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f S
Dear Ha Jan 29
Th otmosphere is getting cleared
I again as the pestiferous Girl From
Paris vanishes into the distance and
the coming week is to lift us into pure
air oae more with the advent of the
Frawleys What a welcome change
it Will be to sit through a play like
The Wife or Shenandoah once
again after the long long surfeit of
farcecomedy and nauseating special
ties we have endured Mr Burton has
hd the house well fumigated prepara
tory to Thursday nights opening
That the bright players of the Fraw
ley company will have a great greeting
goes without saying There will only
be one void felt the absence of frisky
Harry Clarke who is going to see how
it fees himself to have his name In
black type as proprietor instead of I
among the et als What Happened to
Jones is the title of the play in which
he will make his trial We shall all
wish him well I am sure and join in
the fervent wish that he may not soon
be back on the rialto relating what
happened to Harry
The Orpheus clubs delightful concert
told that musical appreciation in Salt
Lake is not all dead yet by any man
rk llT
i I
ner of means The turnout was rather
a facer to the despairing correspondent
of the Tribune who bewailed the fact
that Scalchi and her company were so I
coldly received here and indignantly
asked where the members of the taber
nacle choir were on those notable
nights Well I hope they were all at
home and abed as many in the aud
ience would like to have been Their
absence from the concerts in Question
was the best possible evidence they
could have given of their musical taste
ana critical discernment The Orpheus
people should persevere Miss Beards
Ity was well worth the money invested
in her Mr Owenwell opinions vary
If the sum paid him in addition to his
railway passage was a modest one well
and good If he got what the lady did
he was overpaid He will have to toil
and spin on those upper notes of his
we fear before he can be entitled to
enter the rank of the big bassi of the
country The string cijintette which
the club brought out as a little sur
prise gave a delicious hint to the or
chestras at both the theatre and the
Grand why cant we have more of
such effects from the strings A re
vival of some of those dainty old piz
zicatos and selections with the mutes
applied would be a most refreshing in
The local Scots who hae wi Moffat
fed so many a time and aft are in
great glee over Governor Wells speech
at their latest banquet delivered with
a brogue that would have turned Judge
Howat green with envy The governor
is not at all new to the business of
turning himself into a son of Scotia in
the old dramatic days when he occa
sionally donned the sock and buskin
he played the part of a Scotch lord
Kengussie at the Walker Opera House
in the play of The Money Spinner
Ada Dwyer and Annie Adams being in
t1 1dT
as i
f r I
the same cast The general verdict was
then that his Scotch lingo would have I
deceived Davy Neilson himself and
that it entitled him to a free passport i
to all Caledonian banquets forever
after MARGE
Not for many many days has the
town been beplastered with so much
theatrical printing as is now in evi
dence on the walls and sign boards The
Fran s at the theatre for four per
formances the Calhouns at the Grand
for eight and the Gay Matinee Girl
at the Lyceum for seven will give us I
variety enough to suit every taste
Whether the towns money chest will
hold out long enough to satisfy all must
remain to be seen
< v 0 0
The Frawley company including all
the old friends except Harry Corson
I Clarke opens on Thursday evening in
Shenandoah Bronson Howards fa
mous drama followed Friday by Au
gustine Dalys latest success An In
ternational Match On Saturday af
ternoon they will present The Wife
and on Saturday night Bret Hartes
beautiful story of Sue Mr Frawley
has announced the fact that this sea
New York is just now in a fever of
excitement over the discovery that
James K Hackitt and Mary Manner
Ing whose devotion to each other had
long been commented on have been
man and wife for eight months past
They were married itseems last May
which was just about the time they ap
peared in San Francisco in The Pris
oner of Zenda The marriage was an
nounced at a dinner given the other day
by Daniel Frohman
< > S > >
Marie Wainwright once Mis Louis
James socalled who is soon to appear
here in Shall We Forgive Her relates
the following anecdote of Booth and i
Salvini I
fj rivi eit et
I yr
Itrs irrri S > M
son will close all of his contracts with
his present company and that he will
allow them to all seek new engage
ments for the coming season and re
organize entirely for next year
Frank Worthing will return to his
English home and the other members I
of the company will go their several I
ways It is quite likely that Miss Bates I
will accept some advantageous offer to
remain in the east as she has already
been much sought after by New York 1
managers What Miss Robson Miss
Cooke Blakemore and the others will I
do is unknown Mr Frawleys plan is j I
to get together in New York a very I
strong company He hopes also to make I
r snt i
arrangements to bring out some of the
popular New York productions taking
play scenery and properties direct from I
Mr Frohmans hands as was done in
he case of Sue The plan worked
I extremely well in the Instance cited
and Mr Frawlsy believes that if Mr
Frohman adheres to his determination
not to send any more companies out
I here the wesfmay still see all the sea
sons New York successes promptly and
to excellent advantage
r The new company will not be en
gaged before the end of April but in
June Mr Frawley expects to bring out
a firstclass organization for the sea
< > 00
Manager JMcGarvie is giving the lobby
of the Grand a holiday appearance in
honor of the opera season a force of
paper hangers being engaged yester
I day in putting on a new covering to the
I walls The indications are that when
the curtain rings up on Amorita to
I I morrow night the house will be sold
out The demand for seats has so en
thused Mr McGarvie that he has pre
vailed on the Calhoun company to re I
main a second week and the Grand
Duchess will accordingly go over till j I
then The Black Hussar being the bill j I
for the latter half of this week 1
The principals in the company are I
Carlotta Gilmore Beatrice McKenzIe I I
Adele Farrington Louise Lewis Maude I i
Alison Stella Madison George Lyding I j
I Edward Webb Mountjoy Walker and
Carleton King The company claims a
chorus of 35 and a full orchestra of
its own
The Gay Matinee Girl is a lively
farce comedy of the character indicat
ed by its name It was originally
booked at the Grand but through some
misunderstanding its dates got mixed
with those of the Calhoun Opera com I
pany and it was simply a case of play
ing at the Lyceum or passing the town
by The company numbers 21 and Is
headed by ga Monroe and iya Hart I
well known farce comedians and spe
cialty artists
< S > < s > < >
In these days of degeneracy on the I
stage when managers seem to vie with
each other in pandering to prurient
tastes it is refreshing to find an actor
and manager like Sir Henry Irving ex
pressing sentiments like the following
He had been asked to give a watch
word for she stage for the New Year
and he replied My watchword as
you term it must needs be an old one
an old ideal It is the one word
Health It is of all things essential I
that we keep our drama sane and
sound and sweet and wholesome For I
my part I can say that I have always
endeavored never to produce or take
part in any play that a young fellow
might not take his sweetheart or sister
tn PI
It was just ten years ago when Sal
vial Mr Booth and myself appeared
together for a season of eight weeks
Miss Wainwright said We were play
ing Othello at the Academy of Mu
sic in Philadelphia Salvini played the
title role of course Mr Booth ap
peared as lago and I was the Desde
mona You perhaps remember that in
the first act lago and rresdemona into
the council chamber It is a most ef
fective entrance because in this coun
try it is always made through the cen
tral arch upstage
But this was not Salvinis way of
playing it He was disposed to reserve
all good points for himself and when
it came to rehearsal his prompter a lit
tle fellow who spoke a sort of macaroni
English rushed over to Mr Booth and
me as we stood near the central en
I trance and excitedly protested against
i our making the entrance In that man
I ner He said Salvini would not allow
I it and thatthe entrance should be
I made from the side
It was quite absurd to spoil the en
j trance in this way and naturally I
protested But you may know what a
quiet lovable man Mr Booth was
Without speaking further to 1 the
prompter about it he said to me that
he would make the entrance from the
side then but in the evening we would
enter from the center And so we did
Salvini was at his grandest In rollin
out the Italian for Here comes the
lady let her witness it and looked off
to the left But we were standing al
most beneath the shadow of his arm
Of course he was furious when the
performance was over The Italian
language was none too expressive to
I express his feelings toward us Mr
Booth listened for awhile then said to
him quietly
Mr Salvini may do these things as
he chooses in Italy but he must re
member he is in America now where
we strive to deal fairly with the la
dies I
Salvini quickly recognized that Mr
Booth had too much the best of him to
admit of any answer from himself and
he never again prcte ted against Des
demonas entrance by way of the center
of the stage
< > 00
Judging from the number of opera
companies headed this way said VII
lard Weihe yesterday the news of the
success of the Salt Lake Opera com
pany must have penetrated to the qut
side world We are tilt confident
however that the public will keep a
share of its favor for the home con
cern We are hard at work on Said
Pasha and have concluded the make
up of the cast which will include Miss
Savage Miss Fisher Miss Dwyer Mr
Goddard Mr Spencer Mr Pyper Mr
B S Young Mr Shearman and Mr
Carl Scheid
Mr Shearman will do the Pasha and
the two comedy roles those of the two
English tramps in Constantinople will
be In the hands of Messrs Spencer and
Young whose joint work in the old
Home Dramatic company is so well re
membered as to form a guarantee that
no opportunity for funmaking will be
Immediately after Francis Wilson the
comedian had finished a most appro
priate speech at the opening of the new
Jefferson theatre at Portland Me
early in September says a St Louis
paper hp was congratulated by a num
ber of his friends for the great suc
cess of the effort Among the number
was Speaker Thomas B Reed whose
I home is In Portland and who has long
been a friend and admirer of Wilson
I His words of praise were very hearty
He said that he would give a great deal
if he had the art of condensation down
I as fine as the comedianthat is say
ing a great deal and to the point In a
few words For forty years he had
been studying the art of oratory and
speechmaking but had failed to ac
quire the element of brevity He
thought that the man who could ex
press himself in public as neatly and
appropriately as Mr Wilson had just
I done was to be envied This was high
praise from a high source
< > 0 < > S
Mr and Mrs Edmund Orr Deming
request the pleasure of your company
at the wedding reception of their
daughter Alice Lillian and Mr Harry
Corson Clarke on Wednesday evening I
Feb 9 1898 from 9 until 11 oclock 716
Ellis street San Francisco Cal
Such Is the wording of invitations re
ceived by friends of Mr Clark in this
city during the past week Immediately
after his marriage Mr Clarke will go
on a tour at the head of his own com
pany in What Happened to Jones
o < > 0
There is a chance of Frank Rummel
the celebrated pianist coming to the
coast during 1S9S He opens his third
American concert tour at Chickering
1iill New York Tuesday evening next
and will appear at several western
points later
The declaration of David Belasco that
Mrs Carter is too womanly to strut
about the stage in male garb has cre
ated much comment in New York the
atrical circles and the semiofficial
statement has been pretty generally
resented Mr Belascos remark was
called forth by the query of a Morning
Telegraph reporter in connection with
her reputed determination to play
Shakespearean roles as to whether she
would play Rosalind in As You Like
It The Telegraph says Ada Rehan
and Julia Marlowe are to play Rosalind
in Xew York this week No one has
ever had the hardihood to refer to Ada
Rehan as unwomanly and Julia Mar
lowe has been regarded as about the
womanliest little woman that ever hap
pened Ellen Terry Mme Modjeska
Fanny Davenport Marie Wainwright
Rose Coghlan and other actresses now
before the public who have played
Rosalind in As You Like It and Viola
In Twelfth Night are apt to feel that
Mr Belasco has made an illadvised
statement Of course said Anna
Held it is not always possible to
judge as to how a woman will look I
in boys costume from her appearance
in the garb of her own sex I should
judge that Mrs Carter would be aidis
appointment in tights She is not as
heavy a woman as Bernhardt But
Bernhardt in boys costume is a dream
Why shouldnt Mrs Carter also be a
dream in tights I dont think any
actress should consider herself too
womanly to play Rosalind I may play
the part myself some day
< > < S > < >
The following dispatch was printed in
the San Francisco press lately It may
be authentic but we would prefer to
believe it one of the advertising squibs
which emanate with so much regularity
from Mrs Davis industrious press de
Miss Lillian Russell and Mrs Jessie
Bartlett Davis will It is said be the
star members of an opera company
row being organized for next season
It was originally announced that Miss
Russell would next year head her own
company in a new opera which she I
had under consideration Mrs Davis
so long identified with the Bostonians
was generally supposed likely to remain
with that company indefinitely The
present arrangement mentioned as as
sured will reverse matters in each in
Following is the programme for the
sons recital to be given by Miss Villa
Whitney White assisted by Miss Mary
B Dillingham at the Ladles Literary
club o = Tuesday evening next
German SongsZur Drossel Sprach
Der Fink E DAlbert Unbefangen
helt C M Von Weber Waldruf
Hans Schmidt Kartenlegerin Robert
Schumann Gute Nacht Jos Brahms
Three Songs in Manuscript Helen
Hcpekirk Jockie s Taen the Parting
Kiss OS WhIstle and Ill Come to
You My Lad Highland Balou
Welsh FolkSong All Thro the
N ht
Irish SongsThe Gap In the Hedge
Old Irish Has Sorrow Thy Young
Days Shaded Thomas Moore
English SongsIt Was a Lover and
His Lass Philllda Flouts Me Sev
enteenth Century
Scotch Soass Within a Mile From
Fdinboro Town T DUrfey The
Piper of Dundee Unknown Flow
Gently Sweet Afton Robert Burns
Charlie Is My Darling Unknown
Caller Herrin Lady Nairn
London Jan 29The patentees of the
Dublin City theatres under an old law
of George IIIs have issued a notice
prohibiting amateur theatricals as the
action gives them a monopoly on the
atre performances All Dublin society
is In arms against the lessees and they
threaten not to attend the theatres
The fashionable theatrical success at
present Js undoubtedly Arthur W Pi
nt ros new comedy Tielawney of the
Wells and all society is Hocking to
the Court theatre chiefly to see Lord
Rcsslyn who under the nom de theatre
of James Erskine has a part in the
production though the play alone
vould fill the theatre for a long time
Beerbohm Trees production of Jul
ius Caesar is receiving the greatest
praise on all sides as surpassing any
thing seen in London in the way of
scenery and staging It Is doubtful
however if it will turn out to be a
financial success
Londoners are becoming more and
more inclined to lighter amusement as
evidenced by the impending withdrawal
of Sir Henry Irvinss Peter the Great
in the middle of the season Its failure
finds Sir Henry unprepared with a suc
cessor and he will depend upon The
Bells Mme Sans Gene and the
Merchant of Venice to refill the time
vHle rehearsing Train and Hichens
Stage Whispers
Melba is again hypi > ti mg New Yok H
Italian opera
William Winter has been a dramatic
critic for 10 years
Marie Burroughs contemplates an ap
nearance In a new play
Crane is giving New Vnrc its fiict lute
of A Virginia Courts nil
Mrs Alexander Salvini Maud Dixon
will shortly return to the stage
Damrosch Ells is the firm which has
succeeded Abbey Schofield Grau
Nat Goodwin still Insists he HIll try
Nathan Hae on the Chicagoans
May Irwin has bough ta comedy by
Paul Wilstach called His First Of
With the exception of E S Willard
there are no English stars touring Amer
Ica this year
The Girl From Paris did not set the
town afire In San Francisco and Its filthl
ness was generally commented on
Pinero Is now 42 years old He was a
lawyer and an actor before he became a
dramatist It is said that he was ten I
months writing The Princess and the
The Boston Lyceum Opera company
which is performing In Denver has ap
plied to Manager Burton for time but
he learning that J K Murray and Clara
Lane were to leave them has asked for a i i
list of their people before booking them I i
According to Percy Betts in the London
Daily News M Paderewski canceled his
British engagement this autumn is order
to complete his long expected Polish op
era which there is reason to hope
will be produced In the course of next
Mr Stuart Erskine Is the name under
which the bankrupt Eart of Rosslyn the
first British peer to become a professional i
actor who is appearing In the cast of Pl
eros new play In London Through his j
mothe a FItzroy he is a descendant of
King Charles II and Barbara Villlers II
Duchess of Cleveland
Sarah Bernhardt and Mile Bartet of the
Comedic Francaise have been elected vice
residents of the committee In charge of
class 18 materials of theatrical art of
the 1900 exposition of which M Gailhard
director of the Grand Opera Is president
The are the first women chosen as offi
cial managers on a committee not connected
nected with womans work
The Unity Concert light
Piano solo Potpourri fron Wang
Charles J Alphin
Cornet polka The Song of the
Roses Mr L C Read
Viola solo Schuberts Serenade
Address The Power of Ideals
Mrs Maynard
Soprano solo When the Tide
S Comes In Miss Shaw
Piano solo Zatella
Charles J Alphin
Viola solo Medley of Southern
Melodies L H Bay
Unity hall S oclock
To make light delicious and whole
some cakes and biscuits use U S
Baking Powder Buy a trial can of
five ounces for ten cents and the next
time you will enlarge it to a pound
can for twentyfive cents
Evening at 815 Matinee Saturday at 213
I ThES i
Direct from the olumbla Theatre San
Three Nights and Saturday Matinee
Friday An International Match
Saturday Matinee The Wife
Saturday Night Sue
Prlcjs 25c SOc 73c SI Matinee SOc Box
office sale Tuesday ila m
Arctic Explorer Feb 11
Lyceum Theatre
Scott Anderson Manager
One Week Commencing Monday
Evening January 31 Matinees
Wednesday and Saturday
In the Latest and Most Successful
1 GAY ThreeAct MATINEE Comedy t GIRL m ll
Personal Direction Edwin P Hilton
Supported by A Genuine AllStar Com
10Real Actresses10 4Real Actors4
7Great Comedlans7 21In A1I2L
Prices 25 35 and 50 cents Reserved
seats can be secured at the box office
H F McGarvie Lessee and Manager
Entire Week
Americas Representative Light Opera
55 People in tie Company
Opening in Czifulkis Mast rwork
To Be Followed By
Carload Special Scenery
Gorgeous Ccstumes
The first appearance of this big com
pany at popular prices Seats on sale
on and after Friday Jan 28 Usual
ONCE USED Being the
i i i
becomes a 4yj EXTRACT i
Household I I
access II I
< < It is invaluable II I
to 10 in I
> J4 or
ec I health I
c qJ Invigorating Delicious
Buy it from Grocers or Druggists
Sole Distributor Salt Lake City Utah
Cor Main and South Temple streets
WM B PRESTON VicePresldent
CHAS S BURTON Asst Cashier
Heber J Grant Isaac Barton
William B Prestjn Charles S Burton
Joseph F Smith Philo T Farnsworth
Heber M Wells Spencer Clawson
A W Carlson I
Accounts Special attention Solicited to country trade I
Correspondence invited II I
W H Remington receiver > br the Eagle
I Foundry Machine Co will sell at public
i sale to the highest bidder for cash on
Saturday the 5th day of March ISiS at 10
I oclock am of said day at the west front
I door of the city and county building In
I the city of Salt Lake state of Utah the
gO 8 hbJ
I following described property One brick
I building oO feet by ico feet one brick
building ZS feet by 36 feet one brick I
bulldinff14 feet by 24 feet one twostory
I brick building 30 feet by 40 feet two
sheetiron houses about 14 feet by 30 feet
each and two brick cupolas complete all
situated on lot two 2 block eighty SOy
plat A Salt Lake City survey
Additional Information may be had by
calling upon the receiver In the Progress l
building Salt Lake City
Dated Jan 2V1S9S
Receiver for the Eagle Foundry Ma
chine Co
Third judicial district of the state of
Utah county of Salt Lake Aaron Keyser
plaintiff vs John J Snyder L L Nunn
and National Bank of Republic a cor
poration defendantAllas Summons
Jjrgi oef l i
The state of Utah to said defendant You
are hereby summoned to appear within
twenty days after the service of this sum
I mons upon you If served within tha
county In which this action Is brought
otherwise within thirty days after serv J
I ice and defend the above entitled action
and In case of your failure so to do judg
ment will be rendered against you accord
log to the demand of the complaint of
which a copy Is herewith served upon
LAND Plaintiffs Attorneys
P O address Hooper block No 23 E
1st So street Salt Lake City Utah
Lake county statE of Utah Leona Mar
tin plaintiff vs W C Martin defendant
SummonsThe state of Utah to the said
defendant You are hereby summoned to
appear within thirty lO days after the
service of this summons upon you and
defend the above entitled action and In
case of your failure so to do judgment
will be rendered against you according to
the demand of the complaint which has
been filed with the clerk of said court
Signed P A DIX
Plaintiffs attorney 71 and 7S Commercial
Milling company Location of principal
place of business Salt Lake City Utah
Notice is hereby given that at a meeting
of the board of directors of the Utah Silver
King Mining and Milling company held on
the 31st day of December 1597 an assess
ment of onehalf of one cent per sare was
levied on the capital stock of the cor
poration payable immediately to tho
treasurer E O Gates at the office of
the company 212 Atlas block Salt Lako
City Utah Any stock upon which this
assessment may remain unpaid on tho
20th day of February ISIS will be de
linquent and advertised for sale at pub
lic auction and unless payment is made
before will be sold on the 10th day of
March iSIS at the place last aforesaid
at the hour of 12 oclock m to pay tho
delinquent assessment together with tho
cost of advertising and expense of sale
F B COOK Secretary
212 Atlas block Salt Lake City Utah
stockholders of the Horns Fire Insurance
company of Utah will be held at the
companys office No 20 Main street Salt
I Lake City Utah on Tuesday Feb 1
ass at 4 oclock p m The purposes for
it v < iT ixjpptirtrt Iq poli 1 fir r 1 +
directors a secretary and a treasurer
fo the ensuing year and to transact
any such other business as may lawfully
come before said meeting
iivji L > viiiEY Secretary
Salt Lake City Jan 10 iSIS
Location of principal place of business
Salt Lake City Utah Notice Is hereby
given that at a meeting of the board of
directors of the Snowllake Mining com
pany held on the 11th day of January
lilt an assessment of two l2J cents per
share was levied on the capital stock of
tho corporation payable immediately to
the treasurer William Hatfield at the
office of the California Wine company
i4o West Second South street Salt Lake
City Utah Any stock upon which this
assessment may remain unpaid on tho
12th day of February lBS will be de
linquent and advertised for sale at pub
He auction and unless payment is made
before will be sold on the 2nd day of
March 1S9S at the place last aforesaid
at the hour of 12 oclock m to pay the
delinquent assessment together with tho
cost of advertising and expense of sale
3037 Atlas Block Salt Lake City Utah
hereby given that In accordance with and
under the power and authority granted
by that certain trust deed made October
10 1S93 to the undersigned successor of tho
second party said second party being ab
sent from Salt Lake county Utah by
John Reading and Annie Reading his
wife and recorded ir book 3Q of mort
gages on pages 228 and 227 records of Salt
Lake county Utah the undersigned suc
cessor of the second party will offer for
sale and sell to the highest bidder for
cash at the front door of the Salt Lake
county court house tovUt The south
front entrance to the city and county
building In Salt Lake City Utah on Feb
urary 10 1S9S at 12 noon of that day all
the real estate hereinafter described or
so much thereof as necessary to pay and
dicsharge the indebtedness secured by
said trust deed with Interest thereon
also cost of this notice and expenses ot
sale The sale will be made at the re
quest of the holder of the said indebted
ness and because of default in the pay
ment of said indebtedness or any part
thereof at maturity The real estate
above referred to is stituated In Salt Lake
county Utah and bounded and described
as follows towit The east onehalf C it
of lot four 4 block fiftyfive 55 plat
A Salt Lake City survey also a right
of way commencing thirtytwo and one
quarter 324 feet north of the southwest
corner nf said lot four 4 running thence
ast ten 10 rods thenco north ten 10
feet thence west ten 10 rods thence
south ten OO feet to commencement to
gether with all the appurtenances there
unto belonging
Dated Jan 13 1S9S
United States Marshal Successor In
i M g g gg5
L 1f ff1 j JI jAsABJHrSTEiCOQ ViR J e a rD > 19 fIVTB Bpi 0 E CO 0 Jtl r j j JJfiBNr3TER9 i
v J
t r h
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