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I J r S J W
r 1
f t II I
Big City On the Bay Gets a Taste
of Christianity
President Clarke Experiences What
Christian Endeavor Means Aver
age Expenses of the Society For
the last Eight Tears Have Been
About 813000 per Annum Sev
eral Meetings Held in San Fran
cisco Yesterday I
San Francisco July 10 X111 the I I I
Christian Endeavorers now assembled I I
within the dys gates are here for a I I
purpose and that purpose Is not one
of recreation or pleasure That all I I
the assembled Endeavorers take a
deep and pensive > interest In the pro I I
Cft dings of the convention Is mani
c fested bv the attendance at the daily
sessions at the big convention halls
With them all Is enthusiasm Never
has San Francisco been called upon
fi entertain such a throng of people
as has been gathered together for the
97 invention There have been re
vival meetings and religious gather
iffR and all orts of conventions and
th re have hen t some pretty big po
litlal gatherings in San Francisco
t tot CUr an Endeavorer conven
tion is a revelation
Fiufiting by their experience at the I I
previous sessions of the big conven
t m when thy came too late to get I
v chin hailing distance of the ile
cha tics and Woodward pavilions I
many Endeav or < > rs were up with the
i irrung of daybreak determined to be i
among the fortunate ones in securing II I
spats I
All roads seemed to lead to the I
headquarter at Mechanics pavilion 1
By 8 oclock they came pouring in i
from the east est north and south I i I
i > n foot in street cars until the broad I
entrances to the big frame structure
vtrc congested with humanity
The weather was quite cooljust
> o > enough to bring back the color
which had been temporarily driven
from the cheeks of the thousands of
in tty young women by the hardships
of a transcontinental Journey
Co definite figures have been given
out today as to the total registration
lut it is understood that something
over 22000 have appended their names I
to the roll of attending delegates
Nineteen more trains yet to come Is
the latest announcement by Secretary
Bar and the last of these will prob
ably not arrive before Monday It
Is estimated that there are between
35000 and 40000 strangers in the city
at present
While crossing the Sierras the roof 1
of one of the sleepers caught fire from
forest fires and there was considerable
excitement among the delegates until
the fire was extinguished I
President Clarke Explains What C
I E Means
San Francisco July 10There wash
no decrease in the size of the audi
ences at this mornings session of the
Christian Endeavor convention
At Mechanics pavilion the au
f dlence of 10000 was called to order by
Rev L Hill of Salem Mass The devotional
I 1
votional exercises were conducted by
I Rev D C Hanna of Springfield 111
Mr Giles Kellogg of San Diego Gal
then made an interesting address on
The Floating Society of Christian
Endeavor showing what is being done
by the association among mariners
Dr Little and wife sang a duet after
which there was a symposium by
i sate secretaries on How Can We
Make the Committee Work in Our Lo
I cal Societies More Effective The
principal speakers were Secretaries
Tucker of Nebraska Carrie A Hol
brook of Minnesota Miss Calvert of
Washington Miss Parsons of Michi
gan and Amos R WeKs editor of the
Golden Rule
Then followed a few practical sug
gestions from the trustees cf the so
ciety and from President Clarke
Treasurer William Shaw of Boston
then spoke on The United Society of
i Christian Endeavor What t Is and
How it Works He said in part
1e mttttfjeiship cf the United so
ciety is made up of individuals as re
quired by law Local societies as such
ootrfd not be l united in a legal corpora
tion The membership requirement is
the payment of 51 for annual 2 for life
membership and election by a two
thrds vote of the members present at
any meeting cf the corporation and the
board of trustees
The purpose of tile corporation is to
nromote earnest Christianity amongst
the young people and to matte them
more useful 4n the service of God
Its necessity sprung from the fact
that some central organization was nec
tiswary that could lawfully hold the
funds and be expected to keep a strict
account for the expenditure of ihe some
for the purposes for which they were se
Individuals may come and go but
the corporation is permanent
The expenses o < f the United society
have ranged from 2000 to 18000 a
year Trine average for the last eight
years has been about 13000 The first
four years the funds were furnished by
the voluntary contribution of the socie
ties and friends of the cause bu rem
the beginning the trustees had for their
deal a self supporting organization
This ideal l was realized in 1SSO and since
thht date the United society has re
ceived no contrijuiions from local so
cieties or unions Through the coop
eration and help of the Golden Rule a
printing department was opened and
by the receipts from this department
and the tale of our badges and ether
publications we have been able to meet
aj our expense This has been made
pos = ibe throur1 the rooJera lon of
kcal societies hat hve favorel ut with
their printing orders so that whatever
profit there tnigh oe on teem should go
into the extension of the movement
instead of into the pockets of private
The United society has stood for
loyalty to Christ and fldeHfy l to the
local church and denomination It has
stood for spiritual fellowship among the I
young people of our evangelical
churches It has exercised no author
ity over the local societies but as a
bureau of information and a bond of
union it has tried to advance the Mas
ters kingdom through the society of j
Christian Endeavor i
Thp Vp hanics pavilion meeting then
The Rev Ralph W Brokaw of Sping
field Mass presided over a small but
enthusiastic assemblage of Bndeavor
ers at ol vards pavilion this morn
ing Song sevice was followed by de
votional exercises by Rev Wilham C
Clark of Keeiers Bay Vt
The first speaker was Miss Cora B
Blckford otf Biddeford Me whose i i
theme was The Mothers Society of
Christian Endeavor
Treasurer William Shaw of Boston
followed with an address on The
United Society of Christian Endeavor
What It Is and How It Works
J The symposium by state presidents
on the topic How Can We Interest the
Pastors and Churces in the Organiza
tion of Junior and Immediate Socie
ties was participated in by the Rev
W j MisKittrock of New York the
Re W K Spencer of Mithlgan H D
GHe of Oregon Charles A Forse of
Massachusetts the Rev Ralph Lamb
of Indian Territory Lyle A Dicey of
Hawaii John P Han man of Washing
ton C H Phil bps of North Dakota C
N Hunt of Minnesota T G Langsdale
II of South Dakota the Rev F L Nash
of Nevada
The concluding feature wus practical
suggestions from General Secretary i
Baer and several trustees of the United
I society after which adjournment was I
made for an open air demonstration on
I Van Ness avenue
At the noon hour Van Ness avenue
I the finest thoroughfare in the city pre
sented a splendid sight It is 125 feet
wide smoothly paved and for four
I blocks of Its length was crowded from
curb to curb by Endeavorera and others
congregated around the stands erected
I for the open air meetings At the
first meeting between Grave street and
Birch avenue President Francis E
Clarke of Boston presided The speak
I ers were Rev Matt S Hughes of Min
neapolis Bishop B W Arnett the elo
quent colored speaker of Wilberforce
I 0 and Rev Silas Mead of Adelaide
I South Australia who spoke impres
sively and was well received
I Rolla V Watt presided at the second
stand where the speakers were Rev
I Howard H Russell Rev William Pat
I terson of Toronto Ont and Rev Jo
slab Strong of New York
At the third stand General Secretary
I Baer conducted the services The first
speaker was Rev Robert Johnston of i
London Ont whose subject was Bet
ter Citizenship
Rev George F Pentecost then spoke j
and was followed by Rev E L Bowell 1
of Louisville Ky
At the fourth stand Treasurer Will
I iam Shaw of Boston presided and
I earnest addresses were delivered by
Rev Courtland Myers of Brooklyn
Rev J C R Evving i of Lahore and Rev
B B Tyler of New York Their re
marks wore brief but sincere and were
receiver with crthrlsstio demonstra
tions of approval The afternoon was
devoted ti fi + iVn = and sightseeing
Patrinrciml Circle
Chicago July 10The supreme I
council I of the Patriarchal Chle
formely the chief suborganization of I
the Odd Fellows will hold its annual I
convention July 14 to 17 at Janesville i
Wis The meeting is of especial inter
est as it may terminate tne existence I
of the order as a separate orgarlza j
tcn The spaatton ram the main
body of the Odd Fellows occurred
abouc a dozen years age owing o a
disagreement regarding revenue which I
resulted in the expulsion of the
Panaicfcal Circle Steps have already
been taken looking tward a reunion I
and such a result is expected be I
the outcome of the Jancsville conven
tion I
11 d
Physician Suicides I
Springfield Mo July 10Dr Ros j
well D Valentine one of the best i
known physicians in this part of the i
< ote cf a nitted su ride a > ns nciaei
here today by shooting himself on ac I
count of illhealth I
The most stubborn skin and scalp i
diseases the worst forms of scrofula
all bloodtaints and poisons of every I
name and nature are utterly rooted
out by Dr Pierces Golden Medical Dis
covery For every disease caused by i
a torpid liver or impure blood it is I
specific Eczema Tetter Saltrheum
Erysipelas Boils Carbuncles Enlarged
Glands Tumors and Swellings and
every kindred ailment are completely I
and permanently cured by it
Buy the best for they are cheapest
Use Hewlett Bros Three Crown Trip
le flavoring extracts made direct
from the fruit
I Serious Danger of Diplomatic
Generally Understood That the Jap
anese Still Contend That They
Eave Equal xights With the I
United States With Hawaii and
Attempt at Annexation Without
Consultation Would Be a Breach
of Good FaithWe Will Be
I Chicago July 10A special to the
TimesHerald from Washington says
I There is serious danger of diplomatic
friction between the United States and
Japan over Hawaii Although the
reply which Japan has made to Secre
tary Shermans note concerning the
Intentions of this government has been j
received the state department holds I
it in secrecy It is known however
that the reply is not as amiable as had
been hoped for
The reply of the Japanese govern I
ment is of such a tone and there is such I
a suspicious movement of certain I
Japanese warships that the adminis
tration Is afraid Japan may be medi
tating some coupe de force in Hono
lulu It is understood that in their
reply the Japanese still contend that
they have equal rights with the United I
States in Hawaii and that the at
tempt of the United States to annex j
the islands without consultation with
Japan is a bleach of good faith I
One thing is certain and that is that j
no matter which way the diplomatic I
matters turn the United States do not j
propose to be caught napping If the i
Japanese make a show of force at j
Honolulu with or without an an1 I
nounced intention of demanding that
the Hawaiian government comply with i
their demands for reparation which I
L L uaml t led seine time ago ths j
government will do the same thing
None need be surprised if the war 1
ships of the United States and of Japan
frown on one another in Honolulu I
within the next two weeks
War is not expected by any mem I
ber of the Washington government I
tamiliar with tee tat but it is ad
mitted the mobilization of naval craft
at Honolulu would be sufficient to I
produce a hazardous situation Al
ready there is a good deal of animosity
toward the United States on the part 1
of the Japan naval officers and an
overt act on their part in ght precipi
tate a great deal of trouble
During the last ten days the navy de
partment has > made special prepara
tions of a quiet sort for mobilizing our I
naval forces on the Pacific at Hono
lulu should the turn of diplomacy make I
such lrrnl necessary At the present j
f Ion I
time the United States is 1 not as strong J
on the Pacific waters as Japan If the j
Nicaraguan canal were open the ad
I vantage would all be on our side in
case of trouble
May Soon Reach the Seiate
Washington July 10Mr Hoshi
the Japanese minister late this after
noon sent to Secretary Sherman his
reply to the note of the secretary of
state written in answer to Japans
original note of protest against the
Hawaiian annexation treaty The note
of the minister answers in detail the
contentions of the secretary of state
and at some length elaborates the po
sition taken by Japan against the
treaty The note was sent after full
communication with the Japanese home
government It doubtless will be trans
mitted with the other corresnondence
At the Japanese legation here it is said
that the Japanese newspapers whose
comment was quoted in the dispatches
from San Francisco yesterday and all
of which spoke either In a contempt
uous tone of the United States abound
ed in criticism of the position of the
Japanese government toward Hawaii
belong to the opposition press in Japan
and that the sentiment they express
must not be taken as the sentiments
of the Japanese government Xo quo
tations of the official organs were
Duchess of Sutherland Gives a Ball
Many Americans Presaat
New York July 10A special to the
World from London says Half a dozen
Americans have been In close juxtapo
sition to Englands royalty It was at
the ball given by the Duchess of Suth
erand at SraffoiJ House the town resi
dence of the Duke of Sutherland a
ball on a much more magnilcent scale
than The Duchess of Devonshire
Such flowers and decoiutions never
were seen in Londan before Fifteen
hundred guests Joined In saying that
no such entertainment was ever
dreamed of
The show of Jewels were finer than
that at Devonshire House because there
it is not
was at Devonshire House
known how many gems hired of the
Parisian diamond company The
Americans who were present were
i ct n u vii burnt i I idy
Randolph Churchill her sister Sirs
Jack Leslie Mrs Harry Higgins Mrs
Donald Lady Carrovnn Lady Xaylor
Leyland Mrs Arthur Page
No ball had been given In StafforJ
House before in many years This one
was for Miss Chaplin Stafford House
is the finest prIvate residence in Lon
don It has a white and gold ball room
200 feet long The Princess of Wales
was dancing with Prince Francis of
Tech and the latter made a mistake on
r1n iSf 3 I
the quadrille The Princess slapped
him on the arm and very elaborately
corrected him She was especially gra
cious to the Duchess of Marlborousn
Tae Princess was dressed in black
Satin with a silver gauze overdress
The Prince of Wales has not been so
Jolly since his horse won the derby
The Duchess of Sutherland one of the
most beautiful women In England
wore a superb white and silver gown
with a splendid hitch diamond crown
a single necklace of very large dia
monds and a stomacher of rubies and I
July Returns to the Department of i
Washington July 10The July re t I
turns to the statistician of the depart
ment of agriculture indicate the fol
lowing average conditions Corn SJ9
winter wheat S12 spring wheat 912 I
combined spring and winter wheat I
S49 oats S73 winter rye 95 spring I
re 90 barley SS3 tobacco 785 I
Irish potatoes S72
et sojt2he i
The report on the acreage of corn
which is preliminary shows a decrease I
of 12 per cent as compared with that
of last year This represents a de
crease of about 1000000 acres IllinoiS
Missouri Kansas Nebraska Texas
I and one or two less important corn
producing states showing an Increase
acreage but this is more than offset
by the shrinkage in Iowa Indiana
Ohio Kentucky Tennessee and other
states The average condition of corn
is only S25 or 95 points lower than in
July of last year The principal state
I I averages are as follows Michigan SO
t Indiana 83 Illinois S3 Iowa 75
Missouri 92 J Kansas 90 Nebraska S2
Texas 101 Tennessee 90 Kentucky S7 I
The condition of winter wheat S12
is 27 points highor than last month
but 21 points lower than In July of
last year The average condition of
spring and winter wheat combined Is
S49 and 15 points higher than that of
the corresponding period last year
The percentage of the wheat crop
of 1836 reported as on hand July 11807
is 546 The average condition of the
oat crop 875 compares very favorably
with that of July 1S96 but is only a
small fraction of 1 per cent less than
the average July condition for the
last ten years
The European agent for the depart
I ment reports that the weather during
June was generally favorable to grow
lIng j crops except in Russia and parts
of Germany and Italy but the wheat
I crop will be below the average in
Great Britain France and Austria
I Hungary
Hows ThisP
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ward for any case of Catarrh hat can
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Savior by the great masters Every
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mous painting Agents are taking from
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book Is so beautiful that when people
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I i the pictures brought tears to my eyes
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agency here at once says every edi
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I sition of manager of this territory to
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I drilling agents and corresponding with
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I e > o
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II S =
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Opposite Union Pacific Depot t
Salt Lake City Utah
Remodeled and Refurnished
Rates C per day Special rates for tarn
lies and theatrical companies
I H M ABBOTT Manager
KATES S2 and S250 ler Day
Capital 100000 Surplus 10000
James T Little President
Moses Thatcher VIcePresIdent
Elias A Smith Cashier
Henry DlnwooUey George Romney
James Sharp H W Rttcr I
John R Barnes John E Winder
John C Cutler D H Perry j
David Eoclea E R Eldredffa I
your per cent interest paid on saving I
deposits i
compounded mlannuallr
Accounts solicited from Jl coward
I I H 3 YOUNG Cashier
I L S HILLS President
CAPITAL 3500000
SURPLUS 5250000
Safety Deposit Boxes for Rent
company principal place or business
Park City Utah Location of mine Snake
Creek mining district asatch county
Utah NoticeThere are delinquent upon
the following described stock on account
ot an assessment No 25 ot one and one
fourth ham cents per share levIed on the
11th dayy oC Mu A D W1 the several
amounts set opposite the names of the
respective shareholders as follows
Z Z >
0 0 3
0 0
I t7
Names = g
Austin D Jr trustee 223a 150 1 S7
Felt John G 150a 2KX > 30 00
Haynle H E 222a 1000 1350
11 tlb
Mayers Albert 225a 500 625
Roberts Fred 23a H3 11 SS
Stephens George H6Sa 12j 1 66
Snedden James 140a 500 6 L
Sprenger B 230a 500 6 2 >
Sprenger B 240a too 62j
Volgt Fred 563 400 500
I 1ge itfa g
VoiBt Fred 154a COO 3 75
Sullivan Pat 233a 74 92
And in accordance with law and an or
der of the board of directors made on the
11th day of May 1597 so many shares of
each parcel of such stock as may be nec
essary will be sold at the office of the
company No 49 South Main street room
No 1 Salt Lake City Utah on the 1st
day of July 1897 at the hour of 11 a m
io pay delinquent assessment together
with cost of advertising and expense of
Secretary of the Lucky Bill Mining Co
Salt Lake City Utah June 15 1S97
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