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The Daily Newspaper f The Daily Newspaper
ural Was and never effective more than medium now the between nat T HE S A LT y R D practically communication tho between only medium ot
i who those desire who to desire buy to Printers sell and Ink those 1 i er > a H E L chant and his customers the mer
Frightful i Explosion Sends Her to the Bottom of
Havana Harbor
Disaster Supposed to Have Been Caused by the Explosion of
a Powder Magazine
Admiral Hantereta Believes a Grenade Was Hurled at the VesselMen
Had Gone to Sleep and Were Literally Blown Out of Their Bunks Be
lieved That All the Officers But Two Were Saved Explosion Shook
the Whole City of Havana and Created Great ConsternationGreatest
Naval Disaster Since the Catastrophe at Apia
Havana Feb 13 At a quarter of ten
oclock this evening a terrible explosion
took place on board the United States
cruiser Maine in Havana harbor Many
were killed or wounded
All the boats of the Spanish cruiser
Alfonso XIII are assisting As yet the
cause of the explosion is not apparent
The wounded sailors of the Maine are
unable to explain it It is believed that
the cruiser is totally destroyed
The explosion shook the whole city
The windows were broken in all the
The correspondent of the Associated
Press says he has conversed with sev
eral of the wounded sailors and un
derstands from them that the explo
sion took place while they were asleep
so that they can give no particulars as
to the cause
The wildest consternation prevails in
Havana The wharves are crowded
with thousands of people It is be
lieved the explosion occurred in a small
powder magazine At a quarter of 11
oclock what remains of the Maine is
still burning
Captain Sigsbee and the other offi
cers have been saved
It Is estimated that over a hundred
of the crew were killed but it is im
possible yet to give exact details Ad
miral Mantereta has ordered that boats
of all kinds should go to the assistance
of the Maine and her wounded
The Havana firemen are giving aid
tending carefully to the wounded as
they are brought on shore It is a ter
rible sight
General Zolano and the other generals
have been ordered by Captain General
Blanco to take steps to help the Maines
crew In every way possible The cor
respondent of the Associated Press has
been near the Maine In a boat of the
cruiser Alfonso XIII and seen others of
the wounded who corroborate the state
t ment of those first interviewed that
they were already asleep when the ex
plosion occurred
Captain Sigsbee says the explosion
occurred in the bow of the vessel He
received a wound in the head Orders
were given to the other officers to save
themselves as best they could The
latter who were literally thrown from
their bunks in their night clothing gave
the necessary orders with great self
possession and bravery
At 130 the Maine continues burning
The first theory was that there had
been a preliminary explosion in the I
Santa Barbara magazine of powder i
or dynamite below the water
Admiral Mantereta believes that the I
first explosion was of a grenade that
was hurled ocr the navy yard
The report that Captain Sigsbee was
wounded is inaccurate Captain Sigs I
bee with other officers went in a small
host to the Ward Line steamer City of I
Washington Two officers and more
than 200 of the crew are missing Some I
of the crew who were able to support
themselves by swimming were saved by I
the boats
Six of the wounded crew and one of I
the officers have been taken to the mill I
tart hospital by General Blancos or
Many Wounded and Many Killed and
Drowned I
I Washington Feb ISThe secretary
of the navy received the following tele
gram from Captain Sigsbee
I Maine blown us in Havana harbor
at 940 and destroyed Many wounded
and doubtless many killed and drown
ed Wounded and others are on board
Spanish mandfwar and Ward line
steamer Send lighthouse tender from
Key West for crew and few pieces of
equipment still above water No one
had other clothes than those upon him
Public opinion should be suspended
I till further reports All officers believ
ed to be saved Jenkins and Merritt
not yet accounted for Many Spanish
officers including representatives of
General Blanco now with me and ex
press sympathy
l Signed SIGSBEE
The officers referred to in the above
dispatch are Lieutenant Friend W
Jenkins and Assistant Engineer Darwin
R Merritt
From the wording of the dispatch the
navy department think it is possible
that they were on shore at the time of
the accident The secretary of the navy
received another dispatch from Key
West at the same time with the above
but its contents were not made nubllc
The orders for the lighthouse tender
were at once sent to Key West in plain
language thus avoiding the delay that
would have arisen from the use of a
Paymaster Charles W Littlefield who
is given in the list of officers on the
Maine has recently been replaced by
Paynjaster Ryan Littlefield is now in
The Maine was built In New York in
1890 at a cost of 2588000 She had a
steel hull and a complement Of 874
Secretary Long received Captain
Sigsbees dispatch but a few minutes
before the Associated Press dispatch
was handed him He received the news
with apparent calm and his first act
was to comply with Captain Sigsbees
request that assistance be sent from
Key West He Immediately wired Cap
tain Forsyth at Key West to proceed
with the naval tender Fern to Havana
Secretary Long then sent for Captain
Dickens and the two discussed Cap
tain Sigsbees brief telegram No other
naval officers were present and besides
the secretary and Captain Dickens the
naval colony here is Ignorant of the
disaster the greatest which has befal
len the American navy since the disas
ter in Apia many years ago The sec
retary is inclined to believe that most
of the officers of the Maine were on
shore at the time of the accident as it
was still early in the night While
neither the secretary nor Captain Dick
ens is inclined to discuss the probable
cause of the accident several sugges
tions were ventured They believe that
it may have been caused by a fire in
the bunkers heating the bulkhead near
a magazine or that an accident may
have occurred while inspecting high ex
plosive for torpedoes Of course this
is mere speculation and the secretary
is anxiously awaiting a more detailed
report from Captain Sigsbee
Later the secretary sent another tele
gram to Key West directing that the
tender Mangrove also be sent to Ha i
Commander Dickens after carrying I
out the instructions of Secretary Long
with regard to relief measures went at I
once to the White House where the I
president was aroused and informed qf I
the disaster President McKinley re i
ceived the news calmly and expressed I I
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a q r w
e EP Ilt i 3 07
Suggested by the Harmony Meeting at Ogden
Destruction of the Maine
Addresses of Silver Parties
Cabinet in Shady Light
Plea for Woman Suffrage
Jim Williams Won
Heading For Klondike
The Hoagland Mixup
Annual Meeting Utah Press Asso
Revolt in Hungary
State News
Rally In Stocks
The City Council
In Railway Circles
New Gas Well Opened
Irrigation Mining and Electric Rail
road Scheme
Special to The Herald
Pocatello Ida Feb 15The Bonanza
Power Land company filed articles
of incorporation with the county re
corder today The capital stock is
placed at 500000 The main office will
be at Pocatello with a branch office
at Butte Mont The incorporators are
exGovernor Rickards of Montana ex
Lieutenant Governor Bierbower of
Idaho J P Parrlne owner of the cele
brated Blue Lakes farm Joseph Vil
dran of Shoshone Ida and F B
Thomas and J J Cusick of Butte The
company now owns an extensive tract
of land near American Falls and is
building an irrigation ditch to water
it It also owns and is operating ex
tensive placer mines at Bonanza bar
on Snake river It also proposes to
build an electric railroad from Shoshone
to Great Shoshone falls
Swan Lake Meeting House
Special to The Herald
Pocatello Ida Feb 15A Swan Lake
special says that work on the new
meeting house at that place has teen
commenced It will be a handsome
structure 28x58 feet in dimensions
Hirum Hamson has sold his ranch at
f gshrr roat
that place to Hirum Gibbs for 1150
I yep
j la G 1 di 1 D
r 1 KYy
A = i 5H c mt > = s
The secondclass l battleship Maine destroyed yesterday In the harbor at Havana was constructed In the
Brooklyn navy yard by the government and her cost was In the neighborhood of 2500000 She was designed for a
flagship but so many advances had been made in thc art of marine construction that the navy department turned her
Into a fighting beat Her keel was laId down on oct 11 188 and she was lau1Chcd Nov 18 1890
In size the MaIne compared well with other warships She was ns feet long 57 feet beam and 211J draught
with a displacement of < ji8 tons She carried enough coal to steam 7000 miles at ten knots Her indicated horse
power was 9000 Her armor was excessively heavy and efficient She could hurl a broadside of 1221 pounds ahead
from her two turrets and forward guns Her turrets were fitted with two teninch breechloading rifles Her arma
ment consisted of six sixinch guns and four tenInch guis and these formed her main battery Besides these she
had six sixpounders four machine guns eight onepounders two Catlings and two revolving cannon for her second
battery Sha was tell equipped with torpedo enginery She carried 300 men
ir JI L = 1rJtlf C > fi di 6 M jt Jr f 1i 5r tli J >
Able Addresses of the Democratic Populist and
Silver Republican Parties
Honest Men of All Parties Urged to Unite and Destroy the
Blight of the Gold Standard
The Democratic Address Points Out That the Surrender of the Republican
Party to the Advocates of the Gold Standard Is Mow CompleteThe
Oligarchy Has Even Reached Out to Control Our CollegesPopulists
Maintain That the Foreign Gold Syndicate With Its Allies In This
Country Have Captured and Control Every Instrument of Commerce In
the Nation Silver Republicans Say That the Policy of the Administra
tion Is a Plain Confession That the Secret Authors of the St Louis
Platform Are In Absolute Control of the Party
Washington Feb 15The addresses on behalf of the Democratic Popu
listic and Silver Republican parties which are the result of the conferences
which have been in progress among the leaders of these parties at the capital
for the past few weeks were Issued today They seek to unite the members
of the three parties in future elections upon the financial issues as the ques
tion of paramount importance and are the appeals of each party to consoli
date all along the line for this purpose The address to Democrats is signed
by Senator James K Jones of Arkansas chairman of the Democratic national
committee and is endorsed by the Democratic congressional committee that
to the Populists by Senator Marion Butler chairman and 25 silver members of
the senate and house by Chairman Towne and also by exSenator Dubois I
Appeal to the People to Unite Upon
the Financial Issue
To the PeopleThe surrender of the Re
publican party to the advocates of the
gold standard and monopoly is at last
complete The present administration
called to power on the solemn pledge jof
the Republican convention at St Louis to
promote bimetallism has formulated and
sent to congress a bill the leading pur
pose of which the honorable secretary of
the treasury avow Is to commit the
country more thoroughly to the gold
standard The country has already for
A years been so thoroughiy committed
to this standard partly by law and partly
by the usurpations of tho executive
Drench of the government that its effects
tre seen and telt on every hand Waged
are reduced work is harder to get the
weight of debt is doubled the value of
land and other property is reduced one
half or more until the lives of the peo
ple arc made bitter with hard bond
fe It is certainly not In the interest
01 humanity to have this condition of
things more thoroughly established
The continued rise in value of gold or
which Is the same thing the continued
fall in prices must inevitably transfer
the property of all those engaged In ac
tive business the actual creators of
wealth whether by hand brain or cap
ital to those who avoiding the risk and
effort of active business only draw inter
The Increase of 145 per cent in the value
f money caused by its increasing scare
ty from 1SOO to 1S4U I as admitted by lead
ng advocates of the gold standard ft und
resbion at that time In extremely low
nces and conditions of unparalleled dl
iicss The discovery of gold and silver
n extraordinary quantities and the great
increase < in the volume of metallic money
flrNAe1 fW sf ivn1Jtif distress
and brought in Us stead wonderful pros
perity Prices rose business flnur led
producers prospered all > vere huppy Sub I
stantial this condition would fcav con
tinued If both the precious metals had
been allowed to remain in use as money
because they were being found n early
sufficient Quantities to Increase the vol
ume of money in proportion to the de
veonments of business A trued con
spiracy however deprived 0112 of them
of this function This was done with tie
d lberate purpose of raising the value
of the other by rendering till svpply of
metallic money relatively scarcer us com
pared with the demand
From the hour of the Ionsuimn ition of
this crime mankind has suffered com
mercial disaster and social distress al
most constantly increasing measure Jusl
I ll proportion to the growth of arts and
civilization and expansion of commerce
business and industry the inadequate
I of the volume of gold is felt its scarcity
j is emphasized its value increased
The repression of life and happiness
i which is inseparable from a long course
1 of declining prices has now checked de
I velopment and if continued will ulti
mately stllle civilization An eminent
I American Presdent Andrews of Brown
1 Unlverslt some years ago said Our
I national debt on dept 1 led was two
and threeQuarter billions it could then
have been paid off with ISOOOQuO bales
of cotton or 23000000 tons of bar iron
When it had been reduced to a billion and
a quarter saooCOO bales of cotton or 32
OQpCOO tons of iron would have been re
i i dtf laOi ffonII h rh
1 Quired to pay it In other words while
a nominal shrinkage of about 35 per cent
had taken place in the debt it had as
measured In each of these two worlil
staples actually been enlarged by some
W per cent
Although more than half the principal
of ths enormous debt and every cent oi
accumulated interest had been paid by
I the labor of the United States the hold
I ers of the bonds still aold a claim for
i more of the labor of the people than they
I gOt
I had before these enormous s had
ever been begun The cruel confiscation
of the lives and liberty if the laboring
millions of the country is the most stu
pendous crime that his been committed
in the annals of civilization Unless a
government of the people by the people
and for the people had perished from the
I earth surely the present uoldlyavovred
scheme not only to continue but to in
crease these evils will not be permitted
In addition to this purpose of more thor
oughly establishing the gold standard
the plan of the administration is to retire
tne paper money of the Kuveraniint to
issue gold bonds and to increase the
power privileges and profits of national
The retirement of the government paper
money must reduce the volume of circu
lation and while the secretary admits
that the contraction of the currency
would be more ruinous in two years than
interest on a like amount of bonds for 50
years would be he calmly informs us
that the national banks will probably Is
sue a sufficient amount of money to pre
vent this enormous suffering
The national banks are not to be re
quired to redeem their notes in gold but
it is arranged that the national govern
ment shall do so on demand and after do
lngso the government must be content
to have the national banks reimburse it in
wany kind of legal tinder money at the
option of the banks
We are frankly told that lawful money
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ifjfJf I
Injustice of the Order Relating to
Mining Patents
Commissioner Hermann Explains the
New Rule to The Herald Cor
respondent Senator Cannon
Thinks That Cases Prior to Dec
15 Will Be ExemptArid Land
Special to The Herald
Washington Feb 15Senators Can
non and Rawlins received telegrams
today from Messrs Mackintosh Rice
Bennett Harkness Bradley Howat
Richards stating that the new regu
lations concerning the patenting of
mining claims were working serious I
hardships to persons who had made I
their investments in good faith under
os J f
the old ruling They asked that there
be a suspension for at least 60 days in
the operation of the rule
Representative King also received
telegramsto like effect from the Mer
cur company and several other well
known Utah concerns
Senators Cannon Rawlins and Teller
called on the commissioner of the gen
eral land office this forenoon and Rep
resentative King called this afternoon
relative to these regulations They pre
sented arguments against the rule say
ing it was unnecessarily harsh to oper
The commissioner afterwards stated
his construction of the law to The Her
ald correspondent as follows
Under the old rulings the expendi
I ture of J500 on one claim of a group
and which expenditure has tended to
I develop the entire group would have
I been sufficient to answer the requirement
ment of the law The new rule now in
force Is that there must be an expendi
I ture of SoOO for each claim in the group
and where it is designed to confine the
I entire expenditure 5500 for each and
all of the claims in the group
i Senator Cannon saYS It is probable
that the commissioner will hold that
I presentation of proof by proposing pat
entees to which this new rules applies
that they completed their expenditure
on the claims before Dec 15 will be
sufficient He suggests that all persons
who can make this proof urge their
cases immediately
I The final vote in the house commit
tee on public lands on the Shafroth bill
to cede the arid lands to the states and
territories in which located has been
postponed It will not be taken up un
til the state engineers of Wyoming
I Idaho Montana and Utah and exEn
i 1 gineer Nettletonof Colorado have been
heard upon the bill Nettleton is now
here The others are expected to ar
rlva o a the 20th
Postmasters Commissioned Today
Utah Chartes Andrews Nephi
Idaho William J Stoddard De La
mar David i Mason Coeur dAlene
I A patent for a castrating instrument
was today Issued to Joshua W Lotta of
Sherman Wyo
An original pension of 56 per month
I Is granted Harlan Bassett of Afton
Heavy Damages Demanded From a
Soda Springs Physician
Special to The Herald
Pocatello Ida Feb 15A most sen
sational suit has been commenced here
in the district court by Alonzo Heath
and wife asking for 30000 damages
from Dr William T Wilson of Soda
Springs The plaintiffs who are well
todo ranchers at Grays Lake allege
that as a result of Dr Wilsons wrong
treatment their child died and that
Mrs Heath has become a mental and
physical wreck Dr Wilson is one of
the bpst known practitioners in the
Easy Prey for the Intrigues 1
of Railroad Exploiters
On a Proposition That Meant Forty
Eight Cents on the Dollar
AttorneyGeneral Called Down By
the Senate In a Resolution Ask i
ing If He Has Authorized An l
Agreement By Which the Prop
erty Is to Be Sold For Just the
Face Value of the Subsidy Bonds
Harris Stinging Remarks
Washington Feb 15The resolution
introduced yesterday by Mr Harris of
Kansas directing the attorney general
to furnish the senate Information as to
the agreement reached by the govern
ment with the reorganization commit
tee of the Union Pacific railroad con
cerning the Kansas Pacific branch was
laid before the senate
Mr Chandler said he had no objection
to the resolution but did not approve of
the preamble which included a press
Mr Harris replied that he might not
insist upon the preamble after he had
made a statement The Union Pacific
he said for a long time had attempted
to influence congress and officials of ad
ministrations to scale down the debt of
that company to the government about
50 per cent Until a year ago last Jan
uary the company had been successful
At that time they made an arrange
ment with Mr Clevelands administra
tion by which the road was to be dis
posed of with a loss to the government
of about 28000000 Mr Harris then
outlined the reasons why that arrange
ment was not carried into effect Public
sentiment was aroused from Maine to
California the demand of the people
lie said being that they should not be
swindled out of the enormous sum
mentioned When the present admin
istration came Into power the question
was grappled with and the government
finally obtained every cent due from
the Union Pacific on the main line
We were all very glad said Mr
Harris that the government received
Its just due and nobody more sincerely
congratulated the administration than
myself upon the successful negotiation
of the transaction It was also hoped
that the government would get the full
amount of the debt due from the Kan
sas branch If the reorganization com
mittee should decline to pay the full
amount dueabout 13000000 it was
the understanding thqt the government
would redeem the first mortgage bonds
and have the road operated by a re
ceiver A competent receiver would
show the value of th f property which
Mr Harris believed was quite 30005
The reorganization committee Mr
Harris said had evidently succeeded In
obtaining from the attorney general
such concessions as had been outlined
in the Associated Press dispatches and
the government is to stand idly by and
see the enormous sum of 6700000 of in
terest sacrificed The value of the prop
erty Mr Harris thought was a most
Important consideration By the reorganization
ganization committee and by the Union
aciflc officials an effqrt had been made
to minimize the value of the road
It Is practically significant said
Mr Harris that the statem nts of the
reorganization committee and the offi
cials of the Union Pacific regarding the
value of the main line have been proved
by subsequent events to be untrue As
was said once by the senator fronrtlis
souri Vest > when they speak they
lie and when they are silent they
Mr Harris then discussed the value
of the Kansas Pacific road and said
that having been a civil engineer on
the line his information was that of an
expert He said that during the last
11 years the line had earned an amount
equal to 4 per cent on 20000000 He
further said that on the 5th instant
the attorney general had agreed to re
deem the first mortgage bonds and to
have the road operated by a receiver
This arrangement Mr Harris said was
perfectly satisfactory to those for whom
i kr spoke but the intention of the at
torney general to abandon that plan
and to let the road go with a loss to the
government of nearly 57000000 was not
only a surprise to hUm and others but
absolutely unsatisfactory
Mr Harris maintained that the Kan
sas Pacific road was worth the last
cent of the governments claim and
that it ought to be demanded by the
attorney general
Mr Morgan referring to the effort to
pass a bill In the senate giving powers
to the administration to become a bid
der for the Kansas Pacific road said
that he thought that the senate ought
to take that measure up and pass it
Whether It would pass the congestion
which sometimes takes place In the
other branch of congress he could not
say hIt will 3e possible however thus
to demonstrate whether there was a
power In the house of representatives
which would stand in the way of the
proposed measure Intended to save the
people of the country nearly 7000000
Political parties will sometimes permit
robberies They will swallow the con
sequences of those robberies without a
strain but the people will not allow
themselves to be juggled with whatever
political parties may do concluded Mr
Mr Gear objected not only to the
preamble of the resolution but also to
the wording of th < J resolution as dis
courteous to the attorney general Re
ferring to the petition of a London
banking firm reacj as a part of Mr
Harris remarks a nd which contained
evidence there was trouble between the
reorganization committee and those c
whom they represented he said that
when rogues fall out honest men were
likely to get their dues
That is a consummation devoutly to
be wished exclaimed Mr Harris
When these thieves fall out perhaps
the United States will get Its dues
Mr Gear continuing regarded as the
greatest plume In the cap of the admin
istration the fact that it received 100

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