remedy
of the world for colds coughs
and lung diseases It i not a
palliative and i not therefore
put up in small cheap bottles
It i put up i large bottles
for the household They cost
more but cure more
Fads come and go but no
theory or fad can overthrow
the fact that the greatest cure
for all colds coughs and throat
I and lung diseases i Ayers
I Cherry Pectoral
SO Year of Cures
ole People
Old people who require medicine t
regulate the bowels and kidneys will
find the true remedy In Electric Bit
ters This medicine does not stimulate
and cont no whisky nor other in
toxicant but acts as a tonic and al
terative It acts mildly on the stom
ach and DOWC adding strength and
giving tone to the organs thereby aid
Ing nature in the performance a the
functions Electric Bitters is a ex
cellent appetizer and aids digestion
lent apptizer ad digon
Old people find it just exactly what
they need Price 50 cents and 0
per bottle at Z C l I drug dept
W eL u t l
Great flurry of excitement in sore Department head saw in competitors window article same
value as ours priced for less Salespeople astounded Couldnt be they knew Head positive settle
mejit of discussion by purchasing aforesaid aiUcle one glance and exultant salespeople
Thus does proof demonstrate when Yalue vs Price i tested comparison ever shoiving our prices
to be in accord with our principle to give unmatched public service in prices in stocks in store s cejn prce
Prices on many items listed retreat from the face of the enemy Advancing Season
fitoreclosed Monday Decoration Day
The Double Attack Twenty Per Cent Discount
Price Reduction Stock Reduction The autumn business already cries fcr Our annual Summer Embroidery Sale Embroideries
room Something must yield Wisdom demands money losses Things BO down PRICED FOR QUICK SELLING The advent of new
invoices adds zest and energyl A profusion of beauty
ALL Pattern Suits just HALF PRICE I l1olces
a e n UI s JUS
Many of the designs ere ours exclusively and we have good
reason to believe We Will show more Varieties summer
ALL lmpoFfEd goods no reserve The 100 to 150 grades Tuesday 68c v dress trimmings underwear infants Wear etc than
morning and Week the whole ctock the yard
t ever before Remember sale commences Tuesdaymorn
Handsome all Wool goods double widths will goat ths sensational price 21C ing dune 1 and lasts the Week with discount all neW
the yard or left over of 20 PER GENT
Every piece of Black goods marked down
SILKS Fifteen Cents Each
counted Twentyfive them Worth hundred by the dollars case Worth go at less than manufacturers recently If YOU Want any linen handkerchiefs or expect to Want
any during the next three months it Will pay you to visit
Figured Taffetas medium liaht and dark colorings beautiful pattern designs our store Tuesday morning They are Values that cannot
Every one this aeascrxo productions Wade to sell for S140 and demand Was quick at beaproached elsewhere fortwice the amount We ask
that figure We will make a silk Week of this however and include them They come from one of the best British manufacturers
at the phenomenally low price of 77C Some are plain hemstitched vith embroidered corners
All other silks reduced Pongees Wash Silks Brocades and Foulards others of unquestionable scalloped borders durability Good sheer pretty and 15C
Commencement Gloves MENS SUITS I Womens Outer
We have complete assortments of kid CUT RATES We dont make to order but We make to fit Tailoring to please Garments
or silk shoulder lengths in either whi te critical dressers Every Suit priced for removal this viek Price
sik cheap but not cheapsuits Youd not grumble at original prices but moving time TWENTYFIVE PER GENT OFF
or tints We import direct Theres is at hand Stocks and selections complete orlsaal prces mo1lg on all our Cycling Costumes They com
prise the popular Lucy TrcuVille I or COt
French kidskinfits liks
like fits
none unto lh a Icor
cular Skirt i Suits and are par excelfenca
mold This Week Mens All Wool Suits light gray also mixtures in Chev the nattiest Wheel costumes made Fit
I iot Tricots Gassimeres and WorstedS These are selling style and tailoring superior to anyothers
4 taioring
at 700 and 750 the SUit On sale Tuesday < Rc r r made See them < 5C S
morningandweekat yj wu 3OOU fn 0 > >
Our French imported 16inch White morning at Prices range from 25
Qiace kId soft pliable beauti 225 TWENTYFIVE PER GENT OFF
ful v 25 Mens all Wool Business Suits Latest style make and On all Top Goats for Women Kerseys
newest fabrics Fancy Cheviots Worsteds Serges and Gas GoVerts and Broadcloths handsomely
Same gloves ris abov but 8 sirneres Thoroughly Well tailored sewed with silk and silk lined tans blacks browns blues
inch Mousquetairc White 150 linen thread good farmers satin lining When selling at S10 SILK SHIRT WAISTS
the suit they Were considered best Values on the market
now Tuesday nor i week theyll be trans CR < t Black and white plaid Taffeta silk Shirt
Our German imported white 100 ferred to you for uia P J I > I Waists beautifully made close fitted lin
Mousquctaircsat t I ing two point yoke backs full fronts
linen detachable collars Worthy C
lMn colars Worthy500
Handsome Business garments for price Pfj JJ
White Piqup gloves 2clasp ome or Dress Suits excellently tailored
German imt t 125 oerfect in fit al imparted cloths Cheiots CasJleres and I SEPARATE SKIRTS
WCrsteds veli lined eved With silk They re our Black brocaded silk skirts
jlth 13 75 brocded sik excellent
1500 1650 and 1800 Guito all seasonable J quality best percaline lining Velveteen
SILK GLOVES binding the 1000 quality eleteen
White silk 16 Inches BOYS WASH SUITS Complete lines Prices
125 from 65c to S3 00 the suit Separate trousers of rane Extra heavy crash Skirts 4 14 yard
t r r fxtra yrd
Duck 5C Wide 5inch hems shrunken before C
3 > I 98
fore making
White silk in shorter and
sik horer i
50c I j
icnths White Duck Skirts
Sixteeninch Mitts FOR MEN AND BOYS Linen Skirts
75C fEN i 150
Shoe Store News Shoe Store News 1 Womens Knit Carpet Store
Were selling lots of mens shoes but It shouldnt require much persuasion to
not enough ye1 If make fit styli and Goodyear Mens oxblood Welt new or coin brown toes Lace Shoes I Underwear induce one to buy carpets now There is
ovf 2S3 I
price combination Will do it every man o An unmatchable stock Beautifully a splendid stock of superior carpets in
in the state Will Wear our shoes This I
week weVen garment filmy for summer vear this store at present and at prices it
FORWOMEN Brishtdongola i Tft should need argument to
WOEIBr I no conVince
round or square toe Oxfords t v I iriD Every desirable kind I that sensi I conince
r tnat cannot last long This veek
ble refined and elegant taste may demand I
Vici kid Lace shoes for Women Ci CQ Axminster carpets new and choice pat
round toes 200 values JH3O mand Tucsdayand Week terns our SIA0 the yard Value Sj j
I at
ct c I Lev neck and sleeveless Richelieu ribbed atA
MISSES Tan brown but Zr sleeeess Richeleu Wilton Velvets
f8SEST n or r 17 A few pieces nnr
ton shoes LLJ white MacoUests neck and arms nicely Value I this 90C
on s s < I finished vithsik crochet edging iftr 110theyardValuethisWeek
ii and tape 2Sc usual lv Your choice from any of our 10 Wire
Tapestrv Brussels a splendid selection
of patterns and colors regular 90c 7or
I Low neck and sleeveless lisle thread Values for the Week at 70C
Hosiery I knee I neck Union Suits Jersey fitting all
Good heavy tvo ply Ingrain xCr
Imported or domestic purest silk or I fanc silk crce ctflnlshl our nnr Wool carpets per yard al jaw
i sik best Value for S1GO this week yuw yrd
cotton all here Our Hosiery store is I ycek
building a reputation on the foundation Stationery Store
i of splendid values cemented With close CHILDRENS hi h neck
price Tuesday and Week specials sleeves and low neck high and sleeveless and hort lisle Dont borrow books Our prices enable
thread Vests White or ecru sizes all to possess their own literature High
AIII leather stockings Black Gat 18 to 27 18c and 26 to 38 25C class fiction Popular authors Note
brand double soles and heels all IOC these inducements
sizes The Delphic Series contains such
I CORSETSA few odd sizes in the Royal rrD as Walter Besant A Conan
Richelieu ribbed hose for Women silk Worcester of Pcngce silk the cular Doyle Ole Schreiner etc paper r r
p aitcd decirablc shades of tan reguiar 53 50 corsets to close them Si binding Vv
SI00 and 125 stockings all 1 OO
sizes stoCKigS al 74C Chelsea Series Authors Rosa N Ca
I rey W Clark Russell Mary Cecil I C
I 15C
25c edition
Richelieu ribbed imported lisle thread Some odd sizes of the eJ B Corset long Hay regular 25cedition
Hanan i Sons hand seved Rura calf stockings beautifully WoVerj and good Waisted made of excellent black satin LakeWook Wmderrrtere Levels and
hoes the S550 usual for t 4 icr imp regular 75c quality sizes 5C regular S3i75 quality to tfo at Cj QQ BelgraVia Series regular 50c edi >
0415 81 I tions 23C
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