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R C Chambers Presld6nt
A W McCune Vice President
32 A McDanlei Manager
I net West Temple and First South street
1 Salt Lake city I
J L Dally six months 5 no I
Dally per year WOO
SemiWeekly per year 150
I Sunday per year 260 I
COMPLAINTS Subscribers Trho fall to I
J receive a single copy of THE HERALD
should immediately notify the publisher I
Readers who are unable to purchase
THE HERALD at any news stand or on
4 any railroad train in Utah Idaho Ne I
W vada Wyoming or Colorado will oblige
Ir cs by reporting that fact
w c NEW YORK OFFICEE Katz 230 to I
w 1 Temple Court building
York avenue N W
Trust company building W L Wattia
u Address all remittances to HERALD
1i Subscribers removlns from one place
16 another and desiring papers changed
hhould always give former as well as
present address
I j wrenched Is summers back broken or only I t
IT Retaliation Is only anotiier form of I
fr reciDrocity I
Andrews trli may be caned an essai
1 Id t1 > de fcaIloon
N P Nonpartisan non posumus
fit Is all the same
r The people are waiting for that non
tw partIsan manifesto
Hawaii wants more light Naturally
k sne looks to the east for it
Wihen a man falls her to millions Ive
I II A always llsts in a eoffc olafce j
The people In the Klondike are suffering
1 I
ii fering from the torch of Midas
J Colorado has its Peach day Why
r cant Utah have its Potato day
I Exclusiveness may be well enough In
society but it is all I wrong in politics
Herr Most has gone to Buffalo That
I r is where Graver Cleveland cacae from
Venice had its committee ten Salt
y Lake City has its committee of twenty
1 T
Just at present there appears to be a
I lull in the lynching business in the
r south
The rain of Saturday niicrht was pre
I liminary to tine ushering in of Indian
summer probably
Foraker says the Republicans will
I carry Ohio all right Has he been
seen by Mark Hanna
When a grocer tells a customer that
II butter Is gilt edge does he mean
that the inside is oleomargarine
Ella Wheeler Wilcox Is telling hy
I F men do not marry What ehe doesnt
know book about it would fill a very lar
The nonpartisans are to put their
ticket in < the field earty Here is a case
worm here tine early bird will not get tJie
Here are the city schools teachingthe
I young idea how to shoot while the city
ordinances forbid the yOung to shoot in
the citv
The Chicafro TimesHerald says that
ilfoe new spapers are trying Luetfeert At
I least they are not putting him through
a sausace mill
If Stfth Low Is elected mayor of
Greater New Tork it is a two to one
I bet that the New York World will claim
all the credit for it
h A nonpartisan is a man witihout a
party and in the United States a man
without a party Is mudh like a man
1 without a country J
This morning the whining school
boy with his satchel and shining morn
t ing face goes creeping like snail un
willingly t < > school
Th nonpartisans do not want the
I offices not they they merely want good
government but are willing to take the
offices as an incident thereto
The kindhearted committee of twen
ty propose to save the people from
themselves And this whether the peo
ple wish to be saved or not
A government of the people by the
I people and for the people should be
the motto in municipal politics as well
as in state and national politics
A nonpartisan city government
wouldnt be responsible to the people
or any party It would only be respon
sible to the committee of twenty
The Lord commanded folk to love
their neighbors because he knew It
would keep the women out of mischief
trying says the Bachelor in the New
York Press The command bas never
been obeyed
A railroad from Salt Lake City to
Los Angeles would benefit that city
and this and do something to unloosen
the grip of the Southern Pacific on Cal
ifornia California must free herself
from the grasp of that octopus before
she can continue on hr career of devel
The Nashville American halSl received <
from Mrs Xhn A Jackson of Pulaski
Tenw a souvenir of the m > emorabl
campaign of 1S44 It is steel engraved
portrait of Henry Olay in a speaking
vesture on e strip of oiled silk Mrs
1 Jackson in her youthful days knew
Mr Clay personally and listened often
to the splendid > oratory of the great
Whig statesman
t Jobn D Rockefeller was recently con
demned for refusing to aid the distress
t which was so prevalent In the town of
Virginia Minn It has now been dis
covered that instead of sending a check
for 1000 as Mr Carnegie did Mr
Rockefeller sent an agent to investi
It gate and on his report opened a mine
at that place and hired many of the
starving men Mr Rockefeller pursued
the true method of charity
y <
1 d
Ji7t j
The Democrats of this city and as
for that matter the Democrats of every
city and town in the state where the
nonpartisan movei ent has been In
augurated should nsk themselves a few
questions regarding it for byso doing
they would soon sea what4ts true im
Dart is
The nonpartisans say that they want
a business < admlnstratlon of this city
one where the interests of the people
and taxpayers will be the first consid
eration Is not that the kind of a gov
ernment of the city that the Democrats
Do nonpartisans want a well dis
ciplined honest and emcUnt pollcs force
anymore than the Democrats do
Arc nonpartisans more interested in I
an efficient and capable fire depart
ment than the Democrats are
If the Democrats cannot give the city I
a businesslike and economical admin
istration as Democrats can they render j
any real assistance In giving the city
that kind of an administration by be I
coming nonpartisans
Do the Democrats believe that they
are any less honest and patriotic that
they have ary loss desire fOI the best
welfare of the city that they are not
just as good citizens as the nonpar
tisans claim to be
Will any Democrat admit that he
gIves his political allegiance to a party
Which is incompetent to administer the
affairs of a city as they should be
Will any Democrat having an abid
ing faith in the capacity of the people
for selfgovernment say that a move
ment started by a few men to get con
trol of the city government in all its
departments is more in the interest of
the people than it is to have the whole
people come together and Indicate their
wishes regarding the government of
those affairs which most intimately In
a public sense concern them
Will Democrats tolerate the theory
that there is more Wisdom in a com
mittee of twenty than there is in the
multitude and especially when that
multitude is the people engaged in
choosing those who shall direct and
control their affairs
Democrats still believe that all just
ptWerS of a government city state or
national are derived from the consent
of the governed and not from any com I
mittee And now do the Democrats of
this city propose to be dictated J in I
municipal matters by a selfconstituted
committee that neither consults nor
asks the advice of the people If this
nonpartisan committee which pro
fesses such great solicitude for the peo
ples welfare really has the interests
of the people at heart why doeS it not
call the people together in mass meet
ing and lay the condition of the city and
its plans for amending and improving
them before the people Does the com
mittee mistrust the people It must bit
said that Its every action fhows that
it does If the committee had faith In
the people it would trust the people
Democrats have never been afraid to
trust them and never will be
Democrats should study the nonpar
I tisan movement in all Its bearings They
will find among other things that It Is
an absolute mistrust of popular gov
I ernment and that it puts or seeks to
put an imputation upon them as in
competent and unworthy to manage
the affairs of this city Have nothing
to So with it I
There could be no more deplorable oc
currence than the killing of a score or
more Hungarians by the deputy sheriffs
at Hazelton Pa The whole country
was congratulating itself that the great
ccal miners strJke was not to be
marked by bloodied and there was
every prospect that there would be
none until 1 ttois affair of Friday hap
pened Some 21 were killed out of a
crowd of about 150 tlhat is 15 per cent
of the number of the crowd fired upon
and it is simply terrific
Public senlhimeni will generally con
demn the sheriff and his deputies Had
they clubbed the Hungarians with their
guns and pistols when they set upon
them llhere would have been no con
demnaitfcn of tJiteir action An officer
of tttie law should be more coolheaded
and conservative han strikers or
crowds of men under excitement usu
ally are and by such coolness and con
servatism many clashes cast be avoided
Had this course been pursued at Hazel
ton there would have been no neces
sity for recourse to shooting
Before Sheriff Martin and his deputies
are condemned out of measure all the
facts in the case should be ascertained
Anyone at all familiar with the history
of strikes knows that the officers of the
law have to put up with much taunting
and many insults and tliait strikers and
their syroDaWhizers but too frequently
go as far as they dare In defying tihe
officers of the Saw much further than
they would think of going in ordinary
tunes > or than they would be allowed
to in such times And this is done so
mudh in times of strikes that < it seems
ahncst impossible that the officers of
thfe law should restrain themselves
All this is not said in extenuation of
tim ceriainlsr regrettable if not crimi
nal act of Sheriff Martin > and this depu
ties but to draw attention to the neces
sity of withholding final judgment until
all thfe facts ire the casa are known un
til both sidleS ore heard
TOie tailing of the Hungarians will
surely prompt an inquiry by itfoe Aus
troHunKurJan government and this
government will be called to make an
investigation Already Governor Hast
ings has issUed a proclamation and is
taking suc2i steps as the case seems to
require From an international point of
view the case cannot have such a bad
aspect as did She New Orleans lynching
of Italians some years ago
Rev Abraham Grant of Philadelphia
bishop of the First African Methodist
Episcopal diocese was In < Boston the
other day and was interviewed as ta
e proposed antilynching convention
or which he is at the head He said
The object of this convention is
first to take Into consideration < tht re
ported crimes brought a < inst the race
Second if such ba true to find the
cause Third to seek a remedy Th r
< are of us who do not believe
that one half cf the reported crimes are
true In Barbados hey have 17000
white inhabitants and 157000 colore3
and no one to this day can remember
When sued crimes as are charged l to
the American negro took place and as
I am Informed by the IrJnatoltaiyts tfhe <
saime Is true in Canada
The intention of this convention is
to get a cool and careful eoneidera > tion
lot this all npol1tJan question 1 We want
to set the coolheaded men of both
races together and ihave the press well
rfr res iueS I hope also > I to have some
of the smifrhprn RnviprnnTS Tent who
ar a sny jlerscnal friendS and I Uhlnk I
can gttt them to consent Wfr are con I
sidering as a place of mSeetlnff the four j
ftflloWKig1 cliies Atlanta New Orleans I
Oharlesiion Houston and Jacksonville
We fcave not1 Sifted on the date Cur fl
resDo nlmc is now going on between
some < of the ieadins men of the coun
trv and we will probably reach con
clusions in the next 30 days
The corvenliott shouJd exercise a sal I
utary influence on public opinion The
ccTiverjiuon of course wjl dfal with the i I
austtica frccn the race pcdnt of vtew
primarily The great majority of the J
imchtofirs 1 in tfie sou Ci are of negroes j i
aaal chiefly for crimes asairti women
and some iustlfy iem en this around
The nrth has seen some lyncftinss of
negroes during the present year for the
me crimes the old abolition state of I
Ohio having indulged in cre Itoey are I
not justifiable acid no amount of scph
kry I can hid tills fact at
Icuci 1 so Icaig as As country makes pre
tensions to being one where law and
order are supreme
This ocnvariUcn should result in I
throwing much iigttit on the > subjfect Of
lymtihings Dt Js one nhitfh the Wilde I
coucitry is interested in every way It
is not at all improbable hat stime nej
eroes perhaps many have been ac I
cased of crimes against we Tien aiTvi I
lynched for them of nfhSoh they were
not guilty for in the soufh wiere < race I
r > reudice is strew to accuse a negro i
of a crime against a woman is tanta
mount to a lyndhins The lynchintes
that occur in this country are a terrible 1
disgrace to iA
The San Francisco Examiner does
a little seafoorsratulatins1 on how it
beat the Associated Pjess1 and such
journals as the New York Herald the
World and its San Francisco contem
poraries in securing the latest news
from the Klondike whidh came by the
Steamer Cleveland Ut tha Examiners I
Storr be tcId in its own language
Yesterday morning at 2 oclock the I
men on The ExaminerJournal tug
steaming through the fog In the narrow I
ytraats heard the WsMe of uia Cteve
land The other tugs were far away
and the Examiner cnen boarded he I
steamer and secured the news ions1 in
advance of tihair rivals This was the
first of the victory Wit It was only the
beginning Wlie the Herald and World I
and Pc3tIfltelligencer and Ohrcaicle
and Call and Aseocloied Press tuso had
at lasit secured the news thY thought I
of nothing < but to dash for the cCvaapest
point at whUch to handle the dis
patches That was Seaiitle nearly half I
a days journey away
This was net the Examiners style
It had not snerjt its money in getting
the news from the steamer to wait an
other day to get it to the public The
ExanVTverJournal tuff was headed for
Britklh territory and at an early hour
the fir U l dispatches wera on the wire at
Otter Point It doubled the tolls for
the dispatches had to be cabled across
to American territory before they > were
again on the wire and flashing to San
Francisco But when it comes to get
ting news the Examiner does not hesi
tate at a little matter of double tolls
The first accounts were rushed l from
Otter Pctot to Son Francisco and the
regular edition of the paper wag
s out of the WRY before the dis
patches besan to come into the office
The Examiner < was prepared for the
event For a week it had kept an extra
force of men for the emergency and the
work of getttos out an extra edition
was rushed tforousii
The showIng that the Examiner made
is known fo all our subscribers For
the flrsl time in the history1 of San
Francisco journalism tihfe regular de I
livery was duplicated Appreciating the
interest taken In the news by those
wiho have friends and relatives in the
north the Examiner called in its car
riers as soon as Ihj regular delivery was
completed and sent them over their
routes again with the extras The first
papers were sent cat at 1028 and
shortly after noon the extra wiKi its
flt Itt of news was ait thC last cf the
homes of Its city subscribers
And tihat is how the San Francisco
Examiner brought the news from the
Klcndike It was great enterprise
Straws sometimes tell ihlch way the
wired blows and at Cmes they axe quite
valuable Many have bEen convinced
in their own minds from whiCh quarter
the nOnpartisan win3 blew but ttoav
have not been able < to see the straw
which directly indicated it Many hove
been certain ithat the wind came from
Republican quarters and was intended
to be used to aid the G O P shin to
make headway This has been vehem
ently denied by nonpartisan Republic
ans but a very large straw has been
discovered which shows exactly from
what Quart the nonpartisan wind
blows This straw > as in Brijrham City
which is a strong Republican town
There > the Republicans refuse to have
anylhins to do With a nonpartisan
movement fefeling sure that they can
carry the j town and manage affairs The
Republicans of Brigham City do net
wont any nonDar4isan ticket simply
because they hove nothing to gain by
it from a party point of view Why
doesnt tGie chairman > < < of the Republican
tate committea use his Influence in
beflialf of nonpartisanship with tree
BrJgham City Republicans instead of
devoting so much of it to attempts to
convert Salt Lake City Democrats to
the idea
At the present time the silver ques
tion is not a national issue before the
people any more than Is tariff but no
one doubts that the tariff will be an
issue before the people at a future day
neither should any one think that the
silver question has been permanently
eliminated from national politics
The St Louis GlobeDemocrat an
ardent opponent of free coinage con
tinues to make onslaught upon silver
It declares that the 50 cent dollar which
was the mainspring of the free sil
verites in 1896 has become a 40 cent
dollar It then goes on to say
When a defeated party copies forward
with its old programme Intensified for
mischief the people have a right to re
gard it as an absurdity and they
should seize the earliest opportunity
to end its menaces and capacities for
harm Every voter who is i opposed to
the free coinage scheme should cast his
ballot against it steadily until it ceases
to cumber the ground Elections will
be held this fall in a limited number Of
states but In these the voters have a
chance of giving the 40 cent dollar its
quietus No one can reasonably vote
for It who is not willins to accept it
equally as a 30 cent dollar or a 20 cent
dollar When the metallic redemption
of a note is threeflfth obliufatfed the
fraction that remains will go tire same
road and none who are not willing to
travel down the inclined plane can sup
port the Silver Democratic ticket in any
state in November i
The silver question is not one that
concerns one part of the country alone
and if the silver dollar 1 is goIng to 30
cents or 20 cents something should be
done Of these same silver dollars the
henrpinBnn nf who < t > HWnn xralua th
f h
GlobeDemocrat andthegold press gen
erally rejoice there were in circulation
in this country on the let of Novem
ber 1S9G 439552141 that is they were
in circulation either actually or by
proxy of the silver certificate la it a
matter of rejoicIng to have nearly half
a billion of American dollars lose 60
per cent of their bullion value If the I
tJnitcd States government Is pledged to
maintain all Its money of all kinds at i
par as it Is then these depreciating j I
silver dollars will have to be redeemed
In gold if gold Is demanded for them
This being the cue the government
has but two courses left to it either to I
adopt such a policy as will make the
bulllzn value of the dollar and its mone
tary value the same or else retire all
its silver money save that which is
used for subsidiary purposes Those I
are the courses left l open to the govern
ment if It has any real desire to grap
ple with the financial question to pur
sue any other course is to beat around
the bush The man or paper that rejoices
over the fall in the orice of silver re
joices over a nations calamity
New York customs house officers
taxed J Pierpont M6rgan 3000 on the
ntents of his trunks the other day
Morgan is 1 still ahead lie having taxed
the people of the United States some
16000000 on the bond sales
St Louis Glob Democrat A Penn
sylvania man reports that one of his sun
flower plants is I 2 feet high and has In
blcom 139 flowers the smallest of which
is 14 inches in diameter It served as a
garden pole and a large supply of lima
beans has been picked from it That sun
flower plant is celebrating in full gold
bug regalia
New Tori Evening Post Secretary
Wilson of the department Kjf agriculture
returns from the west entnusastic over
the prospects of tile sugar beet Industry
It is only a question or a few years he
says when we shall produce In this coun
try all the sugar we consume That
will mean the saving of 3100COODOO a year
to our people That depends I we
have to pay a bounty t get the sugar a3
a bunfY
the senate caucus voted the saving Is not
so clear
San ITianelsco Examiner I the redeye
of commerce Is to be excluded from
ot the Klondike
Alaska tnen the sooner
Alaslt soner
pla l ers are turned over to Miss wJllard
ahd Lady Henry Somerset the better
Chicago TimesHerald America need
Cllcgo that Great Britain will control
the Panama c ral There is no
Panama canal There never will be
Tne old DeLesseps route Is the worst that
could have been selected There wH be
a canal however Nicaraguan canal
Memphis Commercial Appeal Another
case of too much injunction has developed
in Vest Virginia A judge In that state
strikers from
has not owy enjoined the striker
marching and holding meetings near the
property of a coal mining company tout
ne has also enjoined a preacher from
holding divine services and prayer meet
ings in the camps of the sinners In th
WEt Virginia disputes the local authori
ties have been virtually eliminated and
the fundamental rignts of American Citi
zens have been desblsed No man who
has the Interest of Ills country at heart
can view such tendencies without ala
New York Tribune England as well
mi the United States complains of an
ovoraupply of doctors More are an
nually graduated than there is room tor
and the same is true iI otnei1 I mule
Wflat to do with the surplus f a problem
of which no solutlosihas yet been found
l the young sawbones could be set to
doctoring each other for a term before
trying their hands on the public their
ranks would thin out wit great rapidity
but such a course Would probabiy be I
against the ethics of the profession
When all the TvhelV of life are running
slow > Jk i t <
And all the re of life are falling low
And flickering to an end
Then In Deathsdawning dIg1f we seem
to know o
What i l means why things must hap
pen so
And not as TVC intend
I thought to keep my own life good and
far a f
Now broken blotched and ugly it lies
Spread like a map in view
I nade the bI ma1in blunders every
i where
The bitter disappointments in full share
rhe sorrows old and nyv
But though fresh failures come with each
fresh day <
Though pain persists arid will not pass
away b I
Till life Itself Sal ceae
Tau ht by this gleam of Deaths keen
searching ray
No human life ia whole Ive learnt to
But of Gods whole a piece
i BaCh Individual life is not our own
TIs In Gods building just one little stone
Chiseled to fit one nla e
Useless t cut to shape but left alone
Useful known if when its proper place Is
It fits it by Gods race
For through Gds Temple rise in noble
Smooth marble bock of wondrous
And polished pillars tall
But there are other stones not smooth
nor creat
Seeming despised throiv n out yet soon
or late
Wonted however small
Still In Ills house a stone if even Jie
I Has chosen me for his use ah Wen I see
AH I thought wrong is right
r Good Words
I Not Laid Out But Sleeping
I he Canadian Gazette tells am amusing
story of one Who was too quick at draw
ing an inference It happened that a
Glasgow professor who was visiting Can
ada wIth the British association in ISS4
was desirous of seeing something of
northwestern life and for this purpose
repaired to an Ajberta ranch
I fixed him up as well a I could the
rancher says but he complained chat he
did not like sleeping with his clothes on
So after the first might I stretched a
cowskln across tho shack and told him he
mlsrht undress If he liked He took off
most of his garments and put on a Ions
White night dress In the morning my
foreman came in while the Gentleman
was still sleeping Observing the white
night dress he said in a whisper
Bather suddfcneh
What I asked
The death of the old man
Hes not dead Ihes asleep I ex
Then whats Jie wearln them blled
clothes for1 was the reply Never saw
a cap laid out in Wiled clothes avre
cept he was dead
I Am I
Good Reading A gentleman who has
a telephone in his house has in his em
Ploy a faithful but stupid German girl
Who one day resnopded to the ringing ofi
the telephone bell
Who is1 i there came over the wire
r is I replied Katrina
And who is 12
I Why I am I
But who Is 1 came over the wire
I am me my own self retorted Ka
trina How should I be anybody but
meBut who are you
I am my own self I
What is your name
Katrina Hupper
Well who Is Katrina Runper
She Is me myoyn self
And whqn ICatrina heard laughter at
the ether end of the line she said indlg
I vill not athay here 18 be made a
shoke of and she walked away from
the telephone grumbling How could I
beany one but me r let em know how
to make a shoke of me
Ephraim Enterprise The ingley bill
Is not proving the howling success a a
revenue gettter that some of Its friends
predicted it I would it bob up with its
deficiency just a regular as did the1 Wil
son bill after the income tax was declared
rltn hlQt Rnniihilpnt 1
t i
c f
rather not talk about the deficit of about
526000000 shown by the official figures ot I
the governments receipts and expendit
ures for July and August the first two
months ol the new fiscal year They
already done too much talking about the
surplus that the new tariff was certainly
going to produce
Mercur Miner Mercur is infested wIth
anonymous threatening letter writers It
Is a cowardly occupation
Jit Pleasant Pyramid Js season has
been somewhat of an anomaly First w e
hid the latest and heaviest snows Cor
Y ars and H has been followed by the
longest drought remembered What prom
ised to be an excellent Irrigating season
has flickered out in a very poor one
SprinsvHle Independent This office is I
in receipt of an anonymous pamphlet
which evidently emanates from cnurch
cIrcles in Salt Lake City entitled The
Gospel Concerning Church and State
I is dated April but In so far as the
world at large is concerned i only came
to lIght ths week I Is a remarkable
document and Is worthy of a more ex
tended review than we are able to give
it at this date The pamphlet will prove
very Interesting reading in many quar
ters if given general publicity a seems
to now be the intention of those responsible
ble for its fiDDearance
Park City Patriot A goldbug MoKlnley
sheet in this state wants Bryan or Towne
to state just why wheat was selling last
week for 2 cents a bushel more han it
did a week ago In the very next lumn
It gives the reason quoting from Brad
streets which Is the short wheat crop la
India Europe and Argentine Another
fact connected with this goldbug conun
drum Is that the said stuff was sent from
Washington D C and published as
original matter
May I print a kiss on your Ohek I
She nodded her sweet permission
S we went to press and I rather guess
I printed a large edition
National Advertiser
Judge Rockefeller even controls
poetry now
How do you make that out
A great critic defined poetry as a
combination of sweetness and light and
doesnt Rockefeller control both sugar
and oil 1
The hazy days of J ui t
Come apact
Theres a lazy sort o feeling
Round the place
And oer me comes ast allng
A sort of savake longing
To get out and after something
On the run
With 1 gun
gnCeveand Leader
TitBits Pap I wish youd whip
meWhip you my son Why should I
whip you
Because when you whip me mamma
gives me some jam
Chicago Record Knew the Accent
That dog I bought in Paris understands
my French perfectly
No doubt he formerly belonged to some
other American
Life Do you know Im quite Worried
about myself I really believe Im losing
my nerve
How did you notice It
Im getting s I hate to ask any one
for a loan As soon as I saw you I be
gan to tremble
Household Words Sag Biddy The
mistress brought home some oysters
Cook said she yell stew these plase
What lIke praties said I And the
ould woman blsyguparded me because I
bljed them with their jackets on
Cleveland Plain Dealer No we dont
permit our names to go in the directory
dont you know g
And why not
So dauced common dont you know
Why last yeah my name was sand
wiched in between a garbage collectah and
a honoh city councilman Its a fact pon
Harlem Life The EveningAfter the Re
union Miss Ethel innocently Why
Mr Brown how sober you are tonignt
The Rev Brown in some alarm absent
mindediiy Tonight yes but recover
ing himself and with much dignity
Ethel have you ever seen me otherwise Miss
Grays Laxative Pellets cure Constipation
Time Card in Effait Sept 3
Leave Arrive Leave Arrive
Salt Lake Garfield Garfield SaltLake
745 am 845am 310pm 400pm
215 pm 255 pm 415 pm 455 pm
415 pm 455 pm 630 pm 710 pm
Daily except Sundays
Boating bathing Fare and
Boatng bath 50
cents Depot corner First South and
Fourth West
At 69c Each This Week
At F Auerbah Brcs Big Linen
I buy and sell
Z C 1t 1 stock
Deseret National bank stock
State Bank of Utah stock
Utah Sugar Company stock
And any dividend paying stocks bought
and sold Good Investments for home I
money State warrants bought
26 Main Street
Capital 20000000 I
Private Safes for rent in Steel Vault
J M SfOTTTT President
A B SpSTES Cashier
ri 7
The Question of
Is a mighty important one just now
The place to go is also very import
ant to most people Gardner sug
gests himself at once To the peo
ple who have failed to come here in
the past we want to suggest this
place we know we can suit you
suit you a regards style and fit and
for price this is the easiest place on
the street Just think we can sell
you a Boys suit for ipl50 that i
well made in every way they come
in neat dark brown mixtures the
very latest styles and for j > 250 our
great school suit in dark gray plaid
all wool Cassimere doublebreasted
large collar braid trimmed etc
stand more knockabouts at school
than any suit you ever had for twice
the money Come in today and were
sure to plase YDU
< p < >
t +
Our 4
I Fall Stock of Dress Goods t
I Is I Full s i
and Complete i
i When it Comes i
i to Prices i
There is 4 >
t Al We Ask 4f 4
I t is MerelyS 1 i +
S 4
f an Inspection i
You Will Do the G Rest t
t 4
z c M I
For Invalids Dyspeptics and Convalescents
Palatable Digestible Nourishing Strengthening
H WALLACE Manager Salt Lake City Utah
P O Bps 977
131 SoutH Main St Salt Lake City
Scottish Union and National of England 818352302
London Assurance of England 15216786
North British and Mercantile of England r 17500000
Northern of England 19724989
HamburgBremen of Germany 1 5000000
Aetna of Hartford I 10807669
Ziremans Fund of California I e 8111487
Keep Money at HomeY
The Only Local Insurance Company in the InterMountaIn Region Terms a
low as those of any firstclass company
Capital 250000 Fully Paid V
HEBEB J GRANT President L S HELLS Treasurer J
GEORGE SOHHTEY VicePresidentH G WHITiMET Secretary
Heber J Grant John C Cutler
Geo Romney P T Farnsworth
Henry Dinw < ode David Eccles
Chas S Burton John Henry Smith
Joseph F Smith Elias A Smith
Thos G Webber Francis II Lyman
Jno R Barnes
OFFICES 2026 Main Street Home Fie Building Upstairs
Ge ra1 Ager1s
72 WST
L4 I AAir k
1fTYe + ORAVII105
iNTIMqPurP r3
a coriiriI
3ilLCO p
iQ1Ifl ODt J r j l
< J r
Jr m I
f f
< I
> I
J v t Lr

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