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I 02f Auxiliary I Warships I The Last Seen of Andree
Uncle Sam could call Into service a
I the within fleet Sunday of three thirtythree Herald days Rsad American about liners it in THE ALT LAKE HE RAL D An witnessed tho Sunday interesting Andrses Herald article departure by one who In
Evidence of Spanish Hatred
On All Sides
And Colonel Parker Says They Are I I
Not Sad Over It Either
Senator Proctor Tells of His Visit to I
CubaColonel Parker His Com
panion Gives a Thrilling Account
of the Incidents Witnessed On the
TripNews of the Navy Depart
ment Plans For Arming Mer
chant VesselsWar News
New York March 1010 special to
the Evening World from Key West
J Fla says
Among the passengers on the Olivette
from Havana today was Senator Proc
tor of Vermont who has been making
a study of Cuba and the Cubans With
him was Colonel M M Parker of
Washington As socn as Senator Proc
tor hal registered he sent up his card
to Admiral Sicard He wa shown to
the admirals room and was closeted
with him for two hours The object of
the interview presumably is to de
liver to the admiral some messages
from Commodore Converse of the Mont
gomery I
Colonel Parker said to an Evening
World reporter I
The senators trip to Cuba was
merely to satisfy himself as to the real
merits of the Cuban question It has I
no political significance whatever The
famine suffering and awful destitution
among the reconcentrados is almost
indescribable The alcalde of Matanzas
told me that 55000 persons had died of
starvation In that city during the last
year and that 5600 had died during
In a ward of the hospital at Matan
zas there are 100 Cubans most of them
sleeping on the floor We spent a half
hour at the hospital and during that
time three of the patients in the ward
died Blancos order modifying Wey
lers reconcentrados edict has not
gone Into effect hut when it does I
do not believe that it will help matters
apx ArouDiL every town Js aitrocha
Any citizen who walks out lde of it is
liable to be shot by a Spanish sentry
Blancos order permits them to go out
side the trocha for a few hours every
day but does not remove the sentries
and so long as they remain Cubans are
not going to venture outside
We were Just about to enter a hotel
one day with our party in which were
several ladies A group of Spanish offi
cers were standing at the door As we
J passed one of them said in Spanish I
r should like to have an order to kill
these people x
Every American in Cuba now is
watched as though he was a criminal
The Spaniards hate us and do not
hesitate to say so
Every one in Havana now knows
that the Maine was blown up Span
iards no longer deny it They do not
seem to be very sad over it either
Are we going to have war Well
If we dont I shall be surprised
Colonel Parker said all the American
consuls in Cuba are doing their best in
the distribution of relief supplies ex
cept Consul Magar at Cienfuegos who
rhe consul said denied that there was
much suffering and who seemed to ba
in sympathy with the Spaniards
Havana via Tampa Fla March S
Delayed in transmission Senator
Proctor before leaving for Key West
by the Olivette today after what he
calls A most profitable two weeks In
Cuba said i
I have found out what I could not
have learned without a personal visit i
while I have not to my knowledge
antagonized a single person on the
island My trips with Miss Barton
have been of great service because
when the minds of people are mel I
lowed by gratitude their hearts speak
out the truth As a business man I
wish to say that Miss Bartons meth I
ods of receiving caring for and dis
tributing the supplies are most admir j I
able I am surprised at her ability II j i
and delighted at the results attained I
The American people may be fully i
confident that all money or supplies
sent will be conscientiously applied I
Could they see as I have seen the
suffering starvation and death they j
would as Whittier says Pour forth I i
wine and oil
Every one is much struck by the
success of the American orphanage
which the Red Cross ociety has estab
lished in a handsome villa In the sub
urb of Ccrro under the charge of I
Dr Lesser and his wife as matron
It is for the orphan reconoentrados
Although open for a few days only it
now holds 36 happy youngsters to
whom the place seems heaven so clean
and comfortable is It There is room j
for a hundred but all the places will
soon be taken up In connection with I
I the orphanage a dally clinic is held
The Cuban doctors are much interested
in Red Cross work and 40 patients
were treated yesterday Dr Lesser
has refused the demand of the Span I
ish government that he should pay
5400 for the privileges of practicing
among the poor saying that the Red
Cross physicians are allowed to prac
tice all the world over Thus far his
work has not been interfered with
nor Is It likely to be There is a good
deal of comment about propositions to
the Insurgents by the radical wing of
the autonomist party
The Spaniards say the autonomist
programme promises nothing but sor
row and war while General Gomez
himself has offered 150000000 and a
favorable commercial treaty with
Spain if independence is granted
Moreover they say that the autono
mists programme to disarm the volun
teers would mean independence carried
out since the insurgents would not be
Henri Laine the newspaper corre
spondent was not compelled to leave
the country because of newspaper
work but because of written charges
accompanied by alleged proof fur
nished to the autonomlstlc govern
ment by Senor Bruzon governor of Ha
vana province that he and others were
involved in the conspiracy responsible
for locating 25 dynamite bombs at va
rious points in Havana
Senor Bruzon demanded the expul
sion of all newspaper correspondents
on the ground that sensational stories
sent to the United States are liable to
create riots in Havana
The Marquis de Montoro and Senor
Govin opposed a wholesale deportation
saying that the matter was very serious
ft ga eit
rious and that it was the duty of the
autonomistic government not only to
preserve peace in Havana but to pro
mote good feeling in the United States
Furthermore they contended that not
all the correspondents should be under
the ban but that selections should be
made of the guilty They concluded
their reply to Senor Bruzon by saying
that it would be unwise to expel any
correspondents while the court of in
quiry was in session lest it should
seem that the Spaniards dreaded the
publication of the truth about the
Maine explosion They demanded ad
ditional written charges with proofs
from Senor Bruzon This was four
days ago and nothing has been forth
It is probable however that certain
correspondents will be asked to leave
the island when the American court of
inquiry finishes its work
A Fleet That Could Equipped In
Two Weeks Time
Washington March 10A con
ference was held at 3 oclock in
the office of Assistant Secretary Roose
velt to map out plans for arming and
equipping merchant vessels as auxiliary
Mr Roosevelt presided and others
present were Captain Crowninshield
of the bureau of navigation Captain
ONellJr of the bureau of ordnance
g ie P tU bgea
Chief Klchborn of the bureau of con
struction and Commander Bradford
of the < bureau of yards and docks This
rtceting had been preceded by a call
from President Griscom of the Inter
national Navigation company which
owns the four ships St Louis St Paul
Paris and New York The board meet
ing brought out a general discussion of
the work the various bureaus would be
called upon to perform in making these
and other vessels ready as auxiliary
I cruisers
About 95 per cent of this work would
fall to the lot of the bureau of con
struction which would have charge of
installing magazines gun mounts light
protective armor for the guns and
magazines and the circles on which
the guns swing This work it is said
could be accomplished readily within
two weeks time as all materials ex
cept the urs are in hand The bu
reau of ordnance could not supply all
the guns required within that short
time although some 70 or more are now
available The supply would be ade
I quate however for thp most effective
auxiliary cruisers and the complete
armament of the merchant ships could
proceed as rapidly as possible there
As to the question of arming the aux
iliary fleet the navy department feels I
that the most effective step would be
to enlist into the United States naval
service the present merchant crews of
the several ships These crews are
thoroughly familiar with the vessels
and could handle them with far greater
effect than green crews of bluejackets
The ships would be olficered from the
line of the regular navy In the case of
enlisting a merchant crew the pay and
allowances would be about equivalent
to the rates paid ordinary sailors and
the time of enlistment would doubtless
be limited to short periods
The proposed batteries for the auxil
iary cruisers consist in the case of the
steamships St Louis and St Paul of I
eight 6inch guns four 6pounders and
four machine guns the Paris and New
York 12 6lnch guns six 6pounders
and six machine guns It is designed
to give vessels of tire Caracas and
Seneca type a main battery of eight 4
inch guns and from six to eight rapid
fire machine guns
Those of the Vigilencia class are de
signed to have a main battery of six
ilinch and four 4inch guns four 1
pounders and three machine guns
The batteries of the auxiliary cruisers
on the Pacific coast if these should be
called in use are substantially similar
6inch guns being the largest ones de
signed for use In that service
The navy department finds itself In
comparatively good condition as to the
supply of automobile torpedoes which
constitute one of the most deadly en j I
gins of naval destruction The White
head torpedo is now in general use
although a few of the Powell class are
still on hand
Fifty of the Whitehead torpedoes
were secured a short time ago and
with these there Is a total of about 350
on hand This gives not only a full
1r7 i
j c4rss
p j t4IRS OJ3t s
tIf iga4 J fr I
I 7 di
cit 1
And the White Winged Reformers Said They Had No Heelers to Reward
I outfit for vessels now in commission
but also the necessary reserve supply
No Ships Bought YetAttention
Paid to Old Vessels
Washington March 10The United
States government has not acquired a
single additional ship for the navy
This is true not because of a lack of
offers of warships from abroad but
simply for the reason that the navy
department is proceeding with all the
circumspection consistent with the
needs of the case on the looking after
the qualities and prices of the craft
Thereis a strong disposition to refrain
from being drawn into bad bargains
and to insist upon getting good ves
sels at prices not extortionate Secre
tary Long was in receipt of a large
number of cablegrams today almost
all relating to offers of ships
Lieutenant Niblack the United
States naval attache at Berlin St Pe
tersburg and Vienna is particularly
active in the quest of vessels
There was a good deal of talk dur
ing the day about assignment of of
ficers to the command of the auxiliary
cruisers the St Paul and the St Louis
being especially mentioned but Secre
tary Long set these stories at rest by
the statement that he had not made
any such assignments and had only
progressed to the point of Informing
himself of the possibility of getting the I
ships officered and manned quickly
While looking after new ships the
officials of the navy department are
not neglecting the old vessels and ar
rangements have been made to make
short repairs on several ships that In
ordinary course would not be treated
in that fashion but would require an
entire overhauling Thusin the case
of the Philadelphia which has had five
years of hard work and has never yet
been gone over as is the custom orders
have gone to Mare island to put her In I
shape for sea within 40 days The
Yorktown at the same yards is not
to be touched at present not only be j i
cause she Is in fair condition but also
because she Is not so formidable a
craft as to make it desirable to divert I
to her repair attention required else
At Norfolk the Newark is set down I
for 30 days repairs and as a good I
deal of work has already been done
on her she will be almost a new ship
when she comes out of the yard The
big monitor Puritan has practically
completed her repairs The monitor
Comanche at Mare island has been ex
amined and found in tolerable condi i i
tion At League island the monitor I
Mlantonomah and the ram KUahaln
went into commission today although I
they have not yet had their orders
They probably will remain in the Del
aware rivsr or drop down into the bay
The torpedo boat Dupont sailed today
from Mobile to attach herself again to j
the flotilla at Key West
Some Friction That Was Caused Re
specting Her Anchorage
Havana March 10Some friction has I
resulted from the arrangements regard
ing the anchorage of the Montgomery
The admiral of the ports desire was
that when the Fern left her
buoy near the Vizcaya and the
Oquendo which berth had been
at the disposal of the United States
government the cruiser Alfonso XIII
should be placed at anchor there and
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i Kansas Governor Severely
Scores Justice Harlan
< 4
But He Will Go Right Ahead With
His Maximum Rate Bill
Public Address of Governor Leedy
Provoked By Supreme Court De
cision In the Nebraska Maximum
Freight Rate CaseGovernors
Definition of Person In Four
teenth Amendment Amply Sus
tained By Wise Authorities
Topeka Kan March lOThe Populist
administration of the state of Kansas
gave out a startling public address today
one bristling with severe criticism of the
recent decision of the United States su
preme court In the Nebraska maximum
freight rate case The address is partic
ularly significant in that Governor Leedy
has already taken steps preliminary to
the calling of the state legislature in spe
cial session with the especial purpose of
enacting a maximum freight rate law
Whiie the address Is given out over the
signature of Governor Leedy It had first
been approved by Chief Justice Doster of
the state supreme court and other prom
inent Populists I
In giving the address to the reporters
Governor Leedy said
How long do you suppose a man can
write treason like this without in
to jail You may put my signature to it
and make it a signed statement so that
If anybody goes to jail It will be me
The governor begins his address with
the statement that for a year the press
dispatches have said that the opinion In
tho Nebraska case would be adverse to
the state Then he says
The opinion has been handed down
and the Associated Press dispatches say
that it is a clean victory for the rallroa s
On the contrary it is an unclean victory
In every aspect of the case showing that
no matter how carefully the robes of jus
tice are folded about the personnel of the I
di g b feg rofnI
supreme court the robes can no longer
conceal the cloven hoof of official mal
feqsance and usurpation As this decision
was due a year ago and as there was no
Imown reason for the delay and as the
decision as rendered confirms tie state
ments 3er In the Associated Press dis
patches from time to time strong color
is given to the suspicion that the press
dispatches emanated from some person In
toch with the courts and were for the
purpose of feeling the pulse of the public
and preparing It for the decision which
goes much farther in the direction of
h = z < S
z I i r = z
Jr tSaii 1
usurping power than any that has yet
been made
The governor then declares that the
constitution of Nebraska gives the legis
lature power to establish maximum
charges for transportation and declares
that the supreme court has tried to abro
gate It He challenges Justice Harlans
declaration that a corporation Is a person
under the fourteenth amendment of the
federal constitution and says
I deny it and so will everybody but a
corporation lawyer or a subservient ju
dicial tool of corporate interests
Governor Leedy then quotes the four
teenth amendment and says
How in the name of God can this ap
ply to corporations Corporations are
not born they are created mado by law
They cannot be naturalized they can
take no oath of allegiance only human
beings born elsewhere can do that
After more In the same strain the gov
ernor still referring to fie fourteenth
amendment says
Who are the persons who shall not
according to the provisions be deprived
of life liberty or property nor be de
nied equal legal protection Everybody
outside tho asylum and off the faderal
judicial bench knows them to beand to
only benatural persons They are those
who beside the capacity to hold property
and enjoy legal protection also have life
and can enjoy liberty and that means
human beings
Continuing the governor quotes Hare
on American Constitutional Law and a
decision by Justice Woods of the United
States circuit courts afterwards a su
preme court justice to prove that the
fourteenth amendment doe not refer to
corporations and declares Aat the Woods
decision had been followed in California
Rhode Island and other states from 1S70
to 1S82 when Justice Field and another
federal justice of the peace named Saw
yer decided the other way and since
then whenever a corporation starts out
to commit highway robbery pick a mans
pocket or loot a public treasury It dis
guises Itself as a person and goes on Its
mission of plunder Nobody but a slave
or a knave will yield assent to the hideous
distortion of meaning which Judge Har
Ian gives to the word person as used in
I the fourteenth amendment and upon
I which he bbttoms his Infamous decision
and which shows to what depths of In
laulty the supreme court of the United
States has descended
I desire tho governor said to quote
some of the decisions of the supreme
court of the United States before It went
Into partnership with Morgan Vander
bllt Gould and company in opposition
to the opinion they hold in the Nebraska
Long decisions by Justice John Marshall I
In 1830 are cuoted
In conclusion Governor Leedy states
that hie maximum rate bill will be pre
sented to the Kansas legislature In such
shape that to decide against It the court
must reverse its decision In the Nebraska
case and he states that if the court
still pursues the corrupt and rotten prac
tice that It has heretofore by changing
Its decisions to suit the shifting Interests
of the railroad corporations the remedy
I will be with the people In their dealings
with the courts or in building railroads
of their own
Efforts of Some Populists to Fore
stall Republicans
Lansing Mich March 10The com
mittees of two wings of the Populist
party In this state are having some
difficulty In getting together in the
conference which is In progress here
today The middleoftheroad men
have a call prepared for a convention
to be held in Grand Rapids which
shall nominate Governor Pingree for
governor in advance of the Republican
state convention
Chairman Ewing of the fusion com
mittee said If these Grand Rapids
fellows think harmcviy means simply
getting over onto their planks and
then call an early convention to nom
inate Pingree they will find there wont
be any getting together The force of
events will eventually drive Pingree to
the reform fortes but he is not there
Gold Candidate to Be Seated
Washington March 10The house
committee on elections No 3 has agreed
by a strict party vote to make a re
port in favor of seating exRepresenta
tive Josiah Patterson who contested
the seat of Mr Carmack from the
Tenth Tennessee district Mr Patter
son who represented the district In the
last congress as a Democrat ran
against Carmack the Democratic can
didate as a gold candidate
Contest For Hennas Seat
Cleveland 0 March 10 Mayor Rob
ert McKlsson announced today that he
would contest the election of Senator
Hanna when the latter attempted to
take his seat for the long term
Died Dishonest
Fowl Ind March 10 Experts who
have examined the books of J A Kirtley
counly treasurer deceased report a snort
1 age of 16731
ce i > >
p w
If He Is Turned Loose By the Law
He Will Be Promptly Strung Up
By Citizens
Special to The Herald
Green River Wyo March 10The pre
liminary hearing of Patrick L Johnston
a member of the Robbers Roost can
and the slayer of William Straus was
held today Johnstono at first admitted
killing Strang but after some explana
tion pleaded not guilty
The principal witness called was Charles
Toters a former partner of Johnstones
Teters stated he was in Hoys house at
the time Strang was shot He said John
stone and Strang went out together and
soon after he heard a shot Quickly run
ning out he saw Johnstone put his gun
away and heard him say My God I shot
him Teters was positive Johnstone did
the shooting but thought it was ac
A largo number of witnesses were ex
amined and the case was continued until
March 17th The opinion Is prevalent
here that Teters is an accomplice of John
stonos that the men are in collsion and
the story palmed off by Teters and which
Is materially different from the one that
he gave the coroners Jury has been fab
ricated solely with a view of saving the
neck of a border outlaw Intense excite
ment prevails and If Johnstone Is turned
loose he will probably be strung up by
indignant citizens
Americans Closely Watched
Courts Owned By Railroads
Rawlins Asphaltum Bill
They Felt Eulates Boot
Alaskan Boundary Settled
The Gold Flint Mine
Free Homes Defeated
In Railway Circles
Hon A W McCuna Returns
State News
Board of Education
Stock Market Sensitive
Two Divorce Suits Filed
Local Politics
In tho Social Realm
The Council Committees Meet I
Politics Mixed Up With a Supreme
Court Decision
Special to The Herald
Cheyenne March lOThe supreme court
of Wyoming today handed down a de
cision In the famous Gramm shortage
case which has been before the courts for
four rears Thesuit was brought against
the bondsmen of Otto Gramm of Laramie
recover J45WO the balance of a fund
of 556000 which Gramm while state treas
urer deposited in the private banking
house of T A King which shortly after
ward and during the panic of 1S93 sus
pended The court held that the bonds
men are not liable The decision was
rendered by Chief Justice Potter and con
curred in by Justice Jesse Knight Re
publicans but Justice Corn Democrat
rendered a dissenting opinion
The bondsmen wen Senator Francis E
Warner Daniel C Bacon Henry G
Balch T A Kent and William C Wilson
Jr The decision will kill the Republican
party in this state as the Gramm short
I age Is regarded as one of the biggest
steals on record
Denver Man For the Cheyenne Na
tional Idaho Land Patents
Special to The Herald
Washington March lOJohn R Hanna
of Denver has been appointed receiver of
the Cheyenne National bank of Cheyenne
in place of J W Foster It will be re
called that Foster disappeared from
Cheyenne some time ago and the comp
troller has not received any intimation of
his whereabouts since
The secretary of the interior today or
dered patented to the state of Idaho a list
of lands containing 1710 acres in the Lew
Iston district selected on account of the
grant to aid the state normal school
Henry Notthoff of California has been
appointed engineer In the Shoshone Indian
gole r
dian school at 300 per annum
Additional pensions from 6 to 12 are
granted Thomas Brinson of Idaho Falls
I and Samuel Evans = of Bailey Ida
How the Transfer of the Waterworks
Was Achieved
Philadelphia March 10During a meet
ing of the committee on counsel today
Alderman Walter N Stevenson publicly
charged that he had been offered 5000 to
vote for a bill for the transfer of the city
waterworks to a private corporation and
I he further charged that members who
were voting for the bill were getting from
1000 to 3UOO for their votes His sensa
tional disclosures resulted In Indefinite
postponement of the bill
Later a committee of seven was ap
pointed to Investigate the charges and
also directing the committee to investi
gate the charges of bribery In connection
with the passage of a bill In November
last by which the citys gas works were
leased for a period of 30 years
The Political Situation Is Becoming
Somewhat Mixed
Special to The Herald
Pocatello Ida March lOThe city cam
paign has been much complicated by the
launching of a citizens movement with
the avowed object of defeating the efforts
I of exMayor Kaslska to secure a renomin
atlnn JOxilayor Uetin Is now spoKen of as
the probable nominee of the united silver
I party and he would prabably be endorsed
by the citizens movement In such event
there would probably be a straight Demo
I cratic head ticket with Mr Kaslska at Its
Cow Puncher Shot a Gambler Four
Special to The Herald
Cheyenne Wyo March 10 Douglas Bill
Rogers an oldtime cowpuncher and dep
uty sheriff last night shot Jesse Lennon
a gambler four times but the wounds are
not serious Lennon and RoKeri were
talking when Rogers said something to
the former who took It as an insult
Jumping up he drew a revolver and tried
to shoot Rogers The latter quickly drew
his gun The first shot knocked Lennons
gun from his hands and the next grazed
his head
Kentuckys Christening Settled
Frankfort Ky March 10It Is settled
that the battleship Kentucky will be
christened with a bottle of water
Governor Bradley has requested James
Speed of Louisville to get the water from
the old Lincoln homestead In Larue
county Mr Speeds father and Abraham
Lincoln were close lifetime friends
A 0
Uncompahgre Mineral Lands
to the Highest Bidders 1jI
jI >
Asphaltum Veins to Be Sold In
Claims of 150 Feet
No Person Permitted to Bid On More
Thau One Claim A Minimum
Price of S1O Per Acre and an
Assessment of S100 Per Annum 1
RequiredA Respite For McGrew
At Least While Senator Thurston
Remains In Cuba
Special to Tho Herald
Washington March 10Tho matter
of the Uncompahgre reservation open 1
ing arosein the senate in a new form
this afternoon Senator Rawlins in
troduced a bill calling on the secretary 4
of the interior to cause public Purveys
to be made of all gilsonlte lands into
claims of 150 feet along the course
apex or outcrop of the vein and 300
feet on each side of the center and
also to caus these claims to be so
marked on the ground that they can
be readily located and identified and
described by numbers The register
and receiver of the Salt Lake land of
fice are to cause 90 days publication
in three Utah papers and such other
newspapers as the secretary shall fpre
scribe designating the claims to be
sold inviting bids for the same not
exceeding one claim to any one person
and stating the time during which
bids may be made The bids
must be In writing accompanied by
certified checks at the rate of 3 per
arrr and TinvnTilf to the rerplvpr at
Salt Lake The officers are also to
name a stated time and place where
the bids will be opened I
Each claim is then to be sold to the
highest bidder but at not less than 10
per acre Only American citizens shall
be entitled to purchase and within one
year of the time the land is actually
struck off to him the purchaser shall
expend at least 100 and spend the
same sum each year for five years In
developing the property In not less
than three nor more than five years
trdm the original date of purchase If
the purchaser has paid the full pur
chase price of J10 per acre and com
plied with the other conditions a pat
ent shall issue to him The secretary
is left free to establish appropriate
rules and regulations
The McGrew case will not be taken
up in the senate until after the return
of Senator Thurston from his trip to
Cuba Thurston is down there corre
sponding for one of the yellow New
York papers McGrew therefore has
a continued lease of life as receiver
until after Thurston gets through act
ing as war correspondent
James P Driscoll was today com
missioned postmaster at Eureka
Utah and Andrew Allen at Rockland
Private Albert Boniger band Eighth
infantry Fort D A Russell Wyo has
been ordered discharged
Incest and Murder Charged Against
an Arklnsan
Little Rock Ark March 10A mob
of enraged citizens of Cleburne county
are hot In pursuit of William Messer
a white man whose home is near Quit
man in that county and a lynching Is
considered inevitable if he is captured
Messer was charged by his daughter
with a revolting crime A month ago
the daughter mysteriously disappeared
and Messer is now accused of having
murdered her Judge Middleton issued
a warrant for Messers arrest and a
posse of officers went to serve the writ
but he escaped from them The posse
was at once reinforced by a large num
ber of citizens and they are searching
every cliff and ravine determined upon
lynching Messer should he be captured
alive t
Too Much of a Crowd For a Good Dis
play of Skill
Fort Worth Tex March lOThe twen
tysecond annual meeting of the Texas
cattleraisers ended today with a cow
boys reunion Twenty thousand people
were assembled but the sport was some
what disappointing for the field was
crowded and the steers had little chance
to run One of the broncho busters and
horse breakers Jim Cremator was
thrown from his horse and stepped on
breaking three ribs
The roping prize was won by Fred
Baker of San Angelo In S4 t seconds the
worlds record being broken
Appeal of the American Peace Society
to All Christians
Boston March lOIn view of the strain <
ed relations between the United States
and Spain and the possibility of a rup
ture between them the American Peace
society through its general secretary Dr
Trueblood has asked the Associated Press j
to make known its request that prayers
be offered In all the churches throughout
the nation on next Sabbath that the God
of Peace taay deter the nation from the
dire calamity of war with all Its present
and future disastrous consequences to the
Rights of Civilized Tribes 1
Washington March 10 Senator Morgan
of Alabama today introduced a bill au
thorizing the five civilized tribes of In 1
dians or any of them to bring suit in tho 1
United States supreme court for the de
termination of their rights under their
treaties with the United States and pro
viding that the supreme court shall take
jurisdiction of all Questions between the
United States and any of the five civilized 1
Queen Victoria started for Portsmouth
yesterday afternoon on her way to the
The British firstclass cruiser Edgar has 1
been ordered to Manila It Is believed
this Is due to further activity on the part
I of the Insurgents in the Pbllliplne Islands
4 I

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