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NonPartisan Committe
Selects Him Behind
Closed Doors
He Was Corralled and Duly La
bored With
Bark lantern Session Held in the
Private Office of the Deseret Na
tional Sank Mr Clark Was the
Only Man Who Was Selected For
the November Incineration But
the Others Will follow Piecemeal
as the Committee Feels Like It
City Attorney Tonight Glendin
ning Will Make a Report of His
Contingent Fund to the City Con
vention Watermasters Men Con
tend That They Are Being As
Behind the curtains G1 the windows
Of the Deseret National tank last even
ing the socalled nonpartisans of
the cfiy deddeJ dn secret conclave that
one in the commititea laughed The re
porters outside solved the question
easy Some one had proposed the name I
of A F Dcremus The laughter was
loud and long Everyone took a hand
In i > t save the party who suggested it
There was the Cannon guffaw the
Williams chuekle the Lannan ha ba
the Hill cachinatlon and several obher
varieties all mlngied It WaS so good
a joke that business was suspended un
til everyone was satisfied and tired with
The committee got down to busi
ness at 9 oclock when another com
mittes appointed last week came In
with the body of John Clark They re
ported they had captured him at his
place of business forced him into a
corner and talked to him till 3ie had
been forced to say he would accept the
nomination and they produced him as
evidence of the success they had I
There was some faint cheerins at this
announcement and General Cannon un
consciously assumed the position o < r
attention When silence had been
resiored Mr dark in a voice replete
with feJntness told the committee how
gratified toe was > at tfte selection made
by the committee How > he believed the
city should be wrested from the hands
of the spoilEvneri who were carrying it
away In great chunks and how the poor
rich taxpayers were being J affliotea Mr
I Clark ddrrt enthuse very much but
what ho said was enough < like Mercu
tsos sword thrust Mr Lannam imme
diately mc < yed to make the nomination
unanimous It was made Mr Clark
was then permitted to escape
The committee then decided it had
done a great days work It decided
that it was tired Mr Williams said
the mental exertion on his part was so
great that he needed rest Some one
suggested that it would be a good thing
to select a man for city attorney But
a kick was made and it was decided
to hold another meeting At this air I
Hills was noted to look thoughtfully
at the burning electric light and make
a few figures < on a sheet of paper Per
haps he was merely putt ng down
something connected with the Mnk
which he had forgotten during the day
But it is safe to announce that an
other session will be held this even
I Before and after the meeting1 Mr
IC f
4 r
i 2 sv =
John Clark should toe selected as the J
head of tihe city ticket
Mr dark was there and accepted the I
It was an animated meetinEr consid
ering the fact that hut few were there
The attendance was small consisting
y in the main of General John Q Cannon
and P H Jannan with the atole as
sistance rendered by James E Jen
nings L S Hills was also there as
also was Parley L Williams and a few
The committee arrived on the
ground in column of sections One sec
tion at a time with more than the pre
scribed Interval between each two
The were met at the door 4 > y Arthur
Pmtt the suspended chief of poMce
who was acting an the capacity of cor
poral of the gaurd Arthur saluted
each member of the committee as they
passed his station treating all as he
would had each been the same as Gen
era > Cannon brigadiers
There were several incidents insIde
or course reporters were barred and I
they had to ascetaln incidents by the
shadowgraph on the curtains One waJs
wfticn the name of John E Dooly was
mentioned for the mayoralty By the
way Mr Dooly was there Something
fell with a sound as if a ton or so Of I
I iron had struck the floor and the so
licitous newspaper men outside at once
concluded that the allusion had caused
some members of the aggregation to
lull dead and were about rushing in to
help out but were stopped at the door
by a sort of Homocerebus with whis
ker Wjho stated that tihe meeting was
private Expostulations on the part
of the < scribes that some one was in dis
tress brought forth the statement that
no one connected with the Deseret National
tonal ever was distressed < and they
anust keen outso they again sought
thesoft mellow Sight of the moon
The nest incident was wfcen even
< JI ti
I Williams was jubilant He asserted to
a Herald man that they would just
do you fellows both times Parley is
optimistic in his views He believes
the nonpartisan ticket will carry the
city by 50000 majority
By the way When the committee
adjourned it was the quickest scatter
ing on record Members flew this way
and that and in less than a minute by
the watch there wasnt one in sight
They all had an hour in which to catch
the lastxcar too but that seemed to
make no difference for they all ran for
home as if they had sickness in their
families and had to be there to catch
the last words of a near and dear rela
However the matter turns out just
as foretold in The Herald The com
mittee had to have a Democrat for
the head of the ticket They being a
Republican organization in majority i
realized that the Democracy is the
strongest in the city and wanted to
break it Now for the balance of the
ticket Watch how the Republicans wall
slide into the vacancies left to be filled
John Clark was seen at his residence
last night and in response to an in
quiry as to why he had changed his
original resolution not to accept the
nomination from any party said that
he believed he could now attend
to the duties of the mayoralty wnthout
detriment to his business My ob
jection primarily he said was that
my business interests would suffer if
I accepted a political office I was also
somewhat averse to actively engag
ing in politics But I have decided
op more careful deliberation to ac
cept the nomination which has been
< 5 > < > < >
The Democratic city committee held
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J1 > J I i JiJ
Six Dead and Three Injured I
at t Port Arthur
Young Babies Blown From Their
Mothers Arms
Relief Trains Sent to Points Along
the Gulf Coast in Texas to Rescue
Those in Peril and to Assist in
Tailing Care of the Dead and In
jured Many Towns Through
Texas Are Almost if Not Com
pletely Wiped Out of Existence
Feared the Worst Has Not Been
Port Arthur Tex Sept 13A tor
nado terrible in its intensity struck
this city at an eaoly hour last evening
Six peonle < are known < to have been
killed while many others were inpured
Buildings were town J < down and ereat
damage was wrought by the cyclone
employed by electric light company
GEORGE MARTIN bricklayer whose
residence is unknown
FRITZ MICHAJ5TLS laborer resi
dence alec > unknown
AN UNKNOWN MAN aged about 38
MAY NSWORTH 13 years of age
daughter of Williab Aino > worth
INFANT SON of W H Johnson
blown from its mothers arms and
The injured are Mrs Roy Stafford
I rlgfoi leg broken near hip Roy Staf
ford legs badly bruised Tne little
daughter of the Staffcrd senouSly in
Many buildings were blown dawn in
cluding the railroad round house where
May Amswonth WaG killed the nata
tarium the Bank buiilJing townsite
companys barns Hotel Hayden the
Strong League building shifted off
foundation Brennan building CcJcn
nude hotel Spence Lyons building C
J Millers grocery store several barns
the Kanadls saloon the Herald office
Alfred Wolfs saloon the Hayes build
ing and M S Swlmskis grocery
Several residences suffered severely
that of Dr W A Barraclough being
carried across the street Many oitttier
buildings kere completely blown away
Prcim early morning the sky was
threateniiiiT and a stiff gale blew No
rain of constequenoe until 4 oclock
and thm it was accompanied by < a
heavy wind that increased in intensity
until it reached the enormous velocity
of SO miles an hour Every building in
the town Is of frame construction ex
cept one brick the Port Arthur Bank
ing company building the far end and
roof of which was blown away
The bodies of the victims have been
sent to Beaumont for interment no
cemetery having as yet been started
here There were manY acts of brav
ery and the suspense dunnsr the se
i Itu t uIItI
verity of the storm was terrible Ad
vicses from Winne Tex say that near
ly all the houses there have been blown
down and torn away At Webb all of
the barns and one nouse were demol
ished and scaftereil over the country
Nothing can be feard from Sabine
pass as all telegraphic communication
has teen Interrupted A relief train
left Beaumont tonight for this place
and Sabine pi s i
Ed Kirscherner ti prominent citizen
was on a Gulf Inter state railway
train on his way Jto Beaumont when
thestorzmstriI kit11is section Every
one oIt the train thought we would be
blown from the track he said to
night It waVpiteh dark and raining
and the wind was blowing like it never
blew before 1
It is known that much destruction
was wrought at Sabine pass with prob
able loss of life The following telegram
has been received from Mr Kircherner
at Beaumont The relief train has
just returned from Sabine pass It
could not get nearer than eight miles
from Sabine pass It is i reported that
the new town completely gone Noth
ing heard from the old town From
reports things look badthere
ThirtyEight PeronsArn ported
to Be Hissing
New Orleans Sept 13A dispatch from
Beaumont tonight f said the Southern
Pacific at that place received a dispatch
from the agent at5 Sabine Pass who
walked from SabinoSPass Port Arthur
stating that the track for eight miles Is
washed avfcij and ithat about S3 neople 1
arc missing HQ reports the sinking of
two tugs and thesidrownlnic of Green
Moore and Lewis Bettes prominent
steamboat men at Orange A later mes
sage says that the loss of life at the Pass
will not bo to greatsib reported probably
not more than reatf seven A later dis
patch from SaiblneiPass Says that the
loss of property insHbre is slight
particu1ax5 pt Obtainable
St Louis SepK J A special to the
PostDispatch frormHouston Tex says
information has ranched there that a
severe hurricane rlc11ed the towns of
Port Arthur and Sabine Pass last nigh j
and blew down air the buildings ana
killed 30 people The wires are all pros
trated and no particulars have yet been
received j Ii
The storm whichtfled to the destruc
tion of the town blew up about 6
oclock and by midnight was so fierce
as to produce a tidal wave all along I
the coast completely wiping out both
places Eight persons are known to
nave been killed aid 20 wounded
The Town ofj Port Arthur
Kansas City Sept 13Port Arthur
is a town of aboutlOQO to 1200 people
and has probably houses many of
which are substantial structures The
Gulfrrailroad owns magnificent 10000
depot and the princpal hotel is a costly
structure of 75 rooms Port Arthur Is
the southern terminus of the Kansas
City Pittsburg Gulf railroad and Is
situated 16 miles Inland from Sabine
City In 1S6 a wavb swept over Sabine
City covering the place Yith six feet
of water destroying many houses and
causing several deaths Great distress
was caused and there were many nar
row and thrilling escapes
Strong Tinds at Galveston
Gaheston TexT Sept l3At an early
hour this mornIng the wind at Galveston
pained a velocity of 37 miles an hour
Ships hid been forewarned of the ex
poted storm and those along the dock
were in good shape A few small skiffs
were SUK and two barges were driven
asliore on the flats west of < the wharves
The only building to suffer was the
Olympia the big pavilion at the Gulf
side Two sections of the circular roof
were carried away
Dug a Hole Through the Brick Wall
No Night Guard Employed at
the Jail
Special to The Herald
Pocatello Ida Sept 13A jail delivery
was effected here this morning in which
four prisoners made good their break for
liberty Monroe Kendall and Hogan the
three McCammon burglars and Webb
Campbell who was awaiting the action of
tho district court on a charge Of rand
larceny are the prisoners who escaped
There were three other prisoners con
fined in the same corridor who were
awakened about 3 oclock this morning by
the noise of breaking iron Jpon the
threat of being brained they lay still
while Monroe and his companions broke
an iron slat off a bed and with It forced
the rivets out of a corner of the corridor
Bending the corner back the four
crawled out but they still had to get
through the brick walls of the building
This they did by digging out the bricks
In the jail yard only a staple on the gate
stood between them and liberty They
broke through and struck out
As soon as possible Louis Forrest a I
Frenchman in for the murder of a sheep I
herder at Soda Springs crawled through I
the same holes and went and woke up
jailor Ross at his home The alarm was
soon given and all the county and city
officers avaIlable started In pursuit The
officers have today scoured all the sur
rounding country but there Is no trace
of te fugitives Blame attaches only
to the county commissioners who for
the sake of economy thought it unneces
sary to employ a night guard at the jail
Prank Erne Bests the Jersey Kid at
Buffalo N Y Sept 13Frank Erne
of thi city knocked out Harry Becker of
Bayonne N J in tha fifth round be
fore a wicked house at the Olympic
Athletic club tonight The beting was
156 to 70 cr JSrne and later the odds rose
to two tooiit The battle was very fast
and sclerutillc In the opening round Erne
landed almost at will but with title dam
age to his opponent In the three follow
ing rounds Becker forced the fighting and
had the better Eriie started the fight in
the fifth round In lovely fashion and
landed right and left swings with terrific
force on head and body A righthander
sent Becker reeling and Frank followed
it with short arm jolts that soon had
Becker groggy Tho referee to avoid a
knockout declared Erne the victor
Supposed to Have Been in the New
Castle Wreck
Glenwood Springs Colo Sept 14J B
Gunning of Cedar Rapids la is here
looking for traces of his wife who was a
passenger on the illfated train which was
Tvrecked near New Castle last Friday
morning She was to have met her hus
band at Ouray and her failure to arrive
caused an Investigation which makes t
practically certain that she was one of
the victims of the disaster
Medal For Gallantry
Washington Sept 13A medal of honor
has been awarded to Captain William
parbella United States army retired
now living at San Francisco for gallant
ry at White Bird canyon Idaho In action
against the Indians In 1877
> Ji
rr 1MII
Buck Mountain Miners Force
Others to Quit
Significant Conversation Overheard
by Two Women
Ive Got the Material But Dont
Know How to Use the StnffThe
Homes of Mine Superintendents
GuardedThe Men of Several
Camps Said to Be Acting Very
UglyThe Funeral of the Killed
Passed Off Without Serious Trou
ble Work of the Polish Priests
Ilazelton Pa Sept 13Hazelton
quivers on the edge of a volcano Un
certainty is the key note of the situa
tion and the town is sleeplessly await
ing the dawn of a day fraught with
unknown and fearful possibilities At
this writing troops are marching onthe
mines of Coxe BrcG at Eckley which
nestles In a valley about 18 miles from
here Telegrams to brigade headquar
ters late this evening indicated an
alarming condition there The remote
ness < of the situation will make difficult
the securing of definite newS from the
scene before morning Two hundred
miners at Buck Mountain which is
about 13 miles from Eckley went on
strike this morning and started to
wards the Eckley mine The superin
tendent of the Eckley colliery tele
graphed General Gobin for troops but
later in the day the request was with
drawn the superintendent notifying
the general that the striking miners
had stopped marching At 4 oclock
this afternoon General Gobin received
another telegram stating these miners
had again assembled had marched on
the Eckley mines and forced the miners
to quit work It was stated In this dis
patch that the miners had been roughly
General Gobin has ordered the city
troops of Philadelphia to go to the
scene of the disturbance The start
will be made shortly after midnight
or else just after daybreak The troops
will ride across the mountains a dis
tance of J8 miles to Eckley Eckley is
a small mining village and lies in a
valley There are a number of collier
ies there and fearshave been enter
tain tr thepast 48 hours at trou
ble would break out The men have
been acting very ugly Thevsituatien
tonight in the Hazelton district is one
of unrest
All the colleries in this district are
apprenhisive of danger Requests have
been pouring in to General Gobin from
the various mines asking that he send
troops to the places in order to prevent
any possible outbreak The general
stages that he will not send troops to
any point unless an outbreak does oc
cur The general declines to give tha
names of the collieries as all the men
in them are still at work The oper
ators however are apprehensive of a
strike and want to be prepared for
any emergency Two mine superin
tendents in this immediate vicinity
have asked General Gobin to place
guard around their houses This will
be done General Gobin will not make
public the names of the superintendents
who made the requests
Two actresses who are playing in the
theatre here overheard a conversation
on the main street of Hazleton today
to this effect They were passing a
group of miners and overheard one of
them remark Ive got the material
but I dont know how to mix the
damned stuff If I did I would blow
them up tonight This information
was sent to General Gobin and as he
had already heard mutterings from
other sources he decided to send guards
to the houses of the two mine superin
tendents The guards were not placed
on duty until after dark
Today has been regarded as the turn
ing point of the situatir cause of
the prohibition issues bl eieral Rtb
bon against the propositioi of the fu
neral demonstration A compror se
was effected this morning however
and the day passed off without disturb
ance In the meantime the Coxe col
herbs were being watched with in
tense anxiety It was known that 2000
men employed at No7 had made a de
mand for a 10 per cent increase which
was to be submitted to the operators
today with the alternative of strike
From 5000 to 7000 men are employed
at all the collieries and it was under
stood that such a movement would
bring them all out Whether or not the
proposition was formally submitted
today could not be learned because no
body would talk The men were all at
Work but strike talk was rife and a
big meeting at Stockton had been
scheduled tonight There was a gen
eral Impression that nothing decisive
would be resolved upon at least until
tomorrow which is pay day The Coxe
mens grievance is that they are on a
lower scale than that paid by any other
company in the region but the com
pany store feature does not enter into
their case
Another late afternoon report was
that the employees of exCongressman
Leisenrings Upper Lehigh colliery will
go out tomorrow on a sympathetic
strike As an increase of 10 per cent
was granted on Saturday to the Mc
Adoo men they have expressed their
intention to return to work tomorrow
although they do not expect to remain
in more than a day under the pressure
that will be brought to bear by the
strikers Altogether an eventful day is
is prospect
General Gobin this afternoon said
The rumor that martial law has been
declared has been spread by some
vicious person There is martial law
only so far as a state of war exists We
are here solely to assist the sheriff in
maintaining peace and order Men can
come and go as they please i o long as
they behave themselves If there is
the least infraction of the peace which
the Civic authorities are unable to han
dle then we will render assistance but
such a condition has not yet arisen
The commander added that neither
Sheriff Martin nor any of the deputies
would be arrested while the troops were
here I am under his authority he
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> 1
Ii i i <
p 1
Hunted Up His Old Partner in Idaho
and Gave Him a Fortune A Bo
mantic Story
Snecial to The Herald
Boise Ida Sept 13The crowning act
of a verbal pledge made between two
men who were In business in California
some years ago took place at the home
of J F Taylor Sunday near Kendrlck
Latah county
About eight years ago J F Taylor was
engaged In business In California and be
ing In need of a partner took a man by
the name of J C New After two years
business grew dull and after a hard
struggle ull1fWdi were compelled to give up
Without dissolving partnership the
men decided to pert and made an agree
ment that should fortune ever smile upon
them they would hunt each other up and
Mr Taylor drifted into Washington en
gaging In business at Oakesdale for a
time and then bought a ranch on Cedar
creek where tie now resides
Mr New went to Alaska and when the
riches of the Klondike were heralded
to the world was one of the first in the
camp and succeeded In making a small
fortune besides securing three claims
Faithful to the promise that was made
in the shadow of a business failure he
hunted Mr Taylor up and Sunday in
company with an attorney went to the
home or Taylor to get his power of at
torney for the disposal of his Interest In
some claims on the Kiondike llr Taylor
also received 27500 as his half of the
earnings of one of the claims He has
been offered 5100000 for the other three
The NonPartisans Nominate John
New Orleans Yellow Fever Excite
The Hazelton Strike Situation
Texas Towns Wiped Out by Storm
Hard Luck on Klondike
The Outlook For Bingham
joining in Dry Canyon
County Bond Deal Closed
Rich Strike in the La Sals
Shortage of the Wheat Crop
Dramatic Scene in the Griffin Case
The Luetgert Murder Trial
Public Schools Open
PAGE six
Eloped From Nevada
Hawaiian Annexation Certain
State Supreme Court
Forty Spaniards Were Killed
The Methodist Conference
Tramp Killed at Bingham JUIlction
In Kali way Circles
The Union Pacifics Foreclosure to Be
New York Sept HA dispatch to
the Herald from Washrngton says
Several important questions demand
the attention of the cabinet which will
meet tcday Tuesday One of these
is the Settlement of the Union Pacific
railroad matter An arrangement was
entered into during Mr Clevelands ad
ministration whereby thy foreclosure
proceedings against this road were to I
proceed and the government was to
receive 45000000 from the reorganiza
tion syndicate
Efforts have been made to induct
the present administration to take i
some steps to present the carrying out
of this programme It is cne of the
matters which Attorney General Mc I
Kenna went to Pennsylvania to con
sult with the president about It is un
derstood that at the cabinet meetng it
will he determined not to interfere in
any way with the carrying out of this
= IIE > Q
Ore Carrying Values of One Hundred
Thousand Dollars
Colorado Springs Cola Sept 13
Colonel H S Ervay president of the
Cripple Creek Consolidated Gold Mining
company returned from Cripple Creek
tonight bringing with him a piece of ore
weighing over 100 pounds whIch it liter
ally alive with free gold and which will
carry values aggregating fully 100000 to
the ton The ore was taken from a new
find made Saturday on the May Queen
claim and Is In many respects the most
sensational find ever made In Cripple
Drawing the Line Finely
San Francisco Sept 13 Collector
Jackson has issued an order that here
after all chronometers taken off foreign
vessels to be regulated at this r crt
shall be searched by the customs of
ficials Small but valuable articles
might he smuggled ashore in the chro
nometers case and it is to prevent this
that the new rule is to be enforced
Postoffices and Pensions
Special to The Herald
Washington Sept 13The postofflce at
Rankin Carbon county Wyo has been
ordered discontinued Sept 20 Mail Will
thereafter be sent to Rawlins
L E Marchand was today appointed
postmaster at Fletcher Nez Perces
county Ida vice W J Riley resigned
A widows pension was today granted
Ellen Flewcllen Virginia City Nev
Transfers in the TwentyFourth
Special to The Herald
Washington Sept 13The following
transfers are made in the Twentyfourth
infantry Second Lieutenant Alberc
Laws from Company D to Company C
Second Lieutenant John A Gurney from
Company H to Company D Sfecond Lieu
tenant Claude H Miller from Company C
to Company H
School Teacher Drops Dead
Special to The Herald
Grand Junction Colo Sept 13lIiss
Clara L Chapman for the last three
years assistant principal of > the High
school In this city dropped dead in the
school room this afternoon while In the
discharge of her duties Her parents re
side In Belleville N Y whither the re
mains will be shipped tomorrow
Ada County Wins
Special to The Herald
Boise I Ida Sept 13 District Judge
Stewart today decided the suit of Canyon
county vs Ada county growing out of the
division in favor of Ada The suit in
volved 9000
Advices from Buerfos Ayres say it is
I feared that the harvest will be almost
entirely destroyed by locusts
Situation at New Orleans
Bordering on Panic
rjr it
All Other Cities Adopt Strict Quar
antine Law
There Are Mow Nine Well Developed
Cases in the Southern Metropolis
and Many Suspected Ones All of
the Cases So Far Plainly Traced
to Ocean SpringsBusiness of All
Kinds Almost Paralyzed Sani
tary Officers All Through too
South Are Active
New Orleans Sept 13The an
nouncement of the ninth case of yel
low fever in New Orleans including
the Gelpi death was officially made by
the board of health late this afternoon
It is probable that another case will be
added to the list exhausting the se
riously suspicious cases now under In
vestigation The ninth case is Edward
McGinty a young man living imme
diately opposite a residence up town
where a child died from the fever that
had been prevailing at Ocean Springs
McGinty had been a visitor to the fam
ily during their residence on the Mis
sissippi coast and since their return to
the city has been a constant visitor
It is therefore believed that McGinty
contracted the disease from the sick
child Members of the board of health
have been in close attendance upon the
case and completed their diagnosis this
afternoon As soon as they had done
so the board of health took charge of
the premises quarantined the inmates
made liberal application of disinfect
ants in the neighborhood and took all
necessary steps to prevent the spread
of the disease This is the first case
reported up town all other cases being
in the lower section and in this in
stance as in all others the origin of
the case has been traced to Oceaq
Springs The suspicious case referriil
to above is that of a physician who has
been in attendance upon some Of the
patients at Ocean Springs
The announcement of one more case
and probably another has made no
change in the state of the public mind
There is still an absence of excitement
aiuOvhlle there are occasionaI part
ures from the city there has been no
general exodus The board of health
anticipate there will be other sporadic
cases owing to the number of people
who managed to reach New Orleans
before the quarantine against Ocean
Springs went into effect but thereJs no
lack of confidence on the part Of the
board in their ability to restrict each
sporadic case Additional doctors of
experience are being added to the staff
of the board of health in order that at
tention may be given to each residence
in which cases of fever have appeared
Entering infected houses the sanitary
officers and physicians wear specially
prepared suits of clothes These are
thoroughly disinfected and are worn
over the regular garments The suits
reach from neck to heel and are a com
plete covering
Helena Ark has set a pace which
all river towns are likely to follow To
day the board of health 11 that city
decided that no boat from south of
Vicksburg should be allowed to land at
that port or any point within the quar
antine limits of five miles of the cor
porate limits of Helena Monroe which
up to yesterday held aloof ii spite of
threats and refused to quarantine New
Orleans felt compelled today on re
ceipt information that there are sev
eral cases of yellow fever in New Or I
leans to declare a rigid > quarantine I
against this city
I Atlanta pfcmisss to be the refuge of
al ffett people living in New Orleans
i and aloiisr the coast who desire to get
awaY Of the cities of the south in
danger cf infection Atlanta is uhe only
one that has refused to quarantine and
that has invited all refugees wttSrm her
BUoxi today
goijes The announcement at
day that a special train over the Louis
villa Nashville will go to Atlanta to
morrow mora ng has been received with
osliS1 by many on the coast and It is
protaolethat a large number on the
ccnst wtrI take advantage of the ap
p < to get cut Of the mfectad re
Superintendent Dunn and Special
Agent Leake of the Illinois Cectral and
Hunger and Quinn who left here on a
special train last week went on a fruit
less mission If yellow fever had not
yet been declared to eritt here their
personal visit to Mossisuppi towns be
tween New Orleans and Memphis would
hav betn attended with good results
but yesterdays > bulletin of the board of
heaJh has undone all the work they
had aecompliiied and every town in
Mississippi big enough to have an al
derman or a health officer has declared
nonintercourse with the crescent city
I Dr Carter of tne marIne hcsvntal
service returned to Ocean Springs to
day from Barkley and reports a seri
ous conrli Jon there Barkley is a little
pcci office seven miles northcast of the
detention camp Dr Carter reports
eht cases er of yellow fever at this point
out of a population of 25 souls There
have been four deaths in ten days the
Saturday night and
last occurring on Saturday and
other deaths are momentarily expected
Gths imported from Ocean
The fever was rO Ocean
Springs The town has been completely
f iscteted and gar placed around dt
Excitement in Jackson Miss at
Fever Heat
Jackson Miss Set Excitement
i at fever heat in this city today over
the vsilow fever scare caused aimcst
entirely by ithe presence of 30 cases of
dengue fever at Edwards 25 miles west
of here Many are fleeing to the ear
rounding1 country The wagon and rail
roads leading Into town are befog
closely guarded All public gatherings
are prohibited
Guards to Protect the Tow
N Miss Sept 13 T5ie yellow
fever scare rut in the calling o
a large meeting here tonight at which

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