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C 0
R C Chambers
A W McCune Vice President
E A McDsnlel Manager
L ner West Tempje ana First South streets
SaIi Lake City
Dally six months 5 500
Daily per year 10 to
SemiTV eekly per year 150
J 5 g
Sunday per year 2 50
COMPLAINTS Subscribers who fall to
receive 6 single opy of THE HERALD
should Immediately notify the publisher
Readers wbi are unable to purchase
THE HERALD at any news stand or on
any railroad train In Utah Idaho Ne
vada Wyoming or Colorado will oblige
us by reporting that fact
NEW YORK FICEE Katz 230 to
234 Temple Court building
York avenup X Vf
OGDEN BUREAU Utah Loan and
Trust company building W L Wattis
Address all remittances to HERALD
Subscribers removing from one place
y to Another an < J desiring papers changed
bhouid always give former as well as
present address
Ir John Wanamaker has signified his
Barklsness i
Ii The paramount t Issue of the day Is I
just 50000000 I
f T
I I Some of iba modern literary lights I
f t are very lurid
It I Straight Democracy and no fusion 1
T should be the cry I
t i
I L It looks as though Old Glory were j
t about to achieve new t glory I
Uncle Sam got the sinews of war
It without having his leg pulled I
The advice to keep cool Is probably
given so as to avoid the draft
I Uncle Sam told Spain to shut up
and the Lee incident was closed
l Sterling llartons paper the Dynamo
r will give the news I of current events I
The Denver News now prints its most
Important war news in red Ink Sblood
t Peace with a but says ths New
I i o York gun World Yes with the butt of a
i I
I Zolas Paris is said not to be sell
ing well That is probably because it
is a sell
I There is a great deal of difference be
r tween thousand cheap talk and gas at 225 a
The passage of the Cannon bill shows
I t that congress can act when there Is
r occasion for it as well as talk
f The mill will never i grind with the
I i wa > er that has passed Mot o of the I
r wouldb superintendent ol waterworks
4 I
How strange this year Is the solici I
I tude of Democracys hereditary enemies
for the welfare of the Democratic
E party I
If a Spanish army were to land in
Florifa it wouldnt even be able to reduce I
I duce the hotel charges much less the
nation I
Because a war between the United I
I It States tand Spain would be chiefly on I
r conflict the ocean doesnt 4 remove the I ground of
Congressman Cannon must be a I
smooth bore to have got that 50000000
fi appropriation position through without any op
The jackets that are put onthe big I
It guns are not blue jackets but after
they are on It is the bluejackets who
handle them I
L While Commander Brownson is visit
Il ing the ship yards of Yarrow he should
t seize the opportunity to take a look
I < at the Braes of Yarrow
r It Is said the Union Pacific will ab
sorb the Oregon Short Line It is the
If t destiny of watered stock to be ab
F r sorbed some time or other
The eJigineer corps is locating more
I mines along the coast and in the har
bors than are being located by all the
miners in the Klondike
That old question The book that
II helped me mosf is revived More
peoples lives are Influenced by the
L Book of Fate than I any other
He doesnt laugh loudest who laughs
II I last He just indulges in a series of
intermittent snickers and smiles inter
spersed with strokes of the chin
Davy Crocketts I advice Be sure
Ii I you are right then go ahead needs
to be supplemented with Be sure you
arc prepared before I you go ahead
A Kansas paper says that money is
now a drug In this state Nothing
strange about that There always was
more money in drugs than In anything
Much has been said during the past i
1 year about teaching Spanish In the
II I public schools But now the demand of
I be the taught country that the Spanish In Cuba
How fortunate tae the reading pub
ic that the Zola trial ended before the
I rar news got so hot and heavy In a
I way it is a tempering of the wind to
the shorn lambs
Emperor William is going to Pales
tine to fix definitely the sites of Gol
I gotha and the crucifixion After he
has fixed them it will be lese majeste
to dispute their correctness
I The United Stales I hasnt Indulged
In a foreign war for the last three
quarters of a century but Spain
mustnt mistake this for a case of total
alstinence says the Chicago Times
e Herald How about that affair with
Mexico I
c a
Mayor Clark and his Immediate ad
visers act on the theory that the peo
ple of this city are deeply in love with
nonpartisanship In mrnlclpal affairs
Having been elected as a udnpartisan
Mr Clark not unnati raly regards him
self as the exponent if not the embodi
ment of nonpartipunship and all his
acts as mayor as likewise nonparti
JTo matter how he regards himself
the fact is that Mayor Clark is In
I tensely partisan His apologists say
that if he has become partisan ILls
because the partisans In the city coun
I cil Democrats and Republicans have
made him so He was so before he
i encountered any opposition from the
I council His chief nominations thosa
of chief of police chief of the fire de
j partment city physician and superin
tendent of waterworks have all been
I made as rewards for political services
rendered either directly by the ap
pointees or by their friends We are
I not here discussing the qualifications
of the nominees for these various
place but the pretense that the ap
pointments were made because of the
preeminent fitness of the appointees
deceives no one The ethics of politi
i f cal parties as constituted call for and
i justify the appointment to office of
j I those who have been active in behalf
of party success and are qualified for
the ofl = Cc to which they are ap
I pointed Mayor Clark Is I taking as his
suirle the same ethics that the regular
I pritles do so far as naming for office
those who pushed his political fortunes
Isconeerned The people contrast the
practice with the pretentious promises
of the platform on which he was
I elected and the pompous addresses Is
i sued in
behalf of the platform and
I himself and they find an immense di
vergence between promse3nd
promise and prac
l tice v
Mr Clark is an honest citizen Why
Isnt lu equally honest
politically in
making his appointments If he would
corn cut and say he makes his nom
inations for political reasons but that
the I
nominees are In his opinion well
qualified to discharge the duties of the j
offices to which they are named the I
people would have far more respect for
him than the > have The people love I
political honesty in public officials as
well as Snanclal honesty I
In the debate on the free home
I steads bill in the house yesterday Rep
resentative Dalrell said the people of
Pennsylvania did not care to be taxed
I for the benefit of the farmers of the
I west That Is a very natural senti
I ment and while the people of Pennsyl
vania have always felt that way when
J the question arose in that form they
have never shown the least disinclina
tion to tax the farmers of the west and
the people of the wholecountry for the
benefit at the peopls of Pennsylvania
The people of that state have held It to
be their natural and inalienable right
I to tax the people of all the rest of the
country for their own benefIt they have
I believed In and been as tenacious of
this right as George III was of the right
I to tax the colonies When asked to
take a dose of their
own medicine they
rebel and call the proposition outrage
ous they are quite as selfish as the
good altruistic people of New England
who demand free hides for themselves
and tariff taxed boots and shoes for
the rest of the country Neither the
people of Pennsylvania nor of New
England have ever once uttered a pro
test in behalf of the other fellows ox
when It was being gored but the mo
ment their own ox is touched what a
wail they send up
For more than half a century Penn I
sylvania has been preaching the doc
trine that protection is not only the
panacea for all ills but the producer
of all wealth The people have seen
Pennsylvania grow wealthy through it I
but they have not always realized that I
it was because Pennsylvania was the
vulture and they the prey For those j j I I
who have been prey to turn vulture is
not unnatural but if all turn vulture I
thare can be no prey
The whole trouble has been that un
der the guise of protection the govern
ment has turned the taxing power over I
to private Interests when it should have i
been Jealously guarded and only ex 1
ercised for the public interests Penn
sylvania having sowed dragons teeth
must not complain of the crop that
springs up How like a Pharisee Rep
resentative Dalzell talked
Perhaps the verdict in the case of
Sheriff Martin was not unexpected but
it is by no means an easy matter to
determine whether it should be ap II
proved or condemned The shooting of
the miners was a most deplorable af
I fair and there Is no doubt that the
sheriffs men acted with a haste that
showed their unfitness for the task im
posed upon them It is much easier
to criticise and condemn men placed
as they were for their action than to
do the proper thing when placed in the
same situation In the light of subse
quent events the shooting appears to
have been wanton and wholly without
justification The tragedy at Lattimer
I should serve as a warning to all peace
officers It is their special duty to be
cool In the presence of danger and to
have recourse to the use of deadly
weapons only as a last resource and
when all other means of maintaining
the law have failed the tendency Is
rather to have recourse to firearms be
fore other means for maintaining the
law are employed
Will any diplomatic complications
now arise AustriaHungary will not
like the verdict but what can they do
Those who fired pon and killed their
subjects have been brought before the
bar of justice and tried according to
the laws of the State where the killing
took place the law has taken Its
course and vindicated itself no more
could be asked Such being the case
the general government will naturally
stand on that fact as a defense In tho
event of any diplomatic correspondence
over the affair
The Tribune says The Herald is en
gaged in reading people out of the
Democratic party because of thslr
views on the silver question It errs
greatly The Herald is engaged in try
ing to read people into tha Democratic
party and not put of If we should
even be glad to have our contempo
rary come Into the party
Our contemporary says it must seem
comical to a number of gentlemen
whom It terms stalwarts to be read out
of the Democratic party and classed as
Republicans Most If not all of the
I gentlemen named took themselves out
of the Democratic party after the Chi
cago convention and aet up the Na
j tiorjal Democratic party in Utah hav
ing got the designs of their platform
I from Indianapolis And they voted for
Palmer and Buckner instead of for
i Bryan and S wall The Tribune will
scarcely hard Jho hardihood to say
that the Indidnkpolls platform and the
Indianapolis nominees were the Demo
cratic platform and nominees And
If they ore not hov can those who
endorsed that platform and voted for
those nominees be Democrats So it
happens that the Tribunes Illustration
of reding certain gantkmtn out of the
Demo atic party falls very flat indeed
It is our pleasure to inform the Tribune
that certain of the gentlemen whom it
names will we are reliably Informed
support the regular Democratic nomi
nees this fall
The Tribune says there are probably
not four hundred persons In Utah who
do not favor till free and unlimited
coinage of sliver at the ratio of 16 to
1 How docs it account for the fourteen
thousand and odd upholders of McKin
I ley In his silver policy
When our contemporary says that
the gentlemen who gave their views ort j
the silver question in Sundays Herald i
were given with no intention to influ
ence the opinions of any one des It is
merely talking to hear itself talk The
trouble with the Tribune is that it I
thinks there can be no simon pure sil
ver ideas but that it gives forth and
that it is Insolence and presumption for
any paper or party to take up tile
silver cause without first obtaining its
Every move made In the direction of
a consolidation of the bimetallic forces
adds to the conviction of the Independ
ent that the most effective union would
be a union in one party and under one
flag The national Democratic party Is
the silver party of the United States
strong In every state and section and
nil true friends of bimetallism should
be found in Its ranks Under existing
political conditions the masquerading
as Silver Republicans is the veriest
nonsenseHelena Independent
That is the right kind of talk and has
the true ring The triumph of freo
dhn nt 1on 1110 t1o
the agency of party organization I v the
I more compact and solid and the larger
that party the greater effect will its
efforts have No one will deny that
the great the strong champion of the
free silver cause is the Democratic
party it is the party that made the is
sue a national one Before the Demo
cratic party championed it It had not
become a national issue as a question
it was more or less prominent but as
a national issue it was void and with
out form and it was the Democratic
party that breathed the breath of life
into it
There are many tripe friends of silver
who have not been in Democratic i
ranks In the past but they should be
found in them in the future A homo
geneous party is always stronger and
more aggressive than a fusion party
in the latter there Is no element of co
j j heslon while it requires more or less l
j i effort to prevent its disruption which
is its natural and inevitable tendency
The Independent never uttered a
I truer or more opportune saying than
that under existing political condi
tions the masquerading as Silver Republicans
publicans is the veriest nonsense
We have been asked if Republican
members would have shown the same
confidence In W J Bryan had he been
elected president and voted for 50
000000 to place at his disposal Had
Bryan been elected president the
country would not have had the
amount to appropriate says the
Provo Enquirer That is a very un
gracious illnatured partisan reply
We have no hesitation in the world in
saying that had Mr Bryan been
elected president and the country
been confronted with the same grave
conditions it is today the Republican
members of congress would have been
as prompt and loyal in their support
of Mr Bryan as the Democratic mem
bers have been In their support of
President McKinley The man who
would not do this would misrepresent
the people who sent him to congress
no matter what their party appellation
A New York firm applied to Abraham
Lincoln some time before he became
president for Information as to the
financial standing of one of his neigh
bors says the Indianapolis Sentinel
Mr Lincoln replied as follows Yours
of the 10th Inst received I am well
acquainted with Mr X and know his
circumstances First of all he has al
wife and baby together they ought to
be worth 50000 Secondly he has an I
office in which there are a table worth I
150 and three chairs worth say 1
Last of all there Is in one corner a
large rat hole which will bear looking
into I Respectfully A LINCOLN
As chairman of the nonpartisan
party Mr John T Caine got the idea
into his head and tried to get it into I
the heads of the people that the city
government could not go on unless it
was placed in the hands of the non
partisans It was a false idea and even
Mr Caine must now realize that the
water runs down hill though he be not
in charge of the tanks In the econ
omy of this world no man is necessary
not even a nonpartisan mayor How
useless for good a man becomes when
he becomes possessed of tub idea that
he is indispensable
New York World The latest news from
England is that the smart set of Lou
don society has succeeded where Presi 1
dent Jacksons wife failed and has made
public plpcsmoKlng by women fashion
Louisville CourierJournal Wanted to
I Exchange Remceor In good condition
only recently Imported ror batticsliips
g ftheCs
how or secondhand Apply nt the war
department Washington D C
Atchison Globe The wise manis the
one who in times of national excitement
keeps his head on and suspends his Judg
nlent while he calmly Avails for tacts
While he Keeps h3 hfiid on he likewise
keeps his mouth shut till the time comes
whIm he can speaK knowingly ihen he
says something
Denver Post A Chicago paper says
The voice of tho SOUth Is for war ioU
are mistaken esteemed contemporary it
Is for wah
Cincinnati Enqulrerr Senator Ilanna
should gulp his indignation Bown two or
three times to gve himself time to think
before he involves the administration in a
light with the senate It Is very hard on
a bos not to have his own way every
where but politics Is a game of give and
I Boston Globe Marcus A Ilanna must
r rr
J have a realizing sense Just now that
I while It was very easy to make lavish
t I promises in consideration for McKinley
support at St Louisi It Js quite another
I thing to deliver thegoods When It comes
toomlatinR a person like Henry Demas
I lor naval officer In the commercial me
tropjds of the s a hslu I Py Leiavse Mark
Hanna found him useful III a preconven
Uon campaign it Is high time indeed
I halt that a senate committee should call a
I Baltimore American A little terrier In
I I IVBW York took a stick of dynamite In his
I mouth and carried it away in time to
I save four men from a terrible death Of
i course the reason of man makes him the
i superior o all animals but comparisons
j will force themselves on people woo think
i or this little dogs act and then of men
I who playfnllr kill their friends with
I weapons they had no Idea were loaded
Lehl Banner The poultry business Is
attracting attention In various parts of
the state at presanU This is an Industry
which we need lor tie state Imports
poultry and eggs every year which snould
bo raised here there Is money In the
business but it will take careful work
and good management to put it on a pay
Ing basis
Ogden SUuidnrfl The Salt Lake
Tribune after much delay1 has hit upon
I a cuUise cc action in u6 coming campaign
lSvg eJIanlrf
g eJI
paign We say hit advisedly It wants
thp silver Republicans to get together
and otganzc though it does not say
I whether It is In favor of the Ben Rich
silver Republicans or the silver Republi
can as Jilreaay organised The supposi
tion Is that ths Idaho tam or Uepubtl
cans Is what is indicated We had scare >
lefdh1 li g
ly expected a move of this kind on the
i part of thfe Tribune A noniartlan I
campaign was looked for from that
I source where partisan politics are so
thoroughly contemned Vhy this con
descension on the part of tho Tribune to
mlnplc with and uphold the untrust
worthy politician Let there be a few
rays of light shod on this latest scheme of
the Tribune
Provo Erquirjr It Js very pleasing In
deed to sea congress on an election year
abli to sink all partisanship in favor of
patriotism at the approacn of a foreign
Boston Traveler Did you enjoy the
No I didnt hear It
Why not
Two women sItting In front of me were
explaining to each other how they lovfid
the music
Chicago Post I understand hs Is a
mining expert
Best there Is
I didnt know he had ever been near a
He hasnt but he can sit in his omce
and draw diagrams I showing the exact
formation of the Sold deposits in Alaska
that beat anything in that line ever pub
itoxDury uazette rom uur ban next
Monday night fs going to beat the band
Tim Outof how much
Yonkers Statesman Had No Use for It
fl think I will have to buy you a dic
f tionary said the proprietor
You neednt bother yourself I never
use em replied the typewriter
tr R
I I didnt think you did
No sir I looked at one wunst and
would you believe Iteyery word was
spelled wrong
Fun Considerate So you refused
I him Yes I told him It was better to make
a great many men happy by being en
I gaged to them than to make one miser
able by marrying him
Philadelphia NpFh American War
rgumentsI want war said Billets
facetiously because I am In hopes that
In that way some of my cerdltors will be
killed off II
I I suppose remarked Crisp that you
I would rather see them killed outright
than have them starve to death
Harlem Life Out Sleighing Why
Jennie your cheeks are blue with cold
said Reginald
No Im blushing said Jennie thats
my blue blood
Cincinnati Enquirer The crowning
glory said she to her mirror Is her
And yet agajn she continued
thoughtfully uneasy lies the head that
wears a crown I think Ill take off my
Chicago Post Here is a case of a girl I
I who married an Indian he said and
now she has to work to support him I
Dear mj she replied Its just as bad I
as marrying a white man Isnt It
I Boston Transcript Wlswell Charley
Isnt a bad fellow socially but hes a I
I dead failure In money matters Why I
i actually believe ho owes everybody In
i town
j Wrightly And you call that a dead I
I failure I should say Charley Is a Na
I poison of finance
Foolish brawling river Dee
Why dost thou hurry to the sea
At such a pace
I know a place
Where thou shouldst love to pause a space
In ecstasy
For there my Love a maiden fair
With eyes of blue and silken hair
I Each day doth go
ft Yet thou below
In babbling ignorance dost flow
I Nor ken nor cars
I Oh wert thou wise to murmurs mild
Thoudst wean thy waters whirling wild
II Nor flow so fleet
The main to meet
But smile as smiles in slumber sweet
I H A little child
i I Each bubble thou wouldst gently break
And of thy breast a mirror make
Wherein she might
In coy delight
Her Image view and at the sight
Sweet pleasure take
Yet thou perchance art no loss wise
Than we who oft too oft despise
Our gills and powers
And precious hours
And hurry past lifes fairest flowers
With heedess eyes
We too go seaward borne along
Upon a current swift and strong
Some eer are bent
On merriment
On riches honor fame Intent
Some strive and throng
Each deems he knows the nearest way
To happiness yet every day
In eager cry
Some wander by
The very goal for which they sigh
And toll and pray
Will Hill In 1tll Mall Magazine
She Was Following Orders
Spare Moments MIstressBridget I
cant get Into the parlor
Bridget Sure Its mesilf knows that
and ye wont for I have the kay in me
Open the door Immediately
Will ve go in If I do
Certainly I will
Then ye don get the kay
Open tHe door immediately I What do
vnlt n1
Shure Its by your orders
My orders Bridget
I Yes ye said yesterday Dont let me
come dornstairs In tho mornin an see
any fiust on the parlor furniture So 1
I just puts the kay In me pocket an says
I Then she wont It
I Hrs Danburys Patriotism
Cleveland Leader Of course we want
vnr exclaimed Mrs Danbury Ths
Idea of letting such an outrage go unpun
ished I dont cars whether the Spaniards
ella or not They deserve to ba whipped
l anyway If they hadnt oppressed those
ppor Cubans our boat ouldnt have been I
ordered to go down thor and tha terrible
ih ng would piobablynStfcava happened
People who want to wait until the
facts can fltl laarneil arc cowards They
have no rlirht to live In aCfr country
Thar should go back to Europe where
they or their ancestors crime from and be
serfs orl liberty Isnt worth fud for
It Isnt worth haUnp
I just wish I were a man I can tell
you I would show some of these cowards
how to act at such n time as this
Bravo Bravo exclaimed her hus
band Spoken like a nsular little
pnJrlot Your rcntiments are mine ex
turtly Im i glad vou take such a noble
Ol itI gbi
View of it for now I shall nOt have to
hesitate any longer There is something
I have wanted to tell you for two days
but I have hesitated tor fear It might
distress yOU I am going to join a mili I
tary company so as to be ready to go to
the front at the first call to serve my
country I am glad you
John I exclaimed Mrs Danbury arc
+ 6
< i <
J I you crazy Do you mean to say that
1 you would so away to war and leave me
here alone r You will 1na no military i
I company You will amy right here no
matter what happens This country has
j never done anything for you Let others
i ggg lnafi Itn tfrng
i do its fighting If It sets into trouble Here
take a cup of tea Itll be good fortyour
I head
Serious Hssulta Sometimes Follow Its
Excessive Dso
I Common soda Is all right In Its place
I I and Indispensable In the kitchen and
for cooking and washing purposes but
it was never intended for a medicine
and people who use it tiS such will some
day regret it
We refer to the common use of soda
to relieve heartburn or pour stomach I
a habt which thousands of pope pa
tice almost daily and one which is I
fraught with danger moreover the sda i
only gives temporary relief and In the
I end the stomach trptvile gets worse and
I The soda acts as a mechanical Irri
tant to the walls of the stomach and
I I bowels and cases are on record where
J I it accumulated In the Intestines caus
ing death by Inflammation or periton
Dr Harlan son recommends as the
safest and surest cure for sour stom
ach acid dyspepsia an excellent pre
paration sold by druggists under the
name of Stuarts Dyspepsia Tablets
Thc tablets are large 20 grain lozen
ges very pleasant tq taste and con
tain the natural acids peptones and
digestive elements essential to good di
gestion and when taken after meaJs I
they digest the food perfectly and i I
promptly before It has time to ferment
sour and poison the blood and nervous
Dr Wuerth states that he invariably
uses Stuarts Dyspepsia Tablets in all
cases of stomach derangements and
finds them a certain cure not only for
sour stomach but b > promptly digest
Ing the food they create a healthy ap I
petite increase flesh and strengthen
the action of the heart and liver They I
are not a cathartic but intended only
for stomach diseases and weakness and
will be found reliable In any stomach
trouble except cancer of the stomach
All druggists sell Stuarts Dyspepsia I
Tablets at 50 cents per package
Ettml little book describing all forms of
f af I
Etomach weakness and their cure
mailed free by addressing the Stuart I
company of Marshall Mich I
What a Nashville Physician Discov
ered When He Called
Nashville Tem March 10rrs
John L Brlscoll was found dead in I I
ner room In the chamber of commerce
I building this afternoon and her hus
band in a dying condition was seated
I in a chair near her The discovery was
made by a physician who received a
note asking him to call stating that his
Wife was dead and he would be when
foupd Morphine was taken proba ly
I on account of illhealth Drlscoll was
a shorthand teacher
A Narrow Escape
Thankful words written by Mrs Ada
E Hart of Groton S D Was taken
with a bad cold which settled op my
lungs cough set In and finally ter
minated in Consumption Four Doctors
gave me up saying I could live but a
short time I gave myself up to my
Savior determined if I could not stay
with my friends on earth I would meet
my absent ones above My husband
was advised to get Dr Kings New
Discovery for Consumption Coughs
and Colds I gave it a trial took In all
eight bottles It has cured me and
thank God I am saved and now a well
and healthy woman Trial bottles free
at 1 C M I drug store Regular size
SOc and Jl Guaranteed or price re
funded I
The Hawes Engraving Co 72 West i
Temple Street
We are now located at the above
number with a complete plant for I
making half tone engravings zinc etch
Ings and all kinds cf color blocks Write >
us for samples and prices before pine I
big our orden
It is not genet ally known that the
Russians produce a form of irridescent
glass surpassing that made by the an
cient Egyptians and also that you can
find the finest picture frames and
mouldings at the house of the Johnson
company Just north of The Herald i
building I
Utah Bank and Commercial Stocks and
other highgrade Investment securities
bought and sold
S200000 to loan on stocks
State Scrip Jury Scrip Bought
Investment orders from institutions
trustees of estates and capitalists will
receive the best of attention
Tel 127 33 Main street
if coon nnn nn
r uuvuuv
Private Safes for rent in Steel Vault
J M STOUTT President
A B JONES Cashier
Evenings at 815 Uatinee at 213
Friday and Saturday Mar 11 12
th Madeleine Lucetto Ryley author of
Christopher Jr
An American Citizen etc etc
As Given at the N Y Lyceum Theatre
J srntlri
Presented lJceum I
and a Splendid Cast
Prices Evening 100 73c COc 23c No
Matinee SOc to all parts of the house
Next Attraction f
March 18 and 19
Friday C Evening M THE SERENADE and Saturday Matinee I
uu e
H F McGarvle Lessee and Manager
Entire Beglnnlllg Yeek i11onday Mar T
Matinees Wednesday and Saturday
Lincoln J Carters Masterpiece of Stage
I Realism Tho Greatest Success of the Age
urmtR JUt DOfdt
A Sumptous Scenic Spectacle
A Continuous Series cf Dramatic
Surprises Startling Situations
Novel Effects I Thrilling Climases I
Prices 2 > 15 and 50 cents
NEXT WEEK William Jeromes
Herald Square comedians In
e 4
i I riday and Saturday i I 7
We start the bargain ball rolling again with
j j t entirely new goods bright arid fresh Here
are a few mentioned quality for price that
0 seems like putting money out at double com
4 >
pound interest t
0 t r ME fW lIlWN5 fffi KID W t
One case of pretty patterns Fine Kid Dress Gloves assort
t fast color Lawns that will wash ed tan shades the equal of those 4
FRIDAY and SATURDAY sold elsewhere for 150 We 4
special price per yard is 4c bought them at a pricer however 4
4 and share the profit with QOn
4 you OOU
I One case Id en I can wool finish
prints worth 9c the yard FRI
0 0 G DAY and SATURDAY 7 C mf SHOES i
I liillllld i
l I f > t
t Jh
A 1 u I t
V t t 1 1 > 8 lr
1 m i
u 11tIISS W
rJ ltu
I 0 In the sunshine ot price us +
well to remember future storms
4 We particularly invite men 4
FRIDAY and SATURDAY only who habitually pay S4 and S5 t
we will sell firstclass umbrellas for Shoes to inspect this line we 4
0 tight roll steal rod 26inch place on sale for Friday and Sat 0
4 frame made cf good cotton twill urday better quality you never
t assortment of wooden handles elsewhere for S4
got they are
our regular 75c for 48c made of best vici kid rftn oc
coin or bulldog toes J aOJ
I 4 + t
Womens tan vici kid laced
I BOVe 9 IARiAIN5 B shoes coin toes new spring t
f vUIJ Hn Ill J I styles the 3200 kinds as a spec
A 9 Blouse Waists days ial introduction only two135
v 5 for boys of 276 to
I 4 S years made of
I 4 d plain white or
i I ° lawns colored mulls slightly and STERlING SILVER THIMBLES
I soiled from win A Thimble treat for two days
dow displaying Friday and Saturday only gen
I t remnants of our I extra t
ulne silver an
regular 35c 50c special at 4c
t 4t HI 75c S5c and SlOO
A if l 60
i grades grouped 4
i ei SATURDAY at ll1tWfffS URlillIhaR l
one price
25c t
4 Good fleeced cotton Under
4 Boys stylish Cassimere Suits Suits Oncita style spring 4
4 for ages 4 to 14 neat mixtures of I weight Friday and Saturday 0
t brown worth S200 Prig tf5 our SOc regular price gar OOp
day and Saturday only ip GI I ments go at
ir f4 n Ii Y 0I
4 9
iiC + < > < > < > 4
Home Fire s 1
Insurance Company
Telephone 195
P O Boz 077 IN4iiU ANCE 5
a i
131 South Main St Salt Lake City
Scottish Union and Naticnal of England 818352302
London Assurance of England 18216786
Northern of England 19724989
HamburgBremen of Germany 5000000
Aetna of Hartford f i 12089089
Firemans Fund of California v 3309105
Frank Knox President
George A LoweVicePresIdent
Ed W > unc3 Csalfer I i
Banking In all its branches transaosed
Exchange drawn on the principal cItIes of
Kurope Interest pild oa Umo depoaiu
f 2
l r
Iwo irnrougu Trains Daily
Between Sal Lake City Osdenami Leod
rUle Cripjle Creek Colorado Springs
L < iivr uu1 all I points east ROn Una
running i THROUGH CHAIR CARa l 1
inroutna jsieevt rs on both mornIng and
evening trains This line In connecctoa
witn WIJ Rio Grande We < tera reaches
Denver earlier than any other line VIa
Colorado HppnEs No cnanse of cars or
delayed trains Take the Colorado Mid
land and save time end onjoy the Qness
riae and grandest scenery In Colorado
11 tr
For full information call on any I1a
V Ry agent or
Dye Calo gait Lake Ient

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