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S C Chambers President
A W McCune VIce President
E A McDaniel Alanacer
er West Temple and First South street
ialt Lake City
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i maniser
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present address
Let Republicans pull their own chest
J nuts out of the fire Democrats
g What Mrs Lottie Smith needs more
II than anything else is a ducking stool I
t 1C a man cant tte honest as a par
I tisan tisan lie cant be honest as a nonpar
Paderewski has cut off his hair Will
If that Income fact have the effect to cut off ftis I
How is It that so many rabid Repub
I licans have become rabid nonpartisans
so suddenly
S < > cretary of Agriculture Wilson is
I the greatest optimist that this country I
has ever produced
The horseless carriage has struck
I Omaha says the WorldHerald Did
t it hit it very hard
The chalnlesc bicycle may be an Im
r provement but an unpuncturable tire
t would be a godsend
Mary Anderson Navarro Will SO oa
I the concert stage it is said She will
i sing lullabies course
The Japanese will arbitrate because
Ii they are convinced that discretion is I
the better part of valor
The CitizensNonPartisan Reform
f party is neither a zweitound nor a II
t driebund it just a moribund
Richard Croker was on deck cross
I ing the ocean and he was on deck the
moment he landed in New York
The nonpartisans are regular Char
lotte Smiths they want to force you to
I marry them whether you want to or
I not
The nonpartisan He cometh forth
like a flower and is cut down he
fleeth also as a shadow and continu
eth not
Corbett says that a good punch will
A knock a man out quicker than a bullet
I or a knife It mustnt be any lemonade
1 0 affair to do this
The nonpartisan movement is a plan
to nave the lion and the Jamb lie down
I togetherthe Democratic lamb inside
the Republican lion
The Argentine republic will place an
enormous tariff on American products
Otherwise it will give ua the medicine
we prescribed for it
The Bank of England has decided to
carry onefifth of its reserve in silver
and the London Times condemns the
I bank without reserve
1 If there is to be a famine in the
Klondike this winter those who have
I 1i i gone there had better be thinking
f about laying up treasures in heaven
The citizen soldiers have become citi
zens aai As they came up Main
I 1 street yesterday they marched like vet
B erans All Who saw them praised
ti them
i The nonpartisans propose to make
of Salt Lake City a model town after
I I the style of Pullman The laboring
Pullman men will Is recall what kind of a town
It is said that Hanna insists on dis
trlbuting his own doughnuts to the
I boys in his own way He never
gives one to a boy who isnt con
sidered good
If partisans are not fit to govern
r the city they are not fit to govern the
I county or state Do Democrats or Re
1 publicans subscribe to any such doc
trine as that
Is it the home market or the foreign
market that is sending wheat up
I Alter all the foreign market is not
the contemptible thing some would
have the people believe
Weyler hasnt sent out any more re
ports about his terrible onslaughts on
I the sweet potato fields If that Is
t really his grand tactics he should in
troduce the Kansas r grasshopper
Dont let anyone deceive himself into
tihinMnsj that rank Republicans dyed
I Inthewool favor a political movement
i that doesnt favor their party They
ore like Joey Bagstock sly dd sly
Tomorrow the schools open and the
l marching of ten thousand children to
I I them will be one of the grandest sights
I to be witnessed anywhere Blessings
I r pn the children Success to the schools
Democrats Should remember that the
nonpartisan party is against them in
iI everything and that it Is working for
I their defeat That party has no use
for Democrats except to make tools of
them and to use them to destroy their
i party
Friday morning The Herald said
The Republicans in Utah who sup
ported Jlr Bryan have never re
gretted their action so far as we
Know unless it be our contemporary
which gives out signs quite often that
it regrets its support of him It sup
r ported him gallantly but docs it now
IVr regret that support The Tribune has
not answered the question Does the
A Tribur sw regret its support of Mr
The methods of those who have as
sedated themselves together in a non
partisan movement are quite worthy of
study lY the people < of this city They
loudly proclaim that there can be no
good government of the city by either
he Democratic or Heablican or Pop
list party These parties are com
posed of the people of this city and
contain all save a few whb take no
interest in public matters save in the
most spasmodic way For the nonpar
isans then to assert that no party
can give this city an honest and busi
ness like administration isto assert
that the people themselves cannot give
the city an honest and businesslike
administration First then the non
partisans start out by saying indirect
ly that the people are not honest or
capable enough to control their own af
fairs And that is the p1nthe l 1 are
proceeding on The committee of twen
ty hold secret meetings the proc d
ings at which they guard from the
people as zealously they can This
Is not the was to gain their nfidence
specially as the people have provided
in the state constitution that the
meetings of state boards and of the
egislature itself shall be open and free
to them for they believe that there is
safety in publicity
To further accentual their distrust
of the people the committee of twenty
it is understood vlll call no conven
ion at which the people shall have an
opportunity to express their preference
for this or that candidate but they will
present a cut and dried ticket to the
people for their acceptance It may
be a good ticket but that isnt the
way American citizens like to have
heir tickets made After a manner it
S simply dictation and nothing else
Dictation from a committee twenty
is just as objectionable as dictation
from the head of a church or of a
party or from anybpdy else It is the
dictation that is objectionable no mat
ter what the source
In pursuance of its star chamber
methods the committee twenty wall
it is understood appoint a committee
of fifty ten in each municipal ward
These will be the ward bosses and heel
ers of the party that is seeking to free
this city and its people from the clutch
of the ward bosses and ward heelers
Beautiful schemes are they not
And in all of them the people have
not been consulted once and will not
be The people are to be the dumb
driven cattle while the committee of
twenty and the auxiliary committee
are to act as the drivers If they ig
nore the people now what would they
do once placed in power
Those Who have constituted thorn
selves a nk > npal1li n party having de
clared their anfrentlon to accept of no
nomination > or office and having there
by deprived the city of the
benjefit of their services are now look
ing for candidates Yesterday they
were busy sounding various prominent
Democrat and trying to induce them to
agree to accept nominations on the
nonpartisan ticket They met with no
success though they even called so
early as 9 ctilock in the morning oh
some of the gentlemen waited upon
After lhe manner of Satan they tried
to lead these Democrats to the top of a
mountain and there point out to them
all the glories of the world all of which
would be theirs if they would but ac
cept of nonpartisanship But this
scheme utterly failed tb work
A remarkable thins about this pro
ceeding is that while nonpartisans
say tttiat a partisan administration of
the affairs of this city which
is honest and businesslike is
impOssible they go to some of
the very Democrats who will very
prbaibly be candidates on the Demo
cratic ticket and ask them to aid them
in carrying out > their plans for an hon
est and businesslike city government
If these same Demccraits are worthy of
the confidence and support of tlhe peo
ple when named as candidates by the
nonpartisans why are they not worthy
of the confidence and support of the
people ir hen named as andtdates by
the Democrats The nonpartisans be
ing adepts at offering explanations why
there can be no successful administra
tion of the citys affairs by a regularly
organized and recognized party should
explain why Democrats who are de
sirable candidates as nonpartisans
should not be equally desirafole as parti
The plan of tare nonpartisans now is
to place their ticket 5n the field before
any other party hall This explains
why there was sucft hurrying and
scurrying among them yesterday The
object in placing their ticket in the
field first is to capture some of those
Wino may be candidates on Ehe Demo
cratic ticket thus as hey assume
wieakening it or compelling the Demo
crats to go to their ticket for some can
didates and thereby practically Indors
ing the nonpartisan ticket The scheme
wiH fail No Democrat wh < p expects any
favors from his party will first accep
favors from the nonpartisan party
Should that party see fit to indorse any
Democrat after Sve has been placed in
noamnaitron < by his < < own party that
would be another matter
The place for Democrals is in the
ranks of the Democratic party and
not in those of some sporadic political
Yesterday morning tha Tribune gave
ten reasons in favor of the move
ment for a nonpartisan city govern
ment They require no answering In
detail as each reaston is an assurn
tion that nonpartisans are all in the
same state of Innocence and honesty
that Adam was before he fell in fact
there 3s a gocd deal of the antcde
iuvtan about the nonpartisan move
ment in many respects Tie Comments
following the reasons are woN Y Of
seme attention The Tribune says
It may be said ail this can be done
with the right kind of a partisan ticket
The answer is that it never has ant
never can be done until human nature
undergoes a radical regeneration i
It may be said that candidates for the
various offl es cannot be selected whose
characters would be a guarantee that
It elected they would firmly live up to
the expectations of their constituents
The answer to that is hat it such
men cannot be nominated then our civ
ilization is a failure and we ought to
find out the fact as speedily as possi
ble If enough men in The city can
not 5 > e selected to fill the various offices
who hen named wall not carry in
stant conviction < that the citys affairs
will in their hands be absolutely safe
and that they will be administered with
td at wisdom prudence economy and
J integrity that highmindied men mani
3 < f
rest in the conduct of their private af
fairs winy then we should all join in
a petition < to have our cty cdaiiter re
voked the city declared a re5 < ervati n
and an agent suet here to handle 4ts
savage tribes
The Tribune cannot point to a single
city an the United States where all that
if says can be done by a nonparti
government in this city has been done
by a nonpartisan city gavenraient It
may cite Seth Lows administration in
Brooklyn and Colonel Strongs In New
York and even the one In this city
still its example wtrnld not bear cut its
If it is said that candidates for the
various offices cannot be selected from
Close who are adherents of one of the
aticnal rarMes whose characters woad
be a guarantee that If elected they
would firmly live up to the expecta
tions of their constituents the answer
S that our civilization and system of
party government are a failure and we
ought to find out the fact as speedily as
If enough men in this city cannot be
selected from cither the Democratic or
Republican < party to fill the various of
fices who when named will carry in
taut conviction that the citys affairs
vill in tiheir hands be absolutely safe
and that they will be administered with
that wisdom prudence economy and
nltegnify that highmindeicl men manl
est in the conduct of their own affairs
fairs why then we should all join in
a petition to have our city charter re
yoked the city declared a reservation
and an agent sent here to handle Its
savage tribes
No one doubts that such a nonpar
tisan ticket as our contemporary de
cribes could easily be named < in this
city but no one who has any faith in
the American system of party govern
ment doubts for a single moment that
a ticket in every way supplying the
qualifications that our contemporary
points out can be named by either the
Democratic or Republican party The
administration of the affairs of this
city is an no sense any more of a
business proposition than is the admin
stratloo of the affairs of this county
And are not the Democratic officials of
Salt Lake county giving it a businesslike
like administration in every respect
Expenses have been reduced something
ike 40 per cent below what they were
under the Republican administration
that the Tribune never tired of praising
and commending < to the people as a
model of all the virtues If the Demo
crats can give the county such an ad
ministration as they are now giving it
what is to prevent < them giving the
city the same kind of an administra
The arguments that apply to non
partisanship in municipal affairs apply
to nonpartisanship in county and state
affairs equally as well If mayors and
city councillors and other municipal of
ficers can be elected as nonpartisans
wlhy cannot governors secretaries of I
state supreme and district judges and
ail otihers slane the congressman and
members of the legislature Who really
decide what line of policy the state
shall pursue and who elect United
States senators that vote on the policy
of the general government be elected < as
nonpartisanship is good in munici
pal affairs it is good in county and
state affairs On the other hand if
party government is essential in state
and county affairs it is likewise essen
tial in city affairs If < party government
is a failure in city affairs it is afailure I
in state affairs It should also be
borne in mind that the failure of a I
part is not the failure of party govern
It is net often > tftat anscna in the
weSt gets after ilr Bryan with what
trey fondly consider a long stick but a
man up in Montana has His name is
Jesse C Wocdhull and he writes the
New York Tribune from Mammoth Hot
Springs under date of Aug 24
Mr Woodhull has nothing but sneer
ing remarks to make about Brvans
western trip but that which wJll in
terest the people of this state most is
hat he his to say about Mr Bryan
and the Pioneer Jubilee celebration He
ro S that during the Jubilee Bryan
made himself very prominent and posed
before the people with great satls
faction to himself upon every oppor
tunity that presented He goes on to
say that on the first day of the Jubilee
when nearly 700 old pioneers men and
women marched to the square at the
head olf Slain street and were seated
upon a grand sband erected around a
monument of their prophet whIch was
about to be unveiled before an assem
bled multitude of many thousands just
as the venerable President tVootJrun
arose to make the opening prayer Mr
Bryan arrived All that about Mr
Bryans arrival Is substantially true
but that which follows shows the
venom that is in Mr Wocdhull He
He had adroitly timed his arrival
Cheers and cries of Bryan rent the
air the proceedings were interrupted
and tine prayer had to be read by an
other The speech of acceprajice by
Governor Wells ajid the oration of the
daya grand effort were enjoyed only
by a few Meanwhile Mr Bryan dis
regarding ail rules of propriety and
good spanners chatted and laughed
wKh a circle of friends about him ob
livious tt < the interesting ceremoniies
taking place
He had another grand opportunity in
the evening which he improved to its
fullest extent A concert at the taber
nacle given by a trained choir Of 1000
voices attended by an audience of 15
000 cerstms an affair of such magni
tude and an assembly of such an array
cf musical ialent as has sedom been
had in the United States was strolled
by his efforts to be seen and heard A
closing Ode to Utah composed by the
leader of the choir Mr Whitney was
sung with great effect and thoroughly
enjoyed by the audience When at its
close a gentleman arose to propose an
ovation to Mr Whitney he was inter
rupted bv feeble cries for Bryan
Bryan It did not seem < to recm ire
much ursrinsr for Mr Bryan to arise
from his pronraienit seat in the tallery
which he did and at once proceeded to
mace am outofplace speech while the
vast audience turned their backs upon
the choir the composer and the Utah
Queen and her Maids of Honor and
the splendid affair by this unseemly
ending was turned Into a failure which
will be long remembered by these who
took part and those who composed the
That all sliovvs animus and not ob
servation On the day when Mr Bryan
was In altendaivce on the Jubilee the
people were delighted with his presence
among them and we ourselves saw
many of thcse same old pioneers of
whom Mr Woodhull speaks seize Bry
ans hand and give it a hearty shake
while it was a difficult matter for Mm
to make his way through the croWds
so anxious were the members of them
to grasp his hand
Mr Woodhull mustjind another sub
jeo for d < enun < ya < Uontthan Mr Bryan I
i if Tie would fintt favor m Utah J
Some spiritualists had a rather rough
experience up in Nibs Michi the blthr
day They were Mr and Mrs Frank
Vernley from Milwaukee Mrs Vern
lejr who was the medium was placed
In the cabin ner feet resting in a
pan of flour so that if aie attempted
to move around her footsteps could
easily be traced One of the spectators
Who was decidedly skeptical made a
bolt and seized one of the SIXTHS by
its garments This caused Vernley to
jump upon the skeptical spectator and
rain blows upon him During te
rumpus the spirit escaped vanished
into thin air The skeptical spectator
asserts that the spirit was none
oTher than Mrs Vernley Tha Vernleys
of course deny this The people of
Niles are divided over the question
some standing un for the Vernley3
while others denounce them but the
V rnleys haVe been arrested for ob
tajnmg money under false nretensea
ail the same How tons will it take
some people to learn that spiritual
seances are nothing but humbugs
The Louisville Co ric Journal says I
that it is just as well to notice at this
time that the deficit for August was
larger than that of any month during
the last administration The greatest
monthly deficit while Mr Cleveland
was in office was In October 1894 and
amounted to 13573800 The deficit dur
ing the first month of the DIngley bill
was 14981765 or in round numbers
515000000 The men who were so anxi
ous last spring for a tariff that would
permit no deficits now have the floor
to explain this curious result of the
midsummer tariff agitation
New York Evening Post Mr Crockers
position is in fact a unique one in our
politics He is the best representative In
this country of the absentee landlord
class which is regarded with such bitter
hostility in Ireland Mr Crockers native
land He collects his rents in this coun
try but spends thein abroad chiefly in
England among the hated AngloSaxons
He seldom visits us here except when
he desires to replenish treasury with
fresh collections
Atlanta Constitution So far from in
creasing the revenue the Dineley mon
strosity seems to have dried uo the
sources of revenue So that although
we have had half a year of Republican
ism although the Republican congress
has met and adjourned the country is
still face to face with the dangerous con
dition which the advocates of McKinley
and high protection pledged themselves to
Philadelphia Press Captain Dan Cole
has discovered a deposit of 40000000 tons
of iron ore in Minnesota Now that they
have Cole and ore all they need is some
limestone and a blast furnace and then
they will have pig iron
Boston Herald Ah this harvest moonl
It la I waxing full audits soft effulgence
is something beautiful Anybody who is
unable to find delight from bathing In
moonshine these nights Is defective In his
mental moral and artistic outfit
Denver Republican1 DIrtgley should
have put yellow fever germs on the 3uti
able list Perhaps that would have pre
vented their Introduction into this coun
try this year
Baltimore Sun Nearly all our prom
inent politicians and officeholders are
married moo That is the reason they be
come and remain promlhent The bachelor
politician fades away like > the grass
which Is green today and cut down to
morrow but the niarried politician keeps
steadily to the front and holds on ito the
offices with a patriotism and a grip that
are truly l admirabjec Tile Womans
tmklt I Y
engine is right Albadhelor is a blot upon
the face of nature art insult to socIety
and when he becomes a politIcian a
menace to the commonwealth He should
be forced to join the womans rescue as
sociation and be made good and happy in
spite of himself I
The world will wear a sadder face
Its heart will bear another pain
That for her pityS tender grace
Its hungry search must be in vain
IHer exes were homes of silent prayer
Her heart was like a swelling sea
And many a grief and many a care
Were gathered to their sympathy
Her mind was like temple old
Whose wails were Hung by pious hands
With offerings of gems and gold
The ample spoils of many lands
Or rather like a Christian fane
With windows bright and portals wide
And pouring harmonies to gain
The throngs that long have truth de
To lose her from our eager ken
To lose her thought to ripeness grown
To lose her presence are as when
A richly freighted ship goes down
A chasm cleaves the ocean stream
The waves close over as before
The lonely seablrds wheel and scream
The stately ship returns no more
While dazed and shivering at Its brink
Where sorrows deep to deep replies
It seems incredible to think
The grave could win so rare a prize
It cannot be that earth is all
That she today is less than we
That death can hold within his thrall
A life like this It cannot be
The heart whose throbbing silent is
To earthly senses beats on high
The starlike soul is i quenched in this
To brighten in another sky
Oh whom but yesterday we knew
Wholes thoughts today we cannot tell
We Know thou still to truth art true
Hall gracious spirit and farewell
Boston Transcript
Washington StrrWhat I object to
the summer boarder was saying is so
much horse ilay in our modern amuse
ment Yes put in Farmer Comtossel
thats what I object to too MY boy
Josiar says he lost over lev en dollars
fair week riayln the hosscs
Detroit Fee Press Did your hus
bands wheel trip do him good
Yes and it did me good too I dIdnt
have to heir him clean his wheel for
three weeks
TitBits Barclay Wyckoff So your
uncle was ES years old when he died
Did he retain full possession of his
I faculties
Peiham ParlterIcrrea1ly couldn
say The will hasnt been read yet
Punch English Tourist in the far
I north miles from anywhere Do you
mean to say that you and your family
live here all the winter Why what do
you do when any of you are ill You can
never get a doctorl
Scotch ShepherdNe sir Weve just
to dec a natural death
Jud re Jack s > end5 all he makes
uIf thats all he spends he must be
Harlem Life Armoy CoreJ Me
ttousclfln lIved to be 000 how old do you
suppose his widow vas
Garniclit If she drew a Denslon she
is probably alive yet
Chicago Evening Pot In marriage
said the old bachelor as he mentally
figured on the cost of a wedding present
a woman gets everything
Yes admitted the old maid she
even gets the worst of it
Indianapolis Journal You know what
a hntrd Brown has for a crowd
Yes indeed what of It
His wife oresented him with triplets
Cleveland Leader Chat on the Boule
vard Saddler That was a wonderful
performance of Star Pointers wasnt It
I tell you a mile in less than two minutes
Is going pretty fast
WhederYou bet it is What gear did
he have I wonder
New Haven Palladium It Is calculated
tunttiin oartn weighs about Ct936000
000000 tons Andyt there are men who
actually believe the whole thing tips
ip when they move
Tlt = BJts I Solicitor Yes madam we
shall have to put down your correct age
in the deed
Client Put 45 then if you must have
It but for goodness sake write it as 11
legibly as possible
Chicago Post Have you heard from
your wife since she went to the sea
Yes She ran out of moncty once I
Only One L
The bishop of Worchestd England
once had occasion to travel through Ba I
bury by rail Being desirous ito test and
at the same time encourxge the far
famed Industry of that town and the
train having stopped for a short tIme at
he station he beckoned a small btfy
standing near at hand and inquired Me
price of the ceJpbrated buns Three
> tnce each said the boy The bishop
hereupon handed him sixpence and de
sired him to bring one to the car adding
And with the other threepence you
may buy one for yourself The boy
shortly returned complacently munchIng
his Banbury and nandng the three
pence In coppers to the bishop ex
claimed There was only one left
Sent the Bride Par the License
A few days ago a middleaged colored
woman applied at the office of the mar
riage license clerk In Fuiladeiphla says
the Record of that city She said she
wanted to take out a license For your
self asked Mr Sheehan Yas cab
said she UFo me an iMlstah Davis
Mr Sheehan found out that Mr Davis
was 3 cook In a Chestnut street restaur
ant and while lie was anxious to marry
Sirs Johnson who acknowledged her
self to be a widow of ten years stand
ins lie was too busy to make applica
tion for the license in person S I cum
along said Mrs Johnson an Mlstah
Davis sent dis hyar note The note read
as follows To the onorabul Licens
Master My Business was to a range so
I could not come my self it Is tny desire
to obtain licens to marrie Mrs EHsie
baeth Johnson My name Is James Davis
age 2 years old Hoping you will corn
peat with my desires washing to marrie
sunday night hope you ma corect all mis
takes I send with her a yang man to
witness the same Very Trueley James
Davis They got the license and there
i a prospect of a hot time In the old
town Sunday night
Grays Laxative Pellets cure Consti
0 r
Sunday Sept 12
By the Oregon Short lllne Round
rip only 51 Including trip through
Ogden canyon and dinner at the
Hermitage only 175
Trains leave this city at 815 a m
The ITawea Engraving Co 72 West
Temple Strst
We are now located it the above
number with a complete plant for
making half tone engravings zinc etch
Ings and all kinds of color blocks Write
us for samples ana prices before placing
lug your orders
Q < > 0
For a nice mild smoke call for But
tons the high grade 5cent cigar
Queen Lil Says Nothing
San Francisco Sept 11 ExQueen
Liliuokalanl of Hawaii arrived in this
city from the east tonight She will
be here for some time and will not for
the present define the purpose of the
visit which it is presumed she Intends
to make to Honolulu
I is understood that she a come
west with the intention of communi
cating with her friends on the subject
of her fight against the annexation of
the Islands by the United States She
will remain in this city to await the
arrival of the Princess Kaiulani her
niece and the daughter of A S Cleg
horn The princess Is to leave England
land for this country on Oct 9 next
and will b due in San Francisco en
route to the islands on Oct 21
At 69c Each This Week
At F Auerbach Brosi Big Linen
9 t
At Union Pacific Ticket Office No
201 Main Street
Ask for
Souvenir of the Overland Limited
Utah Book
Mercur Book
Sights and Scenes in Utah
Outdoor Sports and Pastimes
Slate Drawings
H 1 CLAY General Agent
I buy and sell
Z C M I stack
Deseret National bank stock
State Bank of Utah stock
Utah Sugar Company stock
And any dividend paying stocks bought
and sold Good Investments for homo
money State warrants bought
SO Main Street
Capital 20000000
Private Safes for rent in Steel Vault
J 3XL STOUTT President
A 1 JOKES 7 Cashier
ktI r
The Question of
Is a mighty important one just now
The place to go is also very import
ant to most people Gardner sug
gests himself at once To the peo
I ple who have failed to come here in
I the past we want to suggest this I
place we know we con suit you I
suit you as regards style and fit and j r
for price this is the easiest place on
the street Just think we can sell
you a Boys suitfor 150 that is
well made in every way they come
in neat dark brown mixtures the
very latest styles and for 250 ou
great school suit in dark gray plaid
all wool Cassimore doublebreasted
large collar braid trimmed etc
stand more knockabouts at school
than any suit you ever had for twice
the money Come in today and were
sure to plase you
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I I v Our c r J I I
II i I Fall Stock of f Dress Goods i
f Is Full Es ti
t and C mpl t r i t
A i svf
i When i Cone i
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tOPf1c 1 k 0
X v TA 1 1 luCu Tt
IThereis i H
A y
rAI v We Ask 4 t 7
I is Merely r 1 t
an Inspection t
I i You Will Do the Rest
t 4 + +
z CI M I
e 1 T G WEBBER Supt
tRo4 fCUtt e tJt kS
Manufacturers of all kinds of Mining and Milling Machinery Prompt at
tention paid to all kinds of repair work No 127 North First West St
t tffe
Fe = i lZ
E f J4
WM 9
LT iC J1
LA r iiir
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rQriPtttt c f t
M1DiF1PLro t
Bl9atD1ttIN i
9Ifl OZDt i f
it t
J The Reidler Pump
its Merits Recognized by
the Anaconda Company To Whom rerroiciitntJrcB we hit T i
I lust old a Biedlcr Pump capacity I
I L > 1 COO gallon per minute acninrt > l I
l r head or 1OOO feet Alao Illcdlci f I
> r a I
Pumps to IV 3 Stratton Independ
b I ence Mine Colorado Mont M I
IDE Co ana many otucrA
C I A 0 r n 0 ii i i i i a r i CHICAGO Ill SALT LAKE CITY UL
t uimn UtliLrnfk1
H tI and HEN Mont
Fl otet In utsford THeRoessler EaslaclierCieiiCul Co
New and elegant In all Its appoint t
ments 260 rooms single or ensulte 75 CYANIDE
rOms with bath
CHEMISTS And all other
a8 MIning Chemicals
i l
l I r 100 Willom St
l K 1 Trade Mark g NEW YQR

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