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Two Reversals Handed Down by the
Supreme Court
Duck Shooting Case Against Jack
y Dismissed Truant School
Boys Brayed Through His Rat
District Court Orders Mrs Calla
t han Enters Suit For Divorce
Two opinions were handed down
c T yesterday by the state supreme court
In the case of Sidney Stevens appel
lant vs Lindsay R Rogers the opin
ion was written by Chief Justice Zane
and concurred in by Justices Bartch
and Miner and set aside the judgment
of the lower court and directed a new
The plaintiff sued to recover 3400
alleging that he had given the defend
ant 51 promissory notes to collect for
him as his attorney and that the de
fendant refused to make any state
ment or account to the plaintiff for
the sums he may have collected on the
said notes He also says a part of the
notes were returned to him but that
the defendant by carelessness and
neglect had failed to collect on them
and that when returned they were so
old that collection was barred by the
statute of limitations wherefore the
plaintiff asked for judgment for the
sum named The court below dismissed
the case and taxed the costs to the
plaintiff on the ground that the evi
dence failed to show the plaintiff had
sustained any damages by reason of
the acts of the defendant and that
the plaintiffs action was barred by
the statutes of limitations
The supreme court however ruled
that the notes were held in trust for
the plaintiff and the statute of limi
I tations could not commence to run
against the plaintiffs right of action
until the disavowal of the trust
Bacon vs Thornton Reversed
In the case of James H Bacon ad
ministrator of the estate of William
q t F Aulls deceased appellant vs Jo
r seph Thornton et al the opinion was
written bv Justice Bartch and con
ri curred in by Chief Justice Zane and
t District Judge Rolapp The portion of
the decree and judgment appealed
from was reversed and the cause re
manded with directions to grant a new
The action was brought by the
plaintiff to determine the adverse
claims of the defendants to a two
thirds interest in the I X L mine and
for an accounting of the defendant
Thornton for the amount of ores taken
by him from the mine
The trial court decided the plaintiff
was the owner of twothirds interest
in the mine and entered judgment in
favor of Defendant Thornton for
1620 for improvements made on the
The plaintiff then prosecuted an ap
peal from that part of the decree re
i lating to the allowance for improve
1 ments and the supreme court sus
tained the appeal on the ground that
the evidence did not show that the
work done by Thornton was any im
provement t the propert
Bray Talked Through His Hat I
Vii am T Bray whose wife obtained
a divorce from him a few weeks ago I
came back from a trip to Denver a 1
couple of days ago and raised the claim i
that the divorce had been obtained
without his knowledge of any such pro
ceedings being instituted He made
quite a good deal of talk about i but
it appears to have been talk and noth
ing more for he was personally served
with the summons by Deputy Sheriff
J Boman Cannon before Bray left for
r Denver The files in the district court
show the proceedings were entered reg
ularly and Mr Bray does not seem to
have any just cause for complaint
Short Orders
W A Ryner a native of Germany
now a resident of Salt Lake was yesterday
terday admitted to citizenship
William Freebawn vs J Spalding
motion to dismiss argued and taken un
der advisement
B Y Trust company vs the Salt
Lake Grain company judgment for
plaintiff as of April 26 nunc pro tunic
L 1 Philip Pugsley sr vs Nels P Gud I I
mundsen judgment for plaintiff for
5 possession of premises and 5 a month
rent from October 1891
S Hays vs G Lavagnino et al mo
tion for a new trial denied
Truant School Boys
John Brown a school boy was
brought before Justice Stewart yester
day on a charge of truancy He a
found guilty but appeared to be very
penitent and made promises to do bet
ter which induced his honor to let him
go for this time
A warrant was issued from Justice
Stewarts court for the arrest of an
other of the Brown family whose
Christian name is Joseph The charge
against him is also truancy and he
will probably have a hearing today
1 Case Against Jack 35Eay Dismissed I
I I r The case against Jack May and John
Stabb charged with shooting ducks be
fore sunrise was called up yesterday
in Justice Mc asters court for trial
again the jury having disagreed at the
previous tral Several witnesses for
the prosecution were absent and the
charge was dismissed
Miscellaneous Cullings
Ketta Callahan has begun proceed
ings for divorce from David Callahan j i
alleging that the marriage took place j I
on June 12 1SSS at Fort Sully S D
and that on Sept 21 894 the defendant I I
wilfully deserted and abandoned her
and tbaUfor more than three years he
failed to provide her with the common
necessaries of life
The New York Life Insurance com
pany has entered suit against William
C Jennings et a to recover 2065584
on a promissory note and for foreclos
ure of the mortgage securing the same
The California Wire Works have en
tered suit in the federal court against
the Consolidated Mining Smelting I
company of Ogden for the recovery of
a balance of 300922 alleged to be due II
¼ on implements sold and delivered to the I
O den firm and secured by a lien I
There is no need of little children be
ing tortured by scald head eczema and
I skin eruptions DeWitts Witch Hazel
Salve gives Instant relief and cures
permanently A C Smith C D
f i Swift 142 Main I I
Yesterdays Observations at the L
cal Weather Bureau Office
Salt Lake City Nov 5Barometer
6 a m 2565 6 p m 2559 Thermom I
eter C a m 34 6 p m 4 Relative
humidity per cent 6 a m 81 6 p
m 43 Direction of wind 6 a m
southeast G p m northwest Velocity
of wind miles ncr hour 6 a m 2
6 f p m 10 State of weather 6 a m
clear 6 l m cloudy Maximum tem
perature 49 degrees minimum temper
ature 29 degrees mean temperature
39 degrees for 22 years 45 degrees de
ficiency for this date C degrees accu
mulate deficiency of temperature since
Jun I 316 degrees accumulated ex
Royal makes thc food pure
wholesome and delicious
Absolutely Puro
cess of temperature since Nov 1 9
Precipitation including raln hail and
melted snow 0 inch for 22 years 05
inch deficiency for this date 05 inch
accumulate excess since Jan 1 87
inch accumulated deficiency since Nov
1 02 inch
Following is the forecast for Salt
Lake City and vicinity for the 24 hours
ending 6 p m today Probably light
snow colder J H SMITH
Observer Weather Bureau
o 0
Dante the Mormon Wizard as
Oscar El Jason is known outside of
Utah came back to his home last
night after a prolonged absence and
was greeted by a very good audience
at the theatre The welcome given
him his wife and his brOther was of
the heartiest kind and the applause
and laughter which greeted his in
geniously clever acts during the even
ing were hearty and unrestrained The
practice he has obtained since he last
stood before a Salt Lake audience has
rendered him almost perfect and
every trace cf the amateur has long
since vanished He is a deft quick
neat and natty in all his performances
a the most polished professional and
one little way he has of making an
apparent blunder and of turning the
tables on the galleries when they raise
a guffaw is about the neatest thing
imaginable Eliason has added two
big features to his show one the mid
air bicycle riding originated by him
self the other Hermanns marvelous
feat of catching bullets fired at him
point blank ya squad of militia
This needs by the way a little elab
I oration and explanation to let the
audience know that the cartridges are
I being marked prior to being placed in
the guns It was sufficiently thrilling
however as It was to send a number
of nervous ladies out of the audience
into the lobby while it was going on
The bicycle feat is one of the most in
explicable and effective imaginable
The young lady mounts her wheel and
at once soars off into space turning
completely over head downward the
wheel working in midair all the time
The secret is a valuable one and past
accounting for The remainder of the
evening was made of the
ya up customary
sleightofhand fats all performed
with sleeves rolled up and all done
with a magical deftness simply bewildering
dering to the beholder I makes up a
rare evenings entertainment and the
popular priced matinee as well as the
final performance tonight ought to b
crowded After the engagement here
Eliascn returns to resume his tour in
the east
Woodward and Donkey Reach San
Francisco Ahead of Time
San Francisco Examiner Pythagor
as of od was a wise man Pytha
goras Pod is different He has walk
ed from W York and hauled a
burro after him Pythagoras the
Greek was a leader of his asp His
modern namesake may be a leader in
a way but he has hardly caught up
with the world where he abandoned it
is 189G One taught the transmigration
of souls the transmigration practiced
by the other is explained by the artist
Pythagoras reduced geometry to
Pythagors a
science Pod bet 5000 on Bryan
The modern wonder is R Pitcher
Woodward son of Judge Woodward of
Brooklyn An uncle is Judge Henry
Woodward of Portland Ore All the
relatives are Democrats Pitcher hay
ing served two years at West Point
was in New York during the presiden
tial campaign He wagered 5000 that
Bryan would be elected i being stipu
lated however that the loser of the
bet might save the money by traveling
from New York to San Francisco with
a donkey The trip if undertaken
was to be made without the use of
money excepting what might be
earned on the way and the time of
arrival in this city was limited to
Nov 3 1S97
Woodward arrived yesterday one
day ahead of time He was tattered
and torn but the burro was with him
And there was another burro and an
other man for the new Pythagoras
had become prosperous enough to en
gage Thomas W Glines at Cedar
Rapids la as a traveling valet
The overland outfit halted in the
Palace hotel court but the crowd be
came so big that the attraction was
requested to go to the postoffice lot
the baseball grounds or the steps of
the mint So the burros were located
in the second story of the St Georges
stables being induced to go up the
stairs by means of threats entreaties
and an improvised derrick Woodward
is at the Occidental and his valet at
+ hn T + a + 1n 1
LHL ULL vu < u
Woodward says that ho has been I
entertained on the way by governors
judges bishops baseball managers and
all the prominent people and that he
had some hard times in the rough parts
of the country He expects to remain
here until spring when he will go
either to the Klondike or Japan
Took Place Yesterday Prom St
Marys Cathedral
Tine funeral of Emanuel Olbridh an
old and respected citizen took place
from St Marys cathedral yesterday
morning The church was crowded to
its utmost capacity A solemn high
mass Gregorian chant under the di
rection of Miss Nora Gleason was
sung by the cathedral choir The sing
ing of the Dies ira was very solemn
and impressive
Father Kiely officiated at the mass
and at the conclusion paid a well
merited tribute to the deceased He
touched on the happy union of a
Christian family and only the hope of
union in heaven could console when
through death a separation took place
on earth The widow whose life for
25 years was united with that xf the
deceased a deeply affected The
floral offerings were numerous and
beautiful After the services the large
cortege proceeded to Mount Olivet
ertege < roceed Olvet cem
etery where the remains were placed
in the Masonic vault to await ship
ment to Chicago for interment
Sir Sohr Going East to Market Utah
The mineral resources of Utah out
side of the production of precious met
als are about to be exploited to the
world if the efforts of Max Sohr can
do I Mr Sohr came to this part of
the country only a year ago broken
in health and finances He is now in
terested in mines and prospects which
if they turn out as he predicts will
make him a very wealthy man in a
short space of time
During his brief residence in this
state he has discovered and located
great deposits of graphite aluminum
antimony mica sienna umber Ful
lers earth borax saltpetre asphaltum
magnesia asbestos and other valuable
I am about to make a trip through
the est to buy machinery and look
over the eastern field for a market for
some of my products said Mr Sohr
at the Knutsford last night I have
completed arrangements with a Chi
cago concern to ship 1000 tons of
I Fullers earth before the first of the
year I have also just closed a con
tract to ship 30 tons a week of another
of my minerals to another Chicago
1 firm
I Mr Sohr would not divulge what the
nature of this shbment might be
I The Fullers earth is used by pack
ing companies to purify cotton seed oil
I which is largely used in making and
preparing lard On my eastern trip
I wl do some negotiating in the mat
ter of marketing the tremendous deposits
posits of guano on Antelope island
John Beck is now building a vessel to
be used in carrying the raw material
to the mainland
I Much Expected Prom the Heating of1
Washington Nov 5The RussoJap
aneseAmerican treaty on the Bering
sea fisheries question was not signed
today the statement being made by
officials that the formalities were not
yet completed
The meeting between the American
and British experts looks more promis
ing The state department is expecting
Sir Wilfred Laurier premier of Can
ada and Mr Davis minister of marine
in the Laurier cabinet in the early part
of next week With them will come
Professor Macown the seal expert of
the British foreign office to confer with
the authorities here Although Profes
sor Macown will hold the only creden
tials as delegate Set the presence of
the Canadian premier and a member
of his cabinet is expected to have an
important bearing on the Bering sea
question as well a that of commercial
reciprocity between the United States
and Canada
English Seal Expert Outwitted
Ottawa Nov 5The officials in the
fisheries department here are discon I
certed over the action of President
Thompson the English seal expert I
Great fears are entertained that in
connection with the recent conference I
he may have committee Great Britain
to the line of policy quite antagonistic
to Canadas interests A minister ex I
presses fears that the English expert
has fallen a victim to the wiles of I
American politicians II
I Affecting Death Scans
Indianapolis Ind Nov 5Mrs An
gelina Mendenhall aged 81 years died
45 hours after her husband Dr Elijah
Mendenhall had passed away at the
age of 82 years The husband and wife
were buried this afternoon in the same I
I coffin made double width A few hours
after the husbands death his wife
I asked that she be allowed to see him I
once more before her death
I Notable lluptials
St Paul Minn Nov Holland
and Hawaii were united yesterday by
a notable marriage in St Paul The
crown painter to the Dutch royal fam
ily a distinguished European artist
was married to the daughter of Ha
waiian kings a widow of remarkable
beauty The groom was Joseph Hu
I bert Vos of The Hague the bride was
Eleanor Kaikulani Graham of Hono
I lulu
Jewish Synagogue Burned at Denver I
Denver Nov 5Temple Emanuel I
the Jewish synagogue at the corner of I
Twentyfourth and Curtis streets was
I Loss totally 35000 destroyed by fire this afternoon
Storms In South Dakota
I Lead S D Nov 5There is a very I
heavy snow storm in the northern hills I
Reports from the Great West cattle
I considerably range is that the cattle have suffered
I Two of the largest banks in San
Francisco are about to exchange their
state for national charters
I Oscar Hammersteins counsel said
that he was confident that the liabili
ties would not exceed 50000 and his
I tes
client would doubtless resume the man
agement of the theatrical enterprises
I as soon as a settlement can be ef
I fected
P E Smith proprietor of the Wedge
I saloon of Tlandsburg Cal committed
suicide at 8 oclock this morning by
shooting himself in the mouth with a
I 3Scalibre revolver
I You cant afford to risk your life by
allowing a cold to develop into pneu
monia or consumption Instant relief
and a certain cure are afforded by One
Minute Cough Cure A C Smith C
D Swift 142 Main
Bucklens Arnica Salve
The Best Salve in the world for Cuts
Bruises Sores Ulcers Salt Rheum
Fever Sores Totter Chapped Hands
Chilblains Corns and all Skin Erup
tions and positively cures Piles or no
pay required I is guaranteed to give
perfect satisfaction or money refunded
Price 25 cents per box For sale by Z
C 11 1 drug store
The Professors Wife a Critic
A college professor who prided him
self on his correct English heard his
wife remark I intended to tell Jane
to bring a fresh bucket of water
You doubtless mean a bucket of
fresh water corrected the professor
I wish you would pay some attention
to your rhetoric Your mistakes are
curious A few minutes later the pro
fessor said
My dear that picture will show to
better advantage if you were to hang
it over the clock
Ah she replied quietly you un
doubtedly mean if 1 were to hang it
above the clock I I were to hang it
over the clock we could not tell the
time I wish you would be more care
ful with rhetoric dear
with my your
mistakes are curious
OftscfeS facsimile of Mode Awarded
pl roJrcli ± 2gPQl72rca Lj
Jo Jefferson the Veteran Actor Preaches a Little Sermon
to Eastern Convicts
A special from Bostbtu > to the 1 PUtitsburg
lspaitcCi says
Efeiht hundred convicts garbed r gray
S MI the cfhapei of the state orison at
Cihcurlestown yesterday To that strange
audience impaitiomt boat silent entered
Rip Van Winkle Joseph Jefferson
Tlhe actor at wfcsss bMdingr tens of
tlhoiusands have lainghed or wept was
there to preach hops to these Shuiadteds
ataiost hopeless He ihsU come 1 remind
them that Klhey couic make men of tflitesn
selves Chat oaay could begin life anew
Ohapalia Barnes of the preen had Invited
Jefferson tout Site was TW vjstiywaedy
sermon He toiws that suiong drank tills
Wie nrisoins So he piicaened temp C
nicer hut the weird tamcyraace he dd nut
With Jefferson was l lltltle grandson
and some men devoted 0 prisim work
CiaaplaQi Barnes pruned linen Che pris
oners sang a Ciysrui As tiieyr V c rose
in a graft anoipus JefflareKn seamed I much
affected Tn n the man of supreirest art
tuftesBly itoid of l adventure of his tfiiat
bore ICs cave Im
He was hunitaag to Ausiiraillli years ago
Hs feul tefit Ms home stallion galloped
20 miles and dismounted to eat Ills luacin
Suddenly a flock of cuckatoos few by
lum scared Then he went on
Just alt tlhiait moment a large black col
lie dug came boizindlms out of the bush s
aid suddenly stopped ia front of me For
a moment I was startled The del passed
eyed me keenly than coming Slowly up
waited around me and at LaSt approacned
and licked I my hand nEiteh I had held boat
to Km He fern ran away
1 ihaive wavfer seem 0 o act in sta sin
gular a maraneir and was wondering what
Vt could when u1 bank
Could mean wh n e sharp joyful bak
named tihat fate and
WIie me tlJt i J returnIng
sure emough he had come back wagging
his eIUgI faHawed by the gaunt figure
of a main IGiCnJy chi bal ot 1 and wJtBi
a wldebrfmmed frayed straw halt on hits
head He was about 50 years of age and
as he removed tils haul and ffiade a well
m3 ted dlamifled bow I could see that
though he was uindoubtedly a shE iherd
ha Shad once been a gentleman
As he stood bareheaded before me the
wind blew his long thin sandy hair
about his brow and he regarded ave with
a strange farofC look in his eyes I met
several shepherds after this and noticed
that same strained expscrskm They Jivi
so much alone sometimes even three or
four months without seeing a human be
ing ILiftt they form this habit of looking
over tho plains hoping that they may
catch sight of scmcone to relieve the aw
ful monotony of their lives
The man sat down quietly beside me
ad ate pparinffly and rather mechani
cally of the lunch always sharing his
morsel with Jack Ws dog I took oWl a
flask of whisky and pouring out some
of i into a cup offered my guest a
drink His eyes beamed with longing a
he saw the liquor and turning on me a
strange frightened look said No none
of that Put i away please I dont
like the sight of it
lke rose to make my departure when he
said You wont go tonisht wlll you
Its too late I wish youd stay in my
hut tonight Its so long since I have seen
a human face over three months A
man only comes onco In a great white to
bring provisions and that is all we see
of humanity from one years end to the
cihcr Do Stay bcinigiht wont you
Td like to oblige you I replied but
they will be uneasy about me at the home
station But are you sure you know the way
You might get lost
Oh no I replied
The poor fellow hung his head and
looked the picture of despair
How far is the hut i askcu
Only a mile or so I assure you
I agreed to go to it so he started off
at a good pace fearing I might change
my mind I suppose Tne dog ran ahead
barking and I followed on horseback
We soon came upon his hut I was built
of mud sticks and straw with hard earth
for 3 floor The shepherd prepared a cup
of tea the usual beverage of the bush
The sun had gone down behind the low
horizon with the deO effect that it does
at sao cnsaig0 outside on a couple of
rude blocks of wood drinking our re
freshing tea the moon rose sheading its
soft light over this mysterious scene
there was no sound but the distant tinkle
of a sheeps bell and the crackling of
the little fire that was boiling the tea
The smoke went up straight and silerJcy
into the still air The loneliness was bad
enough with two men what must i have
been with one
I questIoned hIni < about his past life
I seems he had been educated cit EJcn
then became a fati yoartn in London
where tws studied for tine law and ui a
short time rose i bs a successful barrs
TtT He toad married early and had one
child a daughter born to town After two
years of wedded life his lost his witfe amt
child Despoi irnjfly he took to drink and
I bein < weak end desperate went down H
aad lest ills postton
That ones lost in Leaden i seldom re
I covered Nbt so I Jln Amerasa Here when
a man falls if he has tUbe strength < K >
brace up agu m he gauss to the went and
rUbbing up agut < t new soclety absorbs
I fresh magnetism and recuperates at once
No one need despair in th < Is land of the
I free But London is compact The Eng
I lUiwnan hates ito leave his home His fail
I tore owe known and if lie remains they
ere flung in his face There is no escape
far hrn end a lila fcnds shun him his
I falls deeper in disgrace
This was the trouble tat had beset the
Hhleptierd who having t sensitive and
I perhaps weak mind succumbed tx the
pressure that surrounded him end aliter l
0 time wilh a broken spirit he left Eng
lenri and v < rit to the colcnia1 He prac
ticed Jaw fcir I some itta3 i < n ilboairLTe suc
cessfully but the old haWt cams back 0
5wm and a s he could net racial itempta
tlcn t < oa he buried himaelf In that sheep eta
This was the story he told me and
there was tno doubt of its truth
It was now gtCt n1 Jaite and the shop
herd Insisted on my taking his cciuch an
i old canvats cot with a plain gray btacilceit
I spread upcn it So as I vas tired I ac
cented the offer and lay down < for a
mpthts rest My cOn nln streitched his
tail figure en the grass outsltta Jack lay
btitwcian us I
The Eitriangeness of the situaitlon to
gether with the strong tea seemed to I
banish sleep from me and I must have j I
been lying there for an hour with my
i eyes closed but quite awake when pres I
I ently I heard something stirring Open
ing my eyes I saw the shepherd sifting
I pgi in i thc son foSh i head rest I
t ing on his hand He seemed uneasy and
i i began restlessly to pass up and down in
i front of the hut The log remained still
i but I felt that he was awake and watch
I ing his master as he walked nervously
I i backward and forward in the moonlight
i Presently the shepherd stopped in front
and came with a hesitating step toward
the door He entered slowly and stoop I
I ing down upon his hands and knees
crawled stealthily to the chair
crwled stealhiy on which
my coat was hanging He put his hand
in the breast pocket and drew forth the
flask of liquor
And now he seemed bewildered as if
some strange emotion had seized upon
him and then fell upon his knees a if
in prayer
Suddenly he seemed to rise and in
stead of drinking the liquor placed the
flask uiniboucflved back toto the pocket of
the coat Then stretching himself on the
floor with an apparent air of comfort
and satisfaction he went off to sleep
The whole proceeding so haunted me
that it was brad daylight before I closed
my eyes When I awoke the sun wag
high in the heavens My host had pre
pared breakfast After our meal he spoke
freely of the nights proceedings to me
I told him I had seen ail that had taken
I thought it might be so he said
The old craving came upon me so strong
too but if I ever prayed for strength it
was then Well at that moment there
was a hand laid on my head a calmness
came over me that I had not felt for
years and when I returned the flask to
your pocket I knew then as I know
noW that another drop of liquor will
never pass my lips As God I my judge
I believe I was the angel hand of my I
dead wife that rested on my feverish
head It is all over
head al now thank heaven
and I can leave this lonely place and re
turn to the world again wufch safety
After the story of the shepherd Mr
Jefferson pointed out a moral from tho
play of Rip Van Winkle He subordin
ated everything to the drinking habits of
old Rip He magnified his dissipations
and showed how the Derations of Mora
Van Winkle were at times warranted
Then with hope again kindled the men
in that gray audience went back to their I
I cells g
I Apostle Joh Henry Smith ming J
a Tour of the State
Butte Miner Among the visitors L
I Montana at present is a distinguished
I member of the Mormon church in the
person of John Henry Smith one of tne
112 apostles Mr Smith who is a vet
I eran in the faith and o paftriarchial ap
pearance is here on a church mission
I i being no less than the establishment
of Mormon congregations in this state
The apostle may or may not have been
in Butte if he was he kept his mission
quiet if not he will be here but he was
run down by a reporter of the Great
Falls Tribune to whom he made the fol
lowing statement and explanation
I the mission of the apostle is suc
cessful in the state it is reasonable to
believe that there will be a congrega
tion in this city and that being the
case the story he tells will prove of in
Mr Smith told the reporter he went
to Salt Lake in 1849 from his former
home in Iowa and at once became one
of the leaders of his people He has
occupied many prominent positions in
I the church and is now one of the 12
i apostles of Salt Lake He has never
I been one of the political leaders of the
church but has confined his efforts to
work in behalf of the church in relig
ious matters
He is not in the state for the purpose
of attempting to proselyte believers in
other faiths but desires merely to meet
those who were born in Mormon faith
He states that there are thousands of
Mormon girls who have scattered
throughout the northwest since mar
riage and many of them are in Mon
tana Hundreds of young men of the
church have also left Utah and come to
Montana The Mormons who have come
to this state are in the main those who
have drifted away from Utah since
polygamy was suppressed and hun
dreds of the women were not married
until they reached Montana while the
men have had only one wife each
They have found no Mormon organ
ization In this state and have either
not attended church have to
atended or some
extent associated with the existing
churches the Presbyterians and Chris
tian churches attracting a large ma
I I is the purpose of Elder Smith to
meet those who were born in his church
and to gather together all hose in a
community and perfect organization
I Then he says we will Breach ou
principles and make converts from al
classes We firmly believe our princi
ples will appeal to all who understand
I them and we will add to our member
ship from the people of all classes and
denominations in Montana
There are now in the state 12 elders
who are laboring with Apostle Smith
and they are perfecting organizations in
various towns They will not find many
members in northern Montana but In
the portions of the state which were
early settled there is a host of Mor
At Butte there are several hundred
at Anaconda 125 at Lima 100 and a
large number in Madison Deer Lodge
and Jefferson counties
There are about 40 in Fergus county
and an unknown number in Great
Falls many of whom are now in other
The president of the Montana mission
of the church and two traveling mis
sionaries from Idaho will oon be here
and then the campaign in this vicinity
will be begun
The Mormons claim that the ques
tion of polygamy is not considered by
them nor do the converts of the church
have to embrace the doctrine as rj tenet
of the creed Mr Smith says that it
has forever ceased a in practice
Atlanta Editors Slaughtered the
Yankee Union Soldiers
Atlanta Ga dispatch in the CTlcago
Tribune There was 0 time said a
veteran newspaper colonel lounging at
his desk in an Atlanta office after the
work of the day was done when Atlanta
journalism numbered among Its adher
ents the wealth if not the wit of the com
munity That was during the last days
before Sherman captured the tow when
there were seven daily newspapers run
ning full blast They cost only 50 cents a
copy in Confederate money and an ordi
nary citizen would buy 0 copy of each
at J go home with the entire batch under
his arm to read the latest accounts of
Yankee atrocities and southern victories
In those highly colored accounts of the
campaigns in Georgia Tennessee and Vir
ginia it was made to appear that the gal
lant gray jackets were always on the dead
run trying to keep in gunshot of the flee
ing federals and firing at every jump and
a Yankee dropping at every shot One
would have supposed in reading those
narratives that the Confederate army
was made up of giants Who strode forth
only to conquer and to pile up laurels as
i stacking hay around a pole
The Yankees of course were a very
inferior race of people wouldnt fight
and when they did stop long enough to
lire a gun always aimed enoug1 the
m rk so that the loss on our side was
insignificant compared with the myriads
of our foemen who were mowed down
at every discharge The journalistic pro
fession lost some of its brightest liars
when the Confederacy fell It was just
prior to the sege of Atlanta while Sher
man was slowly drawing the coils of his
mighty host around the city that Henry
Watterson made his appearance on the
scene He was then running a paper
called the Rebel running it by getting
out a copy semioccaslonally and run
ning it out of the way of the Yanked
Watterson was in his prime and in his
element all at the same time Arro
gant vehement fiery and ferocious he
nan the rebel with a yell and from Nash
ville Tenn he worked his way in ad
vance of the federal army to Atlanta His
columns fairly blazed with defiance and
his accounts of the doings of the south
ern troops read like tales of the valiant
crusaaers 01 toe miuaie ages
But the Rebel did not thrive in the al
ready overcrowded atmosphere of Atlanta
and about the time that Shermans ad
vance guard crossed the Chattahoochee
river the Rebel yelled its last yell Wet
terson became attached to the staff of
the Southern Confederacy as an editorial
writer That newspaper was remarkable
for tine ability of its staff to keep away
from the front A gentleman who might
have been anywhere from 125 to 150 years
old was engaged to act as financial editor
and has articles were marvels of logical
argument going to show in what manner
one Confederate dollar could be ma 5e
worth 150 in silver or 1 in gold and at
least 10 in Yankee greenbacks
Of the seven newspapers in existence
when Sherman reached the Chattahoochee
river only one lived to tell the tale That
was the Atlanta Intelligence The editor
packed up his effects and skedaddled from
Atlanta before the siege began and set
tled at Mllledgeville For tho sake of the
cause however he left a small job pres
here and every day a man representing
bUn issued a little strip printed on one
side which was filled up with the most
glowing accounts of Confederate successes
in Virginia and Yankee disasters It was
nothing to see the announcement of 20
OCO or 30000 federal troops shot down by
the Confederate riflemen with a very tri
fling loss on our side and to those who
chose to believe such stories the reports
called for much imbibing of spirits and n
consequent flow of animal spirits The
fire eaters were in their glory and it was
not until Sherman crossed the river that
they began to get out of the way Wat
terson finally lft l Atlanta retreating
slowly and stubbornly as far as Macon
and hurling defiance from the top of every
sand ridge at Sherman and his cohorts
of invaders
Put Them to the Test
Cleveland Plain Dealer If the wo
men want to vote said the mossback
orator give em their share of respon >
sibility If they claim they aint afraid
of powder give em a gun
Yes shouted a little man with tan
whiskers an if they aint afraid of
paint give em a paint brush
Oh9xh4W Thankful
Pain Was Maddening and Hopo i i
Had Been Abandoned Wonder
ful Results of Purifying Blood
A very severe pain came in my left
knee which grew worse and worse and I
finally c sore broke out above the knee
I discharged G great deal and the pain j I
from my thigh down was maddening
Large hard purple spots appeared on my
leg I suffered in this way for years
and gave up all hope of ever being cared
My wife was reading ot a case like mine
cured by Hoods Sarsaparilla and sho
advised mc to try it I began taking it
and when I had used a few bottles I
found relief from my suffering Oh
how thankful I am for this relief I am
stronger than I have ever been in my life
I am in the best of health havo a good
appetite and am a new man altogether
J P Moons Lisbon Falls Maine
rJ aP sa
ri 00 d pariiia
Is the best in fact the One True Blood Purifier
Hoods Pills cure all liver lib 25 cents
Ir o cia
Sasulta in SOdays lures A A
ill NorvcraaDissarss FcilintMemory hi < 7j
ParoBis SlespJesncs Siehtly Emis j >
lions etc caused by past abases gives
rigor and Dice to ShrankenprSQi8jand quickly bu
Barely restores LosZ JgJ1 or young
Eastir cRrriod in vest pocket Price 100 a package
Sb for < JOO With a urUten uarnte to CUL or
ezosel rsfKmle JV > vT Birr AH IlinATION out
inexvt nr hwlna IHDi3O If your druggist has no
pot it cc wjIlinciit preped
umioc rgit r Ataw xml or o Z k
The UTAH NeldenJudson Drug go SALT LAKE C0Y
You dont go east every
year When you do go go
comfortably Select the line
that will give you the most
I for your money Thats the
I Burlington For proof write
I tow
W F McMillan General Agent
1 Walker Block Salt Lake City
q r g
Trav Pass Freight Agent
General Office Depot Corner Main and
Blgfiiith South Streets
Leave Arrive
S L City S a m Park City 1030 a m
Park City 3 p m S L City 515 p m
Geo D Loomis Receiver
F E Shafer General Freight and Pa
censer Agent
The Rock Island Is foremost In adopt
ing any plan calculated to Improve speed
and give that luxury safety and comfor
that She popular patronage demands
Its equipment is thoroughly complete
with VestSbuled Trains
Pullman Sleepers Chair Cars all the
most elegant and of recently improved
Its specialties are
For full particulars a to Tickets Maps
Rates apply to any Coupon icltet Agent
in the United States Canada or Mexico
or address
W H FIRTH General Agt Denvar
I A BENTON Ticket Agt R G W
Two Through Trains Daily
Between Salt Lake City Ogden and Lead
vie Cripple Creek Colorado Springs
Denver and all points east Only line
Through sleepers on both morning and
evening trains This line in connection
with the Rio Grande Western reaches
Denver earlier than any other line via
olorado Springs No change of cars or
delayed trains Take the Colorado Midland
land and save time and enjoy the finest
ride and grandest scenery in Colorado
r11 ig
For full information 1 on any R G
W Ry agent or
G P A Gen I ent
Denver Colo Salt Lake City
EkTESi and 250 tfcr Oaf
General Banking In All Its Branches
Directors Dr Theodore Meyer John J
Daly O J Salisbury Moylan C Fox
Thomas Marshall W P Noble George
Beeman M Downey John DonnolUa Jewell
T p
f l f q
t h f I I I i I
d C rp
r i rpif f fAI V J VftY i Iii T r 7 = =
1i P I
f a 1 J
1 Hw
e l
OllEtIll1 SF10111 LIE4
Trains arrive and depart at Salt Lake
CIty dally as follows
lln Effect Oct 3
From Chicago Omaha St Louis
Kansas city Denver Park
Cty and Ogden 310 pm
i From Helena Butte Portland pr
San Francisco Ogden
nncico and in
termediate points 930 am
From nan Jsranei5oo Cache Val
ley Ogden and intermediate
pPointc pm
From Chicago Omaha St Louis pm
Kansas CUy Denver and Os
From don Frisco MiUord and inter 30 ar
mediate points 933 am
pints aI
From Mercur Tlntic Provo Ne
phi Sanpete Valley and inter
mediate points 620 pm
= pm
Mixed train from Terminus
Tooele and Garfield Beach 400 pm
For Chicago Omaha Denver
Kansas city St Louis Ogden
and Park
Pand Ctty 700am
70 am
For San Francisco Ogden
Cache Valley and intermediate
For Ogden Denver Kansas City 80 am
Omaha Intermediate St Louis Chicago end
points 625
pOWls pm
For Ogden Butte Helena Port pr
Pland and San Francisco 843
S pm
For Eureka Mercur Provo 84 pm
Nf ep Sanpete aVUey 750 am
For Provo Nepni AIHford ar
Frisco and intermediate points 600
Mxcd train for Garfield Beach 60 pm
Sunday looele Trams and south Terminus to Juab run dally 745 except am
uDaly except Sunday
Hall No 200 West Second South stret sonla
Telephone No 250
Railroad and Steamship Tickets on said
to all parts of the world
Pullman Palace Car ticket office
° tcket ofce
Gen Trf Mgr Gen Pass Tlckt Agt
Vice Pres and Gen Mgr
Current Time Table
No 2For Provo Grand Junc
ton and all points east 930 om
No 4For Provo Grand Junc am
tion and ail points east 740 pm
No 6For Bingham Lehi Provo pm
Mt Pleasant Manti Rich
field Belknap all Intermediate
points 800
80 am
No SFor Eureka Payson am
Provo and all intermediate
points 500
poInt pm
No 5For Ogden and West 910 pm
No 1For Ogden and West13 pm
No 1 From Bingham Provo
Grand Junction and the East 1220pm
No3From Provo Grand 1m
Junction and East 903 pm
No 6 From Provo Bingham 1m
Eureka Belknap r
Manti and n intermediate
points 523 pm
No 2 From Ogden and the
West 920 am
No 4 From Ogden and me
West 730 pm
No 7 From Eureka Payson
Provo and all intermediate
points = 1000 am
Only line running through Pullman
Palace Sleeping Cars from Salt Lake
City to San Francisco and Portland Salt
Lake City to Denver via Grand Junction
and Salt Lake City to Kansas City and
CRIcago via Colorado points
Through tourist or family sleepers with
I B out change to Kansas City Chicago and
to Free Denver reclining chair cars Salt Lake City
Ticket Office No 103 West Second South
Street Postofce Corer
Vice Pre Gen lg Traffic Mgr
F A WADLEIGH Gen Pass Agent
m11b FAYOR1B
Trains leave and arrive Salt Lake City
as follows
On Effect March 16 1S97
I The Overland Limited for
Cnicago St Paul St Louis
Omaha Kansas City Denver
and Park City 700 am
The Fast Mall for Chicago
St Louis Omaha Kansas City
and Denver Gw pm
The Overland Limited from
Chicago St Louis Omaha
Kansas City Denver and Park
Pltv 310 pm
The Fat Mail from Chicago
Te Paul St Louis Omaha
Kansas City and Denver 330 a m
Kana Ciy am
Ticket Office 201 Main street
City OfficeTelephoneNo
Telephone No 683
Only one nigh on the road to Omaha
two nights to Chicago and St Louis
Other lines one night additional
The Union Pacific is the only line througrh
to the above points without change
to bve
of cars and the only line operating Buf
fet Smoking and Library Cars and Pull
man Dining Cars with 11 and 1 hours
quickest time to Missouri RIver and Chi
I cago reSPectlVlY LAY General Agent
Opposite Union Pacific Depot
Sat Lake City Uth
Remodeled and Refurishec
Rates 2 per day Special rates for fa
llles and theatrical companies
I M ABBOTT Manager
Walker Brothers
I Established 1859
Successors to THE UNION NATION
AL BANK of Salt Lake City
A General BaoHnu Business Transacted
Capital 100000 Surplus 510000
Little President
James T Lilte Preident
Moses Tfaatcher VicePresident
Elias A Smith Cashier r w
W W Riter George Romney
James Sharp John R Winder k
John R Barnes D H Perry
John C Cutler E R Eldredgs
David Eccles W F James
Four per cent Interest paid on savings
deposits compounded semianntally
Accounts solicited from S upward
On deposits over 31000 spec tal arrange
ments must be made with the cashier
To tho Young Face
jPoazoms Conpaaerax POW gives fresher
5 charsis to the old renewed youth Try It

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