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Occurred in the Oregon Short Line
> I
Tho Firemen Worked Hard and It
Took Two Hours to Extinguish
the Fire Tho Building Fully In
sured Amount of the Loss
Last night at 1145 oclock an alarm
from box2 called the fire department
to the corner of Second South and
West Temple streets where great vol
umes of smoke could be seen pouring
from the windows of the Oregon Short j I
Line building It was only a few mIn i
utes from the time the alarm was sent j i
In till both departments were on the
scone and had several lines of hose laid i
ready for use The first entrance was
made by breaking the iarge plate glass i
in the door of A H Boxrud Cos i I I
Several firemen were quickly in the
room but the smoke was so thick and
the place so dark that nothing could be i
discovered The fumes from the
burning wood were so dense that it was
impossible for any man to stay In It
more than a minute or so at a time I
The hood wasplaced on one of the fire
men and he penetrated far Into the
interior of the store but not a sign of
the flames could be seen The upper I
part of the building and the rear were
being searched at the same time with 1 I i
the same success
In the meantime Chief Devine with
some of the boys were exploring the
basement through the windows but
I I nothing could be seen in that place but
smoke An attempt was made to go
Into the basement but the smoke was
so thick that the firemen were forced
back In a few moments The back door
of the Kansas City Smelting companys
place was broken open and the firemen
groped their way along the floor In
search of the fire A roaring and crack
ling sound was heard directly under
them and the floor was burning hot
This was undoubtedly where the
fire was and ar ax was celled for
in order to chop through the floor and
reach the blaze Before work was
commenced on the floor there was a
crash and flames suddenly shot up
through the floor about 30 feet from
the door The hose was run Ji and the
flames quickly reduced until nothing
but a glow could be seen The axe was
then used and a small hole was cut
In the floor through which the flames
made their exit I was a dangerous
piece of work which now presented it
self to the firemen but there was not
one who faltered In his
duty They
made their way along the floor on
hands and knees nearly suffocated
with the smoke and began to tear up
the floor to gain an entrance through
which they could work
work They knew
that the whole floor beneath them was
burning and In one place further
ahead it had already fallen In and
they did not know what instant the
floor under them would give way and
plunge them all Into a raging furnace
Then it was that a report was circu
lated that the Utah and Montana Ma
chinery company which vas next door
south had powder stored In the base I
ment this was subsequently disproved
This added ra new danger but work 1
never ceased and a hole was soon made
through which the nozzle of the hose
Was pushed and a stream of water
poured upon what flames could be I
reached A few minutes later a large
aperture was made in the floor and the
basement opened to view The whole 1
interior seemed to be In flames and the
water was turned on immediately
A ladder was then placed down to the I
floor of the basement and some of the
jI men went down It and played the hose
upon the fire which was now plainly In
view It was but a few minutes from I
the time the opening was made until
the basement was full of firemen fight
ing the flames which were rapdly burn I
ing the ceiling above them I was not I
long before the fire was practically out
but for a long time after i would break
out in pots among the joists in the
ceiling One of the peculiar circumstances
stances was that the flames seemed to
run along the asbestos covering of the I
seam pipes as if they were made of
canvas and were not supposed to be
S fireproof I i
In the meantime all the doors and
windows were opened s that some of
the smoke could get out When enough I
of the fumes had been expelled to al
low a man to breathe in the interior of I
the building an examination was made
of the premises to locate if possible
the cause of the fire At first it was
thought that It originated in the steam
pipes being overheated but this was
later disproved i
There was no furnace In the build
ing as all of the heat is obtained from
the Dooly building All of the condi
tions seemed to point conclusively to
one point the furnace In the
assay sam
pling room In the rear of that part of
the building occupied by the Kansas
City Smelting and Refining
Ciy Smelng ad company
The floor on the west side of the assay
furnace was burned through and a
large opening was made by the flames
at that place What appeared to be the
hood and a stand containing the chem
Icals and other articles used in asoay
ng were overturned and had fallen
I partly through the floor
No other place in the building was
found where the flames had burned
through the floor and aa examination
made of the timber In the flooring
seemed to point to the fact that the
flames started on top of the floor and
wcrked downward Probably under the
trick floor around the furnace There
was nothing In the basement whatever
that could burn until part of the floor
fell In I was a remarkable fire In
that I was n long time before It could
be locate the smoke making it impos
sible to see or live In the building and
no way was found practicable to reach
the part of the basement In which the
BareS were located
Chief DevIne and his men deserve
credit for the efficient manner in which
they worked under the most trying cir
cumstances I a over two hours be
fore the last sparks were extinguished
building but It was a close call to the whole
The building was erected last spring
by Messrs Chambers Mackintosh and
Dooly at a cost of 73000 The large
and substantial structure is amply in
sured to cover the loss which will
amount to several thousand dol
lars The chief items of loss
tp the building or rather the I
north half of I are broken plate
glass doors and footlights and damag I
ed flooring which will require extensive
Very slight damage other than smoke I
was done to the effects and fixtures In
the offices of the Chicago Milwaukee I
St Paul and Burlington railroad com
i panies on the ground floor and the j I
j general traffic operating and account
Ing offices of the Oregon Short Line In
tr the second story
The Utah and Montana Machinery j
companys office and store on the south I
side Of the center suffered a slight loss
Lcm smoke It Is insured for S330CO I
A report was current to the effect that
there was n considerable quantity of
giant powder stored In the basement I
room adjoining the seat of the fire but
f 4 UL
i Tto Uayal is the Kgbcst credo baiiiag pcwdtr
I b = orra Actual tests c it coca aoC
I third rare t ant ether bread I
I V r I
Absolutely Pure
i I
1 as soon as ranager Anderson arrived
i i on the scene he allayed all apprehns
by indignantly declaring he was not so
I foolish as to keep c 8ee where there
I was any chace for I fire
I A I Boxrud Co Incorporated man
I ufacturers of susp nuers and wholesalers I
i of furnishings and nbtions arc heavily
I damaged by smoke They carry n stock
dn urdhl
of J250CO and are irsurrd for J16 000 f com
panies represented by W S Ferris Co
and W S Glosy Co
Another large loser Is the Consolidated
Kansas City Smelting EL Retains com
nanys office In charge of Colonel J E I
Jackson Colonel Jackson was not on the
ground last right and the amount of In I
surance carried by his company could not
bo ascertained
The orient of individual losses and the
amounts of Insurance carried will not be
definitely known till today but all are
amply protected by policies In represent
ative fire companies
Customs That Are Itittle Known to
the Kbrtherner
I I Few indeed are the pleasurabl ex
t citemculs of the Crackers life and
yet he has some fete days and boil
I days Paramount among these are the
I Cane erindin and Sugarbilin
Most of them have a cane patch of
greater or less extent according to
t the number of his stock cattle and
j j the children big enough to assist and
I the extent to which he can overcome
his chronic Indisposition to labor Along
t I in November and December the grind
I Ings begin and usually go in rota
i tion so that the linked sweetness may
j j be long drawn out writes a correspondent
spondent from St Petersburg Fla to
the Boston Transcript Everybody Is
i invited and preparations are made to
j j entertain all comers for the Cracker
1 f Vl i rbl
is above all things hospitable rc
1 or more razorbacks yield up the
ghost a plentiful supply of grits and
I I sweet potatoes are on hand and the
larder is ready For some days before
cutting actually begins the Cracker
is busy setting up his mill and fur
nace The whole affair Is primitive In
the extreme A pine sapling with just
I i the right crook in It is hitched at one
1 end to a pony the other is fastened to
two small upright rollers between
I j which the cane Is crushed While
j the pony steadily treads his crlcle
three or four sticks of cane are fed
I to the mill The thin greenish juice i I
i i runs Into a rude wQoden trough which
conducts It to a barrel covered with
j a gunny sack which serves as a
strainer The chimney and furnace
Into the flat top of which the large
iron boiler or caldron is set are rudely
fashioned of clay After five or six
hours hard boiling and skimming the
syrup is done and for a few minutes
all is excitement as the firebrands are
raked out from the fUrnace and the I
boiler is emptied of its saccharine conI I
tents The sirup is a clear amber and 1
of delicious flavor and just a few mo
ments overboiling would change I to
sugar for which your true Cracker
has little use the sirup having a much II j
greater financial value The skim I
mings are all carefully put in a clean I
barrel where they soon ferment and
make a kind of beer they call I
and which with ace becomes highly
intoxicating Well the Cracker work I
steadily for him for some days know j
ing full well that his fun will come
el et I
when once the boiling is over for In
variably they end with a dance and
candypull I
Now a truly Cracker dance Is a pe
culiar instifution one which furnishes
boundless amusement to the outsider j
If so be he is fortunate enough to
Vird oe ia j
be invited to grace one with his pres I
ence Young and old big and little j
eed db f m
attend and each one bent on getting
the fullest amount of enjoyment out of
the occasion There are always some
among them who can play the violin
and the air they play must be an
heirloom for it is alwars the same
and only one It is always the same
monotonous jangle on a few notes and
I played as fast as possible I but the
I Cracker seems toa enjoy It db his feet
j I keep time to the measure however
rapid it be As the rooms are not
large but 16 can dance at once and
they are all in one set two couples
being on each four sides The fun
commences early and continues late
a fresh lot of dancers always being
ready to take the places of those who
I are about wearied out with a good half
hours rapid dancing for each set
holds the floor at least that long All
night long above the tingatang of
the violin is heard n continual repe
tition of such calls a these Honor
you partners now you cornerAls
amen left First couple to the right
I and dosaballetnet Next couple fol
low and lady swing or cheat Twine
I j the blacksnake In and out First lady
II to the right swing and float and such
floating about as airy and graceful as
I a careering mule All lemonade and
hit well sweetened with nothlrT
I Honor the llowerbasUet now the
woodbox Big ring all around La
dles to the middle of the floor and gen
I tlemen to their seats Then each gen
tleman makes a frantic tab for his
I own partner and leads her rosy and
panting tj the coolest spot he can find
for seats are few and far between
I Spring Is surely traveling northward
and her harbingers are here already i
The orange buds are waxing 1 age r
I and soon wH burgeon into full flower I
The mulberries are flllins out broad
green leaves and dainty blossoms fair
promise of full harvest soon Violets
purple and white are peering at you i
everywhere and the yellow jasmine Is
ringing Its scented bells from porches
treetops or wherever Its gay stream
ers have a foothold The air is reso
nant with Innumerable birdnotes as
flock after flock of feathered tourists I
wing their way overhead and full soon
the robins and bluebirds will again be
with you to make joyous New Eng
I lands now leafless trees
New York Press A man never knows
half as much as his wife thinks he does
The devil probably married Lilith so she
could keen house plants and make him
The average man can repeat about as
much of the Constitution as he can of the
Lords Prayer
No matter how high a girls ambition
soars she will never get very far till she
flops back to earth for a man
Nero want so cruel l to Uln > cple when
Rome was burninfr He might have had I
his daughters play their new fiuet on the
When a woman describes a rainbow she
makes the same kind of pasture sho does
when she Is describing how the trimming
ran around a skirt she saw
A Hidden ine
New York Press r BIgss You call
a ship she dont you Ferdinand
RlfOjs Yes love
Mrs BISKS Well then why dont ygu
call them monDfwar
Biggs Um Because theY Get bldwn up
d i tr ro I
I Continued From Paso 1
versatfon and then the Spanish minster
was escorted to New York City going
first to the WalfordAstoria and later to
the residence ot the Spanish consul gen
111 simsier Lennue did not havc
5 much to hay for jiublloutton
For the present I must follow tho ex
ample of your minister to Spain General
I Woodford he eatd
When asked what General Woodford
S was dome In Spain the minister placed
1 the index finger on his hand over his lips
and said nothing
1 He djcined to discuss the Cubsn ques
tion or to say anything whmover on the
P cleat let ons between his country and
nil country
Arrival of Montgomery Maine Oper
ations Court of Inquiry 1
Havana March 9The United States j I i
cruiser Montgomery arrived here at i
935 a m
The arrival here of the Montgomery
I was very quiet it being generati u u
derstood that she comes to replace the
I j coast survey steamer Fpr a quarters I i
for Captain Sigsbee and others
Commander Converse of the Mont
gomery is a high authority on explo
slves and his advice will be useful to j I I I
the court of Inquiry into the loss of the I I
Maine >
After firing the usual salute and be
ing saluted in returp the ouitjs i
was moored in the principal harbor
I near the wreck of th dan a n
the center of a circle of Spanish ships
Later In the day Commata r nl
verse received the Associated Press
correspondent on board the cruiser I
though he had nothing to tell him be
yond the facts 1 f nl j j I
Captain Sigsbee Lieutenant Com I
mander Wainwrisht and Ensien Pre I I
son will occupy quarters on the Mont I
t u I ii
afternoon Montgomery is as trm
I and neat as possible Nobody Is al
lowed on board without permission but
nobody is excluded if business or cour
tesy demands the visit There Is no In
I timation of the length of the cruisers
stay In this harbor any more than
there Is any news of the duration of
I the sessions of the court of Inquiry
I I here
I The court held Its usual sessions to
day examining the divers Only the
Spanish divers were at work and they
were only occupied part of the day
I The wreckers arc steadily removing the
I upper debris of the wreck come of
j f which will be dumped into the so
I i Other portlbns of the wreck are worth
I saving
I Senator Proctor left here tcduy for
i I Key West and will go to Miami by to
I morrows steamer
i Consul General Lee says there was
nothing of Importance in tU < mal mat
I ter which he has just received from
i the United States
The Olivettes passenger list of in
t conlers was small and her outgoing
list of passengers is not as large as
Captain Sigsbee Is anxious to wind
up his work here and get away His
health is gradually failing since the
Maines destruction and now that the
excitement no longer sustains him he
fears a collapse His case is not seri
S ous but he seldom appears In the city
now feeling unable to get about He
t remains aboard the Fern most of the
I i A further examination of the divers
< occupied the court of Inquiry today
The sessions were not long and It
I would be hard for anyone not possessed
I of inside information to tell what keeps
the members here unless It 1 that
they are waiting until the divers are
able to examine and report upon por
tions of the hull already engulfed In
the harbor mud The Fern left for
K y West tonight
The Americans here are greatly
pleased at the prompt action of con
gress in passing the defense bill every
one regarding the appropriation as a
wise measure in time of peace
What effect the presence of the I
Montgomery will have no one will be
able to tel until she has been here sev I
eral days She is so much smaller than j
the VIzcaya or the Almlrante Oquendo
that it is apparent to everyone that
she was not sent in a warlike mood j
but only to replace the Fern There
is no apprehension among naval of
ficers that the Montgomery will share
the fate of the Maine j
Miles Says It Would Just Put Army IOn J
On Peace rooting I
Washington March 5Genetal Mites
raid last night
All the preparations which will be
made will In all probability be no great I
er than the department
dtpartment would have
made long ago If we had had adequate I
nnnrnnrlstinre I i n
i alone could easily and economically I
I spend the entire 50000000 In putting
the country on merely a substantial
I substmtal
j I peace footing I can be stated that
I every dollar that the president feels
justified In allotlng to the war depart
ment will be expended within the limit
I of the availability of the appropriation
The foreign situation is confessedly
I serious but whatever may he the out
come we shall Improve our opportuni
I ties to be prepared to meet any emer
I gency The action of congress Is encouraging
couraging as showing the substantial l
i support on which the administration
I can count In the hour of necessity
Statement Made 3egarding Report of
1 Maine Board of Inquiry
Washington March 9The statement
was made at the navy department to
I day that the report of the Maine court
of inquiry would probably come to the
I department some time next week I
did not appear however that this
statement was founded on any direct
I report from the court hut raihT ° n
j estimate based upon the progress so far
j made as reveaUd by the ch < tngc oi
methods on the part of the court
I Is not expected that Lieutenant
I Commander Marlx the judge advocate
of the court will leave the court until
it has completed Its labors as I Is the
custom for the judge advocate to as
sist In the preparation of the final re
port of the court
Ono of the Cramps Sounds a ITotcof
Warning I
I Philadelphia Pa March 0 Charles
H Cramp head of the great ship
I building firm says there Is a deliberate
attempt under way to frighten the
t United States into buying I ships it does i
tIeJ tI
I not need and could not use He said
This clamor about buying warships
Di 1
J lJ I
Highest Honors Worlds Fair
Gold Medal Attdwinter Fair I I
l i i
abroad is all instigated by a syndicate
of adventurers who are lIng to get
big commissions by helping English
I i and German shipbuilders to unload on I 1
the United States a number of unsale I
able vessels which they have built
either on speculation or under contract
with various second rate powers that II I
are not able to pay for them Such
syndicates are always formed at the
b < fui 111 0 I Ineatentd wr I
i i Briefly this scheme is a conspiracy
on the part of certain daring operators
in this country and England to take
advantage of the existing situation to
dt i
force the hand of congress and the ad
ministration I I j i
Newspaper Guesses On the Object of
Pauncefotes Visit t
Washington March 10 Much con
jecture has been indulged in touching I i I
I the visit paid the White House by the I
British ambassador
The Washington Post this Thursday I I
morning s = s on this
mornng ss thl point I
i Queen Victoria has through Sir Jul i
Ian Fauncefote conveyed to President i
I McKinley her gratification at the wise I
and conservative course which he has
thus far pursued in relation to tbe
Cuban and Spanish situation She also j
expressed to him her thorough sym j
pathy with the efforts put forth by the I
United States to relieve suffering hu j
manity in Cuba with the lyipe that I I
these endeavors may be conducted to a 1
successful conclusion without war I
These expressions were not sent in
official form They would have been I
communicated through Mr Hay the
United States ambassador to Great I
Britain but for the fact that he Is ab I
sent on a voyage on the Nile
The desire of the queen that war
should be avoided was emphasized for
several rcasons I was pointed out that I
the commercial relations of Great Brit
ain with the United States were too
extensive to be jeopardized by a war I
between this onunlirr and Simln I
I The reply of the president expressed
his pleasure at the utterance of the
queen with the additional statement
that he also hoped that war could >
Avoided Public announcement of the
real purpose of the ambassadors visit
I has been avoided and a denial of the
fact that It had relations to the res
eat crisis has been maae because i
was feared that the friendly utterance
might be misconstrued
There vas another reason however
which had its weight In the direction
j I of secrecy The attitude of Great Brit
1 ain goes further In this matter than a
I mcre expression of good wishes There
Is a desire which has yet only reached
the stage of tentative suggestion that
an alliance may be formed between
I Great Britain and the United States I
ha been showh that the Interests of
England are not only Identical In a i
general sense but are especially Identi
cal in thcjgreat question of finding in i
S China and the east a market for man i
I ufactures This suggestion has ccnsid
eiable weight with the administration I
Great Britain Is finding her supremacy i
in China seriously threatened I Eng i
I land proposes to hold her own she
i must fight for I This explains why
she is forbidding her shipowners to
part with the vessels they are con j
structing and account for the large
increases she is making to her navy
I i i I was the suggestion that If the j
United States would afford to Great i
Britain her moral support In case of I
trouble in the eAst she would offer us
her sympathy nd practical aid in any
troublethat threatened with Spain that
received In a discussion of the eastern j
Ifn I
question In the cabinet meeting I last
Tuesday The administration appre
ciates the value of this friendly atti
i London Mfrch 10The Washington I
L correspondent of the Daily Chronicle
denies that Sir Julian Paunccfote when I
calling on President McKlnley on Tues I
day offered Gicat Britains mediation I
I in the Cuban affair or asked the v i
I port of the United States for British
policy In the far cast I
I a I
I Connecting Eisrbor Defenses With
Electrical Cables Urged
I Washington March 9 General Gree
ly chief signal officer has written a
letter to the secretary of war who has
forwarded it to Chairman Cannon of
the housecommittee on appropriations
To the ties Secretary of Warir
The estimate1 of 20000 for cables to
connect electrically the fortifications In I
the harbors at New York Boston and
Philadelphia has been omitted from
the sundry cKH bill as reported by
the house of representatives The chief
signal officer would be derelict in his
duty did he not call the attention of
the secretary of war to the necessity of
urging upon tha senate such an appro
priation For Seven consecutive years
me cniei sisiiui uunti iiua uiutaiuufejj
recommended the importance of this
matter reciting the fact that some of
our most Important defenses can only
be reached by messenger
The destruction of the military ca
bios between Alcatraz Angel Island
I and the mainland long since left the
fortifications at San Francisco harbor
I Isolated and entirely unconnected elec
tiically and Fort Warren in Boston
I harbor is also without reach by tele
phone or telegraph In New York har
bor I is true that several posts can
communicate with each other over circuitous
cuitous commercial routes but such
complicated methods inadequate in
practice even would Inevitably break
down in case of actial hostilities
I must seem lard y credible to either
business men or to experts that con
gress after authorizing a system of
coast defenses to cost millions of dol
lars should for years refuse to con
nect the military forts around the great
cities of New York Boston and San
Francisco either electrically or tele
phonically In critical emergencies such
as arise in all defenses military opera
tions at these points would under ex
t isting conditions be necessarily con
S ducted without concert or unison thus
j needlessly jeopardizing lives by thou
sands and property to the value of
hundreds of millions of dollars
I The present situation is parallel to
that which would exist i our great
I cities after spending tens of thousands
of dollars in thoroughly establishing a
fire department should refuse to In
stall therewith an electrical system and
I insist that alarms of fire should be sent
either by messenger or by the nearest
commercial telegraph lines Very re i
spectfully A W GREELKT
Chief Signal Officer I I
Plans Entertained For Doubling
Their Productive Capacity
Washington March 9The ordnance
department is considering plans for the
enlargement of the Springfield arsenal
where all the KragJorgensen improved
rifles used by the army are manufac
tured as well as a large quantity of j
Springfield rifles with which most of
the state national guards are now I
armed Should the present serious
condition of affairs continue the doub
condIton contnue I
ling of the capacity of the arsenal will
be ordered
Similar steps will also be taken In
case of emergency with regard to the I
Rock n arsenal which manufac I
tures gun carriages cavalry and ar
tillery harness etc and the Watertown I
and Waterxliet arsenals
Uncle Sam Wants Machinists I
Washington March 9 Admiral S I
card has been authorized to enlist suit
able men for the navy af Key West
if he can find the material He re
ported that he had received some ap I
plications from machinists and seamen I i
and was Immediately given the power I
to take the men The department is
still striving vigorously I to secure ma
chinists especially men who know how
to run stationary engines These mel t
can be quickly taught hdw to run ma t
rine engines and require little other
ship training to make them valuable aboard
L ndon Press On Itecent Events of
American Crisis I
London MarclulO The Daily Chron
icle article on the Cuban question de
scribes President McKlnleys action
throughout the crisis as a model of
It declares that the action of the
Washington government in connection
with the Maine disaster deserves the
highest recognition
There is eveiy indication says the
Daily Chronicle that the United States
are preparing for the Inevitable strug
gle Soon It will be necessary for
Great Britain to show on which side
its sympathies leI
Arguing at considerable length upon
unselfishness of American motives
In desiring to put an end to the hell
upon earth In Cuba and Insisting that
America has a better right to inter
fere than has been put forward a a
justification in two out of every three
wars in history the Dally Chronicle
saysWe hope Great Britain will not only
as far officially as the limits of inter II
national law permits but that public
opinion will declare itself openly un
mistakably and In the teeth of all Eu
rope If necessary as sympa
thrzlng heartily with the mo
tives impelling America at last to take Iso I
vs lm tt tst
a step so natural and yet one she has
so long hesitated to take
At the same time we wish It were I
possible to persuade Spain even at the
eleventh hour that her honor and Cuba
might he saved by the recognition of I
inevitable facts To bid Cuba be free
wculd be a hard task but it would bs
the safest and most dignified course I
The Dally News says editorially this
While crediting the United States
with the generous error of giving the
world a noble example of sacrifice for
peace by unpreparedness for war w e
arc rglad to see that they have shown
themselves wise In time
Turning1 S Out Arms By Wholesale
Work Day and Night
New York March lOA dispatch to
the World from Rome says
There Is feverish activity In the Ital
Ian government manufactories of arms
and ammunition at Turin Florence and
i i t Naples after idleness since the end of
i I the African campaign They are run
ning overtime
I The Worlds correspondent learns on
j authority that large orders for muni
I tions of war have been received from
Spain and that the Italian government
Is willing to fill them in an Indirect way j
by plaping new arms In the hands of i
Italian troops and selling the old ones
to intermediary traders who would
hand them over to the Spanish author I
Spain has depended largely on Italy
latterly for arms
There Is at this moment an order I
with the Italian branch of the Arm
strongs Eiswlck company which has a
foundry near Naples to furnish two
12Inch guns for the Cristobal Colon
which was built In Genoa
Spain is said to be negotiating for the
purchase of a heavily armored cruiser I
which is nearing completion at the
shipyard at Genoa i
Rumor I Pronounced Without Foun
S dation I P < r I
New York March 10A dispatch to the
Herald from Paris says
Nothing I known here of Spain con
tracting a loan in Paris The rumor was
entirely without foundation
The Temps publishes a dispatch from
Hare stating that the fitting out of the
Spanish criuser Carlos Quinto is being
pushed forward rapidly
A highpowered 11Inch Hontoria gun
has Just been mounted In the forward ar i
morclnd turret oUT similar 1 gun t be I
placed in the after turret I
Spanish Torpedo Beat Destroyers Get
Peady For Business
Glasgow March 9The Spanish tor
pedo bpat destroyers Orado and Audaz
left the Clyde bank this afternoon fully
manned and with all their guns and
other armaments on board They will
embark the ammunition tomorrow at
Grconock and will sail on Saturday At
their trials they developed a speed of
30 knots
Spain Did Not Buy Them
Washington March 9The administration
tion has definite information from a I
source which Is regarded as beyond ques
ur cl <
lon lO LOU eueCl 111 paIl 1105 nul pu
chased the two Brazilian cruisers Bar
I baso and Amasonas
i Uncle Sam Will Forestall Spain
i London March 9The Indications are
that the United States government will
not wait for the arrival here of Com
mander lard H Brownson In order to
purchase warships Definite offers have
alrpadv been made for ships building here
with the view of forestalling Soan who
supposed to be bargaining for the same
Catholic Knights For War
I Springfield Ills March 9Major Gen
eral Lee Kadcsky commander In chief of
the uniform rank Catholic Knights of
I America stated to an Associated Press
I 1 ruDrosdntatlve that of the 23000 members
I of the organization all welldrilled men
1110 j men could be put in the Held within
i 2 hours In I case of war
S Big Shell Contract
I Reading Pa March OThe Carpenter
Steel Works has been asked to bid on
I over 11000 shells of various sizes for the
government The contrast would amount
to nearly tl750000
I The entire plant Is now working night
and diy on a government contract involv
ing the expenditure of a million dollars
I Whooping cough Is the 1 most distress I
Ing malady but Its duration can be
cut short by the use of One Minute I
CoUgh Cure which is also the best
known remedy for croup and all lung
and bronchial troubles Smith
Swift Druggists 142 Main
ON o TRIAl i
To Any Reliable Man
Usrrclons npplanco and one months remedies
or rare power Kill bo sent on ttlal without mv
adrance jx < infji by tbo fnrcnitnt cmniuny In tho
world lit tha treatment at mrn iut Sroten dia
I conraced from efTocte of excwscs worr over
vOC tO Happy irmrri cotfcared complete I ra
rn mho
toratitmor daTelopmnitofril rnbau cuncltions
The tlirio of Oils oR < r a limited No r O n
hrnie m derrptlno mi ciwxmro Artrtets
LUll intliHflL 5jU UUFFALO NY
Made a tell
Man of I
Me r
1 1
TliG fillUT
UN3rromDI > wFnillnrJ
Pan 1 8le pl < E5ncs3 I iihtK Erals
lionotocaused IJ p t nlaac give TT
iIsr aeti cia to hreiika oryez and QcicXIT Dot
gurelyrentorno yxM ifanhnni in old or cocoa
Eelty errnd In TCttixx + ot rtiCaJJereCtre
is lor fsoa iH < A c tmltcn avarnnlra to < rrr en
ZiZnVttrtfun DoVr err AH ismutios but I
nintnnboioaI2PAPO U rour VTrjfltt hue no
Tin Nclrtc1Juf n Utub Jo IIALT WE CITY
Have Nothing to Give Out Rcgarding
tho Rumor That the U P o E
Secured the Skcrt Liae Will Be
Waited Upon 3y n Committee
This 2Tonii3ff
Special to The Held
Ogden March President Burt of the
Union Pacific with General Manager Ed
Dickenson Superintendent Larry Mulloy
and Garrett ONel arlyed here tonight on
their special car
President Burt and Mr Dckenson are
out on a tour of Inspection and have been
away from headquarters < > r some days
They are not therefore tally advised as
to the latest rumor regarding the Union
Pacific taking the Short Line and did not
care to discuss the matter under tao
their trip west Is one of Inspection sim
ply and has no special slcmtlcance
Some time ago a committee from the
city council and the Weber club a ap
pointed to secure I possible the removal
of the Union Pacific shops from Cheyenne
to Ogden This committee did not have a
chance to met the officials last night
but will wait upon them at 7 oclock this
morning as Messrs Burt and Dicken
son start east in the morning branching
off to Park City on the way
After years ot untold suffering from
piles B W Pursell of Knitnersvillc
Pn was cured by using a single box
of De Witts Witch Hazel Salve Skin
diseases such as tc ma rash pim
ples and obstinate sores are readily
cured by this famous remedy Smith
Swift Druggists 142 Main
Is the timo when you should take a
Spring Medicine to purify your blood
i give you good appetite sound sleep
j I steady nerves and perfect digestion
That scrofulous taint that ski irn
bio that liver dif
Rg cultythatbiliocs
T a K tendency that
tired feeling ar
al cured by Hoods Sarsaparilla Give
I this medicine n fair trial and yon will
realize i positive merit I is not
what we say but what the people who
arc cured say which proves that
arsapaia I Spring the Best Med
cine C I Hood 6 C Lowell Mass f
TJ i r fl cure Liver Ills easy to
iiOOCl S flia take easy oI operate zc
Last Day of
The Syndicate t
Special Sale
150 Pairs of
Boys Knee Pants
Sizes 6 to 14 years
Values Elsewhere
50 cents to 125
Our Sale Prices
25c 35c 40c 50c 60c
II llffi
IT 19 East First South
Consult County Clerk or the Respect
lye Signers for Further Information
Third Judicial district state of Utah In
and for Salt Lake county probate di
vision Estate of ThOmas H Lee de
censjd The undersigned will sell at pri
vate sale subject to the paramount title
of the United States nil the right title
and interest of said estate in and to the
following described real estate towlt
The southeast Quarter of the northeast
quarter and the northeast quarter of the
southeast quarter oft the southeast
quarter of section Z tcrwnsnio 1 south
rage 8 east of Salt LoUo meridian in
the county of Utah state of Utah on or
after 12 oclock noon Friday April 1 l
and written bite trtl be received at the
law offices of Tow n ft Marioneaur
rooms 1G and 17 Walker BrothjrV bank
building corner of Main street and West
Second SQuth street In Salt Lake City
Terms of SaIL cash in lawful money of
the United States
MART D COKE Administratrix
S McDowall Attorney for Adminis
tr tr1
teceased Creditors will present claims
with vouchers t tho undersigned at4 > i
Irorest bulldirrr on or before the IQth
elay of July A D 1IS
Administrator of the Estate of Wllh
PltchKcW rercasd
Pate of first publIcation March 10 A D
its ton
4 I
r 1r r
1 j
II r r
ir 1
t 8
sJ J t Y E
Trains arrive and depart At Salt L
City dally as foKovcn
Un Effect ARRIVE March 5 ls
From Cnlcapo omada St Louis
hiasta City Vn Denver t LUl3
Cy and usJen 310 ps
irpm Helens Butte Portland
i Sea runcsco Porlad
I 1 S lrcoc OJel 1
tcrincjJiate points 333 am 1
i I Prom San Kranclsca Cacao Va
I icy Ogxlea and Intel uodiato
Points 715 p3 J
From Cncago Onsaha St Loua p
I 1 den Kansas Citj Denver and OS 339 a J
° From Frisco Allirortl and Inter 4 a 1
S mediate points 303 JUIB
i From Mercu Tlntic Prove Ne a
i pat fccjjpatij Valljy and Inter
I mediate points 65 pm
Mixed tram from rmlnua
Toocle and Carfloui Bach 4t0 a b
For Chicago DPAT Dev
Kau Cit t3t Louis Ogden
Park City boo L
S For San Francisco Ogden 1os
I I Cube Valley act latermedlats
P0mb sco j
I o
i I I Fr Ogden Dearer Kansas CUy SO
Omaha St Louis Chicago tad <
intwnsedlate points
I For Ogden But Helena Port 1 p J
d and San Francisco
For Eureka Mercur Provo SlP
° t Nepb k anPee aVUey 7 La
lor Provo Nepal AIHford 1
Frisco sad intermediate points 609 pja
Mixed train for Garfield Beach p
looele and T ertnuq Garfcld Bac 7tiS ara
Sd Tns south w Jub run daily ec m
° galljr except Sunday
Telephone al Ns 00 Xo West 550 Second South street
Railroad and Steamship Tickets on sa1
to all parts of the world 8
Pullman Palace Car ticket office
Ga Trt ilgr Gen Pass t Tickt Afft
Vice are and Gsa Her
I Current Time Tabla
I I EFFECT MAHCg 5th 1898
No 2Fog Provo Grand June
ton and all points east 845 a m
N c 4For Provo Gran5 Junc
tion and all points e = 7MlLia
No 6For Blngham Lehl Provo 7t l =
Mt Pleasant Mantl Rlch
field Belknap all Intermediate
points 308 gT
No SFor Eureka Paycon a
Provo and all intermediate
points 500 pra
No IFor Orrton and We1 910 pm
No iFor Ogden and West1233 pm
No 42 For Park City and Inter pr
mediate points 500 p m
No 1 From Blncnam Provo
Grand Junction and the East isO PZI
No 3 From Provo Grand
Junction and Hast 905 p a
No 5 From Preys BInrriiam p
Eureka Belknap 11 f
llantl and all intermediate
I poms 525 pus
No 3 From Ogden qad the p
ve5t S3S nm
No 4Front gden and too
West 7pa
No 7 From Eureka Parson
Provo abd all intermediate
points 1000 a m
No H From Park City and In m
termediate points 950 am
Only Coo running through Pullman
Palace Sleeping Cars from Salt Lake
City to San Francisco and Portland Salt
Lake City to Denver via Gran nctlon
end Sat L > ake City to Kansas City and
Chicago via Colorado points
Through tourist or family sleepers wt
Boston our chaoee to Kansas City Chicago ant
to Free Denver recllnlne chair Ca Salt Lake dty
Ticket OlSce No 103 West Second Soati
street < rostoffice Corner
Vice Pre Gen Mgr Traffic MZTU
2T c1 WADLEIGH fn Pass m1
di TH
The Overland Limited tor
Cnlcacx St Paul 1t Louis
Omaha Kansas City Denver T1DO am
The Fast MaK tar Chicago
St Louis Omaha Kansas City
and Denver 635 PJ
The Overland Limited from
Chicago St Louis Om
Kansas City Denver 30pm
The Fast Mall tom Chicago
T t Paul SL Louis Omaha
Kansas Cit and Denver 329 8u
City Ticket Office 201 Main Street
Telephone No CF3
H I CLAY Gen Agent
On and after March 6th daily
service will bo established leaving
Denver at 930 a m arriving Lincoln
coln 1030 p m Omaha 1155 p m
Chicago 215 p m following day
Only one night on the road
Pullman Vestibuled Sleepers Din
ing and Fee Reclining Chair Cars
I S This train makes direct connections
with all trains from points on the Or
I egon Short Line and Rio Grande
Western always for Chicago and
all eastern points
Be sure your tickets read v the
Burlington Boute from Denver
I A BENTON Ticket Agent
B G W By Dooly loc
Traveling Pass and Freight Agt
214 South West Temple Street Ore
gon Short Line Building Salt Lako
City Utah

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