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f r F 1
I Several Salt Lakers Will Operate a
Breaking Boat
Stat lne Bullion Pirst Consignment
qf the Yellow Metal Prom This
Bromising Camp The Magnifi
c jl Showing I the Creole Sac
r Icn o I Active A Growing
I land IToticsable For This Pop
I ulltMercur t Stock Letter From
i Carson City The Dark Side of
13 aeKlondike Situation I Given
Tf aj i Old Ashbrook Mine Box El
deV County Producer Making A
Excellent Record Tribute to IT P
Without the blowing of horns or the
beating of drums the Oregranda Min
ing Milling company of this city is
making qut but active preparations
to do some tensive mining for the
yellow metal this summer thetribu
tarks of the mighty Yukon river in
Alaska and thr methods adopted by
the company for the recoery of gold
galore is both novel and effective the
intention beingto engage in p cer as
well as quartz mining
The fomer however will first en
g gP the attention of the company
and dredging for gold w ill be the order
of the day on the start and arrange
ments are now being perfected for the
construction of a boata stern wheeler I
which wlil be equipped with dredging
marhmtrj pumps etc for rher work I
while a quartz mill will also be taken
along In case ledges in places are found I
by the adventurers
1 a This boat will be built either at San
Francisco Portland or Seattle and II
will probably be in sections so that it
can he shipped to the mouth of the
Yukon by steamer and it is expected f
that D W Gamble manager and P
L Schmidt assistant manager and su
perintendent will leave for the coast
within the next week or ten days for
the purpose of seeing to the construc
tion of the vessel which will be 82 feet
in length with 22foct beam and I
is expected tha it will draw from 15 I
to 18 Inches of water I will be a I
doubledecker the lower deck to
contain the machinery while the upper
one will be occupied by the miners
and crew as a dwelling the boat to be
freighted with provisions and supplies
sufficient to last for 18 months at least
The start will be made from the coast
same time in April the party to be
made up of 15 men most of them from
this city and all of them stockholders
1 the company and it is the intention I
I to operate o one of the tributaries of
the Yukon in American territory
In speaking yesterday with Lem I
Learn on the subject the gentleman
I declined to state just where the com
pany would begin operations and he
stated that if the plarc and objects
wer fully known to the public at large
considerable excitement would doubt
less ensue in fact it would hardly do
to tell all that was known in the
premises as much of what has come I
to tne Knowipage ot the company
reads so much like a fairy tale that
man would be disinclined to believe i
I has leaked out however that last
fall two men came in from the Yukon
I who stated that in their migrations
and investigations along the banks of
one of the streams flowing into the
river they found that the sand and
gravel was
They were without gold pans or any I
means to sluice but in a short time
by shoveling the sand from the bottom
of the stream onto large rocks on the I
banks and then throwing water on the
same with buckets they cleaned up I I
about 16000 the gold being so coarse
that they were able to pick it out of
the gravel after a liberal washing I I
with the primitive means at hand
These two men are Interested in the
Oregranda company and will accom
pany the expedition to the land full
of promise and if what they tell is
half true the enterprise is bound to
e successful as with the dredge boat
many yards of gravel can be pumped I
ufe from the bed of the stream and
handled daily and where the two men
above referred to have cleaned up sev I
eral thousand dollars in a comparative
ly short time the company should be
able to recover millions with ifs im
proved appliances and if gold ledges
are to be found they no doubt will be
abie to make another stake in this di
rection especially as the party will in
clude in its personnel a number ofex
perienced miners and millmen
I The officers and directors of the com
pany are composed of wellknown Salt
Lakers as follows
J W Smith president Edmond
Wilkes vie president Harry Duke
treasurer Lem Learn secretary and
assistant treasurer J W Burton at
torney and R Service
First Consignment of the Yellow
Metal Prom This Promising Camp
Al Popkees the general manager of
the StatPline Gold Mining Milling
cvmj any came in from the camp yes
t r1ay with a retort of gold being the
first lot df bullion to come in from this
nev gold producing district
Mr Popkees Is enthusiastic over the
oitk k for the camp and is satisfied
that h one time it will make a great
record for tself in its output of the
yellow metal
According to Mr Popkees the new
mill put in by his company and started
up on the first day of the new year is
now running in a most satisfactory
I manner treating from 10 to 15 tons of
ore daily which according to battery
samples carries average values of 22
In gold to the ton while a saving of
80 per cent of the values is made
At the present time the mill is be
ing run on ore from the Creole mine
in which there is a magnificent show
ing as in the face of the main tunnel
in this property a sixfoot breast of ore
is exposed two samples of which taken
the day before Mr Popkees left for
Salt Lake showed gold values of
The tunnel is being driven straight
ahead on this splendid body of quartz
and mineral is being left on both sides
The ore for the mill however is rDe
ing taken from a point further back in
i I the tunnel where the men are stoping
on a ledge of ore from three to four feet
f vide which carries excellent milling
values and In this portion of the mine
Mr Popkees estimates that there are at
least 1000 tons of good ore in sight
Tfhili the indications are that as work I
progresses in the development of the
mine the ore zones will increase in size
as well a in vaiue
On the Gold Belt in which the com
pany Is also interested the men are
taking out ore in driving a tunnel the
average value of which is from 12 to
SIS in gold to the ton
Jp the Ophir also the company is do
ing some effective work and Mr Pop
kees states that on the 115foot level an
eightinch streak of very highgrade
gold and sliver ore has been
nd expoi2d
durimr the past week from which
minerJ is now being sacked for ship
In the Ophir immense bodies of low J
t grade silver ore have been blocked out
and from experiments made a short
I time ago by John Lynch at De Lamar
i has been demonstrated that it can be
treated by the cyanide process most
On the Big Fourteen R G Nugent is
sinking his s aft ona nice body of
pay rock andhe has i a shipment of
I high gradesuf now at the samplers
in this cify
I The energy of the Stateline company
and the success that has crowned its
j forts is doing much towards bringing
j the district into prominence and it is
I the prevailing belief that during the
coming summer this new gold camp
I boom will enjoy a merited and good sized
I Growing Demand Is Noticeable Per
I This Popular Mercur Stock
The bulls and bears fought shy of
j each other dn the llpor of the mining
I exchange yesterday and there was but
little excitement in the arena during
i the call although a number of securi
ties made excellent records as well as
I For some reason there was an un
usual demand for BullionBeck which
I recorded sharp advances and registered
la transfer at a fancy quotation consid
j ering the bids made for this stock dur
ing the past two months Galena was
I quite prominent in the way of sales
I but at a decided decline GeyserMarion I
was slow and almost lifeless and it j I
I was some time before a transfer of j
the stock was noted MDrcur and
Mammoth were stationary but quiet
I at the figures of the previous call while
Northern Light lacked life sales be
ing made on a basis of 26 and 27 cents
Sacramento however was the leading
f security on the board as far as an
active demand was concerned and at
the close I had chronicled transfers to
the extent of 2500shares at 2S and 28
In the unlisted stocks Swansea and
S Swangea were both somewhat
stronger tan during the call of the
day before but were inactive in the
way of sales Chloride Point was given
a rest but was quite strong at the quo
tations given below
follows The transactions of the day were as
100 BullionBeck at 590
100 GeyserMarion at 7S cents
500 Galena at 53 cents
1500 Northern Light at 27 cents
500 Northern Light at 26 cents
500 Sacramento at 28 cents
2000 Sacramento at 28 cents
100 Chloride Point at 55 cents
100 Chloride Point at 544 cents
The closing quotations were as fol
t t I I > t
I e
I I I ri
Anchor 1 70 1
I Ajax f 38 42i
BullionBeck 1 5S5 I C05
Brick Consolidated 70
Centennial Eureka 4 2100 25CO
I Dttly 75
Daly West 1 340 550
Dalton Lark I 02 M
Eagle i OVA 0
East Golden Gate 01
Four Aces j 02 i 03 I
GeyserMarion I 784 79
Galena 53 4
Horn Silver I i I
SIler 112
Mammoth 222 > 225 1
Mdrcur j S40 l S55
Northern Light 1 26ll 1 28 I
Overland 35 I 51
Ontario 30 I 360
Sacramento 1 2SVM 3 I
Sunshine 20 r 33
Silver King 16QO I 1700
Utah 1 50 i 72y I
I I t t j > o j
I r
I 1 I
Grand Central s5 100
Dalton O Is 1031
Valeo 1 1 40 r
Chloride Point 5 1 5 1 i
Swansea 20 225 I
South Swansea i 12 12 i
Sunbem 1 Q3 DS
Homestalt 1 O 02
Golden Eagle I 01 10
Omaha 25 I
Richmond Anaconda f 01 I 02
Buckeye 031
WOst Cable 0211 0
Little Pitsburg 01 021
Dexter 125
12 I
Emerald 02 I 04
Alice 4 I
TEL 505 15 W 2d So St
The Dark Side of the Klondike Situ
ation I Given I
Under date of Nov 1 1897 Clinton
L Rice of this city and an experienced
California miner writes to S S Dick
inson of the White Mercantile com
pany as follows
Dawson City Nov 1 1897
Dear Sol
I thought that I would write you a
ft > lines tonight a I have a chance to
send out some letters by a man who
came in with us He starts from here
next Monday for San Francisco This
is the fist chance that 1 have had to
rend any letters since coming here and
that will be two months on the 16th
Have written many to Lister but have
them all here yet so all will go with
his letter You must excuse this
paver as paper is a scarce article in
this frozen zone and costs 1 a sheet
at that How is that for paper YOu
cant calculate what it costs a man to
Ilye in ths country Now Sol I will
try and give you sbme idea of the way
I things are sold In Dawson
First I will give you the prices in the
meat line as that will interest you
more than anything else Porterhouse
steak 250 per pound chuck steak
two pounds for 3 rough meat such
as stews and boils at 1 a pound mut
ten 150 straight bacon 125 a pound j
Hour 400 a banel beans rice and tea I
Si25 per pound coffee 150 and every I
thing else in proportion
How is that for a mining town The I
mines of 49 are not in it with those of i
the Yukon river That is enough of I
Dawson so will tell you about the I
I is the ddest place on the face of I
the earth for a man to suffer in I
It Isnt one thing it is another All sorts
of pests I
It is very cold here now about 30 de
grees below zero and that is nothing
towhat we will have this winter as it
gets a low as 80 Sol > you are rich
vbere you are so dont get the Klon
dike fever for it is only fit for Indians
Esquimaux and dogs
As for making a fortune there is only
one chance in a thousand The store
keepers and saloon men make the
money not the miners Whisky 50c I
a drink
The mines are overrated there are
only 30 good claims in this district and I
they are not so good as reported so
you can tell any of your friends who
want to come to Alaska to stay at home
and they will have more money than
by coming here
Claude and I will stay here until
June but you can betwe will take the
first steamer for Frisco which is a
pretty good place to stay in i anyone
should ask you
Wish we were all there together but
will have to wait about 1 months be
fore we can get there
Will so as soon as the ice gets out
of the river and such a river you never
srI r
The ice is 100 feet high in places
There Is no way to cross but by mak
ing a path with art ax It is something
awful the way that river runs nice to
look at but not to navigate We had
I a grand trip of 700 miles in a small
I boat and the scenery is indescribable
The canyon and White Horse rapids
Iare among the finest in the world We
shot our boat overin safety but talk
I about a ride I is one mile long and
we went through with our little boat
in two mnutes
I But that tr i Oh Sol I hope you
will never be called upon to endure
what we did on this trip I is beyond
the ability of anyone to describe i
This is a hard game and the sooner
we get out of Jt the better I would
get out now but he risk is too great
and as we have a good outfit will not
take the chances of freezing to death
I on the trail which is 600 miles long
Mr W E Knowles who came in with
I us leaves next Monday for Frisco He
is going to call on the boys and tell
them to keep away from Dawson
I There is nothing in i Sol To be sure
some have made money but you stand
I just a good a show anywhere else I
is no place for anyone The sun scarce
ly shires here have seen i but twice
in four months and then only a few
hours I gets daylight about 3 p m
We have built us a good cabin and are
comfortablv fixed for the winter and I
If it gets too old will stay indoors i
it gets CO below
Meals at hotels and restaurants are
5 each and very poor at that A man
to live in this country would have to
make 60 a day and then he could not
live as well as a man who Sets 250 in
Calfornia I t l you Sol chasing wild
cats is not what it is cracked up to be
Tel any of your friends who want to
come to Dawson to stay at home and
they will thank you for i This is
straight In one year from now Daw
son will be nearly deserted
Box Elder County Producer That I
Making An Excellent Rscord
Word comes from Box Elder county
that work is progressing finely in the
operation of the old Ashbrook mine
the property of the Salt Lake Mining
Improvement company and that the
little mill is now reducing ore to bulr I
lion that carries values of from S80 to I
100 to the ton in both gold and silver
and the impression prevails that the
company will be able to begin the dis
tribution of regular dividends during
the coming spring
The engine at the mill being operated
by the company has been reset and re
I paired and the mill is now running in
a most satisfactory manner the clean
ups being made but once a month a
I goodly conignment being sent In to
San Francisco a short time ago as the
company is consigning its output
I to that city now instead of to Salt
Lake as of yore
During the past two months the
lower tunnel on the Sentinel claim has
been connected with the bottom of the
shaft and now the men are stoplng on
I a large body of high grade mineral the
ore and waste being run out through
the tunnel thus greatly facilitating the
workings of the mine
Manager J H Paris who came down
from the mine last week returned to
the scene of operations a day or two I
ago with 750 feet of track for the tun
nel and also an ore car so that the
property will soon be equipped with
all that is necessary for its economical
and successful operation
As stated in previous issues of The
Herald it has been the intention of tho
company to increase the capacity of its
mill during the present year and i is
learned that early in the spring this
will be done in the way of the installa
tion of a tenstamp mill and when this
is in running order there is but little
doubt but that the mine will then be I
placed on a paying basis
Who Was Associated With the Early
History of Tintic
Eureka1 Utah Jan 12N P Lake I
whose death was announced in a press
dispatch from DIxon Wyo on the
10th instant was prominent in the early
history of Tintic district He came
here immediately after the first dis
covery of ore in the old Sunbeam at
Silver City and during the boom days
of that camp acted as deputy recorder
under S B More the first recorder of
the district I was the custom in
those days to give the deputy an in
terest in locations and several of the
properties in which Lakes name was
associated as an owner have since be
come valuable He was the original
locator of the CentennialEureka
claim half way to the summit of
Eureka Peak which afterwards formed
the nucleus of the large group of claims
that have produced 3000000 in the past
12 years He sold the property to J
F Woodman and W W Chisholm who
incorporated and developed the present
magnificent mining property after a
hard struggle covering several years
With all his opportunities poor Lake
died alone and in comparative
ad comparatve pov
ert Yet he lives In pleasant memory
in the hearts of many old timers in
Tintic district I
A Mexico Bonanza
John B Farish the well known min I
ing engineer of this city says the Den
ver Republican returned to Denver on
Friday evening from a visit to Minas
Prietas Sonora Mexico where he ex
amined the recent developments in the
Grand Central mines I will be re
membered that these properties were
purchased by the Exploration company
Rothschild syndicate of London In
August 1896 upon the report of Mr
Farish and the stock in the Grand
Central Mining company was shortly
afterwards placed upon the London
At the annual meeting recent held
in London it was shown that the
profits for the first years operations
were 81000 of which sum 37500 was
paid in dividends some 27000 carried
over as surplus arid file balance ex
I pended in improvements The mine is
paying steadily and the expenses of
j operation under the management of
IE I R Abadle Have been reduced over
50 per cent The new main shaft has i
reached a depth of 860 feet and the
ore body has been opened on the sev
enth and eighth levels for a distance
of over 200 feet and an average width
of 16 feet all highgrade milling
The property is one of the best
I equipped in all Mexico The shaft has
four compartments and is fitted with
I a ownorse power noist having a ca
I pacity of 3000 feet The mill contains
I 30 heavy rapid drop stamps under
which the ore Is crushed through a No
12 screen before being pulverized in
Huntington mills and pasing through
pans and settlers and over Frue Van I
ners The Boss system of continuous i
amalgamation is employed and 175
tons are treated every 24 hours The
large reserves opened up guarantee a
prosperous future for the property
Starting Work On the Boss Teed
Eureka Utah Jan 12E N Jen
kins came out from Sal Lake yester
day to start the work on the Boss
Tweed on which he has a lease The
main shaft is down 275 feet from the
breast of the tunnel and Is in a body
of high grade copper ore The work
of sinking the shaft will be begun at
once and a good force will be kept at
work W M Nesbit formerly super J
intendent of the Mammoth mine will
be associated with Mr Jenkins in the
management of the mine I
Silver and Lead
The silver and lead quotations yes
terday were as follows
Bar silver 57 cents
Lead brokers S355 exchange 360
Copper lake 1085 casting 1050
Ore and Bullion
The ore and bullion receipts yester
day were a follows
McCornick 4 Co ores 7SSO
T R Jones Co bullion 2000
ores 2800
Bamberger McMillan ores 7332
Mining Notes and Personals I
Captain W H Smith the veteran min
id I 4
to J
ing superintendent hnd expert left for
the Klondike yesterday ler
A thousand shares of Golden Eagle
were curbed yesterday at 7 cents
GeyserMarion was considerably strong
er on the curb yesterday afternoon and
sales were resorted SO cents i
Manager L H Curtis of th3 Northern
Light want out to tie mine resterday
with the payroll and checks for the em
ployees of the company
At the adjourned meeting of the direo
tors of the BullionBeck held yasterday
nothing but routine business was trans
acted and an adjournment was taken
sine die
The Mammoth was in yesterday with
gold and silver bullion valued at 5700
I is report that the mine is looking in
excellent shape with large reserves of ore
in sight
The regular annual meeting of the
stockholders of the Marcur company con
verted yesterday but on account of the
absence of Manager John Dem the meet
ing was adjourned to Feb Z at 2 p m
At the office of theUnion Pacific ofilce
in this city there is a fine display of ores
and minerals from the Grand Encamp
ment district in Wyoming regarding
which so much has ben said In the pi
peis of late f
Fred Dern who has been attending ths
Colorado School of Mines at Golden re
turned home yesterday Mr Dern has
been on the sick list for the past month
and on this account came home much
sooner than expected
The delinquent stock of the Buckeye
I Mining company 494 shares was sold yes
terday rt Public auction at 2Vi cents a
share The sale was well attended and
I wouldbe buyers were disappointed at the i
limited amount of stock offered
Warren Tower who assisted In making
the geological survey of Tintic district a
short time ago was married in Washing
ton on the 5th to the lady of his choice
Mr Tower made many friends while in
Utah and they all unite ii extending con
Henry M Ryan of the Camas No 1 I
group of mines on the Halley Gold belt
has made arrangements for an electric
water power plant for the group of mines
above named says ths Halley Ida
Times He Is in Salt Lake attending to
some legal business there but will soon
I return to Chicago to closfe up the negotia
tions already begun that are to result in I
j the electric plant referred to being in
I I stalled spring at the Camas No 1 early ti
it the annul meeting of the stock
holders of the Alice Mining company held
in this city yesterday the old board of
directors was reelected as follows Joseph
seoh R Walker Henry W Lawrence
Sharp Walker Boyd Park Joseph R
Walker Jr Charles K Gilchrist Mat
thew I Walker W L Pickard and Louis
H Farnsworth Of these Joseph R
Walker 1s president Louis H Farns
worth treasurer secretary and Matthew H Walker
J A KIrby the eHlcient superintendent
of the BullionBeck who was in from Eu
reka yesterday informs The Herald that
the main shaft is now down to the thou
sandfoot level and that a station Is be
ing cut after which sinking wB be re
sumed to the 1300 Mr Kirby states that
on the lSCO to the north a fine body of
I good mineral is exposed which is a con
tinuation of the channel showing on the
90 The company is now shipping from
I CO to 70 tons of good ore daily and the
mine is in excellent condition
The heavy holders of the Eagle in
Horse Heaven Marysvale will let a con
tract within the next few days to Harry
King for 100 feet of tunnel work There
Is a fine showing in the Eagle and two
feet of the two and a halffoot ore body
carries 105 ounces silver and J950 in gold
I to the ton while on the footwall there is
a stringer of V riet gives assays
II ranging all the way from 10 to over 400
to the ton in the yollow metal This is a
promising niece of property and has all
r rf al
the earmarks of a irr
Andrew Hanson one of Colonel S B
Milners righthand men l who recently I
made an inspection of the property of the
Galena Mining company In Beaver Lake I
district repons that in the workings of
one of the claims there is a twofoot body I
ot hlghgradeslverlcadore and he ex
presses the opinion that his is surely the
making of a producing and paying mine
Mr Hanson is now in Pinto Iron district
In Iron county directing development
work on the Homestake silver and lead
group and the Kansas City copper mine
for Colonel Milner
J A Perkins of Antiquity G e 0 was for I
thirty years needlessly tortured by phy
sicians for the cure of eczema He Wa1
quickly cured by using DeWitts Witch
Hazel Salve the famous healing salve
for piles and skin diseasbs A C Stnith I
C D Swift
Receipts and Disbursements Sewer
Laterals Constructed Sidewalks
Laid Street Pavements Some
The report of City Engineer Kelsey
for the year 1897 has been submitted
to Mayor Clark The report sets forth
in detail the character cost and rela
tive importance of the departments
manifold duties and accomplished
work in the field and in the office ill
pertaining to the streets sidewalks
pavements sewer system water supply
The departments expenses for the
year are given as follows
Payroll 12730 05
Vouchers 1407 85
Total 1413790
Special work ordered done by
city council and work paid
for by special assessments 3077 67
Receipts 1666 49
Total 5744 16
Total net expenditures for the
Y ar S 9393 74
The sum of 38649 of above amount
was expended for work done for other
In the sewer department the ex
pense of maintenance was 339279 and
cost of construction amounted to
199417 exclusive of cost of extensions
to abutting property owners
The following is a statement of the
amounts expended under the supervis
ion of the engineering department for
labor performed and materials used on
special work ordered by the city coun
cil and contract work
M Sewer extensions ndA gravity system
i > sisio onages ioozou x ariey can
yon flume 371910 Fort Douglas
waterworks 4000 miscellaneous
orcs miscelaneous
I 75730 total 1932787
During the year 86 surveys were made
for private parties and 44 were made
for the several city departments There
were 9019 lineal feet of sewer laterals
constructed in 1897 The number of
sewer connection permits issued was
119 making total of 1070
19 a connections
in the city Permits were issued for
the erection of 1S11 electric light and
other poles carrying electric wires I
Seven hundred and fortyone barrels I
of cement were tested 50 of the num
ber being rejected
The length of sidewalk pavements is
given at 2177 miles all of which was
constructed prior to Jan 1 1897 The
engineer recommends that the slippery
surfaces of the pavements be roughened
by the bushhammering process or by
a coat of tar and sand
The city has benefited to the extent of I I
1934566 being the excess of street
paving tax collected over the actual I
I cost Only 725265 of this sum has
been refunded to those who brought
suit to recover from the city
As to street pavements the engineer
reports the repairs to the State street
pavement insufficient to entitle the contractors
tractors to secure the final acceptance
of the work by the city under the five
years guaranty clause of the contract
The final acceptance of the Richards
street pavement is noted
The Main First and Second and West
Temple pavements are reported to be
I n an unsatisfactory condition addi
tional l repairs being necessary to be
made by the contractor
Relative to the pavement laid on
Second South from West Temple to
First West the report states that the
action of the board of public works in
I permitting the uses pf aspluiltjc sand
stone of a poor quality which had been
condemned by the engineer even with
the sum of 2200 retained for two years
t as a guaranty has been demonstrated
to have been unwise and improper
In all the street paving guarantees
retained by the city amount to 19
99031 under five contracts the dates
of maturity running from Oct 4 1897
to Jan 31 1S99
Attention is called to the failure of
the street car companies to keep their
I portion of the stone block pavements
in good repair
I A comparative statement Is given of
the average cost ofconstructing sewer
laterals from 1SS9 to date That on S
inch pipe per foot Is as follows
3889 380Jo 1880 261 SJ no rec
ord 1S92 175 1893 211 is 140
1895 99 310c 1896 130 1897 T 10 715
The cost of the sewer system is givei
as follows Gravity outlet sewer 430
44642 pumping plant and outlet 69
02S4 mains 7128429 laterals 24S
C6656 total 82039011
The cost of flushing the sewer lat
erals for the year was 78032 and the
expense of maintaining the gravity out
let ewer amounted to 40616
Referring to the sewer farm the en
gineer reports that the sewage is satis
factorily disposed of the water being
drawn off from settling basins and the
sludge matter being plowed under The
farming of the tract has beer success
fully accomplished and the prejudice
against using the solids for fertilizing
and the drain water for irrigation has
been overcome In consequence sev
eral offers have been made for a lease
on the sewer farm and when it is let
out the sewer tout t > instead of being
an expense will be a source of profit
The progress made on the resurvey
and replatting of plat E which work
the property owners desire to see com
pleted is reported and also the locat
ing of Improvements on 56 blocks in
other Darts There remain 112 blocks
in the city on which lot and fence lines
have not been located
The report recommends the construc
I tion of a masonry tank of large capac
ity in City Creek canyon at the high
line intake and the reconstruction of
the other settling tanks lower down in
the canyon This improvement will re
duce the cost of maintenance and oper
ation and render a cleaner purer sup
ply of water possible
Measurements made of the flow of
water in Parleys creek of which the
city owns S2 per cent show that since
1890 during the months of July and
August the discharge in gallons every
24 hours ranged from 6734400 to 18728
900 the highest stage being in July
That the automatic flush tanks be
put in at all dead ends in the sewer
SecondThat no contracts be ap
proved when awarded to men who have
failed to discharge former contracts
with the city or who have caused the
city needless trouble in supervising the
Third That on all sewers hereafter
constructed the contract be let for the
work with the understanding that the
city furnish the pipe which should be
of the best quality This plan will give
more satIsfactory results and save
much needless expense
FourthThat the sewer farm be
leased for one year and that right of
way be secured for extending a ditch
northward to carry irrigation water
from the outlet to dry land the water
to be sold to farmers
Fifth That the street railway com
panies be compelled to keep their por
tion of the pavements in repair as re
quired by law
Sixth That all street gutters in the
I paved district be washed during the
summer months at a cost of about 50
a month in the interest of the public
SeventhThat permanent
be put in for measuring the flow of I
water in City Emigration Parleys j I
Mill and Cottonwood creeks and that I
every month measurements be made
and a record kept of the flow of waiter
in each of these streams Also that
measurements he made to determine
the discharge of the Jordan river at the
old dam near Utah lake and the
amount of water taken into the Jordan
and Salt Lake canal to ascertain If I
the city is getting the quantity of water
that i is entitled to I
Industries Are Prosperous and the
I Colonists Are Happy
Special Correspondence
Colonia Hidalgo Chihuahua Mexico
Jan 9 Mexico under free coinage of
silver is making rapid strides in im
provements in manufactures and the
agrIculurl and horticultural indus
tries Everybody is employed and
wages are advancing New mines are
being opened up and the demand for
labor is increasing The last season
was most prosperous for those engaged
in farming and fruit raising who found
a good market for all their products
All the colonies are doing well There
are Splendid opportunities here for
colonists Land is cheap andthe titles
are perfect A COLONIST
Arrival at Los Angeles Awaited By
Curious Women
Los Angeles Cal Jan 12The train
from San Francisco which brought the
body of murderer Durrant was 40
minutes late and the large crowd
which had gathered at the depot grew
impatient Their curiosity was only
partially appeased for the parents of
the murderer left the train at River
station and were taken in a hack to
the undertaking parlors where the
body will be held until tomorrow The
crowd saw a coffin taken from the lmr
gage car and placed in a black wagon I
and that was all A private detective
guarded the body A small gathering I
waited around the undertaking parlors
and saw the parents arrive and enter
about ten minutes before the arrival of
the body The steps of a church upon
the right hand side of the establish
ment held a number of women and in
fact most of the people there were wo
men The body was placed in a small
back room where the detective will
guard i until the morning when wi I
I will be taken in a hearse to Pasadena
Mr and Mrs Durrant did not Show
any signs of grief and met a relative
here with small show of feeling There
was r no conflict between rival H undertak I
ing iirnis us iiau ueen anticipated and
no doubt the whole proceeding until the
body of the murderer becomes ashes
will be quiet and uneventful Boti Mr
and Mrs Durrant state they are great
ly relipved at the solution of the diffi
culty which confronted them in the dis
posal of the body of their son
Wreck of a Japanese Transport In
the Oriental Seas
Victoria B C Jan 12Latest ad
vices from the orient state that the
Japanese transport steamer Nara of
2510 tons bound to the Pecadores
wag wrecked on Dec 24 and about SO
lives lost The only survivors were
five seamen who were picked up by the
steamer Maidsuru Maru Captain
Yasuda of the Japanese navy and nine
cadets were among the missing The
vessel struck an uncharted rock her
cargo shifted and she went to the
I So Thinks and Ufters Cush Davis In
t the Senate
I What Effect This Would Have On the
Nicaragua Canal7 Importance of
Pearl Harbor Senator Allen In
Opposition Hawaii Mixed With
I Cuban Question
Washington Jan 12Senator Davis
continued and completed his speech in
the executive session of the senate to
day on the Hawaiian question and wa
followed by Senator Allen of Nebraska
who spoke in opposition
Mr Davis requested in the beginning
that no questions should be asked dur
ing the presentation of his argument
as he preferred he said not to have the
continuity of his thoughts broken The
speech today was devoted largely to a
I presentation of the strategic features
of annexation He displayed a chart
in front of the presiding officers plat
form showing the location of Hawaii
relative to this country and to Asia
One of the points brought out with
considerable elaboration was the prob
able effect on the Nicaraguan canal of
the occupation of the islands by some
foreign power He illustrated by a ref
erence to the man showing that Ha
waii was in a straight line between the
westernterminus ofthe canal and Japan
and China The nation he said which
controls Hawaii will control that great
gateway of commerce The guns plant
ed on Hawaii would be pointed directly
at the mouth of the canal
He also devoted careful attention to
the importance of controlling Pearl ha
bor now owned by the United States
saying that the nation which maintain
ed possession of the harbor would hold
the key to the military situation in the
North Pacific He read extracts from
reports by engineers and others in con
firmation of this statement and in sup
port of a statement which he made as
to the character of the harbor which
was that it was safe and commodious
and could be easily defended He also
presented the necessity for controlling
Hawaii as a base of supplies in case of
hostilities saying that it was almost
necescary to control I for this reason
on account of the impossibility of a
warship crossing the Pacific without re
plenishing her coal supply
I Mr Davis ridiculed the objection
made by Japan that the addition of
Hawaii as United States territory
would work a violation of Japans
treaty rights in the islands He said
in reply to this objection that all rights
would doubtless be protected and in
stanced the creation of the German em
pire as showing the effect of annexa
tion upon the treaties of various coun
tries which enter into a consolidatfon
He referred to Japans protest as an
indication of a natural tendency to ra
pacity and said that the government
of that country should have been sat
isfied with the territory wrested from
China instead of wanting to gorge her I
self by the addition of Hawaii
Mr Davis called attention to the ap
I parent cordial relations existing be
t l tween Japan and England as manifest
I ed biy Japans offer to lend her fleet to
the English in their operations in Chi
nese waters where he said thfe great
r rs geat
est naval demonstration or history was
about to be made He did not indicate a i
belief that immediate war would be I
the result of European competition over
Chinese territory On the contrary he
called attention to the fact that the
flags of Great Britain France Ger
many and Russia were floating side by
side in the oriental waters neither
power being apparently anxious to dis
turb the other so long as there was a
prospect of each power getting as much I
as the others were taking The only
way in which the United States could
protect themselves against this divis
ion of territory would be to control the
Hawaiian Islands
In case we should fail to do this there
was danger of losing very important
trade advantages which were rapidly 1
developing in the far east He referred
to the improvement of the commercial
outlook between the United States and I
China and instanced the fact that one
Minnesota firm had exported 500000
worth of flour to that country The I
last half hour of Senator Davis speech
was devoted to a recapitulation of the
I subject in which he dwelt at consider
able length and portrayed in strong
language the origin and close of great
wars which was intended to illustrate
I the probable ultimate result of present
operations in Chinese waters
When Senator Davis took his seat he
I was congratulated by almost every sen
ator present upon the force of his ar
gument the thoroughness of his re
search and the brilliancy of his presen
tation of facts Both Senators Hoar
and Mason were heard to remark that
it was a great pity that the rules of an
executive session prevented the publica
tion of the entire document
Senator Allen Pop Neb followed
with a speech in opposition to the
treaty which was comparatively brief
He called attention to the distance of
Hawaii from our own shores referred
to the necessity we would be under of
defending the islands in case of war
and claimed on this account it was
necessary for the United States to es
tablish and maintain a separate fleet
for their protection as well as an army
air the islands He said that coal was
no longer contraband of war and con
tended that the United States was in
far greater danger from the British es
tablishment at Esquimalt than it could
possibly be because of the location of
any foreign power in Hawaii He dep
recated the idea of assimilating such a
population as that of Hawaii calling
attention to the fact that almost half
of it was composed of Chinese and Jap
anese He contended that the annexa
tion of the islands would open the doors
for a violation of our laws for the ex
clusion of Chinese and declared that
the people of that country were not of
a character calculated to send accept
able senators to Washington
There was apparent today a disposi
tion on the part of some senators who
announce themselves undecided as to
what course to pursue on the Hawaiian
question mix it with the Cuban prob
lem aiiey are uieiius OL juoa ana
their desire is to have the administra
tion take a more pronounced position
In the interests of Cuba as a return for
their assistance on the Hawaiian
AntiSaloon People Heel
Columbus O Jan 12A joint meet
Ing of the Ohio and National AntiSa
loon organizations met here today with
Hon Hiram Price of Iowa in the chair
Twentytwo states were represented
Encouraging reports on the condition
of the work in several states were
Key Health
Pellets See directions on Grays Laxative
p1 Auerjiach Bro
Wl place on sale Jan 31st the grand
est line of Muslin Garments for ladies
and children ever seen in Salt Lake at
great Bargain Prices
The Great Advance That Is Being
Made By Invention and Discovery
For Easing the Burdens of life
and Making Women Better and
New York Correspondence
jl VIP1I
Mrs Morgan J Willard of New York
recently read a paper before the Worn
ans League of which she is an officer
on the subject of Womans Greatest
Troubles After enumerating them in
order and intelligently treating the sub
jects of Unrequited Affection Lack
of Appreciation Loss of Friends
Poverty etc she continued
But unfortunately the greatest
trouble which ever comes into any
womans life is loss of health Other I
troubles can be overcome Time mel
lows the grief which Is so overwhelming
at the hour we close the eyes of our
dying relatives or friends Poverty may
be banished and the lost home and so
cial standing regained Even unrequit
ed affection may be lived down but
broken health blights the life under
mines the spirit destroys beauty em
bitters the nature ruins the life and
too often makes death a boon A sickly
woman is the saddest wreck upon the
shoals of life She is not only miser
able herself but often brings greater
misery to those about her the loving
friends whose lives are bound up in
hers Womans greatest trouble is ill
After describing many of the dis
eases to which women are especially
subject the lecturer continued
But thank heaven there is an es
cape Fortunately there is a relief for
women even in their lowest physical
condition Modern science and modern
discovers have worked for years on this
problem which is in fact the greatest
problem of life namely how to produce
happiness and it is a cause for grati
ude that these efforts have been suc
cessful There are many things which
have been discovered which may help
wcmen in their physical troubles and
there is one discovery which certainly
cures I have known many womea who
have been in the depths of physical bit
terness and who are now on the
heights of happiness I have seen them
taken from a condition of sickness and
misery and know that they are today
healthy and happy I also know that
he means by which they were restored
has been endorsed by the highest au
thorities medical and scientific both
abroad and in America It is com
mended in the warmest terms by such
eminent men as Rev Dr Rankin and
Bishop Wilson and by such reliable
women as Mrs Annie Jennes Miller
and Mrs Phelps I myself have used
it and cannot recommend it too highly
The name of this discovery which has
done so much for womanhood is War
ners Safe Cure and it can be secured
by any woman who feels the need of
some reliable friend upon whom she
can defend
In conclusion Mrs Willard said
Woman is able to endure suffering
far more than man but there is no
reason why she should be compelled to
do so She may be able to endure pain
but she was not created for that pur
> cse Her mission in life is to diffuse
joy and gladness Her face becomes a
revelation of heaven when wreathed in
happiness but gives us a glimpse of all
hat is miserable when depressed by de
cction But far too often her troubles
arise from her own making Thought
lessness carelessness and neglect are
too often responsible for the misery
which she endures but fortunately by
exercising care and availing herself of
the best discoveries of science there is
no reasonwhy she should remain in a
condition of unhappiness when there
is certain relief near at hand
The lecture made a deep impression
upon the ladies of the League who
heard it and there was much discus
sion upon it after the session closed It
seemed to be the general sentiment that
women of the present day are begin
ning to see how needless were the
troubles which women formerly en
dured and how easily they can be
avoided at the present time by exer
cising intelligent care
Valuable Statistics Gathered Prom
Gothams Commercial Men
New York Jan 12The forthcoming
annual report of the chamber of com
merce for the fiscal year ended June 30
1897 will show the total value of for
eign exports in 1S9G7 was 880278419
of which 55C94S911 was entered at
the port of New York The total value
of domestic exports was 1127701945
of which amount New York Is cred
ited with 407624856 The decrease of
the total foreign commerce at the port
of New York for the last fiscal yea as
compared with the previous year tvas
3153440 while the increase at all the
ports of the United States during the
same period was 13599t713 The value
of merchandise and coin bullion im
ported into and exported from all the
ports of the United States in 18967 in
American vessels was 247563860 For
eign vessels carried 1661107043
American Sugar Company
New York Jan 12The annual
meeting of the American Sugar com
pany was held in Jersey City today H
O Havemeyer presided W B Thomas
and Charles H Sneff were reelected
directors There was no financial state
ment given out The stockholders
adopted a resolution authorizing the
board to keep all residue of earnings
over and above the fixed regular rate
after the dividend paid this month as
working capital

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