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1 r e ri pr toI 11 < t
r 1f I
near the towns of Gunlock and Pinto j i
are most noteworthy since they are
nearer the railroad and show up bet j
ter on the test than anything that i
has yet been struck here save per
haps the famous camp of Silver Reef
which sprung into prominence as a
great producer in a few short months
after its discoveryby Barbee I
The Gunlock claims discovered by
the Trumans of that town contain a 1 I
silverleadbearing ore and though as
saying only 15 to 20 per ton yet the
ledge is reported to be 60 feet in width
300 feet of it being in sight Many
claims are taken up and great hopes I
are entertainer of the ultimate out
come I
Those near the edge of the desert 18
miles northeast of Pinto are very rich
in lead carrying a pencenlage of silver I
and some gold A welldefined ledge 1
has been struck which is considered to
be a continuation of the Horn Silver
ledge which has done such yeomanlike
service in the Frisco mines The dis
coverers Robert and D R Page are
old prospect and are confident of
the most favorable results coming
from their property Already a number
of locations have been made right
around them and the predictions of
experts are that another Leadville will
start into existence here Their opin
ion of the indications is that none more
favorable have appeared in this whole
western country than are found here
The workings are a shaft 60 feet deep
in one part showing ore in pockets
but the main strike is in a 25foot shaft
about the center of the claim showing j
a threefoot ledge of ore
The owners intentions are to hold on
to the property until it is well devel
oped and then effect a sale
Utahs Famous Gold District Has j
Had aProsperous Year
The year 1897 has been a very im
portant one in the history of Mercur
Large bodies of ore hitherto unsus
pected have been discovered mines
have increased in value some have en
tered the ranks of dividendpayers
prospects have become mines virgin
ground has been explored and valuable
mines discovered Old mills have been 1
enlarged new ones built others are in
course of construction and still more
are projected The prosperity of the
mines has been reflected in other
branches of business real estate has
made great advances a great many
buildings have teen erected dwelling
and business houses have been en
larged the population has greatly in
creased and the number of business
to establishments has nearly doubled
Improvements are being made in the
working of the mines and in the treat
ment of the ores More study is being
I given to the prospecting and developing
p of ground and improvements in the
building of mills As development pro
ceeds and more is learned about the
extent and value of the vast ore b dies
existing in the district capital is be
ing more easily induced to invest The
feeling that the camp is an experiment
is passing away and Mercur is daily
advancing in the goad opinion of min
ing operators and the camp is ac
knowledged as one of the best in the
country with vast possibilities as a
gold producer and the name and fame
of Mercur is reaching to every part of
the nation
The establishment of a bank speaks
volumes in itself the former illfated
institution having been a serious set I
back to the camp The wellknown
banking house of McCornick Co has
purchased the bank building and fix
> tures and propose to open up Jan 1 j
l The wellknown stability of the firm I j
and its experience in mining camps
practically says to the world We
have examined the district and found
it all right We are not afraid to in
vpst and advise others to do the
During the year the pay roll has in
creased from about S20000 to in the
neighborhood of 75000 and the camp
is still in its infancy The coming
year unless all signs fail will witness
such a degree of progress in Camp
Floyd as few mining districts have
ever experienced
Although the Mercur as a gold pro
ducer had established a reputation and
had miles of drift work to show the
j vast extent of the ore vein no vexa
tious law suits a large mill treating 1
the ore successfully and had paid over
half a million in dividends the year
1SS7 has seen a marked improvement
in the property In the beginning of I
January Captain De Lamar obtained a
bond on the property but failed to I
take it up Soon after this Superin
tendent Edward discovered that the
vein from which the ore was being
taken was covered by another of great
extent and equal value Ore was found
in a number of places where its pres
ence was unsuspected and before June
nearly twice as much ore was in sight
as at the time of the Mercur option
The mill at the beginning of the year
had a capacity of 200 tons which was
increased in the spring to 300 tons per
day a large addition having been made
I to the tank room which is now 330x26
feet and contains 53 tanks of 15 tons
each The mill has been lighted with
electricity and a number of improve
ments made in the plant
During the year about 90000 tons of
ore have been treated the average
value being 10 per ton Dividends
paid during the year have amounted
to 311000 the last one being 536000
Wages have amounted to 144000
without taking into consideration the
amount paid for timber etc
During the year a great deal of ex
ploration and development work has
been done much of it on the western
part of the property Large quantities
of ore have been blocked out in the
Mattie No4 ana a tunnel has been
run a long distance in the Lulu and
i other claims showing up a good body
of excellent nulling ore In November
a winze was sunk about 700 feet from
the mouth of the Ruby tunnel which
after passing through 10 feet of lime
broke Into a third ein The extent
of c the vein has not yet been deter
mined but it is known to be at least
20 feet thick and carries good milling
values The vein is being opened up
as rapidly as possible and exploration
of the ground in other directions is
going steadily along
A unique feature in mining was in
augurated by the Mercur during the
summer which was mining in an open
cut The soil was plowed and taken off
the surface by horses and a long
luarry made in the face of the hill
Here the face of the vein was 50 feet
thick and thousands of tons were
mined out with little cost for labor and
none for timbers The Sacramento and
GeyserMarion adopted this system
and the open cuts were visited by hun
dreds of oldtime miners
The value of the Mercur mine may
be estimated by the sale of six and
ninetenth acres to De Lamar a short
t time ago for 237500 With their 200
rt acres of ground in all of which the
I vein has been found to exist the prop
erty is indeed a valuable one and the
expert who stated that the Mercur had
enough ore in sight to pay over a
million more in dividends probably
knew what he was talking about
1 7 1 > Ever since the time De Lamar took
possession of this property it has been
a mystery It was known that there
were miles of underground workings
and the ore carried more than the
average values found in other mines
of the camp but whether a process for
J working the ores could be found was
a question that worried many Capi
talists were shy many of the mine
owners were discouraged and it looked
as if the future of the camp depended
on the actions of De Lamar During
the early part of the year but little
work was done but in July the ma
gician visited the camp and trans
formed the scene Sinking hopes were
> revived everything became activity
real estate began to rise rapidly in
I value and prosperity smiled on the dis
De Lamars Mercur mines comprise
a large area of ground The Golden
L r iC 1 t
Gate group covers about 200 acres of 1
ground On this property four shafts
had been sunk from which drifts run
in all directions Nearly everywhere
pay ore is found varying in value from
3 up to 100 and having an average
value of 15 per ton The vein has
been found to be in places 200 feet
thick Added to this is theTough Nut
group Merritt Hard Times etc in all
about 700 acres
I The Brickyard was added to the rest i
soon after De Lamars visit This
property comprised 140 acres A great I
deal of work had been done on the I
ground showing up the vein in fine i i
shape The development work had been
such that the directors had decUd to
build a mill when it was purchased by
Captain De Lamar
Since the purchase men have been
busy driving a tunnel to connect the
two properties The tunnel is six feet
wide and seven feet high and will be
about half a mile in length In other
parts of the mine a great deal of work
has been done preparing It to supply
the mill
In July ground was broken for the
mill and since that time a small army
of men has been at work on the mill
site The mill the largest in the
United States covers an area of 300
feet by 400 Eight levels rise one above
another in the mill the upper one be
ing the level on which the ore will be
I crushed nd which is 75 by 25 feetThe
ore from the mine is brought to this
I level through an incline 600 feet An
j II extended description of the plant has
been printed in The Herald j
A hundred feet above the mill the
I building In which will be the hoisting
engines has been constructed and a I
large commodious assay office is being
built north of the mill It is proposed I
to add a machine shop so that all
necessary repairs will be made on the
Most of the machinery for the gas
plant has arrived Threefourths of
the structural iron is in place the
I roasters are completed and it is prob
able that a couple of months will see
the immense plant ready to run It is
proposed to run 30 days on 500 tons
per day afterWhich the capacity will I
be increased to SDO tons which will be
the daijyoutput
All the motive poorer < hi both the
I mine and mill will bVelectricity and
will be furnished by the Telluride
Power Transmission company which
will also furnish lights for the prop
erty No timbering will be used in
the mine the ore will be taken em
clean and the ground allowed to
cave in
The commencement of the year
found the Geyser and Marion com
panies engaged in a vexatious law suit
neither company caring to do much in
the way of improvements Soon after
the opening of the year they consoli
dated their interests thus putting a
1 stop to litigation By this deal the
new company became the possessor of
nearly 200 acres of ground more than
enough water for their own wants two
mills and a large scope of country in
which ore had been blocked out
Early in the spring a new crusher
was put in operation at the Geyser
mill stud a number of new leaching
tanks put in place and the value of
the property has been steadily increas
ing under the superintendency of Mr
Benner during the year
Nearly 50000 tons of ore have been
extracted from the mine durin the
year and about 200000 in gold added
to the product of Utah
Dividends aggregating 63000 have
been paid to the stockholders and a
like amount distributed among the
Up to the present year only the up
per ore vein in the property had been
touched in fact the existence of a
lower vein was only made known to
the general public a short time since
The old workings have not been worked
out as many suppose large bodies of
ore from eight to 10 feet thick and
averaging 5 per ton have been blocked
out for stoping During the early jjart
of the year a large vein was found in
the W st Geyser a part of the property
II hitherto unexplored Although com
paratively little ore has been taken out
of this part of the ground enough work
has been done to show that the vein
is 48 feet thick in places and carries
values of from 10 to 18 per ton The
lower vein has been opened up a dis
tance of several hundred feet showing
an extensive ore body at least equal
i to that above from which most of the
ore used has been taken In what is
I known as the mill tunnel started to
tap the lower vein the ore was reached
a short distance from the mouth and
j i I I of sufficient value for milling In short
Superintendent Benner puts it There
are five tons of ore in sight today for
every one in sight at the beginning of
the vear
The directory was recently changed
John Dern of Mercur mine fame be
coming president of the company and
manager in place of S B Milner
The Sacramento is one of those in
stitutions that makes but little noise
j but keeps on in the even tenor of its
I way No additions have been made
to the mill the present year and no
I large dividends have gladdened the
hearts of stockholders A great deal
I of development work has been done
however and the mine shows up vast
bodies of valuable ore
During the year the output of 100 tys
per day has been pretty steady the
total being about 30000 tons for the
year About 150000 worth of gold has
been produced and their monthly
I wage bill amounts to about 3000
lOre has been found in nearly every
I part of the ground and the veins are
thicker here than in other parts of the
I camp being about 70 to 80 feet The
I average values are high 9 per ton
I being a fair estimate With the great
amount of development work done in
this mine there are millions of tons
I of rich ore in sight and the mill can
run for years on what has already
been found
I Some trouble has been experienced
J in leaching ores that contain magnesia
and the company are experimenting on
the effect of heat on the ore Should
the experiments prove that baking the
ore assists in leaching large roasters
I will be installed at the mill and it is
very probable that the mill will be
enlarged at no very distant date
1 The Northern Light is an old mine
and had a record as a silver producer I
many years ago but litigation and ad I
verse legislation Interrupted its career I
The new company purchased 12 claims I
and proceeded to clear out the old
workings and build a mill of 400 tons
capacity To run the mill it was
necessary to lay pipes from the Box
springs 14400 feet and the beginning
of the year found the company putting
the finishing touches to the mill and
I working against serious difficulties in
pushing through the pipe line
It was not until the middle of April
that everything was ready and the
mill started on its trial run The re
sult was all that was expected practi
cally all the gold and a large percent
age of the silver was saved but it was
I found that an average of ttn days was
required to do the leaching
I To increase the tankage an addition
109x64 feet was added and 21 new tanks
put in position It was also thought
best to continue the Woodruff tunnel
until it connected with the lower
workings of the mine This work was
completed about a month ago and the
mill has now started running to its full
During the summer about 30 tons of
ore per dav has been treated the re
sults being satisfactory and the pro
ceeds sufficient to pay all the expenses
of the company
In the old workings there are miles
of drift work in all of which the ore
is of good milling value The drifts
are choked with ore broken by former
workmen and left as being of too low
value Sinking through the footwaIl
in on e part of the workings a body of
good ore was discovered of good value
In the face of the Woodruff tunnel a
fact4 of ore is exposed feetiii thickJ
I ness which has been opened up a dis
tance of 200 feet j
The Kelly ore pipe of which a great
deal has been said is a body of rich I
ore carrying heavy values in silver and
A large new boarding house has re
cently been finished 76x26 feet Dr
Woodruff who has been manager of
the company since its organization re
cently resigned and L H Curtis was
appointed fo fill the vacancy There is
little doubt the coming year will wit
ness the Northern Light making a
great record as aproducer
No mine in the district and but few
on the Provo river which will not only
supply the De Lamar mill but the
Chloride Point and others in Mercur
The distance Of the power plant from
Mercur is 35 miles and it is thought the
loss of power will not exceed 8 per I
cent The power is furnished by the I
water of Provo river one ol the largest 1
streams in Utah and is taken out two I
miles above the wheel The company
are under contract to furnish 2400 horse
power at Mercur and every effort is be
ing made to complete the plant at the
earliest possible moment When com
pleted the company propose to furnish
under the direction of T McFarlane i
formerly of the Golden Gate I I
Notwithstanding the fact that Col
onel Ward djd not recommend his com
pany to purchase the Gold Dust ex
perienped mining men say it is one of
the best properties in the camp It has
been explored along 7000 feet of the vein
and 3000 feet of drifting and shaft work
have been done Values range from 4
to 512
At the Overland the ground has been
I thoroughly explored and large auanti
t I
SILVEm vawc
Th rCRCU OCTc Sioee I
i t i
elsewhere can show a record ea al
to the Chloride Point At the com
mencement of the year the property
was being worked by leasers some of
whom made considerable money The
present company was organized in
January and consolidated a number of
claims making a property of 250 acres
The only wOrk then was a tunnel 700
feet long gophered out without any
regard to scientific mining Only the
best ore had been taken out and
shipped All along this tunnel was ore
running from 40 ounces of silver up A
streak of high grade ore averaging
from 100 to 200 ounces silver and about
6 in gold was to be seen the whole
length of the tunnel
The company commenced straight
ening and widening the tunnel block
ing out the ore and sinking a shaft
on the Gladstone claim to connect
with the tunnel In the course of their
workings the rich ore has been sacked
and shipped and during the summer
about 30000 tf this ore has been mar
keted and from this all the expenses
of the mine and the building of the
mill have been paid and enough will
be left in the treasury to pay a 5000
dividend to the stockholders
I A mill is at present almost com
pleted and will be ready to run by
I Feb 1 It is very compact the build
Ing being 28x32 feet and 85 feet high
I The ore coming from the tunnel to
the bin and xollowing through the
various departments to the tailings
dump by gravity The mill building is
completed and a great deal of the
machinery is now on the ground A
tramway 225 feet long brings the ore
ftom the tunnel to the ore bin at the
top of the mill building a perpendicular
drop of 90 feet The bin has a capa
city of 225 tons from there the ore
goes to a No5 Gates crusher and
next through three sets of Cornish
rolls Through the pulp bin having a
capacity of 150 tons it reaches the
tank room The tank room is 212x52
feet capable of holding 20 tanks But
ten are being put in at present The
tanks are 20 feet in diameter and 60
feet deep and will hold 70 tons
The precipitating tanks 60 in num
ber will be on the second story on the
west side of the pulp bin while the
dynamo is located on the east side
The dvnamo will be 70 horse cower
andthe power will be furnished by the
Telluride Power Transmission com
any The cost of the machinery is
about 15000
Water sufficient for all purposes has
been brought from Silverado canyon a
distance of 2310 feet and is pumped
un 42S feet
A large new boarding house assay
office bunk house etc have been com
It is estimated that about 5000 tons
of good milling ore are on the dump
A great deal of good ore has been
blocked out the veins seeming to be I
a blanket 40 feet thick averaging 40
ounces silver and 350 in gold A I
three foot streak has been uncovered
I carrying from 135 to 150 ounces silver
and S5 in gold and samples of ore
carrying 4000 ounces are not infre
To furnish power and light for the
Golden Gate mill and mine one of the
largest electric plants in the state is
being erected Mr Munn and his asso
ciates of the Telluride P6wer Trans
mission company are putting in a plant
Mercur and Thitic with light and power
and probably the sugar factory at Lehi
A great deal of work has been done
at the Gladstone during the year and
the finest shaft house in the camp has
been erected as well as quite a number I
of other buildings A 60horse power
engine a Bolthoff quapruple hoist
etc have been installed While sink
ing a short time ago a vein of water
was tapped which yields 60000 gallons
per day Pumping machinery has been
put in place and an effort is being
made to increase the stream Itj is I
probable that some of the milling com
panies will purchase the vater should
the flow continue The North Mercur
company is developing ground in the
same locality
The Gold Coin company has done
considerable prospecting during the
summer and found ore at various
points on their property
The Eagle group has been t neglected
j I
Manager Golden < Gate Mine
during the year only the assessment
work having been done
At the Seals nothing was done until
a few weeks ago when A Murphy
made a deal whereby he obtained an
interest in the property A new shaft
house has been built and a force of
men are at work at two points in the
The Heels company after spending
thousands of dollars in their search
closed down their works early in the
spring but recently bonded the prop
erty to Colonel Wall The colonel is of
the opinion that the shaft struck a bar
ren place in the vein and passed on
thiough it He will immediately after
New Years commence sinking a shaft
some distance northwest from the pres
ent workings
The Wonder company spent consider
able time searching for the vein but
during the summer shut down a couple
of months Work has been resumed
ties of ore blocked out A new deal was I
made recently whereby G S Peyton I
i obtains control and work will com I
I mence soon after New Years I is I
proposed to build a mill in the spring i
The Sunshine has been idle all the I
year but it is thought that the new I
year will see renewed activity in this I
mine and mill Experiments have been
made as to the best method of reducing I
the ore and it is believed the problem
has been solved
The Searchlight company has recent
ly reached the vein and is drifting to
explore its extent and value The An
nie Molly Gibson and others have done I
but little this season The Glencoe has r
been bonded to Colonel Wall who has
a force of men at work on the property
and the indications for finding a large
body of qre before long are really excel
lent Other properties will be worked
in this district and the coming year
promises t be a lively one in the Sun
shine end of the district
Onthe east dip but little deyelpp
mertt has been done this year although
therehasheen some developmentwork
done notably in the Crown Point the
MoonsTiirie and the MignOn The two
first named have been sold to easter
On Lion hill among the less import
ant properties there has ben considera
ble activity and some good strikes have
been made The C L C Rosa Wa
chusetts and others have made some
rich discoveries The Little Pitts burg
has been explored to some extent and
both the silver and gold ledges exposed
Lack of money and bad air has some
what interfered with the constant
working Considerable work has been
done on the McKinley group The Her
cules tunnel has been driven a long dis
tance into the hill in the course of
which several small veins have been
discovered A consolidation of this
property with some of the adjoining
claims makes a third large property
which may in time become as valuable
as the Northern Light or Chloride
Ore was discovered in the La Cigale
in what is known as the Lillian Russell
shaft a little over a year ago This
shaft is about 50 feet north of the line
between the La Cigale and the Omaha
Ore was found at a depth of 50 feet af
ter which the vein was followed on its
dip It is now 445 feet deep
About the middle of June the Boston
shaft was commenced and it has now
reached a depth of 445 feet I is 565
feet north of the Discovery shaft Later
in the year the Mercur shaft was com
menced on the north end of the proper
ty and has reached depth of 260 feet
All of these shafts are connected with
eachother every 100 feet thus opening
up a vast body of ore 1000 feet in
length The vein varies in thickness
but will average probably 20 feet thick
The common experience has been that
as depth is reached the vein widens and
values increase I is estimated that
an average of the mine will reach as
high as 59 per ton
In March it having been decided that
there was sufficient ore in sight to jus
tify the erection of a mill contracts
were let and the largest mill in the dis
trict except the Golden Gate has been
erected on the property this year The
mill has a capacity of 500 tons daily
with a leaching capacity of 200 tons per
day The building is 40x120 feet 50 feet
rn of ircto I
r = i
dtxcoo e e to
i 1
I f
11 1
high and the wings in which are the
engine and boilers are 30x70 and 30x30
The water for the mill is brought
from Ophir creek in pipes a distance
of five miles and sufficient water is on
thet ground to supply not only the mill
but the inhabitants of the settlement
which is rapidly growing on the La
Cigale property
Besides the mill the company has
built an elegant cottage an assay office
blacksmith shop and a number of other
While grading for the mill site an
other vein was uncovered 75 feet below
j the present vein This vein has not
been explored but at the surface it was
found tobe eight feet thick and the
values ran from 1 to 5 1
A third vein commonly called the I
chest vein was found 350 feet back j I
from the mill and from the bottom of I
the incline a crosscut has been run a
distance of 260 feet to tap the chest
vein below I was found that the vein I
discovered on the mill site became part
of the original vein there being values
all through the ground between them j
One variety of the ore is a kind of
talc that is hard to leach while wet I
has been found that when baked it be I
comes porous and easily leached Ex
periments are being made to determine
the best method of baking this material
and about Jan 1 the work of putting in
j a roasting furnace will be commenced
I In the meantime the work of develop
ing the mine is going steadily forward
and every shift insreases the amount of
ore in sight
At the commencement of the year the
Daisy was only a prospect and not
I I much of one at that Ore had been dis I
covered and a shaft was being sunk
I but there was no development work
worth mentioning The Maynes Scheu
and a few others had faith in the west I
I dip and were convincing others that
I there was a chance to develop mines in
that part of the district The vein was
about four or five feet thick and car
ried good values At a depth of 130 feet
a drift was run to the north a consid
erable distance and here it was found
the vein was eight feet wide At the
2oOfoot level two more drifts were
started and the width of the vein was
fnrinrl tr hI 15 fpl tvii1 < i Aernin 100 feet
n 0
further on the incline drifts were start
ed the width of the vein at this point
being 23 feet The incline has now
reached 2 depth of 450 feet and the
vein is known to be 33 feet wide An
other significant feature is the fact
that ore values become higher as depth
is reached The whole vein from top to
bottom shows an average J value of a
little over 7 cer ton
The hanging wall Is composed of a
good variety of fire clay which carries
gold values and the chances are that
this material will eventually become
part of the vein A like condition ex
ists in the footwall Development work
has been vigorously prosecuted during
the year and enough ore has been
blocked out to justify the erection of
a mill plans for > lich have been
I drawn and arrangements perfected for
some time II the meantime a steam
I hoist has > beeiiput t r plac Jk < and devel
I 28i
opment is going on faster than ever
Thomas A Duncan has obtained an
option on the property Should he fail
to take up the bond work on the mill
will commence immediately The mill
will be built close to the present shaft
house and the gulch on the south side
will be taken advantage of in the
building The plans show a compact
mill of 125 tons daily capacity with all
the latest improvements in the art of
cyaniding A roaster to bake the re
fractory ore will probably be one of the
featres A Comet crusher C size and
Wall rolls will be part of the machin
ery and the arrangement of the dif
ferent parts of the mill will be conveni
ent and uptodate Calculations look
ing to the enlargement of the plant
have received attention in the method
of laying out the site
I is impossible to mention the many
valuable properties on the west dip The
Snowstorm shaft reached the ore at a
depth of 160 feet and an incline is be
ing sunk on the vein and drifts are
being run north and south
The Dayton and Douglass shaft has
reached a depth of 400 feet and is at
the bottom of the wash Dr Latham
of Oakland Cal is engaged in sinking
a shaft out in the valley A good show
ing has been made on the Edna May
Valley View and Gray Rooster and
others in that vicinity Patents have
been obtained on the Cedar Hill group
and a number of other claims belonging
to Colonell Wall and Captain De La
mar Hon Thomas G Merrill has
spent considerable means in the Van
derbilt group an English syndicate has
purchased the Independence group
and in short the year has seen the
commencement of work on dozens of
groups some of which will develop into
mines before the close of another year
The Detroit district is located in the
western end of Millard county and
about 30 miles from Oasis on the south
ern extension of the Oregon Short Line
It abounds in a greater diversity of
mineral than most camps in the state
even bismuth being found but copper
and gold are the predominant metals
The Ibex is working on a lead of rich
ore in the lower tunnel indicating that
the early spring will again put this
Property on the shipping list
The Copperhead owned by Payson
people is being worked with a force of
men having recently arranged for the
sinking of the main shaft to the 300foot
level They are n9w taking out ship
ping ore I
The Rattler group is pushing devel
opment work and have a fine showing
The Detroit Mining company is push
ing work on its group of claims run
ning the tunnel on the Prince of Wales
and are now in 220 feet expecting to
cut the vein any day
Claim owners are more active than
ever in prote ting their claims by do
ns assessment work and the first of I
the year will find little property open
to reJocation
The Charmed owned by Ed Busby
of Salt Lake turned out CO ore when
it was leased by the Ibex syndicate
Philip Corcoran of Salt Lake owns an
adjoining claim the Ada Two men are I
at work on the Ada
The trouble with Detroit district lies
in the fact that claim owners are poor I i
men and unable to prosecute develop
ment work The ore gets richer with f I
depth as the workings in the Ibex and I
other propositions give ample proof 1
Sick Gold District That I Becoming
a Big Shipper
Of the Gold Mountain mining district
of lIt Baldy Piute county very little
was said printed or known out de the
immediate vicinity prior to 1556 and
then the best that could Be said printed
or known in any vicinity was that for
surface indications no region in the
world could surpass Gold Mountain
that its mineralized area was vast and
rich in grassroot promises and that
all it lacked to make of i another
Cripple Creek was demonstrated depth
What the year of 1897 has contributed
to the information fund of 1896 is proof
positive that Gold Mountain ores run
deep and true and i remains for 1S9S
to fulfill the Cripple Creek prophecy
Two mines have broken into rich rock
a healthy distance below surface this
year One is the wellknown Sevier
and the other the Blue Bird The Se
vier made its strike in October In the
face of the 500foot tunnel was en
countered a good body of free gold and
silver ore 580 feet below the croppings
President Charles Lammersdorf of the
Sevier Mining Milling company is
reticent concerning the discovery but
admits the fact as related In the
lower tunnel of the Blue Bird 240 feet
down has been struck a seam from
5 to 12 inches thick running from 80
to 140 in yellow
The sensation of the year was the
August finding on the Breckenridge of
a fourfoot ledge of quartz streaked
with blueblack assaying 631k ounces
gold and 727 ounces silver a total valu
ation of 170620 per ton The follow
ing month in an open cut 200 feet
south of the August strike there was
exposed a wellmarked vein of quartz
between porphyry walls in which were
great slabs auriferously smeared Some
of it went as high as 80000 in gold
and much of i assayed 2000 a ton
Now a lower tunnel is driving on that
property and its outcome is anxiously
awaited for the proof of depth it may
In a general way it may be said of
Gold Mountain district that i has this
year employed more men and shipped
more ore than in all the years of its
previous existence
Among its 1897 shippers are the Hol
land Miller Breckenridge Blue Bird
and Silver King Something concern
ing each
The Holland first came into promi
nence this year as a placer proposition
After the marketing of a lot of dust
that was saved by hydraulics a Mich
el flourgold amalgamator was planted
on the premises and kept running until
headed off by freezing weather Hy
draulics were abandoned in July when
a force of 15 men went to work
in three shifts running open cuts that
later developed into tunnels following
the vein About the 1st of August the
amalgamator made its first cleanup of
I 150 Water ran low and an increased
supply was conveyed from distant
springs by means of 2500 feet of flumes
Soon thereafter W F Snyder in con
trol added to the mines convenience
a car and track to convey the ore from
the ledge to the separator About the
middle of August more bullion as
sent to market W F Mitchell in
ventor of the amalgamator joined Sny
der and the two pushed operations vig
orously Choice ore was sifted through
a screen and washed through the sep
arator while coarser stuff was sorted
and sacked or thrown on the dump
Developments consisted of three tun
nels respectively 365 240 and 150 feet
long and a 90foot incline on the vein
A patent has been applied for Two
shipments of sorted ore were made the
rock averaging 118 a ton Besides
this the owners have Denver mint re
ceipts for 1032 worth of bullion From
the fivefoot ledge of average 2S
quartz there are now lying on the dump
a thousand tons ready for the mill that
may go up next year I is an amal
gamation and concentration proposi
tion The Holland group of five claims
was located in 1889 Its owners are
Willard F Snyder and A J Moore
Richfield Walter James Black Rock
and E R Smith Smith Millard coun
ty Snyder has bonded the interests
of all the other owners
Douglas Tompkinson Charles Crane
and Charles Jukes located the General
Connor claim in 1888 I was then called
the C C and D and is now owned
by Colonel Percy Sowers and Edward
P Lynch who have this year secured
an option on five other claims upon
which is one of the best water supplies
en the mountain The Connor ledge is
a sevenfooter and runs 1 in gold and
silver but has never shipped anything
except for a test mill run Nature has
exposed the vein down a bluff for 150
feet Of the ores values 85 per cent
can be saved by concentration and
amalgamation and more still by the ad
dition of cyanide to the combination
It is certain that a mill will be planted
on the Connor in the spring
The famous Sevier mine was first
staked off in 1888 and in the spring of
1889 Gold Mountain district was or
ganized By the way a large number
of the best locations were made about
that time and the baby district had
just begun to enjoy a healthy growth
when i received a severe setback in the
panic of 1893 The first three locations
on Gold Mountain were the Sevier C
C and D and the Tiptop all were
made by Crane Jukes and Tompkin
son In 1889 Crane and Jukes swapped
their interest In the Sevier for Tomp
kinsons in the C C and D and Tiptop
and then Tompkinson sold the Sevier to
W F Snyder A J Moore Walter
James and W L Raht that same
spring The purchasers drove a 200
foot tunnel and cut what is called the
west vein upon which they sunk a 20
fcot winze In 1890 they shipped ore
that went 5442 to the ton in gold In
1891 Charles Lammersdorf Abase
Hyde John Beck and George Arthur
Rice bought in with Moore Snyder
Raht and James and the eight incorpo
rated a the Sevier Mining Milling
company They erected a tenstamp
mill but vater was scarce and it was
closed down in the winter of 1891 after
an unsatisfactory run A 600foot tun
I nel was driven the next summer and
the drivers struck what has since been
proved a fault Soon thereafter Mr
Rhat took charge of the mill on a 60
days trial He was successful in dem
onstrating how the ore could best be
treated showing the need of a Fr
I t

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